Amanda Bynes Detained in “Involontary Psychiatric Hold”



In the article Amanda Bynes: Another Product of Entertainment Industry Mind Control?, I described how Amanda Bynes’ strange behavior might be a result of MK programming breakdown. Since then, things have only gotten worse as she appears to be going right down the same path as other industry slaves such as Britney Spears and Marilyn Monroe.

Britney Spears was also wearing wigs during her infamous breakdown episode.
Britney Spears was also wearing wigs during her infamous breakdown episode.

On July 22rd, Bynes was placed in involuntary 72-hour psychiatric hold
 by California’s sheriff’s deputies after she was caught starting a small fire on a driveway. Here’s a description of Bynes’ behavior after the strange event.

“An eyewitness told reporters that he saw Bynes lying down near the driveway with her left pant leg on fire and that she said her dog had been burned by the flames. He then described a scene in which Bynes ran out into a busy street and hailed a cab while he attempted to stop her from fleeing the scene after realizing who she was. “My dog has been burned, please let go of me, I’m going to call 911,” the eyewitness said Bynes told him, as he clutched a phone on which he had called emergency services to report the fire.

TMZ also posted surveillance footage from a nearby liquor store purportedly showing Bynes cradling her gasoline-soaked, singed dog and heading for an “employees only” area in an attempt to wash the gasoline off the pet. The store’s cashier reportedly confronted Bynes, who then left the store without incident.

Braaten said she found out about the fire after the sheriff rang her doorbell and explained that Bynes was “incapable of giving good answers” to their questions about the fires and that she never saw the actress, who was taken into custody before Braaten came out of her house.”
–, Amanda Bynes: More Details On Fire Incident

Bynes was then “5150-ed”, a California law code for “involuntary psychiatric hold” which means being forcibly detained, often injected with “fast-acting anti-psychotic medication” and then re-evaluated to see if one’s behavior is a danger to oneself or others. In 2008, the same provision was used on Britney Spears after her breakdown. This resulted in her being placed under conservatorship, meaning that her father (and later her fiancée/handler) took control over her entire life, including food, clothing and medical care. Since her psychiatric hold, Britney and her estate is completely controlled by her handlers.  While she did not “go crazy” again, she is often described as a “zombie who is told what to do at all times” by people around her.

Is Bynes going down the same path? Is her “psychiatric hold” a code for “MK-reprogramming”? On thing is for sure, the pattern is there and is repeated over and over again by industry stars.

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I had just read your article on the wizard of oz before this. When you mentioned how she was trying to wash the gasoline off her dog I remembered how a bit later while she was in the psychiatric hold she said her parents were going to kill her dog just like they tried to kill her. She seems to have a really deep connection with the dog. In the wizard of oz article I read that monarch slaves were made to bond with a pet only for it to be killed later to traumatize the child, when the programming breakdown all these memories come back to the victim and I believe she was scared they would do something to that pet as well. It's actually possible they killed the dog and replaced it/cloned it in order to traumatize Amanda while they were re-programming her, it would be effective since… Read more »

broke down*

all famous people are Monarched programmed.. Her programming is breaking down. its not a case of her looking for attention, its a case of serious mental malfunction, so she should be given sympathy, not hatred and ridicule..

So Ive noticed something that no one has brought up. That is a while ago, i dont know maybe a few months ago or last year sometime, She announced that she was "leaving Hollywood" and retiring from acting, etc. Now all this is going on. Its left the question why would she want to leave hollywood but then start posting provocative pics of herself and drawing attention to herself. Somethings up whatever it is.

Part of MK Ultra program is for a handler to mutilate the person's small dog. This is often used as a tool to further inflict trauma and to trigger a one of the subject's alters. Remember that seen in Butterfly Effect? Very sad, I hope she comes out the other side of this.

Is this what unfortunate souls would endure without realizing its devastating effect on their entire lives?

Its a real shame that many would sell themselves for fame and fortune not realizing a terrible consequence that happens afterwards, just ask Britney and Amanda here.

Clearly shows that once you become one of them, you're theirs for life since they can do anything that they want with you at their own disposal.

MK ultra is very tormenting.

She has been placed on conservatorship which means her parents will take care of her food, clothes, finances and she won't be able to live alone. She is joining the 27 club. The only reason she has become famous again is because they are building an emotional connection before her "suicide"

Really hope she doesn't become a part of the 27 club 🙁

I've read that she has tested negative for all drugs apart from Marijuana, even though I know its linked to psychosis, mental health problems but in Amanda's case its different. This is the same pattern we see with these child Hollywood stars and its astounding to me as to how many comments on this article are trying to rationalize whats going on in front of them. The only way we are getting to know about this whole story is through the media and the media is only going to release a certain amount of cryptic/coded info for us to then speculate endlessly. I think she has definitely been MK'ed or been through some sort of programming…….Anyway google the following to see inside of her hotel room and click on the link – – "Amanda Bynes booted from Ritz-Carlton hotel after ripping out smoke alarm and discarding food and garbage… Read more »

I've been noticing a lot more activity you can say in the media. Like me and a buddy of mine were flipping through the Chanel's and saw the new scooby doo show and velimas mom was warring an all seeing eye nackless in a small fram. And if no one looked it was all around the room if you didn't pay attention it's scary. I've told people to keep them self informed and to just look and to way the options but I gess some people want to be sheep…. God media sucks just like secientis planted fals memorys into mice!!! Scary

was she trying to burn her dog and herself? If that is the case I really hope her dog is okay and in a good home now… =(

What happened to the dog? Did they have to put it down? This "treatment" is likely just a reprogramming, no? It does not seem as if she is in good hands yet.

Has anyone seen the documentaries 'GirlModel' and 'The Hollywood Complex'. Also, I recommend 'Bruno' but watch it with the commentary from Sacha Baron Cohen. Underrated movie but worth watching for the part when he asks some Hollywood parents how far they are willing to go in terms of putting their cash cow in dangerous situations.

Ever watched Honey boo boo?

It's such a shame to see Amanda Bynes break down the way she did. I used to love her on All That and the Amanda Show back when Nick was good. Maybe her declining mental state is an inside job. No one knows for sure, but she has gotten a lot of attention within the last year or so.

Lets not forget the reports of her mother saying Amanda was "paranoid" that she was being watched all the time. Covering smoke detectors and other devices…

VC please do a article on the purge asap!

Just read this in a news article…

"Currently a judge has decided to extend Amanda's hospitalization two-more weeks for more analyzation. The former child star's parents will also try to obtain a conservatorship to get full legal custody over their 27-year-old daughter."
Britney all over again.
The article is stupid, above quote is just the last paragraph, but if anyone wants to read the whole thing:

This is a quote from her dad in April 2012 after she was arrested for DUI: 'She was not drunk. I was told that she blew a zero on the Breathalyzer. She didn't have a single drink that night. My daughter doesn't drink.. [She] was raised in the industry and came up in the industry, so she has kind of a twisted head space in terms of social groups. She just chooses not to work, and because of that people go after her.'

Amanda is having a breakdown due to the abuse of her handler Dan Schneider. She was sexually abused by him. Also Jamie Lynn Spears' daughter Maddie looks a lot like Dan Schneider and not Casey. Dan Schneider is the one who raped Jamie Lynn Spears and got her pregnant, in turn paying off Casey so he could pretend to be the father instead. Dan Schneider is behind a lot of these Nickelodeon starlets who are now breaking down.

I really can't tell if she looks like him.

I heard amanda also got pregnant from him but had an abortion.

But lets not forget that its probably more people than JUST Dan involved here.

I really do feel sorry for her, I just don't know its going to end up but I've read that they are keeping her in that Psychiatric ward for an extra two weeks! so they will be re-programming her I think, like how a lot of people have also mentioned. But while we are on the subject of MK Ultra, get on this one guys and what happened to me yesterday. I was at work in the office and it was scorching weather and we had the windows open and guess what started to fly around in the office? A MONARCH BUTTERFLY! weird or what eh? what are the chances of that? I haven't seen one of them for years and funnily enough on my computer, I had this article minimized on my task bar……Well I was trying to catch it but then I forgot about it and then I… Read more »

Look up Renee Alway. She also shaved her hair, and she's had a bizarre behavior. Also, she's been raised in a abusive family. It reminds me of Amanda & Britney as well.

I know I noticed that, how crazy, she looks like a meth head now.

If she's suffering from dissociative identity disorder then pumping her full of antipsychotic medication isn't going to do anything. She needs therapy to start understanding and working with her alters. Her stressful lifestyle is only exasperating the problem. I really hope she's not schizo. . Whatever is going on is incredibly sad. Mental illness is incredibly isolating thing to deal with. I cannot imagine going through all she's been through in front of the entire world. .

I have 5150'd myself and from my experience, they know when something is not right. But, I disagree with conservatory-ship. That decision should not be made withought a chance for rehabilitation.

What do u think about the series "Orphan Black", the story of a cloned girl?

Has anyone seen the Amanda Show? It aired in I think '99 and even as a 7 year old watching it was a pretty weird show. It reeked of Monarch Programming, but the thing that stood out the most was that Amanda has SEVENTEEN different roles of people other than herself, or "personalities". Penelope Taynt, Judge Trudy, Blini Blokey, Amber, Doreen, Cynthia Worthington, Moody, Crazy Courtney, Candy Tulips, Katie Klutz, Lulu Mae, Cindy Extreme, Sharon, Melody, Mother Caboose, Babs Wrestleberg, People Place Owner (Copied from Wiki) Take with that what you will. In the show she was always a bit awkward but acted well in her "parts". She also just kind of sprang up, having very few extremely minor parts such as a game show contestant and blues clues voiceover starting in 1998 to having her VERY OWN show on Nickelodeon in 1999. How does a cute, lanky 13 year… Read more »

It was reported that Sam Lufti, the same guy who was involved with Britney Spears, was 'hanging around' Amanda Bynes during the most recent breakdown. Could it be possible that he is the 'Mr. Wolf' of whoever is brainwashing these 'entertainers', tasked to go in and clean up the mess or at least control it?

how about this one from yahoo news today "Prior to moving to New York, Amanda was extremely paranoid about being 'watched', including at our residence," her parents continued. "She would cover smoke alarms with towels, tape windows shut, and cover her car's dashboard with cardboard and tape out of fear that cameras were watching her from inside these places."

also, i was scrolling through the channels the other day and one of the Hot Topics on The View was about Amanda. they then showed an interview with her on The View from 2007. she was put together, beautiful, healthy, and even expressed how she wanted to have a long career and "keep her eye on the prize" and not waste time partying.

it's so sad that this is happening to her. i honestly thought Miley Cyrus was going to be the next one to go downhill like Britney.

The sad part is they DO surveil these stars. All the very wealthy and famous people are constantly under surveillance; even in their own homes. Its a way of controlling them if they step out of line and letting them know theres no place to hide.

Why Amanda tho? The others that went through this were really big in the industry at the time,and Amanda while known by many cannot be compared to Britney or Marilyn. So why would it be Amanda instead of someone like Rihanna? Lady gaga? Katy perry, even? I think this is simply a bad case of schizophrenia like the doctors are claiming.


All the artists you listed above are also victims, or willing participants, of the industry. If you look close enough, you will find what you're looking for. VC has done some articles on them. As for Amanda Bynes, she seems to be one of the worst case scenarios unravelling in public. I agree she is not as "famous" as the rest. Correct me if I'm wrong her last movie role was Easy A, after which she said she was going to quit acting, then changed her mind again, then it slowly started to go downhill from there. I understand she started in the industry very young and was abused. Either way she clearly needs help and is not getting it from the right people.

Why Amanda? I believe the difference with Amanda is the age she entered the industry… She was much younger than Brittney, Rihanna, Gaga, Katy Perry and Marilyn.

These children are sexually abused and exploted by parents and or their agents. They are raised up in a world where they must do sexual favors for roles. Wether forced or they become use to it IDK but i do know it must do something horrible to their soul and mind. They get use to the attention and when its not there anymore they lash out bc they finally have to deal with their history and realize they were abused if they didnt realize then. Some can't deal. Brittany and her even Logan can't. Then they try to shut them up so they wont come out and say what really happens in the entertainment idustry.

So apparently, Sam Lufti has been pictured with Bynes recently. Same guy that was around Britney during her meltdown. How interesting.

"George the Royal Crocodile? Australia Gifts Prince of Cambridge a Baby Saltwater Croc" -International Business Times 😉

Very funny Australia 😉

You know, I've often wondered what effect learning about MK Ultra would have on a monarch slave in the industry. After all, they have access to internet too. Imagine reading about this stuff and then realizing its your life!! It was only a matter of time before some stars started breaking down. I seriously wonder how many of them know about MK Ultra now from reading websites like this one and have started putting the pieces together….

My heart hurts for Amanda. I grew up with her my whole childhood, from The Amanda Show to "What I like About You". It's so sad and sickening to see what the Industry does to these people. I'm so tired of it, and how the media portrays them as "Crazy" and "Drug addicted" people. The only thing that confuses me about this particular situation are her tweets. Her tweets have been so bizarre, especially the ones about Plastic Surgery. I hope she is okay I want her to break free from all this, however sadly most likely she will not.

You should make a review about Kris Jenner talk show. Did you see the setting in general? Masonic columns and floor, and the interesting butterfly above the name of Kris…yes, instead of a regular (i) was a an (i) with a butterfly, not a heart. Totally illuminati.

You couldn't pay me to watch the show, but I'd love to read an article about the set.
Here's a picture I found:

Her talk show set is designed around her OWN HOUSE ENTRY WAY ! I know everyone hates the show and I probably shouldn't watch it but I do, It was funny…now its just kinda cryptic . Her whole house is filled with black and white and checkered floors and columns everywhere. I wish VC would do a report on them. The whole story with Kims dad being involved with OJ and now up to Kanye and the new baby would be a good enlightening read.

I wonder who is the brains behind them, who did they sell out to? I can't think of anyone in the family intelligent enough to understand what the symbols even mean. The mom doesn't seem that bright to me, but does seem like she would go along with whatever is necessary to keep the lifestyle and fame that she so craves. And does this family have some sort of contract with the 'dailymail', I swear there is not a day that goes by where there is not the most pointless stories written about them. There's about an average of 2-3 stories every single day…no exaggeration on that, literally, and been that way for the longest time. It's just so excessive that I think they must be getting paid to write them. The s-x tape must be like the new initiation thing or something, why are so many people getting famous… Read more »
I too think they are worth an article. They are definitely connected, but like you guys, I wonder how. Possibly they started out at a lower, organized crime level, during the whole OJ thing (which, btw, was more than what the media said it was). That whole OJ case was connected to cocaine trafiiking and other underground stuff. OJ was himself a programmed multiple according to Springmeier. I think the mother -Kris- pimped her daughters out to the star athletes and in that way got up yet another rung. They clearly made a deal on some end and are possibly under the control of the Masons which would explain why they are constantly BRANDED with the black and white. Now they are getting another step up the ladder with the baby, who will probably be a group-effort, project monarch child. Its very scary, and the whole thing with Kanye and… Read more »

I think VC should really do an article about why these s-x tapes are so important for these people and why they are made public.

Sure you do :-)..

Research Aleister Crowley and Sex Magick.

as predicted…

"Amanda Bynes' parents to make plea in court to take control over troubled star's life who they claim is in 'serious danger'"

look at the mothers face, how happy she seems to be…

Look at that pic of Amanda shopping. She has huge bags under her eyes. Maybe thats why she always wears sun glasses? Im really starting to wonder if she is mkd she just doesnt look good here. Dead in the eyes. Mk would explain the who skitzo symptoms with the multiple personalities. Imo I think mk ultra makes people possessed hence the multiple personalities. The trauma would leave their spirits open for possession. In just the same way as people believe you are more vulnerable to that when you are on hard drugs. Mk is a perfect formula for possession along with the corruption of the industry. Regardless of whether we believe in satanism and all that, doesnt change how the elite practice it. Its quite clear with the atrocities committed daily, and the way the system allows them to happen everyday. Also with the subliminal satanic imagery everywhere, if… Read more »

The etheric players behind the scenes hate humanity. We can evolve beyond them, they cant exist without sucking our energy, etc. That's why we have the same God legends since time immemorial – they are all the same dudes with the same agendas, and the elites are their hand in hand confidantes, as it were.

And for those who says MK handlers are untouchables what does one has to say about the movie The girl with the Dragon tattoo. I don't i have to remind what did the character Lisbeth Salander played by actress ronney mara did with her abuser the govt support official; ? What did it take some creativity and use of tech…

Please tell me this can't be done; unless amanda meets her abusers in MARS? or moon.

Speculations without hope of truth is worse then lie itself?

This is sick.feel bad for her.this pattern with these stars its so obvious after what? the hundredth case? Of celeb gone mad… no it's celeb gone mad because they sold there soul and these behind the scenes / Hollywood elite destroy them. Jesus will get them for doing this. And the media plays it off like its oh nothing just another wild celeb. Yeah right. Hollywood should be investigated and shut down. We know that won't happen. So jesus ..our father god will get them.

Everyone that reads this site was just waiting for the 5150….or the overdose (even though she supposedly tested clean for everything but pot). Definitely a programming breakdown or programming that wasn't pervasive enough to take. She claims her parents tried to kill her, and they haven't been particularly super involved in getting her to a place of care. Seems like people have just been waiting for the reprogramming.

Heres to the obvious outcome! Cheers Ms Bynes. Perhaps a future promoting perfumes and being a judge on a talent show awaits you.

Ok all this mk ultra stuff is getting out of somebody be crazy now days without being a controlled illuminati slave?lol..yeah there might be some but now everytime somebody dies its a satanic sacrifice

Be aware don't let it consume you..truth.


You called it cc, her parents already filed for conservatorship.

Hey what about fellow Canadian Cory Monteiths sudden and tragic death? I cant help but to wonder…

The devil is real…

Heart hurts for her 🙁

She said in the new TMZ article that "They will kill it (The dog that was soaked in gasoline) just like they tried to kill me."

I just want to put this out there…. I have personally been Baker Acted (in other places know as the 5150 hold) at St. Joseph North (Tampa), MHC Tampa, and most recently University of Denver hospital. When you say "forcibly detained", it's simply the law. They can't just let you leave you're there because you might be suicidal and what kind of help would they be if they just let people kill themselves? They do it so they can make sure you're ok before they do any evaluations or give you any medication. They don't strap you down to tables or chairs. If they feel you are a threat to yourself or others, they put you in a room by yourself and only psychiatrists or doctors are allowed in. You have to give them permission for them to give you any medication and you have all rights to question what… Read more »

Did you go in as a former child star with classified medical records like Bynes probably has? Or Britney?

Marilyn and Frances Farmer had some things to say about forced psychiatric visits. The elite have no vested interest in you promoting their agenda. Your experience was like many others that get a 5150 – regular people, medicate them and send them out.

Yup I totally agree. I felt extreme nausea on bipolar medication, and also I had trouble with balance. Once I had to literally crawl because I lost the ability to WALK.

That is so unbelievably sad. Nothing about her recent behavior is normal. Something bad happened or is happening to her. And what became of the dog? Poor thing was burned. Very scary.

All of you claiming she is putting on an act are seriously moronic. Thank you for reading.

People are allowed to have different opinions, no need to insult them. Wake up, your attitude is also why this world is f****d

Is the dog okay?

theres reports saying now that the dog wasn't harmed

Okay, so it's being reported that she's been taking Adderall (the ADHD drug) to lose weight. This is probably the source of her mental instability. She was probably completely normal until some JackAss told her Adderall helps you stay slim and she figured she'd try it and gets hooked. A few months of this dangerous psychotropic drug (leads to suicide, violent behavior) and she couldn't possible remain normal. So, now they have her in a psych ward dosing her with even more psychotropic drugs! All they have to do is get her completely detoxed of the horrific Adderall drug and hopefully she will return to normal. Too bad the NAZI Psychiatrists won't figure it out. She's been poisoning herself on ADDERALL! Also, interesting to note that that the Inventor of the ADHD diagnosis proclaimed shortly before his death that “ADHD IS A FICTITIOUS DISEASE”. Leon Eisenberg, was an American psychiatrist… Read more »

Again- being addicted to a drug is not mutually exclusive to mind control or mental illness. In fact, MK Ultra and mentally ill people are often taking drugs on top of everything else to COPE! Which came first the chicken or the egg?! Lol!? Riddle me this: how can you tell if its MK Ultra or schizophrenia. What exactly is schizophrenia anyway!? Who defined it? do we even know for sure what causes it? look it up. Very few mental illness is proven without a shadow of a doubt what causes it, especially schizophrenia. The definition is all over the place even among the psych community. did it ever occur to anyone that many "mental illness" are the result of trauma either child abuse over time or repressed traumatic memories?? Not everyone reacts to trauma the same way. Some go crazy.

Adderall, even prescribed to someone that doesn't use it to become calmer by overstimulating the brain, is very unlikely to cause behavior this crazy. It zones you down or out or makes you VERY FOCUSED. I was on it for weight reasons and I would spend an entire day researching shoes or computers. My sister is on it for weight reasons (and later to make it through school, bless her masters having heart), and its just killed her soul after being on it for 5 years. I am not aware of Adderall creating psychotic behavior past the first few weeks of adjustment – even then, I would have little fear of someone on it being driven to create fires on peoples driveways. Even message boards about its effects written by people that chose to be on it to get through school or lose weight just described being closed off from… Read more »

Here's the tmz article about her becoming crazy after 10 hours, talking about a "bad Amanda" and a "good Amanda" and saying her parents are trying to kill her.

Sure seems like mk to me…

I STILL think this is all an act. Something seems different about Amanda than Britney, Lindsay, etc.
No disrespect here, but what was Amanda doing before she started acting crazy? Well I sure as hell don't know. This is the only reason she is relevant right now.
Also, my entire high school knows about The Illuminati.There is now even a twitter parody account for them! I think Amanda needed to gain some publicity, found out about mind control, and is trying to follow the ways of Britney to pretend she is one of them.
With Britney and Marilyn, for example, they had a child-like innocence to them. They just seemed very lost & confused. Meanwhile, Amanda's running around the streets in a ratty blonde wig stealing hairbrushes and setting fires. She's purposely acting crazy, and that's why nobody can understand her "mental disorder."

She's probably just bipolar and schizo.