“The Neon Demon” Reveals The True Face of the Occult Elite


The Neon Demon is a movie about the fashion industry and its obsession with youth and beauty. However, through its story and symbolism, the movie reveals the disturbing mindset of the fashion world and the occult elite behind it.

Warning: This article addresses disturbing subject manners.
Also: Gigantic spoilers ahead!

The Neon Demon is painful to watch. Not only is it filled with long hypnotic sequences that emphasize the shallow self-importance of the fashion world, it deliberately dwells on some of the most upsetting human practices possible including pedophilia, necrophilia, cannibalism and ritual killings. All of these horrors are presented in an aesthetically pleasing matter and placed in a cool, fashionable context in an apparent attempt to normalize them.

Like most of the entertainment analyzed on the Vigilant Citizen, this movie leaves a foul feeling, as if one’s very soul was violated by what was just witnessed. Of course, this kind of result from a “psychological horror movie” is to be expected, but the most disturbing part of this movie isn’t the fiction: It is the dark “real world” truths it appears to celebrate. Indeed, when one knows about the dark side of the entertainment industry – and the occult elite that owns it – the movie becomes a disturbing manifesto, an indulgent celebration from people who revel in darkness. In short, it discloses what the industry is truly about, how it truly functions, and who is truly behind it.

Through the story of an innocent young girl who moves to L.A. with big dreams of being an international supermodel, The Neon Demon reveals the true ugly face of the entertainment industry.

Let’s look at The Neon Demon.

Culture of Death

Subjecting oneself to this kind of movie means being exposed to the twisted mindset of those behind it. And right from the start, The Neon Demon gives us all eyeful of what the fashion world is about: Celebrating a culture of death while preying on youth and innocence.

In the first scene of the movie, Jesse poses in a photoshoot where she appears dead after having her throat slit.
In the first scene of the movie, Jesse poses in a photoshoot where she appears dead after having her throat slit.

If you’ve read past editions of Symbolic Pics of the Month, you’re already aware of this trend happening in actual fashion shoots. Here is one example of a real photoshoot where the model is basically a “fashionable corpse”.

“Pin Up”, W Magazine, 2008
“Pin Up”, W Magazine, 2008

Preying on Youth

The model in the bloody photoshoot is Jesse, a 16-year-old model who is “new in town”. She meets Ruby, a make-up artist who nonchalantly asks her very specific questions.

As Jesse reveals that she's a young and vulnerable model, Ruby gives her intense looks as if saying: "You're perfect for our blood sacrifice".
As Jesse reveals that she’s a young and vulnerable aspiring model, Ruby gives her intense looks as if saying: “I want to consume you” … literally.

– You’ve just got to L.A., Jesse?
– How did you know?
– You’ve got that look. Don’t worry honey. That whole deer-in-the-headlights thing is exactly what they want.

The “deer-in-the-headlights” thing means youth and innocence. “They” prey and feed on it … literally.

After learning about Jesse’s vulnerable situation, Ruby invites her to a party. This is how newcomers get introduced to the claustrophobic social bubble that is the fashion world.

At the show, Jesse is introduced to two other models Gigi and Sarah who also quickly interrogate Jesse.
At the show, Jesse is introduced to two other models, Gigi and Sarah, who also quickly interrogate Jesse.

Ruby mentions that lipstick colors tend to sell more when they’re named after food or sex. She then asks Jesse:

– Are you food or are you sex?

This odd question will become extremely relevant later in the movie. Indeed, there are two ways her vital energy can be “consumed”.

The girls then watch a bizarre show that features a tied-up model. At the climax of the show, she is lifted in the air and placed in a position that carries important symbolic meaning.

Later in the party, the girls watch a 'show' which apparently consists of a naked model that is bound and lifted in the air. Kind of representative of the fate of new models.
While music is blaring and lights are flashing, the bound model floats in the air.

The model’s position is strongly reminiscent of Louise Bourgeois’ Arch of Hysteria.

Louise Bourgeois’ “The Arch of Hysteria”

This particular piece of art and position was shown to be important to the occult elite. Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer placed one of his headless victims in that specific position.

Dahmer was a cannibal. The Neon Demon also deals with cannibalism. And more. Like abusing minors.

Keano Reeves plays the role of a motel owner who rents rooms to aspiring models. He’s a creep.

At one point, the motel owner tells Jesse’s friend to check out a girl at his motel.

“Take a peek in room 214 if you get a chance. Runaway. Thirteen years old. Real lolita sh*t. Room 214. Gotta be seen.”

Later in the movie, the motel owner creeps into Jesse’s room to insert a knife down her throat. It is a disturbing reference to violent abuse of young models.

Through these various scenes, we understand that Jesse has entered a messed up world that is looking to consume her.

Entering the Industry

Jesse is soon recruited by a fashion agency that promises her to work with “all of the big designers”, which will lead her to”international success”. When Jesse admits that she’s only 16 years old and that she did not graduate from high school, she is told to tell people that she’s 19.

Nobody cares that she is a minor. In fact, her youth gives her that “something” that the industry desperately preys on. Youth is not only used to sell copies of magazines, it is exploited on a deeper level. Primitive civilizations used to sacrifice young virgins to the gods because they were believed to have the most “magical potency”. This concept is still alive today. People with great wealth, power, and influence believe in these occult concepts that most think to be outdated. The Neon Demon addresses these things in a thinly veiled matter.

When Jesse goes to her first photoshoot with a “big” photographer, things get weird.

At the photoshoot, Jesse has a shiny thing glued to her face. Its shape is reminiscent to the head of Baphomet, complete with horns and the torch of illumination. While this might be a coincidence, the occult context of the movie would say otherwise.

When the photographer sees Jesse with her golden stickers, he appears taken with her. He tells everybody present to leave the room. He then orders Jesse to take off all of her clothes. She’s still 16.

Then, in a strange scene, the photographer passionately rubs Jesse with gold stuff, strangely focusing on her throat in a scene that might simultaneously refer them doing it and her being “the golden girl” of the industry.


Jesse’s “It” factor leads her to star at a fashion show. This show begins normally but soon turns into a long, hypnotic, occult ritual that appears to profoundly transform Jesse.

As Jesse walks down the runway, an alternate scene simultaneously takes place in a “higher” dimension. The fashion show is Jesse’s initiation to the industry, where she discovers her new alter persona.

Jesse finds herself under an illuminated pyramid – a symbol of the occult elite.
We see the birth of a new Jesse who cannot stop kissing herself.

After the show, a new, sexy, non-innocent Jesse is born.

A new Jesse is “unveiled”. She is not a goodie-two-shoes anymore. She wants to be part of the glamorous and superficial world of fashion.

Under the Eye All-Seeing Eye

As Jesse progresses into the fashion world, we are subtly introduced to the dark occult world that rules it. We are also heavily introduced to the symbol that represents it: the ubiquitous All-Seeing Eye (of course). In the movie, the all-seeing eye, aka the eye in the sky, is associated with the moon.

Under a full moon, Jesse talks about how she has no discernible talent except for being pretty … and about how she used to talk to the moon.

“When I was a kid, I would sneak out the roof at night. I thought the moon looked like a big round eye. And I would look up and say: Do you see me?”

Jesse wanted to be noticed by the entertainment industry. She wanted the “big round eye” to see her. Well, it saw her. She got initiated into the industry.

When things get dangerous at her motel, Jesse is invited to stay at Ruby’s house … and things get even weirder. The deer-in-the-headlights is now trapped inside an elite home, and the predators are circling in.

At first, Ruby forces herself on Jesse, who admits being a virgin.

When Jesse pushes her away, Ruby becomes mad. If Jesse cannot be sex, she will be food (you remember the quote above?). But first, Ruby has to do something real quick.

In the next scene, we see Ruby at her second job in a mortuary home where she does makeup on corpses. When she receives the body of a young woman, Ruby becomes very excited.

Ruby kisses and fondles a dead body. Yes. The movie goes there. For a long time.

While this disturbing scene is happening, another scene is juxtaposed to it.

While Ruby is indulging in all-out necrophilia, Jesse sensually touches herself.

This annoying bit is dragged on for a long time. As Ruby gets excited and moaning sounds intensify, we realize that the movie makers are actually trying hard to make this scene arousing to the viewers. It’s like, they’re really into that stuff and they want us to be into it as well.

After this unnecessary scene, Jesse dresses up for no apparent reason. She becomes the sacrificial lamb.

Jesse puts on a white dress, looking as if she was a young girl about to be sacrificed to the gods.

When Jesse goes outside, Ruby and her two model friends go after her and kill her.

Blood sacrifice. The movie makers made this death scene as fashionable as possible.

Ruby and her friends do not simply kill Jesse … they consume her. Literally.

Ruby is literally bathing in Jesse’s blood. The two other models are also drenched in blood in the shower.

After this nauseating scene, we see Ruby partaking in a strange ritual under a full moon – the “big round eye”. She is demonstrating servitude to the All-Seeing Eye.

Ruby lays on the floor, basking in moonlight.
As if to emphasize the culture of death, Ruby is then seen laying where Jesse has been buried.

Meanwhile, the two other models who consumed Jesse are featured in a high-profile photoshoot. Apparently, eating Jesse imparted them the “It” factor that makes them desirable by the industry again. However, during the photoshoot, one of the models feels sick.

The model cannot take having Jesse inside of her. She stabs herself in the stomach and throws up Jesse’s … eyeball.
The other model picks up the undigested eyeball.

What does she do with the eyeball? Guess.

She eats it! She eats the whole thing!

Then, with a completely vacant look on her face, the model goes back to the fashion shoot. ** Cue pop song by trendy pop singer Sia. **

So, what the hell just happened? What is the moral of the story?

Well, “moral” is not really a word that applies here. “Moral” means “concerned with the principles of right and wrong behavior and the goodness or badness of human character”. There is no “moral” here, just an exposition of what the fashion world is about.

The Neon Demon describes how the industry preys on young girls (preferably very young), trapping them in a world they cannot escape. It depicts how people deep in the industry are involved in sick practices motivated by dark rituals.

Jesse, a simple girl from a small town, was full of the natural beauty and vitality that the soulless Hollywood vampires so desperately crave. After years inside the cesspool that is the fashion industry, all the humanity has been sucked out from them, leaving them yearning for young blood.

Innocent souls not yet tainted by the industry are lured towards the “inner circle” to then be exploited. When they cannot be used anymore, they are disposed of. Those who actually make it in the industry are those who profit from the exploitation – those who “absorb” the life force of others. Those who make it are those who have completely sold their soul and are willing to swallow the occult elite’s eyeball to keep going.

The Neon Demon is about celebrating all of this. Literally.

The premiere of Neon Demon featured the stars eating eyeballs. Behind them is a pyramid with a missing eyeball at the top.

In Conclusion

After watching The Neon Demon, it is not surprising to learn that it failed at the box office. It is an indulgent, self-aggrandizing, promotional piece by the industry and for the industry.

And no, the movie does not aim to “expose” or “reveal” anything. It actually attempts to make everything cool, trendy and fashionable. What makes this movie more disturbing is the fact that there is actual truth behind the fiction. People at the highest levels of these industries are indeed steeped in systematic abuse, exploitation, and all kinds of other sickening practices. They are so protected by the system that they can make movies about this crap and nobody interrupts their fun.

Why are they so into this? Well, once you swallow the occult elite’s eyeball, you’re either infected for life … or you die. ** Cue pop song by trendy singer Sia **.




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Great article to open 2017. Can’t thank you enough for all the eye-opening material you have posted so far, helping us stay vigilant till the end of days. Thank you, VC. Very much!

You don’t understand the movie. It is a horror movie. The director said so! Winding Fehn has never pretended otherwise.The imagery is used deliberately. It is about the subverting of the human spirit and soul to empty vanity. Yes it is striking and obvious but it is not about celebrating the Occult Elite but is in fact condemning them for their use of taking innocent young people and corrupting them with their ways. If I was still sixteen and was Jess, would I really want to be her? The answer is no. The price required is not worth it nor should it be That is the ultimate message.

Sadly most will just agree with the Very Bias Opinions in regards to this film; which I feel was BASHING the fashion/ect industry, &was a Very Symbolic and Ambiguous movie. But hey it was my personal pick for my Top film of 2016, & am a massive fan of the writer/director (N.W.Refn), so I WILL Admit I perhaps am bias somewhat too. But am glad you an otother posters are not just blindly accepting an opinions, specifically those who didn’t even watch this movie, which is a horror film, that Certainly isn’t Promoting the sick themes such as necro/pedo/ect, but showing the audience this stuff Does happen (not All the time as Many believe; but Yes!, sadly often..), & it’s NOT trying to “glamorize/ect,” it, but show how Scary it realy is; even if the film is Shot Visually beautiful. THAT’S the True juxtopose here!, how beautiful TPTB Present sick… Read more »

I totally agree with you deadpopstar, Refn definitly expose the elite in this film.
Neon Demon is definitly my favorite film of 2016.

Uh no. The Director is STILL a puppet of the elite.

Sylvain, Yeah, like I said, it’s Exactly like Kubrick’s film Eyes Wide Shut. Full of symbols, disturbing/dark imagery, ect, and also Exposing what Realy goes on behind the scenes. But is presented as a film, not an article or YouTube vid. And this side also did a very extensive article on E.W.Shut as well, & unlike T.N.Demon, it was given a High level of Respect; somewhat in the article & certainly by Many commenters on this site. Our opinions here are just going to keep getting voted down, which is Fine if you truly disagree; but it’s the posters who didn’t bother to even Watch the film; but Did watch and even proclaim thier Love for Kubrick’s film. (Which I Love as well!!) Hm..I guess the director literally has to DIE, otherwise they’re just another “evil” industry puppet. Smh.. Which leads me to you, jw2: Hey, I’m cool with Whatever… Read more »

Hi all, pls don’t be upset or discouraged ,it’s healthy to discuss different opinions, just as how VC tells us not to accept the media out there blindly ,it’s fair for us to question and discuss what is being posted by him as well. It’s a good discussion we have here , let’s have it with mutual respect for each others’ differing opinions.

Marla, Thank you for your rational comment here. I and others here who are posting Alternate thoughts, are sadly being put down in some very rude ways, one poster below in a sense said we basically just Shouldn’t have Any Open Discussion here if it varies from the mass opinion here; that this art is trash. As I said, that’s ok if you feel that way, but I just don’t understand why posters who claim to be so intelligent resort to bashing other posters opinions. But what I REALY don’t understand is Anyone saying to Not have open discussion, specifically on a site like this that Encourages us to have open discussion. Like other articles here state; even celebrities are now being told bassicly to shut up, If their opinion goes against the Main agenda. What does that mean for us all who are not celebs/don’t have some massive platform;… Read more »

Actually that isn’t the message; VC was spot on with them glorifying it, if it were meant to expose it in a negative light, it wouldn’t have seen the light of day (*cough* Gray State). The final scene shows the model eating Jesse’s eye, and continuing to be the “it” thing in the Fashion industry. C’mon are you literally going to neglect that at the premiere they were eating eyeballs and there was a pyramid with a missing eye…

The premiere was at a popular cemetary called Hollywood Forever. The pyramid in the back, while symbolic, was probably built 50 or so years ago. Not siding on any side, though I personally think Paulina is mostly right, it really does present the fashion industry as a horror story. That said, all good films allow the viewer to be subjective on what the ultimate meaning was. Whether you or Paulina is right 100%, I think that was ultimately probably the discussion the director wanted you to have. I also think, while Vigilant Citizen was correct in calling out the symbolism that is obviously there, I would consider that the director also did this intentionally, thereby creating a controversial piece of media that people will share and talk about. Welcome to the new normal. Sites like this is are actually probably influencing more creatives to work with these well-worn (and IMO… Read more »
Exactly. VC acts like anything that uses symbolism is a conspiracy propagated by the occult elite. Well guess what… if symbols rule the world like the site’s tagline claims, then anybody with google can look up the meaning of symbols, and screen writers are allowed to use symbolism to tell a story and send a message without being a part of the “occult elite.” Anybody with google can be a part of the “occult elite” according to this site. I have a strong feeling that whoever wrote this screenplay was criticizing the vanity and dehumanizing element of the fashion industry, and all of these ‘dark’ symbols were used to project that theme to the viewer and make the viewer think twice about accepting these messed up norms in fashion and hollywood. Why would the “occult elite” criticize this culture? Wouldn’t they be the ones trying glorify this stuff? NO, it… Read more »
Now I´ll tell you what IS RETARDED: Looking at an absolutely disgusting sick movie as art. If you think this movie that is promoting evil, death, cannibalism, necrophilia and p********a is art then you should urgently go and see a psychiatrist for treatment. This movie is so sick that a normal person with morals who still knows wrong from right will not be able to watch. A normal person will feel sick to the stomach and will stop watching after the first creepy scene since watching stuff like this will seriously be damaging to one´s heart and soul. And every image a person sees in a lifetime will be stored by the brain for good, there´s no way of erasing them ever. All images good and bad will be stored in the unconcious forever and will certainly have an impact on one´s mind and soul – in this case this… Read more »
I agree 100% with Ladolcevitana. It says a lot about society we can have a ‘free and open discussion’ about the ‘meaning’ of this vile piece of trash. My guess is this cloak of ‘discussion’ is precisely the effect they intended – you get exposed to the sickening concepts presented in the movie, anyway. By watching this and in fact even by reading this article it becomes part of your reality. If you want to ‘warn’ about the Illuminati do you create a sober warning that doesn’t even require interpretation but just tells it like it is – or do you create this? And they’re eating eyeballs at the premiere… This is beyond disgusting; this is absolutely vile. They’re rubbing it in your faces, even partying in front of a pyramid and you want to ‘analyze’ and ‘discuss’ it. Just being exposed to this article helps push their depravity agenda… Read more »

Agree with you Ladolcevitana!!! Excellent comment.

Your absolutely right!!!

Thank you so much for this article VC!! I was really looking forward your analysis of this movies cause there seems to be so many understanding levels on this movie That being said, i’d like to point out some details/hypothesis that have been left out: The “Lolita” living in the same motel as Jesse is the dead girl Ruby is actually making out with after her failed attempt of having sex with Jesse. The Lolita somewhat looks like Jesse and the scene juxtaposing with this necrophilic session is actually Ruby fantasizing on her. How do i know the Lolita is the dead girl? Well, there is this extremely strange scene where Jesse is hearing a fight in the room right next to hers. There is a girl screaming and we can guess someone KNEW there was a young and vulnerable girl inside this exact room. The ‘motel Creep’ (who -as… Read more »

It’s not possible that’s the corpse was the 13 yo from the hotel, because it obviously wasn’t a 13 yo body and the girl was ostensibly Killeen the day before and her body would’ve stayed in the coroner a lot longer than that.

Not when they obviously control the morgue, these people control EVERYTHING.

France is where this s**t started. Look into the history of the Franks. It’s all lies. The “franks” are turks by another name.

What the f**k are you talking about ??? The “Francks” ?? you mean french ? And why the hell the turks have to do here ?


Having been in the fashion world (modelling), I can affirm everything VC has said here.

It used to be somewhat innocent and fun, but now celebrates the banality of evil and ugliness.

Sure you were. Prove it.

Drop “Magnum” on us…..

lol Jack

Smh my God protect us all from the devil’s in this world

The anti-Christ spirit is getting bolder and more aggressive every day. No longer is this stuff in the shadows. It’s now on full display for all the sheeple to see it and what they’re saying is there’s not a thing we can do about it. To paraphrase The Most Interesting Man In The World, “Stay vigilant my friends.”

But jesus said when he returns he will separate the sheep from the goats and punish the goats. So the sheep are the good ones. Lmaooooo at this gigantic misinterpretation by the “truth” community. But “sheeple!”.

Wife and I watched the movie a few weeks ago and we could not believe what we saw. I was debating on whether or not to suggest to you to watch it. Now I am glad you decided to watch it on your own accord. I am glad to see that you saw the same things we saw. No moral, just a celebration of the fashion world. I have to admit, I could not understand why the one model killed herself at the end. Throughout the movie both were stating that they would do anything to stay on top. The one scene in which the one model describes all the surgeries she had gone through just to stay current to the trend was fascinating. To hear how a person would put oneself through so much just to stay current/fashionable. Of course, when the fashion designer stated that the one model… Read more »

Just look up Santa Clarita Diet with Drew Barrymore. Absolutely disgusting. I’m afraid more and more filth like this is coming out in the next years.

Just heard about the Santa Clarita Diet show yesterday. Horrifying and shocked that Drew Barrymore is apart of it. Not only is she starring in it, but she is producing it as well! And this woman has 2 children. And this is what she wants to teach them?? Why on earth would she create and star in a show about an undead corpse who murders and eats people??? I can’t believe that this is becoming the common topic for what tv shows, movies, etc. are about! Sick, twisted world that has gone to hell.

You people get so worked up over the stupidest things sometimes. “She’s a mother of two children!” So what? This is a TV SHOW. It’s a work of fiction. Zombie movies aren’t new, you know. They’ve been around for about 50 years.

Speaking of symbols, did you notice the swastika background in the fourth to the last photo?

So what? Why dont u inform urself better before foaming about “that swastika”?

Yes, I went back and checked it out. Very good observation.

with white pyramid couch. Also the colours, white couch, blue bras, red blood. Red white and blue, the colours of france, England and the u.s.. Also, the red in the french flag is a symbol of the bloody violent french revolution. Which is now known to be formented by you now who ! Hence the pyramid couch. The other girl is also red and blue along her whit skin. There’s definitley several layers of meanings in this scene.

What a sick movie, I am pretty sure its worse in reality than the movie portrays. The famous elitist Bertrand Russell wrote about all this building a a sick and debased culture. He even mentioned necrophilia will become reality. Just read his works, he wrote along the lines of Aldous Huxley, who wanted mankind to love their servitude.

The Tavistock Institute was created for social engineering. Everything from psychology/psychiatry to Woodstock and the government doling out large amounts of LSD to the concert goers. Huxley and Skinner. There’s an excellent book about the Institute on Amazon. Mind blowing stuff.

Of course it is a Fanning sister in the lead role too… yikes. How were you even able to watch this film? I really don’t think I could take it. I wish the fashion industry would fade out and its evil leaders not make another dime or have an outlet for their depravity, and not another young person destroyed by it. The world would be a better place without it.

The idea of fashion being an industry is a french thing.

To me, that’s like saying dressing up in grey is a chinese thing.

Fashion industry, retail industry, whatever. They are connected and have a good level of influence, whether to make an obscene amount of money or to steer people’s minds into thinking and behaving one way or another. As shown here on VC, this fashion realm is exposing a lot of dark truths, prettying it up by way of the media to normalize it and hardly anyone is batting an eyelash at it. Movies are getting there too if anyone has seen the buzz about a movie called ‘Raw’… cannibalism is sooo trendy this year. >_<

Humanity is disgusting

Eating animals’ muscles and bodily secreations (meat, dairy, eggs and honey) is just as disgusting if you think about it. In fact, it’s a repugnant blood-sacrifice carnism cult, but people view it as something totally fine. People need to wake up and stop consuming body parts and fluids, or else it won’t le long before cannibalism is seen as something fine and normal, too.

What an idiotic comparison / conclusion. Logic is a concept you don´t seem to grasp. A valid logical argument is one in which the conclusions are entailed by the premises, because the conclusions are consequences of the premises. In your example your (non) “logical”argument is not valid since your conclusion “it won´t be long before cannibalism is seen as something fine and normal” is not a consequence of “eating animals muscles and bodily secretions”. Your conclusion is utter bullshit. One has to do nothing with the other. Eating animals is normal. Lions, deer, dogs, cats, tigers etc. all hunt and eat animals and so do human beings. It´s normal and natural and has been like that for millions of years. But eating one´s own species = cannibalism is unnatural and sick. But if the movie industrie keeps on portraying cannibalism as normal the stupid sheeple may follow suit…….I still hope… Read more »

The Fanning sisters are both MK ULTRA , yes.

It is amazing to me, after reading this, how we as people of GOD have been subtly led by the movie industry to accept this kind of garbage. We are now at a point that would have us , who read and believe in the word of GOD, to consider this normal. May GOD continue to look after us as we are exposed to this kind of meaningless drivel. For our younger generation this has got to be devastating. Please people, guard our new generation from this garbage. Thanks for the article.

You did this to yourselves. Grouping in all men as “criminals” when they react violently. The real god uses violence to cleanse the earth of this scum yet these bible thumping moralists dialed 911 so many times that all his angels have been incarcerated. This is your own doing. Now these monsters dare to say they come in the name of the one true god and no one is willing to stand and fight them out of fear. The real men know why they do what they do. You either stay out their way or join them.

I can’t wait for this sickening depraved world to come to an end. America is done, stick a fork in it. What a disgusting shithole hollyweird is. I wouldn’t watch that filth if they paid me. My Lord and savior Jesus is coming very soon and that’s what makes those sickos terrified.

Coming to you via hologram, 3d beamers, or the good old Man on Soapbox.?
How will you know when your own mind has to decide Is He Real Or Is Is It A Fake Jesus?

Thank you! Finally someone sees the right angle. As if the clouds are gonna split and some bearded fellow in a white gown is gonna come down and all the evil will end. These people are simply delusional cowards. They blame the “devil” for their f**k ups. The truth is that the bible is a mythology, albeit the most powerful one ever written. Of course there have been one man armies that stood for their people. To think we need one from 2000 years ago or else he’s definitely the anti-christ is complete retardation. Treat everyone like you’d treat jesus and you’ll figure out what you need to know.

You got a few thumbs-down, more than I got plusses, but isn’t that contradictorious in a way?
I made a valid question, repeatedly over the years – and nobody has ever answered other than they will feel it in their heart.. When I ask, will that be like standing next to a mobilephone-transmitter?, some don’t even know how that feels.

I can describe how salvation feels. Imagine your worst hurts, heartaches, and memories are still in your mind but hold no emotion. What used to plague me daily, I have to really think about and remind myself of now. No more emotional breakdowns, sky falling, wanting to die feelings. I’ve been healed and forgiven. THAT is what it feels like to be saved and have your name written in the book of Life. You set your eyes on Jesus, and everything falls into place. If you seek Him, even a little, He will show you the way. I’m living proof.

Jesus is real and he loves you. You’ll know someday, one way or another (we all will). I’ve experienced the power of God first hand, and not in some fabricated, television evangelist kind of way. I have physically felt the power of God move through me and more importantly I’ve seen him radically change people’s lives who were far beyond saving as far as the world was concerned. When you experience the mercy, glory and power of the Lord, His existence becomes undeniable to you. I know, it sounds crazy. I was skeptical for a long time. I encourage you to just keep an open mind and try talking to the Lord a little bit every day. I challenge you to talk to God for five minutes every day for one month. Ask Him every day for a month to reveal Himself to you. Ask Him what work does he… Read more »

You give Not One example of the experiences you tell you have had. I find that interesting.
Did you forget, maybe? I am really curious.

When I pray for people and I give over my will to the Lord, he moves my body with a gentle, yet deliberate force. My arms begin to feel light and then the spirit begins to gently lift and move them in a sort of dance. It always begins as a sort of suggestion, like the spirit of the Lord is letting me know that he’s there, but he’s requesting my obedience so that he can move through me. When I let go, it’s a beautiful, peaceful swaying dance, like a summers breeze flowing through a field of lilies. I’ve seen people healed in the name of Jesus. My life we spared in a dual canopy malfunction during a night jump (I served as an airborne ranger). I’ve been stabbed twice and shot at. I’ve survived a murder plot against me. I’ve had a minister deliver me from demonic bondage… Read more »

Thank you for answering. I must read it again though to read between the lines a bit more for there are interesting clues and links, to more than Just a cnn-tv-show, by the way.

You’re welcome. Sorry I didn’t answer sooner, I’ve been out of town and haven’t been online. I hope you find what you’re looking for.

clue: Israel back to the promised land fulfilled prophecy. Many more but I bet everything proving The Bible and God etc will be wasted on you.

@Kev Allah Yes the clouds with crack & split open when Jesus returns. Famous author & a Christian apologetic C.S Lewis intelligently addressed you type of ignorance. Why hasn’t Jesus returned or landed in force to invade the world? Is it that He is not real or strong enough? Well, we Christians think He is going to land in force; we do not know when. But we can guess why He is delaying. He wants to give people like yourself the chance of joining His side freely. Jesus will return and invade all right: but what is the good of saying you are on His side then, when you see the whole natural universe melting away like a dream and something else – something it never entered your head to conceive – comes crashing in; something so beautiful to some of us and so terrible to others that none of… Read more »

*will* *your*

Why hasn’t Jesus returned or landed in force to invade the world? Is it that He is not real or strong enough? Well, we Christians think He is going to land in force; we do not know when. But we can guess why He is delaying. He wants to give people like yourself the chance of joining His side freely. Jesus will return and invade all right: but what is the good of saying you are on His side then, when you see the whole natural universe melting away like a dream and something else – something it never entered your head to conceive – comes crashing in; something so beautiful to some of us and so terrible to others that none of us will have any choice left? For this time it will be God without disguise; something so overwhelming that it will strike either irresistible love or irrestistible… Read more »

Thats the reality behind glamour. Modelling is practically high class prostitution. The s**t is too stinky and “they” have shown it to us many times, still we choose to stay ‘tards. Google for instance the scummy John Casablancas. He used to sexually abuse (underage) young females models in the making. While still 14 years old, Stephanie Seymour started a relationship with him. Cindy Crawford, at the beginning of her career, one of the photographers she worked with was forcing her into wearing wigs and…. anal sex. Dont forget Karen Mulder’s case, one of the most important in the industry. And unfortunately the list is endless….


Humanity is disgusting

Celebrities are presented to us as “stars” impossible to reach, “idols” whom everyone looks up to, where in fact they’re nothing but highly-paid prostitutes for the “elite” and puppet politicians.

That is the whole point.

A request VC, although the film is hard to watch…classic French horror film ”Martyrs” seems to be about the elite, creating diassociation among victims for knowlege of life after death. Tough film to watch due to graphic content, but so many messages which tie to what you speak of. A review would be welcomed. Layers of mind control stuff in the flick but the French version is a must and not the American which is weak.

Umm what’s the difference? It’s just two different languages, not two different films.

Maybe Tzone is looking at the package, the wrapping, instead of thinking about the content or possible connections between symbolism, ritual and longterm planning.

Like I said, there is an American ‘remake’ not one of the original done in english. If you are an American, you must put up with sub titles of the French version which is the opriginal.

I will try and be nice here, but, umm, it is two different films by two different companies.

The project dates back to at least 2008 with the director of the original, Pascal Laguier negotiating for the rights for an American remake.[1] Daniel Stamm was set to direct at this time[2] but later dropped out due to budgetary concerns.[3] Specifically he worried about “plateauing”, saying that “if you’re a filmmaker who makes two movies in the same budget bracket, that becomes your thing. You are the guy for the $3 million movie, and then that’s all you do”,[3] further elaborating that his agent advised him against making the film for this reason.[3] Screenwriter Mark L. Smith had stated that he tried to avoid showing as much of the violence on screen as possible which he stated resulted in “less about watching someone be tortured and more about trying to save a friend.” he has stated that he chose this route because ” it’s more just my taste.”[4] Early… Read more »

Who funds this s**t?

Disney haha

Sorry for my poor english.
I enjoy VC’s articles and they help me to see what’s really going on. It’s just.. It seems like that from some point of time(earlier in last year, I think) the conclusion of each article is always something like ‘there is no other way; give up and be a slave or you will die’.
Well, it is true that we have to find our own ways to protect our souls and I’ve found it in Lord Jesus, so I’m not complaining anyway. I just wanted to say.

Interesting angle, I say, the first part that is, analysing the analyser. ( I won’t say anything about the time-frame and global scandals anymore. Look them up. )

@SniperC. It’s good to hear you are saved.I am too.

I don’t think Vigilant Citizen is saved though.Which is probably why you pick up on the tone at the ending of most of his articles.

This is so unreal but is really happening. I am reading The Franklin Cover-Up by John DeCamp and every time I read a child’s testimony of what they went through I think what could be worse than this and then I read something worse,today it was the eating of eyeballs. Now I came across this article with some of the same vile filth. It must stop!This is so huge the black entities have infiltrated every part of our lives from the Gov. down and we never knew it.

You mean the white entities. That’s who they are. The so called white hats that push the false light. Wolves disguised as sheep. No one fears the real wolves they know what they are. Being around actual savages will show you what you are. It’s these city slicker cowards that play moralist to get you to turn the cheek that you need to watch out for.

I was disappointed with the movie on the whole in that it was low budget. As VC mentioned, it was cult classic for the elite and not meant to make money. There was a very low push by the studio for monetary success but enough to get in in the minds of many. The movie disjointed but interesting just the same to me knowing more of the symbology. Oddly, I seem to be attracted to these movies knowing what I do now. Also, having leaarned more on symobology, I find myself seeing movies for what they are for the first time in repeat viewings. Another thing is that the sisters Fanning were often made to look older by creepywood as their careers developed. You get the feeling there are more layers to this story in real life. I hope you consider the message board again for discussion or give an… Read more »

Ah, I’ve been waiting for this! Thank you! Just want to point out Ruby is actually
*bleeding* (menstruating?) in the moonlight. Adds an extra layer to the ritual, I think.

I thought that was excretion from what was consumed. Cannibal digestion
Really sick video really sick industry..

In my culture we call the period “the moon” as in the full moon that comes once a month. Interesting.

Yes, she is doing a RITUAL. The moon cycle is connected to the female menstrual cycle.

Starry Eyes.

Yes, both similar movies.

Wow, great article VC. The fashion industry is depraved, it also glorify murder, drugs, violence, death, p**n through these photoshoots/campaigns/films etc. – Negative energy, which ‘they’ feed off of.

Look up the definition of negative.

This particular piece of art and position was shown to be important to the occult elite. Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer placed one of his headless victims in that specific position…..Tony Podesta loves it too!

I’m surprised it didn’t just win a Golden Globe…..I can’t wait for the big one to sink Hollywood under the waves.

Ok umm..anybody that likes this completely psychotic and totally disgusting stuff needs serious help..yes they are trying to make it look normal and it is completely repulsive.. This is not normal this is Satan..Really people Hell is going to be ten times worse and people are so freakin slow if they think it’s gonna be a playground..Waiting patiently for my redemption..Jesus Christ second coming..

They normalize evil in society by first, introduction of the concept they want to become accepted. Then repeated visual images of the concept in various multimedias. At first there is resistance to the concept. But repeated visual images of the concept eventually create tolerance. Unfortunately, quickly after tolerance comes acceptance in society. Especially when it seems glamorous. And now the evil becomes the new normal.

In the eyeball eating scene the wallpaper pattern is made of swastikas.

My good god, what is this world we are living in ? That sent shudders down my spine, and to know its really happening and not just movie, spot on vigilent citizen. Here is to love, the only way to banish the darkness ♡

Banish darkness? You know what the sun would do to you if it shined 24/7 ? Smarten up please. This is unbalanced.

Why do you deliberately confuse readers with answering out of context? It is clear you know you are using a different meaning of the word darkness, so please enlighten us, why?

I can assure you that the typical close minded comment you made is far from the enlightenment which you know nothing about. Please take your narrow minded, ugly little way of looking at things and shove them as far up your illuminati a*****e as you can handle it, then another couple of inchs for the truth seekers x with love x

Typical twat looking for a answer that your brain can comprehend, good luck with being a left brain freak x let love shine x

Oh and one more thing, i notice your attitude is alot like your breath, it stinks !!! Please for the sake of everyone you troll on here, use a tictac x go and stink somewhere else smelly x

There we go again, dropping brand-names – for free?

No, it was your mums idea, and she is cheap as hell having raised a sad little nobody like you. You are the branded one, on your hollow forehead i can clearly see the word T W A T, guess im gifted like that x grow with love x

“Here’s to love” huh? Wow, I’m kind of blown away. Every single thing you posted after that statement were ugly, ego-fueled retorts. Just an observation! Good first message though

@jc. I take it ”they do not know” how else to react. I like to trigger people into debate, but sometimes all it does is push the right buttons for someone to psychotically type away a lot of vitriol. But I don’t link Rebecca to christianity and it’s empathatic side, so to speak.
And you know, in some distorted way it even seems amusing to me, but I find that thought a little unsettling…

You seem to be unbalanced. You take everything out of context.

You need Jesus. Out here trolling believers in Christ with your twisted world view and opinions. Go troll some place else. What’s the point of visiting a truthful site such as this if all you do is comment your polluted and empty violent reasoning. Jesus loves you. Seek him while He can yet be found.

Are you the type that uses a sword to spread the good word? What does that tell us all about you yourself. A warrior for the benefit of all of mankind, they only have find your jesus? No, I do not believe you are what you pretend te be. I know christians that do fit the bill. Caring loving open people that believe in something I do not and who find that okay. Moslims too, I know fantastic people who have a faith I do not have or can accept as my own. You, you are what you accuse – a troll.

I once saw Naomi Judd, the country singer, on a daytime talk show, and she kept chanting something like “Judd, Judd, Judd, it’s in the blood” and rubbing her hands together evilly. She did it several times throughout the show. It was so creepy it even freaked out the interviewer. Learning later that her daughter Ashley alleged child abuse didn’t surprise me. It was like the wholesome facade of the country singer suddenly slipped and revealed Melisandre.

I’m really curious about this interview now.

have downloaded this movie some time ago. not knowing anything about it. after a few minutes i decidet to not watch this movie. your article showed me that this was a good decision. a very dark and satanic movie.

I thought you would mention the very blatant concealed/all-seeing eye of the model on the couch after she says she ate Jessie. There is a prolonged shot of her just sitting there with her hair covering her left eye while her right eye almost seems illuminated.

When are these sick basturds going to go on strike and give us all a refreshing breather from their slimey movies? Holyweird can take a permanent vacation for all I care!

Does the part where Jessie kisses her own reflection remind you of Madonna and Britney Spears initiating Christina Aguilera at the 2003 VMAs? Where they had that symbolic performance and ended it with a kiss.


Humanity is disgusting

Actually, ScumDonna initiated both Britney and Christina (Britney didn’t initiate Christina).

You don’t update often, but when you do, it’s always worth the wait. Thank you.

Anybody noticed the swastikas in the background when the one girl kills herself? Pretty creepy all this…

Well, it doesn’t paint a GOOD picture of the industry.. soooo maybe that’s a good thing. Get the wheels turning. Of course there are probably dumbasses out there who will emulate this crap.. bah. nvm.

I too don’t understand the accusations saying this movie paints in a good light the fashion industry. All throughout the movie we can see utterly vain and manipulative ppl, having no shame of raping, having sex w/dead bodies, killing, and so on…
I’m not naive to the point of saying this movie would be a behind-the-curtains’ wake-up call, but to be fair the behaviour of almost all the characters is highly questionable and speaks volume about the inside look of the fashion industry. The fact that barely everyone having watched this movie feels disgusted afterwards (esp after the final gory scene) tells a lot about this movie purpose.


I ended up watching it last night. It was disturbing (although, I admit I’ve seen worse.. I mean, they didn’t SHOW these girls eating her, but showed enough), but I was more put off by how much some of the scenes DRAGGED; to the point where I was saying aloud “OK, I get it, can we move on!” It seemed desperate to make an artistic statement. It reminded me of something out of a Twin Peaks episode, or one of Kubrick’s movies, but lacking heart. It just felt empty, which may have been the picture it is trying to paint of this industry. (I just can’t give it the kind of respect I would give David Lynch or any of Kubrick’s films in its delivery)

Why did you watch?

Why else? Curiosity, of course 🙂

Agree! It makes the industry look terrible and dehumanizing. It may very well be celebrating that, I’m not sure.

i had to fast forward some scenes… it was just awful and disgusting….. after visioning the ”movie” i felt dirty

I thought I was the only one who used to do it, glad to see I am not alone. I cant watch these ugly scenes, they haunt me later on.

Then don’t ever watch “a serbian film”.

That is not a film. It doesn’t deserve any respect or to even be called art or movie.
Maximum you can call it is a snuff gore video.
A video showing things that happen all the time in real life. Tragically.

Being Serbian and a bit ashamed, i support that suggestion.

Really creepy and scary stuff I feel sorry you had to sit and watch this trash! I dont think its a coinidence that the apt number was 214 when Dahmers apt number was 213! Sick sick sick jesus help us all

All these models and actresses are under mind-control techniques because that’s how the Luciferian show business control their high-level slaves. A good of example of this is Kim K. and Kanye West that both had a mental breakdown at the same time and if you see Kim after she returned to the spotlight she looks soulless like she is an empty shell also she has been acting so different.
Is amazing what you can learn about celebrities if you look closer.

All these famous models are high-level slaves like the Jenner sisters and especially her sister Kim Kardashian have you seen her after she re-appeared in the social media she looks soulless like she is empty on the inside also she is acting really different.
I believe is because Kanye and Kim had a mental breakdown at the same time and both were re-programmed. Really interesting when you actually start looking closely these “celebs”.

I haven’t seen them. I will check it out

Honestly MANY of the movies mentioned on this site I’ve never seen but I go watch them after I read your articles, they then become so interesting to me. My perspective of them I realize is different, had I watched them before I would have probably taken them at face value but now I watch with your views in mind and yea… pretty cool.

Highly disturbing . Who watches this stuff?

When i watched this it made me think about movies ive seen where witches like to use the blood of young women to stay young and how witches always come in three like the 3 women who killed jesse. One i can think of that had similar theme although not as gorey is Stardust. The creepy art is that i jst learnt you can actually reverse aging with blood transfusions from younger people

Reminds me of a book called ‘the people who eat darkness’, about the Brit Lucy Blackman who disappeared in Japan. Exactly the same mo as these sick f*****s

I read that book. SICK

Talk about Donald Marshall and the cloning centers!!!!!!

This is so nauseating and disgusting. If they do not repent they will all burn in hell.

That arch is a symbol for matter over mind. These death worshipping materialists are on their last leg.

UGH. yuck. nasty nasty nasty nasty nasty.

I thought you would mention the Swastika in the image where the model stabs herself.

VC you forgot to mention that a tiger intrude’s Jesse’s room. Tiger is a reference in a sex kitten programming

Yes, they did a lousy review of this, left out tons of stuff.

It is an indulgent, self-aggrandizing, promotional piece by the industry and for the industry.