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“Spectre” is About James Bond Being a Tool of the Occult Elite



"Spectre" is About James Bond Being a Tool of the Occult Elite

Spectre, the newest film in the James Bond franchise, is about a secret group taking control of world governments and imposing worldwide mass surveillance. Under the guise of a typical James Bond adventure, viewers get a solid dose of the occult elite’s predictive programming agenda.

Warning: Gargantuan spoilers ahead!

After appearing in more than 25 movies spanning half a century, the fictional secret agent James Bond is now the face of British intelligence and the suave personification of the MI6. Based on the series of novels written by Ian Fleming, who got most of his insights from his stint as a naval intelligence officer, Agent 007 exports the aims of Britain’s elite to the world. A perfect illustration of this occurred in 2012 when James Bond, played by Daniel Craig, appeared as Queen Elizabeth II’s escort in the opening ceremony video of the 2012 London Olympics. This simple yet powerful image encapsulates the entire raison d’être of James Bond in popular culture: He safeguards the elite’s interests.

"Spectre" is About James Bond Being a Tool of the Occult Elite

James Bond (played by Daniel Craig) escorts the Queen to the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony.

The same way parents sneak vegetables into their children’s spaghetti sauce, James Bond movies sneak pro-elite messages into a big bowl of sex, violence and shiny things. And with Spectre, the Agenda takes a definite “Illuminati” (i.e. occult elite) turn.

A Continuous Agenda

While James Bond used to be a defender of the British Empire and its interests around the world, recent 007 movies reflect an important change in world politics, which is especially true in Spectre. Loosely based on two separate Ian Fleming novels, Spectre is an original story crafted to push a specific worldview. And, as I’ve outlined countless times in past articles throughout this site, the modern Agenda is all about revealing how an occult elite is taking over the world and imposing a New World Order.

Spectre is a perfect example predictive programming: Exposing the masses to an “outlandish” concept so that when it really happens, the public’s sense of outrage is already dulled out. Of course, Spectre is far from the only movie pushing this message. The same exact premise is found in Kingsman – another British spy movie that came out in 2015 (read my article about it here).

In both movies, the “bad guys” are the global elite looking to control the world. Yet, in both movies, there are also clear signs that the British spies are strongly connected to them and that the only real losers are the masses, a “wild herd” with little to no say about what is happening. While in Kingsman, we witness massive depopulation using cellphones, Spectre is more symbolic (and upsetting). Indeed, the only time we see “regular” people in the movie is during the first scene and they are … dead.

"Spectre" is About James Bond Being a Tool of the Occult Elite

The first frame of the movie perfectly describes how the elite perceives the masses.

"Spectre" is About James Bond Being a Tool of the Occult Elite

We then see an action scene in Mexico, during celebrations for Dia de Los Muertos – the Day of the Dead. All “non-elite” people are dressed as skeletons and dancing in the streets.

After the opening scene, we don’t really see regular people in the movie – just the British government and “Spectre” struggling for power. However, as the movie subtly lets us know, they are two sides of the same coin.

Spectre = The Occult Elite

If 007 represents the British government and the MI6, then “Spectre”, the shady organization looking to control the world, represents the occult elite.

"Spectre" is About James Bond Being a Tool of the Occult Elite

The symbol of Spectre is an octopus – a symbol loved by the real world elite. Its many tentacles represent the many areas in which it meddles.

"Spectre" is About James Bond Being a Tool of the Occult Elite

When the US National Reconnaissance Organization launched its spy satellite NROL-39 (used for mass surveillance) into space, it released a mission patch featuring a giant octopus engulfing the Earth with the words “Nothing is beyond our reach”. Coincidentally enough, Spectre is about the same kind of surveillance.

"Spectre" is About James Bond Being a Tool of the Occult Elite

In the movie “Captain America: Winter Soldier”, the secret elite organization Hydra aims to control the world with the New World Order. Its symbol also features octopus-like tentacles. The proliferation of these symbols is how mass media programs the world.

Not unlike the real occult elite, Spectre gathers in secret meetings in palaces made by the elite, for the elite.

"Spectre" is About James Bond Being a Tool of the Occult Elite

The secret Spectre meeting takes place in Rome at midnight.

In occult and popular culture, midnight is also known as the “witching hour”. It is defined as the time of night when creatures such as witches, demons, and ghosts are thought to appear and to be at their most powerful … and black magic to be most effective. Appropriately enough, in the film, the meeting is the theater for a symbolic blood sacrifice.

"Spectre" is About James Bond Being a Tool of the Occult Elite

When one member of the meeting is deemed unnecessary, he gets killed one of the worst ways possible: A gigantic guy gouges his eyes out (eyes represent the elite) and breaks his neck in front a silent room full of people.

During that meeting, a German speaker outlines the “successes” of Spectre, which are perfectly in line with the real world elite’s “black” agenda. Not a lot of fiction going on there. One these “successes” is particularly creepy: The speaker talks about 160,000 migrated females who have been placed in the “leisure sector”. The “leisure sector” means prostitution. In subtle scenes like this one, the movie discloses the true, devastating agenda of the elite in this day and age. As I’ve mentioned in past articles, the migration crisis has been forced on the world for several reasons. One of the darkest reasons is to easily exploit millions of displaced people, who have minimal rights and few written records, in all kinds of nefarious human trafficking ventures. It has already started: News sources have reported that over 10,000 refugee children are already missing. How many of them will find themselves in the occult elite’s underground child abuse rings?

However, like the occult elite, the main goal of Spectre is to subvert all world governments in order to implement worldwide surveillance and implement nothing less than a New World Order. Indeed, in one scene, an agent tells Bond:

“In three days, there’s a security conference in Tokyo to decide the New World Order”.

Spectre has infiltrated the British government with its agents  (namely one guy that goes by the name of “C”) to get this New World Order going. In several scenes, C uses typical “Illuminati” phraseology such as:

“We’re going to bring British Intelligence out of the Dark Ages and into the light”.

“Illuminati” means “the enlightened”. Later, in his speech in Tokyo, C states:

“Do not let them tell you we need less surveillance. We need more. Much more. I say again, the Nine Eyes committee would have full access to the combined intelligence streams of all member states. More data, more analysis, less likelihood of terrorist attacks”.

During that meeting, the participating countries are subjected to a vote to get worldwide surveillance going.

"Spectre" is About James Bond Being a Tool of the Occult Elite

We then see that South Africa votes “No” to the New World Order.

Upon learning the outcome of that vote, C says yet another phrase that is very Illuminati:

“Only a matter of time before South Africa sees the light.”

"Spectre" is About James Bond Being a Tool of the Occult Elite

Shortly after that negative vote, the South African city of Cape Town is subject to a violent terrorist attack.

We see here a clear disclosure of how the real-world occult elite works: False flag terror attacks scare populations and nations into submission and into accepting drastic policy changes. All of the scenes above basically sum up what the elite has been up to in the past years: Paris attacks, new surveillance laws, and the migration crisis.

Since this is a spy movie, the occult elite is personified by one supervillain: Ernst Stavro Blofeld. His trademark characteristic tells everything you need to know about him.

"Spectre" is About James Bond Being a Tool of the Occult Elite

Later in the movie, Blofeld loses one eye, making him a walking, talking, one eye sign.

Blofeld also likes to say Illuminati mottos:

“A terrible event can lead to something wonderful. Out of horror, beauty”.

This quote is remarkably similar to the occult elite’s favorite motto: Ordo Ab Chao – Order out of chaos.

"Spectre" is About James Bond Being a Tool of the Occult Elite

A Masonic insignia featuring the motto Ordo Ab Chao.

By using false flag terror, Spectre is taking over the world. Luckily, James Bond is here to kill everybody and have sex with a bunch of girls on his way there.

However, the movie makes one thing clear: James Bond is not “the people’s hero” trying to save freedom and democracy. He’s basically a puppet of the system. The British government and Spectre are simply two sides of the same coin. That little adventure you are watching – with the suave good guy and the evil bad guy – that is just theatrics to keep you distracted while real things are actually happening.

James Bond is Reduced to a Pawn of the Elite

The true status of James Bond is clearly depicted during the title sequence of the movie.

"Spectre" is About James Bond Being a Tool of the Occult Elite

While we hear a dramatic song by Sam Smith in the background, we see James Bond walking under the “protection” of the Spectre octopus, which represents the occult elite. I thought Bond was against them?

"Spectre" is About James Bond Being a Tool of the Occult Elite

Even his gun is tightly controlled by the elite’s tentacles.

"Spectre" is About James Bond Being a Tool of the Occult Elite

The same tentacles are behind Blofeld – suggesting that both the “good guy” and the “supervillain” are actually part of the same team.

"Spectre" is About James Bond Being a Tool of the Occult Elite

James Bond walks around as we see a bunch of eyes around him.

"Spectre" is About James Bond Being a Tool of the Occult Elite

The title sequence ends with a single eye inside which are tentacles. In short, this intro sequence is all about the occult elite revealing they control the world and the very movie you are watching – while Sam Smith sings “Writing’s on the Wall”.

Once it is established that James Bond is just a puppet of the elite, everything about him from then on makes sense.

Like in every James Bond movie, there’s a scene where the agent is presented with all the cool gadgets he’ll play with during that adventure. This movie is no exception. However, this time, there is a catch. Bond must have a microchip implanted inside of him before he can do anything else.

"Spectre" is About James Bond Being a Tool of the Occult Elite

As if to prove 007 is just a simple pawn, we see him get a microchip implant … just like the one they want you to get.

Q (the guy in charge of gadgets) tells Bond:

“Cutting edge nano-technology. Smart Blood. Microchips in your bloodstream that allows us to track your movements in the field”.

To which Bond responds:

“That sounds marvelous”.

In other words, the agent who is supposed to save the world from being monitored at all times by the government … is being monitored at all times by the government.

"Spectre" is About James Bond Being a Tool of the Occult Elite

On these monitors, we see that Bond’s exact location and body stats are tracked in real time. These are the “heroes” the elite wants us to root for – a combination of transhumanism and Big Brother.

Later in the movie, Bond gets more of the mind-control-slave-style treatment, this time at the hands of Blofeld.

"Spectre" is About James Bond Being a Tool of the Occult Elite

Bond gets his brain drilled into by a machine controlled by Blofeld. The good guys and the bad guys both mess around with Bond’s body. He’s just a pawn of them both.

"Spectre" is About James Bond Being a Tool of the Occult Elite

In one scene, Bond faces Blofeld through a glass. Blofeld’s reflection on Bond’s face is a subtle way of saying: They’re on the same team.

In the end, Bond successfully blows up Blofeld’s secret lair. But does he kill him? No. Instead, Bond drops his gun and goes to see the girl that he’s currently sleeping with. Then another guy comes in and tells Blofeld:

“Under the Special Measures Act of 2001, I am detaining you on behalf of the Majesty’s Government”.

So the bad guy gets arrested under the “Special Measures Act of 2001”, an ending that is 100% un-James Bond. In fact, it is so pointedly ironic that it can only be interpreted as the elite laughing at the viewers. Indeed, the “Special Measures Act of 2001” is likely a reference to the “Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security Act of 2001”, which came into law in Britain on December 14, 2001. This law is England’s version of the Patriot Act: A massive bundle of restrictive laws that were rushed through the Parliament in the wake of 9/11.

The Act was widely criticized, with one commentator describing it as “the most draconian legislation Parliament has passed in peacetime in over a century”. On 16 December 2004 the Law Lords ruled that Section 23 was incompatible with the European Convention on Human Rights, but under the terms of the Human Rights Act 1998 it remained in force.

Therefore, the bad guy of the movie, who was attempting to use terror to implement worldwide mass surveillance, is arrested under a law that actually implemented mass surveillance after a terror attack.

This is the elite’s sick way of telling you: We are Spectre and you’re living under our rule.

In Conclusion

Although the Spectre organization is the “bad guy” and James bond is the “good guy”, none of this actually matters. The movie’s true goal is exposing the masses to a specific concept in order to make it part of the collective unconscious. Mass media is all about predictive programming – acquainting the public with planned societal changes to be implemented by the occult elite.

These changes are already happening now. Although James Bond is fighting Spectre “for the Queen”, we must not forget that the UK has for years been at the forefront of the Big Brother Agenda, implementing all kinds of restrictive, mass surveillance laws, right after every terror attack on the Western world.

In short, the UK was taken over by Spectre a long time ago. And, James Bond, our “hero”, is nothing but a mind-controlled pawn with a microchip in his arm.

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"Spectre" is About James Bond Being a Tool of the Occult Elite

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Illuminati Terroriser

Interestingly enough, a couple of months ago they messed up a false-flaf attack in Cape Town. I’m from South Africa, what happened was there were a couple of white guys walking around in full Muslim-female clothes, inside a station, but someone spotted them; then the one ran away and the other shot himself in the head… But their plots are going to fail, by God’s permission.


“God” still allowed them to dress up and confuse the people, go figure. In other places, “god” allows slaughter of countless ppl, mostly children.

Illuminati Terroriser

Lol, are you dictating to God how He should go about doing things so that it conforms your understanding? And if you can’t understand how God works and why, then your ignorance is a sign that God does not exist? Do you realise how ridiculous that is?

Scream Girl

Are you saying that the slaughter of innocents is good in the eyes of God ? Because that sounds pretty stupid too.
Until you realize that, many children will suffer and suffer and suffer more. Think about it before your “God” first.


So you are blaming God for the actions of Evil People?
All of us have free will but it doesn’t mean that we can escape the consequences of our acts in the next world..
This world is not the final stage dear.
How can evil become evil unless it fully manifests itself?
God has to allow evil to happen, if only to prove how a world that has chosen to deny Him, truly is.
As for those kids, dont worry they are in a much, much better place than we are.

Pray for lost souls

Sorry “Scream Girl,” but not all that occurs in this world is the motivation of G-d. So, you’re saying those who traffick and abuse humans are doing it in the name of G-d??
Everything has a yin and yang. Without evil we would not know good. G-d does not encourage evil.


The atheist argument that God doesn’t exist yet somehow it’s His fault children and innocent suffer is the most ridiculous hypocrisy of all. You can’t “not beleive” in God and then turn around and blame Him for everything wrong with humanity. That argument makes as little sense to us as the confusion and limitation you have for not understanding what those of faith can grasp. You’re still not getting that the DEVIL is behind all the evil doing, and *the humans* that make the free will choice to ally with hell’s workings. Free will is imperative for us to exist, and there cannot be light without dark, etc. etc. If we were all made perfect little cogs that always did what God puppeted us to do, and there was no evil opposition to destroy, our souls would not develop and strengthen. Another key philosophy and truth is the innocent will be the first to be welcomed into paradise; and from a separate philosophy I’m sure many will disagree to on this site: before we’re born we have the choice to how we will live our lives once we’re born. Some souls *chose* to suffer for the greater good, because as… Read more »


About as ridiculous as Capitalizing words that describe an imaginary projection of an invisible man that watches everybody & sends people to hell …where they suffer & burn for ever….BUT he Loves you! (lol)…(thx Geo.Carlin) ….. a bit & bridle slave creation by the the patriarchal sodomy club in Rome…to create delusional minds that will actually get upset if one challenges their Idea construct…. as their eyes glaze over & slip into an altered state of MK-Ultra type mind enslavement…Wake Up!


If he’s a fairytail why keep bringing him up, why not blame evil people, but the first thing is (God) .. Lmao, you fools are so ignorant, he hasn’t been proven to be fake or real get over it already.

The Winter Soldier

Hath anyone told thou that thy art assuming that God is pulling the strings like a puppet master?
That’s only the illuminati hon, God gave us free will and that’s why there are sadistic clowns slaughtering children who-by the way-most of them ARE Christian.
The More You Know!


Just because one claims to be a believer does not make it so… Matthew chapter 7 verses 16-23 points out that God, while allowing for hypocrisy, does not in any way condone it when all is said, and done…
There have been, and always will be tares (those who claim to be believers in Messiah, but are impostors), among the wheat(those who strive to live in accordance to the will of God in a world that is filled with Babylon)…
Satan only succeeds when sin breeds… So, history has shown that the mystery of lawlessness has been successful, and mankind has repeated the same mistakes over, and again… Very few learn the lessons of the past simply because sin is prevalent within most… God defines the terms of sin, and way in which to overcome it… If one desires to come to the knowledge of salvation, and repent for transgressions through Jesus Christ…

With God’s Spirit all things are possible, and when HE is working within one who is compliant, the habit of sinful behavior can be replaced with the fruit of God’s perfect Spirit… But again, it is what one wants, and desires to do…

The Winter Soldier

Well said Steven8…you have no clue how many people I’ve run into that fit the description of that…when they claim to be believers and yet say a bunch of stuff that contradicts what they believe just makes one think who can we actually trust in this crazy day and age.


Christine, that is a very common but also very naive understanding of theology. Perhaps you are very young? In any case please do at least a little reading on this topic. You owe it to yourself to at least move beyond this juvenile understanding, even if you do choose to remain an atheist.

Bevin Chu

Actually Christine was merely pointing out how the emperor has no clothes.
Your attempt to summarily dismiss her well-justified skepticism as “hopelessly naive” was insufferably patronizing. It merely revealed your own religious dogmatism and intellectual intolerance.

Whispering Breeze

God created the world, and it is in a fallen state. The laws of nature are in effect. Those include natural disasters, accidents, and evil in the hearts of men. That is why good people suffer, and why some children are abused and killed. God does not promise that we will have an easy life on this earth, though he promises eternal life without suffering for those who believe in Him and that his Son died for us and rose from the dead.

And, just as the good suffer in this life, the evil are also allowed to be blessed under those same laws of nature. Matthew 5:45: “For he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.”


Don’t blame God for the actions of men. We were given free will. We will have to deal with the consequences of that e.g. the harmful and evil actions of others.


You’re very ignorant.


It is not the will of God that there is suffering in this world, it is because of our fault. First of all, humans loss protection when they disobeyed God on the garden of eden. Second God gave the law like a salt(law) as a preservative to this rotten world. But what happen? The world disregard the laws of God and embrace all kinds of immorality. FIRST OF ALL GOD SENT HIS SON JESUS CHRIST OUR PROTECTION AND CURE OF AL SICKNESS! YET THE WORLD REJECTED HIM! NO WONDER THE WORLD IS IN CHAOS!


After I watched this I remembered thinking…. Wait… Everyone is still being spied on and he has a chip in his arm!? Nothing was stopped! *sigh* I just want to be Amish.


And u things theres a solution in being Amish?


He had a chip in Royal Casino as well, it was in his arm and when the bad guys in black cars found him injured on the side of the road, they cut it out of his arm to prevent him from being tracked.


The proper title was Casino Royale–oops


Let the elite laugh at us now. This fleshy existence is the only time they will ever have smiles on their faces, as an eternity of pain and suffering will come for them soon enough. Those they abuse and torment will be given God’s grace and mercy. It will never be extended to them. Trying to undo what God did to Babel? Really, that’s what they’re obsessed about? Well, they sure lost when they tried to pollute Jesus’ bloodline. They tried since Cain’s lineage! It’s why God Etch-A-Sketched the world and flooded it. But through Seth came Noah, and from Noah, Abraham, and from Abe, King David, and from David to Mary and then Jesus. Evil just doesn’t know when to quit! They’ve already LOST! Dwelling on their inadequacies, and trying to thumb their nose at God, is just sad.


Satan has used human beings from the beginning… The father of lies either believes he will foil God’s plan of salvation, or simply does not care about what scripture declares… The devil does read the Word of God, and is fulfilling it in accordance to his Creator’s will, and purposes…
As far as those who have been deceived by the one who rides his 7 headed beast, they know not what they do… Their lust for power has blinded them from the Truth about how this will all play out in the end… I believe these individual’s have been told a fairy tale… One which will not end as their father has declared to them…
Remember that God is merciful, and as 2 Peter chapter 3 declares, “wants none to perish, but all to be saved.”
Satan is not deceived, but is the deceiver…
God will open the spiritual eyes of those who have been blinded by sin… Of course that is the only way mankind can be seduced is through the mystery of lawlessness…


I find it incredulous that so many people still cling to the concept of “god” and “satan”. Don’t you realise that religions are the primary mechanism for both mass control and justification for terror at a global scale?

Open your eyes and let go of your “faith”.

Wrong again

What about atheists like
Pol Pot,
Mao Zedong,
Napoleon Bonaparte,
Than Shwe,
Kim Jong Il,
Jim Jones,
Kim Il-sung,
Kin Jong Un,
Ante Pavelic ,
Ho Chi Min,
Vladimir Ilich Lenin,
Margaret Sanger,
Nicolae Ceausescu,
Slobodan Milosevec,
Fidel Castro,
Enver Hoxha,
just to name few?

The Winter Soldier

Well, reports say that Hitlet was Christian but I don’t exactly believe that…a true Christian would not go around Holocaust-ing God’s people.


What Hitler did was wrong but most modern day Jews are the Synagogues of Satan mentioned in Revelations who worship the Kabbalah and Talmud, that is very much satanic. They don’t worship the Torah like they claim.

The Winter Soldier

Yeah…I know…my grandmother goes to a Hebrew church and some of the things her pastor says….holy mackerel…I’m like “what?!” half of the time…


Revelations is about the Catholic Church

Scream Girl

Actually Hitler was a believer in Jesus Christ.


a BIG BIG lie. he was an occultist. read about thule….


As the bible says even the devil believe in God. By the way Hitler was an occult like you.


WHAT about ’em??

The Winter Soldier

“Let go of your faith”…how funny. That’s what the elite wants us to do.


I think entertainment: professional and collegiate sports, programming (it’s called programming!), music trumps religion but religion CAN be a mass controlling tool. The latter usually happens when people voluntarily suspend or ignore their intellect and common sense for a ‘feel good’ temporal moment to try and run away from the pain in their lives.

True Believer

And hold on to what? There is no hope without faith in something better. Some people call it God, but it can also be called the Positive Force (as opposed to negative), Higher Power, The Light, etc. Someone once said if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. Those of us who are believers in God stand for the positive force and the LIGHT, as opposed to the darkness of evil. I for one stand with my eyes open and my heart full of FAITH IN THE GOD OF LIGHT. Stated another way, believers stand for good and not evil. The concepts of good and evil existed long before any religion, and could possibly be one of the reasons why religions were conceived.

Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater-if you have a problem with organized religion, just know that there is GOOD and there is EVIL. I hope you choose GOOD, which for me means the God of Light and Truth, which transcends religion. And every day of my life I have held on to my belief.


True Believer,

I agree with much of your dialogue regarding religion. Much organized religion is cult-like group think that doesn’t allow its members free thought or autonomous lifestyles. Your desire to know truth is commendable. I encourage you to seek wisdom and truth. But please be careful about what you might consider wisdom and truth.

I am concerned about your God of Light.

2 Corinthians 11:

13 For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.

14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

15 Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.

I realize you are likely not a Christian, and I am not criticizing or condemning. I just believe it’s important that as a believer in Christ, the truth be spoken. I pray your eyes be open to the truth of who God is. Blessings.

The Winter Soldier

Isn’t “God of Light” usually used to refer to Lucifer?

Yo momma

Lucifer WANTS to be the light, but he can’t be. God is light, not Lucifer.


I find it unfathomable that someone ‘doesn’t’ believe there is good and evil in this world. Jesus never started a religion. He only asked for faith. BIG difference.


You CAN’T “find it INCREDULOUS”, as it is a state of being, as in, you ARE ‘incredulous’ that people believe, but you’d have found it ‘incredible’….Anyway, stay ‘incredulous’. Those metaphysical entities EXIST, and YOU WILL find out when you check OUT. Then, you’ll be EVEN MORE ‘incredulous’….


I don’t fit into your little box. Don’t have faith, never did. Lifelong agnostic, anything is possible, however, some things ARE true.

If you ask Satan who he is, he just may tell you that he is “God of this World”. Or, he may wink at your kid as your kid asks him that question while sitting on his lap after your kid just got done asking him for presents. He hides in plain sight and has many little helpers.

He’s got a babyish face, yet has deepseated wrinkles. Has an air about him. Not human. Looks like a classic depiction of Cherub. Smiles a lot. Crooked smile, one part of his lip rises higher than the other. He winks. White, curly hair, slightly retarded look to his eyes.

You can BELIEVE that it’s just religion or faith in an unknown, but this almost middle aged lifelong agnostic, never religious no church is telling you that some things – such as Angels, Demons, the Devil, and the Light are all real.

Open your eyes by keeping your eyes open.

Sick amongst the pure

I was born with a mark on my right hand, between my middle and ring finger. It looks like Bathomet’s face and horns in the classical inverted pentogram shape. I was also born into opulence and wealth. My parents were both 14 when they had me. My place of birth is Tokyo in Japan as my mother is half Japanese. On a trip to the United Kingdom when I was 4 we attended a party where my meal was drugged and I was kidnapped. The kidnappers murdered their own son afterwards in an effort to pass me off as him, they tried to get me to do it, I refused. My family spent hundreds of thousands of pounds trying to find me, which they did five months later, my kidnappers claimed to have found me wondering the streets. Inexplicably at the resulting court case the kidnappers were given legal custody of me, despite my telling the court about them taking me and the murder of their son, my testimony was stricken from all records. As life went on I regularly caught the patriarch of this “family” abusing children that the mother would look after and I always told a “trustworthy”… Read more »


Thanks, VC. Keep on unmasking the true villains and pawns worldwide. Abrazos from Ecuador.


Did anyone notice Blofeld scar looks like a thunderbolt?

D D d

Yes, the same thunderbolt, being made popular with shock-connotations (electric fences, doors of cabins, treatment in hospitals) and popculture (hardrock, disco, new wave, punk all music) lovers were supplied with this symbol. Enjoy.
You might want to paint one eye to look like a button, next time you go to a party, teenager of nowadays.

Robert Newton

David Bowie wore a facial thunderbolt on his album “Aladdin Sane” (1973). Blofeld must be a fan …

D D d

The man was sick for a while. Enough time for friends and relatives to conjure up some tributes all over the place and plan ahead.


Maybe shock therapy or the villain himself is controlled by some type of trauma?


I’m going to have to disagree with this interpretation. It’s an occult movie, but not for these reasons. The story begins with Sam Mendes, a Rosicrucian Freemason being asked to helm Skyfall. Sam’s task, as with many Hollywood movies, is to make Bond the Satanic hero aka Shemyaza/Samyaza the fallen Watcher Angel of the Book of Enoch. He will deploy their favourite technique – the inverted hermeneutic. So he starts in Skyfall with Bond. Bond who comes back from the dead after being shot in the chest and re-enters the story by the sea. Because he’s the Beast from the Sea. His opponent is Silva, also known as Evil Jesus. A man who, in this tale, is obsessed with the notion of sin, has plans you’d need omniscience to make work and who is annoyed that he was sacrificed and left to die. Which makes M, in this case, god the Father (I’m sure they wanted a male actor but were saddled with Judi Dench). I mention this because Silva is god the son. God the Holy Ghost appears in the next film. Anyway, Bond goes after Silva, gets involved with a woman in scarlet and captures Silva. Silva escapes… Read more »

milspec robot

Wow! That’s really amazing ! I’m impressed. It seems obvious after you connected all the dots.

free your mind

…it can only be interpreted as the elite laughing at the viewers.
But guess what? The sheep keep flocking to see vilolent, sexually depraved moveis. What would happen if the masses abandoned Hollywood propaganized socially engineered crap they call “art”. There are plenty of movies on Youtube.
Stop supporting this social engineering with your money. I remember seeing the actor Daniel Craig, who is presented as a male “heart-throb” for women, demeaning and debasing himself for the Hollywood perverts, in dressing as a female. Apparently, most male actors must submit to this degrading attack on their manhood.
Good work VC. vid is 2 minutes.


I saw that daniel craig demeaning cross dressing video and it shows that men in hollywood have to humiliate themselves, to the luciferian hollywood system to get roles!
Also cross dressing has nothing to do with equality, is just a hollywood ritual for emasculate men!


Is that why Daniel Craig wants out of the Bond movies after this one? And wasn’t he talking against the franchise in interviews?


On a British talk show he talked about how many injuries and surgeries he’s had doing the Bond movies. Broken shoulder, shatter knee with surgery and metal plate, etc. He is getting older and is probably just doesn’t want to be typecast anymore.


At the end, the Spectre Group is never done away with…Another Blofeld would surely be selected, based on effectiveness, brutality, or whatever… Plus, the crimes of the Spectre Group are world-wide INSTITUTIONALISED profit-making realities…unlikely to be challenged and too entrenched to be removed. I appreciate VC for the insight. Bond mops up his personal agenda against Spectre, but it’s network and the NWO global surveillance initiatives were left VERY MUCH alive. Just because “C” died does, by no means, indicate that the program died with him. And Blofeld, being alive? He will be “interrogated” by MI-6/5, and…be appointed LEADER of an “legitimate” global surveillance “security” network…I see it now, thanks VC.

Peter Sansone

the one eye guy has his right eye out…that is the false shepherd (Antichrist) of the book of Zechariah….the idol shepherd who also has only one eye….the left one

Peter Sansone

“Woe to the idol shepherd that leaveth the flock! the sword shall be upon his arm, and upon his right eye: his arm shall be clean dried up, and his right eye shall be utterly darkened.”-Zechariah 11:17 KJV

Illuminati Terroriser

Interestingly, islam also says that the Anti-Christ is going to be blind in the right eye! I don’t know why Muslims and Christians always fight, if we united we would be unstoppable, and would run down the evil forces… Sigh

The Winter Soldier

….maybe because Islam kills us…?
Just some food for thought….

Illuminati Terroriser

My Man, Christians killed us too! But we can still make peace, no?

Marko Polo

Yes, we CAN still make peace: No more killing in the name of the afterlife! No more listening to those who will seduce you with an impossible afterlife vision at the expense of reality, peace and life!

The Winter Soldier

True, true….I think it might have been Catholics doing the killing though..that church is twisted.
Peace is quite preferable…I’m rather good friends with a Buddhist myself. Not all of Islam are bad…I’ll admit. But Sharia Law is awful…if we had that law in America…ugh! I, for one, have no intention of wearing a veil.

Illuminati Terroriser

Lol,pearls deserve to be covered and protected in oysters, and garbage is left exposed vulnerable.

The Winter Soldier

Are you calling me garbage? And are you supporting women oppression to NOT chose what they wear? I’ll have you know that I prefer not to show a lot of skin.
Also, you DO know why they wear those veils right? It’s called trying to avoid getting raped because men can do whatever they want.

I’m no feminist but I do know what oppression is…it’s not unequal pay or any of the stuff we see feminazis complaining about…it’s called getting your life dictated and being constantly vulnerable.

milspec robot

Exactly! Women suffer because “manly” Islamic “men ” can’t act like real men and control themselves for any reason.


I don’t care much for Islam but Christians have a bloody history as well. Killing in the name of Christ that is exactly what Jesus did not want. During the times of Europeans slaughtering the Jews, many of them found peace in Islamic countries. And I know too many wonderful Muslims so yes let’s choose PEACE above all else and let’s see how wonderful this globe can really be. I am allowed to dream right?


The problem is that Islam and Christianity have just one little fundamental difference. That is Jesus Christ. The Holy Bible is clear that he is the only one and God. The Holy Quran says the opposite. The Holy Bible says anyone NOT believing that Jesus is God is in fact an anti-christ (notice lower a. Truth is exclusive, we both can’t be right.

J. Anthony

VC, thank you for doing this one! My friends thought I was crazy when I said I didn’t like the film. I noticed all of this right away. The line that stood out to me the most in Spectre, was when the Blofeld told James, “I’ve been the author to all your pain.” Basically letting him know, I’ve controlled you from the beginning, and you didn’t even realize know it. He took everyone from James that he loved, and set him on this mindless path of “revenge.” Little did James realize…

Pink Terrorist

Please please.. I know this is lateee.. But I really love if you could make a review about the Purge series!


And STILL no attacksin Hungary. Why is this? As far as I can tell there is no demonization of Hungary in the press. Do olive skin tones have anything to do with it. Hungary proudly closes its borders citing White, Christian, Nationalism (three buzz words of “hate” to the NWO) as the reason. Why is that?
Ironically, the Southern Poverty Law Center met in Budapest to discuss strategies on combatting “white supremacy”, which I assume means white undermining ala Berlin, Cologne, etc.

The Winter Soldier

“White supremacy”…if I hear that word one more time I’m gonna flip…people just don’t know the word “American” nowadays.
(Holy mackerel, whenever I say that I feel old! I’m only 15! I should not be saying that!)


I wonder if the elite are obsessed with Cthulhu, that supposedly was created by H.P. Lovecraft as much as they are with Baphomet when I see all the octopus signs.


I’ve noticed this for years and hoped vigilant citizen had knowledge on this but a little disappointed that he or she didn’t bring up Cthulhu in this article, when some secret societies literally worship that nonsense as much as Baphomet (goat of Mendes). I think they are worshipping fallen angel demons, as much as Satan the beast itself. There’s so called conspiracy theorists and even scientists claiming that thing is real living off the coast of Chile.

Joe Arkham

Cthulhu Lives!!!


Well, Lovecraft was a Theosophist! They love their fairy tales. It makes them feel special.


What you think is fairy tales could be 100% real. There’s esoteric meanings or what’s also known as hidden truths and followers of Helena Blavatsky are taught to hide the truth in their works, be it literature or films.


I knew there was a reason why Spectre would be the first and only Bond film that I actually did NOT want to see at theaters.


Thanks to you VC… I viewed this movie, and knew the message you wrote about in your article, was being conveyed.. It is no longer a secret… Which of course means those who represent the elite are comfortable with their position as it concerns the public at large, and how much is known… So this begs the question, while there are those who are informed about this subject, there is really nothing that can be done to stop the continued progress towards the NWO… I am a believer in Jesus Christ… He serves as my example as it concerns what goes on in our physical world… After all, God is allowing for it… And I emphasize ALLOW… During Jesus’s ministry in the flesh during the 1st century AD, there were those who strongly desired for HIM to overthrow the Roman Empire… For Judea was basically controlled by this empire… But as God’s prophetic Word had declared through the prophet Daniel, this empire was to come to power, and still be in existence once Jesus returned to vanquish the beast… The Jewish people rebelled against Rome’s rule, and failed in 70 AD… Simply because God had decreed for this empire to… Read more »


“If you take a life, do you know what you’ll give?
Odds are, you won’t like what it is
When the storm arrives, would you be seen with me
By the merciless eyes of deceit?

I’ve seen angels fall from blinding heights
But you yourself are nothing so divine
Just next in line….”

Just open your ears to hear.

Skyfall = Angels falling from the sky aka fallen angels aka the devil

It’s all hidden in plainsight. Just too big for most to recognize.


The first time I saw an octopus used as a symbol of a hidden world order was the uber-campy – but predictive – “Batman” (1966) theatrical film! This was a quickly-made theatrical film using the cast from the Batman TV show. Batman and Robin save the UN from being dehydrated and turned into dust by a ray gun – but after the UN members are reconstituted from dust, they all speak different languages and can’t communicate. So it’s order, but it’s chaos; it’s high in a tower, like Babel, when language fails them. The octopus symbol is used throughout the film to symbolize this hidden power cult, turning distinct cultures and languages into a confusing mishmash. It’s all there. Even Batman runs around a pier trying to dispose of a terrorist’s (cartoon-looking) bomb. As a six year old, due to the aquatic octopus symbol, I assumed The Penguin had a management role!


House of Cards Season 4 Finale is a classic example of Order out of Chaos motto.


Nail on the head as always! Did anyone else notice the random white cat that appears (symbolic of mind control) during the chip implant scene… ??

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