“Butterfly Effect” or How Travis Scott Got Recruited by the Industry


Behind the psychedelic visuals of Travis Scott’s video Butterfly Effect is a hidden message, told through symbolism: Travis Scott’s introduction to the elite’s entertainment industry and the Monarch mind control system.

Travis Scott is a rapper and producer who began his career behind the scenes, collaborating with the likes of Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Madonna. He then launched his solo career and, with the hit song Antidote, Scott found commercial success. Soon, he was propelled to the forefront of the rap game. After the release of his second album, Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight, Scott cemented his trademark sound and got a taste of superstardom. Shortly after, things started to become … symbolic.

While Scott is sometimes criticized for “rapping about nothing”, a clear theme has emerged from his latest works: Monarch programming. (If you don’t know what that is, please read this article first).

Indeed, it appears that Scott has been recruited to promote the elite’s MK symbolism to his hordes of young fans. When a new artist shows talent, charisma and star potential, it doesn’t take long before they get recruited by the elite. Afterwards, their work becomes “tainted” with their agenda. Hence, Butterfly Effect.

If you need immediate proof, this screenshot taken from the video sums everything up in a single, powerful image:

Travis spits out butterflies after he gets hit by lightning (representing electroshock therapy).

Before I go further into the meaning of Butterfly Effect, let’s look at some of the things Travis has been associated with in the past months. They illustrate that the symbolism of Butterfly Effect is not simply about aesthetics, but about Travis Scott being used by the occult elite to promote its Monarch system.

Travis Scott in SZA’s “Love Galore”

Shortly before the release of Butterfly Effect, Travis Scott appeared in SZA’s video Love Galore. The song is apparently about SZA regretting getting back with an ex-boyfriend (played by Scott). However, the symbolism of the video takes things to another, darker level.

In the video, SZA and Travis Scott hang out while Monarch butterflies fly around them.
In the bedroom, SZA ties up Scott to the bed and slaps the crap out of him.

SZA then goes to the window and looks outside, towards someone waiting in a car.

That person is holding a big wooden stick. A Monarch butterfly sits on the person’s hand, hinting that this is a product of Monarch programming.
That person then goes inside and savagely clubs Travis Scott to death as we hear horrific screams. Lots of blood splatters on the ceiling.
We then see the killer sitting and laughing with blood all over her. A Monarch butterfly sits on her shoulder.
Fun fact: The killer’s shirt has a pattern that resembles the Masonic square and compass.

So what does it all mean? Apparently, SZA hired a crazy murderer to kill Travis Scott. Or, knowing that Monarch programming is used to train assassins, the Monarch butterfly sitting on the killer might hint that she’s a product of MKULTRA.

Is the video a warning to Travis? Does it depict the fate of the celebrities who do not act according to plan, i.e. getting killed by a tool of the elite?

No matter what the case may be, Love Galore is yet another video that features gratuitous blood, violence, and murder. Travis has been sucked into the toxic world of Monarch culture. And speaking of toxic …

Chilling With the Jenners

Although they are extremely uninteresting, I have found myself writing about the Kardashians and the Jenners SO MANY TIMES. Why? Because they’re the chosen “first family” of Hollywood and embody everything that is wrong with the industry. From the sex tape initiation to the countless fashion photoshoots dripping with Beta Programming symbolism, not to mention Caitlyn Jenner’s media-hyped sex change, the Kardashians are used to serve the agenda industry elite. Even worse, the family has turned into a spider web of Black Widows who attract high-profile celebrities before essentially destroying them (#whereisKanye).

Sadly, Travis Scott appears to be the latest to get stuck in that sticky web, as he is Kylie Jenner’s current boyfriend. He recently made tabloid news because he was caught grabbing Kylie Jenner’s tushie by some paparazzi.

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner caught by paparazzi.

As usual, mass media completely overlooked the most important part of the above picture: WHAT THE HELL IS KYLIE HOLDING?

This painting is reminiscent of images drawn by actual Monarch survivors (i.e. Kim Noble). Why is Kylie walking around with this thing?

I’ve described this painting in a recent edition of Symbolic Pics of the Month:

The “painting” features a stick figure with its mouth sewn shut and a butterfly on its head. Something red appears to be oozing out of the figure’s bottom. The painting also features big butterflies, crosses and the name “Jack”. In other words, it contains a bunch of symbols associated with Monarch programming. Relevant fact: Kylie and Travis recently got matching butterfly tattoos. Watch out, Travis.

This is what Travis Scott’ gift to Kylie for her birthday.

A $60,000 butterfly.

Considering the painting we saw above, the butterfly is more than just a butterfly. It is about being part of the MK system. The imagery around Travis points directly to it. And now, let’s look at the video for Butterfly Effect.

Butterfly Effect

The term “Butterfly Effect” originates from chaos theory and states that small initial differences may lead to large unforeseen consequences over time. Therefore, we can assume Travis Scott’s goal is to explain how the little things he did in the past lead to his huge success and lavish lifestyle.

For this life, I cannot change
Hidden Hills, deep off in the main
M&M’s, sweet like candy cane
Drop the top, pop it, let it bang (Pop it, pop it)

However, there’s some double-entendre going on here. Indeed, “Butterfly Effect” can also mean “being under the effect of the Monarch system”, which would mean the exact opposite of the fun and freedom implied by the lyrics.

Hidden Hills is an upscale neighborhood north of Los Angeles that is home to Drake, Kylie Jenner (and the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan—including Kanye West), Miley Cyrus and many other industry pawns. Why is “success” automatically associated with living in this specific geographical region? Because it is the HQ of the Hollywood elite and it is where it partakes some of its darkest deeds. While living in a posh mansion in North LA appears awesome, it is basically a prison for many celebrities owned by the elite.

M&M’s refer to MDMA pills – aka Ecstasy. While many take this drug for its euphoric effects, it is also used in Monarch programming.

Ecstasy aka XTC, Adam, MDMA is an illegal designer drug, but it’s used by the government & cult programmers. Empathogens, like Ecstasy, enhance trust between the recipient & the programmer. ItS effect lasts for several hours.
– Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula to Create a Mind Control Slave

Drugged inside the headquarters of Hollywood elite. The initial dream turns into a claustrophobic nightmare.

In the video, Travis rides around in a sports car while girls dance around him and do sexy stuff. However, the symbolism surrounding these things imply that they are all “owned” by an extremely oppressive system.

One model licks and bites into an apple with butterflies on it – a symbolic way of representing being drugged for MK programming.
Some models literally spit out butterflies, a rather blatant way of portraying Monarch slaves.
Notice the makeup around this girl’s mouth.

The lines extending from her lips recall a brutal form of torture known as the Glasglow Smile.

GlaSglow Smile: A nickname for the form of torture that involves cutting a victim’s face from the edges of the mouth to the ear, the cut, or its scars, form an “extension” of what resembles a smile. Usually the victim is given a small cut, around 1/4″-1/2″, in the corners of the mouth and is then further injured by kicking, stabbing, or other means, causing them to scream and the cuts to further tear.

Does this “creative” makeup actually refer to an MK slave being subjected to violent trauma?

One thing is for sure, Travis Scott himself is subjected to a violent form of trauma in the video.

Travis Scott is severely hit by a lightning bolt at the end of the video. I guess that’s better than being clubbed to death by a psycho lady.
Notice how Travis’ brain is highlighted in red, implying that the lightning is working on his mind. He spits out butterflies meaning that he’s now a product of Monarch programming.

The lighting is a clear reference to the most used form of torture in trauma-based mind control: Electroshock therapy. Through violent shocks, the victims are pushed towards total dissociation, enabling the handlers to create alters.

The video ends with a super-mega Monarch Beta slave emerging from a sports car.

In short, through a veil of fun and psychedelia, the video puts into play a bunch of young, stylish people under the control of Monarch programming. While the video appears to portray the carefree lifestyle of a rapper with lots of money, its symbolism tells another story: The Hidden Hills is a prison full of soulless drones and Travis Scott is involved with the same people that have caused Kanye West to completely break down.

In Conclusion

Butterfly Effect is a classic example of the insidiousness of pop culture: Although it appears to be about fun and freedom, it is actually about the exact opposite. It markets the horrors of Monarch programming in a cool and mesmerizing visual package.

Travis Scott has been “recruited” by the Hollywood elite and the intense Monarch symbolism surrounding him clearly demonstrates it. Him being involved with the Jenners is a way to introduce him to the dark side of the industry while making him a household name. Let’s hope he won’t end up being yet another young man broken by the bewitching spell of Hollywood’s first family.


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Please do a review of the upcoming film “mother” with Jennifer Lawrence and the director from Black Swan. Looks really satanic. As always, your work is great.

reading about this, it seems to me that the character him, is satan. the character him is worshipped, adored by many, yet then tempts, lures, destroys, as if nothing, because when you do give into him, he can make you give up your loves, love, soul, heart, only for him in the end to discard and replace you, as you mean nothing to him. because, it’s all a game (to show God how EASY it is to fool God’s beloved creatures). the write up I read, the author believed the character him to be God. DO NOT BE DECEIVED. gracias.

Lawrence’s newborn son is an obvious Jesus allegory, while the scenes that follow, in which the baby is taken from her and passed through the crowd, parallel the Passion – Jesus’s fateful journey to his eventual crucifixion. The baby is accidentally killed, and Lawrence is soon horrified to discover that not only has her son died, but that the mob has eaten him – a direct parallel to bread and wine becoming the body and blood of Christ

Nope. The trailer looks a LOT more like rosemary’s baby (aka antechrist birth). The 2 main characters seems to be in the same situation (satanic entourage wanting the baby). Well, Darren aronofsky is already a know plagarizer, so it wouldn’t surprise me if the movie is a modern copy of rosemary’s baby (an already satanic movie).

I saw both palmers and Zaballo’s interpretation in the movie, and so many more it made my head spin. I am also looking forward to VC’s analysis.

Thank you !!!! I have been waiting on this article !!! 🙂
I recently got a newer car that came with Sirius XM radio (that name alone alludes to Illuminati owning them) but anyways they play Travis Scott songs repeatedly day in & day out but especially love galore & butterfly effect. I figured there has to be something hypnotizing or evil about the music to make those songs so popular and to be honest they kept getting stuck in my head so I went on YouTube to watch the videos and immediately went in your comment sections asking for an article so I really appreciate it !!!! People think just because the lyrics aren’t sinister there isn’t anything satanic or evil about the music but so much is symbolic it really needs to be exposed for what it is!!


I keep it on channel 7 and channel 76 in the car. My three year old loves EDM, so I put it on 51 to blast the heavy beats, but I refuse to listen to pop music. It’s demonic. I also despise the big brother XM aspect of Sirius, “the dog star.” But I reckon I can be followed whether or not I subscribe, so might as well enjoy life while I can. It’s good to be awake, my friend!

EDM is worse and just as bad as pop music

And that my friends is what we are talking about here for a long while : desensetizing.

Agree!!! 🙂 My daughter also loves EDM also lol. I think it was worth the free trial & I might continue with a subscription because our local radio stations are really whack.

Continue living life to the fullest & Stay blessed my friend!!


I might encourge you to have your daugther enjoy also melodic music, as monotonous beats like in dancemusic are often misused to guide the listeners into a state of selfhypnose – even at home. The thing is, broadening the mind has to do with expanding experiences – numbing beats are contrasting. Used to trance-up. But you do have to know what to do when you are tranced-up. And that is mostly unknown for teenagers or children. There is a reason that it is the ‘primitive’ tribe-elders and musical alchemists who are leading the crowds into a trance for over thousands of years..
I am not saying ban edm (and such) , au contraire, I say use it wisely.

Thank you !!

Did you ever do an article on Kylie Jenner and all her plastic surgery? She looks so different from her old self and even the way she speaks and her personality are so different I honestly think she was replaced. Also, I saw a clip from her new reality show where she confesses to be terrified of butterflies. Interesting.

She had dental work done, probably.

Yes !!! She needs an article – way too many people idolize her smh

Who is buying this garbage? Seriously. Who is dumping their money into this trash bin that leads these artists to be chart climbers? Or is that part of the lie, too?

I don’t understand how there can be enough morally compromised people around to make these demented people into monetary success stories. Especially when you consider how foreign the lifestyles presented in these videos and films are to 90% of, for example, the US population.

I want to know who these people who are buying this trash culture for themselves or worse, for their children.

It is manufactured popularity. Of course, there are tons of people buying the albums, downloading the songs, etc. But most people’s idea of popular music is selected from a very narrow pool of choices which have been predetermined for them by executives in the music industry. Look up live performances of most of these “artists”…most can’t sing their own songs. A high schooler with a little talent and basic choir instruction should reliably sing a well-learned song day after day, while these “professional music artists” can’t even hit their own notes at sell-out concerts. So it is clearly neither skill nor talent that is putting these people forward. No, these artists and the songs they sing are result of board meetings and executive deals by record industry execs and people with the right money and connections. That much we can know for a fact. Beyond that we have to follow… Read more »

It’s absolutely awful to witness. As I’ve pointed out many times before, though, if these things are allowed to happen and this satanic anti-Christ empire is realized it’s because WE COLLECTIVELY ALLOWED IT TO HAPPEN. You can no longer deny what is taking place; it is RIGHT in front of you. It is undeniable what goes on in the world right now, absolutely mind-blowingly stupid and self-destructive. If the world doesn’t reject the course we’re clearly on that’s because it just doesn’t care – but in that case, it deserves to bear whatever consequences arise. Reap what you sow…

If you can’t see how bad all of this is it’s because you don’t WANT to see. Chemical clouds overhead and Satan openly celebrated in the media – WHAT WILL IT TAKE?

And the violence and gore was only the half of it. The explicit sexuality in her content is another indication of how deep in a gutter the minds of Americans are in.

It’s crazy, but regular people are indeed consuming this. I heard about SZA for the first time the other day from a simple video about natural hair care. The girl played a song from SZAs album and asked her followers to comment their favorite songs, saying she couldn’t possibly choose one from the album!

I perused through the comments and there were dozens, all praising her work. Curious, I searched the love galore lyrics, and was physically repelled by the content, it was that disgusting. I wanted to know if that was just a fluke, so I went and read maybe two other songs and they were just as depraved, repulsive, explicit, and vomit inducing.
People just don’t care about violence or gore unless it’s happening to them or their family personally. It used to be that people respected and valued human life across the board.

I read the lyrics to “Love Galore” as well and I’m in 100% agreement with you. Disgusting! With *that* aside, the lyric complexity and writing style appear to be written at the first grade level. It reads extremely unintelligent. I can’t believe it took five adults to come up with it!

Damn, this just made me realize Kanye’s “Flashing Lights” video [him getting bludgeoned in the trunk] was that turning point for the MK Ultra program as well

That symbol on the woman’s shirt is not only reminicent of the Masonic symbol, but also it’s the Seal of Saturn. The most prominent use of it I can think of is carved on Sharon Tate’s pregnant belly (heavy stuff, don’t lok it up if you don’t wanna get grossed). It deals with extremely powerful black magick and the worst rituals you can imagine, so we can conclude that the rapper’s death in this scene was fully ritualistic.

Aside from Monarch symbolism, music which kids are subjected to every day is rapidly becoming increasingly sick and depraved. There’s that newish one by Carly Rae Jepsen, “I wanna Cut To The Feeling”, where the lyrics go:

I wanna cut to the feeling, oh yeah
I wanna play where you play with the angels
I wanna wake up with you all in tangles

This is played in family-filled supermarkets, where little girls are singing along to the words. The song is clearly about suicide, yet no parents are complaining? Our society has been conditioned to accept what wasn’t long ago the unacceptable. Remember the Marilyn Manson uproar? At least that was in the adult music section…

Agreed, Steve. Just a casual listen to 80s and most 90s music and it sounds so positive, almost saccharine compared to what’s on now. Songs used to be mostly about love, almost to a boring degree…now it is lust, sex, how can I get you into my bed as quick as possible, mess you up, and then dump you in the morning. Of course, there has always been a darker undercurrent and side to some pop music and rock, but it was usually veiled in former decades. Now the veil is off, and I think both society and music itself is suffering from it.

I complain!
They laugh at me — but I keep complaining!

Please everyone — keep complaining. The songs are disgusting!

I complained about All I want for Christmas accompagnied by Last Christmas played nonstop for weeks, several times per shopping over a period of 20 years. They still do. I shop elsewhere.

Travis Scott’s Rodeo: All Style and No Substance Shayan Shafii Daily Music Writer Monday, September 7, 2015 – 6:59pm More like this Kid Cudi’s latest is a half-hearted dud I remember back when Travis Scott first announced himself to the Internet. A few blogs started buzzing when pictures of him with Kanye West started making the rounds, and they announced that G.O.O.D. Music had signed “the next Kanye.” Travis did his best to dress like Kanye and Kid Cudi and he would even modify his voice to sound like them on record. At the time, his entire fan base was encompassed by a single thread on a music forum, tellingly titled “KanyeToThe…” Since rap hasn’t been quite as Kanye-centric the past couple years, the hilariously inorganic manner in which Travis has “evolved” should not be overlooked. Just as the music world’s attention turned to Atlanta as a hotbed for bizarre… Read more »

The pathetic thing is that all this music nowadays, is worthless trash besides the idiotic messages they repeat over and over. Man, for the days when music was actually music and was creative. The 70s really nailed it with all the great super groups. Of course, they were sadly the beginning of the occultic messaging, but at least they had talent and made actual musical compositions.

The Kardashians are trash.

I have the impression that ALL WIDELY FAMOUS ARTISTS (even if they are famous only in their own countries), who gain thousands or millions of dollars (or money from other countries), all of them are involved with the illuminati. Every time I research about some artist, I find images of them throwing illuminati symbolism in clothes or other accessories or using illuminati hand gestures. I also look at other things, such as song lyrics. So what are we supposed to do? I mean, do we have to stop listening to music and watching movies? Because they seem to be everywhere. Or maybe we should just keep alert so we are not brainwashed by their subliminal messages? I believe all these theories, but my doubt is: what are we supposed to do??

Once you start turning your back on more and more of this stuff, you’ll probably be surprised to find you don’t miss it as much as you think you will. So what if you can’t join in on idle chatter about useless trivia?

The trend is : if you are not completely mainstream and politically submissive, you will be made out for ”disturbed” and your fellow men know not what do do but be scared for you. This is over the top? Think again. In the Netherlands they closed idiotic numbers of daycare for the discturbed, alcoholic, junks, homeless, jobless-and-bored. Newspapers call all crazy people doing weird stuff in public ”disturbed” , even robbers and thieves too, to generalize big time on that Word – on purpose. In the city-parks the benches are removed to keep those mentioned from clinging together for company, because the normal public do not want to sit close to them in their lunchbreak – they’d rather have nobody sitting in parks than those distrubed nasty crazy dangerous folks mentioned. (There were ex-busdrivers, post-office-eployees too in those parks, just sitting and boring themselves with talking and watching birds, not… Read more »
I understand you, SarahJ and SkepticCat. But too many artists were already shown displaying the illuminati signs, so I think they are probably at least the majority. Then, I think: if they are the majority, why would the media allow someone not illuminati to become famous?? They wouldn’t. My conclusion is that ALL OF THE FAMOUS ARTISTS belong to this system. So the only way to get rid of being influenced by the subliminal messages of their movies, music, etc. would be to simply give up materialism at all! But if i did this, then about 90% of my life will lose its pleasant moments. So maybe a best solution would be to NOT let myself be influenced by negative (for example, messages that stimulate violence and promiscuity) messages, try to remember to always be a good person and act in a rational and benevolent way, and also not fall… Read more »
@ Someone. The industry IS a tool of the Illuminati and so all the players involved are working towards the agenda of the Illuminati (although 99%) are not conscious members themselves. It is not possible to not be affected by the music or by movies. It’s like saying you can go into the ocean without getting wet. You has a human are made of an energy that is susceptible to vibrations which cause your emotions which in turn create your world experience. You admit that the music and movies give you your ‘pleasure’. Thus you get your emotional stimulation via someone else’s designed medium. Music is a science. It carries a mathematical sequence of notes that can change your state (emotion). Pythagoras did much work on this. Most music today is about seduction, angst, anger, revenge. These vibrations are VERY seducing and fun and engaging… No doubt about that! Then… Read more »

Very well written Sarah! Thank you.

Only now I saw this comment here you posted afterwards… Ok, I think I got what you meant. But then again, what should i (we) do? Completely stop listening to music and watching movies? That’s what i’m talking about. If I give up all types of materialism, 90% of my life will lose its meaning. Many times, even with materialism, I already feel empty inside, living a life without a meaning and purpose. If i give up all types of materialism, my life will look almost like death. So I don’t see ‘giving up all materialism’ as an option…. So maybe one thing we could do is: advise people to not sell their souls to the devil/illuminati, because it will obviously ruin their lives, and the lives of the rest of the world…

Well it shows how heavily dependent you are on this industry and how much your drawn in.
Alot of this has to do with self love acceptance. I don’t follow ppl on twitter or any social media because I’m not follower and I don’t look to celebs for fashion tips because I create my own style and I don’t care what is going on in thier lives or about thier houses or cars because most of these ppl are boarderline suicidal . Give me thier money, they can keep the fame!
If ppl who look up and idolise these celebs only knew how unhappy and depressed most of them are , they would stop watching them and live their own lives.

I keep seeing similar comments as yours which makes me think most of you guys aren’t aware there’s more music out there than gets promoted on the radio and tv? Branch out a little! Yes, you’ll have to do a little more effort, but I assure you there’s so much good music in the world that you won’t even miss the popular mainstream stuff! I definitely don’t. 🙂

Search terms like “indie/alternative/world music” and take it from there.
There are also great 60’s/70’s/80’s-revival bands if you liked any of the trademark sounds from those decades.

Yes, so well said!

Wonderfully stated.

The goal (of the industry) is to lower the vibration of human beings. This is done via pop culture which is filled with angst, lust, violence, want etc. So when you tune in you will be assaulted with a multi sensory onslaught of lower vibrational waves which will actively change your state and thus your emotions and thus will change the way you create the world. Humans are all creators, and left to our own devices we create from love and joy. Change our emotions to lower ones (fear, lack, hate) and the world we create is one shaped by those with the message, the agenda. Have you ever wondered why they allow millions of illegal downloading of movies? Because the goal is to get as many people to see it as possible and literally change their minds and create the world according to the agenda. It is very easy… Read more »

listen with your conscious

Do you *want to* listen to this kind of ‘music’?

The Real Jesus will purify & restore all things

But he has beeeeennn in the twisted industry (Owl Pharoah his first mixtape – reference to Moloch – the demon occult peeps sacrifice children to sooooooo) . I guess now with the end approaching they will continue to be more blatant and only turn up the pressure. The crazy thing is the sonics & melody on this track are addictive. Its hypnotic – these dudes been getting tips from Satan formerly known as Lucifer head cherub of music….. hmmmmmmm

The art of music has been ”under development by alchemists” since human history. There is science behind stuff like resonances. (I recall schoolstuff about settling, modern hippy singing bowls, technical drilling stuff used by roadworkers, and low frequencies complaints because of airplanes. And… Sinkholes that come out of ‘nowhere’ . Just make the connections.

I spent 20 hours in the car reading this site lol
Thanks for making it!

I don’t see anything here on backmasking and it scares the crap out of me.

2017 Grammys, Beyoncé performance. You have to watch it from the very very beginning. Before the lights even come on. She’s waving around some yellow fabric. There’s a whooshing wispy foreign language sound. I was like what was that sound??

I played it backwards with my Snapchat that day and swear it sounded like “worship me”.
Haven’t been able to find a good version on YouTube to try again – they all have a bunch of white noise in them.

kylie also had a gigantic butterfly mural at her bday party… and also she and Travis got matching butterfly tattoos.. but I’m sure people just really like butterflies;)

On her reality show she said she is terrified of butterflies. I wonder why.

I was about to say the same thing! She said imagine taking off the wings and they are creepy, so why would travis gift her something that creeps her out? &notice the butterflies in the panting- that painting is sick if you look at other angles u can see what is really going on.

Before even reading, just wanted to say thank you for this article. I requested it about a month ago, I’m really glad to see VC took the time to look into it and share his/her insight on this. Thanks, VC!

Th only way to beat the system is to think for yourself. Learn and read about as many things as possible. Once your eyes have been open, it’s easier to see the signs. Stay true to your heart and soul….the Elite hate that more then anything…..!!!

True. I guess we should also try to influence other people in a positive way… Towards doing good things only.

Lightening can also represent Satan. Being struck by lightening can represent Satan taking over the person’s body and soul. And Satan can be referred to as Jack, which is the name written on Kylie Jenner’s painting. Thanks for your great work, the world needs you.

This Travis and the Jenners part reminds me of that crazy racist movie:
Get Out

lucifer = satan = morningstar = the light bringer

Illuminati = those who have been “enlightened” by the light bringer = satanists

Notice how popular music is no longer written to be “good”, but to be catchy? No talented guitar solos, no interesting riffs; no now it is usually a monotonous drone, with maybe a verse, and then a constantly repeated chorus of a few words, hypnotically pounding into your brain.

Can you please write something about the Transgender craze that is taking over this globe. Our kids are getting hormone pills at an early age so they can transition into whatever. The next generation of grown ups will be a confused weak species that do not know who or what they are. In the Netherlands the store Hema has gotten rid of the boys and girls clothing department, just to be gender neutral. This agenda is demonic.
Thank you.

off topic, though not; there’s a rapper’s video going around now where he hangs a little, white boy. please, let’s all denounce this. an eye for an eye leads to a world full of only blind people.

The rapper is xxxtentacion

Do an article about this morning and them targeting christian parents for taking their child out of school because the school allows transgender children, I swear i am going mad here.. why are people these days so stupid it’s wrong and shouldn’t be forced onto children. please remind me theirs decent people who agree that this is wrong! <3 <3

Hey vc, good article as usual. Could you maybe check out the song “Loyalty” by Rihanna&Kendrick Lamar. In the lyrics I caught whiff of the word “secret society” and the whole theme of the song and MV is just very pro-elitist and Illuminati

20 Wherefore thus saith the Lord God; Behold, I am against your pillows, wherewith ye there hunt the souls to make them fly, and I will tear them from your arms, and will let the souls go, even the souls that ye hunt to make them fly.

21 Your kerchiefs also will I tear, and deliver my people out of your hand, and they shall be no more in your hand to be hunted; and ye shall know that I am the Lord.

Ezekiel 13 20:21

One thing missing from this article, is that it’s just not good music as well. Period.

Also, question..

Are the symbols inherently evil or is it the intention behind them that carries the evil. Like the eye.
Aren’t hamsas and evil eyes supposed to be good to ward off actual evil energy? Or do you think that’s bs.

I have an evil eye ring and I wonder if I’m playing right into their plan..

In my opinion, the evil eye rings are to get just everyday, non celeb people to wear the one eye symbol. It really seems like “they” want it EVERYWHERE. I think the whole “it wards off evil energy” is total bs

Imagine how that works on the psyche of the population, when people who aren’t aware of this agenda see the eye EVERYWHERE they look. They want people to subconsciously feel like they are constantly being watched, monitored, spied on. Think of how that could set paranoid people off. So many different ways to help them out by wearing their satanic promoting merchandise. Just my interpretation.

Please do an article on cardi b!

The lightning could also be symbolic of possession by fallen ones.

Always enjoy the articles and will stay tuned to them. Thanks for opening my eyes to this wretched bunch of eventual losers who sold their very soul for temporary fame. Once you get to a certain level, they come to get you. Send the girl, dope the mind, subject them to slavery.

While living in a posh mansion in North LA appears awesome, it is basically a prison for many celebrities owned by the elite. The Hidden Hills is a prison full of soulless drones and Travis Scott is involved with the same people that have caused Kanye West to completely break down.

Can you please do an article on the rapper Lil Uzi Vert? His latest video ”Xo Tour Liif3” is really sick and contains a lot of symbolism.

this fools been on devil s**t before he started poppin..just check out his older stuff like “quintana” from 2013. he was trying to get recruited

I abhor the term “first family” to describe the w****s of Babylon, the Karjenners. That term should be used for what it was intended for which is to revere the President and the first lady plus their families.

Is Travis Scott being initiated into the ranks of the music industry, hence all the hallmark symbolism.

Kylie Jenner is pregnant and her boyfriend Travis Scott is the father.
Another innocent child for Kris Jenner to exploit.

So sad!!! Also I saw that there was some headlines about blogger Perez Hilton telling Kyle she should get an abortion…. made me think of the painting in the pic and the sex rituals these illuminati puppets will be doing. They love aborting & eating fetuses smh. I pray for this innocent child.

I love your website and you do amazing work. I wouldn’t really use the phrase electroshock therapy in such a negative way. There is something called electro-convulsive therapy, or ECT. Which is actually an excellent treatment for mental illness and depression. I’ve undergone that, and it was a huge success for me. I’d be a little more cautious about stigmatizing electroshock therapy, because it’s done a lot of good. The intention with which you do it matters. It can be good or bad. Thanks for the great site…keep up the good work!

Kanye West’s ex Amber Rose once drunkenly claimed that Travis Scott writes all of Kanye’s music.

Cant forget the weeknds “hills have eyes” in the video also the last 3 wax figures look like bruce jenner kylie an kendall so creepy!!!! I would love to see what goes on in “the hidden hills” where all of the elite puppet masters an puppets reside! In the hills hve eyes song I believe he is stating how u are watched etc… over there your every move fame big houses rich forever but watched an controlled forever so creepy

Getting tired of the same articles. We already know these music videos are going to show these things. Its time for music video symbolism to have their own thread. And main page articles should be things that are a little bit more important such as current events etc. Just my opinion, everyone has them.

I agree. We know all these current celebs and music pawns are just their symbol pushing puppets already.

I guess it’s good though to help wake up new people from younger generations.

Great article as allways but damn first Kendrick now travy sx who next?

Is anyone here a Christian who DOESN’T need to state a clusterfuck of bible verses to get their point across?

Lol! I don’t think so. My eyes just automatically move on when I see the verses now. If people are meant to become Christian, they will. That does nothing but get the other christians excited. We KNOW we know who we have to answer to in end! It’s only written 5billion times a day in comment sections

I read your articles with interest and have read extensively into the various theories. However, I’m finding it harder and harder to stay on board simply on the basis of article after article on one eye symbolism and butterflies. Alternative view: “Butterflies are deep and powerful representations of life. Many cultures associate the butterfly with our souls. The Christian religion sees the butterfly as a symbol of resurrection. Around the world, people view the butterfly as representing endurance, change, hope, and life.” I’m sure I could find an alternative viewpoint regarding one eye symbolism also, however there’s not enough hours in the day to carry on analysing people I’ve never met and never will or considering the theories about them. Some people wear feline prints because they like it, or like butterflies, or flip their fringe over one eye. Some people make incredibly symbolic music videos, because of pretentious artistry… Read more »

@wokbeef and oilytzone: I expressed my opinion, respectfully. You attempted to undermine and insult me in return. Says a lot. Good job I don’t give a f*ck about a bunch of fat, yank, Jesus worshipping c*nts. I hope the government kill you both first. Go to f*cking hell you conspiracy theory following retards. THAT’S an insult, not your replies that didn’t even make grammatical or literal sense. *Sigh* #you’reworsethanthekardashians

Troll….the real you came out. I guess you couldn’t hide behind your veil of ignorance too much longer. Smh

I think it’s pretty clear that when your buttons are pushed, the real you is not so appealing. Those who result to flinging about curse words are generally ones who cannot carry on a conversation or have a debate. Oh, and I thought you were out of here. I’m sorry you’re so butt-hurt from such simple sarcasm. It’s not like you weren’t begging for a retort with your self important message of “telling us like it is!!” But, you’re out of here…right? I would be with -37 dislikes of my post as well.

The main cause of war is control of resources. At base levels, whatever one deems as a resource needed for survival, whether of themselves or of their family, maybe community, one will go to war for control of it if it cannot be attained in more cordial ways (like trade). At higher levels, it is about being able to control resources using rentier schemes in order to not have to fight for said resources, but to get others to fight for you, thus the use of religion.

Religion is just a convenient excuse and/or distraction from the real machinations of war.

“[C]heckerboard wielding millionaires” don’t have any power in this world. Who are the shareholders of the Federal Reserve?

None of the stuff you wrote here or even the replies you got matter in the least. They are openly spraying toxic chemicals in the skies all over the world now and that is going to affect everyone regardless of their beliefs. It doesn’t matter what you or anyone else thinks, wants to think or how much you’d like to stick your head in the sand – these things are happening.

It is completely obvious there’s a sinister undertone to the entire socalled music industry. There’s absolutely nothing positive to any of what VC and others have exposed about it. Refusing to acknowledge where this is all heading is simply being in denial at this point.

Religion itself is mind-control and it was used very successfully to control masses of people before it became outdated, so the media took over.

Everyone has an opinion, but you will have to do a much better job with an explanation. Firstly, anyone with half a brain can see that the symbolism represents nothing good. And it takes an extra something to see hidden intent and messages. Oh, and pay no mind to the consistency of the music industry videos or the repetitive coincidences. Yes, some people like feline prints, but it is a known part of MK programming but oh heck, just go ahead and ignore that too. Wow, a checkerboard and attempt at wit and suggesting open minds!!! It is your choice to remain gullible and not be able to think out of the box you seem to like. So, good luck and relax knowing it is your choice and you are free to ignore this site with or without saying a word. Thanks for enlightening us.

you choose to be blind to comfort yourself to the dark reality. It’s obvious in your way of trying to explain things as casual. Sure some people like butterflies and feline prints and shouldn’t be associated with masonic rituals just because they use these things sporadically. The point that you have obviously missed is that these themes are so common such that it’s very unlikely that it’s a coincidence, and the symbols come up over and over and over. At this point, you just choose to take blue pill.