The Hidden Symbolism of “Stranger Things”


The immensely popular series Stranger Things puts in the forefront of popular culture the disturbing world of MKULTRA, mixed with a heavy those of fantasy and science fiction. Through its story and symbolism, the series tell a deeper truth about its subject matter, one that not many might believe or accept. We’ll look at the deeper meaning of Stranger Things.

Warning: Monumental spoilers ahead!

Praised for its gripping story and stellar acting, Stranger Things quickly became a monster hit. Starring a group of Dungeon & Dragons playing kids who bike around their neighborhood while communicating on their Realistic™ walkie-talkies, the series brought a heavy dose of eighties nostalgia with a rare authenticity. More importantly, Stranger Things also brought to the forefront of popular culture a subject that has been taboo for decades: The world of MKULTRA and its horrifying practices. (If you don’t know about MKULTRA, please read this article first).

Continuously opposing truth with fiction, the horror of reality with the bliss of fantasy, the ugliness of mankind with the innocence of children, Stranger Things has a strong dualistic undertone. This is epitomized by the fact that the adventure takes place on two separate realms, the “real world” and the “Upside Down,” a dark, evil version of reality. Although separate, these realms are connected through a gateway, one that nearly nobody knows about. The existence of this gateway is hidden from the public, yet affects it in several ways. Stranger Things is about how those who rule us are involved in “stranger things” than most can even fathom. Through its story, characters and symbolism, it reveals the darker side of the elite … some of it. Let’s take a deeper look at the story.

Between Reality and Fiction

The series begin with four friends, Mike, Will, Dustin and Lucas, playing Dungeons & Dragons. Mike, the dungeon master, sets up the premise of his friends’ quest. He also sets up the premise of the entire series.

“Something is coming. Something hungry for blood. A shadow grows on the wall behind you, swallowing you in darkness. It is almost here.”

Mike's Dungeon & Dragons quest lasts almost ten hours. The first season of Stranger Things lasts almost ten hours.
Mike’s Dungeon & Dragons campaign lasts almost ten hours. The first season of Stranger Things lasts almost ten hours.

While the boys are ultimately faced with the horrifying world of government mind control, their adventure is constantly compared to a Dungeons & Dragons quest. Will, the boy who gets abducted by the government, is the wizard of the party. The strength of wizards reside in their minds as they are capable of magic and other paranormal things such as teleportation and telekinesis. As we’ll see later, this is what Theta MKULTRA programming is about.

In this sense, the dark, disturbing aims of the occult elite is directly contrasted with the innocence and playfulness of children.

Will being stuck in the Upside Down with the monster is likened to the wizard stuck in the Vale of Shadows (represented by the reverse side of the game board) with the Demogorgon.
Will’s being abducted by the government is likened to the wizard stuck in the Vale of Shadows with the Demogorgon.

Essentially, the series’ creators are the dungeon masters taking the viewers on a 10-hour quest. But while D&D is about fantasy, the events happening in Stranger Things are based on some very strange things that actually happened.

Based on the Montauk Project

“Honey, we have to trust them. This is our government. They’re on our side.”

Considering happens in the series, the quote above, said by a clueless father, takes on a deeply ironic meaning. The story indeed describes a shadow government that exists no matter who is in office and that evolves entirely out of public view, partaking in programs, experiments and missions that are completely beyond public knowledge, while controlling the country’s entire resources and networks. In Stranger Things, the main organizations named are the CIA, the NSA and the Department of Energy.

The MK programming site and the gateway to the 'Upside Down' is located in a National Labratory of the U.S. Department of Energy.
The MK programming site and the gateway to the ‘Upside Down’ are located in a National Laboratory of the U.S. Department of Energy.

The actual U.S. Department of Energy is one of those gigantic organizations that are massively funded by the federal government (it received 24 billion dollars in 2014) and operates a massive infrastructure all over the country. Yet, very few people truly know what happens inside those laboratories.

The United States Department of Energy (DOE) is a Cabinet-level department of the United States Government concerned with the United States’ policies regarding energy and safety in handling nuclear material. Its responsibilities include the nation’s nuclear weapons program, nuclear reactor production for the United States Navy, energy conservation, energy-related research, radioactive waste disposal, and domestic energy production. It also directs research in genomics; the Human Genome Project originated in a DOE initiative. DOE sponsors more research in the physical sciences than any other U.S. federal agency, the majority of which is conducted through its system of National Laboratories.
– Wikipedia

Stranger Things takes place in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana, where a National Laboratory acts as a MKULTRA programming site.

It is interesting to note that the series’ original title was Montauk and that it was supposed to take place in Montauk, NY. For those who have done some research on CIA mind control, this name should ring a bell. Montauk is the site of Camp Hero, the military base where the infamous and widely speculated Montauk Project took place.

The events on Long Island have come to be known as The Montauk Project. This phrase refers to a series of top-secret experiments in mind control, time travel, psychotronics, and the creation of black holes. These experiments were based out of an old Air Force radar station, or more accurately, in a vast complex hidden in the earth beneath this radar station.

The military focused the efforts of the Montauk Project primarily on mind control experimentation. They gathered young males with psychic sensitivity, and in some cases, they supposedly even kidnapped these test subjects. These boys would sit in a specially developed chair aimed at enhancing their latent psychic abilities. This chair was being blasted with energy waves that allowed scientists to control their young subjects’ minds. Amazingly, it was discovered that the most adept of these young psychics were able to focus on objects so intensely that the objects would momentarily physically materialize. (…)

According to legend, the base actually lost its funding in the late 1960s because the radar technology was obsolete, but was open until 1983. The area is now a New York state park, but the buildings are intact and radar equipment remains standing. Also, from what I learned, what is really strange is that while the government gave the land to the state, it still owns the land beneath the base.

Apparently there are many levels beneath ground that were used for research and the base was really a cover-up. Some people say that is absolutely documented that there is a subterranean city beneath the base that is still being used today by secret branches of the military. People say that the radar equipment was built as a cover up so that the military could conduct experiments in time travel and mind control and this is what all the electronics equipment was for. The Montauk Air Force Station was said to have carried out numerous terrible experiments in cooperation with many research laboratories on Long Island. Apparently, this base was also in cooperation with Mitchell Air Force Base on Long Island.
– Weird US, Military Mayhem in Montauk, Long Island

The Camp Hero Base in Montauk, NY was most likely the inspiration behind the Hawkins National Laboratory.
Camp Hero Base in Montauk, NY.

The creators of Stranger Things were clearly inspired by the Montauk project “legend”. The creators however ultimately chose to base the series in a fictional town in Indiana. While the location is different, the same shadow government is behind the action in Stranger Things.

Inside the National Laboratory, phone calls made by citizens are monitored.
Inside the National Laboratory, phone calls made by citizens are monitored.
The government uses Hawkins Power and Light trucks to move around the community unnonticed, while they tap into phones and search houses.
The government uses Hawkins Power and Light trucks to move around the community unnoticed, while they tap into phones and search houses.
Although the MKULTRA program has been "exposed" decades ago, the general public is still unaware of its existence. While the project was supposedly killed in the 1970's, Stranger Things shows that mind control is still happening in government facilities in 1980s.
While the MKULTRA project was supposedly killed in the 1970s, it is still going strong in Stranger Things.

In Stranger Things, the shadow government takes all of the necessary steps to cover its tracks: It spies on citizens, kills those who know too much (making it look like suicide), fakes the death of abducted children, and hinders investigators searching for the truth.  In short, the shadow government operates above the law and supersedes all levels of government.

Jim Hopper, the chief of police of Dawkins, slowly uncovers the scheme of the federal government.

“I know you do experiments on kidnapped little kids whose parents’ brains you’ve turned to mush. And I know you went a little too far this time”.

Things definitely go too far. Not unlike what is claimed about the Montauk project, the experiments at the National Laboratory in Stranger Things lead to the opening of a gateway to a dark dimension and the spawning of a faceless monster. Tapping into the darkest forces on Earth never leads to good things.

The Upside Down and the Demogorgon

The intense and dangerous experiments at the National Laboratory engender the creation of a portal leading to the Upside Down – a dark, evil version of the real world. The kids compare it to the Vale of Shadows in Dungeons & Dragons.

“It is a place of decay and death. A place out of phase. A place of monsters. It is right next to you and you don’t even see it.”

The portal leading this other dimension is so powerful that it alters the magnetic field of the area around it, causing compasses to point away from true North. Symbolically, this represents how the occult elite’s dealings are indirectly affecting the entire population.

The actual world of MKULTRA taps into the metaphysical realm, the esoteric and the occult – and not for benevolent purposes. Constantly and intensely drawing power from dark forces ultimately unleashes byproducts, which have an effect on the unsuspecting masses. In short, people lose their “true North”.

In Stranger Things, the byproduct that emerges from the Upside Down is faceless monster – a creature the kids dub “Demogorgon”.

Demogorgon abudcts children and takes them to the Upside Down.
Demogorgon abducts children and takes them to the Upside Down.

Although this monster is pure science fiction fodder, it symbolically represents the beastly, monstrous side of the “scientific” experiments of the occult elite. Attracted by the blood of children, Demogorgon makes them disappear from the surface of the Earth and takes them to Upside Down, which represents the dark, evil, dissociated world of the occult elite. When describing Demogorgon, the characters of the series all say that “it has no face” (much like the real-world MK system has no face). The name given to this monster, Demogorgon, is significant. It refers to a powerful demonic force:

In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, Demogorgon is a powerful demon prince. He is known as the Prince of Demons, a self-proclaimed title he holds by virtue of his power and influence, which, in turn, is a title acknowledged by both mortals and his fellow demons.
– Wikipedia

The origins of the word Demogorgon itself refers to an evil entity mentioned by occult scholars.

Demogorgon is a name used to refer to a pagan deity or demon, associated with the underworld and envisaged as a powerful primordial being, whose very name had been taboo.
– Ibid.

In the series, Demogorgon represents the satanic elite that feeds on the blood of innocents, abducting children and using them to gain power.

At one point, Brenner, the MK handler, says a significant phrase:

“Six … six … six people have been taken this week.”

Although this appears random, Brenner does repeat the word “six” three times while referring to those who were abducted in Hawkins. It is a coded way of saying that the missing children are fed to the 666 system? One thing is for sure, Will Byers is one of them.

Trapped the Upside Down, Will Byers is progressively being taken over by a disgusting thing penetrating his body. Another child being destroyed by the MK system.
Trapped in the Upside Down, Will Byers is progressively being taken over by a disgusting thing penetrating his body. Another child being destroyed by the MK system.

Another victim of the system is Eleven, an MK slave who was abducted at birth.

More on Eleven in the second part of the article.

Part 2 of the article ——->

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The number 11 also represents the gateway (Boaz and Jachin) or the twin pillars (twin towers). It is not a coincidence that the girl named Eleven is the key to the gateway!

Eleven is also the highest number on the Kabbalistic tree of life or something. The number of illumination.

On point!

11 is also 12 – 1, and there were 12 tribes of Israel and 12 disciples of Jesus. Illuminati confirmed

It’s also the number of toilet rolls in a pack if you buy a 12 pack and throw one away.

Symbolising the rise of the One. Satan.

Or something.

Your ignorance is showing. You should cover it up! Try reading a book once in a while. If you want to make a comment about the occult then you should prepare yourself by studying and not relying on some half-@ssed joke.

It’s also 111-100

Or -11+20…you can do this with ANY number, this is why numerology is bullshit

Ok, that was very funny. But unfortunately I work at a secret USAF base and now we will be forced to come get you.

hahaha, very funny

11 is also the 10 commendments + 1 and figure out their will to always defy/ revolt against our Lord…

No…Just No!

yours was just as ridiculous cristineth.

Ignorance is not an excuse.

No it wasn’t.

In fulfillment of biblical prophecy, the mystery of lawlessness will lead to many worshiping the beast which I believe this demonic monster symbolized in this show… The beast is called Abaddon in the Hebrew tongue which means destroyer… This fallen being who is spiritual in nature will be unleashed from his imprisonment in the bottomless pit once the 5th trumpet is blown as Revelation chapter 9 points out… Why is this creature unleashed?… Because of the escalation of sinful practice… As portrayed within this show, the end of innocence with Steve fornicating with Nancy through manipulation, and deceit… Sexual immorality has been used as a tool throughout history to weaken the resolve of mankind against sin… When one’s mind is depraved, and consumed with lust, it only weakens the resolve of that individual… Which is why sex is propagated continually within media in its various forms… For the mystery of… Read more »


Your paragraphs are filled with half truths. I see you’re still stuck in the Christ grid. Many still are.

Very well written! I was waiting with great anticipation for someone to finally break this show down, I noticed so much symbolism. Also in the same room where the white rabbit picture was, there was also a picture of the Masonic owl in another shot.

Also worth noting is Eleven’s name (11). 11 is a representation of as above so below, and has various other occult meanings as well. There was a lot of as above so below imagery like when 11 was in the sensory deprivation tank and she was standing on the black reflective surface.

I saw the owl in the room, too, and it was right next to a fox. Numerologically speaking, FOX equates to 666. F is the sixth letter in the English alphabet, O is the 15th (1+5=6) and X is the 24th letter (2+4=6). And they played that Go Ask Alice song by Jefferson Airplane when Eleven was at the restaurant with Benny, right as he got killed.

Which, as a series that is supposedly touting 80’s nostalgia, I though was out of place as it’s a classic 60’s song. My first reaction was “are they just including this song because they think it’s cool?” Now I get it.

Eleven is also the Hanged Man in the tarot…. it depicts a person hanging “upside down” from their foot from a tree. Another hint at the dualistic nature of this girl Eleven. Part of the “real” world and part of the “Upside Down” world

No, 12 is for Hanged Man, 11 is for Strenght or Justice, in traditional tarot 11 is for Strenght. In fact Strenght means taming one’s inner beast.

Hanged man in Tarot can also represend a murder or a suicide (meaning Eleven was doomed).

I also think the giant communication system she created on the wall with christmas lights is just a very large ouija board, but with no option to say goodbye.

You mirrored my thoughts exactly… great synopsis, as always, VC! The popularity of this show is crazy, too… it’s like the Pokemon Go of Netflix! What a premise and all cloaked by first seeming to be just a lovefest homage to the 1980s. I like to think I was aware of everything going on in the show but I totally missed Steve oddly observing the butterfly, and your take on Nancy is very interesting. One minute she is being brave, independent and kicking butt and the next she is for no good reason back with Steve, being “new” Nancy. Also this maybe is reaching but I found the characters of Nancy and Mike’s parents somewhat interesting, maybe drawing a parallel to Steve/Nancy. He is an older, shady-seeming man (kinda normal/bland looking and seems ok on the surface but is maybe manipulative and a creep), also with money/status of some kind… Read more »

Interesting how the elite want us to know what they do, and put it in “entertainment.” This is right out of the programming. However, things that are attributed to mental programming causing psychic mental powers, are not innately developed powers, but demonic inspiration.

All of this stuff is done with satanic power, with demons imbuing people’s minds and bodies with seemingly supernatural power, which are nothing more than demons working through the poor people. satan loves to wreak violence, torture and kill, and when he can incorporate it in seeming mind control programs, it’s even better for him. Our government is in the hands of the elite, as are all governments through Rome, who are in the hands of the devil.

I disagree with your opinion of what you referred to as demonic supernatural powers. A person’s mind is only as dark as their soul. We all have intuitive capabilities,as well as limitless thought manifestation/abilities. Some of us are born with minds and abilities that most cannot or refuse to understand. Regardless the only issue of concern is to which purpose or intent does one choose. You might be astounded at how many go unnoticed day to day that are and act completely selfless, furthermore when the time comes you’ll be grateful for the enlightened on your side!

I agree.

Revelation of the method.

The elite didn’t make this show, you imbecile. Get a grip on reality.

The elite didn’t make this show? So you’re very well aware of who is and who isn’t involved with these people? Excuse my rhetoric, but you don’t seem like much of a brainstormer. Given the symbolism and elements behind this show, it’s obviously associated with the elite or their agenda, even if they didn’t create it themselves. Explain to me what reality is, since you seem to have a strong grasp of it.

that’s true

So much “in ur face” it hurts. And u gotta like their sense of (bad) humour: “MK ULTRA experiments stopped in the 70’s”. Yes, and pigs fly….

I pray for Elohim to pour out joy on everyone who reads this…

I have taken a step back from the darker side of life for the last year or so and I feel refreshed. Not losing focus on my mission, but instead gaining direction.

A worthy goal for all of us is to become more loving like Christ. It is difficult to do this when we are constantly feeding our brain with images that are disturbing. Psalm 101:3 says “I will set nothing wicked before my eyes.”

I encourage all who see this to know that Elohim is in control of that is seen and heard and that He desires for all of you to have oneness with Him in peace.

Have a great day! Love you guys!

Elohim means ‘gods’ as in plural

Lmao at elohim. The soothsaying is too much on this site. Its like occult lite or esoteric PC.

What if he said Allah? Truthfully, its the name Christ that is absurdly used.

Anyone else finds it weird that Mike is a boy but looks like a girl and Eleven is supposedly a girl but looks like a boy. Gender reversal? I watched this series because of this article. Just finished.

I absolutely noticed this. Good eye!!

I did, too. I had a really hard time believing Eleven was a girl. At first I thought they were pulling my leg, saying Eleven is a girl. Even with the wig on doesn’t look like a girl. And then there’s Mike, very easy to make him look like a girl.

What a lot of people tend to forget, this is about people doing horrible things to people. It is not about demons or gods, not about history, it is about a tool.
And they want you to get used to it being used in public.

“While subtly alluding to abuse, the series presents a rather whitewashed version of MKULTRA, one that is devoid of its more gruesome aspects. This might lead viewers to believe that MKULTRA is “not so bad” or worse, that it is all fiction.”

My thoughts exactly! I was shaking my head the whole time! They are telling us what they are doing/have done!

It’s not so much about MK Ultra as is it a direct reflection of what CERN is doing in Europe and opening those portals…

Last week John B Wells had a guest on his show that claimed that CERN itself was the key to the bottomless pit. He also had LA Marzuli on recently about that little mumified creature with wings. Which they say is taken by description from the bible straight out of the bottomless pit. I don’t know what to think. I’m not into organized religion at all. But it is certainly food for thought at least.

many child actors are victims of mind control in Hollywood, so it’s no coincidence that Wynona rider is a protagonist in this series because she was a famous child actress who showed symptoms of being a victim of this horrific system.

They probably use this in her programming.

it’s not like the ‘people’ who reveal all this are also victims of the same system. poor them. they are so helpful and willing to reveal so many atrocities while they endanger their own lives. heros the lot of them. what can you say! just be proud to read the pearls/gems/whatever of such a magnificent gang indeed.

Please do The Neon Demon … although it’s really flashy there is some crreeeeaaapp y s**t there.

and because it’s an “art film” by a “visionary director” it isn’t being seen like it should.

I wouldn’t call the KIDNAPPING of 17,000 children nothing,but you believe what you want……GOD will deal with the USA here shortly,and NO ONE is going to like it…….

Get out if you can. It’s already almost too late.

And go where, exactly? We live in a global NWO now

Don’t we all wish…lol…IF there is a god he is as flawed as we are, aren’t we made in his image and likeness? If he allows the hollocaust to his fave kids (the jews), no wonder the world is in the effing pitt! A father god playing favorites, he sounds more like an all powerful handler if you ask me. Geez, to think i was one of those brainwashed christians makes my skin crawl. What a lapse in judgement i had!

You must be new here. Let me probably not be the first to tell you that your opinions about Christians for the most part is probably informed by your experience of unthinking people who call themselves Christians but are really just meat puppets who have been given a Christian-flavored kool-aid to drink. I am sorry to inform you, but your flavor of kool-aid may now be different, but it is still kool-aid. If there isn’t a God, then why does it matter how many people are slaughtered mercilessly? Why do you care? Is it just your personal preference? If so, then your preference for non-violence and justice is no better than the preference of some for ultra-violence and injustice. So you are certainly left with a philosophical quandary. If there is no God, then there is no reason to complain about what God is or isn’t doing, and no reason… Read more »

There is no God, outside of you. Their is no God with a character or personality, only the primordial, infinite source of creation, and the God within you, which is a reflection of you. And just like that all encompassing source, you are the creator of your reality. Your mind manifests. After years of revelations, this divine knowledge is utterly obvious. Man needs to remember his origin and stop absorbing and adopting false doctrines and knowledge. God has no personality, but you do, and God is within you.

In many religions true north refers to the axis mundi, the central pillar that holds reality together. The Lakota holy man Black Elk talked about how the massacre at Wounded Knee broke the sacred hoop of his people by destroying the center, the axis Mundi. A wheel can’t hold without the axle.

I just love you so much VC! You are awesome!!! I will have to watch this series, but it’s amazing how many movies/TV shows now are dealing with this content (American Ultra anybody?) I think MKULTRA is more prevalent than we know…also, I never considered that disappeared children could have been taken by our own government for sinister experimentation! Creepy. Keep an eye on your kids guys!

11 reminds me of a kid from the tv show Dark Angel. That would be a good show to cover too!

Awesome. While the series was great, I almost instantley noticed all the symbolism from the “papa” to the crayon drawing on the wall. People who know, will KNOW! Those who dont will just watch with ease.

Maybe soon you can check out Young Thugs name change to “No, my name is Jefferey”
Theres a promo video of it that came out and its him being asked his name and denies it being Young Thug. Lyor Cohen is in control of that man I think. Im sure you’ll find stuff on it if you decide to research that.

Wow. Creepy and scary. I don’t like this stuff at all. Plus, its mind bending. People torturing unborn babies, etc. Why don’t these demons, sons of god and illuminati vermin go somewhere else. The obsession with and oppression of humans is curious. Jealousy?

Obviously brainwashing, and wetting everyone’s appetite for when the real supernatural arrives!

Finally!!! I have been waiting for this. Very well written! I never caught the parallelism between Eleven with her handler and Nancy with Steve. I think you bring up a good point about the moral compass, whether metaphysically caused or not, our society in the U.S. and all around the world seem to be going through a transition period when it comes to morals. The line between “right” and “wrong” seems very blurred, even for me sometimes. With gay marriage becoming legal and all of these shootings and gun-control speculations going on, plus various other factors, it is a very confusing time. Maybe there is some kind of force behind it..

You are so right about the line between right and wrong being blurred. To add to the issue surrounding homosexuality, there’s also efforts to paint bad guys as good guys. Just look at the latest mainstream film Suicide Squad. People are are saying the film is cool and the characters endearing, lovable especially with regards to the relationship between Harley Quins and Joker. And sometimes, I also feels the line between fiction and reality being blurred. Mercenaries, police state, black ops, patsies, puppets, it’s becoming more and more confusing, hard to know which to trust, what is truth and which is fiction and lies.

That’s so true about Suicide Squad. Joker’s relationship with Harley is an obvious handler. The VC article on that movie would practically write itself.

You’re basically correct. These days, things that are actually wrong have been gradually “accepted” as right or normal, and vise versa. You’re not the only one. There is a certain force behind the events that happened in our world, and it’s all interconnected to each other, leading to the ultimate goal by the powers that be: New World Order. The mainstream media (which are secretly controlled by the shadow government) tried to manipulate the public by making them think that mass shootings that recently occured were just committed by lone-wolf crazies, and had nothing to do with anything else. The truth behind those massacres is far more sinister. They’re the true masterminds. And they orchestrated everything for even more nefarious motives. The same thing with the celebrity deaths and immense wildfires. It’s a horrifying and upsetting world we all live in 🙁

It says in the bible that a sign of getting closer to the end is that people will accept wrong as right and say right is wrong

Yeah, really? So it means that humankind is wrong from the beginning. Slavery, barbaric militarism, hierarchy of masters, the abuse of woman and children… I guess that people are comming to the end just as they started to exist.

Aleister Crowley, renowned Satanist, coined the term, “Do what thou wilt”, in the early 1900s. It’s clear this satanic message got legs.

Actually, that’s a corruption of a quote from St. Augustine of Hippo. He said,

“Love God and do what you will.”

Meaning that if a person is living and walking in Love (that is, following Jesus Christ), his desires will be God’s desires. So if a person walks in Love, he or she is free to do as he or she wills, because they will want what God wants.

Makes sense that the dumb satanists would try to corrupt something so simple, wise, and lovely. All satan can do is pervert, he can’t create.

”Bizarrely” that is also a text, written above door on so called ”english churches.” (f.e.Amsterdam). Still in use, and you can rent the building for entertainment as well as for worshipping what you want..

What has a gay marriage have to do with right or wrong? It’s a bizznezz agreement disguised as a love arrangement, marked by the state and/or a church. Let’s focus on the behaviour manipulations or all children, instead of objecting to equal treatment.

Because Satan is upending anything that God set in motion. God made the rainbow and satan twisted it. God made marriage between man and a woman. Satan twisted it. ANYTHING in the bible that God created, Satan has twisted for evil.

That God in the bible IS Satan. If you need a ‘holy’ book like the Bible to find truth, where is that truth really coming from. You already have the truth inside you. F**k the Bible and f**k religion.

G, that only works if you believe in what you call Satan. I do not share you believes.
Au contraire, I could earlier ridicule a person for it. But I won’t because we have to share this world, and people like you have armies and guns – too.

Amazing article!

I’ve been hearing so much about this show and all I would read was that it’s so good and a great homage to 80’s horror movies or whatever….of course none of this was mentioned because the masses do not get it. I was going to watch it but really debating it now (I skimmed the post so no spoilers) since I’m trying not to watch really disturbing content anymore.

It’s all about the transgender kids. They even leave clues in the show, people are confused about Eleven’s gender. Eleven has a boy middle name, they like these ‘special’ names. Millie BOBBY Brown.

Every single actor here is TG. This is common in TV shows, movies, ads, celeb sections of newspapers, etc.

Does anyone remember the movie “Firestarter” with Drew Barrymore from 1984 (ironically)? It was all about MK Ultra and LSD experimentation. In that movie their powers were limited and bled from the nose each time they used them. She was also kidnapped by “The Shop” and had a handler. Very similar premise.

Huge! Stephen King novel. She had telepathic powers, but was liable to start fires when pushing too hard I think? Parents were told they were getting lsd? Ironically, Drew Barrymore is the 11 character, after playing bratty handler for ET, also adding the blonde wig and dress

It’s worth adding lead actress Winona Ryder’s childhood association with CIA puppet Timothy Leary (no attack on WR herself, who, like all kid actors, probably went through several psychological wringers) . WR’s parent’s essentially assigned their daughter with “avatar of a generation” status in the 90s, in some absurd interviews. Was LSD a tool of MK “innovators”? Of course it was.

Leary devised a personality test, “The Leary,” which is used by CIA to test prospective employees. Test them for what exactly? Testing to make sure that they hired psychopaths.

The entire TV show also relates to what Aleister Crowley calls “Crossing the Abyss”, with the Demorgogon beeing the same entity as “Choronzon”.

It tells the story of the adept magicians to find the “True Will”

‘Will’ is what the boys were trying to rescue as well, it was not just the name of their missing friend. On another note, “will” was also destroyed in the TV show S.H.I.E.L.D.

I should have read your analysis before posting. Great job!

Excellent article! I was waiting for this one.

Yeah, that black reflecting pool in the upside down was a sneaky way of displaying “as above, so below,” too. Each scene could be broken down to reveal so much symbolism. I love the show. The dudes who wrote and directed it, the Duffer Brothers, are twins who’ve done other strange projects, too.

“I love the show”

Something pretty creepy about Eleven you might have overlooked: In the drawing on her wall of her and ‘Papa’, the ‘Papa’ stick figure can be seen in the first episode as having a ‘third leg’.

OMG I just googled it and you are right…. sickening!!!!

Also I don’t think will got away completely,in the end it shows that he’s still being followed.I don’t think 11 is dead,I think she’s stuck in the underworld.

So I think the series was great and was at least brave enough to discuss MKUltra. Nor do I think they made it look “not so bad.” I think the fact that she escaped, looked terrified all the time and never wanted to return to that lab showed the mk ultra is terrible. we sympathize with her character. Also it’s clear that the government are the bad guys in the series.

This shows mostly government abuse. However, the 33rd degree masons donated a lot of money to fund MKULTRA.

i agree

The best place to hide is in plain sight. I want to know what they’re up to by letting so much of this out in the open…willfully. Stranger Things is a masterpiece that could’ve been done by Disney. Ultimately, I really think it’s the first open attempt to get D&D back in front of the kids. Pokémon Go’s test with Augmented reality has been revealed to me now. Remember, the agents took everything from Michael’s house, and they made sure to highlight the D&D game in the box of confiscated items. Pokémon Go got Pokémon exposed to the next generation, while getting the parents involved and “submitting” their own children to the program. The same will happen with D&D…be on the lookout for an AR version of D&D soon. Apparently the game was given back to the kids, and it seems they are being encouraged to keep playing. Those kids… Read more »

Military Army Brat United States
Project Tesla

Loved the show regardless lol

BTW has anyone seen the trailer for “The Arrival”? It will be released on 11/11.

Oh trust me I have seen it ! It’ s like the elite is telling us direct on the face. It’s very f****n creepy …. but the trailer shows that a war takes place’s just insane .

Honestly the show was good regardless of the symbolism if you can look past it. If people hate me for enjoying it. Shrug I’m not ignorant to this stuff lol

You can like songs and movies and enjoy it for entertainment value, as long as you maintain the truth and use it to educate those around you. I mean, this stuff is weird, but once people realize that they can see CIA experiments being played out in music videos, little seeds are planted. Those who are wise will seek the Truth and the fools will reject it. That’s what the Bible talks about when God separates the sheep from the goats. It’s happening en masse these days.

@Dixie. You wrote,” You can like songs and movies and enjoy it for entertainment value. ” From a few of your comments that I’ve read from you about Beyoncé’s video Lemonade and Beyoncé’s 2016 VMA’s performance. I got the impression that you were a Bible believing Christian and not a luke warm Christian(basically claiming to be a real born again Christian but participating and enjoying/liking things that non saved people do).From your quote above,it now seems as if I was mistaken. Bible believing Christians know we are NOT supposed to enjoy/like the evil secular things of this world.If you were NOT referring to gospel music and movies directed by real born again Christians when you wrote this,”You can like songs and movies and enjoy it for entertaiment value”,then I don’t agree with that quote from you and MORE IMPORTANLY neither does the God of the Bible.Hopefully when you read your… Read more »
jw2, on what do you base your opinion that Christians are not supposed to enjoy the “secular” things of this world? There is a big difference between not partaking of unclean or sinful things (like hatred and violence) and enjoying God’s creation, his creatures and human talents and abilities. Let’s take music as an example. If a Christian can’t enjoy secular music does that mean you don’t sing “Happy Birthday?” To me, a good guide is Philippians 4:8 “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.” There is ‘secular’ music that is uplifting and inspiring. There is “Christian” music that is not (especially when it isn’t very good!) There are “Christian” musicians who are living sinful lives and “secular” musicians who may not profess a faith but who… Read more »

My father was MK’ed in the 70s, but I still enjoyed the show. I know, I feel bad for actually liking it considering what they did to my dad.

This is the first time I have been to this website and was excited to see an esoteric look at Stranger Things? I am left a little dissappointed and suspicious of the author of this piece. There is a good amount of information in this article but not a single connection or mention of its references to Freemasonry. In the temple without windows where the sons of light worship everyday across the world there is a void on the northern wall of the temple. (Not a single connection to the north discussed in the show.) I am not going to go into the symbology of why no one sits on a throne in the northern part of the temple. The Worshipful Master of the Lodge sits on the eastern side of the temple, The morning star rises in the east over the Horus is Risen) the Horizon. Morning Star represenatative… Read more »
I agree with you. There was a lot the author exposed, but im realizing a common theme on these sites. Anytime the Illuminati is endlessly mentioned you have to find it suspicious that freemasonry is almost never mentioned. Which is really the Illuminati of today. If the world knew full and well about freemasonry and its overbearing influence on everything we see around us. Then they would know good and well that the same thought process present for example of ” those are the men that donate a lot of money to charities” or ” my friend who is a plumber is in that, hes not a bad guy!” Those types of responses wouldn’t exist. If people started to realize that the same organization that donates so much money usually donates to its own members organizations, or that the friend that is a plumber knows nothing about what the real… Read more »
Interesting… Part of the story line reminds me of Stephen King’s book Firestarter. This fictional book is about a child, who’s parents experienced MK Ultra type experiments while at college. As part of this, they were given LSD and had heightened ESP abilities as a result. They have a child who is extremely psychic and able to start fires with her mind. The Dad and daughter are then chased around by secret agents from the government. Interestingly, the later film of the book starred Drew Barrymore as the psychic child. Drew, in real life, was part of an acting dynasty. Well, her father was an established actor, anyway… She also had a troubled childhood with an early introduction to drugs & alcohol. Both factors could suggest that she might have been a candidate to have experienced some kind of MK Ultra herself…. A bit of a stretch maybe, but possible…… Read more »

Great connection. With you all the way. Drew also in ET, puts dress and blonde wig on “alien”, as I mentioned above. Made comeback in Wedding Singer via Adam Sandler, who certainly seems to have made that lifetime deal.

Is humanity in the “grooming” process?

Steve is wearing a sweater with deer on it, antlers emphasized – horns representing Baphomet/occult elite.

Also, are we really to believe Eleven is the only theta in the facility? I was waiting for the other programmed slaves to come after her. What happened to One-Ten?

I’ve never heard of this show, but the title had me intrigued – for indeed, Stranger Things have happened.

Hasnt anyone noticed that elevens drawing in her cell portrays “papa” with three legs? Clearly a sexual reference. Its often said that sexual abuse is a big part of mk ultra type projects.

What about gender fluid BS throughout the show?
Girls that look like boys and vice versa. They’re still pushing it with Millie Bobby Brown’s image.

Slingshot scene draws a parallel to David slaying what? Goliath. A giant, a Nephilim, offspring of the watchers. Book of Enoch. This scene was deliberate. DWave computer, CERN will break the code. They have the key to open the bottomless pit. The giants are coming to fulfill my wrath book of Isaiah – look it up. There is an antidote for all of this. If you have it, you will be given the power to trample on snakes scorpions or whatever else comes out of this pit. YESHUA – JESUS. Have they convinced you yet that he doesn’t exist? Be careful. Seek Him before it’s too late. Hid door is always open but He’s the Perfect guest. YOU MUST OPEN THE DOOR AND LET HIM IN! !!!!!!!!!

I found it interesting that Nancy enters the underworld through a tree. The kids of the MacMartin school case said there was an avocado tree on the entrance to the underground tunnel under the school they used to go to these p********a parties. That tree was subsequently found by the team put together by Ted Gunderson.

I believe this is a very good review done by VC and I especially like the link between Nancy and Eleven. I would like to offer what I believe to be a deeper incite to this show and all Hollywood/mainstream productions in general. To get a background on this info search Hollywood’s War on God. Take a look at the video snippets to see how he breaks down the message that is being portrayed to us. In particular for Stranger Things I would like to focus on the seen when Eleven is in the water tank/the black-water-world. Gnostic belief generally tends to meld all of the non Christian beliefs into one story making the God of the Bible out to be evil. When you see Eleven on standing in the water, consider this the Cosmic Ocean which was before Creation (at least of the earth). In a sense she would… Read more »

If you are interested in first hand accounts of Montauk, search for the Podcasts on Montauk project with Elena or Robert on the Discovering the Truth podcast with Daniel Duval.

Great script and acting. Glad the writers exposed this location that Springmeier and Wheeler identified as an MKULTRA programming site years ago. This location involved mind control for mostly boys (Montauk boys, possibly sexual abuse to create sex slaves) so it is interesting that “11” is a girl.The fact that she called her programmer “Papa” is reference to abused children at Nazi camps who called Mengele by that name. I cannot believe that our government used tax payer money to abuse American children and try to “travel in time.” This site was used in the 50’s and 60’s and on through the 80’s. In 1964, they probably used Walt Disney’s It’s a Small World at the NY World’s Fair for programming in addition to the Montauk base..I think many try to come up with excuses to keep employed at these bases whether they have merit or not.These psychic experiments and… Read more »