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YouTube is Still Enabling the Sexualization of Children (and It’s Being Monetized)

YouTube contains thousands of videos sexualizing children. The comments on these videos reveal who these videos are actually made for. This is happening as YouTube has been actively censoring “truther” videos.



YouTube is Still Enabling the Sexualization of Children (and It's Being Monetized)

Something bizarre and incomprehensible is happening on YouTube. On one hand, the video platform has been hard at work demonetizing and un-recommending videos that could “misinform users” (i.e. conspiracy theories). On the other hand, YouTube is never stopped enabling the proliferation of thousands of deeply disturbing videos sexualizing children.

Indeed, on one hand, YouTube is using advanced “machine learning”, combined with an army of human moderators, to censor videos that basically consist of adults discussing topics that may or may not be 100% factual. On the other hand, YouTube is profiting from videos that clearly and unmistakably exploit children for the viewing pleasure of pedophiles. Maybe I’m crazy, but one of those things is way worse than the other.

Two years ago, I published an article entitled Something is Terribly Wrong With Many “Kids” Videos on YouTube which highlighted the shocking, disturbing and traumatizing content found in countless videos aimed at children. Because these videos often use popular characters such as Elsa to lure children into viewing the videos, this upsetting phenomenon was dubbed Elsagate by some online forums including Reddit.

My 2017 article also contained a section titled “Catering to Pervs” which exposed videos that are clearly made to please “child lovers”. These videos feature children wearing inappropriate clothes and doing inappropriate things while the pervs watching post inappropriate comments.

The existence of these videos has caused lots of controversy in the past two years. However, no clear action was taken by YouTube to stop this. In fact, things have gotten worse.

The video below exposes the disturbing extent of the problem. It explains how a regular YouTube viewer can end-up in a wormhole of “recommended videos” that basically consist of child exploitation. The comments are mostly bizarre “compliments” and timestamps to the most “revealing” parts of the videos. In short, it is a soft CP ring right inside YouTube.

In the description, MattsWhatItIs wrote:

Youtube’s recommended algorithm is facilitating pedophiles’ ability to connect with each-other, trade contact info, and link to actual CP in the comments. I can consistently get access to it from vanilla, never-before-used Youtube accounts via innocuous videos in less than ten minutes, in sometimes less than five clicks.. Additionally, I have video evidence that these videos are being monetized by Youtube, brands like McDonald’s, Lysol, Disney, Reese’s, and more.

Going deeper into WTF territory is kids doing ASMR videos. ASMR stands for “Autonomous sensory meridian response” and is described as “a combination of positive feelings and a distinct static-like tingling sensation on the skin” when one is exposed to specific sights sounds such as someone whispering.

There are videos on YouTube of children doing this kind of stuff. And these videos clearly cater to pervs. Here’s a video that sums up the issue.

How come these videos exist (and are being monetized) while others are being snatched off the platform for dubious reasons? On January 25th, a YouTube blog post announced the removal of “conspiracy videos” from its recommendation system.

“We’ll begin reducing recommendations of borderline content and content that could misinform users in harmful ways—such as videos promoting a phony miracle cure for a serious illness, claiming the earth is flat or making blatantly false claims about historic events like 9/11”.

Needless to say, the YouTube recommendation algorithm is a major source of traffic for YouTube creators. The makers of the videos affected by this policy (which is extremely broad and subjective) will have a hard time reaching their audience. Also note that, in a classic move of manipulation, the blog post uses flat earth ridiculousness to justify the censorship of a wide range of topics, including 9/11 and countless others that are not mentioned on there.

So the question needs to be asked: Why doesn’t YouTube use its “censorship” resources to fight a real, urgent and deeply disturbing problem? There are actual children that are being used by unscrupulous adults to generate money and to build a network of pedos right on YouTube. Why isn’t “machine learning” used to fight this evil instead of censoring debatable opinions and stifling free speech?

When one considers the fact that YouTube is directly connected with the occult elite, the answer becomes obvious.

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YouTube is Still Enabling the Sexualization of Children (and It's Being Monetized)

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Tedious Jones

Its hard to let your kids have independence when these perverts and pedo’s are out there lurking. Makes me fear for my two year old daughter and the world we are leaving her.


You are correct, years ago before the internet the police knew who the local pedos were. Today with the internet, you can have someone traveling across the US to grab a person. Those days of letting your kids wander is long gone.


i never let any of the kids in my family wander anywhere alone. It is just instinct. Wayward dogs, aggressive rats even mosquito bites that can carry dengue etc why let kids out of your sight at all?


As a father of two girls…this is sick


I’m not sure what’s worse…

‘Someone’ had these kids dress trampy and sexy.
Having a real 14yr daughter who TRIES to dress trampy and sexy. Every time I turn around – I swear, she shortens her clothes and like videos – dances in her room.

This world!!!


I hope you dont allow her to have a computer/laptop with a camera attached in her room,you know people watch kids through their cameras all day.
And keep these cancer emitting phones away from her.
There is a reason why the CEO of samsung does not have a mobile phone.
Mine is off with the battery out until i need to use it,also always use loud speaker,never have it by your head,they emit radiation,would you stick your head in a microwave with it turned on,No difference!


I don’t have any kids. But I find this sick too. You don’t need to have kids to find this kind of stuff very sick and perverted…


The hypersexualisation of kids is Kind of massive emergency. Eeverywhere there r sick toys sick books sick cartoons sick music and movies which ruin the lifes of milions children. Recently i discovered that the daughter of our neighbour is pregnant and she is not even yet 17 yrs old…so she was in sexual relations being still underage…The tragic side of this is that her mother is ok with that disgusting situation….both daughters of that woman r sexually active full of tatoo and heavily make up which is totally inappropriate for their age. And most of underage youth, the children are Now made up this weird way. They all r violent, perverted and dumb. By my opinion the main problem is parents

Thy Unveiling

Its not always the parents. I live in Canada, its winter here so most of us are bundled up in thick coats and hats when we leave the house. Yet that didn’t stop some grown man at Walmart from staring at my (bundled up in a thick coat and hat) 5 year old daughter as if she’s Marilyn Monroe. Its not the first time she’s been eye-raped by a grown man, either. I don’t dress her provocatively nor let her dress inappropiately. Regular kid jeans, regular kid shirts, clothes made for regular kid play. The “child attracted people” (or possible human trafficking kidnappers) are not deterred by hoodies, jeans, or Osh-Kosh snow gear. All that matters to them is a young, pretty face…and a child that would fetch a high price on the black market. Given the amount of “almost kidnapped” stories (mainly by young women in their late teens/early 20s, though males aren’t exempt) online, this is not likely to change as they (the children of today) grow. Stories take place in settings like getting into an Über, or going for a job interview, or taking their kid to the park, or in the parking lot of a mall.… Read more »


When my son, my SON! was 10 years old, I saw a middle-aged man in his mid-50s WITH HIS WIFE in tow eyeball my blue-eyed boy 180 full degrees as we passed them at Nashville’s int.’l. airport…This diabolic POS was SOOOO transfixed staring at my son, he NEVER even noticed MY eyes on HIM!! I was amazed at his blatant perving….Wanted to stomp him…


You should of called him out,”loud” @ made a show of it,bought it to the attention of his wife and everyone else!


are you sure they were looking with lust or they just found your kid cute or maybe even reminded them of their dead kid? sometimes we have to discern the way they look coz being judgemental is also a sin sister. Now im not judging you either, you may be right in your suspicions just make sure.


What are you on about you crazy person, not Everyman you meet wants to rape your children that’s sheer paranoia, it’s ok for adults to look at children just because a male glances in the direction of your child does not make them a peado lay off the anti depressants sweet heart.

Stay safe and vigilant

I dont use uber and wont anymore. I was pregnant and my husband wasn’t home to drive me so my sister sent an uber for me to take me to her apartment. It was dark out and the driver/male kept asking me weird personal questions about my pregnancy and my husband… questions that usually only people close to you ask. So right away i knew something was up with this guy. Then he drove past my sister apartment and chuckled akwardly while he said to me”oh! Thats your location huh?” I said “yes” and he responded “Hehe i passed it” and he kept driving past it. I got scared and said “stop right here! Let me out!” He kept driving and stopped 3 whole apartment complexes away and parked in the dark. I was terrified by then so i took my tazor out. He turns around and reaches over to me and tried grabbing my hand. I placed my tazor right in his hand and he said to me “i just wanted to shake your hand” i unlocked the door and ran out. I ran all the way to my sisters apt. I was shaking. I also had another male… Read more »


I agree that parents have a big role to play in their childs upbringen, but you can do so much as parents. Children learn things from tv, school, their peers ectr. Which is more interesting for them then listing to their parents advice.

As long as society as a whole is sick, parents can only counter this to a point, the children will be effected by society more then by their parents in general.

Angela May

Too many parents are more concerned with being their child/ren’s friend than they are with doing the job of raising an emotionally healthy, morally centered, contributing & responsible member of society. And when it goes bad, as it most often does, then it’s everybody else’s fault and there is no personal accountability..and then that no personal accountablity syndrome gets modeled by the parent and passed on to the child. Yes, YouTube & Disney and the entertainment industry as a whole are depraved and disgusting in their efforts to corrupt, BUT this does not absolve the parent from their job as the gatekeeper. Parents need to do their job to parent, and when they don’t they are in PARTNERSHIP with the evil and corruption paraded before our children and youth by the producers of this twisted “entertainment “. I am a parent of a 4 year old and 10 year old and I do my job. I do not allow anything before my children’s eyes that are corruptive, and I do not have wifi or cable in my home and I tell my children why this is so.. Simple. Parents Do Your Jobs. Get your nose out of your phones and… Read more »


i dont think its all the aprent’s fault. Many kids spent more time outside the home (school etc) than they do with their parents. In Public school, they arent allowed to pray anymore, the Bible is being made fun of etc You have to bring them to a community that fits with your ideals also to claim any level of success nowadays.


Children shouldn’t have unlimited access to cell phones & internet. How about watching the f-----g kids you had & properly raise them?


The hypersexualization has been going on for a good couple of decades now because I remember how it was for my friends and my friends and me as kids in the 90s. Most of my friends were sexually active, I was not (and not bc of my parents, they were in fact bad influences/dysfunctional, but I knew I didn’t want to be like them). The difference between now and then is not the amount of sexualization going on but the easy access to it through technology. So while it seems like there’s more, I don’t really think there is, it’s just a lot more apparent now with the internet, etc. It makes it easier to see how bad it has been.


Disgusting,the parents need putting down @ i bet she bought them up on her own,no father figure,if there was it probably wouldn`t happen,thats the next generation fu@@ed and i bet the child turns out half caste,its everywhere,we are in a war.

Pineal Vision

Keep your children away from screens. Sexualization is only one half of it. The other is that many ‘kids’ YouTube videos are now being exposed as having clear instructions on how to commit suicide. As in right in the middle of a kids show, some rando dude walks on the screen and gives a 45 second instructional on which way to cut their wrists. THIS IS NO JOKE. I can’t tell you how many moms I’ve seen in normie mom groups talking about how their young children are talking about killing themselves. When I was elementary school children DID NOT KILL THEMSELVES. I see stories about it all the time now. If you love your kids…. NO SCREENS

Angela May

AMEN Pineal Vision. You nailed it on the head. NO SCREENS.


Here here!


Thanks for writing this.
It will get worse. But being aware of the problem is a step towards solving the problem.


The system is in place. It will not be overthrown in our lifetime. The most we can do is observe and report. Thank you VC for keeping discussion alive. But we know the answers to every “why?” question you pose. I mean no disrespect. But we (I, you, anyone who digs) know. It’s a sprawling and incomprehensibly vast network. Anything legit with potential gets swallowed up (bought out) by the beast. It only grows.


Along with this, one thing I’ve noticed happening more in the past couple years are “funny” or shocking memes involving children in adult situations and jokes being shared on social media. It’s so normalized now that no one finds it suspicious. Even the way people dress their children these days are too much. It’s a pedo wave going on right now and I think they’re conditioning the public in many ways.




You are not wrong!
Why is everyone on tv now got horrible bulging lips,the divvies copy it,its again satanic to alter @ mutulate your own body.
It looks ugly as hell,jordan, (katie price) what a mess,this is what the kids are seeing,also there isnt a program anymore without a freak guy with a girly voice being promoted,its unreal where this world is going,you really need to instill in the children that its there to try and make people copy it and to normalise it,but make them realise its totally unnatural.
Instead of letting them watch crap have them read a book or play chess with your children all our futures depend on it!


Straight up disgusting


I wonder what is the solution? Kids have always loved dancing, showing off, performing etc. It’s only now that they can have millions of viewers rather than just their local peer and family groups. The behaviour is the same but we live in a different tech world. How do we solve the problem? Ban all children from digital media? Some of these videos are really only guilty of just feeling “off” so how do you stop something that the majority of adults would say is weird but doesn’t break any law or code or anything, something that just “feels wrong”? I don’t know the answer but I am against more censorship just because of opinion -even a majority opinion. I don’t agree with flat earthers but I very much want their vids to be allowed. I don’t agree with vids of kids doing weird non-sexual challenges but does that mean they should be banned because I and many others find them “off” and “weird”? There will always be men out there looking at young children. Do we stop our kids wearing summer dresses because of who may be looking at them? Or do we parent them better according to our… Read more »


Justice done by ourselves is the only way, the only solution.


No child needs a YouTUbe channel or social media presence, period. Parents need to stop posting pics of their kids online. What’s the point anyways? To get a few likes. Do parents need approval that badly? What parents think is harmless, ie posting pics of their kids on the beach in swimsuits (I’ve even seen people post pics of their kids bare bottomed), they don’t realize that those pics can be traded into pedo rings so they can access actual CP.

Angela May

Yes Anonymous. Hear hear. That’s telling it like it is.


No child needs a phone or a computer or anything that allows them on the internet. They also don’t need to watch much, if any, tv. My kids beg for phones but will never ever get one til they’re at LEAST 16 at the absolute youngest.


Preach, Sunshine!!!


I love you!
One of the few with any fu@@ing sense,make it 18 though please!


This is the trouble with kids bringing up kids,
all by design.
read silent wapons for quiet wars to see what we are up against.
By design kids leave school with a education equivalent to what we used to learn in junior school.
Educated masses are trouble for the pretend jews.

cuz its flat! - Neil Digress Scheisser

Earth IS flat. Otherwise they would’t EXPLICIT out of a million older conspiracies censor this especially topic! Actually all the censoring is because of flat earth. They didn’t care about 9/11, sandy hook, Boston bombings… You don’t even need more proves than that!

Thy Unveiling

The censorship was a response to PizzaGate. The term “fake news” exists because of PizzaGate. Pizza paraphenelia started popping up everywhere after PizzaGate. Heck, just yesterday I pointed out (to my roommate) a pedo towel at Walmart: a shark (predator) going after a slice of pizza (child.) The #MeToo movement started as a distraction to keep PedoGate from breaking. Heck, reporting on pizza temporarily made VC go down for a bit. You won’t find his articles about it. You’d be hard-pressed to find anything that isn’t labelling it as “fake news” tbh. “Flat earth”, no disrespect intended, is taken about as seriously (by the majority of society) as reptilians. Both flat Earth and reptilians/vrill may (or may not) be true, but they both create division amongst the truth community whilst making believers (in Flat Earth or Vrill) appear as “crazy” to non-believers. “Evidence” produced by either group (Vrillains or Flat Earthers) is easily discredited as being a “hoax” or something. That’s not to say the evidence *is* a hoax. But certain things get quickly dismissed by others. It’s like trying to prove paranormal activity is real to a science-minded person, or proving Our Father in Heaven is real to a… Read more »


Rob (D--e) Gavigan, my husband and i watch him too


Short answer is yes. As a parent I do not allow my children to post videos to youtube. I knew years ago that there was nothing good that would come of it. They don’t need to be out there in the world like that. I have all their passwords and have their accounts locked down privacy wise. My rule is that they should not have people on their account that they do not know in actual real life. Sure they follow others on instagram that they do not know, but neither post pictures of themselves on there. Hopefully my being overprotective has helped to teach them. That is my main job, to keep them safe. That does mean not allowing them to post videos all over the internet of themselves.

Angela May

That’s not over protective. That’s doing your job as a parent, and I commend you for it. Thank you AWCC, for being a responsible parent. ❤️


Ban your children from digital media.
Er,of course!
Its not hard,dont buy then the devices in the first place,how hard can it be,if you explain the manipulation and dangers,a normal clever child who has not been labotomised by about 20 vacinations will be glad.

Emily B

Jesus Christ is coming..The Holy Bible says: Matthew Chpt 13 vs.30 “Let both grow together (the wheat and the tares) until the harvest,and at the time of harvest I will say to the reapers,”First gather together the tares and bind them in bundles to BURN THEM,but gather the wheat into my barn.” THESE TARES,THESE SICK,LONELY,PATHETIC PERVERTS THAT CAN ONLY BUY PEOPLE WITH THERE MONEY ARE GOING TO BURN IN FIRE WITH LUCIFER HIMSELF..COME QUICKLY OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST!!!MARANATHA!!!


Some Truther with serous computer skills should find away to trace those commenting accounts. There is enough evidence for any police department to get a warrant for those videos… they just lack to motivation to enforce justice.


i wish. because if they did they would trace you


Youtube is not so different from the Illuminati agenda of not only indoctrination but also catering to “people of interest” like the occasional pedos. So they rather snub the truth and promote the obvious in plain sight as usual here…especially since those “conspiracy-related” videos have some truth in them about society today.


Youtube is full of vile videos. I seen a few children licking on popstickles on youtube. Trust me, you dont wanna read the comments. It made me sick. The comments i will not repeat, bit it is 100% obvious that pedophiles comment those.

Dont let your children on Youtube for their own saftey, also dont trust the Youtube for children version, as these types of vids are in there.


Schools are no safer,did you know there is a software package all the schools buy,its got p--n inserted in to it and encourages homosexuality and guess what,the company wont remove it as they say they are not responsile for the content,also the schools refuse to cancel the product,please check if your children have access to any software from school and check it,it advertises books and films for kids,go through it all properly,you will see where it shows young kids how to put a condom on.


pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease look into the ‘LOL dolls’, utter blatant inappropriation of baby like dolls, people are gradually being desensitized to children being exploited in this way, there will be new orientation being pushed and that will be the end of civility, save your children!!!


Yes I really think it deserves its own analysis. I would love to share it with other moms. Its like an into to mk ultra 101 too. I think VC could open a lot of eye with that one!!




P.S. I remember looking at the Bratz dolls in the store, and the kitten (the pet cat) was purple, but had a pink vulva. I thought “this is a kid’s toy, why is it showing a humanistic looking vulva & on an animal too??”

Well now I get it, trying to make for younger and younger Sex Kitten training in the homes of little girls everywhere.


I am a father and grandfather, I have to tell you all that we ourselves have allowed this to happen. It will soon be at a point where there are no boundaries, yet still until it affects you directly you do nothing to stop it.

Thy Unveiling

And how DO we stop it when the majority of society refuses to unite for the true greater good? Are we to Guy Fawkes YT headquarters? They would simply rebuild, with stronger materials and more draconian security. Are we to hack and over-ride YT and delete/ban all the sick videos/pervs who Liked them/channels but not before tracking the folks? That’s not a bad idea, but I do not have such skills. Anonymous should work their collective skills on this task. But then what to do with the perpetrators and pervs? Many police are crooked, and these rings are connected up to the White House and Royal Palace. While The Queen has a warrant out for her arrest for her involvement in the disappearance of a bunch of native-canadian kids; anyone who publicly mentions it gets arrested while cameras photograph Her Royal Reptile waving and smiling at the crowds worshipping her. Again; I ask you: What do we do when the nation is unwilling to unite? It would be a case of “Me and what army?” I would go to jail, my little girl would go into fostercare and probably get sexually abused there, and everyone else’s lives would carry on… Read more »


What to do with them,castrate them obviosly,no need waste money on prison places.


Vote nationalist,we are people and children first not corperations and big business,
Oh and we would dna test all the royal peodos,seeing as she is no more respect full than a council estate hooker,she has four children off 3 different men did you know that.
Also she has broke her coronation oath so she has null @ voided any protection she might of had,if you are against us which they are they can go,without any stolen wealth,that gets shared equally amongst the true good people of the UK,
Any long term homeless can take up residence in one of the vacated residences.
They will all be given lie detector tests live on tv by 2 independent specialists @ if they are found to have committed vile acts against the good peoples they go to prison.
The rest go on benefits until they find a real job just like anyone else and anyone found helping/secretly supporting them will lose there titles and wealth aswell.
People need to start realising whats happening to us!

Angela May

Indeed and sadly it is so.


What makes me wonder most is why folks rely on YT so much. When YT was sold to Google I deleted my account there and have never looked back. There are other platforms for uploading vids, and more can exist when people start to leave moloch YT, Google, Twitter, Instagram … I heard there was even worse 😛


I’ve seen last year, that pedos start to fight for their own freedom on this world. Worse that – mainstream clearly supports that! This year is signed of needing to exist for pedophiles. This is horrible, WTF.

Thy Unveiling

Its been going on way longer than that. Back in the early 2000s I was at a Zellers (it was basically Canada’s Walmart) and saw a display of underwear for little girls (like ages of 6 and younger) the underwear had cherries on the front, and the word Juicy on the rear. “Popped that cherry” being slang for “took her virginity” thus underpants being marketed for girls 6 and younger was “advertising” her “juicy” rear and (hopefully?) virginity. Not that underwear is meant to be seen by the world, but its still a questionable design for little girls. Even more questionable, the designer and any parents who bought that garbage for their kids. Going back even further, the little dresses once worn by young tap dancers. They often appeared too short to begin with, and were often shorter in the back. At least, this is my opinion given Shirley Temple dances and a girl I saw on the *one* episode I watched of All in the Family (show too racist for my taste) with Sammy Davis Jr. Very inappropiate hemlines. Anne Rice often wrote of how her vampire, Marius, fell for a young Armand who was practically still a boy.… Read more »


It was the norm. Humans didn’t know better at that time. But it doesn’t take away that it was wrong.

D D d

So much for obscuring the possibilities for empathy in our genes by the enlightenment of ancient trendsetters huh?


Humans didn’t know better at that time? Are you insane? I would venture to say that most if not all humans are born with some level of empathy and compassion. It is a choice to do harm to others… and when a person keeps choosing to do harm to others, they become more desensitized to their actions and glorify in any satisfaction their actions seemingly bring (in this case – pleasure). Now when children (of practicing family members) are raised around the type of behavior the OP mentioned, they are being conditioned before they even take any form of physical action to consummate their inappropriate thoughts. It all begins in the mind, thus shadowing the intents of the heart, until the hearts true intentions (love, empathy, compassion, care, concern, etc…) are defiled.


This is just bizarre. When will it all end? I could have appreciated the videos a lot more if the guys didn’t have such potty-mouths. Seems odd to be slamming sexualizing kids, and then using sexual profanity.


I thought it was strange also to keep referring to the child as, “b---h.”. Really? Least of the problems here though

Melissa G

Disgusting but it truly makes clear the agenda of Youtube and its ilk. I’m surprised that Matt (the first youtuber) was so shocked by this and that he thought it was a ‘mistake’ or loophole. It’s so obvious that what you’re able to make money from and view via suggestion from algorithms is absolutely intentional. They will immediately demonetize and just straight up demonize anyone who deviates from the party line and espouses an alternative point of view or exposes the truth. But pedos and satanists are just fine, in fact they get funding, suggestions and connections in order to feed their sick behaviors.


Oh. My. Goodness! Right now I’m sitting here with a stunned look of horror frozen on my face.

Those ASMR vids are extremely disturbing, but so is a grown man calling a 12 year old girl a ‘b---h’. Hearing him denigrate her like that is as sickening as watching a child dress up in a cop outfit and role play sexy cop or make disgusting lip smacking and eating noises into a microphone.

Excuse me while I throw up.

What I want to know though is what parent would let their child put videos like that on YouTube? I mean they must be complicit in this because someone has supplied her with a microphone, cameras and a computer and someone is helping her film the cop scene.


They dont live with there real parents id suggest,they are probably in care homes and being abused by the staff for profit!


This does not surprise me in the least. All aspects of this world are ruled by heterosexual males who are wealthy and have power and influence. Unfortunately, many men feel entitled to pursue their perverse sexual desires, no matter what the consequences. (Example: even though there is a national sex offender registry, men still rape, molest, and sexually assault minors, even with the knowledge that they could possibly be caught and forced to be featured on the registry, for the world to see, which will no doubt contribute to their demise in society). Even after knowing they could be brought to justice for their heinous crimes, they still rape. Where is the logic in that? Now, these rich and powerful pedophile rapists protect each other from getting caught and being punished for their harrowing crimes. If they know the right judges or police, they can compensate them to not press charges or to throw out the case. These same rich and powerful perverted men could pay/ and or threaten their victims not to tell anyone what has been done to them. Sex trafficking and child p---------y is a BILLION dollar “business!!” So now who are the clients who fund these… Read more »


This is why the Bible commands a death penalty for the crimes you discussed above. There is a wisdom in that.

Melissa G

Most heterosexual men are NOT interested in children sexually. Please do not take this sick disgusting phenomenon and demonize the many good men who are our brothers, sons, husbands, fathers etc. This is an elite phenomenon, true – but there are plenty of homosexual men (and also some women) in the elite who exploit, rape and traumatize children in a systematic fashion. (Example: the catholic church has been protecting and covering up for homosexual pedophile priests for years — and in some cases for nuns –e.g., the indian reeducation schools in Canada)
It is disingenuous and simply untrue to blame all men (especially heterosexual men) for something that a minute percentage actually perpetrate.

Thy Unveiling

Straight men are into young girls, too. Not all straight men. But some. Straight women, too. There’s a video of Demi Moore (before Ashton) making out with a boy. While it was clearly his birthday, I was too shocked to be counting candles. He appeared to be somewhere between 8-11 years old. At the youngest; I’d say Demi was 17-25. Yet they were making out, tongues and all. Didn’t appear to be their first time, either. Also, let’s not forget the female teachers famous for banging adolescent students. Don’t allow homophobia or hate for Catholic priests cloud your vision. Pedophilia is not strictly homosexual, nor Catholic, behaviour. It is merely, strictly, the behaviour of people who are beyond sick in the head. It is not exclusive to religion, race, gender preference, or bank account. I have female friends who were molested by men who were definitely not of means. My friends parents were unaware of the abuse. One was a “regular guy” who lived in their apartment building, one was a friend of the family, another was a guy who lived nearby. Come to think about it, nearly everyone I know has been molested or knows someone who has been.… Read more »


He just turned 15 and she was 19…they were coworkers…but it was gross..she was drunk..still teenagers though

Thy Unveiling

Who are you talking about or responding to?


You..and about the Demi Moore incicent


Lucky lucky boy,what 15 year old could refuse demi moore,none id suggest.
Sad state of affair,why she not been arrested,why she promoted by hollywood.
Wrongs right,rights left,evils good,satanic scum.


Report it to the police then,seeing as it was males,it happened frequent,you must of put yourself in situations for it to keep happening,you obviosly wanted it to happen.
If not you would not of been in the situation for it to happen.
Sounds to me you used to let older lads ply you with drink no dowt.
Unless it was a family member,why not tell your mum @ dad.

Angela May

AMEN. Well said.

Angela May

Check out David Icke and Paul Joseph Watson video casts on the topics of your questions for a good starting point. You will learn “why?” to many of your questions. You don’t have to agree with either commentator on other issues in order to derive answers to the questions you have asked above. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. After you look into those video casts then do some cross research for yourself. The answers are readily available with due diligence on your part…but you won’t like them and you will certainly lose more than one night of sleep. Also, go back through the VC archives. I will caution you that there is no going back once you begin to learn the truth with regards to your questions, but please know that you are not on uncharted territory and that growing pains are inevitable in the journey of waking up. Peace Be With You.


You mean the same register gerald mcann is on and has been for years before maddie was accidently killed @ hidden by her parents.


there are million examples of eye symbolism nowadays.

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