The World of Mind Control Through the Eyes of an Artist with 13 Alter Personas


Kim Noble is a rare occurrence: a trauma-based mind control survivor with over 13 alter personas who don’t know each other but who all paint. She has suffered DID and MPD (dissociative identity disorder and multiple personality disorder) for most of her life, as a result of an extremely traumatic childhood. Each one of her alters paints with a personal and distinctive style but they all have one thing in common: they reveal the dark world of mind control programming, from its horrific techniques to its symbolism. We’ll look at the works of this unique artist who reveals a world that is totally hidden from the masses.

Many articles on this site point out the presence of mind control symbolism in popular culture. Photo shoots, music videos and movies often glamorize and trivialize mind control and its symbolism by associating it with famous stars and trendy happenings. The fact however remains that these references celebrate one of the most abominable practices known to man: trauma based mind control, also called Monarch programming. Originating from the secret CIA project called MK-Ultra, Monarch programming subjects its victims to some of the most sadistic tortures conceivable (for more details on Monarch programming see the article entitled Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control).

The works of Kim Noble vividly document the life of a mind control slave through the eyes of 13 alter personas. While a few of these alters paint peaceful landscapes and nature scenes, most of them depict horrific aspects of mind control such as physical torture, electroshock, violent abuse, dehumanization and dark occult rituals. The stories told by these paintings are almost too much to bear, yet they likely actually happened to Kim Noble as they precisely reflect  accounts of other Monarch survivors. Looking at the works of Kim Noble not only reveals gritty details of an abominable practice carried on by “elite” organizations, it reveals the symbolism that is also thrown in our faces on a daily basis through corporate-owned mass media. Let’s look at the life and works of Kim Noble.

Who Is Kim Noble?

I have the feeling that Kim Noble herself would have trouble answering this question. Here’s the biography found on her official website.

“Kim Noble  is a  woman who, from the age of 14 years, spent 20 years in and out of hospital until she made contact with Dr Valerie Sinason and Dr Rob Hale at the Tavistock and Portman Clinics.  In 1995 she began therapy and was diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder (originally named multiple personality disorder). D.I.D is a creative way to cope with unbearable pain. The main personality splits into several parts with dissociative or amnesic barriers between them. It is a controversial disorder but Kim has had extensive tests over 2 years by leading psychology professor at UCL, John Morton, who has established there is no memory between the personalities and that she has the misfortune of representing the British gold standard over genuine dissociation.

Having no formal art training, Kim and 13 of her personalities (alters) became interested in painting in 2004 after spending a short time with an art therapist. These 12 artists each have their own distinctive style, colours and themes, ranging from solitary desert scenes to sea scenes to abstracts, collages, and paintings with traumatic content. Many alters are unaware that they share a body with other artists.

What is remarkable to all is both the quality of their work and the speed of their progress. Within five years of starting to paint they have already had seventeen successful solo exhibitions and participated in an equal number of group exhibitions. Kim was also the first Artist in Residence at Springfield University Hospital in Tooting, South West London.”

Despite the fact that she has to live with 13 alter personas – who randomly take control of her body – Kim Noble is fortunate enough to be living a relatively normal life. The fact that the programming stopped at a young age has helped her become “well-adjusted”. She has a teenage daughter named Aimee, who was mostly raised by the motherly alter named Bonny.

In the past few years, Kim Noble enjoyed some mainstream exposure and was featured in national newspapers such as The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Independent and several others. She even appeared at the Oprah Show, where she was interviewed and was shown switching personas. As you might expect from mainstream media, the coverage of Noble’s condition was extremely superficial and focused on exploiting the “freak” aspect of her condition for shock value. The true cause of her condition, trauma-based mind control, which is extensively described in her works, is almost never mentioned.

Although most articles and interviews about Noble “applauded” her courage and whatnot, none of them dared discussing the core message of her work and the system that it describes. Many of Noble’s paintings depict terrible scenes of organized, institutionalized and systematic violence, torture, and child abuse combined with elaborate occult symbolism. It is obvious that the trauma Noble went through was not caused by a single sadistic father but by an organized entity that held many children. The only article I found delving into the mind control aspect of Noble’s work was The Art of Dissociation from the excellent website Pseudo-Occult Media. However, to most newspapers, Noble’s work is nothing more than an example of “outsider art” (a term popularized by trendy art-world douches to identify art created by people with mental problems). Most observers are fascinated by the fact that each one of Noble’s alters paint with a distinctive style, but it’s as easy to recognize that her collective works describe her past as a Monarch programming victim.

The “real” Kim Noble does not recall any of the abuse she suffered – several of her alters do, however, and they express all of it in their paintings.

“To all intents and purposes, each of Kim’s personalities is an artist in their own right: Patricia paints the solitary desert landscapes, Bonny’s pictures often feature robotic dancing figures or “frieze people”, Suzy repeatedly paints a kneeling mother, Judy’s canvasses are large, conceptual pieces while Ria’s work reveals deeply traumatic events involving children.

These disturbing images are at the root of Kim’s extraordinary condition; DID is a creative mental survival strategy whereby the personality splits at a young age due to severe and chronic trauma. The number of personalities that exist often depends on how long the trauma lasts. But Kim herself has no memory of being abused as a child; she has been protected over the years by her alters.

“I’ve been told I was abused and to me at this moment in time, it’s too much. It goes in one ear and out the other. It’s no good retraumatising me and telling me something I don’t want to know – in any case, there would be a switch.”

Kim has good reason to fear learning about her past as it’s possible that if she acquires too much information, she won’t be able to cope and will “disappear”. It’s happened twice before. (omega)

This is where it gets really weird – for Kim isn’t Kim at all. The personality I am interviewing is Patricia and it is she who manages her and Aimee’s lives, but Patricia wasn’t always the dominant personality. Before Patricia took over, Bonny held the fort and two years previous to Bonny, it was Hayley.

Kim watches me closely as she explains: “You see Kim is just the ‘house’, the body. There isn’t a ‘Kim’ at all – she has completely split. So we answer to the name Kim but really I am Patricia. When people call us ‘Kim’ I suppose many of us just assume it’s a nickname, but once people know you they don’t use your name very often in conversation.”

Of the 20 or so personalities who share “Kim”, some are easily identifiable: there is 15-year-old Judy who is anorexic and bulimic, maternal Bonny, religious Salome, depressed Ken, sensible Hayley, Dawn, Patricia and elective mute MJ. There are also a handful of children “frozen” in time. A few of the alters know about the DID but many are unaware – or refuse to accept it.

“Judy doesn’t believe in the DID,” explains Kim. “She’s only a teenager and she calls our therapist a nutter when she tries to explain it to her. She’s so young, she doesn’t even think Aimee is her daughter. She knows about me and she thinks that I’m a terrible mother because I’m always leaving Aimee. To her, it’s totally normal to keep coming and going. She probably thinks that you come and go too.”

There are certain “triggers” that can force a change and gradually Kim has learnt what they are in order to avoid them – but it doesn’t stop her switching up to three or four times a day.”
– The Independent, “Kim Noble, a Woman Divided”

Let’s look at some of the works created by some of Kim Noble’s alters as they each provide a different look at the shady world of Monarch programming. Regular readers of the Vigilant Citizen might realize that a lot of the symbolism found in Noble’s paintings are also found in popular culture.

Warning: Several of these paintings depict disturbing scenes which might not be suitable for young or sensitive readers.



Bonny, who was Kim’s “dominant” alter for a few years, is a warm and motherly figure. Most of her paintings portray humans as mechanical robots – which is one of the ways one could describe a mind control slave. Other pieces are more directly related to Monarch programming such as this one, aptly titled “I’m Just Another Personality”.

“I’m Just Another Personality” visually represents the splitting of the subject in several alters. The central figure, or the core personality has become simply “another personality”. It is blindfolded, representing the victims total blindness to its condition.

This kind of imagery is sometimes found in popular culture by acts who exploit mind control imagery.

Lady Gaga on the cover of V with two alter personas.

Another piece made by Bonny, ironically named I-Test, symbolically depicts the reality of a mind control slave.

“I-Test” portrays a blank, emotionless face with blindfolded eyes. The skull is cracked, representing the fracturing of the psyche. One of the eyes is bloody and we can assume that it has been poked out. The symbol of the missing/hidden eye is extremely important in the world of Monarch mind control. It symbolically represents the loss of half of victim’s vision of the world – the other half being “taken out” and controlled by the handlers. In occult symbolism, the emphasis on one eye can refer to the Eye of Horus, the All-Seeing Eye, a symbol of the occult elite.

A promotional t-shirt of the movie Sucker Punch (which was all about Monarch Programming – see “Sucker Punch” or How to Make Monarch Mind Control Sexy) featuring a bloodied eye.

A cracked face on a promotional poster of Black Swan – another movie with heavy mind control elements.

Golden Dawn

Golden Dawn is the alter that saw the birth her daughter Aimee. However, Dawn believes that Aimee is still a baby and does not recognize the teenage girl that lives with her. The name “Golden Dawn” has a heavy occult connotation as it is the name of an important and powerful secret society that taught Hermetic Kabbalah, astrology, occult tarot, geomancy, and alchemy to its initiates. It held within its ranks prominent occultists such as Arthur Edward Waite and Aleister Crowley. The process of Monarch mind control combines state-of-the-art “science” (if you can call torture “science”) with ancient occultism, whether it be in hermetic theories, kabbalistic symbolism or invocation rituals. It is therefore no surprise that she was given this occult-inspired name.

Her piece entitled “The Naming” visually depicts the process of creating and naming a new alter.

“The Naming” is an auto-portrait of Kim with one eye that was removed from the face and placed above her, bloody, which conveys the violent nature of the process. Once again, mind control is symbolized by the loss of an eye which appears to have been replaced by a text/poem that was probably used to program her.

Most of Dawn’s other paintings feature limbless, mannequin-like figures who are subjected to various methods of torture.

“Armless Goddess” portrays a hopelessly powerless figure, ironically referred to as goddess.

“Armed Goddess” depicts another traumatic torture scene.


The alter “Key” appears to have a profound understanding of the process of mind control and its underlying occult aspect. The name “Key” might refer to terms such as the “Key of the Mysteries” or “Solomon’s Key” as she seemed to have been programmed to understand some of the occult concepts utilized in mind control. Most of this alter’s works describe the programming process as a kabbalistic “Great Work”, with the Tree of Life (the main symbol of the Kaballah) as the main object of focus.

“It Happens” is an extremely detailed work describing the several layers of programming required to traumatize and program a mind control victim. The title “It Happens” is a disabused way of saying that … all of this really happened.

“It Happens” is comprised of overlapping layers surrounding a central figure: a helpless person strapped to a bed. The head is symbolically “decapitated” from the body using a line, representing the concept of dissociation. Each one of the overlapping layers contains a set of pictographs representing either traumatic events or occult symbolism. The outer layer depicts scenes of victims being electrshocked, hung from a tree, being caged, raped (sometimes with animals), caged, buried alive and more. From this outside layer, arrows point towards the second layer, which contains zodiac signs. According to F. Springmeier, zodiac signs are used as a code to assign and file body programs. The center layer surrounding the victim contains words such as “Hell”, “Devil”, “Blood” and “Kill” which are shock words used to further traumatize the victim.

This one, entitled “Golden Kaballa”, uses the same basic layout as the previous image but replaces scenes of trauma with occult symbols and the central figure with the kabbalistic Tree of Life. Each one of the Tree of Life’s colourful spheres, named Sephirots, are used in Monarch mind control as “compartments” to store alter personas. The outer layer of the work contains the name of each of the ten spheres of the Tree of Life with its associated Hebrew letter.

By overlapping the trauma depicted in “It Happens” with occult aspects of “Golden Kabballah”, we get a rather complete idea of the process of mind control. They schematize, with near mathematical precision, a process that is described by authors on mind control such as Fritz Springmeier.

“The Cabala is synonymous with Hermeticism or Hermetic magic. The Cabala was jewish-babylonian magic. The jewish black magicians brought it to Europe. It began to get widespread notice in Europe after Enlightenment period. The great pyramid according to the occult is a symbol of the Cabalistic Tree of Life–the branches of the tree form the four streams or lines to the base of the pyramid. Because the Cabala is the basis of their hermetic magic, Illuminati systems will be fairly consistent in the make of a slave’s internal Tree of Life and Tree of Evil. (…)

The rooms of the tree of life have names. Essentially, every Illuminati hierarchy victim, has the Cabalistic tree of life placed in them. This tree lies below the other trees. The circles that make up the internal Cabalistic Tree of Life are called rooms or quads by the various survivors. Alters can use the internal Tree of Life to work magic internally. It also reminds deeper alters of cult control. The circles of the tree are rooms that can be entered into. Mt. Qabbalah is a figurative mountain in the Cabala.”
– Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula to Create a Mind Control Slave

This next piece, entitled “Seven Levels” is another highly detailed account of the process of dissociation.

Comprised of several layers, this works depicts, from bottom to top, the “evolution” of a slave from the hell of trauma to the “heavenly” feeling of dissociation. The bottom two layers depict several horrific scenes of trauma. For example, we see in the bottom left corner a pregnant women giving birth to a dead child in a pool of blood under disturbing phrases such as “No Life”, “Death” and “Blood Death All Around”. There are also several caged children, others being electroshocked and others hung upside down. Inverted crosses are found all around these two bottom layers, reminding us that these traumatic events are Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA).

All of this trauma, pain and suffering seems to be “channeled” towards the layers above, consisting of a plethora of occult symbols such as the Tree of Life, the signs of the zodiac and All-Seeing eyes. It is during this occult level that the transformation occurs.

The top layer represents the (only) escape to all this trauma: dissociation. It is represented by an angelic figure rising to the sky. Looking closely however, we see an All-Seeing Eye in the sky, which reminds us that this escape is not true freedom, but a controlled state that has been induced by the handlers.


This alter is a teenage girl who is anorexic.  Most of her paintings place a heavy emphasis on the concept of duality  – one of the most basic occult concepts exploited by mind control rituals. Duality is an ancient hermetic concept which is traditionally represented with the juxtaposition of the colors black and white, as with the Masonic checkerboard pattern or the symbol of the Ying Yang.

Judy’s works often give a prominent place to the Masonic checkerboard floor, the surface on which occult rituals and ceremonies take place in secret societies. She was probably heavily exposed to the concept of duality (good girl vs evil girl – something that is also found in popular culture) and the symbol of the checkered floor was probably physically used during programming.

“Crying Rose” fully exploits the theme of duality used on mind control victims to create a “split of personality”. The crying girl, who is dressed in a checkered dress, reflects the checkerboard pattern floor, therefore insinuating that duality is occurring within her.

This piece, titled “Symbolic or What”, is indeed … symbolic. Two girls (or two personas of the same girl) avoid stepping on the checkerboard floor  due to the presence of a snake. They appear to be covering their genitals, implying that the snake is phallic symbol. The painting also attests to the great psychic power of the checkerboard pattern on victims, a trait that was probably part of the programming.

This painting portrays Monarch slaves as literal pawns on a chessboard, who are “played with” to then be disposed of by their handlers.

This self-portrait depicts Judy as a person divided into opposite entities. The concept of duality is therefore very present and represented by the juxtaposition of the colors black and white. The shock words and insults on the image recall the violent and abusive process that leads to the fragmentation of the personality.

Ria Pratt

The paintings made by Ria Pratt are the most graphic and disturbing but also the most revealing. The alter believes she is a 12 year old girl and has vivid recollections of the trauma she has been subjected to, whether it be physical or dehumanizing. Simply watching these paintings is a difficult experience – it is further disheartening to realize that she actually lived these situations.

“It’s a Dog’s Life” depicts mind control victims being held on a leash like dogs – a technique to humiliate and dehumanize the victims. Notice the “transparent” version of the children floating in the air, representing their dissociated alter personality. An inscription on the wall says “Pratt Was Here” which emphasizes the fact that she saw and lived these things first hand.

Entitled “Too Much”, the painting depicts a victim being electroshocked by a handler with a sick smile. The pain is “Too Much” to handle, resulting in the victim’s dissociation.

“What Ted Saw” depicts the abuse of a small child by its handlers. “Ted” is the small Teddy Bear sitting on the floor. Young mind control victims are often given Teddy Bears by their handlers to make them develop an emotional attachment to them. This attachment is then exploited by the handlers to create emotional trauma.

In “Ted’s Legless”, Ria’s handler rips off one of her best friend’s legs while forcibly holding her on the ground. The trauma causes dissociation, which is represented by the transparent version of the girl. Haunting words are inscribed on the wall: “Help Me Please” and “Pratt was Here”.

The symbol of a teared up teddy bear sometimes utilized by mass media in works containing hidden references to mind control. This scene is from a music video from pop singer Jessie J’s (see full article here), which contains several references to Monarch programming.

“Unspeakable” depicts the unspeakable: the abuse of small children by their handlers. Strange phrases a written on the wall along with an inverted cross, a symbol that appears to be hardwired into the brains of Monarch slaves.

“No No!” depicts a forced abortion or premature birth. The bloody operation is witnessed by Ria, probably to traumatize her. According to Ellen P. Lacter, fetuses are either sacrificed in rituals or used as slaves.

Another of abuse involving children, who have dissociated (transparent bodies floating).

Children caged up like animals about to be tortured by a handler (who also appears to have dissociated).

This sums up the life of a Monarch slave.

In Conclusion

Although Kim Noble enjoyed some mainstream exposure, the true source of the artist’s condition – Monarch programming – is nowhere to be found in mass media. Analyzed in its entirety, Noble’s body of work describes a highly organized and complex system that appears to hold great amounts of knowledge- occult and scientific – as well as material resources. This system also appears to literally own humans, mostly children, who are  abused and traumatized to create within them programmable alter personas. The fact that no newspapers dared to investigate (or even mention) anything related to MK-Ultra, a program that was proved to use the exact techniques described in the paintings, tells volumes about the power of those operating it. The soulless handlers depicted in Noble’s paintings are not lone psychopaths, but high level officials of the Illuminati system who enjoy media immunity. In fact, they are sometimes part of the media as the worlds of the entertainment business and Monarch programming often collude.

Partly for this reason, the symbolism used during Monarch programming has spilled over to the mainstream entertainment business. Some of the world’s biggest stars are products of mind control. The same symbols used in the programming of Monarch slaves is sent to the world through mass media. High level mind control handlers and slaves (those who have “succeeded” at the various levels of programming) end up operating in show business. Some of our favorite entertainers are nothing more than puppets whose strings are pulled by unseen handlers. These handlers are “unseen” to most, but they certainly make themselves “seen” through the symbolism placed in the media.

Many of the symbols described on this site directly originate from the shady world of Monarch programming, which uses a complex system of occult images and powerful triggers. Although most of us are fortunate enough not to live through the hell endured by these MK slaves, we are still subject to a form of programming using movies, television, music and other forms of mass media. Those who operate behind the scenes attempt to slowly normalize their existence and their depraved behavior.  Sadly, the reality is sicker than the fiction.





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    • SouthAfricanGirl on

      These drawings ARE very disturding! But whats more DISTURBING is that this poor woman lived through this, and the sad thing about it is that the specialists are just going to reduce it to a mere mental problem. So sad!

      • I agree. Aside from her daughter, does Ms. Noble have any known living relatives? Brothers/sisters/aunts/uncles may be able to shed some light on her early years, so the monsters who did this to her might be identified; and her parents, if living, should At The Very Least be investigated.

        Words are completely inadequate to begin to describe my horror at seeing what Ms. Noble (and countless others) have been subjected to; and I pray that God may grant her healing, via her art and those she has touched through it.

    • This just explain why lady gaga and others in the entertainment world behave like that…

      What makes me be little bit happy is that I have a strong feeling, that these all things are reaching at the end…I'm so shocked and sad right now… :(

    • My eyes got teary when I saw the paintings by alter "Ria Pratt" . After reading many articles of yours VG, I felt sorry for these poor, mind controlled victims. But after seeing paintings of what they may have gone through, I feel so……I can't even put it into words.

      • The Ria Pratt paintings broke my heart. I can't even close my eyes to sleep after that. It's so gut wrenching. Feeling sorry almost isn't enough it seems. I don't think she'll ever recover from what they did to her. Her life is literally scattered in pieces with no hope of ever being put together again. It's so sad.

    • I gave this first comment a thumbs up and it was at 38 and the number went down to 19. Another comment I gave the thumbs up to was at 26 and went down to 18.


    • The most glaring question for me is simply…why? If this sort of ritual abuse is really taking place, then what is the exact end goal? It's obvious that these "mind control slaves", the ones that suffer the most heinous abuse, just end up as shells of people. If the idea is that these occult puppeteers are harnessing the dissosociative psychic energy created as a result of intense trauma in these victims to use for some sort of magical aim, then what exactly are they using it for? It seems to be too heinous, too barberous to commit these acts of abuse for no other purpose than for success, power, money etc. What is that "magic" being used for?

      • Christians believe that this is the ushering in of the One World Government which the AntiChrist will preside over as ruler. There are deeper studies into the eschatological studies concerning this and a lot of the symbolism can actually be found in the book of Revelation.

      • actually even if all those sick minded people doing the satanic acts think that they will have some result or success at the end of their diabolic acts, in the deepest core of the problem there is no "why"…these persons are simply sick of mind…they can't live and think normally, they can't enjoy life, the beauty of creation, they r born this way, they have a diferent DNA and brain….for them it may sound the right thing to do, ro probably they just can't feel any passion or human feeling, so they try to exagerate as much as possible with pain and suffering in order to feel…just something…in few words they r just sick persons…God save us from sick minds…

      • I don't believe people are born a certain way and that's the end of it. Humans are too complicated to be the product of a single factor -DNA for instance. The mind is more powerful than genes. We might have a certain genetic predisposition but we're still influenced by others such as our families and environment. Human beings can be nurtured to grow into anything. Overall, a combination of many factors including personal experiences/wisdom, feelings and rationality -rationality is exclusively a human trait- alter our thoughts and actions.

        enough of my rambling for now

      • As a side note, when I was around 18 I have been asked if "my name was written in the tree of life": even if the theme of the conversation was already bordering religion it always seemed a strange way to ask for one's belief. Now I see an article on mind control and a tree of life symbol, hmm.

        The asker was (or was impersonating, too late verify his identity) a guy in a quite high social position.

        This is not meant to alarm you or spread paranoia, you already have the proof that some evil men exist just by listening to the news. They can hurt society all they want, but cannot win since their ultimate aim, total control, is unattainable (for religious but also very practical reasons, think about it).

        So, resist them and you win a battle, good. If you also pity them you already won the war, no matter what happens next. Enjoy the good side.

  1. This article is what was needed to convince me that this Illuminati mind control thing is real and that the symbols described by VC in his articles were truly about mind control and the occult elite. This was a disturbing read but a necessary one in order to understand how real it is. Great job VC.

    • Words cannot express how deeply disturbing and sad this is. Did anyone notice the smiley faces on the abusers? Did anyone notice the handlers seemed dissociated as well in some paintings? And her being on Oprah and the MSM is just the illuminati's way of bragging about what they do. For those who deny Christ, Satan, and the power of religious symbols (inverted crosses, all-seeing eyes….. WAKE UP.

      • Yeah, i read that most of the abusers and handlers were abused the same way and programed to do the same.. In their heads its like a job or just what they are programmed to do.

    • You should get your husband to do a series on this….imagine the good, the prayers and the resources that would come to fruition if people, the church, REALLY knew. 21st century church has some spiritual warfare shoes to fill they don't even know exists right now. People gotta step up and out….

      • Thank you for the suggestion Sarah Connor, but I do not advise my husband on what to preach or teach, only God can do that (see my FAQs). The 21st Century church makes the mistake of being led by their thoughts or beliefs instead of the Word of God. Whatever the century, Jesus Christ is the same today, yesterday and forever more. I appreciate the suggestion and your taking the time to respond to my posting. This story intrigues me because psychology is my field of study. 😉

      • You are RIGHT. 21st century church has to step up for this spiritual warfare. No matter what religion by default being a human, we are in a spiritual warfare. The Baptist Church and the Adventist step up with full swords of the Word…I never seen any other denomination being strong like that. I am sure there are…but never seen it yet. OnSlaught Series of Dr. Walter Veith talks about these issues from their books and their quotes. The Whore of Babylon is rising. The Believers or the Body is made by believers in God of the Bible no a denomination or a religion. I am a Bible Christian. If you love Jesus I invite you to look at these free series online with an open mind to this solemn subject. Praise the Lord for free internet series for the world to see Truth!

        Dr. Veith series Espanol/English start with Secrets behind Secret Societies

        Codeword of Babylon

        Babylon is Rising free series online too

      • Completely understand, and agree! I hope I didn't offend – that wasn't my intent. Majored in psych myself, and this aspect sure puts a puzzle piece together that was not covered in the textbooks.

      • SC, I am not the least bit offended. I actually directed my husband here to read the article for himself, and he can pray about it from that point. 😉 Again, thank you sister!

      • Glad you showed your husband the site because there are WAY too many ministers, pastors, and people in the church period who do not take this 'Illuminati stuff' seriously. Just like they still don't take the Shriners and Free Masons seriously…ooops wait, aren't half of them pastors?

      • Ok good to know about the non-offense, I can't believe how crass I come off sometimes. It is not how it sounds in my head at the time LOL. And really cool that you share what you learn with your husband. I think my post was more just 'projection' on my part that I would love to find a pastor/leader who is up to speed on the current state of affairs. They are few and far between in my experience, and I dont mean that rudely. Just hurts my heart and soul to hear some of this world's propaganda regurgitated back at me from the pulpit sometimes, even if just unknowingly. Don't know what that has to do with SRA and DID but hopefully you follow!

    • I was thinking the same thing. She will definitely have her own long term effects from being raised by someone who probably shouldn't be raising the child. It's a toss up because she is her mother. The only thing is that most of the personalities that recognize her don't necessarily recognize her in the capacity that she is a child "they" are raising. It's like you don't want to rob her of the right to raise her child, but then the situation is so unhealthy.

      • I would like to know where is the smart cookie who impregnated that woman. He deserves no brownie points whatsoever.

      • I read her child is healthy, sable and doing well because the most important thing is she is loved. Her daughter has regular tests by professionals and is completely attached to her mother/ mothers. Children are very adaptable and a mother with no arms and legs, blind parents, etc. are able to bring their children up because the child has love and is listened to, wanted and understood and that over rules everything.

  2. that was crazy…sick…and disgusting…unfortunetly…this is somthing that happens more and more and in places that people dont even think that it would happen….if i would've known of things like this happening…to be honest i think i would've put myself under permanent birth control….i kant even begin to fathom this world…let alone the one that lies ahead for my children….

  3. Thank you, thank you! I had never heard of her, but will definitely explore further. This article was absolutely fascinating, especially the complexities of the paintings by "Key". Your pop culture references were spot on!

  4. A truly horrific but important article. I feel physically sick as I'm sure many of your readers do. Has there ever been any expose into where these evil acts take place? Do you believe that some modern day pop icons have suffered to the extremes of 'Kim?' I'd also like to know more about Kim's disappearances that the article alludes to. Also during the MK Ultra trials that have occurred in the past was anyone prosecuted for acts anything like as serious as those portrayed here? If anyone can help me with this information I'd be grateful. Utterely abhorrent as it is, this information needs to be in the public domain. Sorry for all the questions.

    • Yes really terrible and yet so hard to prove. They are high up in society and very intelligent. Kim struggled to get justice done and had acid thrown in her face, a house fire while other witness back down. What more can I say other than the most horrific crimes are unbelievable crimes. Even though the police may believe, it is about hard evidence and other witnesses. The sad fact is that someone with mental health problems (due to abuse and I believe part of the evidence) is seen as an unreliable witness rather than proof.

      Kim Noble's book 'All of Me' is out in the UK now and USA Oct 2012. It seems to me she hints at mind control but not yet ready to speak out. God give her and her daughter strength and love.

    • I'm disturbed too.. Reminds me when I was young, I lived in NJ and thank Allah that our teachers and parents taught us not to talk to strangers, especially ones that offered us candy… So on more than one occasion while my siblings and I were playing in the front uard, a car would pull up and we'd be asked if we want candy. There would be like two people in the car. We always looked at each other, terrified, and ran indoors. I later heard they kidnapped children for satanic rituals… Growing up I thought that was just to scare children and make them distrustful of people… But recently I've seen how true it was and this article further proves it. I even heard when I was young how they kidnapped children and held them as sex slaves near were we lived in NJ. Now I wonder about those "missing" children…. In tv shows they tell us ppl kidnap them bc they're sick and want a child of their own… But now we see that most probably is not the case, but rather, like I heard when I was young, for satanic rituals. I thank Allah over and over that I was taught to run when someone offered me candy, because thank Allah I was able to escape the unfortunate abuse other children were forced to endure….. Gives me chills….

  5. God almighty…sometimes I'm glad there's a burning, fiery pit of Hell that burns forever and ever. I hope they go STRAIGHT there. Who would take sick pleasure in torturing anyone, let alone little children.

    "It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea, than that he would cause one of these little ones to stumble."- Jesus, Luke 17:2

      • I'm sure the handlers are well acquainted with the knowledge of both God and Satan. It appears they've chosen the latter. Anyone who could do this to more than one child, unrepentant, and smiling (she pictured them smiling!) is beyond my sympathy. However, Christ's mercy *can* reach anyone…ugh…I just…UGH. I just pray for justice- look at this poor woman's shattered life. Who knows how many more are like her?!

      • A lot of the time the handlers are also under mind control or acting from a personality alter. At least in Sue Ford's book, Thanks for the Memories, her father was her main abuser as a child, but he had been abused as a child as well, to create the "abuser/handler" personality needed to carry on the "tradition". Sad. They all need to be saved.

    • Sue in the Tdot on

      It's amusing how a lot of people here are commenting on the very real MK Ultra yet they quote bible scripture demonstrating their own brainwashing! Also the moderators make it clear they will (but don't) remove any post proselytizing for or against any religion. Is the VC a bible thumping, devil dodging group? BTW it's a very informative article which I've read before many years ago on another site! It's not new. Peace.

      • Everyone will bow- J on

        Sue, believe it or not, but it is people like you who are easily influenced by demonic spirits. I chose to fill my void within with my faith of Jesus Christ.

        When you are empty within, you are opened to only God knows what. Be careful when you speak out against God.

      • I'm glad VC cited his source of info in the article. Pseudo-Occult Media is where I first read about Kim Noble. No, this info isn't new…just new to the VC blog. Check out P-OM if you haven't already.

        Just a side note – the Tavistock and Portman Clinics is worth a look, too. Portman, as in Natalie (Hershlog) Portman. Natalie studied Psychology at Harvard. I think Pseudo-Occult Media has a lengthy article on Natalie Portman as well.

        Justice will fall upon these evil, evil people.

  6. Reading this reminded me of the 'Horcruxes' in Harry Pottter; where Voldemort splits his soul into seven pieces because it is a 'magically powerful number'. I think it may be a reference to personality fracturing.

    • The seven levels thing also made me think about the phrase "seventh heaven". As far as I know in the Bible only three levels are mentioned regarding heaven… 1) earths sky and atmosphere, 2) moon, stars, "space", and 3) the city of Heaven, God, angels, etc. So lately I've been wondering where this 7th Heaven business comes from anyway. Is seven some kind of cabbala thing? Or maybe its just a really wide-spread programming slang term thats made its way into everyday language?

      • @harmless dove: you asked if the number 7 is/was significant with cabala? i have no info regarding that, but same as the commenter above you – i'm a big harry potter fan – and there is definitely some mind control themes in those books.

        either way, i DO think the number 7 is significant an many different levels. firstly, it is the basis in which we all configure our calenders (7 days/week). also, there are (supposedly) 7 chakras – which the word itself is originally sanskrit so we know this is a very old practice. there are 7 notes on the musical scale – something i think will gain importance as all things in life are merely vibrational resonance. 7 land masses (which are constantly in motion so this could change). 7 phases of the moon. 7 colors in the rainbow. how many sins? oh yea, 7.

        that list goes on and on – and from what i've read, the number 7 plays a major role in – you guessed it! – occult 'sciences'.


      • The number 7 is the number of completion…

        Harry Potter is a demonic inspired book. They (demons) would know enough about torturing…

  7. Excellent article, keep up the good work.

    It's amazing how far the twisted, psychopathic mind of a 'handler' or anyone involved in the rituals surrounding Monarch Programming will go. In the same way religion has distorted peoples perceptions and egos over the millenia, makes me wonder if in future it will be looked upon as the Spanish Inquisition is now.

    • Agree. Makes one think that The Dark Ages never really ended; they're still in full swing, only with more sophisticated "toys".

  8. wow, the people who think of this as art and don't understand the meaning need to wake up.

    You got to have a sick mind to think of this as beautiful art.

    • Art is something that reflects what is happening inside your soul, so to speak. Since she was abused and tortured her art portrays scenes of pain and sadness. Her art might not be beautiful, but it is teeming with meaning. Just because it's hard to look at does not mean it shouldn't be seen.

      • Confusing?

        What I mean is, that the evil that these torturers and occultists and for want of a better word vampires, will one day be punished. Whether that's hell, or karma, or the cosmos, this evil will not go unchecked in the grand scheme of things.

    • Blanco is the pseudonym I used somewhere else lol. Do I have to obtain your permission to reuse it again in the future? I'm just joking.

  9. I don't know what to say except we all need to be number one advocates for children. Our own children and any others we may come across that need help. God has a plan for everyone on earth which also includes the ability to choose between good and evil, and free will all of us, and these terrible people choose to commit these terrible acts. The only way I can manage after hearing a story like this is to remember they will suffer the consequences one day, and the children they hurt will be at peace.

  10. The paintings (especially) of the children are not art. Anybody who thinks of somethig like this as art cleary is evil!

    God bless the little ones and may he pay their abusers a thousand times more pain than was afflicted on them.

    • Art is an expression of emotion. Art does not have to be pretty pictures. To say that this art is evil, is to say that the poor artist is evil. I find this art fascinating… eye opening… challenging… upsetting… BUT that is why it is art. The content, or the reason for the art is evil – the art itself is pure emotion, and it shouts to me of the torture, anger, distress and rape that this poor woman has been forced through.

    • Their art has helped them. It has helped them move forward, it has helped them get to know one another, it has helped people understand the truth, it has raised emotion in others, it has …….. Then this is ART, real art that touches people, reaches out to people, communicates to people. I could go on and on. This is great art and what many great artist would like to achieve, just because she isn't trained, you have no right to say it is not art. It is is great art and what communicating through art is about. Why knock her art when she feels it is the most helpful, positive thing (other than her daughter) in her life and the art world seem to agree.

  11. All I can say is wow! How blessed I am. We all seem to had something in our youth that we wish didn't happen, or that we wish did happen. But this could have been me or you or anybody that this happened to. I cry over this because little children should not have to go through this. This surly pulled my heart to the gratitude of my up bringing. I know for sure there is a God, and he will judge all. Those people were pure evil.

  12. When reading material such as this you have to wonder if it's real; well we have a victim for all the world to see, with all the signs. Woe to the evil doers, for their day of recompense IS coming. Prayers to the victims.

  13. Just tears.

    I feel so much compassion for her suffering and I always get that strange feeling that something there is very familiar to me but I just cannot recall, only a few scenes or thoughts and I end convincing myself it might have been some bad dream.

    • Dea, I know what you mean. Thank GOD I was never abused and tortured like this in this lifetime, but something about all this rings a bell in my 'soul memory.' It's a long story, hard to explain succinctly here… But for a brief period of time as a child I had intense night terrors filled with strange imagery and creepy thoughts, some of which have been discussed on this site. Skulls, clowns, stuff like that. I don't know if they were memories from a past life, or simply the media/movies/etc. having an effect on my young, tender psyche…. In any case, it is tragic just how REAL this stuff can be for some.

      Blessings to all.

      • Yeah, exactly what you said: "rings a bell in my soul memory". I have some blurry images of sad and strange things but cannot say they happened for real, at least I wish they won't. Things like these give me a bitter taste and a ache in my chest and I am not able to speak freely about it too…

      • Isn't that so strange? I meant to add that there have been other strange occurrences in more recent years… For instance, innocent medical procedures/tests that triggered VERY disturbing thoughts and evoked intense, painful emotions in me.

        I know that Monarch programming is named as such because of the idea that knowlege can somehow be passed on through DNA (check out the article below if you haven't yet)… So perhaps this is all a part of our collective consciousness (or subconsciousness), dating back many generations ago.

        Whatever it is, I applaud VC and other writers for shining some light on this topic. Understanding something, breaking it down to its components, is a huge step towards healing and overcoming.

    • if you think about it, we were in seed form in the loins of our forefathers (& mothers), therefore our seed experienced what those people experienced. the memories are stored in our unconscious, which is why you have these types of thoughts/feelings. we do not have past lives, per se, but we were participants as seeds in the lives of our ancestors.

      we can confess and repent of the sins of our forefathers, as Daniel and others did in the Bible, and that will help to clear our unconscious of evil that we are not even aware is there.

      if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. his mercy endureth forever. yes, he has mercy for all of us, even the most horrible creatures you can think of. in the end, we will all bow our knee to Jesus and have praise of God. all = every single last one of us. read and really study your bible, no one "burns" without end.

      the end is LOVE. God is ALL IN ALL. and God is LOVE. God has love and mercy towards us that is completely beyond our comprehension.

  14. SherifollowsYeshua on

    Horrific. I read about this woman a few months back. A couple of years ago there was a documentary about her on British TV but I missed it.

    From what I have read 13 alters is only a small amount Paul Bonnaci one of the boys town survivors had 100's :-(

  15. i don't want to live on this planet anymore

    seriously, how can a human abuse a child? I can't even yell to my little sister :/

    I hope all handlers go straight to hell and get tortured and abused themselves…

    this is really upsetting

    poor children

    • Aylin,

      Your anger is understandable and it is put out for all the right reasons however wishing the handlers go to hell and get abused will change nothing for these poor victims. We see one side (the end result) of the programming however we dont see what the handlers themselves have been through – if anything of course. What I will say is many believe after we pass from this life, we are given a life review on the other side and boy oh boy I would not want to be in their shoes as in reality there is no harsher judge than yourself. Peace to you.

    • payson terhune on

      sad thing is, a lot of handlers (like the one shown disassociating as s/he tortures) WERE little kids who were tortured

    • I can only assume that the vast majority of handlers will go to hell, but I feel bad for their littles. I hope at least the innocent pieces get a chance to escape.

      I would also like to say of behalf of my ex-internal-trainer (I think one of my inside siblings mentioned him on our old Disqus account or something?) that it is possible to be so naiive you just have no idea that child abuse is wrong. He was so shocked when he started accessing our memories of how much he had hurt us, he PERSONALLY asked God to take him to Hell. Even now he struggles hard to figure out basic things like expressing affection in non-abusive ways and distinguishing littles from adults. He wants so badly to do right by us, but there's no background of healthy interaction for him to refer to. I wonder if external handlers are similar to him, or if they know what they are doing?

  16. You were right to put discretionary warning…I didn't look at all of them…I don't really see the purpose of traumatizing/mind controlling this woman–just for sick pleasure?

  17. can anyone help her?! shes still under mind control and probably doesnt even know it compeltely! hasnt anybody reached out to her?!

  18. for those of you who dont know fully about mind control, here are two books from two vicitims that escaped in the 80's

    "thanks for the memories by brice taylor

    and trance fromation of america by cathy o brien.

    very disturbing information, but goes hand in hand with these paintings and mind control and where we are today

  19. I saw her on Oprah. Oprah made absolutely no mention of the most graphic and horrible paintings. they were on the stage on the show, but they were not really mentioned. What she did share was that the handlers gave her different types of "sweets" and she said, in her child alter persona "whatever you do, don't eat the sweets. do not eat the sweets". Maybe they were drugs or something. If they're going to pay attention to one alter persona, it should be this one, but her therapist says it's the most difficult to talk to. she doesn't want to share things.

    All of this is so upsetting. VC, I remember you once said that sometimes the Teddies are actual puppies? And they are given to the kids so they form attachments and then they kill them in front of the children so they're traumatized?

    The rape with animals part is just the worst.

    • Oprah won't 'go there'.

      She is revealing some things while leaving more Truth out of the show=(

      Whether it is Monarch or SRA ,satanic ritual abuse, Oprah won't cover.

      This lady's abuse seems very systematic and well thought out.

      It's like Oprah did a story on MPD/DID and not admit that the badguys causing the abuse are probably white collar people who wear suits.

      • I'm beginning to think Oprah is either a mind controled slave or handler, like many media 'personalities' (Diane Sawyer, Barbara Walters). Something about the way she only goes as deep as puddle on any topic.

  20. Oh my you poor poor thing Kim. If love could heal your wounds then I send you as much love as I am capable of. We know this stuff goes on as we are reminded weekly from VC however to see it in art (Hmm art?) form (which probably doesnt rshow what she went through justice) makes me so so sad to be part of the same race of people that did this to that beautiful woman.

    Stay strong sister and know there are many people sending you healing thoughts and love.

    So sad. :(

  21. Rape with animals?! For God's sake, these people are really delusional!

    I feel really bad for the what's happening especially to the children and even those animals.

    This is really sad and disappointing. =(

  22. Very well done. I feel heartbroken for Kim and her daughter. I was wondering if maybe the one picture of the face blindfolded, with a crack in the skull and a bloody eye, could also maybe reference a lobotomy (They usually do them thru the left eye I believe.) Just a thought.

  23. And another thing, if the Powers that be hope that we send out loads of hate and rage towards them, adding to the already un-measurable amount of hate in the world, it wont work because as hard as it is, I will work on forgiving them – I only hope Kim can one day find it in her heart to do the same. Peace.

    • If you've found it in your heart to forgive, I praise God for that!
      Forgiving THEM after such horrible crimes seems next to impossible to accomplish, but if you have worked on doing so, that's incredible.

  24. As I looked at these pictures (especially the ones painted by Ria Pratt) I cannot help but notice that many of the handlers have semi-transparent mirrored figures behind them. Perhaps this symbolizes the handlers' own dissasociation by and enslavement to shadow handlers of their own.

  25. This is what these fucked up celebraties glorify. I could not even finish watch through the paintings why would they do this to children this is pure evil.

  26. Wow this is just the worst, really! I mean people like to complain and think they have it bad, but reading stuff like this and looking at the video from the Oprah Show really shows you we are fortunate and blessed compared to some people. There are simply no words for this and these animals actions' cannot be excused or validated in the slightest. Thank God vengeance is His. The really sad sad part about this is this woman and more like her STILL remember and live with it. With all the personalities formed from this horrific treatment, that one soul in her STILL remembers, its just coming from another channel. But that still is one woman living with all those evil memories and now multiple personalities to help her cope, but NEVER forget. Just sick!

  27. My God!…How disturbing!….I couldnt help but pray over those paintings in Jesus Name …my heart broke looking at every one of them….God bless the little children….and that woman…..they will get crowns in heaven….and I hope those other bastard handler suffer in hell for eternity.

  28. why i'm i sitting here with tears falling down my face ? WOW – for a moment all i could think of is these poor kids, many of whom are kidnapped and even worse being born just for this. just sick – i'm so hart broken. how i pray vengeance for these devils………………

  29. I'm starting to believe that the elite is starting to "mold" society into accepting pedophila. It seems as if everything in the media that is directed towards children has inappropriate sexual undertones. Disney, Nickoldean, Cartoon Network, even stuff for pre-schoolers are all guilty of maybe not having straight up sexual situations, but oftentimes children inappropreatley dressed, prepubecent girls wearing makeup & big hair, boys wearing skinny jeans or walking around with no shirt or in their underpants.

    There is also a lot of…. how shall I say it "crossdressing" within the music. If you notice alot of the girls are looking like boys & the boys are looking very girlish. There is a new kidde hip hop group named Mindless Behavior. (ironic) they all look like pretty little girls.

    • I agree. The British press constantly show photo's everyday of Suri Cruise (aged 4 or 5) and i notice full grown adults comment under these captions with words like…. "what is she wearing"? or "her hair looks better up" this is really becoming quite sick – almost like this little girl is being groomed by the public input. The shows such as Toddlers and Tantrums are also given air-time because of the huge viewing figures – which asks the question, to whom is watching this show aired British time after 10pm?

      Over sexualizing young children early is growing at an alarming rate – and we must as parents protect our children from this sickening culture which is settling into mainstream media as normal.

      God Bless

      • The British press is dreadful and full of crappy sensationalism. Jordon this, Jordon that, the Kardashians this or that. And what's the deal with Suri? She looks like a little madam.

  30. Horror on earth. This is happening daily to innocent souls – why do we hear the same, constant, bs in the news, and this horror is not even acknowledged and is allowed to happen. The militaries of the powers that be are trapsing all over the world for mineral wealth, and true evil is taking place against children. I wondered the same as VC stated at the end, there is a media mind control going on with the same symbolism. They want to separate society's conscience to allow and tolerate evil. So sad.

  31. I've been following VC for a while now and I've got to say, this article is one of the most damning pieces yet! Horrific

    My question is this: these sick handlers that carry out their sadistic acts on children.. is for what greater cause? What are they 'programming' their victims for?.. To do what?..

    Or is it simply that they enjoy abusing their victims?

    Someone please shed some light on this

    • Watcher, I think of lot of these young men that go on shoothing sprees in schools, malls…..are victims of this. I also think that these monsters thrive and feed of the energy of fear and terror.

    • From what I've read the 'trauma' is to shatter the mind and create personalites/alters who can then be programmed to be slaves who have no awareness that they are slaves and will do whatever the handlers want with no memory of it…like a human robot. Many handlers are victims of the same system, so they maybe programmed to be abusers.

      It's hard to wrap a sane mind around this insanity…but sadly, it's outrageously real.

    • I used to follow a woman on YT who claimed to have grown up in a Luciferian family, coming from one of the 13 Illuminati bloodlines…the Merovingian bloodline, and had been recovering memories of her own traumatic abuse since 2002. She explained that the sole purpose of monarch programming/training is part of a much bigger picture and she called it antichrist programming because in the end all of these monarch slaves will have been programmed to follow and help set up the antichrist and his system. Whether you believe that or not is entirely up to you, but it makes perfect sense to me. She also claimed that a lot of the symbolism in media is used to trigger mind controlled slaves into getting ready for the antichrist as he will be openly be on the world scene soon. She called it "callback" programming…calling slaves back to/reminding them that their allegiance lies with him.

      • Valerie, thank you for sharing that eye-bulging piece of information. It makes perfect sense. The question many ask themselves is what purpose does all this horror (i.e., sodomizing children, blood sacrifices etc.) serve? A greater horror. One that cannot even be imagined. Praise GOD for revealing it all to us in his Word. I look at all this, and the one person that comes to mind more than anyone else is Stephanie Germanotta "Lady Gaga". She appears to be the epitome of Mind Control Slave/Antichrist poster-child in the media. I sincerely feel for her, although I think she's deliberately chosen the path she's on because there seems to be no sign of rebellion as seen with Britney Spears. The handlers in Ria's paintings have sadistic smiles on their faces, and that reminded me of something my mother told me when I mentioned how infuriated I was about all of this. She said, "Yes, you can be angry at the men who do this, wish them eternal hellfire and torment. Give them a violent death. But you are forgetting one very important thing: There are evil spirits dwelling within their bodies. Kill the man, kill the body. But you cannot kill the spirit(s), and these, as Jesus said, leave to inhabit another man's body just like the spirits who begged Christ to let them abandon the possessed mans' body and enter the swine." It's a demonically possessed world we dwell in and only Christ has the power to subdue those entities that want to harm mankind and send them all to Hell. But men loved the darkness and came not to the light.

        All we can do is pray for all of them.

  32. My mind cannot comprehend how a human can treat another human, especially a child, with such horror. The so called "humans" are either cloned without a conscious, chipped and controlled to do these things, or, they themselved have lived through this. In my heart I feel that at birth, we all all loving and would never hurt any living thing. I visualize this madness ending very soon.

  33. So sad. So tragic. I would love to get my hands around the necks of those who do this kind of thing to children. It is satanic and sick.

    By the way, how strange is it that even her alter personas are manifested into 13 different people. The number 13 being symbolic of the occult.

  34. somethingrandom on

    Everyone keeps asking, "Great we know this, but what can I do to stop it?" And strangely enough no one can come up with an answer. I don't claim to have an answer but I do have a suggestion to anyone who's willing to listen. My suggestion is that you speak up about it, just as Vigilant does on here! I'm not talking about speaking about it to your co-workers, friends, family, etc. No, I'm talking about actually writing or e-mailing companies, magazines, movie makers, internet sites, heck even celebrities themselves when you see an obvious mind control theme in their work. Sounds crazy but I do it all the time. I mean if you have the time to sit here, read these articles, and even post then you most certainly have 5-10 min. to write an e-mail about how you feel about said images. Will it change anything? Maybe yes, maybe no. But that's not my point. These people are always looking for feedback so that they can "better suit the needs of the consumer". Why not take advantage of that and really give them your two cents? I feel that if enough people start calling them out, they'll know that we're onto them and we're not gonna take it! I have no problem calling out people when they're doing deplorable things especially when they try to popularize it through media. It's time we start making our voices heard, and not just on here but everywhere. We might be in the minority but if we're loud enough they'll take notice. So start writing people! And really tell them how you feel. MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD, EVEN IF YOU KNOW IT WILL BE IGNORED. At least you tried and did something about it, even if it was just as simple as writing an e-mail. Heck lets inundate them with letters and e-mails of disgust about their work. WE CAN DO THIS!

  35. This is just ridiculous. I sat here crying about halfway through the article. It really happened, to more than one, and more than I could ever imagine in my worst nightmares. I am only 19 and the illuminati are strong, but we are stronger.. love is so much stronger than all of this crap. So I will fight, everyday, for what is true.

  36. Horrific & unspeakable…and yet we must speak about this. Thank you VC for this article and all those who are willing to learn and seek the truth.

    Oprah featured Kim Noble on her show sometime within the last year or two of her show. It was a show about "Multiple Personalities". Being aware of this woman being an MK Ultra victim from PsedoOccultMedia's article, I carefully watched how Oprah danced around the subject matter. Of course, no mention of that, just a vague explanation of "abuse" being the motivation for Kim's paintings.

    I thought it was interesting that Oprah would feature this guest and her daughter, show many of the paintings and discuss Multiple Personality Disorder but would go NO FURTHER.

    I wonder if Oprah knows about MK Ultra? Or has had any involvement with it in past or present?

    • Oprah had to thread lightly because she is well aware of who is in charge. As much as she would have liked to expose the culprits she deliberately danced around the facts because she was trying to protect her wealth which could easily go if the she stepped on the toes of the 'powers that be'.

      • @mother – do you have some references/sources for that? I know some of the handlers are themselves victims, but then again some aren't – just evil. I have learned enough about Oprah in the last few years to know she is bad news. I wonder about her girls schools now that you mention this, there have been parents claiming their girls are being beaten and raped. Thanks!

  37. now that we have this knowledge, don't we all have a responsibility to help the victims and stop this nonsense?

    so, lets get tactical… ! what are we to do?

  38. Iam just Surprised how the People who commit these Crimes Dont Think About The Afterlife…Have they no Idea That the hell They unleash here will Be Repayed onto them 100's on times the pain and suffering and unlike the victims for them it will NEVER end:)

    • Most people are trying to live their lives with compassion, mercy and goodness regardless of an afterlife. We don't need a threat of eternal hell to distinguish between good/bad and exercise self-control.

      What happens with the infants/children is abysmal. Only pathetic sociopathic cowards torture kids, hence the absolute secrecy. They wouldn't dare to come forward and demonstrate their vile acts because they know what would happen to their sad existence. Even the prisoners despise and murder the child molesters/murderers.

    • These people are programmed too. It's clear in the pictures. The handlers are disassociated just like the slaves. They were traumatized just like the slaves. They were programmed just like the slaves or else they wouldn't be able to carry out any of this. No normal mind could. Everything on VC to me is true, and if that makes me a conspiracy theorist so be it but when it comes to the Illuminati I look at it in more of a mind control way and in less of a religious way. I believe in God but I look at this art and I don't see God or the Devil or who's going to Heaven or who's going to Hell but mostly the harsh reality of programming. The horrible things going on are inexcusable but the poor programmed minds thrown into the mix are. The slaves, the handlers, all of them. I feel bad for them all. I feel bad for Kim because of her trauma, her MPD, everything.

  39. It hurts my soul to think this happens to little kids everyday!these handlers are worse than pedofiles and need to be shot wait tattoo pedofile on forehead and throw them in maxium security prison and watch the show!!!!cause it won't take long before somebody gets ahold of him!!!

  40. This is very disturbing and sad to know that these devils are active like this. Protect your kids minds and faith. Stay Vigilant homie.

  41. I was literally JUST looking at this the other day on psuedo occult media. The pictures, shocking. I wanted to cry. Their so uneasy =(((

  42. Ria Pratt's paintings absolutely chocked me. I'm speechless. Is it that which makes Gaga "Speechless" too?…

    Sometimes I think I'm trippin' thinking that everywhere I look there's Illuminati symbolism, that I'm seeing too much.

    But how can I think so when there's stuff like those paintings… Gosh… I really don't know what to think.

    The picture of that little kid being raped and watched really got to me.

  43. Unbelievable, this is just so sad. I cant imagine what this woman must have been through to have so many different personalities. Must have been horrific according to her paintings wow!

  44. In one of Ria Pratt's works, the one with the green background, the handlers hands are snake tongues.

    Just thought I'd add my extra analysis.

  45. I just threw up. this is totally disgusting and freaking sick. those poor children,its horrible. how can they get away with this?? are people really that brainwashed that they can't see whats going on right under there noses !

  46. face in the crowd on

    Tavistock huh?

    Very suspicious of her. I don't care how many fragments are left. Very suspicious indeed.

    My opinion? More crap for people who love crap. How about exposure….discussion…responsibility. If this woman knows about child abuse, the who's the what's and the where's, fuck the whys, the fact she can not expose facts to prevent reoccurrence is a disservice to humanity…be it she is controlled as a tool knowingly or unknowingly.

    To some, this might seem harsh but as a struggling artist, I fail to see the publicity her outsider art generates is productive.

    Tavistock is evil.

    • …are you actually focusing on your dislike of her art rather than the bigger picture? Stop being pretentious and do some research on this stuff before you blabber on your opinions about whether or not she should get exposure as an artist.

      • face in the crowd on


        and you are telling someone who refuses to watch tv, talk shows like

        Oprah to research…

        how about you research tavistock before calling me out?

        just a thought…

        why slam me because I am looking at her art, where her art was fostered (as early as 2004) and not watching people like Oprah explain to me how I should feel about her art?

        the article is about her art? its creepy and I dont like it, by the way…anyone intetested in buyers and profit off this? Oprah is to some extent. our society glorifies weakness and victims for a reason and doesnt glorify strength…

    • Again read her book. She tried to expose but had a fire in her house and acid thrown in her face. Would you with a child and alone stand up. You speak such shit you do what she has done then speak out.

  47. Well, there is ALWAYS THE CORE spirit that God made before the traumas occurred. That spirit – the Original one – decides for the destiny of the soul: to be with Christ in Heaven or with the Devil in Hell. The splits – the 'alter personas' – can assist the soul or hinder it but the Core must be found!! They called me the 'Core Hunter'. I get to the root man. I DIG for the truth, with miraculous results. To God be the glory! Insiders ('alters') or Cores never 'die' or 'disappear' or become just 'other personas' despite what might be said or programmed into them all.

    Only demons can be cast out of the soul in Jesus' Holy Name.

    • Is there any more information on cores available publicly? We keep hearing that word but don't know its significance to us. I personally believe that the 33 of us who have accepted Christ so far will go to Heaven (either as one or many) regardless of what this Core chooses, but I guess if you say it's important to find her, we should try to learn more.

  48. You know something y'all, I just thought of this. Out of ALL the people that knew this woman as a child you mean to tell me that NOBODY saw that she was being abused? Somebody had to know something. Who the heck fathered her child? I mean nobody had a heart to report this crime. Where's the investigation after they found out she was let with DID? They can air the dirty laundry but nobody knows who wore the clothes. The whole state should be in trouble or the area she lived in. If it happened in one of our state, the case worker would be hung. Talk to them darn alters and find out who did this crap to her. I sure out of 13 one of them knows something. More children could be being abuse by this people.

    • Spliting personalities is a satanic practice. No way around it. Within the over 100,000 residential 'identified' satanic covens in the US alone, some of the members' duty is to reproduce. For sacrifices, specific rituals or even to just keep the coven going & populated. They go completely under the radar of the general public and according to many victims who later escape, the only ones that really know about some of these children are the ones in their coven. Especially in areas like farms out in the middle of nowhere. In the city, they just keep to themselves and their kind. I mean really, do neighbors usually have any idea of that is going on inside the houses around them? The branches of the military that are utilizing these mind control techniques are rogue and according to Michael Aquino who founded the "Temple of Set", on every military base around the world, there is a resident satanic coven operating in the shadows with some of these projects. These people are devilishly clever!! Read this article from the 700 Club Nancy Dunn 'Saving the Satanist' she was a baby breeder and her father was contributing to, and facilitating her function in the group:

      I was also talking with someone awhile ago who is just starting to wake up to all this stuff. His ex-wife was a nurse at a mental health hospital. He said a pretty decent percentage of the in-patient population was totally schizo/DID and many of them were always claiming that the CIA was out to get them and telling all kinds of crazy stories that to most are unbelievable. These people are severely medicated to keep them in a calm/almost vegetative state.

      • @Sarah

        Hi Sarah. you may want to watch a guy on youtube type in angus barron from London he talks about how he was put into a mental hospital after mk ultra was tried on him – a very interesting channel, only has a hand full of viewers on his channel but talks about his own experience …

        God Bless

    • One would have to look VERY closely, and know what to look for, before people were found. Abuse victims are trained very well on how to act so that they don't draw unwanted (by the abuser) attention. It's only the sloppy that get caught during the acts, and it's the courageous who out their abusers before the abuse stops.

  49. besides the sick & disturbing painting, it's so interesting when each persona has its own style of painting and it is consistent every time the alter switched on. Wow!

  50. Why does it appear that some of the handlers are in a dissociative state (shown as transparent figures)? Does anyone else notice this???

    Excellent article!! Very informative and for me it really "hit home" the reality of slave programming and such more than the video/movie analysis (in my humble opinion). Thank You Vigilant for your tireless efforts! God bless.

    • Because they are. Handlers were more than likely subjected to trauma-based mind control themselves as children, allowing their personalities to split and create twisted alters who could execute torture onto another child.

      I don't believe it is within a human to "naturally" enjoy/want/partake/volunteer to torture a fellow human being. I like to believe in the good of humanity, unfortunately so much of it just has been robbed and twisted. Its heartbreaking.

  51. No kidding, I'm about to cry. These paintings are more disturbing than any photograph I've seen on monarch programming. Also, Id dare to say all those alters are nothing but evil spirits confined to her. Poor woman, my heart really aches. VC, thanks for opening eyes!

    • It's true Jamie, some of the alters are actual demonic presences that are 'put' on them ritualistically when they are created. Many of the alters are created for some specific purpose or function. Some of the alters are just flat out coping mechanism's of escape created by the victim themselves, usually the child alters. If anyone is interested in learning more about this from a Christian POV – I highly recommend Russ Dizdar's Shattering The Darkness. He has a ton of books, hours of free podcasts and youtube's etc. He has been working with SRA and the subsequent DID/MPD vicitims for years and has so much experience to draw upon and show that even the absolute broken of broken can be healed, and that these evil spirits tremble at the name of Christ. This guy is a warrior and listening to, and reading from his life work has seriously opened my eyes, and given me such a heart for these people! They want to be rescued so badly – and the more of us that know and refuse to bury our heads in the sand to this horrific truth, the more of them can be spared….God's GRACE and LOVE is infinitely bigger than all the devils finite wiles combined.

      • Yeah, Sarah. The fact that these "alters" respond to names and actually have different and well defined personalities is what makes me think of evil spirits. I read a interview about a real witch who was possessed by three evil spirits, all of them responded to names, two women and a guy. They told they had been confined to her. It gives me chills.

        I am really interested in learning about the man you mention in your comment. Can you provide me with some links? Google is full of them, but I'd really appreciate your support.


      • But you and all your friends and relatives respond to a name and have a different and well-defined personality. So do my cats. Many of us in my system have had evil spirits before, and one even says he had a legion before he became a Christian, but having a name and a well-defined personality was never a unique feature of the things. Some demons have exhibited very minimal personalities, and some won't tell you their names at all if they can avoid it. We generally distinguish demons from fellow alters by their behavior (i.e. ye shall know a tree by its fruit) and by their attitude toward Christ. A human soul might be skeptical and curious when invited to meet Jesus for the first time; a demon will lash out at its hosts in self-defense. In worst-case scenario, a host will go, "Nothing personal but I'm going to try to cast you out and see what happens…….okay, you're clean, carry on then."

      • Of course – I listened to this 2.5 hour broadcast quite some time ago and then wanted to check out what he was doing further. His website is below:

        The Global Mind & Luciferian World Order:

        Russ Dizdar covers the subject of Luciferian Globalism. This is compiled from three shows and as always Russ gives a powerful and inciteful performance to help expose and uncover to us the powers of Darkness that are hard at work bringing about the antichrist and his New World System…

        Listening to him talk about his interactions with the different alters and spirits that have been attached is just….wow! He estimates over 4 million SRA victims living today. They may be winning the battle, but they will not win the war.

    • How could they ALL be evil spirts, though? At least one of them has to be human; a human body without at least one real human soul inside of it will die quickly even with life support.

  52. I saw her on the Oprah Show and immediately identified her as a mind control victim mostly due to the information Ive learned from this site and my own independent research. It was extremely sad, I cried and felt tramatized myself for a few days replaying the images of Ria's paintings over and over in my mind. For me it was absolute confirmation that this really does exist, "kim's" story erased any doubts I prevouisly held. I was so deeply affected that I spent the following days researching almost anything I could find on the mind control as well as Satanic Ritual abuse(SRA). It would really shock most ppl how common these type of stories really are. Thanks for another great read Vc

  53. Has anyone else watched "Revelations of a Mother Goddess: Arizona Wilder" ? It's on youtube. Is of the same nature and topic as this, so it is very hard to listen to in some parts. Very interesting though, would love to know what you guys thought of it.

    • Interesting… In the interview Arizona Wilder recalls the programming and torture she endured as one of the three Mother Goddesses, chosen before birth (at least her, she doesn't go into detail about the others). Anyway, she describes how "programming" for the Mother Goddesses did NOT include cutting of their exterior bodies. There was however, unfortunately, dislocation and relocation of the joints. Seems to align very much with Dawn's paintings, Armed/Armless Goddess. Very sad

      • Omg, I watched that on utube about Arizona wilder and it's soooooo shocking!! I'm lost for words. Shapshifters is this real? She spoke like she knew what she was talking about. This world is crazy!

  54. For the first time since I have been on this site -I am not sure about this article.

    Her personality 'split' at 14 years old. I can't find any background on her prior to then.Where was she ?

    If she was living at home with her parents -who was it that had the time to spend months and years 'Twisting her mind'?

    I assume she had parents and they are possibly still alive today??

    The paintings do show disturbing images that do seem to represent trauma and (possibly)mind control , but there is not the slightest shred of solid evidence within the entire article.

    Maybe some research into her early years would be advantageous??

    • you read my mind… even on her website they don't refer to before she was 14. what caused this? where were her parents? who was the abuser?? she didn't appear @ 14 she had to have a past..

    • It's entirely possible that there were others who were split off but are presently being oppressed for the sake of the artists (and related caretakers).

      it's also possible that the "techniques" of splitting personalities has developed to the point that they can now endow certain personalities with artistic talent. Kim Noble may be an experiment that's developed to the degree that either the abusers didn't expect, or was successful enough for them to use as a template for future fracturing. Painting is the proof of concept, we may now get multiple writers, or multiple instrumentalists who are experts in different instruments, or even someone who shows expertise across the artistic spectrum.

      Granted, they don't seem to be able to control what the artist depicts (yet), telling from Kim's paintings…not to the point of self-censorship, yet.

    • Lenny please take note of what you read. She was in and out of hospital from the age of 14. Not that she split at that age. If you read her book 'All of me' she split at the age of three.

  55. I don't understand what has made them become like this. Is it greed? Is it because they were victims too before? A more recurring case of a traumatized woman by an abusive father or something like that wouldn't involve being able to know all of this. So sad.

  56. Mind controlled slave….not saying she's lying but i dont believe everything i read.

    Where is her proof? Does she have any?

    • Being abused since LORD knows when, suffering trauma abuse after trauma abuse, escaping or being disposed of, probably left with nothing. DO you actually think she´ll have a video or pictures of what happened to her??? I think her paintings are proof enough!

  57. Wow!!! I watched the interview between Oprah and Kim on the Oprah show and was curious about her art-work. So, I Googled it and was shocked to come across those woprks done by the personality "Ria" which reminded me so much of the stuff VC exposes here! Thanks VC yet again for raising awareness around mind-control and how it can lead to MPD (well, what shrinks would love to term it…)

  58. What horror! and only a small part of the true terror experienced by these children.

    We have no time to cry, because it goes every hour, every minute that we live.

    But what can we do?

    I'm sad this morning.

  59. What was done to Kim (and countless others like her who we will never know about) was plain evil. Let us pray that God comes through for them in His infinite goodness.

    They tell us about scientific progress and social evolution but they lead us to spiritual darkness and death. Clearly, spiritual warfare has not "evolved" much since the days of the Egyptian captivity. Just so you know, the outcome won't be much different either: just Pharaoh as lost, so will his god Satan.

    It behooves each of us to take sides. Good over evil, life over death. Choose today, and reaffirm that choice everyday.

  60. the world calls this "alter personas"….. those in the body of Christ know this as demonic possession. Let us pray for this lady and her family

  61. Read Brice Taylor (aka: Susan Ford) book, "Thanks For The Memories". She names names like Ronald Reagan, Walt Disney, both George Bush Sr and George Bush Junior, Prince Andrew, Prince Charles…………..we're talking actors, world leaders and not a one of these folks has taken Ms. Brice to court. Why? Because they know that if they lay low and remain quiet this frap will go on and if they took her to court, an investigation might be held.

    Read the book, it denotes that there is a huge pedophile/slave ring beginning with small children and carried out by some of the most powerful people on the planet.

    Many people think David Icke is crazy, well he called it on this one decades ago.

    • you should also read Trance-formation of America… a lot of names including Hilary Clinton are called.. Past presidents and other world leaders.. It's all part of a master plan that is being executed over time. It's a very scary scenario to swallow.

  62. It occurred to me that often the programmers are themselves programmed and victims of mind control. It's probably a way to manage the numbers…

  63. This is probably the most disturbing article to date vc. I feel so bad for this lady….

    Her paintings are truly sick…. Fuck the assholes that think they can hurt children…

    They may get away with it in this world… But in the next i hope that they are put through these kinds of traumatic experiences…if not worse ones…

  64. Very sad indeed, probably the only reason Kim is still alive is that people write her off as being a nut job. I pray The Lord shields her.

  65. thanks VC! I had stumbled upon these pics a few years ago and was shocked and horrified by them and never forgot them. Earlier this year I was trying to find them again and could not remember the artist name or website where I had viewed them and spent hours and hours going thru different websites trying to find them. Sick Sick Sick ! The only thing I can find solace in for these poor children is the ultimately God is in control and he says "Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord", those sick f-ers will get theirs.

  66. Hey VC this is so interesting that eve nthoe quiter careers have people with this abuse and symptoms.

    Lately. I been thinking of "Snooki" from Jersey Shore. She was adopted and acts really strange too. She wears tons of leopard prints. I believe she has Italian blood, no proud Italian parents will jsut a dopt a random baby that don't know information about their ancestors. TONS of Italians in Chile. TONs of European descendants. What do you think? Pauly D is so funny yet displays different personalities too.

  67. Rabbi Hersham Von Br on

    The Kabbalah is just the centre of Jewish mysticism and the actual truth of the Torah. It has many wonderful properties but like all things it can be used for nefarious reasons.

    It is a shame that such vile people, who are Satanic at heart have abused this discipline.

  68. Scrap that I went on her website, I have seen sometime pictures before absolutely chilling! How people can do that to children horrendous!

  69. This is true and awful. The fact is that satan is behind all these groups that do these things, and that the disassociation and multiples that are created, are done for 2 reasons. The mind actually does it to escape, but it also opens the child to possession, which is the real array of personalities. satan wins in several ways instead of just one.

  70. This article is facinating, but also deeply disturbing. These paintings get right inside me, and break my heart.

    HOWEVER!… It seems that you(VG) automatically, based on the convincing mind control-RELATED symbolism found in her paintings, conclude that Kim Noble was specifically under trauma-based mind control. I think that takes a lot of credibility out of this article, and makes it difficult to take seriously. Seems a little like you're rushing towards a conclusion to prove your own point?

    You have totally opened my mind, but remember to also keep an open mind yourself. Not all imagery in this world revolves around mind control.

    • Then what's with all the tasers and cattle prods and cages of children in the paintings?

      looks like someone is trying to control anothers mind yaknow lol

  71. Wouldn't her handlers remain somewhere near by . I would look carefully at the people in her life. I believe that if you are an MK Ultra subject you are always somehow attached by a thread.

    It's so horrible and so much more wide spread than we perceive . We have all become mind controlled to one degree or another, through television, we are desensitized to sex and violence , and the economic reality is that we are more and more becoming slaves to the money mill and all the fantasies it can buy.

  72. Great article…

    You guys forget something. The kaballah sephiros is a geometric, and morphogenetic pattern. As if in, many things in the universe follow this blueprint, including our own minds.

    The Occult is in essence, the hidden worlds, and that includes our own unconscious and subconscious self. The mind is layered, in a similar way to the universe, actually identically (as the are a product of one another.

    So therefore, the occultists began in MK by trying to use the archetypes found within the old ways, with the new ways of science. They create layer, upon layer of deception, in the same manner the universe does.

    These occult patterns are also existent within political and government movements. It's easy to see today.

    One of the biggest ways to mind control people? Duality. Christ vs Satan. God vs Satan. Dark vs Light. All those things keep you from seeing the obvious truth…

  73. Reading this is heartbreaking. I want to comment more. But I can't seem to muster up anything simply because I am so disturbed and saddened. And they're using all these symbols, messages, and images on the masses to infiltrate the collective conscious and mass mind-control! Honestly, I feel like the majority of people walking around me are all in "zombie" mode – completely unaware of their surroundings. Transfixed by fantasy worlds on the TV, video games, and the sort… Society is becoming malicious, sick, mistrusting, violent, confused, more and more each day from their symbols and mass-control! And they're doing it so blatantly. @#$%

  74. 13 stands for letter "M" and thereby for Marijuana (cannabis) in the occult world. Please research original OSS>>MKULTRA THC-ACETATE mind control work. Public accounts of this are mere cover stories to hide much much deeper Extreme Perversity Normalization Initiative work on sexual mind control.

  75. Guys!~ Check out the old Oprah show with SRA victims….very interesting(the world has changed so much) and plus Oprah says, "the illumi…………?!??!?" to one of the guests on the panel that is trying to reveal as much as possible.

    Interesting stuff and it's on youtube.

    Also, check out Mrilyn Manson on Phil Donohue *sp? talk show. This one is concerning 'moshing' in a pit and the dangers of it LOL.

    It's worth looking at because you are reminded of how tv has changed, times have changed..ect.ect

    Remember when the audience on talkshows used to ask questions all the time like, "where is the father?!?"……….and the audience would clap in agreement?

  76. I've been reading this for a while, and I know there can be survivors and whistle-blowers that help the general public know about this kind of things, however, the ammount is rather… surprising for me, even more due to the fact as to how easy is to kill anyone, yes, it would be suspicious, but it dies right there and then, there's also the need for more proof other than her paintings and testimonies. I am not bashing or saying she's lying, I'm just saying I am not so sure, mind-control is actually easy and common, and if you're using children, which are too easy to influence, this over-the-top programming seems rather exaggerated, then better be sure than sorry can have an influence on this, the possibility of "breaking" the subject is too great, while the human mind is strong, there's one characteristic that it's not being considered here even though is just as common as and as possible DID or MPD, complete shutdown and catatonic states, of course, they say the way they do it is to prevent it, but I still don't see any way to ensure it doesn't happen, and if Mariah and Britney are victims and their respective break downs are clear signs of the programming crumbling, then that is proof enough that this kind of severe programming system is extremely full of glitches and faults, something that these people shouldn't even consider to have, it makes them rather vulnerable.

    This are the main reasons why I tend to ask for more than just this, the article is very interesting, but it is not probatory of anything conclusive, at best, it's proof that Kim Noble was the victim of systematic and continuous abuse from when she was a child up until she was 14, when she was found, and that because of it, she developed many personalities to deal with it.

  77. To those of you who question this…sure we don't know 100% what this woman went through, she doesn't hardly know herself. However, this sounds very similar to what happened to a friend's sister. She confided in me (many many years ago) that her sister had MPD and they were just finding out about the abuse–not by family, but by a satanic cult. The girl was starting to remember stuff. I also remember her saying that the cult kidnapped her sister several times and put marks on her chest in her late teenage years. The stuff they did to her was nothing I had ever thought possible. Looking back, the family thinks she may have been pregnant as well at one time, and well, they did horrible things to her during that time period. I was shocked this girl appeared as if nothing was wrong. She said the local police were involved also and it was really tough to get any help for her sister.

  78. sick. i have been researching mk ultra, the things they do to children, and her artwork depicts it to the t. Also for those of you who are asking why she doesnt speak up, saying you dont feel sorry for her, you obviously have not studied up on the subject of mk ultra victims. Their handlers create alter personalities to protect the secret. So if one personality tries to figure out the truth or speak the truth, these other "guardian" pesonalities will stop this at any cost, even if it means death. Look it up. Fritz Springmeir goes into depth about the complexities of this sick twisted ritual.

  79. I can take alot, but this is the first article that made me queezy! I agree with the person above who mentioned spiritual warfare. I come against these lost creatures – the perpetrators – quite often. I still do not see what function the victims play, however.

  80. Altered personalities might be more of a situation of possession by disembodied entities (beings without bodies).

    When a person is traumatized, their ability to block outside intrusion into their body become sustained. By scaring the brain, this allows the entry of other beings to take up house in her body.

    This is why the different “personalities” don't know each other. The work to create this is done by sadistic satanist, who themselves have the same problem of spirit attachment. They are being used to get another “shell” to inhabit.

    This is also why normal therapy does not work, except to empower the original person to have more power, all the while the other beings still get to stay.

    She needs spirit releasement therapy done by someone who knows how to do it and has been trained to do it in a compassionate manner. Most of the beings can be removed easily, but this, again has to be done right.

    If a being is removed forcefully, they will just enter another open being. They must be sent into the Light. This is how possession happens in the first place, a lost being looking for a home.

    Some of the personalities (beings) she has entered to save her from the pain she was going through.

    The people that do this are criminals and many are in top government positions, the same ones that advocate wars to create peace (forcefully taking over countries). Their days are numbered and their end game is near.

  81. There is actually a movie called "Raising Cain" about a father doing mind control techniques with his daughter. They show the caging and other stuff.

    synopsis: "Jenny Nix, wife of eminent child psychologist Carter Nix, becomes increasingly concerned about her husband's seemingly obsessive concern over the upbringing of their daughter. Her own adulterous affair with an old flame, however, causes her to neglect her motherly duties until a spate of local kidnapings forces her to accept the possibility that he may be trying to recreate the twisted mind-control experiments of his discreditied psychologist father. "

  82. I saw the Oprah video and as soon as the daughter started to cry i cried … let God open her eyes about this world and find God.

  83. So sick….but I must see all this thing about alter personas reminds me an episode of Teen Titans about Raven,you know,the goth girl in the series.Just like Kim,Raven has a lot of "her",called the emoticlones.

    Really disturbing when you consider his father acted like an handler or a abuser……

  84. I know some of the people on this blog are attempting to get people to see the truth. Those who have eyes, let them see; those who have ears, let them hear. However, the Lord has turned many people over to repobated minds, because they choose not to. I thank God I see and hear and comprehend through his wisdom.

    Kim's personalities are spirits to cause her confusion and take control of her surrounding. Her inward spirit was empty and were filled with ungodly entities.

  85. VC: You've a huge body of work to be commended for & are well informed regarding a great many things, MK, Monarch et al (there are many more). But I must ask that in the future, before you delve into subjects such as this article, at the beginning you place a *warning advisory* that the material being presented may be potientially triggering in nature &/or effect to past & current victims & survivors of the subject material. A kindness on your part. Its not only the 'general public' whom visits this site.

  86. I've read stories of MKultra Monarch mind control survivors but seeing the abuse suffered by them depicted in Kim's paintings is so much more powerful. I feel so angry and devastated what these bastards put, and continue to put these children and people through and I hope they suffer for eternity for their crimes!! VC Thank you for standing up and telling the truth that we all have to be aware of, without people like you then we would continue to walk through life with blinkers on!

  87. Everyone will bow- J on

    A lot to be said. The Lord stated that there is nothing new under the sun. Unfortunately, millions and millions of children have to suffer at the hands of ritual practices.

    Remember the big Michael Vick storyline? Remember how they used the media and people to believe his actions were horrible and alarming? Well, that was just a strategy to take people's awareness off of child abuse. I think the strategy was very efective. Animals have more rights than children.

    How sad for us to allow a dog to have more rights and protection than a helpless child! I love animals, but people, if I have to choose, I would choose to save a child first.

    The same people who ridiculed Michael with their loud voices are the same ones who allow children to be abused daily. Where are the ads to "save a child from abusers"? Well, you want see them as you see the ads to save animals. Not even the anti-abortionists are shouting, "protect the children from abusers."

    I say, "Don't believe the hype!" The media is controlled as puppets. Do not get blindsided by lies and schemes of various organizations. They all have images to mislead the public and behind-the-closed- door agendas to carry on their sinister plans.

    I just had an epiphany. My definition of world peace is not the true meaning of world peace.

  88. I don't know. This seems to me to be like "Sybil" all over again. And that author of that book, Flora Rheta Schreiber, was proven to have made the whole thing up and Sybil, her patient whom she alleged had something like 16 multiple personalities, was a hoax.

  89. Sad. Sad. Sad. This reminds me of a storyline from CSI Miami with a gifted artist suffering from DID whose two personalities didn't know about each other. Both could paint well.

  90. I am bothered by how common-talk words like "illuminati" and such are becoming in some stream fo pop-media. People need to realize that at it's roots, it is a dark and tragic thing as seen here obviously It needs to be taken serious, not a word tossed around to create lame cover stories.

  91. This totally creeped me out. The paintings by Ria Pratt made me think of Jaycee Dugard. How she was taken and "caged" up in a shed. They would give her kittens to get attached to, then the kittens would just disappear and traumatize her. She said when he would rape her she would dissociate, and she had an alter ego named Alyssa. The painting of the birth especially makes me think of her, how she was forced to give birth in a shed with no medical assitance like an animal giving birth in a barn. I don't think the people who kidnapped her were pros though. They may have kept her for eighteen years, but they were never fully able to break her spirit. That poor girl, God bless her.

  92. There are no words to describe how sick these mk-ultra animals are….

    I was watching a show called Alphas on the syfy network recently, the episode title was called "the unusual suspects", in the episode three scientist had been assassinated, and interestingly enough, the show said they worked for MK-ultra! I was floored when I heard the name, it might be interesting for VG to check that episode out.

  93. This was BY FAR the BEST article i've read. Good job VC, this is a TRUE masterpiece!

    If before i had some doubts and questions about the Illuminati and the Monarch programming, now i'm 100% persuaded this is TRUE. It happens everyday, every minute, but we are just too blind to see it. My friend didn't believe me when i started talking to her about the Illuminati and how they are mind-controlling us, so i ended up having doubts as well. But not anymore, not now that i've seen this awfulness with my eyes…It was just so horrible and so extremely DISTURBING reading about what this poor woman has been through. I nearly cried reading it :/

    It really made me realize that we are ALL mind-controlled slaves, even without knowing. We are not exposed to the programming completely, or as much as Ms Nobles was, but we are still mind-controlled. Symbols are everywhere, and it's so disturbing and frightening having to deal with them every single day…And mostly, i pitty those who refuse to open their eyes to the truth.

    Thanks again VC for opening my eyes once again.

  94. Everyone will bow- J on

    Oh about Kim's ability to readi our minds. Satan puts ideas in our minds. It is easy for the spirit to tell what people are thinking.

    All of this is in the Bible. When people apply what they learned from the Bible, it is not Bible thumbing. It is their ability to read and understand the Bible. The Lord can cause confusion to keep some people confused of the Bible. I thank Him that I am not one of them.

    Be blessed and share the love.

    • and what about devout Christians with natural psychic abilities?? what about people who accept and embrace Christ and God with all their heart, and have been empathic and telepathic their entire lives without trying?

  95. Ok, I get all this. What I don't get is who exactly do you think is being tortured like this? Movie and music starts? I doubt it.

    I can see this happening to people, kids and adults, who are kidnapped and go missing. Like that Liam Neeson movie a few years back, where his daughter was kidnapped in Europe and sold into "white" slavery.

    But music and movie stars being "handled" this way? Especially since childhood? I don't think so.

    I know that stars are always expected to maintain a certain image even when they are not in front of the TV or movie screen, but the notion of them being subjected to this same kind of abuse that this woman has gone through, that's a bit of a stretch for me to accept.

    I think the stars willingly give up themselves to the god of fame and fortune, not necessarily realizing what it will cost them in the long run, but nonetheless, I believe that almost all are willing participants.

    It's hard to have any more sympathy for folks such as Lady Gaga than I would for a thief or a pathalogical liar I might encounter in everyday life. I pray for them to be sure. But the atrocities that occur in such things as modern day human trafficking and slavery, those are issues that truly demand our attention and our efforts to eradicate.

  96. I had a strange occurrence. From a young age if I couldn't get 2 sleep I would have "awaking dreams" which were really scenes of things or fantasies I would replay in my mind until I fell asleep. I still do it occasionally even though I'm older. Well I read a few excerpts from Cathy obriens book Tranceformation America and was flabbergasted to realize the sexual abuse she described was stuff I'd "seen" in my dreams!! I mean some of it matched EXACTLY. Could I have gone through this? How else would I have knowledge of this stuff? My dad was in the Navy and my sister accused him of molesting her (although a jury found him "not guilty") I've always been suspicious of him. Also he used to "work" with her on her studies with hypnosis. The trigger word was "zot" . I was strictly forbidden to be in the room when he had these sessions with her.

    The thing is I don't remember anything! Just those weird "waking dreams" that I guess I couldve made up myself but WHY would I just arbitrarily thing about sex abuse to children? Any feedback is appreciated.

    • Know Jesus - Read Ho on

      Very sad. Just sad. Praying that God rod of anger fall upon these worker of iniquity. Father, please rescue these children. Bless them. Save them.

  97. I am very much disturbed by the paintings of Ria Pratt. The abuse is so horrifying!!! and the way she depicts it in here paintings. I can almost feel the pain, fear, sadness, hopelessness. If you could just imagine a child. . . sex abuse? @#&! – whew. T_T

  98. I am very much disturbed by the paintings of Ria Pratt. The abuse is so horrifying!!! and the way she depicts it in her paintings. I can almost feel the pain, fear, sadness, hopelessness. If you could just imagine a child. . . sex abuse? @#&! – whew. T_T

  99. This just broke my heart and made me so sad..its appalling to know that this is going on presently..even as we speak! Those poor children! I actually cried as I read this..I challenge everyone that has read this to take the time to pray for this people,that God will show them love and provide away of escape and healing,stability! And also pray for the handlers and torturers..most of them have never experienced real love before..that God will show them what real love is and deliver them from this cruel system they indulge in..I'm just so sad..I wish I could actively do something to stop all this..Jesus help them all

  100. So if some of Kim's other personalities don't know that Aimee is her daughter, does she treat Aimee as a stranger when she's in one of those personalities?

  101. As I saw these paintings it made me feel really bad. When my father was a young child he was put in a seminar so that he could become a priest for the Catholic church. When they sent him out to the world to "test" him at 18 (thsi is according to my mother) he went crazy and had relations with all types of women, at the end of it all he had 9 children. He sexually abused my sister and I when we where children and I trully believe that the Catholic Church he grew up in had a lot to do with it!! because You could look in his eyes and he trully didnt believe he did anything wrong?? He even gave us teddy bears too so this art is very disturbing and too real for me. I hope that God comes soon and ends this hell on earth.

  102. Courtneydelilah on

    This poor woman its so sad to know that these things are still happening to children all over the world…but like one post above said whats the purpose of this? Experimentation, to make assains? Like in the show nikita they took kids off the street to program them into being trained killers but what did they choose kim noble for and how did she get away from them??

  103. Courtneydelilah on

    Also ive had a lot of "mind problems" and previous suicidal thoughts due to being touched by another child when i was a child im 21 now and lately ive had to chant inside my head love god hate satan multiple times a day if not then i get bad thoughts about god…im sure theres no therapists here but can anyone give me any imput on this? ive also seen a few ghosts (demons) in my life idk how to get rid of this…

    • I went through different abuse from young childhood on. I also had experienced what you had. Chanting will not help. Do you believe that JESUS is GODS SON in the flesh and that HE died and rose again? If yes, then you can be set free, as I have. It was like a sheet was pulled off of me, and I felt peace, freedom, and joy. You have to be able to forgive that person too. Are you ready to do that? Remember one thing, perfect love casts out fear. Pray, read the WORD, and listen to what GOD tells you, so you can overcome the past, and live a GOD given future.

  104. Hello..yes this is all very disturbing. I have questions, as we all do I am sure, hopefully they will go noticed. Kim seems to not have handlers now, and that she flits through personalities based on her emotions. Is this how it really is with MK'd celebrities? We know that they have notebooks and laptops with all their access and trigger codes, but do they just stumble through different personalities like 'kim' does? or do their handlers control them to the personality best fitting at the time. it makes me think of lady gaga and being her male alter, joe calderone. that is really a personality that they are showing us, but they make it seem like "theater" like she said at the vmas. what about the daughter? is she being exposed to these tortures?

  105. Is it possible for someone to have alters, where they all know about eeach other and are able to interact without "amnesic barriers between them"?

    • @ Ana… Sure it's possible! Why not?

      Just look at the internet. Everyone who posts comments here and elsewhere uses a variety of usernames, nicknames, etc. In a way, those can be considered alter egos… but most of us are AWARE that we are doing this. Then you have folks who post to the SAME places using different names, voices, personalities, etc. Again, most (not ALL, but most) folks are likely aware of what they are doing when they pull these shenanigans.

      I'll be the first to admit that I have different 'modes' to my personality. Based on my mood and company and circumstances, sometimes I'm gentle and caring, sometimes I'm sarcastic and sassy, sometimes I'm silly, sometimes I'm intellectual, sometimes I'm serious… but it's all me. One can say that I have 'alter egos' that come out at different times, but in my case they are all facets of the same being…. Rather than broken, separate fragments.

      Another reason why I am grateful to have not gone through what poor Kim went through. If I could live to see just ONE drastic change made to the world as a result of our newfound awareness, it would be the abolishment of SRA and other forms of child abuse.

      Blessings to all!

      • Thank you for answering, I understand what you are saying, I as well can have a very different personality depending on the moment.

        But could they (alter egos) talk to each other, at the same time, even with the core (true personality) as people having a conversation?

      • @Ana – I guess it depends on how someone is "programmed" and how much control they have over their own mind. For the average person, I do think it's possible.

  106. They can wipe your memory as easily as rebooting a computer.

    Many more than you would suspect are being used for perverse meat puppetry. Are you sure you are not being used as a sex slave without awareness?

    Are you missing any time?

    Unexplained bruises? Stickiness?

    Could be….

  107. curious observer on

    All these freaks do is corrupt everything.nothing is sacred to these them.almost all religions teach that God is triumphant in the end.that day can't come sooner.

    you can do something.don't make them rich by supporting their careful what movies you watch.what music you listen fact don't even bother buying it.stick to beneficial knowledge like documentaries or websites like this.spend time outdoors instead.

    Don't fall for their commercial lifestyle they selling us.

  108. My heart is crying out for these little ones. I wish I could save them and give them a loving home…

    I think (my opinion) that they are traumatized to the point of being obedient beyond a doubt, not capable of right or wrong or even emotion (let alone regret). Raise an army of these, and you can fill the FEMA camps and start depopulation. And the symbols flashed around during almost any TV show is to "remind" them once they are "successfully" programmed and released. You don´t think satan will use an army for his plans that have feelings or a sense of what is right, do you?

  109. how sad and deeply disturbing, why mankind can be so cruel to it own is beyond me. It was extremely difficult to see some of the images, you should have a warning before the pictures to let the viewers know. Very informative and difficult to read. May God have mercy and at the same time unleash his judgement upon the wicked among us.

  110. Ria's paintings remind me of the one's I saw at Tuol Sleng :( I cannot comprehend man's capacity for evil… But then again neither can I comprehend people's altruism and love.

    Just a side note, an outsider artist is someone who hasn't formally studied art, not an artist with mental problems.

    • Why you can't understand people's natural disposition to altruism and love? I surround myself with such people because they heighten my mood, give me a sense of belonging and bring out the best in me. Egoists tend to be isolated bitter and twisted individuals who always fail in the long run.

  111. Ok VC! Question nobody is asking because everybody just buys into everything.

    Where is your factual research about what happend to this woman? How can you be certain it was occult rituals and satanic worship etc etc etc. How do you not know its not just one sick person, or a group of sickies that did this to her? You cant just look at some paintings and assume. That is not journalism. I would like to see this site go from conspiracies to actual finding truth. Why don't you ever conduct an interwiew?

    This is interesting and maybe even entertaining some "God peoples" fear of Lucifer or whatnot, people who love to blame everything bad in this world on evil, ignoring the fact that Christianity has killed and tortured so many people for so many years with the sole purpose of making them Christians. That is also evil, everything isn't black and white people. You need to wake up from that.

    but it would have been more interesting if you found out and dug deeper.

    • You must be filled with spite and alot of bad experiences. A good dose of caution is never wrong, but looking at those paintings speaks louder, than one can ever express into words.

      Those so called "christians" that have killed many and done gruesome things to countless people are NOT christians. They make use of the name of GOD for their own benefit and sickening perversions, to fullfill their own lusts. A true christian is a follower of CHRIST. JESUS never forced HIS lifestyle or way of thinking on anyone, HE just lived it. And those that truely want to follow HIM, don´t force themselves on others, they just live it out as well. You can´t put all "christains" in one pot and boil it. And no, those who truely seek GOD and want to live a life after JESUS, do not blame everything that happens on evil. We are humans and full of flaws, we don´t point fingers, but try to work on ourselves through prayer and guidance. Sure, the devil has fault for many evils in this world, he rules it after all untill JESUS´ return, but the sin in our own hearts and our own free will to accept and allow what´s going on also plays a major part in it. See, that´s why I´m afraid to call myself a christian, because the name is already tainted. But I will say I am a follower of JESUS. By the way, HE was tortured, ridiculed, and died a gruesome death HIMSELF. Think about it. I hope you find the TRUTH.

      • Yeah, I know there are some people that don't let their religion become their way of doing whatever they want. I wasn't talking about those people. I was talking about the fact that VC kinda makes everything simplified and that brings alot of weird christians hang around here and post weird replies.

        Anyways, obviously she has been through trauma, I do not doubt it for a second.

        But VC needs to make it clear how he KNOWS that it was from a "elitist sect" or an occult ritual thing.

        Alot of people abuse their own children just the way this woman has been abused.

        I really would like a reply from VC! thanks!

  112. Ths is very sad and we should pray to Jesus for the restoration(mentally & spiritually) and healing of our sister.

    For those creeps who did this to her we should pray that the demons controlling them go back to where they have been banished but more importantly we should pray for them to be forgiven of their sins no matter how great!

    It's the only way for them to attain salvation and that is what we should want for everyone who isn't save.

  113. I tried posting this yesterday, but not sure if my comment went through (don't see it and am seeing comments posted up after having submitted mine) as I was having connection issues so I'm posting this again. Anyway, I remember reading about Kim Noble on Pseudo Occult Media and went back to read it again. Then I checked out her virtual gallery found this painting done by Judy:…. It looks almost exactly like the first two photos seen here on Pseudo's blog entry about Christina Aguilera:…. Notice the similarities…exact same outfit, shoes, right foot on top of the doll's head, pentagram and candles on the floor, the knife and the book, even the same pose. If you look at the painting there is a sign over her head that says "seen the blog???" Anyone have any idea if there is a connection between the two and what the blog quote could possibly mean?

  114. Hi sir (vigilantcitizen),

    I'm a german guy and my english is not god enough for understand all what you say, but I love your side, it's amazing good work for this themes and I hope you make this a long time ago again.

    Finest regards, Sven

  115. To the above post, I agree but speaking biblical, there are people who has special abilities not associated with demonic activities. However, you are right people need to be aware of those activities. This story has two possibilities: Her abilities could come from the light side (God) or because of the mind control, she could've shown signs of possession. Signs of MPD or DID are similar to signs of possession. In her case because she suffered abuse in childhood, and mind control it sounds like a possession.

  116. I feel so sorry for this lady, she's been through so much, but her Art shows her pain, her emotion. I wish all this bad stuff never happened to you, even though that would mean we wouldn't have your paintings to look at. Nobody's pain is worth an image. Rather live in a world where you are unharmed, and not painting, than painting and harmed.

  117. Speaking of another Paul…Paul McCartney once took LSD and told George he had a revelation (while under the influence) and told him to wrote it down. The message was simply, "There are seven levels." I saw this in the Beatles anthology I believe. He said he saw it later and disregarded it as being under the influence, but maybe there is something to it?

  118. Wow! You white westerners UK US etc people are the sickest group of people ever, are'nt you? (No offence to Russia Greece etc)

    You PROVE it right here IN THIS ARTICLE. Now, anyone of you care to argue otherwise?

  119. Thanks for helping to expose this abhorrence VC! I suspect that this same trauma-based mind control has been inflicted on those that hold governing positions in all Western countries.

    After all, no sane, compassionate or empathic president/prime-minister would wage illegal wars nor consistently create laws designed to remove freedoms and basic, god-given human rights from is citizenry.

    Like the poor woman in this article, I suspect that our leaders have also been MK'd and I'd be willing to bed that they also have handlers who can issue certain trigger words to bring forward a previously created personality who exists to do their bidding.

  120. This just confirms the worst – that this stuff is real and going on every day and noone's doing anything to stop it! The abusers are your government, royalty and the people we 'look up to.' People need to wake up and start acting not just sitting around doing nothing and hoping it ain't real.

  121. @Simple and Plain says:

    September 30, 2011 at 9:23 pm

    All Illuminati artist are Roman Catholic.

    Illuminati is Satanic Catholic.

    Do you not think the BEST way Satan can turn people away from God and our Saviour, is by continually fabricating this idea that the Catholic Church is evil. THINK about it!

    • I am sorry to burst your bubble but the Pope is one of them. Believe in your G-d and your church, but do not believe in the behind/working for the churches. The devil has taken a lot of church people unfortunately but we have to keep believing.

  122. Simple and Plain says:

    September 30, 2011 at 9:23 pm

    All Illuminati artist are Roman Catholic.

    Illuminati is Satanic Catholic.

    Do you not think THE BEST way Satan can turn people away from God, and our Saviour, Jesus Christ is by perpetuating this 'myth' that the Catholic Church is evil??? THINK about it???

  123. Marc Dutroux?

    That sick f*ck from Belgium…

    This stuff needs to get to the "bread & circus" consuming masses.

    Just like the "boystown" stuff from the 80's.

  124. They're doing a story about her in Australia and they're going to talk about the traumatic events in her life which caused her to split into different personalities.

  125. The blood ritual has its origins in the Babylonian Talmud written by the Pharasees three thousand years ago. These Rabbis as the name implies adopted the Egyptian Satanic beliefs. If you read "the book of the dead" you will see that they were Luciferians. They were having sex with animals, children and dead corpses. In the Talmud the psycho Rabbies also wrote that it is ok to have sex with children, animals and dead bodies.

    Today, these rituals are still being performed in secret. They never stopped being conducted zealously.

    The Egyptian and Minoan civilizations were the remnants of the Atlantean civilization who were also dedicated to Satanic practises.

    There are multi-dimensional malevolent, reptilian, other wordly entities, that feed on fear and violence energy. They are energy fear vampires. They can only exist on these very base energies; they get a kick out of seeing people in extreme suffering. Hence why the wars without end, and the use of rape as a weapon. Where is the headquarters of these puppet masters? The Vatican is the seat of Satan, and Rothschild is their banker.

    Wars are highly profitable, in fact the most profitable business that there is. The First and Second World Wars were engineered and now they have a third world war in the works against Iran. This time they want to use nuclear power. For these entities know that their time is up. Since they cannot overule the Earth anymore, they desire to destroy it. If they can NOT have it, no one will. This is how these evil energies reason. They are putrid in their stagnation of evil, and do not wish to evolve. We should all prey for the God of TRUTH TO CEASE their existence.

  126. This makes me feel sooooooooooooo much sympathy for those poor people.. Children! How can anyone do this? WHERE do they do this (So I can stay far away). Oh goodness, this makes things that I saw as "big" problems seem so insignificant now. My heart hurts for her and others like her. These people are SICK.

  127. This article broke my heart and soul. How can people be so cruel? I cant stop crying. Crying for every human being who had to go through this and everyone who still is….

  128. They had a 20 minute interview w/Kim and her multiple personalities on the Aus version of 60mins. Dirsturbing & heartbreaking. they showed her being a 12 y,old alter egopainting an image saying "they will hurt us,the nasty ones"!

  129. I'm not suggesting that this woman's story is not true, but why was this done? What function did she serve? Also, Tavistock is mentioned but the reference is ambiguous. Is the article suggesting that Tavistock played a part in her condition, or that they helped?

  130. I don't think she is as free as we think. From the article in the 'Guardian' it states that she had an arson attack on her home plus acid thrown in her face when she tried to speak out. That doesn't sound like a free person to me.

  131. I have been following VC for quiet sometimes now and the whole secret society idea seemed pretty foreign and almost unauthentic but I know I am an apostate; all ignorant-filled notions have been obliterated. But my greatest worry is: what is the involvement of the Illuminati in Africa, particularly my country South Africa?

    Could they have installed puppets in our governement institutions who would write policies that are friendly to their corporations?

    Are they also practising this below-sick operations in our towns and we are not aware?

    It I am disturbed, scared and worried?

  132. I don't think she is as free as we think. After speaking out she had acid thrown in her face and an arson attack on her house. :(

  133. I have a question: if Marylin Monroe is the 'blueprint' for every female sex slave, then which is the blueprint for every male sex slave… The real question should be: is there anything related to Sex Kitten program that involves men? I've never seen that kind of mind control described in this page.

  134. my dude on one of the paintings dealing with her abuse as a child where you said about 'strange inscriptions', what it is actually saying is 'lock up nonces', i guess youre an american not familiar with british slang…'nonce' is british slang for a child molester, 'lock up nonces' is perfectly understandable sentiment from someone with her background, god bless her (or anyone for that matter, nonces are lower than a snakes belly)

  135. I can understand what she went through. I was a victim of Monarch Programming, i also have a split personality (at least I know). I grew up in Africa (I cannot disclose any details, because I could easily get done) in an orphanage run by free masons, the whole board was comprised of masons. The things that happened to us, haha! God forbid. But now i am doing well (at least through the help of God and other few people I got over the trauma), I was extremely bright, got very good education, the orphanage still won't leave me, later on in life, I was put under a handler, now i am working for them in another country, (one of my alter personalities is a genius, that is how i survived brutality and still did very well in school)…I am only in my early twenties, and the responsibilities i have are just choking me out, they have always given me so much responsibilities to cut off my social life….these people are not good…i feel gutted*

  136. I just can't understand WHY people do this .. I just can't stand this… money? power? … there's not reason that can be called as "comprehensive" .

  137. What a horrifying life this woman must have experienced to have her mind shatter like a broken mirror. How could they do this to perfectly innocent people?

  138. The pictures made me want to vomit. I literally felt sick to my stomach after viewing these horrific pictures of endured abuse. I pray that those who have done this to her are brought to justice. I pray that one day through the power of God that she is made whole. May God be with her every day and may she suffer NO MORE.

  139. has anyone ever questioned this lady where/who her family is and/or whether or not she was kidnapped?? she is out in the public eye now for all to say – aww poor lady, wow she is doing good. what great artwork. But is anyone trying to find out who those handlers were and what exactly got her there to maybe find these kind of people???? Sometimes I wonder all the missing children in America- (and if the whole concept of alien abduction is fake) if this is where they are going- to underground mind controlling freaks of nature. There have been many therapists who wrote books (i recommend "Satan's children")- about their strikingly similar patient stories. But no one questions how the children got there and this is mind boggling to me. Were the parents part of it and sent them there? Had they filed missing child reports for missing kids? Satanism and mind control is tied together, it has been happening for years and it is happening under our noses right now.

    I also want to bring to light that the highest human trafficking area in the world is not in Asia or somewhere out there as people think, but it is in the states. And very close to home for many. It also happens to be the highest traffic area/high way in the tri-state area. Many people are being transported every day and no one cares or puts a stop to it. When the government (and world) is run by devil-worshippers-hiding/lying- behind- different- sectors of christianity (ie protestant) then unfortunately nothing can be done i guess.

  140. sorry about the absence of proof. How do we know she painted the paintings and alone, not with coaching? And even if they corraborate with what we know about m/k, what is more to confirm it? Why does Oprah bring on a feeble witness and asks no real questions?

  141. Everybody who is really interested in mind control shoul investigate the Montauk case. The Montauk Project was a secret United States government project conducted at Camp Hero or Montauk Air Force Station on Montauk, Long Island for the purpose of developing psychological warfare techniques and exotic mind control research. Lots of videos about the project can be found here:

  142. I want to stress that when learning about mkultra, its important not to place too much importance on its place in the media. The media is just something on the side that is used by the elite; and the purpose of monarch programming is not just to have victims and symbolism appear in television and music videos. Monarch slaves are used for many different things and in many different ways and in fact the media is simply a tool to further program them and reinforce the programming (in addition to influencing the thoughts and thereby manipulating the behavior of the mass population to ignorance and immorality) .

    Also, I believe there is a danger to reading and learning about the symbolism in media and finding it entertaining to do so. I think the best source of information is Fritz Springmeir's works. I've known about mkultra for 4 or 5 years now.

  143. These are very disturbing and very interesting and thought provoking pieces! The more I saw, the more I rocked back and forth, clutching myself! I could never imagine experiencing anything so horribly traumatic and then living to talk about it!

  144. Her artwork is so beautiful and scary at the same time. It is so scary what they do to her. Is there anyway we can do to stop these acts so that no more people in the world would get hurt like Ms. Kim Noble? The people who do that to her, why do they do that to her? Why such great evil? I cannot understand the reason behind the torture. I want to as you a question. I have a friend who is in her early teenage years. Her mother would not let her out of her room besides going to school and strictly forbids her to do anything else except study. She's treated the same way with the rest of the family members. There would be frequent arguments between her and her parents and her father would often hit her with his belt until her her wounds become deep. If this continues for the next few years, will she end up becoming like a monarch slave too?

  145. In Christianity, we would say this woman is demon possessed. What her alternate "Patricia" said about Kim just being an entity in which they reside, relates closely to the case of the demonized man described in Mark 5:1-20. They describe themselves as a "legion" because they were "many." All those demons were allowed to reside in Kim because of all the abuse she was subjected to, as well as the various emotional issues she hasn't dealt with. She "disappears" whenever she tries to confront what happened because the demons in her do not want her to be cured. If she is cured they will have to leave and would not have a bodily form to reside in.

    • Poor thing, what a dreadful situation to be in. And we complain about our everyday lives when we have an easy ride in comparison to so many others.

  146. Very detailed analysis of the art, however, it would have been great if it didn't lose the point a bit.

    Multiple personality disorder, as the name says is a mental state which arises, usually, when the patient has gone through a traumatic experience. The brain "locks" itself, as a defense mechanism so the person won't remember what was painful, thus, creating another personality. it's rare.

    I can normally see where you are coming from with other articles, but to me, those paintings are a clear representation of what the victim don't remember. – not of mind control, but of the violence she suffered in order to develop the disorder, and not from the so called programmers . but from people – close to her. Her art is a consequence of violence and child abuse, as it happens with millions, everyday and everywhere, and not from mind control.

    sorry but I don't see the point.

  147. Robert Vandriest-Mit on

    Hi folks, as the saying goes. . . . A picture is worth a thousand words and that goes up certainly for this. When i saw the pictures, it brought up my own memories, and i am by far healed, as i am still recovering myself from my childhood traumas. I was used both in the Monarch Prohram from age 3 till around 20 and from 6 till 19 within the Montauk Project (that is from the start from 1970 till 1983). As i was born in mid air 50 nautical miles outside of the coast of long island of Montauk Point (in a plain, as my mother flown back from a business trip as a corporate laywer within the MIEC). I was raised in southern california, went by 6 to boarding schools till i was 16 and 2ysr of private school. When my family (on both sides) moved out of the UK in 1620 with the Mayflower, they were GrandMasters in the 'F*cking' FreeMasons and eversince near or on hat level. My whole family is heavenly involved in Military, Intelligence Community and MIEC. Becos of the above connections and links i was chosen and being used in the Monarch Program and Montauk Project. If ppl want to contact me you can reach me on FB by Or contact on I am also an lecturer on the abcos of the pain and suffering that they representove and other subjects too. But reason i wrote is the level that those paintings not only touched my soul, but brought up alot of my memories and by some i had to cry outloud because of the outright pain and suffering they represent as i had to endure. Bcos in my case, my family are for centuries onwards high freemasons and satanist etc. Bcos of this i was chosen and had to goo thru their programming. But this woman with her 13 front alters ois a remarkable and brave woman in what she did. I salute her in this. For now all of you readers and watching those painting, enjoy and be enriched on your Spiritual Journey, and put this site with this topic out on much sites as you can, as we need to expose this evil, thats why i went into lecturing, aswell for the future i have another task connected with this, i have to perform, whats i can't say for now, but it's not gonna be easy, as i know what i am facing. But now have all a great week, Yours Sincerely Robert.

  148. I was abused from birth on by family. Not this kind of ritual torture, but torture enough to have separated. Someone wrote that this is something one can never recover from. In the sense that, no, anyone diagnosed with PTSD and DID from traumatic events of childhood will ever be "normal" as most people think of that word, probably true. Also in the sense that a person having been through any severe trauma during childhood, and especially Monarch programming, will ever recover the innocence, trust, and innumerable other things that should have been theirs by human right, yes. But a person with DID CAN recover enough to live a productive life, CAN recover enough to contribute something special to this world and those of us who live in it, CAN recover enough to be at peace with the internal family and can recover enough to have that internal family work together in harmony if integration is not the preferred option, which I don't believe it should be. These parts came out in an effort to SURVIVE the unimaginable. They still want to survive. To be aware of the parts and to be able to have all of them aware of each other, to reteach what was wrongly taught and for each to grow in wisdom & truth & work together is what I work for. After seeing this today, and knowing that others had it so much worse, it gives me hope for all of us who have been diagnosed with DID and have suffered so much.

  149. What these nit wits don't consider is that the man was saved from the alter of fire by the grace of God. Then Abrham happened to see a goat, horns caught in the thickett. The Goat was tossed on the fire. The sin of the Amorites is not yet full else Christ had returned. These geber only have a short while, five months from when antichrist arrives. Have food for 10 months or more and hide out when he shows and wait for the world to change back the way it was at the begining. When Jesus Christ Returns. In the mean time expose their ass.

  150. As usual with these areas of investigation, it's important not to let our critical faculties be overwhelmed by the emotional effects of the information. The problem I see with the way this is being interpreted is that just because it appears that something unspeakably horrible happened to this person, this is taken as validating all of the standard discourse about MK Ultra, Monarch and so on. My understanding of what is actually documented of MK Ultra is that it was testing interrogation techniques using drugs and torture during field intelligence work. Of course it's very likely that a lot was not documented, or the documents were destroyed, but that doesn't mean that we know exactly what it was.

    As for Monarch, as far as I am aware it is a speculative concept built up from numerous fragments of information, some of which are of dubious reliability (e.g. Trance Formation of America). I'm not saying that I don't believe it – but I'm not saying that I do believe it either.

    Just because SOMETHING is obviously going on – doesn't mean that a particular idea about what it is, is correct.

    Why does Springmeier refer to 'Jewish black magicians' bringing the Kabbalah to Europe? Is there any evidence of anything unethical about medieval Kabbalah? Anyway, there is very little documentation showing its existence anywhere before it appeared in 13th century Spain, apart from the 3rd century book Sefer Yetzirah which contains very little of the medieval symbolic content.

    I have a general concern about the conspiracy movement: there are some really interesting, general ideas that clearly have elements of truth about them; but there is a desperate lack of clear-minded critical thinking about what is known and what is just speculative.

    But VC, you are one of the best and you turn up some fascinating material, even if I'm not always convinced by some of your conclusions.

  151. It really hurts my heart whenever i hear of an adult harming children in any way. There is a special place in hell for anyone who could dare put a child through this horror. it's just something i would never understand

  152. I really like you website, and how you reveal the truth about the symbolism regarding the Illuminati and the use of Monarch Mind Control. This post is very sad, and the pictures very disturbing, but it is important that people know the real meaning behind these pictures. I feel very hurt that Kim had to witness and experience such disgusting and traumatic events.

  153. Forgive my ignorance but what is the point of this programming and torture in general when its done to people who arent famous??? Sorry but I dont know much on the subject. The last few pictures were so disturbing….where were this girls parents? Are they normally in on it? Are the controlled too??

    I would appreciate answers if anyone is willing….thanks

    • Non famous, they look for children with high iq/esp/and beauty.
      They monitor and implant false memories to replace the memories of torture. They separate the reality because the violence is so bad, in order to survive. The strong close it off, thus two separate realities. There is no one to tell because you will be treated as a schizophrenic. They sexualize the young girls, grooming them for the industry. Some fall off before making it there, some are assigned handlers.

  154. … A woman with 13 personalities, almost all of whom have allegorical names, all of whom paint allegorical pictures? Am I the only one who thinks this is odd?

    How do the alters deal with all the other paintings that they didn't do?

    How did this woman end up with a child?

    How many people have examined her, or was it just the one psychologist?

    I'm just saying, named like Key, Salome and Golden Dawn really damage my ability to suspend disbelief.

    • I am also wondering. Would she have painted so many checkered floors, tortured children and symbols of dissociation if she had never heard about them? It looks much too textbook to me. Besides, it sells…

  155. I understand such women, are selected as very young children, traumatised, programmed by mind control, and then when older are programmed and groomed by their handlers to respond to a known code to provide sexual favours for heads of government departments or politicians, and also to act as couriers of classified information between such heads of government departments of so called friendly countries. The women could be described as political prostitutes. Read "Trance Formation of America", and I quote "A documented autobiography of a victim of government mind control, The true life story of a CIA Mind Control Slave by Cathy O'Brien with Mark Phillips." Published by Reality Marketing, Incorporated Bill Clinton is mentioned.

    • yes, targeted young. Those with high intelligence/esp are especially vulnerable. They program them and monitor the outcome, using visions and methods to separate reality and manipulate your actions. I live in two realities. I live here and understand this reality, yet when I close my eyes, my reality is not my own. I remember dual sides like two different lives. The false memories implanted in my mind are satanic ever since I was a child. I have one personality, but 2 different existences.

  156. As a mental health therapist, I have encountered people with DID due to what most likely is Monarch Programming (after reading about MP, it sounds like that is what these people endured) and it has been most challenging to comprehend the magnitude of all they've experienced. No graduate class I took ever prepared me to work with clients who have been vicitms of this ritual abuse (RA) or Monarch Programming. Such things were not even covered in my classes; I have to believe that these topics are untouched for various reasons such as outright denial, controversy, etc. I have been privledged to have met and worked with people who continue to live with multiple alters. I will never, ever forget their stories, their pain, and their ever-present fear of their former abusers. They are survivors of people/things that tried to claim their lives. When they had no hope and nothing to believe in, they still survived the worst imaginable experiences. That is a miracle.

    Integration therapy strives to assist the client to integrate the various alters who exist within the host. I'm not sure of the success rate of such therapy. However, I do know that the process is a long one. I do hope that more people can be made aware of the existance of programming and how it destroys human life. And as I've learned, it may be happening closer than we think.

    Thank you VC for raising awareness through this article.

    • I've heard speculation that some of these groups actually use Disneyland, and not only that but some Disney movies are actually made for this type of programming. Alice in Wonderland is said to be one of these films, and it dates back as far as 1951.

  157. many people are scared to death here, tell spooky, scary, if this is horrible, but there is nothing to fear or not yet really know that FEAR IS THE RESISTANCE AND REACTION CONTROL MIND CONTROL, if you are afraid is because even TRANCE continuous. Besides, what about MK ULTRA APPLIED TO ALL MANKIND? This that is applied only to a select few is so fake! this trap
    I think the only way to get rid of the matrix is emotionally detached from it or is it just an illusion?

  158. Archrave_awakened on

    Every picture that I saw… gives me heart breaking sadness and when I was read. I feel like outburst of my feelings of vengeance… Shame on them!!!

    Blessed are the poor in spirits for there is a kingdom of heaven…

  159. The thing that makes me think it will be ok is all the compassion that everyone has left with there comments all you people are the true hero's the ones that want to do something and are never afraid to express there opinions you guys and girls give the children and world hope.

  160. This entire article just wants to make me cry… How could anyone do this to other human beings, no less CHILDREN of all people? They're such cowards, hiding behind veils as they abuse and control over others. I'm still in disbelief, I knew that the secret societies were horrible but I didn't know it was… that bad. I am so glad that He saved me and I hope to help save more from these monsters. No human and no demon will ever have control over me.

  161. In the Kia Pratt picture on the wall I think it said 'Pratt Rules' and 'lock up………' I couldn't read the rest, why do people do this!!!????! The world is ful of twisted people who hurt others for their sick enjoyment. Kim Noble, Bonny, Judy, Kia Pratt and the rest of her alters are strong, beautiful, people who never diserved this, and whoever thinks she fed it neds to know this is REAL, and I'm a twelve year old girl saying this. This is what's happening, I'm about toe cry because I'm disgusted at this wrld. I give all those evil twisted people my one finger soulute.

  162. I don't know. I have DD and the this is not what it is. Even Cathy O Brian will tell you they are NOT other personalities; they are memory fragments. A person to become a personality has to develop in their environment. For example, a British Accent isn't going to develop in an alter who doesn't live in Britain. It's BS and a bunch of staged nonsense. My alters didn't have names till I named them. And I only named them after I remembered. And they were all me. They were not different people. This just makes it harder for us to explain ourselves to people. Ok yes…MAYBE an alter can be especially created by the CIA to perform a task like a robot. But this will NOT be a talented creative person with a flair for painting in a certain style–it's not like that. Do a search for Sybil Myth–Sybil was the biggest hoax around.

  163. this all reminds me of that tv show called "the united states of tara" – it seemed to be a popular show about a woman with multiple personalities and how she tried to have a normal life dealing with her condition. its mocking people like kim nobel in my eyes saying look world here is some great fictional entertainment for you. majority of the world dont take this seriously they dont even think its real.

  164. I am not a survivor however I do believe these people are elite, they are extremely religious and they are Luciferians as one of the posters stated above. It is an ancient religion based on The Ancient Babylonian Mysteries. My Paternal Grandfather taught craft for a Masonic Org throughout this country. As a child I have had numerous paranormal experiences since the age of 11. These experiences run in my maternal family for generations. My experiences are focused on me not a particular residence it's an ancestoral kind of thing. Anyway at one point I had to call someone in because it got so bad and I was told that I had a demon infestation. I*+- was seeing these beings aside from many many other encounters. The woman described what I had seen without me ever telling her. When I tried to look up a composite drawing of what I was seeing on the internet I pulled a drawing of a Reptilian (kind of alien). My mother had told me that if ever I was attacked to say The Our Father (Prayer), as she and her family had been attacked in the past. Well I did this and to my amazement whatever was attacking stopped dead in it's tracks. So why would this prayer calling on Yahuwah have any power over an alien????? Because it is not an alien. The aliens ARE The Fallen (not the other way around as they would like you to think), they are the Serpent Race/Demons. The reason they want you to think the opposite is because you will not understand the source to overcome it which is Yahuwah and the Messiah Yahushua.

    /It is scriptural. Job is visited by two angels, one righteous and one fallen. The righteous is beautiful the fallen has the visage(face) of a viper. A viper is a snake/reptilian. Echoes of Enoch website hit the nail on the head and was able to make sense of all of this. He and many others have had the same experiences. This site should be linked to that site in order to gain more understanding and awareness of what is going on. There is a war being waged for souls, it doesn't matter whether you believe it or not, it is happening. You need to draw close to Yahuwah the almighty creator. It isn't a joke. I never had strong faith until I started to have my experiences. The powers that be have convinced an entire planet that Yahuwah does not exist, to go so far to remove his true name from all scriptures, to alter scripture 144,000 times. Let me ask you then why do they worship Lucifer? How does Lucifer exist if Yahuwah doesn't exist?? Because we all know according to The Book of Enoch Yahuwah created Lucifer. People need to wake up and apply their critical thinking skills. Sorry for the rant.

    • It is not just elite. there are networks, like veins through the cities. They find the high iq, beautiful, esp, children.

  165. The reason that the two secret technologies (1) EM Remote Surgery using focused EM signals; (2) EM Remote Mind Control, were not exposed to the general public is because most CIA employees trust their feelings instead of their logic. They do not believe that EVIL IS VICSIOUS TO EVERYONE, which is the rule of nature. They think their boss would only be viscious to some victims. They hope other people could help them when more people are killed. The reason these CIA employees are so stupid is because their brains are physically damaged. Their capabilities of reasoning and connecting things are severely damaged.

    There are only 2 things meaningful to those CIA employees (1) Exposing the two secret technologies in Media Massively; (2) Deleting the people who do not allow exposing secrets in media massively.

  166. I admire your journalism more than you will ever know. As most will agree, these are the most disturbing and painful pieces of artwork I have ever seen.

    Not everyone has the heart to painstakingly research and document these kinds of controversial and complex subjects, it takes a special person….and you, Vigilant Citizen, are one of those brave hearts.

    Thank YOU for being a witness to this woman's personal tragedy, and thank you for bringing the truth to light on this and so many other subjects. My prayers are with you in your quest for truth.

    Much love, healing and protection to all of those who have been touched in any way by evil in our world.

  167. I want to know how to put a stop to this and expose these demonic beings. I want more people to know and care and make a stand. If there is a God, I hope he puts an end to them. I hope he heals and protects the victims. I want God to not even allow such evil. How can we help? How can we stop these satanic groups. I am ready to risk everything to expose and bring justice. I pray for divine justice and I hope the end is soon. The world has suffered enough.

  168. "The victim of the mind control has had their mind split into many personalities, actually far more personalities than what the people in the therapeutic community generally realize. Cisco who I brought out of the Illuminati has very standard programming in many ways, although she has unique features to her system of personalities. She had a very standard grid of 13x13x13 alter personalities. Each one of those personalities has been given a separate history, separate personality which has its own likes and dislikes."

    "The small part of the therapeutic community that’s trying to address DID generally work with a few front personalities. There are number of books out there written by people with MPD where the therapist came in and worked with five or six front personalities. The Illuminati step back and allow them to integrate some front personalities and the person is told by the therapist "you are now integrated, you’re fine" and they left therapy, and everybody is happy. The victim thinks they are free of their MPD, the therapist has made a lot of money and gotten famous over some book they have written, and the Illuminati is happy because these are just front alters that have been stabilized. The system of alters are far more complex than people realize. "

    from Fritz Springmeir interview

  169. I've seen a T.V. interview with her on the Australian 60minutes program.

    In one of her persona's she could not even remember who her own daughter was. It was so sad.

  170. Correction to the misinformation in quoted by Fritz Springmeier: Kabbalah, the occult branch of Judaism, is not associated with Hermeticism – what is now known as the tree of life in Kabbalah is rather late on the historical timeline and is currently utilized by anyone involved in any esoteric path as if it were the model of the cosmos. Hermetic thought is Platonic in its roots, the Kabbalah is NOT. Now, Cabala is the language of the birds in alchemy. It is NOT the same as this tree of life model, has nothing to do with the occult side of Judaism either.

  171. Andreia Marques on


    love the site. while this article was kinda of disturbing i cant help wondering something..they do exist that's a fact as well as the mk project that's another fact.
    VC do u think or bealive that they still kidnap kids?
    That would explain a lot if u know what i mean.

    keep up the good work

  172. I think Kim Noble is so brave for putting up her brilliant paintings like this. It is wonderful to see her living her life and showing such artistic talent and taste. I have DID and am a survivor of monarch mind slave programming and ritual abuse and know how hard it is to survive all this but also very possible.

  173. Dr. Ophryocystis on

    All these practices are by Jews. They also do this to their own kids. They worship satan and their display of hate toward Christians and Jesus is evident in their movies. They own hollywood and decide what makes it into theaters and who will act in the movies (their pet monarch movies "stars") and screenwriters…ect.

    • Pardon me, but I'm a Jewish believer in Jesus and I also know most Jews wouldn't do this. Faith backgrounds do not matter so much as where the heart is. Anyone can give themselves over to Satan.

  174. I wish we could see Salome's paintings. Utilizing common logic, it stands to attest that if Ria Pratt's paintings, who are the most shocking and sickening of all (Encompassing the purity of a child's innate grasp of the truth.), and Ria put them out, then imagine what Salome's paintings would unleash. It just may be the truth. So painful and unspeakably evil that it would penetrate and destroy even the normal person's grasp of illusionary sanity. Despite that, it would be vital to see. I hope time will tell and Kim Noble is still alive to showcase this kind of art. It's for the public's benefit. Well, at least the public who hates what the mainstream has become, rife with occultism, and tawdriness, and a hostile, public attack on education of all fronts except what celebrities (Kardashian) are doing.

  175. Disturbing. It is immensely devastating that people like that exist in this world. Who would bring so much pain and terror to others because of greed and materialism. I feel so much for the victims for their unnecessary and un-describable suffering and with all of my life, wish that the monsters responsible for this are rotting in hell or will!

    God bless x

  176. There is a basic symbol in constant use today, in the record industry, films, news and logos and labels.

    It is ancient and it has worked over and over again to bend the will of the people.

  177. Oh my!

    I am sickened to my core! As a mother myself, the reality of another child being so mistreated to very disturbing.

    There is definitely dark spiritual influence behind this and these.

    Lord, help them…

  178. I don't even know what to say. Wow. I do believe there is something to this, that many are in cahoots with Satan and they have traumatized this poor woman and her daughter. It will come to a head someday.

  179. A very brave soul, to be able to show this past of horror and abuse is truly amazing and courageous. We need unity consciousness if we are to fight this evil.

  180. Wow many have words written n backwards and separated. The first hieroglyphics type one does say kill, blood, devil, as well as help me help below me on top, f***, hate, why me, ship or s***… some Hebrew I think too. The child knelt before the seated man doing what I can't bring myself to say, says Pratt rules, child friendly, lock up Nonces, and .hate

  181. I don't think the mass media even knows about mind control programming. I've got a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services, and I am just now, 2 years out of school, learning about this. If I've never heard of this, and I'm studying all manner of social and psychological texts and concepts, it's no wonder the media is clueless. The APA is evil. They don't recognize post-abortion syndrome as real and they took homosexuality out of the DSM for political purposes. The so-called professionals are bogus.

    With that stated, I am traumatized myself from looking at this blatant proof of MK programming! God please bless her heart – what horrific scenes and events! I'm sorry if I send up negative emotions into the "psychosphere," but after looking at the evil in these pictures, how can you heal what's happening to the world with LOVE? Seems nuclear power is the only thing strong enough to end this disease on earth. Jesus, please return soon!

  182. the reason why MK-Ultra can never be opened up to the public is pretty obvious. there are 6 big companies that controls 90% of the media:
    -News Corp
    -Time warner
    obviously, Disney and Viacom are Illuminati groups
    (MTV is under Viacom while ABC and ESPN are under Disney)
    to think i've read abou this in a FILM BOOK would mean that these 6 companies specially that 2 are very influential when it comes to what you see in your television
    this is why you should never trust everything you see on TV
    everytime something like this happens (like Kim Noble's case) they are instructed to take a different angle of the case
    they will not show what they are told not to show
    our world is falling to pieces as we know it

  183. Excellent article, keep up the good work.

    It's amazing how far the twisted, psychopathic mind of a 'handler' or anyone involved in the rituals surrounding Monarch Programming will go. In the same way religion has distorted peoples perceptions and egos over the millenia, makes me wonder if in future it will be looked upon as the Spanish Inquisition is now.

  184. Bah I wish you could edit your posts here…

    Another thing she likes is the masks. Broken masks, etc.

    She loved to draw eyes… Only the eyes.

    She loves older men. Only Older men.

    She calls oral sex "Ice Cream".

    I'm just listing things that were touched on or related to this article…

    I do want to clarify:

    The things she liked to draw are not a few things among many… those were the ONLY things she draws.

    I can't remember any more at the moment but I do know there is more… Really WISH there was an edit post function…

    When I first started looking into this site it made me realize her drawings had significant symbols…

    She was always a sensitive child and whether you believe it or not, she was psychic and telepathic and extremely empathetic.

    She could read your mind and know your feelings without you saying a word.

    Just wondered what other people's ideas are…

  185. Intriguing revelations, however I'd hesitate to express my thoughts on the subject. She's obviously a product of her environment, her sole upbringing shaped her and is the source of her inspiration. She has achieved huge success but at what cost? Give me physical/mental/emotional health any time and I wouldn't trade it for Van Gogh's undisputable talent.

  186. Everyone will bow- J on

    Kim, herself, was not psychic. She had many spirits dwelling within her, because doors were opened in her childhood that permitted them to come in and live. People should never underestimate the powers of the underworld spirits.

    Apostle Paul in the Bible encountered a slave girl who made money for her master by telling people's fortunes and predicting the future. Apostle Paul bound that spirit from speaking. The girl no longer had her psychic powers. The Holy Spirit is ordained to give the gift of prophecy. People, who possess such gifts and do not accept the Lord, Jesus Christ, are operating from the wrong spirits. The Bible refers to this as a form of false prophecy.

    I was watching a disturbed child on a television show. The spirit that was let in her life due her playing Ouija board was telling everyone something that they did in the past. A woman attempted to free the family from this spirit. Well, that spirit spoke of the woman’s baby she aborted. Be advised of the spirits that are talking you. They display themselves as harmless.

  187. Everyone will bow- J on

    About Kim's ability to read minds. Satan has the power to place thoughts and ideas in our minds. Of course his angels are aware of this. Be mindful of demonic spirits and their powers.

  188. Know Jesus - Read Ho on

    God bless you Everyone will bow- Jesus Christ keep speaking the truth. May you abound in God grace & blessings.

  189. Be aware of the ones who preach about God at the same time, such as the slave girl in Philippi. They might also channel evil spirits 😉

    Some of the comments over here spring to mind that specific girl 😉

    (((The messages she uttered were alleged to come from another realm – the realm of the dead or of the gods. And like Pythia, she was supposedly controlled by Python the guardian of the oracle.

    She followed Paul and his companions as they went about Philippi, crying after them: 'These men are the servants of the Most High God, who proclaim to us the way of salvation" (Acts 16:17). For a time, nothing happened. The slave masters must have been content, for they did not complain. And Paul and his companions also took no action, presumably hoping that the girl's attention would soon be diverted elsewhere. But she continued for "many days".

    A True Message

    What she said about Paul and his friends was true, they were "servants of the Most High God" and they were "proclaiming the way of salvation". But she did not need to be in contact with the spirit world to know this. As Paul himself said on another occasion about his preaching work, "the king, before whom I also speak freely, knows these things; for I am convinced that none of these things escapes his attention, since this thing was not done in a corner" (Acts 26:26).

    Why then was Paul "greatly annoyed" (Acts 16:18)? Why did he take action to ensure that the girl would never again act as a medium? The only answer is that he knew her life was a sham, and that she was being mercilessly exploited by her slave masters.

    We noted that these men were content for her to talk about Paul being a servant of God, and took no action to stop her, even though she continued to follow the apostle for "many days". They only took notice when Paul commanded her to stop her spiritualist practices. This was cutting oft a lucrative source of income, so "when her masters saw that their hope of profit was gone, they seized Paul and Silas and dragged them into the marketplace to the authorities" (verse 19).

    This is an important Bible passage about spiritualism, and it is worth reiterating some of the main points it teaches:

    The girl's messages were used to make money for her masters.

    Her statements about Paul and his friends contained information that was readily available to anyone. She did not need to be in touch with the spirit world.

    Paul did not consider that her skill was useful to aid his preaching.)))

    I might add that Paul didn't want references from Satan. 😉

  190. towards the end, there will be more and more people who can do so.

    It is different for those fortune tellers who guide you and help you with what they see in your future without asking for a penny for it ( i have friends who have the gift and see it first hand) and those who do it for money will be different. Most who have the joined the other side will be able to read minds and have even more extraordinary powers and will be seen as "spiritual" or "gifted". Be aware bec they are going to be of the bad side.

    there will also be a chip for the brain that will literally be used to read minds as well- it will start with past memories and dreams in order to learn about the concept of " origin of idea" or this is what they will tell us but they will actually be able to steal the one thing that you think no one can take away from you- and that is your thoughts.

  191. yes, also when you have opened the way to have split personalities, as well as with hypnosis at that the therapists office, you are opening your soul and allowing the devil to enter. That's why even at the therapist every1 should be very careful with being hypnotized and do it to the minumum if it is absolutely necessary for whatever your problem is.

    Also note – "spirits" are the devil acting like it is different entities/ people ie – your grandma's ghost or something, it is usually devil's trickery, even to psychics who say – i see your grandma next to you right now, that is actually the devil, for if your late grandma was to come to you, she would do so without you needing the outside clairvoyant to help.

  192. I’m not suggesting that this woman’s story is not true, but why was this done? What function did she serve? Also, Tavistock is mentioned but the reference is ambiguous. Is the article suggesting that Tavistock played a part in her condition, or that they helped?

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