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What is Happening to Céline Dion?

Céline Dion has been making headlines for all kinds of strange reasons as her career and entire persona took a radical turn. What is happening to Céline Dion?



What is Happening to Céline Dion?

Every once in a while, a celebrity takes over the news cycle for a series of weird or embarrassing reasons. In the past years, I published articles entitled What is Happening to Shia Labeouf and What is Happening to Katy Perry, which highlighted similar patterns. Apparently, it is Céline Dion’s turn. Indeed, the French-Canadian diva has attracted media attention for all kinds of strange reasons in the past weeks, leading some to even question her well-being.

To begin, the numerous media-friendly outings are somewhat out of character Céline, as she spent her entire career avoiding show business-related events. In 2012, in the wake of Whitney Houston’s untimely death, Céline Dion even admitted her distrust of the entertainment industry because it can destroy lives.

“I’m scared of show business, I’m scared of drugs, I’m scared of hanging out, and that’s why I don’t do parties and hanging out, and that’s why I’m not part of show business. We have to be afraid. I’ve always said you have to have fun and do music and you can never be part of show business because you don’t what it’s going to get yourself into. You have to do your work and get out of there.”
– E-News, Céline Dion Remembers Whitney Houston: “Drugs,” “Bad Influences Took Over”

Ever since the death of her husband and manager René Angélil in 2016, Céline’s “protection” against the industry appears to have vanished. In the past couple of years, Céline has taken part in all kinds of show business events, parties, fashion projects, and media stunts.

Because Céline is apparently a “lover of haute couture” her bizarre outings could be chalked up to “high fashion eccentricity”.

What is Happening to Céline Dion?

Weird flex but OK.

However, things recently took a sour turn. It’s like she’s was told by the industry elite she was avoiding her entire career: “Join us or lose everything”.  And when Céline associated her name with Israeli fashion brand NUNUNU to create a “genderless” clothing line for children, things stopped being cool or funny.


In my article titled Something is Terribly Wrong With Céline Dion’s “Genderless” Clothing Line, I looked at the disturbing symbolism surrounding NUNUNU and its online marketing. Believe it or not, pictures on the site’s website and IG account directly refer to Satanism, child abuse and mind control. The video ad for the brand CÉLINUNUNU was also an upsetting piece of “WTF am I watching right now?”.

What is Happening to Céline Dion?

In the bizarre CÉLINUNUNU ad, Céline begins by saying “Our children are not really our children”. She then sneaks into a maternity ward and changes the look of other people’s babies with CÉLINUNUNU garments. It’s weird.

Since the publication my article about CÉLINUNUNU, the brand published more disturbing pictures involving children in bizarre scenarios. Here are some of them.

What is Happening to Céline Dion?

Sad looking children wearing oppressive-looking “New Order” shirts … as in “New World Order”.

What is Happening to Céline Dion?

They dressed this girl as a Playboy bunny. They added the Minnie Mouse cereal to emphasize the “I’m just a child” aspect of it all. Sickening.

What is Happening to Céline Dion?

This girl is dressed to attend an elite “masquerade ball”. Originally, guests wore masks to these balls to preserve anonymity while they indulge in depraved behavior. Why is this child wearing this mask? This has Satanic Ritual Abuse written all over it.

After the release of CÉLINUNUNU, Céline gave an interview on CNN with brand creators Iris Adler and Tali Milchberg. The interview is … weird.

After the launch of CÉLINUNUNU, Msgr. John Esseff, a priest of 65 years and an exorcist in the Diocese of Scranton, Pennsylvania, made the news for declaring that the brand is “demonic”. In NC Register, he explained:

“I’m convinced that the way this gender thing has spread is demonic. It’s false. I don’t even know how many genders there’s supposed to be now, but there are only two that God made. The devil is going after children by confusing gender. When a child is born, what is the first things we say about that child? It’s a boy, or it’s a girl. That is the most natural thing in the world to say. But to say that there is no difference is satanic.

People behind this are influencing children to disorder. This is definitely satanic. There is a mind behind it—an organized mindset.

The devil is a liar and there are huge lies being told. This is being done for money, and there is divisiveness that comes from this—marks of the devil. The evil one feels that he can do these things without somehow being recognized behind it all. This [gender neutrality] is a ploy he has. It is being driven by an agenda because there is a spirit behind it.”
– NC Register, Exorcist Warns About Celine Dion’s Occult Children’s Clothing

Is Céline Dion the mastermind behind this clothing venture? Of course not, the brand has been around for years. Céline is simply being used to sell it. And when one is used by the elite, you can count on elite-owned media to cover it. Especially if there’s some unhealthy going on.

Media Storm

As stated in the beginning of the article, it appears to be Céline’s turn to be in the eye of a media storm. She’s everywhere. For instance, Céline’s recent trip to Paris made the news for all kinds of reasons. First, her emaciated physique (combined with weird wardrobe) lead some people to ask: Is she OK?

What is Happening to Céline Dion?

Media celebrated Céline as the “queen” of Paris Couture Week.

What is Happening to Céline Dion?

Céline emaciated look led some people to question her physical and mental health.

Is being part of the industry taking a toll on her? When asked about her weight, Céline became somewhat defensive. During an interview with The Sun, Céline said:

“If I like it, I don’t want to talk about it. Don’t bother. Don’t take a picture. I’m doing this for me. I want to feel strong, beautiful, feminine and sexy. If you like it, I’ll be there. If you don’t, leave me alone.”
Céline also made the news because of some JUICY GOSSIP: The 50-year-old singer is often seen with 34-year-old dancer Pepe Muñoz. Of course, this lead tabloids to wonder if they are in a relationship.
What is Happening to Céline Dion?

Céline and Pepe Muñoz at Paris Couture Week. Céline stated that they’re only “best friends”.

Whether or not these two are in a relationship is not a fact I’m really interested in. However, it is just the piece of JUICY GOSSIP required to fuel the perfect media storm. Some publications came out with bold statements saying “Leave Céline alone!”, arguing that her weight and relationships are nobody’s business. However, these clickbaity rags (i.e. Jezebel) are just being hypocritical, as their “articles” only amplify the media storm.

To further prove that there is indeed a media storm, two important Céline-related announcements were made in the past two days: A $23 million biopic entitled The Power of Love will be released in 2020. The day after, Céline became the new face of L’Oréal Paris.

What is Happening to Céline Dion?

Céline wearing an “I’m Worth It” hoodie for a L’Oréal Paris ad campaign.

In Conclusion

The days of Céline being “afraid” of show business are clearly over. She’s been scooped up by it and is now the center of a classic, artificially-created media storm. While Céline used to be solely about the music, she is now being used to promote specific agendas. Her brand CÉLINUNUNU is admittedly about creating a “new order” of genderless children.

Will keep going deeper into the industry? Because, in her own words: “You can never be part of show business because you don’t what it’s going to get yourself into”.

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What is Happening to Céline Dion?

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How can people HONESTLY not see the difference & why the difference?! It’s shocking to me. Several years ago I didn’t pay attention to things I should have, but over the last couple years it’s been so blatant, I couldn’t ignore it. I do not understand how everyone isn’t aware of these things trying to be shoved down our throats. All 4 of my daughters (21,18 and 9) notice things like the one eye, Baphomet symbols, etc. If they can, why do SO many adults deny it?


In some cases they don’t notice it, but in some I promise that they do. But as they elites specifically market this evil as something that’s fun, you’ll see people throwing the occult signs thinking there’s no harm done by it. In my case, I’m speaking of people my age group when I was a teenager. I guess it’s a stubbornness that makes them deny it and believing that anything that deviates from what they know to be true is from “crazy” “conspiracy” theorists. Anyway Yahweh Yahuwshua is returning soon, because honestly this world is a mess.


I agree with you about everything that you said except your last sentiment. The idea of a “rapture” was something that was made up 200 years ago, accepted by people of the Church on the basis of a study Bible released in 1906 and was originally denounced by the western Orthodox Church firmly. To this day the reformed church (the true protestant church that deviated from the catholic church’s perversion of Christianity) will not accept the idea of a rapture until the 7 seals are broken, the 7 bowls of wrath are poured out, the 4 horsemen have passed through, and the 7th trumpet is blown…which is when Yah comes for wrath and vengeance toward satan and his minions…there was no 3rd coming spoken about in the Bible…which would be some time between Christ’s return for vengeance and his first coming in the Gospels…unfortunately, most believers in America have fallen victim to this unbiblical lie. I believe that this ideology will strongly be part of the great falling away, because most wont be prepared for the persecution, imprisonment, and martydom that will be coming with the rise of the antichrist and his 7 year dominion, and will give in, due… Read more »


Actually, Jesus says in the Bible that no one except His Father, not even Himself, knows exactly when the end of times are. Even though there are signs leading up to it, No one knows when, until it is actually happening. And He also mentioned that BEFORE the times of tribulation, there will be two women at the mill, then one is gone, two men in the field, then one is gone, etc. it is mentioned both in the book of Matthew, and in the book of Luke. Interpretation of when exactly the rapture occurs does vary, but I assure you, the downfall of a mans fate does not rest on his understanding of when the rapture occurs. It is only based on his acceptance of Jesus Christ as his savior. True biblical Christianity that was around before Catholicism, and obviously then before Protestants, still exists, and it isn’t about legalism. It is about worshiping Jesus as our savior, loving your neighbor as yourself (regardless of religious sect of beliefs or race or gender), and sharing the good news of Christ’s love. It is sad to see the fast forward moral decline of humanity, and how lost people are, worshiping… Read more »



Your first sentence proves why Jesus cannot be God and should not be worshipped. Seems like you’re just as lost as the ones worshipping celebrities. After all, you’re both really just praying to the creation instead of the Creator. True Christianity was never about worshipping Jesus as our savior. How can the one who doesn’t even know the end time possible save anyone? The truth is, not only did Jesus never say “worship me”, he in fact said the very opposite “don’t worship me”. [Rev. 22:8,9] The entire concept of “worshiping Jesus”, came not from himself, but is rather the result of the interpretation of his followers, later bible translators/interpreters, and church fathers. With that being said, may you be rightly guided.


DontBeBlind In the verse you are referring to, Rev 22:8-9, John says very clearly that he fell down to worship an angel, and the angel told him to not worship him because he was also just a fellow servant. That was not Jesus. Also , your disagreement about Jesus being one of the trinity of God Himself, and our savior, is not with me. It is with Jesus. In John 14:16, Jesus says that no can come to His Father, except through Him. Worshiping Jesus was prophesied in the old testament (Isaiah, Daniel etc.), and expressed very clearly in the New Testament. It is not my job to convince anyone of anything. It is each individuals right to choose what they believe. But please read the Bible before attempting to dismantle it. I used to claim the change of meaning of scripture through interpretation too. I do not know any one person who has ACTUALlY sat down and read the Bible that has not walked away a believer. You just can not deny the historical backing of the documented occurrences. I spent years trying to disprove it, only to confirm time and again it’s validity. I pray you may guided… Read more »


A simple google search will show you that actual Christian scholars, Priests, Ministers and many others who are well versed in the bible, all have left Christianity after realizing the truth. Do not be so narrow minded, you’re argument is subjective and far from the truth. It would do you a lot of good if you did your own extensive, unbiased research. You can watch; “how the bible led me to Islam” by former Christian Minister Joshua Evans on YouTube to get a better understanding. Joshua studied the bible his whole life and Yusuf Estes as well, also a former Minister that left Christianity at the age of 50! These are just two names that come to mind out of many others.

Furthermore and with all due respect. The pragmatically incoherent concept of someone “dying for your sins” when presented as a moral philosophy, is simply absurd. When was the last time you personally saw a good cop redeeming a child killer? Exactly! Because that isn’t how things work.


DontBeBlind I would just like to first quickly respond to your previous comment that Christianity was never about Jesus. Christianity without Jesus is Judaism. Also, I had previously stated that not one person I have ever known that has actually read the Bible, has not walked away a believer. I never stated that I googled ‘people whom have left Christianity’. So yes, my view is subjective. I have read many different religious books. I have practiced many different religions. I was previously against Christianity myself, as there are a lot of people who claim to be, but behave contradictory to their “faith”. It was a turn off. But then I realized that I was basing my opinion on Christianity, if I may, the same way you appear to be. I did not understand it, nor did I spend any of my own time actually in the Bible. So I was taking other people’s opionions of the faith as my own. Which it also seems you are doing. You inability to understand someone dying for our sins does not mean it did not happen. Comparing behavior from God versus the behavior of a human (as you have the example, a cop),… Read more »


Believe me when I say that Googling “people” who have left Christianity is not what gave me a deciding factor for my soul and faith. The two people I mentioned simply have way more extensive knowledge about the Bible(s) than you and I both, and I simply wanted to show you all the faults in your book as they have documented. God gave us human beings a brain for a reason, which is why I have personally studied the 3 major religions, and come to the conclusion that the bible(s) and Talmud are both littered with mistakes and contradictions. The only thing you’ve proved to me as that you don’t really know, nor fully understand, your religion as well as you think you do. I’m sad to say, but all the previous scriptures have been corrupted by man throughout time. However, The Quran, remains unchanged for the past 1400 years, and is the only remaining true and final revelation sent by our Lord to sincerely guide mankind. With that being said, you are right about one thing, people may not have all the answers, but the Quran sure does. Remember, God is not the author of confusion, Satan is. All… Read more »


You are blind, biased, and crazy. Don’t you claim Jesus can’t be God, and that God doesn’t exist ? So what are you worried about?

Did you pray a couple of times, but God didn’t set a tree on fire, or make you rich? In this [fallen] World, you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer. Jesus has overcome this World. Jesus had to come as a human to die for the sins of humans : Refusing to believe in God, even though He came as a human and did the impossible things only God can do,
but with human limitation.


God Himself paid the unpayable debt of Adam.

you will still have to pay for the mess your reprobate mind caused.


Concerned, That is completely illogical and absurd! What you’re basically saying is that the All Mighty God had to pay his own debt that was owed to him by Adam and mankind by shedding the blood of his own. Couldn’t the All Mighty Lord simply just have forgiven us and cleared the debt without having to sacrifice his only son, who supposedly happens to be a god as well? So God sent his only son to bring people towards the righteous path and suddenly thought, maybe I should crucify him and hold him accountable for the sins of everyone. He will suffer a lot of pain and be humiliated for something he has not done but, hey that’s the right thing to do after all. Was the sin too big for God to just forgive? Its like God had to pay a ransom (ie his own blood) to the devil so that we could be forgiven! The more Christians try to defend the Trinity, the worse their answers become and the more questions that arise. The concept of a triune God has defied reasons to the point which no candid man can confidently say that he understands it. The only… Read more »


You need to read some CS Lewis bro.


That would merely confuse him about Christianity. He should read Acts, Philipians, Ephesians,Proverbs,John, Matthew, Romans,Hebrews, then STUDY them !
He should read ‘The Case For Christ’ by Chuck Colson.


You need to humble yourself first. Then do some reading. Christ paid the debt for all of our sins. You don’t understand much yet. If you are sincerely looking to answer the questions you have posed, you can find them. But only with a sincere heart, without cynicism.


Así es muy bien dicho amigo ese es el verdadero Dios


you depend on lies as the foundation of your disbelief. For example, you substituted ‘Christian scolars, Priests, and Ministers’ who ‘left Christianity’.
No. what you cite are several discertations where, when Scientists, Doctors, and Psaychologists were contracte to dispute the Bible with scientific evidence, and theory, they ended up believing.
Murses and doctors in the abortion industry walked away and many advocate for Pro-Life NOW.
You have no facts, and god will turn his back on you for promoting your false truths (lies).


Oh yes. Because Google is SO accurate. Over half of the content out there is censored and shadow banned to prevent anything but the far left agenda, NWO, and satanism being shown. Project Vernitas exposed what we ALL suspected. Pick up a BOOK or chose a different search engine like duckduckgo or starpage–those are NOT being controlled. Relying just on internet research is a fool’s game anyhow. Because so many “sources” aren’t credited by legit experts.


Lili, Very well done!

truth is thruth

Jesus is the Only Begotten Son of Jehovah/YHWH, meaning the only one that came directly from Him. Jesus helped God create all things. Jehovah spoke it, and Jesus was supplied with the power by Him to do it and gave all credit to God which is where Moses failed at and in turn angered God banning him from the promise land when he took the credit for supplying the jews with water by striking the rock when ordered to pray it out the rock through God so the people can see this was a miracle from God and not Moses. Jesus cried to God and asked him “Why have you forsaken me?”, so how can you forsake a being that is you? Jesus also said “Father, let your name be sanctified.” and “My Father, if it is possible, may this cup be taken from me. Yet not as I will, but as you will”, Calling on your father begging for mercy are more than enough signs to let you know he was the Messiah, the APPOINTED Lord and Savior not actually God himself. It also says that “No man has seen God and yet lived” but everyone saw Jesus back… Read more »


God is Jesus in the Flesh.


Jesus Christ is the Only Begotten Son of God the Father.


In the beginning was the Word,and the Word was with God, and the Word was God
And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us. St John 1:1,14


That was not Jesus’ purpose coming to Earth as a human. He fulfilled old testament prophecy 100%, performed miracles, which only God, our Creator, could hold any power over. While Jesus didn’t want his followers to worship Him BLINDLY, like a celebrity today. Don’t folowHim just for ‘good stuff’, but follow His examole of obedience, even his death. When he appeared before stunned eyewitnesses (sorry, no youtube video)he proved he is still living, and until God is finished with this world, and us, and you, Jesus is waiting to welcome you if you can suspend disbelief, based on your limited understanding and willfull disobedience.
You have obviously studied to confirm your Atheist views, so why are you so worried if God doesn’t exist?


You may want to read the passage again. As in the days of Noah, just ask yourself: Who was taken, and who was left? Hence Jesus answer to the disciples “where the dead body is, the vultures gather.” Which group do you want to be in?


Pre-trib rapture is not unbiblical is in the Bible: “And to wait for his Son from heaven, whom he raised from the dead, even Jesus, which delivered us from the wrath to come.” 1 Thessalonians 1:10. I recently heard a sermon from pastor MacArthur from Grace to You, talking about this.


Jeff, you are in serious error as to the Catholic Church and its place in God’s plan and salvation. It IS the Church founded by Christ, and the only one. It has not changed its teachings in 2000 years and any serious student of the Church Fathers and Church History will know that. That is why so many Anglican luminaries such as John Henry Newmann, GK Chesterton, Sir Alec Guinness, Joyce Kilmer and a list too long to include here converted from their heretica church to the one, true Church, the Catholic Church. They did their homework, I suggest that you do yours. Your eternal salvation depends upon it.


My two cents, we MUST save ourselves. No one outside ourselves is going to save us and we have immense Creator given power to accomplish this monumental task, but when huge numbers of people are hung up on someone else fixing a mess of our own creation, it diminishes our power greatly. I believe christ consciousness is going to return, but not an actual person.

Another observation I don’t see talked about much in terms of “end times” and all of its negative connotations, is the possibility that end times is really the end of time and the artificial mental prison so many humans are in due to the illusory concept of time ie. Living in the past and being depressed or living in the future and being anxiety ridden, when we should be living in the now and present since there ultimately is no such thing as past and present only this moment now exists. I think ‘end times’ could very well mean humans waking up to this truth, returning to oneness and taking a giant step forward in our evolution.


Mamaof4, 2 words, Black Magic. These psychopaths are well versed in the dark arts and deal with demonic entities beyond our realm. After King Solomon had passed, Satan appeared in the form of a man and told the people that if they wanted to acquire some of Solomon’s power, he’d show them where to dig. He lied and told them that Solomon was a sorcerer, and then showed them the location where Solomon had buried all the books on magic and sorcery. Now heres where things get interesting. You see, some of the men that found these dangerous books were actually Knights Templars. And it later came to the attention of the King of France at the time, that these Knights were doing unimaginable things behind closed doors. So he began hanging them high in public, but a few of them got away and ended up infiltrating the Free Masons in Scotland. The “ancient knowledge” we here of today that the Freemasons boast about is nothing other than these ancient books on sorcery. Ask yourselves, how does one do magic? Through numbers and symbols. And how do these devil worshippers that rule our world communicate and do everything else? That’s… Read more »


Do u buy the official story about Templars? Really?


I’m not sure about the templars, but some sort of black magic along with mass hypnosis is what I suspect too.


The Templars were a group of homosexual gangsters.


Mass hypnosis is right, friend. I just watched people drive through the Polar Vortex like lemmings jumping off a bridge. They’d go 80 mph on ICE and I caught up with them later when they were in the ditch. People are caught up in a world that is not reality but is solely the program running in their head. Detox from the cities, get natural resources, stay warm, cool, fed, and watered, and keep your head in the game, y’all. Don’t be fooled, He said.


Lemmings do not jump off ledges. Due diligence. Here you are telling people not to be fooled using a false narrative because you were fooled!! Research where that false lemmings following each other off a cliff originated. Disney did it.

The lies are so insidious.


How are you gonna lie to the people with that bs when it is widely known that, at that time the kingdom of France didn’t even exist. There wasn’t even a King of the Franks, for crying out loud. The Templars didn’t come into existence until the 11th century AD when the Crusades took place. So if the templars didn’t exist until after Christ, how did this happen right after Solomon’s death when he lived way before Jesus?

Get your facts straight, stop with the lies.


The Crusades were established as a cover for the Templar knights to retrieve Solomon’s treasure. They had advance warning of the temple’s destruction by the Romans, and so it was hidden under the stables. There was so much of it, that several trips were required to get it removed. It was taken to the Templar headquarters in France. When the Pope and French King united to establish the Friday the 13th decree against the Knights Templar, the treasure was again hidden. It remains underground today because the family with the Templar lineage is frightened of the ramifications of exposure.

Here is the connection between the Templars and King Solomon:

Hughes Payans was founder and first Grandmaster of the Knight’s Templar. His lineage included a priest from Solomon’s Temple who knew where the treasure was hidden, so this was a secret passed down through a family that gained power from this hidden knowledge. The family waited centuries for the timing to retrieve it. This was the origin of the Crusades.


YouAreLyingPunk, I think you are reading Mamaof4 wrong. She didn’t state a time that the books were found. It could have been centuries later that the Knights Templar found the hidden sorcery. So, dear sir, you seem to be reading something more into what was actually written. Maybe she should have been more clear as to when they were found, obviously during the time of the French Kings.


Strange how you have the same theology of freemasons yet claim to be opposed to them. There is no good coming from your false position.

A “spell” is a demon tricking you into damning yourself through making it seem like you are “powerful.”


All 3? Alot of people deny your 4th as well. I guess is more than a trend


I have 9 year old twins


Mamaof4! That was awesome! You got him there, good job! Brilliant!


So 4 daughters; 21, 18 & 9 year old twins. I didn’t specify but used to people knowing. I apologize for not clarifying.


They’re f**king blind to the truth, my friend. They don’t wanna believe these things are real. They prefer to call us crazy than accepting the OBVIOUS fact that the symbologies are real, and that this can’t be just a coincidence that all those famous people show those symbols. Is it mockery? Are all those people mockering SATANISM? I don’t think so. There are other tips that indicate they’re connected with the occult.

Suzanne Ellison

Exactly and that Nunu crap is all devil wear..It shows children w/devil horns and w/pentagrams and all this other satanic crap..she’s disgusting and she’s now part of the Illuminati agenda and she’s doing the one eye, and waving 666 symbols etc..Ugh..I can’t stand her..She looks like she’s PURE EVIL..AND THIS CRAP THAT CHILDREN ARE GENDERLESS..NO, YOU’RE EITHER A BOY OR GIRL.IT’S THAT SIMPLE..THE BAPHOMET IS PART WOMAN/PART MAN..THAT UGLY THING SATANISTS PRAY TO..THIS IS WHY THEY’RE PROMOTING AGENDA’S OF CHILDREN HAVING SEX CHANGES ..IT’S JUST TOO SICKENING AND I’M NOT BACKING THIS STUPID CRAP…


I always wondered about Celine Dion. She first met, started working with and mutually fell in love with her manager while still a minor. I always thought that was a bit weird and thought him to be her handler but eventually, mostly, dismissed it as she wasn’t all over the headlines for absurdity. Now, I’m wondering if he WAS her handler, but out of his love for her kept her away from the depraved. Or maybe he wasn’t her handler. I don’t know, but the age Gap has always been a creep factor for me, considering her age when they fell in love.


How old were they when they both got together?


I think she was like 14 when he first “discovered” her. She’s probably going a bit off the rails now with her new found “freedom?” I don’t know – I shouldn’t speculate as I have no idea about her husband – maybe he was a gentleman the whole time. But this kind of reminds me of Mariah Carey who also went a little wild after she split from her husband/manager.


How old was Mary when she was wed to Joseph????


Mary was 17, Joseph around 30

It was customary for young Jewish women looking to be consecrated virgins to marry widowers to keep them company.

Willie Jones Jr

I think she was 12. Rene was definitely her handler.


She was 12


She was 14 NOT 12.


She was 12, simple Google search will tell you. She was 19 when they started a relationship and married at 26


and, wasn’t he married twice before??or had two previous relationships that produced children?


You have hit the nail straight on. He was her handler….or worse

Thy Unveiling

No doubt he was her handler, but it does appear (given all the stuff she’s doing now) that he kept her “safe” in his own way. I’m not defending him, per se. The age gap and him meeting her when she was a child etc always bothered me, then as I learned about MK Ultra etc I felt very sad for Celine being sold into glamorized slavery. (Being wealthy and famous looked appealing before I knew better. The money, vacations, nice homes, etc. Not worrying about rent, bills, or groceries.) OR is this a case of Celine’s programming malfunctioning without her lifetime handler maintaining her inner system? Are the Israeli “fashion designers” her new handlers? Have they tweaked her to be another middle-aged monstrosity confused on if she’s 12 or 20 or the featured female on a reboot of Whay Not to Wear? Or is she flipping personalities without Renee keeping her “in line”? Has this been going on a while and its only being noticed now that she’s being put in the spotlight? As for the anorexia, perhaps she’s been made to partake in Their sick “food” rituals; like cannibalism or eating feces. Apparently a lot of those girls… Read more »


The rumors for the last few years is that she is gay and her lover travels with her. If that is true, then this boy is just a beard.


@Thy Unveiling – “As for the anorexia, perhaps she’s been made to partake in Their sick “food” rituals; like cannibalism or eating feces. Apparently a lot of those girls go anorexic or bulimic after being made to participate in that stuff.”

Can you document those “rituals” you are mentioning? How are you so certain?

Mia Person

Her wedding was the weirdest ritual. She had a lot of strange things happening in her life but René handled her in a way that was protective of her and her children, now she is controlled and obviously drugged to the core. Her weight and demeanor speak volumes.


Hey! You bring up a good point… but what if he WAS her handler, but his job WAS to keep her in her place in Vegas? It may have been her “assignment” to be low key… and who knows why they do anything?


Or it could be that he really tried to protect her because he did love her?


Celine is a 50 year old women who dresses like a teenager and is promoting fashion for the NWO-Elite who do not really care about fashion they just want to rule/control the world in the name of Satan. I am destroying all my Celine CD’s and have no problem doing that. We have got to fight back and protect our children from this demonic gender-less (soulless) agenda.

ellie may

Everyone reading here already knows – that –
All of this is much bigger than celine dion –

She is just the first one at the front door, knocking, inviting herself in with the new agenda – and bringing in with her all the 100s of players that have been planning, laying the ground work and doing dress rehersals

New Jersey Now Providing ‘Gender Neutral’ Option for Residents Who Wish to Amend Birth Certificate

Now it will just be their parade of participants (politicians) state after state pulling up their sheep clothing.

Chrissy Snow

Céline looks like she’s been reprogrammed, or the media is hinting to a future ‘meltdown’. Who knows?She doesn’t look the same or healthy that’s for sure. Its possible that her contract with the devil is up.


Too true, definitely reprogrammed. The occult mess she deeper got into claims her whole, as u can see. She tries to fake it as much as she can, but we arent that dumb. As for her so-called lover, Pepe Munoz, the man plays for the other team and he even has a boyfriend. Celine herself plays for the other team but the plebs dont need to know that. Not that theres anything wrong with that, I only hate hypocrisy. Oh and btw, a biopic about her is in the works which is kinda weird coz shes still alive.

Thy Unveiling

Good point; so maybe they’re planning to “write her off” so to speak….poor woman. She never had a choice, being just a child when her parents sold her…


“Weird flex but ok” took me tf out


VC is sooooo hilarious


She is 50 years old?! She looks like 70 or more :O

Jenny G

Many 70 years do not look like they have com out of a concentration camp.


Have you seen people after they go through cancer treatments? Maybe she is fighting an illness and is having some fun (in her head) before she dies. Not thinking straight she ends up messed up with some weird people.

D D d

Oh – she might “having fun” with dressing children in satanic shirts and promotional messing with other peoples children in a care-centre, declaring these are not theirs.?
Yeah that’s sick, you are probably right. Now, I am kidding.
And yes I may say this, because I too have enough more than enough experience with various cancers and loved ones with cancer in my life.


My 80-year-old mom doeesn’t look anywhere near as old as Celine.


First, Rene “found” her when she was 12 and apparently, they officially started dating when she was 19. Much like Mariah, I believe that these powerful older men were their handlers however they were probably possessive of them. Hence they were quite covered up & probably weren’t tossed around by the other elites in depraved & vile acts however with these handlers no longer being in the position to guard them, they are being used & abused in addition to being reprogrammed. If you look up “Celine Dion” in Google/Yahoo/Bing etc. Images, you’ll see that she was throwing those signs up a long time ago. Same with Mariah (during a Grammy’s performance in the early 90’s she performed “If It’s Over” in front of a pyramid & eye of Horus. She later performed in front of a similar setting with Whitney Houston. Their souls have been sold but with those handlers, they had some extra perks. I’ve worried that they were planning to “suicide/accident” Mariah but with Celine’s recent antics, she might rather be next…

Sad what people do for fame & wealth.


Ugh 🙁 I have always loved Celine Dion and she never seemed to cater to an agenda. It’s so sad to see this happen to her. I guess when you play with fire you’re bound to get burned eventually. I hope she makes it through this and finds her way to a peaceful life.


It’s going to be tough for you if Dion dies in 2020 to capitalize on the $23 million biopic ‘The Power of Love’. Many people loved Whitney Houston and were heartbroken when she passed away in very mysterious circumstances. Dion may be worth more dead than alive to her owners at this point, as was probably the case with Houston. Very depressing.
Separately those two nununu creatures on either side of Dion in the video above are terrifying to me

Simon Dennis

Strange and sinister times V.C. Satan was a murderer from the very beginning….


According to the prophet Isaiah, where the Lord speaks… God created evil and says so. Why create evil?


God did NOT create evil. God gave all his creates free will. The devil decided to rebel. This is a matter of universal sovereignty. All intelligent creation has to choose whose side are they one. Gods side, of the devil.


evil is an absence of Good caused by being divided from God.

That is like saying who created “cold,” when cold just means a lack of heat.


Guess it is a painful process to be reprogrammed when your handler dies. She’s straight up in Kanye West crazytown territory. Oh, and those creepy NU NU NU lesbians … yikes. They say they are for letting the kids be whoever they want but yet they talk about how fashion has the power to MOLD the world which means they aren’t letting kids be whoever they want — they want to make heterosexuality the abnormal thing so they can finally be normal. Of course, they are Israelis, so we already know that they are soulless psychopaths. Maybe the Palestinians need to become transgender en masse so that the liberals will actually care about them. Because they don’t seem to care about Palestinian children and their right to be “whoever they want to be”.

Thy Unveiling

Kanye is not crazy. He may be a lot of things, but he is not crazy. He speaks a lot of truths but nobody takes him seriously, perhaps due to his presentation and involvement with Armenian witches and Trump. Kanye means well and recognizes the Hell he got himself into. He may be narcissistic and deluded at times, but he’s probably the most real, on-the-level celebrity out there right now.

Also, please remember what Chapelle once famously said about another black man who was being called crazy. It’s dismissive.


I’ve read in other sites that she’s a closeted lesbian with a longtime girlfriend, hidden behind her marriage, and now that she’s alone it’s harder and harder to keep her secret. That’s why she’s with this toyboy all the time. Plus, apparently she has a pill problem and she’s so stressed she can’t stop. I really believe that her husband protected her, even if he was her handler.


This topic has been discussed and covered alot here, in Québec. I never felt Angelil to be her handler for the reason one of VC member point out: Celine never shown bizarre behaviors and always stood apart of this partying scene. But right, most of us here always believed there was ”something wrong” between these two. One of the rumors that keeps running from all these years is that Angelil would have had forced young Celine to spend ”good times” with him. Once CD parents found out, they would have forced ANgelil to make their child (CD, not all the D clan) famous as a way to redeem himself. Again, i need to say that this IS A RUMOR, but its still still alive after more then 30 years…


Never was femininely attractive, but she apparently is turning into Ric Ocasek…


That’s because she was born a he.


I think she (Celine) looks more and more like a man as she is getting older….

D D d

When deleting make-up and clothing-styles, a lot of women start to look a bit more like men when they grow older. Nothing wrong with that, as they do not have to find a fit partner to mate with anymore. Nature is so clever.

Kevin G

Looks like the New World Orderlings have gotten her


Her kids are “finding themselves?” No. They’re being abused. I would like to know how far down the rabbit hole she has dragged them.


I think the whole story of her children being interested in particular toys was made up.


I didn’t read all the comments so maybe someone already said this but it’s clear to me it isn’t NU NU NU it is UN UN UN. Globalist freaks and the enemy of mankind


Of course, talk backwards, walk backwards, write backwards, etc. Crowley’s code


All the young pop tarts are all in on the OTO, and dear old Celine was losing her place in celebrityville. So, she gave in to a full OTO initiation. Possession by demons always distorts the physical looks and behavior of these soul-selling losers.

Johnny Canuck

Genderless clothes – drab, colourless, Death Cult, New World Order, crap for the Kids of the Plebes. I’ll tell you about a Country that was miles ahead of everybody on this “Genderless” Bandwagon – Maoist China.

Women were forced to cut their hair short, no make-up allowed and both sexes wore the same, insipid, dull outfits with the cute little Mao cap with the little red star, the only thing of any colour.

Celine Dione NoNoNo!!!! Eat something for cripes sake! You look like a walking bag of bones.


china is the model for the NWO, good observation.

Prophetic Explorer

The one dressed as a ‘Playboy Bunny”? Yeah, that’s not a girl.

P Bell

I’m sure you’re right; I was also disturbed by the vaguely sexual pose of a child wearing only sheer tights on bottom with legs posed in such a way. And the child wearing the “New Order” sweatshirt would look to be a girl at first glance, but it’s likely a boy styled to “fool” everyone. As beautiful as they are, young boys can often be mistaken for girls (I loved my 4 year old son’s curls so much, I dragged my feet on his first haircut, until I got tired of everyone saying what a cute little girl he was).

They probably intentionally “switch” the genders of many of the children in their ads – since isn’t that what it’s all about?? These people are EVIL EVIL EVIL and SICK.


It is a very well known fact that usually clones age faster and I wouldnt rule out Celine having been cloned. This cloning issue must be discussed here some time.

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