What is Happening to Shia LaBeouf?

Actor Shia LaBeouf walks through the media after leaving Midtown Community Court following his arrest the previous day for yelling obscenities at a Broadway performance of "Cabaret", Friday, June 27, 2014, in New York.

In the past few months, Shia LaBeouf has made strange public appearances, acted “erratically” and even got himself arrested for “criminal trespass, harassment and disorderly conduct”. Is Shia’s “meltdown” yet another case of a celebrity MK breakdown?

Actor Shia LaBeouf walks through the media after leaving Midtown Community Court following his arrest the previous day for yelling obscenities at a Broadway performance of "Cabaret", Friday, June 27, 2014, in New York.
Shia LaBeouf walks through the media after leaving Midtown Community Court following his arrest the previous day.

On June 26, Shia LaBeouf was arrested after being kicked out of a Broadway musical. He was reportedly so disruptive that he was hauled out of the theater and taken to jail. Witnesses stated that he was smoking inside the theater, slapping random strangers on the rear end, and spitting at the police officers, which caused him to be placed in a face mask. Hours before, Shia was spotted yelling at a homeless man, claiming he stole his hat. Onlookers stated that Shia “did not make sense” and “seemed out of it” – an expression that can describe someone who has dissociated.

While we all have our bad days, Shia has been making the news for all kinds of strange reasons in the past few months and years – including being arrested for refusing to leave a drug store and headbutting a man in a bar in London.

In February, Shia appeared at the Berlinale International Film Festival with a bag over his said saying “I am not famous anymore”.

People are still wondering why Shia appeared with this bag on his head as it did not appear to be part of a "clever marketing scheme" or something of the sorts.
People are still wondering why Shia appeared with this bag on his head as it did not appear to be a “clever marketing scheme” or anything of the sort.

Was the “paper bag” incident actually a sick way for his handlers to humiliate him, perhaps to show that his career is purposely being destroyed? The bag incident occurred immediately after he stormed out of a news conference for the movie Nymphomaniac: Volume I, where he answered one question with a quote from French soccer player Eric Cantona: “When the seagulls follow the trawler, it’s because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea. Thank you very much.”

wasn’t making a whole lot of sense and seemed out of it. – See more at: http://www.cinemablend.com/pop/Shia-LaBeouf-Chased-Around-Homeless-Man-Hours-Arrest-64944.html#sthash.IlZSq5FM.dpuf
The actor showed up to a performance of Cabaret at Studio 54 and was allegedly so disruptive, he was hauled out of the theater and taken to jail. – See more at: http://www.cinemablend.com/pop/Shia-LaBeouf-Chased-Around-Homeless-Man-Hours-Arrest-64944.html#sthash.IlZSq5FM.dpuf
The actor showed up to a performance of Cabaret at Studio 54 and was allegedly so disruptive, he was hauled out of the theater and taken to jail. – See more at: http://www.cinemablend.com/pop/Shia-LaBeouf-Chased-Around-Homeless-Man-Hours-Arrest-64944.html#sthash.IlZSq5FM.dpuf
The actor showed up to a performance of Cabaret at Studio 54 and was allegedly so disruptive, he was hauled out of the theater and taken to jail. – See more at: http://www.cinemablend.com/pop/Shia-LaBeouf-Chased-Around-Homeless-Man-Hours-Arrest-64944.html#sthash.IlZSq5FM.dpuf
The actor showed up to a performance of Cabaret at Studio 54 and was allegedly so disruptive, he was hauled out of the theater and taken to jail. – See more at: http://www.cinemablend.com/pop/Shia-LaBeouf-Chased-Around-Homeless-Man-Hours-Arrest-64944.html#sthash.IlZSq5FM.dpuf
The actor showed up to a performance of Cabaret at Studio 54 and was allegedly so disruptive, he was hauled out of the theater and taken to jail. – See more at: http://www.cinemablend.com/pop/Shia-LaBeouf-Chased-Around-Homeless-Man-Hours-Arrest-64944.html#sthash.IlZSq5FM.dpuf

Is Shia LaBeouf’s pattern of strange and humiliating incidents an MK “meltdown”, similar to what happened to Britney Spears  and Amanda Bynes? Like other celebrities in the MK system, programming breakdowns often appear around the age of 30.

Just as other celebrities involved in the MK system have, Shia has participated in works that are all about Monarch Programming.

Playing the Role of a MK Slave

In my 2012 article on Fjögur Píanó, I explained how the viral video symbolically depicted Shia Labeouf as a MK slave. Considering the events of the past months, it relevant to review the video.

In the video, Shia is given a lollipop with a little scorpion inside - alluding that it is most likely a poisonous, mind altering drug.
In the video, Shia is given a lollipop with a little scorpion inside – alluding that it is most likely a poisonous, mind altering drug.

Shia then completely loses grasp of reality and is taken for a “fake ride” in an imaginary car by handlers. Is this what is happening to him in real life?

Shia then finds himself locked in room full of framed butterflies - a somewhat clear way of representing Monarch Programming. As in every single MK-themed video, there's a scene where the slave attempts to break programming representing by the shattering of a mirror.
Shia then finds himself locked in room full of framed butterflies – a  clear way of representing Monarch Programming. As in every single MK-themed video, there’s a scene where the slave attempts to break programming through the symbolic shattering of a mirror.
Shia then wakes up with a butterfly next to his head, hinting that programming was completed.
Shia then wakes up with a butterfly next to his face, hinting that programming was completed.

Is Shia’s “meltdown” a result of actual MK programming? Is he purposely being placed in awful situations to hurt his career by  industry handlers? His situation is strikingly similar to other stars who, after years of success, spiral into a self-destructive pattern. Like Britney Spears and others, Shia was a child star raised in the Disney system. While it is easy to put all of the blame of “drugs and alcohol”, there is something more at play here. Drugs and alcohol are usually symptoms of a deeper problem.

Here’s what a younger, more clear-minded Shia LaBeouf had to say in 2008, five years before Edward Snowden said a single word. Is this why he is “not famous anymore”?

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There are is a lot of information on Hollywoods secret societies. Actors are made to do hideous, detestible and humiliating things to keep up appearances and stay famous. This industry is riddled with drugs and pedophelia. I heard, on a whim an actor can be called to do something and they have to submit or deal with the consequences, even if that means to have sex with someone high up in the industry or another celebrity.. doesn't matter if its male or female. They do all these sick things. I've even heard they are made to eat other peoples or even their own excrement. Most of these male actors are made to sleep with other male celebrities. They will even tell you you better do "this" or we will destroy you or kill someone you know personally and make it look like an accident in the media. Makes you wonder… Read more »

It is due to the p*******e of kid's in the entertainment industry also. Cory Feldman talked about it, he couldn't name names. So sad what is happening to Child stars. It will keep happening till-it is exposed and if someone exposes it they will be dead. Someday this will be exposed, nothing stays hidden from God. their Judgment will be harsh. They are pretty blatant now.

Not every child of the entertainment industry and illuminati families has been a victim of p********a. As far as i know, Shia has not either.

I feel so bad for him.

Do people seek fame regardless of what they will endure? No do people like Oprah and Madonna escape such brain execution and become handlers themselves? It is apparent the weak-minded ones are fed on and the strong ones are not. Will Jennifer Hudson go through this?

This sucks. I really used to love films and wanted to be involved in big movies, ever since I saw Jurrassic Park as a kid lol. But now it all seems like s**t. Just doing the sick work of sick individuals. Oh well

what the hell is MK? I am writing a paper on Shia.

The bag over the head makes me think he feels he has been used and abused by the industry and now tossed aside, discarded. This is not a good feeling… although he should get out and be happy about it the problem is that the abused begin to have an attachment to the abuser. It is hard to understand but I can kind of, as the abuser usually tells the person they are special, they go through all this pain but it is because I am chosen. Then you are no good its another slap in the face you went through all that and you mean nothing. Also there is a barcode on the bag, not sure if that's common in US but I don't recall that. Escape please…

I am… learning about my own RA experience. Not MK-ultra/Monarch, but a different branch. I used to hate Miley, Shia, Amanda Bynes, Britney…etc. And now I feel the immense, sickening, legitimately feel-pains-in-my-chest ache for them because. I. get. it. …before I ever read a single article online about ANY theories of this stuff going on, I was seeing it with my own two eyes. My jaw literally dropped a few times when these OVERT symbols or gestures were being made. ….like baffled it could be so obvious. But then I remembered there was a time where that would've meant NOTHING to me. The past year, listening to Amanda Bynes and the recent news stories with Shia, I (as a viewer) have only seen it under the lenses of mind control and every SINGLE time they're in the news again it gets less and less possible for me to ever go… Read more »
OffTheSetN702'- I happen to like shia as an actor. As a person, he clearly doesn't want to be treated as a STAR. By NORMAL individuals. He wants to be treated as an EQUAL. It's hard for people to not become STARSTRUC, when u see some one in a movie that u like so much. people thinks that the people that are actors are like the people they portray on film if they're funny like Jim Carrey they must always be nice example .sister like Samuel L Jackson famous always be yelling out loud when they talk . at the end of the day these people are normal people like me and you working a9 to 5 job except for they have to leave their families their babies for mothers to children's their wives for months even years on and make a movie for us to enjoy .give them the benefit… Read more »

Im sadly convinced Shia is going to be Brad Pitt and Angelinas next sacrifice. I wish there was a way to help him :[

A lot of those Disney stars break down after they've been out of the lime light for a while.

RE paper bag: He's being melodramatic because he got busted ripping off some writer and got publicly outed via twitter. He's just being a baby. No MK Ultra, just pure spoiled brat.

NOOOOOOOOO! I love him…:/ I grew up watching him even stevens

You need not stop loving someone just because they need to bug out now and again?

It kind of make you wonder about Michael Egan, the man alleging X-Men director Bryan Singer and three other Hollywood executives sexually abused and assaulted him as a teenager… plus he alleges that a few other BIG names in the film industry, that he's prohibited from naming. Might that be a Steven Speilberg and or Michael Bay?? I mean, besides Shia, talking negative about Speilberg and Bay… didn't Megan Fox also say some bad things about Speilberg/Bay?? And it's kind of puzzling how Megan Fox was allowed in Michael Bay's "Ninja Turtle" flick. Did she get reprogrammed? Back to Shia though. The whole Shia LaBeouf bio is kind of fishy to me. Early on in his career, it was said, he was discovered on a street corner as a homeless street performer, and that he and his mother were living out of an old beat up car… then later, after… Read more »

It's the Velvet Mafia

Interesting that Steven Speilberg was the producer for the Goonies movie as well.

I don't know if anyone has heard, but I remember when he posted in his twitter "I'm not famous anymore" 33 times. I read online 22, but they said on the news 33….just a thought.

Makes me really sad. I grew up with Shia, watching him in Even Stevens and always liked him. He always seemed down to earth. Horrible what he's going through now. More than ever I hope he breaks free, go into hiding or something. This one really pulls at my heartstrings.

My impression is that he's one of those youths who are deeply troubled by the sexual acts they were coerced or forced into performing as children. I think he's got some sort of machoism defense mechanism, when in reality, he's a highly sensitive boy. He seems like one of those people who freaks out when they are happy, especially in an intimate personal relationship with another, which probably aids in his picking fights with people, as he has no one close to him to pick a fight with and exacerbate the torment within him that eats him up inside.

never heard of him
should I be ashamed lol

I remember watching that interview with Leno and thought at the time that "this is not going to end well". But i totally forgot about it cuz he became an even bigger star. Little did i know that it is to drop him from greater height!

To be fair, the pub that he went to is in a nasty part of London.

Shame that many are too blind and caught up with the smoke screen of fame and fortune that the dark side of the entertainment industry is putting up.

I'm not even surprised at any of the MK pawns that just literally "snap" when their "master" commands them to do so. But very sad that most celebrities are becoming like this anyways.

and ppl think that's a joke, they're laughing like surveillance isn't a real thing… Smh…

You people wouldn't be asking so many questions if you just realized the Zionist connection behind all of this. LaBeouf's stock fell when he associated with Von Trier, someone the Zionists hate for his comments about Israel being annoying circa the 2011 Cannes Film Festival. They declared him persona non grata, a first, at the film festival based on that comment alone.

LaBeouf's chose that association after making his way up through the Spielberg factions, the very crux of Zionist lordship in their Hollywood complex.

Shia is spazzing out now. First, it was Miley Cyrus, but they put her in the "hospital" early, before she could make a total ass of herself in public. Personally, I think these folks be on some strong ass illicit narcotics when they be behaving normally. But soon as they come off those drugs, that's when the mental breakdown starts happening. The bigwigs in Hollywood keep those celebrities doped-up, so that they can have the strength to "perform" in the public eye. But then it all goes haywire as soon as the celebrity decides to break free from the mind control. Everybody said Charlie Sheen was on some drugs when he was having his public "episodes", but I think it's the opposite; I think he was trying to break free of the drugs and that's why his behavior seemed "odd". He seemed pretty "normal" when he was on the drugs.

Vigilant!! Have you seen Jaden smith on twitter spazzing out about the government and how they're just using him and Shia as distractions?!

He is a slave to the industry and there's no way out

Do not be so defeatist. Perhaps Shia is reading this and being uplifted by this wave of combined consciousness coming his way towards a better place? We cannot do it for everyone but I know enough about him to say that he is far from being a lost cause.

1st, I hope he lives thru this and will be okay and breaks thru the chains that try to reap him.

When I first watched "Eagle Eye" the movie I was awakened before Snowden mentioned anything. The movie completely foreshadowed everything. Shia did star in the film and that was 2008, same year he guest appeared on the "Late Night Show" with Jay Leno. Shia, I enjoyed your great acting and personality. I hope you find your way back.

Peace n Love buddy!

God Bless

VC, if you havent already, you should do a blog on "Eagle Eye" movie.

The one thing I always remember about Shia Leboeuf was how he used to always sit up straight when interviewed on TV. He was the epitome of a young gentleman.

That is a beautiful observation to be able to recall. He has many lovely mannerisms. He is a lovely kid underneath the bravado and anger.

Anyone here heard about the Beyonce degree that was introduced in the USA? I think it's really strange…

"Beyonce degree"? lol. wtf is that?

Did you not hear about this? Now Rutgers University offers a course called "Politicising Beyonce" where her career will be used to explore american race, gender and sexual politics and students will analyse her lyrics… I don't know, maybe i'm being too dramatic, but I thinks it's weird this needing of having a course in a big and important University about her life, you get it? We all know she's is one of the biggest Illuminatis puppets, and this seems to me a elite demonstration of how big and influential she is.

And I just find out there's other University in New York that has a "Sociology of Miley Cyrus" course… o.O God! What is the purpose? like, students will learn to twerk? I don't see a reason to these courses aside from shove the Illuminatis puppets lifes in people's faces

The reactions of the public – us – are taken in and analyzed.
To the max.

I honestly can't stand Beyonce. I wish she would go away. I know….BLASPHEMOUS, right?

I'm done with her and all the other puppets, you know? All the idolary around her. like she is a godness… and all the Illuminati crap that are forced down our throat all the time… it's so terrible see all these artists doing this kinda of things!

Shia does seem to be mind controlled. His comment about the FBI is probably correct. Crazy people often think they are being followed by the government. However, considering the programs that were in place (MKULTRA, MONARCH, etc.) the reality is that our government WAS watching and following US citizens and abusing them as laboratory rats. They get away with it by calling these people crazy.

Everytime someone is said to be "crazy" it reminds me of a buffy episode where they happen to pass in a psychoatric waed and they are the only.other people table to see the monsters. Maybe crazy people aren't so crazy after all…

I think we are focussing maybe a little much on ''incidents'' when it comes to MK. Why wouldn't it be the other way around… Mind Control being the normal situation when it comes to big money contracts. The techniques are centuries old (except things like electroshock ofcourse) and the publicity around it might have been just a ripple on the water. The big wave is underneath the surfce and is flowing through most controlled surroundings young people, victimized people and would-be's are to be made a success story. Videos about those in the spotlight might not always be a signal about the subjects solely but about a bigger plan. The music promoted is by Sigur Ross, so why not them making the focus too. They sure know how frequencies and melodic structure work better than most of their fans do… Why would they allow productplacement for mind control and abuse?… Read more »

Shia had his childhood destroyed point blank, he never had one and was sold to Disney at a young age for money. He always seem off to me even though I was a fan of Even Stevens. Hilary Duff was always off too (Lizzy McGuire).

Raven Simone maybe never made the headlines like her costars but I believe she was programmed as a child (starting from the Cosby Show and Hanging w/Mr. Cooper). As was Beyonce, their break downs are carefully guarded.

The only ones that seemed normal were Ally and her sister from that show (Can't remember the name. I think it was it was Phil of the Future and you noticed that show didn't last very long)

I hope you do an article on Miley Cyrus on NBC with her Bangerz tour. I was enraged with what i saw and just how bold they are becoming at ramming the agenda down our throats. Why show on national television something that concert goers pay lots of money to see unless you are trying to reach more people with your message than just the attendee.

I guess the screaming will be so loud at the gig, you should have the show on your mp3 player and synch it with the live-show.
Or is Miley not one of the performers with a lot of the score all on a little usb-stick? Anyway, would it not be nice to see that huge blown up tribute to a dog.
Enjoy the show, tv is only just a flat screen, Live is not comparable whatever the salesmen tell you.

I caught some of this and it was absurd, but not in a good way. It was completely unrestrained.

And what I know is how I managed to get "love, money, party" stuck in my head, despite only hearing a few bars of it. Do they engineer ear worms?

Yes they do, although, it does not look like something you will recognize.

>> it does not look like something you will recognize.

If this is a criticism or a statement, I cannot tell. I am just curious about the mechanism of ear worms. Get Lucky was stuck in my head for about one month last summer after hearing it only once, and didn't get stuck in the heads of my friends. I am curious about whether it depends on the resonant frequency of an individual.

Also, go Argentina!

No criticisnm meaned. I was abstract about technology that goes beyond hearing.
Clues : You know, those dogswistles for sheppards? And, that psychology is way older than the turn of last century.
Combine those with the knowledge of brainfunctioning, and psychology and you have something to think about, when hearing music that isn't just that good and should annoy rater than please most people.

Oh, I see.

What I noticed about the bits of the concert I saw was that the music was discordant and the images brash, but there were moments where I thought… this has a cohesive zaniness to it. Individually, the components were not my cup of tea but together they kind of draw you in. So you are saying there are less apparent luring elements they use to overcome a person's resistance.

In short , yes.
And, the outrageous sceaming of the children is encouraged, and not without reason.
(The latter works on grown-ups and tv-shows, too, by the way.)

Illuminatiwatcher already did a writeup of this. Wish I could have unseen it.

Another article on Miley? I could never sit through a Miley concert. Three hours of my life I would never get back.

Another Disney star falls……

Yup that clip from 2008 is definitely the reason why he's being humiliated & programmed by the elite.

VC please could you cover the UK p********s cases that are being "exposed" now throughout the UK. This is now making huge headlines & I know you're good at this subject as you've covered it before. Thanx

Visit The Coleman Experience and Chris Spivey's pages for info on that. The stuff about the NSPCC in particular. Very sinister.

what shia being on transformers isnt humiliating enough for his 'handlers'' ?

"what shia being on transformers isnt humiliating enough for his 'handlers'' ? "

hahahahahahaha, now that was a good one. indeed.

In other words: he's "transformed".

I worked in hollywood as a uber driver and I picked up a few movie stars and musicians, these people are beyond cheap and incredibly detached from the world we live in.incredibly rude they are as if we are nothing to them. there is no hope for majority of these people. Regular people in hollyweird are worse too acting like famous people.

This is clearly a breakdown. If it was purely for publicity then it would serve to help him. His eyes has looked empty for the past few years. Like the rest of you I hope they don't find him "overdosed" somewhere.

VC do an article on Kanye West! He's been breaking down for the past 4 years. He had a song called "golddigger" and now he's married to one. He made a song called "New Slaves". He's definitely been MK'ed and I think Kris Jenner is his handler!!

Jenner is a direct minion of Satan.

Yes the Kim Kanye thing is verrry interesting….many connections, many clues. Even the K names K=11 so 11:11 Kim and Kanye are an Occult Ritual. Black and white, the connection to the Eyes Wide Shut fashion industry, the people they're starting to curry favor with. All big indicators that they are becoming avatars, fronts for something ….other.

I too have noticed that Kanye's lyrics seemed to foreshadow what's happened. Almost like his life is scripted.

Lol… that's all in your mind

What is a handler? Who are they being handled for? To what end? What is the end game? And if your going to answer my question don't just allude to more vague crap about the illuminati and demons. Look up conspiracy theory psychology. You'l find that most people who accept one conspiracy theory are willing to accept others. To the point that they are willing to accept two different ones that are in direct conflict with each other.

If you don't believe in God, acknowledge that satan exists and accept the Old Testament then there is no point, you are right. It is merely a series of discordant tantrums that do not meld together. You need the faith in God for it to make sense; that is surely the bottom line


Look on the site for the monarch programming article. That should explain everything. Kanye's apart of an experiment and it's evident in his foreshadowing lyrics.

Oh come on. It's obvious the guy is on drugs. He's probably on drugs and having a mental breakdown because he's lost his fame which happens to many young actors. Does everything have to be a conspiracy or illuminati. I mean what power did this kid yield to be targeted as an MK slave or puppet? What influence did he have over anything except to star in a movie that would've been a hit regardless of his involvement. Classic Occams Razor – in the face of several explanations for Shia's behavior, drugs is the simplest and makes the most sense.
Britney being an MK slave is more believable and makes more sense, but not this kid.

You know what site you're on. People take celebrity so personally. The idea of people defending him gets to you or something. I'm not that vested. I'm not sure he's even the same person. As a kid, I thought he seemed soulful, which is why I don't 'buy' that this is a natural progression.

Shia's been a "puppet" since he was a child. Where have you been?

The mass populace is on drugs via flouride in our water, gmos food, chemtrails ect… Holly wood is no different. You don't get to be one of the fallen hollywood 'stars' without being mind controlled or a handler.. just the way it is..

Side Note: hollywood is the kind of wood witches would burn when the would cast a s-p-e-l-l

Interesting coincidence if I beLIEved in such things

Honestly having spent a lot of time around ppl who this kind of erratic behavior, there is actually an easier explanation, one which most people in the modern world debt: demonic possession. I people who are demonically possessed exhibit bizarre behavior of this nature. Same as the case of Elisa Lam, Amanda Bynes, Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, etc etc.

It's sad to see how things are going.. Still the Warriors of Light fight on. We have to beat them at their own game…

Before they get sucked in why can't they just say no…run in the other direction!

Another Disney star…wonder what the parents of these kids think. Was it really worth it?

Well you can see why they couldn't run…They are under constant surveillance and probably threats of bankrupting them, or even death if they don't comply. Its like being in the Mafia, there's no such thing as running away. LOL!

If money is their god, then I suppose they would feel it was worth it. Very little has been written about the programming of the parents of child stars other than the fact that they were often subject to child programming when they were young. The child programming seems to extend well beyond childhood in some cases. I see grown adults ecstatic at the sight of Disney merchandise and those who openly state that Disneyland is their favorite holiday destination, not just for their children or as a family but for them personally. It is very sad that from a provider self-evaluation perspective, many parents measure the success of their efforts in Disney currency – how many pink, fluffy, glittery, character themed items they were able to purchase and how many times they managed to take their children to watch these films and visit Disneyland.

not all of us arella. honestly i have been in all places where disneyland is nearby, orlando, fullerton and paris and not once i had the crave to visit disneyland. i've never been in disneyland when it was practically around the corner. years before i read what walt disney was all about, so you can't say it was due to brainwashing. never asked my parents to buy for me any disney merchandise too. saying that i used to watch some disney films when i was a child on tv some sundays

In my younger days I told a coworker that I had never been to Disneyland and she exclaimed in surprise and disbelief, "You haven't? Everybody's been to Disneyland!" and then added jokingly (I think she was joking), "That's unamerican!" She then looked at me for a few moments as if she felt sorry for me, which I couldn't understand at the time.
Well, twenty years have passed and now I understand. I still haven't been to Disneyland, and after discovering the truth about the so-called "magic kingdom" have no intention of ever going there.

It seems to me that his strange behavior began with the filming of Nymphomaniac, including the loss of his girlfriend and his eventual dating of his co-star in that movie. Something happened that has caused him to snap. When one sleeps with another, any demons either have are shared – which is why "they" encourage youth to sleep around – what kind of demons might have been shared in the filming of this "real sex" movie? As for the possible programming – of course he's a victim! Anyone who is famous has had programming, especially if they are Disney kids! However, the mind control technology no longer needs years to fully traumatize; they can now do in days what used to take a lifetime, so anyone who is willing to be famous can be programmed during the time it takes for an average "rehab" visit 😉 Is it any wonder… Read more »

I just recently heard about this concept of sharing one's soul when you have sex. Something I saw referred to as "soul ties". Interesting concept…

So what happens if you are sexually assaulted? The concept needs to be fleshed out more (no pun intended).

Are you serious? Or are you joking. I can't tell. When people sleep together they share demons? Is that for real? Or are you just mentally ill? Maybe they spent some time in a ufo together too? Or maybe they know that 911 was really caused by big foot. I must just be confusing all the stuff that you guys believe. Its hard keeping up.

Ypu only hear what you want to hear. What do you want out of these discussions? Why are you here?

Shia LaBeouf and Amanda Bynes both have jewish mothers and are therefore considered jewish. Coincidence? I don't think so.

Comedian Roseanne Barr also talks a lot about MK Ultra programming. She is also jewish.

Are they really having a breakdown or do they want us to think that they are in order o scare and confuse people?

Good question! However, Corey Haim's mother is (was) Jewish and so is Corey Feldman's and if anyone's familiar with what happens in Hollywood, we know what happened to both of them.

Personally, I think Roseanne talks about MK Ultra to be a part of the controlled opposition, much like Ed Snowden.

His programming is breaking down. That's why he has to go to 'rehab', to be reprogrammed.
Do you really think rehab is for getting over drugs, alcohol and anger management. Come on, people!!
We've been reading VC long enough to know that's not true!!
Let's hope Shia can break free of the evil that is holding him in this evil grip.

I was recently discussing Amy Winehouse's song of the same name with a friend who knows a lot about Isisian codes. The reason why it is so ingenious is that it functions on two distinct levels and the person who really wrote those lyrics has concealed very well the real purpose and process of rehab in the entertainment world.

..within the lyrics and their number values. Just as Bob Dylan has done throughout his entire body of work which many codebreakers have already done a good job of unravelling. I would love to advance a novel viewpoint within that field but I lack the patience and would probably hit too many chinese walls in the process..

Please elaborate on Isisian codes. What is this??

Of all the celeb breakdowns this one is hitting me hard for some reason. He started spiralling a while back when you would hear about him constantly getting in to fights. Those incidences never affected his career I believe because they were handled by his people. Whether he was crashing cars or threatening people he never got into serious trouble, or at the very least the tabloids made him look like some sort of a bad boy and not the supposed drug addict their all implying he is now. He no longer has the favour of those who helped 'guide' his career. I remember an interview he did once where he mentioned that he went clay shooting with Steven speilberg after he had signed a movie contract with Dreamworks. A person as famous as him should have at least one person to pull him aside and try to help where… Read more »

There was another wonderful director who took him under his wing and earnestly tried to parent him for a good while. However, the children of addicts are a tough gig, even in childhood, let anyone adulthood and it is almost impossible to effectively reach out to them and make a permanent difference. They have to seek this out for themselves when they are ready.

I too have my suspicions about Megan Fox…

"Was the “paper bag” incident actually a sick way for his handlers to humiliate him, perhaps to show that his career is purposely being destroyed?"

lol, maybe the guy is just being "provocative" and trying to make a "statement"? don't get me wrong, i admire VC and find it quite interesting and enlightening, but sometimes i get this feeling that things are, but just sometimes, somehow being blown out of proportion. having in mind the fact that VC has been "on the money" so many times before, i'll write it (blowing things out of proportion) down to human error.

YES…thats what i was thinking too

Reminds me a little of the Charlie Sheen breakdown a couple of years ago .. wish VC would do a story on it.