Michael Jackson’s “Secret Drawings” Reveal References to Mind Control

This image appears to come straight from MKULTRA 101. It is all about the concept of duality and the split of personality. From the umbrellas facing in opposite ways, the mirroring faces displaying opposite emotions and the checkerboard pattern at the bottom, it is one of the clearest clues hinting to MK being subjected to mind control.

Michael Jackson left behind a great quantity of artwork – and their symbolism is very telling. They provide a rare insight into his inner-struggles and, more importantly, are riddled with images and triggers relating to Monarch mind control.

The story of Michael Jackson is the story of everything that is wrong in the entertainment industry. Pushed into the spotlight from a young age, Jackson became a literal slave of the music industry. While at the peak of stardom, MJ slowly but surely metamorphosed into a completely different person. Although his physical changes were the most obvious, he also showed signs of heavy psychological abuse. Was he subjected to Monarch Programming during a crucial stage of his life? New clues appear to hint in that direction.

A collection of never-seen drawings made by Michael Jackson are now up for sale by a Florida man who owned them and their symbolism is quite revealing. They are completely on-par with MK-themed “art” featured on this site such as the paintings made by MK survivor Kim Noble (see the article about her here). Here they are.


This drawing depicts a face that resembles MJ's on which are attached several wires connected to little boxes that look like interrupters. Is this a reference to electroshock? Also, there appears to be small horns growing from his head.
This drawing depicts a smiling face that is attached to several wires. The wires are   connected to what appear to be switch boxes. Is this a reference to electroshock torture? Also, there appears to be small horns growing from his head.


A strange clock with only the number 7. As we'll see in other drawings, MJ appeared to be obsessed with that particular number - which is not uncommon with MK slaves.
A strange clock on which only the number 7 is visible. MJ appeared to be obsessed with that particular number – which is not an uncommon obsession of  MK slaves.


This illustration depicts MJ's face and the number seven above it. The bottom half of his face is deformed and crosshatched as if it was being shocked with electric current. Is this another reference to electroshock torture?
This illustration depicts MJ’s face and the number seven above it. The bottom half of his face is deformed and crosshatched as if it was being shocked with electric current. Is this another reference to electroshock torture?


This image depicts an x-ray view of the body. According to the original source "in the field of art therapy this may indicate a possible disconnect between the mind, body and reality,” In other words, this image might represent MJ being dissociated from his body and reality - the goal of Monarch programming.
This image depicts an x-ray view of the body. According to the original source “in the field of art therapy this may indicate a possible disconnect between the mind, body and reality”. In other words, this image might represent MJ being dissociated from his body and reality – the goal of Monarch programming.


This image depicts three persons - one male, one female and one child-like. The three persons however have the same face (and same facial expression) which might hint to the split of the core personality into dualistic opposites (male and female, Anima and Animus) and the emergence of a new persona (the child).
This image depicts three persons – one male, one female and one child. The three persons however have the same face (and same facial expression) which might hint to the split of the core personality into dualistic opposites (male and female) and the emergence of a new persona (the child).


A creepy clown face drawn on a crimson red background. Combined with that upsetting face, the words "I truly love you" appear to be insincere, as if coming from a trickster (the MK handler?).
A creepy clown face drawn on a red (reminiscent of blood, anger and violence) background. Combined with that upsetting face, the words “I truly love you” appear to be insincere, as if coming from a trickster (the MK handler?).


The concept of mirroring, duality and a child persona appear again.
The concept of mirroring, duality and a child persona appear again.


This image appears to come straight from MKULTRA 101. It is all about the concept of duality and the split of personality. From the umbrellas facing in opposite ways, the mirroring faces displaying opposite emotions and the checkerboard pattern at the bottom, it is one of the clearest clues hinting to MK being subjected to mind control.
This image is MKULTRA 101. It is all about the concept of duality and the split of personality. From the umbrellas facing in opposite ways, to the mirroring faces displaying opposite emotions and the checkerboard pattern at the bottom, it is one of the clearest clues hinting to MJ being subjected to mind control. Also, parts of his body appear “tacked on”, which is how MK slaves are programmed to feel.


The paintings of Kim Noble - a MK survivor - also feature often the themes of duality, the splitting of the core persona and trauma.
The paintings of Kim Noble – a MK survivor –  often feature the themes of duality, the splitting of the core persona and trauma.
The cover of MJ's "Blood on the Dancefloor" is extremely symbolic. Standing on a Masonic checkerboard pattern floor, MJ is wearing red, the color of sacrifice. The name "Blood on the Dancefloor" is a reference to blood sacrifice on the ritualistic Masonic floor.
The cover of MJ’s “Blood on the Dance Floor” is extremely symbolic. Standing on a Masonic checkerboard pattern floor, MJ is wearing red – the color of sacrifice. The name “Blood on the Dancefloor” is a reference to blood sacrifice on the ritualistic Masonic floor.

Although much of Michael Jackson’s life is still a mystery, these incredibly significant drawings might add a piece to the puzzle. They contain many of the core themes of Monarch mind control and are permeated with concepts that MK slaves appear to be obsessed with.



  1. The face with the electrical leads looks like a cross between Peter Pan who MJ was obssesed with and Michael Aquino (Eddie Munster child actor) who later became the us army psychological operations leader and a satanic member of alester crowely, then later forming his own, temple of set, a satanic church. He was on Oprah and even confronted by a past member in her audience for satanic rituals and he mocked the guy. The eyebrows give him away as Michael Aquino looks exactly like that. The horns can indicate evil and/or small bat ears bc Eddie Munster was kinda like a small bat. He also shows 5 leads – perhaps representing the Jackson 5 all being MK ultra victims.

  2. concerning drawing number 1 – the eye on the right is a spiral, and the wires split through the face not unlike a shattered mirror, with one of the wires going through the pupil of the spiral eye on the right.

  3. My favourite number is also 7 because when I was 7 years old I was the happiest. Who in the world can be greater than MJ ? No one . People think he is dead but he lives in my heart . The devil is a hard thibg but if we all pray and trust God it will be good. MJ was forced to join that occult . R.I.P my husband ,MICHAEL JACKSON…………

  4. I love you Michael jackson. I feel so sorry fo him and all you people talking about its not true go to hell. I pray that you will see the good side of micheal jackson THE KING OF POP

  5. LOL guys that’s not why it’s called blood on the dancefloor…. Its about a woman who kills her lover and MJ liked the number 7 because it’s God’s number and he’s the 7th child lol

    • MJ is not the 7th child, Brandon who was the twin brother of Marlon but died hours after birth was the 7th child of Katherine and Joseph (Joe). MJ was the 8th child. Although MJ had several reasons to have the 7 as his favorit number i like to think that it was also a ode to his brother Brandon who died withing 1 day.

  6. Interesting about the number 7 as it was Prince’ s fave number too. He had a song call 7 “all 7 and we’ll watch them fall, they stand in the way of love and we will smoke them all”….7 was mentioned in other songs of his too….it became my fave number because of this….but what reference does it have to mind control?


        I forgot what my father said
        I forgot what he said
        I forgot what my mother said
        as we layed upon your bed

        A city full of flowers
        a city full of rain
        I got seven days to live my life
        or seven ways to die

        I forgot what my brother said
        I forgot what he said
        I don’t regret anything at all
        I remember how he wept

        On a bridge of violent people
        I was small enough to cry
        I got seven days to live my life
        or seven ways to die

        Hold my face before you
        still my trembling heart
        Seven days to live my life
        or seven ways to die

        The Gods forgot they’ve made me
        so I forgot them to
        I listen to the shadows
        I play among their graves

        My heart is never broken
        my patience never tried
        I got seven days to live my life
        or seven ways to die
        Seven days to live my life
        or seven ways to die

  7. also, I wouldnt categorically claim that anything you see surface as “Michael Jackson’s” after 25th (another nr 7) June 2009, as really his. even 3 songs in the first album that came out after that date were fake, they werent sung by him. The hologram was fake, it wasnt even an animation of him they used an impersonator. Any book that comes out I dont read it, people now suddenly all seem to know a ton of stuff about Michael Jackson’s life as enough to write damn books. there was one which got recommended by Tom Mesereau, but I didnt buy it I got it. Im not buying any of it, in both meanings of the phrase. All they want is money, they are prostituting Michael Jackson’s name and work for their own profits and agendas and they are completely unscrupulous.

  8. Michael Jackson might have been mind controlled or attempted to be subject to that, or controlled in any other way, but he got out of that. He was exposing the media, $ony and every atrocity on this planet as best as he could. Just look at his songs like Money, Tabloid Junky, They dont care about us, Scream, Heal the world etc. The media lynched him any chance they got, manipulating the masses into their bs, the dark powers in kahoots with the mass media attempted to destroy him by throwing at him the most vile accusations, and to make things worse his health wasnt helping either, the back pains from concert accident, pains from scalp accident, vitiligo and lupus affecting him in most awful ways…. and when everything else failed to shut this very brave, generous, kind, genius man up, they employed a foul doctor to do away with him. He was a very very powerful person whom millions appreciated and listened to and he was becoming a danger to their dark agenda. But that wasnt enough either, they then not only published fake songs as his but they finally stole the atv catalogue and gave it back to $ony, which was probably half the reason he isnt with us any more. His name is now being used as anyone pleases, his assets controlled by dark powers minions…

  9. He could have done this for the purpose of showing people a deeper insight as a way of outletting what does go on behind the industry. RIP always and he will never have to go thru that again. God has him safe now.

  10. In the "Blood on the Dancefloor" cover art, imagine a clock juxtaposed over the whole cover.
    You will notice Michael's arms would be pointing to the numbers 9 and 11 on the clock.

  11. Actually in the picture of the 3 faces. (The man, woman and child)
    They do not have the same expression.
    The man seems to look mischieviously smiling, where as the woman is crying and the child just smiles.
    It could maybe mean domestic violence hapoening in secrecy where the child does not know off.
    Or r**e and then a child was born

  12. Yes, I think many of you was fooled by this dubious (fishy) presentation. Don't allow yourself manipulated. First, you must be documented about the nature, meaning, purpose, theme that is proposed here, who are aims through this posting and then you think twice before you give them your opinion. I do not believe anything of those disclosed and posted herein. The whole theme is a diversion. Glad to meet people with a clear mind and healthy discernment. I am referring to some smart comments and appreciate those who can not be deceived, manipulated. Don't waste your precious time on nothing.. Take care, please.

  13. Wow, I thought I was gonna see some kid pictures. But no these drawings are outstanding. MJ was a true great artist. My hart hurts when I hear him sing with still the innocence of a child all the while having endured an horrific childhood.

  14. I don't think that the illuminatii liked the most famous man on earth at that time singing "We are the world" or " They don't care about us" in fact MJ sings that that song in one scene right next to a gigantic mural of an eye. So what happend? MJ needed to be silenced and ridiculed and so he was. I sometimes wonder if the Illuminati publishes damaging pictures of a famous person just to give that singer or actor a warning of what's to come if they don't behave. But Michael Jackson did not give up, he broke with Sony (Whom he called the devil) sang what he wanted to sing, messages of peace and love and next thing you know he's dead. I am going to cry now.

  15. Wow! Very informative and sound information! I really do appreciate it. As a Christian ( S.D.A) I have been studying prophecy, and all these things have been foretold.

    The bible says "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:12

    Iv'e come to conclude that nothing in this world is Always true.. from media….health, down to what the leaders say. i thank God for leading me into truth and enlightening me in regards to the dark principalities in this world. In Him, Jesus, there is a light in the tunnel! Thanks VC

  16. This is so sad. when we had enjoyed of this phenomenon artist that world will never seen like him he obsessed inside of his. i love you king you are in my heart for ever. God bless you and be in rest.

  17. I hope Michael got saved. I've been wondering a lot regarding salvation for these people. I think chapter 13 of Ezekiel may be mentioning they will be set free, especially verse 20. The part where it says "hunt the souls to make them fly" really makes me think of trauma done on purpose to make someone dissociate… But at the same time, the book of Ezekiel talks about people saying that God said something He didn't actually say, so be aware that this is only a thought… I hope I'm right, though. Does someone agree with me on this?

    Here's verse 20:
    "Wherefore thus saith the Lord God; Behold, I am against your pillows, wherewith ye there hunt the souls to make them fly, and I will tear them from your arms, and will let the souls go, even the souls that ye hunt to make them fly."

  18. The media attempts to make you love & hate them (Amanda Bynes, Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan, MJ) but if you step back and realize that they are people and products of the entertainment industry, you just have to feel sorry for them. They didn't get the chance to live a happy childhood and make their own choices so of course as adults, they're not going to be normal.

    He had talent all around and was destroyed by the industry. Hopefully he's now in peace :'(

  19. I was watching a YT video about the artwork on MJ's "No Escape" album which was quite interesting. Was by a disturbing YT channel called LieKillers….

    • Actually the Moonchild ritual was created by Aleister Crowley and its purpose was to incarnate a powerful soul during conception of a child

  20. Also if you look at the drawings they don't appear to be drawn in the same style much like Kim noble who's different alters drew in different ways, Mike's drawings seem to have been drawn by different people. 4 and 7 seem child-like in nature and artistic abilities. Mike was without certainty a multiple , which would explain a lot.

  21. Nice article VC, Thanks. I see some people are saying these drawings are scams – Even if they are they are interesting nonetheless but quite creepy. What I want to know is who is this Florida man and how did he come to own or have access to these images? Also the number 7 – MJ had a silver and black jacket which had 777 on his arm – could this be a reference to Aleister Crowley who had a book titled Liber 777 and also Rihanna had a tour she named 777. Hmmmm…..

    • he’s the 7th child and both his first and last name letters total to number 7. Michael Bush, his costume designer was saying something about that band on his jacket. and Ive seen an article where this artist says MJ worked in this old avio garage or something with him on art, and that he stored his art away. I personally think if its really his it shouldve been given to Michael’s kids. not to make a name for him self. as most people do, no surprises there…..

    • I think it has to do with there being seven classical planets.

      The Gnostics spoke a lot about "the ogdoad" and "the eighth". The material universe was represented by the number 7, because there were 7 planets; therefore 8 represented basic transcendence of the material universe.

    • number 7 had a meaning to MJ as he was the 7th chld and both is first and last names compose of 7 letter… and no he wasnt nobody’s slave, why do you think he was done away with????

  22. These remind me of disturbing pictures drawn by occult artists like Steffi Grant and Austin Osman Spare. And like Voldemort says in Harry Potter, 7 is the most magical number.

  23. I enjoy your website I'm new here I have to say that it's scary that so much of the world is blind that the devil walks among us. I wanted to comment on the art MJ has with the number seven recently the number seven has been coming to me when ever I asked God for guidance in my life and I always received good answers lots of intuition and spiritual awakening maybe theirs a connection with MJ finding the true God I wonder.

  24. The strange clock has a disney feel to it, those eyes…
    Those umbrellas in 'MKULTRA 101' also could be the strings holding the puppet.

    Sad world MJ lived in.

  25. Michael Jackson was prosecuted by the public for being African American and successful than any one in the show and music business ever (african american)
    sold million copies worldwide (more than Elvis)
    coming from a very wealthy and classy family (african american) doing well in life,
    got kids by a white woman,and gave huge donations to black communities and africa,
    the biggest star in the pop music universe till now 2014 (african american)
    changed his look for medical reason (african american)
    Beatles catalogue has been owned by Michael Jackson (african american) ATV is worth about $2 billion now,
    Why are people so obsessed about the money Michael Jackson earned and owed in the past or how much money he “earns” now? (african american)
    When he died, he was almost $500 million in debt.
    Since he died,he’s sold 50 million albums and is still the biggest-selling artist.
    Now(2014) his estate’s vast fortune, estimated at $1.5 billion (african american).
    He was guilty of nothing,and blamed by the public,
    He sedated himself using strong sedation drug,so he can sleep and go away from reality,he couldn't believe the way he was being treated by public and media, even after what he did.

  26. continued…. My hunch is that image 8 represents the pillars Jachin and Boaz, represents duality in Masonry, maybe the grey object to the right at the top of the umbrella is the Philosophal Stone that he seems to be looking at. The checkerd background is childlike drawing of a floor imo, Masonic. Also, if you invert the image, it looks like a figure on a stone table, the umbrellas then look like legs. The rose in Masonry basically represents hope, unity, and triumph over evil. The broken rose on the Masonic floor tells me he had lost hope at the time of creating that piece. Both grandfathers I had were freemasons so I have looked into some of this to understand who they were better.

  27. I have my own "guesses" here, most of those drawings look Masonic to me. The device in the first drawing is where his throat would be, buttons might symbolize connections he has with people he knows that control what he says or doesn't say. The 2nd pic, Masons go through 7 rituals, the 7th is the "time" they arrive. In the third pic there are 7 giant stitches(?) over his mouth, maybe each representing a ritual he could not talk about, over the mouth being symbolic of not talking about it. His theme seems Masonic so I'd say drawing five is also, concerning the number 3 as it applies to "father, mother and offspring" in Masonry as for many other concepts in that club. Drawing '7, notice the '7' spirals in or around the heads, the one on the right is a larger individual with the 7 golden spirals, representing "awakened" above the head, the Masonic mentor. The figure on the left doesn't represent a child imo but a new member, with the unawakened 7 spirals within the head, ready for the 7 rituals.

    • spirals are p*******e code… its documented by child molesters and the CIA alike…. swirls ending in clockwise ends, are “little boy lovers” while counter clockwise ending ones are “little girl lovers”….. so messed up

  28. His legacy truly lives on in these clues that clearly depict MJ's life in reality of how they used him as a puppet to do their bidding.

    Although quite obvious in relation to MK ultra, but Mikey was still able to draw out the truth of what life is like in the so-called "Fast Lane"

  29. Why do people always say things like, "Satan is the ruler of this world",and "God allows Satan to run amok", etc. but then turn right around and say that God answers prayers, looks out for you at all times, divine intervention, and all that? Is it just to say whatever sounds best at any given moment?

    • Google the basic synonpsis of the book written about Satan and God and I think you'll answer your own question. Just because you don't understand one persons perspective, doesn't mean their wrong 🙂

    • 1. When we turn our life to God through Jesus, we become his children with all the rights of heirs, and he has a plan for us. The Lord grants protection to his children when we communicate with him regularly. (I believe that we have some say in our destiny in the things that we agree to have happen to us before we come to earth. When bad things happen and we do not seem to have God's protection, we can't always see why that is or what the purpose is for it, but it may have been something we agreed to or something that may help someone else.) 2. On the other hand, when we are not a child of God and are separated from him, then we remain as the property of Satan, even if we think we are good people. Satan and his minions have influence over us and have their own plans for us to harm us. God allows satan to currently have dominion over the earth until Jesus comes back, while God remains control of the spirit realm – there is a difference between the two. Satan & his minions are trying as hard as they can to drag people into hell before they have the chance to change their hearts. If you have not become a child of God, you do not have entitlement to the rights of an heir, so you have no guarantee of God's protection.
      3. One contingency for number 2 is something called intercession. Believers at any time can intercede (go between, or stand in the gap) for a non-believer in prayer for protection or for a change of heart for that person. God says the prayers of the righteous avail much, so this would be one reason why non-believers see miracles in their lives, or have life-changing experiences, and not just believers.

      To summarize:
      -God's children have the rights of heirs, including being able to talk directly to God and protection
      -Those who aren't God's children remain bound to the influence of satan, and do not get the right of heirs
      -Believers can intercede for non-believers on many issues

      Note this is not an exclusive list, but may help explain a few of the basics.

  30. Michael drawings shows more mature personality, that i expected to see. And i thin that red background of the drawing is just a table surface that Michael used spontaneously when he was in the mood to draw something.

  31. MJ's "funeral" was on 7/7 of 2009 (9-2=7). Maybe all of the "issues" surrounding his burial/funeral were just a way of stalling for the perfect funeral date.

  32. The picture of MJ album cover to me was a warning about 911 before it happened. The buildings made of smoke which was how all the buildings looked after the towers came down. Also picture a clock behind MJ his hands get it hands of time would be 9 and ll and his head being the 12. I have read that when a artist reach MJ s level they are let in the plans of the elite years ahead of time.

  33. I haven't the time to read all of the comments prior, but if no one has pointed out an interesting characteristic of the first picture featured in the article: the boy's face looks eerily similar to that of Peter Pan, "The Boy Who Never Grows Up." Peter Pan takes Wendy and others to a magical place called "Neverland" in the classic story. Michael Jackson named his estate Neverland Ranch and built amusement park rides, which he frequently opened to children, on the 3,000 acre property.

    In many ways, Jackson was a boy who never grew up. He spent his money generously (in spite of his more philanthropic efforts), performed several notorious publicity stunts (such as dangling his baby off a Paris balcony), and, despite his enormous and irrefutable talent, seemed emotionally and psychologically stunted during the latter half of his too-short life.

    Perhaps some type of ritual abuse is the cause of Jackson's Peter Pan Syndrome…perhaps not. It was just a thought.

  34. I don't think Michael ever abused anyone. Michael was eccentric, talented and persuasive. he was a threat to the elite. thats why they had to think of the worst possible thing to make him out to be. I find it very sad, he never chose that lifestyle.

  35. I'm more worried about MJ's poor children. Obviously evil forces have control over them. When Paris started to figure things out and posted her explanations on twitter she was quickly silenced , apparently had a suicide attempt and was taken to hospital. We all know what happens in their hospitals…

  36. ill always love Michael Jackson thank you Michael for giving us all your music and thank you for been a wonderful person you where a genius no one will ever take ur place i just wish you could of been treated the way ur been treated now if only you knew how much the world loves you now never forgotten r.i.p to the king

  37. I think MJ was an alter personality, and his first SELF was forever a child. His childhood was taken away by his father, and later he was only comfortable with non-threatening children. Why did he build "Never Land"? To attract children, so he would have someone to Play with. How this Play took place I have no idea, but it could have been his child personality, seeking friends. I also think he had children, so he, as a child, could have playmates. I believe he probably had an Alter that was a female Mother figure, as well. Just a thought.

    • the fact is he said “why” he built neverland and why he invited children there. children were there often when he wasnt around as well. he wanted unpriviledged and sick children to enjoy themselves a little., brighten their days a little. he enjoyed their company because they werent vile, judging and dishonest as adults often are. this is also why he wanted to have children of his own, or at least par of a reason. in fact even the child he helped CURE, yes, the Arvizo kid was given a short time ti+o live but after hanging out with Michael his diagnosis were clear, he wasnt sick anymore. and as a thank you they made his life a living hell. they were probably mind controlled or bought off as their mother was known for trying to lie and conspire her way into getting money. neverland was a place he could have everythig that he was deprived of as a child and also places he can go like movies and fun parks because its impossible for him to do it publicly. he said these things many times in interviews and his autobiography. I like sticking to facts, not speculations. 😉

  38. The signatures look slightly different in key details in each picture. Not different enough to point to different personalities, but different enough to suggest that they are forged. If you know anything about handwriting analysis, you'll see what I mean.

    • Unfortunately, it's often (but not always) true, that survivors of child abuse often go on to become abusers themselves. Not that they're not human; just that they're acting on the only thing they know. This is why many survivors of child abuse choose not to become parents. I know this because I'm a survivor and have been in PTSD treatment with other survivors.

    • I agree shaz! I was abused as a child and I would NEVER abuse or disrespect a child. I would never want a child to experience the horror that I did. I can confirm, not all abused children become abusers.

    • the full line of thinking to that saying is, "Those who are abused become abusers, or continue to be abused."

      there is SOME small ("scientific") truth to it, but not a life sentence. a

      s with all traumatic experiences/addictions/painful life stages, this is only a portion of any individual's make up. we were ALL blessed with free will. never let anyone speak over you or curse you with another's sin or dysfunction: CHOOSE LIFE and truth.

      and if you know anyone with such a past, drop the stigma and judge them on their current behaviors. people CAN change, and rise those experiences. give them room to become greater than the sum of the past. we can't always see the shackles that any one person carries in life, be we can help free them.

    • Thank you Shaz someone who talks sense at last. I dont care about statistics. Myself and my husband were abused and neither of us would ever do anything to harm a child. We havent got children, not because were preventing possible abuse of our child, but because we have decided not to have one. Wow I wonder where some people get their facts from! I have nephews and those kind of horrible, evil, vile thoughts never enter my head. So there you go…..victims of abuse dont go on to abuse.

      • If you are ignoring statistics then you are ignoring science. Abuse has been a heavily researched and cited topic amongst social/clinical psychology, and decades of studies supporting a scientific theory is more persuasive than someone's belief in their own confirmation biases. Many studies will show those who have been abused as children are much more likely to become abusers or continue being abused in adulthood. This isn't a 100% black or white thing, humans are complex and there are numerous other variables (such as personality disorders for example) that will play into each individual's situation. Ultimately, the majority of abused children end up falling into the pattern of abuse throughout adulthood, and this is what science is claiming. I do not recommend completely invalidating science based on your own personal experience, as a scientific fact is based on objective , repeated and peer-reviewed measures and your opinion is vulnerable to fallacies and heuristics.

      • All's I know is that we wouldn't want any other child to go through the horrors we went through. People tend to tar with same brush and judge when they dont know the facts. My hubby has a personality disorder due to his abuse as a child. He hates the fact he's been labled with something rapists, murderers, child killers have.

      • Stop generalizing people. It all depends on what psychological type you are, your life and many other things. We are all different and the same experience can affect various people differently. So as someone once said "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics."

  39. Clearly Joe Jackson sold them out to the industry at a young age. Even Jermaine, Toya and Janet is messed up. Was it worth it Joe for $. Now he is broke! That kind of money never last. Celeb money never last. They either go bankrupt or die "accidentally" leaving it all behind. Not worth it!!!

  40. I feel for MJ. Once he knew what the powers that be we're up to and tried to focus on helping children and the world which is against the illuminati they framed him to make out he abused kids when in reality he was helping them with his money and fame. They turned something so innocent and so close to MJ into something sinister which we all know the illuminati would do.

    FairPlay to MJ he never turned away from his innocence but the blind world believed what lies the media painted. I'd love it if he faked his death to escape from these trolls to live his life in peace.

  41. "And when a messenger from God came to them confirming that which was with them, a party of those who had been given the Scripture threw the Scripture of God behind their backs as if they did not know [what it contained]."

    "And they followed [instead] what the devils had recited during the reign of Solomon. It was not Solomon who disbelieved, but the devils disbelieved, teaching people magic and that which was revealed to the two angels at Babylon, Harut and Marut. But the two angels do not teach anyone unless they say, "We are a trial, so do not disbelieve [by practicing magic]." And [yet] they learn from them that by which they cause separation between a man and his wife. But they do not harm anyone through it except by permission of God. And the people learn what harms them and does not benefit them. But the Children of Israel certainly knew that whoever purchased the magic would not have in the Hereafter any share. And wretched is that for which they sold themselves, if they only knew."

    Quran 2: 101-102

    On a side note, my wife and I always believed that Michael was innocent from all accusations.

  42. Just looking at these pictures made me sad for Michael Jackson. What that poor man must've endured in his vulnerable years growing up and in the years under the control of evil handlers in his music career.
    May he rest in heavenly peace.

  43. Is it just a coincidence, I notice in the 7th picture with the child/grownup duality, it looks like the eye of horus was drawn over the child's eye

  44. Also, in the drawing on pink paper, the female figure is wearing a nipple clamp like Janet Jackson wore during the staged "Nipplegate" SuperBowl performance with Timberfake. Sexuality is modified, supplemented and hardwired. The male and female figures face away from each other with arch, knowing but unhappy expressions. Both male and female figures have (surgically altered?) pixie noses. These drawings suggest an unhappy and dysmorphic separation of opposites, as well as a series of psyches/selves that are buried within each other like Russian dolls…

  45. In the first picture the hair is representing EKG lines…
    Very sad!

    People dont understand one doesn't make it by talent alone.

    VC, personally I would like more updated stories like how it was in the past. So many interesting things going on right now. Beyonce looking drugged out of her mind, etc. But, great write up as usual.

    • beyonce video is insane! and looking jay z so calm and natural, just like a true good Handler. greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat Hollywood crap,ops,couple.

      • VC also has a life offline. It's hard to do proper research, write well-written articles, and do what needs done in the day-to-day requirements of our lives. For all we know about VC, he's a regular working stiff putting in 12 hour shifts and/or has a demanding baby/kids/wife/etc at home. I admit, I've been checking regularly waiting to see a new post. But I also have my own blog that I don't get to update as often as I'd like. The requirements of Life in this world get in the way of our true passions. And we can only blame so much of that on tptb…damb wage slavery.

  46. The seventh picture, I feel it is more trying to show the meeting of the 2 personas… One being male and the other female. Just my first thought…

  47. Last picture- MJ is also wearing a black armband like he is in mourning. Seven picture of distorted face has 7 slashes on face. Not sure what that means but just food for thought.

  48. The last picture: imagine a clockface behind him. At the position of the arms you get the numbers 9 and 11. With the smoke and the city in the background this looks like a hint to the 9/11 WTC sacrifice.

    • I see how u came up with that. Yep.

      I'm still 'stuck' knowing Sandy Hook was mentioned/shown on the map in that Dark Knight movie. 'They' are horrible people.

  49. Also research the castle in Belgium where these children are taken not to see the light of day again. They interviewed a celebrity talking about his participation with an eight year old and how he apologize to her over and over again afterwards and he's just not the same anymore. Of course he was nameless to protect him. Michael Jackson just pissex off the right snakes and he was exposed. He was doing nothing different than the rest. That Belgium castle have been blocked on Google.

      • Just because the celebrity's name isn't given doesn't mean it didn't happen. LOL. hell I don't know his name, he was protected.

      • One of the global centres of Satanism is the Castle of Darkness, the Chateau des Amerois or Castle of Kings, in Belgium, near the appropriately named village of Muno Bel. The castle is close to the French border and some 20 kilometres from Luxemburg. It is protected from view by thick forests and guards keep out the curious. In the grounds is a cathedral with a dome containing 1,000 lights.28

      • yes heard of this awful place and this castle its connected to Elite p*******e elite illuminatti pedo scumbag filth elite Its been said madeleine mcann was used there and died in a sex satanic occult ritual there too I have seen a pic on the net of her a few years ago not long after she was "taken" in Belguim "she was walking hand in hand with a lady" In Belguim too (doesnt surprise me) 🙁 🙁 🙁

    • If anyone could read into the Dutch cover ups as well, please. Rolodex, Zandvoort, turkish, Prague, Apeldoorn, Orange. To name a few search-objects, Combine with Dutroux, that Belgian torturor. You will find an international network of ''important people'' from all over the world. Including the ones in th UK that are being covered up right now, by their government, with lots of smoke and mirrors. The dazzling links between people are decades old, and still working.

      • just because something is unusual or unnatural to the common man doesn't make it NOT true. and our minds would rather judge the deviant as impossible than true. history is often the only trail of crumbs available to root out the truth, keep looking there…

  50. Ok. wow! All the so called celebrities, especially women are p********s. Have you heard of the blood and sex rituals used by the women lije JLo and Eva Longoria to stay young and youthful looking. They have help from family members kidnapping and raping little girls because there's a substance in all of our bloid when we are younger as girls that we eventually grow out of. Evil spirits are also attracted to uoung girls as well. Research it! The men also participate in r**e of young girlsvand boys. Some are seeking disgusting pleasure while women are seeking eternal youth and beauty and YES they r**e.

    • i swear in india, there is this meditation thing, called kundalini.
      its raising the energy from your tail bone up your spine and makes you like… i dont even know.

      i know someone who is actually, in my opinion, genetically gifted with this meditation and "im just trippy" gene.
      He told me that when he was young, his dad would teach him yoga nidra (which is deep sleep meditation) and as as he grew older, he was able to "raise" his kundalini energy. AND iv seen him in this state, even his father was afriad. and told him that if he did it fully, he would loose his connection with this world, and become hermetic.

      anyways, all this using purity for rituals, existed in india. The point is to harvest the "essence" of the woman (this meant never actually doing her). So that the man could increase his own energy and have his vibrations more powerful.

      It is known that Mahatma Gandhi (the man that gave us independence) used to practice this with many women, essentially just laying with her. (and the women he did this with, went into ruin perhaps due to the feeding off of their vitality).
      it is suggested that hitler did this too.

      i mention only because Nazis had this Vrill society that had a very big portion of their activites based on "aquiring" these energies.

      And Vrill exisits, meditiation works, Iv seen creepy stuff, even if i described it, it wouldnt be enough for you to understand. and it just hit me how pedophillia could have a link to these ancient- and possibly still active- societies.

      • I read something like that once…That Mahatma would lie beside the women sometimes completely naked, but there would be no sort of sexual contact or anything like that…hmmmmm….

    • You do no that people like Jlo and Eva are latin right.? And you do know that latin people age slowly and beautifully right? Its genes babe not r**e. Nd im pretty sure they would need to bath in tubs of blood and not r**e children in order to look younger.

    • You are absolutely right! Satanists refer to this substance by several names but most often it's referred to as ether, or the essence of our soul. It's also not just young girls but young boys as well, has to do with the purity of the soul. The purer the soul the more power they get by drinking the blood or offering it up to a demon during rituals. This is also said to be how they can open up star gates during rituals through which they call down demonic energies to be used in magic spells. This IS the elites religion, they write about this stuff themselves and believe in it 100% because it actually works and they've been doing this inter-generationally as far back as ancient Sumeria and probably much longer than that.

  51. The main blame lies with Joe Jackson and it is well documented that was severely abusive to all his kids especially Michael and probably also to his grandchildren, MJ's kids. He is one scary psychopathic, hosted man.
    The 'doodles' people draw are key to illustrating their mind patterns and programs. i.e spirals indicate influence from the astral as do 5 pointed stars..
    Everyone on this planet is programmed and everyone has abuse issues, from this life or 'previous' lives.
    Programming and possession is passed down over generations, mostly due to religious beliefs.
    Most of the population have entities in and around them that influence their behaviours.
    Many are fractured also by traumas and negative parenting, people end up treating their kids the way they were treated.
    It is normal to have multiple personas/characters within the mental matrix and express them accordingly to survive in this world. MJ was severely abused, but at least he was able to express his creativity and talent on the planet and reach out to millions of people in a positive way. so before you feel sorry for him and think how tragic his life was, look at yourself and your own traumas and issues, because they are really not that different.

    • There aren't any previous lives. We live only once on this planet and we are eternal. We pass away and there are only 2 places to be taken. Otherwise all the Saints would be reborn. Rebirth, another lie of the usual suspects.

      • What you think is "eternal life" living life over and over….u think there is some place literal with fire and/or place with pearly gates and gold street…lmao? The bible isnt literally yet you chose to take that description literal. You ppl are funny. Let me know when you get there!

      • Of course there is heaven and also hell. I believe what the Saints have said and also others who went to hell. There's no turning back. Once you pass away, that's the end of your life on earth. You can't come back and make amends. I think if people knew what it's like to be in heaven, which I don't, would never want to come back here again.

        now I found on youtube an interesting vision of a Saint who lived 16 centuries ago
        St Niphon And His Vision of the Fierce Judgement Day

      • When you start bible thumping you lose me. The same bible quoted “Slaves obey your masters”. We are face with judgment everyday we make a choice and face the consequences. The bible has been edited beyond belief. So you are telling me that that theres some place with a welcome sign saying “Welcome to heaven/hell”? Laughable! Religion (any) is nothing but a mind-control closing minded doctrine.

      • I'm not talking about religions as I'm referring to the truth. You are entitled to your opinion by all means. Nobody will harass you for having your views.

      • How ironic your name is Truth and Light. Jesus said He is the way the Truth and the life. He also said He is the Light of the world. I hope you come to the real truth that when someone die there is only 2 eternal places you can go. I hope you know that before it's too late.

      • No, truth and light is within each and every one of us. We dont need Jesus for that. The creator created it in us. It is how he dwells in us. If you need Jesus to show you your light and way, you are lost. Now wonder church is filled with so many lost sheep. Looking fro light from Jesus and/or pastor!!

      • Why do you hate Jesus if you love the Creator? They are different aspects of the same. If you love the Creator, you love Jesus. He never did anything to you except die for you because he loves you. Don't throw away a perfect gift.

      • where do i say I hate Jesus. I do not hate anyone, I hate religion. there are many paths to God/Creator!! this is another thing with narrowminded religious folks they dont try to read and understand but only tries to shove doctrines down ppls throat!!!

        *forgive the typos in my comments

      • and oh….GOD has no religion. Religion is a man made concept. If your bible is right, so is the koran and talmud and the likes, capiche

      • Kev I am also a believer, but God has many mysteries he has not and will not disclose fully to us until we go to meet him again. Why do so many children have memories of former lives? Many world war 2 vets come back and describe their end accurately (real former people with real names) as young children aged 2 and 3 without learning of it anywhere. Anne Frank came back as a young girl and described where her house was & what was hanging on the walls before they went there to confirm it. There is so much more to the world than we see. The enemy takes the truths of God and twists them into different religions and belief systems to deceive.

      • s*tan's work again. The wicked spirits more likely whisper all sorts of things to mislead people again. There is no reincarnation but then again if you want to believe there is, nobody will try to change your mind. Your views are your views and my views are mine. Furthermore, I never claimed I'm a good person because I have certain beliefs. You can have opinions and a certain personality, on the other hand your actions might be different than what you find appealing. You might be poor but love wealth. You might be old but love youth. You might be ugly but love beauty. Consequently, you might have a bad attitude but you find goodness and wholesomeness appealing. In this case you might be an hypocrite or just struggle too much to achieve what you find appealing.

  52. MJ was definitely used by the music industry to mae money. Whether or not he was a victim of 'mind control' or 'electroshock' is another story. I used to draw war scenes when I was a kid. I was in no war and no one was trying to shoot me. Today as an adult I still draw war scenes. No on is trying to kill me and I have no desire to join an army and kill others. Just doodles man. Just doodles. Maybe you're seeing facesin clouds or monsters in every closet or just drawing wild conclusions about nothing at all. Yes MJ was used but so is everyone who works for an employer

    • Commenting on the "just doodles" remark:
      This website's sole purpose is to point out recurring SYMBOLS that span humanity's time and cultures.
      As stated in the header,
      Symbols rule the world, not words or laws..

      The reoccurring themes of Michael's artwork coincide with other known MK Ultra art. That's not drawing conclusions, it's identifying with the artists entire perception of not only his artwork but his surroundings.

      On a side note:
      Maybe there's a deeper meaning behind drawing scenes of conflict throughout your life?

    • you need to read a survivors book who was a programmed M k victim of M K and S R A she was a governmental presidental model used in The Military and in the white house too she names alot of abusers in her book her name is (Brice taylor) (her pseudonym) in her Book about her Life(title is called…… (thanks for the memories) she shares in her book the Graphic abu and trauma based M K and her abuse she suffered But also she described in Graphic detail in her book (thanks for the memories) how Michael Jackson and his brothers were terribly sexually abused sold/abused/repeatedly raped/ before they went on stage to performwhen they were in Jackson 5 they were repeatedly raped up the bum as they all had to line up with their pants down and backsides out for their many "repeated abuses/"Rapes", by various abusers In Hollywood she names Bob Hope as a sadistic peadophile as Not only her "main handler since a wee small liitle Girl But a also a "Main Handler" of Micheal Jackson and The Jackson 5 Brothers(sick!!!!) (all of them endured this Trauma Michael and all his Brothers too) its in her book 🙁 🙁 🙁 such awful terrible suffering they all endured) (joe jackson "pimped and sold Michael and all his Brothers" "for fame and Money") (sick filthy barsteds I hope they all Rot in Hells flames for eternity) I Hate ALL sick peadophiles!!!!!

    • Maybe you died during war or fighting in a war in your last life. Maybe you should try to get in to past life regresion session wbit a hypnotist. Serious it could open doors for you? What could it hurt? Love judy

    • Same here…..about two months ago I began drawing pictures that to some people I know mean something but to others mean nothing at all. Odd enough, even I have little idea what the pics mean but was surprised to learn that I'm not the only person in the world who draws mysterious pictures. My friends describe my drawings as "ominous" or "creepy"…etc…

  53. Does anyone know was Michael Jackson a p*******e or did the media make him look like a p*******e? I want to believe that he wasn't but when I look at his life, he was kinda crazy and really close to kids.

    • All I can say is that when you read the facts of the case and not the media, all that was proven is that those families were extorting Michael for money. The media wont let it be known that Michael's insurance company made him settle the first case but Michael didn't want to do that.

      The FBI took all 17 of his computers, nothing was found on them. The FBI followed him and tapped his phones for over 10 years and they could find nothing unseemly going on.

      Think about it, if someone hurt your child in that way, I don't care who they are, wouldn't you want them in jail so they couldn't do this to any other child? I wouldn't just want money and walk away. Even though Michael was very eccentric, if you think about it, most real p********s are the nice "normal" neighbor down the street that everyone likes but he hurts 100's of children.

      No one knows for a fact but there is no evidence that he ever did anything to hurt a child. If anything, he often thought he was a child himself.

      • There is an actor on the soap Young and the Restless who was one of the boys who spent time on his ranch and in a recent interview he spoke very fondly of MJ. Correct me if I'm wrong, but kids who've been abused don't generally remember their abusers with love and affection.

        I never got p*******e vibes from MJ, he seemed so lost and childlike himself.

        That clown drawing kind of gives me the willies. I used to sell stuff on ebay, and one thing I sold was this old clown toy to someone named Michael Jackson, in California. I knew he used to buy toys on ebay and always wondered if it was him.

      • You are wrong, victims do often remeber their abusers with love and affection, when they were groomed. MJ was a groomer, a friendly "loving" p*******e. Wade Robson used to speak of MJ with love and affection until he didn't. You don't know if every boy who spent time on the ranch was a victim of sexual abuse though. There was no shortage of boys. Let's hope for that actor he wasn't abused.

      • Although you are correct that groomed victims can show love to their abusers, don't use Wade Robson as your example.
        He is a lying piece of crap trying to cash in on the money from Michael's estate conveniently after he died.
        When Michael was furthering his career Wade was 100% against the p*******e claims, testified in court in his defense, invited him to his wedding and well after held him in high esteem. Then Michael dies, Wade gets financial difficulties and he comes out publicly against him and says he abused him and goes after the estate money to "heal".
        In his interviews he doesn't display any signs of real distress while talking about it. I know people who have been abused and NONE could talk about it in the way he does. Infact he shows body language common when lying, along with common phrases like "this is MY truth" when faced with questions of validity instead of open answers e.g "I'm telling the truth / it IS true " Which is a common psychological word play used to off set guilt while lying.
        In one interview he almost slips up when answering a question saying "there was no money, no se- uh *shifts conversation*" Sounds like he was going to slip and say "no sex". The subconscious mind slipping the truth its aware of out.
        I really liked Wade, he is a great dancer and I always watched his show the Wade Robson Project. And although I never believed Michael was a p*******e I was willing to hear Wade out. But I call a spade a spade, a liar a liar. Wade is a clear liar. Even IF you believe Michael did abuse children, you shouldn't just believe every person that pops up accusing him. There are motives and usually they are lots of green paper bills. x

    • He was a p*******e. Too many of his victims have spoken out by now to leave any possibility for doubt. Plus yeah, his behavior was really obviously deranged anyway.

      His life is so sad. I believe he was abused and truly broken as a child and didn't come out well at all. Then he went and abused more kids. True tragedy.

      • if you really tune in (with your heart) you will see that his vibe is prey – not predator.

        we need to look deeper than popular media, entertainment and legal systems (all insidiously connected) to discern truth from farce.

      • Prey and predator, two faces, at least. By "tuning in with your heart" you mean ignore everything and go with wishful thinking. Of course you could do that, but I can't disrespect his victims like that.

      • Unfortunately most people believe everything the media tells them. Now days you have to do your research, not just on MJ but everything.

      • The FBI files are public record and online for everyone to read. They didn't have any real leads so they followed up even tabloid stories and found that many of the kids didn't even exist. People just sold made up stories or the tabloid made them up. After MJ died I want to know for myself so I did research.

      • Same, after MJ died I wanted to know for myself so I did the research. Same as you I also wanted to believe he was innocent, because I'm a fan. It' was pretty hard to swallow the delusion and obvious propaganda against Chandler's father etc., so I had to quietly accept he was probably guilty. Now none of this matters anymore, because Wade Robson and James Safechuck have spoken up. Nameless FBI leads are completely irrelevant either way. The truth is out.

        Did your research completely fill up your brain that you can't get new information in any more? Listen to Wade. As you listen to Kesha, Michael and everyone who is presented as a victim on here.

      • Wade is full of it and since he is unemployed he wants what he thinks is easy money. His story has changed over and over. Also his accusations came In the middle of when the family was suing AEG who said the would do anything to win. This is super fishy like he was put up to it to make MJ look bad again so AEG could win. Like Tom Messareau said, why work when you can sue Michael Jackson? If you did real research you would know this. Keep believing everything the media tells you. This isn't the only thing they are lying about. Anyone who says the have done research and believes Wade doesn't care about the truth. Bye!

      • Whoa, the delusion is strong with you, you don't even bother sounding rational a this point. I wish I had your critical thinking skills and would know everything a lawyer says about a client is gospel, while men constantly lie about being raped for profit. Wow , "they" must piss their pants faced with someone as clever as you.

      • I generally lurk and read the articles here. I don't comment, but I'm compelled to speak on this subject. I have followed and researched this matter over the past 20 years myself and I found that the only thing that has made sense regarding MJ is that he had to be a MK Ultra victim. There is some generational abuse that went on in this family in that Joe Jackson's father was also abusive to him. Couple that with the mother's programming into the JW religion and you have a perfect storm prerequisite for mind controlling those siblings.

        MK victims that start that young are usually programmed to handle/monitor other victims in the system. When you see pics of him, Brooke Shields and Emmanuel Lewis together, that's not by coincidence. The overlords don't want outsiders messing with their programming.

        I think it does matter what the FBI has to say about it because if they wanted him in jail, all they had to do was to produce evidence — even if they manufactured it. In my opinion, it was enough to ruin his career and reputation because he spoke out about the very cabal that had been in control of him.

        That's a no no and they will come for you. All of these individuals who were around MJ were also likely MK victims themselves. It would follow the pattern discussed by MK victims who have written extensively about it.

        I also believe that they 'sacrifice' individuals to throw off anyone who may put together the system, inclusive of exposing individuals at very high levels.

        We will never know the truth. People will choose to believe what they wish, but understand the real evil are those who think they have the authority to play God with the masses.

      • I've seen all the police files, witness testimonies, and evidence for a paper I had to write on Michael Jackson's child molestation case. ALL the evidence proves extortion. The first piece of evidence in 1993 should have proven that enough. But the media doesn't want you to know…. Listen to this tapped phone call between the father who accused Michael and the kids step father…

      • what the f**k are you doing on this website if you belive everything the media says ? The f**k ?
        Yeah you know how the US government and the FBIA tried to ruin Charlie's Chaplin's life/career because he was against capitalism when he made the movie "modern times", he was to live the rest of his life in Europe, they invented all kinda craps to ruin him, do you ever learn, stupid sheep? Isn't that enougn that history repeats itself ? The government always targets the same kinda people that have influence that they cannot stand. MJ was a threat with his music. They want chaos, destruction. They don't want love and harmony, if you can listen to his music "Earth, man in the mirror" in no f*****g way you would believe this BS. Damn you stupid sheep, people like you piss me off. AAAh OSAMA BEN LADEN was responsaible for the 911, yeah it's those damn muslims. Ah those indians, bunch of savages, ah the communists, damn soviets, ah the japoneses, ah the f*****g aliens from MARS.
        Get lost retard

      • It is pretty common knowledge that those have been abused become abusers. They keep the cycle going and some really believe that it is normal since abuse is all they have known. It is hard to understand from those that are outside of it. People think it is easy to make different choices but breaking away is trauma in itself. The dealing with deep betrayal is crushing.

        I can't imagine having such horrible things done to a young child then have crowds of people adore you. It must have been very confusing to deal with this. Makes my stomach turn to think about it all.

      • Im pretty sure not only that but in MK families the victims are sometimes programmed to be abusers. It's generational too.

      • I cant believe how dumb you are to say that its common knowledge that abused people go on to abuse. where do you get that information from? The media by any chance? It makes me SOOO angry when people say that and its an insult to people like myself and my husband who were both abused as children and would never harm a hair on any childs head. Typical sheeple mentality

      • It's not common for the abused to become abusers. Get that fact straight, please. Most people who have been abused do not continue the cycle. However, it IS true that the majority of abusers have a history of abuse.

      • Michael Jackson was identified in court by the skin disease vitalago (sp?) and how he had white patches on his dinga ling. How did those boys know about his skin disease in order to testify?

      • Michael had patches all over his body. He didn't where makeup from head to toe all the time when he was home. Actually if you read the case you would know that they got the discription wrong. If they had gotten it right then Michael would probably be alive in prison right now. They lied about that and were caught in so many other lies.

        They tried to put Michael away for well over a decade and never found anything I believe because he was innocent.

      • It was common knowledge MJ started getting lighter (vitiligo back during Off The Wall, so of course by 1993-2003-2005 he was spotted. and Mrs Smith is right the description DIDN'T MATCH. if it did he would have been in prison since 1993, and they didn't/couldn't charge him because obviously the pics didn't match.
        in fact the father of the 93 accuser had to give his own son a drug that causes false memories Sodium Amitol up until then he denied anything ever happened.

      • He was NOT a p*******e. If you've read any of the court documents and followed the cases, those were clear as day attempts at extortion. Even the Chandler's came clean that they were lying and the Arviso's were proven liars as well as attempted previous extortion on other notable people. Michael was NOT a p*******e at all. And anybody who believes that without reading any of the actual evidence is a f**king FOOL.

      • no abusing children makes one a p*******e , ignoramus. and mj has done so. get out of here Stan with no critical thinking skills.

      • "Not AN MJ Stan", oh the irony. In addition, great form using an Eminem term, look at the Berzerk artwork and see how "cool" he is.

    • Michael Jackson was innocent, he was put through a sham trial and they threw everything at him in the hope something would stick, but when it came to it, a jury originally out to get him cleared the man. Thank God, even though it killed him anyway. Miss you Michael

    • I don't believe MJ was a p*******e. I've read or seen somewhere a while ago that some kids were paid to say MJ molested them. He was so close to kids because he never really got to enjoy his childhood, after all he got into the industry at a young age.
      Once upon a time, EVERYONE loved MJ (I still do). He was very talented, no doubt, but I believe when he sold his soul that's when he really blew up. However, from being in the industry for so long he started to figure out that these people, like Tommy Mottola, were devils and that's when he started to come out with the truth, and once that happened that's when they started destroying him and his image.
      There's a recording I heard maybe last year of MJ saying They were going to kill him. In 2009 after They killed him, his sister LaToya, in interviews, stated he told her that They were going to kill him. Everyone would ask her, "who is They?", but she just couldn't say because she knew They would probably silence her too.
      I also find it so EFFED up that Sony is still making money off MJ after he made it clear that he despise them and would only do one last album with them (I think that album was Invincible)…MJ and Tupac are probably the only two celebs I genuinely miss.

    • I saw Corey Feldman on the view recently and he said Michael Jackson was one of the only people in Hollywood who didn't attempt to abuse/ take advantage of him when he was younger.

    • Everyone keeps speculating about "him", but if there was really a bunch of dissociative mind control going on, there wouldn't have been a specific "him" to ask about. For all we know, there could have been 99 saintly Michael Jacksons and one abusive one. Of course, I never met any Michael Jacksons ever, so I can't make the call.

    • Most of the songs/ lyrics on that album are creepy. He even had a short horror film around the song "ghosts." He references his baby being sacrificied. Someone from his family. Not sure if he referred to a child or girIfriend. I am sure they had him in some messed up stuff during the time of the album. Even the sexual song about a sista was a bit much for soft spoke mj.
      There should be analysis on this entire album.
      Also "diary of a madman" by Ozzy pretty much sums up a lot that you feel bad for what they have been through. They put spells on these talented people and send spirits after them. This is no joke and even more.to mind control. Hypnosis techniques opens the soul up for possession.

  54. In that last picture, is that the old order / city going up in smoke? Replaced with a city made in the 'reflection' of the Masonic world order and lead by the force of sacrifice

    • Good catch, I also noticed the hinting at 'as above so below' as you see the stars in the sky 'reflected' on the chessboard floor, but it's really the lights from buildings being seen through translucent checkerboard. Looking at earth from space, it's like seeing stars where the city lights shine around the dark side of earth.. If you live in the city however the bright light pollution blocks out the amazing view of the night sky with the deep bluish black canvas with contrasting starlight and ….it's just breathtaking if you've ever looked up while out in the middle of nowhere with clear skies at night. 🙂

  55. Undoubtedly, the guy was very talented… even for drawing very nice artwork, regardless its meaning.

    Too bad Michael left us so soon… I feel he had many things to share with the world.. not music or dancing but a lot of dark secrets. Maybe he was actually going to speak his mind and he was abruptly silenced.

    • yep Thats what the song he made ("They dont really care about us") was about (Illuminatti) listen to the lyrics in it (paris jackson tweeted about that a while ago she drew freemasonry and illuminatti symbols when she tweeted the Lyrics and what her father was saying i n that song ("they dont really care about us") so Obviously true sadly "used abused and spit outand murdered", in the industry and then "silenced and offed By illuminatti so Tragic and sad 🙁 🙁 🙁

  56. "Hollywood is a place where they'll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul" – Marilyn Menroe (another Mk ultra victim) Enough Said!

  57. Listening to janet jacksons song control in the opening intro almost sounds like mind control, but i guess is my control according to a lyrics website.

  58. Man, mj's life breaks my heart. You get the feeling that from probably as early as he can remember he has been badly abused and taken advantage of. His father was not a good man/person and started the abuse, the media killed him Every chance they got, he was made to look like a p*******e, which must have absolutely broke his heart as a person who wanted (to give) children to have the pain free upbringing that he wasn't afforded. I truely feel for these entertainers like MJ, Britney, Amanda Bynes, Lindsey Lohan bc you can see how much pain they are constantly in.

    • The worst of it is people are too stupid to realize this is what is what is happening to them, and they continue to ridicule them. It's so upsetting to me. These Sheeple remind me of the people from The Hunchback of Notre Dame when they ridiculed and threw things at Quasimoto, for shame!

    • yep its true sadly so horrible and not surprised I know a few survivors in the states who were victims of S R A and M K programming they shared that in "satanic Hollywood", M J and his Brothers all who were in Jackson 5 wew ALL victims of S R A and M K they all were the Whole Jackson family If you read another survivors Book also a Victim of the same M k and S R A Governmental M k programming she endured herself (Brice taylor) (her pseudonym) her book is called ( Thanks for the memories) she wrote in her book about the entire jackson family and Michael also too all being Raped repeatedly up The Bum before they went on stage to perform as young entertainers in The Jackson 5 days It happened alot by various people in the industry (Bob Hope was Brice taylors "main handler" I think he also was a "main handler" also of the Jackson Brothers she describes this in her book (horrible stuff) Joe jackson was their "handler" who sold them/pimped them/ to various people in Hollywood to "be repeatedly raped and traumatised" before they went on stage in the days of jackson 5 poor Michael Jackson and His whole family too/ the ALL never had a chance their father "saw to his and his whole familys abuse" and 'sold and pimped them all" them all into "satanic holywood to be "repeatedly raped and traumatised" (read Brice taylors Book) she describes it ALL about M J and his family (so tragic and sad) 🙁 🙁 🙁

      • So where was his mom the whole time? Did she turn a blind eye to all this evil that his father and other sickos did to the boys when they were small?

      • Jackson's mother knowingly or unknowingly was in on it. The Jehoviah's Witnesses is a brainwashing cult ran the Collins family of the illuminati. She either was brainwashed to think selling her kids in slavery for fame was for god or was a die hard lucifarian witch who knew the truth about the Warchtower Society leadership being into satanism and could careless about anything but fame.

      • Lol, everything you wrote here is lies. You can go to jw.org and see for yourself, or tv.jw.org. Surely ifwhat you say is true you will find proof there.

    • Exactly…I feel the EXACT same way. So sad….and sooooooooo frustrating when people bash him…I wish people could end their ignorance and feel empathy. RIP MJ…at least some of us understand ♡

    • yes vc does share alot but at the same time YOU can do your own research as well. you should be at that point where you see these images yourself and are able to depict them yourself! thumbs up!

    • Yes VC has opened my eyes along with many others and I thank them for that. its a place where people can unite and stand together and share opinions, thoughts and experiences without judgement (for the most part)
      I see the symbolism everywhere but when I try to tell others I get that look of absurdity. I believe its a journey one must want to take on their own to truly see with clear eyes.
      Mikey cyrus ' Instagram page is absolutely filled with MK ultra mind control images .. Its really spooky to see youth so blindly adapting and liking such sick and twisted 'art'. I really fear for the future. I was watching the fresh prince of Bel air on Netflix ..a show I loved as a youth and watched every day..and have now noticed its rife with satanic and now symbolism. Will smith did his job very well to conform rich white kids ..well white kids in general. The first season is terrifying now. The episode where he carves his name into the treasured sacred desk the founders of the private school carved their names into is very telling. He day dreams of being one of them and sees his face up on the wall with the other founders …in my opinion first thing that came to my mind was president Obama and a conditioning of acceptance of a black leader with a 'prince charming' kind of allure. The show focuses on young Ashley and how Will 'mentors' her. The christmas episode at one point the screen pans over to a giant glimmering satanic star.
      Its amazing how long this imagery and brainwashing has been around for. Slowly conforming and manipulating the masses
      I believe there is an alien link. We are their experiment or something. They are the evil overlords controlling us. The eye of Horus or the evil eye we see everywhere is often depicted with a space ship or alien face. I see it everywhere. EVERYWHERE! What is the connection…? I'm afraid to find out.


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