Lana Del Rey Says She Wants to Join the 27 Club


In an interview with The Guardian, Lana Del Rey said: “I wish I was dead already”, citing Amy Winehouse and Kurt Cobain as heroes. Both of them died at age 27. While this worrying statement might be a sick way to gain publicity and consolidate her “dark and edgy” aura, it is also representative of what the “Lana Del Rey persona” is about : Sex Kitten Programming.

After a failed attempt to launch a musical career as Lizzie Grant, the singer underwent a “re-tooling” period where she got a new name, a new persona and a rumored plastic surgery to then re-emerge as Lana Del Rey. She then signed with Interscope Records – home of countless other Mind Control-themed artists. Her second album Born to Die was received with great enthusiasm by her fans and heavy criticism by her detractors who claim she is “fake”.

Going beyond the “real or fake” debate, a common thread found across her work is MK Ultra and Beta Programming (to know more about this, read this article).

In the video National Anthem, Lana plays the role of Marilyn Monroe singing Happy Birthday to JFK. As noted in several previous articles, Marilyn Monroe is the prototype of Beta Programming and served as JFK's slave for several years.
In the video National Anthem, Lana reenacts Marilyn Monroe singing Happy Birthday to JFK. As noted in several previous articles, Marilyn Monroe is the prototype of Beta Programming and served as JFK’s slave for several years.
In the video Ride, Lana finds "happiness" by getting intimate with a bunch of strangers who do not seem to care too much about her. While the video was accused of glamorizing prostitution, it also describes the strange mental state of a Beta Kitten.
In the video Ride, Lana finds “happiness” by getting following a bunch of strangers who do not seem to care too much about her. While the video was accused of glamorizing prostitution, it also describes the strange mental state of a Beta Kitten.
In the short movie Tropico, Lana's father is John Wayne, her mother is Marilyn Monroe and her best friend is Jesus Christ. She then bites the apple of original sin (which might refer to initiation into MK Ultra) and turns into a stripper/prostitute/ Beta Kitten.
In the short movie Tropico, Lana’s father is Elvis, her mother is Marilyn Monroe (Beta Slaves are obsessed with Monroe) and her best friend is Jesus Christ. As Eve, she  bites the apple of original sin (which might refer to introduction into MK Ultra) and turns into a stripper/prostitute/ Beta Kitten.

Her third album is entitled Ultraviolence, which is a reference to Stanley Kubrick’s classic movie A Clockwork Orange. In the movie, ultra-violence refers to the Alex DeLarge’s favorite pastime: Getting intoxicated, sadistically beating up innocent people and raping women. Alex is “cured” by the Minister of the Interior with “aversion therapy” which include mind control techniques such as drugging the subject, strapping him to a chair, propping his eyelids open, and forcing him to watch images of violence. Was  “ultra” in the word “ultra-violence” a way for Kubrick to reference MK-Ultra?

The subject matter in her new album is a continuation of her Beta Slave persona. For example, in the title track Ultraviolence, Lana sings “you’re my cult leader” to her abuser; In the song F-cked My Way Up to the Top, Lana prettymuch describes what entertainment industry Kittens are about.

Lana’s recent interview with The Guardian is also in line with her Beta Slave persona.

Joining Club 27?

From the article:

“I wish I was dead already,” Lana Del Rey says, catching me off guard. She has been talking about the heroes she and her boyfriend share – Amy Winehouse and Kurt Cobain among them – when I point out that what links them is death and ask if she sees an early death as glamorous. “I don’t know. Ummm, yeah.” And then the death wish.

Don’t say that, I say instinctively.

“But I do.”

You don’t!

“I do! I don’t want to have to keep doing this. But I am.”

Do what? Make music?

“Everything. That’s just how I feel. If it wasn’t that way, then I wouldn’t say it. I would be scared if I knew [death] was coming, but …”

In my article entitled, Amy Winehouse and Club 27 I explained how Amy Winehouse’s death was extremely suspicious and how the Club 27 phenomenon is accentuated because many industry victims get “shut down” at around the age of 30. The fact that Lana Del Rey sees “glamor” in this almost makes one wonder if she was programmed to believe that.

Later in the interview, Lana is rather negative about her life and her musical career, as if she was forced into a bunch of things.

“Family members will come on the road with me and say: ‘Wow, your life is just like a movie! And I’m like: ‘Yeah, a really f-cked-up movie.’ I didn’t have a home, didn’t know my social security number” and says she wasn’t in contact with her parents for about six years.

About her music business career, she states:

“I never felt any of the enjoyment. It was all bad, all of it.”

While it is possible that Lana is truly depressed, interviews that appear when a new album is released are often very well orchestrated. Whether or not the interview was a promotional stunt to get people talking about how edgy she is, it is nevertheless a continuation of the Beta Kitten persona associated with Lana Del Rey along with the glamorization of self-destructive behavior often found in her works.



  1. Many people dont know this girl tried MANY times to get intothe industry! Have you heard her in concert or live? shes the worst! She is exactly the kind of industry s**t “they” need, someone desperate for fame and immortality!

  2. You know, one year ago I just loved all Lana's songs and could listen them every day. But sometimes later I started to notice that when I listened to her songs strange and bad things happened to me. Like her songs were programmed for something dark and mysterious. At that time I didn't even think about illuminati and etc., but this was real. It was my intuition, something from the inside told me to stop. I think all of these illuminati sponsored songs are somehow programmed for destruction and degradation. They don't have soul. They encourage you to lose your soul.

  3. With so many celebrities that seem to go thru this kind of mind programming, do these celebrities ever do googles? Or they are just so isolated and controlled, they do not get exposed to this information? The more i read about Mk Ultra, the more explains so many of the behaviors of child celebrities. I do believe it's a legit, sub-culture within the entertainment industry.

  4. Just gonna point out that Anthony Burgess wrote A Clockwork Orange, and he coined the term ultraviolence… and all the reprogramming s**t that happens in the film is as described in the book. J/S

  5. I've always been trying to avoid this stuff because I want to be an actress but this site really scares but I can't look away. I'm 14 and all my friends were obsessed with her and when one of my friends showed me Summertime Sadness (I think) there was something really off about her, like her stares looked somewhat blank and everything she did seemed forced.

  6. She has admitted in an interview published today that she is effectively a Beta Kitten and the lyrics of that song reflected her own experience of being passed around the industry.

  7. Probably why most MK victims never even reach the age of 30 but quite sad that Lana feels that way. All the more reason to say that the entertainment industry is nothing more than a death warrant placed on your own head courtesy of MK ultra and other "illuminating" matters.

  8. I think that this is a cry for help. We don't and probably will never truly understand what really goes on in the industry. We are looking in from the outside. I look at some of these artists and feel bad because it's like, yeah some of them probably did know what they were doing. Well, there were things we did in our life where we knew what we were doing but we got a second chance and I feel like they should too. It's really sad what the industry does to these people.

    • Have you considered that they may not want second chances. One of our friends was in a well known punk band and he is now receiving chemo for cancer. However, no repentance is forthcoming even though it has knocked him for six. He blamed 'God' for his woes early on and blames 'God' for his current illness. However, he hails and praises Lucifer. I have seen him do this from his hospital band on the Solstice which is when I realized that they very much wish to live and die by that sword. So, maybe, we should leave them to it for their hearts are too diseased to allow in the true light?

  9. These people better live all they can in this life, because if this is true then their eternal life will be absolutlly terrible. They have to know what they are doing when they want all the fame money etc, is it worth it in the end?

  10. Lana didn't actually say that. Apparently the media twisted what she said. She posted a rant about it on her twitter. I agree with the rest of the analysis, but the actual statement she "said" isn't true.

  11. Hmmm….well, I'll switch lives with you, sugar bug, if your life is so bad. You can come to my job and be bored out of your mind and treated like crap by people who are about 20 IQ points less intelligent than you are, then go home to drudgery and I will live a glamorous life with a handsome boyfriend, lots of money, beautiful clothing and getting to do just what I love to do – sing and make music. Somehow, I really do not feel too sorry for poor old Lana.

  12. F**ked her way to the top? Hmm I heard her billionaire daddy moved heaven and earth several times so little princess could be a pop star. I wouldn't care so much if it weren't for the continuous lies about she was just some kid in her bedroom who became an 'internet sensation' albeit one with a huge team of corporate insiders and several failed launches. NEXT!

  13. Good article, as always.

    In a follow up article from the guardian it appears Lana is not too happy about the interview
    In tweets posted on Thursday night, since deleted, the singer said: “I regret trusting the Guardian. I didn't want to do an interview but the journalist was persistent. Alexis (sic) was masked as a fan but was hiding sinister ambitions and angles. Maybe he's actually the boring one looking for something interesting to write about. His leading questions about death and persona were calculated.”

  14. Yeh, when I was a dumb 21 I thought I wanted to die at 27 like Jim Morrison. When I got to 27, I had different ideas about that.

  15. I think people like Lana Del Rey needs to focus on her career and if she was to get with people like Lady Gaga and make some music with other talents maybe then she would come to a place where she would not be wallowing in her own self pity. The self pity is what got to Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, Jim Morrison, Marilyn Monroe, Drugs and alcohol is not for strong talented people, but it is for people who are weak and people that no one should even be admired. Drugs and alcohol ruins peoples lives. I am not a fan of Lady Gaga, but I do not see her feeling sorry for herself. I see her using her celebrity and talent to help other talented people and promoting her music. I do not follow people who were part of the 27 club and I think it is a pathetic club to be a part of and society should not be promoting it, especially if all it truly promotes is death and that just gives the undertaker a paycheck. I dont' see people such as Taylor Swift, or Katy Perry doing or promoting those kinds of ideas in their songs, I think she needs to rethink her career and go into a more positvie direction and try to influence people for the good and not the bad11

    • An increasing number of people do around us and it is celebrated in the enter-tainment industries and among bisexual people generally. It is one of the signs of the end times that androgyny will become widespread.

  16. I submit the translation of Lana Del Rey is "Child of the King".

    Whereas ordinarily the translations of "Lana" and "Rey" should be limited to one language Spanish, where Lana would be translated "Wool" and Rey would be translated "King", these rules simply do not apply here. This name Lana Del Rey is completely manufactured from her Hollywood PR team as her name is in reality Elizabeth Grant as Vigilant Citizen has documented in this article.

    So when researching the word Lana's translation my first return results included Irish definition of Lana translating "Child" and Gaelic definition of Lana translating "Child". Seeing as how "Wool of the King" seemingly suffers from discontinuity, I vote in favor of "Child of the King"

    As "Elvis is my Daddy, Marilyn's my Mother, Jesus is my bestest Friend"

    These lyrics are brought to you by her songwriting team, and her name "Lana Del Rey" is also brought to you by this same songwriting team…….

    In addition the Project Monarch teams responsible for naming her this way in her newest package as Lana Del Rey, also were responsible for the success of Elvis and Marilyn Monroe, in fact these two were their most adored Sweethearts.

    Lana Del Rey = Child of The King

  17. Creative artists are often deeply troubled. That is no accident. Their wounds are often the very stimulus responsible for their enormous creativity. Their creative output is part of their struggle to make sense of their suffering.

    That is not a problem if their wounds were the result of the random and natural vicissitudes of life. Life can be hard. Hardship can often be the psychological wellspring of great art. The suffering may be regrettable, but there is no blame attached if the suffering was the result of natural circumstances.

    MK Ultra style abuse is a different matter altogether. If an artist was deliberately abused in order to exploit her or him for another person's monetary greed or sadistic pleasure, that is an abomination and totally unacceptable.

    • also the representation of that suffering becomes trite since they're all experiencing the same thing and programmed to include the same occult themes. also the person, the seemingly interesting or glamorous character, becomes vain, if not vacuous, only filled with momentum.

  18. Lana del Rey is crying out for help yet no one is listening to her. She has Kitten programming written all over her. Plus she reads many occult writers such as Eliphas Levi. Even her "Lizzy Grant"videos are full of occult symbols and perverse sexual images. I would think people would know she sings about perverse sexual fantasies, occult rituals, depression, MK-Ultra experiments, and other dark things. But I do have to admire the fact she is warning people about her true nature yet they are too naive to see it. If you do not believe me, than check out her videos for "Lolita" and "Put me in the movies"

  19. Yeah the thing is there is not a publicist in the world that would let her interview on such a subject unless it was to further her fame as a tortured artist … Maybe she is but you can bet it's for financial gain from whomever is handling her. Every move is controlled as well as the interviews

  20. Interscope is a cover for drug sales and yes, Saturnian/Luciferian agendas (hence all the dead-eyed sex zombies and snotty, designer brand-consuming narcissists). They use the tour dates for some artists as sales locations. Create a scene, collect the kids and sell. Suppliers follow tour buses independently or hide the stuff in tour cargo. A staff member at Interscope, an A&R rep, was busted for this racket in the past couple years, using Interscope offices as a base. News reports, of which there were very few, made it appear he acted independently. The point is, music sales are diving, Interscope hardly has an interest in fresh, creative new voices – so where's the revenue generator?

    Here's the Smoking Gun article:

    • Well that's the whole thing, isn't it? The entertainment industry is really just a cover for drug running, prostitution and ritual magic on the populace. not at all what it claims to be..

  21. It appears IU wants to join that club as well.

    She recently mentioned purchasing the LP record of Amy Winehouse at London; she went all the way to there to buy Amy's LP vinyl record, and it appears she wants to share Amy's fate as well.

    The photos of IU covering one of her eyes are legion.

  22. okay, let me try this again 'cause some of my stuff is disappearing or not showing up while others immediately post (sorry, I'm new here and don't know how it works) : I think it's important to point out that she was troubled as a teen, an alcoholic, she spent time in a cult at some point in her life (she mentioned in an interview that that is what the song "Ultraviolence" is about), and find it odd that her father insists that nobody has anything to worry about after his daughter proclaims to the world that she wants to die! This may be evidence of MK-Ultra, as he is a millionaire. I've met her once and a friend opened up for her on a few tour dates and from my observations first and second hand along with her past, her statement definitely seems like something to take seriously and not a gimmick.

  23. Quick observation: Knowing that the MK-Ultra types use Alice in Wonderland as a one of the blueprints for victimization, is it possible that the name Interscope is a tongue in cheek reference to Through The Looking Glass?

  24. My comment didn't show up yet, but I have to add a little sidenote about a concert experience, her fans being typically aggressive, vicious teenage girls who practically bow down to her, clawing and digging their heels into the audience in competition to get close to her. I think that's more evidence of MK-Ultra than what I've previously said…her image projected onto fans! It doesn't seem to affect the morose and almost oblivious state she's in onstage; she probably feels this way in part because while she wants to be appreciated, she doesn't want quite the reaction she's getting.

    I don't claim to actually *know* her, but even by vague connection, I feel bad for her. 🙁

    • I agree. the fans were ridiculous. ALL of them had those ridiculous flower crowns and high waisted shorts on!
      Worst of all, a lot of these fans had their parents with them!

  25. Im not surprised by her interview but sad. If mk ultra and beta programming is nothing but endless abuse and torture then yes its understandable that she wants to end her life what better way to make the pain go away. However it could also be torture to deny her the death she wants and shes under contract so its not gonna be easy to leave this entertainment industry.

  26. I don't think it's a stunt. she seems very depressed and has anxiety. you can tell from her performances. I hope she gets better.

  27. For example, my father's uncle was involved in something called 'Artichoke' which we as children, always found highly amusing when his stories were recounted to us. Unfortunately, I never got to meet him in the flesh as my father never approved of most of his relations for various reasons.

    • Is it? I've never read Honey For the Bears, and have never heard it described as relating to CIA mind-control experiments. Maybe I'll give it a shot. That said, the 'Ultra' connection remains a very tenuous one. "A bit of the old ultraviolence" was the character's description of r**e, and if a connection was being drawn with the word, he'd far more likely have used it in relation to the process the 'protagonist' is subjected too after being institutionalized.

      • I agree. I honestly don't see the threads these morons keep picking at – ultra being the only link between Clockwork and the CIA. I am astounded at how much power these people are willing to assign to government boogeymen that were referenced in the most recent 'outsider opinion' they heard.
        Who told them this?
        Another theorist? How cyclic.
        Where is the evidence?
        How are none of these idiots aware of empiric logic?
        I digress, the important thing is they aren't.

  28. "Was “ultra” in the word “ultra-violence” a way for Kubrick to reference MK-Ultra?"
    Absolutely not. A Clockwork Orange was a novel before it was a film, and the language used in the film is taken directly from the novel. A Clockwork Orange was written in 1962, and while MK-Ultra was in full swing during this period, it wasn't a matter of public knowledge until the mid 70's, and it's author Anthony Burgess was not in a position to have any real contact with the program, having been abroad teaching languages at the time. If anything inspired 'A Clockwork Orange' beyond his own feelings about communism, capitalism, and the authoritarian 'nanny-state', it was the beating and r**e of his pregnant wife by several young American deserters during the London blackouts of WWII.

    • Don't be so sure that Burgess wasn't an intelligence asset. There have been other writers who were assets including J.D. Salinger, natch

    • "wasn't a matter of public knowledge until the mid 70's"
      Kubrick seemed to know much more than the general public…

  29. okay, somewhat of a sidenote
    So I saw her in concert in May (I don't think she performs so much in the US)
    And I (and several other people in the crowd) could swear that she was seriously drugged/high/drunk. She could barely get through her songs. After every song she went to the crowd and took selfies (which is cool, i guess). In a 90 minute set, she probably did like 10 songs while Foster the People played almost 20 songs

    Honestly, I was convinced she wasn't a real (physical) person up until that day.
    I don't really have a point, just sharing my Lana story

    • I can not recall hearing her sing, only trying out voices, a lot in a Julie London style, but that one could hold a note.
      Might be one the the few hard ones she mentioned : the incredible insecurity of knowing you cannot sing that well, and step on that stage, hoping the band will play loud again.

      • the band was SO loud. the pianist even began singing (talking/rapping idk) some parts of her songs.
        I know she has terrible stage presence, so I can forgive that i guess but i'm so glad she wasn't the only performer

    • that's what everyone is saying! I was at one of her shows and pretty close up for the opening act but I had to squeeze myself to the back after he was done 'cause I couldn't deal with her aggressive fans! – so i wasn't able to see that, aside from photos in reviews, but even there it's visible that something's not right!

  30. I love her music, this makes me so sad 🙁 I also love Amy and Kurt, and I love Janis Joplin as well. I would hate to see Lana go the way they did.

  31. A lot of people who say "just quit being famous, retire and go to the midwest", well I thought that too. But the amount of money that is involved with promoting and marketing these entertainers, I don't think they have a choice. It's like a mob or gang mentality. In my teens, there was a popular boy at my school. He was involved in a gang. He wanted to quit the gang and move. And they knew this. So they killed him. He left a note saying goodbye to his family and friends. His picture was in the paper after it happened. So maybe this is Lana's "note" to her fans. Knowing that she can never quit the industry. At least not in the conventional sense.

  32. Was curious about "lizzy grant" so i looked up some pix…I'm surprise she was so blonde then & was made-over brunette/red haired as LDR. Isn't going blonde usually part of the "transformation"?
    Anyway, also found this @
    "Before Lana Del Rey was Lana Del Rey, she was Lizzy Grant. But before she was Lizzy Grant, she was May Jailer. No matter how many names she gives herself and her collections of demos that continue to find their way onto the tumblr, I am obsessed with Elizabeth Coolidge Grant. Like many listeners, I saw the video for Video Games and was entranced by this neo-femme fatale. I found her Lizzy Grant album (Lizzy Grant a.k.a. Lana Del Ray–with an a, not e) and loved the whole vibe and concept. She was like a David Lynch heroine roaming through Coney Island hell. Then this album leaked. I feel like it is a great document of a developing artist. It’s just her sad, somber voice against a few guitar chords, singing about two of her favorite themes love and loss. Much of the album sounds like Pieces of Me-era Jewel, which is very different from her new ride-or-die persona. A soft, lovely album that shouldn’t be overlooked."
    Idk if it was noted before, but seems she's had a few personas.

  33. Whether she is a slave to actual handlers or a slave to greed and the ache to be famous and loved, she is a slave just the same. It is hard to break the bonds of our human nature. We are all cursed with the inherent desire to be adored. But it is an impossible void to fill, because there will always be those who hate you. I do not know if she was literally tortured and turned into an MK Ultra slave. I know for a fact that it is not unlikely. But either way, she is not free. Only God can fill the void, brothers and sisters. A life without Him will always be cold and empty.

    May He be with her.

  34. I really think LDR was abused by her father and then systematically used and manipulated by multiple handlers, Some of her songs are very creepy and sexualizing a father or 'daddy' character. Listen to "Put me in a movie", it's very seedy.
    I know the part of the interview was edited but the way these celebrities talk is so disjointed and they have no thought of their own after the programming and scripts.

    I saw the Jenner girls on Jimmy Fallon and he was making jokes to them and it was like they didn't even understand what he was saying, it's sad actually.

    These female celebrities are so infantile and vapid and it's sad that no one else sees it and still pretends like they're real people that could just 'shut off' their personas and adapt to real life again.

  35. Her videos are so weird….they try to make them look very beautiful but their messages are f****d and her plastic surgery face scares me. I am sorry for her… she's completely messed up and lost. Sad that some young girls will try to be like her and not know any better. Illuminati puppets 😛

  36. Anyone else find the lyrics to Video Game by Lana del Rey redolent of child sexual abuse?

    "Swinging in the backyard Pull up in your fast car Whistling my name Open up a beer And you say, "Get over her and play your video games…" Just Wow!!

  37. Sorry Lana, but you have to have talent to join that club as well. Plagiarizing great artists does not make you a great artist by association.

  38. "Elvis is my Father, Marilyn's my Mother"
    The bizarre thing is that I wouldn't even be surprised if she was somehow created from splicing Marilyn Monroe and Elvis's preserved DNA together….. completely possible when considering the warped minds of Project Monarch eugenicists and the unlimited black ops resources they have at their fingertips. Then factor in how Marilyn and Elvis are two of their most prized and foundational creations well then….

    • Possibly but I just don't think that their offspring would look anything like Lana. She has a different category of body shape and underlying colorings.

  39. Oh boy….she prefers death than life…that's not good at all…
    She probably doesn't have fun at all in her life…

  40. she is just a big gimmick. nothing about her is real. she is just a promotional, molded gimmick. is she allowed to be a human? what is her personality? i dont think she even knows?

  41. welp they get more and more bold with darkness as time passes by. It could be programming or her duty as a cult member to program others. Either way it sucks!

  42. I just read another article from the New York Times where she again says she just wants to die and wants it all to be over. She actually posted this article from her Facebook as well.

  43. Upbringing is really not that important in terms of shaping the adult you choose to become if you are an awake individual. I think that psychologists have collectively manipulated the last generation into believing that if anything remotely unpleasant happened in your childhood then you are doomed for life. Do not buy into it unless you wish to submit to the beast agenda. God created us fairly resilient and suffering and overcoming obstacles is what we are designed to do in order for God to test our mettle. Without overcoming our own personal trials and tribulations and growing as spiritual beings, our lives are worthless. Her father was rich, she might have been smacked … so what? Wallow in it at aged 28 and make it a whole lot worse for oneself by writing songs about it and performing them and creating permanent associations to them forever? Do you not realize the greatest con of the music industry which I have always called the Love Industry. How much space is devoted to carnal love in the holy books? You will find very little. It is a small part of our spiritual evolution and if it were meant to be our locus opus it would have been afforded greater importance. People should pay heed to that for as wonderful and transformative as it is, it should not be worshiped via corrupt, ill-meaning, $ machines. If you subscribe too heavily to their brand of love, you are worshiping what they worship which is the $ which is at the heart of the beast system.

    • You're making a lot of assumptions about the extent of her abuse…How do you know how easy or hard she had it? You really don't.

    • Well even though people get abused it's their job to make their lives better. Get the heck over it and move on. Stop living in the past.

      • People who throw this out sometimes have no excuses for why their lives aren't better, therefore they loathe seeing someone else play that card. It's more the attitude than the intention. Also, regular people 'fake it to make it' and blame outside forces (the govt, bosses, in laws, other people, etc) for dampening their quality of life.

        Anyway, being famous and successful and wealthy is supposed to be a way of making lemonade out of lemons. It's just a hollow albeit appealing construct, littered by perversions within the industry. If they sign contracts before knowing all that that contract entails, then they are quasi bourgie slaves.

    • "Do you not realize the greatest con of the music industry which I have always called the Love Industry."

      As a child, I always wondered why most popular music was centred on love when there were so many other subjects.

      You are correct, sexuality is but a fraction of our being yet it is often the focus of arts and entertainment. You have to wonder why.

      • Sex sells. Music aimed at young people is mostly about romantic or sexual love because their reproductive hormones are at a peak. The rhythm, lyrics, and melody are used as a hook. That's the money making side. On the hypnotic side, the listener while subtly aroused is more open to suggestions which are not at all connected. Think about Britney Spears song, with the lyrics, "I'm a slave."

  44. it's all fake… just like her breasts and her lips. just to look cool and to get empty headed followers to be suicidal… sad!

    • Did you also notice how she sings, like she's sedated on strong prescription pills? None of this is by accident

  45. I know, people always judging somebody else when they are worst than that person they are judging, THIS IS the reason the entertainment industry leaves 28 billions of profit every year, BECAUSE of the mind-controlled people that get obsessed with this so called celebrities and everything GOT WORST when they start to idolize that shallow people like the kardashians INSTEAD OF JUDGING you should stop buying or supporting anything in the ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY that doesn't have a good content or if the singer or the actor doesn't have a real talent DON'T SUPPORT THIS TYPE OF SUPERFICIALITY IN THE MUSIC, MOVIES OR ANY TYPE OF INDUSTRY, people should win a place in any type of industry thanks to their talent and good personality no otherway, THAT'S THE WAY WE CAN GET RID OF THE MILEY CYRUS AND KARDASHIANS OF THIS TIME.

  46. ''..interviews that appear when a new album is released are often very well orchestrated..''

    Spot on, i think. Even this mk-cult around del rey is faked. Remember she has an almost as clever team around her as that gaga has. She might have to do a lot of things she doesn't like, but that is the bussiness for all included : contracts. Performing around the globe is hard work. Grow up, lizz.

  47. I would like to read an explanation of all her videos. She always sounds so depressed and her music is so dark, that is cool, but it really fancy you to go and suicide!

    By the way, "ultra-violence" is a term already used by Burgess himself in the novel, it's not Kubrick's invention.

  48. Lana has some nice songs but her songs most of the time talks about sad,depression,pity … which brings me to the point that I don't want to listen to her songs no more cos it's all the same and nothing cheerful to say the least!

    I truly feel sorry for her esp when she sings and cries her eyes expression makes me sad more than her f
    face features , I have herd that her father is a rich guy too so maybe he sold her to this sick music industry.

    I wish her well and I wish she would be stronger.

  49. her name in spanish literaly means " the king´s wool" (lana=wool del rey=the king's), but the word lana is slang for money, the real translation of her name is "the king's money".

  50. As a fan who has been following her for almost 3 years, I really do believe she is not happy and wants to die as a means for escape. People mistake her lyrics for being just whiny and even filthy for attention, but I really do think she's crying for help in a way, singing about experiences she had in "dark" times. I liked her because she remains poetic and creative in a way, which she is limited to of course. Here are some of her lyrics I think are very interesting and show she has sold her soul.
    —"I once had dreams of becoming a beautiful poet, but upon an unfortunate series of events saw those dreams dashed and divided like a million stars in the night sky that I wished on over and over again, sparkling and broken. But I didn't really mind because I knew that it takes getting everything you ever wanted, and then losing it to know what true freedom is." – "Ride"
    —"I'm tired of feeling like I'm f*cking crazy, I'm tired of driving 'til I see stars in my eyes." – "Ride"
    —"Lights, camera, action. If he likes me, takes me home. Come on, you know you like (good) little girls. You can be my daddy." -"Put Me in a Movie" shows destruction of innocence and sleeping with people for fame
    —"Now my life is sweet like cinnamon, Like a f*cking dream I'm living in." – "Radio" shows there is bitterness that goes with fame
    —"I heard the streets were paved with gold. That's what my father said" – "Radio" her father is mentioned in a lot of her songs, almost a godly figure who "introduced" her to fame
    —All of the song "Carmen." She stated herself it relates closely to her. The song is made up heavily of how "Carmen" is a "prostitute" and living a depressed and horrible lifestyle, even sleeping with people underage.
    —All of "Lolita." Broken innocence.
    —"In the land of Gods and Monsters, I was an Angel living in the garden of evil. Screwed up, scared, doing anything that I needed, shining like a fiery beacon." – "Gods and Monsters"
    "Me and God, we don't get along so now I sing."
    "In the land of Gods and Monsters, I was an Angel looking to get f*cked hard." the kind of "f*cked used in the situation, "I'm f*cked."
    —"My life is sweet like vanilla is… We were two kids, just tryin' to get out, lived on the dark side of the American dream." – "Without You"
    —"I pledge allegiance to my dad for teaching me everything he knows." – "Cola" hmm…

    Best for last:
    —"Sold my soul long ago, nothing left to choose. I'm tired, tired of singing the blues. I'm tired."
    "I keep running 'round the same town, knocking you down
    I'm f****d! How can I get out when there's no where to go for miles around?"
    "Oh, my Super God, I can't turn off my mind. It's like a ticking time bomb trying to kill me from inside, haunting me day and night." – "Tired of Singing the Blues"

    Sorry, that's a lot of reading. But I think it's enough evidence to prove she's affected by something out of her control, and she's suffered and still suffering from it today.

    • Once you are a fan of any enter-tainment star you come with blinkers on … even if you choose to live in denial of this. Fan means that they have got you on side and it spoils the collective analysis for the rest of us who know better.

      • Nah, trust me, I'm really can't stand to be like one of her brainwashed followers who call her queen and worship her. I went to her concert and it was horrible. Drunk people everywhere singing along, 13 year old girls dancing around like they're on drugs, thousands of mindless people screaming, "I love you! Queen!" I'm a fan of her unique voice and the fact she is allowed to be open about the dark and write her own lyrics but that's about it. I couldn't idolize her depressed and "Hollywood idol" persona if I tried.

      • I feel the same way you do and its kind of funny because I hate all these pop stars and their music, and I especially hated Lana when she debuted, but sometimes you get a glimmer of what they're really going through peeking through the shiny pop crap and its really interesting. I started listening to Lana only a few weeks ago, not because she's hyped up as an "artsy talent", but because she is a real MK Ultra who is singing about it and yet still no one believes its real! Its very interesting.

        I also like the "Dark" California vibe that she carries in the music, since we all know sunny California and Hollywood are darker than they would seem in advertising. I see her as almost a Hollywood movie turned in on itself and then back out to the masses. Its a reflection of the tortured, f****d up soul of America and the American dream of beauty, fortune and glamour hiding the evil within.

        if it makes one person look deeper into the back story of the entertainment industry, the sedated sleepwalk of our lives, and the surreal country we live in, I think its worth a listen.

      • I'm glad someone understands why I'm interested in her! I certainly don't worship or idolize her, but Ilike you said, I like how she lets everyone know that Hollywood isn't pretty, and there is a "dark side" of the American dream. But many people don't even look into the meaning of her lyrics and focus on the druggy-sounding tone of her voice and music.
        She is a primary source for the darkness of the music industry, and they let her be. So yeah, she is definitely worth a listen.

    • In reference to one of her quotes, several demons smell of cinnamon. I have encountered them myself. Usually associated with love spells..

  51. Whatever these people do publicly is all part of the act, especially when it' published like this in such great detail. There is nothing outside of the their control, unless, of course, the victim freaks out or there's a programming glitch like when Britney shaved her head.

    If you feel sorry for Lana because of what was said in this interview, you've already bought into it, and they achieved their goal. Sorrowful and depressed is Lana's persona and empathy is the emotion that they are using to hook us in so that they can then twist it against us. We should worry more about our souls and the souls of our children who are all being destroyed by this pop culture and the evil behind it.

    Of course, those who are playing a global role in soul crushing, such as Lana Del Rey, will ultimately suffer for it because that is a law of the universe. As ye do, so shall ye reap.

  52. I think it's mostly for publicity, from the start death has been a major theme in her music and videos. She even posted on her Facebook page last year that she was going to show people that death was beautiful. This was before her "Summertime Sadness" video came out; it's probably still on there. I also believe that she is a mind control slave, especially after watching her "West Coast" video and a snippet of her "Ultraviolence" video where she's with what seems to be a mysterious older power type of a man, and wearing a red dress. In her "Tropico" video before the "redemption" scene starts she throws what looks like a Bible and a rosary out of the car and she prays to John Wayne. ??? So her image and music are all about death, duality, drugs, abuse and desanctifying religion. Plus she literally blew up out of nowhere and was immediately thrown in the public eye with magazine covers (like GQ) before she was really well known. Plus her father was rich.
    "He hit me and it felt like a kiss."

  53. The very first time I heard her music I saw red flags. I think she has an interesting sound but her style is all very dark and eerie, its that element of glamorising and promotion of death which is a very common theme in todays pop culture. I remember some user on here pointing out she might have had programming done to have the style and sound of Dusty Springfield….Interesting. Also her song "Born to Die" – obsession with death once again & this should tell you that her songs and lyrics is a reflection of how she is feeling on the inside. She tells you in her music. Also in the still image above for the Tropico film, note she is dressed in Red…….Nice article VC. Peace.

  54. Why is everyone so biased towards her? she said her lyrics are half sarcasm and half autobiographical

    She is just depressed, don't take the i wanna die now too literal

    I saw her New York voting registration and SHE IS ==28== BY THE WAYYYY

  55. I really adore her. Wish she would be just an ordinary singer without any super-worldwide kind of fame and have no mk-ultra programming crap.

  56. That's funny,i remember recently reading an article where she was talking about how happy she was and how the dark undertones of her new album doesn't reflect her current life.IMO this is just to garner more hype around her album.

  57. Wow, it amazes me how judgmental and hateful some so-called "Christians" on this site can be. It is so very closed-minded to say 'oh, this person is suffering but wants to live… so EVERYONE who is suffering should want to live'. Are you serious? This girl has probably been through hell and back, and actually WANTS to die – this may well be her pleading with her handlers to kill her already. Yet you horrible, desensitized people yell 'attention w***e' and scoff at her. How cold can you be? You all would probably make wonderful MK Ultra handlers because you lack basic empathy, that's for damn sure. Way to victim blame.

    • You don't know those people are Christians – they could be atheists or Jews or Buddhists. Way to show your anti-Christian bigotry and bias!

      • I am not anti-Christian.I am, however, anti-"Christian" – meaning that, certain people claim to be Christians but show no mercy for their fellow mankind and basically only wear the name as a weapon for their argument, but don't practice the morality or empathy Jesus teaches. This is why I said 'some so-called "Christians"' – note that I did not say all. And the people I'm referring to, I am quite positive are in the category, not the ones you listed.

      • Not having empathy for a person would be apathy. Not having empathy for a person in order to fuel your own self-pride is being truly judgmental. It's not used to cultivate your good judgment, it's used to shame someone else whom you have a leg up on.

      • empathy is relating to the "feeling" – as in already been there oneself, a shared and similar experience to know how it feels. Sympathy is caring (with a distance on not so much the experience, but shared views) – apathy is not giving a dam either way. You cant give empathy if the experience is a negative one to your views.

      • unless you are a saint. those ones always show empathy to wards everyone no matter what they do, no matter what experiences they have. that's why we look up to them. they are different than us, yet very likeable and unique. they had reached the highest spiritual level.

    • It amazes me too… So many people here with so many backgrounds, and of course, so many opinions. I thought this site was open for discussions with respect, but I'm afraid of opening my mouth when it is not in line with the majority here.
      We all have 1 thing in common, we all want to know the truth about the world. But still, it is up to yourself to find it and your truth can be different than the one of others.

      PLEASE people, treat everyone with respect and don't push people on the ground when they don't understand what you're saying or don't believe what you believe.
      IT IS NOT always just a matter of opening your eyes, sometimes it is, but opening your eyes is hard and you can never push someone.

      Everyone has the same worth, to bad that a lot of people here cannot see that 🙁

      • Preaching the truth if you don't agree with the majority you're treated like an idiot or like your idea or feeling is a crazy thing in subjects like this we should have open minds we're no better if we agree with what the majority says and scuff at what a few different people say!

    • I agree that the correct Christian attitude, when it comes to critiquing artists such as Lana Del Rey, is not to condemn, but to empathise. I'm a Christian, and I don't feel any repulsion or disgust that Lana has publicly stated that she wants to die. Instead, I feel so sad for her. She is obviously depressed. Some people have never experienced depression, so perhaps they can't understand what it's like to feel so overwhelmed by life that you could wish your own death. But I know many people, including myself, who have felt this wretched at some point. It's not attention-seeking, it's a desperate plea for someone to save you from your situation. Jesus said that he came not to save the upright, but the sinners. Jesus, I'm sure, would've sat down with Lana and convinced her that she was special and could overcome her problems, instead of turning his back and saying, She wants to die? Then let her die.

  58. Don't do it Lana! Strike back against the Monarch MK Ultra empire and reveal to the public who your Masters are! We will expose them and put an end to their black magic forever

    • Maybe she was sick of her fried blonde hair and that's why she went with a darker hue. I fluctuate back and forth between my own hair being blonde to a more somber, natural color.

      Also, maybe LDR is a neo-goth. Has anyone thought of that? Am I the only one with goth music from the 80's? It's dark, sexy and melodic like her tunes.

      At least this article is handled in a classy way. Mark Dice went on this awful diatribe, spewing his usual vitriol re: LDR.

      Something else that dawned on me: LRH= Lafayette Ronald Hubbard. LDR= Lana Del Rey. LRH (creator of Scientology) was besties with Aleister Crowley, a troll magician whom the elite perpetuates with skeezy black magic like MK Ultra.

      • Hey that's true the word "Read" is in anagrams for her name! Thanks for the contribution teammate!

  59. poor Lana many people will pass her words off simply as a publicity stunt because her album is coming out but many will not know or question well why would someone as Lana would ever say something like that. Why would some one like Lana who has no bills to worry about like the average human being has a lavish life style and is perusing the career of her dreams want to join the likes of Amy whinehouse or John Lennon at the tender age of 27? This is where you question things like what is wrong with Lana? What the hell is she really going through? What the f**k is up with the Entertainment Industry? You see you guys we the outsiders don't know anything particular about Lana besides with the false media tells us. Heck half of us didn't even know her real name isn't even Lana del Ray but it sounds real and promising. Lana is crying out for help you guys don't brush her off as stupid, attention seeking, etc Lana was practically sold to the industry as a infant by her dad who is Ritch she def was a promise child for the elite. Throughout her life she was traumatized tremendously to create this beta sex slave she is now. Lana is mindcontrol. Lana first came on the scene under some other name ( I believe one of her alters) and started making music. Her music did extremely awful so the elite just shoved her to the side Now she's back in full force with a new name and personality with some work done to her face and behold you have Lana del ray with successful music out now. Don't let the media fool you. This is all an illusion guys. Many of these celebs are not happy I can bet my bottom dollar that many of these celebs cry at night all the time at the pain they feel and the things they have to do and endore. Yeah some sold their sold for a crappy deal for exchange of ritches and now are truely reaping the sad benefits, but you have others like Lana Miley Selena and everybody who may have grew up or sold to the industry from birth didn't stand a chance or get a chance to chose their faith. This is heartbreaking and I could totally understand if these celebs had any resentment towards their parents at all. You see you guys I believe in the bible and in the bible it tells you that those who have a great love for money it will destroy them. They still will be unhappy and look majority of the celebs are unhappy and killing themselves. This goes to show many that everything that glitters isn't gold. Money is the root of all evil and we see this everyday friendships are ruin, people get killed, robbed, everything negative because of money. A piece of paper that is sure to lose value in a couple of years maybe sooner. Think before you do anything question everything before you judge another. Love you guys

    Luke 16:13 (NIV) "No servant can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money."

    • Okay I don't know why everyone says the thing with "she was sold to the industry as an infant" because it's not always true! Many of them didn't even had a connection until they got famous. I don't like Lana del rey, she is part of that cool hipster fashionable era and her music isn't that good anyway.

    • @ Gifted:
      Nice piece there. Point of correction though; the scripture says "THE LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL'' what you quoted was""MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL'' Money in itself is not bad, as the holy scripture also says : MONEY ANSWERS ALL THINGS".
      The danger inherent is the LOVE for money, i.e. GREED!

    • To use the moniker Gifted, after writing such a poorly composed rant. . .the constant "guys" comes off so patronizing and is there anything more annoying than those who post such verbal vomit, with foul language and then close with Scripture??

  60. She's also references Jim Morrison in one of her songs

    Her Father was a copywriter for a MADISON Ave firm called Grey

    He looks like a self made millionaire though

    She is of Scottish Ancestry.


    • Yes, I noticed that, just another one of the many clues to her MK background. People who say she's not, don't know what clues to look for. The Scottish ancestry thing is huge!

      • What does the Scottish ancestry have to do with it?

        I'm genuinely curious. I'm off Scottish descent myself…. hoping that doesn't mean anything bad 🙁

      • Scottish rite freemasonry is the 33rd degree which is high though not the highest as many would believe. Scottish rite freemasonry was actually modeled on my ancestral beliefs so it feels familiar to me in many respects, although I was never interested in it and I have completely rejected it and accepted the Abrahamic lineage.

    • Copywriters are a funny bunch of people. In the UK, the Saatchi brothers made their fortune from copywriting even though by his own admission, Charles Saatchi was basically just wealthy and not academic. He said that it proved to be a huge money-spinner. The Saatchis are also part of the Fourth Way occult movement. I wonder is Lana's family were involved in the movement.

  61. I was always told that the ones who really want that simply just do it without talking about it. Otherwise, it can be said that she loves her life just a little too much to let go. I never contemplated living beyond thirty (not in a depressed way, just because I never believed I was designed to do so). Life duration, and the extension of life beyond what feels natural to you, is an increasingly fluid concept to many and she is young enough to have always known no different. I don't know anything about her other than seeing her name regularly in the media but I think I understand her argument.

    • That's what I've heard for most of my life too. But I don't think it's true in every case and keeping on repeating this may do more harm than good.
      While it's true that the most successful suicides come as surprise to families and friends of people who 'seemed to be fine', it doesn't mean their death wish was stronger than someone else's. But since they wouldn't say anything, no one knew what they felt, leaving them alone with what was inside them. In such isolation inner darkness becomes even darker and thoughts that could have sounded foolish in any other moment, ring dangerously true.
      Overall it is better to talk about suicidal thoughts with someone close – yet less and less people who really mean they want to die at the moment decide not to talk about it in fear of not being taken seriously – because if they really meant it, they would just do it without all the talking. So those words will become more and more true with time and it's not a good thing.

  62. Thousands of people dying at the hospitals, begging God for an opportunity to live and yet this foolish woman says that she wants to be dead already. Then let her die. One less bitter soul on the earth.

    • Some people endure horrible lives, something that you seemingly can´t comprehend. For instance, someone with a chronic illness, like me or Lana apparently. Wishing death isn´t a sin, it is just like a scream, it shows suffering, nothing more, nothing less.

      • There are zillions of poor and sick people around the world. Have you ever seen the pictures of starving children in Africa? Have you ever walked in a hospital room with the terminal illness patients connected to machines to extend their lives? Do you know how much patients around the world are in lists waiting for an organ for a transplant in order to live? Did you hear the 911 calls from the people in the twin towers begging desperately for help and saying good bye to their dear ones as they were facing the most terrible fate and wishing another chance to live?

        That is a TOUGH life. But this is nothing more than an attention w***e who has a lot of money and fame but yet is not satisfied with the blessings she has received in life. If she does not want to live, then let her die, I say it again.

        GIVE ME A BREAK.

      • 'Blessings in life' – HAHA. Okay, if indeed she is an MK Ultra victim, I would not in any way consider that a blessing. Do you know what MK Ultra victims go through? It's HORRIBLE. What you see is what they show you. To have a terminal illness and want to live because you have family and friends that love you is way different that being put through sadistic abuse and rituals on a daily basis, from a very young age, and knowing no one will ever help you because not even your own parents care. What you are doing is comparing tragic, but totally unrelated circumstances anyway. Seems to me you have wool over you eyes. I really don't understand how people can think the way you do. You have a thumping gizzard for a heart.

      • Is she REALLY a MK Ultra Victim? Do you know who her handlers are? That's a bold statement. And even if she was, those handlers don't pick people randomly. All those people get into the business because they are mesmerized by fame and fortune. So please cut that lame speech of "poor victims". If you have such a miserable life, then you should never consider getting into the music industry on the first place, don't you think? If she is put through abuse, why not speaking? Why not denouncing it? No, they just fiercely pursue the money, fame and vanity, but if things don't work for them anymore, then we all have to feel sorry for them?

        Tragic or unrelated circumstances? What are you talking about? Life is life whatever the circumstances are. Either you love your life or you give away your opportunity to live. It's your call.

        Sorry, I just don't buy it.

      • Um. That's not how MK Ultra works. You have no idea what you are talking about. Usually, victims (YES, VICTIMS – the majority do not choose this lifestyle, they are forced/born into it), are traumatized and abused by the time they can walk, sometimes even before that. They are basically given/sold by their parents. Sometimes it's a sacrifice sort of thing to achieve wealth and power, sometimes it's generational, sometimes it is because the child is already being abused, and upon it being found out, the parent(s) are given an ultimatum of prison or giving their child away to be used and abused. You see money and glamour, because that is what the elite WANT you to see. You don't see what goes on behind closed doors. Do you know of MK Ultra triggers or their brainwashing techniques?? That would be why she can't speak out about her abuse. In any case, they'd just abuse her more – which they probably are. She wants death, she wants peace from the torment. You are so ignorant and hateful it makes my brain hurt. But go ahead, continue to let your jealousy of riches and fame blindfold you to the truth. Keep victim blaming. I bet you consider yourself a Christian too, HAHAHAHA.

      • Thats how mk ultra works I have read that book and many more BUT you dont know that she is
        a slave in that form. Dont forget that there are "normal" ppl out there that grew up with normal lives who will do ANYTHING for fame and fortune. Meaning that they basically sell themselves
        to slavery as slaves in the entertainment industry. So knowing that, really this girl CAN quit, she may be under a contract but everybody in the industry is recplaceable.
        Its sad IF she really feels that way, but she is a grown person she chose this life, she went through alot of changes to make it in the industry. She accepted the contract. Dont be so blinde , this is promotion at its best.
        If you had a normal life but wanted more, and sold your integrety for fame then thats on you.
        Live with the consequences or get out. She clearly wants to stay even though she wants to die.
        She was no childstar. She was a plain jane who was boored of life. And she keep getting down with the industry, to stay relevant. If she really wanted out she would and she would be forgotten like many past stars. All celebs are not born in to it, many were just like the rest of us, difference that the sold out.

      • If Michael Jackson could speak (when it was clear that he was in the business at a young age and in front of the cameras documenting that he was being used from childhood) and people like Corey Feldman can speak, then Lana can speak. She spoke long enough to say she wanted to die. There are non-celebrity people, as well, who have gone through that and escaped who speak despite threats to their lives because they know it's the right thing to do.

        Regardless of her current position, J.S. A. is right about normal people lusting after fame and fortune. We sometimes see these people in our own families and we know for a fact that they're growing up in a normal household. Not everyone mind controlled is born into it. Some people want what Lana have as well – including the mind control, the depression, the yearning for death and the unhappiness (and they'll tell you as much, saying they can do what it takes to reach that point; they just want to take up people's attention and be adored like gods).

        As a side note:
        I saw a couple of Lana's interviews and in some of them she says that she knew from around the age of 10 that she wanted to be a singer. If she was born into something sinister, maybe that indicates the time she decided what branch of celebrity/media she'd delve into (since there are numerous – books, dance, fashion, music, tv, movies, news, etc). That's a possibility. But for those growing up outside of a family like that, and based on personal experience, I think it's interesting that they don't see the levels of reaching their goal. For example, why can't they see acting in theatre or singing (and continuing to sing) at their local club successful if they really are "writers" or "singers" or "actors" first and celebrities second and they don't care about the fame but only want to do what they love? I've always found that interesting.

      • Read The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave by Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier (a book Vigilant refers to OFTEN) – then you will understand what I am talking about and why I'm not simplu giving, in your words, a 'lame speech about swimming in money pools'.

      • Some people seem to lack compassion. We all face our own challenges. Some people suffering more physically and others suffer more psychologically or emotionally. Just because someone looks healthy and normal on the outside, that doesn't mean they are not suffering in some way on the inside. In some instances emotional/psychological suffering can be even worse because you don't know when it will end. Suicidal or depressed people don't need to be judged, they need to be helped. You never really know what someone is going through unless you're in their shoes so don't be quick to judge.

      • Its possible she has the Mark and can't bear living with it and is patiently awaiting her Handler's Freedom Train maneuver……. this could be a little more complex than someone just whining about their depression is all I'm saying

      • How am I sleeping? A woman says that she wants to be dead to have all of us feel sorry for her or as a publicity stunt to sell more albums or whatever… and now I have to tear off my garments because of that? What's wrong with you all? You all are making a lot of assumptions of this crazy woman been under slavery of some sort but NO ONE is sure of that. So why taking such definitive standings? I definitely respect VC's analysis but I can't read his affirmation about any slavery as the only thing going on. He's analyzing and somehow suggesting but yet leaving the door open to different views.

        I am sorry if my cold blooded speech make you all feel uncomfortable. Things are what they are. If she is so sick of her life why doesn't she shoot herself or hang up? Why saying these things on an interview? Just to get attention. Same way that Miley Cyrus gets almost naked on stage doing all sorts of indecency, but yeah, we all have to feel sorry for them, pray for them and help them through. I feel sorry for homeless people starving children or animal aggression. But not for millonaire girls who want to be the flavor of the month.

      • Suicide is self-absorbed behavior and most cowardly. It leads to the eternal damnation of the soul. Suffering and working through the problems always leaves the door open for repentance and spiritual growth.

      • All sin leads to eternal damnation of the soul. The only way to avoid that is to believe that Jesus Christ was the atoning sacrifice for your sins… then you are covered under His righteousness by His shed blood. Yes, unsaved suicides would go to hell…. not for suicide per say, but for not believing in Christ. If you are saved, nothing can pluck you from His hand, not even your depressive acts of suicide. God bless.

      • Pretentious much? Im a Christian too, but I don't believe that people will go to hell just for suicide. I believe God is loving and forgiving. Its not up to us to determine or declare who goes to Heaven or hell. Its up to God… and no one truly understands him on Earth.

      • That's a very good point. There is no indication in the Bible that if someone commits suicide he will go to hell. Of course suicide is something terrible and it's an awful sin, given you are deliberately sinning against your own. But I would really like to know, based on biblical references, where it does say that if you commit suicide you will go to hell.

        **By the way, I am not justifying/condoning suicide. Just in case someone thinks I am promoting it because I am so asleep 🙂

      • Your initial comments are clearly based on judgment and not firsthand experience of having suicidal thoughts. For some people, your assessment may be accurate, but the majority? Not so much. I am in my mid-40's and have frequently struggled with suicidal thoughts since I was twenty or so. I am the furthest thing from "cowardly". Sometimes souls just come into this life with an imprint of great cosmic angst and pain. The need to escape one's flesh and release the spirit is the driving force. Simply put, the pressure becomes too much to handle. Obviously, I'm still here (like countless others who share a similar affliction), so I absolutely agree with the second part of your comments regarding suffering and spiritual growth. That said, words like 'repentance', and 'eternal damnation' are convenient terms to separate oneself from others, hiding under the comfortable cloak of a christian religion. Which, by the way, is only one perspective shared by a portion of the world. I don't need a doctrine to dictate how to live my life and strip me of life's endless uncertainties….

      • Thank you for your insights which I found very moving because I have lost a few people in my life who were similarly afflicted. I should have made clear that I was not talking about suicide induced by mental illness, only the other types which exist unfortunately. I know that both Islam and Judaism excuse the former for sure (whereas I am guessing that christianity excuses everything in a roundabout way, really).Only God can judge, I agree. I will pray for you.

      • "Sometimes souls just come into this life with an imprint of great cosmic angst and pain."

        Wow, that was beautiful!

      • What a load of bollocks Asspara. You do not know what you are talking about. Mental health is a lot more complicated than that. As for your medieval fire and brimstone rubbish you can keep it where it belongs, in the dark ages.

      • I feel you actually. I know what you mean, I really do but like what Benjamin Franklin said "some people die 25 and aren't buried till 75". what people are against you pitying her are her lack of endurance and have struck rut in the "end" road of her life which she think she has "everything" and stuck in a boredom to death. in your opinion I can say that in your mind you must stated thus"most people struggle to live, why is she wishing to die?" well she is "dying" mentally, she has no purpose in her life which is caused by her fame and high achievements which she taught it was the "highest: achievement in life. this is what I think about people against you and what I pity her for too.

        BUT, I pity her not because "oh she want to die, poor her". NO. I pity her way of thinking, so shallow and narrow. I pity her thought for being so self centered and selfish in her pride. also I pity her for not being able to see the people around her and see the chances to do something better than for "myself"

        I get you chrisnajar, people are struggle to live. they struggle in this harsh world because they have purpose. family, loved one, ambitions, childhood dreams, or anything that drives a human to greet the future with hope and smile or at least to greet it with a fight for another day. but what if everything that makes you "want to face another day" taken? *POOF* dying wishes are coming. that's all I can share. hope we can understand each other. It may be hard to see from a lot of point of view, but seeing from many point of view will make you understand lots of thing, IMHO.

    • Wow you obviously are extremely ignorant about paychology and the horrible mental illness of depression. Some people have "everything," that doesn't mean they can't hate themselves and be faced with a whole different set of problems unrelated to disease or not having enough money. Maybe having so many people watch her gives her anxiety, maybe being in music isn't as worth it as she thought, maybe she was sexually abused as a child, maybe her parents were abusive alcoholics. F**k you for being so ignorant and not understanding what suffering can be.

    • I'm probably not an MKULTRA victim (though as yet I have no idea what really happened to me, only that it was elaborate and started in infancy), but I wanted to die at age 27. It took the intervention of God and my alters to show me that my life had meaning beyond my stupid accidentally-occultic novels. Imagine having absolutely no concept of your own worth, future, or happiness beyond the life track some unknown force imprinted in your subconscious long ago, and having absolutely no idea how you came to feel this way or why it's incorrect. When I was feeling like that, literally the only thing that kept me going was the belief that when God was truly done with me, He would take me Himself. It took a tremendous amount of willpower to hang onto that conviction when I had no visible evidence that the universe considered me more than a cosmic parasite. Now, of course, things are very different. I don't want to die, I want to enjoy the love of my beautiful inner family. I love my littles, I love the Black Queen, I love my sweet brother who is deeply remorseful for all the brutal "training sessions" he performed on me in the mindscape, and I love all the cities and mazes and palaces full of people who help me survive daily life and/or whom I haven't even met yet. The Book of Job reminds us that sometimes we need to wait on our ordained blessings, and the intermediary period can be horrific even if you aren't physically dying. To falter during that interval isn't foolish or bitter, it's human.
      I strongly disagree with your worldview. Wanting to live isn't just about having food and shelter and an immune system. Wanting to live is about having something to live FOR, something that makes this planet more than a sometimes habitable prison.

  63. Uhhhh, meh. I'm just a little over the "poor me" crap from these celebrities. They did everything- up to and including "selling their soul" to get there and then act like they hate it. Stop making music, give up the fame, give up the money, and go home. It's better to be bankrupt and a nobody than to live a life that makes you want to die, isn't it? Eh, but what do I know…maybe there's more to it than that. Just sad…and old.

    • Sounds to me like some of these celebrities glamorize the Cobain life, which was fueled by depression, but also the idea that it is better to go out on a bang rather than fade away. It is effectively glamorizing depression, which is usually caused by drug abuse or sexual abuse. There are many rock bands who have the same kind of mentality going into their music.

      Their fame is probably the only thing that holds any meaning to their lives, but at the same time, it just makes their depression worse and it becomes a cycle that doesn't end. It is like a drug in and of itself.

      • When I was teenager I often felt "good" while being sad.. like it was supposed to be part of me. I grew out of that feeling when I became more secure with myself. I guess, some people don't – maybe due to abuse in their childhood days or things like that. It reminds me of a bunch of artist a met throughout my life, who felt they could only do good art as long as they were depressed. The feeling is human. And those people's feelings seem to be played with.

      • There is a truth to what you said.
        Long time ago i was sad.
        I was sad because i felt invisible.
        But i enjoyed being invisible.
        Which meant i was sad.
        So i enjoyed being sad.
        THankfully the human mind evolves and experiences model the heart and all that. I'm blessed i got out. Many weren't so lucky

      • Monroe too. Better to die beautiful, or something.

        The cycle makes sense. Fame both validates and invalidates. I think this stuff would happen in a 'healthier' industry, too.

    • Seriously, I really hate all those people with "martyr complex", who are always victims etc. All her songs are depressing, she is depressed, seems very negative and now she wants to die (WOW I AM SHOCKED!!). She wanted fame, she received. Just because there are MK Ultra victims and so on doesn't mean that all the celebs are good and poor souls and they have been abused and tortured. They wanted in the first place! Yes there are some who are in this bussiness since they were kid but not all of them, that's obvious.

      • Well ts not like they came up to her and said we are going to torture and control you till we have no more use for you. Im sure a lot of people dont know till its too late.

      • Right. Celebrities are not humans, and therefore do not deserve a lick of empathy. I forgot. Silly me.

        PS: What's it like being a sociopath?

      • hmm then we might be narcissistic. if we don't wish anything bad to happen to celebrities, nevertheless we don't like their attitude, hence we criticize then when we aren't actually jealous of them but very irritated. that's not normal. it indicates narcissism. something is very wrong with us. from what i can gather it's a combination of egoism/narcissism. you can't demand and expect others to behave according to your rules and standards. that's very OTT. but that's the way we appear to be many of us.

      • u dont know a thing about narcissism. maybe u just say that word cuz its popular nowadays? thats not narcissistic what u described

      • Mistrust in the system isn't always directed at the individual in an obtrusive way as if we feel entitled to their lives and denounce their pains.

        Your response comes across egoist.

      • No, if someone is tired of life, we have to tale it seriously! Poor girl! I understand her.. Who would Sayes something like that just to get attention.. She needs help.


        One of my favourite summaries of the whole thing… I wish more people would realize that not everyone involved is evil, not even CLOSE. It's the few big names behind the curtain controlling the rest, not a big vampire coctail party hosted by every celebrity on Hollywood and supported by the likes of McCartney and Bono. The thing is, most of them have no clue what's actually happening, many of them believe what they're doing is for a good cause.

        We need to stop demonizing celebrity individuals and look at the bigger picture. They are not the true enemies, the puppetmasters are.

      • The sick thing is that the "big names behind the curtain" prey on those who naïvely believe in their fight. And when all that hard work is so easily dismantled by bullies, simply by the bat of an evil lash, it's enough to make a sweet hearted person fall apart at the seams. This is done repeatedly until the innocent complies or breakdown/commit suicide. Usually these methods are performed on young and budding entertainers while they're so easily swayed. Want fame and fortune? Sign your life away.


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