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What is Happening to Shia LaBeouf?



What is Happening to Shia LaBeouf?

In the past few months, Shia LaBeouf has made strange public appearances, acted “erratically” and even got himself arrested for “criminal trespass, harassment and disorderly conduct”. Is Shia’s “meltdown” yet another case of a celebrity MK breakdown?

What is Happening to Shia LaBeouf?

Shia LaBeouf walks through the media after leaving Midtown Community Court following his arrest the previous day.

On June 26, Shia LaBeouf was arrested after being kicked out of a Broadway musical. He was reportedly so disruptive that he was hauled out of the theater and taken to jail. Witnesses stated that he was smoking inside the theater, slapping random strangers on the rear end, and spitting at the police officers, which caused him to be placed in a face mask. Hours before, Shia was spotted yelling at a homeless man, claiming he stole his hat. Onlookers stated that Shia “did not make sense” and “seemed out of it” – an expression that can describe someone who has dissociated.

While we all have our bad days, Shia has been making the news for all kinds of strange reasons in the past few months and years – including being arrested for refusing to leave a drug store and headbutting a man in a bar in London.

In February, Shia appeared at the Berlinale International Film Festival with a bag over his said saying “I am not famous anymore”.

What is Happening to Shia LaBeouf?

People are still wondering why Shia appeared with this bag on his head as it did not appear to be a “clever marketing scheme” or anything of the sort.

Was the “paper bag” incident actually a sick way for his handlers to humiliate him, perhaps to show that his career is purposely being destroyed? The bag incident occurred immediately after he stormed out of a news conference for the movie Nymphomaniac: Volume I, where he answered one question with a quote from French soccer player Eric Cantona: “When the seagulls follow the trawler, it’s because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea. Thank you very much.”

wasn’t making a whole lot of sense and seemed out of it. – See more at:
The actor showed up to a performance of Cabaret at Studio 54 and was allegedly so disruptive, he was hauled out of the theater and taken to jail. – See more at:
The actor showed up to a performance of Cabaret at Studio 54 and was allegedly so disruptive, he was hauled out of the theater and taken to jail. – See more at:
The actor showed up to a performance of Cabaret at Studio 54 and was allegedly so disruptive, he was hauled out of the theater and taken to jail. – See more at:
The actor showed up to a performance of Cabaret at Studio 54 and was allegedly so disruptive, he was hauled out of the theater and taken to jail. – See more at:
The actor showed up to a performance of Cabaret at Studio 54 and was allegedly so disruptive, he was hauled out of the theater and taken to jail. – See more at:

Is Shia LaBeouf’s pattern of strange and humiliating incidents an MK “meltdown”, similar to what happened to Britney Spears  and Amanda Bynes? Like other celebrities in the MK system, programming breakdowns often appear around the age of 30.

Just as other celebrities involved in the MK system have, Shia has participated in works that are all about Monarch Programming.

Playing the Role of a MK Slave

In my 2012 article on Fjögur Píanó, I explained how the viral video symbolically depicted Shia Labeouf as a MK slave. Considering the events of the past months, it relevant to review the video.

What is Happening to Shia LaBeouf?

In the video, Shia is given a lollipop with a little scorpion inside – alluding that it is most likely a poisonous, mind altering drug.

Shia then completely loses grasp of reality and is taken for a “fake ride” in an imaginary car by handlers. Is this what is happening to him in real life?

What is Happening to Shia LaBeouf?

Shia then finds himself locked in room full of framed butterflies – a  clear way of representing Monarch Programming. As in every single MK-themed video, there’s a scene where the slave attempts to break programming through the symbolic shattering of a mirror.

What is Happening to Shia LaBeouf?

Shia then wakes up with a butterfly next to his face, hinting that programming was completed.

Is Shia’s “meltdown” a result of actual MK programming? Is he purposely being placed in awful situations to hurt his career by  industry handlers? His situation is strikingly similar to other stars who, after years of success, spiral into a self-destructive pattern. Like Britney Spears and others, Shia was a child star raised in the Disney system. While it is easy to put all of the blame of “drugs and alcohol”, there is something more at play here. Drugs and alcohol are usually symptoms of a deeper problem.

Here’s what a younger, more clear-minded Shia LaBeouf had to say in 2008, five years before Edward Snowden said a single word. Is this why he is “not famous anymore”?

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What is Happening to Shia LaBeouf?

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There are is a lot of information on Hollywoods secret societies. Actors are made to do hideous, detestible and humiliating things to keep up appearances and stay famous. This industry is riddled with drugs and pedophelia. I heard, on a whim an actor can be called to do something and they have to submit or deal with the consequences, even if that means to have sex with someone high up in the industry or another celebrity.. doesn't matter if its male or female. They do all these sick things. I've even heard they are made to eat other peoples or even their own excrement. Most of these male actors are made to sleep with other male celebrities. They will even tell you you better do "this" or we will destroy you or kill someone you know personally and make it look like an accident in the media. Makes you wonder why when an actor dies, these celebs give these vague, basic, canned R.I.P tweets and comments of condolences. That's because they are ALL scared and no one wants to say what they really want, or how they really feel. If you watched footage of Shia, the impression I get is..… Read more »


It is due to the pedophile of kid's in the entertainment industry also. Cory Feldman talked about it, he couldn't name names. So sad what is happening to Child stars. It will keep happening till-it is exposed and if someone exposes it they will be dead. Someday this will be exposed, nothing stays hidden from God. their Judgment will be harsh. They are pretty blatant now.


Not every child of the entertainment industry and illuminati families has been a victim of pedophilia. As far as i know, Shia has not either.


I feel so bad for him.


Do people seek fame regardless of what they will endure? No do people like Oprah and Madonna escape such brain execution and become handlers themselves? It is apparent the weak-minded ones are fed on and the strong ones are not. Will Jennifer Hudson go through this?


This sucks. I really used to love films and wanted to be involved in big movies, ever since I saw Jurrassic Park as a kid lol. But now it all seems like s--t. Just doing the sick work of sick individuals. Oh well


independant movies are my favourite!


A lot of those Disney stars break down after they've been out of the lime light for a while.


It kind of make you wonder about Michael Egan, the man alleging X-Men director Bryan Singer and three other Hollywood executives sexually abused and assaulted him as a teenager… plus he alleges that a few other BIG names in the film industry, that he's prohibited from naming. Might that be a Steven Speilberg and or Michael Bay?? I mean, besides Shia, talking negative about Speilberg and Bay… didn't Megan Fox also say some bad things about Speilberg/Bay?? And it's kind of puzzling how Megan Fox was allowed in Michael Bay's "Ninja Turtle" flick. Did she get reprogrammed? Back to Shia though. The whole Shia LaBeouf bio is kind of fishy to me. Early on in his career, it was said, he was discovered on a street corner as a homeless street performer, and that he and his mother were living out of an old beat up car… then later, after the Disney years, "he's the son of some diamond jewelers/owners of a jewelry business". My thoughts are… there are a lot of holes in Shia's bio. and a lot of holes in a lot of these celebrities' stories. From all the books I've read on celebrities, it turns out that… Read more »


It's the Velvet Mafia


Interesting that Steven Speilberg was the producer for the Goonies movie as well.


I worked in hollywood as a uber driver and I picked up a few movie stars and musicians, these people are beyond cheap and incredibly detached from the world we live in.incredibly rude they are as if we are nothing to them. there is no hope for majority of these people. Regular people in hollyweird are worse too acting like famous people.

so relatable it hrts

I am… learning about my own RA experience. Not MK-ultra/Monarch, but a different branch. I used to hate Miley, Shia, Amanda Bynes, Britney…etc. And now I feel the immense, sickening, legitimately feel-pains-in-my-chest ache for them because. I. get. it. …before I ever read a single article online about ANY theories of this stuff going on, I was seeing it with my own two eyes. My jaw literally dropped a few times when these OVERT symbols or gestures were being made. ….like baffled it could be so obvious. But then I remembered there was a time where that would've meant NOTHING to me. The past year, listening to Amanda Bynes and the recent news stories with Shia, I (as a viewer) have only seen it under the lenses of mind control and every SINGLE time they're in the news again it gets less and less possible for me to ever go "well mayyyyybe there's a chance that's not what it is". No. Not anymore. It's BREAKING my heart. I know a few other stars who I now feel 'connected to' knowing variations of what they went through now. And, while Miley's been having a very public streak of disrupting the PUBLIC… Read more »


NOOOOOOOOO! I love him…:/ I grew up watching him even stevens


You need not stop loving someone just because they need to bug out now and again?


I don't know if anyone has heard, but I remember when he posted in his twitter "I'm not famous anymore" 33 times. I read online 22, but they said on the news 33….just a thought.

Resist Stance

My impression is that he's one of those youths who are deeply troubled by the sexual acts they were coerced or forced into performing as children. I think he's got some sort of machoism defense mechanism, when in reality, he's a highly sensitive boy. He seems like one of those people who freaks out when they are happy, especially in an intimate personal relationship with another, which probably aids in his picking fights with people, as he has no one close to him to pick a fight with and exacerbate the torment within him that eats him up inside.


what the hell is MK? I am writing a paper on Shia.


The bag over the head makes me think he feels he has been used and abused by the industry and now tossed aside, discarded. This is not a good feeling… although he should get out and be happy about it the problem is that the abused begin to have an attachment to the abuser. It is hard to understand but I can kind of, as the abuser usually tells the person they are special, they go through all this pain but it is because I am chosen. Then you are no good its another slap in the face you went through all that and you mean nothing. Also there is a barcode on the bag, not sure if that's common in US but I don't recall that. Escape please…

joe turkish

OffTheSetN702'- I happen to like shia as an actor. As a person, he clearly doesn't want to be treated as a STAR. By NORMAL individuals. He wants to be treated as an EQUAL. It's hard for people to not become STARSTRUC, when u see some one in a movie that u like so much. people thinks that the people that are actors are like the people they portray on film if they're funny like Jim Carrey they must always be nice example .sister like Samuel L Jackson famous always be yelling out loud when they talk . at the end of the day these people are normal people like me and you working a9 to 5 job except for they have to leave their families their babies for mothers to children's their wives for months even years on and make a movie for us to enjoy .give them the benefit of the doubt and the decency to be able to stuff out in public and not be annoyed with you. she cared about them so much go to the opening of the screening of their videos and get her autograph then . pay to go to their town and see… Read more »


Im sadly convinced Shia is going to be Brad Pitt and Angelinas next sacrifice. I wish there was a way to help him :[


I remember watching that interview with Leno and thought at the time that "this is not going to end well". But i totally forgot about it cuz he became an even bigger star. Little did i know that it is to drop him from greater height!


To be fair, the pub that he went to is in a nasty part of London.


and ppl think that's a joke, they're laughing like surveillance isn't a real thing… Smh…

I'm Lying

Shia is spazzing out now. First, it was Miley Cyrus, but they put her in the "hospital" early, before she could make a total a-s of herself in public. Personally, I think these folks be on some strong a-s illicit narcotics when they be behaving normally. But soon as they come off those drugs, that's when the mental breakdown starts happening. The bigwigs in Hollywood keep those celebrities doped-up, so that they can have the strength to "perform" in the public eye. But then it all goes haywire as soon as the celebrity decides to break free from the mind control. Everybody said Charlie Sheen was on some drugs when he was having his public "episodes", but I think it's the opposite; I think he was trying to break free of the drugs and that's why his behavior seemed "odd". He seemed pretty "normal" when he was on the drugs.

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