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The Actual Reason Why “Joker” was Bashed by Mass Media

Although “Joker” was praised by most “serious” movie critics, mass media sources bashed the movie in all ways possible, even deeming it “dangerous”. Is it because the movie is actually bad? Or because it goes against their agenda?



The Actual Reason Why "Joker" was Bashed by Mass Media

Warning: Major spoilers ahead!

In this day and age, mass media critics do not evaluate movies by their artistic merit, but by the direction of their political message. To be deemed “good”, a movie needs to check a list of “agenda” boxes. Well, Joker does not check any boxes and it also goes against the grain. It is an uncompromising piece of art that is more akin to a low-budget auteur film than a DC Comics blockbuster. And, through its deeply unsettling character study of a “loser” who turns into a famous murderer, the movie provides a scattering critique of mass media.

Apparently, media sources did not appreciate the subversive messages in the movie and were quick to deem Joker “problematic”. Even before the official release of the movie, countless news articles associated Joker with “angry white men” and feared it would inspire Joker-copycats who would perpetrate mass shootings. Judging by the insistence of these articles, it was as if mass media was actually looking to speak into existence such as shooter by guaranteeing immediate and worldwide coverage of such an event. Appropriately enough, the movie addresses this exact brand of mass media perversion.

Indeed, on several occasions, the movie highlights the role of mass media in the creation and the validation of the monster that is Joker. And, on a wider scale, the movie links this media coverage to an uprising of the masses who identify the Joker as their hero and leader. In fact, while Joker is a bad guy, the bigger bad guy in the movie is mass media.

And real-life mass media did not appreciate the critique.

Media Backlash

While most “serious” movie publications praised Joker, mass media sources bashed it senseless. They really did not want people to watch it. Here are some examples:

The Actual Reason Why "Joker" was Bashed by Mass Media

A headline from VICE.

The Actual Reason Why "Joker" was Bashed by Mass Media


The Actual Reason Why "Joker" was Bashed by Mass Media

The New Yorker.

The Actual Reason Why "Joker" was Bashed by Mass Media


The Actual Reason Why "Joker" was Bashed by Mass Media

The Guardian.

The Actual Reason Why "Joker" was Bashed by Mass Media

The Guardian again.

The Actual Reason Why "Joker" was Bashed by Mass Media

Can they make this clearer?

The Actual Reason Why "Joker" was Bashed by Mass Media

Refinery 29.

As it is often the case nowadays with new releases that do not “agree” with the agenda, there’s a wide gap between ratings from media critics and regular viewers.

The Actual Reason Why "Joker" was Bashed by Mass MediaIf one actually spends time reading these critics, one cannot help but sense intense insincerity and hypocrisy from its authors. Because, whether or not one agrees with the movie’s message, Joker is, objectively, a well-constructed movie. It is well shot, well-acted and it excels in whatever other criteria movie critics are paid to analyze. However, all of this objective analysis is bypassed because the message of the movie does not follow the narrative sold by these news publications on a daily basis.

It is as if the bosses of these movie critics barged in their cubicle and yelled:

”  – Write an article about Joker and say that it is bad. And dangerous. Destroy it.
– I actually have other things to say about that movie.
– Shut up and start typing, word monkey.”

So, why exactly does mass media hate Joker? Because Joker hates mass media.

Joke’s On Them

Joker is mainly about Arthur Pleck, the human behind the makeup. And Arthur is a sad, aging man whose life has always been characterized by abuse, rejection, and humiliation – all of which are amplified by a debilitating mental illness.

However, Arthur’s status as an eternal victim changes drastically when two events happen in his life: He stops taking his medication and, more importantly, he obtains a gun. After getting severely beat down by three drunk Wall Street types in the subway, Arthur pulls out his gun and shoots them all.

Mass media immediately picks up the story and builds up Joker as a “vigilante hero” who stands up to the rich and powerful. Of course, Joker revels in that attention as he finally gets an audience for his unique brand of “performance art”. In one scene of the many scenes that emphasize the role of mass media in creating a monster, Arthur is surrounded by people reading the newspaper with Joker on the front page. Soon after, Joker becomes the face of a widespread uprising in the city as legions of people riot while wearing clown masks.

Joker’s notoriety then reaches yet another level due to mass media. A popular TV talk show invites Arthur as a guest to make fun of his disastrous stand-up performances. Arthur goes on stage as Joker and ends up shooting the host (played by Robert DeNiro) live on TV,  prompting massive media coverage. This leads to further notoriety and adulation by his legions of fans.

This is where things become “problematic” for the real-life mass media: The rioters in the movie, those who worship the Joker, are clearly associated with specific real-life groups. In several scenes, the protestors hold signs that say “Eat the Rich” and “Resist” – two slogans that are heavily used in actual protests by groups such as Antifa, Occupy Wall Street and others. The problem is: The media sources mentioned above are sympathetic to these movements because they are owned by the same globalist entities. In short, it makes them look bad.

The Actual Reason Why "Joker" was Bashed by Mass Media

A “Eat the Rich” banner at a student protest in Austria.

The Actual Reason Why "Joker" was Bashed by Mass Media

“Resist” banners at a protest against Trump after his decision to reinstate a ban on transgender individuals’ serving in the military in 2017.

Therefore, the rioters in the movie are associated with real-life globalist movements. And, as they walk around wearing clown masks, they hail Joker – a mass murderer who believes in nothing – as their hero. This is all due to mass media who built up the actions of a deranged man into something much bigger. To make things worse, these masked rioters even end up killing the parents of Bruce Wayne (who would end up becoming Batman) right in front of his eyes.

Considering these messages, one can begin to understand why sources such as The Guardian hated the movie. It goes against its entire narrative.

The movie also makes it clear that Joker is not, in any way, a hero. While most of the people he kills have wronged him in one way or another, these people still did not deserve a violent death. Also, he kills his own mother.

It is, however, the final scene of the movie (which happens immediately after he is lifted as a hero by the rioters) that cements Joker as an “evil” character. As we see him walking in a hospital hallway with blood under his feet, we realize that he killed a sweet social worker who did absolutely nothing to him. The hero of the protestors is actually a heartless monster.

In Conclusion

Although Joker is a quintessential comic-book villain, the movie focused on his human side and portrayed him as a product of a toxic environment. The true villain in this movie is mass media which gave Joker all the praise and attention he always craved – but only after he murdered people. Media turned Arthur – a nobody – into Joker – a somebody. And the gullible people, those who consume mass media with no discernment, turned that Joker into a political leader.

With that being said, is Joker actually a full-fledged anti-elite and anti-establishment movie? Not really. Although it criticizes mass media, Joker remains a mass media product distributed by a major corporation. The story follows a wider trend in entertainment where the relatable protagonist is actually the bad guy whose past hardships somehow justify committing heinous acts of pure evil. In Joker, murder is performance art – it is a cathartic and liberating experience that is often immediately followed by big laughs. In short, the movie gives us more of the “fighting evil with more evil” narrative that’s been going on for years.

In the end, Joker offers an effective mirror of present-day society. Looking back at that mirror is a sad, mangled and depressed clown who believes in nothing and who needs tons of pills to function correctly. In this toxic environment, this clown only finds joy and liberation by sinking deeper into the moving sands of evil and depravity, under the constant encouragement of mass media. And, while this evil and depravity appear to bring him much-overdue glory and justice, all it truly accomplishes is to destroy all of the humanity that was left in him.

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The Actual Reason Why "Joker" was Bashed by Mass Media

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This is unfortunately the toxic environment that liberals have created. Not only they oppress free speech, but they also supposedly want to bring equality by fighting hatred with more hatred, intolerance with more intolerance, fighting racism and sexism by reversing them not by erasing them; by fighting misogynia with misandria, by turning bullies into victims and victims into bullies. God forbid you disagree with liberals, or worse: criticize them. Im not into politics, Im not even american but I can see why Trump won. Only liberals cant see. They still continue with the “angry white men” narrative. As if only white men voted for Trump


Absolutely perfect. I wish they would be able or willing to see for themselves, forget the mainstream opinion, and realize how they are doing just what they “are against”. This doctrine they live by is not a privilege of Americans; it’s sadly widespread in other countries, too.


The funny thing about it is that this liberal frenzy is going to get trump re-elected. Regular americans are getting sick of this nonsense.


Totally, you wrote same thoughts, what I have. I respect your opinion at all.

Anna K

They claim to be so much for women but then they never acknowledge all the women who are not progressive or “woke”. It´s like we don´t exist. I know lots of women who are very vocal activists for sanity but we are always ignored. They can´t even spare one insult for us.


No, they listen to some of us, and all they do is spew nasty bile at me. One told me that I was a tool of the patriarchy and needed to shut up and get out of the way of women that are making my life better. Because evidently I’m too stupid to know my own mind and form my own opinions, let alone voice them. I’m also stupid because I’m a housewife and have lots of kids. They don’t respect any choices that don’t fall in lockstep with their ideology.


So true Suni. They don’t realise that the whole emancipation of women act was an attack on the family unit which has achieved a crazy level of success in a short period of time. I tried daycare for my son and it was a soulless and ghastly experience for the whole family. Kids need moms at home, not just for 3 months or 6 months as they tell us, but for as long as possible to ensure that everyone is feeling emotionally supported and being fed properly.

Angela May

AMEN !!! ❤️Noa


Do the kids really need their parents to meddle with their kids’ sexual- / reproductive organs, so the parents can have them act out their vision of sacred sex, when they grow up, Noa?


Hilarious. Really!


WTH are you even trying to say? That makes absolutely no sense.


Could not agree more.

Anna K

I get that a lot too but I´m talking about the media. By the sounds of them all women share the same views while only “angry old white males” are not on board with the agenda and then there are some “incel” young men (which we all know are not really incels because most of them have families). This eases the pressure of coming out against the pc crowd, but the women aren´t acknowledged. Even when people scream “men can´t have an opinion on abortions” they will not ever talk about all the women who are also against (at least late term) abortions, it´s just like we don´t exist. It´s a great way of erasing women´s opinions once again (not that they will succeed, it just shows them for the hypocrites they are).


It’s interesting that the only people who insult traditional women for being traditional women are far left. I’ve never had a conservative man or woman insult me for being a woman and a traditional one at that. Maybe the left really believe we are mute, weak, mealy mouthed doormats. My husband would find that idea laughable.


Seriously? Your comment missed the mark, completely. If you think the binary of ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’ is anything more than the old ‘divide and conquer’ you’d be mistaken. I live in the US and have managed to survive the disgusting results of trickle-down economics, war corporatism, and class warfare through the manipulation of the masses through deliberate and persistent propaganda. Liberals have nothing to do with Trump being the POTUS, that rests with the corrupt and defective electoral college, who’s sole purpose is to protect the United States from risks posed by the likes of Trump. The only way your comment makes sense is from afar, free of nuance or deeper context.


You’re not alone Sam, although you will likely be buried by downvotes from the cult.


and she says not political

Dennis DeMacha

Your comment is way off-base. Apparently, you have no real understanding as to how the Electoral College really works. Hyper-liberalism has everything to do with Trump being elected. Good grief, even a dunce like Michael Moore could apprehend why Trump got elected.


This movie goes even farther. It attempts to seduce the viewer to empathize with the Devil by portraying him as a victim. The ultimate inversion.

Kelly Ann

The Devil is the consummate narcissist. It just bothers me severely knowing that this movie promotes is not only reflective of our society and its lack of values, but also promoting it. How disgusting! Forget about finding a normal relationship again, we’re just too far gone. Did Taxi Driver begin the rise of the anti-hero? Is this essentially the result of emasculation? And what exactly makes the seduction of empathy so powerful, is it just psychological bonding? Is our heartfelt desire to believe the best in people that is responsible for our own destruction? It would be nice if cinema attempted to answer questions or build up society, rather than generate more questions and chaos while tearing it down.


Trauma bonding…..good point Kelly Ann.


“consummate narcissist” – that definitely fits as a description for a postmodern societal fool.


I could criticize for the shortsighted and eager absorption of the film, but that would be like mocking a thirsty man in the desert. This movie is the genuine message of poison to swallow. Driven to thirst by dry terrible female nonsensical movies they offer a cyanide laced thirst quencher. No… this is not a binary continuum. This is not the time where we swallow recycled movies that are stitched together and hidden under a mask of makeup… or is it? Is this the time?


^ Slap this on a movie poster, you just sold a ticket.


It’s not about liberalism, it’s about the way Americans see it and conceive it. The biggest problem is that Americans and their politicians have absolutely no idea how liberalism works and its concepts. If you take a look at Western European countries, you’ll see liberals mixing it up with socialism and democracy perfectly fine. It’s often not about the political system, just like you can’t always blame the religion. It’s the people who follow it, abuse it, and bend the rule to fit their norms. For example, half of this website wishes sincere death and no rights for homosexuals. Does this mean Christianity is bad? Absolutely not. It means there are far too many closeted gays afraid to face themselves and admit it, that yes, they like a p---s up their a--s.

Angela May

Western Europe is in plenty of duress. There is a regular commentator here that has shared about the state of things in his home country of the Netherlands, and beyond its borders. If you visit the comsecs from the last couple of months, you can read for yourself that you have been grossly misinformed as to the reality of what is and what is not happening in at least one Western European country.


I don’t know which European countries you are talking about. I have lived in most of them for varying lengths of time and (excluding the UK) they are much more racist and homophobic than the majority of the US.
All of the Balkans are shockingly, disgustingly racist. They carried out a textbook genocide not long ago but it all seems to have been forgiven because “Croatia is a beautiful place to go on vacation”.
Next level down are the non Balkan Eastern European ones.
Western Europe is patchy. The largest cities and main capital cities are generally ok because they know the value of tourist revenue from Asia and the Middle East.


Newsflash, every country has it’s fair share of racists including wherever you come from. It’s not just the “Balkans”. Stop trying to make Eastern Europeans look bad when you don’t know what you’re talking about. Western europeans only have more money. Money does not make them better people. And they only have more money and influence because western europe deliberately destroyed formerly strong countries such Yugoslavia as you mentioned by creating divide. Since you mentioned Croatia, care to mention to readers which western european country supported them during WW2? Your ignorance is blatant.

Closet Christian

So basically those death wishes are their fault either way, huh? Passive aggressive, x-rated bs. Stop projecting and join the parade if that’s the way you really feel.


Yes that’s it. The biggest problem in America is that Americans have yet to fully wrap their minds around the complexities of liberalism. Mastery of the shifting morality, hypersensitivity, and Machiavellian cowardice should be forced education on every child. Why you’re right, look how swimmingly Europeans just “mix” it up as you say. It’s almost as if liberalism, socialism, communism are all the same thing. It’s almost as if they all share the same occult foundation. But that can’t be because you’ve already ruled out religion thanks to your astute observations. Sarcasm aside… sex magik is not the cure here. You are speaking out of your depth.


I think the joke is on you. You’ve turned this in to something that supports your own personal viewpoint – in this case bashing liberals, feminists, victims and anyone who has experienced racism.


I generally agree with your articles but on this one I have to say that I believe the film is 100% agenda. It’s meant to make the masses more acceptable of violence. I don’t know why the press claims to be anti the film but I am sure they are following a goal.

Everykneewillbow to Jesus Christ

Perhaps violence towards those who helped bring destruction to the world such as mainstream media, Wall Street, Politicians, Celebrities, pharmaceuticals, scientists and etc. These people feel as if they are above everyone else and fully protected. It seem that Joker showed how they are not really protected from the wrath of the masses.


You are right. What we are witnessing is elite group a fighting elite group b using the masses. Jesus said that those who live by the sword, will die by the sword. The above mentioned betrayed the masses by obeying the elites. Now that they are useless, they must be taken down


” It seem that Joker showed how they are not really protected from the wrath of the masses”

I beg to differ. Do you really think the Elite is going to show us how to fight the Elite?


Its exactly what they would do. They tell you exactly what they are doing to you and how to fix it so when you ignore it karmicly it’s on you not them.


@rift: interesting idea. Would you say that in this case violent uprisings are the only solution?


At the very least I believe it’s what the elites are afraid of. Why the push to disarm the public is in high gear at the moment.


@rift: thanks for the answer. You made an interesting point.

Angela May

“They tell you exactly what they are doing to you and how to fix it so when you ignore it karmicly it’s on you not them.”

That’s EXACTLY right. That’s what they believe, it’s part of their belief system, the “old religion”.

Thank you so much for this comment.


I think you’re right about the what, but wrong about the why. Revelation of the Method. It’s just more demoralization.

Strange Chan

Oh no, not those evil scientist and their critical thinking! Maybe if you put in the effort to earn knowledge of things outside of your conspiracy theory addled bubble, the world wouldn’t seem so big and scary. But since you’re an intellectually lazy piece of trash I guess you have to be obedient to YOUR Jesus agenda, right? It’s so much easier to have your world view handed to you an a book isn’t it? All of these posts reek of batshit religious fanaticism.


Strange Chan – lol, who are you talking to?


Likely Strange Chan is talking to the “voices” lol


Strange Chan, you sound like a sane and well balanced, pleasant individual. I think I’ll give a hard pass to whatever you’re pushing. Have a great day, and stay sweet, you’re a real people person!


What’s really funny is the “book” accurately speaks of people like you in these last days! 2 Timothy 3 1-5; 2 Peter 3:3-7


Blindly submitting to appeals to authority isn’t intellectually lazy at all, right?


I haven’t watched the movie, but if that is so, whenever you tell someone not to watch or do something, you’ll actually entice them to do so.


But the media is in such denial that they actually think we all take their word as truth. Look at how they portray Trump. The media has never treated a sitting president like they do this one. And even though he won the election and still has a high approval rate… They continue to bash him as if we’re going to all of a sudden listen to them. If Trump gets elected again.. They will be just as baffled as last time. So I can totally see them telling people not to watch the movie and think that they’ll listen.


I think he is safe for 2020. As a rule of thumb, it took four elections after Regan’s defeat to revive the Democrats. That said, 25% of Republicans support the impeachment probe.


…Not that I support him. He is a Freemason as confirmed to me by a member of his own family. All Freemasons suck ( apart from Adam Dormi ).

I hate the way in which right wing interest groups suck up to him on social media.


Adam Dormi for Pres?

Seriously though, why paint with a broad brush and then single out a free pass?


Well, there are others but I mentioned him specifically because he got sucked into it at a vulnerable time of his life.


Freemasonry is a cult, so that’s not unusual.
Still, my curiosity is piqued.


My husband tells me about a beautiful person in the UK called Rory Stewart. He is a Bilderberger but he is all about heart- centred solutions to politics. He will be mayor of London in 2020 and probably prime minister of that country in 2024. I don’t think they are all motivated by the same dark forces.


Sorry, but Rory Stewart is a laughing stock in the UK and will lose his seat at the next election. You’ve got more chance of being London’s Mayor in 2020 then poor Rory.


than not then obvs


It’s the case that his politics isn’t ugly enough to fit in with the rest of the machine. I guess we’ll see!


The same dark forces are behind both groups you mentioned.
Those involved are either players or pawns….

Rory Stewart is a genius, anyway.
Loved his hedgehog speech ❤️


❤️ Yes, he’s beautiful isn’t he? They should give Rory a chance if only for the lack of better options!


He will probably get his chance, given his connections.
He’s such a peculiar looking fellow, though!
There’s something very ‘womanly’ about him; reminds me of that old Cracked article, “Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians.” Super odd and creepy.


I give you that one! I prefer to think of him as an unidentifiable Tolkien character. Anyway, I may be lucky enough to meet him in a few weeks due to my husband’s work so I will pass on all the compliments!


Oh yes, Gollum was my first impression! I also see Mick Jagger and Steve Buscemi. It must help having such an interesting look? There’s something so inexplicably compelling about him, I imagine this is how ppl felt about Obama. However, Rory’s charming reticence seems to belie the strength of his true genius and one wonders how he would change, were he given the opportunity to come into his full power.


I never thought of Jagger but yes, I see that too! How are you guys feeling about Brexit? My husband had been involved in international trade negotiations for two years and he’s definitely looking forward to some real progress!


Brexit was a shock the night the headline broke in 2016; the global destabilization felt imminent. Is this a negotiating procedure, or a restructuring process? Brexit sounds like a good idea, but the implications are great and many. It fails to address the immigration issue. It could create a vacuum. It is a very dangerous situation, IMO. The Oct 31 deadline does not bode well, either. But the pieces have been falling into place over the course of these few years, and it does feel as though all hell is about to break loose. Perhaps you and your husband see more optimism? It is a brave thing, becoming involved with international affairs.


That’s really interesting. I agree that it does not address the immigration issue and I am convinced that was what it was ALL about for the vast majority of the electorate.

Increased xenophobia is the main outcome either way. Brexiteerd do not grasp that it is the beginning of a very, very, very long process! They get fed these lines ‘ Brexit means Brexit’ ‘we will leave deal or no deal’ ‘we never wanted to leave with a deal’ and they adopt them as their own convictions in some kind of extended group hypnosis.

It seems that the whole thing has been strongly media led and it was handled very badly in the immediate aftermath of the vote when the prime minister played straight into the hands of the far right and started reinforcing extremist rhetoric and shifting it into the center ground. It was astounding to see.
It completely tied the hands of all the negotiators who are meant to produce the result behind the scenes but are aware that their personal integrity has been tainted by the fact that they are involved at all.

Angela May

Vulnerability comes in all shapes and sizes, and I would imagine, when seducing recruits, that each targeted individual’s vulnerabilities are invariably exploited to that very end.


❤️ I hope you are feeling okay Angela. I know you are missing a friend. Hopefully, he will come back to you in a stronger, more positive frame of mind. ❤️

Angela May

❤️Thank you Noa.❤️


I second Noa’s sentiment and can’t help but feel responsible. 🙁 The last time your friend disappeared, he reappeared in lovable, silly fashion – kind of like Kermit the Frog! 🙂 I miss that energy around here. And my prayers are for everyone. ❤️Much love❤️

Angela May

❤️Seeker, I love and care about each of my friends here, yourself included dear one. I hurt for our friend, whom felt injured and betrayed by all of us. Several weeks ago when there was a lot of bonding and compassion being exchanged here, it was the only thing getting me out of bed in the morning. I understand why he is unhappy with me and feels wronged, and I wish I could impart to him how much he helped me through some of the darkest days I have ever faced. At the time I reached out to him several weeks ago, God used him to minister healing to my spirit. If you are reading this dear friend overseas, our friendship was breathing some life back into my spirit. I was getting up in the morning just to “talk” to you. You were there for me when I was barely holding on after a succession of major blows that left me barely able to function. I can never forget or repay that. Just know, I love and care about you, and nothing will change that. Thank you to my dear friends here..I do love you so very much. Thank you… Read more »


❤️ Angela. You’ve are also loved and missed in your relative lack of participation but your reasoning majesty perfect sense and you need to give it as much time advice it needs.
I accept the biggest role in having triggered him because he was becoming manic and I never knew what to do. Later on, I said that I was sorry and he forgave me. I hope that he comes back for the sake of honoring the great love and friendship you built up on these pages. ❤️ Take care


Angela. Just to add further to what I wrote… Ddd was not blameless. He demonstrated that he was capable of being brutally stubborn at times. I didn’t want him to be my sparring partner, I wanted to appeal to him as a friend.

He got exasperated and he introduced sexually crude language into the conversation and I couldn’t engage afterwards because of it. Im not a forward kind of girl, I’ve been with the same relationship since I was about twelve or thirteen so I wont do those conversations. It was nothing about covering up for a cult lol.

My husband sees me as his embodiment of the divine feminine and this is very much reciprocated. Ddd casually threw shade on my sovereignty and I just reacted in the way that came naturally.

I also hope Ddd will apologise to you for confusing your identity with mine after you invested so much trust in him. I hope he realised that his participation does not need to be relative to mine.

We are all here trying to brainstorm and make sense of these bizarre happenings.


He opened his statement on that discussion with brutally stubborn wording in the first place. You still reacted to that and well, people can read for themselves what happened with you Noa.
You both act all caring but this here now is still a form of slander to save an image of yours, noa and angela, just with masked wording. Like he mentions too.


But he at least forgave Noa and Angela. Seeker he wouldn’t even acknowledge. Seeker was learning so much from so many here, and Biblical things, too; things of discernment and Bible study. Seeker laughed. Seeker felt a part of something. It was a lie, just like everything else. People seemed guiding and caring. This place to her was like a church, a place of fellowship, scholarship and learning. What a deluded chump.


The red and blue arms of the corporate oligarchy serve the same interests and same agenda. NWO aka Agenda 21. The President of the U.S. is nothing but a puppet for the deep state. NEITHER the red or blue fake parties care about Christian values or anything but their own interests. They are ALL FREE MASONS. You aren’t permitted to be part of the cabal unless you are. Come on now….this is obvious at this point. Voting for either the red or blue arm is voting for the SAME THING. The BEAST SYSTEM. The ONLY sane thing to do is vote independent or to not participate at all. Haven’t you realized by now that NONE of what either arm of the oligarchy says is true. They say what YOU want to hear to tickle your ear and get your vote and they go about implementing AGENDA 21. Wake up people. The political system is GONE. Completely usurped by the corporate state, oligarchs and military industrial complex. Period.


Well said! If i understand correctly, it was when the Democratic-Republican party split that the US political system became largely two party: Democrat & Republican. That’s what i inferred from looking at historical charts, anyway.


Yes. They use the illusion of a 2 party system just to keep the public divided. Divide and conquer. That’s the oldest and most successful forms of control. If the people realize they are being used as tools and that neither red or blue represents them and they JOIN TOGETHER they could overthrow the corrupt gov’t and the red/blue oligarchy knows it. That’s why they get more and more hostile towards each other while they yuck it up in the back rooms of congress drinking and smoking together while laughing their a---s off at the public because they are so easily duped. People need to wake up and stop participating in that bullshit. The people are not the enemies of each other. It’s sad to watch how easily people will turn on each other. Until they stop doing that we will be stuck with the current reality.


The bullshit is so pervasive, there really is no escape outside of Jesus.
The good news is that He is coming soon and bringing justice with Him!


On another article just recently, someone said that the USA was a religious *corporation* and the religion was not Christian. I googled it and it’s true about being a religious corporation. I never knew this and found it very interesting to say the least. There was no indication per the filing as to what religion it was though. And now you’re talking about a two armed *corporate* oligarchy and that’s interesting as well. You guys have got me wanting to know more. Do you know what religion the corporate USA actually is? i think knowing this would shed some enormous light, I’m very suspicious with everything going on today. thank you.


Some kind of gnosticism?


Babylonian Mystery Religion.
See: Nimrod

The New World

If christianity is recognized by the cross then the USA can be recognized by its symbols. Notably the all-seeing-eye (not just on the dollar bill, but on the original idea for the flag, and at entrances to US Border crossings, as well as numerous flags and insignias), the pentagon, and Columbia/Liberty (the light bearer). The founders were freemasonic as were most of the presidents. The Apotheosis of Washington graces the ceiling of the Capital rotunda. (His deification – who promised that?). The rabbit hole of masonry is so deep in the US that no other influence comes close. If it’s foundation is freemasonic (enlightened), it is luciferian (the light bringer); if you are to believe masonry’s most prolific and celebrated spokesmen (Pike and Hall). Maybe that’s why it isn’t listed, though I didn’t find any reference to the US as a religious corporation on a quick search.

Keep Searching; There's More Behind the Curtain

Please examine the similarities between Washington, D.C. and St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City.
Also, it’s Capitol, not Capital; it’s a reference to Capitoline Hill, one of the seven hills of Rome. D.C. was once called Little Rome, and the land was owned by a man named Francis Pope.
Catholicism is the modern purveyor of Babylonian Mystery, and all churches have been influenced by her wiles and symbols. All the kings drink from her cup.
Look up John, Charles, and Daniel Carroll and their role in the founding of the U.S. Read “Rulers of Evil” by F. Tupper Saussey.
The Freemasons are just foot-soldiers, more papal knights on a crusade. Pike’s handler was Jesuit Pierre de Smet.


Branch wrote an excellent and lengthy piece linking the antichrist beast to the Vatican and it’s a must read for this kind of stuff. Written at the Symbolic Pics of the Month 09/19 and it’s the second post under that name.
I copied and saved it, that good.


It’s a DC comic movie. They absolutely do not have to use reverse psychology to get people to see it. They are all already popular


I completely agree with you. I was confused by the direction he took this time.


More and more people distrust mass media. If mass media warn us against the movie, lots of people will go and see it.

Watching such movies is a good way to make violence more acceptable and to desensitize people.

When violence becomes the norm, there may be violent uprising against the Elites. And then… Boom! Martial Law!


So you actually agree with the article because that’s pretty much what VC wrote in the conclusion.


Im with you brother, It felt to me the same way .. “this movie IS 100% agenda” and It doesnt make sense to me too that press is being anti-this-film .. but you are right they must have a reason: they want to be perceived as supportive and caring about people… when in reality the are enjoying the result of the true purpose of this film … promoting violence and cold-blooded murdering in our very daamaged real life society.


“I don’t know why the press claims to be anti the film but I am sure they are following a goal.”

The goal is pretty clear to me, really: making as many people as possible want to watch this movie by supposedly hating on it. Any publicity is good publicity. Even I, who had no idea the movie even existed, feel a bit curious about it now; but I won’t fall into such a ridiculous trap and I won’t watch it.


You Otto


When someone says “don’t” it is a psychological cue to do something even by dare. “They” meaning tbe establishment absolutely wanted people to see this movie. They absolutely want to promo2the agenda of us vs them which this film promotes.This is an “Agenda” movie and the media outlets played their part in providing the reverse psychology to get cinemas packed. The film out did original estimates and that was by way of crafty negative media manipulation juxtaposed against positive reviews.


Indeed. To expand a bit, the word “not” isn’t recognized by the subconscious mind, so whether someone’s being told not to do something by another or the individual’s doing a bit of self-talk about not eating a piece of cake because they’re on a diet, the statement is immediately added to the person’s internal list of things to do and it’s just a matter of time until they’re doing the exact thing that was trying to be prevented.

While it takes a bit of time and effort to eliminate “not” from one’s vocabulary, it’s totally worth it. From there, observing the effects of how people respond to cues from the MSM’s talking heads, commercials, and other instances where they’re told what not to do, it becomes apparent the subconscious’ lack of recognition of “not” is just one more thing used to manipulate the masses.

It's all so tiring...

Well said,and I agree totally.

jimbo jones

I saw Joker today and my thought was that it was a very disturbing film. Not just for what it is, but the fact that it is such a huge hit. Where are we as a society that such a dark depressing and violent tale is so readily accepted by a mass audience? Especially one that was originally created for comic books for children?

Mojo Jojo

Actually the original Joker was nothing compared to todays, he was literally a prankster, with Batman coming along (and Robin) a few POW, BAM, OOOF’s later and he would get a stern talking to by Batman 😀

As they grew in audience, TBTB decided to start using comics as an agenda medium, whereas before they were deemed useless, as not enough mainstream adults would read them.
Yes adults, since comics were originally intended for adults to read and escape everyday hum drum life, ofc when your kids pick it up in the shop or house, they get addicted to the whole superhero, larger than life story, not to mention it is a series of pictures, which child does not like a picture in their reading?


You are lying, you have clearly never actually read the original Joker comic books, he was a murderer.


We are fully pre-conditioned to function in times of crisis compared to people in the past. There have been too many movies to name ( certainly all the Marvel ones) and several books like The Mandibles ( not as many because I can assure you that people of my generation do not read books even though they may claim to).


It was not created for kids, kid.

It's all so tiring...

There’s no such thing as bad publicity. The whole hype of this movie is to get butts in the seats. The movie industry is dying. What better way to get folks to watch another capeshit movie than to generate publicity, even if it’s “negative” publicity?


Genuine question: is it a fact that the movie industry is dying? I don’t follow it, except for the articles I read here. Wish the same would happen to all satanic entertainment, but we’ll have to wait a good while for that.


@AB:there are still some franchises (like Marvel movies) that make billions of dollars but now the producers are putting their money on series. Satanic entertainment is not dying soon unfortunately, even here people will tell you “but I looove Stranger Things”…


Thank you, Luxx. It makes total sense. The industry is just shifting its “outlet”, so.

It's all so tiring...

Capeshit in other words = money.

It's all so tiring...

IMO it’s certainly dying in that nothing original seems to make it to wide release. If it’s capeshit (superhero movies) it gets made. Same for sequels and prequels.


Superheroes are gods. This is all about occultism.
Did you know,
Jack Parson’s birth name was Marvel ?


Parsons was a third rate occultist


Yes it is a fact. The reason why Hollywood never ‘adjusts for inflation’ is that then we’d see just how poorly the industry is doing over time. Also the fact that the Mouse House has managed to so effectively take over the film industry the way it has is another indicator of how it is failing. Disney controls almost a third (if not more, haven’t looked at the stats recently) of the profit coming out of Hollywood. That is insane for an entire industry. And for some reason they’re getting away with establishing a monopoly too, which means we are seeing all the messaging in movies are becoming the same etc.

Mojo Jojo

The movie industry is at the most highest point it has ever been! The only thing that is changing is the way we watch. Cinemas will eventually die down to one or two per city max, whereas today there are dozens. They will become a nostaligc treat or night out. Viewing at home is more popular in this day, as people having to work longer hours, spend more time commuting in traffic, who wants to go out after a stressful day, when they can order in food and sit down on their comfortable sofas to watch a movie on their cheap 70″ 4k tv! (I say cheap, but back when they started led tv’s, you were looking at spending a few thousand pounds for relatively small 32″ screens) but with the advances in the manufacturing processes and recouperating their investment on the whole process already, they have lowered the prices of led tv’s drastically in the last few years. I can walk into a chain store in the UK and pick up a decent 4k tv at 49″ for under £500 these days. As for your capeshit comment, not necessary is it, you do not like superhero/villains, so be it,… Read more »


I’m can’t believe Mojo’s contribution earned a negative rating…
Is there anything disagreeable or contestable about it ?


I found it really sad that he works during the day, comes home, heats up dinner and sits in front of the tv receiving his daily dose of programming. I don’t know anyone who lives that way?


Noa, Well actually Mojo was saying many “people” did that (work, dinner, tv..), as in average people; he or she never said specifically that They did or even that they did Every single day. And Mojo is correct, an average person does do all those things often; what’s so “sad” about that? What do you do in Your life that’s so super f-ing exciting & mind blowing, I mean do you not go to work like Most people have to or what? I mean you said you don’t know Anybody who lives that (pretty typical) way, so what are All of your family members, friends, every single person you’ve ever met & yourself all living in some kind of “super utopia” or something? Also not ALL films or TV is so-called “programming,” you may have to sift through a Lot of garbage, but there’s plenty of excellent films & what not out there you can find. (throughout ALL of cinema history, a myriad of foreign films, ect..) Another thing in your ridiculously loaded comment was you stated that person heats up their dinner (which what’s Wrong with that anyway?), but they actually said order in food. That’s just more of… Read more »


I’m sorry, I was just a bit shocked. I am a stay at home mom right now but even when I wasn’t, we never ordered ubereats or anything like that. It is a huge waste of money and would lose all it’s nutritional value by the time it got to it’s destination.
I prepare or cook everything. It is quicker to use a Vitamix and an Instant Pot than sit around in frustration waiting for some greasy stodgy muck to arrive on the back of a germy moped.
We eat out, that much is true. But I know what the score is and get an idea of the quality of the ingredients beforehand. I will usually ask for the chef’s table overlooking the kitchen so that I can make sure everything is done properly. Otherwise, I will let them know and around a quarter of the time, I send plates back until they get it right.
My kids watch TV, I don’t. I watch movies on planes to kill time, nowhere else really. Once a year, I may visit the cinema to watch a non kids movie but I would have to be really desperate to see it.


Noa, I’m the same. Stay at home mom, never eat out, etc. I have zero interest in media, I’m not trying to tell others how to live but I don’t spend my time watching it. I garden, cook, tend to my animals, exercise, do chores, read, whatever. Any free time beyond that is spent with other hobbies like sewing, orgonite, painting, etc. I haven’t seen a movie since 2009 and don’t care to ever see another one. Not judging anyone that does, I just don’t want to support this stuff.


That’s great to hear Suni! The irony is that people immediately assume that you are out of touch with expected ways of living and even get suspicious. However, we are doing the things that actually make for a worthwhile, creative existence just like our female ancestors did.

Angela May

❤️Noa. I get it. I don’t have cable or internet in my home. I do have a data plan on the phones to take care of business and do some online reading. The kids don’t have phones. We walk, talk, sit at the meal table together, bake, read, play board games, laugh and visit friends and family in their homes. No one misses the tv around here, and if we want to watch a movie together we put one in the DVD player. There is no Disney or franchise movies in our video library. We are happy living this way. And I feel connected to our ancestors, who lived before tv was around. Numbing out in front of the screen is not the life for me. Shout out to all the old school folks living life the old school way !! ❤️


Hey Angela. I hope you are feeling better and haven’t been affected by the fires.
My kids are never getting phones ( I hope!)When my son tried pre-school, there were tiny children with their parents old iPhones in their bag; as though the fact that it wasn’t the latest model of the phone made it ok to pass onto them.
Plans are too complicated for me to work out! It’s amazing that you have managed to keep it up for this long.
Films are pretty dangerous really. My kids loved the music from The Greatest Showman but after I showed my son the clip from Walking The Tightrope and tried to explain what was basically happening, he doesn’t like it anymore. He says “mommy I don’t want to listen to the song. It makes me sad”. He doesn’t really understand the interactions between the characters. He doesn’t know why it makes him sad but the level at which it works to dampen the spirit and induce trauma works across the whole age range, it seems.


I also usually ask for the chef’s table overlooking the kitchen so that I can make sure everything is done properly.
When there is a que I will wait for three hours on the curb for my diner.
Or when the restaurant does not want a kitchen-atmosphere in their restaurant and closed all view of cooks, pots and pans, well they can just eat their own food, I am not having any…

Angela May

Me too Suni. ❤️

It's all so tiring...

I’m not offended by words such as capeshit, which I didn’t originate but is an apt description of that genre. And I’m happy weather anyone calls anything I enjoy “ridiculous names”. Any well well rounded adult would feel the same.


The bigger problem is perpetuating linguistic patterns. It’s hardly surprising that you did not create, but adopt that slogan. People do this all the time, inevitably sending messages they often times did not intend to pass on through the populace.

It's all so tiring...

I get your point, but if humans didn’t adopt linguistic patterns we wouldn’t have language. Surely you don’t mean adoption and dissemination of linguistic patterns are a “problem”? The interplay between writer and reader is fascinating. Once the authors scribblings are set to media, it’s always up to the reader to infer intent or to be inspired, ignored or a host of other feelings, irrespective of the authors intent. We’ll have to wait till the future when we can read minds or pass ” thought packages” that contain feelings, ideas, and intent.


Slogans are themselves loaded “thought packages” and most people are blind to their hidden messages; just like Mojo Jojo here, who perceived the term as a dismissive offensive! It’s not only a loaded term, it’s divisive and fails to clearly communicate the problem on a conscious level. Don’t you believe these things should be addressed while we still have thoughts and words to describe them?

It's all so tiring...

Memes are the next level of slogans, and will be superseded by “thought packages” or Emotional Aggregates, or whatever the term will be. An effective meme will induce cognitive dissonance in it’s desired target.


An ugly fact, beautifully stated. It all amounts to mental imprisonment.


Do this all while their tv is watching them……

It's all so tiring...

“In Soviet Russia* — TV watches you!”

—Yakov Smirnoff

(*Now the whole world)


Joke was funny until the asterisk came into play.


That’s true. Even Netflix is doing badly. Sexual- themed films used to sell or classic horror movies but nowadays, we are so desensitised that nothing short of acute trauma will do. Strong cgi and a load of subliminals enhance the trauma to which people are voluntarily subjecting themselves.


Our family units are subjected to trauma from the establishment, school and workplace bullying means that it continues throughout life. In the Golden Age of Hollywood, going to the movies was a pleasant form of escapism but we are no longer allowed to escape from that, even for the duration of a movie. Real chaos, imaginary chaos all keeps the brain in fight or flight mode. Every group has the potential to be pitched against every other one like a sport for those in control. Because we lurch from one crisis to another to the next we never have the peace of mind to achieve the realisation that we are the powerful ones, we can save ourselves if we come into our power. No politician is going to come along and save us. The system of democracy is almost dead with both the left and the right splintering along similar lines. It doesn’t matter when the death warrant is officially signed. It is a wonder that people still trust in their leaders.


I’m not into comic book movies other than Nolan’s Batman’s, some of the Iron Man flicks and Joker. I loved Joker, possibly even more than Dark Knight, both of which I saw opening weekend on Imax,though they are completely different movies. I think your comment makes sense, but isn’t what happened here. Like VC mentions, this movie doesn’t check the SJW boxes, was made by a white guy with an all white cast, so it got slammed, simple as that. Once the movie proved to be a box office smash and was garnering huge praise, the MSM backtracked and is now trying to claim that it was all done to secretly promote the movie.


I don’t need to see the movie to know that this is an AGENDA to let out the evil.


Meant to expose their evil.

Everykneewillbow to Jesus Christ

Maybe the evil will be sent back to its senders.


You go watch movies for the revelation of the method. The movies are loaded with predictive programming. Go check Jay Dyer’s work at Jay Analysis. He and Jay Weidner had a good show on Gaia delving into the occult symbolism contained in many big blockbusters. You need to look no further than Eyes Wide Shut for an essential documentary on how the occult elites operate. I loved Joker by the way. One of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time.


Thanks for pointing to Jay Analysis. Good stuff.


***SPOILER ALERT*** I think there is a lot more about this film. I think there is a very dark side to it deep inside. A hidden message. The story of the maid who works in the household a rich and influential only to get pregnant there with a baby who grows up to be a mass murderer is not new and it real. The mother of Joker claims that she the father is Thomas Wayne and then there is a long history of abuse, mental clinics and medications. MK Ultra written all over the screen. And then the parallels with V for Vendetta. While the clown of V for Vendetta brought awareness to the masses this new clown brings (a very convenient) chaos. A brutal chaos. While the clown of V can be a reference to the power that the internet brings to the people the clown in Joker can be sold as the risk of “fake news” on the internet, so is the real message let’s regulate the internet with the Chinese model? After all, we are already getting there. I think there are a lot of secret codes in this film. And they are very dark. Any way,… Read more »


Now that you mention it, it could also remind me of the story of Adolf Hitler’s grandmother working for the Rothschild and people that believes he is actually jewish


There could be something there. Jewishness, as described by N--i law, was written to exclude both Adolf Hitler and Jesus Christ. Jesus, of course, was 100% Jewish….


Jesus was a Kabbalist and the ancient texts were all written in code. Kabbalah never belonged to the Jews. It has just evolved that way because other factions decided to pursue different religious ideas


If the ancient texts were all written in code, there can be no divine revelation.
Jesus was not a Kabbalist, as much as the Cabal would love to deceive,


Dana, So true, Jesus was not a kabbalist. He would call a kabbalist the same thing that he called the corrupted jewish religious leaders to their faces, ‘You are of your father, the devil, you brood of vipers.’ Kabbalism started by a rabbi of the same mystical order, the religious leaders in Jesus’ time had learned to interpret the OT through the teachings of the babylonians when the Jews were in their captivity. Kabbalism teaches that man can find his own salvation and, kabbalists hate christians. ‘Accompanying the Talmud in the migrations was the equally malevolent Kabbalah, the tradition of occult demonolatry practices originating in Babylon and Egypt; practices condemned by the Prophets of the Old Testament as abominations. The [Kabbalist] sacred book the Zohar tells it’s believers that. “All Israelites will have a part in the future world, and on arrival there, will not be handed over like the goy [gentiles or non-Jewish races] to the hands of the angel Douma and sent down to Hell.” And that: “Extermination of Christians is a necessary sacrifice.” And, juxtapose this with the Talmudic mindset represented in figures such as the 2nd century AD Galilean rabbi Simon ben Yohai. A man credited… Read more »

Yeshua / Jesus Saves!

@OLC: Grateful for your contribution.
Many thanks & blessings your way !!


@ Yeshua / Jesus Saves!

You’re welcome, and many blessings to you, my friend!


Your insights are interesting but none of this describes real Kabbalah. You can only be initiated into that if you are male, have a Jewish maternal line and are over 40 years old ( give or take a few years). I obviously don’t qualify myself but I know that it is not based on written teachings of the Zohar.


This just sounds copied. If you are not Jewish and if you haven’t been admitted into Kabbalah then what do you personally know?


OLC spelled it out: these are verbal traditions.
I don’t know much, but I do know Noa is right re: written teachings of the Zohar.


Thanks Greg. I couldn’t be any closer to the source of my knowledge of it. All these downvotes and you wonder when they were all initiated into it and decided to leave. Smh


The mother of Keanu Reeves’ character in The Devil’s Advocate was also a maid who had had a one night stand with the Devil, played by Al Pacino……

Prophetic Explorer

No spoiler alert?

Anyway, the whole ‘angry white man’ thing is likely a tip-off as to what their Manchurian candidates will be doing this fall. As an angry white man, I can tell you there are plenty of angry black folks too, that is just their stirring the melting pot. What am I angry about? I’m angry at the LGBTQ agenda being shoved down our collective throats.

Race wars are on the agenda, we must reject all racism, period. Black folks, I love you all in Christ. We are all brothers and sisters created in God’s image. God bless you all. Come quickly Lord Jesus!


“Black folks, I love you all in Christ”
The love isn’t reciprocated though

"black" visitor

And I say that as a black person

snow white

Ok. But, why not love?

D D d

You missed the spoiler alert. Maye you missed a bit more?
By ‘all’ did you mean only believers of faiths, or everybody reading it?

John 3:16

Everyone is made in God’s image. Even you, DDd.
Even if you deny and disbelieve: He still loves you.


Thanks for the awesome article as always, VC 🙂 Also,this is a bit of an Alice in Wonderland-esque situation to me. Mass media condemns a movie that,like Vigilant said,was made and distributed by mass media. So in other words, they don’t *truly* disagree. Just trying to make us fall deeper into the rabbit hole. And yes,of course at some point there’ll be a “copy cat” Joker who will then be promoted, I mean vilified by, mass media.


If media genuinly disagrees with a project they boycott it completely. I agree it’s just another rabbithole that will ultimitley be used to bury the audience.


I usually agree with most of what you say, but not here. I don’t think this film in dangerous in any way but I think it tries to justify why some people are evil by making us feel something for them, that society or upbringing somehow made them this way. It presents them as complex and likeable characters wrestling with light and dark when we know that evil has no excuses and bad guys, at the end of the day, are just bad guys. You could do a bio on Hitler that presented him in a sympathetic light and we could end up feeling sorry for him once we see his human side, and saying it wasn’t REALLY his fault because of X Y and Z. We all face obstacles in life and have our own excuses as to why we are the way we are, it’s how we react to that that matters. we have choices, nobody forces us to do anything. I see this on Twitter all the time, people who are basically evil having a large fan base or following because hey, they can be funny sometimes, they share their suffering with us and we feel something… Read more »


Did you read the entire article? VC wrote in the conclusion “The story follows a wider trend in entertainment where the relatable protagonist is actually the bad guy whose past hardships somehow justify committing heinous acts of pure evil. “


“We all face obstacles in life and have our own excuses as to why we are the way we are, it’s how we react to that that matters. we have choices, nobody forces us to do anything”

Very well said Samuuu!


If “we have choices, nobody forces us to do anything”, then oppression must not exist ?


@Gwen: it should be understood as “nobody forces us to choose evil”


I’ve noticed that Hollywood has been making movies to make the public sympathize with evil people. I stopped watching all movies 2 years ago and it looks like things have got worse from the previews and posters. We can expect the next generation to be violent and evil while justifying their actions that they are misunderstood. China may be wrong on censorship but I can see that they are trying to protect the public from this filth


people in China are already fully brainwashed. rabbits in the lab. and now, many politicians lick the a-s of chinese government. I don’t see any positive in that society.


Maybe just some of them. If you ask the protestors in HK what they think of the Chinese government then some colorful adjectives would arise pretty soon. China pioneered the brain frying 5g. They are carrying out a genocide of their native Muslim population and harvesting and selling their organs en masse. This is not even an ‘out there’ conspiracy. There is a stack of evidence there but international political intervention is not considered lucrative enough. I would never support that country.

It's all so tiring...

China only cares about censoring negative aspects of Chinese communism. Nothing else matters until obedience to the state is fulfilled foremost.


True. We’re supposed to empathize with them and find them ‘badass’.


Somewhat. I think women are supposed to empathize and men are supposed to identify. More programming. More triggering. More perpetuation and justification of violence. So tired of the loner rebel cliché. I’d love to see a movie depicting life as it should be, paradisiacal. No more dystopian nightmares, please! It’s bad enough we’re all living in one.

Paying Attention

We can go back even further and see that you’re correct about Hollywood’s sympathy for the devil narrative. Remember the West Memphis Three? Remember how Johnny Depp stuck his neck out for lead ghoul Damien Echols? Peter Jackson, director of Lord of the Rings, even flew Damien and his girl out to live in his NYC penthouse when he was released from jail. Why would Hollywood stick their necks out for some country bumpkin satanist? That story of the WM3 was all over the media and made the killers the victims. In fact, the murdered boys were tossed aside so the public could shed tears for the accused and convicted. The more you think about it, the more evil becomes evident in Hollywood. They’re all in on it. They won’t stop either. You can see clearly how pedophiles are still working even after having accusations thrown at them. Polanski even had a support petition in his name from his friends, and he fled from justice in these peoples own country. Shows their true colors over and over again. People need to pay attention.


Right? Polanski has his reputation whitewashed on something that feels like an annual maintenance contract. He needs to pass on the formula to Prince Andrew.

Yeshua / Jesus Saves!

Following God is the greatest act of rebellion in this depraved world. Forget about the painted clowns.


With the film stirring up controversy about possible mass shootings, its likely the media is bashing it to try and gain favor with the public, and not look like they are trying to endorse something that already makes a lot people uneasy. As people have said here no press is bad press according to the elite, if the media hated this film I think they would try and sweep it under the rug and not write about it at all. In writing a bunch of negative headlines, the media looks good and the movie gets a lot of publicity. This film is definitely in line with the agenda, its just the media doesnt want to lose the trust of all the unfortunately naive families out there who still think the media has morals. All the young people will see this film because they think its cool, thus increasing the negative influence on the next generation.


It definitely has “AGENDA” written all over it regardless of whether its for, or against the elite.


and don’t forget joa phoenix who is completely in the mass programming. Remember the half-eyed picture of him? And his brother who died? Was it a sacrifice? Why is it that so many actors have someone close who died? What are the odds?


Yes, they were raised in the Children Of God cult five I remember?


Rose McGowan, too.


And she said she wanted to “reprogram” people and make them 10% better. Those are the very words she used. Very telling. She said she knew hos to take big groups of people and say “come with me”. She sounds like a cult leader.


River Phoenix too.


River Phoenix … as bubbles asked, Was it a sacrifice? The Viper Room was owned by Johnny Depp and River and Keanu were close. Remember what happened to Keanu’s pregnant ex-girlfriend after attending a party at Marilyn Manson’s mansion? It just goes on, and on….


Keanu Reeves made a movie calld “Replica” about cloning, that was inspired by the death of his ex girlfriend. Everything points twrds a blood sacrifice. Same for River Phoenix.


Keanu has been sainted since those days. Nobody wants to know about his dark associations. He is playing the long game, keeping quiet, minimal interviews and press ops.


thank you all for the comments, I already forgot that I read some time ago he was raised in a cult.And yes, don’t forget that j. depp is in a group named hollywood vampires. these all are in deep sh.t… and keanu reeves… replica was a very telling story.


Not only actors,musicians also.I believe they are sacrificed in order for them to gain fame.


yes, everybody who is in spotlight. for example formula 1 leclerc vs hubert. fame and success comes with sacrifice. in real sense of the word.


Steve Harvey may have said it best. When talking about the sacrifice required to break through the glass ceiling to the next level of success, he said, “When you break through glass, there’s going to be bloodshed. And the blood you shed is going to have to be something you care deeply about. If you’re not willing to let go of some things you care about, you can’t get what’s next for you.”


I was trying to find out about if Joaquin Phoenix was programmed as kid because at the moment when watching his interviews he sounds very real, authentic and independent in his way of thinking. He appears to be both shy and deep. He looking definitely deeply traumatized by life and he is clearly an Artist and has zero interest in fame at least you see he doesn’t like to be praised. Yes, I was reading about the cult – the chances the kiddos could be programmed is quite high but so few of information on this talented boy. What I see with other monarch stars is firts above pretty visible superficial thinking and attitude though not with Phoenix. What arr your thought about this boy or maybe you know where to read.


I’m sorry but I personally don’t think that Joker is a good movie despite what you wrote VC. The only good thing about the movie is Joaquin Phoenix’s performance, but story wise the movie is thin. And the most obvious thing, TOO MUCH unnecessary violence. I know the movie makers probably think all the violence depicted in the movie is justified to show the transformation of Arthur Pleck to become the Joker. But c’mon, when you have no solid story in your movie that you need to show all the violence to distract the audience, that is NOT good filmmaking. And I’m not the only one who thinks this way. A lot of my friends, even those who are suckers for violent action movies, also think that this Joker is TOO violent. That being said, I agree with some other users here in this forum that comment this movie is not anti-media. As a matter of fact, I personally believe this movie is actually 100% part of the agenda despite it’s anti-media persona. I believe there are 2 goals this movie is trying to accomplish: 1. It makes people become more tolerant and accepting towards violence esp. against other people.… Read more »


Very well said Anonymous!

“I believe there are 2 goals this movie is trying to accomplish”
Everything the Elites do has several purposes, always several goals…


Your comment is the best on this topic. I agree 100% with what you wrote.


I truly believe this movie was created to spark mass violence and create exactly what the movie portrays. Killing people and the byproduct of it creates attention for said killer. Evil. Pure evil.


I have a strong association of Joker with ‘Clockwork Orange’ hero and with all the evil clowns that I know – in real life and in the movies.


Wasn’t the clown thing a trend for awhile? Or did that only pertain to pub crawls…?


You know what I like about the Old the Testament? The times when God looked at the earth and was fed up with the people who were murderers, idolators, fornicators, liars, thieves and sacrificed their babies to some pagan deity, rapists etc……..God destroyed them!! HE did not say “well, well they all just had a sad childhood therefore these vicious folks can’t help themselves……
So what is this movie all about? About a deranged, diabolical, murderous clown, with a sad childhood, but is a hero on Social Media and ends up with a mass following as society is constantly being pushed by the Media to hate one another so that we will finally end up killing each other for all sorts of dumb reasons.
Hooray for Hellywood! Where the devil reigns and continuous to laugh as the masses are still watching all these useless, mind numbing, dumb, violent and pornographic images on the big screen all in the name of entertainment.
Read a book.


books can be propaganda, too. or you think that HP books are somewhat okay, but the movies don’t?
OT is only about people who are deceived by satan.


According to the director “Todd Phillips, (he) Left Comedy to Make ‘Joker’ Because ‘Woke Culture’ Ruined the Genre“… makes sense



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