Lady Gaga’s Leaked Video “Do What U Want” featuring R. Kelly Glorifies Entertainment Industry Abuse



There are so many things that are wrong with Lady Gaga’s video Do What U Want that it boggles the mind. One can understand why the video was not released. On the other hand, why was it even shot? It was a horrible idea even before a single frame was captured on camera.

First, the song features R. Kelly. That’s all I need to say. For those who don’t know, he was accused of various offenses involving underage girls. In January, the Village Voice published a few articles describing R. Kelly’s “stomach-churning” assaults, refreshing the memories of “fans” who seem to have forgotten his crimes.

“Shot in the basement “playroom” of a house that Kelly owned in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood, the video depicts a man resembling Kelly and a girl the Sun-Times identified (but never named) as having been 14 or 15 at the time. She is ordered to call the man “daddy”; she follows his directions to strike various poses and to open wide as he urinates in her mouth, and she’s ordered to assume different positions as the two have sex. Four months later, the video resulted in the singer being indicted by the state of Illinois on 21 counts of making videos involving minors.

Kelly’s trial focused on narrow charges relating only to the video; he never was charged with statutory rape, despite dozens of civil lawsuits and out-of-court settlements with underage girls who claim they had sexual relationships with him that left them physically and emotionally damaged.”
– Village Voice, Why Are People Finally Paying Attention to R. Kelly’s Many Crimes?

Fast forward to today, R. Kelly sings “Do what I want, do what I want with your body” over and over again. Later in the song, he sings “You’re the Marilyn, I’m the president”. As stated in my series of articles on Marilyn Monroe, she was a Beta programmed sex slave at the service of John F. Kennedy.

In a bizarre performance at the AMA's R. Kelly played the role of the President while Gaga was Marilyn Monroe, a mind controlled slave.
In a bizarre performance at the AMA’s R. Kelly played the role of the President while Gaga was Marilyn Monroe, a mind controlled Beta slave.

To make things extra inappropriate, the video was directed by Terry Richardson, today’s most prominent celebrity photographer  who was accused by several models of using his position in the industry to abuse them. Terry Richardson is a favorite figure of the occult entertainment industry, and, like R. Kelly, he was never convicted for his felonies. Why? Because the industry is all about preying on people, manipulating them, controlling them, abusing them, feeding off this energy and transmitting it to the masses. Do What U Want is basically a celebration of the disgusting culture prevailing in the entertainment industry. Lady Gaga, as usual, plays the role of the controlled victim, glamorizing the horrors inflicted on them.

Terry Richardson even appears in the video, photographying Gaga getting off on headlines about her.
Terry Richardson appears in the video, photographing Gaga getting off on the headlines about her.

Knowing the backgrounds of everyone involved, the premise of the video is rather sordid. Here are leaked clips of it.

According to Page Six, R. Kelly plays the role of a predatory doctor who tells Gaga: “I’m putting you under, and when you wake up, you’re going to be pregnant.” R. Kelly is then seen reaching under Gaga’s hospital sheets as she moans. He is heard saying “sounds like that medicine’s starting to kick in”, before she passes out on the operating table. Kelly is basically drugging her in order to abuse her. That’s what is happening in the video. Then a bunch of nurses appear who take advantage of Gaga being sedated.

Gaga then asks Kelly if she’ll ever be able to walk again – a reference to her real-life hip injury. He answers: “Yes, if you let me do whatever I want with your body”.

Later in the video, vomit artist Millie Brown throws on her. Can’t make this stuff up.

In short, video of Do What U Want was never released but it was actually made – and everyone involved knew what it was about. If accusations against Richardson did not gain media attention in the past months, the video would have probably been released – and fed to young minds across the world. The video was nevertheless conveniently “leaked”, giving the song publicity through controversy and reaching the people it needed to reach.


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199 Comments on "Lady Gaga’s Leaked Video “Do What U Want” featuring R. Kelly Glorifies Entertainment Industry Abuse"

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I have no words. This is terrifying. What is worse is she did an interview on The Culture Show (BBC) where she said she had been abused since being in the music industry. The interviewer just ignored what she said and nobody picked it up as a story. Sounds like a pretty big story to me.

Not to mention, "Do What You Want" is essentially the 21st century version of "Do What Thou Wilt."

This is what the PTB in the "advanced Western democracies" are really about. This is what they value. This is what they practice.

Yet these same perverts presume to lecture the people of China and Russia about "human rights" and "political liberty?"

Give me a break!

My god this is getting ridiculously disgusting, how do they even think they can get away with this–
oh, right, they've been getting away with it for years and it's only getting worse. Guys, we need to fight this, even if it's just by spreading awareness.

I think there is a lot more behind the image of victim & sex slave. Being a woman myself, I know how manipulative and destructive some of their antics are. Witnessed first hand ….. personally – playing the victim (and I mean PLAYING the victim) is a manipulative tactic to ensnare the male (or other sex person if you want to be politically correct). By seeming to be giving up your power – you are enticing your victim to come in to your snare. Its a powerful game play – the mind control works both ways – the perpetrator is being perpetrated and visa versa …. which makes it even more destructive. Lady Gaga knows whats she is doing – so does R Kelly …. the real victims are the brain dead wannabees who cant see past the manipulation. They idolise these creeps – and the creeps rob them blind… Read more »
How about choosing not to listen to the music in the first place? That way, you do not risk becoming a "fan"(atic). Nor would you be adversely affected by the lyrics and subliminals. You would also be largely immune to being led into the offshoot luciferian industries and your children would be near enough oblivious to it all due to your unconscious/conscious rejection of all that it represents. However, the reason why most people cannot do this credibly is because moral lassitude creeps in as a result of sharing certain lifestyle compromises with the artists in question. The sexual act is never heinous between a consenting man and a woman who love one another and have made a commitment acknowledged by God. This video is simply an extreme representation of the permissiveness which is perfectly acceptable in our culture. The scariest aspect of this deliberately leaked video is that it… Read more »
Agreeing with you Apsara, with the exception that it is not just the modern youth culture that this mirrors–the older generations have gone down this road as well. Though the public at large is not necessarily making videos like this one (maybe some do) the generations that ought to have known better have started down the path. For example, some years ago I visited the church of a friend and they were rocking it out–so loud I wanted to walk out (but didn't want to offend my friend–but it hurt my ears). I stood near the back looking at the congregation and guess who was standing in front of me shaking the hips (like me and my friends did in bars when we were young trying to get guys' attention)–older people, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s–I thought why are these people moving around like they are in a club? we're… Read more »

I am with you on that one. I listen only Christian music once in awhile and not much even onto it.. Plenty of things to do besides it

You're absolutely right and anyone with any sense of propriety, morality, and even taste will not watch this type of "entertainment". That said, how do we prevent the impact from the millions of people who do watch this from affecting all of us. The attitudes of a country are greatly influenced in modern times by popular culture. We now have generations whose morality and the lack thereof are exactly that which has been determined to best serve the elites. We can choose to ignore this flood of evil into the media but we are definitely being impacted negatively by it and that is inescapable.

That's true that we are being impacted negatively, but there a number of ways that we can counteract the culture. Firstly, it's important to realise that this culture actually only represents an extreme minority. The majority of the people in the world still have a conscience, and don't actually wish bad upon their neighbour. Also, this is Western culture, specifically, North American, and youth culture. It also appeals to an uneducated demographic. We can face this minority culture by refusing to be silent about what is fed to us by a corrupt, diseased industry. We can write articles, like VC does. We can criticise it to our friends, family and acquaintances. The other side of counteracting it is to largely ignore it, as it doesn't deserve our attention. Don't listen to this type of music, don't watch anything like this on TV, and importantly, focus on GOOD art, GOOD music,… Read more »
lana del ray advertises for suicide, gaga advertises for r**e, cyrus, rihanna, beyonce and co advertise for prostitution. target audience is under 16. they are mainly for the girls. tarantino and "gangstarappers" promote the right values to the boys. i am glad today that i have no children. kids today are truly generation Z(ombie)- no wonder with idols like that. when i see all those zombies walk, holding a mobile screen infront of their eyes the whole time… thats why my highest respect goes to the few kids today who are AWARE of all this s**t (like readers of this site). it must be damn hard NOT to get brainwashed in this young age from school, media or any "adult authority". and i mean ALL the brainwashing, from dumbing down intellect, dumbing down moral and ethics to disinformation about history and politics then and now. its really hard to escape… Read more »
Thank you Austrian for your comment and awareness on what's going on with the youth and the "generation of degenerates" as Lana Del Rey perfectly puts it. I'm a teen, and you do not know how crazy and lonely I feel to know what's going on and seeing that others like me do not. You're totally right about adolescents walking around like zombies, on their Iphones. It's sad to say (but I truthfully feel this way) that my generation is one of the dumbest, clueless, and most easily manipulated people (but I'm not surprised, given how much research is funded to deceive us). It's crazy that we have all this amazing access to information to improve our lives like the internet, libraries, good news papers (not filled with propaganda like Seventeen, RedBox, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, basically all the ones put in stores shelves.) and all that I see teens doing… Read more »

They haven’t touched God’s love for you. Turn to the Good Book, the Bible. If you haven’t read it before, it sounds like you’re ready to discover a whole new you. Much love. I send this with the prayer that your not alone. Although I’m middle aged now, I could’ve wrote the very same words years ago. Have hope, stand firm, you are much stronger because you were born in a more trying time. Set your eyes to wide open. Best of luck.

when i think about it… i really have no idea how i would have reacted/evolved would i have been as young as u when i started to "wake up"… but i want to give u an advice (fatherly feelings coming up lol): approach all these conspiracies like a scientist. hold a distance and dont let it take over ur life. dont believe everything u read, no matter if mainstreamnewspaper or vigilant citizen site. but keep on reading both and compare everything. then make ur own conclusions. stay informed. dont use only one source to inform urself. the more info u get the harder it is to betray/manipulate u! but try to avoid radio and (american) tv series. (i never listen to radio so i have NEVER heard, for example, a justin bieber song. it would be like a spam file on my computer that i can never delete anymore… and… Read more »

A+++ comment here

That's disgusting. It seems that these days, anything can pass for art!

Wow. Utterly disgusted. How do we as a society recover from this?

That is disgusting and appalling. How these people get away with it is beyond me. I don't want to believe in all this illuminati control stuff but sadly it's starting to look like the only explanation. Pity the poor children, god bless them, and somebody save them. So tragic and sad

disgusting crap

Gaga and all the rest glamorize the story of Beta Kitten programming as a way to promote it to the target audience, females under 16. Because the theme is so repetitious, and around for over a decade, same story, different performer, it is propaganda. Submission is the message the elites have been streaming, pumping, delivering into gen Y and now the millennials. For what? Let me predict. As the economy tanks there will be a push to legalize prostitution, which is not a victim-less lifestyle. Boycott, pray, let others know.

Terry f*****g Richardson. If he weren't famous he'd be locked up by now.

T Richardson, Gaga, R. Kelly… trio of s**t. Go jump off a cliff.

Speaking of Presidential Beta Slaves, Katy Perry recently tweeted about trip to the White House to visit Joe Biden (WTF!?) and mentioned that Biden asked Katy to thank her grandmother for her pretty blue eyes….Just… YUCK!!!!!!

This is all terrible. This music and sex affiliated.I listen to a few songs on the radio but these types of music inspiring kids is not good. I hate this so much

One of the tabloids says she is addicted to dope. Dope is our war policy.

She is literally pleasuring herself on the tabloids.

The video from TMZ is 33 seconds long.

Inverted cross.

This might even imply she will OD soon, to add more romanticism to heroine abuse like so many we know. "Gaga is Over". This is no longer confined to the young and reckless, and Hoffman proved this wrong. Blurring the lines further. Freedom is not relinquishing identity and judgement. That is slavery.

I totally agree with what you say about freedom.
"Freedom is not relinquishing identity and judgement. That is slavery."
As for the rest, yeah ! This is what tabloïds say !
Knowing what they are worth, I do not read them, nor believe in what they say.
"She is addicted to dope." : This may be true but you have no proof.
This is just the gutter press saying it, no more.
What if she just wanted to create another buzz ? To what aim ?
No offense to you, but you need to go deeper than what the media, and especially tabloïds write.
It is a war policy and they want to shock you. Easy to guess why they are doing it, ….. starts with an M.
They are making fun of us, so be careful what you hear. This is her message. Peace.

It's Lady gaga… this could very well be a commentary on "the disgusting culture prevailing in the entertainment industry"

I totally agree about "the disgusting culture prevailing in the entertainment industry".
Except that she is criticizing it, …

I cannot believe how riled this has made me. She and the likes of her fraudulently (I hate fraud and misrepresentation) use the word "art" to market themselves, make it alright, and acceptable. Look up the webster meaning to the word "art". Overall, it is supposed to inspire (through beauty) for a better tomorrow. Such use as lyrics, music, concepts, and use of imaginary DO NOT.

She is an impostor and quack. A confidence trickster

Miss. So Esoterically Cool and In The Know Art Pop Princess. She is going to be in for a shock to know that the above and the below HATE HER.

What desperation. Desperate to express, desperate to be recognized, desperate to be known, desperate to be relevant, desperate to be cool, desperate, desperate, and desperate. People with this sort of desperate nature are a dime a dozen and are just SO EASY.

Vile beyond belief. Don't buy their crap, don't listen to it. Just run away from it.

And of course there is the miscegenation angle. Why is that not highlighted too? A blonde woman submitting to a negro – how culturally enriching.

criss de folle

I cannot believe the people in the video actually want to be there and get paid. I wouldn't do it for free!

She disgusts me. And to think that I used to be a crazy fan of hers and spent some hundreds on her concert tickets. My money could've been better spent rather than feeding to them Illuminati. So disgusted.

I totally agree with you. I thought she was really cool in the days of Just Dance. When I saw her perform that at the Miss USA pageant, I was like, who is this crazy chick?! She's definitely gonna blow up. I think the last greatest thing she ever did was Bad Romance and then she just tanked. Must be hard to try and keep up with outdoing yourself. Sorry about the moolah you spent on her shows. I don't blame ya for the regret.

Sad and destructive.

The whole music industry needs to be put in a burlap bag and thrown in the pond.

Gaga exists to denounce the evil side of the glamourous world of fashion and music, she turns everything people desire and show it's true ugly face to the masses. It's just a matter of thinking, ARTPOP has been all about it. Applause, Do What You Want and G.U.Y. are all about destroying the current music business. Stop being alienated, people!!

Oh dear, well I think the song is quite accurate in that most people would give up their bodies for a 'better life'.

do what you want a.k.a do thou wilt

Please check out this article from one of Richardson's models and her experience being photographed by him. She says she couldn't remember some parts of the photoshoot! What do they do to these people drug them? Hypnotize them??

But, but Terry Richardson was recently interviewed for New York Magazine as the cover story and he says he never made anyone do anything they didn't want to!! Yeah RIGHT!

The description of "Uncle Terry"'s childhood in that NY Mag article is disturbing and very sad (although not an excuse for his behavior). He too has suffered trauma-based mind control at the hands of indulgent, Saturnian, "bohemian elite" parents. Instead of serious self-examination (a source for real art), Terry instead turned his studio into a depravity factory, a junkie bum machine, so he would never be alone. Interesting that Anjelica Huston played an indifferent role as adultress with Terry's creep dad as young Terry was sobbing and confused in the next room. What woman would be so indifferent to the emotional state of a young child so close at hand? I'm getting weird vibes off that broad. I suspect that people this broken, destructive and phony attract evil spirits. I can't believe I am considering this possibility as a few years ago I would have laughed at the proposition –… Read more »

Low … That's the word of focus here. These folk have no soul to participate and carry out an agenda that goes against the natural human spirit! One must be filled with demons to be so blatant and to sit in our faces enjoying their disgusting lifestyles!! There's defiantly a war out for the human soul and if u feed your mind and spirit with this trash you will then open yourself up to invite similar spirits to control your life!! Guard your mind body and soul … It's priceless but many sell it very CHEAP!

My escape from spiritual prison was and is a miracle. Whether I am believed or not does not change the facts of my background or the reality of my spiritual liberation. Because I was always full of Christ's unconditional love, even in the darkest corners of spiritual treachery, I was sparred over and over again. Those who dwell in the darkness who would other wise feel need to do me harm have let me walk away knowing that I will never whistle blow or name names. Quite frankly its not in my morals. It is my desire to be Christ like that has given cause for evil doers to trust my character. Profound isn't it? I met good and bad people in the various "orders" and unwittingly brought Christ's light into dark places and it was tolerated because I was immeasurably kind, sexy, funny, beautiful and exceedlingly intelligent and widely… Read more »

You don't sound like a Beta tbh. Just the local human bicycle as you would find in every community; part of the promiscuous teen contingent. You did not have to prostitute yourself like that in the first place; regardless of the strength of your faith.

I am 42 years old and went into bondage at the age of 32 upon leaving a psych ward. I was born into a well known sorcery lineage. Prior to the age of 32, I worked in youth ministry and as a music promoter. I became disenchanted with the "Church" and in my pain and confusion I was decieved very cleverly into the prevailing occult. I can only pray that nothing like that ever happens to you or your loved ones. I was a virgin until the age of 19. Keep clinging to your judgments and completely unfounded statements if it makes you more comfortable. Unless you have been brainwashed into beta behavior and come under the control of the occult you cannot know the terror. I did not have an ordinary life and your envy of such is transparent and very telling. Whether I am believed is not relevent,… Read more »
You know that in the mainstream world as well as the occult world, no man would do that you without some form of consent. You must have consented; it may have been because your judgement was clouded by a sickness of some description. I know little of your predicament. I always believe in upholding the sanctity of marriage throughout my life; I even believed in it despite suffering various forms of severe torture at the hands of my first husband who should have been protecting us. This time round, things are different because I am now in love with the most amazing man on the planet who understands everything about my past and present like the back of his hand. He is beautiful and fiercely intelligent and I have complete faith in his ability to determine the trajectory of our life. Is there anything left to say other than that?… Read more »

"….Perhaps I should focus on fulfilling the purpose of my life and faith instead of all of this?"
I reckon he would like that a lot, honey. Leave these internet debates to the kids. Just do it.

Right, namechanged. I apologize for hurting your feelings, I could have worded that more sympathetically. I also come from a similar lineage although I have now converted to a monotheistic religion which makes me very happy. I am not envious or ignorant, please do not make false assumptions either.

why did you put orders into quotation marks? If – IF – Illuminati people were courting you, that doesn't mean that some children aren't illuminati slaves. You guys have really shown your true colors with this posting that you are a part of various orders.

There is more to it the occult agenda than one grand plan by the ruling class. The ruling class are business people, straight up. They don't want to breed or convene with us. Who then points fingers at the big bad "Illuminati" smokescreen? I call it getting FOX MULDER'D….remember how he was on an unrelenting convoluted goose chase? We are simply commoners and a work force to the elite, they keep within their own. They sip cognac and watch romantic comedies on Friday nights. Pretty boring folks. Satan is the ruling big bad wolf and thinks all this "Illuminati" stuff is funny. Convince people of one grand"terrorist" while committing endless crimes against humanity behind the smoke screen. Satan is the "Illuminati", all that is truly wicked on this planet. Child sex slavery and p********a are far from exclusive to one group on this planet. Plenty of corrupt parents pander their… Read more »

I was thinking about the concept that this video was "LEAKED." This video was leaked on purpose! They realized after the video was made that legal action could be taken against them for indecent exposure. So they pretended that they pulled the video off the market to protect themselves, and then caused it to "LEAK" into the public so that they would not be held responsible. Low class. What a publicity stunt!!!!! And they think we are so dumb that we can't see through it. Hello. This is not music, but disgusting p*********y in disguise.

I can only share my personal experiences and hope that it reaches just the very souls who are clouded with doubt, confusion and pain about our true spiritual reality. I have been under unrelenting spiritual attack from the darkness ever since I learned the truth…that Satan was in control of my life and he was the one destroying me with sex slavery and occult brainwashing. Despite the hardships that he has thrown at me leaving the occult , I now know better and I would rather walk a difficult yet peaceful path to eternal life with Christ then the frightening, empty, hedonistic, lifeless path with Satan. LEWDY BLAH-GA loves deficating on Christ because she knows He is real and that her "FAME" is not. Dont feel bad for these pawns. They know exactly the deals with the devil they made for their fame. Do not be fooled…no one is being… Read more »

All these things really were to become powerless for those of us well-meaning and educated. If you have a well enough made mind and not a feeble one,it won't get shrouded and ridden by all this filth. Remember that it is Satan who sin, Satan did practically nothing, is not the one who sin, is the humans as a whole who incarnate his desire and passions, his will.
This world would be free of Satan and his power if the people, the "corruptees" who handle the job for him, quitted doing that. The bottomline:
Hold yourself responsible.

"Hold yourself responsible"
I agree that human nature is doublefold : there is a part of good and evil in all of us.
Therefore all of us are sinners.
As for the rest, it is so easy for those in power to take advantage of people who know nothing about politics that I refuse to put everyone on the same level.
Especially when the people in question are kids or teenagers who have identity troubles for example, or who are more vulnerable quite simply.
So yes, everyone is responsible to be perfectly honest, (to listen to their bullshit to sum up), but not on the same level, far from it.
So it surely would make everyone less guilty if the people who can make the decisions and change things acted in a less selfish way, wouldn't it hiddenPlace ?

Thank you Victoria for sharing your story. I too have seen a glimpse of the dark side and its very, very real.

Thank you so much twilo…I was shaking when I wrote my comments, just as I am now…learning who I had been programmed to be and what I was truly part of sent me into 3 years of psychosis and hiding…I can hide no more spiritually, my healing and faith forces me to share the truth. Pray for me as I will for you dear one. Thank you again. Peace be with you.

My name is Victoria. I am a recovering Beta kitten and recovering occult priestess, not an ILLUMINATI slave. Illuminati is just a word. And minimizes the infinite variety of evil doing on this planet…. It was discovering this site 3 years ago while researching my ideas about an occult agenda in the entertainment industry that eventually brought me out of my spiritual slavery and confirmed the existance of Satan and his evil agenda against humanity. Which confirmed for me also the existance of Christ, Thank God!!!!!…. Certain parties were born to serve Satan while others like myself were born to tango with and then expose the mother f*cker for his hate and murder of spirit. Do not feel sad for this pawn of Satan or any other ILLUMINATI pop icon. They know exactly what they are doing and enjoy blasphemy and CHRIST HATING. If Christ is a fraud, how come… Read more »

Good Point Victoria, "If Christ is a fraud, how come the darkness spends SO MUCH time and energy trying to discredit Him????" Very well said. Who he is most desperate to convince–us or himself is a question. I suppose it is better not to ask. There will be an accounting to God so very soon and all the lying in the world will not delay or abate it.

Thank you for having eyes to see and ears to hear Doodles. Peace be with you dear one. I'm glad the day of accounting near approaches. I'm so tired and so ready for Christ's return. God Bless. I greatly appreciate your response.

This is utter trash, once again. It almost seems like she's saying the "industry" is drugging/raping her — yet she is a willing partner to it…or paying whatever the price is for the fame. (Stripped of dignity, etc.)
I believe they on purpose didn't release and then "oops, it leaked" to gain even more attention to it. Hey, it works. It's got us all talking about it, right?

We would have talked about it if they had released this song when they tried to make it a hit. Can't help but wonder if they saw the writing on the radio playlists and decided to delay it to maximize exposure.

maybe their souls need this kind of pleasure and lifestyle. if it makes them happy. they might find it boring to be in heaven and praise God. that's all coming from a wise, Saintly man, not me, although i can see his point of view. maybe ladygaga and co are satisfied living like that. at the end of the day it's their prerogative, isn't it. it gets bad when they impose their lifestyle on others, for instance when they murder innocent people because of their faith and so on.

Revolting! R Kelly & Lady Gag deserve each other….in Hell!

where can we watch the full video at?

"Do what you want" sounds like satanist Alister Crowley saying "Do what thou wilt." Just when I thought things had gotten so disgusting (Miley Cyrus) that nothing worse was possible, they come up with this. Is this art? I think not. Looks like a p**n video to me. I am very disappointed with Lady Gaga. She has musical talent, but has thrown it all in the trash. This is filth for shock value.

my theory on gaga.. she was raised in an occult privy environment, she understood hollywood at a young age and she broke into hollywood by publicly demonstrating her willingness to be 'adopted' by the predators.. her parents took her to perform in bars as a child, i believe she was taught how to approach the industry by her parents. it's not uncommon, parents who are occult privy will teach their children how to approach the industry. i met a dude who grew up in LA, his dad was some kind of child pornographer. this guy was raised to be an actor or musician, as were his siblings, and they were taught to pimp themselves out to higher occult peoples. the sad thing is, heaps and heaps of people are born into the exact same scenario. heaps of young actors/musicians are actors/musicians because they were taught to be and they pimp… Read more »
I don't know which of these miscreants I despise the most, but the people who are in denial about their destructive influence are equally culpable. One thing these three creeps have done is to shed light on the ugliness behind all the glitter and glam of show biz. I don't even need to see the video to be sickened, because just reading how R. Kelly has ruined so many young lives of underage girls is more than enough. So are Terry Richardson's perverted overtures toward models and women who want to succeed in the entertainment field. As for Lady Gaga, she thrives on any kind of attention, no matter how distasteful it is. She claims to be so ethical, but her actions prove otherwise. With her decision to align herself with these predatory creeps, she has forfeited any claim to be about taking the high road.

Lame. Another female celebrity used as a sex slave. Nothing new here.

i feel so dirty after watching that clip…there is no end to this,is there?

Are these people insane! This is so wrong in so many ways!!! AND THAT CREEP AND MOLESTER SHOULD HAVE BEN IN JAIL!! What's wrong with this world?!

I was just checking the comments to see if anyone remembered him marrying Aaliyah when she was just fourteen. R Kelly has always been a pig. What gets me is that schools still play his song "I Believe I Can Fly" at graduations. – ALL THE TIME! This world in general is gross. Lady Gaga is especially gross for playing up her victimization, like it is somehow glorious and fun.

He never married Aaliyah. They were dating. But yeah it was wrong either way.

Didn't Aaliyah die in a plane crash after filming the vampire movie?

Yes she did .. the movie was called "Queen of the Damned ".

She's such a queen, slaying your lives in just 39 seconds.

Nah, just churning out more junk in 39 seconds or however long this thing is. Was that how long the video snippet was or the actual video? Anyway, too long and the word queen seems like it has the opposite meaning of nobility nowadays.

Of course, it would have to be 39 seconds long, 3 * 6(which is ( upside down). It is getting very predictable indeed despite her claims to be super original.

THIS message here is the reason why VC should add a dislike button.

Why are there some people who are still abusing children? Don't these people know that they were once children themselves as well? And this "Do What You Want" is obviously promoting Aleister Crowley's "Do What Thou Wilt" egocentric philosophy of fulfilling desires, no matter right or wrong.

Narrated Abu Masud Al-Ansari (ra): The Prophet (pbuh) said "One of the admonitions of the previous prophets which has been conveyed to people is that if you have no modesty, you can do whatever you like." [Al Bukhari]

The child abusers were abused themselves, the ones who go on to be abusers have become psychopaths. None of what we are seeing is based in saneness

After years of knowing about this stuff I should be used to their bs by now…but it's so disturbing that you will never be used to it!!