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Co-Founder of Tween YouTube Channel Arrested for Molesting a Minor

The co-founder of the popular YouTube channel SevenAwesomeGirls was arrested after being accused of molesting a girl “under the age of 16”.



Co-Founder of Tween YouTube Channel Arrested for Molesting a Minor

Last year I published an article with a title that said it all: Something is Terribly Wrong With Many “Kids” Videos on YouTube. Supported by dozens of nauseating screenshots, the article explained how countless YouTube channels tricked children into watching dark, disturbing, traumatizing and sexual content. Even worse, some of these channels appeared to depict actual child abuse as children were seen doing things that made them very upset. Even worse, some of these channels appeared to be custom-made for pedophiles.

The last sentence of the article was:

And don’t be surprised if some of these video channels are linked to actual child abuse systems.

Unfortunately, this sentence turned out to be true. Disgustingly true. Indeed, it was recently discovered that Ian Rylett, the 55-year-old co-founder of the massive network of YouTube channels SevenAwesomeKids, was arrested in August for “lewd and lascivious molestation” on a young girl who makes videos for his channels.

According to an arrest warrant obtained by BuzzFeed News, detectives were called to Rylett’s Orange County hotel room on the morning of Aug. 16, after Rylett allegedly verbally abused the girl, demanding she undress in front of him against her will and “practice wrapping her breasts down, to make them appear smaller for the video shoot.” According to the report, the girl, who is under 16, claims Rylett touched her breasts and fondled her while repeatedly making her undress, eventually attempting to forcefully remove her underwear. The arrest report also alleges that Rylett “threatened to use the contract to fine her if she did not comply with his demand.” Rylett pleaded not guilty to the charges at an arraignment last month. He has surrendered his passport and will stand trial later this year. Rylett’s lawyer did not respond to requests for comment.
– Buzzfeed News, The Creator Of One Of YouTube’s Top Tween Channels Was Arrested For Molesting A Minor. YouTube Is Keeping The Channel Up.

Co-Founder of Tween YouTube Channel Arrested for Molesting a Minor

The arrest warrant against Ian Rylett.

Other girls involved with the YouTube channels described some Rylett’s creepy behavior:

Two former SevenAwesomeKids girls told BuzzFeed News that Rylett frequently pressured them to wear smaller swimsuits on camera. One said that Rylett asked that she send him sizing photos for each new bathing suit she planned to wear in her videos. Rylett, she said, told her it was for “sponsor approval” and requested numerous front, back, and side photos. Two former performers recalled that Rylett frequently made girls uncomfortable with jokes about “wardrobe malfunctions” when he would accompany the girls on group trips to shoot videos. One former SevenAwesomeKids girl noted “constant pressure to make myself look younger.”

“On trips we used to joke about him being creepy, but we never thought he’d act on it,” another said.

A former performer stated that she began feeling she was being “groomed for some darker audience”.

“Then some of us started to get the feeling we were being groomed for some darker audience. Things that didn’t feel weird at the time — like the themes, the leotards, and the camera angles — started to feel strange. I started to get that feeling especially when you think that some of these girls are 9 years old.”
– Ibid.

As of now, the SevenAwesomeKids network is still online on YouTube.

A Network Made for Pedos

It only takes a few seconds of viewing SevenAwesomeKids to realize that something is terribly wrong. The channel description states that it is the “largest all-girl (under 18s) partner collaboration on YouTube”. It boasts nearly 7 million subscribers and over 7 billions views.

As the name of the channel implies, SevenSuperGirls consists of seven girls who each have a sub-channels on which they post videos. In most of these videos, the girls act in an overly childish or bratty matter, while wearing evocative outfits. A ridiculous number of these videos feature the girls – who are aged between 8 and 16 years old – wearing bikinis and leotards.

Here are some screenshots from some of the most viewed videos.

Co-Founder of Tween YouTube Channel Arrested for Molesting a Minor

This video featured a girl strapped to a bed with duct tape.

Co-Founder of Tween YouTube Channel Arrested for Molesting a Minor

A whole lot of videos feature girls in bikinis or mermaid costumes.

Co-Founder of Tween YouTube Channel Arrested for Molesting a Minor

That doesn’t look right.

Co-Founder of Tween YouTube Channel Arrested for Molesting a Minor

This girl asked her viewers to vote for which bikini she should wear for her next video.

Co-Founder of Tween YouTube Channel Arrested for Molesting a Minor

Another girl duct taped.

In order to get audition tapes accepted by SAKs (the mother company), strict guidelines must be followed. The video SAKs Guide to Auditions details these requirements: Girls cannot hide their faces; They must include head-and-shoulder shots, half body shots, and full body shots; They must “include some action” (i.e. dancing or swimming).

A girl in the guide video even says:

“Think about how you look. Try to look your best.”

Considering this network looking to recruit girls was run by a 55-year-old man should have raised red flags all over the place, especially in the minds of the girls’ parents. The fact that Rylett was arrested is a step in the right direction. However, most of the SevenAwesomeKids channels are still online (although they appear to have “cleaned up” some of the suspicious videos mentioned above).

Also, there are tons of other similar channels on YouTube from all over the world, notably Asia and Eastern Europe. Could there be child exploitation going on there? I wouldn’t be surprised.

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Co-Founder of Tween YouTube Channel Arrested for Molesting a Minor

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You don’t drop off your daughter for a company to video tape her. Seriously where the eff are the parents?


The parents are with the hopeful money they’ll receive or status that is likely to come with their daughter’s fame


Meanwhile, YouTube continues to fly its freak flag by censoring conservatives and Christians who cross the line in its depraved estimation.


Doesn’t it seem odd, in this day and age when even the youngest kids have been exposed to so much entertainment and garbage, that these girls and/or their parents wouldn’t have some kind of clue that all this is not right? I guess a lot of the time, the desire to be famous and somebody, makes people just shut off their brains and do horrible things.




The parents are not interested in their kids’ well being, they are intere$ted in $omething el$e.



Investigate NOW.


Receiving money, and they don’t give a sh** for their kids. They could be considered criminals, too.

Oppression’s Enemy

This article reminded me of that one sick video where Joe Biden was groping all of his staff’s female kids right in front of them. Understand that some of the parents of these children belong to these satanic cults that exploit children, and procreate only for the sole purpose of exploiting their offspring.


The typed girls from this article reminded me the horrible pics from satanic comet alefantis instagram, that pure little girl with taped hands on table…so mow they have no excuse to present it as a naive joke

Thy Unveiling

Not to mention the expression of the duct taped girl is of pure horror. That’s not acting. She was straight up scared.


GMTA. It’s vicious and inhuman, completely ‘off’….


You are woke


There must be some sort of sick pedo spirit which is in high gear these days. They have been around forever but seem more active than at any other time in history. Sick clucks need to be neutered.


Don’t worry, conspiracy theorists have sent Donald Christ Trump to solve it, I’m sure that he’s an expert at it considering the spicy old photos with his young daughter.

May he and Rothschild Israel defeat them and rule the world with grace and humility.


Why is this being downvoted? Other than your obvious satirical sarcasm/douchery? Lol… do these Trumpians not know who funded Trump’s campaign? Sheldon Adelson… do they not know Trump’s family’s jewish connections? Kushner’s connection to Chabod Lubavitch… and in general the connection the Rothschilds have to the Zionist movement? The star of “david” aka star of remphan?? If anyone reads this, please do some research… Zionism/Israel is not your friend, niether is Trump or Judaism. Michael Hoffman II’s Strange Gods of Judaism is a lovely place to start on Judaism aka the continuation of the Pharisees beliefs.


The problem is you didnt separate Zionism from you know the Jews and i hope you explain how most Jews are not part of it and are rather victims of it also. If not and you are making blanket statements,then you are working for the agenda of eliminating the jews


Yeah they are working on slowly exterminating us but we should be worried about not offending them.


Asking Trumpers to see reality is like asking the weather to stop. Not going to happen.


Pedophiles have always existed. I don’t doubt that spirits (demons) can influence people’s minds, but many people are really naturally “sick”. The difference is that, currently, pedos have been more exposed.


You don’t think 4th dimensional entities (archons according to the gnostics) can have an influence on our 3d matrix and our human minds? I respectfully disagree and think archontic possession is something effecting far more people than we’d all like to believe.


You didn’t understand me. I said I don’t doubt that demons can do this, which means: I believe that this is possible. I am usually skeptical, but since I started reading VC, I started believing that “4th dimensional entities” (as you said) can really exist. Also, a friend once told me that a known person told her he had performed a kind of ritual to invoke spirits and saw chairs ‘jumping’ at the room, and other person told her that he performed a similar ritual and strange things happened, too. I will never perform any ritual like that to prove myself that they can be real, but I do believe that they can be real. I’m not sure if you understood all that I typed, English is not my first language.


*prove to myself


Think the internet has a lot to do with that. Allows people to fixate on there unhealthy proclivities while maintaining there anonymity. That makes them brave.


Rift. TRUE.

Thy Unveiling

The internet also makes it far too easy to stumble into p--n genres you wouldn’t think exist on the mainstream internet. I was looking for a stupid ghost hentai I found years ago, but instead I found incest hentai. Quickly backed out of there cuz that’s just all kinds of wrong. But the point is if I stumbled across it, how many impressionable horned up teens are stumbling across it? They may continue to look at it cuz hot girl twincest seems to be a fantasy among guys, then they start thinking about things more skewed than before. Already inexperienced guys look at too much p--n, and it’s mostly weird rough stuff, which they then try to re-enact it when they get a girl cuz they think it’s normal and what girls want.


Nuh uh. E X E C U T E D. W extreme prejudice. Like in the OT….


Um where were the parents? Some relative a friend or cousin showing the video to a parent and then tell their parents this is wrong? Nothing at all? Does no parent give a s--t?


I gotta applaud you for your ongoing exposing of this crap, nice work. I’m not a religious person but I hate it too.


thanks for posting this, Anonymous. we don’t have to be religious to know right from wrong and then fight for it with others who care about children and the breakdown of civil society. let’s ignore divisive speech and stand in unity with true humanity!


Vigilant Citizen, so many of your predictions have come true. (I suggest making article solely on that; a compilation of all the things you predicted coming true.) I worry for YouTube, so many Christians and conservatives are having their ads pulled for “violating terms.” When they haven’t violated anything, while sick and twisted videos get the green light. They call it “The Purge.” This terrifies me, especially when everyone is buying these little talking robots for their homes that use Google for facts. The corporations won. Lord help us.

Yours Truly

WHERE ARE THE PARENTS??????????????????????????????????

Thy Unveiling

Counting the money they make off prostituting their child, most likely. There are some “parents” who never should have been blessed with their poor children.


Tween Youtube Channel?? Really? Wow this guy and those screenshots above are just sick! I cant believe they are showing this stuff on YT.

Fix it Jesus.

Rachel Silver

He’s got those big bags under his eyes they all seem to have.. Like George Sauron..


Comes with the lack of sleep they get from their conscience


Their conscience?? LOL Do you think these guys have a conscience? If he had and felt guilty, he would have stopped being a pedo a long time ago.


* When I said “being a pedo”, I didn’t mean only having pedo thoughts. I meant acting with pedophilia, that is, recording those videos mentioned by VC, sexualizing children in the videos, and harassing/abusing children.


You didn’t think your conscience could be ignored? Lol


So seriously after this guy got caught & arrested, but YouTube keeps the channel(s) up? Really? But they take down Alex Jones/Infowars channels? For the record, I’m NOT a fan of Alex Jones & Infowars, but didn’t think his channel should’ve been taken down on grounds of free speech. Once I made a comment on his (or Infowars..I forget..) channel pointing out exactly how said video was Hypocritical & semi-deceiving some viewers. Not only was my comment (which was Respectfully phrased) taken down in a few seconds; but also the channel banned me from Ever commenting again. Now if Any channel is TRULY hate speech, such as encouraging violence/criminal activity/ect; take it down. (though I never heard/saw Infowars do that, but I wasn’t a big viewer ever..) Look, if you like Alex/his content, that’s just Fine & your opinion. But even myself, as Not a fan of his content, still disagreed with banning his channel.But they keep THIS stuff up?!! Look, I enjoy “dark-themed”/disturbing/ect art & create much myself; though my life. Artists & art I know many here would hate/ect, but that’s still Opinions & is fine. But I don’t mean “disturbing” as in THAT way (as in the… Read more »


It’s very possible the parents are fully aware of what’s happening…Check out the case involving James Kohut, Rashel Brandon and Emily Stephens.

Thy Unveiling

Plus those rumours that Jamie-Lynn Spears child is the product of an “affair” (yeah, right) between her and Dan Schneider. They used her then-off bf Casey Aldridge as the cover-father and let the underage starlet fall from grace while Dan continued making a profit being a perv (and satisfying his foot fetish) with young girls. (There’s some behind-the-scenes footage with a young Amanda Bynes being sexualized by him. It’s unsettling, to say the least.

If the rumours about Jamie-Lynn are true, I feel so bad for her. Being made to have sex with that man (especially with how young and tiny she was at the time) must have been beyond traumatizing! Then basically being branded a scarlet woman and losing her career because of his misdeeds…and so freaking young! Heartbreaking…

Of course the parents knew.


I knew these types of freaks are pedophiles and I’m sure this vile creature did many evil acts that involved children. I seriously think that rapists and pedophiles should be castrated or something or to stay in jail forever. They don’t deserve to live with the rest of the world. How can people watch those vids and like them!? It’s disturbing as hell! I’m sure that those type of channels were reported but there are lots of creepy and powerful pedos out there that are protecting them. This world is a sick, sick place.


You know what makes me sick to my stomach to the point that I actually wanna induce vomit,is the fact that Society has now normalized this nonsense.


sadly old movies, literature, etc… show the same proclivities, sometimes with more or less symbolism or cultural variations. technology just makes transmission so much more accessible and more victims. it would seem our technological capacity has far outpaced our capacity for compassion at this point.


When you think about the fact that the arts were at one time mostly an indulgence for the elite, things begin to make sense. It used to be that the average person didn’t have the time or the resources to access such things unless they really, really tried. That kept the numbers of pedos down to a small (but still dangerous) group. Now anybody can get access to them. And now that sex has become a free-for-all with no ties to love or commitment — people are getting bored and looking for “new” things to bring back that thrill that normal sex used to have. We’ve seen sadomasochism mainstreamed (50 shades of gray, anyone?). Stripper pole workout classes are now a thing. Swinging has been done — polyamory is not even scandalous now. “Experimenting” with gay sex is also normalized now. What is left? B--------y and pedophilia. And the best way to mainstream that? Expose kids to it at a very young age so that they develop a fetish for it and voila! In a decade or so, elites will be able to do this stuff openly because it will be either be “fashionable” to do it or march for… Read more »


My dad would subscribe to incest p--n magazines, and then would try to groom me into his fantasies he would read about. He was a single father from my age 2 and then i thought when he remarried it would stop. It did for a while but then he started up again 2 yrs into the new marriage until I left at 18. I feel its marketed out there to be done along with the evilness of it as well…

Thy Unveiling

Megbuch, I am so sorry you had to endure such an awful upbringing. You’re a very strong person for being able to talk about it, and the “people” who make such p--n are vile scum probably from Hell. I look at my own young daughter and can’t imagine how anyone could inflict such depravity onto such tiny, trusting little angels. It seems an inhuman thing to do. I know these things are far more common than most people want to acknowledge. There’s probably kids in my daughters class who’s lives would make my heart bleed (I’ve wondered about this one girl with the dark circles under her hollow eyes who runs away screaming “Leave me alone!” when other kids try to befriend her…) I don’t understand how humans can be so evil or depraved. It’s not my business, but does your father’s wife know of the true nature of her husband? If she does and she stayed; she’s just as bad as he is. If she’s ignorant to it, then I feel bad for her. But at the same time, I’m like “How could she *not* sense something was Off?” I’m sorry I’m a nosey twat. I understand if you… Read more »


unreal, Megbuch. you lost a parent to weakness yet managed to find strength within yourself. may you always retain that resilience and continue to use it to help others!


turnkey, weakness??? You think what her father did was due to weakness? hahahahahaha you have no idea what you are talking about. The level of evil, of dirtiness, what we are talking about here is another world. Only these monsters and the victims here can undertand what we are talking about, and you just proved it. What he did completely destroyed her, and there is no turning back. The world you live in is not our world. The world you live has colour, ours does not. The facts will never change. The one who was supposed to love and protect her, destroyed her. Imagine for a second. It’s not about weakness, see? It is about someone incapable of feeling love. Someone evil. You, for him are a body. A thing. Meat to f--k. But it’s ok, Megbuck. I’m pretty sure there is special place waiting for us, the strong ones that didn’t commit suicide.


The older girl, Kaelyn (pictures asking viewers which swimsuit she should wear) was always made to act extremely bratty and girly, almost bimbo-like behavior. She is 18 and has her own channel now and I wish she’d come forward and speak out against the channel. It needs to be nuked.


I’m glad there’s at least some action being taken against these weirdos


Other than various online articles, mainstream or not; what REAL/LEGAL Action has been made against these “people?” I’d like to know (& be very glad) to hear if TRUE legal Justice has been taken against these very specific types of videos involving underage kids. Has there been? (Source?) As I said in my long/essay comment; SOMEONE out there SHOULD be taking REAL Action against the adults who put out these videos.

(To all: Sorry if my 1st comment & this one as well, is VERY Emotional; but I believe it Really should be horrific to Everyone…a victim or not..)

Just passing through

If the girls complained to each other and acknowledged his behavior was “creepy” you would think they said something at some time to the parents. If that is the case, (big IF) how are the parents not being at least investigated if not charged with child endangerment and/or neglect?

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