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How the Series “Utopia” Eerily Predicted 2020

The Amazon series “Utopia” involves a deadly pandemic, a suspicious vaccine, mind-controlled slaves, and a massive conspiracy. And it was all filmed before COVID-19. Is “Utopia” some sort of warning?



Warning: Massive spoilers ahead.

Watching Utopia in the midst of a pandemic is a surreal experience. That’s because the series was filmed in 2019, before the emergence of COVID-19. Despite this fact, Utopia is mind-bogglingly timely (or untimely according to some) in 2020 as its story revolves around a pandemic, a rush for a vaccine, and a massive conspiracy by a big pharma company.

The nefarious plans of the villains are however thwarted by a ragtag group of nerds who discovered that an underground graphic novel has been predicting the emergence of several viruses through enigmatic symbols. What’s mind-boggling about this story is that the series itself appears to have predicted the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, Utopia depicts a system of mind-controlled slaves carrying out murders and false flag events to advance the villain’s agenda, combined with a whole lot of mass media manipulation and cover-ups.

The series is so close to our reality in 2020 that one cannot help but think: Is Utopia some kind of warning?

The series is so eerily close to 2020 reality that each episode is preceded with a notice.

Amazon’s Utopia is based on a 2013 UK series of the same name. However, its new iteration was “updated” with a heavy dose of occult elite madness.

However, most mass media critics did not appreciate the plot of this series where “conspiracy theorists” are the heroes. Some even called the series “irresponsible”. Here are some Utopia reviews headlines:

A rather unapproving review from Polygon.

Another angry review from Slate.

Time magazine does not want you to watch the series either.

What’s the fuss all about? Here’s a look at the series.

Viruses Predicted Through Symbols

A scientist forced to create a deadly virus … while doing the one-eye sign. Pure occult elite madness.

The series revolves around enigmatic graphic novels titled Dystopia and Utopia which consist of highly symbolic images describing weaponized viruses and a massive MKULTRA system surrounding it. While some believe it is all fiction, “conspiracy theorists” (I don’t like that expression) believe that the books are actually predicting real-world events. One protagonist says:

“Dystopia appeared in 2014 and, if you’re smart, if you’re really really smart, you can study it and decipher all the real life epidemics it predicted.”

He adds:

“Why do we keep feeling like its the end of the f*cking world? Because someone is ending the f*cking world!”

After analyzing the books, one protagonist says:

“Someone is taking diseases, weaponizing them and loosing them upon us!”.

That sounds like something the occult elite would do. Appropriately enough, the symbolism found in the Dystopia is replete with occult elite symbolism.

On the cover of Utopia is a white rabbit holds a doll (representing an MK slave named Jessica Hyde – the main protagonist of the series) with one eye covered. The one-eye sign confirms that this is all occult elite madness.

In the series, Mr. Rabbit is the monicker used to describe the main villain (who turns out to be the CEO of a big pharma company). He forces a scientist (who is the father of Jessica Hyde) to create viruses to achieve his ultimate goal: Massive depopulation of the planet.

A page in Dystopia implies that the Zika virus was made in a laboratory and weaponized. The glasses of the scientist = One-eye sign.

One of the nerds deciphering Utopia is called Wilson Wilson. His father is a stereotypical conspiracy theorist and the subject of his research is rather interesting.

Apparently, all conspiracy theorists must feverishly stick a bunch of stuff on a wall and connect them with strings. Some articles on that wall are about China and a New World Order. China is mentioned several times in the series which is rather … prophetic.

If you look closely at the image above, you probably recognize some items covered by this site such as the Denver International Airport (read my article about it here). There are even pictures of the airport’s disturbing murals that appear to have taken a new meaning in 2020.

Wilson’s father put up a picture of this DIA mural which depicts a gas-masked militaristic figure next to a line of weeping mothers holding dead babies. This mural somewhat foreshadows the events of the series.

Mr. Rabbit aggressively pursues and kills anyone who is aware of his nefarious plans. Wilson Wilson is tracked down and tortured to divulge information about Utopia by … scooping one of his eyes out using a spoon.

After having his eye scooped out, Wilson wears a wide array of eyepatches, making his a walking, talking one-eye sign throughout the series.

Meanwhile, a pandemic hits the United States. Those who are sick are forced to quarantine in government-run facilities, prompting protests.

People protesting the mandatory quarantine, including a scientist named Michael Stearns (played by Rainn Wilson). This virologist was thoroughly manipulated by Mr. Rabbit to become the trustworthy face of his vaccine. Are real-life scientists being used by the elite to put a “scientific” face on nefarious plans?

The symptoms of the Stearns virus are rather similar to those of COVID-19.

As the gang of nerds search for clues, they end up meeting an employee of Homeland Security. She tells them the truth about the bizarre viruses that have been emerging in the past years:

“You know how much money there’s to be made in precision biological warfare? A weapon that can target people in complete deniability? Target people by race, ethnicity? Drop a virus on a communion wafer: Target by religion. Weave a virus into tampons: Target by gender. That’s what they were perfecting and that’s worth billions and billions to the highest bidder.”

She then adds:

“Mr. Rabbit made a deal with a group in China for a particularly vicious strain of pig flu (SARS)”.

The fact that the series places China at the center of this conspiracy – before the apparition of COVID-19 in China – is rather … prophetic.

In the midst of this scary pandemic, a pharmaceutical company emerges triumphant with a vaccine that cures the disease: Christie Labs.

Pharma Company Fronting an MKULTRA Operation

The entrance of Christie Labs features its leader welcoming people with the words “Protecting Your Future”.

Spoiler alert: This guy is Mr. Rabbit. Other spoiler alert: When they say “Protecting Your Future”, they mean depopulation. That is the ultimate goal of this organization. And it is willing to do any despicable deed to achieve its aims, including exploiting and killing children.

In fact, Mr. Rabbit runs a full-on MKULTRA operation that uses slaves as false flag patsies, lab rats, and even martyrs. Although the words “mind control” or “MKULTRA” are never used during the series, the intense symbolism and sadistic tactics of Monarch mind control are in full display in Utopia.

Mr. Rabbit buys children from poor countries who are delivered in crates.

A page in the graphic novel describes how Arby – a cold-hearted killer used by Mr. Rabbit – was “trained” during childhood. In MKULTRA terminology, he was subjected to Delta programming.

This image of Jessica Hyde alludes to abuse by evil rabbits (MK handlers).

The butterflies on that image of Jessica Hyde are references to Monarch programming.

The twins depicted above were used by Mr. Rabbit to advance his pandemic agenda. One of them was infected with the virus and was given a vaccine that doesn’t work. She was then replaced by her sister who was healthy, leading everyone to believe that the vaccine is the miracle cure everyone was waiting for.

Once she stopped being useful, Mr. Rabbit gave the sick girl a poisoned wafer with a QR code to end her life swiftly (satanic corruption of the Holy Communion). She was happy to take the wafer because she was brainwashed into thinking that being a martyr was her “purpose”.

The association between Utopia and mind control is emphasized by the series’ constant references to Alice in Wonderland which happens to be the most important programming script in MKULTRA. Of course, Mr. Rabbit himself is a reference to the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland who leads Alice through the looking glass to Wonderland (which is code for dissociation).

Appropriately enough, one of the protagonists in the series is called Alice.

Alice nearly always wears an outfit that is similar to the classic depictions of Alice in Wonderland.

If one is observant enough, one can spot white rabbits all over the place throughout the series – a creepy reminder that the actions of Mr. Rabbit (a representative of the occult elite) affect everyone.

White rabbits on the wall in Alice’s house.

In short, through symbolism, the series alludes to the direct mind control of slaves through MK programming and the mind control of the masses through media manipulation.

And boy do they manipulate. Throughout the series, Christie Labs invents fake stories played out by faked people (MK slaves playing roles) to push narratives.

The organization uses troll farms to flood social media with specific narratives. You better believe this is happening in real life. Every single day.

The End Game

In the final episode, the gang ends up face-to-face with Mr. Rabbit who confesses his true plan: Massive depopulation by embedding an omni-virus in the vaccine that makes people sterile.

After being kidnapped and delivered to the gang by his own disgruntled MK slave, Mr. Rabbit exposes his plan.

And they found a Chinese symbol on his body, proving that he was Mr. Rabbit. More COVID-19-China prophesy.

Here’s some of the dialogue:

“- You created a panic and now everybody’s begging for the vaccine.

– Yes, and we now have exactly what we want. Hundreds of millions of Americans lining up, offering us their arms and letting us give them our creation. (…) We intend to stop human reproduction for three generations. The busy, endless, global assembly line of babies will grind to a halt.”

Then, Mr. Rabbit engages in an impassioned speech about depopulation.

“A hundred years ago, the global population was 1.7 billion. In 2011, it reached 7 billion. People live too long, die less often, f*ck too much and sh*t out babies.

Global warming, mass exctinctions, food and water shortages: All these problems can be boiled down to one thing: Overpopulation.

At 1.7 billion, we can be as decadent, self-indulgent and sh*tty as we want. At ten billion, we have to live strategically. We have to live modestly. We have to live selflessly. And, as you know, we’re not that good at it.”

Christie goes on for several minutes about depopulation and he seems to be convincing Wilson Wilson, the walking one-eye sign.

Christie’s speech appears to be in line with the infamous Georgia Guidestones (read my article about it here). Its two first commandments are:

1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
2. Guide reproduction wisely – improving fitness and diversity.

Throughout the series, Mr. Rabbit asks everyone around him an enigmatic question:

“What did you do today to earn your place in this crowded world?”

While, at first, this question appears to be about doing something worthwhile in one’s life, we ultimately understand that there’s an entire philosophy behind this question: Mr. Rabbit believes that people should EARN their place in the world by fulfilling their “purpose”. His MK slaves are programmed to live only for this purpose. Those who have no purpose are expendable. And he wants this vision to be applied to society as a whole.

However, the gang stopped everything short. They infiltrated Christie Labs and destroyed their entire stock of vaccines that was ready to ship across America.

Vaccine destroyed. That is why critics did not approve of the series.

But it’s not over. Mr. Rabbit escaped and appears to have converted Wilson (gotta keep some suspense for the second season). However, from my experience, this type of series says what it has to say in the first season. The following seasons are mainly about filling hours of programming.

In Conclusion

Filmed before COVID-19, Utopia eerily prophesized a pandemic and the rush for a vaccine – events that would happen in real life only months after its filming. What’s even more mind-boggling is that the series is about a graphic novel that predicted a pandemic … the same way the series predicted a pandemic.

So one might ask: Is Utopia an act of rebellion against the elite? Not really. Although it appears to be warning viewers about the nefarious plans of the elite, Utopia also fully indulges in it. For instance, throughout the series, people keep getting killed in all kinds of gruesome ways, and these deaths are treated with a cold indifference that conveys the message that human life has no value. Also, there are unbearable scenes of torture. Other scenes depict dead children. One child even gets shot in the head. In the last episode, Christie’s plan to halt human reproduction for three generations is presented in a convincing way, with little rebuttal about the insanity of living in a childless society.

In short, this series is a reflection of the complete insanity of our era. The elite believes that it must divulge its nefarious plans to the public before they happen in order to avoid the wrath of karmic laws. And maybe Utopia is part of such effort. In other words, the rabbit hole goes deep.

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