Amanda Bynes Detained in “Involontary Psychiatric Hold”



In the article Amanda Bynes: Another Product of Entertainment Industry Mind Control?, I described how Amanda Bynes’ strange behavior might be a result of MK programming breakdown. Since then, things have only gotten worse as she appears to be going right down the same path as other industry slaves such as Britney Spears and Marilyn Monroe.

Britney Spears was also wearing wigs during her infamous breakdown episode.

Britney Spears was also wearing wigs during her infamous breakdown episode.

On July 22rd, Bynes was placed in involuntary 72-hour psychiatric hold
 by California’s sheriff’s deputies after she was caught starting a small fire on a driveway. Here’s a description of Bynes’ behavior after the strange event.

“An eyewitness told reporters that he saw Bynes lying down near the driveway with her left pant leg on fire and that she said her dog had been burned by the flames. He then described a scene in which Bynes ran out into a busy street and hailed a cab while he attempted to stop her from fleeing the scene after realizing who she was. “My dog has been burned, please let go of me, I’m going to call 911,” the eyewitness said Bynes told him, as he clutched a phone on which he had called emergency services to report the fire.

TMZ also posted surveillance footage from a nearby liquor store purportedly showing Bynes cradling her gasoline-soaked, singed dog and heading for an “employees only” area in an attempt to wash the gasoline off the pet. The store’s cashier reportedly confronted Bynes, who then left the store without incident.

Braaten said she found out about the fire after the sheriff rang her doorbell and explained that Bynes was “incapable of giving good answers” to their questions about the fires and that she never saw the actress, who was taken into custody before Braaten came out of her house.”
–, Amanda Bynes: More Details On Fire Incident

Bynes was then “5150-ed”, a California law code for “involuntary psychiatric hold” which means being forcibly detained, often injected with “fast-acting anti-psychotic medication” and then re-evaluated to see if one’s behavior is a danger to oneself or others. In 2008, the same provision was used on Britney Spears after her breakdown. This resulted in her being placed under conservatorship, meaning that her father (and later her fiancée/handler) took control over her entire life, including food, clothing and medical care. Since her psychiatric hold, Britney and her estate is completely controlled by her handlers.  While she did not “go crazy” again, she is often described as a “zombie who is told what to do at all times” by people around her.

Is Bynes going down the same path? Is her “psychiatric hold” a code for “MK-reprogramming”? On thing is for sure, the pattern is there and is repeated over and over again by industry stars.



  1. So very sad. Poor baby girl. Even sadder that people can't see what's really going on. They would rather make fun of it. Its no laughing matter.

      • This is true for many unfortunately. It also prevents people from empathizing with these individuals who are victims in their own right, and just as importantly, opening their eyes to the reality of what's happening to them.

      • Not everyone is envious of celebrities. I have an obsession with Saints and feel more excited when I visit monasteries and the relic of Saints. Maybe I am a weirdo -defo I am one-, however a sucker for such things.

    • I think the problem is mpd. she cant control her other personality. I Don't know if I'm allowed to post links, but TMZ talks about the troublesome "bad Amanda". It's really sad. The video is called "Amanda Bynes Fighting Between The Good and Bad Amanda" on Youtube.

      • Awesome video… VC should add it to the article. She could be demon possessed…. poor girl.

    • I wouldn't be surprised if Amanda Bines dies of an apparent "drug overdose" or "suicide" within a year. These bastards need to be stopped.

      • Fateless One on

        BTW I was talking to Christinne and that was sarcasm. She has been diagnosed with Schizophrenia. Rather than lamenting and saying she is hell bent for destruction you could try praying for her to get better. All hope is not lost.

    • Everyone's Brother on

      Starred in "She's the Man" in 2006, a gender-bending character with an alter ego, based on Shakespeare's play 12th Night, wore soccer jersey #13 in movie.

      • Fateless One on

        Actually she's been doing multiple roles even before that movie. On the Amanda Show she had to play several roles (not unlike many other talented actors out there eg Jim Carrey, Robin Williams,etc) and that may have taken a toll on her mental health after a while. I feel sad for her because she was really good and I hope she gets the help she needs. God help her.

  2. I feel bad for Amanda. She seems to be "the new crazy girl".

    In a fan site I use to visit, I learned that Britney Spears is now trying to end the conservatorship process she has undergone for almost 6 years. In fact, there have been conversations going back and forth with the judges. I don't know whether or not this will happen, but I really hope the nightmare ends for Britney at some point. She is not an evil woman and she deserves better.

    When I see now the situation with Amanda, I can't help but thinking she is the new target of the elite/Illuminati. Why? Maybe Britney has served their purpose already… who knows? knowing that she is struggling hard to get rid of her c-ship and seemingly regaining control of her life (little by little), maybe Brit is not useful for them anymore and now they want to mess with someone else.

    Whatever happens with these two girls, I wish the best for them. May God watch over them, after all they are human beings just like all of us and I believe they deserve a second chance.

    Fuck Illuminati.

      • I was thinking the same thing. We have no way of knowing that any of it is actually true. That could've been anyone in the liquor store. Reminded me of the video of (allegedly) Katt Williams slapping the Target cashier, and what Randy Quaid said about how they will make a celebrity seem nuts and spread a bunch of lies in the media. Could all be fabrication just like so much else the media machine spews out.

      • You must not be of this current generation. Pity them. Those were in fact their role models!!

      • @Pipe For a young kid growing up around 3-11 thats not so far fetched to look up to these young girls as role models, we can all call it weak now but as young kids they werent (especially Amanda) bad role models to look up too.

      • Especially now a days they only have the karsashians as role models and other women and I use that term loosely in the entertainment industry

      • Memories of when Snick was really Snick….All That, Roundhouse, etc… parents actually put up with watching that on Saturday nights just to bond the family. Looking back, it must have been like torture for them to watch, but they did it because they knew it was more than just watching tv together. Hero is stretching it a bit, but a lot of kids that were between the ages of 5 and 16 during the Snick years have VERY fond memories of it.

  3. blackrocker4eve on

    I am aware of MK Programming and I believe that to be the case with Britney as well as it was with Monroe and Anna. BUT for some reason, I don't sense that with Amanda. Although she's obviously disturbed, I feel that she's putting on. I think she is SO desperately in need for attention that she will do things such as setting a fire in some stranger's driveway. I live in Studio City, Ca where I am surrounded by starlets who has had failed dreams in Tinsletown..Again with Amanda, I think it's staged. I really do.. Interesting though to me and this is something I stated on here before…As soon as Amanda stated sometime ago on Twitter that she had a thing for black guys, within 2 weeks, she started having these "problems" with all of this strange behavior…Very similar thing with Justin Bieber…As soon as he stated on Twitter that he wanted "to be black", all of this bad behavior was on display from him…I'm a black male in the entertainment industry ( musical artist) and this is something that I've noticed…

    • Sorry but why would she fake it if wanted to turn her back to the music industry a few months before all this started happening? That makes no freakin sense?

    • ridin the wave on

      Let's keep in mind too that Amanda has also shaved her head. For women, hair is a very big part of their identity. If something is being forced into your thoughts, like programming, then messing with your hair/head seems probable to get it to stop.

      She is isolated, alone yet surrounded by handlers and manipulators. She has clearly been going off the rails for some time. But, it came on quite quickly. What changed and why?

      • blackrocker4eve on

        That's true about her shaving her hair…Hell, I'm a guy who has long hair (not dreads) and I wouln't shave my hair for shit! lol..I have no doubt, like I stated earlier, that she has some issues going on..It's just soooo similar to Britney's..The only thing is Amanda doesn't have chdren and sh'e not anywhere close to havng the type of popularity Britney had/has…

      • blackrocker4eve on

        Sorry for the typos…, It should read "Amanda doesn't have "children" and "she's not any where close to having the type of popularity Britney had/has"….

      • Hello Neighbor, I'm in Sherman Oaks Cali…
        I have to agree with you, I think it is just for show. I see Amanda all the time. She lives around the corner from me, When I see her walking the streets, she normal, she walking her dog, drinking on starbucks. Either that or she is high on something (molly) when we see her with this crazy antics.

      • Hey B-Rocker! I wanted to say something about your comment on her faking it for attention. I started following her 'saga' a couple of months ago, b/c I thought I was witnessing a classic Monarch breakdown. But I have read in many places that she was previously showing signs of schizo early on….saying she had voices in her head, covering the fire alarm because it had tracking devices, ect. Her family has claimed she is indeed very mentally ill with schizo, so I think this is the most likely cause combined with whatever she went through as a Disney star. I do think that now that she's in the mental institute, 'they' just got themselves a new doll to play with. Sorry to say, but if she comes out acting normal, it's because she was (re)programmed.

      • That thing you mention : tracking devises… Remember that those things were a lot earlier develloped than we the public are aware of. And remember that Monroe's house was completely bugged. Remember that Disney works with people from a young age and with all walks of life – and demands totall control. With chaperones for example, or tracking devises with the kids they are working on?

      • She was discovered in the 90's when Nickelodeon did their search for the "funniest kid in America" to be on All That… just clarifying cause I don't think Nick stars are under any monarch programming. They're never as talented and have no longevity in their careers. Amanda is just mentally unstable on her own.

      • If you ever hear those ads on the radio about wanting your kid(s) to audition for Disney, tell your kids you'd rather have them than some spoiled brat of kid. Money is not that important.

        The kid that got about $5 million in the first molestation case with Michael Jackson says the money meant more to his parents than he did. He said they "sold him like a piece of meat" to Jackson for the money. They set him for and then when Jackson offered them millions to make the suit go away, they ran like hell . . . away from their son. He's never spoken to them since and he never will.

        That type of "Betrayal" goes past the bone . . . it's forever. I know because my mother betrayed me and I will never forgive her for doing what she did. The Universe caught up with her and I was forced to just leave it with the Universe & God for her punishment. But it's not something you ever get over . . . not ever!!!

      • You know…… IS possible to have mental problems AND be on drugs at the same time! Or to be an MK and be on drugs. None of these things are muually exclusive.

        How do you know she wasn't PROGRAMMED to "troll" …or PROGRAMMED to crave attention so much that she would act like this. She may still be a victim.

      • truth in truth on

        Well, i might as well jump on this 818 train while I'm here… I'm from the SFV too, currently living in North Hollywood in the NoHo arts district. It's amazing how many people in this area are aspiring rappers/actors/musicians, it's ridiculous. I thought i was one of the only ones around that was hip to issues like the new world order/ occult agendas being pushed through entertainment and mainstream media. Good to know there are others. I was exposed to the occult back in '05 due to my involvment with gangs/drugs. I became a Christian, started reading mh KJV bible and will never be or see things the same again.

      • BornAwakened on

        I'm in Sherman Oaks as well, though never seen her act crazy. I DEFINITELY think she has been bred into this and has been programmed since birth basically. Too much evidence pointing to that. All we really can do is send the victims powerful and positive energy… and for the rest of us, spread information and raise our kids to be independent/critical thinkers, eat well, think clean thoughts, speak well, and yes, guard yourself from the moment you wake up to when you go to sleep…with Light. The real wars that are being fought are not planetary energies only.

      • Hello Neighbor, You I have never seen her act crazy. I did not see any signs when she would film her show at my son's school years ago. She was such a sweet girl. But I guess the business got a hold to her, and now she's like this. Poor girl…

      • @truth in truth, I love your comment! It touched my heart, and I thank you for it. I'm a Christian that reads my KJV Bible, too. Once I got saved and started studying God's Word, I too will never be or see things the same again. Your comment was very encouraging! To God be the glory! You didn't say much, but what you did say was a powerful testimony. Thanks again!

      • blackrocker4eve on

        No…Studio City, although it's in the Valley, it's quite some distance away from where Amanda's parents live…

    • On the Amanda Show back in the day they would often picture her in a little girl's bedroom as part of her skit and their would be monarch butterflies on the wall. Have you watched her video where she's putting on make up and eating sour patch kids? She has that distinctive eye flicker thing going on that is common with people switching because they have multiple personalities. People have also reported that she acts like different people, so it could be the case that she functions normally at times and then flips into a crazy alter ego in a split second. Also, she worked with Dan Schneider. Hello, child molester/abuse reinforcer much? Seriously, just the fact that Amanda is in the entertainment industry and HAS been since she was small pretty much guarantees that she's under some form of mild control.

      • You can also bet that this stay in the psychiatric ward is actually code for her being reprogrammed.

      • I remember a while back when Amanda dissed Rihanna on twitter and generally displaying crazy behaviour.

        and rihanna's response was quite peculiar : 'ya see what happens when they cancel intervention'

        I don't know if that tweet still exists.

      • Right. Someone with multiple personalities would of course act completely different at different times. Apparently they can be quite capable of seeming perfectly normal sometimes.

        The mind of someone with MPD can do amazing things (even the simple fact that it can keep track of all the different alters). That's how it copes for the host's survival.

      • Little girls can like butterflies. My daughter, 21, loves them, and it has nothing to do with any type of programming. I understand the symbols though, and am NOT denying the Monarch thing….just sayin'….everytime you see a butterfly in something, it isn't ALWAYS a secret sign.

      • BornAwakened on

        No one is saying that. It's like assuming that a ram's natural horns are evil. It is just that the Elite likes to propagate certain symbols with certain information and messaging/programming, due to their influence on society. It's actually when we start associating beautiful butterflies with evil things, that we have lost half the battle. Let them not take away God's creations from us…

      • blackrocker4eve on

        Yes, exactly…That's what a lot of this is about..That's what satanists do is to purposefully take something that they KNOW GOD has created and either reverse it, flip it upside down or put a negative association and attach itself to what GOD created…

      • I'd like to point out that this is exactly what happens all the time on this site. So many comments or articles point out any type of butterfly or any sort of eye-like shape and say that it's a symbol, ignoring the fact that they exist in the real world and you're bound to run across them.
        I understand these articles and why they exist, so I feel like it speaks more about the audience than the site.

        This is why these comments are irking me. Scenario 1: Amanda Bynes is under mind control. Scenario 2: Amanda Bynes is simply mentally unstable and needs help. In these comments the latter doesn't exist. It's already decided that she is under control and that's that. Everyone has made a conclusion and is trying to make the story fit it. Being objective: nothing about this particularly suggests mind control aside from the fact she's famous. Lots of everyday unbalanced people shave their heads, lots of them act out, lots of them only get help when they completely snap. It happens. It's life. Assumptions are not the way forward and are just as bad as being "closed minded."

    • Fateless One on

      @blackrocker4eve Amanda was diagnosed yesterday with Schizophrenia. Shes not faking anything. I don't believe it has to do with this MK mumbo jumbo either. And that black thing is a silly irrelevant coincidence. If you were really a black guy you wouldn't even bring that up. Thats the kind of thinking only an ignorant white supremacist would have.

      • blackrocker4eve on

        @Fateless,..Sorry to have offended you although you shouldn't have been. First and foremost, I am indeed a black male and being a black musician who happens to be in the entertainment industry (My father was a musical artist in the 60's and early 70's) I grew up in the industry. The thing that I brought up that for some reason offended you is WIDELY known among MANY other blacks who are also in the industry.The point I made is talked about quite a bit. Largely why it's discussed is because that angle that I mentioned in my original post hasn't been mentioned in the media. Nothing is a "coincidence"…I personally know the actor that was a co star with her on a show called "City Guys" and they briefly dated during this period..He told me about some weird behavior from her then. MK programming is real and has been real for a very long time. If you have no interest in learning about it and it's origins then cool. It's not my thing to try to convince people of anything. But I certainly wouldn't dismiss something by calling it "mumbo jumbo". MK Programming was around waaay before it was adopted for use on entertainers…

      • blackrocker4eve on

        My mistake..The name of the show wasn't City Guys, although the actor that I know was on that show. The name of the show that he was on with Amanda was called "What I Like About You"..

      • Fateless One on

        @blackrocker4eve Not a problem dude I aint offended or anything, was just a little confused by what you said. Sorry for the over reaction and thanks for clarifying. Thats more than some people would have done. I still think that Amanda is just a sick girl that needs some medical attention. When I said mumbo jumbo I was referring to the way most people these days automatically blame some secret organization or whatnot for stuff that can be explained rationally. It just seems lame to me. Even over here in Nigeria where I live a lot of folks I know get so hung up on these theories that they fail to see whats right before their eyes. It may or may not be happening but without concrete evidence all we can do is speculate. Anyways thanks again for your polite response. You seem like a cool guy.

      • Sirhan Sirhan, the guy who supposedly killed Robert Kennedy was supposed to be a victim of MK programming or some type of programming because he remembers nothing about what happened to him or how he got a gun to kill Kennedy. After he spent years in jail, the programming wore off and he still doesn't remember anything at all. He's been in jail over this when in fact, it was probably part of the JFK assassination to keep the Kennedys down & out of the White House.

      • I have to agree with you. Fateless One, racism as nothing to do with it. Point blank period.. I hate when people bring up racial issues. I am a black woman born and raise in la, never had to deal with racial conflicts.

      • Guess you wasn't around for Hurricane Katrina & the lack of clean up years later. Seemed pretty racial when they were shooting black people trying to escape into local white towns. Pretty rare to find a black person in America that never dealt with racial conflict. But ok.

      • I assumed LA stood for Louisiana. If we're talking bout the city of LA I guess you wasn't around for the riots. Seems like there are plenty racial issues there too.

      • Are you a light-skinned black? I can only believe you because you're light enough to pass . . .

    • DK SodomLake on

      I certainly have read a lot about MK and the various programs….I have a tendency to agree with you….alters rarely break in public and if they do…..well usually we read about them in the obituary ……I think what we have is a whole lot of young stars who are simply spoiled brats trying to get attention and being devious seems to be the best way for them to get noticed……sadly…and the danger is…..she may not have been targeted…but if you keep knocking at the devils door eventually the door opens…

    • well on one hand i agree with you that it does appear she is putting on and act, but i dont believe that to be true. Simply because she was doing quite well in the acting industry when she started with the plastic surgery (beginning of her obsession with her looks) and I believe got kicked out of a movie she was doing for weird behavior, I thought i read that somewhere but i could be wrong. And then out of nowhere she announces she's retiring from acting which was really strange for her age and success in the business-and thats when things started to go downhill fast-after the retirement, but i think the signs were starting to appear before hand.I believe its mk trauma-based multiple personality-induced breakdown. Especially because she claims someone is "pretending to be her" when it's obviously her which ponts to at least one personality that the core is unaware of. But back to the acting portion-the programmers and handlers of these celebs know exactly what a mk breakdown looks like so they could easily have someone fake one. So long story short, if she is faking one I believe its being directed-not something she has concocted all by herself. I do agree with you about young white celebs, in my opinion, being used to portray ridiculous stereotypes of black people-look at miley cyrus for petes sake. What is the reason for this new trend? I think it is to stir up racial tension, because there s obviously alot of that going on these days. Also i agree with the comments saying its a distraction from all the real problems we face these days

    • That's a really interesting perspective… Lately the US govt and media has been REALLY hyping up racial tensions… and part of the program is to make white people feel inferior or have a guilt complex to blacks. It's written from a racial program for the 20th century… written decades ago. It could be some sort of psy-op.

  4. That's so terrible. Why do we allow this to happen? Why doesn't someone break in the facility, shoot up all those handler mother fuckers and save Amanda?

  5. Truth Seeker on

    Very sad to hear what happened to Amanda Bynes. What a small innocent girl she once was and now… these bastards man.

  6. It's sad and enlightening at the same time that 5 years ago I would have wondered what the hell is wrong with all these celebrities and now I know that they are all under mind control. To be honest I didn't know who she is until her disturbing behavior recently. That's the saddest part about it that some of these celebrities only gain attention when they are being forced to change. I hope she finds her way back. Thanks VC for continuously enlightening us!

  7. Nah, Amanda is just looking for some attention from the media to try in stay relevant in Hollywood. Even if that means setting the dog on fire (Not that she intended to set it on fire. She wanted to get caught, it's so obvious). And the whole being taken away and drugged ordeal I have no problem with. Maybe she'll stop being a bum and find something she enjoys more than being famous 😀

    ..but that probably won't happen b/c this is planet Earth we live on after all.

    • Sometimes I wonder if people with replies like yours are working for the enemy just to get people to NOT believe the victim. After all, I've heard several people who talk about the elite claim they hire people to go around to conspiracy sites to argue/deter attention/ and cause disbelief. hmmm… if you are, you're too obvious

    • I don't think that she's begging for attention from the media….she's begging for attention for someone to help her. Most likely overall her parents….who have stayed far away while she unravels. I think her meltdown is a serious cry for help because of mental illness and industry abuse. She is scared, perhaps delusional and she has no support from anyone. It's horrific that this could happen to someone that should be able to have had a great career in front of her and so much talent…she is discarded and laughed at instead of really being recognized as a victim.

    • I don't know. Sources close to her say she would say things out loud that she "thought she was saying in her head" and would completely forget insulting people and activities / going out in different outfits. I don't think it's just attention-whoring.

      Whether MK Ultra is going on or not, people need to be more sympathetic to the fact that sexually abused children usually grow up completely fucked in the head. That's why it's such an evil act.

      • "'Whether MK Ultra is going on or not, people need to be more sympathetic to the fact that sexually abused children usually grow up completely ****ed in the head.''

        So the ones who weren't sexually abused don't want to get also mentally abused by the ones you refer to. We all want to survive and live in peace.

  8. So you guys don't think these chicks esp Spears promote the devil and sin as a result of their own will? I think she knows exactly what she is doing when she sings songs that promote dancing till the world ends and not caring the least bit about the repercussions. I
    think that the celebrity life that they so wanted from the devil comes with high prices to pay and not just high salaries. Sure evil companes control them, its all about money after all, they are looking out for their investment. My point is, there are no good guys here. These chicks have major money and party super hard while promoting the doctrcine of the devil…they made their beds…

    • Britney Spears does not promote the devil. She started dancing classes by advice of her mother when she was 3 years old in her hometown in Louisiana. Later her mother AGAIN pursued an opportunity for her to join the Mickey Mouse Club when she was 8. She was rejected at the time, but she could audition again when she was 11… guess who moved to New York to make this happen? YES, her mother, again. Do you think a 3 year old or a 8 year old is consciously looking to promote the devil? As a very little girl she was only curious and trying to enjoy a little her troubled childhood (don't forget her father was at the time an alcoholic and a lot of sh*t was going on in her family). Her mother naively pursued I guess a better future for her. Yeah, maybe that was a stupid move, but when Britney started her career her looks attracted millions and she was a successful seller. The rest is just story you already know.

      I don't know Amanda's background at all, all I remember is she was a cute little girl appearing in Nickelodeon… yeah, she became attractive and maybe that attracted the Illuminati assholes because she could be used as a role model to spread their crap.

      So, I don't think any of them are pursuing a career of "promoting the devil". Sadly they are simply young ladies slaved by very evil people to fulfill obscure purposes. And once they are caught, it's hard as hell to get out.

      • Exactly what Corey Haim said in an interview: "Man, its like CIA: once ure in, u can never get out"….

      • Don't forget the molestation accusations made by Courtney love against Britneys father

      • Fateless One on

        I'm sorry but Courtney Love doesn't seem stable enough to qualify as a credible source of information. She seems so stoned all the time.

      • BornAwakened on

        Don't ever judge another, unless you've walked a mile in her/his shoes. Ever.

      • Great informative response!! Nothing about her history suggests 'she willingly sold herself '. She got caught up in it. Britney herself has said that she only enjoyed the first three years of her career.

  9. The same old stories, just different people.

    While the foucs remains on her, there are still thousands of other mind – controlled victims.

    "This world is literally like an illusion for me. The finest example of this is just my normal daily life. Whether I'm home, going for a walk, visiting friends – it feels like I'm a watcher who watches the world instead of being a part of it (a lesser state of dreaming, always in my own thoughts)"

    That's why we let such happens, because we are not fully awake yet, because if we were, this wouldn't have been tolerated. (And also because we live in a system, the "ordinary" social life, which doesn't tolerate "certain" thoughts)

    • Well, the way I see it is that it is not possible to do a crash course in spiritual awakening. If that were imposed upon people, you would see the majority crossing over to the dark side before it had even concluded. It is adangerous game; acquiring esoteric knowledge. We are doing the same as them but standing on the other side of the line whilst progressing in the same direction. That line gets finer and finer as you move upwards. No such thing as a free lunch. God bless you Mr Vig for breaking it down into palatable chunks but keep it borderline edible rather than delicious.

  10. Truth & Light on

    No surprises here. They will install a "kill switch" and off her and blame her "mental issues" on the cause of death. Hope fame-whore parents are paying attention.

  11. Involuntary my a**! That chick has some issues for real! Next comes the buzz cut and then the overdose of various drugs and alcohol, then the cover of People of her untimely and tragic death……they can keep all that money, I'd rather be struggling and mentally stable!!

  12. She doing this for attention is a real cry for help. Only that the help she wants, that is good for her, she won't get it.

  13. I find it hard to believe that all of this is a cry for attention as many of you are saying. There are hundreds of thousands of different ways that celebs could do that. I.e. a sex tape, starting a perfume/clothing line, going out and partying a bunch, the list goes on. If you read the last VC article about her other recent sightings/odd behavior, and notice in this article how she "couldn't give any clear answers" really seems as though she is in a dissociative state and that she barely even knows what she's doing herself. Even if she is not an MK victim (which.. All the patterns and signs are pointing to this being the case) she's definitely got some mental issues. Dismissing this as a cry for attention is what they would most certainly want us to do.

    • Fateless One on

      I agree with you on that. Dismissing this as a trivial thing is wrong and idiotic. I've said this from the start – the girl needs help and fast. Hopefully she'll get it. Not surprisingly, she was diagnosed with schizophrenia on Tuesday which is what I suspected was wrong with her all along. I just hope she gets better soon.

  14. BabyVigilant on

    Its sad to say, she's not gonna make it. She'll be the next memory in the 27 Club. But I pray that light is shown on her soul and she gets away before its too late.

  15. MK programing but perfect normal response for living in a society where there is lot of money to make, fast, lot of fame to grab and promise of happy and promise land that they "all" try to built on a land with weak and at places no family and moral fabric?

    Have u ever considered why these handlers would not succeed in countries like saudia arabia or india? is MK programing another name for being slaved or addicted to desires of materialistic elements. Its not what the bible and Quran warns us ; not to 'indulge' too deep.

      • thumbs up to it:) its what happens when u goto deep in ocean ; the very depths where even the light cannot reach; there its all darkness; the world is the ocean which we cannot sink too deep into.

    • @asad – welcome to the real world, mate. Mind control/MK ULTRA is all over the place, including India and Saudi Arabia.

      • I don't think thats true ; you have to live in those society to know this; like one basic difference we don't have to goto court to get the right for the protection of our kids; I'm from that region its different you people call it lack of freedom for us its called FAMILY.

        No ones understand amanda more then her mom? and where is she now? she is on the other side ; other side of wall the LEGAL wall.

        The depression rate and suicide rate continues to rise; in here these things happens out of poverty not because of social ill e.g drugs

      • There are societies which are free of MK but I would not count those on my list

      • Exactly. Humans are humans everywhere. Their societies have mind control, as well, and the ones that have it less can always get targeted and influenced over time. Satan doesn't discriminate.

      • satans needs hands , ear, eyes and voice to operate; alongwith instruments such as so-called free media, corrupt politicians, drugs among others are in most abundance in countries like america.

      • BornAwakened on

        Sorry dear, you must be fast asleep. Think: culture, new and old. Women's rights, children's organs being sold while they are still fighting for air, major rape crisis in media to kill what sexual energy really is all about, my list can go on and on and on. Dive a tad deeper into Indian mysticism and you will see signs and symbols right away. If you are of Arab background, you should know very well that the branches of the government are infiltrated. Anywhere a satellite radiation can reach, there is risk for "infection'. Time to wake up Alice… no more rabbit hole.

    • The handlers and programmers have succeeded in Saudia Ararbia and India, at high levels but of course. Do the UAE and Bollywood mean anything to you?

    • I think this is why the West continuously wages war against Islam and Islamic countries. They hate that they don't have easy access to our women and that there is no real thriving entertainment industry like in theirs' where they can lure in women and men and MK them in return for money. That's why shit like "Arab Idol" just began so they can try to tear down our barriers.

      • Middle East and India definitely have the study of hypnosis and trance states in their cultures going way back …MK Ultra is just a government coopted version of old mystery school initiation/programming that goes way back to the hashish/assasins.

        Ever read and fairy tales from those cultures?? They have their witches and spells too. Where do you think DISNEY gets it from..? This stuff goes way back friend. Not just Europe and America…if anything Europe was INSPIRED by the eastern mysticism to learn about this shit!!

      • Theres sex magick rituals depicted in super ancient wall drawings found in China, I believe? This stuff is ANCIENT and has never left us.

      • Yes, wendy11 ive seen them and "Dr S" has posted links on them, quite disturbing actually to think all them years ago they were doing that shit and imagine what they do now????

      • No, its because it was a 3 world war plan scripted by Albert Pike, who also is heavily have rumored to have founded the KKK. Brown people/muslim war to top off the New World Order. We have a statue of him in DC. The Rothchilds have banks in every Mid East country but Iran now. They aint mad at ya.

    • Are you really that ign:-(rent? Not succeed in Saudi-Arabia or India? Why would anyone think that? Mind controll is a very ancient technic. Very ancient. And the use of slaves, kids and prostitutes is too, so is combining the two for profit. And it is a global thing.

  16. cant these people relocate to another part of the planet , start a new life , do they really liked being controlled ? have they been brainwashed so much that a thought of escape never crosses their mind ?
    they are millionaires, I'm sure they can start of somewhere in the islands …or is this a demonic thing they are possessed and they need Jesus ? Lets talk people , i pity coz they don't love themselves enough of put an end and get out or is it the greed and the 'fame ' they have addicted themselves to and are willing to keep it going at any cost even if it means heading for downfall then the grave , there is absolutely no excuse unless it is a spiritual imprisonment then they will be tortured whether they be in the desert .

    • Victims don't even know who they really are anymore, much less that they are brainwashed. They are commodities, and many are the prime source of income for their handlers. Trauma-based mind control works in such a way that the abuse victims endure forces them into submission. Most of these individuals have been going through this since they were children. Therefore, the programming is deeply imbedded within the psyche, and hard, albeit impossible, to successfully break through alone.

    • well, if you identify a suitable destination, I'll be on that plane! Magick is hard to run away from – the liberation has to occur at the level of the soul. Physical escape ispointless without it

    • If you're asking that quesiton, you haven't looked into mind control programming very much yet. Look around on this site, you will learn that these slaves are controlled so thoroughly that they cannot escape. They are controlled by "handlers" who know how to trigger alternate personalities, as these victims have undergone satanic ritual abuse in order to split the personality and give the person dissociative identity disorder. They often have an alter ego that will take over and commit suicide if they try to escape. Still other alter egos will tell on the main personality to the handler when prompted under hypnosis. It is sad to say, but celebrities under this level of mind control have little chance for escape.

      • I think its more of self-inflicted torture then anything else; not every other celbs is a victim of MK programing to details as illicit and at times touches the very boundary of what qualifies sexual torture and fantasies if you heard about cathy O brian story you would exactly know what i mean.

        If a guy can defect NSA and spill all the beans on their prism project; i'm sure breaking out of MK programing through hard evidence is not hard.

      • Not everyone working for the NSA is necessarily mind-controlled. You can't compare geeks who finally listen to their conscience to people under mind control and possible demonic influence.

        I don't know how you can say something so presumptive as it's "not hard" to break out of MK programming while one is totally under its influence and surrounded by people hellbent to keep her in it. You obviously don't have much understanding or compassion related to the topic.

      • Sorry english is not my first language; but i was infact in my writing supporting the views and what was done by nsa whistleblower to me he is a hero. He has done great; I was hinting that such occurrences as you said 'voice of god' the consciousness to wake among the handlers too one day i reckon.

        As for my knowledge, about the subject i think i have plenty coz i see it from outside In not the other way out; I'm a man of religion and proud admit it without being branded as fundo, or too less SEXY for tv ads or to catch media news.

    • I thought about that too. But have you seen how these kids/actors work??? Never getting a day off sometimes and some have never worked in the real world at all. They're setup to be wined, dined and waited on hand and foot and when that stops, they don't have anything to fall back on. Some are dyslexic and can't read or write. They can't hold a job or where would they go? Some only know that world and would be lost in the transition into the Real World.

      Listen when they get interviewed. See who has a chance of survival in the real world if their "acting career" came to a full stop. You'll see who can survive and who can't.

      • ChristisLife on

        Correct. 6 billion people in the world, what percentage of the people that actually know what's going on.? That's the joy of being in the minority or in the "know" – your voice means nothing, and if you just so happen as to make a little bit of noise and attract just an ounce of attention, you become expendable, or coined by the mainstream media as a crazy lunatic.

      • BabyVigilant on

        I believe everyone knows what's going on, they are just scared of the reality of it.

      • ChristisLife on

        Good point. Most likely intimidated by how they will be received and ridiculed once they shared what they know.

      • I was told by my parent to stop being so angry and knowledgeable and stick my head in the sand. No joke.

      • ChristisLife on

        Those are all great ideas and points and I agree, but If only it were that simple. I'm afraid our society as a whole has gotten to a point of no return. The corruption is so massive, the propaganda is so crafty, its like even the corruption has corruption and that corruption is also corrupt – it's so deep! It dates so far back in history too! Our nation and world is bound by the chains of insidiousness to the point to there's nothing we can do about it. Now, I am speaking solely on the basis of this world as a whole – individually, like you said, we can educate those around us, saving as many as we can, but in the grand scheme of things, this world is doomed.

        SN: the net worth of the Rockefeller Family is roughly 370 Billion dollars and the Rothschilds Family net is roughly 470 Billion – want to know who the elite are, you follow the money and these two families are the main ones pushing the agenda, this is the self-proclaimed elite. You control the supply of money, essentially you control everything. This is what we're up against. People with seemingly an unlimited amount of money which they influence and control everything that whatever agenda they want pushed on the masses, it happens. Turning off the TV won't work, rallying and protesting won't work. And it's only going to get worse. Bill Gates heading the development of vaccines that has already killed 40,000 people. We can only save ourselves and our families and friends if they'll listen..

      • We cant physically fight them. They own nothing, we are all slaves. Think you own your house? Stop paying taxes. Bye bye house.

        Theres another way to fight, I just cant figure it out yet. Awareness is key, though. Maybe THE key.

      • ChristisLife on

        Awareness is definitely key. The old adage "what you don't know won't hurt you" is one of the biggest lies ever told. The more we don't know, the easier it is for us to get "hurt by all of the lies and deceit. But you get it, We fight them by raising our awareness and knowledge about who they are and what their plan is and ultimately becoming more equipped with the ability to see "them" in every situation – meaning if something happens, we will understand why and know who's behind it. Yes, that's right folks, we have to illuminate ourselves to the so called illuminated O_o

      • I like this discussion. I don't have any answers either… but agree on awareness being key… Also, I have this intuition that "more heads are better than one". The more people that know about this, the more the awareness spreads… the greater the chance that "answers" will organically arise &… some kind of critical tipping point will be reached.

    • n..Well if WE truly cared and were brave enough we could always find the location of her where abouts (easily) and gather several (8to10) ppl and barge up in there demanding she be released.. if (whichthey probably won't) they do not agree we TAKE her out of there. NOW,although this sounds like a movie can be done.. but who's really down.. nobody, we have."too stake" to make steps like that. Rich folk.don't. And that' in the first place.

  17. ChristisLife on

    The Mind is the most powerful and precious thing about us and it is constantly being attacked! It's a terrible thing what's happening to Amanda – to not be able to take control of your own mind because of outside forces attacking it and controlling it is indeed sad. She clearly is losing her mind. I will pray for her along with Paris Jackson and other actresses and actors who are falling prey to this evilness.

  18. Is there anyway possible for a person to deprogram another person? If so maybe you should release an article on it :) I was really shocked it was possible to program a person when I first learned about MK Ultra

    • Be very careful trying to deprogram. Real Monarchs are programmed for self-destruct if anyone tampers with their programming

      • Yeah i've heard of that :( So basically it means you would have to master deprogramming? It just surprises me humans are able to be programmed like computers, but then again i guess it isn't that shocking since the brain is very complex. How do you learn how to deprogram someone?

    • There are people that have claimed to deprogram escapees….but when they are spotted at conferences "exposing" Mk Ultra abuse, they are reported to act an awful lot like HANDLERS

      • That's awful :/ i wonder if there are true deprogrammers out there. I also wonder what it is like for MK Ultra victims to constantly have to switch personalities and if they are aware of their true self anymore, do they ever lose their core personality? Or is it just hidden away?

      • All I can say is the truth is out there, but youll never know for sure, most likely. You can find information that says yes or no to all of your questions. sicksadworld dot info is another site to look into.

    • fight4rights on

      It begins with having a spiritual awareness within yourself. There have been testimonies from those who have been able to break free. They knew it was not just a physical struggle they had to deal with, but a spiritual awakening that would help them through their healing process. Once they were able to recognize this, they could begin the steps to healing. Usually it took one profound experience to help awaken their spirit. This world we live in is a constant spiritual struggle. You must call out to God to help you fight through the struggles we deal with here on earth.

    • People can be deprogrammed but someone is always waiting to kidnap them and have them reprogrammed again. You think about all the kids whose parents had them deprogrammed because they joined a cult.

      It takes time and money. None of which people in the forum have. We have prayers and God on our side and we just hope for some miracle to happen like that priest showing up at the crash site the other day and helped save a girl nearly crushed in a car.

  19. Every "Celebrity" is a slave to MK Ultra programming and have been traumatised since birth, poor Amanda is no exception, her programming is breaking down and her other personalities are taking over, its useless to believe the media lies that she's doing this for attention. I mean look where she went, to Thousand Oaks, California, her childhood neighbourhood, I suspect the persons driveway she lit a fire on was involved in her programming in some way or form, or perhaps they used to live there, or may be to this day that place is being used in Satanic rituals and hurts kids.

    I live in the UK and am sick of this crap, right now a new member of the despicable bloodline has been born, Prince George, and everyone here is celebrating while that twisted royal family sacrifices little babies and kids on their "holy days", infact the new baby was born after a full moon where they probably murdered God knows how many kids for power.

    And we have to sit here and watch this like its all one fucked up movie.

    • Any clues as to why the Duchess came out of the hospital looking as if she were still pregnant? I think it's weird no one mentions it.

      • I'm going to assume you have never given birth or seen a woman after giving birth… As a mom I can tell you that your stomach is still balloony a day after birth, even a week after birth, it feels like an empty water balloon or a cow patty stuck to your front (feels horrible) I felt she looked quite normal for 1 day post ( other than having her hair and face look so perfect : )… Anyways, after birth the uterus is going from being up to the bottom of the ribs to fitting inside the panty line. Very normal.

      • Ha!! Umm… Time to research real life and the baby process :-p

        The body grows and expands for the baby, it's not like skin an a muscle are elastic stretch pants, and just pop back into place as soon as the baby is born 😉

      • Thsy gave him nice names, however they'll bring him up to be a nasty piece of work. They are the same.

  20. I don't think that she was the one who was started the fire. I think that someone else (handler) covered her dog in gasoline and started the fire. Part of trauma-based mind control, especially in Hollywood, involves the death and/or disappearance of something or someone close to the victim. (Jessica Simpson, Oprah, Miley Cyrus, Ellen, the list goes on…) Also, the details surrounding this event are confusing. She was laying down in the driveway with her pant leg on fire. Her dog had been burned. She was obviously distraught to just run out into traffic, and she wanted to call police herself! I call bullsh*t.

    • blackrocker4eve on

      That's an interesting point that you bring up. I'm usually very sharp on picking things up where there is something "else" truly going on and what you just stated, it did cross my mind when it was reported on the news out here. I live in Studio City, Cali..Not too far from where the fire incident took place in Thousand Oaks…I thought that something didn't really add up..Like I posted earlier today, I'm in the industry and yeah while I see a LOT of weird shit go down, not just in the acting side but it's buck wild in the music industry. Again, although Amanda has all of the signs, VERY similar to Britney, I just for some reason think it's TOO close to Britney. I was still living out here when Britney lived in a gated part of Studio City …I used to see Britney at a 76 gas station attempting to flee from the papzz or being followed by them. Britney was always with a girlfriend of hers. This was the same time when they came and took her kids and took her to the "hospital"…Britney's case is textbook MK. Amanda's is almost TOO close to Britney's almost like Amanda has followed Britney's case herself to the letter.

    • That's true but the trauma-based mind control only takes place in childhood. Adult minds don't split into multiple personalities.

    • Hi Amanda, I thought the same thing. Because she loves her dog like it's her baby. She lives around the corner from me. I see her all the time walking her dog, looking normal, no wig, no odd behavior. Something is defiantly up with this strange story.

      • SHE NEEDS HELP on


  21. I am a mother… this hurts my heat.
    I feel so bad for these girls and what (i can not even image) the things they went through for programing.
    (even though I do have an inkly if small) My oldest daughter use to watch The Amanda Show.
    Oh God please watch over these girls.

  22. Wolly Mammoth on

    Whilst I don't know who she is I hope you can be shown the light.

    Help people who can't help themselves.

  23. People saying she a doing this for attention are delusional.You can clearly see that she's not all there,her eyes look empty.Shes another Britney Spears,hopefully she gets the right attention.

    • but why? Lohan is still around as is Spiers. They don't want them to die – they just wish to disempower them completely, strip them of the powers loaned out to them during MK. The ones they want to snuff out would be the thinking people with thoughts and opinions. These ones just make a painful transition across from MK to sheeple.

      • Monroe anyone beta slave for the typically starts to glitch around.if no longer dees you useful you are thrown under the. us. most beta slaves donot make past36. monore kived. once you are not able to beused supposed od. I have seen this too much. does not matter whether youarethe thinking or not. once you either deemed danger or not useful goidbye unless you can drop off the face of the world.

  24. OriginalRace on

    She is definitely under mind control, and has been for a while. Nick Cannon sort of spilled the beans in his most recent interview that he did with the Breakfast Club (Power 105.1). He said that he knew something was off about her even when they did All That on Nickelodeon. She displayed "weird" behavior in-between sets and all. It should be on Youtube somewhere.

    • I was about to say the same thing, I always thought there was something weird and off' about her that wasn''t normal. Some people are weird, but her weird wasn't normal weird, the way she speaks and acts always seemed strange to me but at the time I never knew anything about this.

    • Omg. She's schizophrenic!!! That's what she is acting weird. Children am have schizophrenia and/or shows symptoms of schizophrenia early on, which then fully develops when they are adults. I don think this is mk programming, it's mental illness. I work for brain injury Services as a nurse and I work with patients who are dialog diagnosed; schizophrenia and have a brain injury. Let me tell it is very odd behaviour!! You hear the voices, you hallucinate and you have the ability to appear as a normal person until someone tries to engage you in conversation…that's when the bizarre comes out.
      There is a blank state that comes with it as well as physical and environmental aggression. The funny thing is I have a patient who is schizophrenic and they also enjoy setting things on fire (which is why they are searched to make sure they didn't steal a lighter again). It's vey interesting to be able to observe schizophrenic behaviour during work.
      I also have a close friend whose brother is schizophrenic but he takes his meds and has it under control. He also gets that blank gaze once in a while.

      • Schizophrenia is nothing but being filled with a legion of demons :'( I wish someone would go and pray for her in person.

  25. misericordia on

    Tragic! And not one comment mentioning the poor dog that got caught up in this fucking messed world that humans have created. I hope he is adopted/rescued by caring people! The same way that I hope she is able to find help from good people, so that she does not end up injured/dead herself.

  26. The wigs are a dead giveaway. Blue for traumatic experiences, pink for weakness.
    MK Ultra gone awry here. Name of Suburb – Thousand Oaks – does that not tell you something? The people who traumatised that poor girl lived there, probably in that same house she fired up.
    He mind is breaking down and she's now remembering. What a great idea, to send her to psychiatric evaluation and inject her with the drugs that stuffed her up in the first instance, then let the poor kid loose on some other unsuspecting neighbourhood. Give her lots of money to party her life away and supply her with all the cocaine she needs (just like Lindsay Lohan), then put her in the news – again- for people to judge – yet again. And so to goe out and do this all over and over. Then back to Psych Eval – and the circle of Amanda's sad life goes around again.
    Maybe the line 'liar, liar, pants on fire' is true in this case.

    • going overboard on

      Yeah… Thousand Oaks. O.o. Because EVERYthing is like, so cryptic, right? Are there any color clothes or whatever I can wear that isn't evil or must I walk around naked?

      • Her mind works differently to ours as we have not been MKUltra'd. Cryptic to us, traumatic to her and other victims.
        Wear what you want. Make sure the colours suit your skin tone and make sure clothes fit properly. Nothing like a muffin top to really ruin the day.

      • Unless you've lived as a monarch don't even try to guess how strange, awful and scary it can be. Imagine everyone is out to get you ….and they really are!!

    • Good observation on the "liar, liar, pants on fire"! They brand her a liar and damage her credibility more, as everyone around (having seen the news reports about "crazy" Amanda Bynes) instantly assumed she set the fire.

      Interesting that she reported the cops for sexually harassing her and now needed the cops for help when she got 5150'ed.

    • Have you noticed the abundance of pink wigs at the Cancer Research UK Race for Life and Run for the Cure in the USA. They are sold to naive participants who think they are standing out by wearing one yet are just conforming into looking like every other runner or walker in their pink t-shirt and black jogging bottoms with optional pink wig and pink tutu. Another reason to boycott these events apart from being used to raise money for research to cover up natural cures for cancer using animals to experiment on.

    • I agree with you actually. I always like to read your comments because you post decent comments on here and they are very useful but I asked you this before but I don't think you replied and my question was that aren't you from an illuminati family? Also I'm sure you said you were from Australia before but not 100%

      Look forward to your reply.

    • What does "blue" say about Katie Perry? She does admit to selling her soul to the devil like Kanye, JayZ et al. She released a song from her new CD and in it, she burns her "blue wig" because she's "starting over". WHAT??? I thought you only got one chance with the devil. Is she getting in deeper in order to find redemption? I don't understand what or where she's starting over from.

      • You get many chances in life. Look up the lives of many Saints and you'' find out that quite a few were Satanists, Paganists, prostitutes, thieves, murderers etc. That only indicates that everything is possible.

  27. Oh my, if im gonna play CSI detective, i think the next thing thats gonna happen is she'll be found dead in her bathtub or in some igiycheap hotel room for unknown cause or something..and then the police will tell the media that drug overdose is a possibility.. sigh, same old tragic fate for hollywood celebs who sold their souls to the devil in the name of fame and fortune. :-(

    • Hey, they let Whitney Houston and MJ run a loooonnnnnng time even with public breakdowns and dramas. Its a crapshoot. Amy Winehouse and Cory Monteith get taken out early, Madonna seems to be in a category of her own.

      • Why do I suddenly think of Pasolini's Salo-movie, now you just mentioned Madonna…?

        (And, in NO way am I encouraging sensitive folks to watch that movie! Just reading about it might be too much. I saw it by accident because of mislabeling.)

        Oh, I know, Madonna reminded me of the dancing boys at the end…

      • Madonna is one of their biggest cheerleaders! Did you not see her doing her Half Time routine at the Super Bowl??? Illuminati & the devil all the way. She sold her soul but she's being clever about how she's handling it and doing it in the public eye.

      • Yes wendy11, that's because Michael and Whitney were the biggest stars out there and the amount of money they were generating for the "industry" was astronomical. They were killed as soon as there was no use for them (Whitney couldn't sing no more and Jackson couldn't really perform also but he was going to expose the industry for what it really was but they killed him) and then as soon as they died, up went the prices of all their music, albums singles merchandise/memorabilia etc so they could STILL be generating money whilst they are dead.

  28. Why is there always surveillance footage of these celebrities, but when we want proof of terrorism/shootings, there's almost always no footage? They even set up cameras in court houses for celebrities like DMX, but nothing for Sandy Hook or Boston.

    • There was not a court hearing for sandy hook because the guy shot himself. There hasn't even been a trial yet for the Boston bomber. That's why there's no courtroom footage. Do you even think before you type?

      • I agree – but you have to admit that it's weird there's no surveillance footage of the Sandy Hook shooting yet. Columbine footage is out there. It's hard to believe their "official" story of events.

      • I was trying to give an example using DMX with the OVERALL situation of Sandy Hook and Boston. Sorry for any ambiguity.

  29. Woah woah woah!!! I live in NJ, and I didn't know about this law in California. What kind of freedom is that?! To be able to be detained against your will. Fr these institutions one has to volunteer and be willing to go, not forced. Unbelievable. This law needs to go. C'mon, how did we miss that?!

    • This law does not need to go – in fact, we could use it in NJ. I had an ex boyfriend whos brother had a full on schizophrenic breakdown and began stalking an exgirlfriend/threatening violence/attempted to kill himself by stabbing himself in the stomach. Because of multiple things, like the overinvolvement of insurance companies and our lack of involuntary psych holds, he was allowed to run free for WAY too long. In the meantime, because he had no insurance, us taxpayers picked up his close to a million dollar medical bill for being airlifted from his home post-suicide attempt. He had to violate his probation half dozen times and assault police officers to finally be put away for any length of time. He even admits that he knows he has to be put away the rest of his life. His family begged authorities to help but they said there was nothing they could do for mental issues – only legal ones. The woman he was stalking is lucky to be alive – schizophrenics are largely nonviolent, but when their condition involves thinking someone needs to die….uh, they are going to be driven to kill them no matter what. His delusions began involving others supposedly trying to spy on him and kill HIM – imagine the violence that could have caused?

    • Another ex had a relationship with a woman that began having full on schizophrenic breakdowns while being an at home mother with young children. A nurse at a hospital she was sent to told him, "You know, before insurance got their hands in this pot, your woman would go away to a mental facility for 6 months no question. Now? Shes got to kill someone or hurt herself to get help if she doesn't want it." And schizophrenics rarely want help or to stay on medication, esp late onset ones.

  30. VC, everytime i read about your MK articles, i've been wondering what sort of torture/trauma that these victims get from their handler? is it the bruises-kinda-torture? for example britney spears, how come she still can perform quite well without any bruises or any difficulty? hope will hear from VC

    • Tortures range from drug-induced to beatings, sexual trauma and psychological trauma. I won't go into details, but I'm sure you can use your imagination. The idea is to 'break down' the victim and to build them back to how the Illuminati want them. Works on some, not on others.
      My nephew is USMC and went through a lot of traumas to build him into the perfect Marine. It's no more different that than of MK Ultra victims, except MKs are started off on traumas as children.

    • A common one is electroshock, if done right it doesn't leave scars, it can cause memory loss and causes the feeling of floating like a butterfly which was one of the reasons behind the name Project Monarch… Others I've heard of is trauma through forcing them to witness others being killed, or being locked in a coffin… There are a lot of other ways, if you want to start learning about mk and the methods there are a lot of resources, just make sure your ready for what you are going to find, it's pretty sickening…

      • The monarch butterflies have implanted memories from their parents and grandparents. They make a journey that takes three generations to complete and without it they wouldn't get there.

        There is a lot of experimentation on us about whether we pocess that trait.

        Our childhood nightmares/terrors are supposed to be from memory passed down from our ancestors and to teach us dangers.

    • Victims can be traumatized without being beaten, electro-shock, sexual torture/rape, drugs that you and I have never heard of that induce torture, twinning where they are paired with a 'best friend' and friend is tortured in front them, satanic ritual abuse, the killing/torturing of babies and small animals. And the list goes on and on and on! These are very sick people (if you can call them people) who do this stuff!!

    • Of course it's beatings, bruises and anything else you can think of. Remember when Paris Hilton was dating that guy, Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys that boy band? She had bruises all over her one night after some fight she had with him. She went someplace and was renegotiating her deal with the devil. But Nick Carter swears he never laid a hand on her. She too has handlers.

      Remember, her mother was cutout of the Hilton fortune and when Paris said she wanted to make her own money, that was part of her deal with the devil. But she got off track that one night and she was beaten.

      • I watched a documentary with P Hilton in the past with F Cotton and all she was talking about was money. She had closets full of clothes, shoes and so on and her tiny dog was living better than you can imagine. I thought to myself back then, what an odd young woman she is. Now I understand better why she became what she became. You have to feel sorry for her.

  31. Everyone's Brother on

    I would say the first (and possibly only) action vc readers can take is to spread the word to friends that are willing to listen. But the common demon-inator in all of these schemes and distractions must be defined as evil. This is most blatant in the music and movie industry, and once the pattern has been recognized, questioning who is behind the media machine will soon follow. Vc has been extremely helpful by introducing me and many others to a reality that is hard to take at times. But there is hope, be it in this life or the next, and it begins with rejecting evil in our daily lives. We must strive to be better people to each other, not because we want to pass the final exam, but because love, tolerance, and respect for one another are the reflections of God's will. The existence of evil in this world can be agreed upon by most all. While the amount may be disputed, even the largest estimate has not and will not defeat the forces of goodness.

    The fear of the Lord is to hate evil.
    The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.
    Do not rebuke a mocker, lest he hate you. Rebuke a wise man and he will love you.

    • Well done! Glad you can understand. There are some people who refuse to even believe there are Illuminati and their signs and signals.
      God bless you.

  32. they all know where they are, no excuses, at this time, we all have a lot of information, if you want money or fame, you just have to sell your soul, and that's what many do.
    lie, is the order of the day, people do all, for the money.
    truth exists. and there are two sides, good and evil. When Jesus returns to bring justice, we are all positioned, and everyone will know who is who. Now, is the time of truth. when Jesus returns, no one can say they were not warned. no excuses. now we have to decide who you're part: the part of Jesus or Lucifer.
    You have to look at the bottom, because time is running out.

    • Jesus was just a human. Are you a human that wants to detach from beings like Lucifier/Ascended Masters/imitation Jesus or do you want to submit your will to them is a better question.

      • I mean, that time is running out, and that people can not remain indifferent to what is happening around and has to take a stand, and for those who are not with Jesus all will be harder.
        However, Dad, God awaits us all.

  33. Yup just as we predicted and same as what happened to Britney, Amanda's parents have now got Conservatorship over her.

  34. It's hard to speculate with Amanda because she actually maintains a lot of privacy, despite the fact she is always in the media. Some conflicting observations:
    1. Amanda seems to have a good hold on the media. When she only wanted them to post her twitter pics, they did so. When she wants them to take down an article, they do so. Most articles about Amanda are about her tweets. She has shot to fame. I also saw supposed texts from Amanda where she said she is putting it on for attention.
    2. She lives in NY but was detained in Cali. I have always *felt* that Amanda was somewhat hiding in New York and it seems as soon as she returns to California she gets put in a psychiatric hospital.
    3. She is exhibiting all the symptoms of DID such as the different wigs and if you read her tweets, she completely changes from one personality to another. She often claims that newspapers put people in wigs to pretend to be her. I thought that maybe rather than constantly lying, she has alters that don't know each other.
    4. Amanda RT'd a joke message from a twitter account called 'the Illuminati' which said 'We welcome our newest member Amanda Bynes' or something. Obviously you would never in a million years get this from Britney Spears. It sort of suggests she knows the MK Ultra theories and such, and maybe even reads her name on VC and other alternative media (I think the tweet appeared after your original Amanda story). Could it be that she is deliberately exhibiting the symptoms in order to become famous again?
    5. If this was all part of Amanda's master plan, would she take it this far? Arrests? Psychiatric institutions? There's nothing the media can't do. With the help of media outlets, of course she could fake the whole thing. But there's no viable reason why the media would help Amanda's get famous quick scheme.
    6. The video. My mind always goes back to the video of her in the mirror. Something looks terribly wrong. For someone who is so openly obsessed with her appearance, I can't understand why she would post that?
    7. It could just be mental illness. Amanda might seem 'crazy', but she doesn't seem controlled to me. All we can do is speculate.

    • I think that people who have a hard time understanding how she is NOT faking this need to read up on multiple personality disorder. The whole reaaon why these girls make it in the industry is because they have good front personalities and amnesia walls. That means that they appear NORMAL very normal…even though they are involved in the sickest shit known to man from day one. Get it?!

      Thats what separates the wannabe stage kids from the Amanda Bynes and Britney Spears. People have to start realizing that fame is no longer about pure talent, if it ever toatally was. Its about who can serve the agenda on the flip side and make you beleive the ILLUSION of tinsletown….Until they can't and them they're tossed.

      • Yes that's true but I'm not certainly sure it applies to Amanda. I suppose what happens to her after treatment will reveal some more, such as if she reappears as a zombie-like person. Another point I didn't write in my original post is that if Amanda was MK, they didn't utilise her very well! Aside from the Amanda Show and a few films, Amanda is not the huge 'super star' that Britney and others were/are. Just from reading all that is available to read on Amanda, which isn't a huge amount, I would lean towards a 'normal' mental disorder. The thing that throws me off is the signs of DID, but of course it could also be signs of schizophrenia.

      • They don't necessarily make these girls famous. The stories told by MK survivors indicate that their main purpose was as message couriers and sexual slaves. There is a prominent woman in Hollywood who is generally known as a philanthropist but who is actually a madam running call girls for elite customers – politicians, actors, etc. She has produced a picture book with very suggestive photos of famous people who have stayed in her hotel suite – many famous women naked or nearly so, laying languorously in bed or dressed suggestively and looking either unhappy or dissociated, with men in suits standing behind them in the background. One of those pictured is Amanda.

      • Yes shari, I believe you are talking about Diana Jenkins, (who is Bosnian) and her Coffee table book titled "Room 23". She was married to British financier for Barclays Bank Roger Jenkins who briefly went out with Elle Macpherson. Ive read she arrived in England with no family, money and couldn't even speak English but somehow she saved enough money to enroll at London's City university. – Err one might ask how did she save money if she cant speak English, no family or money, in a foreign country? My guess is that she was probably a high class escort & that's how she probably met Roger Jenkins. Well when they divorced he awarded her £150 million……

        Diana Jenkins was on a boat with Hayden Panittiere and she had two huge bruises on each of her arse cheeks…………One can just wonder how she got them? The link for the pic below:

      • Yes shari, I believe you are talking about Diana Jenkins, (who is Bosnian) and her Coffee table book titled "Room 23". She was married to British financier for Barclays Bank Roger Jenkins who briefly went out with Elle Macpherson. Ive read she arrived in England with no family, money and couldn't even speak English but somehow she saved enough money to enroll at London's City university. – Err one might ask how did she save money if she cant speak English, no family or money, in a foreign country? My guess is that she was probably a high class escort & that's how she probably met Roger Jenkins. Well when they divorced he awarded her £150 million……

        Diana Jenkins was on a boat with Hayden Panittiere and she had two huge bruises on each of her arse cheeks & don't forget Hayden is also featured in "Room 23"…………One can just wonder how she got them? Google this and you fill find pics of her on the boat: "Hayden Panittiere boating in Cannes"

      • There is no place for any speculation here, its all as clear as daylight and damm obvious: she's mind controlled. End of story, deal with it.

      • OK, it was a shortcut, but i hoped some irony would shine trough.
        As i see it, the media are part of the game. Their behaviour is just as predictable as the victims'.

  35. Also for all vc readers; there is no established science that ALL conditions , or symptoms related to schizophrenia, or split personality order or bi-polar are results of intense , long, planned and repeated sexual crimes , tortures to a person.

    Its like a person has not to watch the film dumb n dumber to do things that were done in the film. There are other EXPLAINATIONS and without hard evidence we as readers should keep all options open esp on the medicine part of it.

    • I agree. I have had a hard time deciding whether this is true schizo or just Monarch. Her parents claimed she had schizo behavior (voices in her head, thinking tracking devices where everywhere, ect) and while I do lean toward the belief that it's a combination of both for her, you're right and it could just be a mental illness and nothing more. The thing that keeps my mind going back to Monarch is the fact she was a Disney kid. I hope for her sake it IS just a mental illness, and it can be treated, because the alternative is that she will come out of that hospital a reprogrammed slave.

      • Nickelodeon kid. Small difference, but Id like the credit to go to where its due.

    • OMG plus 1000000000000. Thank you for pointig this out. Remember who controls he psychiatric industry and makes all the drugs…THEM!

      The psychiatric industry is not at all what it seems on face value. You dont even need a conspiracy to find that out. Please read some books on the history of mental illness, who built the asylums and the treatments that took place there. Very interestigng stuff….

      • Yes i agree, there is a light to this as well, but what you consider the mental disabilities or the people born with them; are not examples of recent past; but as far as i remember these illness were present even during the time of great Prophets as well; where was the nsa, or cia then? perhaps … one has to look medical science objectively ; i mean even in their society there is a rebuttal for a lot of things; which goes from drinking milks or having eggs in breakfast to be not good for heart one day to absolute necessary to another; is all very common re-winds of the medical science; myths are broken , re-broken and then framed as new all-together.

        I think there should be great debate or research that focuses on effects of living ALone and the mental health. what little i know that people who are less social are more prone to depression and hears ot problems. From social i don't speak of partying out every weekend and getting wasted in the back alley and throwing up in taxis.But to have the noble connection with your loved ones; esp your parent give them a chance to celebrate your sorrows and happiness; Don't cry alone! no one wants it

        I'm sure if these medicine have some long terms negative effects to control the human mind or to cause it have negative consequences to the patient over-health these issues i believe would have been investigated by few noble, dedicated and professional doctors.

        I;m firm a believe that there exists nothing in the world which is absolute evil or absolute good; because what absolute is God. nothing else is beside.

    • There may be vast amounts of established science, but it being classified would make it unavailable. Sheesh, Britney Spears isn't even allowed to view her own medical records because itd be a danger to her mental state but you think Monarch Programming methods and results would be published in a medical journal somewhere? Lol

      • Exactly. There will never be any hard evidence in black and white where the powers that be say:

        "You got us. Here is everything we lie to you about all laid out for you with charts, footnotes and quotations"

    • And the worst part is that the same people who were abused will follow suit and do similar things when they grow up. We are the product of our environment and we need to be very careful with people. Find how they grew up and avoid them like hell because we have the tendency to feel pity about them and their past. Nonetheless, the same people we feel sympathy will plan carefully and will cause us problems if we let them in our lives. So feel sympathy, however don't trust them or allow them in your lives.

      • "So feel sympathy, however don't trust them or allow them in your lives."

        How "Christian" of you. You're the reason the world is shit.

      • I'm not the reason at all. Do you know how many times others have trusted allegedly vulnerable people and tried to help them, however their lives were ruined by those in need? You have no idea how others can manipulate you when they want. It's the same with charities. They exploit people who are willing to assist, so eventually the helpers get disappointed and abandon their good intentions.

    • Not QUITE true. DID/Multiple Personality Disorder is a coping mechanism where the brain 'fragments' to help a victim cope with extreme childhood trauma. Without childhood trauma, I person would not get DID. Many believe that if the brain didn't 'split' and go into multiple personality, the person would not be able to cope with the extreme horror that they have seen/been through and would probably kill themselves. The fragmenting of the personalities only happens during childhood (they think because the child brain is much more imaginative that the adult). So someone with DID has usually been abused in the most of horrific of ways as a child. They develop other personalities to protect their core personality.

      Schizophrenia and bi-polar are NOT caused by trauma. Both are biological conditions of the brain thought to be genetic. If you have the schizophrenia and smoke weed, they think that this may trigger it (Amanda apparently smokes a lot of weed although denies it). Bi-polar is more controversial and some members of the medical community think it is overused in diagnosis. With celebrities it seems, often times they are diagnosed with bi-polar, but on sedative-type drugs and are a lot more controllable when in fact they may not have bi-polar at all.

  36. Hollywood is creepy place, to say the very least. While Im not in the business, I know people who are on a personal level, and they have told me things that have made my skin crawl. The following article is a summary of some the things they have openly talked to me about.

    The theme of pedophilia in Hollywood is all too common; I mean ridiculously common. Its all hush-hush because of the amount of money and executive power most of these people have, but regardless, stories get out.;

    Stories like parents who are familiar with the business whoring their own children off to known pedophile producers and have no problem doing so because theyre usually abusive themselves and want their child to become the familys cash cow. Many parents who unfamiliar with the business dont realize what theyre getting their child into beforehand, but when their child confides in them after being inappropriately touched by a producer, the parents dont want to file an accusation and ruin everything that child has essentially built for them.

    Child stars are often molested at a young age, and then become hyper-sexual by the time they are in their late teens. By then they are willingly **** any and every producer they can for gigs. While theyre getting money and fame in exchange for sex, they may not feel guilty about it at the time because they are being instantly rewarded for their behavoir, but as these stars get older and less desirable to producers, and get less famous, the actions of their youth come back to psychologically haunt them, resulting in meltdowns and erraticbehavior. Just look at stars like Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Macaulay Culkin, Amanda Bynes and many others, it becomes apparent.

    One of the greatest examples of an alleged child predator producer is Dan Schneider, who created and wrote Zoey 101, All That, Victorious, iCarly, The Amanda Show, Drake & Josh, and What I Like About You, and is the most successful writer/tv executive in Childrens Entertainment Television for the last thirty years.

    Robert Downey Jr. allegedly wrote the following statement about Dan Schneider on Crazy Days and Nights under the screen name Himmmm:

    Hes a monster. The WORST predator alive. And if you wonder why nobody will confront or charge him? Hes in charge of multiple HIT SHOWS for Nick which rakes in oceans of money. Tens of millions of dollars multiplied by many years and many shows (not to mention his merchandising royalties). So Viacom-Nick warn him to cool it – then pay for his damn lawyers.

    What about the parents? No tweener parent who shoved their kid into the limelight from birth is going to cross him either, and risk career suicide and loss of revenue (and residuals and future career). No matter how bad it ****s up the kids. Especially if theres MULTIPLE kid actors in the family. And the kids agents are complicit too. Just ask the Spears family. A LOT of settlements get paid out of Viacoms accounts.

    • BabyVigilant on

      Whoa, that is sickening. Where do these people emerge from? There isn't that much money in the world to pimp my child for money and go to hell for eternity. Ill pass.

      • doesnt surprise me baby vigilent becuse it was said that same producer sicko "dan scneider" also raped amnda bynes when she was working for him:( :( "she hates her parents too and refuses to even speak to them; I wonder if this is becuse "they sold her to that sick pedo and kept her working "for the money" poor girl I feel so sorry for her and all the victims in this industry I do Beleive amanda is undiognosed D I D, and "unaware" that she suffers from D I D also, I also beleive also that "her programming" "has started breaking down"; I thought this as soon as I saw all her bizare behaviour and post sthat she tweets on twitter, :( :( I feel so sorry for the many victims of "satanic holywood" I hope this poor young lady seeks The Face of Jesus christ our Lord and saviour Im praying for her and asking The Lord to "save this poor girl" and to "help her and save her life. God Bless

    • I agree to the most part but i don't think you need to become hyper-sexual through a pedo producer i think sex-education and mass media and through ads such as American apparel is enough to do that to you alone, and not to forget the artificial hormone injected through food items.

      Its hard to digest sorry to be so blunt; that you put all the A-class celbs and singers to be worthless ck sucking hoe, so you saying they had no talent of their own? What did the producers cash on? 0 talents, or just technology alone, I mean millions of ears and talents fellow singers , and critics who acclaim their works just because of what (probably they are bribed to that too), is that so?I'm confused.

      And from your writing it seems that the very foundations of american soil FREEDOM and Justice for all is all fabrications and lies as it seems that the filthy rich producers are more powerful then supreme court itself?
      I'm totally not buying too afraid to tell, or confess ? If they can bring clinton in and Italian prime minster what stopping them? ..

      • When youve been molested at a young age, regardless of being in the industry or not, while growing up you become hyper sexual, its not a Hollywood thing its what happens. The media isnt going to make a youngster hyper sexual, being molested at a young age, and having your innocents taken away will do that, and to the point where if its done enough times you begin to like it and enjoy it. The repercussions of those actions arnt felt until much later in life, because you block it out, you dissociate when you're being abused and that can tie that into monarch programing or just what a victim does when they are being molested. I know because ive been though it and had to deal with those emotions later in high school and had to face them through consoling. So imagine if your parents knew the whole time (they were being whored out) that this was happening to you and did nothing, you had no protection you were passed around like a doll, and had to deal with those emotions on your own, or through programing/dissociating. Those feeling dont go away, they stay with you hidden away until one day they all come back to the surface, guilt, betrayal, anger, rage, confusion, heart break and horror. Those are enough emotions to make one crack, and whos going to help them work through it? This is something thats hush hush, your a celebrity you have to keep it low-key because if you spill the beans something or someone is going to get sacrificed.


        Of course they have talent, but so do a lot of other people, to keep their position you have to do "what you have to do" to keep it. Why would that be hard to digest? People sell out all the time to keep relevant, look at the Black Eyed Peas, every mainstream female solo singer has to go through a transition, the good girl gone bad, sell your soul and sell sex or risk the option of being forgotten and discarded.


        Have you been living under a rock? Have you seen our justice system? Have you seen who influences the very politics and laws we follow? Money Money MONEY. "The very foundations of American soil Freedom and Justice for all" LOL! Look up the Koch family, or better yet the Koch Brothers, go look at the documentary 'Park Avenue' look into the NSA Edward Snowden’s case, PRISM, go look at the Bradley Manning case, do you still believe in our 'Justice for all' system?!

        Hollywood is run by the gov. to manipulate us through all sources of MEDIA. They arnt going to worry about some pedophile who's raping kids when that pedophile is a powerful multimillion dollar making producer. If its making money why stop it? Britney Spears was clearly still not ready or willing to make more music, go look at her documentary right after the whole breakdown and clean up, shes not happy she even states no one is listening to her, why, because shes a cash cow, a machine a source of money that will make everyone rich.

        I hope this helps.

      • Great explanation. There's also the fact that the parents themselves were molested from a young age, and their parents and their parents parents. That's the GENERATIONAL angle of it. The powers that be know these families and use them or they just watch the behavior of people who download kiddie porn and blackmail them into participating or else face jailtime. You're also forgetting to mention the countless "no-name" foster kids and orphans who came up through the system, were molested and then were GIVEN new identities or complicit parents/guardians…A la Monroe.

    • That parents so willingly sell their children to such an evil industry should tell you how sad humanity has become, all in the name of money. I have no children myself but i do have nieces and nephews, and I'd be damned if anyone tried to harm them. Having said that, the parents of these industry trainwrecks who knowingly put their children through this are just as guilty and should also be held accountable.

      @asad, you'd be surprised how powerful some of these industy heads are. YES, several of them are above the law, and should anyone go after them, they can easily ruin YOUR reputation, your career, they can even murder someone close to you. Or they could also just pay you handsomely for your silence. Please remember that these are criminals, psycopaths that we are dealing with. So I stopped wondering why so many people choose to stay "silent" on the evils in the industry…majority of them are just fearful. Regarding Ms Amanda Bynes here, my understanding is that she is in fact being purposely kept away from loved ones. Where are all her friends, costars, etc? Why are they not saying or doing anything to help her? Either they are afraid to, or just don't care and would rather keep their careers. Let's all just wish her well.

    • That Himmmmmmmmmmmmmm drama was denied by Downey Jr, though that doesn't mean he didn't say it.

      There was a hidden camera show that demonstrated the lengths of what parents would put up with while getting their kids into Hollywood auditions. It was pretty bad. Of course, they didn't get into molestation or satanic rituals, but you could easily see how it could escalate with parents turning a blind eye towards all of it.

      Also curious is the case of Courtney Love – her child was taken away from her a few days after she publically accused Britney Spears father of molesting her by the same judge that was involved with the Britney conservatorship case. Things that make you go hmmmmm.

      • I remember seeing a show where they did a hidden camera experiment on some of these parents…they all willing and unquestioningly left there very young child with a srange man alone together in a room when asked if that was ok. I don't know if they're stupid or they really just don't care and are willing to sell their kid at any price. There might've been one parent that objected, I can't remember, but almost all of them did. When they were confronted, some of them acted like it wasn't a big deal. They seemed more disappointed that it wasn't a real audition.

        Amanda seems to be angry at her parents, saying she'd rather they be homeless than get any of her money. I'm sure they would of known about the things that go on or they knowingly sold her into it, I don't see how parents can be naive or feign stupidity about this kinda stuff, espeically in this industry, I really don't think there's any excuse.

    • That jerk made her have an abortion is what I understand. L. B. Mayer made Judy Garland have one, against her will….Judy's mother was in on it too. Can't risk the "cash cow" child. Judy was married however…..

    • I wonder how Robert downey Jr's name got connected with that himmmmmm person..wether it was him or not, it was probably true stuff.

  37. never new how fucked up
    she really was..
    i allways saw the actor one the screen
    when i was a kid…
    just another victim..

    coinsidently she popped up when lindsay piped down
    they allways want to take our mind off by seeing these stars
    go crazy especially child stars

    disney and sshit and we now they are all about controlling children
    but the children evantually grow up and their former disney stars are
    goin crazy taking drugs burning shit
    so hey NSA whatt the fuck!!!

    monday amanda bynes goin nuts
    tuesday a new update
    thursday a new update amanda bynes burning shit
    the last update shes is in the hospital for treatment yeah right like marylin and all the other people
    great excuse…after making her go wild…

    its like they some sort animals and the behave normally but when these handlers
    need to do some shit they unleash some fucked up trauma shit in the animal
    and that animal is going alll out cause its constantly stressed out and cant deal with nothing…
    when the pupose is done when their is enough damage they chain that animal back up and treat itt evantually exposeing it to more new disgusting tauma :(
    just an update 😀

    and a new programm…

  38. The only way to defeat the "Elite" is to pray for revival in the Church. Only when the Body of Christ repents form its hypocritical heart, love of money and materialism will the "True" sons of God arise in Christ and defeat Lucifer and the Elite.

    • Those days are coming. However revival we so eagerly waiting and longing for not going to happen until the time of testing. We are up to fierce persecutions world leader first megadisaster in recorded history and sudden changing of the law and constitution. After that the True Revival comes shortly before the Rapture!

    • Yes, run to the Christian altars to drink the blood of Christ and eat his body….nothing like BLACK MAGIC to fight, um, BLACK MAGIC. When are we going to start recommending sacrificing virgins to snake gods again to fight these elites?

      • Are you willing to stake your eternal happiness on the assumption that Christianity is silly? The Bible says that the damned think that the preaching of the cross of Jesus Christ is foolishness…

        1 Corinthians 1:18, "For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God."

        1 Corinthians 2:14, "But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned."

        Isaiah 5:20, "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!"

        If you are a scoffer, you have NOT defeated the word of God with your big ideas and foolish words, you have condemned yourself! Repent while you have hope or you will perish. When you die, it will be everlasting too late.

        John 3:36, "He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him."

      • Moan o moan, he who is without sins cast the first stone, he who is in charge of his own mind shall make up his own mind. them who believe others are easy to manipulate.

  39. I'm curious about your talk of white kids in the business who start emulating black culture, and their sudden 'downfall'. Since you said you are in the business, what is your full take on this? I am wondering if it's an issue of identity and having programming go wonky, or intentional, that messes with these kid's identity. I don't think a white girl dating black boys qualifies as identity issues, that just a thing of who you are attracted to. But I'm curious about your comment on that, and I would be interested to hear more of your thoughts on it.

    • Are you kidding? A white kid wanting to hang out with blacks? People are hiding their prejudices and those will never go away. White is considered pure while brown/black are still considered mud no matter how high they climb.

      Whites are still standing on the buses & trains with plenty of empty seats because they don't want to sit next to someone of colour. They are taught all the wrong things about colour and yet, they want to continue in that same vein while the world around them is changing. After years of fighting to be integrated in schools, churches, temples, businesses, medicine whites still don't want anything to do with the Majority of the population. Look at who you associate with on the weekends and if you don't see a brown face, you're just a statistic. It means you're not interested in leaving your circle and mingling in the rest of the world.

      Whites are no longer the majority. They are the New Minorities and losing power is difficult for some to handle, but its coming. Their little Southern Barbie doll, Britney wants to "git down wit the brothas" and Justin is Canadian and they hate that even more. Apparently, Brit, Justin & others need to be put in their place in order for the remaining whites in power to justify their living on this earth.

      Sad but true . . .

    • Oops! I typed it in the wrong spot (LOL!)

      Are you kidding Elizabeth? A white kid wanting to hang out with blacks? People are hiding their prejudices and those will never go away. White is considered pure while brown/black are still considered mud no matter how high they climb.

      Whites are still standing on the buses & trains with plenty of empty seats because they don't want to sit next to someone of colour. They are taught all the wrong things about colour and yet, they want to continue in that same vein while the world around them is changing. After years of fighting to be integrated in schools, churches, temples, businesses, medicine whites still don't want anything to do with the Majority of the population. Look at who you associate with on the weekends and if you don't see a brown face, you're just a statistic. It means you're not interested in leaving your circle and mingling in the rest of the world.

      Whites are no longer the majority. They are the New Minorities and losing power is difficult for some to handle, but its coming. Their little Southern Barbie doll, Britney wants to "git down wit the brothas" and Justin is Canadian and they hate that even more. Apparently, Brit, Justin & others need to be put in their place in order for the remaining whites in power to justify their living on this earth.

      Sad but true . . .

  40. I have been closely following the Amanda Bynes saga because I felt I was watching a classic Monarch breakdown. However, I have read in many places that her parents said she previously exhibited serious schizo-like behavior. So I am thinking it was a combination of the 2. The sad thing is, while most are glad she was committed and think she will now get 'help', all she will get is reprogrammed while in the mental hospital, and come out even worse on the inside, though possibly calm on the outside. Of course the alternative was to let her continue as she was, which wasn't helping her either. I think that once they have their claws in you, you have to be stronger than most to break free and it takes a LONG time. She might come out of this acting normal and getting movie deals again, or she might not, but regardless, she will still be a slave. I think it's very sad.

  41. Amanda snapped bc her career tanked. Crazy selfies and other antics have brought her name back into the mainstream conversation. Afterall, bad press is better than no press.

  42. I don’t know if I watched her show before but I do know is that she must me a Monarch Slave. Seriously, do you guys think she’ll do this for attention? Come one, I know there are other ways to get attention like wearing crazy outfits, new music vieo, make a rude comment, sex tape etc. But this? Torturing one selfs, I highly doubt it. And, what do you mean there is a new law that detain someone against their will? No, now that just wrong. This shows that poor Ms.Bynes has been controlled since her childhood. Because not everyone sells their souls. Some sell them for them without the person even knowing it. Extremely sad. God Bless her. :-/


    • Lol, but Amanda HAS done half of the things you listed.
      She's constantly posting over-sexualized pictures of herself, making RUDE comments to other celebrities, and she's running around town wearing that blonde wig with cheek piercings. She's also been getting a lot of work done on her face recently. That just screams "I want attention" to me.

      • porcelain face on

        Nope, guess again. Plastic surgery is one of the typical distorted attempts that monarch will exhibit when he/she is attempting to integrate multiple personalities that are running wild. This was why Michael Jackson could not stop with the surgery.

      • One of her close friends claims she remembers none of the behavior after she does it, including the tweets. Selective amnesia sounds like what? Programming breakdown.

  43. i am not sleeping , i am awake and aware , im blessed to accept this truth and warn those around me especially the young ones , they are our future generation that is Hollywood is trying so hard to destroy and looks like they succeeding in corrupting the young ones Ben 10 ETC they make evil cool , immorality ''living the life'', music videos , everything evil is everywhere and this is a spiritual battle , if not then you wouldn't get emotional over a song even worse develop feelings e.g. a crush for a 'celebrity' / person you don't know …it is the battle of the mind …


  44. Read Tmz latest report about her named 10 hours normal 1 hour crazy. It's creepy!!! All the sign of an MK ultra.

  45. We are all in danger. I've had those experiences, without being in Hollywood, they are going to for whom they are interested, to any place, but thank God I overcame all those methods that they used to override a person, not only mentally, but also the own life, but that is my particular story ..
    Be careful, because while you watch what happens to someone who has done nothing more than look to their own bank account, they are deceiving many people, they do not care to use, even the name of Jesus, or the his mother, to achieve the objective. the truth never had the easy way, and this has not changed anything because even this is much worse: no mistake with what you see, look around you, because they, too could be on your side, nowhere to hide . seek help and guidance, with your heart. You need help. Jesus hears. do not forget it.

  46. I STILL think this is all an act. Something seems different about Amanda than Britney, Lindsay, etc.
    No disrespect here, but what was Amanda doing before she started acting crazy? Well I sure as hell don't know. This is the only reason she is relevant right now.
    Also, my entire high school knows about The Illuminati.There is now even a twitter parody account for them! I think Amanda needed to gain some publicity, found out about mind control, and is trying to follow the ways of Britney to pretend she is one of them.
    With Britney and Marilyn, for example, they had a child-like innocence to them. They just seemed very lost & confused. Meanwhile, Amanda's running around the streets in a ratty blonde wig stealing hairbrushes and setting fires. She's purposely acting crazy, and that's why nobody can understand her "mental disorder."

  47. ridin the wave on

    Okay, so it's being reported that she's been taking Adderall (the ADHD drug) to lose weight. This is probably the source of her mental instability. She was probably completely normal until some JackAss told her Adderall helps you stay slim and she figured she'd try it and gets hooked. A few months of this dangerous psychotropic drug (leads to suicide, violent behavior) and she couldn't possible remain normal. So, now they have her in a psych ward dosing her with even more psychotropic drugs! All they have to do is get her completely detoxed of the horrific Adderall drug and hopefully she will return to normal.

    Too bad the NAZI Psychiatrists won't figure it out. She's been poisoning herself on ADDERALL! Also, interesting to note that that the Inventor of the ADHD diagnosis proclaimed shortly before his death that “ADHD IS A FICTITIOUS DISEASE”. Leon Eisenberg, was an American psychiatrist and was known as the “Scientific Father of ADHD” and in his last interview stated: “ADHD is a Prime Example of a Fictitious Disease”.

    Furthermore, it has been established by The Swiss National Advisory Commission on Biomedical Ethics that consumption of pharmacological agents alter a child’s behavior without any contribution on his or her part. That amounted to interference in the child’s freedom and personal rights, because pharmacological agents induced behavioral changes but failed to educate the child on how to achieve these behavioral changes independently. The child is thus deprived of an essential learning experience to act autonomously and emphatically which “considerably curtails children’s freedom and impairs their personality development”.

    • Addams Family on

      Again- being addicted to a drug is not mutually exclusive to mind control or mental illness. In fact, MK Ultra and mentally ill people are often taking drugs on top of everything else to COPE! Which came first the chicken or the egg?! Lol!? Riddle me this: how can you tell if its MK Ultra or schizophrenia. What exactly is schizophrenia anyway!? Who defined it? do we even know for sure what causes it? look it up. Very few mental illness is proven without a shadow of a doubt what causes it, especially schizophrenia. The definition is all over the place even among the psych community. did it ever occur to anyone that many "mental illness" are the result of trauma either child abuse over time or repressed traumatic memories?? Not everyone reacts to trauma the same way. Some go crazy.

    • Adderall, even prescribed to someone that doesn't use it to become calmer by overstimulating the brain, is very unlikely to cause behavior this crazy. It zones you down or out or makes you VERY FOCUSED. I was on it for weight reasons and I would spend an entire day researching shoes or computers. My sister is on it for weight reasons (and later to make it through school, bless her masters having heart), and its just killed her soul after being on it for 5 years. I am not aware of Adderall creating psychotic behavior past the first few weeks of adjustment – even then, I would have little fear of someone on it being driven to create fires on peoples driveways. Even message boards about its effects written by people that chose to be on it to get through school or lose weight just described being closed off from the world around them (and begging people to NEVER TOUCH T HE STUFF)….not being driven to exhibit crazy ass behavior like this. Getting on it or off it can cause a bit of disruptive emotions, but crying jags aren't what we are talking about here.

    • People are allowed to have different opinions, no need to insult them. Wake up, your attitude is also why this world is fucked

  48. That is so unbelievably sad. Nothing about her recent behavior is normal. Something bad happened or is happening to her. And what became of the dog? Poor thing was burned. Very scary.

  49. I just want to put this out there….
    I have personally been Baker Acted (in other places know as the 5150 hold) at St. Joseph North (Tampa), MHC Tampa, and most recently University of Denver hospital. When you say "forcibly detained", it's simply the law. They can't just let you leave you're there because you might be suicidal and what kind of help would they be if they just let people kill themselves? They do it so they can make sure you're ok before they do any evaluations or give you any medication. They don't strap you down to tables or chairs. If they feel you are a threat to yourself or others, they put you in a room by yourself and only psychiatrists or doctors are allowed in. You have to give them permission for them to give you any medication and you have all rights to question what it is that they give you. They only give you shots by force if you attack staff or a fellow patient but most people don't get them.

    I was seen by 2 different doctors over the course of 3 days answering various questions about my thought process and feelings. Nothing "sinister" happened. It was literally just answering simple questions. They told me I have Bipolar Disorder and put me on medication. The side effects were hell so after 4 years of various doctors and medications, I stopped them. I'm better without them only because I was tired of being tired, not focusing, nauseous and so on. I think Amanda needs real psychiatric help but I don't think anything weird is going on. She might be an MK slave but she might also have needed help for a while and the public just never saw it.

    • Did you go in as a former child star with classified medical records like Bynes probably has? Or Britney?

      Marilyn and Frances Farmer had some things to say about forced psychiatric visits. The elite have no vested interest in you promoting their agenda. Your experience was like many others that get a 5150 – regular people, medicate them and send them out.

    • Yup I totally agree. I felt extreme nausea on bipolar medication, and also I had trouble with balance. Once I had to literally crawl because I lost the ability to WALK.

  50. She said in the new TMZ article that "They will kill it (The dog that was soaked in gasoline) just like they tried to kill me."

  51. Ok all this mk ultra stuff is getting out of somebody be crazy now days without being a controlled illuminati slave?lol..yeah there might be some but now everytime somebody dies its a satanic sacrifice

  52. Everyone that reads this site was just waiting for the 5150….or the overdose (even though she supposedly tested clean for everything but pot). Definitely a programming breakdown or programming that wasn't pervasive enough to take. She claims her parents tried to kill her, and they haven't been particularly super involved in getting her to a place of care. Seems like people have just been waiting for the reprogramming.

    Heres to the obvious outcome! Cheers Ms Bynes. Perhaps a future promoting perfumes and being a judge on a talent show awaits you.

  53. This is sick.feel bad for her.this pattern with these stars its so obvious after what? the hundredth case? Of celeb gone mad… no it's celeb gone mad because they sold there soul and these behind the scenes / Hollywood elite destroy them. Jesus will get them for doing this. And the media plays it off like its oh nothing just another wild celeb. Yeah right. Hollywood should be investigated and shut down. We know that won't happen. So jesus ..our father god will get them.

  54. And for those who says MK handlers are untouchables what does one has to say about the movie The girl with the Dragon tattoo. I don't i have to remind what did the character Lisbeth Salander played by actress ronney mara did with her abuser the govt support official; ? What did it take some creativity and use of tech…

    Please tell me this can't be done; unless amanda meets her abusers in MARS? or moon.

    Speculations without hope of truth is worse then lie itself?

    • Look at that pic of Amanda shopping. She has huge bags under her eyes. Maybe thats why she always wears sun glasses? Im really starting to wonder if she is mkd she just doesnt look good here. Dead in the eyes.
      Mk would explain the who skitzo symptoms with the multiple personalities. Imo I think mk ultra makes people possessed hence the multiple personalities. The trauma would leave their spirits open for possession. In just the same way as people believe you are more vulnerable to that when you are on hard drugs. Mk is a perfect formula for possession along with the corruption of the industry.
      Regardless of whether we believe in satanism and all that, doesnt change how the elite practice it. Its quite clear with the atrocities committed daily, and the way the system allows them to happen everyday. Also with the subliminal satanic imagery everywhere, if that isnt whats going on WHY would they feel the need to put them there? Shock value does occur, but that doesnt explain all instances. Why else do you think we have poison in our food, gmos, an unlawful court system, blood sacrifices, false flag operations, ect.? I think it extends past the point of just being about control and money and can only be explained by EVIL.

      • The etheric players behind the scenes hate humanity. We can evolve beyond them, they cant exist without sucking our energy, etc. That's why we have the same God legends since time immemorial – they are all the same dudes with the same agendas, and the elites are their hand in hand confidantes, as it were.

  55. You should make a review about Kris Jenner talk show. Did you see the setting in general? Masonic columns and floor, and the interesting butterfly above the name of Kris…yes, instead of a regular (i) was a an (i) with a butterfly, not a heart. Totally illuminati.

      • Her talk show set is designed around her OWN HOUSE ENTRY WAY ! I know everyone hates the show and I probably shouldn't watch it but I do, It was funny…now its just kinda cryptic . Her whole house is filled with black and white and checkered floors and columns everywhere. I wish VC would do a report on them. The whole story with Kims dad being involved with OJ and now up to Kanye and the new baby would be a good enlightening read.

      • I wonder who is the brains behind them, who did they sell out to? I can't think of anyone in the family intelligent enough to understand what the symbols even mean. The mom doesn't seem that bright to me, but does seem like she would go along with whatever is necessary to keep the lifestyle and fame that she so craves. And does this family have some sort of contract with the 'dailymail', I swear there is not a day that goes by where there is not the most pointless stories written about them. There's about an average of 2-3 stories every single day…no exaggeration on that, literally, and been that way for the longest time. It's just so excessive that I think they must be getting paid to write them. The s-x tape must be like the new initiation thing or something, why are so many people getting famous for that, or it improves their careers. There are so many examples. And it's not like the public cares, everybody's not going out and buying and watching them, it's like a weird, fake hype created by the media, and it's important to them for some reason.

      • I too think they are worth an article. They are definitely connected, but like you guys, I wonder how. Possibly they started out at a lower, organized crime level, during the whole OJ thing (which, btw, was more than what the media said it was). That whole OJ case was connected to cocaine trafiiking and other underground stuff. OJ was himself a programmed multiple according to Springmeier. I think the mother -Kris- pimped her daughters out to the star athletes and in that way got up yet another rung. They clearly made a deal on some end and are possibly under the control of the Masons which would explain why they are constantly BRANDED with the black and white. Now they are getting another step up the ladder with the baby, who will probably be a group-effort, project monarch child. Its very scary, and the whole thing with Kanye and Kim reminds me of the plot of Rosemary's baby.

      • I think VC should really do an article about why these s-x tapes are so important for these people and why they are made public.

  56. @marcusLMFAO on

    My heart hurts for Amanda. I grew up with her my whole childhood, from The Amanda Show to "What I like About You". It's so sad and sickening to see what the Industry does to these people. I'm so tired of it, and how the media portrays them as "Crazy" and "Drug addicted" people. The only thing that confuses me about this particular situation are her tweets. Her tweets have been so bizarre, especially the ones about Plastic Surgery. I hope she is okay I want her to break free from all this, however sadly most likely she will not.

  57. You know, I've often wondered what effect learning about MK Ultra would have on a monarch slave in the industry. After all, they have access to internet too. Imagine reading about this stuff and then realizing its your life!! It was only a matter of time before some stars started breaking down. I seriously wonder how many of them know about MK Ultra now from reading websites like this one and have started putting the pieces together….

  58. "George the Royal Crocodile? Australia Gifts Prince of Cambridge a Baby Saltwater Croc" -International Business Times 😉

    Very funny Australia 😉

  59. These children are sexually abused and exploted by parents and or their agents. They are raised up in a world where they must do sexual favors for roles. Wether forced or they become use to it IDK but i do know it must do something horrible to their soul and mind. They get use to the attention and when its not there anymore they lash out bc they finally have to deal with their history and realize they were abused if they didnt realize then. Some can't deal. Brittany and her even Logan can't. Then they try to shut them up so they wont come out and say what really happens in the entertainment idustry.

  60. Why Amanda tho? The others that went through this were really big in the industry at the time,and Amanda while known by many cannot be compared to Britney or Marilyn. So why would it be Amanda instead of someone like Rihanna? Lady gaga? Katy perry, even? I think this is simply a bad case of schizophrenia like the doctors are claiming.

    • All the artists you listed above are also victims, or willing participants, of the industry. If you look close enough, you will find what you're looking for. VC has done some articles on them. As for Amanda Bynes, she seems to be one of the worst case scenarios unravelling in public. I agree she is not as "famous" as the rest. Correct me if I'm wrong her last movie role was Easy A, after which she said she was going to quit acting, then changed her mind again, then it slowly started to go downhill from there. I understand she started in the industry very young and was abused. Either way she clearly needs help and is not getting it from the right people.

    • Why Amanda? I believe the difference with Amanda is the age she entered the industry… She was much younger than Brittney, Rihanna, Gaga, Katy Perry and Marilyn.

  61. how about this one from yahoo news today "Prior to moving to New York, Amanda was extremely paranoid about being 'watched', including at our residence," her parents continued. "She would cover smoke alarms with towels, tape windows shut, and cover her car's dashboard with cardboard and tape out of fear that cameras were watching her from inside these places."

    also, i was scrolling through the channels the other day and one of the Hot Topics on The View was about Amanda. they then showed an interview with her on The View from 2007. she was put together, beautiful, healthy, and even expressed how she wanted to have a long career and "keep her eye on the prize" and not waste time partying.

    it's so sad that this is happening to her. i honestly thought Miley Cyrus was going to be the next one to go downhill like Britney.

    • The sad part is they DO surveil these stars. All the very wealthy and famous people are constantly under surveillance; even in their own homes. Its a way of controlling them if they step out of line and letting them know theres no place to hide.

  62. It was reported that Sam Lufti, the same guy who was involved with Britney Spears, was 'hanging around' Amanda Bynes during the most recent breakdown. Could it be possible that he is the 'Mr. Wolf' of whoever is brainwashing these 'entertainers', tasked to go in and clean up the mess or at least control it?

  63. Has anyone seen the Amanda Show? It aired in I think '99 and even as a 7 year old watching it was a pretty weird show. It reeked of Monarch Programming, but the thing that stood out the most was that Amanda has SEVENTEEN different roles of people other than herself, or "personalities".
    Penelope Taynt, Judge Trudy, Blini Blokey, Amber, Doreen, Cynthia Worthington, Moody, Crazy Courtney, Candy Tulips, Katie Klutz, Lulu Mae, Cindy Extreme, Sharon, Melody, Mother Caboose, Babs Wrestleberg, People Place Owner (Copied from Wiki)
    Take with that what you will.
    In the show she was always a bit awkward but acted well in her "parts".
    She also just kind of sprang up, having very few extremely minor parts such as a game show contestant and blues clues voiceover starting in 1998 to having her VERY OWN show on Nickelodeon in 1999. How does a cute, lanky 13 year old little girl achieve so much, in such a small portion of time?
    It is also reported that in the hospital she told one of the nurses that "they were going to kill my dog, just like they tried to kill me" in regards to her parents.

  64. I have 5150'd myself and from my experience, they know when something is not right. But, I disagree with conservatory-ship. That decision should not be made withought a chance for rehabilitation.

  65. If she's suffering from dissociative identity disorder then pumping her full of antipsychotic medication isn't going to do anything. She needs therapy to start understanding and working with her alters. Her stressful lifestyle is only exasperating the problem. I really hope she's not schizo. . Whatever is going on is incredibly sad. Mental illness is incredibly isolating thing to deal with. I cannot imagine going through all she's been through in front of the entire world. .

  66. Look up Renee Alway. She also shaved her hair, and she's had a bizarre behavior. Also, she's been raised in a abusive family. It reminds me of Amanda & Britney as well.

  67. I really do feel sorry for her, I just don't know its going to end up but I've read that they are keeping her in that Psychiatric ward for an extra two weeks! so they will be re-programming her I think, like how a lot of people have also mentioned.

    But while we are on the subject of MK Ultra, get on this one guys and what happened to me yesterday. I was at work in the office and it was scorching weather and we had the windows open and guess what started to fly around in the office? A MONARCH BUTTERFLY! weird or what eh? what are the chances of that? I haven't seen one of them for years and funnily enough on my computer, I had this article minimized on my task bar……Well I was trying to catch it but then I forgot about it and then I saw it on the wall so I put my hands over it and let it fly out of the window. Weird coincidence man it was just strange how it just started flying around the office after appearing out of nowhere.

  68. I've been noticing a lot more activity you can say in the media. Like me and a buddy of mine were flipping through the Chanel's and saw the new scooby doo show and velimas mom was warring an all seeing eye nackless in a small fram. And if no one looked it was all around the room if you didn't pay attention it's scary. I've told people to keep them self informed and to just look and to way the options but I gess some people want to be sheep…. God media sucks just like secientis planted fals memorys into mice!!! Scary

  69. Look it up!! on

    Amanda is having a breakdown due to the abuse of her handler Dan Schneider. She was sexually abused by him. Also Jamie Lynn Spears' daughter Maddie looks a lot like Dan Schneider and not Casey. Dan Schneider is the one who raped Jamie Lynn Spears and got her pregnant, in turn paying off Casey so he could pretend to be the father instead. Dan Schneider is behind a lot of these Nickelodeon starlets who are now breaking down.

  70. This is a quote from her dad in April 2012 after she was arrested for DUI: 'She was not drunk. I was told that she blew a zero on the Breathalyzer. She didn't have a single drink that night. My daughter doesn't drink.. [She] was raised in the industry and came up in the industry, so she has kind of a twisted head space in terms of social groups. She just chooses not to work, and because of that people go after her.'

  71. Just read this in a news article…

    "Currently a judge has decided to extend Amanda's hospitalization two-more weeks for more analyzation. The former child star's parents will also try to obtain a conservatorship to get full legal custody over their 27-year-old daughter."
    Britney all over again.
    The article is stupid, above quote is just the last paragraph, but if anyone wants to read the whole thing:

  72. I've read that she has tested negative for all drugs apart from Marijuana, even though I know its linked to psychosis, mental health problems but in Amanda's case its different. This is the same pattern we see with these child Hollywood stars and its astounding to me as to how many comments on this article are trying to rationalize whats going on in front of them. The only way we are getting to know about this whole story is through the media and the media is only going to release a certain amount of cryptic/coded info for us to then speculate endlessly. I think she has definitely been MK'ed or been through some sort of programming…….Anyway google the following to see inside of her hotel room and click on the link – – "Amanda Bynes booted from Ritz-Carlton hotel after ripping out smoke alarm and discarding food and garbage around her room" – also you will be able to find the link on the site for the driveway she set alight.

  73. Lets not forget the reports of her mother saying Amanda was "paranoid" that she was being watched all the time. Covering smoke detectors and other devices…

  74. It's such a shame to see Amanda Bynes break down the way she did. I used to love her on All That and the Amanda Show back when Nick was good. Maybe her declining mental state is an inside job. No one knows for sure, but she has gotten a lot of attention within the last year or so.

  75. She has been placed on conservatorship which means her parents will take care of her food, clothes, finances and she won't be able to live alone. She is joining the 27 club. The only reason she has become famous again is because they are building an emotional connection before her "suicide"

  76. Is this what unfortunate souls would endure without realizing its devastating effect on their entire lives?

    Its a real shame that many would sell themselves for fame and fortune not realizing a terrible consequence that happens afterwards, just ask Britney and Amanda here.

    Clearly shows that once you become one of them, you're theirs for life since they can do anything that they want with you at their own disposal.

    MK ultra is very tormenting.

  77. Has anyone seen the documentaries 'GirlModel' and 'The Hollywood Complex'. Also, I recommend 'Bruno' but watch it with the commentary from Sacha Baron Cohen. Underrated movie but worth watching for the part when he asks some Hollywood parents how far they are willing to go in terms of putting their cash cow in dangerous situations.

  78. Part of MK Ultra program is for a handler to mutilate the person's small dog. This is often used as a tool to further inflict trauma and to trigger a one of the subject's alters. Remember that seen in Butterfly Effect? Very sad, I hope she comes out the other side of this.

  79. all famous people are Monarched programmed.. Her programming is breaking down. its not a case of her looking for attention, its a case of serious mental malfunction, so she should be given sympathy, not hatred and ridicule..

  80. What happened to the dog? Did they have to put it down? This "treatment" is likely just a reprogramming, no? It does not seem as if she is in good hands yet.

  81. Notwhatitseems on

    So Ive noticed something that no one has brought up. That is a while ago, i dont know maybe a few months ago or last year sometime, She announced that she was "leaving Hollywood" and retiring from acting, etc. Now all this is going on. Its left the question why would she want to leave hollywood but then start posting provocative pics of herself and drawing attention to herself. Somethings up whatever it is.

  82. was she trying to burn her dog and herself? If that is the case I really hope her dog is okay and in a good home now… =(

  83. I had just read your article on the wizard of oz before this. When you mentioned how she was trying to wash the gasoline off her dog I remembered how a bit later while she was in the psychiatric hold she said her parents were going to kill her dog just like they tried to kill her. She seems to have a really deep connection with the dog. In the wizard of oz article I read that monarch slaves were made to bond with a pet only for it to be killed later to traumatize the child, when the programming breakdown all these memories come back to the victim and I believe she was scared they would do something to that pet as well. It's actually possible they killed the dog and replaced it/cloned it in order to traumatize Amanda while they were re-programming her, it would be effective since it was basically the only thing Amanda loved and could trust ever since she realized how she has been used all her life.

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