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The Deeper Meaning of “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch”

“Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” is an interactive film that allows viewers to choose their own path. And some of them in the dark world of MK-ULTRA. Here’s a look at the deeper meaning of Bandersnatch.



The Deeper Meaning of "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch"

Warning: Enormous spoilers ahead!

Described as a “Netflix event”, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is an interactive film that allows viewers to “choose their own adventure”. On several occasion during the film, viewers are presented with two options and are given 10 seconds to decide. Upon selection, the option plays out and the narrative adapts accordingly. Consequently, the choices made by the viewers lead to different scenes, story paths and, ultimately, to different endings. However, once an ending is reached, the film loops the viewers back to unselected choices, making it easy to view the entire film and analyze it as a whole.

The viewers are making the decisions for Stefan Butler, a young computer whiz who is adapting a fantasy choose-your-own-adventure book into a video game. The film appears to be heavily inspired by this 1984 BBC documentary that follows the creation of a “mega-game” named Bandersnatch by the London software company Imagine before the holiday season. That game was never released.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch takes the context of this fascinating period of British tech history and adds a whole lot of creepiness to it.  And, considering the fact that this is a Black Mirror episode – a series about the potentially perverse effects of modern technology on humanity – things get very meta, very quickly. In fact, several levels of meta end up leaving most viewers’ minds looking like this.

The Deeper Meaning of "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch"

So many levels of meta.

As Stefan attempts to create an innovative game that allows multiple narrative paths, he’s also the protagonist of an innovative film that allows multiple narrative paths. As things progress, Stefan realizes that he is not in control of his own mind – the viewer is. This realization triggers a descent into madness as Stefan begins obsessing about a specific symbol (named the “White Bear”) and a demon named Pax.

In short, the viewer controls Stefan’s mind. In shorter, that’s mind control. Appropriately enough, the film is replete with symbolism relating to MK-ULTRA and trauma-based mind control. Furthermore, in some story paths, Stefan discovers that he’s was drugged, studied and monitored since birth.

While several news sources analyzed Bandersnatch, nearly all of them missed an obvious point: It is about trauma-based mind control. From the backstory of the protagonist to the MK-symbolism peppered throughout, Bandersnatch is an “adventure” in the mind of a slave. And it all starts with the title of the episode.


The Deeper Meaning of "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch"

Stefan’s video game is based on a book named Bandersnatch. The maze pattern at the bottom of the cover hints to MK programming. As things progress, Stefan’s game will end up reflecting his own struggle.

The book Bandersnatch and its author Jerome F. Davies are totally fictional. However, the origins of the name Bandersnatch leads us deep into mind-control lore.

Bandersnatch is the name of a fictional creature in Lewis Carroll’s 1872 novel Alice Through the Looking-Glass, the sequel to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

The Deeper Meaning of "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch"

Peter Newell’s illustration of the Bandersnatch (right) – a horned lion. We’ll later see that Stefan see lions everywhere in the film.

As discussed in many articles on this site, the story of Alice in Wonderland is an actual programming script used in trauma-based mind control. The same way Alice “goes through the looking glass” to Wonderland, MK slaves are told to dissociate, mentally leaving the real world to retreat to the internal world created by the programmer. For this reason, symbolism associated with Alice in Wonderland is constantly used in mass media to illustrate mind control. Obviously, Bandersnatch is no exception. The name itself is a direct reference to Alice in Wonderland. Furthermore, Stefan even ends up looking for a white rabbit by going through a mirror (more on this later).

Early MK-Related Clues

Before learning about the dark truth about Stefan, we see several clues relating to his mind control. However, it is only on second viewing that these scenes take on their full meaning.

The Deeper Meaning of "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch"

Stefan wakes up and takes a couple of pills. He’ll soon discover that he has been medicated his entire life.

The Deeper Meaning of "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch"

As Stefan goes to the kitchen to eat breakfast, his father suspiciously locks the door to his study. There are some dark secrets in there.

The Deeper Meaning of "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch"

Stefan’s father (and handler) intently puts out a cigarette in an ashtray. This gesture is seen on several occasions during the film and, every time, Stefan is bothered and disturbed by it. Is it a trigger signal? Stefan will later use this ashtray to kill his father.

As Stefan embarks in the creation of his video game for the software company Tuckersoft, he also takes interest in the dark story of the author of the book Bandersnatch.

The Deeper Meaning of "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch"

Stefan reads a biography of the author of Bandersnatch titled “The Lives of Jerome F. Davies”. The plural “lives” alludes to several MK personas.

The Deeper Meaning of "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch"

As Stefan flips through the pages, we briefly see a chapter titled “Mind Control Conspiracies”.

The Deeper Meaning of "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch"

Stefan learns that the author was obsessing over a symbol (called the “White Bear”). After killing and decapitating his wife, Davies drew the symbol using her blood. This is reminiscent to the gruesome murders committed by the followers of Charles Manson (an MK slave/handler) who drew words and symbols on the walls using the blood of their victims.

Soon enough, Stefan finds himself obsessing over the same symbols as Davies. And the White Bear is one of them.

White Bear Symbol

The Deeper Meaning of "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch"

While working on his video game, Stefan realizes that the White Bear symbol is all over his notes.

In Black Mirror, the White Bear symbol has several layers of meaning. As illustrated above, it represents the branching narratives in the video game Stefan is developing. On a wider scale, it represents free will – the ability to make decisions – and, in Stefan’s case – the lack thereof. For this reason, the symbol ends up representing a higher force that is in control of Stefan’s mind.

The Deeper Meaning of "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch"

Even Stefan’s house (and MK programming site) bears the glyph (white lines added for emphasis).

The White Bear symbol appeared in previous episodes of Black Mirror and, every time, it refers to a “force” controlling people. Indeed, the symbol has been used to refer to government conspiracy, high-tech monitoring, mind control, and dark spiritual forces. Does this symbol represent the occult elite?

As Stefan loses his mind, he starts seeing a lion-like demon named Pax.

Pax and PACS

While watching a documentary about the life of Jerome F. Davies (the author of the book Bandersnatch), Stefan learns about Pax.

“Davies became convinced he had no control over his own fate because his wife was spiking him with psychoactive drugs at the behest of a demon called Pax, a sort of lion figure he claimed he’s seen in a vision”.

As seen above, in Lewis Caroll’s Alice in Wonderland books, Bandersnatch is a horned lion. If one goes through the many story branches of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, lions start appearing in several significant places.

The Deeper Meaning of "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch"

Pax is a character in Stefan’s video game.

In one story branch, Colin – a “superstar” video game programmer at Tuckersoft – gives Stefan LSD to help him get out of his creative rut.

The Deeper Meaning of "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch"

The LSD blotter given by Colin has a lion on it. It will ultimately lead Stefan to actually encounter Pax. Important fact: LSD is heavily used in MK-ULTRA.

At the height of their acid trip, Colin explains the dark implications of the game Pac-Man.

“There are messages in every game. Like Pac-Man, do you know what PAC stands for? P-A-C. Program and Control. He’s program and control. The whole thing is a metaphor. He thinks he’s got free will but really, he’s trapped in a maze, in a system. All he can do is consume, he’s pursued by demons that are probably just in his own head. Even if he does escape by slipping out on one side of the maze, what happens? He comes right back on the other side”.

The Deeper Meaning of "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch"

A screenshot of 1982 game Pac-Man. Colin describes it as a metaphor for Stefan’s life as an MK slave.

Not unlike Pac-Man, Stefan has to constantly consume pills to keep going. And, as his madness grows, he is also followed by demons. Actual demons.

The Deeper Meaning of "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch"

While tripping, Colin convinces Stefan that, because there are several alternate realities, he could jump out the balcony and it wouldn’t matter. The viewer is then given the choice to have Stefan or Colin jump. If Colin is selected, he jumps out and kills himself.

The Deeper Meaning of "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch"

Earlier, Colin was showcasing his latest video game. The setting: A guy jumping off of a balcony. The video games in Bandersnatch foretell events to come.

After Colin’s death, Stefan leaves the apartment in a panic. However, he is stopped short by something quite scary.

The Deeper Meaning of "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch"

Stefan encounters a physical manifestation of Pax. This thing will reappear on several other occasions, especially when things do not go well for Stefan.

In Monarch mind control, slaves are actually assigned demons to enforce programming.

“Programming involves an organization system, established by horrendous trauma, for the alter personalities involving internal mental imagery, which is driven by demons, who provide the power. Undoing it requires an understanding of the mental processes involved, the imagery or blueprint used, and the spiritual dynamics.”
– Fritz Springmeier, The Formula to Create a Mind Control Slave

As stated above, programming involves a system established by “horrendous trauma”. If the viewers select the right options, the backstory of Stefan is revealed: He’s a product of trauma-based mind control.

Stefan Butler: MK Slave

When Stefan manages to go inside the mysterious locked room of his father, he discovers the dark truth about his life. The viewers also discover the meaning behind the symbols Stefan was obsessing about.

The Deeper Meaning of "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch"

Stefan discovers documents about P.A.C.S. – Program and Control Study. So Colin was right. Also, notice the heraldic lion on the document – another reference to Pax.

The Deeper Meaning of "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch"

Stefan finds a file about him bearing the White Bear symbol.

The Deeper Meaning of "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch"

Inside the file, Stefan realizes that he has been drugged, controlled, and monitored since birth.

The Deeper Meaning of "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch"

Stefan also finds a tape entitled “Trauma Inception” which documents the trauma he was forced to live through as part of his programming.

At this point, Bandersnatch ventures deep in the world of trauma-based mind control – also known as Monarch programming. The goal of this practice is to cause slaves to dissociate from reality as a coping mechanism to extreme trauma. Once dissociated, slaves become extremely suggestible and easy to reprogram.

The Deeper Meaning of "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch"

Stefan’s therapist (who ends up being part of the mind control system) tells him that he is starting to dissociate.

Towards the beginning of the film, Stefan’s therapist insists that he discusses the death of his mother at a young age – a traumatic event that deeply affected the rest of his life. Stefan claims that his mother died because of Rabbit – his favorite toy.

The Deeper Meaning of "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch"

Stefan’s mother died in a train wreck. She missed the train she usually takes because Stefan could not find Rabbit and would not leave the house without him, causing her to take the next train that would end up crashing.

So the “trauma inception” was caused by a white rabbit. In Alice in Wonderland, Alice is lured to the looking glass by a white rabbit.

The Deeper Meaning of "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch"

Stefan goes “through the looking glass” to relive the past and recover Rabbit. The theme of the White Rabbit leading towards dissociation is at the core of mind control symbolism and is constantly found in MK-themed mass media programs.

The White Rabbit is a programming figure for Alice In Wonderland Programming who will allow you to go to otherwise inaccessible places for adventure. He represents the master. The White Rabbit is an important figure to the slave.
– Ibid.

When Stefan watches the “Trauma Inception” tape, he discovers the truth about his mother’s death.

The Deeper Meaning of "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch"

Stefan’s father laces his food with drugs. In actual MK programming, drugs are used to increase suggestibility and to amplify trauma.

The Deeper Meaning of "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch"

His father forcibly removes Rabbit from Stefan. Tearing apart children from their beloved toys and pets is another trauma-inducing technique.

The Deeper Meaning of "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch"

Stefan is blindfolded and taken to his “room” which is actually a studio. His mother (an actress) is about to enter the room and announce that they need to leave to take the train.

With Stefan’s backstory, Bandersnatch covers some of the core principles of trauma-based mind control. The omnipresence of Pax and the White Bear indicate the pervasiveness of the programming that controls all aspects of his life.

This leads us to wonder: If Stefan is an MK slave and that he’s not in control of his fate, what does that makes us, the viewer? Answer: The handler. Indeed, as the story progresses, Stefan becomes aware of the fact that he is controlled by the choices made by the viewer and he attempts to resist them. But that doesn’t work.

At a critical moment in the film, the viewer is presented with two options: To kill Stefan’s father or to back off.

The Deeper Meaning of "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch"

Earlier in the film, Stefan’s video game presented the same exact two options: “Back Off” or “Kill Agent”. Also, the figure looks suspiciously like Stefan’s father. Once again, a video game foretells events to come.

Depending on the choices the viewer makes, one can end up viewing wildly different endings. In one ending, Stefan goes back in time, embarks with his mother on the train and dies with her. In another one, Stefan discovers that he’s in a Netflix series and things get weird and even more meta. However, in most endings, Stefan ends up either creating a badly rated game and/or in jail.

Is there a happy ending somewhere in there? Not really. It is all very depressing. However, there is a path that allows Stefan to complete his video game and to get a 5/5 rating. The path: Stefan has to kill his father and chop up his body. After completing this gruesome task, Stefan appears to be at peace with himself and manages to create the perfect game. However, shortly after that, he gets arrested and his game gets taken off the shelves.

The Deeper Meaning of "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch"

Stefan displays his father’s head in his room along with the White Bear symbol drawn in blood. The curse of Jerome F. Davies continues on.

Did Stefan get rid of his MK programmer? Or did he lose his mind and kill his own father? It’s your choice. Or is it?

In Conclusion

As highlighted in previous articles on this site, mass media has taken a specific direction in the past few years. Indeed, nowadays, most entertainment seems to be dark, sinister, depressing, and laden with fear and paranoia. Also, entertainment is increasingly replete with imagery and storylines relating to Monarch mind control -as if there was an attempt to normalize it. Netflix, the streaming service that is now at the forefront of popular culture, has been hard at work producing content that fits this agenda. In the past months, I’ve explored the MK symbolism of the Netflix series Stranger Things and the occult messages in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.  Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is yet another entry in this growing library of agenda-friendly content on Netflix.

However, contrarily to other series available out there, Bandersnatch ventures in the uncharted territory of interactive entertainment. Instead of simply viewing MK-related “entertainment”, the viewers actively take part in it. In fact, the viewers end up playing the role of the MK handler. And, like actual MK handlers, the viewers can order Stefan to kill himself or to kill others. One could argue that giving viewers this little power-trip over an MK slave makes the entire world of mind control seem less horrifying and even “entertaining”.

However, since we’re dealing with Black Mirror, we need to take another step back and see the meta going on here. As the viewers bask in the god-like feeling of deciding Stefan’s fate, they are also being carefully guided by the narrative. Furthermore, all the while, the viewers are monitored and analyzed by Netflix. Indeed, there are already several articles out explaining the data-mining of decisions made by viewers.

The Deeper Meaning of "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch"

An article headline about Netflix data collection.

In short, the true subject of the “Program and Control Study” is not Stefan … it’s you.

The Deeper Meaning of "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch"

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The Deeper Meaning of "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch"

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Another good reason to get rid of Netflix if you haven’t already.

casino girl

interesting …think about the name “NET” flicks..get caught in the net..let it haul you into the darkness


Apostle Peter did probably use nets back in the day though.

Rhonda Shaw

Eurora really dear/ Nets for fishing? Please try harder.

Time to unplug?

A couple of things come to mind reading about this. First, it seems like Hollywood is attempting to fetishize mk ultra, which anyone in their right mind would simply find as abhorent as nazis. Second, and I’m really glad the article mentions this, is that it practically begs to be a monitored social experiment on viewers’s choices/minds. Third, Hitchcock used voyeuristic points of view to play on and create guilty feelings in his audience. This seems to go way beyond that in actually making them responsible for the scenes. ie messing with viewer’s minds, while they do the same to characters. Interestingly Netflix recently updated their privacy policy, which as far as I could tell from the mind-numbing tome of legalese releases them from any actual responsibility toward it. Added to the fact that cookies are apparently passe according to threatmetrix, their partner, who is monitoring your internet habits to identify you from device to device, to protect them from hackers of course. Sure, they are profiling you, but it’s all for the protection of their business. (Cause nobody reads the news about how they profit from it) In the nineties there was a Pentagon paper about how they would… Read more »


It’s a blurring of moralistic lines that also causes confusion in both the conscious and subconscious brain.

D D d

When you watch so-called comedies, or some play, there is death or cruelty in the storyline / arch. I wondered as a child why on earth people want to be entertained by it, or use it in a sitcom. No, not always it is an agenda to enlighten viewers. Edward has a clue.
And it has to do with putting the audience in more than one state at once.

Me Myself

Energy/emotion extraction.

D D d

Leave that extraction-part as it has nothing to do with that mumbojumbo, please. Just that viewer’s brain itself does the work. It changes thoughts and behaviour longterm. Most forget they have a brain themselves, but it’s in their head for real. Learn how it works.
Normalisation is one reason, but here we have proof that digital television is used as data-collection and mind-bender. For real.


Well, they HAVE been influencing a lot of young adults into self harm, occult aggrandizing and suicides. OF COURSE they “absolve themselves” from the harmful effects of their programming. Just like there’s warnings on violent VG’s. I mean, war and violent themed games were once training material for secret service/special ops/etc. And suddenly in the late 90’s they became released to the public as “entertainment”. Then suddenly mentally unstable people got “triggered” into copycat killing scenarios. Exactly the social experiment they were hoping for. So the “entertainment” industry definitely knows what they’re doing, and they know enough legal spiel to get them out of trouble before the impending tragedies.


“It is all very depressing”. This is all you need to know. Popular culture is weaponised against us. Turn that s--t off and get a life.


Super creepy. I saw exactly one episode of Black Mirror (I couldn’t even finish it) turned it off and never watched it again. It gave me a very uneasy, oppressive feeling.


It is actually a n--i style social experiment, ingeneering which is realised on the masses across google, netflix, Samsung, apple and others withiut asking people even permission to make them target of experiment. It is nazism. Thè usa and Europe is beyond all limits of tolerance and decent. Somebody might stop that satanic invasion


Wow, really? It’s like the complete opposite y’all. That uncomfortable feeling is the point. It’s like little warnings for how we shouldn’t behave. Black mirror is basically a collection of modern fables showing us what not to do. Not a step by step examples how things are. Y’all people give me an uneasy oppressive feeling…with your lack of ability to recognize the subtext and instead just yell N--i. Like whoever you are, Somebody wake up and realize the satanic invasion started with the inception of the Christ figure. No Christ=no Satan. So whoever decided to force all that on us might be a better place to find where oppression is coming from. Duality, right. There is no good or bad side. It is one side, playing many games.


exactly what the so called awakened are preaching now. There is Good and Evil, they just want you to forget that. But if you want to fall in their trap, then you are welcome to do so, just remember you were warned.


Learn to see beyond Good and Evil and you’ll see the glory of Christ EVERYWHERE.

The awake, know that God is in EVERYTHING.


D D d

You can tell a child “Do not play on the street”, or
“Play on the sidewalk”.
Some psychological statistics seem to show that the second is savest. People tend to try dangerous things just to see what happens. (One of the reasons for that is distrust in fellow people?)


This. I love reading into all of this deeper level stuff, it really helps to make sense of the world. But for every person that has the symbolism because they are ‘handled’, there’s gonna be a few people that just work this stuff into their art as a reflection of our modern reality… Its not like every other person out there is a Pod Person

Critical thinker

This is the most important comment on this thread.


You’re an idiot big time!

Sadie Slays

I felt the same way when I gave the series a try. This is what the globalists have planned for us. They use propaganda like “Black Mirror” to normalize it.


Do they ? Or is this the mainstream media trying to do what you have all asked for on this site for years now and open the minds of the “herd” ?
Not sure you can have it both ways – either you want this sort of thing to be made mainstream so a light can be shone upon it and it can be stopped or you are happy for it to remain lurking in the background just below the perception most people.
So, if Black Mirror makes people uncomfortable that is great ! Isn’t that the first step to realizing this is wrong and something needs to be done ?


It really shows that you (not you personally, you as plural) haven’t watched this series. It’s not a propaganda actually, it’s more of warnings of how things would be if we don’t take some decisions to prevent it now. Isn’t it that people give technologies their power upon us? We all -with very very very few exceptions- use technology in our daily routines, we all use social media, we all watch tv, we all do this. It’s really stupid, in my opinion, to blame them for the bad effects but (pretend to) use it for the advances and conveniences. For example, when you get a smartphone, you know that you will be monitored from the very first second on your activities, quotes and the presentations you choose to show by using it. Why then blame it for that? You didn’t know it? If you don’t agree, don’t use one -and don’t argue that you can’t do otherwise, everybody does it so you have to, blah blah blah. Barry below stated greatly : “Not sure you can have it both ways […] So, if Black Mirror makes people uncomfortable that is great ! Isn’t that the first step to realizing this… Read more »


I agree with you, Iman. My friend forced me to watch two episodes of Black Mirror, at the end of the second one I was “no, this is it, never watching this disturbing show again” and so it was.

casino girl

creepy…the choice to kill the father,,the authority figure in family..destroy families..destroy our nation..very scary


I watched and interacted with this film when it came out and remember telling my wife that it was about mind kontrol. I basically made all the ‘wrong’ decisions and had to loop back to make the ‘correct’ ones like killing the father/handler, making Colin jump and not Stefan. I had an uneasy feeling being made to ‘kill’ anyone, even blatantly evil spirited people like the handler. It will be interesting to see how Black Mirror goes forward now that Netflix owns and produces it. The reason I say this is that I feel it has been more of a commentary/satire of our tech addicted society and a warning that we need to tread very carefully going forward. I feel, possibly incorrectly, that BM (first 2-3 seasons at least) has been more a net positive in terms of making people question their tech addiction than a negative. But we will see where it goes with Netflix calling the shots.


It made people realize how evil tech addiction/media can be… but still they kept being addicted. They deliberately choose to keep indulging in the dark side of media.
It has been said before: it all has to do with the concept of Free Will. What you decide to agree to.

Saucy Jack

I agree, the first three seasons were incredible. The second episode is one of the best dystopian satires I’ve ever seen.


This channel might be called satanflix, it is no netflix. It is turning the Young people, young customers into devils which see a human being as a toy to torture and humiliate. Why in the usa there is no movement or protest against that damned satanism growing up? And What about the Law that prohibits the propaganda of perversions violence and satanic ? It is called hays code, otherwise production code which is undersigned by the MPAA motion picture producers association of america in 1930, which prohibits propaganda of evil, manipulation of viewers, blasfemous content, violence, perversion, drugs, satanism, criminal behaviour, offending the patriotic symbols and sense of identity. So what about that hays code? Is it abolished? If Yes, when why and by who? Why the people in the usa per their own children be ripped and destroyed by that satanic hollywood and education system? This is the most horrible crime on earth, i Think. You cant sacrifice ur children on the altar of moloch, the deyil.


This reminds me of West World TV series, were people thought they had free will when actually every decision they were taking was to study their behavior.


Rad analysis!! Just started DARK on Netflix and surprise surprise.. looks agenda friendly as well


Who the hell is making all these things? Is there a way to find out the process behind ” agenda-themed ” art in the form of photo-shoots, music videos, movies, t.v. series, video games, company branding etc? Do the people working in these industries receive mysterious orders from unknown sources on what to make and then have to comply? Or do representatives of the ” occult elite ” actively engage the creation process from within the relevant setting; do they for instance, show up to photo-shoot and go “Okay, now put your hand on one eye or else…”. It’d be interesting if an investigation were carried out along those lines.

D D d

All you need to do is put on a sheepskin and say “Ï am a sheep”.
That’s all for most folk to believe you, as argueing or investigating has become Complot-theorist Nonsense in most part of our civilized world?
Oh, and for some you only have to declare you are Religious to have them sent thousands of [put here your country’s money-currency].


as has been stated by many observers, you just need a few people in key positions to take control of a whole system. most people will willingly go along with the flow.

D D d

Change agents. Or as some very youthfull next generation is called Influencers. Do not only check their newest jeans or make-up, please. Mind their language too. Intonations. Like symbols.

Sadie Slays

The entire process is controlled by the same sick cabal. From the CEO running the entertainment company, the director making the show, the cameraman filming it, the people on the screen…you don’t get the job unless you are in the cabal.

Rhonda Shaw

Think what happened to S. Cubrik? Eyes Wide squeal you die.

D D d

His few movies circled around dubious persons, industries and systems, subtly showing truth by fiction. And then he came too close to the centre and made it public.. Shame we never got to see his view on somone as Napoleon.

Only one

I don’t think that’s the case. I worked in the film industry for a decade and a half. Many of my coworkers mused about how much talent goes into making a lot of crap at times. After watching it all day a lot of us didn’t watch tv when we got home. Some bragged they didn’t even have a tv. I worked on a popular show where there was an ‘orgasmic’ murder every episode. After I read about what may have been a copycat attack in New York, I asked my boss to take me off the show and put me somewhere else. He just shrugged and said “We don’t get to choose the shows we work on. I can fill your spot but its less work for you.” I can honestly say that I don’t think there was a single cabal type person at those studios. Everyone was just happy to be working in the industry. Even directors who aren’t the big names. I would look more to the producers who choose what and what not to finance. And not even all of them are thinking about much more than how much t&a it takes to increase the return… Read more »

D D d

“And it is just a job – where a lot of the people working it are affraid to loose their share of the bonus, because they have to survive on it. Like real people.
And it is just a job – where a lot of vain people go look for, searching for validation of society, because they are hurt people with hidden issues. Like real people.
And it’s just a job – where a lot of the memo’s go via the backrooms. Like real politics.”


There is nothing confusing about the 10 Commandments. That is all I need to know when reading dark articles such as this one. Netflix clearly has an agenda to blur the lines between good and evil on behalf of Satan himself. Goodbye Netflix….Jesus is King.


Art of war / s.o.p. – divide and conquer –
If they need to get rid of d.a.d (the mk handler)
why not have the mk victim do it
2 birds – one stone


Very good article!!!


Great analysis!!


They are making these MK- ULTRA series and movies to brain wash society as a whole. They are making drugs look cool to influence people to take it. If you’re drugged and you watch this stuff you will become heavily paranoid and question your reality (even if your not drugged). Therefore, you become the slave, this “Entertainment” becomes a torture technique used for you to dissociate, and your handler is the Elite that openly produces these series and movies. That’s why all the mind control symbols are so blatant now, more than ever!


8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: 1 Peter 5:8


I’m curious – is there any movie or series, which shows motive, how you can break free from handlers and MK programming?
That would be very interesting, but very unlikely for elite.


There are books themed around this, one of the main characters of “The Historical Illuminatus Chronicles” trilogy by R.A. Wilson is a guy who works on breaking himself free from occult societies programming. It’s set in 18th century though.

Rhonda Shaw

Russ Dizdar works daily on people controled this way his site Shatter the Darkness his book “Black Awakening” must read! BTW he is a Christian.


Do an expose on Blindspot !! I just finished watching the latest season last night . I’ve been hooked on this program since it was released.Jane who experienced trauma as a child finally managed to break free from her mother (MK HANDLER) by killing her.
Everything vigilant said about trauma, Alice , a white rabbit soft toy etc is all there blatant. I definitely recommend it worth a watch .
Also her brother was a Slave & went through the same trauma she did but he died last season


Thank you for all replies 😀


VC, you should do an article on singer Billie Eilish. I watched one of her videos because they kept popping up on my recommended list on YouTube. She’s blatantly demonic/demon possessed but most of her fans are young and very ignorant of it. She has quite a following to be an upcoming artist.

D D d

Your ‘recommanded list’ is nothing but pushed promotion, advertising, fodder, or in one word distraction. You can try to ignore it. Or even block it out sometimes. Makes internetting so much easier on the eyes and mind. Be your own director.

Deb B.

The name Billie Eilish itself looks wrong. I couldn’t help but notice the “11” and twinning “illi” in the name. And it’s almost repeated in the last name?

Rhonda Shaw

“Black Awakening” by Russ Dizdar is an excellant resource on the elite and mind control and what’s in strore for humanity. I believe these movies are waking up the MK Secret Soldiers he speaks of.He is a Christian who battles this Mk mind priograming of others daily along with an ‘army’ of devoted brothers in the faith. (“May God bless them and keep them safe”)
Ultimatly we are in control of what we feed our mind. Watching these types of movies for ‘please/entertainment” is feeding your mind garbage. What goes in ultimatly produces who you are.


Great analysis! Thanks!



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