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“Rosemary’s Baby”, Roman Polanski’s Ode to the Anti-Christ

An in-depth analysis of Roman Polanski’s “Rosemary’s Baby”, a disturbing movie that was released at a pivotal moment in American history.



"Rosemary's Baby", Roman Polanski's Ode to the Anti-Christ

The 1968 movie “Rosemary’s Baby” is one of Roman Polanski’s most chilling and acclaimed productions. The film describes the manipulation of a young woman by a high-society occult coven for ritualistic purposes. The movie’s unsettling quality does not rely on blood and gore but on its realistic premise, which forces the viewers to ponder on the likelihood of the existence of elite secret societies. Even more unsettling are the eerie real-life events that surrounded the movie involving ritualistic killings and MK Ultra. We will look at the symbolic meaning of “Rosemary’s Baby” and the stranger-than-fiction events that followed its release.

Although articles on the Vigilant Citizen usually pertain to new releases, a look at the past is often necessary to better understand the present. The state of today’s Illuminati pop culture is not a spontaneous trend that sprung out of nowhere. Rather, it is the result of years of occult influence on the entertainment industry and the gradual conditioning of the masses to certain messages and symbols. Although pop culture has always been tainted by the elite’s agenda to shape and mold young minds, it is during the 60s and the 70s that MK-Ultra stooges and dark secret societies became visible parts of the mix. The need to quell the anti-war and anti-establishment movements of the 60’s forced the elite to infiltrate and disrupt the culture. A series of destabilizing events occurred to shock idealistic minds and heroes became enemies. The “Peace and Love” of the 60s became Charles Manson and LSD in the 70s.

Roman Polanski’s Rosemary’s Baby and its story about the manipulation of a young woman by an elite witch coven to carry and give birth to the Anti-Christ captured the mindset of this era and became symbolic of the irreversible shift that happened in the late 60s. However, it is the real-life events surrounding the movie that truly defined this era: Less than a year after the release of Rosemary’s Baby, Roman Polanski’s pregnant wife was ritualistically murdered by members of the Charles Manson family. This horrific event brought a brutal end to the “good vibrations” of the 60s and is viewed by many historians as a pivotal moment in American history. We will look at the symbolic meaning of Rosemary’s Baby and analyze the strange events surrounding it, which involve occult secret societies, mind control, and ritualistic murders.

Rosemary’s Baby

Roman’s Polanski’s 1968 movie is a faithful adaption of Ira Levin’s best-selling novel that appeared only a year before. Although it contains no blood or gore, Rosemary’s Baby is considered to be one of the scariest movies of all time. Why? The creepy nature of the film is not in its special effects, but in its realistic premise. The story takes place in a real apartment building (the Dakota) that has a real reputation of attracting eccentric elements of New York’s high society. The evil coven is not composed of stereotypical, pointy-nose witches but of friendly neighbors, prestigious doctors and distinguished individuals. They are elegant, rational and intelligent and are connected to important people. The realism of the movie forces the viewers to ponder on the existence of such groups, to a point that some feared that the movie, after its release would cause an all-out witch hunt. Rosemary’s manipulation is also extremely realistic, causing the viewers to think: “It could happen to me”.

The Setting

The movie starts with a pan-and-glide shot of the New York skyline, showing rooftops of buildings, finally settling on the prestigious Dakota Building  (renamed “The Bramford” in the movie).

"Rosemary's Baby", Roman Polanski's Ode to the Anti-Christ

The Dakota Building (dubbed the Bramford in Rosemary’s Baby)

The Dakota, and other buildings of the Upper West Side are known to be home of New York’s aristocracy (the “old money”). The Dakota has also attracted celebrities such as actors, singers, and writers. It is the “place to be” for New York’s elite.

In the movie, the Bramford is rumored to have been the site of numerous strange events involving black magic and ritual killings. Adrian Marcato, a rich man practicing witchcraft was almost killed in the lobby of the building. Ten years later, John Lennon, who lived in the Dakota, was murdered in front of this same building. During the introduction of the movie, the Bramford is just one of New York city’s many rooftops, concealing within its austere walls occult rituals the average person would never suspect.

The Young Couple

"Rosemary's Baby", Roman Polanski's Ode to the Anti-Christ

John and Rosemary Woodhouse visiting the Bramford.

Rosemary and Guy Woodhouse (played by Mia Farrow and John Cassavetes) are a young couple who are looking to rent an apartment at the Bramford. Guy is a struggling actor who is not able to obtain recognition or important roles and has to resort to appearing in degrading TV commercials to generate some income. Rosemary is a frail and shy country girl who comes from a strict Catholic background. The name Rosemary has historically been associated with the Virgin Mary, who is said to have spread her cloak over a white-blossomed rosemary bush when she was resting, turning it blue. In the movie, the kind and trusting Rosemary will become a sort of “Black Virgin Mary”, bearing within her womb the child of Satan.

The Castevets

"Rosemary's Baby", Roman Polanski's Ode to the Anti-Christ

Once settled in their apartment, the Woodhouses meet their neighbors the Castevets, a friendly but nosy elderly couple who invite them for dinner. During this important evening, Roman Castevet compliments Guy on his acting, claiming he has an “interesting inner-quality” and “that is should take him a long way” … provided he gets those initial breaks (we later learn that those breaks come easier when one is part of their cult). Roman claims his father was a theatrical director and that he worked with all of biggest stars of the time (his father is actually Adrian Marcato, the witch who almost got killed in the building’s lobby).

In the kitchen, Minnie asks Rosemary several questions concerning the number of children in her family. She is obviously very interested in the “child-bearing” qualities of Rosemary.

In the living room, Roman is privately discussing with Guy.

"Rosemary's Baby", Roman Polanski's Ode to the Anti-Christ

Roman and Guy’s important discussion

Guy learns about Roman’s witch coven and occult rituals. He is also told that his career will succeed if he were to join them. The price of entry is however steep: He must allow his wife to be drugged and impregnated by Satan during an occult ritual.

Under Their Control

Although he did not like the elderly couple at first, Guy joins the coven and becomes good friends with Roman. Rosemary, who has no idea of these dealings, becomes weary of the couple and their strange behavior. During a pop-in visit, Minnie gives Rosemary a pendant containing tannis root (a fictitious plant), claiming it to be a good luck charm.

"Rosemary's Baby", Roman Polanski's Ode to the Anti-Christ

The spherical pendant was previously worn by a young woman who was living with the Castevets. The elderly couple found her living on the streets (mind-control handlers prey on such lost individuals). The woman killed herself by jumping out of a window, probably after learning about the Castevets occult plans for her. The pendant becomes symbolic of the coven’s mind control.

The same night, Guy obtains the leading role of a play because the original actor suddenly became blind. This strange event convinces Guy of the coven’s power, quelling all his doubts regarding its ability to help his acting career. Rosemary soon notices a drastic change in Guy’s attitude: Her husband is “suddenly very hot”, landing big roles here and there. He is also becoming “self-centered,” “vain,” “pre-occupied,” and “self-absorbed”. Funny how this describes the changes seen in celebrities who “sell their soul” for fame.

The Ritual

One night, Guy brings flowers to Rosemary and abruptly proposes, “Let’s have a baby, all right?”. He circles the best days on the calendar to start having sex – October 4th or 5th, 1965. (The coven had determined that these were the prime days for copulation to obtain a numerologically-correct birth). While the couple has a romantic dinner as a prelude to lovemaking, Minnie knocks at their door to drop off a dessert she made. Rosemary finds that the chocolate mousse has a “chalky taste” but Guy insists that she eats it. Her mousse contained drugs and Rosemary becomes dizzy.

During her trance-like state, Rosemary has incoherent hallucinations involving a JFK look-a-like (the only Catholic US President, who died six years before) images of the Sistine Chapel and the Pope (who is wearing Rosemary’s spherical pendant, symbol of occult control). She is then seen naked on her bed, surrounded by her husband, the Castevets and the entire witch coven, who are chanting ritualistic hymns while an occult ritual is practiced on her.

"Rosemary's Baby", Roman Polanski's Ode to the Anti-Christ

Markings on Rosemary’s chest, on par with “real” Satanic rituals.

In her dream-like state, Guy begins making love to her, but his appearance changes into a grotesque beast-like figure resembling the Devil, with yellowish eyes and clawed, scaly hands. He strokes the length of her body with his hairy claw. While being ‘raped’ Rosemary realizes:

“This is no dream, this is really happening!”

There have been persistent rumors claiming that Anton LaVey, the founder of the Church of Satan, played the uncredited role of Satan during the impregnation scene, and also served as a technical advisor for the film. There is no proof of LaVey’s involvement in the movie but he was nonetheless linked to the movie’s aura in another way: Susan Atkins, the member of the Manson family who later murdered Polanski’s pregnant wife Sharon Tate, was an ex-follower of Anton LaVey.

Soon after, Rosemary learns that she is pregnant.

The Pregnancy

Right after learning about Rosemary’s pregnancy, Guy knocks on the door of the Castevets to inform them of the “good news”. Minnie immediately recommends that Rosemary sees “the finest obstetricians of the country”, Abe Sapirstein. He is the elite’s doctor as he “delivers all high society babies”.

"Rosemary's Baby", Roman Polanski's Ode to the Anti-Christ

A symbolic Time magazine cover in the waiting room.

The doctor orders Rosemary to avoid all pregnancy books and all friendly advice because “no two pregnancies” are alike. In reality, he knows that this unholy pregnancy will be extremely painful. He also requires Rosemary to consume daily drinks made by her neighbor Minnie Castevet. Rosemary becomes therefore totally dependent on members of the coven for all issues regarding her pregnancy. They keep her sheltered from the outside world, monitored and sedated in numerous ways.

Rosemary’s pregnancy is extremely difficult. She loses weight and she keeps feeling sharp pains in her stomach. Dr. Sapirstein dismisses her concerns, telling her that the pain would go away. Rosemary becomes weary of her neighbors, who are a little too “interested” in her pregnancy. She then obtains a book from a concerned friend (who mysteriously dies afterward): All of Them Witches.

The book describes the Castevet’s international secret society, which is known to practice blood rituals. Rosemary then buys more books on witchcraft. She is seen reading a passage which might describe the reason why Guy had been obtaining important roles.

“Many people during that time died supposedly natural deaths. Since then it has been determined that the United Mental Force of the whole coven could blind, deafen, paralyze, and ultimately kill the chosen victim. This use of a United Mental Force is sometimes called a coven.”

"Rosemary's Baby", Roman Polanski's Ode to the Anti-Christ


Rosemary attempts to escape the coven’s control and seeks help but she is tracked down and brought back home. She is drugged by Dr. Sapirstein and, soon after, she goes into labor.

The Baby

When Rosemary wakes up, she is told that her baby was dead (it was taken by the coven). Guy tries to comfort his wife by telling her that big movie production companies like Paramount and Universal were interested in hiring him. He was also promised a big house Beverly Hills – all rewards for Guy’s initiation into the coven and Rosemary’s sacrifice.

Determined to find her baby, Rosemary sneaks into the Castevets’ apartment and stumbles into a Satanic “Adoration of the Magi” scene, with people from all over the world bringing gifts to the baby.

When Rosemary sees the baby’s reptilian eyes, she starts screaming. Roman Castevet tells her:

“Satan is his father, not Guy. He came up from hell and begat a son of mortal woman. Satan is his father and his name is Adrian. He shall overthrow the mighty and lay waste their temples. He shall redeem the despised and wreak vengeance in the name of the burned and the tortured. Hail, Adrian! Hail, Satan! God is dead! Satan lives! The year is One, the year is One! God is dead”

The birth of Rosemary’s baby is the new “Year One.” It is also accurate by Church of Satan standards to call 1966 Year One. This is a self-conscious, parallel reference to the year of Jesus Christ’s birth, also in Year One, A.D. Another unstated fact: The baby is born in June 1966, which is numerically 6/66.

Roman then asks Rosemary to be a “mother to her child” and to take care of the baby.

"Rosemary's Baby", Roman Polanski's Ode to the Anti-Christ

The baby under an inverted cross.

Unable to resist her instinctual, almost animalistic need to respond to her baby’s cries, Rosemary starts rocking the cradle.  The movies ends with a rather unsettling scene: The coven gathers around Rosemary while she takes care of the monstrous baby. She accepts the reality of the situation and faintly smiles.

The camera moves to the curtained window and then to the outside of the apartment – ending the film with the same, slow pan across the urban rooftops that opened the film … all of these events happened inside one of New York’s many rooftops and no one will ever suspect a thing.

Aftermath of the Movie

While some will consider Rosemary’s Baby to be nothing more than a scary movie playing on the sensibilities of devout Christians and young mothers, others see it as Roman Polanski’s courageous exposition of high society’s occult mind state. Many however see the movie as an occult manifesto, heralding a new era.  Rosemary’s Baby is Aleister Crowley’s “Child of the new Aeon”, or Horus the son of Isis – the bringer of a new era in world history. Whether it was intentional or not, Rosemary’s Baby did appear at the brink of a new era and became part of an important social change.

“The movie appeared at a moment of optimum spiritual chaos in American life. Rosemary’s Baby remains an iconic memory trace of a time when anything seemed possible, including the birth of the Anti-Christ”.
– Gary Indiana, “Bedeviled”, Village Voice

Rosemary is representative of the traditional and naive American society of the 50s and 60s – filled with idealism and hope. But that hope was sold, drugged and manipulated by a hidden cult (formed by prestigious and respectable members of society) to forcefully give birth to a new era. Shocking events left indelible marks on the public mind, including the mysterious deaths of JFK, Marilyn Monroe and Martin Luther King; horrific ritual murders perpetrated by MK-Ultra patsies like Charles Manson and Son of Sam caused fear and horror. These events slapped America out of its ideals and forced it to stare at an undefinable, yet tangible force influencing society. Conspiracies and cover-ups made the news and the masses gradually discovered the existence of a shadow government. Disillusionment and cynicism ensued, causing American society to accept or to ignore the true nature of its rulers. Society became the equivalent of Rosemary who has learned of the evil nature of her baby, but nonetheless accepted the responsibility of mothering it. Today’s debased pop-culture is simply the evolution of this system.

Even if one is to overlook the symbolic meaning of the movie itself, the synchronistic occurrences surrounding its production are simply astonishing. To look at the events surrounding Rosemary’s Baby is to stare right at the dark side of Hollywood. Here are some of the events:

Murder of Sharon Tate

"Rosemary's Baby", Roman Polanski's Ode to the Anti-Christ

Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate.

Before settling on Mia Farrow, Roman Polanski originally envisioned his wife, Sharon Tate, as playing the role of Rosemary. She was not cast in the role, but did make an uncredited appearance in the movie, during a party scene. Fourteen months after the release of the movie, Tate (who was 8 months pregnant) was ritualistically killed by members of the Manson family. She was stabbed 16 times and her killers wrote the word “pig” in her blood on the wall of her house.

Charles Manson is described by Fritz Springmeier as “both a Monarch slave and a handler”. According to Springmeier, his programmers knew ahead of time what were going to be the next hits. He was basically used by the elite to carry out ritualistic murders.

“(…) the murders attributed to the Son of Sam, the Manson Family, and numerous other interconnected killings (including possibly the Zodiac murders) were not what they appeared to be.  While these killings appeared to be the random work of serial/mass murderers, they actually were contract hits carried out for specific purposes by an interlocking network of Satanic cults … In other words, these were professional hits orchestrated and disguised to look like the work of yet another ‘lone nut’ serial killer.”
– David McGowan, “There’s Something About Henry”

“The Manson murders sounded the death knell for hippies and all they symbolically represented,” Bugliosi told the Observer last week. “They closed an era. The 60s, the decade of love, ended on that night, on 9 August 1969”.
-The Guardian, “Charles Manson follower ends her silence 40 years after night of slaughter”

According to numerous observers, Manson’s killings were programmed using Beatles songs (Manson himself claimed that the song Helter Skelter contained hidden messages intended for his family).

“Charles Manson was programmed with Beatles’ music. (…) They regularly call in slaves and hypnotically make the lyrics to be cues for the slaves before the music comes out. For instance, the lyrics of “Ain’t that a Shame” will make certain alters angry. For another slave the lyrics “Everything is relative, in its own way” reminds the person of the cult family & obedience.”
– Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable Mind Control Slave

“The Manson killings were performed according to ancient ritual with hoodwinks and “cords of initiation” around the necks of the sacrifices. A line from a John Lennon Beatles’ song was painted on the death house, “Helter Skelter” which was located appropriately on Cielo (Spanish for “sky”) Drive(Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski’s house).

What we are witnessing in the wake of the public enactment of these alchemical psychodramas, whose spiritual consequences for mankind are far more momentous than most have thus far guessed, is a process of global occult initiation”.
– Michael, A. Hoffman, Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare

Speaking of which, the death of John Lennon is another strange piece of the puzzle.  The murder occurred as John was walking into the Dakota, the building where Rosemary’s Baby was filmed, and where he was living at the time. Mark David Chapman, the “lone nut” who killed Lennon is heavily suspected to be a Monarch mind-control slave.

"Rosemary's Baby", Roman Polanski's Ode to the Anti-Christ

John Lennon and Yoko Ono in front of the infamous building.

Chapman also had ties with high-profile handlers and the strange circle of occult celebrities.

“Lennon’s assassin, Mark David Chapman, met LaVey’s pal Kenneth Anger, an American disciple of Aleister Crowley, in Honolulu in the late 1970’s. In 1967 Anger had directed a film called Lucifer Rising, starring Manson follower Bobby Beausoleil. Another follower and Tate-killer, Susan Atkins, had appeared with LaVey in performances at a Los Angeles area strip club.”
– Ibid.

Why was Sharon Tate “chosen”? She was not Hollywood’s biggest star and she only enjoyed limited commercial success. Was it the inevitable outcome reserved to stars who go too far into the occult side of stardom? Three years before her death, Tate played the role of a witch in the movie Eye of the Devil. The movie’s conclusion: A blood sacrifice was required to “make things right again”.

"Rosemary's Baby", Roman Polanski's Ode to the Anti-Christ

Eye of the Devil.

Did Roman Polanski sacrifice his wife (the same way Guy sacrificed Rosemary) to obtain the favors of Hollywood? Soon after the death, he allowed himself to be photographed by Life Magazine in the living room where Tate  had died. Her dried blood was still clearly visible on the floor in front of him. The photo shoot caused him to be heavily criticized.

Other events did not help his credibility. Seven years after Tate’s murder, Polanski was arrested and charged with a number of offenses against 13-year-old Samantha Geimer, including r**e by use of drugs, perversion, sodomy, lewd and lascivious act upon a child under 14, and furnishing a controlled substance to a minor. According to Geimer’s testimony to the grand jury, Polanski had asked Geimer’s mother (a television actress and model) if he could photograph the girl as part of his work for the French edition of Vogue (we have already seen the rather sick inclinations of that magazine in the article entitled Disturbing Sex Kitten French Vogue Photoshoot Featuring Children). According to author Michael A. Hoffman, Polanski produced snuff films involving minors for sale on the private market, but these allegations remain unproven. Despite all of these accusations, Polanski remains a free man.

Are these events strange coincidences or all part of a big scheme? Is it somewhere in between? Whatever the case may be, they are symptomatic of a hidden force influencing American pop culture.

In Conclusion

Rosemary’s Baby can be seen as nothing more than a well-crafted movie that plays on the timeless and archetypal fear of “the Devil”. However, when one looks at the movie’s precise timing in American history and the incredible series of events that followed its release, the movie becomes a pivotal work symbolizing an important cultural shift in American life. The same way Rosemary discovers the workings of an international witch coven, American society “discovers” a darker side to its entertainment business and internal politics. Mind control slaves are unleashed in the public, shocking mega-rituals occur and pop culture becomes a celebration of depravity.

This era trail-blazed the way to today’s Illuminati agenda in popular culture. With the silent consent of the public’s indifference, today’s cultural industry is still hard at work, molding young minds for a “new eon”. The same mind control that was used to kill Sharon Tate and John Lennon has now become a fun way to spice up a music video. The controversies of the past are still echoed today. Should we be surprised to see today’s latest Illuminati star Nicki Minaj “ channeling” an alter persona called … Roman Zolanski?

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"Rosemary's Baby", Roman Polanski's Ode to the Anti-Christ

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I’m sure I’ve read this before, still very well written VC! I love your articles and my eyes have been open for 7 years now after discovering your website. It’s amazing how much symbolism is around us and yet no one bats an eyelid. I find myself disappointed in seeing it on DVD’s that I used to watch when I was younger but had no idea about it. It’s all over children’s toys and shoes and that disgusts me to the core.
What happed to your actives earlier? There was a few uploaded on the app, which I love btw, and I part read one then it disappeared. Don’t let the scumbags drag you down from exposing them! Love you VC!!


In June, I met a man who personally knows a man who in ancient times lived with Roman Polanski in one room. And this man told him that Polański was never quite normal. Apparently he was able to enter the tiled stove and sit there for a few hours. When the other man entered the room, Polanski jumped on him to bite him, shouting that he was a vampire.
If someone else told me, I would not believe it, but the guy who told me is an old-time director.

The second, very strange thing is that in one of the interviews Polański said that what he has now would not give up for anything, even for canceling events from the past. It sounded strange …

I apologize for my English … I’m using a google translator.


Polanski was photographed in the room where Sharon was murdered and her blood still visible for ‘Life’ Magazine. Yoko Ono released an album called ‘Season of Glass’ that has a photograph of John Lennon’s prescription glasses (that he was wearing when he was murdered) covered in blood beside a glass of water looking out to New York from the apartment in the Dakota building.

i saw the light

their way to show the blood sacrifice was completed.


Agree. Have you seen Polanski’s MacBeth? Which he made around the death of Sharon..buckets of blood throughout the film and also Polanski’s film ‘WHAT?’ (1973) is pure MK Ultra. Yoko Ono had street banners of her fanny on public streets so I guess they understand their place in the agenda. Lastly John and Yoko were recording ‘Walking on thin ice’ in the studio the night he died. Lyrics include ‘I gave you my life. You gave me your life’ also ‘walking on thin ice and paying the price for throwing the dice in the air’


Would this be like the mouse mask that Kate Spade’s husband ran around in after her “suicide”?

Think outside your box

100% yes @Turtelle – hit the nail on the head.

Just me

Great article!
Curious how Rosemary’s son in real life, Ronan Farrow seems a young remarkable man so far,exposing sexual scandals and being the voice of justice. if someone is featured in his articles they are doomed. But he was raised in a circle of weirdos, Woody Allen being his father (although everyone seems to agree that Sinatra is his biological father) so I think there’s more to him then he let’s see and we will see and hear more of him in the future. I don’t know what to make of him for now.

D D d

Yes, but when I follow the money.. who paid his way.? There is so much more to uncover for him it is scary maybe.

The Myrtle Tree

Most telling of all are the actors and actresses who are eager to work with, support, and defend Polanski. If they think his deeds are acceptable, what other behaviors do they wink at or applaud? Or perhaps even indulge in themselves?

Saucy Jack

they were falling all over themselves to work with him weren’t they? couldn’t care less that he drugged and sodomised a 13yo girl then scurried off to hide in europe like a rodent. shows which side their bread is buttered on. polanski also wrote and directed a 1999 film called the ninth gate about an antique book dealer’s hunt for a grimoire written by none other than satan himself, then had the audacity to claim ‘I don’t believe in the occult’! it was all tongue in cheek apparently *eyes roll* johnny depp fought hard for his leading part. movie posters depicted the usual one-eye symbolism. a coven indeed.


You re-posted the article? This is most definitely a movie article from when the site first went live. Prior to today I’ve read the movies related articles on the site @ least twice. No complaints tho! I just re-read it again. Can never get enough VC.

Sadie Slays

“a JFK look-a-like (the only Catholic US President, who died six years before”

That should say “murdered” or “assassinated,” not “died.”


We should add, that the ending in movie and in book is little bit different. Rosemary accept to bring up the child, but without of cultists’ help. In film she accepts their help. Is it important fact to this story too? I think yes.

Thy Unveiling

I thought she jumped out the window in the book? In Son of Rosemary it picks up 20 or so years later with her waking up from a coma. Everyone was wearing I heart Andy pins. Andy was her adult spawn of Satan; now a popular political figure like Obama in 2008. Throughout the book Rosemary tries to make him stop his evil agendas, and he wants to have sex with her. Eventually she says if he will stop his plans, she will have sex with him. The incestual tones were most disturbing. But yeah, I figured the coma was from her either being pushed out of or jumping from the window, much like the girl before her with the tannis root.


This is an adult site with adult material (though should be read by mature young people) and the word rape needs to be censored?


I don’t know why it was censored, either. But the fact that it was censored doesn’t really bother me.

D Dd

Even the word can cause a bunch of machines go on tilt and ignore the page in total from public statistics, or put it behind xxx-protection?


What you said makes sense.

Paul Atriedes

Not much bothers you “straight” does it. Maybe you should be bothered by some of these things you so casually brush aside.


well written,vc!!! 🙂


There was strange circumstances around the movie – Wojciech Komeda – who made soundtrack, was death after movie released. Probably death by accident (felt from scarp).

Tara Adams

You forgot to mention the reason Roe (Rosemary haha) wakes up during the ritual is because she only ate a couple of spoonfuls of the drugged mousse; scraping it into the napkin in her lap, while guy was away from the table, momentarily (stoking the fireplace? I don’t recall the reason clearly). If she had consumed the entire dish of dessert, she’s “neither see nor feel” a thing, according to the voice of Minnie, that we hear explaining to Guy, while Rosemary is in that “twilight” state.

Tara Adams

I meant to write “she’d”…not “she’s”. Typo.


The reason was she asked Guy to change the record.


Another interpretation of the ending is that Rosemary hasn’t actually surrendered to the cult. As in the saying “the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world”, Rosemary’s smile could just as well show the dawning of her recognition of her own power as a mother to influence the values and the life course of her baby as he grows.

Perhaps in that moment Rosemary decides she will raise the child to resist his intended destiny. There is a choice between viewing either the baby’s hellish origin or his earthly mother’s love as the stronger force. The smile which is usually read as a sign of Rosemary’s damnation could also hint at the beginning of redemption for Rosemary, her child and by extension the world. It’s an open ending. Maybe the viewer is supposed to decide what happens next.


I think that was the plot of the following book “Son Of Rosemary” where she tries to turn her son away from his destiny.


In a couple of places, you say “weary” when I think you mean “wary.”
To be wary is (1) to be on guard against something, or (2) to be watchful or cautious.
Weary means physically or mentally fatigued. It’s a synonym of tired.


It’s ok. We understood the message.

Paul Atriedes

Whether we understand or not is not the point ”straight”. There’s way to much of that in today’s world. People being lazy and not learning how to spell or use proper verb tense. It’s very annoying to read something written by someone who fails to follow even the most basic “rules of writing”. I don’t blame the millennials themselves it’s the fault of “common core” but more realistically it falls on the shoulders of the lazy good for nothing parents of the modern post year 2000 world. They need to stop being friends with their children and start being parents! Forget this “it takes a village” BS and lay down some ground rules and stick by them. No. 1 being learn how to properly read & write!
I’m done now. Thank you all for reading.


“There’s way to much of that in today’s world. People being lazy and not learning how to spell or use proper verb tense.”

By your own admission, it doesn’t matter that I understood your meaning based on context because you used the wrong form of “too.” Maybe you should try pulling that stick out of your own eye first, buddy! This millennial is embarrassed for you.


Interesting. I saw this again for the first time in a bit about three weeks ago. It makes one realize that the exposure started long ago in Hollywood.


Very good article as always VC. Thank you for your work. God bless in Jesus name.

Tara Adams

I’d just like to say how loathsome & sickening is, that degenerate Hollywood reveres Polanski the way they do. While it is true that he was a talented director (still IS making movie…the last starring Jodie Foster, another strange case of a child actress rising to stardom in an accelerated fashion, and “Titanic”‘s famous star; Kate Winslet dir. by James Cameron…yet another Hollywood elite and rumored pedophile. The movie is titled “Carnage”), he is, as we know, a pedophile and most probably an occultist whom has also directed snuff films). That marginally-talented but over-rated actress, Meryl Streep, gave him a standing ovation during the Academy Awards…but then, she was also an ardent fan of perverted Harvey Weinstein.


“With the silent consent of the public’s indifference… ” It is saddening to think that we are somewhat responsible.


And now look at what’s happening today, the same agenda promoted in different ways yet strongly evident in mass media which is basically the dark legacy of this old flick being channeled and portrayed all over hellywood and the music industry.

Always keeping me vigilant VC, well done and may you continue to stay strong regardless of critics and those who try to bring you down.

Thy Unveiling

Kate Middleton presented one of their babies (Louis, I think) whilst wearing a red and white dress that was a duplicate of one Rosemary wore in the movie.

It is not clear if she was presenting the antichrist to the world, or if they were mocking Truthers knowing tongues would wag about the antichrist.

However, their eldest son George is named after a Saint. King Louis was the fire-obsessed King of the Apes in The Jungle Book. Many like to think we are less-hairy apes. I would not be surprised if a future Cain and Abel scenario plays out with King Louis setting this world on fire; perhaps for his father (which the red and white Rosemary’s Baby dress implies is not Prince William.)

Perhaps I’m reaching and way off-base.

Perhaps they simply wanted tongues to wag because “how dare people talk smack about an innocent baby?” Therefore another step closer to silencing the masses via limiting free speech. Kinda like the whole David Hogg being “bullied” by people calling him a crisis actor thing. All I know is there’s no way that the royals don’t have a thorough team of stylists and advisors, particularly for photo-ops. The dress was no accident. They knew.


by trying to rearrange the letters of the name
kate middleton you get late kid demon


I’ve read this before!

Great insight into the movie!



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