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The Disturbing (and Deeply Irritating) Globalist Agendas in the James Bond Movie “No Time to Die”

The story of “No Time to Die” revolves around a DNA-targeting virus that’s oddly similar to monkeypox. Considering the fact that the movie was completed around 2019, the coincidence is rather unsettling. Is the movie another case of predictive programming? Also, what is wrong with James Bond?



Warning: Monumental spoilers ahead!

No Time to Die was one of the first movies to be released in theaters after COVID lockdowns. And, if moviegoers expected a fun escape from reality from this blockbuster movie, well, that’s not what they got. Instead, viewers got a sad, troubled, and depressed James Bond moping around for about three hours. In fact, a more appropriate title for the movie should have been A LOT of Time to Die. Because it takes about three hours for James Bond to finally give up and die. Because, yes, Bond actually dies in the movie. In a weird, cowardly way to boot.

So when the movie was (finally) over, my face was scrunched up in utter confusion. I can’t say that I’m a James Bond aficionado, but that movie did not feel like James Bond at all. Isn’t he all about guns, girls, and gadgets? With my face still scrunched up, I looked up some movie reviews to make sure I wasn’t crazy. This was the top review on Amazon.

One of the many lengthy reviews that expressed utter hatred towards that movie.

So what happened to James Bond? One word: Agendas. The cool, suave, confident, patriotic, and womanizing hero of the past does not fit today’s social climate. Sean Connery’s version of James Bond was a 20th-century version of propaganda. It was about promoting the MI6 and Great Britain as a whole through popular culture using a charismatic protagonist. And it worked.

However, we are in the 21st century. Globalism turned national pride into national shame and strong masculinity into toxic masculinity. The James Bond of the past is now “problematic” and modern James Bond has to comply with today’s cultural orthodoxy.

The result is No Time to Die – a bastard product of this joyless cultural climate. Nearly everything about this movie is infused with an agenda, from Bond’s entire “vibe” to the actual story which is based around viruses, DNA-enabled poisons, and the constant fear of being contaminated by something. In short, depressing, un-entertaining stuff.

Furthermore, watching this movie in 2022 is particularly mind-boggling. While the development of this movie reportedly began in 2017, its subject matter appears to be directly inspired by COVID and monkeypox epidemics. It’s almost as if they knew those things would happen.

Is No Time to Die another example of predictive programming? Here’s a look at the movie.

Symbolic Intro

Right from the opening credits, the viewers are treated with some dark, demoralizing stuff. As Billie Eilish sings the most depressing James Bond theme ever made, the visuals allude to the awfulness we are about to witness.

Britannia, the national personification of Britain, stands on guard.

Guess what happens to Britannia?

It literally falls, engulfed in sand. The globalist elite wants nations to fall in order to create a world government. James Bond’s gun is also sinking. The patheticness begins.

Then, we see symbolic representations of the main plot of the movie: A DNA-targeting virus that infects and kills people.

Guns shaped like DNA strands represent the weaponization of DNA technology.

Some creepy masked figures represent the masses. The strange vegetation growing in their bodies represents the virus spreading in their bloodstream. The head of one of these figures explodes, meaning that their DNA was targetted.

Right at this point, we’ve got enough information to know that this movie is going to be a downer. However, on the first watch, none of these symbols really make sense. Most viewers are still pumped about watching a new James Bond flick filled with adventure and cool gadgets.

So, in which exotic location will the movie transport us to? A lab in London that makes weaponized smallpox. Fun.

Secret Virus Lab

No Time to Die was made a few years before the monkeypox epidemic of 2022 which caused the WHO to declare a health emergency. Strangely enough, the movie is all about a weaponized monkeypox-like virus escaping a secret MI6 lab.

Scientists discuss the “weaponized smallpox” they’ve created.

One scientist says:

“You know the SLS weaponized smallpox I was using this morning? Have you seen it?”

Then another scientist discovers they’ve placed a “smallpox” sticker on his lunch. It was a funny practical joke about smallpox.

Mad at the joke, the scientist with the smallpox lunch says:

“One day, I will put Ebola in your tea. And then I will watch as your faces sweat blood … and I will be laughing.”

Watching this scene in 2022 is unsettling. It’s almost as if they were trying to plant these ideas in our minds.

Then a group of bad guys break into the lab and steal the weaponized virus. Its name: Heracles.

Heracles is the name of a divine hero from Greek mythology. While he is known to be the “protector of mankind”, he died in a symbolic way: Contact with poisoned blood. In the movie, Heracles kills people by poisoning their blood.

Using a laptop, scientists can program the virus to target specific DNAs.

At one point, the head of the MI6 explains how it works:

“They’re nanobots: Microscopic bio-robots that can enter your system by the slightest contact to your skin, programmed with DNA to target specific individuals. Heracles was designed to be the most efficient weapon in our arsenal. Passing through people harmlessly before reaching its intended target.”

However, since it was leaked from the lab and modified by rogue scientists, the virus can now target families, genetic traits, and entire ethnicities. Their conclusion:

“You infect enough people … and the people become the weapon.”

Later in the movie, some DNA-targeted people get infected with the virus. Their symptoms are strikingly similar to monkeypox.

The bad guys want to use Heracles to kill millions of people.

Weaponized viruses, DNA-targeting, and massive depopulation: Those are the ultimate fantasies of the occult elite. Appropriately enough, No Time to Die is littered with symbolic references to the occult elite.

Occult Elite

The name of the main villain in the movie is Lyutsifer Safin. His first name is a Russian transliteration of Lucifer. This specific name was chosen to make sure you understand that this is all about the occult elite.

Lyutsifer walks around with a broken mask which happens to create a subtle one-eye sign.

As you might know, the one-eye sign is the favorite symbol of the occult elite. In No Time to Die, the symbol is everywhere.

In one of the first scenes of the movie, a young Madeleine Swann is “watched over” by a creepy one-eye sign.

Ernst Stavro Blofeld, the main villain of the James Bond franchise, has turned into a disfigured one-eye sign.

Blofeld “attends” elite gatherings through a camera inside an eyeball.

Another bad guy has one bionic eye. It blows up when Bond kills him.

There’s also some dialogue about losing one eye.

All of these references to one eye are not coincidental. Throughout history, those in power plastered the world with their symbols. Right now, the occult elite rules entertainment so the one-eye sign is everywhere.

In fact, the entire narrative of No Time to Die is tainted with obsessions of the occult elite. One of them: The destruction of heroic men.

The Fall of James Bond

James Bond used to be a free, unattached, and adventurous spy who traveled to exotic locations and hooked up with alluring yet dangerous “Bond girls”. And, no matter what happened to him, he prevailed – unfazed and looking sharp.

Daniel Craig’s Bond is the exact opposite of what you just read. If old-school James Bond was unfazed, new James Bond is continually fazed. On a couple of occasions, he’s even disrespected and humiliated.

While in Jamaica, Bond is told by a new agent named Nomi that she’s 007 now. I guess James Bond is just a double zero now.

So the legendary 007 is not even 007 in his own movie. Then, we see him sitting in the passenger seat as Nomi drives him around. It’s all very symbolic. It’s all about subtle emasculation.

While in Cuba, Bond meets a CIA agent named Paloma who has all of the makings of a “Bond girl”. However, when Bond comes on to her, she rejects him with a slightly disgusted look, as if saying “Ew, don’t touch me you old perv”. Why was this cringe-inducing scene kept in this three-hour movie? Because it’s part of the “destroy James Bond” narrative.

Then, Bond discovers that he has a daughter with Madeleine Swann. She’s the daughter of Mr. White, a villain who is part of Spectre. As seen in my 2016 article about the movie Spectre, this organization represents the occult elite.

In other words, Bond finds himself in a relationship with the bad guys and the occult elite in general. He’s not free nor independent, he’s owned and attached to Spectre. Since Bond historically represents Great Britain, his relationship with Swann represents Britain being “married” to the globalist elite (that is why we see Britannia falling during the opening credits).

Then, Bond brings his entire family through a series of dangerous situations, and he’s miserable throughout the whole thing.

Bond is also miserable on a physical level.

Q injects Bond with “Smart Blood”.

James Bond gadgets used to be fun and cool. Now they’re injections that allow the MI6 to track his location while monitoring his vitals. That’s the opposite of fun and cool. And Bond hates it.

During his final mission, Bond discovers that he’s been infected with Heracles. Lyutsifer tells him that, if he gets close to Madeleine or his daughter, they will die. So Bond gets really depressed. Again.

This is James Bond’s face when he kills Lyutsifer, the final villain.

Just look at his face. Pure misery. After nearly three hours of watching this thing, I had the same exact face. And it’s not even over. Things manage to get worse.

With Bond’s approval, the MI6 launched missiles to destroy Lyutsifer’s island which was used to create the virus. However, instead of fleeing the island before the missiles explode, Bond just gives up and stays on the island. Then he dies, killed by missiles shot by his own country.

Some might say: “That’s so emotional! He couldn’t bare living without his family so he preferred to die. I’m in tears. 🙁 ”

Hold on just a second. First, he didn’t even know he had a daughter like two hours ago. And he spoke about 7 words to her throughout the movie. Maybe dying for her is not the most rational option right now.

Second, if he truly loved her, wouldn’t it be preferable for him to stay alive anyways? I mean, he could have communicated with his family using Facetime or something. Wouldn’t that situation be preferable to his daughter growing up knowing that her dad basically committed suicide?

Finally, it’s JAMES BOND. He has access to the latest technology available on Earth. If he remained alive for a bit, maybe a cure for Heracles could have been discovered. Then he could have lived happily ever after with his family.

But no. He had to die. Because the strong, fearless, and intelligent hero of the past does not belong in the 21st century. Modern heroes are depressed, injected with “smart blood”, infected with lab-created viruses, and killed by their own country. And that’s exactly what they want for you.

In Conclusion

You might have noticed that No Time to Die irritated me a bit. And I believe this was done on purpose. Globalist-controlled media takes pleasure in corrupting popular franchises by injecting them with its toxic agenda. They know that people hate this, but they do it anyways. If they created new franchises containing their agenda, nobody would watch them. So they ride on the popularity of existing franchises while “infecting” them with their poison, the same way Heracles infected James Bond.

From beginning to end, No Time to Die was bleak and joyless. Because they want our lives to be bleak and joyless. The narrative revolves around viruses, DNA-targeting, medical lab leaks, and other topics that are not fun and even anxiety-inducing.

This is not entertainment, this is social conditioning. Not even James freaking Bond can escape the elite’s weird weaponized viruses. What message does that send to us regular people?

In short, if someone asks you:

“Hey, wanna watch No Time to Die“.

Tell them:

“Sorry, No Time to Watch“.

Because life is too short for this crap.


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