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UK is About to Filter Out Internet Adult Sites and…”Esoteric Material”?



UK is About to Filter Out Internet Adult Sites and..."Esoteric Material"?

UK is About to Filter Out Internet Adult Sites and..."Esoteric Material"?

Last week, UK prime minister David Cameron announced that adult sites would be automatically blocked in order to protect “children and their innocence”. After some digging however (this policy, which was strategically timed to be announced right when the Royal Baby was born) is far from being only about “protecting children”. As usual, a catchphrase that nobody can’t disagree with was used to hide the ugly truth: UK’s policy will, by default, filter out and censor a LOT of material that is deemed undesirable.

After discussing with several UK ISPs, Digital advocacy organization Open Rights Group discovered that the UK web filter will ban by default a wide range of websites including:

– violent material
– extremist and terrorist related content
– anorexia and eating disorder websites
– suicide related websites

More importantly, the filter will also censor websites that mention alcohol or smoking, “web forums” and “esoteric material”. These last categories are the most worrying as their vague nature opens the door to all kinds of censorship. What exactly is “esoteric material”? Are “alternative news” and “conspiracy-related” sites included? Is mentioning the occult elite on a blog warrants a ban from the UK? The censorship possibilities are endless.

In order to unblock these sites, customers must contact their ISPs and ask to be unblocked. According to Open Rights Group, most people will not bother or even known about any of this.

“Making the filters default means most people will keep them, according to Open Rights Group Executive Director Jim Killock. “We know that people stick with defaults: this is part of the idea behind ‘nudge theory’ and ‘choice architecture’ that is popular with Cameron.”

According to the BBC, the Chinese firm Huawei controls the net filter praised by Cameron. This very company is accused of having close ties with the Chinese government, which maintains one of the most restrictive internet firewalls in the world. While we are led to think that the Western world wants to teach China about “freedom”, China is rather at the forefront of what the Western world is trying to accomplish.

According to Cameron, the new parental control settings will be turned on for all new broadband subscribers “by the end of the year.” In other words, people in the UK, there isn’t a lot of time left to get your voices heard. While it might be possible for a “computer whiz” to hack himself around this super-mega-Chinese-monster filter – it is the principle behind it that’s important. Also, this policy mostly aims the people that won’t do a thing about it: The clueless, apathetic, ignorant masses that won’t even realize that a lot of the internet was filtered out “for their own good”. 1984.

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UK is About to Filter Out Internet Adult Sites and..."Esoteric Material"?

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I think we all knew this was coming.The total control of information being their obvious motive. Bearing in mind that the west seems to be eyeing the chinese totalitarian society with their envious 'all seeing' eye as the blueprint for all of us (x 100). I would suggest that for one thing we all resist the E-book format and keep buying real books (sorry trees), as the potential for altering and censoring information (see 1984) will be too much for the Arcon/Reptillian/Lower4th dimensional/Saturnic wronguns to resist. It is the ultimate irony that the biggest group of paedophiles on the planet are pushing this legislation through in the name of child protection. It also has the added bonus of covering their tracks by banning any sites exposing their horrendous ritual activities. It's a win win for Evil but if we lose all the books as well it's going to make total enslavement of the mind not only a given but a very boring time for all. Oh, and I'd like to add that fans of the Harry Potter books who are over the age of 11 need not ditch their kindles as you are probably beyond help along with anyone who… Read more »

The Lion

Incrementalism is the evil genius behind tyrannical aspirations. Do everything little by little by little so people won't notice or care enough to do anything to resist. Obviously the real goal with this announcement is to stop dissidents who understand the occult nature of western elites from communicating with eachother. Spying on them obviously isn't enough because police still can't arrest people for knowing bits of truth about the nature of evil.


They care so much about the children that they covered up the crimes of Jimmy Saville, politicians and celebs that were involved in child abuse and paedophilia in the UK.


Hello everyone,
I live in the UK and jut read this article. Funnily enough I can't access VC from my phone using 3G on EE ie T-mobile and orange any longer. I can still access it from my broadband and from work.


I live in the UK and I couldn't access VC through my phone for a while. I called up Vodafone and they had supposedly blocked it along with p--n sites and the like. I had to get it unblocked to view it again!!

We're living in a dark world where our children can see all sorts of hypnotizing nonsense on the TV from the elite but can't read the other side of the story and truly see the truth.

It's sad. It really is.




It's important to stop this in the UK before it sets a precedent for the rest of the world. There's already talk about following the UK's lead in Canada by Conservative MP Joy Smith, who said she plans to try and introduce filters "regardless of public opinion". (
This is a time where all of us with a common interest need to unite and take action against these measures. We all need to treat this like SOPA, lobby your representatives and spread the word as far a you possibly can. Make sure the world knows a Western government is trying to strip its own people of their rights, write to newspapers, your own website and make sure the world knows what's really going on. Take a stand for democracy in the face of those who want to water it down. It's our rights and the rights of the generation following us that's at stake.


I am surprised that so many people are 'Surprised' by this proposal. It was only a matter of time. This is the beggining of the 'Fahrenheit 451' era – it appears.

It will be interesting to see if this does unfold, as it may just be the push that (as other people have mentioned) we need to start getting out there and talking to people face to face. The internet has become a great way for 'Them' to track, record and keep up to date with what the people are unfolding. Without this information 'They' may be shooting themselves in the head!! How would they keep up with what the people are talking, thinking and reading about now.


I also do live in the UK. And now I think I have to share something I found out trough personal experimentation, that blocked sites can be reached trough mobiles 3g. So here's the recipie: start up your mobile, make personal hotspot, connect your PC, off you go everything what is originally blocked can be reached.


i don't think it's that easy… hope your right though!


They may have in mind to keep Alternative News and alternative ideas from filtering out all over the web like they have done. They are trying to prevent a "Critical Mass" from attaining too much truth. Having an Open Society, including an Open and Uncensored Internet is A-OK as long as only a few are involved. But they see that the numbers are growing and we will be arriving soon at "critical mass". Then they got problems.


DId you know VC your site is actually banned in secondary schools in the United Kingdom now. As a cover teacher the last schools I have worked in London I cannot access your site, but the kids ask about it anyway, other cover teachers I know have tried the same. The way the internet works though people will just get round it with fake ISP's and all sorts, plus the next generation coming up are smarter then people realise. Cameron and any authority will never stop it, and the idea of freedom of speech is being blurred.


World War III is in apple autocorrect systems….why?


I only stumbled across this website earlier today but I must say that I am liking it already. It can be very depressing reading some of the comments on other sites as every other post at least always seems to be from a closed minded sheep with a lot to say but no perspective. I'm heartened to see from the caliber of some of the posts I've read here that there are more open minded clued-up people than I could have hoped to find. It's very easy sometimes to feel like it's a losing battle, not against the N.W.O etc , but actually against our own kind who are just not willing to open their minds enough to admit what deep down they already suspect. There is something not right going on. These are the people who by giving their minds away are actually enabling these monsters to get away with it. All it will take is for these folks to realise their own truths, take a look at themselves and open their eyes and it could change the world. None of us have got , or ever will have all the answers but at least we are asking some… Read more »




This is not for children they are hiding behind that excuse this is to get rid of the blogs and websites that are exposing these sick bastards. If they do it in Europe they will be doing it here soon after. I am so glad I have been reading up on the sick b-----d ellites I have all I need to know to go into the last days to protect my children.


If the term esoteric enters the same list with p---------y, violence, terrorism, suicides etc then in people's subconscious it will evoke discontent or even guilt to even visit esoteric websites. Someone will have to ''disgracefully'' opt out of censorship in order to visit VC for example. They are messing with our mind in the most sinister ways. They make people numb, inactive and even defenders of the status quo which leads to the sleep of consciousness. Esoteric censorship is not new. It has been going on for a few years now at least in the UK. Witnesses have mentioned that McDonald's and cafe Nero have been censoring alternative spirituality:… It is quite common to test the ground initially, assess people's response and slowly make it too difficult to even perceive that something is seriously going wrong. I believe that if this new legislation passes it will be the go ahead for other countries to follow. It will spread like a virus to most western countries. There is already censorship in Canada, Australia, France the US and other countries. What remains is the cover of the law and then it will be too difficult to stop. Mainstream media in the… Read more »


Britain Needs to get a Backbone

Spinelessness Leads to Slavery


An Absolute Cheek

People Need to be Absolutely Outraged about This

The Con Dems Really are Destructive


I want to make clear that this is all ROTHSCHILD machinations under the auspices of the vatican jesuits/catholic church – notice Henry 8th tried to break away from the church, but soon after he died, his betrayer wife mary slaughtered all the protestants and returned england back to the church. Rothschild, as their main men, controls/invented the 'illuminati' which has its hq in london and switzerland, who was the force behind n--i germany, soviet russia, and north korea (Which both uk and usa are becoming), and who controls the banks in order to enact laws like this. David Cameron is a rothschild, as is kate middleton- they do rothschild bidding. And the royal family and all their other conspirators have no power over others without their rothschild henchmen to do the dirty work. So even though Im not quite sure what the plan of action is, I certainy know who the enemy is. Notice Russia is booming right now; for decades theyve been kicking out and undermining rothschild banks and oil monopolies- to which edgar cayce said "the hope of the world will come from russia" – so people need to stop taking out loans, living off state, encouraging these… Read more »

Apres Ski

DId you know that Jeff Bezos who owns Amazon is also on one of the Bilderberg Group committees??? Yeah, he is. The put out the list of who goes and what committee their on and Bezos, Charlie Rose and some other big names were invited to Bilderberg 2013.

Bezos just bought the Washington Post (WaPo) for "personal" use. He used his personal money, in cash I might add to pay $250 for the WaPo! WOW!! Now what??? He didn't use any of Amazon's money for the purchase. Talk about control . . .


Bezos is a Jewish surname. hmmm another coincidence I guess.



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