Amanda Bynes Following in the Footsteps of Britney Spears, Placed Under Conservatorship



On July 24th, I wrote about Amanda Bynes being in involuntary psychiatric hold, which means that she was being forcibly detained, injected with “fast-acting anti-psychotic medication” and then re-evaluated to see if she was still a “danger to oneself or others”. While this process usually lasts 72 hours, Bynes’ hold was extended to 30 days.

I noted in that article that the last star who underwent that process was Britney Spears, one the most obvious cases of a celebrity who suffered a complete breakdown due to MK programming. Britney was then placed under the conservatorship of her father who was in charge of handling everything about her life, from health, to finances, to small details like internet usage. She was then briefly under the conservatorship of her “fiancée” (handler), who was in the strange position of being her “significant other” while dictating every small aspect of her life and career.

Sadly, Spears does appear to be healing from her “mental illness” (as reported by the media) – probably because being an MK slave is not an illness but a traumatizing experience that ends up completely destroying a person’s mind. During her last gig as a judge on X Factor, several insiders commented on Spears’ zombie-like demeanor and about the fact that she barely watched the performances she was supposed to judge. The co-host of the show Adrienne Bailon recently stated that Britney could not even think or speak for herself. She was even being told what to say by her handlers.

“I worked with her on X Factor, and I’m not going to lie to you guys…. She can’t hold a conversation. They have someone who feeds her what she’s supposed to say.”

– Daily Mail, ‘She can’t hold a conversation!’ Adrienne Bailon claims former costar Britney Spears ‘was told what to say by her handlers’ behind the scenes on the X Factor

Is Amanda Bynes following in Britney’s footsteps? It certainly appears so. While she appeared to be quite awake a healthy a few years ago, Bynes went through a massive breakdown, leading to odd behavior, leading to her being placed in psychiatric hold which has now lead to her being placed under conservatorship.

Bynes wheeled between buildings at the Hillmont Psychiatric Center on July 25. Something is definitely not right here. Is she being re-programmed?
Bynes wheeled between buildings at the Hillmont Psychiatric Center on July 25. Is she being re-programmed?
Since she was 5150-ed (California law code for involuntary psychiatric hold), reports concerning her mental health show typical signs of a MK programming, such as having a “good” and “bad” side (dualistic programming) and multiple personalities.

“According to TMZ, doctors want to hold Bynes on a longer hold for further evaluation and have determined that she is suffering from a severe mental illness, “with schizophrenic tendencies,” and multiple personalities, “there’s a good Amanda and a bad Amanda,” a source says.

The source claims that Bynes talks about “bad Amanda” while mimicking an exorcism.”

– Mstars News, Amanda Bynes Crazy? Drug Tests, Mimics An Exorcism, Says Parents Will “Kill Dog” In Mental Hospital: Psychiatric Hold Extended Due To ‘Schizophrenic Tendencies’
Since then, Bynes’ parents requested to obtain conservatorship of her, which means they would be in charge of her well-being and her finances. According to some sources, Amanda was not deemed well enough to attend the hearing concerning her conservatorship.

“Doctors at the psychiatric hospital where the troubled actress has been held the last two weeks determined she was not well enough to leave the hospital to attend the hearing, where Bynes’s parents are trying to win temporary conservatorship. Bynes’s doctors went to the judge overseeing the actress’s case, sources told TMZ, and the judge traveled to the hospital to conduct an emergency hearing.  After that meeting, the judge granted the doctors’ request. According to the law, doctors can only get such an order if the patient is “gravely disabled as a result of a mental disorder.”Bynes’s parents can still pursue temporary conservatorship, which would allow them to control her finances.  At the Friday hearing, Amanda’s mom Lynn Bynes was granted legal control over her daughter.”
–, Amanda Bynes ‘Gravely Disabled’ – Doctors Granted Emergency Conservatorship

Amanda’s lawyer told the judge that Amanda opposes the conservatorship, believing it’s not necessary. She definitely does not appear to trust her parents. For instance, when the staff at Hillmont Psychiatric Center informed Bynes that her dog was with her parents, she reportedly said that: “They’ll kill it, just like they tried to kill me.”

Nevertheless, temporary conservatorship was granted to Amanda’s mother and the judge could easily make it permanent in a few months.

Sam Lutfi

Amanda Bynes and Britney Spears are connected together in another, strange way: They were both in contact with celebrity MK handler, Sam Lutfi during their breakdown.
Sam Lutfi with Britney Spears.
Sam Lutfi with Britney Spears.

According to some sources, Lutfi has been in contact with Bynes a few months prior to her 5150. He reportedly even paid for Amanda’s plane ticket to Los Angeles – a trip that ultimately lead to her being placed psychiatric hold.

“Britney Spears former controversial manager, Sam Lutfi, bought Amanda Bynes a plane ticket for the troubled starlet to return to Los Angeles from New York City, is exclusively reporting.

In a bizarre turn that is eerily similar to events leading up to Britney Spears being placed under a conservatorship, Lutfi and Bynes recently became friends, a source close to the situation tells exclusively.

“Sam bought Amanda the plane ticket for her to return to Los Angeles from New York City. She had no money,” a source revealed. “The two became friends in recent months.

“It’s very concerning to say the very least, given Sam’s history with Britney Spears leading up to her father, Jamie Spears, getting a conservatorship over his daughter, and getting a restraining order preventing Lutfi from having any contact with her.”

Lutfi denied to RadarOnline that he bought Bynes’ plane ticket. But when asked about his friendship with Amanda, he said, “I have to call you back” and hung up abruptly.


Lutfi filed a breach of contract lawsuit against the pop star and accused her father, Jamie of assault. The lawsuit was dismissed last year during the trial.

Over the years, Lutfi has tried to get close to Lindsay Lohan, Courtney Love and even Michael Jackson’s teenage daughter, Paris. Currently, Lutfi is managing Courtney Love.


Bynes has spoken to Lutfi on the phone since she was placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold.

– Radar, Bizarre Twist: Britney Spears’ Controversial Former Manager Sam Lutfi Befriended Amanda Bynes, Bought Her Plane Ticket To Los Angeles

Why would Amanda be talking on the phone with a character such as Sam Lutfi WHILE being in psychiatric hold? Why was this allowed? Are the people around her trying to make her better or are they part of the occult elite’s MK programming system?

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Remember a while back, before all this, when she accused her parents of going after her money? She knew then what they are really all about. Why do parents put their kids in showbiz in the first place, for fame and fortune.

Also, google Amanda bynes 2009 in images, and you will see an incredibly vibrant and healthy young woman. How could she go off the rails so quickly?

Once someone is declared mentally I'll, any truths they speak are dismissed as lunacy. So sad.

Schizophrenia doesn't emerge until late teens or early adulthood. Thy as why she still appeared healthy a couple of years back until it slowly started creeping in; hence the accusing of parents.

You are absolutely correct. I was diagnosed with Bi-Polar II. I spent Christmas 2006 in a 72 hour hold. You have to be very, very careful what you say, and what you do or you'll NEVER get out.

Something is always brewing in the underbelly of Hollywood. Notice how these victims are female? They love taking young, fame hungry young girls and driving them insane. No doubt these women have been sexually abused as well. No one mentions that. They have been through intense trauma, whatever has happened to them. I hope she gets better, and runs for her life. Honestly, I think these women have been exposed to an evil ritual that made them so afraid that this is the result…a young woman descends into madness…

Does anyone remember a while back when she said she was "retiring"? Maybe that has something to do with what they're doing to her. She "un-retired" so soon after that…? So weird

Am I the only person who's noticed a lot more of her films being put on tv lately? …. Very strange and to the person who noticed the marylin pic I saw it too! It's a bit weird that they want to keep showing her films with everything she going through at the moment… Why would they be showing her films when she's having a programming glitch! Very strange indeed. Also there's a scene in her film 'what a girl wants' where she's late for a fashion show shes meant to be watching the fashion show, so she breaks in the back exit, she's then pushed onto the catwalk (unwilling) with cameras flashing away. She standing completely shell shocked and then starts walking down the catwalk to a song which had the lyrics "I want to be bad" everything is going 'perfect' until she 'falls' off the stage into the… Read more »


She has the ability to endure pain: “I have an ability to experience pain for long periods of time – to endure it, whether it’s mental pain or physical pain. I think it’s because of my discipline as a child. I studied piano and then theater and then dance, so I have this ability to endure long periods of pain. But as a result, when I became an adult at 18, I allowed myself to stay in bad situations because I was able to take the pain. Although I was able to withstand a challenge for that period of time in my youth, the results were destructive. I was left a shell. Does anyone really know what I went through to get here?”

Also refer to her Marry the Night video – the beginning sequence has her in a high fashion mental ward with the nurse promising her shes going to be a star.

Also, reference Lina Morgana.

Read the article about Adrienne Bailon mentioning Britney's issues on TV. It sickens me that she had no sensitivity for this issue- If only she knew the truth… that would shut her up! People should never judge anyone with 'mental health issues' no matter how famous or public their lives are. I wonder of she got in trouble by the producers about the comments she made???

It was great however, that her other co-hosts leapt to defend Britney.
In my opinion, this chick is unsatisfied by her short lived 'fame' and now that she isn't dating Rob Kardashian anymore, she needs to find another way to keep her name in the media.

Exactly! No sensitivity.

Still wanna be famous?

Counting them hundreds of reality shows on air and getting ready to air….looks like "yes"

Just think of the pain she probably is going through. Along with all other mind control victims. Probably being raped by numerous men in a secret room in that same hospital. When you can't take the pain anymore from torture and sexual discomfort you literally split from yourself and are "out of your mind"

Ummmm….no. She's not being raped.

If I remember correctly Sam Lutfi also worked with Courtney Love sometime after Britney's messy public meltdown. Figured that might be something for you to know VC.

Would you please enlighten us on the children's tv programme titled ''House Of Anubis'' i saw in that programme they show occultic symbols like the all seeing eye and statue of the ancient egyptian god Anubis

Nobody seems to question why Amanda Bynes refuses to let her dad see her and I also think it's creepy that Britney Spears dad is the one who was granted total control over her even though he abused her when she was a child. What does that say to the celeb who is crying out for help? It's another way of f*****g up their minds. I won't be surprised if Amanda's dad ends up being in control over her too. The parents sell their kids into a perverted industry , look the other way ,then when their kids realize that they were never looked after and they accept that this is the way the industry works they snap. Lets just place them back with the idiots who sold them in the first place and give them all control. Genius.

Did ANYONE notice in the first picture (whether a coincidence or not) there are pictures of Marilyn Monroe in the background?

Lacerta – I saw the Miley "performance". It was disgusting. The horns were more like kitten ears, as in Kitten Programming. Over sexualized crap. The song We Own The Night, dancing around in teddy bears ….they are letting the people know they are coming for and controlling your children. They have Hannah Montana, and now they will have your kids as they lay in bed with their teddy bears and dream of fame. This world sickens me. The Gaga performance was a complete salute to Satan. She did the one eyed salute with the hand symbol for 666 over her eye. They aren't hiding anything. The performers in black and white/masonic symbolism/duality. Time is winding down and it gets worse every day.


Anyone saw Miley Cyrus and her devilish performance at the 2013 VMAs? Teddy bears, devil horns, almost no clothes on, acting like a sexually depraved sl*t. Typical Monarch slave behavior.

Well she's a retarded sluty hoe bag so who cares about her anymore. Everyone knows that she's going through the beginning of the MK mind control at the time. Also lady GaGas performance was also screaming Satanism while she kept doing the A O.K 666 all seeing eye.

That reminds me of Mischa Barton too…

People always think I'm mental when i try explain this to them, smh..

I'm not sure what I think about Sam Lutfi. He always gets bad press which makes me think he is the good guy. Are these celebs suffering breakdowns after they have had contact with Lutfi because he is trying to help? One things for sure, I don't trust Amanda's or Britney's parents. These people pushed their children into show business and from what I've read from Fritz Springmeier, these celebs have been abused extensively to create a mind controlled slave at a young age. So when I read that Britney Spears father who in all likelihood abused her or knew about others abusing her (or both) is AGAINST someone, it makes me think the person they are against isn't working on their team. Or maybe I'm way off. Who knows. I'm never shocked anymore. Poor Amanda thinks that her parents tried to kill her and her dog. I don't think… Read more »

Sam Lufti is a jew…just to clear things up….

Your point is?? The members of Mumphord and Sons all are " Christian" and all their bloody songs make no sense and sound exactly the same. Though they're millionaire's. Zayn Malik from One Direction is Muslim and Muslims are band from any kind of satanic ritual or anything satanic wise. Look at them. On top of that, look at the Catholic church. Priests raping children and adults. The Pope looks like satan *according to historians*. Religion apparently doesn't matter in the elites industry. Or anyone famous in general. And to your point, Jews?? Drake is a jew. And? You see that bastard doing the A.O.K 666 all seeing eye and making the Illuminatis favorite sign * pyramid* as if its nothing and focusing it on one eye. They don't give two s***s about their religion. Which I'm sure all of us think that its completely disgusting and horrid.

VC can you do one on raven symone. Apparently now she came out of the closet.

Despite the question marks his own beliefs raise, Dylan sure knew about this way back then: "Slow Train" Sometimes I feel so low-down and disgusted Can't help but wonder what's happening to my companions Are they lost or are they found, have they counted the cost it'll take to bring down All their earthly principles they're gonna have to abandon ? There's slow, slow train coming up around the bend. I had a woman down in Alabama She was a backwoods girl, but she sure was realistic She said, Boy, without a doubt, have to quit your mess and straighten out You could die down here, be just another accident statistic There's slow, slow train coming up around the bend. All that foreign oil controlling American soil Look around you, it's just bound to make you embarrassed Sheiks walking around like kings, wearing fancy jewels and nose rings Deciding America's… Read more »

Don't forget that they have sold us the huge moral and ethical distinction between LEGAL and NONLEGAL drugs … says who? It is all made by big pharma, drugs are drugs and there are an awful lot of these handled individuals OD-ing on "legal drugs" and falling down dead with very little in the way of blame or investigation.

It's like, push them right up to the edge with perfectly legal ones so that they are led to believe that they are clean living (as is everyone else around them including family), then stand back and enjoy the freak show at which point the clean living respectability is eroded in one fell swoop.

I believe Osama Lufti is one of Hollywood's most popular handlers. He always seem to be in the news with some young, blonde singer/actor. He's been trained by the best, we can see, after looking at Amanda and Britney. Believe me, this guy's gonna pop up again and again.

Amanda was moved to UCLA today at her mothers wishes. There are pics out there of her with a sheet over her head and upper body climbing into a black SUV on her way there. This will not end well.

UCLA? Right on time, programming uptick. Didn't Britney go the same route?

Another sad story. Radar Online was also given information that Amanda was paranoid and thought she was being watched. The report said she was afraid to have clocks or other electronics because she thought they had cameras in them.

This is a common theme with all of these cases. We only hear about the meltdowns that happen publicly…it's scary to think about the countless others who have experienced these things.


The poor dog and all the other poor animals that have been dragged into this SICK, HUMAN MESSED UP system. Sick of human beings, i can't believe I am one! I honestly feel like i'm from another planet. 🙁 🙁

You are. You are from Earth and they are turning it into something else.

There is a blind item on blind gossip presumably about her. It says that a female celeb has PTSD from being assaulted by someone she trusted when she was younger. The ppl who manage her covered it up and did not file charges from fear that it could harm her career. Supposedly, now, her people are trying to keep the public from finding out what happened because it will make those close to her look bad.

Also there's another's blind item, originally from hollywood street king, presumably about jay z saying that he recently got an illuminati tattoo. It goes on to say that his wife shares the same type of ink…not sure if beyonce has any tattoos though. Interesting…and pretty weird that those two blind items were posted on blind gossip

This explains the "paranoia" she developed in her teen years.

More than likely, her parents were active in her programming. How active is the question.

Hey folks, I've only just recently woken up and am continuously shocked as to how
the majority of our sheep society is soo blind to all the blatant, sickening symbolism.

I just wanted to ask you fellow "truthers", what do we do?

I mean, surely just knowing ourselves isn't enough, right?
Informing others is unfortunately at large pointless.
Currently being an english student- wanting to get a job and eventually career
quite frankly I can't have people think I am down right "crazy" or "paranoid".

So what do we do, apart from analyse symbols for our own benefit and watch less masonic television.
I feel the urge to do something, but I just don't know what!
My heart bleeds for Amanda, as she is only a few years older than me and was a huge inspiration whilst growing up.

Any inspiration/advice welcome! Thanks again VC for another thought provoking article!
Peace, Love & Awreness

This is a tough one, I don't know the answer. I know so much about this stuff but haven't even shared it with my hubby, he's just not ready to know yet… That and he doesn't really care about news stories anyways so he definately doesn't care about another version of the story. (im serious, the day the boston stuff happened he went "wow that sucks" and never thought of it again) The biggest change for me is a way higher awareness whenever I see big news stories regarding politics, celebrities, foreign affairs that I know better, it's truly the difference between sleeping and being awake, don't underestimate understanding the truth. For my family it means that i feed them healthy and eliminate chemicals, I do not want to be a part of the "population control" that the elite talk about. But I certainly don't broadcast my knowledge, when friends… Read more »

lipstick mystic google and read her site. lots of hope and help.

Well you have to weigh the price of not submitting to population control up against the huge responsibility of rearing a child in this sick civilisation and whether there are enough good people in your life to cover your back should something happen to you say, 5 or ten yrs later. Subsequent generations are much more afflicted by this malaise than we are capable of handling or controlling.

Newest sews: Amanda Bynes suffering from PTSD triggered by the pressures of Hollywood stardom.

Yeah, PTSD with a ton of MK-related incidents just coincidentally, I guess.

I truly hope they won't kill her ):

I wish these things would stop happening. why can't the world get a long and be happy! Stop controlling and manipulating!

Why do people think I'm crazy when I try to tell them about this?

Hey, it could be worse. You could be sane.


You have no to know how to dumb down the conservation and explain simply. Nobody thinks I'm crazy except those who want to gas light me to hide from others I've been gang stalked for 8 years straight.

I wish there was something we could do to help :((( this is so upsetting

Britney Spears programming is much deeper than Amandas is at this point. She is basically stuck, but Amanda looks like she will be too. They know that they have breakdowns and figure stuff and start breaking down and out of their programming. That is why at that point they have the additional programming to maintain as much control as they can over their mind, while also controlling their lives as much as they can. Britney is always living with a programmer. But Rihanna, Minaj, Lady Gaga are not the same. Not all of them practice evil because they are MK slaves. Some of them do it because they are in with it..


WoW, that is kind of a creepy coincidence. Nice find.

As usual…
F**k the NWO.

When are the other parts of the eyes wide shut articles going to be posted?? Amanda bynes is interesting and all, but I'd rather read about symbolism in a really great film…

Thanks for the article. I've been following Amanda Byne's case since she's hit the media regarding her strange behavior. It is very odd and it may be a lot more than a mental disorder.


Look we all freak out about the illuminati(the elite), were worried about our civil rights, liberties ect…but if we were born into wealth and power,would we be that different, power changes people…it just does, but just because mainstream pushes different agendas,especially at the highest level, don't let it bother u, us (the sheeple) were alot worse off in the past(check out history) Yes there is good and bad, but there always has and always be, it's up to u what game or(side) ure on, so the satanic symbols thrown at u,Will only upset u if u dwell on it, as so the bible will if u choose to live by it, but God defo taught not to hate…so if were all obsessing on the hate and evil in the world, were wasting our time.

The bible also says have nothing to do with evil but rather exposé it. It's not being obsessed with anything but gaining knowledge and understanding what's going on in the world we live in so we don't participate in the evil works of the devil and sharing what we know so others don't fall into the same trap.

Yeah, well said. It's easy to get apocalyptic bc society has become so overwhelmingly stupid, but the truth is it has always more or less been like this since the inception of civilization. It's hard to contest the basic esoteric /occult principle that people would "rather" live in ignorance, since there are relatively few examples of people truly desiring freedom. Our current globalist NWO state is a perfect example, even if the average citizen could be shown the truth, right in front of their faces, they would walk away from it for a life of comfort, just like Jesus said (ironically).

What we should take seriously is the spiritual darkness and pattern of handling in Hollywood within the music industry that promotes the complete moral and character breakdown of these young female musicians (and others). Amanda was not mentally ill before. I don't know if there is any mental illness in her family. I do see that Hollywood and the music industry promotes self-destructing values (to our youth) and also tries to sell the whole schizophrenia breakdown package. Now subtly, the message is that breakdowns and being handled like this are fashionable too. The message is "this is how you transform into your real self." Transformation is a desire that most people want….to grow and become better, have purpose, significance, creativity and life. This whole "butterfly metamorphosis" lie that is promoted via the "break down" is another evil Satanic copy of the truth – that spiritual rebirth is available to all… Read more »

I don't think we should take the work of a paranoid schizophrenic too seriously. Amanda has lots of delusions and she's clearly not well. I doubt her parents are dangerous to her or anyone else.

Agreed…she's paranoid (dun dun dun)

Look ya'll, like the old saying goes "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you." Yes, I agree that Amanda is certainly in the clutches of some horrible mental illness (schizophrenia? schizophrenia/bi-polar? who knows?), but while I don't believe her parents would kill her dog, I do feel that she is suffering from breakdown of programming.

Lykke Li – "The Only" music video is soooo creepy. So many rituals/illuminati references

just a correction the name of the video is "Get Some" and not "The Only"

What about Wayne Rodney…does anyone think his programing has broke down! Since his handler(Fergie) left Manu, he wants to join Chelsea(odd)! He even thought Barcelona wanted him!(dark goings on)!

Wayne Rooney?! Are you messing? He's just a little scumbag from Croxteth who's gotten too big for his footy boots. I very much doubt he'd be able to spell MK never mind know what it is!

Yes i am messing? But made u laugh right

A little bit off topic, look at these lyrics, find them suspicious. The Birthday Massacre-Control Err on the side of caution They're taking in the new girls (Two faced, too poised to shed a tear) No memory to speak of (Passed in the night, we didn't hear) The fading breath of your love We lose control of the moment Another trend goes out of season A new love forever Look the other way You see through me A new trend, indifference You are a child of privilege Your reputation leads you (All traits of life will disappear) You're falling into season (Their every word is insincere) There is no time for reason We lose control of the moment Another trend goes out of season A new love forever Look the other way You see through me A new trend, indifference Remember our childhood It's not quite the same A pale… Read more »

VC, why do you keep writing about Amanda? You might like to analyze Alicia Keys… She had her "Brand New Me" theme on her latest album.. If you check her video clip you'll see a lot of blatant symbolisms (mirrors, handler, etc). Pls take some time to check her out! Thanks and much love from Java, Indonesia.

Amanda is much more interesting than Alicia

How about Ciara and her "Super Turnt Up" video….they are literally spelling it out for people.

This is happening to people around the world, not just celebrities. People need to understand that MPD and all other mental disorders are made up by the government. My grandfather had PTSD and developed schitzophrenia, only after he was in WW2.

All mental disorders are made up? That is just offensive.

A lot of things on this site are probably considered offensive to you then…

Definitely not all made up. Just a convenient cover story sometimes.

Definitely made up. People are in denial I guess… Sad.

This Lufti guy sounds exactly like the man named "Raffles" who was hanging around Whitney Houston's hotel room when she died. There must be many of them scurrying around the underbelly of Hollywood.

Exactly what I was thinking

I don't think that she will ever be the same again, that same fate that Britney endured will also consume Amanda like it is doing right now