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This Review of “Ford v Ferrari” Reflects the Absurdity of Movie Critics Today

This review of the movie “Ford v Ferrari” (which is about the auto industry in the 1960s) frowned on the fact that it mostly featured “straight white men”. It also called the entire auto industry a “patriarchal wasteland”. This is the sad state of “movie critics” today.



This Review of "Ford v Ferrari" Reflects the Absurdity of Movie Critics Today

Confession: I enjoy reading movie reviews. I particularly enjoy reading critics who the time to rip apart a bad movie or, conversely, those who explain exactly how a movie is a masterpiece. In fact, I sometimes find myself more entertained by the criticism of a movie than the movie itself.

However, nowadays, some movies are being ripped apart for the wrong reasons. And others are being praised for the same wrong reasons. Why? Because the entire “movie critic” business is being taken over by an “agenda police” that grades movies according to their compliance to the agenda, and nothing else.

In my article about the movie Joker, I stated:

In this day and age, mass media critics do not evaluate movies by their artistic merit, but by the direction of their political message. To be deemed “good”, a movie needs to check a list of “agenda” boxes.

With that being said, I recently came across a review of the movie Ford v Ferrari that perfectly illustrates this fact – to a point that it is nearly infuriating. The title alone transformed my head into a giant question mark: “Ford v Ferrari depicts a generation of ‘car guys’ best left in the past

What? Why?

This Review of "Ford v Ferrari" Reflects the Absurdity of Movie Critics Today

Why would a ‘car guy’ generation be best left in the past? Why would any generation be “best left in the past” when it comes to movies? Even the worst chapters in world history can make great movies. So why should a movie about the trailblazers of the auto industry be “left in the past”? Well, according to the subtitle, it is because most of the people in the movie (and in the auto industry in the 1960s) were “white males”. And, according to the author Hannah Elliot, that fact alone makes the movie bad.

When one musters the courage the read the entire thing, this “review” of a fun movie about fast cars turns into a hateful tirade against “straight white males”, auto designer Carroll Shelby and the entire auto industry.

While I couldn’t care less about the opinion of a single movie critic, these kinds of “reviews” are becoming the norm. And the wider issue at hand is the active shunning of movies that do not pander to the agenda while underhandedly calling for censorship and the whitewashing of history.

Reviewing the Review

The review was written for Bloomberg News (which is owned by Michael Bloomberg, the media mogul who is now running for U.S. President) and was published by the National Post (a major Canadian news outlet) and the auto site Driving.

The author dedicates about one sentence reviewing the actual movie to then plunge headfirst into a perplexing diatribe about hating a lot of things and people.

It’s a beautifully shot film that will be enjoyable for modern car buyers and enthusiasts alike — engines rev, tires squeal, stopwatches click. But what I saw is a devastating picture of the lack of diversity that permeated the industry in the 1960s.

If automakers want any hope of relevance in the next decades, as they face the most radical changes and challenges they’ve experienced in 150-odd years of automotive history, they would be wise to contemplate it closely. Because Ford v Ferrari shows a generation best left dead and gone.

Then, the author explains exactly how this movie about Ford in the 1960s offended her.

Picture this: During all 152 minutes of the film – which, for those who love vintage racing cars, will feel as good as an ice cream sundae on a summer afternoon – men dominate the screen for 98 per cent of the time, by my unofficial count. They are in the executive suites at Ford and Ferrari, in the workshops and garages in Venice, on the track out at Willow Springs Raceway. (And when I say men, I mean white, straight men.)

The author then frowns on the roles played by women in the movie.

No fraction of the storyline is devoted to parsing the thoughts and feelings of any female who appears, even peripherally, on screen. Instead, Caitriona Balfe, who plays Miles’s wife, Mollie, is presented as the doting mother: She smiles mildly and nods her head indulgently as her husband struggles to gain traction in the race world. She clucks and scolds like a schoolmarm when Miles and Shelby come to blows on her front lawn — then brings them each a soda pop.

Other women waft through the film like smoke: Secretaries in wood-paneled offices handing manila folders to men in navy suits; corporate wives smiling silently, always positioned one step behind their husbands’ shoulder; young racing fans that serve as pretty décor on racing podiums. To the victor go the spoils.

The critique I heard most often about Once Upon a Time in Hollywood could easily apply here: This is a film celebrating those nostalgic golden days when white men ruled. It’s pretty to watch if you can suspend thinking for two hours about what that world must have been like for any ambitious or creative folks who didn’t fit that demographic.

Furthering away from the actual movie, the author attacks Carroll Shelby on a personal level – even bringing up unproven allegations of harassment and rape.

The man who was responsible for turning the Ford Mustang into the epitome of American muscle occupies a godlike status in car culture and embodied everything the red-blooded American male of the era was supposed to hold supreme.

Shelby was a notorious womanizer who blew through six marriages and was heading toward divorce from his seventh when he died. He spoke to everyone with language so blue it was legendary; ask any car journalist or professional driver who knew him, and they’ve got plenty of descriptive words to describe the way he treated anyone within earshot. Many of those words are unprintable here.

For fun, he shot lions, elephants, and rhinoceroses on animal hunts in Africa. He filed so many lawsuits — against Ford, against local car builders, against online forums, and, ironically, against the company that later would supply all of the Cobras for the film — that he become more known and reported on for that in his later years than for any feats of automotive genius.

In fact, after his blast of success with the AC Cobras in the 1960s and his hot-rod take on the Ford Mustang, Shelby didn’t have a single real hit. Instead, there were claims he falsely represented many of the cars he sold. He left Ford for Chrysler, where he helped develop some special-edition Dodges. Ford fans brought up to adore him as a brand hero shouldn’t have been so surprised he left; this was not an individual known for loyalty to anyone or anything other than himself.

It gets worse: One of his former personal assistants, Angelica Smith, sued Shelby for sexual harassment in 2011. The suit included information about an alleged rape that happened at Shelby’s home by one of his employees, and that she was fired, partly in retaliation, after she reported it. (Shelby called the allegations “wild and fantastical” at the time; he died less than a year later.) But that particular anecdote has been washed almost entirely clean by the same boys-club car culture that idolizes Steve McQueen, a decent actor who died conveniently early and had a habit of hitting his wives.

Straying even further away from the movie, the author ends up complaining about the lack of women executives in car companies such as Kia and Toyota.

It’s no surprise to survey this patriarchal wasteland — but it’s no less depressing to see it, nonetheless. The epic portrayed remains uncomfortably close to how the car world is today. We still have to look hard to find women of consequence.

Six of GM’s 11 global board members are women, an admirable percentage. But the numbers are worse elsewhere. At Toyota, just 13% of board members are women; Hyundai and Kia have no women in any position as high as vice president. The auto industry lags behind the rest of the world: women in corporate America at large occupy 21% of C-suite offices, 30% of VP-level roles and 38% of managerial roles, while the auto industry places women in 13% of C-suites, 18% of VP-level spots, and 20% of managerial positions, according to Catalyst, a nonprofit that advocates for women in industry.

This isn’t good enough. Today car companies face difficult questions about brand identity and mobility — concepts they’ve never had to contemplate before now. They are evaluating who they are — there’s that question again — in a world increasingly oriented toward mobility rather than mechanical transport, electric motors rather than V8 engines.

How did a movie review about Matt Damon racing cars ended up criticizing business practices in Japan and South Korea? She even calls the industry a “patriarchal wasteland”. Here’s a crazy thought: Maybe there’s a low percentage of women in the car industry because there’s a low percentage of women who are interested in cars in general?

The article concludes:

Ford v Ferrari puts in stark relief the stunted mentality of previous generations. Carroll Shelby, crystalized by Hollywood like a mosquito in amber, is its totem artifact of generations dead and gone. For those who are serious about making brilliant, thrilling, innovative vehicles in the modern age, he’s best left behind.

Reactions to the Review

The “review” generated hundreds of comments on each site it was posted on. Nearly all of the comments (many of them written by women) bash the critic senseless.

This Review of "Ford v Ferrari" Reflects the Absurdity of Movie Critics Today This Review of "Ford v Ferrari" Reflects the Absurdity of Movie Critics Today This Review of "Ford v Ferrari" Reflects the Absurdity of Movie Critics Today This Review of "Ford v Ferrari" Reflects the Absurdity of Movie Critics Today This Review of "Ford v Ferrari" Reflects the Absurdity of Movie Critics Today

In Conclusion

Hannah Elliot’s “review” couldn’t be more superficial. It solely focused on the sex, the skin color and the sexual orientation of the characters in the movie (which are based on actual people). And therein lies the hypocrisy of the “diversity gurus” of the modern age: Instead of judging people by who they are, they judge people by what they are.

This hypocrisy is being applied to movie reviews: Instead of judging a movie by what it is, they are judged by who’s in them. Are there enough LGBTQ+? Are there enough “strong” feminist women? Are there enough minorities? What percentage of words are said by each group? Movies are now evaluated on these criteria. And this is killing the movie industry. And maybe that’s what they want.

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This Review of "Ford v Ferrari" Reflects the Absurdity of Movie Critics Today

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It is absolutely intentional. To control the future you need to erase the past. They fund bombs because the agenda is more important than money. Eventually people will just stay home. Their future involves us trapped in our cubicle sized smart apartments, being filmed by our televisions/computers/god knows what else. That is when we’re not being driven to and from “work” by automatic cars powered by the 5G net. That and vegan slop with meat once a year as a “treat”.

The Warner 45

yep absolutely correct


Just wait until they double our chocolate rations by cutting them in half…

billy meyers

haha fear that’s the best comment i’ve seen in a while

D D d

With chocolat you mean lovely wrapped palmfat and aroma’s with an OD on sugars? The cacao-mass is being used as colourant instead of for taste and nutrients. So-called ‘Children’s Chocolat’ contains even less cocoa and more sugars and empty fats (promoted as less danderous than old-fashione-chocolat containg lots of the the good thing, cacao.)
Read the listing in smallprint before buying.


LOL Explendid


Pfft meat once a year, only it’s soylent green.

Aleksandra Poros jehovahswitness

I hate 5g


I know! The worst part of knowing that it’s coming is knowing that we can’t escape from it. Or can we? It’s not just about smartphones, is it?

aleksandra poros jehovazwitness

No lol the article from VC years ago about Psyops patches, put them in the context of 5g, as the knight says, there is no off the grid, could perhaps be why they are burning half the earth now to set up their short rang towers (every 100m) because trees block the signals.

God’s kingdom is coming, first then end of false religion, then the (false) cry of peace and security then the attack on God’s people to eradicate them and then God steps in, ends all of satan’s system and the new life beings. Peace.

D D d

If anyone knows about a country saving and protecting its people (and with that I mean the reason of being a country n the first pace), I would be glad to know. I’ll probably move there.
I am from The netherlands.
A democratic monarchy – if you can believe in that concept.


Your country is ok, your chocolate is ok too. I’d rather not move out of there. But I have a globalist joke on this subject, suitable for residents of all countries: “We have nowhere to run.”


I wouldn’t call this a joke. To me, that’s the raw truth.

D D d

Then I will probably die fighting and screaming with people in a uniform ‘protecting my society from me’?
Or is there an escape: there are a lot of escaperoomtvshows lately. Maybe for those who care to puzzle their way out of this life too?
(In the context of predictive programming.)

Erik Weisz

Imma get me a Tommy Copper dick-sock and a tin-foil hat and turn my house into a faraday cage.

Aleksandra Poros jehovahswitness

Microwave millimetre waves burning the skin causing insomnia, psychosis, fatigue, dna damage, carcinoma and cancer, infertility, genetic diseases the list goes on. Who wants to live in a giant microwave?

Let God’s kingdom come!


I agreed with your post until you said they are going to force veganism on everyone. The reason corporations are pushing fake vegan meat so much is only to try and corrupt vegans, because they have the healthiest diet that isnt based in killing anything. Theres no need to corrupt people who eat meat, they are already mostly obese and malnourished for eating something that has been known to cause artery problems and heart disease for a long time. Heart disease is the number 1 cause of death because of a meat centered diet. Vegans do not get this illness, along with most other food related illnesses. The only thing they have to worry about is the chemicals in the food. (although if they eat the stuff that is marketed to them by advertisements they might start having more problems). An intelligent creator would not make an abundance of super intelligent food producing plants and then tell you that killing animals for their flesh is the right way to go. This is the epitome of logic. Discussing what diet is healthy and what is not should be really simple and relaxed as we all want to know what is right… Read more »


“Heart disease is the #1 cause of death” – correct — “because of a meat centered diet” – absurdly incorrect, and laughable.

I wouldn’t speak on logic if I were you.


And what great experience do you have in the health industry? Scientist? Researcher? Or just testosterone-laden moron that thinks it’s manly to eat meat? Bill has done his due diligence on the subject, which is more I can say for you. You reveal your ignorance by attacking him with ad hominem blather.


You complain about ad hominem attacks…while attacking others. Cute.

aleksandra poros jehovazwitness

Bill, mate, that is true but they also need the illusion of pushing for “peace and security” as prophesied in thessalonians (followed with “and then sudden destruction is upon them.”)

Everything God has done they steal and mock, eternal life through UN pushing for longer lifespands, end of diseases which is bible prophecy along with no war no borders ( i hope we keep languages) and now, VEGANISM! God created us 8/1/1 in the garden of Eden.


@Bill: your comment is quite condescending. Also, eating meat and eating too much red meat are two different things.

Nathaniel spiggind

Nope, not even close. Meat and meat fat are essential for brain function. They push a vegan diet because a vegan diet to make you a brain dead malnourished little beeyatch.


This exactly. I think we could eat less meat and be healthy, but no meat at all, and no animal products whatsoever, isn’t healthy at all. I like veggies and eat a lot of them, in their real form, not ultra processed into weird patties and slops like you’d feed a pig in a trough. I eventually hope to raise all of the meat I consume (except fish but I live by the ocean and will fish for that occasionally) and all of the fruits and veggies. Maybe people could focus on being sensible in a practical way, about their diet and impact on the planet? But if they did that, they wouldn’t be able to virtue signal or jump on the latest trend to show their imagined superiority.


Of course. Why do you think when you join a cult the first thing they do is get you on a super low protein diet. Puts you into a fog ,lowers your will power and critical thinking abilities and makes you much easier to control

P. Brown

A vegan diet has plenty of protein, it just comes from plant sources, not meat. Please do some research and listen to the thousands of doctors who say a plant-based diet is healthier. Also, since when is not wanting animals to suffer a bad thing??

The Myrtle Tree

Do more research into the destruction of habitat caused by soy and wheat farming before making those assertions. I grew up surrounded by fertilizer enhanced, river irrigated, pesticide showered soybean fields. Not healthy for anyone, especially those animals for whom you are concerned.

D D d

In The Nether lands we cut our trees and import American woodschips for burning to get electricity, already, today. Envirement-friendly they call that way of living.
Billions in cost only to build some more of those generators – but where to get the woods in 5 years time? Woods needs decades to grow.
We have to drop the gass-usage in few years time – mandatory.
We all have to use loud, humming, thrilling monstruous heat-pumps that damage our ears and bodies. Eleminating silence and quiet for 24 hours a day all over the place and everywhere. No laws on Low Frequency Soundwaves, still after decades of research abd publishing on health issues.
It is war – and without armies, but verrrrrry local (again : globally), very pc, very green, ..very sustainable..?


I’ve heard that soy crops don’t need any pesticides because even the bugs don’t want to eat it. Makes you think.


I lived on vegetables for a while to try and eat “healthier.” After a few months my hair starting falling out, my teeth became yellow and my skin looked ashy. In addition I ended up becoming severely depressed and had no energy to speak off. Once I started eating meat and poultry again all these issues disappeared.

D D d

It is all about balance. As omnivoral predators, we have a bodysystem that is very adaptable, but not at once, over years.
For the things animals bring to our diet we could do with some less, and one should choose better.
When a pig eats garbage, its meat will be garbage, and when a cow eats the wrong stuff its meat will not be healthy for us.
(Want perfect oldfashion crispy bacon at home – try using organic, it will melt and fry itself, instead of become an synthetic-aromaticced smelling plastic sponge.)


The “meat is bad for you” bs was recently proved to be based on completely fraudulent research– look it up, I’m not kidding– the Researcher lied thru his teeth. You can actually get sick from not eating meat. Not saying hormones etc. are good etc. but all the “red meat” bs was from completely fraudulent/fudged research and was recently completely debunked. Like human caused “Global Warming” yet another “scientific” fraud.

laura morrison

Veganism is NOT a healthy diet.

P. Brown

Have you ever been vegan? I have been vegan for five years and a vegetarian for 30 years. I am 55 years old and I am very healthy. I have no cholesterol issues and I look years younger than my actual age, so I have been told. Don’t speak about what you know nothing about.


I got up and applauded your post. That is exactly what they want. In a few lines you have exposed an entire agenda that may have already occurred and now we see it happening again.


On the bright side, repugnant, boring, angry, ‘moralizing’ reviews such as this only drive people away from the ‘reviewer’ and into the movie theaters! (hence the excellent comments). There were so many ‘woke’ reviews of The Joker that all dissed and reviled it. Yet, look what happened. Massive hit!
And all the ‘woke’ movies coming out are Bombing catastrophically! Hahahahaha!!! Not everyone is completely brainwashed apparently.
Thanks so much for all you do, VC! You’re a true light in this vast void of ignorance. Honestly, I see more and more everyday how practically everything falls under the ‘social engineering’ category. It’s far more pervasive than even I realize, and I consider myself fairly well educated on these matters. It is as though they have invaded every nook and cranny of human culture and society. That which is purportedly designed to ‘help’ humanity, when examined more closely, is usually a trick to sicken, enslave, or deceive humanity.
One must be very proactive and truly examine every single bit of information we are fed.


Joker was a very “woke” movie, I don’t understand how people here are seeing it the opposite way. And most critics gave it positive reviews, check out rotten tomatoes. It also won Best Film at the Venice Film Festival. The Joker’s enemies (such as batman’s dad) were rich people who despise poor people on welfare and were even successful in taking health insurance away from poor people such as the Joker. Remind you of any modern day political party in the U.S.? Did you guys cover your ears for the whole movie?


The Joker was a movie made by very rich people who got even richer thanks to this movie. There may be an agenda behind it.


OMG THANK YOU for this article! I myself am a non-white male who really enjoy movies. I consider myself a movie buff. But even I share the same sentiments with many other SANE people regarding the state of cinema today: we are FED UP with the constant PC and “woke” agenda that are being aggressively shoved down our throats through a lot of “agenda-friendly” movies and/or critics. These days you cannot enjoy a movie without someone mentioning about the inclusivity/diversity the cast/crew should be. I also notice this kind of trend rise in the past few years and it gets even worse ever since the #MeToo era. These days, heaven forbids that a movie has no female director or zero POC/LGBT representation in it. Like who even cares???? I honestly don’t care about the color/race/gender/sexual orientation of the crew/cast as long they can provide me GOOD movies that are rich in artistic merit. As a POC, I’ve honestly never been bothered about the “lack of representation” of my people on the screen. I don’t need to see a superhero that comes from my race/ethnicity that I can look up to so that I won’t feel “left out”. I don’t care… Read more »


Exactly! I don’t ever want to be granted a job, a place in school/college whatever, based on my sex, race, ethnicity etc. That would be the incapacitation label on whatever I did, because I didn’t get there for my intelligence and skills, but for what “minorities” they wanted to include me in. I would be very embarrassed if any of that was the reason why I got something. Not achieved, but given. If I want to get ahead in life, it’ll be because I worked for it, not because someone says I have to based on characteristics I have no control of.


Ikr. The biggest straw for me was when the so-called SJWs and woke feminists protest the classic Christmas song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” because they claim that it promotes rape culture and sexual abuse against women. Can you believe that??? A once innocent, cutesy, flirty song between a man and a woman from an era decades ago where everything was quite different back then is now considered a “rape song”. What a load of bollocks! And now they demand for the song’s lyrics to be rewritten to fit their narrative. I’m so pissed off that these SJWs manage to ruin a perfectly decent Christmas song just because they’re too offended by it. 🙁


Oops I was actually replying to another comment. I don’t know why it ended up here. But anyway yes I agree with your comment. You raise a pretty good point there. I too would be insulted if the reason why I manage to get anything in life is solely based on my race/ethnicity alone. I would be like, am I not good enough that you have to see past my competence and accomplishments to something I cannot control as a determining factor of my worthiness? Just like I’m insulted that filmmakers decided to make a character of the same race/ethnicity as mine not necessarily because they genuinely want to tell the story but rather as an effort to appease contemporary sensibilities (out of fear that the SJWs and PC police might try to come and get them viciously if they’re not trying to be more inclusive/diverse) – and eventually get more butts in theater seats. To me, it just sounds insincere. Just like I’m insulted that these filmmakers insinuate that I could never look up to and be inspired of people of other races/background because I only care about people of my own race that they have to make a… Read more »



Creepy Joe

Good comment and spot on. When I was younger I purposely sought out Horror films from S. Korea, Japan and Italy. I was never pissed because they had no trans people, no gay, no all women cast, no Hispanics, etc. I watched the movie as is and accepted it and I was always coming back for more. These days, I couldn’t care less about films, which is sad. You just can’t escape the constant agenda/virtue signaling going on or the annoying activist actors we are bombarded with in today’s market.

D D d

Creepy Joe, to me this sounds like your empathy has been damaged by those horrormovies, really. I know some of the movies and they are the most cruelest in history. Entertainment? Amusement? No.
I think that personality-damage.. was the purpose of those movies!

What do you or others think about my little theory?


Did you see Spiderman: Far from Home? Peter’s class looked like The Magic School bus it was so overtly diverse. They changed the race of every one of his friends and even stuck a Muslim girl in there, who they were sure to give plenty of screen time to despite her being a completely worthless and pointless character. Her name? Dunno, because she wasn’t Spiderman. I came to that movie to watch a man with spider super powers beat up a guy with super holograms (who of course was white because he was the bad guy) not follow around the colorful cast of who-gives-a-s--t characters just so Sony/Disney can meet their virtue quota. Frankly I’m surprised MJ isn’t a boy or a trans girl yet.


Old is gold. 1940s films get me every time. Bette Davis et al. Timeless, glamorous, deeply humane. Anything made after 2000 = eager, mindless, violent BS. Made after 2015 = you’d have to be a masochist. So just subscribe to TCM on YouTube and don’t waste your time with all the new claptrap.

deadly nightshade

That was the most racist, sexist, discriminating review of white males. It’s funny that they complain about that s--t yet use it as a tactic. Such idiotic hypocrites.

Everykneewillbow to Jesus Christ

I stopped reading the critics’ reviews. I learned what they call bad is usually good. Because the White men were straight do not make the movie a bad one. Not everyone wants to live as homosexuals. It is time America accepts that aspect as well.

Kudos to movie producers, directors and screenwriters for keeping agendas out of movies. I remember one movie that won the Best Movie of the year, because it was about homosexual. The movie itself was not good. As the article stated, it was due to addressing one of the agendas. We are also seeing a lot of interracial couples in commercials to the point Black men are seldom shown with their own women. I do not believe everyone is so ignorant by making life decisions based on television shoes and movies.


It is rare to see a white male and white female couple in a healthy relationship in today’s media. I’d love for someone to breakdown the stats of movies, shows and commercials to show the percentage of mixed race couples, which is predominantly black men with white women, versus all white couples.


The war on the white race. Wake up. Its real

John Long Silver

Wake up! It is the Divide to Conquer. And it’s working.


I use the critics reviews as a bell weather. If they hate it, I will love it.


About 4-6% of the US population identifies as LGBT+ That is not a lot, but somehow every movie today has to “represent” this insanely small group.


If that’s not propaganda/indoctrination, I don’t know what is.

Mama Legba

Reality check: Some of us WOMEN still WANT to see movies about straight men! I swear, if my hunks’ roles are over taken by one more blobby feminist or one more guy that likes it up the a-s, I’m gonna scream… No offense, LGBT, it’s just the truth.


Nothing is what it seems, ESPECIALLY in the movies….


Yeah we watched a movie about a dopey, antisocial cross dresser who all the women were going CRAZY over…I’m like “This is ridiculous”


I think there’s a certain Florence Nightingale component to it. Women subconsciously spot a wounded male and experience as strong attraction as their maternal instinct kicks into overdrive. This is a totally dangerous situation that should be avoided at all costs, but it is a trend and a reality, nonetheless. Perhaps a biological impetus intended to correct the natural order of things?


One of the thoughts of communism is to destroy art. Hannah sounds like one of these type of people.

To be able to tell a story of the past is a long lost art. Probably done with a good reason…


I’m so glad I’m not alone in calling people out for their nonsense. They usually say ‘unpopular opinion’ these days, only cause loss of logic being void. Agenda with everything, in anything, as the state of affairs.

Post strongly internalised & obvious facts on any social media platform – you will be attacked.

It’s only freedom of speech when you speak positively about specific topics. Anything else is seen as sexist, racist, homophobic & uncultured.


Ed you seem very EDucated. Keep in mind only one group is the real target


As a female car enthusiast and absolutely devoted fan of American muscle cars, I got a headache just reading the review. This is a movie based on actual history, based on real people, from a real era and real cars. Whatever ugly, “woke” comments they are trying to feed us is mostly propaganda. Did Miss Hannah ever consider that thanks to strong woman who were their husbands crutch and could level their heads, they also were a part of history? That not only did they form families but also shape history through their love and nurturing? Darling, if you like electric self driving cars, please keep as far away from real cars as possible. There is something about the smell of burning octane and the loud rev of engines that makes every car enthusiast heart thrum with anticipation and excitement. Myself included. Do you know how damaging the extraction of lithium is? Or how much water is required for the process of refinement and production of a battery? And let us not forget that lithium is mostly found in third world countries such as Bolivia and Chile were water is essential for the growth of crop and sustenance of its… Read more »


that comment by Kim Ellis is great!
i hate this stupid offended by everything social media culture that has taken over society. reminds me of all the crap i come across on buzzfeed that is obviously posted to confuse and divide people.

I love this site so much and i’m glad there are many others who appreciate your work.


So, the movie told a realistic story from a bygone era that didn’t try to make heroes out of fringy alternative characters that really had nothing to do with the story or the plot – but it’s their status (victim) group that matters. And there aren’t any victims. And that’s bad. Really bad. Oh and cars are evil. Really evil. I thought the most interesting plot point in the article was that she insisted that the car industry has never suffered from identity problems until now. I nearly died considering what the Japanese car industry did to the domestic brands back in the 1970’s, 1980’s. The domestics took a long time to figure out how to compete with the Asian car makers. I would say, where do you find this stuff, but as you keep showing in your articles and posts – these people are everywhere and they are given a voice to promote their twisted agenda. This article makes me want to see this movie – not reject it!

‘84 Olds Cutlass

Muscle cars scare the new generation of useless morons. Fixing up cars and building motors is an art, it takes skill and a brain; too bad the newbies are dumbed down and will never understand how to build. This is also a dig at the auto industry because their is a fight right now to Make all cars self-driven, no gas only electric and tiny. This is about control. Men and women who are ‘car people’ scare that electronic car crowd, because they represent America and freedom.

‘84 Olds Cutlass

There not their****

annihilator of barbarians

In soviet union all art had to be propaganda

Creepy Joe

Too bad Matt Damon is a Second Amendment hating pansy. Too bad Christian Bale gave that weird speech thanking Satan. I would have loved to see this movie, but two of the leads are on my boycott list for good. Bale and Gary Oldman have been two of my favorite actors of all time. So far Gary has not let me down. I will never support Bale every again.


I met Gary Oldman many years ago and he spoke with everyone in such a polite manner. I was blown away. I was working at Madame Tussaud’s at the time…..


I bet Matt Damon has armed security. And Christian Bale didn’t seem to be acting in “American Psycho”, which I could only see a few minutes of because it was so gross. I also threw away the book, I’ve never thrown away any book in my life til then and I should’ve burned it instead.

All of these people are fakes and frauds and where they are because they sold their souls to Satan. No exceptions.

D D d

I read a couple of books by Bret Easton Ellis long time ago,

and I regret all of it.

He lured me in wth superficial decadence when I was younger, and suprised me in a nasty way with sadistic graphically detailed elements like no Agatha Christy ever had.

deadly nightshade

Cant really read any entertainment blogs anymore either cus they all sound like the writer of this review. They’re all just bunch of NPCs that all say the same thing and sound the same. Not one independent thought. I used to like them now I just read a few post because I cant read all of them anymore because of all the hateful nonsense they spew. If you read one you dont need to look at another cus it’s the same thing. You already read it.

Jesus Stan

It’s white men in the movie because that’s who it’s based on? To put anybody else would be inaccurate, in my opinion.

Johnny Utah

You mean like a spiderblackman movie?


Spider blacman is going to be box office hit because all the minorities that the TPTB has undereducated and enslaved during all this years are going to rush and give their last $ to watch a white character now belongs to them, this cool character their enslacers love is now THEm – honestly the only victims are the minorities that are only dumbified more, sadly, they had no chance i the world – just go on miss universe victory page and look how happy they are a black woman has won and how they respond to those that are not impressed by her beauty with “you are racist” they are defensive without reason and TPTB are flaming them – reality is every single Miss Universe that won (most South American) had been called out by people but no one reacted as such victim in such collective way

annihilator of barbarians

Many think that the feminists want matriarchy.No,you have not understood the nature of this creation of satanists ,the Left.Let me explain,the Gnosticists,the satanists and the leftists,want to destroy EVERYTHING,THE WORLD so that the leftist/communist hell on earth,the new world order can rise.If we had matriarchy they would attack that system,but they attack patriarchy because this is what the world consists of.The leftists are not just retards, they are conspirators as much as the Illuminati.The leftists embrace always the illuminati agenda and follow the Beast everywhere.The leftists are super tyrannical and force us to submit to their unnatural bs.The right thing is every woman and man to do anything we want


I’m a Christian Gnostic. Gnosticism is not the same as Satanism. Do some research.

annihilator of barbarians

So you are a Christian Satanist.I have done a lot of research and I have understood this lie,Gnosticism,completely.It was invented by the j nation to serve satanism.The main purpose of Gnosticism is to make possible calling good evil and evil good.To achieve this they say that there are many worlds.We live in the world of the demi urge the God of the Christians who is evil because there is suffering.He is the inferior god.The good superior god sent the demons to help mankind.When everything is destroyed by the demons and the satanists, we will be freed and we will enter another world made by the superior god.When the satanists cause pain supposedly the demi urge,which means creator,feels it because the world is part of Him.So their goal is to torture and kill every human and animal!When someone is kind he follows the demiurge who is evil, so if you are good you are evil and if you are evil you are good!!!The first black mass was the mass of the Gnostics.The masons are of course satanists and their letter G means not god or geometry,it means gnosticism!

D D d

So much ore to find on this subject, even here in the comsecs at VC!

Sadie Slays

I recently watched the Lord of the Rings trilogy for the first time. It was such a stark contrast to the garbage coming out of Hollywood these days. No gender-swapped, race-swapped, unnecessary LGBT additions. No 90 lb. women beating up men three times their size. Just a simple tale of objective good vs. evil with a mostly male cast. Hollywood would never make a major blockbuster like this in today’s climate.

Hollywood killed the celluloid star

Yeah, but the director Peter Jackson is heavily tied into satanists. Look up what he did for the W Memphis Three criminals especially Damien Echols. Peter Jackson went above and beyond when Hollywood fought to get those child killers set free. It’s shocking.


I feel sorry for the sad state of the movie critic.


I completely agree. Not every movie/story has to be in service to diversity and political correctness. However, what bothered me about this movie was the choice to examine the story of 2 mega corporations. I’m frankly tired of the corporate obsessed world we live in, and I do not want to see movies about companies. What’s next, the story of Pepsi vs. Coke? Or how about Adidas vs. Nike. Come on Hollywood do better, there’s a ton of stories waiting to be told about PEOPLE!


“Corporations are people, too!” – USA Government

D D d

It is normalising the change in society. Ignoring large chunks of our world as it was, to focus on details and trimmings.
Not only the women or poor or blacks or gays are a sideline.
The review was ridiculous in itself and did not even need this movie for it.



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