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Symbolic Pics of the Month 07/17



In this edition of SPOTM: Katy Perry, Kylie Jenner’s horrifying painting, Kaia Gerber and more proof that the elite’s one-eye sign never takes a vacation. 

Katy Perry is the elite’s current “it” girl. Her entire act and persona are fully dedicated to the elite’s symbolism and its Monarch mind control system.

The cover of her latest album Witness is extremely symbolic. Both of her eyes are covered which represents the blindness of MK slaves. An eyeball is inside her mouth which symbolically indicates that whatever is coming out of her mouth is fully compliant with the occult elite’s agenda.

The symbolism of the cover is also very reminiscent of a key scene in the movie Neon Demon which is, coincidentally, about the dark side of the occult elite. In this scene, a model swallows the eyeball of another model who was “sacrificed” in a cannibalistic ritual (read my article about the movie here). Katy Perry’s video “Bon Appétit” was also a cannibalistic ritual. All of that symbolism interconnects to form a sick elite subculture.

To make things extra clear, Perry has been performing with a big eye right on her chest. This is like branding livestock to identify its owner.

The elite’s agenda is right on your TV.

As part of the massive multi-platform strategy to promote everything Katy Perry (a perk of being an elite pawn), a 72-hours live stream was broadcast across the world. There were eyeballs everywhere. The media extravaganza also featured a “therapy session” (more like TV spectacle) where Perry kept talking about alter persona – a concept key to Monarch programming.

Speaking of alter-personas, the promotional poster of the Witnesses tour features multiple Katy Perry’s: The multiplication of personalities as a result of Monarch programming.

Some pictures of Kylie Jenner appeared on gossip websites because her new boyfriend Travis Scott was grabbing her tushie at one point. As usual, everybody completely ignored the most disturbing part of these pictures: WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH THAT PAINTING?

The “painting” features a stick figure with its mouth sewn shut (or something) and butterfly on its head. Something red appears to be oozing out of the figure’s bottom. The painting also features big butterflies, crosses and the name Jack. In other words, it contains a bunch of symbols associated with Monarch programming. Relevant fact: Kylie and Travis recently got matching butterfly tattoos. Watch out, Travis.

Another celebrity who has all of the markings of a Beta Kitten is Kesha. Despite her attempts of freeing herself, she is still owned by the occult elite. In this IG pic, Kesha hides one eye while holding a phone with a “kitty case”. She is also showcasing her feline tattoo on her hand. She’s been branded a Beta Kitten a long time ago.

Kaia Gerber – Cindy Crawford’s daughter – is being pushed into that system. She recently published on social media a revealing pic of her while wearing a bathrobe. She’s 15.

She’s 15.

As usual, in the past weeks, a bunch of celebrities did the one-eye sign across mass media. And no, they weren’t doing it for fun, they were instructed to do it by elite-sponsored photographers.

Lorde recently released a new album … and a one-eye pic quickly followed.

Tilda Swinton has one eye hidden on the cover of Vogue Korea. She knows how to exploit her creep factor.

Francesco Gabbani is very big in Italy. Naturally, the one-eye sign became part of his act.

JCK is self-described as an “elite jewelry buying experience”. A giant one-eye sign was featured on the cover of its magazine in May.

Ennio Morricone is a legendary film music composer. Even him was instructed to hide an eye for an AFP article. His finger over his mouth emphasizes the “I can’t talk about it” aspect of it all.

This cover of Italian publication Robinson La Republicca is about the future. The subtitle says something like “The future, user instructions”. According to the gigantic all-seeing eye inside a pyramid, the future is all about the elite’s agenda. According to the article, “The reality that awaits us might resemble dystopian science fiction novels”. Funny how the future is always dystopian – as if any other outcome was completely inconceivable.

These are tickets to this year’s Burning Man festival. It features an all-seeing eye – under the words “Radical Ritual”. The entire thing is a dumbed-down, distorted, retarded version of the elite’s actual rituals.

The Human+ display at Singapore’s Artscience museum is all about promoting transhumanism – an important part of the elite’s agenda. The emphasis on one eye on the robot-human hybrid (their ultimate goal) is all of the proof you need.

This is a pic taken during a The Weeknd show. The word SATAN is displayed in big letters as 14 year-old girls cheer and dance. Good times.

Special thanks to everyone who sent in pics!


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