The Disturbing Message Behind Sia’s Videos “Chandelier”, “Elastic Heart” and “Big Girls Cry”


Sia’s video trilogy, “Chandelier”, Elastic Heart”, and “Big Girls Cry”, all feature the young dancer Maddie Ziegler performing elaborate choreography. A deeper look at the symbolism in these videos reveals the disturbing story of a young girl’s abuse inside the elite’s system of mind control.

While she only obtained mainstream success in 2014, Sia has been hard at work in the music industry for years. In addition to her own six studio albums, Sia has written hit songs for the world’s biggest pop stars including Beyonce, Rihanna, Britney Spears and Rita Ora. If you’re a reader of Vigilant Citizen, you already know that ALL of these artists have been mentioned on this site because they have all been used to push the elite’s Agenda at some point or another in their careers. Sia is, therefore, not a stranger to the higher ups of the music industry and the messages it wants to perpetuate.

The imagery associated with Sia’s sixth album 1000 Forms of Fear is right in line with the elite’s ongoing Agenda, which includes the sexualization of children, the normalization of ritual abuse, and the promotion of mind control. While these are strong words to describe videos of a young girl dancing while wearing a wig, the plethora of symbols surrounding the video trilogy strongly points in that direction.

The album cover features the blond wig worn by Sia, Maddie Ziegler.
The album cover features the blond wig worn by Sia and Maddie Ziegler.

This blond wig represents the concept of alter persona. The creation of alter personas is the main goal of Monarch mind control (if you don’t know what I am referring to, read this article first) and, coincidentally, products of Beta Kitten programming are often made to wear blond wigs. In the videos, this wig is worn by Maddie Ziegler, who is a typical child star raised by a twisted industry.

Maddie Ziegler

Maddie Ziegler began dancing at the age of 2 and, at age 8, appeared on Dance Moms, a “reality TV” show that I will never watch because it would probably cause me severe nausea and intense chest pain. I have come across a few screenshots from the show and …  they gave me severe nausea and intense chest pain. The show is one is yet another excuse to dress young girls in slutty outfits and putting them on TV.

Maddie Ziegler in Dance Moms. Although she should probably be playing in a sand pit or something, they are trying to make her look as sexy and adult as possible.
This is Maddie Ziegler’s younger sister in Dance Moms. Call me old-fashioned, but girls her age should be playing in a sand pit or something. Instead, she is dressed in skirts and jewelry, wears makeup, and dances on national TV.

Ziegler has also appeared in a few Disney TV shows (the ultimate launch pad of screw up child stars). Today, at age 12, things are getting out of hand.

Ziegler looking adult-like, with high heels in the summer issue of Kode magazine.
Ziegler, age 12, looking adult-like with high heels, in the summer issue of Kode magazine.
Why is she wearing makeup, a skirt and showing off her legs? Because she is inside an industry ruled by sickos.
Ziegler (age 12) wearing makeup, a short skirt, and heels while showing off her legs.

Maddie Ziegler is yet another example of a child star who grew up in an industry ruled by sick people who prey on the innocence of children. Sia’s videos symbolically describe the dark side of this entire system. Let’s look at the videos.


If one listens to Chandelier without watching the video, it appears to be about a girl who parties and gets drunk in order to keep sadness and desperation at bay.

Party girls don’t get hurt
Can’t feel anything, when will I learn
I push it down, push it down

I’m the one “for a good time call”
Phone’s blowin’ up, they’re ringin’ my doorbell
I feel the love, feel the love

1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3 drink
1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3 drink
1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3 drink

Throw ’em back, till I lose count

Some parts of the lyrics indicate that the “one for a good time call” might actually be in the “pleasure for men” industry.  She “parties” (works) all night, but she actually feels miserable. She gets wasted to become blind to the truth and numb from the pain.

But I’m holding on for dear life, won’t look down won’t open my eyes
Keep my glass full until morning light, ’cause I’m just holding on for tonight
Help me, I’m holding on for dear life, won’t look down won’t open my eyes
Keep my glass full until morning light, ’cause I’m just holding on for tonight
On for tonight

However, at the end of the night, the sun sheds light on the harshness of her reality.

Sun is up, I’m a mess
Gotta get out now, gotta run from this
Here comes the shame, here comes the shame

While the song might have heavy implications that can be interpreted in several ways, the video adds an even more disturbing dimension by featuring a 12-year-old girl in a skin-colored spandex suit dancing ecstatically to it. The video plunges the song into the dark world of mind control, where abandoned children deal with trauma, abuse,  and multiple personalities.

The cover of the single Chandelier features two lifeless, mannequin-like girls lying face down wearing the same wig, which implies split personality. The one on top wears a dualistic stripped pattern used to program MK slaves while the one on the bottom wears the kind of outfit that a Beta kitten must wear when she's "on for tonight".
The cover of Chandelier features two lifeless, mannequin-like girls, lying face down and wearing the same wig – which implies split personality. The one on top wears a dualistic black and white pattern  (used in the programming of MK slaves) while the other one wears the kind of outfit that a Beta kitten would wear when she’s “on for tonight”.

The video features Maddie Ziegler dancing inside a grimy and abandoned apartment with strange drawings (apparently drawn by her) hanging on the wall.

Sia dances around a dirty room with a disgusting mattress (wear she must probably sleep on). Above that mattress are weird drawings, the type of drawings an MK slave would draw, including a face with four eyes - which represents a split personality.
Maddie dances around a dirty room with a disgusting mattress (she must probably sleep on). Above that mattress are the type of drawings an MK slave would create. One of them is a face with four eyes – which represents a split personality.
Flashing one eye - indicating that this is about the MK system.
Flashing one eye – indicating that this is about the MK system.

The video ends with a shot of Maddie standing in the doorway while the image blurs, making it appear as if she is wearing nothing (I won’t even post a screenshot of this). This probably pleased child lovers watching the video. Elastic Heart goes even further.

Elastic Heart

Featuring a near-naked Shia Labeouf wrestling with Maddie Ziegler inside a cage, the Elastic Heart video sparked some mass media controversy due to its pedophile undertones. This even prompted Sia to apologize on Twitter.


It is interesting that Sia “anticipated” the “cries”, but went with it anyway. This is not the kind of subject to take lightly, especially considering the fact that countless people have been traumatized by it.

It is also interesting that Sia felt that Shia Labeouf was the only dancer who plays that role in her video. As I stated my article What is Happening to Shia Labeouf, Shia has been involved, in several ways, in the disturbing world of MK, including growing up as  Disney child star. Recently, he was the star of the video Fjögur Píanó, which was clearly about Monarch programming (see my article about it here) and over the past years, he has displayed the kind of erratic behavior that is typical of MK slaves. In an interview with Interview Magazine, Shia described the difficult relationship with his father by using terms that can also be applied to mind control handlers.

He’s the marionette puppeteer. My dad is the key to most of my base emotions. My greatest and my worst memories are with my father, all my major trauma and major celebration came from him. It’s a negative gift. (…) But we’ve got something going on between us that’s really valuable to me right now, more valuable to me than having a father. And I financially support his whole lifestyle. I pay him to be my marionette puppeteer.
– Interview Magazine, “Shia LaBeouf”

So, yes, I suppose Shia is the right person to play a role in a trilogy that revolves around mind control. Is Shia playing the role of his own manipulative father in the video? Is he a predatory abuser? Do the dancers represent warring states in Sia’s head? Maybe all of the above.

The video begins with Shia and Maddie facing each other inside a giant cage. They are both trapped and, symbolically, both MK slaves.
The video begins with Shia and Maddie facing each other inside a giant cage. They are both trapped and are both, symbolically, MK slaves.
Shia gets weirdly intimate with Maddie, especially since he's not wearing any real clothes.
Shia gets weirdly intimate with Maddie. the fact that he’s not wearing any clothes doesn’t help.

Maddie reacts to the “advances” (for lack of a better word) by acting like an animal, biting Shia’s hand and roaring at him, as if she knew what was coming. However, Maddie warms up to Shia and gets close to him. Sometimes children don’t know the boundary between love and abuse.

The video ends with Maddie being able to escape the cage but Shia being too big to follower her.
The video ends with Maddie being able to escape the cage while Shia is too big to follow her.

This video featuring two lost souls in a strange setting with disturbing undertones ends sadly.

While it is difficult to exactly pinpoint what went on in Elastic Heart, the Big Girls Cry video is obvious … for those “in the know”.

Big Girls Cry

While the song is about “big girls” being heartbroken, the video features a little girl for three and a half minutes. During that time, the girl played again by Maggie Ziegler, performs all kinds of facial expressions that end up telling a story. And, she does indeed mimic the abuse and trauma suffered by an MK slave. When one understands what this is truly about, the video is actually quite clear, even blatant.

Maddie sucks her thumb, a gesture alluding to the innocence and helplessness of children.
Maddie sucks her thumb, a gesture alluding to the innocence and helplessness of children.
She then appears to smears lipstick all over her mouth and face - which represent the early sexualization of the innocent child.
She then appears to smears lipstick all over her mouth and face – which represent the early sexualization of this innocent child.
On her hand is written "Don't Think" - which is the kind of motto MK handlers brainwash slaves with.
On her hand is written “Don’t Think” which is the kind of motto MK handlers brainwashes slaves with.
Both eyes forcibly held open - maybe to view trauma causing programming - not unlike that iconic scene in Clockwork Orange.
Both eyes forcibly held open, maybe to force her to watch something traumatizing – not unlike that iconic scene in Clockwork Orange.
The one-eye sign confirming that it is all about Illuminati mind control.
The one-eye sign confirming that it is all about Illuminati mind control.
Forced to ingest something ... God knows what.
Forced to ingest something … God knows what.
Maddie holds her ears, screams and shakes as if she was being electroshocked - a common trauma-inducing torture in MK.
Maddie holds her ears, screams, and shakes as if she is being electroshocked – a common trauma-inducing torture in MK.
She then spins around with a confused look on her face. The trauma of electroshock causes dissociation and the feeling of spinning and floating on air.
She then spins around with a confused look on her face. The trauma of electroshock causes dissociation and the feeling of spinning and floating on air.
Then the hands of an unseen persons (the HANDler, perhaps?) strangles Maddie.
Then the hands of an unseen person (the HANDler, perhaps?) strangles Maddie.
Her facial expressions are controlled by the handler.
Her facial expressions are controlled by the handler.
Forced to silence.
Forced to silence.
Hanged by the neck as a form of torture.
Hanged by the neck as a form of torture.

The video ends with the final product of the traumatizing and dehumanizing process of mind control.

The end result of this abuse : A young person that is broken, bewildered and dissociated from reality.
The end result of this abuse: A young person that is broken, bewildered and dissociated from reality.

In Conclusion

Sia’s video trilogy tells a story that is dark and disturbing. It will, however, remain a mystery to most viewers because most of them say “Wow, that’s so creative and artistic” without truly understanding what it is about. The videos all star Maddie Ziegler, a child performer that is sadly becoming another face of the mass media’s obsession with child exploitation.

Each video in the trilogy describes a different aspect of mind control, creating a disturbing narrative. Chandelier depicts a child that was visibly abandoned in a disgusting place, surrounded with images alluding her alter persona; Elastic Heart portrays a conflictual relationship with some kind of father figure with an underlying theme of child abuse and Big Girls Cry sums up the process of mind control using hand gestures and expressive faces.

While this imagery is absorbed by the viewers, powerful music plays in the background, causing an emotional connection with what is happening. In the end, the videos serve the ultimate purpose of the elite’s entertainment industry: To normalize their sick obsessions (child abuse, exploitation and mind control) and to make them part of popular culture. While the masses dance to songs they don’t truly understand, the true victims of the system are still ignored by the public as they are locked into a powerful system and subjected to …1,000 forms of fear.

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That has to be the saddest & the most f***ed up article in VC history thus far.


a complete s**t


where is the s though?


I do not believe that the video with Shia Lebouf is about p********a at all, but I can see why you’d think that because the U.S. has a huge issue with associating nakedness as purely sexual. Nakedness is symbolic for vulnerability, or for showing the most basic part of one’s self. This was my interpretation: I think that they’re representing someone’s mind. Shia is the part of the mind that wants to be one’s normal/sane self, Maddie is the animalistic desires/mental disorder, and inside the cage is one’s mind. Shia (self) uses many tactics for dealing with and containing Maddie (mental illness) within the cage (within one’s mind without letting others see it). Approaching it head on (which frightens him, note him doing the motions of a fast heartbeat), trying to subtly overcome it, then she overtakes him. He then tries rising above it (climbs to the top of the… Read more »

I agree with Katherine that the USA tends to be incapable of seeing nudity as anything but Sex, and I believe getting worse. Oddly in the late ’70’s , early ’80’s the USA was heading in a healthier direction. Consider the movie Sheena, meant for kids and had full frontal INNOCENT nudity. It seems Vigilant Citizen types don’t want innocence.

Don’t you think it’s a lack of innocence that promotes these videos? Don’t you think that maybe the producers and directors know what’s provocative and what will get more views?

Fabulous analysis

You’ve forgot that in the video, there are an adult (!) male (!) and a little (!) girl (!) in a cage !!! Is it normal? And right, nudity always provokes sxl thoughts, and, offcourse, seeing a ‘nude’ child in the video is just terrible… Don’t be misled by sophisticated explanations of the singer which are all fake and meant to make you think you are wrong with your guessings about the videos.

“You could be right about the Chandelier video as well as Big Girls Cry for a lot of the meaning, but I think your interpretation about Elastic Heart is too much of a stretch.”

– So, VC “could be right” about 2 out of 3 interpretations, but to assume the third one is also connected is “too much of a stretch”.

We have the classical imagery of child abuse, handler-slave relationships and more. Then, of course, there’s the all-seeing eye imagery. Was that only shown by coincidence and isn’t related to the overarching schemes of these insane, perverted people?

Sorry, I didn’t find Sia’s work ‘provocative’ or ‘artistic’… just plan, usual, Illuminati-style sick. Who in their right mind enjoys watching Clockwork Orange-style pictures – coupled with the wig imagery and whatever else? I also find it much more likely VC is correct in his analysis than not.

I honestly got an incredibly different interpretation from all three videos, too me it felt like the whole story was about struggling with mental illness, the jerky movements and moodswings being side-effects.. Chandelier being the stage in which they’re living with the illness unknowingly and undiagnosed, struggling to understand the outside world and feeling ostracized by society. Then Elastic Heart would represent a psychiatric ward (Shia’s character being another patient), which too it’s patients would feel like a prison, especially from the view point of a child. I honestly didn’t get a pedophilc vibe from it at all, both characters seemed to not understand each other, as if they had never seen another human before, for example, when he touched her face, it was not an intimate jesture, but a curious one, he did not know if she were sleeping or if she had died, so he poked her. Their… Read more »
The "Big girls Cry" video represents something entirely different to me. It reminds me of a close person to me and her disease, bulimia. The part where Maddie's eyes are being forced open represents the things tv and media implant in a young teens life, having a skinny body is beauty, teen sex, ect. The second part of the video where Maddie is "eating", that to me is literal. She eats and "sticks her fingers in her mouth". She feels a sense of security, and then she goes crazy. She hates herself for it. The hand around Maddie's neck symbolises the self-hatred and confused feelings she has. She "smiles" because she does not want anybody to worry about her; she's alone. I don't even want to think about the last part; to me it just represents all the pain and suffering the person close to me goes through. Thanks for… Read more »
Not only about just one mental illness, but about many. “”The meaning: the first part is slow because she’s slowly becoming depressed. She’s beating herself up and starts nodding her head, trying to act like nothing’s happening and trying to get herself back to normal. The pointing represents the way people are wondering what’s going on with her, noticing and pointing at her. She then sucks her thumb but eventually pulls it away to represent a loss of innocence and childhood as she gets sadder and more heartbroken. When she eventually sinks into full on depression, she starts rubbing her hand over her mouth to represent putting on lipstick and eventually her whole face in makeup. She then smiles very quickly like the makeup made it better, but she begins to frown and taps her face so it goes away. She then starts fixing herself up again, fake smiling, and… Read more »
I don't think Sia's is trying to promote what this article is trying describe. I think she is trying to warn people that this is what is happening in the music industry. Chandelier is sending out a message about teenage girls in the music industry. The music video tells us the direction the these girls today are going. They're being brought up into the industry to become sexual objects and entertainers, hence Miley Cyrus. In the end, Maddie bows continuously and sarcastically, as if all the celebrity girls are good for is for entertainment. Elastic Heart tells a story of an adult male and a child trapped in a cage (the music industry). The ending in my opinion tells us that teenagers today can still be saved and escape from imprisonment (physically and emotionally) as long as the grown up of our generation starts to do something today. Big Girls… Read more »

ThAr was hands down the best i interpretation


I exactly think the same! These music videos mostly give us sadness or weird strangeness but the thing is that those artists are who are trying to spread illuminati, mostly do it in a way that we can’t realize and we feel relaxed or enjoyed.
I just can take these music videos as a warn…(esp. “Big Girls Cry” that always makes me sick -_-)

I seriously hope she is warning and not MKed and forced to an agenda, I love Sia’s voice and songs but the symbolism is definitely there!!

i absolutely lost it when i saw the hands covering maddie's mouth. It was beyond creepy.

I read this post cause I thought the 'big girls cry' video was disturbing, but I think it's ott to read into the Elastic Heart video.
By saying it has sexual undertones you're really just seeing what you want to see. The girl has complete power in the whole video which is not at all the story for people who are actually groomed/abused. It's kinda offensive to label that as abuse actually, cause it's so ignorant.

In Elastic Heart, Maddie and Shia do portray two warring personalities inside of Sia, just like she said on twitter. It was very obvious to me, but I've been waiting for months for VC to do a post about her music. Shia is actually the core personality and Maddie is the invader/aggressor. At the (very emotional) point in the song where Sia sings "and I will stay up through the night, let's be clear won't close my eyes. And I know that I can survive, I'd walk through fire to save my life" Shia has climbed to the top of the cage and hangs, waiting for Maddie to fall asleep. But of course he wakes her up and the dance begins again. Also, Shia can fit through the bars of the cage–he slips his shoulders through the bars earlier in the video. After he accepts Maddie's dominance and surrenders control… Read more »

Oh, and I forgot to mention that there have also been multiple live performances of these songs on different television shows like Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen that heavily feature MK symbolism in different ways. They are all on youtube.

I was wondering when you were going to post an article about Sia and Maggie Ziegler. I find it weird that she sings with her back facing the crowd. During her interview about 'Elastic Heart' her face was covered by bananas. She is literally bananas. I would never let my 12 year old daughter dance with a full grown man hallf naked. I feel sorry for the poor child and her mom should be ashamed.

Funny you mentioned bananas, I just watched a documentary about Carmen Miranda, she was evidently controlled by the industry at that time, and every time she was asked anything about her career "choices", she would say with joy: "Remember, bananas is my business!". It sounded very sexual now that I know how the industry really works. By the way, that's actually the name of this doc.

I believe the fingers in the mouth are not about taking pills/mind control but about the girl making herself throw up. Pretty obvious and in context with the rest of the video clip.

What the hell does MK stand for?

It is German abbreviation for Mind Kontrol. Look up OPERATION PAPER CLIP.

you GOTTA do an article about the latest video “The Greatest” is so creepy

It’s about the Orlando Pulse Nightclub shooting…

From personal experience, expressions like these act as reminders that bring healing with their reality check. I commend the artists who dare to attempt publicizing.

i just saw this music video and its disturbing to say the least. I also made shia labou look more like a douchebag than he already is.

That last pic of maddie reminded me of the empty, vacant look Nicki Minaj often displays except hers is even more extreme, she's not pretending to be hollow inside.

The reason why Maddie has ‘don’t think’ written on her hand (which is in all of the 3 videos mentioned) is because Sia has that tattooed on her left hand. If you look closely Maddie has most of Sia’s tattoos on her hands. Sia has ‘don’t think’ tattooed on her hand because when she was recovering from being an alcoholic she heard someone say “Don’t think, watch a movie, don’t drink, have a milkshake” and she thought it was a nice quote. Why would Sia have something that could brainwash children tattooed on her hand?

I mean it's true that big girls cry is about mind control but chandelier it's about a party girl who wants to forget everything and suicide but then she holds on for dear life and she is fighting depression, a real experience of sia, elastic heart means some kind of bipolarity between two self-states that at the end they cannot be free or at least one not,
Please appreciate art

P********a wasn’t an art Bro..

The videos are not art. If you want to portray a party girl who is obviously in trouble, you don’t use a 12yr. old girl to portray that character in a nude body suit and a wig. It is inappropriate to see a 12yr. old as a party girl. There are many other talented adult dancers you could have hired. Think about it.

They are trying to normalize p********a by making the viewer think it’s fine for a 12yr. old to be seen as an adult who parties all night. Would you want your 12yr. old daughter or niece or sister to be thought of as a hard drinking party girl? Think not. Think again. This is not art, only pretending to be art to fool you. Look up the word discernment.

Let's not as well forget that she calls her album a '1000 Forms of Fear'. This could be a head-nod to a '1000 Points of Light', the Illuminati reference made famous more recently by Daddy Bush.. Where does this come from? Back as far as 1788, Freemasons George Washington and Alexander Hamilton used the words “points of light.” The occultist Alice Bailey [in her 1957 book "The Externalization of the Hierarchy"] described the points of light as the leaders of the occult group called the New Group of World Servers. Bailey believed that the points of light and light groups were necessary in building up the New Age. Bailey believed that an invocation ritual was needed in order for Light to exist among men. This Light isn’t the true Light of 'God,' but a New Age 'false Light' – the light of Lucifer. Listen for this reference to a 1000… Read more »

and apparently, according to a few VC commenters, Sia says 'Lucifer' at the end of Elastic Heart

I just watched Big Girls Cry behind the scenes. It's Sia's hands with the pink nail polish, which 'controlling' Maddie. Makes me wonder if Sia is Maddie's handler…

Sia seems too nice and normal to be a handler – felt stupid typing that because you just never know.. just because someone seems nice doesn't mean they aren't capable of evil so.. but there's this interview and I think it shows that she is very caring and intelligent but definitely to make such disturbing videos you have to be disturbed or have been disturbed.. I sincerely hope that she is not a handler and she seems to clued up to be a victim… but yet it must be one or the other – or maybe a witness? who is trying to tell us that this stuff happens? or it could all be coincidence – that does happen – Sia could just be expressing herself – emotions and experiences that she has been through – through these videos and it just so happens that it looks a lot like… Read more »
As a former dancer I feel the need to point a few things out in slight defense of some of the photos above. I know that make up and outfits may seem "adult" however in a dark theater with stage lighting your face washes out and makes it very difficult for people to see expression and facial gestures therefore stage makeup is applied…this has been a common practice amongst men women and children for generations. It may seem "slutty" but it's over done with the purpose of being seen. Personally I would never allow my 12 year old to wear high heels but we do train our girls at a very young age to wear them….they're called Mary janes, and at one point in history children, women, and even men wore heels. Historically it seems very common place. More fashion…less sexualization. Sexuality is an individual experience….it's really up to you… Read more »
Sia is an independent Australian artist – that's why she's outside the system. She wrote Chandelier for Rhianna but Rhi Rhi-tard refused to put her name to it for obvious reasons (ie the blatant lyricks). If you know anything of Australians, they are very, very seldom seduced by elite agendas … they may want some degree of material success, but never in the extreme or at the price of selling out. They're obsessed with being seen as a 'normal Aussie'. The greatest Aussie sport is 'cutting down the tall poppy.' Anyone who gets too far ahead of themselves immediately becomes an object of ridicule and scorn, and thus 'big noting' in US fashion is career suicide in Australia. Jay Z or Kanye could never be accepted by Australians. Australians are almost always outsiders in the US or UK looking in and commenting on the bizaar world they observe. Given what… Read more »

I guess the constant 666 imagery in most performances is just for fun then? Get outta here

I don’t like such explations. You are advocating a demon!


Do look up Julian Assange and MK ultra, he was an Aussie too, they are not immuned to that reality at all.

You are really naive or faking naivete. Either way :

Russell Crow
Nicole Kidman
Her father – Anthony Kidman – 9th Circle pedo
Heath Ledger
Peter Jackson
and so many more mega-famous “Aussies”, I could make this list much, much longer. So much for cutting the long poppy, Mate.

Sia is a gimmicky, publicity seeking insider.

JUSTMYOPINION If this is the case then Sia is exploiting and part of the problem. That girl is twelve years old. Gross. Not cool.

P********a, the normalization of it is just around the corner, or already here. Other agendas have been met and this is the next step in the Kinsey method. Actually, child sexual abuse was his main focus.

Don't get me going about Kinsey! What he did cannot be written about on this site without the censoring!

Shia talking about his father and the little girl who appears on a tv show with her parents is showing that parents are pushing their children through the industry instead of protecting them from it. I guess they think they can get some rewards through the accomplishments of their children. And that's even WORST. People are ready to prostitute their children for fame.


Unfortunately Momo, this type of behavior has been going on for centuries- probably since the dawn of complex humans. Parents will sacrifice their children for either spiritual or material rewards-or both. Sigh.

not their kids! they are adoptive parents/ handlers