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The Disturbing Meaning of KrainaGrzybowTV (Mushroomland) : The Creepiest Channel on YouTube



KrainaGrzybowTV (English translation: Mushroomland) is a bizarre YouTube channel that has become a viral sensation in its native Poland and across the world. This is the disturbing story behind it.

Warning: This article deals with disturbing subject matters.

I remember when I first randomly came across an episode of KrainaGrzybowTV. After about 45 seconds into it, I yelled out “NOPE”, closed my browser, and almost threw my computer out of the window. A few months later, a VC reader sent me a summary of the series and its disturbing symbolism. So I sat down and watch the entire thing. The experience left me feeling nauseated and thoroughly creeped out.

Each episode of Mushroomland is styled to look like an 80’s children’s TV show from Eastern Europe. The host of the show is Agatha, a young girl that has paper eyes over her actual eyes. Each episode begins with an “educational” theme (i.e. “How to Apple”), which then turns into a bizarre, confusing, and terrifying ordeal. Throughout the episodes, we learn that Agatha has actually been abducted by strange men and sent to a mysterious place called Mushroomland.

Rainbowland episodes were published on YouTube between 2013 and 2017, with each episode describing a different aspect of Agatha’s ordeal. The channel quickly became a viral sensation and garnered over 3 million views, a cult following … and some controversy.

“Throughout the second half of 2014 Krzysztof Osiejuk, a right-wing publicist, claimed in a series of articles that KrainaGrzybowTV is the “most profound incarnation of pure satanism” he had ever encountered.

In December 2014, after a tragedy in Rakowice (Poland), where a young poet and her boyfriend murdered said boyfriend’s parents, Osiejuk pointed out that the girl (as analysis of her Facebook profile showed) was a KGTV fan, which led him to believe her actions might have been influenced by the YouTube channel.
– Know Your Meme, KrainaGrzybowTV

Various theories have attempted to decode the meaning behind these bizarre videos. In some episodes, people saw references to an atomic war.

The rise of the “Atomic theory” happened to coincide with the Ukrainian Revolution and several other Eastern European political issues (like Putin’s ban on polish apples), which became the fuel for conspiracies enthusiasts who saw KGTV’s videos as a deliberately coded warning for a planned atomic war. This theory was also inspired by KGTV’s own (often cryptic and nonsensical) responses to some of the comments on their fanpage, which sometimes contained geographic coordinates and radio frequencies. Some users have as gone as far as sending baits to KGTV, as well as people suspected to be the authors (for example Marcus Molibdenus, see below), in order to get their IP addresses and pinpoint their location. The results were inconclusive however, as various attempts produced different outcomes pointing the location to several Ukrainian, Polish and Italian cities.
– Ibid.

Other theories claim that Rainbowland is about Agatha taking hallucinogenic drugs (i.e. mushrooms) or being possessed by a demon. Others believe that the entire thing has no meaning, that it is pure nonsense and that it is just a viral marketing campaign to sell products (the soundtrack and related merchandise).

While all of these theories are probably partially true, there is much more going on in Rainbowland videos. Each episode is packed with seemingly random images that actually make sense when one understands their underlying concept: Trauma-based mind control.

Also known as Monarch Programming, the aim of trauma-based mind control is to expose victims to trauma so intense (through abuse, drugs, torture, etc.) that it causes them to dissociate from reality. While in this vulnerable state, handlers program new alter personas into the minds of their victims that can be triggered at will (for more information on Monarch Programming, read the full article here). This is exactly what happens to Agatha in Rainbowland.

Episode 1: How to Apple

In the first episode, we are introduced to the TV show “Smile Guide”, hosted by Agatha.

Agatha greets her viewers by oddly waving her hand. We immediately notice the paper eyes covering her actual eyes.

The fact that Agatha has her eyes covered by fake eyes is the first of many symbols directly alluding to MK programming. Indeed, as seen in previous articles on this site, this symbol represents the fact that mind-controlled slaves are blinded to reality. It is their handlers that dictate what the slaves perceive to be “reality”.

Then, we are introduced to Maggie – a cartoon squirrel who acts as a co-host. Although the squirrel seems to be “friendly”, a quick shot reveals its true nature.

The word TEUFEL appears under Maggie. Teufel is a German word that means: “a devil, satan, i.e. a creature of hell, a demon”.

Demonology is an intricate part of Monarch programming. Handlers often assign “demons” to their slaves in order to further their trauma and reinforce programming. In later episodes, we actually see how Maggie is an agent of trauma.

“Demonology is the key to what the programmers accomplish. While there may be exceptions to the rule, within the Illuminati, demonology is not taken lightly, but is considered to be the real science of the Sciences of Mind Control. Most of what the Programmers do is actually spiritually based and connects to their understanding of demonology. Father (“Papa” the programmer), son (child) and unholy spirit (demons) work together.”
– Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula to Create a Mind Control Slave

In the first episode, Agatha shows kids “How to Apple”. The name of each episode is phrased in an odd matter as a key word is often omitted. This reflects the confusing, nonsensical environment in which MK slaves are forced to live in.

Agatha drills a hole inside an apple using a knife.

Meanwhile, various symbolic images flash onscreen, including this one.

A diagram of female genitalia.

As we see Agatha feverishly going back and forth inside the apple with a knife, we understand that she is actually “reenacting” her own sexual abuse.

This first episode also introduces Agatha’s mother. Throughout the episodes, her mother tells her story under the cover of anonymity. Everything she says points directly to mind control.

In the first episode, the mother states that a man came to her house at midnight to take her daughter to Mushroomland, adding that “it is easy to find Mushroomland, but it’s the return that might prove a bit more difficult”.

Episode 2: How To Make From Paper

The episode begins with Agatha “glitching” and stuttering when trying to say”papieru” (Polish for paper).

Agatha glitches…

Then this demonic thing scares the crap out of you.

The glitch might be a result of the trauma she suffered in the first episode. Throughout the series, we see a red, evil looking Agatha at random moments. MK slaves are often programmed using dualistic good/evil patterns.

Later, Agatha loses patience and tells Maggie the squirrel to “get lost, retard”. This was not a good idea.

Maggie suddenly turns into a 3D thing that is creepy and menacing.

The “demonic” side of Maggie surfaces and does not shy away from punishing Agatha. Maggie then “makes thing better” in the creepiest way possible.

Maggie tells Agatha “But I love you anyways” and kisses her. That’s after she’s been abused.

The rest of the episode is a bizarre, confusing ordeal which appears to compare Agatha’s mother to a cow. Is she being programmed to hate her mother?

Episode 4: How to Hair

The 4th episode (there is no 3rd episode) focuses on hair … in the creepiest way possible. If you’ve read previous articles on this site, you know that MK slaves often develop a bizarre, unhealthy obsession with their hair. It is not rare that, during breakdowns, they shave off their hair. The most glaring case is the 2007 Britney Spears meltdown.

In 2007, Britney Spears – one of the most obvious victims of MK programming – shaved off her hair during her highly publicized meltdown. She then attacked an SUV with an umbrella.

The episode “How to Hair” appears to detail the psychopathic process that causes MK slaves to obsess over their hair and to develop an urge to get rid of it.

At the start of the episode, Maggie is in a white disguise and walks on Agatha’s scalp. It buries a mysterious box next to some hair.

Then, all kinds of crazy stuff happens.

First, we see footage of a girl brushing her hair.

Then, the word “Suffering” appears on screen. Some crazy association going on there.

Meanwhile, Agatha is still hosting a kid’s show. In a segment dedicated to reading viewer mail, Agatha receives various absurd and disturbing letters.

Maggie (aka the demon) sent a letter saying that it’s forever in Agatha’s hair. Are you starting to understand why MK slaves obsess over their hair?

Then Agatha’s handler makes his first appearance: Jeans Man.

Jeans Man yells at Agatha and forces her to eat a bowl of … hair. This is yet another trauma-inducing torture forced on Agatha.

Then, in a hypnotic scene,  the programming takes place.

Agatha’s hair disappears and her eyes become white.

Meanwhile, “forget the hair” flashes on screen.

This episode appears to provide “insider” insight into how MK slaves are programmed, through psychological brainwashing and physical trauma, to hate their own hair. Like Britney Spears during her meltdown.

Later in the episode, Agatha’s mother says that neither the police, the principal, or the priest would help her find her daughter. She also receives bizarre calls from her daughter.

“And she speaks to me: “Mom don’t worry about me. I’m fine in the Mushroomland.” But it wasn’t Agatha. I wouldn’t recognize my own child?”

Episode 5: How Properly Telephone

This episode begins with Agatha passed out. A ghostly and hairless thing emerges from her and starts talking.

The dissociative state of an MK slave. Then Agatha is poked with a stick.

Agatha then wakes up and teaches kids “how to properly telephone”. However, when the phone rings, things get very MK ULTRA.

When the phone rings, Agatha starts convulsing as if she was being electroshocked (a classic trauma-inducing technique of MK programming).

Throughout this episode, various puzzle pieces flash on screen. Once pieced together, the puzzle reveals a bizarre picture of an unknown place. What is that about?

After the electroshock, Agatha falls down under the table and a new Agatha, who has a radically different personality, sits at her place.

The new Agatha wears red lipstick and has a flirty disposition. Here, she blows kisses at the viewers.

This appears to be a reference to Beta Kitten programming – a sex slave alter.

Then, Maggie the demon squirrel takes Agatha to the doctor who says this:

A doctor tells Agatha: “You’re almost fully reflowered”.

To deflower means “To deprive a woman of her virginity”. Therefore, the scene alludes to Agatha being deflowered by her handler. For this reason, Agatha replies:

Then things get even worse. Maggie tells Agatha:

“Quickly, you must miss a finger”.

A finger gets cut off for no reason. More trauma.

The rest of the episode is a chaotic and confusing mishmash of sounds and images, where Agatha is often seen screaming in pain and walking around in a computer-generated virtual world – a reference to dissociation.

The episode ends with a shot of a creepy dark place. Is this where the MK programming actually takes place?

Episode 6: How Your Child

In the final episode, Agatha says that she has a child, but she’s holding a doll. Was Agatha actually pregnant from the abuse? Does Agatha believe that the doll is an actual child?

Agatha tells the doll to behave and asks it if “she wants to be like little Justine”.

From what when can piece together from previous episodes, Justine is a slave who did not “behave” and now she’s dead. A programming project that went wrong?

In classic MK confusion/reversal, the roles change.

Then the demon squirrel slaps Agatha in the face.

He’s not her friend.

After a hypnotic scene, influenced by Japanese cartoon TV shows from the 80s, Maggie announces to Agatha that she has found a “real Mushroomlight” and that she can now open her eyes. Will she finally be free?

When Agatha attempts to open her actual eyes, things get horrific. Her eyes are all white as if she has no soul anymore. The mind control has destroyed her core persona, she is just a shell of herself.

We then see Agatha (with her paper eyes back on) and Maggie sitting outside and joking.

Agatha laughs at a joke (that referred to the first episode) for way too long. The laughing progressively turns into crying.

At the end, we see Agatha sitting alone in what looks like an internment cell.

This final scene says it all. Everything that happened in the previous episodes was happening in her head … while she was in the cell. Because she’s an MK slave.

“ending of the show 09/21/1994”

This additional episode features Agatha reading a disturbing letter she wrote to her mother.

“You’ve put branches in my stomach, so I could never feel hunger
You’ve sealed my ears shut with warm wax, so I wouldn’t hear the blasphemies
My eyes, oh Mother, you’ve taken with a spoon, so I could never see atrocities”

Agatha’s mother says that she received this final letter from Mushroomland. A final, cruel taunt from extremely evil people.

What the Hell Did I Just Watch?

The least one can say is that the creator behind Mushroomland, Wiktor Stribog, has some intimate knowledge about trauma-based mind control. Other videos on his channel allude to the same concept. The video PIWNICA/CELLAR is a horrifying tale of a child traumatized by his father, combined with extremely symbolic paintings referring to mind control, satanism, and child abuse.

Stribog’s YouTube profile pic features a one-eye sign.

Mushroomland appears to have spawned other Polish YouTube channels with equally bizarre content. One of the most mind-boggling ones is Magiczny Świat Ani/The Magic World of Ania. Although the channel is still active, the episodes that have been published tell the story of the mysterious abduction of a young girl named Ania. Each episode is replete with MK symbolism and allusions to Satanic Ritual Abuse – combined with all sorts of codes, ciphers and hidden links to various social media accounts. While the channel appears to feature some ARG elements (Alternate Reality Game), some believe that it actually refers to real life abductions and murders.

Nearly everything about The Magic World of Ania points directly to satanic ritual abuse.

In Conclusion

Mushroomland cannot be fully explained without considering trauma-based mind control and one its key components: satanic ritual abuse. Dozens of other screenshots could have been added to explain how deeply this YouTube channel goes into this disturbing topic.

Mushroomland is part of a new wave of online entertainment that blurs the line between fiction and reality. While it addresses the topic of mind control, the hypnotic, distorted and nauseating sounds and images found in each episode causes viewers to personally experience some of its horrors. The scariest thing about Mushroomland is that those who celebrate the videos as “great art” have no idea what they are truly about.



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