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Britney Spears’ Fiance To Share Legal Control Over Her



Britney Spears' Fiance To Share Legal Control Over Her

We’ve seen in previous posts that Britney Spears shows signs of being a mind control victim and that some people close to her may actually be her handlers. Jason Trawick, Britney’s manager who recently became her fiance (hint), has asked to be Britney’s co-conservator, meaning that he would have legal control over several facets of Britney’s life. The singer’s father is currently her conservator and is in charge of all things Britney, including her finances as she is deemed psychologically unfit to do so herself.

If accepted, Trawick’s request would grant him legal powers over Britney’s life on details such as food, clothing and medical care. If many artists have handlers in their entourage, Britney’s case is somewhat special as it is particularly obvious. How come Britney is deemed unfit to take care of basics such as food and clothing but can still record songs and perform in shows? How come she is set to marry a man who will also be a legal guardian? Bizarre. Here’s a BBC article on Britney’s fiance’s request for co-conservatorship.

Britney Spears’ fiance ‘asks to become guardian’

Britney Spears’ fiance has applied to become her joint guardian, according to US media reports.

The pop star’s personal and financial affairs have been under the legal control of her father since 2008, after a protracted public breakdown.

According to People magazine, her fiance Jason Trawick has now asked the court to make him a co-conservator.

If the request is accepted, the 40-year-old would have shared legal power over Spears’ general well-being.

This would include food, clothing and medical care – but not her financial dealings.

The couple were engaged in December 2011, on the night of Trawick’s 40th birthday.

He stepped down as her manager shortly afterwards, saying he would concentrate on plans to open an arts and entertainment division for Famos LLC – a company whose partners include Mick Jagger and Dave Stewart.

Undue influence

Jamie Spears was originally granted temporary conservatorship after his daughter was admitted to hospital for psychiatric treatment in February 2008.

Her lawyers originally tried to have the ruling overturned. But in October that year, the courts agreed the arrangement should continue indefinitely.

At the time, a judge ruled the singer was “susceptible to undue influence” and that continued oversight of her affairs was “appropriate” given the complexity of her financial situation.

One advantage of the ruling, as far as the pop star is concerned, is that it shields her from some legal action.

On at least one occasion, she has been spared from giving evidence in court because her conservators argued that she was not mentally competent to sit through the questioning.

Conversely, she will not be allowed to marry Trawick without the court’s approval.

News of Trawick’s application came from US websites People and E! News over Easter weekend.

Lawyer Jeffrey S Cohen, who is not directly involved with the case, told People: “This is probably a compromise between Britney, her father and Trawick to get the marriage off on the right foot.

“Obviously, her future husband needs to have a say in her well-being.”

The conservatorship will only be lifted once a judge rules that Spears is fit to manage her own affairs.

– Source: BBC News



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Britney Spears' Fiance To Share Legal Control Over Her

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Donne M C C

I'm just 13 and I'm a big Britney fan. I've only been a fan just like 2 years ago. And since I'm just 13 I didn't know that she had a breakdown. All I can remember is that she shaved her head. Just that, I didn't think of nothing else, I thought it was normal. But now that I'm a little grown up, I became a fan of hers. I did research on her and found out that she was here since 1998. And I also found out that she had a breakdown. I felt so sad. Then as I grew older, I loved music (I became a fan of greats like Eminem, 2Pac, Biggie, Nas, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, The Beatles, etc) So I just felt and thought I need to research about the Music Industry. So I did. I also did more research about Britney and Hollywood. So after all my researching, I found out about The Illuminati. I found out that they control everything. At first I didn't believe. But thank God I'm one of the few people who are smart and open minded. I thank God everyday that I didn't become brainwashed like most teenagers nowadays.… Read more »


But we don't know exactly who sold his soul to devil and why these people were sacrificed


I can't bear seeing Britney suffer again. I'm sure that guy has hidden agendas.


that's just SICK

Chucky W

If anyone wants to help poor Britney, please do so by not supporting her. If people stop supporting her, she'll make no money. If she's not making any money, there will be none for the people around her to exploit her for. If there is no money for them to get at, then they'll turn her loose. It's not Britney's money they're after; it's YOUR money they're after.

Plain and simple.

Nobody's forcing you to buy Britney's music, merchandise, etc. You're only feeding the leeches who have taken control of her life.


They won't 'turn her loose'. Once she has lost her marketability/profitability then they Off you. If you have been a very, very big money-maker for them, then you are also very much profitable after death. Yes, stop buying her stuff but don't believe for a moment they will set her free. She can set herself free with our help; we must somehow let her know she is being exploited and controlled. If she can leave Hollywood, leave California, leave it all behind then she has a chance at thinking for herself again, but now that she is marrying her handler this seems unattainable.

Chucky W

@ Lucy Well, then they're taking a humongous chance, aren't they, by betting on Britney being profitable after her "demise" because there's no guarantee – NOT ONE – that people will run out and buy up Britney CDs and merchandise after she passes away. Before they both passed away, I was a huge, lifelong fan of both Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. But now that they have gone on, I've stopped listening to the music they left behind and I certainly didn't run out and buy up all their CDs and merchandise, because I knew that if I had done that, I'd only be putting money in the pockets of the people who had immense control over them. Neither Michael nor Whitney profitted personally off of their "after death" record sales; the record companies made all the profits. I'm not into enriching record companies/labels, especially since I know the music industry is satanic. I guess my point is: stop feeding the evil, wicked leeches, who you all say are controlling these celebrities, by not supporting the celebrities with your money, time and attention. If you want to kill the Beast that's behind the music industry, stop supporting it. Cut it… Read more »


for all intents and purposes, it's a foregone conclusion to say that Britney is essentially a walking corpse. It's a tragic realization


So many things are wrong. Britney looks like she doesn't want the fame anymore. She did it already! 1999, 2000 and now it's 2012–her in the spotlight, showbiz years! Let her go now. She's so beautiful and sad. But at least she has her sons and her family. I always pray for her, I hope God will help her escape from Hollywood and let her live a normal, happy life.

drew kul breez

Lack of the Lord in ones life eventually leads to lifetimes of suffering. You must remember that Gods Laws are exacting and while there are exceptions for a short time, one always gets what they deserve. People that are born into this satanic lifestyle have most likely lived numerous Godless lives, where God and his laws never crossed ones mind. Maybe she even had part in or supported someone elses suffering. A child that is innocent and has no karma to live off can never be born into a horrific family and lifestyle such as mind control victims. Sad as it sounds, its true. In the end, human beings have failed miserably and this whole mind control thing is just one facet of what happens to a human spirit when it neglects God and Gods laws. I dont know Brittney, but I know God, and I also know that if she truly took God into her heart, she would not be living the way she is. Pray for Brittney, but pray that she realizes God once again, as that is the only thing that will truly save her. Peace.


Not a Britney fan but I often keep her in my prayers. I hope she keeps fighting the programming and eventually finds some peace.


Poor poor girl! Being passed from one handler to another. What's so sad is that she's surrounded by them. I remember that Diane Sawyer interview in which Britney's alter ego was triggered by Diane saying the word "spasm". I didn't even know about the Illuminati, NWO, MK Ultra, etc. at that time. Even then I thought it was weird how the word was used. It was so out of context. Right after that word was spoken, the broken Britney came out and it was painful to watch. Diane Sawyer is a handler. So is Madonna, Britney's father, and now her "fiance". I feel so sorry for her! Many people will say oh look at all the money she has. I would love to have her life but all that glitters isn't gold. My prayers go out to her and all the young women that have fell victim to this programming. No exaggerating, thinking of them truly breaks and pains my heart 🙁 I'm broke but I'm happy and free. I'm sure she would gladly give up her riches just to be able to say the same.


Please, Britney, don't say yes to him! Don't agree with him.


Yahweh is not as strong as you would think. Better start relying on your own power or you're no better than a maggot. There's nothing wrong with having a little faith, but when it becomes a crutch the way you all have managed to make it, that's when it becomes a problem.

Illuminati Agenda

"Jason Trawick, Britney’s manager who recently became her fiance", just a 'coincidence' that I suppose…


Well if one wants more fame while "under contract" then he or she should be under someone else's control.

Britney is definitely an example of that besides being "mind-controlled" by her "owners" who now give her responsibility to "other owners" like her very own partners, associates, etc.

She is truly a pawn of "the elite"


Still about Tokio Hotel…

There are some facts. For example new interview with their biological father which has been taken just a few days ago by German magazine… It has freaked me out when I had read it. See English translation here

Also once Bill said a kind of he'd like to meet Britney Spears because he had gone through the same things which she had gone through.

It scares… And guys look so crushed and hopeless. Please keep in your prayers Bill and Tom Kaulitz too.


Video interview taken from Jorg Kaulitz for the German news certainly has been cut and it hasn't been shown yesterday. No wonder… I wish someone to read my messages because It so terrible when the truth is hidden and no one believes it.


Oh sorry sorry guys for my linguistic mistakes


I don't know where to write about it and whom to say. So I'll write here again. I just can't stop worrying about twins. They keep posting very WEIRD photos and other stuff in the BTK (their app for iphone and android). Sometimes it's associated with death and probably M K.


By the way, I know there's unsuitable place for asking my favour but I would like VC to write an article about Tokio Hotel. I don't know exactly how they're popular in USA but I suppose they're MK puppets too. I can even help with material for the article. I apologize for an off topic.


Zionist Jews own the media, all of hollywood and the music industry. This cabal most notably control the banks worldwide that all nations are indebeted to! They are not your nice rabinic religious jews. These are the most evil and greedy persons in existence and would stop at nothing to keep control and push for more world dominance!

marcus d

Here's an unusual, potentially related news item: April 13, 2012, 12:31 p.m.

"Michael Sands, an effusive Hollywood publicist, has died after a bizarre accident in the deli section of an upscale supermarket in Century City, where he choked to death on a sample of meat…. His client list included Michael Reagan, the son of President Ronald Reagan; actress Kristy Swanson; and Kevin Federline, who was involved in a bitter custody battle with his ex-wife Britney Spears, who was undergoing a series of public breakdowns."


I think adeles boyfriend is her handler and that the record industry and the media is pushing her to fast and making her feel just to special right now. Brittney has hers and many other have thier own handlers control their every move.


Hey Vigilant! If you haven't already, could you please do an article on Britney's video for "I Wanna Go"? It is such a scary video, from MK Ultra references (like her shirt in the video) to a creepy police state where everyone but Britney is actually a robot….I think it would make an interesting read for this site!


Every time I hear a radio bubble-gum pop dance tune and they tell you to put your hand up I wonder who for the POLICE/NEW WORLD ORDER/MARTIAL LAW MILITARY POLICE. Another thing when they tell you to dance just keep dancing / hitting the floor and hands up its to keep your minds so busy you never see the new world order at your door. Just a thought.


It makes me think of Celine Dion… Her Husband is her manager too….


@ Martin

So does this mean all Jews are bad? That really doesn't justify labelling an entire group of people as bad. Its just like saying every black kid wearing a hoodie is a gangbanger or that every muslim is a terrorist. Its just plain wrong dude and you should really check yourself lest you offend people. And besides, there's no real proof that the 'Jews' you mentioned are responsible for those peoples deaths. Just speculation based on vague clues. I'm not Jewish but I do not like discrimination in any form and neither should you my friend. Only together can we fight these elite bastards. I hope you are with me. Peace Out


No not all Jews are bad but there are many rotten apples. Sorry but sometimes I become too controversial in my views and I'm talking rubbish when I get carried away. Someone has put me in my place which is highly appreciated. Guilty as charged. 🙁 I'll try to behave myself but don't expect me to be a miracle worker.


If a whole race (generation after generation) is taught that they are superior, that all others are just goyim; that deceit and thievery is acceptable ( and expected, well, people of the world need to really look at this. Who chose the chosen people (youtube)? Who is behind this type of thinking? Why are they allowed in places of power? What good can come of this type of thinking as mankind strives to evolve? The mistake is lumping all jewish people in with zionists who are using and hiding behind their own good people to fulfill their world-takeover agenda along with the nazis? That being said, people can not stay blind to the fact that zionists are without a doubt, behind most of the political, banking, economic, and social ills that plague humanity. Seriously, why would the powers that run Hollywood wish such doom, degradation, destruction, and filth upon humanity if they did not have a profound hate toward others? What is it about control and money for them? Are they missing a 'compassion' gene? Perhaps it's just the king solomon jews (; perhaps the zionists and the nazis are one of the same? We are all reminded to refrain… Read more »

Ohio Croatian

*than *politically

Ohio Croatian

Ashkanazi Jews ,the majority of jews, are not native to the middle-east.In fact , they originated from an area in central asia which was known as Khazaria.Most Khazarians converted to Judiasm about a milennium ago.The converts migrated to europe shortly thereafter.Today ,the vast majority of jews are genetically closer to Turks than to semitic people.The Zionist rulers of modern-day Israel are Ashkenazi jews.

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