Paris Jackson Enters Treatment Facility + Her “Illuminati” Tweets



Paris Jackson, the daughter of pop legend Michael Jackson, appears to be aware of a lot of things but her life took a turn for the worse in the past months. On June 5, the 15 year old entered UCLA Medical Center (the same hospital where her father died) after a suicide attempt as she reportedly “cut her wrists with a kitchen knife and took as many as 20 ibuprofen tablets.” It was then reported that Paris actually “didn’t want to die” as she was simply “looking for attention”. Odd.

On July 13th, Paris was released from the hospital but was transferred to an “undisclosed residential treatment center” – one that was recommended by her doctors. She is therefore still under tight surveillance because, according to People magazine: “The feeling is that Paris is still a danger to herself.” Why is she still a “danger to herself” is she did this for “attention”? Things are unclear. Is there MK programming going on there?

One thing is for sure, Paris is definitely aware of the dark side of the entertainment industry. Through her Twitter account, she was looking to “educate” her fans know about it. Here are some of the tweets posted on her verified Twitter and Instagram accounts (most of them were however deleted since then).

Here, Paris refers to MJ’s song “They Don’t Care About Us”, a song that seems to be directed at the elite. “Tell me what has become of my rights/ Am I invisible because you ignore me? / Your proclamation promised me free liberty, now I’m tired of bein’ the victim of shame/ They’re throwing me in a class with a bad name/  I can’t believe this is the land from which I came/ You know I really do hate to say it/ The government don’t wanna see”
The video featured MJ singing next to a giant All-Seeing eye as if to emphasize who he was singing about.
The video featured MJ singing next to a giant all-seeing eye as if to emphasize who he was singing about.
Trying to raise awareness?


Paris also posted a series of strange occult and secret society-related drawings.

A hexagram with all-seeing eyes and a bloody knife.
A hexagram with all-seeing eyes and a bloody knife. 666 in the pool of blood.
Symbol of the Order of the Eastern Star - the "female" equivalent of Freemasonry.
Symbol of the Order of the Eastern Star – the “female” equivalent of Freemasonry.
A fractured skull with sealed lips doing sign of silence. This is a rather creepy, MK-like drawing.
A fractured skull with sealed lips doing sign of secrecy.
The sign of Freemasonry.
The symbol of Freemasonry.

It might be relevant to know that Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson’s doctor who was ultimately charged with “involuntary manslaughter”, is a high level Freemason.

According to “Freemasons for Dummies” Murray was grand lodge officer of “irregular” Masonic lodge.

“Dr. Conrad Murray was actually a member of the “United Most Worshipful Scottish Grand Lodge of Texas”, an irregular, unrecognized bogus group in the Houston area, that has absolutely nothing to do with the Grand Lodge of Texas AF&AM, the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Texas F&AM, or any other regular, recognized form of Freemasonry. Within three years of joining, Murray was made a grand lodge officer, with the rank of Grand Medical Director, which is the title that appears on his officer’s collar in the photo.”
– Chris Hoddap, Michael Jackson’s Doctor, Conrad Murray’s Freemasonry

After learning about Paris’ suicide attempt, Conrad Murray, who is serving a four year prison sentence, sent Paris a creepy “support” message stating: “I love you as a precious father loves his own child and I always will.” These words are coming from the guy WHO IS IN PRISON FOR KILLING HER FATHER.

In short, Paris appears to be a bright young girl who is quite aware for her age. She however appears to be “tainted” and manipulated by the same dark forces that killed her father. Let’s hope things get better for her.


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I believe because she was able to recognize that one thing she can still break few of her programming regardless of the facility. I was there 4 days but read my bible 24/7 and believed it and I am still being restored memories of what awful things were done in my past. All of a sudden I'm not looking so crazy with proof of details I'd times and places I supposedly never saw.

That "hexagram" is really The star of David

David doesn’t have any star. This symbol is Baal’s and it comes from ancient Babylon where Kaballah originated from. It’s all satanic stuff.

… or maybe the “Star of David” is really a hexagram.

Rehab is where they groom you to be Illuminati so no wonder why Paris was screaming she didn't want to go. Get her away from Katherine and Joe Jackson. Although Katherine is a good soul she turned a blind eye when her own children went through torture and sexual abuse. Paris needs to be with Debbie.

"they" put her in "rehab" for more reprogramming. Paris is correct and they know it and they are trying to shut her up. "They" did kill her father as well. I hate these illuminati freaks, and Hollywood is teeming with this vermin. I hope she can get out before they kill her too. Good luck Paris!!

Look fish in the bowl……….. we need solutions not more blimming extra versions of this and that. THINK PEOPLE THINK!!!! What are WE going to DO?
Knowledge is power!!! Ten Matches are stronger together than one!!! Some of Us are channelling!!! Some of U
S are praying!!! Some of us are digging bunkers!!! Others are talking about with no solution which shows them how easy we are to take over. Snap out of it and work towards the beings that move with and in the Spirit.
My question is, What are you going to DO about this?

The only sensible thing to do is inform people about all of this – openly talk about it, and often. Once enough people understand it will reach a critical mass and people will accept the reality if it. Then, real change can happen. I’ve already tried, though, and nobody wants to listen. You must make the attempt, however! Perhaps you’ll have better luck in reaching people still sane enough to consider these things. Like Paris says: Never give up!

A hexagram? Revelation 2:9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

Just curious, did most of you miss the fact that Murrays' group was referenced as "an irregular, unrecognized bogus group in the Houston area, that has absolutely nothing to do with the Grand Lodge of Texas AF&AM, the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Texas F&AM, or any other regular, recognized form of Freemasonry"? Just as in so many other things, anyone can claim to be a Mason, a Christian, a Wiccan, etc.– that doesn't mean they actually are what they say. There was a time when the evangelical Christian movement recognised Rev. Jim Jones as a "minister of the true faith".

wonderful Illuminati. taking young kids who are aware and twisting their brains. how accomplished you must feel. killing stars and covering it up with some dumb story, lying to your people, and sacrificing others for your superstitions. one day you will be punished for it. whether today, or the next day, or the day you die, you're going to get whats coming to you. i hope they read this, i honestly do. or do they need their lab rats from the NSA to do it for them? Go ahead and take peoples freedom but no matter how many secrets you have, how many back up plans, how many ways to torture us, we will always win. maybe not right away but good always reins.

Paris and her brothers, as young as they are, have probably seen and heard it all when it comes to the dark side of show business. I think the tweets and artwork are very telling and sad. On the other hand, they show that Paris is strong and outspoken which probably puts her in danger. The facility she's been sent to, Diamond Ranch Academy in Utah, has a documented history of abuse and questionable tactics and forms of "treatment." Simply do a web search for the school and the information comes up. Is it a "programming" facility? All things considered, it very well could be. There is also an entire website with testimonies from former students who refer to themselves as "survivors" of the treatment center/school that is run by a teen safety advocacy group. The whole situation is very sad.

i am the way the truth and the jife, no one comes to the father except through me, their grandma is jehovahs witness.

You can never kill me
Jew me, sue me
Everybody do me…

Its about the JEWS, how can you not see that. There is even a star of david in her paintings.

"They Don't Care About Us" is about the Jews. They run the entertainment industry and lobby to have Americans go to war and die for their criminal state of Israel.

Statements like this irritate me. Do you seriously believe that every single Jew, even the poor man on the streets of Tel Aviv, is in fact the ‘Synagogue of Satan’? Is every single Jew that ever lived wicked and cruel and plotting your destruction? No? Then enough with this.

At this point I do find it likely something is entirely wrong with the state of Israel but that doesn’t cause me to go around blaming ‘the Jews’ like some neo-nazi moron. Perhaps you should substitute the word ‘Jew’ with ‘Zionist’.

This would explain why she just quite suddenly wished to move out of spotlight to, I believe, Texas with her mother. This frightened me so badly unlike any other posts on this site, because I could not imagine what they could be trying to proceed with in the medical clinic with her. So, when she comes back to the spotlight sporting all their symbols, you will know what went on when she was sent to the hospital. She knew that she was imprisoned within the dark forces of the music industry and that it was inescapable due to her father's name and his reputation. I don't usually pray for others, which I should do much more often, but I believe this young girl truly needs it. This society is sick, twisted, and disgusting. All this god-gifted talent going all to waste, because they want that spotlight so impatiently and with… Read more »

Shes either smart or in on it..theyll take her away where they will abuse her cause some traumatic stress to her then be able to use her as a pawn in their plan..the usual story. Her father was in on it before he wanted to leave where they got rid of him. They have a purpose for her, watch in the next 3 years.

Not sure if you will see this, but I thought I should remind you of this comment you made. Right now she is on the news for speaking out again. Rolling Stone.

you were right! now she is a model make tv appearances.

If indeed these tweets are Paris's, which I have no reason to doubt that their not, Paris is putting herself in harms way. She might very well be trying to emulate her dad because Michael use to do the same type of thing starting from the early 90's all the way up untill he died. The thing that's dangerous (no pun intended) for Paris is The ILL doesn't like to be made fun of in the media. ESPECIALLY by someone who is a child of Michael's. And by her posting these drawings, The ILL will see this as mockery on Paris's part as well as being a "whistle blower"…I hope for Paris's sake as well as Prince's and Blanket's that The ILL won't see his a "challenge"…

I HARDLY believe that she is M.j daughter!! Im sorry but she is 100% white…

Just be quiet. Please.

I feel sorry for her and her father. Unfortunately I can hardly believe that things will be better for her. So sad. However i do believe that the power of those who "don't care about us" will soon come to an end and the truth will be revealed.

Paris Jackson is no way different than all the other adolescents.Have you seen her photos on instagram? She wants attention, just because she knows(or pretends she knows) about those Illuminati things doesn't mean that she is a "poor girl" or "next MK slave with an innocent soul". I am sick of those types of people and sentences like "lets pray for her soul". Why don't we pray for people who actually need this? Yes, it's not her fault that her father was more or less killed by the "bad guys"(this is how i name them) but she is… ah not a poor soul. Maybe she deserves, who knows? And again, look at her photos on instagram and don't tell me that she's not another hipster/rocker/tries to catch attention girl who is well known only because her father was MJ. It's not that i hate her (because of course, i don't… Read more »

It's good she's revealing this info but I also fear for her.. I wonder what they are doing to her in these damn places?! Poor, poor kids. On another note, Johnny Depp & Vanessa Paradis daughter Lily-Rose Depp has posted videos on vine (they're private but someone linked them together and posted them on youtube – look for lily rose depp and vine) I was shocked to see a young girl throwing cult symbols and even doing a blow job impression with her hot dog. She also wears next to nothing. Check it out, would love to see a piece written about her aswell. It all needs bringing to attention. It makes me mad to see that little girl so happy throwing cult signals, makes me want to give her a slap tbh. Although that is never the answer lol Good article again VC.

1 and only 1…..juss go to 1…!

Where is she now? any news about her?

Her cousin, Taj Jackson, posted on Facebook that she was back home.

However true that statement was. The media is still reporting that she's in the treatment facility.

It was only a matter of time until they got to her, watch her interview on Ellen. Those who know, will know what to look for and find it

Lol at celtblood and Meg. :-0

If you look at the screenshots of the tweet again, you'll see that the long tail on the end does exist. Also, you'll notice that there's a check mark next to her name, which means that her account is certified, so that is her real account.

That's a Star of David. The Jews run Hollywood.

isnt it similar to the images we found in area 51 where there is a similar star shape??

They run everything, speed runners.

What a load of cobblers. If they genuinely didn't want her around, they would have finished her off by now. I think she is just playing the heroine because they want her to, but she is totes controlled by them anyway.