What is Happening to Shia LaBeouf?


In the past few months, Shia LaBeouf has made strange public appearances, acted “erratically” and even got himself arrested for “criminal trespass, harassment and disorderly conduct”. Is Shia’s “meltdown” yet another case of a celebrity MK breakdown?

Actor Shia LaBeouf walks through the media after leaving Midtown Community Court following his arrest the previous day for yelling obscenities at a Broadway performance of "Cabaret", Friday, June 27, 2014, in New York.

Shia LaBeouf walks through the media after leaving Midtown Community Court following his arrest the previous day.

On June 26, Shia LaBeouf was arrested after being kicked out of a Broadway musical. He was reportedly so disruptive that he was hauled out of the theater and taken to jail. Witnesses stated that he was smoking inside the theater, slapping random strangers on the rear end, and spitting at the police officers, which caused him to be placed in a face mask. Hours before, Shia was spotted yelling at a homeless man, claiming he stole his hat. Onlookers stated that Shia “did not make sense” and “seemed out of it” – an expression that can describe someone who has dissociated.

While we all have our bad days, Shia has been making the news for all kinds of strange reasons in the past few months and years – including being arrested for refusing to leave a drug store and headbutting a man in a bar in London.

In February, Shia appeared at the Berlinale International Film Festival with a bag over his said saying “I am not famous anymore”.

People are still wondering why Shia appeared with this bag on his head as it did not appear to be part of a "clever marketing scheme" or something of the sorts.

People are still wondering why Shia appeared with this bag on his head as it did not appear to be a “clever marketing scheme” or anything of the sort.

Was the “paper bag” incident actually a sick way for his handlers to humiliate him, perhaps to show that his career is purposely being destroyed? The bag incident occurred immediately after he stormed out of a news conference for the movie Nymphomaniac: Volume I, where he answered one question with a quote from French soccer player Eric Cantona: “When the seagulls follow the trawler, it’s because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea. Thank you very much.”

wasn’t making a whole lot of sense and seemed out of it. – See more at: http://www.cinemablend.com/pop/Shia-LaBeouf-Chased-Around-Homeless-Man-Hours-Arrest-64944.html#sthash.IlZSq5FM.dpuf
The actor showed up to a performance of Cabaret at Studio 54 and was allegedly so disruptive, he was hauled out of the theater and taken to jail. – See more at: http://www.cinemablend.com/pop/Shia-LaBeouf-Chased-Around-Homeless-Man-Hours-Arrest-64944.html#sthash.IlZSq5FM.dpuf
The actor showed up to a performance of Cabaret at Studio 54 and was allegedly so disruptive, he was hauled out of the theater and taken to jail. – See more at: http://www.cinemablend.com/pop/Shia-LaBeouf-Chased-Around-Homeless-Man-Hours-Arrest-64944.html#sthash.IlZSq5FM.dpuf
The actor showed up to a performance of Cabaret at Studio 54 and was allegedly so disruptive, he was hauled out of the theater and taken to jail. – See more at: http://www.cinemablend.com/pop/Shia-LaBeouf-Chased-Around-Homeless-Man-Hours-Arrest-64944.html#sthash.IlZSq5FM.dpuf
The actor showed up to a performance of Cabaret at Studio 54 and was allegedly so disruptive, he was hauled out of the theater and taken to jail. – See more at: http://www.cinemablend.com/pop/Shia-LaBeouf-Chased-Around-Homeless-Man-Hours-Arrest-64944.html#sthash.IlZSq5FM.dpuf
The actor showed up to a performance of Cabaret at Studio 54 and was allegedly so disruptive, he was hauled out of the theater and taken to jail. – See more at: http://www.cinemablend.com/pop/Shia-LaBeouf-Chased-Around-Homeless-Man-Hours-Arrest-64944.html#sthash.IlZSq5FM.dpuf

Is Shia LaBeouf’s pattern of strange and humiliating incidents an MK “meltdown”, similar to what happened to Britney Spears  and Amanda Bynes? Like other celebrities in the MK system, programming breakdowns often appear around the age of 30.

Just as other celebrities involved in the MK system have, Shia has participated in works that are all about Monarch Programming.

Playing the Role of a MK Slave

In my 2012 article on Fjögur Píanó, I explained how the viral video symbolically depicted Shia Labeouf as a MK slave. Considering the events of the past months, it relevant to review the video.

In the video, Shia is given a lollipop with a little scorpion inside - alluding that it is most likely a poisonous, mind altering drug.

In the video, Shia is given a lollipop with a little scorpion inside – alluding that it is most likely a poisonous, mind altering drug.

Shia then completely loses grasp of reality and is taken for a “fake ride” in an imaginary car by handlers. Is this what is happening to him in real life?

Shia then finds himself locked in room full of framed butterflies - a somewhat clear way of representing Monarch Programming. As in every single MK-themed video, there's a scene where the slave attempts to break programming representing by the shattering of a mirror.

Shia then finds himself locked in room full of framed butterflies – a  clear way of representing Monarch Programming. As in every single MK-themed video, there’s a scene where the slave attempts to break programming through the symbolic shattering of a mirror.

Shia then wakes up with a butterfly next to his head, hinting that programming was completed.

Shia then wakes up with a butterfly next to his face, hinting that programming was completed.

Is Shia’s “meltdown” a result of actual MK programming? Is he purposely being placed in awful situations to hurt his career by  industry handlers? His situation is strikingly similar to other stars who, after years of success, spiral into a self-destructive pattern. Like Britney Spears and others, Shia was a child star raised in the Disney system. While it is easy to put all of the blame of “drugs and alcohol”, there is something more at play here. Drugs and alcohol are usually symptoms of a deeper problem.

Here’s what a younger, more clear-minded Shia LaBeouf had to say in 2008, five years before Edward Snowden said a single word. Is this why he is “not famous anymore”?



  1. Right when it all started happening I was quickly convinced it had everything to do with the MK Ultra. Poor guy.

    • You guys see MK ultra in everything..sometimes a douchbag is a douchebag and that's what Shia is…has been for years

      • No he's not, he is a lovely young man who could use some sympathy because he is a little too concerned with what others think of him.

      • Um… did you not read the article, or see the music video Shia was in? He is blatantly an MK Ultra victim, of course we see it in him.

      • Actually there are many clues to suggest he comes from a MK project background. Another big clue is his weird "hippie" upbringing much like Winona Ryder, and Joaquin Phoenix where the boundaries between children and adults were deliberately blurred as some sort of new age free thinking about childhood development.

        And gee, weren't Winona and Joaquin also famously in the news for strange behavior a while back???

        Its very rare for big name entertainment people not to be touched by the MK world in some way. So actually it tends to be more likely that MK Ultra is involved than not. And how could you say we're reading into this after watching that weird Fjogur Piano video! Could they make it any more OBVIOUS!?

        BTW, his name also translates to "Gods gift of beef/meat" (Shia=gods gift) (le boeuf=beef). And if that isn't the name of a sex slave, I don't know what is.

      • Or actually, let me go a little further on the Hebrew meaning of his name=God's Gift of Meat would imply that he is some sort of sacrifice, or a potential burnt offering to God!

      • "Weird 'hippie' upbringing"? That's a "big clue"?

        Straw man.

        Then again, you said it, so it must be true.

      • Joe, Joe, Joe…have you READ the Laurel Canyon material?? Surely, you are aware of the connection between the experiments of psychotropic drugs, the psychiatric and psychological community and the intellectual set in 50s-60's california. Not to mention Kesey and all those crazies. Perhaps you've heard of the FAMILY?? Yes weird hippie upbringings….look into it.

      • Or how about CHILDREN OF GOD. River Phoenix was in that one…look what happened to him.

      • Also, RDJ – if you look at your clock and it's 11:11, that must mean something, right?

        Well, no. You just notice it more because it's "unusual" (to you). You never notice the hour and minute so much the other thirty or so times you check the clock during the day simply because their not as memorable as 11:11…

        Put another way, one's predisposition to see Jesus in a piece of toast doesn't mean Jesus' face is really there; it just means that person sees what they're inclined to see.

        "Its [sic] very rare for big name entertainment people not to be touched by the MK world in some way." Are you your own source on this as well?

        French word for "beef" = bœuf / boeuf. That is, not LaBeouf. If you're going to target someone in pursuit of a personal agenda, RDJ, please pay more attention to detail.

      • Ohhh, SNAP! So if you don't believe any of this, what are you actually doing on this website?

    • There are a lot of people who display very similar problems, mental breakdowns, effected personalities, etc, who aren't famous, and weren't sexually abused as children, and aren't under mind control from any handlers who use keywords and things of that nature, but who are equally messed up. What about those people. Where is this influence or problem coming from in their case?

  2. Poor Shia! It reminds me of how in "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" his character had all those aliens symbols transferred into his brain and he was really spazzing out, talking all that gibberish. Yeah, they've been working on this kid for awhile… Smh

  3. I knew you were gonna do an article on him. Yeah, he's having a full-fledged breakdown, and they're probably gonna claim he's a schitzo like they did when Amanda Bynes broke down.

    I really wish this wasn't happening to him… No one deserves this. I keep wondering where his mother is in the midst of all of this.

      • She can talk to him. It's not gonna change much, but there's something about having someone, anyone in your corner when you're going through.

    • parentsnotinnocent on

      Who do you think sold him to Disney in the first place? Y'all need to get over the shock of realizing that these people's parents are probably in on it. Sure, maybe they didn't have a choice, because the powers that be would have killed them or ruined their lives if they didn't turn their kids over to the program, but know that this rarely happens without the parent's consent or full knowledge at some level. Remember these people are chosen for their GENERATIONAL connection to the world of MK.

      • I don't think all parents know. Just like I don't think all Disney stars are MK-Ultraed. I don't think Raven was or Hilary Duff. Currently, I don't even think Miranda Cosgrove was & she was with Nickelodeon from age 8 (give or take). Christy Carlson Romano, Dylan and Cole Sprouse… it might be too soon to tell but Emily Osment appears to have a good head on her shoulders & how about her brother, Haley Joel Osment. He was a BIG time child star b/c of Sixth Sense & I don't think he's EVER lost his cool (okay, once for drunk driving & marijuana possession), & he's reeeally "not famous anymore." The Jonas Brothers (so far), Kyle Massey from That's So Raven…

        So the question becomes why were some picked and others not. Hilary was a pop idol/actress. She was like Amanda Bynes, actually MORE famous than her & SO far, (besides her Cali girl obsession with the word "like"), she's doing fine.

        My point is, I doubt it's just a generational connection. I believe it's a combination of a variety of factors. Such as personality in relation to how people deal with fame and a lot of money. Relationship with parents, general peer pressure, pressures of fame, romantic relationships, and then whether they experienced MK-Ultra or abuse in Hollywood. Honestly, I don't believe that all of them do or that most of the parents knowingly sell out their kids for money. A lot of those parents are decent.

      • I didn't say all sell their kids for money, but guessing at the number of people who want their kids to make it big, and the number of talented kids out there. I think its safe to say you don't get far in the business without doing something EXTRA

      • Don't let the surface fool you.. If you're in Hollywood on a recurring tv show or a well known movie star your in the crap. A lot of people take to the programming like fish to and those people would never break the programming cycle alot out of fear and air tight programming. The human mind is so complex even in programming the real person can shine through and rebel or break the cycle cause it's not in the will of the creator to be mentally oppressed. These evil people in Hollywood are in a spiritual battle with these people life's it's not just hooking these people up to a machine and zapping into there brain, this is on a whole new plateau. Parents involved also its sick.

      • I'm not sure if this is relevant or not, but I see Dylan and Cole Sprouse often around my campus…There's nothing behind those boys eyes, even when smiling. They always look miserable. Again this probably means nothing but…someones eyes tell alot-especially ones not filled with the light of the camera.

      • Msybe it goes little by little and depends on how much fame they can bring in? Hillary tried to make it big in singing and it fidn't quite work out and she sort of fded away, but her video from one of her last songs ( the one that sampled personal jesus) kind of follows the "trends".

      • Just because these child stars are not acting crazy doesn't mean that they're not being used. I mean, if people are 'breaking' down, then they ought to be useless, right? So might as well go with the squeaky clean actors?

        Hmm, also I wonder if sometimes this sort of breakdown is done on purpose? Maybe to ruin their career, but what if there is more?

      • Also remember that the parent's of these people are not always their biological parents. Sometimes these people are orphans/foster/lab babies given to family to raise and also given a back story. How do you know who these people REALLY are? because Wikipedia said so?? LOL!!!

        Illuminati 101 is raising Cuckoo birds. that means, putting the biological child in another nest for different parents to raise. Why do this? because one, it makes it easier to traumatize someone who is not blood related, and two it allows the powers that be to monitor/control the child's upbringing from day one. I'm not saying this is Shia's story, but it is a common one with PROJECT people.

  4. He's coming out in a new movie with Brad Pitt. I'm sure his career is just fine. Plus, I believe this is all just a publicity stunt like evrrty other "melt down". Now, his name is in the tabloids again :-)

    • That's a pretty cynical view of what is clearly a mental health issue (clear to anyone familiar with the symptoms). Celebrities are ordinary people, despite all (media) appearances. He, like Amanda Bynes, seems to be suffering from a manic-schizoid disorder, no matter what the cause may be.

      • (That was meant as a reply to sushmister, btw. Doesn't seem to be displaying correctly.)

      • Possibly, but nobody can reach you when you are still steeped in drugs as it is hard to work out where the drugs end and the disorder starts. Applies as much to ordinary people as celebrities as anyone who has nursed an addict would attest. Throw the possibility of programming into the mix and it is yet more complicated. Saying that, the line between programming and drug addiction is extremely fine. You can display pretty much the same range of symptoms on either.

      • Why are you so sympathetic to celebrities? do you think they care about you? Yes they are people but most of them chose the life they live. When you are depressed and are going through a very difficult time in your life, ask your favorite celebrity if he or she is losing sleep over what you are going through. And the people who gave you thumbs up need a wake up call. Enough with all the celebrity worship.

      • Sir Greendown on

        Aww, what's wrong, luv? No one giving you any concern/ adoration/ sympathy?

    • So Britney and Amanda's breakdowns were all just publicity stunts too? It's apathetic mindsets like yours that are akin to blaming the victim into their own demise. Oh he's in a new movie with Brad Pitt, I'm sure everything is fine. Move along, nothing to see here. That's a bit dismissive, don't you think? If you've read other articles on this site you would know that victims are made out to be happy, normal and successful as a part of their programming and false illusion. It's just a movie, but do you really know what his life is like off-screen? I mean, do you want to just overlook his bizarre behavior simply because he's in a new movie coming out? Help me understand.

    • The guys has been reprogrammed, Thats why he is back in action…open your eyes..Brad Pitt is one Illuminati whore.

  5. Indonesienne on

    May God gives mercy on his soul. He was once a rising star… After all said and done, none of these seem to matter.

    • Free-Thinker on

      the sky daddy "god" doesn't exist. Magic is for children, let us as a society, grow up. Religion is no longer needed in this day of age.

      • I find it hard for one to be a free-thinker while at the same time denying that god exists. Nobody really knows if god exists or not, so by denying gods existence, you are limiting your thinking to one very narrow minded and shallow way of thinking. God exists inside all of us. I am god, you are god.

      • Wow you must be an atheist it should say an IDIOT. God does exist who do you think woke you up?

  6. Jaden Smith said on twitter: "Seems like only Shia and Me knows what is going on here".. dunno what to think of this.. but it's sad..

    • What Jaden really put was: Jaden Smith @officialjaden · 14 de may.
      Obviously Shia LaBeouf And Edgar Casey Are The a Only Ones Who Know What's Going On Here.

      • Thank you for bringing the facts. I get tired of misquoting, it can change everything.

    • Edgar Cayce was a notable psychic and remote viewer…I wonder if Shia is a Theta slave too? Remember, there are Beta (sex), Theta(psychic) and Delta(assassin) slaves

    • Hey,

      30 is the general age. For some, it's a little sooner, and for others a little later. Most of the time it is very well hidden, however every now and then a celebrity slips from under the surface. I can imagine that at this point, the handlers have no other choice but to humiliate them. For example, Britney Spears appeared to go behind her handlers backs and have her hair shaved off, a pretty obvious symptom of an MK slave (symbolic of wanting to mentally get them out of her head). From there, she went out of control (smashing her ex, K. Fed's, car with an umbrella, among other things). Shortly after she went to rehab and had a complete rebirth with her album Blackout, and now she is where she is – with little to no control over her own life.

      • Beyond the Disney parallel I don't think it is fair on Shia to compare him to Britbot. He has a lot more substance and mettle than her. I am fully confident that he will fight these demons and emerge as a great person one day. He is as far removed from your regular Disney personality as is possible.

      • Britbot?

        I remember Dave Chappelle said once in an interview that a weak person cannot get to where he is, ie, that level of success- you have to have some metal in you to begin with…

        You see Britney now and she looks confused, vacant, utterly submissive. But she really used to sparkle. She had spunk, fortitude, and she was really witty too. Its when she tried to break free from everything that things started going downhill for her and she started to look like a complete insano. And so when they reasserted control over her, her credibility was gone and her her will was broken.

        I really hope it doesn't happen. But its not so unlikely that Shia would go the way of Britney or Amanda…

    • It depends on each individual. The same thing with medication. Affects one person very well, another has no effects and a half dose can send someone into a murderous rage.
      30 is usually around the breakdown age, as they're out of their teens (vulnerable) and out of their 20's (semi-maturity) and at 30 your opinions on what you believed 10-15 years ago changed as you are more mature – seen the world/worked/met different personalities, etc. The mind can't process what the handler says and the mind breaks free.
      That's my belief. I'm interested in what other people believe too. Please let me know.

      • I agree to some extent. Your un-dictated spiritual development begins as you approach thirty. If you have been programmed, you will have been assigned various roles which could take years to fulfil which also takes you up to that age. You cannot release yourself from those roles and the assigned mindset so you cannot begin to function apart from your controllers until you have got them off your back or developed the confidence and ability to dupe them. It is like waking up from a long vivid, dream. Once your programming ends, so do those dreams in general and your general ability to explore beyond the visible realm.

      • Very well put. And it seems true even for non-MK. Raising children is programming them, for the good hopefully. And everyone has to make a choice to whether to forsake their parents' teaching (programming) or stick to it or modify it or even to return to it (prodigal son).

      • I think the best age is around 30-35. the best years of your life. young but wiser and more in control.

      • yeah like beyonce she is like 32 and she is in a tight hypnosis programming because until toady she have n't had a breakdown until today so not everyone have a breakdown in their 20's only the one's that their handlers choose.

    • Those who are resistent are sent to 'rehab', where they are/ attept to be, reprogrammed. Thirty is an average age of awakening. Some realize what's going on at a younger age, some older. Say what you will about Britney, but the child has been aware, and trying to break free for many years. The hair shaving incident was her attempt to be less desireable. Watch her videos, from the beginning. There isn't one that I've come across without a mirror, and multiple personalities.

    • I honestly think that celebrities of lower intelligence such as Miley, Britney and Beyonce may well be wholly manipulated but can escape their programming once they become dispensable. They are not accomplished or deep thinkers, their descent is not on such a steep incline. I find that most of the 27 club were intellectually a cut above them and escape was only possible at the expense of their lives.

    • As to why some do and some don't- I have no clue. But as for the age- I think that its because its around 30 that most people tend to form their own value system from everything they've been taught thus far and decide who they're gonna be, ie, what they will and wont stand for and how they will and wont live their life…

      And also 30 is kind of the step into real adulthood. You're no longer a young adult- you know enough to make decisions for youself. If you have little control over your own life you probably think 'I'm a 30 year old man for goodness sakes! I'm not gonna be controlled by someone! I'm gonna live my life!'

  7. refusing to leave a drug store, headbutting a guy in a bar, yelling at a homeless man accusing he stole his hat..

    some of that stuff really made me laugh 😉

    • Yes… standing on the outside it can look funny, but you should know that going through something like that is actually terrifying. I went through something in a much milder way of a similar nature. For example, imagine if some people took on the appearance of demons to your eyes how scary that would be? Or if you really believed you had to do certain things that seemed absurd to others in order not to die, such as stay in one place without leaving. Its not funny when you're living it.

      And think about this: the video with Jay Leno at the end of this article shows you that Hollywood people are constantly under surveillance. What if you got a phone call of someone telling you word for word what you said, or were wearing or even were THINKING in the privacy of your own home. I think I'd go a little crazy wouldn't you?

  8. Woah that 49 second video said it all…..I heard he spoke bad about Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg and now TPTB are trying to ruin hi career. Same ole cycle, I wonder who will be next

  9. I was wondering why he wasn't in the new Transformers movie . . . Its clearer now.
    I've always liked Shia. Hope they don't torture and kill him.

    • I would say that it is because he was dating Megan Fox while she was not officially available which has created ongoing issues on set. I also think he is adorable as a person (I don't know about his work).

  10. You forgot the time when he hired a skywriter to script an air apology to an author whom he plagiarized. Personally, I have not seen his work, but I know enough about him as a person to declare him a bona fide Wild Thing who should pull through just fine.

    • He is not a regular Disney kid. His father was a Vietnam war veteran who suffered PTSD and was extremely hard work (as well as being a heroin addict and alcoholic). Shia financially supports both of his parents. For a long time, he has had a lot more responsibility than a regular Disney child star could ever comprehend.

  11. Another child star going 'crazy'. Disney has a particyularly long history of this dating all the way back to their very first contracted star Bobby Driscoll. You've got to seriously wonder about any parent who feeds their kid into that machine.

      • It is always money. I wonder how much is enough? It is no wonder that, these celebrities are hooked on drugs , as they can't live soberly with the knowledge that their parents practically sold them to the devils!

      • all sorts of people do drugs, even the ones who weren't sold. it's some kind of predisposition or hanging out with the wrong people (bad influence)

  12. Honeslty, I feel like drugs can do that stuff to you. If you watch any epidsode of intervention, you see people acting just as irrational as that. Cocaine and heroine can make you feel invinsible, paranoid, and sometimes hallucinate. Sad to see his talent go to waste. He was already kinda arrogant to begin with. Drugs just exemplifiy his behavior. You can see stars like Dennis Rodman or Robert Downey Jr who just continue a cycle of craziness until they break their addiction.

    • Yes, I would agree. I have observed him being extremely charming and level headed. I think that underneath the troubled exterior are the makings of a fine man. I hope he manages to get clean soon and disprove his critics. Hollywood is a strange game and it is hard for someone with a troubled childhood to be able to look into the goldfish bowl from the outside. I know that he has tried really hard to do this.

      • Dennis Rodman was MK as well, which is why he was sent to North Korea as a spy…

      • Define Mania on

        Good call. There literally is no other explanation for him as an international ambassador!

  13. Why can't VC members , intercept these plans before it reaches the final execution level.!

    Also , those people or should I ay victims, with proper support they will teach others how to avoid such loss of life.

    • Bro relax the awakened children doesn't have an efficient and fast ways of interception BC those ptb sukas will trace whoever did the you know…let's wait for someone who can pull a watch dogs and leak everything with all the glory

  14. I have never taken Shia seriously. It seems like most of the things he does is solely for publicity. He got into the industry through connections, his mum is a casting director. He is very arrogant and is in some way trying to do what Joseph Gordon-Levitt has done with his career, just that JGL is a better actor. Nothing is happening to Shia expect more publicity for himself.

    • JGL's brother Dan died in 2010s ago of an "overdose", how convenient. Smth tells me he was sacrificed, he had to be for his younger brother's career….

      • I always wondered about that when his brother died. But then after that he was casted in Inception and the last Batman movie, and I noticed that JGL stop taking risks in movies, and has now turned to Hollywood mainstream movies.

    • Noted! Lol. I had someone come up to me right after I had my daughter, to get her to join a modeling agency.. (right after we had found the vigilant… ) and I thought my husband was going to punch the woman in the mouth. :)

  15. sadly, been watching his career for quite some time, and charting his trajectory through well worn trails with the expectation that this will continue to unravel beyond what he may think he is controlling at this time. and what remains is the ever present feeling that beyond the blur of entertainment/reality, we are watching the future of "us," the new archetype for man.

    that is, in acting, and to some extent now other "performance arts" rely on people without a firm sense of self/identity to create. this vacuums opens up a place for another/others to program our identities, and woe to the one who tries to break out of his "role." clearly, the programming extends beyond rogue individuals, it is us, and we are unwitting participants in this spectacle/ritual.

    it is a shame that the psychological techniques that save many Prisoners of War when being tortured may be necessary reading for human of the future, if not today.

    if things of this nature concern you, be clear in who you really are (beyond media/pop/sports or other easy cultural references) and what you stand, or will far. most especially, have something deep to lean on from within, and above. and NEVER give up hope–this is the key.

  16. He always seemed like a smart guy to me and being amongst powerful figures like Spielberg and Bay, a director who works so closely with the military industrial complex that he practically shoves his hands down their pants, it seems likely he came across a truth that has been haunting him for the past few years. I can somewhat empathize with people who have a 'fuck the world' attitude when one realizes how conditioned or willfully stupid the public wishes to remain when it comes to understanding how the populace is influenced by people so inhuman that it makes the reptilian theory seem more and more plausible. When coming across these truths, some will fight, some will break down and self-destruct. My heart seriously goes out for the dude. I wish him a quick recovery along with finding some real peace outside of the industry.

    • "…a director who works so closely with the military industrial complex that he practically shoves his hands down their pants"

      Ha ha ha ha! I am unfortunate enough to watch every transformer movie that comes out (for the love of a family member who likes superheroes and robots) and that is just so apt. It also seems that when they are drafting the next one they think: Whatever we did in the last one let's make it bigger and louder. Also, more everything!

      I think you are correct. When people seemingly self-destruct sometimes it's because they have come across a truth they are struggling to accept, about themselves or about the world– usually the death of an ideal… you have to think, do I want to continue the comfortable charade of living or actually live.

      Remember the second Transformers when Shia's character is attending a university lecture and he 'goes nuts' and writes out advanced maths or physics on the blackboard and the pompous professor scoffs and his peers laugh at him? (I don't remember exact details; I try to forget these films even as I am watching them.) Maybe that is happening in real life. He has an advanced truth, he's acting it out, and the media is jeering.

  17. I am not entirely convinced to be honest. What's the point of his "handlers" wanting to humiliate him? Can't he just be having a breakdown like millions of other ppl around the globe every second of the day? Why when it's a celeb does it have to automatically be about mind control, and if it is about that, for what purpose?

      • I'm very well-educated, thanks – simply posing the possibility that not everything is as black and white here as the post implies

      • Anyone in the spotlight of fame, or with any kind of mass-media influence these days in 'Murica should be considered suspect man. I'd love to agree with you and say "people think too hard about things" but it's obvious that somethings going on. With so many articles, incriminating information, occult references,etc. coming to light about Hollyweird and it's cogs, I don't see how anyone could stay skeptical after actually doing a bit of homework lol. How could so many unrelated people keep making up things that fit together like a massive unfinished puzzle?

    • These celebrities are essentially puppets. If Shia said or did anything to disobey his handlers, then that is enough motivation to humiliate, replace or even kill him.

    • Sometimes they use some form of mental illness to cover up what is really going on.

      I think the entertainment industry is just a form of distraction. From ourselves.

      I feel like in some way, all that occult symbolism in movies only reinforces these actors/musicians programming. They're a distraction to us. all that glamour, fame. Highs, lows.

      But for them, it is important. A handler can't be with them 24/7. Why not put some triggering words,phrases in movies and music? Cuts the work in half. I mean, even in magazines. Who ever said that putting a hand over ones eye was so creative? And you see it alllll the time. All the time. In album covers even! So, you start asking questions….

    • maybe he was making a creative statement with the bag…he understood performance art alot better than any of us thats for sure

  18. 100% MK Ultra kid. Read his biography, its typical to say so. Heartbreaking whats goin on with these ppl…. Their money, fame and lifestyle should not be envied….

  19. It is all very strange! Something obviously is amiss with thisyoung man! Even if some do not believe in the Illuminati, one can't deny the pattern of breakdowns exhibited by known celebrities, is quite similar.
    I see the new Transformers movie is out,I guess Bobby Singer is In the clear?


    • And still morons refuse to believe mind control exists, especially in the showbiz and they keep blaming the wrong persons and things….

  21. I'm really hesitant to comment on this, but can't resist supporting Shia
    my eyes are open. I'm aware and acknowledge all that is. I have read VC for years and this is my first comment…
    I worked front desk at a hotel where Shia was staying for a few weeks. we are close in age, and after dealing with a few of his shenanigans (smoking in his room, refusing his script or movie material from his producers and leaving the envelope at the front desk, dancing around to avoid the pap), I really grew to see him as a beautiful human, and told him so.
    he's sensitive, empathetic, loving. he has a few vices he abuses in a failed attempt to thicken his skin. I don't think he is an MK slave, but I do believe they tried many times to program him. I'm thinking he took the trauma and somehow didn't allow it to really take over. I was with him a night he made tabloids, I can't mention which incident to protect my identity. he was beyond frustrated that he was forced to live in a fish bowl when he is intensely private. after a few beers and lines of something that is no good for a sensitive soul, he lost his shit. he cried to me how lucky I am to be free from that scrutiny and invasion.
    just typing this makes my heart hurt knowing his suffering is happening and he doesnt have a strong enough support system to pull him out of this effing hell on earth. I wish we had kept in contact. I'd be pulling him out of this and into the light.

  22. Not related to Shia, but anyway: VC did u know Warren Beatty slept with a very underage Molly Ringwald back in the 80's, when she was barely 16? Those in Hollyweird, who knew about it, were wondering how the hell he never got arrested….

    • how they will arrest everyone? all the actresses sleep with famous, powerful and much older men to make in the business. that's what this business is all about. and then they age and look for toyboys. i bet madonna did exactly the same although she's one of the most famous cougars around. if they arrest everyone, there will be no available actor/actress around. i won't forget what the manager of the national theatre elsewhere quoted in the past, 3 – 4 decades ago. if the prostitutes get arrested, we'll be left without female to run the theatre. the same manager used to be married with the much younger neighbour of us who he dumped for someone else. our neighbour lost her father when her mum was pregnant, so she never had a father figure apart from her step-father. she was a very nice person who passed away over a year ago in her mid 70s. i used to have very nice chats with her, she wasn't secretive or cunning at all.

      • aww wasn't he involved with the archcougar madonna? i was right when i said she was banging old men and now she buys youngsters.

    • Wonder what the legal age was in California (assuming it WAS Cali where this happened) back then. If the legal age for sex there is 16, than there's nothing they could have done.

      Plus I doubt they even understood the concept of power games (i.e. the older, more powerful person using the youngster because he had "the keys"). THAT realization is much more of a recent phenomenon.

  23. Reminds me a little of the Charlie Sheen breakdown a couple of years ago .. wish VC would do a story on it.

  24. "Was the “paper bag” incident actually a sick way for his handlers to humiliate him, perhaps to show that his career is purposely being destroyed?"

    lol, maybe the guy is just being "provocative" and trying to make a "statement"? don't get me wrong, i admire VC and find it quite interesting and enlightening, but sometimes i get this feeling that things are, but just sometimes, somehow being blown out of proportion. having in mind the fact that VC has been "on the money" so many times before, i'll write it (blowing things out of proportion) down to human error.

  25. I like grapes too on

    Of all the celeb breakdowns this one is hitting me hard for some reason. He started spiralling a while back when you would hear about him constantly getting in to fights. Those incidences never affected his career I believe because they were handled by his people. Whether he was crashing cars or threatening people he never got into serious trouble, or at the very least the tabloids made him look like some sort of a bad boy and not the supposed drug addict their all implying he is now. He no longer has the favour of those who helped 'guide' his career. I remember an interview he did once where he mentioned that he went clay shooting with Steven speilberg after he had signed a movie contract with Dreamworks. A person as famous as him should have at least one person to pull him aside and try to help where they can. As I'm writing this I realise that I am quite a big fan, the only thing I didn't like about him is that got to date Carey mulligan. He was great in even stevens. He was the best thing about those headache inducing Transformers movies, apart from whatever cloned version of megan fox was paraded around. Charlie countryman was not a great movie, but he was good in it. Maybe there's still time, maybe he will pull a Sean penn or a RDJ and not God forbid Heath ledger.

    • There was another wonderful director who took him under his wing and earnestly tried to parent him for a good while. However, the children of addicts are a tough gig, even in childhood, let anyone adulthood and it is almost impossible to effectively reach out to them and make a permanent difference. They have to seek this out for themselves when they are ready.

  26. His programming is breaking down. That's why he has to go to 'rehab', to be reprogrammed.
    Do you really think rehab is for getting over drugs, alcohol and anger management. Come on, people!!
    We've been reading VC long enough to know that's not true!!
    Let's hope Shia can break free of the evil that is holding him in this evil grip.

    • I was recently discussing Amy Winehouse's song of the same name with a friend who knows a lot about Isisian codes. The reason why it is so ingenious is that it functions on two distinct levels and the person who really wrote those lyrics has concealed very well the real purpose and process of rehab in the entertainment world.

      • ..within the lyrics and their number values. Just as Bob Dylan has done throughout his entire body of work which many codebreakers have already done a good job of unravelling. I would love to advance a novel viewpoint within that field but I lack the patience and would probably hit too many chinese walls in the process..

  27. Shia LaBeouf and Amanda Bynes both have jewish mothers and are therefore considered jewish. Coincidence? I don't think so.

    Comedian Roseanne Barr also talks a lot about MK Ultra programming. She is also jewish.

    Are they really having a breakdown or do they want us to think that they are in order o scare and confuse people?

    • Orwelll's mentor on

      Good question! However, Corey Haim's mother is (was) Jewish and so is Corey Feldman's and if anyone's familiar with what happens in Hollywood, we know what happened to both of them.

      Personally, I think Roseanne talks about MK Ultra to be a part of the controlled opposition, much like Ed Snowden.

  28. It seems to me that his strange behavior began with the filming of Nymphomaniac, including the loss of his girlfriend and his eventual dating of his co-star in that movie. Something happened that has caused him to snap. When one sleeps with another, any demons either have are shared – which is why "they" encourage youth to sleep around – what kind of demons might have been shared in the filming of this "real sex" movie?

    As for the possible programming – of course he's a victim! Anyone who is famous has had programming, especially if they are Disney kids! However, the mind control technology no longer needs years to fully traumatize; they can now do in days what used to take a lifetime, so anyone who is willing to be famous can be programmed during the time it takes for an average "rehab" visit 😉

    Is it any wonder why demonic activity is on the rise?

    • I just recently heard about this concept of sharing one's soul when you have sex. Something I saw referred to as "soul ties". Interesting concept…

      • So what happens if you are sexually assaulted? The concept needs to be fleshed out more (no pun intended).

    • Are you serious? Or are you joking. I can't tell. When people sleep together they share demons? Is that for real? Or are you just mentally ill? Maybe they spent some time in a ufo together too? Or maybe they know that 911 was really caused by big foot. I must just be confusing all the stuff that you guys believe. Its hard keeping up.

      • Ypu only hear what you want to hear. What do you want out of these discussions? Why are you here?

  29. Before they get sucked in why can't they just say no…run in the other direction!

    Another Disney star…wonder what the parents of these kids think. Was it really worth it?

    • Well you can see why they couldn't run…They are under constant surveillance and probably threats of bankrupting them, or even death if they don't comply. Its like being in the Mafia, there's no such thing as running away. LOL!

    • If money is their god, then I suppose they would feel it was worth it. Very little has been written about the programming of the parents of child stars other than the fact that they were often subject to child programming when they were young. The child programming seems to extend well beyond childhood in some cases. I see grown adults ecstatic at the sight of Disney merchandise and those who openly state that Disneyland is their favorite holiday destination, not just for their children or as a family but for them personally. It is very sad that from a provider self-evaluation perspective, many parents measure the success of their efforts in Disney currency – how many pink, fluffy, glittery, character themed items they were able to purchase and how many times they managed to take their children to watch these films and visit Disneyland.

      • not all of us arella. honestly i have been in all places where disneyland is nearby, orlando, fullerton and paris and not once i had the crave to visit disneyland. i've never been in disneyland when it was practically around the corner. years before i read what walt disney was all about, so you can't say it was due to brainwashing. never asked my parents to buy for me any disney merchandise too. saying that i used to watch some disney films when i was a child on tv some sundays

      • In my younger days I told a coworker that I had never been to Disneyland and she exclaimed in surprise and disbelief, "You haven't? Everybody's been to Disneyland!" and then added jokingly (I think she was joking), "That's unamerican!" She then looked at me for a few moments as if she felt sorry for me, which I couldn't understand at the time.
        Well, twenty years have passed and now I understand. I still haven't been to Disneyland, and after discovering the truth about the so-called "magic kingdom" have no intention of ever going there.

  30. English Rose on

    It's sad to see how things are going.. Still the Warriors of Light fight on. We have to beat them at their own game…

  31. Jellified Skunk on

    Honestly having spent a lot of time around ppl who this kind of erratic behavior, there is actually an easier explanation, one which most people in the modern world debt: demonic possession. I people who are demonically possessed exhibit bizarre behavior of this nature. Same as the case of Elisa Lam, Amanda Bynes, Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, etc etc.

  32. Resist Stance on

    My impression is that he's one of those youths who are deeply troubled by the sexual acts they were coerced or forced into performing as children. I think he's got some sort of machoism defense mechanism, when in reality, he's a highly sensitive boy. He seems like one of those people who freaks out when they are happy, especially in an intimate personal relationship with another, which probably aids in his picking fights with people, as he has no one close to him to pick a fight with and exacerbate the torment within him that eats him up inside.

  33. Resist Stance on

    I wonder why Speilberg took such a vested interest in him. I strongly believe that many young actors and actresses in Hollywood are ritualistically sacrificed and replaced by a doppleganger who happens to be an evil spirit. Scarlet Johansson comes to mind. To me, that is just not the same girl from Ghost Workd or even Lost in Translation. I feel this strongly enough to reject the notion that she simply sold her soul and went under the knife. No, that is a different person. I think they kill the ones they can't crack and crack the ones that come from backgrounds of abuse. The nature of celebrity is to project onto a medium people whom viewers want to mate with, be like, or hurt/kill – the hurt could be from jealousy or the hurt could be from the pleasure people take in rejecting and discriminating against others. That said, I wonder if Speilberg had a vested interest in him because he thought he could become a thing, or if he forsaw a future trainwreck and thought it's much more bittersweet when the wreck thinks he could have become the next Brando, because of the rage. Evil people love to see other people as ugly and problematic.

    • There are many dopplegangers, sometimes because the original ones die in sexual abuse rituals (Natalie Portman – Rothchild's orgies) or because dopplegangers are so useful if the original one is pregnant, getting fat or too much bruised to be shown in public… (Lady Gaga, C. Aguilera…)

  34. Oh come on. It's obvious the guy is on drugs. He's probably on drugs and having a mental breakdown because he's lost his fame which happens to many young actors. Does everything have to be a conspiracy or illuminati. I mean what power did this kid yield to be targeted as an MK slave or puppet? What influence did he have over anything except to star in a movie that would've been a hit regardless of his involvement. Classic Occams Razor – in the face of several explanations for Shia's behavior, drugs is the simplest and makes the most sense.
    Britney being an MK slave is more believable and makes more sense, but not this kid.

    • Resist Stance on

      You know what site you're on. People take celebrity so personally. The idea of people defending him gets to you or something. I'm not that vested. I'm not sure he's even the same person. As a kid, I thought he seemed soulful, which is why I don't 'buy' that this is a natural progression.

    • The mass populace is on drugs via flouride in our water, gmos food, chemtrails ect… Holly wood is no different. You don't get to be one of the fallen hollywood 'stars' without being mind controlled or a handler.. just the way it is..

      Side Note: hollywood is the kind of wood witches would burn when the would cast a s-p-e-l-l

      Interesting coincidence if I beLIEved in such things

  35. VC do an article on Kanye West! He's been breaking down for the past 4 years. He had a song called "golddigger" and now he's married to one. He made a song called "New Slaves". He's definitely been MK'ed and I think Kris Jenner is his handler!!

    • Yes the Kim Kanye thing is verrry interesting….many connections, many clues. Even the K names K=11 so 11:11 Kim and Kanye are an Occult Ritual. Black and white, the connection to the Eyes Wide Shut fashion industry, the people they're starting to curry favor with. All big indicators that they are becoming avatars, fronts for something ….other.

      I too have noticed that Kanye's lyrics seemed to foreshadow what's happened. Almost like his life is scripted.

    • What is a handler? Who are they being handled for? To what end? What is the end game? And if your going to answer my question don't just allude to more vague crap about the illuminati and demons. Look up conspiracy theory psychology. You'l find that most people who accept one conspiracy theory are willing to accept others. To the point that they are willing to accept two different ones that are in direct conflict with each other.

      • If you don't believe in God, acknowledge that satan exists and accept the Old Testament then there is no point, you are right. It is merely a series of discordant tantrums that do not meld together. You need the faith in God for it to make sense; that is surely the bottom line

      • @ivan

        Look on the site for the monarch programming article. That should explain everything. Kanye's apart of an experiment and it's evident in his foreshadowing lyrics.

  36. This is clearly a breakdown. If it was purely for publicity then it would serve to help him. His eyes has looked empty for the past few years. Like the rest of you I hope they don't find him "overdosed" somewhere.

  37. I worked in hollywood as a uber driver and I picked up a few movie stars and musicians, these people are beyond cheap and incredibly detached from the world we live in.incredibly rude they are as if we are nothing to them. there is no hope for majority of these people. Regular people in hollyweird are worse too acting like famous people.

    • "what shia being on transformers isnt humiliating enough for his 'handlers'' ? "

      hahahahahahaha, now that was a good one. indeed.

  38. Yup that clip from 2008 is definitely the reason why he's being humiliated & programmed by the elite.

    VC please could you cover the UK pedophiles cases that are being "exposed" now throughout the UK. This is now making huge headlines & I know you're good at this subject as you've covered it before. Thanx

    • Visit The Coleman Experience and Chris Spivey's pages for info on that. The stuff about the NSPCC in particular. Very sinister.

  39. Hollywood is a cesspool of the demoniacally possessed. Just look at the history. The military industrial complex and Pentagon (Pentagram) influences. The entertainment industry is one big propaganda network to control your minds.

      • The military industrial complex, as you name it, is a big sponsor and advisor of Hollywoodproductions and productioncompanies

  40. I hope you do an article on Miley Cyrus on NBC with her Bangerz tour. I was enraged with what i saw and just how bold they are becoming at ramming the agenda down our throats. Why show on national television something that concert goers pay lots of money to see unless you are trying to reach more people with your message than just the attendee.

    • D D d Sting : out on

      I guess the screaming will be so loud at the gig, you should have the show on your mp3 player and synch it with the live-show.
      Or is Miley not one of the performers with a lot of the score all on a little usb-stick? Anyway, would it not be nice to see that huge blown up tribute to a dog.
      Enjoy the show, tv is only just a flat screen, Live is not comparable whatever the salesmen tell you.

    • I caught some of this and it was absurd, but not in a good way. It was completely unrestrained.

      And what I know is how I managed to get "love, money, party" stuck in my head, despite only hearing a few bars of it. Do they engineer ear worms?

      • >> it does not look like something you will recognize.

        If this is a criticism or a statement, I cannot tell. I am just curious about the mechanism of ear worms. Get Lucky was stuck in my head for about one month last summer after hearing it only once, and didn't get stuck in the heads of my friends. I am curious about whether it depends on the resonant frequency of an individual.

        Also, go Argentina!

      • No criticisnm meaned. I was abstract about technology that goes beyond hearing.
        Clues : You know, those dogswistles for sheppards? And, that psychology is way older than the turn of last century.
        Combine those with the knowledge of brainfunctioning, and psychology and you have something to think about, when hearing music that isn't just that good and should annoy rater than please most people.

      • Oh, I see.

        What I noticed about the bits of the concert I saw was that the music was discordant and the images brash, but there were moments where I thought… this has a cohesive zaniness to it. Individually, the components were not my cup of tea but together they kind of draw you in. So you are saying there are less apparent luring elements they use to overcome a person's resistance.

      • In short , yes.
        And, the outrageous sceaming of the children is encouraged, and not without reason.
        (The latter works on grown-ups and tv-shows, too, by the way.)

    • Another article on Miley? I could never sit through a Miley concert. Three hours of my life I would never get back.

  41. Reminiscing on

    Shia had his childhood destroyed point blank, he never had one and was sold to Disney at a young age for money. He always seem off to me even though I was a fan of Even Stevens. Hilary Duff was always off too (Lizzy McGuire).

    Raven Simone maybe never made the headlines like her costars but I believe she was programmed as a child (starting from the Cosby Show and Hanging w/Mr. Cooper). As was Beyonce, their break downs are carefully guarded.

    The only ones that seemed normal were Ally and her sister from that show (Can't remember the name. I think it was it was Phil of the Future and you noticed that show didn't last very long)

  42. D D d D'Originale on

    I think we are focussing maybe a little much on ''incidents'' when it comes to MK.
    Why wouldn't it be the other way around… Mind Control being the normal situation when it comes to big money contracts. The techniques are centuries old (except things like electroshock ofcourse) and the publicity around it might have been just a ripple on the water. The big wave is underneath the surfce and is flowing through most controlled surroundings young people, victimized people and would-be's are to be made a success story.
    Videos about those in the spotlight might not always be a signal about the subjects solely but about a bigger plan.

    The music promoted is by Sigur Ross, so why not them making the focus too. They sure know how frequencies and melodic structure work better than most of their fans do… Why would they allow productplacement for mind control and abuse? Not only to get empolyed for making soundtracks of commercials and ''movies'' is my guess. Must be more to it.

  43. Makes me really sad. I grew up with Shia, watching him in Even Stevens and always liked him. He always seemed down to earth. Horrible what he's going through now. More than ever I hope he breaks free, go into hiding or something. This one really pulls at my heartstrings.

  44. Shia does seem to be mind controlled. His comment about the FBI is probably correct. Crazy people often think they are being followed by the government. However, considering the programs that were in place (MKULTRA, MONARCH, etc.) the reality is that our government WAS watching and following US citizens and abusing them as laboratory rats. They get away with it by calling these people crazy.

    • Everytime someone is said to be "crazy" it reminds me of a buffy episode where they happen to pass in a psychoatric waed and they are the only.other people table to see the monsters. Maybe crazy people aren't so crazy after all…

  45. Anyone here heard about the Beyonce degree that was introduced in the USA? I think it's really strange…

      • Did you not hear about this? Now Rutgers University offers a course called "Politicising Beyonce" where her career will be used to explore american race, gender and sexual politics and students will analyse her lyrics… I don't know, maybe i'm being too dramatic, but I thinks it's weird this needing of having a course in a big and important University about her life, you get it? We all know she's is one of the biggest Illuminatis puppets, and this seems to me a elite demonstration of how big and influential she is.

      • And I just find out there's other University in New York that has a "Sociology of Miley Cyrus" course… o.O God! What is the purpose? like, students will learn to twerk? I don't see a reason to these courses aside from shove the Illuminatis puppets lifes in people's faces

      • D D d Yes, again D on

        The reactions of the public – us – are taken in and analyzed.
        To the max.

      • I'm done with her and all the other puppets, you know? All the idolary around her. like she is a godness… and all the Illuminati crap that are forced down our throat all the time… it's so terrible see all these artists doing this kinda of things!

  46. DeadPrezYaKnow on

    This sucks. I really used to love films and wanted to be involved in big movies, ever since I saw Jurrassic Park as a kid lol. But now it all seems like shit. Just doing the sick work of sick individuals. Oh well

  47. The one thing I always remember about Shia Leboeuf was how he used to always sit up straight when interviewed on TV. He was the epitome of a young gentleman.

    • That is a beautiful observation to be able to recall. He has many lovely mannerisms. He is a lovely kid underneath the bravado and anger.

  48. 1st, I hope he lives thru this and will be okay and breaks thru the chains that try to reap him.

    When I first watched "Eagle Eye" the movie I was awakened before Snowden mentioned anything. The movie completely foreshadowed everything. Shia did star in the film and that was 2008, same year he guest appeared on the "Late Night Show" with Jay Leno. Shia, I enjoyed your great acting and personality. I hope you find your way back.

    Peace n Love buddy!

    God Bless

  49. I don't know if anyone has heard, but I remember when he posted in his twitter "I'm not famous anymore" 33 times. I read online 22, but they said on the news 33….just a thought.

    • Do not be so defeatist. Perhaps Shia is reading this and being uplifted by this wave of combined consciousness coming his way towards a better place? We cannot do it for everyone but I know enough about him to say that he is far from being a lost cause.

  50. EveryonewillbowJesus on

    Do people seek fame regardless of what they will endure? No do people like Oprah and Madonna escape such brain execution and become handlers themselves? It is apparent the weak-minded ones are fed on and the strong ones are not. Will Jennifer Hudson go through this?

  51. What is up with all the 'Poor Shia' bullshit being expressed?
    When a child, sure; feel empathy for his 'plight'; but now, Shia is a grown Man, capable of CHOOSING what He will, or, will not do!
    He HAS a conscience; but, He is not CHOOSING a Godly Life, but a Life of Lies, Deceptions, and the Misleading of Truth to Other People.
    I bet his 'erratic' behaviour is a CHOICE he made, to be better able to deal with the 'Role' He was 'researching';
    (His role is one of a man with 'No Rules!'
    That was his 'false flag' event for the upcoming 'real thing'. Sound familiar?

    All Hollywood is a Luciferian Workshop, designed to steer 'America' into Decadence, Lust, and Anger.
    I am BOYCOTTING ALL HOLLYWOOD MOVIES! Starve the Beasts, everywhere we find them!
    Fuck Shia, and ALL Actors (Liars!) Trust in the Lord, Your God; Now is the Time…

    • I boycott Hollywood too, but I like Shia as a person and believe there is real hope for him. I have observed him at close range, listened to him putting the world to rights. Thankfully, I have never watched his films as that would take me much further away from appreciating his true beauty. The swag and other showmanship are irrelevant. It is not for us to set the timeframe for salvation?

  52. Vigilant!! Have you seen Jaden smith on twitter spazzing out about the government and how they're just using him and Shia as distractions?!

  53. It is due to the pedophile of kid's in the entertainment industry also. Cory Feldman talked about it, he couldn't name names. So sad what is happening to Child stars. It will keep happening till-it is exposed and if someone exposes it they will be dead. Someday this will be exposed, nothing stays hidden from God. their Judgment will be harsh. They are pretty blatant now.

    • Not every child of the entertainment industry and illuminati families has been a victim of pedophilia. As far as i know, Shia has not either.

  54. It kind of make you wonder about Michael Egan, the man alleging X-Men director Bryan Singer and three other Hollywood executives sexually abused and assaulted him as a teenager… plus he alleges that a few other BIG names in the film industry, that he's prohibited from naming. Might that be a Steven Speilberg and or Michael Bay??
    I mean, besides Shia, talking negative about Speilberg and Bay… didn't Megan Fox also say some bad things about Speilberg/Bay??
    And it's kind of puzzling how Megan Fox was allowed in Michael Bay's "Ninja Turtle" flick. Did she get reprogrammed?
    Back to Shia though. The whole Shia LaBeouf bio is kind of fishy to me. Early on in his career, it was said, he was discovered on a street corner as a homeless street performer, and that he and his mother were living out of an old beat up car… then later, after the Disney years, "he's the son of some diamond jewelers/owners of a jewelry business".
    My thoughts are… there are a lot of holes in Shia's bio.
    and a lot of holes in a lot of these celebrities' stories.
    From all the books I've read on celebrities, it turns out that a lot of these kid actors are "adopted" from orphages, for the sole purpose of making hollywood's MKUltra slaves. And it goes as far back as Marilyn Monroe, Shirley Temple and the Little Rascals.

  55. Shia is spazzing out now. First, it was Miley Cyrus, but they put her in the "hospital" early, before she could make a total ass of herself in public. Personally, I think these folks be on some strong ass illicit narcotics when they be behaving normally. But soon as they come off those drugs, that's when the mental breakdown starts happening. The bigwigs in Hollywood keep those celebrities doped-up, so that they can have the strength to "perform" in the public eye. But then it all goes haywire as soon as the celebrity decides to break free from the mind control. Everybody said Charlie Sheen was on some drugs when he was having his public "episodes", but I think it's the opposite; I think he was trying to break free of the drugs and that's why his behavior seemed "odd". He seemed pretty "normal" when he was on the drugs.

  56. The Rahnameh on

    You people wouldn't be asking so many questions if you just realized the Zionist connection behind all of this. LaBeouf's stock fell when he associated with Von Trier, someone the Zionists hate for his comments about Israel being annoying circa the 2011 Cannes Film Festival. They declared him persona non grata, a first, at the film festival based on that comment alone.

    LaBeouf's chose that association after making his way up through the Spielberg factions, the very crux of Zionist lordship in their Hollywood complex.

  57. Shame that many are too blind and caught up with the smoke screen of fame and fortune that the dark side of the entertainment industry is putting up.

    I'm not even surprised at any of the MK pawns that just literally "snap" when their "master" commands them to do so. But very sad that most celebrities are becoming like this anyways.

  58. Okay, LaBoeuf ('f' can be soft sound so leave out), unscrambled, is Ebola). Shia also name of the muslim sect opposed to the ISIS fanatics. Both signs of the end times coinciding with him being pushed to our attention in the media for no reason in particular, really.

  59. RE paper bag: He's being melodramatic because he got busted ripping off some writer and got publicly outed via twitter. He's just being a baby. No MK Ultra, just pure spoiled brat.

  60. Shite LaBoof is a bore–do we really care if he's having a meltdown? Or if he's under mind control? Personally I suspect it's part of the Hollyweird-tabloid complex to sell magazines and grab people's attention. He's way too unattractive to be an actor and he obviously cannot act anyway. I can't think of many current 'actors' from his generation that are worth a look frankly. That may be why I only watch Hollywood movies from the 1940's to early 70's. Sorry but Shite is obnoxious, unattractive and looks like he smells.

  61. I remember watching that interview with Leno and thought at the time that "this is not going to end well". But i totally forgot about it cuz he became an even bigger star. Little did i know that it is to drop him from greater height!

  62. OffTheSetN702'- I happen to like shia as an actor. As a person, he clearly doesn't want to be treated as a STAR. By NORMAL individuals. He wants to be treated as an EQUAL. It's hard for people to not become STARSTRUC, when u see some one in a movie that u like so much. people thinks that the people that are actors are like the people they portray on film if they're funny like Jim Carrey they must always be nice example .sister like Samuel L Jackson famous always be yelling out loud when they talk . at the end of the day these people are normal people like me and you working a9 to 5 job except for they have to leave their families their babies for mothers to children's their wives for months even years on and make a movie for us to enjoy .give them the benefit of the doubt and the decency to be able to stuff out in public and not be annoyed with you. she cared about them so much go to the opening of the screening of their videos and get her autograph then . pay to go to their town and see the screening and get their autograph .when they wake up in the morning they don't wake up and say you know what I'm going to go out today and see a hundred fifty people want to be recognized to sign autographs and looked at.they have lights in the genders get real quick judging people that are better than you .

  63. so relatable it hrts on

    I am… learning about my own RA experience. Not MK-ultra/Monarch, but a different branch. I used to hate Miley, Shia, Amanda Bynes, Britney…etc. And now I feel the immense, sickening, legitimately feel-pains-in-my-chest ache for them because. I. get. it. …before I ever read a single article online about ANY theories of this stuff going on, I was seeing it with my own two eyes. My jaw literally dropped a few times when these OVERT symbols or gestures were being made. ….like baffled it could be so obvious. But then I remembered there was a time where that would've meant NOTHING to me. The past year, listening to Amanda Bynes and the recent news stories with Shia, I (as a viewer) have only seen it under the lenses of mind control and every SINGLE time they're in the news again it gets less and less possible for me to ever go "well mayyyyybe there's a chance that's not what it is". No. Not anymore. It's BREAKING my heart. I know a few other stars who I now feel 'connected to' knowing variations of what they went through now. And, while Miley's been having a very public streak of disrupting the PUBLIC and making them unhappy with her, she's still "intact". She's still functioning and a lot of people like her. She's not doing the Shia, Amanda and Britney actions of dilution and dissociation. Sure, she's doing programmed, over-sexualized things — but currently no one's even shocked by it anymore. She's in a "eh, whatever" period. ……but I feel it. I KNOW it's coming. And my heart is breaking for her. Give her a couple more years to normalized this extreeeeemely sexualized behavior like they "need" her to, and then she's gonna start losing her marbles, setting thing on fire, peeing in public, talking incoherently….the real "meltdown". I would've thought all this was hocus-pocus before….and idk what it would've taken to convince me. But being a mind control puppet myself — and going TWENTY FIVE YEARS without even KNOWING it — all I feel is heartbreak for them all. …..and then a secondary "wow! they aren't even TRYING to hide it anymore." For a moment I thought "With all of us catching on now, what are they going to do to 'shut it down' and make sure it doesn't become "too believed" or "too mainstream"?" ….and then Madonna came out with her normalizing Illuminati song trying to make sure everything thinks it's a joke and laughable and ha. ha. how dumb are we. I would've bought it, too. But it's real and I can't believe I'm even having to say those words. ….but I'm not saying it because I read stories online. This is one of my first ganders around the internet on this subject. I'm saying it because I know it firsthand. ….and that? Is much much scarier. No one fed it to me. No one warped things and found meaning in them where there shouldn't be. Sighhh…… oh Shia. I thought you were a whackado for a few years there. Now all I see is someone being humiliated by handlers to the general public and being more covertly (and much more personally damaging) humiliated by those 'in the know' with the underground projects explicating it all. I never knew I could feel this much connection to someone I've never met. …..and while they're in the middle of hell and embarrassment, scrutiny and rejection — all I feel is empathy and understanding, compassion and massive amounts of VALIDATION. I wish this could all stop. But I'm not naive enough to think that. I know this has been a novel, but my brain's all sorts of fuzzy now and I know I should've have said this much but I just…couldn't keep it in.

  64. The bag over the head makes me think he feels he has been used and abused by the industry and now tossed aside, discarded. This is not a good feeling… although he should get out and be happy about it the problem is that the abused begin to have an attachment to the abuser. It is hard to understand but I can kind of, as the abuser usually tells the person they are special, they go through all this pain but it is because I am chosen. Then you are no good its another slap in the face you went through all that and you mean nothing. Also there is a barcode on the bag, not sure if that's common in US but I don't recall that. Escape please…

  65. There are is a lot of information on Hollywoods secret societies. Actors are made to do hideous, detestible and humiliating things to keep up appearances and stay famous. This industry is riddled with drugs and pedophelia. I heard, on a whim an actor can be called to do something and they have to submit or deal with the consequences, even if that means to have sex with someone high up in the industry or another celebrity.. doesn't matter if its male or female.

    They do all these sick things. I've even heard they are made to eat other peoples or even their own excrement. Most of these male actors are made to sleep with other male celebrities. They will even tell you you better do "this" or we will destroy you or kill someone you know personally and make it look like an accident in the media. Makes you wonder why when an actor dies, these celebs give these vague, basic, canned R.I.P tweets and comments of condolences. That's because they are ALL scared and no one wants to say what they really want, or how they really feel.

    If you watched footage of Shia, the impression I get is.. honestly he looks like he could of been abused by someone, or he was told something so outrageous or frightening.. that it could only put him in the state he was in. He looks humiliated, frightened an utterly overwhelmed, numb and alone. When I saw him.. I immediately felt something was terribly wrong, and I just honestly started to pray for him because whatever this was, I felt it so strongly.. like it was warring against him and his life was in the balance. Honestly that is exactly what I saw an felt when I saw that footage of him.

    I do believe people like Steven Spielberg, Michael Bay and others like them who are very powerful in the industry are disguised as good but they are truly the devil. I believe they're into to the occult. Tell me how is it that they makes movies with certain subject or content.. and then a few months or years later they play out in the media, or the stage of world news? That is not coincidence.

    Shia is a good kid. He is a promising and talented actor. But I wouldn't be surprised if sometime in the near future he walks away from Hollywood altogether. May the Father protect him and keep him, and opens his eyes to see and his ears to hear life calling him away from this road that only leads to death. The bottom line is that people don't believe in the devil, in evil spirits. But the Bible says in Ephesians 6:12-19King James Version (KJV)

    12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

    13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

    14 Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness;

    15 And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace;

    16 Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.

    17 And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God:

  66. Not everything an actor does is MK ultra, some like to be humanized by acting out and acting criminal in some cases. It isn't always the case of mind control, just chill it peoples.

  67. pumpkinandprose on

    YES! I read these things and I hope, I just really hope that Shia knows, there is still hope. As long as a person has breath he can be saved. These people think they "sold their souls" but your soul is not your own, it was bought at a price! By Jesus our Lord. I pray for them. I'm so thankful I live far away from Hollyweird.

  68. Do you realize that the idea of selling one's soul is actually a big deception. You can have it sucked out of you or they can damage your soul (usually progressively) until it loses its way but it is ALWAYS retrievable through faith in the one God. Please do not believe the myth about satan setting a price in some form of market and the fact that it is an irreversible process for the majority of the misguided.

  69. Why do you say that? Can you provide examples for your statement? Because, if that were the case, then, none of these stars would be in the trouble they are in. They would take advantage of the occult offerings then take it back

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