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In this edition of SPOTM: Katy Perry, Kylie Jenner’s horrifying painting, Kaia Gerber and more proof that the elite’s one-eye sign never takes a vacation. 

Katy Perry is the elite’s current “it” girl. Her entire act and persona are fully dedicated to the elite’s symbolism and its Monarch mind control system.

The cover of her latest album Witness is extremely symbolic. Both of her eyes are covered which represents the blindness of MK slaves. An eyeball is inside her mouth which symbolically indicates that whatever is coming out of her mouth is fully compliant with the occult elite’s agenda.
The symbolism of the cover is also very reminiscent of a key scene in the movie Neon Demon which is, coincidentally, about the dark side of the occult elite. In this scene, a model swallows the eyeball of another model who was “sacrificed” in a cannibalistic ritual (read my article about the movie here). Katy Perry’s video “Bon Appétit” was also a cannibalistic ritual. All of that symbolism interconnects to form a sick elite subculture.
To make things extra clear, Perry has been performing with a big eye right on her chest. This is like branding livestock to identify its owner.
The elite’s agenda is right on your TV.
As part of the massive multi-platform strategy to promote everything Katy Perry (a perk of being an elite pawn), a 72-hours live stream was broadcast across the world. There were eyeballs everywhere. The media extravaganza also featured a “therapy session” (more like TV spectacle) where Perry kept talking about alter persona – a concept key to Monarch programming.
Speaking of alter-personas, the promotional poster of the Witnesses tour features multiple Katy Perry’s: The multiplication of personalities as a result of Monarch programming.
Some pictures of Kylie Jenner appeared on gossip websites because her new boyfriend Travis Scott was grabbing her tushie at one point. As usual, everybody completely ignored the most disturbing part of these pictures: WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH THAT PAINTING?
The “painting” features a stick figure with its mouth sewn shut (or something) and butterfly on its head. Something red appears to be oozing out of the figure’s bottom. The painting also features big butterflies, crosses and the name Jack. In other words, it contains a bunch of symbols associated with Monarch programming. Relevant fact: Kylie and Travis recently got matching butterfly tattoos. Watch out, Travis.
Another celebrity who has all of the markings of a Beta Kitten is Kesha. Despite her attempts of freeing herself, she is still owned by the occult elite. In this IG pic, Kesha hides one eye while holding a phone with a “kitty case”. She is also showcasing her feline tattoo on her hand. She’s been branded a Beta Kitten a long time ago.
Kaia Gerber – Cindy Crawford’s daughter – is being pushed into that system. She recently published on social media a revealing pic of her while wearing a bathrobe. She’s 15.
She’s 15.

As usual, in the past weeks, a bunch of celebrities did the one-eye sign across mass media. And no, they weren’t doing it for fun, they were instructed to do it by elite-sponsored photographers.

Lorde recently released a new album … and a one-eye pic quickly followed.
Tilda Swinton has one eye hidden on the cover of Vogue Korea. She knows how to exploit her creep factor.
Francesco Gabbani is very big in Italy. Naturally, the one-eye sign became part of his act.
JCK is self-described as an “elite jewelry buying experience”. A giant one-eye sign was featured on the cover of its magazine in May.
Ennio Morricone is a legendary film music composer. Even him was instructed to hide an eye for an AFP article. His finger over his mouth emphasizes the “I can’t talk about it” aspect of it all.
This cover of Italian publication Robinson La Republicca is about the future. The subtitle says something like “The future, user instructions”. According to the gigantic all-seeing eye inside a pyramid, the future is all about the elite’s agenda. According to the article, “The reality that awaits us might resemble dystopian science fiction novels”. Funny how the future is always dystopian – as if any other outcome was completely inconceivable.
These are tickets to this year’s Burning Man festival. It features an all-seeing eye – under the words “Radical Ritual”. The entire thing is a dumbed-down, distorted, retarded version of the elite’s actual rituals.
The Human+ display at Singapore’s Artscience museum is all about promoting transhumanism – an important part of the elite’s agenda. The emphasis on one eye on the robot-human hybrid (their ultimate goal) is all of the proof you need.
This is a pic taken during a The Weeknd show. The word SATAN is displayed in big letters as 14 year-old girls cheer and dance. Good times.

Special thanks to everyone who sent in pics!

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The Weeknd (The Weak End) is from my city Toronto and before rising to sudden stardom, was just a homeless drug addict. The elite love discovering new talents to exploit that are mainly very desperate and some what morally bankrupt in order to further their agenda. I have a friend who was an integral part of The Weeknd’s earlier success. He is now one of the main players on their XO team and travels with The Weekend worldwide. He told me how they were once at Diddy’s house and he heard Diddy telling an up-and-coming rapper, over the phone, to give him fellatio for a record deal. He also told me that Hollywood is a very satanic and twisted place and is trying to cut his ties before its too late. He says that everyone in Hollywood is aware of the sinister things that go on, they just choose to… Read more »

Weird story to be honest. Your friend hears talking about fellatio for jobs and satanism like it was extraordinairy and tells you he tries to get out of the scene. Still you get the feeling that he doesn’t really understand that it isn’t normal.
But why, I ask you? How did that talk go? Were you both talking and suddenly realised you weren’t talking about yourselves but about the weekndboy too, back then?
No offence or sarcasm meaned, just wondering about how people communicate.

Everyone in the Hollywood scene knows that Diddy goes both ways, and that the only reason he hasn’t already come out is because it’s bad for his family image. So he wasn’t surprised when he overheard Diddy’s “unprofessional” conversation because he already knew what to expect before they met. Satanism is also very common in Hollywood as there are Satanic temples all over the place . When I said I don’t think he really understands how deep the rabbit hole goes, I was referring to the deeper occult practices such as MK Ultra and blood sacrifices. I say that because if he really was aware of such practices, I doubt he’d stick around for this long. As for the homosexuals and Satanists, he understands that you have to tolerate them because they are the ones signing the cheques in Hollywood at the end of the day. The topic of Hollywood… Read more »

You’ve been hearing about Diddy’s sexuality rumours since the 90s? Damn I feel young lol. over the years I kept hearing that certain hip-hop artists were gay. Their dress sense also coming into mind. Then I watched a series of vids the other day on youTube, and they were saying that Diddy et al are gay. It all started to make sense. Not saying a series of videos is the best type of evidence, but the signs are there. So did Diddy rebuff the “rumours” when they first came out?

Sadly, the majority of them are down low but no one has asked Diddy about his sexuality till this day. I happened to watch an interesting YouTube video not too long ago of rapper Noreaga discussing The Illuminati. He basically says that you have three options when it comes to selling your soul and that he’s been propositioned before. You can take the door on the right which includes all the homosexual rituals, the door on the left which is the blood sacrifice one, or you can go straight and opt for nothing. He says he decided to go straight and hasn’t gone platinum since! Peace young grasshopper 🙂

Messenger of Yahweh Yahuwshua

I bet he’s happy that he took the straight path right?

Yeah, once you see it for what it is, you can’t unsee it. P Diddys name back in the day started with “puff” for heaven’s sake. The major “rapper” that I noticed is clearly Gay is Will Smith in “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”. When I was a kid, I thought Will was a ladys man who was too cool for school. I dare you to watch it now for 10 minutes now and not be blown away at how queer Will Smith is and was. It makes sense too, who was the executive producer on the that show? Qincy Jones that’s who. Much like “puff daddy” is the alleged new Gay music mogul producer demanding “favors” for stardom, Quincy jones, very well may have “auditioned” his talent as well. He did produce a lot of the Michael Jackson hit records and many other troubled “artists” in his day. (Q… Read more »

You should listen to Jon Robberson. He worked for years for one of the big TV networks and knows some incredibly disturbing things that go on.

Okay, thank you for clearing that up. A lot of people indeed do not understand the reality of mind control. And all its tentacles in normal daily life – real life that is, where people go shopping for milk and bread and use a toilet. In that world too, you can spot the symptoms and their connections. The hollywood scene is under a magnifying glass, but to use that knowledge, well that should be in your, our own daily life.

Yes, search on internet, satanism sects are BIG in hollywood, los angeles and san francisco. And “it” is spreading. The funniest thing is satanists want to make “people” thing satanism is atheism and not about satan which is obviously utter bullshit (just look at their public rituals).

Don’t be a doody. Homogayness isn’t the devil. Maybe you R what you C.
Don’t be a doody.

You are obviously a brainwashed doody. Stop watching MTV dude.

You hath jumped to vast conclusions based upon 4 tiny sentences. My brain is pure and fresh, not due to washing, but due to its natural state. I watch no MTV. Don’t be a doody.

It’s okay. Spell it out. “Are” and “see”. There ya go.

Super head & Xzibit exposed diddy long ago

Im praying for your friend, at the end, everyone will get what is to come.

Glad to read that there are actual; self-proclaimed Christians on this blog who state their intentions to pray for the people they’re reading about. If God is love, I find it hard to believe that many of the people who bash those in despair are actually Christians if there is no love in then to speak of when they commemorate on topics.

commemorate = comment

That is a scary situation for your friends. I hope he finds peace and leaves or makes an excuse not to deal with that situation anymore. Sooner rather than later. I worked for a hollywood elite and lived in one of his houses. The entire time I lived in that house I had nightmares that I going to get hanged. There was a lot of shady business going around and once I was too close I was asked to leave when I exposed that my mother is a Christian preacher. When I worked for him I was asked to be the ONLY photographer he would ever come in contact with outside of the paps. No one around that was a regular citizen was allowed cameras around him. EVER! Once I left his house and found out years later about his ties with the Satanic realm it all made perfect sense.… Read more »

Katy Perry in one of those sessions cried and explained she cut her hair short and dyed it blonde because she wants to “be as far away from Katy as possible” and that she (almost begging) does not want to be Katy anymore. It was honestly disturbing to watch.

Its been Katy-bot already.

It’s an act. That world is a stage.
This world we live in is real, but most people won’t use it?

People don’t want to know the existence of a “red pill”. Blu pill makes them miserable but “instant gratification” control their lives.

Good point. I don’t think it’s an act. She’s having an identity crisis at the very least.

If it was real she would be dead by now.

If what was real? Her confession or the fact that she’s being controlled and manipulated?

Yeah, I saw that too. people think she means she doesn’t wanna be famous Katy but she really means the alter katy.

She doesn’t want to be Katy, but she can’t escape from being Katy. She is a very disturbed person.

in that very session she mentions how her ego, or better yet her conditioning, is what drives her judgement…

KP:”sometimes I am a little judgey but that’s just my ego…”
Dr: “…or maybe your upbrining”
KP: “…my uprbinging yeah, some probably from my conditioning (LONG PAUSE) but… yeah…”

Immediately the therapist changes the subject to her next date and introducing herself as Katherine. Not only did he give off weird mkultra vibes and encourage the double personality but her mentioning her conditioning and him flipping the subject so quickly really screams red flag to me.

Is there a youtube video of it ?

I think Katy Perry is being groomed to be one of the first stars to merge with “the matrix” one day when she’s older and the kids who grew up with her will accept the digital “transition” easier because they will have a childhood memory of her having this “transformation” in this time. The elite think decades ahead so we shouldnt assume this change is meant to affect us now. She could also be priming young children to accept Androids on the street and in day to day life by making someone “feminine” into an asexual “robot” of sorts. After all, judging our Android overlords is wrong. one of their programmers might have been Gay or dark skinned or Chimera….My gut tells me this is meant for deep subconscious programming for a future that is not hear yet but right around the corner.

If pop culture is this degenerately obvious now, I shudder to think what we’ll be seeing in ten years time…We really are engaged in an existential battle for our souls but the masses are hopelessly sedated and enthralled by it.

These kids are so consumed by it and that’s the scariest part. A family friend, my grandma even one of my HS teachers enlightened me on the battle between good and evil for your soul . Mind control is what these evil people look to achieve. Blind followers consumed by money, fame and shiny new things. If you are that easily persuaded then you are doomed, celebrity or not. They all literally sign deals with the devil and because it feels good for a period of time they think they can handle the all the consequences that come with it. Michael Jackson, Prince, Whitney and her daughter are DEAD. If that’s not a wake-up call to these folks, nothing else will work. The elite don’t care about anyone. No one’s going to top MJ and they still snuffed him out like he was nothing.

Hello Amino, I am in the same boat with you. How much further can they go? I will tell you. Right now they are attempting to legalize p********a. How? They’re changing the definition of the word, like they do with everything else. It’s fine now to be a p*******e as long as you don’t act on the urges. They’re even trying to tack it on with homosexuals and trannies. How harmeless, right? But what this does is brings p********s out into the open and allow them to associate with each other in a phony “support” way. What does this lead to? It’s proven that pedo group therapy only leads to them networking and committing more violent acts. This is what we have to look forward to. Disgusting.

Where did you hear that they’re starting to make p********a legal? That s**t’s crazy to say the least.

they havent yet, but if you pay attention they are trying to normalize it. There was a story on slate, about what they call a virtuous p*******e, meaning he cant help his feelings but doesnt act on it. This creepy man though in a video goes on to talk about how he once babysat for this little girl, and had to relieve himself in the restroom because she attracted him so much. Creepy. Another “virtuous” pedo i read an article from claims he never touched children, he was accused once, but says of course it nwver happened. They are trying to make it sound normal, just a sexual prefrwnce, and not a danger. It is clearly a danger. They are also trying to normalize it with slightly older children by calling it something else all together. Once a child is 12 its no longer pedophillia, I cant remember what it… Read more »

Well, if mainstream deviant “music” continues the trend, then in 10 years, music clip will look like s&m pron … and people will “think” it’s ok …

St. Michael the Archangel,
defend us in battle.
Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the Devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray
and do thou
O Prince of the heavenly hosts
by the power of God,
thrust into hell Satan
and all the evil spirits
who prowl about the world
seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.

Ooh thanks for the prayer!!! I only know it in French it’s the first time I read it in english. I often say this one. FYI :

St Michel Archange,
défendez-nous dans le combat;
Soyez notre secours contre la malice et les embuches du démon.
Que Dieu exerce sur lui son empire. Qu’il nous donne la force de témoignez de notre foi.
Nous le demandons en suppliant.
Et vous Prince de la milice céleste,
repoussez en enfer satan et les esprits mâlins
qui errent dans le monde pour la perte des âmes.

The illuminati cant be real bc lamestreet media never reports on it

They own lamestreet media. Don’t be naïve…or a troll.

My esoteric interpretation of Jenner’s drawing: “Jack” is a popular name for the devil. Think for example of Rolling Stones “Jumping Jack Flash” “Jack the Ripper” among other others. The humanoid figure clearly has a protuberant red horn coming from his left side (left hand side) and what VC calls a red ooze coming out of him, is actually a massive phalus (this kind of demonic figures such as the Baphomet always have it). If you notice, that red thing is going up, this is because it is erected. Considering the phalus is pointing to the left, it seems as there was another figure there with long hair but it cannot be seen properly as it’s been covered by Jenner’s leg. Nevertheless, this figure at the left side seems to have long hair (this is Jenner herself) and she’s been penetrated. This is confirmed once you look to the top… Read more »

I know that what I called a horn at his left side is part of a butterfly, but if you see the inclination plus the color, it is actually a horn. Let’s not forget anyway, that buttterfy is also a pedo symbol (as seen during last winter’s Pizza gate). Just look at the shirt of black guy, it has got Michael Jackson in it.

Where is it written that Jack is a name for the Devil? Source, please.

Though it is interesting to note that there’s a den of vice in Twin Peaks called “One-Eyed Jacks” in the woods somewhere near a certain “Black Lodge”.

I’m a Very huge fan of Twin Peaks, who I’m sure many here would say is “evil”/ect, due to the art being very dark. But I don’t feel its promoting evil, the positive characters fight the negative energy.. Like the Black Lodge (a place of pure negative energy,&then theres the White Lodge; a place of positivity) isn’t meant to be a nice place; its disturbing. People talk & walk backwards (yep) there; the creators (David Lynch mostly), know symbolism of Many types very well & use It In the series & film. So if you’re someone who feels T.Peaks/Lynch’s dark art is evil/ect; that’s your opinions. But to clear up what the poster said about One Eyed Jacks/Black Lodge: One Eyed Jacks is a brothel that has a casino as a front. Thats why its named that; the one eyed jack as in playing cards. (casino) And the one eye… Read more »

Twin Peaks is all about good fighting evil and characters like Laura fighting the ultimate evil (and she won). It shows us how SRA and evil spirits operate. It´s a very black and white show (no pun intended) and those who think that it´s promoting evil in some way are just ignorant.

Yes, exactly; the good/evil or positive/negative themes are a massive point in T.Peaks. And like I said, so far positive energy always wins; like you said about Laura. We see her struggle/fight against the evil that keeps trying to Literally Possess her via the demon BOB in the prequel movie so much. (btw anyone who wants to watch this series/film, do Not watch the film 1st!, its a prequel to the series that will massively Spoil it all!..) We see Laura do negative things such as hard drugs & other things (I don’t want to spoil for anyone here..), she has two guys & Does love the positive one who tries to get her off drugs/ect. She keeps Battling/Fighting the evil & being Fully possessed so Hard!! And as you said in the end wins over it. It does show a Lot of truth & such about occult things (occult… Read more »

I`ve read somewhere, that “Twin Peaks” was inspired by Crawley’s book “Moonchild”. The show is about demonic possession and other dark stuff. It’s pity, I also was a fan of it.

“Jack”, in Jumping Jack Flash, is a reference to Keith’s then gardener, Jack, who went walking by the window one early morn when Mick and Keith had been working on writing songs.

Both were in a state of semi-slumber, having been up throughout the night, when Mick heard some boots shuffling outside the window. Mick asked Keith, “What’s that?”, Keith replied, “That’s just Jack…jumping around…” That idea gave birth to the song.

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

I think your interpretation is spot on. It is hard to see, but the rest of the painting (covered by her leg)
is a naked woman being penetrated.

Jack o lantern. I first heard about the name Jack being connected to the Devil when it was explained that the pumpin face is called Jack and is a representation of the devil.

I feel like these are the norm now. I can go on social media and near enough every celeb posts something like the above in one form or another. It gets to the point where it’s so normal now, no one really reacts (aside from the woke ones). I just haaaate that some are so obvious, they’re mocking us, they’re mocking all the young women and men at the concert, the was mocking everyone present, but then again.. I bet most of the people present were far too under his musical spell to realize what was written in the back. #tiredofthisworld #butstilltrytoremainpositive

Docile mASSes

Can you do an article about the upcoming total solar eclipse on August 21??? If America is the new Babylon, where many nations meet, Isaiah 13 mentions this eclipse. The shadow moves west to east, traversing America from Oregon to Charleston, SC, which sits on the 33rd degree latitude, a heavily Masonic city. Symbolically, the shadow exits from this point. Any new insight would be great!

On this note… can you also do an article about September 23rd and Revelations 12 ??

What’s the link between September 23rd and revalations 12?

The prophecy of isiah 13 has already been fulfilled with the destruction of babylon. To this day an arab will not stay the night there. For more insight into this you will need to dy the persians take over and destruction ofbabylon and the prophecy of cyrus.

Wow.. the last picture. Really, The Weeknd? Jeez….

@ Dee…RIGHHTTT ????

kind of obvious he sold his soul to satan after the music videos he released. Check out VC’s articles exposing his videos. . .

More proof that I’m glad I’ve woken up to this rubbish for the sake of my daughter. Our souls are just fine and are not for sale !!! Well done all on here, shows we are awake, and as ever full credit to the awesome vigilant citizen. Shame on Cindy Crawford for allowing that and oh dear Kylie, that girl needs help…..

Eh..Kylie needs help?..maybe so, but I agree with the article about saying “Watch out Travis!..” Travis Scott, the rap artist who she’s currently dating/is in those pics. I don’t know Exactly what my opinion is yet on this..But it IS Very Odd that so any Men who get in relationships/involved in some way with the Female Kardashians & Jenner family end F-ed in odd ways. Their careers, minds, health, lives, Ect end up often Very screwed up. (too often to ignore or just dismiss as just some straw grasping theory..) It’s been going on Years too. There’s the murderer (I Believe this because he kinda flat out Admitted it in that book he wrote post trial.) OJ Simpson who hung out/partied at clubs with the mother Kris Kardashian (sorry if I get the families’ names mixed up/wrong; I’m NOT a fan of that family.), Kim called him “Uncle OJ”… Read more »

“These are tickets to this year’s Burning Man festival. It features an all-seeing eye – under the words “Radical Ritual”. The entire thing is a dumbed-down, distorted, retarded version of the elite’s actual rituals.”

Actually, the elite engage in dumb, distorted and retarded rituals. Burning man is a version for the stupid masses.

Actually, The Burning Man festival itself is a massive ritual used to harness the negative energy of the blind participants for Satan. It might seem dumb and distorted to us, but I can assure that their black magic and sorcery is very effective, powerful, and extremely dangerous. Just witness the world around you if you want to see the actual effects of such dark forces.

Grasshopper- you are very knowledge about a lot of this! You say, the black magic and sorcery are very effective… like Bohemian Grove too ? It’s frightening and overwhelming to me

Grasshopper, Please share with us any other details that your friend has experienced while with The Weeknd. I enjoy his older music and can see how much the mainstream elite have taken control and pushed him into pop. I have seen his transformation and always wanted to know what went on behind the scenes.

Ash, the only other really interesting thing I recall him sharing, was that Diddy has a special room in his mansion that only he is allowed to enter for some strange reason. I wish I had more to share, but we haven’t spoken in quite some time now. les a, black magic and sorcery are indeed very dangerous and effective. The same twisted people have been practicing and perfecting this craft for centuries now. Bohemian Grove is one of their favourite male only events, where the world leaders come together to dance naked like fairies in the forest, and partake in filthy homosexual sex magic rituals. As a Muslim, I know that all this goes back to prophet/king Solomon’s time. The Qur’an tells how Allah sent down two angels, Harut and Marut, to teach people magic at their own discretion. The angels warned them that practicing magic was forbidden, but… Read more »

Can we stop with the homophobia please. There’s quite a few of us here on this site and I don’t think it’s cool to refer to gay sex as “filthy” just cause you don’t approve.

I apologize if I’ve offended anyone. Peace.

“Homophobia” word was made up for the LGBTQ agenda. Homosexuality is an abomination as God calls it and of course is completely filthy. An anus is for feces to come out not for a penis to go in, blunt?! yes, sounds filthy?! yes, but this is truth. Man was created by God for a woman and a woman was created by God for a Man. The penis fits into the vagina like a key to a lock like God intended and is to make babies, can’t make babies by having “homosexual sex” penis to anus or vagina rubbing on vagina. These acts are filthy and all kinds of STD’s and diseases comes from it. Its because of your perverse pleasure/lusts that you or any homosexual person does these things, period. God loves us enough to tell the us the truth. Turn to Jesus , repent and you can be what… Read more »
Traci Islands, amen. You have put this succinctly. The LGBTQ agenda has tried to make the argument about “love” (we should be able to love whomever we want), when it’s really about fulfilling perverse sexual desires. Sure, some form of “love” may be mixed in there too but it is primarily about the freedom to indulge a sexual lust. This is completely against the blueprint that God has laid out for mankind, whom He created. It is NEVER wise to go against the manufacturer’s instructions! Even a child can instantly grasp that two men together as husband and husband or two women together as wife and wife does not make any sense. Speaking of which, making the argument about “love” also makes it more palatable to teach to even the youngest children. Of course the “love” argument sets up the slippery (slimy) slope for other deviant sexual preferences such as… Read more »

The most disturbing image is Kylie’s painting. It looks a lot like those paintings made by ritual abuse survivors.

What about the boy lover symbol on the hand in the burning man tickets? Another dead giveaway about what that event is about.

Cindy crawfords “daughter” looks like she was born a boy – look at those broad shoulders – and he breasts seem to start much too low

VC should do an article about transgender agenda.

He already did! But it was pulled down after the transgenders got to knew about it (and went berserk).

Really, cause he intended not to ofrend anyone. VC seems more open and tolerant than most conspiracy aires I’ve been to (*cough* Alex Jones *cough*)

Shes not a tranny tho (google her beach pics if that means anything). For the record, broad shouldered women are common in my family and none of us are trannies :). Other than that shes already a beta kitten.

It’s not broad shoulders alone that give away the true gender. It’s the ratio between shoulders, hips and waist. A female’s hips are the same width as her shoulders, and there’s a pronounced indent at the waist about 2 inches above the navel, due to the smaller female rib cage. Not on this child. It has male shoulders and a male rib cage and a male pelvis. Those who have eyes to see, let them see.

It’s because she’s still a child…still growing and has yet to “fill out” her adult body.

Interesting how the “Overlords” have successfully conditioned us already to be confused about peoples possible genders. Now many folks spend wayyyy too much time trying to decipher if a person is a man or a woman, as well as questioning just about everyone’s possible gender.

I know it’s fun to play “Guess The Gender!”, but I’d suggest we don’t play their game anymore. Every time we play, “they” win.

Actually, that what you see is mostly skeleton, the proportions look misformed but are quite normal, even for girls. Like most celebreties she is too thin. Not healhty, and that’s with a purpose.

Dude. Come on.. skinny shaming is just as bad as fat-shaming! Heaven forbid she gets surgery like one of of those Kardashian girls and people will still have something to say. Lose-lose.

I was not shaming, just observing. But I can see why making statements is understood as an attack, that’s inbedded by now in society. The body needs a buffer. Reason enough to have some flesh, meat even a little fat as a reserve. The body collects a lot of working elements and molecules, and stores it. And people are not born with a kootchey handbag on their arm. No need to store bad food like sugars and corncarbs for example, but well, I guess you can catch my drift?

Why are you commenting when you clearly haven’t studied this subject and don’t know what you’re talking about? Keep your uninformed opinions to yourself.

ddd is an interesting name. Anyone who’s studied the occult is aware of gematria, the art of secret communication between initiates by substituting numbers and letters so messages can be hidden in plain sight. For instance, bbb is a simple way to hide 666. Or you could go a step further and flip bbb in a mirror to ddd. It’s still 666, just hidden, or occulted. Switching lower case to upper case adds another layer of obfuscation. Now, why would you call yourself ddd? Did you do it consciously, to hide your true nature but signal it to initiates? Or did you do it unconsciously, which suggests you are being controlled and influenced by forces you don’t understand?

Easy recognizable, never been used before, easy to type. A D is short for a lot of things, but in my case nothing you assume. Sometimes a stutter is just a stutter.
I encourage questioning, but have no answers for you.

Wait, shall I assume too, let’s make it a game.
Oscar, are you in any form related to a bussiness concerning corn or cornderivates. If so, might they be GMO?

She’s got a body type known as meso-ecto. Strangely enough, like an upside down triangle.

No, it’s just because she’s angular. I used to be when I was about 14-17, then I gained weight, had a child in my early 20s, my hips spread, I got these womanly curves, and no longer looked so…manly or boy-ish.

She’s built exactly the same as Zendaya. So it may just be a lack of meat on their bones thing? They’re both thin.

I thought the same. Mannish shoulders for sure.

It’s an epidemic in Hollywood. The strange coincidence of massive shoulders, prominent jaw lines and narrow hips in most famous women.

So? Not all bodies are, she’s 15. Puberty finishes around 16-17.

How about around 26-27, come to think of it.?

The weeknd is the poster boy for the elite. Good luck to him..

It doesn’t get more obvious that the name SATAN at the Weekends performance. That!

Ever feel like nowadays that “normal” is now the “new weird?”

Idk if you guys noticed but cindy crawford’s “daughter” is trans. There are a LOT of secret trans celebrities. Look into it, its a fascinating subject – the physical differences between men and women are vast and hormones, plastic surgery and photoshop can do a lot to blur the gender lines.

The Illuminati are unquestionable evil incarnate. That is not at issue.
I would say however that normal, decent people are under no obligation to reject something merely because the Illuminati happen to favor it.
For example, why should anyone object to “Six Million Dollar Man” type technology, if it is able to give a person born without limbs, or a disabled vet the ability to function normally?

Kudos for you for contemplating the middle way 🙂 We have to contempalte the possibilites with compassion. A knife can be used to kill someone, or to prepare a healthy lunch. Same goes with technology. An artificial kidney for example, is an upgrade on the current dialysis machines. It will not only bring happiness and relief to the kidney failure patient but also to his family.

“merely because the Illuminati happen to favor it.”
I don’t think you take these matters quite seriously . Do we call some mere favor “agenda”?

Gradually implementing artificial brain-parts is the goal. To get everyone on board, you can do that by giving them a solution to a problem. For a large part that implementation has succeeded. Two generations already can not count anymore, or spell, or use a dictionairy, or a encyclopedia, or even comprehend a string of words beyond 7.
The next part is, making all that pushing of buttons and tapping icons on phones, seem like hard work. Well, guess what the last generations are as lazy as you could make them. They will ask for something to give them the oportunity to be more lazy, because as they eat bad food, drink bad drinks, their bodies can not deal with natural developement and becomes insufficient.
Shall I speak of memory-functions, too?

The last pic (about the weekend) is quite disturbing. Maybe the mentally-ill-elite is considering that flashing satanic symbols and names as mass satanic rituals … What a crazy world … Nobody (minus us) find this disturbing.

…And a check board pattern in Gerber’s bathroom… another big symbolism!
No sell, No fame!

The Weeknd confessed he continues to use drugs while creating music. He was a street boy from Toronto and sold his soul to the Luciferian show business.

Yo VC are you a fan of travy Scott? lol that’s funny that you would warn him but I also have been informed with his single “butterfly effect” that he got matching butterfly tattoos it’s to late I’m afraid….

Can we talk about Kesha’s new video?!

I have to say that I like the song. Peace.

A lot of runes in the burning man tickets as well although I’m unable to interpret them

Two other things:

Tilda Swinton is in the upcoming remake of Suspiria, which has the eye-in-trinity symbol (a sort of club image) at the end of the film.

Ennio Morricone now flashing these symbols are a direct parallel to the one’s Dario and Asia Argento did. They have all worked together on several occasions.

Very disturbing.

You missed a good one with Buzz Aldrin on the cover of revolution magazine

Can someone investigate MULLUSK MAGAZINE?? Their on some weird child bondage stuff but nobody is saying anything about it!

Come to the forums! We can all discuss this!

It is very strange this MULLUSK magazine. And they use their trademark MANNAS rune, which is MIND CONTROL rune. You can implant your ideas and thoughts into somebodies mind.

Rune Name Variants: mannaz, manna, mann, madhr.
Merkstave: An enemy, overbearing pride, frailty, distrust or untrustworthiness, mortality, fleeting circumstances or relationships, depression, blindness, self-delusion, mental sluggishness, conpiracies, betrayal, selfishness, manipulation, cunning, calculation, going against the grain, unhealthy or unequal relationships

Some Magic Uses: Spells that deal with intelligence, memory, and mental abilities, unlocking spirit sight, psychological work, generating peer support.

I always look forward to the SPOTM – Good connection you made VC with Katy Perry’s new album cover with the eye ball in her mouth, The Neon Demon eyeball reference and Katy Perry’s Bon-Appetit song. I feel like KP has been initiated into a higher rank, behind the scenes within the music industry and that is why she is everywhere at the minute.

Anybody seen the first season of Ash VS Evil Dead? There’s a drug-induced sequence of Ash’s where he sees this shaman character with an eyeball in his mouth. The same image seen twice at the top of this article.

Not to mention a butterfly-over-eye picture (black-and-white, don’t know who the model/actress is) hidden in the background in Cheryl’s bedroom.

I like this series but the persistence of these images are creeping me out.

Dr. Singh, her “therapist”, was a slithery creepy reptilian who couldn’t keep his nasty tongue in his mouth. Y’all need to watch the video. Plus a lot of stuff that occurred that weekend made viewers feel voyueristic. Like spying on their dinner party–awkward!


And so many people watched her sleep. She kept saying that she liked that they watched her sleep. I tuned in most that weekend to keep alert to what’s going on and it was all creepy

Sick to the stomach

Creepy s**t guys!

I NEVER understood the Weekend’s popularity until article’s written about him popped up on this site. I will forever believe that Puffy slept with Clive Davis (whose bi) for his Bad Boy label. No one just gives you a record label like that. Puffy is a VERY driven individual but so are a lot of other people trying to break into the business but some people are willing to give anything and everything for fame.

Thanks to VC for informing us of all these disturbing things – I saw the new Katy Perry CD in the local music shop and was tempted to buy it – till I saw the title of one of the bonus tracks “Dance with the Devil” – dropped the CD like a hot potato!

Lol Travis Scott last song is called Butterfly Effect.

The butterfly is a many-layered symbol. One layer refers to transgendering. We know that butterflies develop from caterpillars. The cover-story is that celebrities like Britney Spears and Mariah Carey identify with butterflies because they have transformed themselves from something ugly (a caterpillar) into something beautful (a butterfly), like the ugly duckling becomng a swan. But these mind-controlled, transgendered celebrities are actually telling you that their little caterpillar p*n*s has been castrated off them and transformed into butterfly labia by chemicals and surgery. Those who have ears to hear, let them hear.

what is unseen watches the blind….plays with it – see those about you and you will know, there influence is less but game is no different from their larger counterparts .

“the dog returns to its vomit and the sow returns to her mire, and the burnt fools bandaged finger goes wabbling back to the fire”

The pictures are large and powerful.. but are nothing without those who crave that what they are.

Kaia Gerber is not a normal female. She has the hair, make-up, clothing and demeanour of a female, but the body of a teenage boy! There are certain obvious masculine traits that cannot be faked, and are difficult to disguise, that archaeologists and forensic investigators use to determine the gender of a skeleton. These include broad, square shoulders with prominent collarbones; long torso with minimal waist indentation; hips narrower than shoukders; long upper arm and thigh bones; broad jaw; wide-set eyes; large hands. These are just the ones clearly visible in the photo. That creature is not a genetic female, it’s a transgendered male – a baphomet hybrid. There are none so blind as those who will not see. Those who have eyes to see, let them see.

Lol! You think women don’t come in various shapes and sizes? I know plenty who are broad-shouldered with wide-set eyes who are women. Real women – actual period-having, cramp enduring, ovary and uterus in-tact women – not “baphoment hybrids” haha! I’m not saying there aren’t transgendered men out there…there are – but it’s not fair to real women to call them men just because they don’t fit in the little box you’re trying to put them in. Many real, honest to God women have “masculine” traits, and many real, honest to God men have “feminine” traits. I see men with wide hips, or sloping shoulders or soft jaw lines all the time and don’t call them “baphomet hybrids” or transgendered females! If these kids were all transgendered men, don’t you think they’d have surgery to disguise these supposed “male traits” that you mention? Shaving down or altering a jaw line… Read more »

Truth, you make some fair points and I can see both sides on this one. It’s a puzzler.

But if you choose to go down this particular rabbit hole you start to notice that the gender blurring in Hollywood is fairly prevalent. The men are often pretty (Di Caprio, Depp) and the woman are often beautiful but almost handsome (Jolie, Bullock etc.).

Gee, ff1111, that last one is a real mindtrap. Are you suggesting Jolie is beautifull in a physical way of more transcendant?
(nOw, I am being sarcastic, folks.)

Nope DDd I’m suggesting she’s a bloke 🙂

Not sure why you’re getting down-voted Oscar.

Lots of compelling material to be found on the internet that supports what you’ve said but I don’t get the impression many VC readers are familiar or on board with this.

Not saying it’s all accurate (I’m on the fence) but worth consideration. Jon Humanity’s main documentary/video was thought provoking.

I get down-voted because the sheeple on this site are not ready to wake up yet. They blather on about mind-controlled celebrities, but don’t realise these same celebrities are used as handlers to mind-control the public. It’s very confronting to discover just how much contempt the elite have for us, to the point that they offer up men diguised as women, and women pretending to be men, as role models to be worshipped. It doesn’t bother me that not everyone on this site is ready to let go of their programming yet. Vigilant Citizen does a fantastic job of introducing people to the realities of the world we live in. But it’s a site for beginners, not experts. Most of the information in the public domain about mind control is a “limited hangout”. A limited hangout is when a small secret is deliberately exposed, with the intention of distracting attention… Read more »

I can go along for a while, but at some point, you loose yourself in the same judgemental generalisations you accuse other (sleepy head) people of.

Don’t just go along with anything. Do your own research and wake yourself up. Try an internet search on “elite gender inversion” or “transvestigation”. There are plenty of people putting out excellent material on YouTube.

Oscar, this is all in line with what I’ve read. No big surprises here but good to see your well expressed comments and I appreciate and pretty much agree with what you’ve said. Keep contributing, great to hear from actual critical thinkers.

Totally scary

Can you please say something about blackbear and gucci mane videoclip do re mi. Its really disturbing how they act around kids. Thanks.

Kaia looks different, guess the testosterone is catching up…

June was vacation month for the sinisterish pix?

These public personalities doing the One Eye thing are probably just mocking / provoking those who look for such things. It’s the works of persons which show whether they are doing the Devil’s work. Secret Signs done in public are hardly secret and therefore of little probative evidentiary use in themselves.

Does any one else see the very subtle rainbow on the right side of Katy Perry’s head starting at her hand going all the way down by her jaw and neck? I seem to remember something about them being encouraged to “go over the rainbow” as part of the Monarch programming.

While the industry will literally “eat you alive,” even The Weak End himself seems to be sold out to the elite along with that questionable name of his actual “handler/ master’s” endorsement in that last picture of him at his own concert. Even if he hasn’t fully like the others who tried and are trying to get out with their life, obviously difficult but prayerfully they all pull through.

Can only imagine the hardcore “no-exit” policy the Illuminati has that their own illuminating “one-eye” is ever prevalent without even taking a vacation for once with models being enslaved along with the unwitting artist who is most likely to join the veteran “slaves” themselves stamped and sealed with either a butterfly or kitty for approval as to what the elite wants them to do.

The Elite are really winning, even in the truther community; they’ve managed to have most of you here questioning people’s genders… can’t you see you’re playing their game like sheeple

I don’t think there is any reason to expose the one eye symbolism. Its as obvious as coke and pepsi ads.
Whats the hidden occult meaning of that one eye symbol and why do they use it so much ?? There must be some reason behind it and whats that reason ?

you’re blind….only looking with one eye? haha. okay, look at the american dollar bill fer starters….the all seeing eye up top of the pyramid. didn’t you ever think it was odd america federal reserve put an egyptian pyramid on the money with one eye at the top capstone???? read about adam weishaupt and albert pike and the start of the illuminati/ freesmason Knight’s templars. read some manly p. hall. listen to jordan maxwell on youtube, or read his books. read some fritz springmeier. read/learn/ research for yourself!!!! no one can do it for you!! as you try to expand your knowledge, THEY are trying to cover it up. THEY do not want you to know the TRUTH< not just soda pop ads….that's where you are ignorant. if you want to know. READ. not enough people read books anymore, makes me sick.

I disagree with the notion that THEY don’t want you to know the truth. It is the opposite. They purposely showcase their occult messages because they are bound to Universal Law. They cannot take away people’s free will. By showing the masses their messages, it relieves them of taking away our free will. From that point forward, we give them our consent by going along with the script. It’s our responsibly to seek knowledge and the truth. Afterwards, we collectively have to take action and revolt against their agenda. (Side note) I find it concerning that the users on this web site study the the dark occult yet they subscribe to religions such as Christianity. Are the users unaware of the influence of the dark occult on religions, especially Christianity. The occultist have shown us that hardly anything that is easily accessible and for mass consumption is for own advancement.

Deception, the manipulation of others, has nothing to do with “free will”. Just because someone was born with certain gifts, that doesn’t mean they are absolved of their abuse of others just because they have the ability (and social network) to conceal it artfully. “Free will” is reached when a person’s instincts are not being covertly manipulated during an open and honest attempt at persuasion. Occultists would have to come forward and explain what they are doing and why they are to doing it, to receive “free will” compliance and be exemption from responsibility. Deceptive trickery doesn’t make the cut. Occult elites celebrate being able to deceive “The Sheep” and lead people to their doom. In Christianity, “The Shepherd” would go after even one sheep caught in the bramble. Human beings may have exploited and deceived people under the guise of Christianity but the core of what Christianity is transcends… Read more »

Of course they want the people to know the truth. They have been exposing themselves blatantly for decades. People are just simply too blind to see.

You have the option to be part of it or not, it’s up to you and no one is forcing you.

So Will, what are the alternative options available, if not Christianity?

It seems like the only viable alternative to Satanism/Luciferianism.

sarah follower of christ

true christianity is anything but occultic, which is why it is so dangerous, and why true Christians have been perscuted throughout time.

There is a huge difference between Christianity – which is following the teachings of Christ – and churchianity – which is performing the rituals and believeing the dogma of the church.

we all have an organ of perception called the spirit, which if activated with empathy and love and natural sustainable bliss can take astral flight off the prison planet, back into a higher state in the stars,

they want us to only see thru their eye , its as simple as that, it is imprisonment of the soul into mk trauma culture, they have an unlimited supply of humans and children to consume here.

search dan winter and never look back

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

“If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be filled with light.”
Matthew 6.22
People who cover one eye are claiming to be “filled with light” or illuminated = illuminati.

not filled with light, covering up their eye so their body is full of darkness

The meaning behind it is rather simple as their long awaited false Messiah, Dajjal (Antichrist), will be one-eyed. He will also have the word kafir (disbeliever) written on his forehead and will be followed by 70 000 Jews. He will suddenly appear in between Syria and Iraq and will spread mischief left and right. They now even have a hidden image depicting the Dajjal on the new Israeli $100 shekel. Can it be any more obvious?

Don’t be a doody! EveryOne likes eyeballs and buttaflies. That was Jack from da nightmare before xmas and menstruating is natural.

Don’t be a doody.