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The Sinister Meaning of “Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared”



The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

“Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared” is a web series of six enigmatic videos that has grown into a “cult phenomenon”. Behind the weirdness, however, is a deeper message: It is about mass media brainwashing and MKULTRA.

Over the last few years, I’ve received quite a few e-mails regarding Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared, a web series involving puppets and a whole lot of creepiness. VC readers astutely identified symbols and messages in the videos that pointed towards a deeper and more disturbing meaning. Now that the final video has been published and the story is complete, I can wholeheartedly agree with these readers: Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared is not merely about random creepiness. It conceals a message about the effects of mass media on the world, how it shapes and molds people’s opinions, and how it preys deliberately on young, impressionable minds. Even more disturbing, it also depicts the manipulation of agents working in the media using actual MKULTRA brainwashing techniques until they are completely broken down. Pretty heavy stuff for a show about puppets.

The videos were created by British artists Becky Sloan and Joseph Pelling in 2011. Each episode is made to appear like a typical children’s television program, consisting of singing and talking puppets similar to those of Sesame Street, but eventually, the story takes a dark turn, usually involving gore. The first episode was reportedly created with little to no budget. After the video gained popularity, a second video was commissioned by Channel 4, a British television station (note that this station also sponsored Viktoria Modesta’s “Prototype”, a music video that is full of MK symbolism – read my article about it here). The series then took off, with each episode going deeper into the depths of Monarch Programming (if you don’t know what that is, please read this article first). More than simply satirizing children’s shows, Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared paints a bleak picture of mass media and society as a whole. Let’s look at the episodes.

Episode 1

The first episode begins with the three protagonists of the show, Red Guy, Yellow Guy, and Duck Guy, sitting around a kitchen table. A few items shown in this scene will reappear throughout the series, notably the date of June 19th and the checkerboard pattern.

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

It’s about to get creepy.

Then Sketchbook comes to life and explains to the friends how to “be creative”.

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

The notepad flashes the one-eye sign while teaching the puppets how to watch clouds creatively.

However, we quickly realize that there are strong contradictions in Sketchbook’s message.

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

When Yellow Guy paints a picture of a clown, Sketchbook tells him “Hold down friend you might need to slow it down”. Then black paint slowly starts drips down the painting.

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

When asked for his favorite color, Yellow Guy writes green. Sketchbook denies his answer stating that “Green is not a creative color”.

When Sketchbook says: “Listen to your heart, listen to the rain, listen to the voices inside your brain”, things start to get dark.

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

First, we see the camera showing the “behind the scenes” of the TV show, letting us know that the puppets are actually actors in a children’s TV show.

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

Then the puppets “get creative”, which means that they do a bunch of disturbing things and completely freak out.

This first episode, therefore, sets the stage for the rest of the series. It depicts three puppets being used somewhat unwillingly in a TV show that teaches unhealthy messages to children.

Episode 2

The second video is called TIME and features Tony the Talking Clock who teaches about the unstopping nature of time … and that everybody will be subjected to inevitable death and decay.

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

Tony the Talking Clock teaching about time. It is still June 19th.

Although Tony the Talking Clock sings about time continually advancing forward, time is apparently still in the world of the puppets. Throughout the series, it is clear that it is always the same day.

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

The clock points to a picture of the three friends. It is dated 19-06-55 (June 19, 1955), the “today” in each video.

The clock then takes the friends on a psychedelic journey through time from the past to the future.

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

Red Guy and Duck Guy are then seen with their brains connected to a giant computer topped by a giant eyeball. We are starting to understand that the puppets are under literal mind control. The pictures on the wall and the calendar imply that nothing is real in their minds.

It is during this episode that we first see Roy, Yellow Guy’s father. Every time we see him, an eerie music play in the background.

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

Yellow Guy’s father is the MK handler behind it all … and Yellow Guy will turn out to be the programmed slave.

In each episode, a “friendly” character pops out of nowhere to sing an educational song. But it always ends up showing its true face: Evil, sadistic and manipulative. In short, they are sent by the handler to program the puppets, who are then used to program TV viewers. Through hypnotic and subversive songs, the singing “friends” lure the puppets into a dissociative state where trauma awaits them.

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

The clock gets extremely angry when Duck Guy proposes an alternative definition of time. It also creepily watches on as time fast forwards and the puppets experience their own decay in real time.

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

The puppets witness how their body will decay with time. In the world of MK, they are being subjected to trauma.

We then realize that this entire ordeal was all part of the friends’ TV show.

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

Tony the Talking Clock is on TV. As with MK programming, it is becoming difficult to distinguish between reality and fiction.


In the two short videos HELP and HELP #2, the puppets are held captive by assailants requesting money. Although this was primarily a way to promote the Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared Kickstarter campaign, the videos continued to reinforce the concept of the puppets as victims of trauma.

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

Red Guy is forced to read a memo under threat of being hit on the head with a hammer by an ISIS-ish monster. The date is still June 19, 1955.

Episode 3

The third installment of the series revolves around the concept of love and gets deeper into the concept of mind control.

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

The video begins with a “Still Missing” sign featuring the three characters. They’ve been missing since June 19th … which is today.

As MK slaves, the puppets are literally “missing” from reality,  where time stands still (despite what Tony the Talking Clock was singing about).

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

Although they are “missing”, the three friends are enjoying a picnic outside.

The puppets are sitting, once again, on a dualistic checkerboard pattern surface. In occult symbolism, the checkerboard pattern is the ritualistic surface on which profound transformation occurs. In mind control, these occult properties are used during programming.

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

Several paintings by Kim Noble (a survivor of MKULTRA) prominently feature dualistic patterns. It is an integral part of mind control programming.

Then Yellow Guy sees something symbolic that indicates the beginning of programming.

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

A butterfly flies around Yellow Guy, who is fascinated by it.

As stated in multiple articles on this site, media that uses Monarch programming symbolism often indicates the beginning of a programming sequence with a butterfly that lures the slave into an alternate reality (such as in Pink’s Just Like Fire music video). In this case, the butterfly leads Yellow Guy to complete dissociation.

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

Yellow Guy literally goes “over the rainbow” (code for dissociation in Monarch mind control). The butterfly actually says “come on, just over the rainbow”.

In each video, the handler’s programming is represented by a cute character who leads the puppet to trauma. In the above image, Yellow Guy is literally in the clouds with strange characters and even a mushroom, which might imply that he is being drugged.

As usual, things turn dark and disturbing very quickly. Yellow Guy (who is not the sharpest tool in the shed) is tricked into believing that nobody will ever love him … unless he does what the butterfly says.

“This is your chance to start anew. And all we’re asking you to do is to is change your name, and clean your brain and forget about anything you ever knew.”

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

His brain is literally being washed.

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

Behind Yellow Guy are Red Guy, Sketchbook, Tony the Talking Clock and, more importantly, his own dad, the handler behind it all. They are all witnessing his programming.

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

Yellow Guy is also asked to worship Malcolm, the “King of Love” … and to feed him gravel.

Like the rest of the series, this episode comments on how media forces specific ideas upon the viewers. The same way Yellow Guy is asked to worship Malcolm and to feed him gravel in order to find love, the masses are asked to worship stupid things and spend money to feel happy and loved. On a deeper level, the episode also depicts the actual mind control programming of Yellow Guy, the star of the TV show for kids.

Episode 4

Episode 4 begins with the three friends playing a board game. Once again, there are several subtle details that confirm the presence of programming.

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

The friends are apparently inside Yellow Guy’s home – there is a picture of him and his father Roy (the handler) on the. Underneath the table, there’s a rug with an all-seeing eye in the center and four square “eyes” in each corner.

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

The same square “eyes” are found on their board game, combined with the all-important checkerboard pattern. They are still being programmed.

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

Behind Yellow Guy is the head of Malcolm the Love King illustrating that he has integrated this portion of his programming. Also, according to the milk carton, the three friends are still missing – even though they’re inside Yellow Guy’s house.

When a card from their game asks “What’s the biggest thing in the world”, the friends look at the globe. Studying the globe is indeed a great and wholesome way to learn about the real world. However, a slightly dumb computer interrupts their research.

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

The computer calls himself a “computerly guy” and keeps making grammatical errors.

Once again, we find here a comment about mass media. This TV show aimed at kids misleads them out of true information (learning from the globe) and lures them into learning pointless, big-brother-friendly information.

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

The computer starts asking all kinds of personal questions to the friends. This children’s TV show is attempting to normalize mass surveillance by presenting it to the viewers as something innocent and harmless.

When Red Guy tells the computer to “shut up” and taps on it, the friends are transported to the “digital world”. In MK terms, they are taken to dissociation. Once again, this symbolically represents them being programmed by their handlers.

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

In the digital world, the friends follow a checkerboard pattern floor, implying they are following the programming script as laid out by the handler. A bunch of googly eyes and a pyramid appear in the background: basic occult elite imagery.

The show is not about teaching children about computers anymore: It is a confusing ordeal where the computer acts as an agent of the MK handler.

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

The computer symbolically represents what MK handlers do to their slaves: Removing them from their core persona through trauma and dissociation.

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

When looking into a mirror, Yellow Guy does not see himself, but a digital, “programmed” version of himself: his alter-persona.

As they get deeper into the digital world, the puppets find themselves inside a hypnotic whirlwind of sounds and images. Red Guy, the most critical guy in the group, gets sick of it and attempts to break out from programming.

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

Red Guy finds himself in the “real world” (or a somewhat distorted version of it). He’s an actor in a children’s TV show that uses motion capture.

Red Guy is not supposed to be aware of this reality.  And his head literally explodes. MK slaves cannot break from programming and, if they do, they are often programmed to “auto-destroy”.


Episode 5

Duck Guy and Yellow Guy are sitting in a kitchen and feel like something is “missing”.

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

Duck Guy and Yellow Guy are too programmed to fully realize that Red Guy is gone. Notice Computer Guy on the fridge.

While looking around, the friends look at a picture on the fridge two separate times. The image is slightly different the second time around.

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

Upon second look, Red Guy is now outside the house, in the crosshairs of the window, and Duck Guy has Xs on his eyes. The image foretells something awful to come.

In this episode, food starts singing about healthy eating. As usual, they give terrible advice. During the song, a phone call interrupts everything.

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

The red phone represents the link between the fake world of mass media and the grim reality of MKULTRA.

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

When he picks up the phone, Duck Guy finds himself in a dark surgical room. Judging by the monitor, he is in two places at once.

Meanwhile, a giant lamb chop sings about healthy eating. The song is confusing and full of contradictions, reminiscent of the mind games used by MK handlers to confuse and hypnotize MK slaves. Duck Guy cannot take this anymore and attempts to run away. He cannot go far.

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

In a rather gruesome scene, Duck Guy’s innards are dug out of him.

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

We then see Yellow Guy eating cans full of Duck Guy. He’s eating his friend!

It is at this point that we understand that Yellow Guy is the main focus of the MK programming. The other two were expendable – and probably not fully programmable. In this episode, Yellow Guy was exposed to extreme trauma: He was forced to lose his friend … and then eat him. He is being completely broken down so he can be reprogrammed.

Episode 6

In the sixth and final episode, things reach a disturbing conclusion.

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

Yellow Guy in his bedroom, crying because his friends are gone. It is still June 19th.

At this point, we realize that the entire series basically took place in a single day. The first episode was during breakfast, then each episode progressed through the day until bedtime. But why did everything take place on June 19, 1955, specifically? Is there something significant about that particular day?

First, June 19, 1955, was Father’s Day, which gives things a sad tenor considering that the handler in the story is the boy’s father. Second, the year 1955 was during the post-war period, an expansive time for MKULTRA experimentation, as well as subliminal TV programming. In the present day, both of these fields have reached a very sophisticated and almost imperceptible level. (Fun fact: The final episode was released on June 19, 2016).

When Yellow Guy is finally ready to go to sleep, the lamp beside him comes to life and sings about dreams. Yellow Guy screams in horror because he knows that the song will inevitably turn into trauma. And he is right: He is back into his dissociative state.

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

Back in dissociation (represented by a cartoon world), we see Yellow Guy’s mind being a show. Who’s in the audience? His father, the handler.

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

While following the ever-presented checkerboard road, Yellow Guy sees a butterfly (Monarch programming), a mushroom (drugs), the mind control machine topped by a giant eye, and, of course, his dad, the handler.

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

Yellow Guy’s “dream” turns into a nightmare as he drowns in black liquid (similar to what was poured on his painting in the first episode). Simulated drowning is a classic torture method in MK programming.

Meanwhile, Red Guy is apparently trying to live a normal life in the “real world”.

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

Red Guy holds a boring job in a bland world where everybody looks like him.

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

After work, Red Guy goes out and everybody looks the same. Are the makers of the series saying that the real world is populated by a bunch of conformist clones?

Red Guy gets on stage to perform for the crowd.

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

He sings the song about creativity heard in the first episode. He even replicates the parts sung by his friends. (RIP Duck Guy).

This scene is rather sad. It is basically an MK slave trying to express himself. However, all he knows is what he was programmed to know. So his “creative outlet” is to sing something he was forced to learn. Ironically enough, that song was about “creativity”.

Everybody in the crowd hates the song … except for maybe one person.

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

Roy the handler is in the crowd.

Roy has apparently found Red Guy to bring him back to his programming. MK slaves cannot be left loose in the real world for long.

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

Red Guy finds himself back in MKULTRA world. Was he ever in the “real world”? Was it all a dream? Reality and fiction is extremely blurry for MK slaves.

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

Red Guy finds the console that unleashes the singing things that are used to program the friends. Notice that there’s a video reel and a musical keyboard, hinting that music and video are used to control MK slaves and, on a wider scale, the masses.

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

Roy the handler appears and attempts to reach Red Guy with an extremely long arm (the world of MK is very far reaching).

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

Red Guy unplugs the machine. Did he unplug himself from mind control? Did the masses unplug themselves from media control?

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

We then see the three friends sitting on a table, looking slightly different. They are in the colors mentioned in the first episode as their favorite color.

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

A page falls from the calendar. It is finally June 20th.

It’s a brand new day. Are these our friends? Are they free now? Not sure.

The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

Sketchbook comes to life again, signing its song. Programming continues on the every present checkerboard pattern.

It’s the same story on a different day. For the kids watching the TV show, it is just another day of TV programming.

In Conclusion

Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared is a strange and disturbing adventure that has lent itself to all kinds of theories and interpretations. However, it is difficult to miss the series’ scathing commentary on mass media that targets young children and brainwashes them into conforming to the elite’s will.

Through symbolism, the series also comments on the most direct and brutal form of brainwashing: Monarch mind control, also known as MKULTRA. Indeed, the series puts on display the entire world of MKULTRA, from its distinctive symbolism to the horrific techniques used to cause trauma and dissociation. We are shown these techniques being used on actors, hinting that the people we know and love in our mass media might also be brainwashed MK slaves.

So is Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared a warning against the evils of mind control or does it simply propagate more of elite’s sick culture to the masses? The answer depends on whether or not you’ve pulled the plug from the machine.

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The Sinister Meaning of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

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It´s becoming more and more obvious that Satan is indeed the ruler of this sick and insane world.

Who Cares?

If one were to make that assumption, then he or she would not have the sense to “combat” the elite, who can clearly undermine and bring down those who ACTUALLY know what is occurring. Believe what you will, but having that mindset can be just as bad as not knowing.


2 Corinthians 4:4


Honesty, Bible quotes prove nothing at all.


And your proof that quoting the Bible proves nothing?

the bag man, man

Well, qualifying it with their own take on what they’re quoting would certainly make them sound less like a parrot.


We, the people, are the real rulers of this planet. We are the Creators in this illusory reality. The devil, or according to the Gnostic’s, the demiurge and his Archon workers, do not possess the ability to create, they have no imagination and is why they hate humanity (because we can create) and use us to create an ugly world in their image. We have all the power my brothers and sisters, we are the ones that MUST, put a stop to this madness. We must continue to spread truth and help manifest the great awakening globally. The Awakening is certainly progressing, but humanity has to continue spreading the light of truth, and soon the archons and their human/hybrid minions will a distant memory.


Exactly, WE have the power to change things, not some invisible force people put their thought power into.

Saying that “Satan” is in charge is just the same as the elite making us believe there is a higher power controlling us when really WE are the minds that can get us out.

the bag man, man

The “bogey man” syndrome is one of their most effective methods of control. Bad guy after bad guy is presented to us so they can protect us from it. This is an internal drama of our own making however, and “they” are projections of our inner inability to accept everything is one. Ego, it is assumed, is full of itself, when it more than likely secretly hates itself for its fall from the all (or God) hence it’s overcompensating self promotion.

the bag man, man

Their job is to show us how to create our own reality by delivering the consequences of not. The devil makes work for idle minds as well as hands. The archons, when viewed without moral assumptions are catalysts.

Maybe you should be alarmed and do something?

“Their job is to show us how to create our own reality by delivering the consequences of not. The devil makes work for idle minds as well as hands. The archons, when viewed without moral assumptions are catalysts.”

I assume this ‘talk’ comes from the socalled interview with the socalled ‘Hidden Hand’ who claimed to be an Illuminati insider revealing their plans. I was amazed to see one conspiracy theorist after another nods their heads to what he said without any kind of discernment. You’re doing the exact same thing. It could perfectly well just be some fairy tale he sold everyone – yet, here you are, repeating what was said as if it was ‘fact’.

A Satanic organisation… and you just accept everything ‘he’ said (‘he’ could be anyone, I could have made up all that ‘highly credible’ bullsh1t he spit out in 5 mins). Whether you believe in the Biblical God or not, it’s alarming you can’t see you’re committing the exact same mistake Eve supposedly made when she was offered the Apple by Satan.


I agree. Don’t consent, don’t submit to NWO. We have God Almighty’s power. Think of it and use it. The Aryans and Satan dont have imagination. This is true. Without people they are nothing. Dont be used.

Maybe you should be alarmed and do something?

“The Aryans and Satan dont have imagination.”

More of the nonsense. What basis do you have for putting out such a statement of ‘fact’? Absolutely none, I’m sure.

That’s where the line is drawn between the discerning conspiracy theorist actually interested in truth and people just cooking up whatever reality they wish to believe in.

Have you met Satan and person and determined he has ‘no imagination’? Absolutely ridiculous.

Perhaps spend more time doing something constructive about these things than cooking up these crazy imaginary narratives. There are children being abused by pedophiles and probably all sorts of Monarch mind control abuse going on. NWO might decide to launch WW3 tomorrow yet here you are talking about Archons and Aryans and Unicorns and Elves as if it’s all some kind of entertainment for you.

Posting this kind of drivel is only going to scare people off who might just have logged onto the site and given these ‘wild’ theories a chance.

I hope people reading this will think about what these comment sections should rather look like. I don’t think this topic is the least bit funny and don’t have patience for wild speculation.

traditional catholic.

Ephesians 6:12

the bag man, man

It’s only the ruler if you give it permission to.


Right, and children sold into or kidnapped into the pedophile ring run by very elite pervs only give them permission to violate their bodies and minds. Good theory. But evil exists.


He runs everything but only because God lets him. If people don’t believe in God they no longer fear God, therefore they get to Heaven or Hell based purely on their own morality, not because they’re only behaving because they think they’ll be punished after. Personally, I like that idea. Of course, in reality it creates hell on Earth but give it 20 years and it’ll be copacetic.

the bag man, man

Youre right. Belief in a supreme being isn’t a pre requisite for being a good person. Sometimes it helps, but often it can make demons out of people who believe “God” is on their side… Welcome to down vote city neo.


Well, as the story goes (and it’s the same story around the world and throughout various cultures but the characters just have different names), the one who has dominion over the physical world is God’s favorite fallen angel, Lucifer. The human based mind control is but a cheap attempt to imitate and control as Lucifer controls this realm. In India the being with dominion is Kal and the Gnostics called it the Demiurge. Whatever it’s called, it’s creation is “maya” or illusion. The mindfuckers worship it and want to be it.


Being connected to a machine, being “harvested”, living in a completely fake, virtual reality, living under constant observation by “the all seeing evil eye” – sounds familiar? Same as for example in the movies “The Matrix”, “Vanilla Sky”, “The 13th floor”, “The Truman show” (=True-Man Show) or more recently “The Adjustment Bureau”. Good old Plato was writing about the same stuff in his “Allegory of the Cave”.

Hey – maybe someone wants to send a message?


There is also the image of the theatre in yellow guy’s mind. I believe that is a reference to the Cartisian Theatre which is a modern take on Plato’s Cave.

Bevin Chu

Also Dark City.


dark city is awesome

the bag man, man

Yeah, great movie. Had a lot of influence on the The Wachowski Brothers I think.


Don’t you mean the Wachowski sisters.
Another psyop to decipher.

the bag man, man

Just because you get your c--k removed doesn’t mean you are a chick, but yeah, I agree.


Yes, that’s true. Dark City presents a dream world, wherein a group of alien-like archons or angelic rulers/daemons known as the “Strangers” control a manufactured city by “tuning” it every night, meaning the city is re-created and it’s rat-like inhabitants are implanted with new memories. So we have the gnostic theme of demiurge(s) who have trapped a world in base darkness, where they lack their true godpowers.

A cop in the movie went mad. His madness turned out to be a form of intense paranoia linked to a realization that all their reality was an illusion, and that they were the experiment of gnostic daemons.


“A wise man, recognizing that the world is but an illusion, does not act as if it is real, so he escapes the suffering.”
(Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta, founder of Buddhism, 563-483 B.C.)

D D d

Maybe another wise man, did act like he did not know, and survived the tentacles of the ruling despot who wanted all thinking minds beheaded?

the bag man, man

Good point DDd, but when do we play dumb, and when do we speak up? This is the question? I think the former should be reserved for very specific circumstances.

D D d

What one does in the hidden one better does not talk about. Meeting good people takes more than the eyes or ears or mouth. Not all information has to be shared with everyone, that one I’ll give ‘them’..

the bag man, man



That sounds like the illuminati. Eat dirt!

the bag man, man

“Tuning” is an interesting term since it is referencing frequency. To pass the Archons it is said that certain words must be spoken. You could interpret this as literal speach, or, much like the logos/aum connection, you could view it as a raising of ones frequency (via spiritual refinement) to the extent that you no longer resonate with the realms the Archon’s govern. So when we are “tuned” by the system via polititians speach, “pop” music etc. Our frequency is being lowered. Thoughts on this?

Labrons ayro

Hey im the guy thats need help out of this situation spuck tee


The devil keeps score of every infraction you do. Like the spying the NSA does. There is no forgiveness or sweeping it under the carpet. When the s##t hits the fan, every dime you’ve borrowed and not repaid will be due. How do you get out of it? Ahh, the mark of the beast. Watch out because it is coming. NESARA.


Can’t wait for the article on Stranger Things. Please review it!

Pine Apple

Yes! They blatantly talk about mkultra


They got their info from Secret Sun. Or at least, he’s pretty sure they did.


What really disturbs me is just how few people people are bothered by this anymore. Remember when people actually that privacy was a good thing, and having your face and info all over the known “knowledge – sphere” was thought WAY too intrusive?


I’m very bothered by the non reaction to several things in the political conventions. The email dump that brought down the DNC chair should have triggered a deeper investigation and public outcry but most folks shrugged. And Trump bellowing Law and order! should have provoked the obvious question, For who? But people cheered.

the bag man, man

You’re lowering the level of debate. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results…chequerboard again, “democracy” devides to conquer.

kev allah

“You’re lowering the level of debate”

*slow clap*

Bravo. You are a real one.

the bag man, man

And not a single f--k was given that day.


There is an interesting Oxymoron here. These videos were done by a couple who started with very limited funding. As the level of MK Ultra revealed here is obviously quite deep, why would a couple of independent and financially limited individuals be putting out this propaganda, which would normally be funded by the monied elite?

Lucas T

One thing for sure is THEY KNOW pretty much about MK.
However it’s not your “typical awakening film” such as Matrix… it leaves you with a very frightening and upsetting feeling that somehow puts you in absolute inconformity and awkwardness. Personally, I got much stress from watching just the first of this series of videos.
If you wanna awaken people, movies like Matrix, The Hunger Games, Divergent, etc. won’t make any change. On the other hand, they will revolve around the subconscious desire of “mass rebellion” in each viewer and suffocate the thought, bringing them the chance to channel their anger through the temporary materialization of such desire.
In my opinion, if there’s any chance to raise people’s awareness is to make a direct impact by showing the MK-victim’s world of torture. You may perceive it as violent and unnecessary, but to me nowadays the only way out of this mess is toughening yourself up, and inviting others to do so.
Anyway, I can’t fully decide if this was the creation of two twisted minds or an attempt at agitating the few VCs out there. The fact that they -supposedly- were two independent producers leaves me thinking…


FYI: 19th of June is also the day we celebrate freedom from slavery. Make sense.


Juneteenth, good catch!


In mind warfare, simply being aware of the “tools” being used against you, dulls them considerably…
Sometimes they let this sort of message “slip”, to simultaneously give a false impression of potential weakness, & serve as an example of deniability. i.e.”we’re all nuts” (“conspiracy theorists”) a tangled web indeed…..

the bag man, man

Nice analysis Gordon.

the bag man, man

I think that’s the right approach Lucas. I’m personally erring on the side of the positive, but they certainly aren’t the kinds of videos you can sit back and enjoy a bowl of popcorn with like the movies you mentioned. The methods they are using are eerily similar to obvious mk media.


It is an awareness video but it is also art. The producers are from the UK, and June 19, 1955 signifies the day that independent TV channels came into existence and started using advertising, which became the number one way to brainwash the masses and sell them things, in their country. DHMIS is an awareness video for adults on how corporations are selling their own products and values through children’s shows, brainwashing the youth. Watch the Film Theorists video about it on youtube, it will shed some light on the matter.

the bag man, man

Good call Lucas. Although the rebellious aspect of the matrix at least doesn’t need to be taken literally. But you’re right, the level of deprogramming has to be directionally proportionate to the level of programming…so by its nature may have to be more uncomfortable.


The Matrix isn’t an awakening film, it gives people a totally false idea of what the matrix really is…

the bag man, man

Its a metaphor.


Good point lucas

D D d

Why? Maybe to give a signal, that they have been introduced. In the know, up for bigger tasks. Advertizing? Who knows, I don’t. Yet. Anyone took the time to cv the makers?

Someone Mierdy

D D d, did you play “The beginners guide” ?

D D d

Are you mad?
Sorry, uhm, no.

kev allah

That’s exactly why they do it. That’s why everyone does it. Shine their light like a beacon. Isn’t that how some put it?


I believe they are channelling this crap, consciously or not. It’s been done often in the past E.g Rolling Stones channelling occult song lyrics

the bag man, man

[in-spahyuh rd]
aroused, animated, or imbued with the spirit to do something, by or as if by supernatural or divine influence:


I think in hollywood actors , in children disney , singers …
They are terribly manipulated to push the agenda for the masses. So sad!
I don’t speak English, but wanted to comment , sorry .

Bevin Chu

“So is Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared a warning against the evils of mind control or does it simply propagate more of elite’s sick culture to the masses? The answer depends on whether or not you’ve pulled the plug from the machine.”

This is dead on. This is a critical point that VC makes, but many readers of VC seem to miss.

Not everything that is about Illuminati mind control, is Illuminati mind control.

Some things that are about Illuminati mind control, are exposes of Illuminati mind control. They are warnings about Illuminati mind control.

Illuminati control of the MSM is not yet absolute. And even if it were, as long as one has already taken the red pill, further attempts at Illuminati mind control merely provide one with more evidence of how heavy handed Illuminati mind control is.

The bottom line is, that once one has been unplugged from the Matrix, one can observe Illuminati mind control with detachment and without fear of being manipulated like a puppet on a string.

Sherri Goodwin

I think I have been aware of this programming for a while now, but as I was reading this whole thing, I had a deep feeling of nausea and fear for humanity in general. I recognized all of the signs of MK Ultra programming as I looked at each image, but it still made me feel fearful. I chose to be part of the traditional world in choosing a professional job, clocking in and out, buying the house, the dog, the kids… but my mind is free. And I am aware that I have given in to this kind of life. But… watching this also made me feel fearful…very fearful. I try not to give into fear mongering… I don’t think that was the point of this… but, it still made me feel sick and scared.

the bag man, man

You are unplugged in your mind Sheri, that is clear, but with respect, the next step is freeing yourself from dependency in other ways. The fear you experience may come from the knowledge that your lifestyle is the kind that benefits the system, and I speak from personal experience. Best of luck (sincerely).


Makes one wonder how such ‘shows’ become a ‘phenomenon’ in the first place. Terribly sad.


It does not have a sinister objective. It is a movie to bring awareness about corporations hands in shows focused to the youth.


Collectively, we need to know more about the makers of this material. Sometimes subversive material has a point – “Tim & Eric” on US TV, for example, seems to depict the stupidity, empty salesmanship and the dulling side of infotainment using dissonance and horror. More corporate entertainments (this series may qualify, though I haven’t seen it) remove the satire and disgust and just keep the perversion, double entendres and sick symbolism. There is no examination or analysis, as would occur in more creative, seditious hands; the audience is left with dislocation and “bad feelings” – but no insight of any kind.

the bag man, man

Some say our brains are trancievers. I.E. recievers and transmitters of information. The source of said information if that were true, could lay in a non local field, not being transfered via physical nor oral methods.

D D d

If thinking is an electrical event transforming the setting of a brain, why should it not leak from out of the skull/mind/body, visible, feelalbe, noticable for other people or contraptions?

the bag man, man

Good point


There are lots of things we can’t see. UV light, etc.

D D d

Weird huh, as of today I have 7plus and you have minus 3. Any explenation?

the bag man, man

Yup, I piss people off, so they pretty much down vote everything I say. Kind of didsapointed im only on -3 tho… I generally aim for a -10 average. Will try harder next time.

Running from the Grim Reaper

I feel sad for the kids of today. I am “over the hill” so I will not have to experience som much of the not so bright future lying ahead. Getting older have indeed it’s perks.

kev allah

Except reincarnation is real. Which means you will return. Why do you think the PTB refute reincarnation? This is how they get us to think “doesn’t effect me…”

the bag man, man

Exactly, reincarnation was recognised by the early Christians (Gnostics). Death is illusiory because God (energy) cannot die, it merely changes form. The Death cult is a prison.

D D d

If there is a universe, who knows if reincarnation does not includes other dimensions or paralel worlds, and we one this earth shall never have knowledge of it?

the bag man, man

Our journey is compete beyond linear time. Infinite possibilities known, every potentiality experienced.


They werent Christians then and in fact their teachings were pointed out as erroneous by Many Christian Scholars of that time.
So addreSs them as they are Gnostics and not as christians.
Clearly if you have studied the bible as deeply as the “Awakened” Dogma spreading its wings again like so many times over the ages, you would know that
1) The Awakened whatever cant make any Prophecy that becomes 100 percent Fulfilled like those in the Bible.
2) Hmmm you know what? You obviously have the intelligence but do you have the desire to search beyond your bias? Then i wont spoonfeed you

the bag man, man

They.weren’t.Christians. then. You’re right, I wasn’t there when the schism happened, so I should have mentioned the profane as well as the profound. Gnosticism however is an old word contemporarily applied to describe various beliefs….some did not associate themselves with Christianity, no, but generally the links are clear if you “search beyond your bias”.
I don’t agree with point number one because of point number two, since a hunger for truth will hopefully make you question ALL creeds, especially your own. That drive incidentally facilitates the recognition of others less inclined to do so, (even those who have the gall to suggest it in others while not applying it to themselves).

The Name That Was Bestowed Upon Me: 123-45-6789

You live within a system that is methodically “cared” for by a “small” elite with prodigious, yet hidden, eminence. And you think that you have perks?

Living in the system, whether it be adhering to it or revolting against it, will never be a plight that you can escape. That is, unless you die, physically (If you believe in “God”).

And it does not take an older person to know that death has no age limits.

Running from the Grim Reaper

I am a free soul and from your text I can see that you are a mental slave. Well Well….

the bag man, man

You are not free until you free yourself from time. In your eyes you are defeated, not only that, you are projecting your defeat onto future generations, playing right into the hands of the adversary (a subjective interpretation of reality) . Live in the Now as if you are emancipated and it will be so, the greatest lie out there is that you have no options, that death will ultimately win. Your attachment to your physical vehicle enforces this.

Running from the Grim Reaper

Your writings is the teaching of somebody else and are not your own conclusion. I am a free observer of this insane asylum from within. Don’t tell me what I am. I will never be defeated. Killed maybe, but not defeated. And I don’t “project” anything on the future generations. I talk to many of them and I observe a bigger portion of them and the odds are talking against them. That is not a “projection”, that is a objective observation. My dear, regurgitating of other teachings, friend.

the bag man, man

Tell yourself that if it makes you feel comfortable, why break the habit of a lifetime.

Running from the Grim Reaper

And you can continue to believe in the reincarnation myth implanted in your narrow mind by others. “if I don’t manage this time, my eternal soul will be born into an other vessel and I can try all over again, and again, and again, until I reach my delusional nirvana.” Your are funny, in a sad way.

the bag man, man

You have faith in God’s power in heaven but the same God is impotent on this planet? That my friend is a far more depressing standpoint than a fool like me believing in cause and effect.

Running from the Grim Reaper

Who said I had faith in God? And what have “cause and effect” to do with the believe in reincarnation? The link is just a imaginary one in your delusional mind.

the bag man, man

“Killed maybe, but not defeated”. So who’s defining defeat in that scenario? If there is no consciousness behind this material plane to gauge your actions/intent, and no continuum, then truly you are just your body, and if you are killed? Hate to break it to you, but your body has been defeated.
Reincarnation has everything to do with cause and effect, I was once an atheist, but changed my perspective due to observing the negativity I expressed returning…the same with positivity (karma). If there is a force refining my actions in this body, and presumably I won’t be “perfect” by the time this body is absorbed back into nature, then I personally feel its safe to assume my soul (you mentioned you have one too btw) wishes to continue its education. I’m on this site primarily to test my perspective by discussing these topics, I’m not naive enough to think I can change other people’s (nor would I wish to particularly). Lastly, you could say I cannot prove anything, but frankly neither can you. Props for testing me.

Running from the Grim Reaper

Against the states police and military might you and I are out-gunned. Right? They have the means to terminate life, yours and mine. They can end me physically, but they cant break my mind. What I find a bit irritating with you is that you try too force-feed your believes into others. I know I know very little about anything, and so do you. Your believes are not worth more then other peoples believes and you should be a little more humble about your “truths”.

Have a nice day and welcome back.

the bag man, man

Maybe you’re right. I may be on here to test my beliefs, but also to learn more on how to present them and not assume I know everything about other peoples. It’s happening I think, but the internet affords us the ability to be a lot more frank, hard to resist.

free your mind

My very thoughts exactly.


I’ve been saying for quite some time now that even though it sucks getting older, I’d rather get older than be a kid in this day and age. Also the reason why I’m glad I didn’t bring a child into this world.

the bag man, man

This s--t has always been going on in one way or another. The Internet age has created more awareness. Apocalypse translates as disclosure.

2016theyearthe spheredied

The complete co-opt of space and time by the elite has been the most fundamental, successful and and far-reaching of all mind control in my opinion. We are told what space is and how time needs to flow….but both are false. Regarding time: the gregorian calendar vs. lunar, the day light savings switch twice a year, wearing watches on our bodies to always be aware of our seconds and minutes so we are always ‘on time’. Regarding space: The whole spinning sphere hoax drilled into our heads from day one by the masonically controlled NASA. So much false info about space it’s a rabbit hole. The space in our minds is valuable and they know this. It’s the most valuable ‘real estate’ we have and what we choose to fill it with and build upon is our only true power, choice and freedom.


Can you recommend a good read to get more information on this?


Hey Mike. Not sure if it’s what you’re after, but have a look on youtube for vids regarding the Electric Universe (Theory).


So the options are actual scientists with published research or YouTube videos?

the bag man, man

You’d be more convinced by peer reviewed journals right?


Lol Yes, I would.

the bag man, man

James Corbet wrote an interesting article recently on the “crisis of science”, here’s part of it: The Center for Open Science led a team of 240 researchers who volunteered to try to reproduce the results of 100 psychological experiments. These experiments had all been published in three of the most prestigious psychology journals. The results, published last year in a paper on “Estimating the Reproducibility of Psychological Science,” were abysmal. Only 39 of the experimental results could be reproduced.

D D d

Since I know of James Randi, the name Stanford University is no longer a qualification, but prove of a farce diploma. Laughable really that in corporate land the name is still holy, but hey, we all know why, no? Mainstream has a problem with admitting shame, so they lie again to cover up. The brand is worth millions.

the bag man, man

Wouldn’t want to jeopardise their tenured position with a little insignificant thing such as integrity would they.


Agree. This ties in with the CERN/quantum effect

the bag man, man

The spherical earth “theory” had its roots in ancient Greece… Supporters of it were burned by the catholic church. I find it very hard to believe it is b.s. The resurgence of the flat earth position is interesting, not because of the weight of the argument (although I’m willing to listen since anything is possible) but because it is “a thing” right now.

D D d

”Question everything” has its downsides, it seems.

the bag man, man

Exactly. I look back at some of the stuff I was into earlier in my process of waking up and cringe…project Camelot, Alex Jones… Blah. Hindsight is more or less 2020 though.


The Paradise of the rich is made out of the hell of the poor. – Victor Hugo


May The Only Unique and Invisible God Protect us. Amen


Do you not believe in omnipresence? Or, do you find it necessary to bring satire into this? Maybe there is another reason?

Just a brief questionnaire so that I can get to know you.

the bag man, man

Omnipresence is the key, as is omniscience. Subjective reality is the demiurge as mentioned above, and the chequerboard…a representation of the split between the subjective (ego) and objective unified consciousness. Time is where we bind ourselves, whereas both time and the god that governs it (Satan) are both illusions of the ego. The all is eternally one.

the bag man, man

You are protected. You are Amen


When I read Malcolm, I think Moloch, the chief god of Babylon, also called Baal. Malcolm literally means disciple of Saint Columba, an Irish missionary. This is similar to Columbia, the poetic name of the United States after Christopher Columbus and the namesake of DC. Thus, one wonders if Malcolm could mean “disciple of government.”

kev allah

Moloch is the owl god. Baal is the bull god. Two different beings.


Yes, but they both loved human sacrifices, especially of the fiery kind.

the bag man, man

It was interesting that Malcolm himself was burned at the end. The burning man is another reference to time. Made me wonder if much like all the characters, Malcolm is an aspect of each and every one of us… and “Love” in this case is referencing an egoic attachment to the material (eating gravel). Him burning was maybe symbolising the destruction of ego in the fires of alchemical refinement. Or maybe it’s just a f----d up puppet show and that’s all it is.


And Columba means dove. Also animals are used in MKUltra programming, butterflies, birds, etc.
It all ties in together.


Milcom is the god of the Ammonites mentioned in 1 & 2 Kings, referred to as the abomination of the people of Ammon.


There is a great video on youtube by The Film Theorist. It is his theory on Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared, just as this is Vigilant Citizens. The Film Theorist has studied film, however, and breaks the plot down of the videos very well. According to his theory, Red Guy is the creator of the show, and Roy is the one who funds the show. Red Guy has a dream about a wholesome, educational children s show, but did not have the money. The point where he is on stage is Red Guy’s own original song, and not something learned by the industry, Roy sees him there and funds his project. However, just like all “funders”, he wants things done his way and soon corrupts the show to fit his own twisted, money scheming desires. The ending is a low budget show, with Roy cut out of the picture, and is not twisted to sell products or brainwash. The Film Theorist does not touch on MK Ultra, by name, but does mention brainwashing going on by Roy over the actors in the show. It is very insightful, and I suggest that anyone who has taken the time to read VC’s… Read more »


Glad I got around to watching all six episodes tonight. Very interesting interpretation! I’ve read/listened to a few others. Seems to have multiple meanings.

In the sixth episode, while holding the file, Red Guy sings the following, “I am a file and you put documents in me”. This file later made an appearance in Yellow Guy’s programming as one of the unseen teachers, singing the exact same song. Given his free access to the programming device, it seems he has become a handler himself.

the bag man, man

I think the red guy’s song was referencing his position as a compromised mind…plugged into “the system” the fact that he’s surrounded by others who look exactly like him in the same position convinces me further. And the Dad watching him perform? A symbol for the patriarchal society that is the handler of us all.


Did anyone else notice in the photo from Episode 1 where the characters are “behind the scenes” of the TV show that the “director” of the shot is a mickey mouse-styled logo?


yes and that clock hand in the picture above is a mickey mouse style hand…with glove


When you know, what that’s meaning, there is more scary than before.


I find that things appear to be more offsetting and unnerving when the meaning is well-immersed because something tends to “tick” me off.


In Rihanna’s Anti Diary videos was shown the same mind control programming. Rihanna is a high level slave for hollywood and she always lives in this fake world of Hollywood. Also at the end of the video, you can see Rihanna sleeping in her old room and it looks like a fake Tv show room. The same programming goes for all the singers in the Luciferian Show business!!

Opus the soup

And this was not targeted at young children. This was supposed to be targeted to thinking adults. And it made me think. My take is it is a parody on what is popular culture with symbolism in pop media.

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