Amy Winehouse and 27 Club


Amy Winehouse’s untimely death was a sad event yet it brought to many a sentiment of deja-vu. She is indeed one of several artists who died at the age of 27 and one of the many celebrities who lost their lives in strange circumstances. Is there more to these deaths than meets the eye?

Famous for her distinctive voice and soulful style and infamous for her controversies and substance abuse, Amy Winehouse embodied the classic dichotomy of a rock star: artistic brilliance coupled with a tendency for self-destruction. Her early death, at age 27, provided her the last ingredient required to become a memorable rock star: eternal youth. Going beyond her music, Winehouse will now be remembered as one of those who “lived fast and died young” and will forever have this mystical aura that surrounds those who have passed away during their prime. We will never see Amy Winehouse grow old and lose her edge. We will never see her become a “has been” who has to appear in crappy commercials to pay the bills. By dying at the age of 27, Amy Winehouse will forever be remembered as the fiery diva who inspired, shocked, attracted and repulsed people all at once. Most importantly, by dying at the age of 27, Amy Winehouse became the latest member of the 27 Club.

27 Club

A symbolic poster depicting the most famous members of 27 Club

The 27 Club (or Forever 27) is the name given to the group of highly influential stars who died at the young age of 27. Although there are dozens of artists in the 27 Club, the most notable are Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain. Most of the members of this club led somewhat troubled lives and the causes of their deaths were surrounded by a shroud of mystery. Indeed, investigating the circumstances surrounding the deaths of Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain quickly leads to unanswered questions and strange abnormalities. No autopsies, no definitive causes of death and vague police reports seem to be the norm in these high-profile cases. In short, we can find in these untimely deaths everything required to generate “alternative theories” involving murder.

Amy Winehouse’s sadly appears to be a perfect fit for the Club. Although one might argue that she was not the iconic and revolutionary artist Hendrix and others were, she bore many similarities to them: A unique style, a big following, heavy drug and alcohol usage, a tendency for depression and other mental problems, a history of bad relationships and, finally (and most importantly), a bunch of unanswered questions surrounding her death.


The phenomenon of stars dying at a young age in strange circumstances goes beyond the well-publicized 27 Club. While this Club is “reserved” to singers dying at the exact age of 27, many other types of artists have died in mysterious circumstances around the age of 30. Recently, the deaths of Heath Ledger (see the article about him entitled “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” and Heath Ledger’s Sacrifice) and Brittany Murphy followed the same pattern as those described above. Strangely enough, there often appears to be a media buildup around these figures before their death documenting their odd behaviour or personal problems. Were these deaths premeditated and part of some kind of sick ritual carried on by the occult-minded elite at the helms of the industry? Are charismatic stars being risen to fame in order to later sacrifice them, creating a worldwide mega-ritual? Is the wave of shock and grief surrounding these events harnessed in some way by high-powered occultists? These concepts might sound totally ridiculous to the average person but, to occult initiates, the magical potency of a human sacrifices has been recognized and documented by the rituals of many ancient civilizations. In Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, author Michael A. Hoffman II writes:

“The issue of controlling humanity with esoteric words and symbols encoded within a play, a media spectacular or a ritual is one of the most difficult for people to comprehend. That is why most people are viewed with utter contempt as “cowans”, “the profane”, “the gentiles” and “the goyim” by secret society initiates”

About mega-rituals Hoffman writes:

“[Some murders] are ritual murders involving a cult protected by the U.S. government and the corporate media, with strong ties to the police.

Such killings are actually intricately choreographed ceremonies; performed first on a very intimate and secret scale, among the initiates themselves in order to program them, then on a grand scale, amplified incalculably by the electronic media.

In the end what we have is a highly symbolic, ritual working broadcast to millions of people, a Satanic inversion; a Black mass, where the “pews” are filled by the entire nation and through which humanity is brutalized and debased in this, the ‘Nigredo’ phase of the alchemical process.

– Michael A. Hoffman II, Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare

In the 1940s, the French poet and theater director Antonin Artaud predicted the advent of occult mega-rituals in media. Artaud was an adept of  several forms of occultism and well-aware of the transformative powers of theatrical rituals: he created the infamous “Theater of Cruelty” that intended to profoundly change the audience. Regarding the processing of the Group Mind, Artaud wrote:

“Aside from the trifling witchcraft of country sorcerers, there are tricks of global hoodoo in which all alerted consciousnesses participate periodically … That is how strange forces are aroused and transported to the astral vault, to the dark dome which is composed above all of … the poisonous aggressiveness of the evil minds of most people … the formidable tentacular oppression of a kind of civic magic which will soon appear undisguised.”

In Hollywood, the subjects of these rituals are often manipulated and mind controlled and their deaths are often “announced” in some way or another through symbolic works. In The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, the last movie Heath Ledger appeared in, the theme of sacrifice is extremely important. In one important scene, we see the images of three celebrities who died young : Rudolph Valentino, James Dean and Princess Diana. Seeing these pictures, a woman says to Johnny Depp – who was one of Ledger’s replacements in the movie – “These people … they’re all dead”. Depp replies:

“Yes … but immortal nevertheless. They won’t get old or fat. They won’t get sick or feeble. They are beyond fear because they are … forever young. They’re gods … and you can join them.”

He then added:

“Your sacrifice must be pure.”

These lines were intended to be said by Heath Ledger.

A painting made by Vincent Fantauzzo, a friend of Ledger, featuring alter-egos whispering in his ear. The painting was completed shortly before his death.

Brittany Murphy appeared in several strange photoshoots before her untimely death. Some of them alluded to Monarch mind control and occult rituals.

Mind Control related picture of Brittany Murphy

Brittany Murphy surrounded by masked individuals in a occult ritualistic setting taken shortly before her death



The Case of Amy Winehouse

At the time of writing this article, the exact cause of Winehouse’s death is yet to be determined (alcohol withdrawal is often cited). Like most strange celebrity deaths, the public will probably be given a vague explanation involving drugs or alcohol. And, like most strange celebrity deaths, some odd facts will surface, contradicting the “official” version of the cause of the death, causing rumours, speculations and alternative versions.

There are already witnesses who described strange happenings shortly before her death. In this news article, Winehouse’s neighbour claimed that there was “screaming, howling and some kind of drum beating” coming from her house the night she died.

Amy Winehouse death: Neighbour in Camden heard ‘screaming and howling’

One of her neighbours said he is convinced she died in the early hours of Friday because he heard screaming. “I think something happened that night. It sounded like some weird sexual game. There was screaming and howling.” The man, who would not be named, said he was woken by the sound at around 2am that night. “It just sounded really weird and my son said he heard some kind of drum beating.”

This afternoon he heard one of Winehouse’s friends crying in the house, and realised she was dead. He believes a friend left her at home after a night out, and returned this afternoon to find her body. “She’s been quite low-profile and that’s why, when I heard these sounds – screaming – I thought it was unlike her. “I said to my son ‘Maybe she’s taken a bad drug’.”

He said he saw her about three weeks ago being helped into the house by her minders, and was unable to walk at 10am. “She couldn’t walk, she could hardly put one foot in front of the other.” Her cat, Sky, would come into his house for food and to sleep, he said.

Local restaurant owner Ze Silva, 56, said Winehouse would come in as regularly as twice a week. She saw her last Tuesday and said she had stopped drinking. “She had nothing to drink. She said to me ‘Darling, don’t give me any alcohol, I’m not drinking any more’. “She was normal. She would speak to everyone, have pictures taken with the kids, give autographs to the kids. “She was a good girl, I’m very sad.”

Winehouse would go to the restaurant, A Baia, to play snooker with her bodyguards and would send them to get her takeaway fried breakfasts. Flowers, teddies and candles had been left next to the police tape blocking off Camden Square. One card read: “You will not be forgotten by Camden. We all love you and will continue to love you. Your legend lives on.”

– London 24, Amy Winehouse death: Neighbour in Camden heard ‘screaming and howling’

This leads us to the most important question: was Amy Winehouse’s death a murder or, perhaps, a ritual sacrifice? Was she under mind control and offed by her handlers? Is her death simply a result of exposure to a debased industry?

After Winehouse’s death singer Kelly Clarkson tweeted a rather poignant message regarding this matter.

“I heard the news about Amy Winehouse. I’m incredibly sad. I didn’t know her but I met her a few times and got to hear her sing before she blew up. She was a beautiful and talented girl. I’m angry. What a waste of a gifted person. What a shame she saw no hope and continued living her life in that manor. I have been that low emotionally and mentally and that is overwhelming. I keep asking myself why some of us are spared and the others are made examples. I’m very angry and sad. I don’t know why it’s bothering me so much. Sometimes I think this job will be the death of us all, or at least the emotional death of us all. Maybe that is why as a little kid in sunday school I learned that God didn’t want false gods or idols. I thought it was terribly selfish of God as a child but I think I get it now. He didn’t want us following people or things that are imperfect and not so much for the followers but for the gods and/or idols who will never be what everyone wishes or needs them to be because we are made imperfect. He knew we wouldn’t be able to handle the pressure, the shame, the glory, or the power the spotlight brings. I am distraught. I am also extremely grateful and thankful for the people who love me and support me. Without such amazing friends and family who knows where I’d be. My thoughts and prayers are with her friends and family. I am so sorry for your loss. I pray for peace in your hearts.”

Thrown From the Freedom Train?

Amy as a kid.

A prophetic 2008 sculpture of Amy Winehouse called “The Only Good Rock Star is a Dead Rock Star”. It depicts Amy Winehouse shot in the head and laying on the floor lifeless. Next to her is creepy Minnie Mouse mask, which, as stated in several other articles, can represent Illuminati mind control (although the sculptor claimed that the masked referred to the infamous video of Winehouse playing with baby mice).

In Fritz Springmeier’s The Illuminati Formula to Create a Mind Control Slave, it is stated about mind control slaves that:

“The programmers/masters program them with the expectation that they will be “thrown from the freedom train” when they get to age 30. (Freedom Train is the code word for the Monarch trauma-based mind control. To be thrown from the Freedom Train means to be killed.)”

Victims of mind control often die at a young age due to several reasons. First, according to trauma-based mind control experts, the torment, torture and control exerted on victims cannot be sustained indefinitely during adulthood. At one point, often around the age of 30, programming wears off, causing the victims to regain some lucidity. This contact with reality often traumatic, causing in the victims to be severely depressed, to show symptoms of mental disorders such as MPD (multiple personality disorders) and the consumption hard drugs and alcohol. When slaves (especially those that are influential) stop responding to programming and begin displaying erratic and unpredictable behaviour, they are often “thrown from the freedom train”.

Some victims with exceptionally strong wills and character manage to free themselves from the bonds of mind control (to a certain extent). To prevent them from “speaking out”, they are often found and “thrown off the freedom train” also.

“If a slave doesn’t comply or needs to be thrown from the Freedom Train they can become a useable statistic. Simply trigger them to murder and then watch the police gun them down. The NWO gains one more statistic and another case to scare the public into accepting gun control.

Was Winehouse under mind control and was she “thrown from the freedom train”? Difficult to say. She clearly displayed the typical symptoms of an “industry victim” and some her personal relations (notably Blake Fielder-Civil) appear to have played the role of “handler” (similar to Mariah Carey’s relation with Tommy Mottola and the late Anna-Nicole Smith’s relation with Howard K. Stern). There are several levels of mind control and Winehouse might not have underwgone the entire Monarch programming process. However, simply placing an already vulnerable person in music industry’s toxic environment and getting the celebrity machine in motion, complete with constant media harassment, is enough trauma to induce the metal instability that clears the way for mind control.

Despite her success, Winehouse never was an “industry pawn” like other acts discussed on this site. Her unwillingness (or incapability) to “fit the mold” might have been a cause of her demise. Winehouse’s goddaughter and protege Dionne Bromfield appears to fit that mold perfectly.

The last shot of Bromfield’s video “Foolin’ “, released two months before Winehouse’s death. She is displaying the sign of the “Illuminati industry pawns”.


In Conclusion

Although it is difficult to know the exact cause of Amy Winehouse’s death, her case is certainly not unique. There is, in fact, a pattern that appears to repeat itself when looking at the early deaths of young celebrities. If one were to compare the lives and the circumstances leading to the death of these stars, one would notice important similarities and then realize that important “pieces of the puzzle” are often missing from official stories. From humble beginnings, these stars reach a great level of popularity. However, at one point, something goes terribly wrong and a drugged-filled, humiliating downfall almost inevitably occurs. Is the missing piece of the puzzle this thing that goes terribly wrong? If these artists are not a direct result of Monarch mind control, a “handler” figure nevertheless exists in their entourage, manipulating and influencing them towards a self-destructive behaviour. The media often adds to and amplifies the star’s problems, portraying them as disturbed drug addicts. When their death is announced, the world is shocked, yet not-so-surprised. Drugs and alcohol are, as always, the perfect scapegoats. As people say … “case closed”.

Why is our popular culture obsessed with sex and death, where rising stars, who capture the love of millions, get shot down? In an industry permeated with occult symbolism, run by people and organizations who believe in occult powers, is it possible that actual occult rituals are being carried out? Is the collective shock caused by the announcement of a celebrity death being used as ritual psychodrama meant to imprint the collective consciousness? Of course, not all celebrity deaths are results of rituals any many of them occur because, you know, stuff happens. One thing however remains constant: The deaths are symptomatic of the dark reality of show-business, which is toxic on many levels. To be caught up in this realm and attempting to exit it is, to cite a Winehouse’s song, Some Unholy War.




    • MusicEnthusiast on

      Indeed. I hope Adele won't be their next target because she's been tagged as the next Amy Winehouse in terms of their singing prowess & songwriting capabilities. 4 years to go, though.

    • Agreed! And this little message was submitted by her prior to her death:

      "Yeah one of them tried to mold me into a big triangle shape, and I went no."

      I like that you were objective with this one but let's call a spade a spade… it was without a doubt a sacrifice. What I can't figure out is why? She wasn't speaking out like Michael Jackson was, was she?

      I've been going down this rabbit hole since '96 off and on and the past two years has been a real eye opener. What troubles me most is that the collective audience (populace) do not understand their participation in this sick world they steered us to usher in. While I know it's probably impossible, we should all "just say no to ENTERTAINMENT"! As a true lover of music I'm deeply disappointed to realize just how tainted it truly is (has always been).

      As far as the feeling for the next sacrifice… Lindsey Lohan (bless her heart).

      And if you guys are interested in another incredibly disturbing discovery that is part of this massive web that I've stumbled upon… please, check this out:

      No stone has been left unturned with these people that's for certain! While I may not be as great a writer as VC… I am too am dedicated to cracking the code and I'm diggin' the VC community and spirit!

      I also feel that solutions are there and one place I found, which, incredibly, is getting little recognition for this slam dunk, stop them dead in their tracks, concept is simply not gaining the momentum it needs. (It's listed in the linked article). Stay alert and stay vigilant– they are counting on us NOT TO!!

      Love, peace and soul (TRAIN)!

      • It is so interesting that you mention serial killers because for some reason the manson family murders popped into my head a few days ago. I wanted to know when Manson's birthday was which lead me to wikipedia which then lead me to an interview charlies rose did with manson in the 80s. Some of the things that Manson said were so strange and yet made sense to me. I don't think it would have made sense to me yrs ago but because of this site and others sites and disconnecting from tv, he made sense with some of what he said. I started thinking this morning if Manson was used to perform the ritual that took place in the hollywood hills. Anyway the whole sharon tate/polanski/manson story is peculiar.

        I wouldn't discount serial killers as simply mind controlled puppets, I do believe some maybe all are sociopaths with no consciousness, but wouldn't they be the perfect candidates for other sociopaths to use? I don't know.

      • wearestardust on

        There is also the death of an MTV employee, believed to be posting on GLP under the name starchild on the 'Jessica Simpsons MTV house in Calabasas had hidden cameras everywhere' thread.

        Gabriel Ben-Meir, a 30 year-old music coordinator employed by MTV, was shot execution-style in the back of the head during the early Sunday hours, and although they have two suspects, he (starchild?) was disclosing his high profile sadistic, pedophile father and how all of Hollywood is sick, and MTV especially. How any hotel, house, boat, whatever offered up by the entertainment industry to celebrities for their use is completely wired just so they can gather dirt on them.

      • The next big sacrifice is us if we don't get our heads out of the gutter, and do something about. Even if it is something small, action speaks louder than words.

      • Bravo, VC!!! WOnderfully written and a very good read! I have been wondering about the Forever 27 Club every sense my own readers started commenting on my post about Amy Winehouse: I was planning on posting about it, but it looks like you have it already covered! So I'll be directing traffic your way! LOL!!!

      • thank you very much for the article, you have a very interesting web site.

        here is one of the multi personas of lady gaga – jo calderone which appeared in mtv awards and didn't let lady gaga persona appear until the end of awards…she was acting in a very strange way and speaking about her multi personas

        ""She left me! She said it always starts out good and then the guys — meaning me, I'm one of the guys — we get crazy,” the Calderone character said in the opening monologue. “I did. I got crazy. But she's f—ing crazy too, right?"

        Read more:

        During Gaga’s multiple appearances on stage throughout the night, she continued to find the need to reinforce that “Gaga wasn’t here tonight” and that “Calderone” “was accepting the award on her behalf.”

        briteny spears is giving up, she is collapsing no matter she is re-started in "rehab" many times the last years…she may be the next victim…
        see how she is aggressive, violent here, her military trained persona appears clearly here (all the slaves are trained to military as satans soldiers since they are little. As stated by many survivors, the slaves are divided in "rats" and "cats", the cats are the stronger ones which survive to the horrors of mind control and so "pass the xam", they r to be trained as military later. The rats are those which don't adapt to the mind control program, which get crazy, sick or "fail the exam", remain human in their inside, so these to be sacrified and eaten by the handlers and "cats").

        lindsay lohan speaking about the progra that she failed and the special treatment she is going to take for this

        she is also collapsing. As i understand the celebs which fail the mind control program or the targets, are treated badly, humiliated in front of public, assaulted by paparazzi of satanic industry ready to destroy any target on demand. Often the collapsing celebs are arrested, accused on trial, exposed on public by very fragile points of their is a kind of punishment for them and the demonstration of power which their handlers have on their lives, kind of "i have created you, so i can destro you" .see michael jackson, whitney houston, britney spears, lindsay lohan and etc. Not casually almost all of these ceebs appear in show business since they were kids…often the kids taken by occult circle come out from satanist families which volunteerly give their children to infamos evil godness…

      • i think there r 2 types of serial killer: one is just an executor robotic solder brain washed by satanist underground, thus type is not aware while killing, but is usually under hypnosis or possessed. The another type is about the hybrids mixed with monster race and human, the satanic masters which do all the bad, disgusting things on victims with pleasure and consciously, this hybrid race hate us humans. The human being is not able to kill while aware. we don't have this violence in our DNA. It may happen in the moment of lapsus, anger very rarely and accidentally if the killer is a human being. It is demonstrated also by the psycologists that the human being is not turned to kill, even in wars often the soldiers do not shoot the enemies, but shoot in air, cause their logics say that they can't kill the persons which they don't even know without any reason…it is the human logcs, caracter, peaceful and sane. But the hybrid monsters of devil r keen to kill infinite times deliberately and with pleasure. I think there was no serial killer in the history out of satanic circle, all of them were the pruct of that damned stuff. Their brain is not sane, they born this way and do all that horror being convinced that the hate and horror is the best thing they may have…it is the particularity of that hybrid race of monsters living among us hidden…they r here by a long time, hundreds of thousands years. Before our grandpas were aware of them and hunted them, but we the last generations are blinded and made to think that it is all legends, no monsters exist at all…we r dumbed by the enemy. The monsters do exist, it is a non human, beast race living among us. God damn them forever.

      • superhans_souphands on

        I know this is months later, but I returned to this site to look for Amy news after hearing about the inquest being reopened after the discovery that the coroner did not have the proper qualifications. Where is that quote from Amy from? I'm skeptical about this whole illuminati business, whether it's a real organisation and what it's aims are if it is – I always thought all the symbolism was most likely some stupid trend – but I've got an open-mind and there's a lot of shadowy business out there that needs careful thinking. The report about the screaming, from the neighbour, has really thrown me off. Especially in the light of the coroner's dismissal.
        I would disagree about Blake being a handler though. Is it likely? He's a mess himself, in and out of jail and rehab.
        I saw some disgusting comments on an article about Lindsay Lohan, mainly relating to her being the "next Amy Winehouse". One of them just said "Two more years"

      • Lady Gaga is a copy off of her friend lina morgana, she sacrificed lina and stole her whole act, she acts like she had a really rough life like lina but really she didnt, her whole look is exactly like lina, heres a lina vid on youtube, )some new info about gaga some of you may not know)

        compare lina with gaga…

      • yes this is what scares me about this big tribute they are planning for brit brit on the 28th. she is already 30 or will be soon and i just hope she will be ok because its obvious she is not very happy with the industry and most of her music has double meanings.

      • I don't think Lady GaGa will be sacrificed. I think she will be spared a la Madonna. She's TOO influential to kill off. She still has the potential to lead many astray.

        Britney will stick around as well. If you notice with these celebrities three things usually happen: 1) they survive just fine because they are useful to the Illuminati 2) they are killed off as we've talked about or 3) they lose their minds.

        When the public sees these celebs who have 'lost their minds' what effect does that have? They lose credibility. If Britney Spears was to stand up and start talking about she was mind-controlled or whatever, people like us would believe it but the majority of people WOULD NOT believe it! They'd just say 'she's crazy' and leave it at that. So I don't think Britney will be sacrificed.

        Rihanna is a different story. I have often thought that she will be a sacrifice-same as Aaliyah. Rihanna knows too much. She's popular enough that it will cause a mass outpouring of grief from the public but not so popular that she can't be replaced. In other words-she's disposable. Another Rihanna will come along soon enough whereas someone like GaGa or Madonna comes along more rarely. The Illuminati needs them to stick around longer.

        With Rihanna I think it's not a matter of 'if' she'll be sacrificed but WHEN.

    • Thank you for covering this one VC. I knew as soon as I heard that Winehouse had passed away that there was a behind the scenes story you would be able to decrypt and explain. I had forgotten about the 27 club. Creepy. Kelly Clarkson made some very biblical and profound points.

      • As mentioned in the article, those who are to be sacrificed have something go horribly wrong in their lives before they are killed. This is part of the sacrificial process, first the person is debased via the media. Either they are shown as drug addicts who have spiraled out of control, crazy, are imprisoned or have charges against them, or they star in roles forshadowing their deaths. I.e. Aaliyah , and the soon to be "thrown off the freedom train," Lindsey Lohan. Lindsey will be playing Sharon Tate in an upcoming movie and has already done "glamour" death photo spreads. It's like an initiation to be killed, they build you up to break you down, it reminds me of those gangs who "beat in" new members. The negative image of the celebrity is so the public will have negative thoughts of them, and more than likely, that negative energy from the public's conciousness is harnessed to make the sacrifice more powerful. The number 27 is a very powerful number for the demonic elite, it is a number associated with harvesting.

    • @Period1…

      You are sooooo right!

      “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” — Edward Burke

      “We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether world government will be achieved by conquest or consent.” — Paul Warburg in an address to the U.S. Senate 2/17/1950

      Stay alert… they are counting on us NOT to!

      • Don't even say that about Adele! I'd flip shit if that happened and made it my mission to kill those fuckers off myself. One by one!

        I dont even want to think about that….

        Now im sad, thanks a lot.

    • Okay here is a big question: Was Aaliyah apart of the 27 club? Because I have been wondering about her death for years, and as a young fan growing up with her music and seeing the dark direction it was taking, was her unpredicted death really predicted? Then I have another issue, I was thinking about the Lupe Fiasco article and I am strongly suspect about what's going on with him. At one point I thought maybe he was in the fight, but I have looked and looked and looked again at the I'm Beamin video and his LATEST success, a success that is somewhat surprising seeing as Lupe was to vigilant to be consider a "good" rapper at first. I heard a person on the top 10 rapper countdown (MTV 2 2009) that he was in the sky riding on unicorns. Now, he has a top selling album. ?? That is a little odd to me. On top of that, let's not forgot all the signs in the I'm Beamin video, the lights pyramid with the eye and etc…then after that video he BLOWS UP. I love his lyrics but has his motives changed, or is he changing to get out the point? As he said : today nobody cares but tomorrow they will. And sure enough they did, he could be next up on the 27 Club (even though he's almost 30).

    • Twenty-Seven (kaph-zayin)

      Ministry of Salvation

      To write twenty-seven in Hebrew, they wrote two Hebrew letters: kaph-zayin. These signify the open palm in the

      ministry of spiritual warfare.

      Twenty-seven is the number of the Ministry of Salvation and naturally follows 26, which is the Power of Salvation.

      We must first receive the Power of Salvation in order to do the work of the Ministry of Salvation. Thus, 27 pictures the

      weapons of our warfare, which are given to us to accomplish the Ministry of Salvation. 2 Cor. 10:3, 4 says,


      For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh,


      for the weapons of our warfare are

      not of the flesh, but divinely powerful for the destruction of fortresses.

      Twenty-seven is 17 plus 10. The number 17 is Victory, and 10 is the law. In 1 Tim. 3:1-7 Paul gives 17 qualifications

      for ministering the word in victory. If we add 10 to this number (the law), we see that 27 indicates the Ministry of

      Salvation, not without law, but including the revelation of the law as part of God’s word.

      Our ministry is to present the gospel of Jesus Christ. The numeric value of “the gospel is the power of God” (Rom.

      1:16) is 27 x 100. The essence of the gospel is about believing that Jesus is the Son of God. So in 1 John 4:15, “Jesus is

      the Son of God” has a numeric value of 27 x 111. Likewise, in Mark 3:11, “Thou art the Son of God” has a numeric value

      of 27 x 111. In Matt. 1:23, we read, “Behold, a virgin shall conceive and bear a son,” which carries a numeric value of 27

      x 111.

      During the Pentecostal Age, the gospel has been preached by those who yet see through the glass dimly (1 Cor.

      13:12), and thus, they know in part and prophesy in part (1 Cor. 13:9). Such words depict Jacob’s condition after his first

      trip to Bethel. But in his second trip to Bethel, we see the type of the feast of Tabernacles. By this time he has seen God

      “face to face” (Gen. 32:30) through the angel Peniel.

      Likewise, the disciples were fishing on the left (judgment) side of the boat all night without catching anything. This

      signifies their attempt to be “fishers of men” with an imperfect gospel message. Then Jesus came and said in John 21:6,

      “Cast the net on the right [mercy] side of the ship and ye shall find.” That statement carries a numeric value of 27 x 153.

      The 27 indicates the Ministry of Salvation; the 153 is the number of fish that they caught (John 21:11), representing the

      Sons of God.

      Joshua is Yeshua and is a type of Christ. The 27


      time that Joshua’s name appear in Scripture is in Joshua 1:1, where

      God told him that now that Moses was dead, it was time to cross the Jordan into Canaan. Under the Old Covenant, of

      course, the conquest of Canaan was done by the physical sword; but under the New Covenant, the disciples were told to

      go into the world and preach the Gospel to all creation, baptizing them. Thus, the New Covenant “kills” the flesh by the

      Sword of the Spirit, leading to their Salvation. This death of the flesh and resurrection as a new creation is symbolized by


      The Ministry of Salvation, as preached by the overcomers under the anointing of the feast of Tabernacles, is a pure

      word. The Hebrew word for pure is zak, which has a numeric value of 27.

      simply put, Satan perverts everything he touches.

      • Hey that's a break-down for ya. I think really we're overlooking the common denominator here, that these are some of the biggest peace-loving artits. When their image can't be manipulated to what's just another racial profiling, when their message begins to come clear, their influence taking root and possibly changing a demographic in society, before change can happen, they become novelty, a flag for the former generation next decade. Amy Winehouse led an amazing group. Her band is every bit as awesome as Eryka Badu's, her voice is exactly what you would want, and there's something perfect about her personality that has come through. Frank was all good chick music. Her next one won her what seven awards? And all the buzz was still just about her skin cream. She won the awards for extreme musicianship, and not just shepherding lyrics- listen to Some Unholy War. I would have loved to follow her tour too. Someone was asking who Adele was, well I think I read about her being Amy's protoge, shared the stage with her.

  1. WhoSaves=Yahweh on

    What irritates me is its so blatant. people wont acknowledge the truth anymore. satan has outdone himself but he will inevitably be thrown into the lake of fire.

    Yahweh Lives

    • I didn't even know that they had a 27 club I'm confused when lady gaga had that interview on MTV she said her grandpa anther grandma past when she was little can someone explain cause how can she had sacrifice her grandparents at such an young age well unless that interview was a lie then just explain

      • Well you can always check it out on YouTube; since Lady GaGa's popularity is thru the damn roof these days it's likely that it won't be very difficult to find this interview @ said website… as well as most [if not all] of her televised appearances since her rise to mainstream superstardom about 2 years ago.

        If not, then I'll be glad to relay.


  2. I was expecting this, thank you VC. Everyone says it was drugs but as soon as the news mentioned the cause of death was TBD I started to think otherwise. It all was very suspicious to me.

    What a huge loss for music… rest in peace, Amy.

    • Huge loss? meh, not so much.

      She was ritually abused upon gaining access to the industry, she was ritually abused during her time in the industry and they had one last hoorah with her before she left the industry.

      Does this look like the effects of a well balanced career and life?

      As with many cases, drugs and alcohol are a means of escape from a sketchy reality created by the monsters behind the scenes.

      • Maybe for you she wasn't a huge loss and yes she did have a drug problem. But even through all of her problems she created her own music and became a classic after her FIRST album. The girl was a genius, and a person. Yes there are several real unsigned musicians that write and perform their own pieces but how many of these carbon copy clones write and perform their own music at the universal/international superstar level nowadays? Just listen to her songs and I think you'd have a different opinion.

      • For me, the abuse she received & her bad habits do not warrant a comment like yours nor do they have me overlook her incredible musical talent and her contribution to music as an artist. Her album "Back to Black" never fails to tug at my soul.

      • All of her musical talent, contributions as an artist and general overall brilliance don't lend to her behavior as acceptable by any stretch of the imagination. She chose to sign a contract with the industry for the promise of fame and fortune. Seeing how she reacted so negatively to the conditions of the establishment is a KEY indicator that she knew she messed up. There are no "take backs" with the Devils crew my dear. So no, it was no big loss you see, because everyone here should know that signing a contract is akin to selling your soul. Just ask Katy Perry.

        Sure I had empathy for her condition but since when is nihilism a respectable character trait?

      • @IAMLoneFrog, I agree with all but the first sentence. Granted, I'm not going to curl up and die over the fact that AW is no longer here with us singing…. However, I consider it a loss, for she had a lot of talent and passion and potential and SOUL, all of which were destroyed by the monsters you mention.

      • [(Quote by IAmLonefrog): Huge loss? meh, not so much.

        She was ritually abused upon gaining access to the industry, she was ritually abused during her time in the industry and they had one last hoorah with her before she left the industry.

        As with many cases, drugs and alcohol are a means of escape from a sketchy reality created by the monsters behind the scenes.]


        In spite of how messed up her personal life was I was still devastated and cried when I found out about her passing. So I'll have to disagree w/ you. She was a HUGE loss to the music industry [as well as everyone who loved/adored her & her music], as well as 2Pac, John Lennon, Biggie Smalls/Notorious B.I.G. (AKA Christopher Wallace), Jam Master J/Jay, Ray Charles, James Brown, Michael Jackson, Big Pun, and many others I haven't/forgot to mention(ed). As far as her talent, she was the best thing to happen to the Music Biz in a while… in the midst of many million-and-one copycats who do bizarre, annoying, immoral things in a desperate attempt to stay 'relevant'/in the so-called 'celebrity' spotlight, drawing [many times] negative/unwanted attention to theyselves.

        On top of that they have little to no talent, and if they DO make music many times someone else pulls the damn strings/runs the show & the music is mindless [part of the agenda/aim/angle of the Global Elite is to make us mindless MK'd drones & puppets to/for the NWO & Invisible Government — which has the most power — and to enslave us, therefore paving the way for most of the earth's inhabitants to worship the coming Antichrist & take on the Mark of the Beast [that the canon of Scripture(s) fortells], which will seal 'n' doom anyone's soul to an Devil's everlasting hell [or the Lake of Fire which burneth w/ Brimstone (or burning sulfur) who takes it. And NO, gnorance of this fact won't make a single, solitary SHRED of difference, either. God's Word has been made plain/manifest to us [whether we know, don't show, ignore, refuse to acknowledge don't care, etc. about it], so we're therefore w/o excuse, especially when we stand before God on the Day of Judgement to give an account for everything we've ever said, done & thought from the cradle to the grave.

        In spite of what our very corrupt government is up to the [bottom line] is that Satan/The Devil [meaning 'accuser', 'slanderer', 'evil one', 'adersary', etc.] HATES not only God but mankind as well, and wants to destroy us in ANY way(s) possible. He knows his time is short, which explains why things are getting worse in today's world. And anyone who expects things to either get better or go away altogether is INSANE, not to mention:

        A) is just down & outright dumb, stupid & ignorant

        B) is intoxicated on rosewater & has on rose-coloured glasses [the world ain't a ROSE garden, you know!]

        C) is delusional & has their head in the sand [like an ostrich (sp?), haha!]

        D) or just doesn't care [apathy/indifference/casualness are gross sins that the Bible says are detrimental to many areas of our lives, mainly our spiritual health].

        Back to Amy Winehouse… if it's indeed true that she had to endure Satanic Ritual Abuse [SRA] — which wouldn't really surprise me, but I don't really care to know b/c things like that REALLY [bleep] w/ my psyche, like something else SRA-related did days ago — then I reckon that a coupla comments I remember a coupla people making are kinda true, and they are something to the effect of thi:

        -'Amy must have been in a lot of pain to stay drugged up & self-medicated, dependent/addicted the way she was'.

        -'If Amy had been passed around [if you know what I mean, and amongst the elite] then that must explain why she was never the same again [cuz she got on all of those drugs and alcohol].

        I also heard about the Feasts of Purim [an annual Jewish festival] and the unwholesome things that are involved in that sort of celebration… don't know what the Feast of Purim involves — I'll have to study it — but I just thought I'd mention that. And we all know Amy Winehouse is Jewish, by race and most likely religion, too… I'd seen her [in a candid photo] wear a small silver pendant of the Star of David on it while she was about town [in London] one time. [The Jewish Talmud also sanctions p(a)edophilia, unfortunately. Was Amy molested/sexually abused before and/or after adulthood &/or being famous? I don't know. Maybe we'll NEVER know, nor do I WANT too, b/c that's just BEYOND sick.]

        This could mean most anything [from the loss of someone she cared about, being bi-polar — which I THINK could be the PC (politically-correct) moniker/term for PTSD MPD &/or DID (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Multiple-Personality Disorder, Dissociative-Identity Disorder {sp?}) — which could stem from SRA, any way you aim 'n' shoot these conspiracy theories.

        And poor Amy… notice that much of the time she was famous she was dressed very much [and even more so in her latter BTB (Back To Black) years] like a prostitute/hooker/streetwalker throughout much of her career… HMMMMM… kinda makes one [who knows about this whole MK thing] wonder, don't ya think? [I even read somewhere that they make their Monarch (Sex, MK'd, Beta) Slaves dress in revealing, sexy, provocative, seductive, immodest, harlot [or whatever you wanna call it] clothing/outfits/apparel as an advertisement for the elite in order for them to better pick out who they wanna spend the night with or have as a regular… and usually LOADS of $$$ is involved. It's pretty much the same way in the sex industry, such as regular prostitution [whether illegal or not], escorting/call person, etc.

        But w/ her being so thin [in her final years] I just can't imagine anyone passing Amy around for their sexual delight… she just looked like your typical, average, cankered-looking crack/coke-whore. She also looked horrible and [at times] older than her years, like many prostitutes, which lifestyle has taken its toll [and put its mark] on. But I must admit that shortly before her death she began to put on a little weight [therefore filling out slightly], her skin cleared out [and got pretty again, lol], her head clearer, and she began to look younger than her 27 years — like she was 20 — again.

        In lieu of that I began to harbour hope, but [at the time, when I didn't know any better] I lost it again when I'd found out she'd left 'rehab' and got back on the junk/smack [drugs] again.

        This is tragic, but it seems like [many times] about the time some people get their messed-up/wasted lives together they die suddenly. Sad, but true.


      • I had a feeling she was clean!

        Okay VC… do you have any thoughts on why she was sacrificed? I get that she might be a multi-generational mind controlled slave especially when someone linked this image:… … oh crap… it just hit me… just like Michael, she's worth more dead than alive!!!! She didn't need to speak out against anything they just needed a sacrifice! They really are sick.


        Any thoughts on the earthquakes yesterday? A 5.8 (?) quake rocks nearly the entire coast? Can you say HAARP?!!!! And isn't it convenient that all around the east coast, military ran drills just before this "natural disaster?!

      • HAARP and/or elenin? Interesting either way.

        Google Vibrant Response 12 for the current emergency drills…..

    • universaltruth on

      one of the greatest interviews ever. dave chappelle is not only one of the funniest people on the planet – but one of the most grounded too.

    • I agree w/ DC's statement.

      Usually people will try to say &/or do things to 'get the monkey off their back(s)' when bad things take place. When everything's good [it's basic human nature] for everyone to push and shove in a desperate attempt to take all the credit; but on the other hand, when things go bad everyone wants to point their finger @ everyone else BUT themselves… they want to deflect the blame by playing the Blame Game. It's not only ironic, but hypocritical on top of THAT.

    • I also wanna add that 'they' — who-the-HELL-ever 'they' are — did comedian Katt Williams the SAME way, b/c he's [subtly] brought to light some of the things 'they' [won't say no names] have done behind-the-scenes. But b/c of his strong belief & faith in God [in spite of the vulgarity he uses in his routines and some of the things he stands for… but hey, no one's perfect, right? I still like the guy very much, wit' his CRAZY, funny self, Lol] I believe has kept him outta harm's way and keeping the Devil [and the Devil's crowd] on a leash, keeping them from doing what they REALLY wanna do, if they had their way. Katt Williams is not only funny [as well as very witty, as evidenced by his comedy routines], but intelligent as well.

      Peace 'n' Chicken Grease, folks.

  3. Looking at those Brittany Murphy pictures, I couldn't help but to think that those images, poses, and looks were so unlike her. She thrived as the bright, bubbly, cute girl next door. These dark, esoteric photoshoots didn't seem to fit her personality. Still so sad over her death…

    Death and sex certainly sells…I wouldn't be surprised if someone goaded her into drugging herself to death.

    • They say that her mother found her in the shower, it freaked me out when I saw a creepy movieposter with her in a bathtub.. that's weird..

      • How about "Girl Interrupted" where her character **SPOILER ALERT** hangs herself in the bathroom? (While the now-A-list Angelina Jolie mocks and belittles her.) That scene always freaks me out; I can't even watch it. I've always found it odd/interesting how Brittney Murphy almost always played a character who was slutty, crazy, or both, and then met a mysterious, untimely end.

    • The sculpture of Amy Winehouse dead is down right creepy. I hadnt heard of Brittany Murphy till this article and she is in a movie screening tonight so I looked her up on Wikipedia. It says about her death:

      What the article says about her death is so typical of all the other illuminati sacrificial killings. But the other thing that struck me was that she played the lead in The Dead Girl and Girl Interupted. Like Ledger it is like they have to prophecy the death for it to have the power they want it to have.

      • And what's EVEN MORE DISTURBING THAT is he was found, BY THE MOTHER, dead only 5 months later.

    • As for Brittany Murphy… 27 + 5 = 32. [5 is a special number… half of the Perfect 10… 27 as in the 'Forever 27 Club'… get the picture, folks?]

      That said, it's plain to see [sacrifice or not, I dunno the circumstances… only God knows everything surrounding that situation] that strange, mysterious circumstances surrounded Brittany Murphy as well.

      Her mum is British — I think, and her father is Italian-American and a mobster who was imprisoned for his crimes. I also found her late hubby — who's also British — rather creepy, not to mention he and his wife were the odd couple, but I felt sorry for him at the same time. Ain't it funny that his death came months after his late wife's did?

    • I also wanna add that the director of 'Clueless' [I forgot the woman's name] was resentful of the fact that Brittany Murphy had gotten really skinny and got all the plastic/cosmetic surgery to look more like the typical 'Hollywood Barbie Doll' [MY words], like Kim Kardashian… and DON'T EVEN get me started on this can't-hack-it, non-talented, useless hussy — and many other celebs. I honestly didn't blame her either [don't know the woman, so I won't judge], b/c Brittany was fine before, w/ her thick, quirky NY-Italian accent, chunky/curvy-but-slim frame/figure, and her strong Mediterranean features.

      Like someone said earlier in this comment section, 'they' thin out & whip into shape [and/or giving them a so-called more 'sexed-up' makeover] all of their 'Illumpets' [like Kelly Rowland, Jordin Sparks, Jennifer Hudson/J.Hud, Jennifer Lopez/J.Lo, Queen Latifah, Mark Jacobs, John Lennon, LeAnn Rimes, Amy Winehouse etc.]. I guess that's one way they get inducted/initiated into that VERY sick & dark 'secret society'. I guess that's ONE way to see it.

  4. I read in a magazine that years ago she said that she predicted that she would die at the age of 27. How can someone even think something like that? Even say it in an interview? Very weird. Good article. RIP Amy.

  5. She had been on drug's and intoxicated for many years and never had anything overly serious happen to her, yet when she was trying to stop this happened? It just doesn't add up.

    • Actually, that does add up. You can have a drug habit for many years (provided you don't O.D.!) and even hold down a good job such as a lawyer or something the whole time. Its when the drugs are taken away that problems start to occur.

    • When a heroin user adopts a habit, his tolerance for the drug rises so that he requires more of the drug to receive the same affect that a lower dose would give him a month prior. If this person quits the drug and perseveres through withdrawal into sobriety, his tolerance will drop. He then relapses, using a dose equal to the previous, which is greater than his first dose. If this large dose at low tolerance is high enough, the man can easily overdose.

      Not saying that this is what happened. This is obviously an occult elite sacrifice.

  6. Every time I hear a precious child say, "when I grow up I want to be famous!" it makes me what to throw up!!! God please open your childrens eyes!!!

  7. It's truly sickening how they are disposing of these celebrities lives as they please, worringly, where does it end?

  8. Thank you VC so much for answering my question and writing this article. I simply KNEW that this whole thing with club 27 and Amy Winehouse cannot be a coincidence. Keep doing the great work, you're the best.

  9. 2againstthemachine on

    me and my fiance come to this site all the time,but this is the first post,we were waiting for this. we immediately thought about her rehab song when we heard about her death.hmm rehab another name for some more programming maybe? its very sad. keep up the good work vc!

    • Somewhere on this site, VC refers to rehab/jail as reprogramming for the celebs (Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton – Pseudo Occult Media has a really interesting article on the Hilton family). I watched the Rehab video with new eyes after reading articles here and elsewhere. I wouldn't want to go to rehab either knowing that it's all about ritual abuse!! No, no, no! My heart sank watching the video, she looked so empty.

      Ok, this is way off topic (sorry VC)…this would be in regards to the movie section…the Graduate. Mrs. Robinson is shown always wearing animal print. Clever style choice by the costume department. Just one of many movies that has esoteric meaning, I guess.

      Thanks for the article!

  10. I can't help but think about Joss Stone. A few months ago, two men were who were plotting to kidnap, and I think murder her, were arrested. Very odd.

  11. I KNEW.

    Thanks VC, I was waiting for your insight on this too. And I agree with you, Amy didn't fit in. So sad. And now, seing Dionne doing the one eye thing… it's so disgusting!

    • BRAVO lds I actually didn't even think of that until I read ur comment but it most certainly could be a sacrifice for dionne to progress!!!!

      Jay-z's sacrifice was his nephew

      Kanye's sacrifice was his mother

      Damon Dash's sacrifice was Aaliyah (RIP!)

      Nicki Minaj's sacrifice was her cousin

      Jennifer Hudson's sacrifice was her mother, brother and nephew

      What kind of sick world do we live in!!!

      Also the screaming and drum beating sounds creeped me out, i just don't get how these deaths/sacrifices take place, like what goes on??

      I guess that's a silly q cos it's prob too disturbing for anyone to know…but who knows…

      Well Done VC u never disappoint WOOP WOOP

      • Not every death in a celebrity's family HAS to be a sacrifice.

        Let me see if I get you: The reason they supposedly sacrifice their family, is so that they can have instant international fame and power and blablabla right ?

        Not every artist you just named fits that category.

        I have never heard of Damon Dash and Jennifer Hudson didn't get popular in my country after the tragic death of her family members. The only song of hers that was a LITTLE bit popular was 'Spotlight'. And before that we saw her in 'Dream Girls'.

        If it was a sacrifice she would be ALL OVER THE PLACE !

        Which is the case here with Beyonce, Rihanna and Lady GaGa (I should mention that no one here likes her anymore ! 😀 )

        My point is that you should watch what you say.. I would feel horrible if I had lost my mother and was blamed for her murder, just because I'm famous.

        Sometimes a tragedy is just a tragedy.


      • Very true dddd i totally agree with ur comment but even though it's not definite that the deaths were sacrifices it's still possible!!!

        People sell their soul to get into this inudstry and if they're stupid enough to do that then who knows…even if a career as a famous music artist is all u've ever wanted to be you still have a choice not to sell your own soul to become one so u've really only urself to blame if things get ugly! Also, people can still have successful music careers without getting famous and if those people that do sell their soul are sick enough to do that, who knows what else they'll do for money, fame and power!

      • @Sally

        You're right. When it comes to fame and fortune A LOT of people would do just about anything.

        The thing is that unless we get a picture of cetain celebrities kneeling in front of a Baphomet-idol, we will never REALLY know.

        It's obvious with some of them, but others….. not so much if you ask me.

        And I don't know why, but I always get kinda defensive when people mention Jennifer Hudson. I don't think she has done anything to deserve to be under suspicion :(

        (You're not the only one that mentioned her family, by the way)

        I saw a documentary once: 'The Wicked Music Industry'

        I never knew that the Jackson brothers got paid from the sales of MJ's post-death records. I thought everything went to his kids ! The narrator said that they (Everyone except his Mother and Latoya, who don't get anything) sacrificed him. But who would have thought, right ?

        I guess these sacrifices come in all shapes and sizes :(

      • Yeh to be honest I never really know what to believe ever since i started reading everything on vigilant citizen.

        Even on the news there's a lot of bullshit said to make us believe certain things through mass media mind control so who knows whos actually telling the truth…

        I hate to be so negative but this is reality X

  12. This is a very good article but im so supious of the night of her death the beating drums the howlin and screams they tourtured her

    • Perhaps it was her howling when she realized that the devil had come to collect his due and she was thier next sacrificial victim. So sad.

  13. Death comes whenever it feels like coming. However, the 27 club is a very strange circumstance that may not be fully understood.

  14. In the article when they said the neighbors hears drum beating i almost started crying! It's really sad how many souls were so famous hungry that they became apart of something they didn't know! – Miley Cyrus Can't Be Tamed.

    I hope that God will save Demi Lovato's soul because I love her but truthfully it seems like she could be next. When she was in rehab she found out she was bipolar. Meaning going from emotion to emotion or personality to personality. I also pray for Brittany Spears most defnitley

    • I don't think they're gonna get Demi. At least I hope not…Earlier this year she Tweeted that she got saved, and a few weeks later she Tweeted something along the lines of how she was "disgusted because this industry is evil and to trust no one". But I checked again to see the post, but it got deleted! :O

      • Demi isn't really mind controlled. In fact, I think she broke free from the Disney Programming. The whole "rehab" thing was just like an immediate overflow of pressure Disney has been giving her. She's saved. She's not under Disney no more. but she is definitely saved, she even got a cross tattoo and a feather tattoo on the back of her ear. (I am guessing that it symbolises the connection between God and her as well… angelic)

  15. I wonder if Gaga will go the same way. She's 25 right now, isn't she? I remember reading an news article a while ago where Gaga said she was frightened of people killing her. She even has a bodyguard in her room while she sleeps.

    • wearestardust on

      I think she is their Darling. They had their sights on Brittany and Christina but seems like they haven't performed up to snuff.

      No worries for her demise anytime soon. She's doing everything they ask of her and more.

      • I just wanted to add my thoughts on celebrities being sacrificed. If they are performing up to the expectations of those in power, then yes they will be sacrificed. The sacrificial rituals are not based solely on the artist, but on the intended effect the ritual will have on it's particular audience. Hope this piece of info helps clarify the sacrifice/ritual element for you. Be Vigilant.

  16. Great Job VC. theres one thing that just struck me now. You say that theres ususally some media hype just before they are thrown off the freedom train. I just remembered : a few days before the announce of her death, her official site was hacked and had to be taken down. This generatrd a lot of hype and was all over facebook. How apt.

  17. Remember Kurt Cobain? Just had a baby girl, portrayed as a junkie with an insane wife in the media before his death? And then he took a heroin overdose so high he should have died instantly bit was able to pick up the shotgun?

    Jim Morrison died of a herion overdose in a bathtub?!

    Jimi Hendrix's lungs filled with red wine? Maybe he was forced?

    • selfdestroyed on

      Hendrix manager (who worked for the govt – I can't remember the details) admitted to basically drowning him in red wine. There was an insurance policy and he wanted to collect because Jimi was scared of him and was trying to negate their contract. The manager disappeared in a plane crash but his death was never confirmed.

    • Jim Morrison had a heart attack in a bathtub and was drinking heavily. I've never heard of him becoming a heroin addict. Jimi Hendrix choked on his own vomit from taking barbiturates. These are the official stories as I remember them. Of course there could be something different. Where did you hear these things?

  18. I'm not sure why all of this has to be orchestrated by the authorities or "Illuminati" or whatever you want to call them. There are countless stories of rock stars channelling spirits in order to achieve fame. None of that comes without a price. Humans were not made to dwell with demons, we were made to dwell with our Creator, the Lord. When you hand your life and your soul to demons, you are worshipping death. You have turned your back on life. All of the worldly things Amy wanted, she had, and they were death to her.

  19. Don't Shoot ME on

    Listen to Britney Spears "Mona Lisa" it's an unreleased song before her breakdown she predicted everything

    • wearestardust on

      Mona Lisa

      [verse 1]

      Ladies and Gentlemen, I've got a little story to tell

      About Mona Lisa, and how she suddenly fell (huh)

      See everyone knew her, they knew her oh so well

      Now I am taking over, to release her from her spell


      She's the original, she's unforgettable

      She wants you to know (yeah) she's been gone

      It's kind of incredible

      She's so unpredictable (yeah, yeah)

      She wants you to know (yeah) cuz she's been gone, cuz she's been gone, cuz she's been gone

      [verse 2]

      She was taken under, drowning in her seat (huh)

      Running like an angel, she was crying and she could not see (oh no!)

      Now see everyone's watching, as she starts to fall

      They want her to break down

      There will be a legend of her fall…

      [repeat chorus]

      [verse 3]

      Now Ladies does that make you cry? (huh)

      Mona Lisa's got to fly

      Nobody really does

      Everyone, may we have a moment of silence? Right Here.

  20. This will be one of the only times that I will disagree with VC. There are very few people who can say that they created a "classic" anything. Back to Black was, written, beautifully performed, and expertly arranged by a 24 YEAR OLD. Her second album and it was an instant classic. She is as prolific as any other sad sacrifice in “the club”.


    I've been researching a lot of stuff stemming from info posted on the VC message boards. All of you on here who have not visited please take a look around:

    Aside from the "mega ritual" , which this surely was, no one has discussed the real tragedy; the public and our inability to show compassion for other human souls.

    In several occultist /luciferian writings it explains how these people harness the negative energy and sadness that these "accidents" produce. But what we importantly can’t overlook, is the negativity that these people produce AGAINST these artist (artist , having special spirits are incredibly sensitive souls , viciously and pointlessly attacking them is to whose benefit?) .

    I knew Amy was a special soul , when after mustering the control to magnificently perform at the Grammys- via satellite because she was not well enough to travel – head hung low, feeling worthless from our continuous harassment, she was so surprised that she had won she started crying. I cried for her too.

    I read somewhere, that as I child she was kicked out of school because she could not stop singing in class. Can you imagine what must have been bursting from a being like that?

    And what did we do? We laughed at her eyeliner. We mocked her hair. We giggled at her missing tooth and indulged in her lowest moments on youtube.

    Her last public show, instead of cheering her return and showing her the LOVE she so desperately needed, we bought tickets and booed her because she stumbled over her words.

    Love conquers all! Do not blame the illuminati for her death. Blame yourselves. And anyone who says that “oh well she had it coming” you are the biggest most valuable pawn of them all.

    • I understand you, I've always admired her and fel her pain with all that shameful gigles and boos… these things kill a gentle soul but you know, things exist…

      • point the finger? I posted a comment on being compassionate to human beings and you specifically responded with " *shrug* things happen* " .

        Um…..did you think I was joking about the charge to hold others responsible for each other?

    • That's the thing! I made my comment about her pain and how much I admired her. When I stated "things exist" I was only trying to say that occult things happen all the time — and this is my humble opinion. I believe in things and in no way I'll be rude to anyone just because different beliefs. I do know Amy's pain, I saw this happening and I really admired her.

      I'm not trying to blame a "secret society" at all, just trying to say this kind of things do exist.

      I think you just have to calm down a while a try to interpretate other's words.

    • I cried for her too when she won that Grammy award, that was my girl. Still can't believe she's gone. Those noises overheard by her neighbor scare the heck out of me, immediately gave my stomach a turn…don't even want to think about the gross things that were inflicted on her. Hostel movies come to mind, ugh =(

    • Sleepless in DC on

      FemalePharoe you are very wise in deed. It just goes to show that even amongst truth seekers, many are called, but few are chosen. You overstand whats going on in a deeper way than a lot of people. Good luck to you as you continue to seek the truth.

    • i wouldn't blame amy winehouse's death solely on the public. amy was sacrificed by whatever evil powers they are who also control the media and basically forced an opinion on the public about amy and the public just went along with it (speaking from an amy winehouse fan for years before she garned the crazy media attention). this is why it's important for the public to form opinions of their own, listen to her albums and hear her story, if the public did this they would understand amy and give her the positive attention she needed. you shouldn't say blame yourselves, not everyone just saw amy as a crackhead drug addict or made fun of her style, i always knew she would win the battles against her addiction and depression and i actually thought her style was cool. breaking news-no illegal drugs found in amy's system. hopefully people stop making the jokes and amy can finally rest in peace <3

      • i liked your argument and some of your points, yes love does conquer all, but to put all the blame on the public for amy's death makes your argument weak.

      • It's in relation to the "joke at the water cooler" saying.

        Even if you (in general) did not actively participate, sitting by and watching is of the same mind.

        The opposite of love is not hate, it is apathy.

        And if this did not apply to you, Simply, then it did not apply.

    • I find it odd that her parent's aren't looking to deeply into her death! There were no drugs involved.. She wasn't detoxing as alcohol was found in her system (not enough to kill her). And the autopsy showed no cause of death!!! So WTF?!?!

    • Perhaps when Amy couldn't perform a few times because of being too drunk and after all her drug history, her management realized she would be worth a lot more money dead than alive. And of course, her music sold a lot more when she died. Kurt Cobain wanted to quit the music industry, but he never got the chance and became worth more dead than alive. And LaToya Jackson is convinced Michael Jackson was killed for the same reason. It wouldn't surprise me in any of these cases that they were all either killed or silenced somehow.

  21. I know that Amy is proud of you and others that have spoken out about her death. I knew that as soon as I heard the circumstances (especially the howling and drum kits) something wasn't right. And supposedly she went out and bought several drugs including cocaine and ketamine, and yet none of these things were found in her system. Amy never hurt anyone and her spirit was soooo bright. I know i'm speaking as if I knew her personally but she was just that special and that talented. It's hard to understand why they think they have the right to take another life from this earth but they will be brought to justice greater than anything we could ever think of. RIP Amy.

  22. TheTruthWillSetYouFr on

    Great article, thanks VC. I just knew you'd do a number on this!

    Just commenting on one of your questions in your conclusion where you pointedly ask, "is it possible that ACTUAL occult rituals are being carried out?” Rhetorical question…

    Thanks to this website and Secret Arcana, we are enlightened regarding the meaning of the esoterical world we live in, such as occult rituals, which have existed for thousands of years and are typically covert. However, it seems that these rituals are becoming more & more esoterically overt. For example, it is very strange that notable people in entertainment have died at the age of 27 in usual, unexplained circumstances. In addition, I question why is it necessary for this group, 27 Club, to exist anyway and what's up with that poster? Hugely symbolic! Secret societies have always been worshipping gods & idols and make ritual sacrifices to fulfil their own selfish desires. Most importantly, POWER – as an aphrodisiac – is their ultimate motivation. So where does their power come from?

    Well, according to the Bible, shortly before Jesus Christ was impaled he said, "The RULER OF THE WORLD is coming.” – John 14:30. (NWT)

    In harmony with other scriptures this “ruler of the world” must be “the wicked one,” Satan the Devil, in whose POWER “the WHOLE WORLD is lying,” as stated at 1 John 5:19 (NWT). So how powerful a figure is Satan in today's world?

    When endeavouring to tempt Jesus Christ, the Devil “brought him up and showed him all the kingdoms of the inhabited earth in an instant of time; and the Devil said to him: ‘I WILL GIVE YOU ALL THIS AUTHORITY AND THE GLORY OF THEM, because it has been delivered to me, and to WHOMEVER I WISH TO GIVE IT. You, therefore, IF YOU DO AN ACT OF WORSHIP BEFORE ME, IT WILL ALL BE YOURS.’” – Luke 4:5-7. (NWT)

    Revelation 13:1, 2 reveals that Satan gives ‘POWER, throne and great authority’ to the global political system of rulership. Daniel 10:13, 20 discloses that Satan has had demonic princes over principal kingdoms of the earth. Ephesians 6:12 refers to these as constituting ‘governments, authorities, world rulers of this darkness, wicked spirit forces in heavenly places.’ (NWT)

    No wonder that 1 John 5:19 says: “The whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one.” But his power is only for a limited period of time and is only by the toleration of Jehovah, the personal name of God Almighty (Psalm 83:18; 2 Peter 3:9; Rev. 20:1-3; Rev. 20:10). (NWT)

    Respectfully submitted – "TheTruthWillSetYouFree" – John 8:23

    • Really?

      If you are so enlightened you would have realised that

      "The truth shall set you free"

      is the new

      Arbeit Macht Frei – 'Work shall set you free'

      The sign above the entrance gate to Auschwitz.

      You still have a lot of studying to do.

      As do we all

    • iloveGodsWORD on

      After reading the Wikipedia article on Amy and listening to her lyric about Mr. Hathaway… I asked the Lord to give me scriptures about this… and Acts 12:21-23 show how important it is to correct people if they refer to a human as a god…we would die if we do not immediately correct them and Give God the glory….furthermore, the days will come as they were in Bible days that we will be slaughtered or martyred for not bowing to idols (islam) and for refusing to sacrifice to idols….because as followers of Christ Jesus our sacrifice is praise and worship to God and not fulfilling those carnal desires of ourselves or of others.

  23. The Illuminati is really big on astrology. Maybe they're killing them at age 27 so they'll never experience Saturn's Return. For those who aren't familiar with this stuff, Saturn's Return is an event that occurs shortly before or around the age of 30, and a few times thereafter throughout the course of a person's lifetime. Its thought of as sort of like a spiritual wake-up call for people who aren't following their proper path. If you aren't on the right track with your life, Saturn's Return bitchslaps you into submission and forces you to see the light by fucking up your fucked up lifestyle. It would make sense to kill stars before this age, just as it makes sense that Monarch slaves would "break down" at about this age. The Illuminati infamously plans their bullshit rituals and schemes around astrology windows.

      • Also at around 30, our prefrontal cortex reaches its full development. This is when lots of people make life-changing decisions etc. Sorry to get all biological hehe, just thought it's another favorable argument :)

        Btw… anyone remember the movie "The Crow" and how Bruce Lee's son was shot on set? (Talking from memory here, i think it was him). Do some research on that movie. Lots of symbolic stuff going on. Now they wanna make a remake this year? :/

      • Spanish Girl,

        I agree, Brandon Lee was made to seem like a vigilant christ type in that movie. And died at age 28, his dad died at 32. Was wondering if you could point out the symbolism you saw in the movie?

      • This is taken from a book on Ancient Egyptian Numerology:

        1 = unity, the One (all the other code-numbers are direct functions of this basic unity– a fact of considerable symbolic aptness.)

        2 = production, generation, productive

        3 = perfect, utter, complete

        π = eternity, the eternal, the Divine, the spiritual ("Circle")

        4 = physical, terrestrial ("Square")

        5 = Initiation, an initiate or Messianic leader; the great Initiate (when accompanied by the measurements 33.5–q.v.)

        6 = preparation; and thus, spiritually, incompleteness or imperfection

        7 = eternal or spiritual perfection

        8 = rebirth

        9 = utter perfection (3×3)

        10 = eternity, a millennium, a Messianic age

        11 = physical reality, realization, achievement

        12 = all men, mankind, true man

        19 =death, mortality

        25 = the Great Initiate or One-who-is-to-come, the Messianic ideal (5×5)

        99 = culmination

        100 = ultimate reward or retribution

        153 = the enlightened, enlightenment

        1,000 = 25 10

      • Also, I love biology and science just as much as I love esoterica. I did not know that was the age when that part of the brain matured, but it too makes sense. Everything is connected in this world. Reality itself is functionally holographic. It's the perfect example of a synchronicity that science and arcana should mirror one another.

    • You are so right. I am witnessing my Saturn period right now sort of speak.

      Everyone pretty much has 9 year life cycles, and at the end of those 9 years life cycles is a new beginning and a new way to look back at your life and see how far you have come.

      The end of the third 9 year life cycle is probably what you call Saturn's return, and it is there that Saturn enters your astrology house and makes you take a really hard look at your life and what you accomplished, and if you are ready to move onto the next phase. It probably also what we call a mid-life crisis.

      |Mind-control usually begin to start going haywire by the time this third life-cycle starts to end, and they either have to be reprogrammed. or they are deemed useless because have become too unstable to be controlled, or too rebellious and aware of the technique that they are a danger to themselves and the handlers, as is the case with Amy Whinehouse (who would give her the last name Whinehouse, if not for someone who knew how she was going to die?) .

    • perhaps so they can let the celebretie,s incarnate over and over again in these shitty situation.

      For I know that the bloodlines do incarnate over and over again in the same .

      see" lady die"

      • Reincarnation takes place outside the influence of earthly groups. Nobody has to reincarnate anywhere they don't want to be. It's a meticulous selection of one's entire potential lifetime. If they Illuminati think they can control reincarnation, they're wrong. Murdering somebody just makes it so their death is unnatural and traumatizing. If anything, that means somebody won't reincarnate until they've undergone healing. It's not just despicable, it's completely retarded.

  24. 1). I'm just thinking outloud, but I wonder if Charlie Sheen's breakdown and other such older celebrity breakdowns could be a result of such environmental and cognitive stimulated stress. I also wonder if such breakdowns are used to smooth over or misdirect questions involving the 27 club. In a sense, it would make sense that some breakdowns are meant to misdirect public questioning adding credence to the official story. Charlie Sheen's breakdown appears to have occurred around early March, and Amy Winehouse dies in July. Interestingly according to the immortalization aspect, when Charlie Sheen's career conclusively collapses (which likely already occurred), he'll become a has-been, and Amy Winehouse becomes immortalized by dying young.

    Hm… Food for thought would be the celebrities who are within a few years of 27 years old. Such as Lindsey Lohan turns 27 in roughly 2 years also in July.

    Based on somethings I've read elsewhere, there are specific dates within occult meaning that I hope VC could either do an article or point me and others to the article; it could prove beneficial to the issue. My gut tells me if what I read is true, and this is a ritual sacrifice there should be more to it.

    As for the article, this was nicely done VC. It is certainly fits into slogan at the time about symbolism rules the world, which I've heard elsehwere and words are merely symbolism in and of itself.

  25. i just get sad reading the effects and symptoms of MK ultra and what not… I think it is now easy to pin point who might be next. I think Kelly Clarkson was hinting to those who understand the deeper level of things that her death was more then just a coincidence

      • I think the poster has read the article, and is just wondering if there are other comments by Kelly out there. Hopefully, as more discussion takes place in the pubic domain, celebrities will have courage to come forward and blow this all open.

    • She hasn't made any other comments about Winehouse's death other than that tweet/Facebook post that VC posted. However, when she and her label were having a public battle over the release of her album My December, she said this this regarding her appearance on Idol Gives Back (their charity fundraiser) in 2007:

      "My label wanted me to sing 'Never Again,' and I was like, to promote yourself on a charity event is beyond crass. People are starving and dying and I'm up there singing some bitter pop song? And believe me, everyone wanted me to sing it. Because they are jaded and they have no soul. Imagine sitting in a room full of people totally against you. Can't they hear themselves speaking? Capitalize on AIDS? Are you kidding? Insulting an entire nation of people? I just refused."

      Instead of singing her lead single as they were pushing her to do, she sang a cover of Patty Griffin's "Up to the Mountain."

  26. I wasn't particularly a fan of Amy's music as it ain't my type, but I appreciate her talent. However you look at it, she died young which is tragic and sad on it's own. Despite all that, I just think most of this lot are knobheads, and that includes personal favourites of mine like snow patrol and kings of leon. Youngsters should be careful who they put on pedestals as most of these artists are far from perfect and more importantly refrain from hating others and wishing them harm.

    • sorry for saying it like this, but these masons or devil-worshippers or both- are in a sense killing 2 birds with one stone bec they are also creating these legends out of the puppets so people continue to worship them indefinitely, ie the 27 club..

      • Si, la Internet and especialmente "Vigilant Citizen" es lugar excellente para personas que quieren vidas significantes and no solo de el dimension material. Que Dios es con nosotros 24/7 durante este tiempo que "tries men's and women's almas"… (Forgive my weak Spanish). Muchas gracias and blessings.

  27. wow!! I just came to the site yesterday after not logging on in about a month or so, and I was looking for something on Amy and here it is!!! Also about a month before Amy died, at the radio station I work for we got a record on her artist "Broomfield" and I was researching her online and saw that very video and picked up on the same clues!!

    I havent even read this article yet, but I already know its going to be on point.


  28. When VC was talking about the neighbours hearing drumming and weird howling, I thought of the article that VC did about the movie "Rosmary's Baby" when the devil rapes her…scary stuff

  29. I might be getting ahead of myself here but maybe Amy was a sacrifice for her Goddaughter's (Dionne Bromfield) initiation into the music industry, whether it was be her free will or not..!? Just a thought though!!

    It's beyond a doubt there's only about three main ways you enter the entertainment industry and claim celebrity status in a world ruled by the Prince of the Power of the Air;

    1. via mind-control.

    2. via an occult secret society or your recruited/initiated straight after your appearance on the scene once you bring something to the table.

    3. Or you have something the elite can benefit from so you're used/controlled/blackmailed to promote their ideas… but the chances are they'll try recruit you anyway.

    I think Amy came under the latter; a great talent, once well established, attempted to be used to promote an elite esoteric agenda but she was either awkward to control or refused to follow… hence her quote "one of them tried to mold me into a big triangle shape, and I went no". If she spoke out people would've listened, especially if she dropped the drugs and alcohol and started warning people about the industry. I could now come full circle and go against my first statement.. maybe she disagreed with her Goddaughters entry into the industry and tried to get her out..!? What do you think..?

    • @William

      It’s beyond a doubt there’s only about three main ways you enter the entertainment industry and claim celebrity status in a world ruled by the Prince of the Power of the Air;

      1. via mind-control.

      What about TALENT??

      2. via an occult secret society or your recruited/initiated straight after your appearance on the scene once you bring something to the table.

      What about MUSICIAN'S UNION, and AFTRA??

      3. Or you have something the elite can benefit from so you’re used/controlled/blackmailed to promote their ideas… but the chances are they’ll try recruit you anyway.

      What about TALENT and PRODUCT (songs, etc.)??

      Most successful people in the entertainment industry are just like everyone else except they have more talent than the average individual.

      Jim Morrison was well known for his drug use and his drug of choice was alcohol. He made the mistake of combining them.

      Jimi Hendrix also was well known for his excessive drug use.

      Janice Joplin was known for her heroin use and her love of Southern Comfort.

      Brian Jones was murdered by someone that he had psychologically abused for years and that person finally had enough and killed him. He confessed to this on his death bed.

      Kurt Cobain was well known for his drug use.

      The list can go on and on but most of the others just happened to die at an age other than 27. The age of 27 is just a coincidence.

  30. A prophetic 2008 sculpture of Amy Winehouse called "The Only Good Rock Star is a Dead Rock Star". It depicts Amy Winehouse shot in the head and laying on the floor lifeless. Next to her is creepy Minnie Mouse mask, which, as stated in several other articles, can represent Illuminati mind control (although the sculptor claimed that the masked referred to the infamous video of Winehouse playing with baby mice).

    This is not a coincidence, and honestly, this should be enough. It's hard to truly love others if you don't love yourself. We have to wake up, folks. Do not tie your self worth into material things. Pray to God and talk with The Most High – Meditate and listen. Make sure the reception is clear because it's going down. Hold your head high, these things have to happen. I am all over the place – that photo is disgusting. RIP Amy – Break on through to the other side.

  31. This is a great article, thank you so much. I'm curious about this sentence: "Is the wave of shock and grief surrounding these events harnessed in some way by high-powered occultists?" This is something I've been wondering about lately. Does the Illuminati "harness" feelings, thoughts, emotions? And if so, why?? My husband has been watching all of the original Star Trek's lately on netflix, and the very first pilot episode (which was actually a movie) called "The Cage" is separate from the rest of the series with a slightly different cast. Anyway, it's about the Enterprise landing on a planet and the inhabitants of this planet have long since moved underground and feed off of and are able to survive by the feeding off of emotions being played out by humans above ground…or someting like that. I hope I'm remembering it correctly. Anyway, that just made me think of the Illuminati. Are they doing this kind of?? It's so weird. I definitely try to distance myself when major media events occur and really step back and see how others are acting. When the Casey Anthony verdict was read, there was so much HATE emanating from people who thought she was guilty, and I thought of this Start Trek episode. Same with Amy Winehouse's death, although most people were "so sad" that she died, so were having feelings of sadness, etc.

    • I'm more interested in How would they harness these emotions?

      I suppose bad emotions are fuel for them. It's amazing how the TV feeds the elite, case in point the casey trial, seems to be a lot of people out there looking for a witch hunt and a guillotine .

      • I saw on a science show that this could be true. I think it was Through the Wormhole. They were talking about a is the a sixth sense and how these random number generators placed all over the world change from random to not so random when something major happens in the world like 9-11. The changes would happen when human emotions were high all over the world. Also the changes would start to happen hours before an event would happen and they couldn't explain it, like it was predicted or something. Kind of interesting in my opinion.

  32. WakeUpSheeple on

    Somewhere, maybe even on this site, I read that the word "rehab" is code for programming.

    Think about her most famous song "rehab." It's all about how she won't go!

    So is she speaking in code? Refuses to be programmed? Trying to tell us something??


    • Essential Truth on

      hmmm… This would make sense because every time i hear about an Artist going to rehab they usually come out more screwy then before they went in!

    • "Somewhere, maybe even on this site, I read that the word “rehab” is code for programming.

      Think about her most famous song “rehab.” It’s all about how she won’t go!

      So is she speaking in code? Refuses to be programmed? Trying to tell us something??


      This might be getting a bit farfetched but in 'Rehab' she does say:

      "Cause there's nothing

      There's nothing you can teach me

      That I can't learn from Mr Hathaway"

      The verse is probably just about his music but it's interesting to know this:

      "Sessions for a second album of duets were underway in 1979. On January 13 of that year, Hathaway began a recording session at which Eric Mercury and James Mtume were present. Mercury and Mtume each reported that although Hathaway's voice sounded good, he began behaving irrationally, seeming to be paranoid and delusional. According to Mtume, Hathaway said that "white people" were trying to kill him and had connected his brain to a machine, for the purpose of stealing his music. Given Hathaway's behavior, Mercury said that he decided the recording session could not continue, so he aborted it and all of the musicians went home.

      Hours later, Hathaway was found dead on the sidewalk below the window of his 15th-floor room in New York's Essex House hotel.[6] The glass had been neatly removed from the window and there were no signs of struggle, leading investigators to rule Hathaway's death a suicide. His friends were mystified, considering that his career had just started to pick up again, and Flack was devastated. Spurred by his death, she included the few duet tracks they had finished on her next album, Roberta Flack Featuring Donny Hathaway.

      Hathaway's funeral was conducted by the Reverend Jesse Jackson."

      I found it interesting anyway 😛

      • Oh and reading even further into what is most likely meant to mean something different, in 'Rehab':

        "He said 'I just think you're depressed,

        this me, yeah baby, and the rest'"

        What does this line mean? To me it doesn't make any sense until I put my 'conspiracy hat' on. Could it be a reference to multi personalities?

    • yeah and jay z had the guest verse in that song!! Well in the remix which II believe was very well known. I first heard the song in like 2003 and I heard the JAYz version frequently before ever hearing the oiriginal. Her very first single n Jay was a part, the king of the pupppets, so strange. the last line of his verse is something like "everytime i try to get out in drags me back in. can you blame me for being a slave to my passion? my heroine flows more lethal than Marilyns nose Ima OD till Im in peace like Anna Nicole"

      his verse also mentions Britney Spears and Whitney H. Strange strange

  33. Adele is definitely next..

    Amy Winehouse said "I think i'm gonna die young"

    Adele said the exact few words recently.

    And we all know how successful Adele has been in America especially with her latest album "21" spending 12 non – consecutive weeks at number one at the American Charts (Billboard). Although Adele hasn't done anything related to "illuminati" such as signs or specific lyrics. Well thats about to change, Kanye West said that hes VERY keen on meeting her and vice versa from Adele, Adele even said that he has a crush on him.

    I guarantee her next album, coming out May 2012 will be very different.

    Leona Lewis, is also going down the same road, she's got a whole new look, although her new single cover (Collide ft Avicii) fails to see anything to do with Illuminati which is good.

    Jessie J has fallen into the hands of Illuminati and their Occult industry without even knowing it.

    And this MTV Tribute to Britney Spears coming up this VMA's…. please don't get me started on that.. Madonna, Katy Perry and all are gonna be their. Checkboard floors , Huge pyramid, One Eye, you name it.

    The World is blind.

  34. i loved amy winehouse and really wanted her to get herself together. her voice was beautiful and really moved me… r.i.p. amy.

  35. wearestardust on

    When someone's personality drastically changes, per near overnight, then something has happened to them. Note outgoing, happy kids who suddenly become withdrawn, sullen, turning to drugs to suppress rape and molestation.

    The Mickey Mouse pic is very telling to me. Also, there is one of her with an Owl (Google Amy Winehouse with Owl in images). I think 'they' told her how it was going to be and she resisted. Britney Spears was sent to 'rehab' after her 'breakdown' and was out days later all miraculously put back together. Her Mum was wearing a Mickey Mouse t-shirt when visiting her!

    Britney flashed a satanic hand signal to paparazzi signaling her return to the fold. This pic was on tmz but I can not locate it now. She's walking down the sidewalk holding a coffee, smiling.

    Rehab is where they put you on psychotropic drugs and conduct mind control re/programming to get you 'back on track'. Perhaps there's more to Amy resisting 'Rehab' than we know.

    Such a tragedy but I think there's more to this. There also needs to be some digging on her ex husband Blake Fielder-civil and see who is really connected to.

    She also covered herself with tats pretty quickly and was cremated. Both forbidden in the Jewish religion.

    A couple youtube videos you may find interesting:

    1. Amy Winehouse Before and After Drugs

    2. Amy Winehouse – Grammy 'Rehab' see satanic hand signal at 1:56

    I believe she was resisting her handlers and they had had enough, using her to usher in some important Occult date with her sacrifice, perhaps along with the Norway shooter.

    Let's also not forget Mickey Mouse Club recruits: Britney, Christina, Timberlake, the list goes on. The Pedo Pit that is Hollywood is beyond comprehension but with continued exposure it will fall.

    • Good question – I wonder that myself (about knowing they are going to die young). Perhaps this is why they party so hard and 'live so fast.' That, or "Live Fast Die Young" a cliche that, when repeated enough, becomes a powerful self-fulfilling prophecy. I'm a firm believer in self-fulfilling prophecies, but more and more, thanks to sites like VC, I am realizing that such prophecies may have some additional "assistance."

      • Both Jimi Hendrix's and Jim Morrison's (The Doors) music contain lyrics about death. Hendrix: "If Six Was Nine", "Voodoo Child", "Angel". Morrison: "The End", "When the Music's Over", "Five to One" and "Riders on the Storm".

    • I always chuckle when Jim isn't mentioned when describing club 27. Some of his lyrics are the most dark and telling.

  36. I was completely unaware of Amy Winehouse or her sound until a friend used her name as a nickname for me (don't usually do media or onfotainment). Then a few days before her death, I found myself tuned into an interview with Tony Bennet on Radio 4; obviously in London promoting his latest CD on which Amy was guesting. The way he spoke of her (in glowing terms) intrigued me – it sounded more like a eulogy than a candid account of what little I knew of the woman. Bennet certainly sounded as if he felt close to Winehouse. Maybe a little too close ….. because then the news came. I'm sure it's done wonders for his sales.

  37. does anyone think maybe that 27 is just the age where your body is like "yo stop doing so many drugs or i'm gonna STOP WORKING"

  38. "People come into the town with their dreams and get chewed up alive and those who make it get chewed up alive anyway," Jeff told

    Brittany Murphy's brother

  39. Love this article Vc. I appreciate the compassion you show for these artists. Many people just blame these musicians and actors for their downfall and early demise and state they could not handle the success but this site has opened my eyes to what's really going on. I also read someone comment a while ago that Amy's song rehab could have been code for programming. I thought that was very interesting as she proved herself to be very anti-fame. Again I am thankful for your insights on this cruel entity called fame.

  40. No wonder Amy keep it low profile all these while..apparently she refused the system. That's why people like her get killed (unlike lady gaga, christina, katy perry etc..they're too desperate for fame). The satanist is really happy in what they are doing…just wait your "death" time will come soon!

  41. the day before she died, there was a shooting spree in norway.

    the killer's facebook profile showed his strong links to freemasonry and radical ideas. the world media were getting started to heat up with this unusual event, and suddenly, a celebrity, who was going to die for the most obvious reasons, was found dead the very next day. the incident in norway was quickly forgotten with millions of 'r.i.p. amy winehouse' messages over the social media and the internet.

    it was a perfect cover up.

    • Well, at least the incident is FAR from forgotten here in Norway.

      And of course the freemasons of Norway were quick to dismiss the killer's ties (like, "he was only a member for a short time" or "never even heard about this person)

      Interestingly, Anders Breivik claimed to be the "Justiciar Knight Commander" for the so-called "Knights Templar Europe" and was part of a bigger group. Norwegian media seem to be content that there was no "second killer" at Utøya (although a few vitnesses claimed so), and that Breivik was working alone.

      I'm still unsure of this case..

      • It is sure not forgotten in Norway, but the rest of the world hardly talks about it. Or they just dont.

        I read somewhere that if the killer was someone from Al Qaeda or just from any islamic grouo, I am sure Obama would have send help and personal condolences and all.

        But AS SOON AS it was known that the killer was a FREEMASON and a ultra-right-conversative blablabla political "fan" (dont know what word to use here " " ) then schuwwps! he was no big news anymore

        ohhh but then Amy dies few hours after this!!! then everybody focuses on her and Norway??? No more news about Norway anymore.

    • What are you talking about? I still can't open a newspaper without reading about the tragedy in Norway, so it's hardly been covered up by some celebrity death. And Anders Breivik's sick totalitarian fantasies aren't being brushed under the carpet either.

    • Robin Shadowes on

      Does 7/22 mean anything in occult circles? If it was a ritual sacrifice then it must have been very significant considering the high body count. Very creepy.

  42. Since we're onto number significance, I would be interested in more information on the occult meaning of such prominent numbers such as 9/11. 666 etc. I can't really find much legit out there to share with others about numerology…well, not as professional and concise as VC puts it!

    • I'm pretty sure Gaga will release Americano as the a single, and that will be the next chapter of the Paparazzi/Telephone franchise. I also wonder if the beginning of the Judas video was connected to it – Gaga looks like she's fleeing the police while they're all on the motorbikes.

  43. I was watching Extra and was struck when Janice Dickenson specifically blamed "her handlers" and "her managers" for her death!

  44. hi

    Please check this video

    Randy Quaid claim a Hollywood group called “Star Whackers” murdered a number of their celebrity friends, including the late Heath Ledger and David Carradine, whose deaths have been widely accepted as a drug overdose and accidental asphyxiation or suicide, respectively. The Quaids believe they’re next on the hit list. “On a scale from one-to-ten, this is a ten, this is as crazy as it gets,”

    he says the britney and mel gibson they are the next

  45. ahhh there is a list the star's breakdown

    britney spears

    lindsay lohan

    mel gibson

    jonathan rhys meyers

    charlie sheen

  46. "The Only Good Rock Star is a Dead Rock Star" … notice there is an apple by her. What do you think that symbolizes? I doubt it's there for no reason. My guess is its either a reference to Snow white or Adam and Eve.

    • the Apple represents Lucifer. Apple corporation also means that. The temptation in the garden of eden. As for the people asking about whether they can harness and how they harness our emotions as food, look into matthew delooze, he is in my opinion, the leading researcher in this field. He doesnt have a major net presence at the moment but do a search for his name and one ball media, and keep an open mind. Also Robert Monroe during his OBE's learned that earth is a "loosh" farm. Loosh being the energy they feed off of. I wonder whether alien ant farm knew more than they were letting on!

      • I agree with the comment regarding Matthew Delooze, he doesn't shout and bawl like alot of conspiracy people, but he makes a fine point. He has written and lectured alot about how energy is harvested and why certain areas have sacrifices on them as well as alot of other fascinating enlightening stuff. It worth getting hold of his books too. He works exhaustively for information. his website has been inactive for quite a while and no news from him. I do hope he is ok. x

      • Well, The Beatles — Illuminati puppets as well, who also had a homosexual Jew manager named Brian Epstein (Jews run the world, as we already know), who I also believe was most likely murdered (b/c he'd died alone) under the guise of a 'drug overdose' 5 years after Marilyn Monroe in September, the month of (blood) sacrifices — had an apple [a green one, specifically] as the logo for their record company, Apple [or whatever entity it was].

        I also remember Big Red Records from the movie 'The Five Heartbeats' [released 1991]. That time [this story also took place in the '60s, when The Beatles were hot] where they had an apple [a red one, specifically] as the logo. Red represents passion, (unlawful sexual) lust & (ritual blood) sacrifice. I remember the group's poor manager was murdered for business, personal & monetary reasons [the man that had him killed was a greedy bastard who wanted the singing group — albiet The Five Heartbeats —

        Green [along w/ red, blue and yellow] are Masonic colours, and the company logos that bear these colours are:

        -AVG Antivirus software, which partners w/ Microsoft Windows

        -Microsoft Windows [any version, from Windows '95 to the current Windows 7]

        -Google [we ALL know what Google is; on top of the the logo for the e-mail (Gmail or Google Mail) closely resembles the Masonic Apron]

        -Microsoft Office, also from Microsoft in general.

        I've also seen a number of [music] videos — full of symbolism these days, anyhow — w/ these colours, like:

        -The Foo Fighters 'Loose' [2010-11]

        -Panic At The Disco's 'Nine In The Afternoon' [2008]

        -Lil' Kim's (feat. Lil' Caese) 'Crush On You' [1997]

        -Hanson's 'Give A Little' [there are only three members bearing the colours red, yellow and blue, but if they had a 4th member the colour would undoubtedly be GREEN].

  47. Hey I have a question, one time I was reading rihannas twitter page and she tweeted, why shoulf I be scared if yewah is by my side and yahweh is jehova, so why would she say that if she wirships satan?

    • Satan preys on the naive..

      I'm sure it's to cause confusion. Just like Bey claiming she's Christian.

      Confusion is key for satan. It's an attack on the mind. If he can attack your mind, he's got you in a stronghold… – For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Eph 6:12

      • Yes indeed KPK! You are so right! Someone once said that just because you stand in the garage doesnt make you a car, so just because you claim to know Christ and are a follower doesnt make it so. The bible says that you will know the tree by its fruit. We have seen the tree and fruit and baby it aint no peach tree either… Even the enmeny sits in the church.

    • She is MK puppet, delusional, somebody else tweeted from her profile? As You can see number of reasons. God doesn't want his sheep promoting SM..

      • Well thank u, it was just a tought and ill admit I am confused. Not by her tweet but because here we are judging all these people and we dont even know them. Doesnt the lord say for us not to judge just like we would not not like to be judged? I mean I get it all the symbolism but me myself I love the all seeing eyebut not be cz ause of them or satan. Ithink of it as the eye of God, the eye of truththat sees everything, hust like God

      • This is for maari – yes it the Bible does tell us to judge according to how we want to be judged but how you're using it is out of context. We are to judge in a loving merciful graceful way, not in a condeming way, as God will. if we weren't suppose to judge, or discern, others than how would we be able to discern who is a true follower of Christ and who is a fake? Matthew 7:18-20

  48. Why her neighbour didn't even knock the door or in other case didnt call the police??? Something strange really happened that night, something strong and obscure, to a point that her neighbour was spiritually blocked at his home, none step at her house only to knock the door!!???

    There's only one word for that …witchcraft :(

    • Yes, I was reminded of the scene in "Rosemary's Baby" when Rosemary heard chanting and drums from the neighbor room.. witchcraft it is.

      • this also reminds me of a story I heard about Mathew McConaughey getting the police called on him because he was playing the bongos late at night, naked.. chanting for fame??

      • Robin Shadowes on

        Rosemary's Baby was directed by Roman Polanski who was married to Sharon Tate. Dead at 26 not 27 though. But also the movie takes place in the Dakota building, later to be the home of John Lennon & Yoko Ono and where he was eventually killed just outside in 1980. As we all know Charles Manson was heavily influenced by Helter Skelter, although written by Paul McCartney, it still makes it a Beatles song though. Still quite weird and creepy connections nonetheless.

    • Well it's also the way the west is going….Nobody talks to his/her neighbours….this is all a set-up…the concept of being a good neighbour and living communally is not good for the illuminati's agenda I guess….they prefer to separate and take easily apart….United we stand, divided we fall…they are really exploiting our division…

      • United we stand, divided we fall…they are really exploiting our division.

        You have say´d the heart of the matter. That it´s the reason that they are too confident. That will be the reason that millions of people will fall against the 1% or less of the population. And that will be the reason that the future for the remain humanity will be to serve the elites as programmed slaves for FREE. That´s the truth, ¿or for who other reason will they destroy the finantial sistem that they served too well and replace with another sistem not based in money? GOD save us.

  49. Something went on in that flat and we may never know. Perhaps she was visited by incubus/spirit husband demon who had sex with her and took her away. (Incubus, is a demon in male form who, according to a number of mythological and legendary traditions, lies upon sleepers, especially women, in order to have intercourse with them.)

    She was also of no use to her handlers anymore and it was time for her to go. They will make shedloads of money from her death via music sales. Her father will also benefit. I have never trusted Mitch.

    • I think it's time to do an article on Incubus. Lead singer is a sex symbol for nearly all women into alternative rock, the guy has a pyramid and and all seeing eye in it, and I've seen a pic of him doing the 666 symbol over his eye…the bands called INCUBUS-go figure.

  50. Enough is enough. Thanks to vc we have an idea of how these people work yet we sit back and do nothing waiting for the next star to be sacrificed then we say I knew it. Let's stop them let's put out heads together and know who they will sacrifice next then we can cry out before it happens that way we can throw a spanner in their big evil wheel. They don't change their methods its so freaking predictable.

  51. I've been a reader for this site for quite some time, and I find the articles here highly entertaining [comments even more so], but what I don't understand still, is WHY they throw so many obvious hints, why there is apparently everything in the obvious symbols that been decoded for so long time…. Perhaps this is just but a curtain to keep us entertained, to think we found and understood the real conspiracy and plot, while the true conspiracy, true actions and goals are being held where no one thinks they are.

    • I think that they show us all the answers in our face so that at the end of time, the devil will say "hey I told them I was evil and they still chose to follow me, ha ha". He loves to poke fun at the followers of Christ and it thrills him even more that he can lure us into his trap by actually telling us his nasty truth so nasty that we a human seem to think that it is a joke. Read this : Gen. 3:1, "Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made". Okay if the Lord is saying that he is the MORE subtil then why is it so hard for us to believe it. Just my thoughts…

    • No that,s a mistake you make.The symbols always have been in the open just pay attention.

      The sacret knowledge is always been hidden for mankind.

  52. come on…to suggest this was some sort of sacrifice is rediculous…she was a drug addict! This death was inevitable…anyone could have seen this coming….peace.

  53. Kelly Clarkson saying this…

    "I keep asking myself why some of us are spared and the others are made examples."

    from the rest of the message it seems like she's trying to say that AW's death is part of gods will. Those who know should be able to see past this curtain.

    Isn't kelly clarkson a child of the machine as well? (american idol winner?) so she'd know what she's on about and in the message is using god as a patsy to mask the truth and protect herself about what she really means from those who control.

  54. Yes, yes the 27 club, however some say that her death had a lot to do with being attacked

    by a rival using hoodoo! To get back at her for once taking her band? I am not sure of any of this

    however i have a vast knowledge of these things, call me a worldly student in the occult! I watch and see

    and yes it seems, mind control is running amaok! Today's music is getting more across to our youth than we are! My questions is what are they being programed for??

    • Well, the answer is simple…

      Since these people [the Elite, Invisible Government, which has all the power & money of the world w/ so few people at the top manipulating (or puppeteering, sp?) everyone below them (or Pyramid Scheme), Illuminati, or whatever you wanna call it] are doing Satan's will & bidding. Moreover they're pushing for the NWO/totalitarian government and martial law, too.

      On top of that they're conditioning people's minds to accept the Antichrist who will [according to the Bible] force everyone to take the Mark of the Beast — w/o it they won't be able to do ANYTHING that normal, free everyday citizens do, stuff that we take for granted, like to buy &/or sell anything you can think of. There won't be any cash, so it'll be easy for the Antichrist & the World Government to control ALL commerce, as well as individuals' whereabouts.

      And if ANYONE takes the Mark of the Beast their soul will be sealed/doomed to the Lake of Fire forever, where Satan [and the angels who took their allegiance w/ him in the beginning when he mutinied/rebelled against God Almighty, NEVER to to be saved again] will be eternity. There will be NO hope for repentance once this is done.

      You see, Satan/The Devil/Lucifer HATES God [as well as mankind] w/ a passion — b/c he knows he & his angels have BLOWN it w/ God for GOOD — so his goal [at the end of the day, when it's all said and done] is to take as many people to the Lake of Fire w/ him as he possibly can to suffer with him. All hope is gone [and he was defeated when Jesus died upon the cross] and he has nothing to lose, after all.

    • The song is by The Band Perry.

      I was analyzing the lyrical content as I made my way home [at twilight] from the store, where I picked up a few groceries. And you're right, the lyrics ARE creepy… not to mention questionable. The song is pretty, but I don't care too much for the lead singer [I don't find her that attractive and think she's as boring as the non-talented (and Illuppet) Taylor Swift], nor the dark lyrics, which are clever, but not a song that's my (one of) my personal favs. I can't help but think the song is about suicide, and that the bigwigs in the industry — w/ ties to the Illuminati are responsible for the popularity of this single.

  55. I see all these people talking about how pathetic the fact that sex controls the world is, but the fact is that few people can escape from it. Even most of the religious people think of Heaven as a place of eternal happiness and pleasure, vision which is nothing more than hedonism itself. So we can divide most of humanity into those that want to make of this life the hedonistic paradise on earth, and those that think Heaven is the place to fulfill their earthly dreams.

    Edward Barneys (nephew of S Freud) knew this when he created the profession of Public Relations, turning first the American society and later on the whole world, into an "ilussion" of democracy, a democracy in which people just try to satisfy their inner selfish desires. I recommend to people the documental "The Century of the Self" as a way to analize what has happened to our world.

    The truth is, that not only the Illluminati weaken the humanity, but the humanity makes the Illuminati stronger with the way they're acting. Sadly, it's an endless loop where only through Love, contemplation, and realization is possible to get out.

    • This is exactly what I am saying. People have asked "why do they make it so obvious" in Lucifierian writings they refer to the "Law of Confusion". Ie. just as God gave us free will to make selfless or selfish choices, they must provide enough information to keep the public confused and those who CHOOSE to find the information and know the truth can do so.

      Those people who say , "the illuminati! stop buying these records" . The illuminati has been slowly gaining control for CENTURIES. We are not talking about billions of dollars. we are talking about an unimaginable amount of money. Knights Templar money!

      Not buying movies and records is of little difference, they do not need money. They need us to not care about each other, which is what we do when we show malice.

      • Exactly, when we give up our selfish desires, and get to know that everyone else is not only our brother, but ourselves, and that we as a whole (not only human, but also each single living and non living being of the universe) are part of God, in that exact moment there's no need to defeat the Illuminati, simply because the duality has been surpassed and the Illuminati no longer exist nor can trick us.

        That's right, we are all part of God, that's why his creation is perfect :) The ignorance tries to deceive us (aka luciferian ways) telling us that we're not part of God, but a god itself, this slight variation drastically modifies the whole concept, from impulsing unity, compassion and love towards each other, it impulses the inner ego. That's what some of the luciferian muppets like Gaga say.

        From buying the albums of them or not, is not going to change anything. Remember that its not about the money? In this moment they're completely direct with their messages simply because they dont care anymore, about people getting to know the truth! Simply because people likes that way of living.

  56. Concerning the music industry, its nice to have people like VC exposing what is going on. Kudos for this article (Y)

  57. When talking of Mega-Rituals, maybe you should consider how close the death of Amy Winehouse was to the incident in Norway. Bohemian Grove Meeting was around the same time.

  58. The Illuminati have been slacking though – after the late 60s/early 70s 'spike'- only 2 prominent 27 deaths in 40 years. Talk about Sleeping on the job! The time a bunch of people die at age 27 WITHOUT any obvious drug/addiction problems is when I will start to take notice though. Until then…

    Also, Amy was never talked of anywhere really as a MK Ultra victim – until she died – then suddently everyone sees her as one. So far from convinced…But happy to be proved wrong other with links/sourves to pre death Amy articles talking about her mind control…

  59. Captain Awesome on

    First off, as always, great article VC and thank you for being such a great teacher. Here is something I found when dealing with the number 27. The sum of the number two and seven is nine. If someone is controlling influential yet vurlnable people through rituals, the number nine comes into play. According to the number nine means the following: Nine. Denotes Finality of judgment. It is 3×3, the product o 989 f Divine completeness. The number nine, or its factors or multiples, is seen in all cases when judgment is the subject.

    I thought that these numbers were interesting because John Lennon had somewhat of a small obscession with the number nine. For example, he lived on 72nd street in New york City, he was born on October 9th, he wrote the song No. 9 Dream, etc. I find this quite a coinsidence with all of these artists dying at the age of twenty seven.

    • I would love to read an article about John Lennon!! I've tried to glean details from Rolling Stone (the lost interview) and other media outlets, but I feel like I don't get the whole picture (what's new – the media leaving out information, crazy!) Revolution No. 9.

      The Beatles must have been deep into the occult, but I can't find anything tangible. Save for having Aleister Crowley on the cover of Sgt. Pepper…dabbler in drugs, sex, and magic is what it reads in the album sleeve.

      John does say: living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see

      Hmmmm…is he referring to the profane/uninitiated?? A Beatles article would be super awesome!

  60. algo más…Amy también llevaba un tatuaje en la parte interna del antebrazo derecho: un RAYO…esa era tal vez el símbolo de una victima del MK-ULTRA que son sometidos al electroshok

  61. Sad I think murder and mind control are the cause of her death. The ellite seem to dispose of good talent at a very young age. The 27 club its all strange. The mickey mouse pictures are pretty creepy if you ask me. I heard her dad is now a jazz singer and that he use to be a taxi cab driver.

    You should check out Lady Ga Ga and her new video. I saw it only once on vevo from utube and I think its entitled { You and I }. This is as usual a very strange video. Nothing different much from the kind of videos she is putting out, but its like the rest of her videos this one is just as weid if not more so.You can check out Amy winehouses dad singing on utube.

    • Probably just to white wash and cover for anyone looking at the materials, and seeing it as sinister. And to so call seperate themselves from such images.

      In a way, it is true. I don't see most masons being apart of the upper satanic cult. However, they are lead by satanic leaders, and branch organizations, just like most organized religions and educational institutions in this world are. The catholic pope and his church, while kissing babies and granting blessings, has bore witness to some of the worst atrocities every witness by mankind. I mean the amount of gold they have didn't come just from the hands of coffers. It was taken through blood. Do they say anyhing about this. No. It is all apart of the veil of wool that is being held over your eyes. "In the land of the blind, the man with one eye is King."

  62. EthiopianGirl4Life:) on

    Great article once again, and I pray that Amy Winehouse is in a better place where she doesn't have to go through any more torture. I also just watched Britney Spear's "I Wanna Go" music video, and the shirt she was wearing with Mickey Mouse Skull T-Shirt gave me the creeps. Here's the link if you want to check it out:

  63. Uwillnotbforgotten on

    Seems like her 'Dad' had been conditioning the public for some time about her probable 'death'.

    I think he and his ilk singled her out a long time ago, and the public would accept her demise as drug related. If the reports by the neighbors is factual, she must have suffered greatly and been terrified.

    Any dirt on the father from way back? His parents? Associates? Beliefs? Connections? There's gotta be more.

    • @Uwillnotbforgotten

      How dare you try to say that her father was behind this and singled her out long ago.

      If you had seen the interviews with her father and family and how they were grieving her death you would not be able to say such things.

      Her family tried to get her help but she kept refusing it.

      You're a disgusting human being and should be totally ashamed of what you have said. You owe a great apology to her father and family.

      • Just because they are grieving, doesn't mean they didn't have any part in their sacrifice. Many artist or people who end up joining into this circle, or place their kids into the hands of "handlers" (britney spears anyone), kind of know what they are getting into, or are already were raised themselves in a secret and hidden environment. Yeah, they hope that special someone closed to them doesn't get sacrificed, but that is ultimately the price for joining the club.

        You don't think Timberland wasn't remorseful when Aliyah passed away/was killed in a plane crash? However, even though he shed his tears, and tried to drop out of the game for a little while, he still returned knowing that was the price of the game, and once you start playing, you can't back out. Kanyer West? Who was more remorseful than Kanye for his mother? However, do you think that some of the sins Kanye payed into for fame and stardom lead (especially with wicked hustla Jay-Z), lead to his mother's death. I sure thinks so.

        Come on, the mafia play the same way. But the Illuminati/whoever they are?, are ten times worse.

        How did catoons use to portray what was the easiest way for the devil to own your soul? By getting you to sign a contract!

  64. They need karmic power to cultivate their heinious acts. This is how they do it. That is why they continue to practice rituals. It all goes back to the alchemical process of transformation, which is really the process of the tranforming the material universe created by the mind. In order to fight them, we need to perform our own rituals, but those which are good in nature and temper us against the fear of death. The very thought that they resort to such illusions and trickery, shows that they are weak. We alll have a power which is stronger, and infinite, but we all have to come out of being trapped under their spell.

  65. Why did Amy Winehouse really sing about not going to REHAB!

    Because that is where they would brainwash, and get her into more mind-control therapy. She resisted, and part of dealing with the resistence, was her dependency on drugs and alcohol, which were probably easily available then most because her handlers were always around to make sure she slipped and fell.

  66. how come we dont hear about celebrities like beyonce, jay z, kanye and jennifer hudson going through these traumatic events? they seem to have it down and we dont hear off drug and alcohol influences… yet, we are very aware that they are illuminati puppets….

  67. Uwillnotbforgotten on

    Anyone know what all her tats were about? Some may contain clues.

    I don't think she had a butterfly (Monarch) but I have no way of knowing. Just wondering out loud.

  68. Live by that sword, die by that sword …

    I feel a little bit sorry for Amy; not because she was supposedly some great singing talent who ended up leaving this world too soon at such a young age. But I feel sorry because she most likely died in her sins; unconfessed, unrepented and unforgiven. Much the way Lucifer wants people to die. But I wasn't there, so I don't know what happened to her and I don't know anything about her life – whether she was a believer in God or not. I was never a fan of her music and she might have been a great singing talent; but if she wasn't using her gifts to glorify, lift, exalt and praise the name of the Most High God (whose name alone is Jehovah), then I wouldn't have had use for her records, songs and albums no way.

    @Michael (6:02 pm): As for the people you mentioned (Beyonce/JayZ, Kanye, Jennifer H., etc) I wouldn't give those people one thought. They are NOT even worthy to be thought of. I knew a long time ago something was wrong with JZ mentally and spiritually when he decided to declare himself Jehovah – making a (profane) mockery of the Lord God Jehovah – and basically declared that people (I guess his fans) should worship him. JZ is a man made of flesh of blood, full of sin and wickedness and his end coud come at a moment's notice, too. Then where will he be? The Lord God Jehovah is a holy and righteous spirit and He instructs us to worship Him in spirit only. JZ and his wife both are an abomination in the sight of the Lord God. When Kanye apologized to former president George Bush for the comments he made about Bush regarding the Hurricane Katrina tragedy, I knew then whose side Kanye is on. Jennifer Hudson is a pure hypocrite; always talking about "Praise the Lord for this, praise the Lord for that", but I see she had a child out of wedlock BEFORE she married the father of the child. These folks (and the rest of them in the music/entertainment industry) are already spiritually dead, and are nothing but filthy idols that are worshipped and exalted by the ignorant masses. God told us in His Word not to make and set up idols for ourselves to worship because only He alone is worthy to be praised and glorified. We can't even wish evil upon these people because the Lord God said that vengeance is His and HE will repay.

    Psalm 37 in the Word of God tells us to fret not ourselves because of evildoers; neither should we be envious against the workers of iniquity. For they shall soon be cut down like the grass and will wither as the green herb.

    If you want to kill that beast, do it financially by not supporting it/them with your money. I know I have begun to and I can see the veil of confusion and darkness being lifted from my life. Resist the devil, give no place to it, and it will flee from you. Power and glory be unto the God and Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ – forever and ever.

  69. Great article, Vigilant.

    I think many of these celebs, as well as lower profile people, are experiments of the elite. Sometimes they go right, sometimes there's glitches.

    You know who I'm scared for right now? James Franco. Here's why:

    1. He's currently filming the Wizard of Oz prequel and we all know the occult significance of the book and how L Frank Baum was a well known occultist.

    2. His programming (if he is in fact programmed) seemed to start breaking down around the age of 28 when he fled into the world of academia after showbiz left him depressed and in therapy. By then, he was already rich and successful. Why was he depressed?

    3. I recently read his book "Palo Alto', which is highly autobiographical by his own admission. Some of the things that jumped out at me were a character that witnesses a sudden, brutal killing (trauma for the purpose of mind control?), several pre-adolescent characters groomed for sexual abuse at summer camp by an adult counselor, a teenage character who is groomed to be sexually exploited by a teacher, yet another character who mindlessly submits to sex with anyone her 'handler' gives her to. Meanwhile, other characters numb themselves with drugs and alcohol and seem to have no goal, hopes or values. How much of this is just imagination and how much is based on real life experiences?

    4. Speaking of Palo Alto, northern California is a hotbed of strange activity (Bohemian Grove anyone?) and unfortunately, it often involves kids, sex and drugs. River and Joaquin Phoenix grew up in the Children of God cult, which is known for the sexual abuse of children. Winona Ryder's godfather was LSD guru Timothy Leary. It's believed in some circles that he too may have been involved in the systematic sexual exploitation of children. Franco has described his parents as "ex-hippies". Was he exposed to these types of things through his parents? Has he been groomed since childhood for a career in showbiz? Not only to be a money making heartthrob, but also to be sexually exploited behind the scenes by industry execs? There have been rumors…

    4. Once Franco landed in Hollywood, he was almost immediately befriended by a mysterious guy named Vince. Vince is currently his producing partner, but could he also be his handler? He is almost everywhere Franco is. Franco also lives with him in NYC. Is all that necessary for a business partnership? When they met, Franco was barely legal and Vince was in his late twenties. Hmmmmm…

    5. Franco is pretty much obsessed with themes of homosexuality in his movies, books and art exhibits. Is this his subconscious way of trying to come to grips with his own abuse and exploitation at the hands of many men during his younger days? This is no crack on gays, it's just that from his writings, his alleged abusers seem to all be male.

    6. He's done the obligatory one eyed photo shoots with none other than handler/rapist/photographer extraordinaire, Terry Richardson.

    7. He's gotten tons of press lately for being eccentric, says he stays busy to keep from 'worrying' (trying not to remember?) and suffers from chronic insomnia.

    8. He wears layers of clothing–like a flannel shirt and under shirt topped with a leather jacket–in the dead of summer. Abuse victims and also people with mental disorders often dress in layers regardless of the weather in an effort to protect and soothe themselves.

    9. There's that weird story from back in the day when he was on "Freaks and Geeks". When a scene called for a co-star to get slightly physical with him, he raged out, pushed her to the ground and yelled at her to "never f-ing touch him". The producer and creator of the show spun the incident saying Franco is a 'method' actor, but why would Franco choose to react in a scene like this for network tv knowing you can't even drop the f bomb? It would have to be edited out. Also, a boxing scene in the movie 'Annapolis' with Tyrese Gibson morphed into a real fight with Franco, and Gibson is still confused and mad about it.

    10. How out of it was he at the Oscars? It's like his handlers forgot to program a 'host' function into him. But footage from backstage shows him happy, smiling and engaging. Odd.

    I'm just saying, where there's this much smoke…I'm just concerned for this fellow. I hope I'm very wrong.

    • One more thing I forgot to mention, during the filming of 127 hours, director Danny Boyle says Franco referred to himself in the third person. He'd say things like "What do you want Franco to do?" Franco says he doesn't remember saying that. Big red flag. o_O

    • Not to mention he looked totally TRANCED OUT when he and Anne Hathaway hosted the Academy Awards this year. I kept looking at him, thinking: "What is up with this dude?" First, I thought it was physical/mental exhaustion; then I thought it might be drugs (weed or alcohol or something); then it occurred to me that the man appears to be in some kind of paralyzing mind trance. Like something otherworldly really had a hold on him. And then he was kind of acting like he didn't want to have anything to do with Anne Hathaway (a woman) being near him. I totally didn't get his demeanor that night. Poor thing…

      I just feel so sorry for these people. They're the ones who are the true "sheep". Just blindly following where they're being lead …

      • yup he was in a trance.. and what about the part where he wore a dress? he looked so uncomfortable and it was far from funny

    • James Franco also says he goes days without showering. A social worker I know says kids who've been sexually abused sometimes don't bathe because they use the b.o. as a defense mechanism against the abuser. Just putting that out there. I like the guy. I hope he's ok.

      • Oh yeah, he did a student film about man on man gang rape. Even though the dude is raped, at the end he's smiling. How do you come to enjoy being raped? Weird. Mind control stuff coming out through his work? Yeah, there's alot of smoke here!

    • and how old was britney spears at the time she had breakdown? was she around 27?… it seems like its true that she is very valuable to them :/

  70. I guess Hollywood couldn't handle a real singer.

    It sucks the Illuminati has to sacrifice these "innocent by-standards" as they are just trying to bring their passion (acting, singing, etc) a reality. Why doesn't the Illuminati sacrifice of their own.

    Illuminati = sluts

    Illuminati = Dirty sluts

    Illuminati = Dirty sluts with STD's

    All of the above are correct terms for the Illuminati, feel free to use any which you may like 😀

  71. I'm happy you did an article on her and finally addressed this phenomenon. At the end of the day she was a brilliant artist, and they usually take the best of the different generations.. Okay she wasn't a Kurt Cobain, or a Jimi Hendrix but she was lightyears ahead of the Beyonces and Katy Perrys. I've always wanted her to do better and get past her addictions, and she might have right before she died, but now at least she's truly free from all the destructive greedy people who plagued and surrounded her throughout her life. Hopefully she's at peace in a better place.

    I know her last album contained a lot of allusions to death, and even a video or 2 alluded to it, and maybe that was apart of her programming and the ritual preparing for her death and I'm surprised you didn't address that VC.

    Anyways, I think you should research and do an article on the late Aaliyah. She was controlled from a very early age by handler and short-lived husband and accused pedophile R. Kelly. Her videos and even some music and images of her and even movies were heavily influenced by the occult and she even said herself how she was drawn to the dark side. She too was one who died at a very early age (22 y. o.) of mysterious circumstances (it was a plane crash but the pilot either got high on his own or was drugged or something else). I think it would be very interesting and fitting if you delved into her history with the industry leading to her untimely death seeing that next Thursday will be the 10th anniversary of her death.

    Peace and Love;)!!

  72. This programming is really being distributed quickly.I mean look at the Eastern Europe (next target I belive),like small populations and countries,like Albania for ex.They know nothing of this stuff!Their so called diva of pop music has released a song called…New Illyric Order (albanians belive that they are descendants of Illyrians).Even her last shows has become rituals,where thousand and thousand of people cherish her.Shes been in indusrty for 25 years,and she became diva only after the murder of her boyfriend (was he sacfrificed?) shes 31 (early programed?) ! She was never tried for allegations that she literally killed the executor of her boyfriend (a local criminal who worked for guess! Ministry of Internal Affairs).She lives in France and her "tours" on East Europe are being weird for 3 years!What makes me write this? Amy was one of them who start refusing,end she `s here no more.Albanian "diva" met death at age 27 (I was suposse to kill her-said the killer in trial!) and she survives! After taht she has everything,lives in France,her latest pics are highly simbolic her shows are scary (rituals) and nobody seeing it!!!With a simbolic name Adelina (Adel means Royal in old german) in her last interview she said "We all loved Amy Winehouse.She just never knew where is she supposed to knee".Bah!

  73. One interesting detail is that the neighbour said that Amy's cat came to his house to eat and sleep. To me that means that the cat escaped from Amy's house where it felt and/or saw demons. In Islam belief a lot of animals are able to sens demons' presence.

    • Agree.

      Animals see and feel what many can't. Pets will look up in the corners of rooms, past the shoulders of their owners, get razorbacks, growl for no apparent reason, and scram right before earthquakes hit; and more importantly when creepy stuff happens.

      Good catch.

      • Robin Shadowes on

        My cat and previous cats I've had or known in my life has done that a lot, looked up at corners and all that. But not once ever have they hissed at it or acted scared to death so I assume it has not been any hostile entities. I'm not surprised if they can see things we can't as their eyes are different from ours. They probably can see spectrums of light which we cannot. It's probably interdimensional beings. Dogs also seem to be sensitive but their eyes are not like the cats so i'm not sure if they can see them. Maybe dogs rather sense them with their hearing or with their noses, who knows?

  74. Does anyone know where a list of most or all of these celebrities in the 27 Club and/or offed near those ages? Unfortunately, the very talented Lindsay Lohan might be next and I really hope not…

  75. I'm so glad our other truly talented Artists like Emilie Autumn aren't mainstream. I could not bear it if Emilie was killed for the Industry's selfishness.

    RIP Amy.

  76. She may have not spoken out about her struggle in the industry, but I hope she educated her god daughter enough to know that the music industry is a game.

  77. i just read about the beating of drums thing.scared me too to read bout the beating of drums and the howling and therefore i did a little research and found out about the beating of drums during a ritual.

    The sacrifice of humans – including children – was not exactly a rare occurrence in the days when Molech, the Canaanite sun god worshiped throughout the ancient Near East, commanded the awe and fear of his people. Several religious traditions often sacrificed virgins, as well as full grown men and women, along with animals of every ilk. Even so, many terrifying accounts of the practice have trickled down through history, creating a grim picture. Though accounts differ according to religious tradition and region, common themes include the focal point of a giant bronze statue of Molech, which was hollowed out to contain a fire, and the beating of drums and playing of flutes to drown out the anguished cries of the victims. This was especially important for the parents of the child in question, for although it was considered an honorable and necessary deed to offer one’s children to the demanding god, it was surely as traumatic an ordeal as it would be today.

  78. Great job VC!

    I have been reading for a while and although you made a article over the VMAs, haven't you noticed every year if not every other year a artist dies around that time. Examples would be Amy Winehouse, I believe an artist from the group slipknot, Michael Jackson, I believe Left eye Lopez from TLC, DJ AM, and Biggie Smalls (I could be wrong, please forgive me if I am) also died around the time the VMAs premiered.

    • Biggie and Left Eye died in the spring (March and April, respectively).

      That said, your point about a lot of stars dying near this time is true. I believe it's something to do with the time from summer solstice (June 21) to the Lughnasa festival (July 31-August 1) being one of the most preferred times for sacrifice.

  79. I think Amy was sacrificed to allow Adele to reach complete fame. Adele would always be second rate compared to Amy Winehouse (at least in my eyes). I am glad she fought the illum. agenda. Im just sorry she had to pay for it with her life, but shes safe now with the Lord above! God bless you Amy and thank you for not "conforming"!!

    • I must admit that I've ALWAYS been more drawn to Amy Winehouse than Adele; I like Adele (Adkins), but have always like Amy more for some odd reason. One of the reasons is that Amy's voice [as well as Duffy's] are more pleasant to listen to. Adele has a lot of symbolism in her work, and her latest '21' has been off-the-richter-scale successful as of lately.

  80. A 46 second snippet of Amy Winehouse's duet with Tony Bennett has just been released. Does anybody else find these lyrics to be creepy?

    "My life a wreck you're making….You know I'm your's just for the taking….Ill gladly surrender myself to you. Body and soul"

    Does this perhaps allude to the sacrifice? Although this kind of suggests that she somehow played a part in her own down fall and demise which I refuse to believe.

    I have also been following a lot of what Kelly Clarkson has been saying over the years. She always speaks out in subtle ways. She wrote a song about how songs are manipulated in the industry. Apparently in response to Ryan Tedder writing a song that sounded the same as Beyone's "Halo". But there's a bit of an ambiguous meaning her to my mind

    "I’ll be playin’ God and you can be my b***h

    The only compromise is you get to pick which of these formula’s is your perfect fit

    Wash, rinse, repeat, why are you fighting it?…

    …Hi my name is blah and I’m here to run everything

    Spreading like a cancer I will die and take you all with me

    Let you have a little bit while secretly I’m waiting to rip that rug from underneath

    Can’t believe you fell for it"

    I wonder how certain artists get away with speaking out? Muse also comes to mind with their song "Resistance". Perhaps herein lies a solution…if we know how, we can find a way to overcome all of this!

  81. Robert Johnson (think crossroads) also died at the age of 27 back in 1938 (they never include this guy in the 27Club). Amy Winehouse's death seemed almost diversional from David Cameron and the phone-hacking scandal (London Riots..?). David Cameron "failed" to call to the Public Inquiry the President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of News Corp, American born Chase Carey. I wonder why?

  82. What a shame. Seems like these people are told a clever lie about living forever as a god, but the ends thereof are the ways to death and hell, where there is only more suffering.

    SIGH, what a shame. Although I couldn't stomach Amy's songs, she certainly had a powerful voice…but not anymore.

  83. Never fail to disappoint VC.

    When I heard about Amy Winehouse's passing, it was as if something in my mind had automatically clicked and everything made sense. Praised for her voice and raw lyrics, in the mist of a successful career she is suddenly gone. Similar to what Kelly Clarkson said, I was extremely angry. I was frustrated at the pure cheek and rudeness of how organizations and so called handlers can manipulate people.

    It seems as though "they" are becoming stronger; and I place they in speech marks out of pure ambiguity, for we do not know who they are, but who ever they are, they need to be scared for God far more stronger than they think.

  84. I am so glad that you included Kelly's quote regarding Amy's death – and intrigued that of all the celebrities you could have quoted, that she is the one you chose. I saw her message right after she posted it and I was immediately struck by this part:

    "I have been that low emotionally and mentally and that is overwhelming. I keep asking myself why some of us are spared and the others are made examples. I’m very angry and sad. I don’t know why it’s bothering me so much."

    No one has ever heard of Kelly having issues with alcohol, drugs, heavy partying/general wild behavior, major promiscuity, or being any kind of tabloid fodder. She's about as PG-rated a celeb as you'll find…but the way she questions "why some of us are spared" heavily implies that she's had her run-ins with at least some if not all of those things, but was blessed to have friends and family to help her escape from that path. So to see someone else so talented not get away from it understandably frustrates her. However, she can't quite articulate what it is that's really bothering her, as it's obviously something more complex than "It sucks to see people succumb to drugs."

    Someone above pointed out that she is part of the "machine" herself (being the first Idol winner) and tried to imply that she's using religious talk to distract from the truth. Not only do I disagree, I'd even say that she's probably showing us as much as she possibly could given what she knows. She's questioning why some people are chosen over others to be the sacrifice….wondering why she herself was fortunate enough to avoid that fate. How DO "they" decide to skip over celebrity A and come after celebrity B? If I were her I wouldn't be able to resist wondering that, too.

    I don't think Kelly is completely aware of everything regarding MK Ultra, mind control, or repetitive symbolism. That kind of treatment seems to be reserved for the ones who got a childhood start in the industry, and Kelly didn't get in it until she was 19. But she is all too aware of how cruelly manipulative and abusive the industry can be and never fails to speak her mind even though she always catches flack for doing so – she was very open about how upset she was that Tedder gave her and Beyonce the same arrangement while he was working on their albums at the same time, and she did try to fight to have another song released as a single instead of that one, but the label vetoed her. She also was quoted in a concert once as saying "only two more albums!" Once her contract ends I suspect she will not be signing to another major label. She will either go independent or sign to some small imprint.

    My opinion is that she, like many people, always wanted to be in entertainment and didn't realize all that would be required to be hugely successful in the industry. Idol provided her a huge amount of success in a short amount of time but it also was an "initiation" of sorts, and at some point she realized that she was miserable and it wasn't worth the price of admission to stay at that level of success. Her most depressing song, Irvine, was written while she was at the height of her fame, a worldwide superstar, and playing sold out arenas. It really makes you think, how bad is this industry when you're that famous and yet THAT depressed? She seems quite happy now to have a scaled-down, albeit still moderately successful, level of fame.

    She caught a lot of flack for standing her ground and fighting to have My December released (Clive Davis supposedly offered her $10 million to scrap half of it and accept songs picked out by the label, but she refused), but I always got the feeling that Kelly intentionally derailed the height of her career by doing so because she realized it was all becoming too much, and not worth the price to pay.

    Random tidbit: she has a "Yellow Brick Road"/puzzle piece tattoo:

    It's the only tattoo of hers where Kelly will not say what the meaning of it is. She will only say that it means something very personal to her. I'd guess she likens herself to Dorothy just trying to find her way out of Oz and back home.

  85. Another way to interpret the "thrown from freedom train by age 30" I would say or what I have read from other sources are that by the time people reach this age any mind control tactic from watching tv or listening to songs with the subliminal messages will break and a person has no more influence. And interesting thing is that when I turned 30, this year, was when I had my HUGE WAKE UP call and I really do notice and see all the symbols and what's really going on.

  86. guys ther's ths movie calld Rockwell falls,ts an old one bt t shows exactly what VC been talkin' abt.a man went into this town,and saw people wer hapy,livin gr8 lives.After sum tym he noticed screams cuming out of a mental instution which people claimd was a good hospital for them.A day later the whole town was calld for a celebration of the coming of this man and sacrificed a willing 70 year old woman by hanging.Evrybdy aplauded,exept for him, n thot ervybdy was crazy n tried to run bt was caught.He was brought into the institution n found out it was actualy a base for mind control and was the reason evryone was hapy.He managd to escape befor he was traumatised bt he was told 'once yr in ths town u cn nevr leave alive!.'.when stole a car n sped out,mysteriously out of nowher a truck was facing him upfront n crushd him on the spot.Nw did u notice tht the victims wer unaware?,2,ey all lived gr8 lives bt mind controld by doctors/handlers?.3 ey made sacrifices of humans sayin t was requird of them?.4 once yr in erz no way out exept death or Jehovah God cn only help u f u appaly yrslf

  87. Sleepless in DC on

    Just spitballing here, but could she have been the annual sacrifice for the Bohemian Grove? They adjourned their little get together only a couple of days before she died. The sacrifice to Molech is the last part of their meeting and the energy generated by the negative and sorrowful feelings of her fans and haters around the world could act as the energy the members are looking to offer to their god…

  88. Although not a member of the "27" club, let us not forget about Mama Cass:

    "At the height of her solo career in 1974, Elliot performed two weeks of sold-out concerts at the London Palladium. She telephoned Michelle Phillips after the final concert on July 28, elated that she had received standing ovations each night. She then retired for the evening, and died in her sleep at age 32. Sources state her death was due to a heart attack. Elliot died in a London flat, No. 12 at 9 Curzon Place, Shepherd Market, Mayfair which was on loan from singer/songwriter Harry Nilsson. Four years later, The Who's drummer Keith Moon died in the same flat at the same age."

    – from Wikipedia (Creative Commons).

  89. Famous musicians deaths since kurt cobain..the previous 27 club member before Amy….

    Aaliyah 22

    Selena 23

    Notorious big 24

    2pac 25

    Lisa Lopez 30

    Steven gately 33

    Michael hut hence 37

    There is. Nothing to see here. No pattern.. No 27 club. Just a statistical anomaly from a small sample from 40 plus Years ago.

  90. Poor thing, when her death was announced someone wrote on an online comment, "good news she is dead as its 1 less drunken drug addict out of the way for our children to look up to". Hmmm!

    Anyway, she really needed to go to rehab but the illuminati said no no no.

    RIP Amy.

  91. Never heard of the freedom train… but instantly reminded me of these strange lyrics…

    Brandy – Freedom (unreleased track)

    I saw the train comin' for me with the force of a million marching

    I felt the eyes of so many, the whispers and shouts about my belief in us

    I see the cloaks on the judges, flaws in the judgement, beast in the dungeon that dont scare me

    And I'll say it on a mountain, say it all in public, hold a press conference to speak about my freedom

    • Brandi is the last person to be talking about freedom. She went and had her body tattooed with the image of a false god. If she isn't a puppet, I don't know who is …

  92. About Selena (Latin singer) she was murdered by his assistant but on another page say she was mk

    In Latin music there will also be mk?

    Because by little other countries have the facilities to process mk ultra?

    • Hey Naryx, Yes, the MK stuff is as prevalent if not more so in Latin American countries, I believe, from the Nazi Project Paperclip transfer and influence. Many of the Nazi Paperclip rocket science and mind science (torture and experimentation methods done upon all types of people, not just Jews, during the 40s), and then they were moved through Paperclip and the Vatican Ratlines (Jesuit, etc. assistance globally), into Latin America (Brazil, Paraguay, etc.). NOte that wonderful entertainers like Ricky Martin, Shakira, and even actress on Modern Family who comes from Baranquilla, Colombia) are likely mind control victims. Note and read Fritz Springmeier's "Creating an Undetectable Mind Control Slave" (sic). YOu can't tell that they're mind controlled, but if they are appearing in various model ads in Vanity Fair, et al magazines and appearing at alot of political events, worldwide, they are likely being used as sex slaves, drug mules, or some type of useables. Latin American countries have been used mightily over many decades; but remember the perpetrators come from all walks of life and national backgrounds. Their common thread is that they're evil, or they have been abused since childhood and are terrified, and can't escape. Remember that national and ethnic identities really become nothing, when they're committed to evil and satanic practices. Catholicism is a biog front for these creeps; they're completely brilliant psychopaths. Never forget this. Walk away, if you can…and don't look back. With God's love and guidance, Lauren who is still alive and kicking. Don't let them consume you, and don't let them blind you.

  93. Ok. So I saw concert with Amy on HBO and she look like she was possessed! I don't know if that has anything to do with the Mind Control?

    • Yes, it does. Please note the cover of "Newsweek" recent version, with Michelle Bachman on the cover. She looks completely hypnotic. Nothing normal about her eyes; likely a mind control project. Note intheknow7's writeup on Sarah Palin. It looks apparent that they are breaking out all the projects into the public mind. They're everywhere, but they don't always have the "bug eyes". If they look or act "programmed", then they probably are! If you can watch TV these days at all, and take any of it seriously, and not see the programming, then keep watching and listening. Give it time. It's pervasive. But don't kick yourself if you are immune somewhat; that's why "mind control" works. If you have become victimized by it, and you don't notice the propaganda, give yourself a break. It's effective, and it takes time.

      Peace and love, and be easy of yourself, Keep thinking, most of all. Lauren (I had my family ruined by this; it's real. Don't give up. Don't let them take your mind, or your soul. It's yours and God's, to keep.)

      • Robin Shadowes on

        I can't stand watching tv anymore. For the last two years I've hardly seen anything at all but also the last few years before that I have gotten sick of it and seen less and less of it.

  94. Very astute analysis. What's most important is that we recognize that these people are being used, and sacrificed so power-hungry psychopaths can gain some control over the populace. These days every movie or TV program I view, I'm analyzing the programming and propaganda. And remember to say prayers and ask for peace for these souls. Many of them never asked for this; they didn't have a chance. It takes tremendous strength, financial resources, and alot of therapy to break out of these chains and bonds. It destroyed my family, in many ways. We have the power with God's help to overcome this crap. It's about confronting horrible terrors, and it's not easy. Say prayers for Brittany, Amy, Heath, and all the thousands if not millions of others who are being used and had their childhoods ripped off. Don't buy into it. Remember those people who suffered, and demand it come to its end, even if takes years to do it. Peace, Lauren and Kooky the feline spirit.

  95. These ppl dont have any sympathy from me, at least most of them. They are greedy for money and fame, and sell their souls to satan, then they want people to feel sorry for them. Well that is what you get when you follow evil.

    • The Puppets have no link to Satan – they are Monarch controlled. If anyone is selling their soul, it's the Puppet Masters.

  96. Its interesting that these "stars" die at 27 as 2+7 = 9, satans number or the number of base consciousness.

    Someone who sells themselves for fame and fortune , ie ego, would no doubt be considered to have a low level of consciousness, particularly those who subscribe to the rock n roll lifestyle of indulgence with sex, drugs and alcohol.

    Maybe thats why so many music vids feature the masonic checkerboard floor, also symbolic of base consciousness.Like its mocking them.

    • 9 is the number of endings. It's kind of creepy how 27 adds up to it, and these celebrities die at 27. Like 9 is their Life ending.

  97. Hey VC, great article, but all of the media never mention Robert Johnson, I think he is the most significant of the 27 club. Did all of the others follow him in the same manner? Is there transaction of a soul for the remaining club members, similar to what Johnson is alleged to have done? Thanks for a great article, but I would emphasise the pact side of things, this to me would make enormous sense, that a pact is made and many die at the same age.

  98. I was surely waiting for this article…indeed VC well done at exposing the truth!

    I came across a website last week (can't remember the link) but it mentioned that Lady Gaga will be starring in a movie..playing Amy..?!

    BTW Lady Gaga is still a bit too young for the 27-year mark but for sure she's walking the same line… "on the road to hell" we'll have to wait and see who will be next in line….or will we wait that long..?

  99. and gaga just came out with a new vid. complete with electrocution, torture, dominatrix outfits, hand signs, and all kinds of bizarre stuff that I have no idea how to interpret. I am usually pretty good at picking out the symbols but other than all the domination and electrocution and alter egos present I have no idea what the hell is going on with it.

  100. YT Channel-TheGatewa on

    In her own words 'They tried to make me go to rehab but I (she) said noo noo noo' lol.

    Maybe if she did,this would have justified her as being a nutcase or something.Anyway R.I.P,and that extract about the screaming and drum beats is some creepy shit.

  101. I find Kelly Clarkson's comments very interesting – especially the mention of "idols" in one's life.

    My family and I watched one season of American Idol and clearly sensed the Lord telling my husband and I to stay away from that show for the sake of our kids.

    I remember the title of one article regarding the popularity of the show – "Idol Worship"

    Confirmation to not join that band wagon – looks like Kelly Clarkson might agree.

  102. I find this to be interesting….“If a slave doesn’t comply or needs to be thrown from the Freedom Train they can become a useable statistic. Simply trigger them to murder and then watch the police gun them down. In my hometown in Columbus a teenager (who was just initiated into the army) killed his girlfriend and then he was gunned down. It's crazy how, before, the family says he was never like that….i wonder what caused this in him–army mind control?. I don't know just a thought. I totally feel like we'll be reading of folks like Gaga dying…..i mean i hate to say it…but GAGA is the worse…but she may not die since she's so submissive to the idea. In any event..this sickens me.

  103. I think Britney Spears is next. They're giving her her own "tribute" on the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards. Why do you need to pay tribute to an artist if they're still alive, fairly young (she's only 29), and still touring/making music? It just seems fishy to me. Her album "Femme Fatale" contains heavy symbolism, even in its name"Fatale". She'll be turning 30 in December, all we can do it sit back and watch how they carry out this one…

    • rootbeerandpeanuts on

      I agree. Just like MJ, they've gone to great lengths to discredit her and make her out to be unstable. I think she is no longer useful to them and more of a hassle. She's lost the 'bloom of youth' so to say and they have enough on her to destroy her. They've been managing/manipulating her since she was a child (Mickey Mouse Club). Her new 'boyfriend' is nothing more than an intimate 'handler', who is keeping her in check and is probably deceiving her. She is surrounded by Monsters.

      She is owned. If she has any chance at a normal life, she would do well to split Hollywood, split Cali, and start over, leaving it all behind. Trouble is she knows no other way of life than one of total control and manipulation.

      I wonder if that poor thing has ever had a thought of her own.

  104. i do realise that if stars which have a lot of followers break through addiction and start to talk about it, that would be a big problem for the rulers to be…

  105. flowerpotlilly on

    I had my own suspicions, thank you for covering this item! Im sure i had read a few years back that she would die at 27 and oh look she did, no disrespect to the dead but when your going to put your body through what she did, you cannot expect much more. god bless regardless of her drugged up behaviour the girl could sing so pretty meaningful stuff.

  106. BREAKING NEWS FROM SKY NEWS "Toxicology tests show Amy Winehouse had no illegal drugs in her body at time of death, although alcohol was present"

  107. Exactly. I was shocked but no sorprised. Indeed, Jim Morrison, Jimmy Hendrix and Janis Joplin was, maybe, murdered. By who? maybe the elite, maybe the government (is not the same?). I was reading the "Operation Chaos", a "CIA's War Against the Sixties Counter-Culture". Here the link:… After read it, it was so clear to me the goal of this murders.

  108. They got rid of Jani Lane just recently as well. I believe 130% that these celebrity deaths are mega occult rituals, and I hate to say this but Lindsay Lohan is probably next. BTW that picture of BM with The Eyes Wide Shut people is really creepy.

  109. Additional numerological significance..

    Already mentioned, 9 represents endings:

    Amy Winehouse was also in a "9" personal year

    (day of birth + month of birth + current year)

    September 14, 1983

    (14(5) + (9) + 2011(4), 5+9+4 = 18(1+8) = 9)

    Not mentioned, as far as I noticed, was the significance of the number 16 surrounding Amy's death.

    The day Amy Winehouse died, July 23, 2011 was a universal 16/7

    7 + 2 + 3 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 1 = 16/7

    16/7 in numerology is one of four "karmic debt" numbers, representing "the dark night of the soul"

    Karmic debt numbers present in ones chart carry much greater difficulty, challenges and lessons than the other numbers.

    Amy, In her "9" personal year, In July, would have also been experiencing a 16/7 personal month.

    (personal year + current month = personal month)

    (9 + 7 = 16/7)

    Also, Amy's essence cycle was 16/7 at the time of her death.

    An essence cycle runs from birthday to birthday each year and is calculated by the numbers in one's name. The essence cycle represents the strongest energies that are present in your life at that time. 16/7 is quite easily the most difficult essence cycle that can be encountered, and if it is present for 3+ years it can bring a lot of struggle, possibility of death/drug addiction/jail time, etc. 16/7 often brings deep depression, loneliness and a feeling of being completely lost. There is a positive side to the number, in that it can bring great spiritual enlightenment if you are able to struggle out of the darkness..

    Amy Jade Winehouse

    147 1145 595586315

    To find the essence cycle, add up the numbers in each name until you reach the persons current age(these are the "transit" numbers), and then add all 3 (transit) numbers together. This is the presons essence number.

    Amy = Transit "M" #4

    Jade = Transit "D" #4

    Winehouse = "H" #8

    8+8+4 = 16/7

    Wierd, eh?

    Just my $0.02

    ;)Peace&Love all, keep searching

  110. I think SOMETIMES it is just life, and not part of a pattern/conspiracy. (Im not going to argue/try2debate the THEROY of a "pattern" though) I believe in this specific case, Amy Winehouse was just a drug addict (one of the 1000's that die every yr. that nobody blogs about..) who happened to also be a talented star. And I also know some from experience, from being a former addict of her main drug of choice, Im 3, hell, going on 4 now yrs clean. People who havnt experienced that lifestyle/how the withdraws KILL people, simply CANNOT grasp/understand fully what that sick life is about. Im a survivor of that (all my friends from that life,theyre all dead,in prison,or idk where; Im the only one who made it.) it nearly killed me getting clean, literally killed. Now back to the point; no clean eveidence? Ok at this point you can argue "media cover-ups" and other conspiracy theroies. But lets put that on hold a sec. I saw the explaination for her death explained in detail on television (again,I KNOW TV is basically all lies, but I just think the Amy WH death wasnt a conspiracy,hear me out please) it explained medically how, it was her TRYING TO GET CLEAN (as there were NO DRUGS in her system/possession) and the withdraws are what her system just could not take. That combined with the wine factor, which is NOT as big a deal as the media/ect is making, it certainly was part of why she died, but not the only reason. The facts are, she tried to come down off heroin, it ultimately killed her. I believe also relevant in THIS case (ask me about Kurt Cobain, I may say something different..) is she was a talented, successful artist who was a heavy drug addict and had virtually an endless tap of MONEY to spend on it. I would have died if I had her money when I was an addict, thats also why as horrifying as they were, the withdraws landed me in the hospital a few times, but didnt kill me; Amy did 1000s as times as much! But she also was one of the strong, brave few; who really DID get clean (off heroin, at least) and it was her trying to clean up her life is what killed her. That is what I think makes her death so sad; she really was clean. :( Ive known many people who lead this SAD story, minus the mass fame/money tap part, and they are dead too. I dont think this was part of any conpiracy, monarch mind control, any of all THAT. I also blame the MEDIA partially for her death. I googled JUST her name under google pics, on the 1st page a LOT were GRAINY trashy tabloid pics; sad.(you know the ones w/track marks, zits, ect. CRUDELY circled and blown up?) The truth is the UK press is BRUTAL, and was horrificly brutal with Amy. We were too, but the UK is known for being brutal in the tabloids with specific people, and she was definatly on that list. Her last onstage performance as an artist, was in London where she was booed offstage for supposedly being too intoxicated. Ive seen 100s of concerts in my life as music is my passion. Ive seen clips of Amy where she WAS too messed up to be onstage, Ive seen many other artists live, also too wasted onstage to perform properly. (Some where I DID I want my money back/severely disapointed) But THAT performance, yes, I can def tell she was on something, but not enough to effect the art, and definatly not enough to be booed offstage crying. Add that to her trying to do one of the HARDEST things to do in this world, conquer heroin (again,if YOU dont tricky/kinda impossable to explain how hard it is) and going though MASSIVE withdraws. Its was a SAD tragedy, with no conspiracy behind it at all in conclusion of my opinion. -deadpopstar RIP – Amy Winehouse and all the other great people who died before their time. I love you Dust.

  111. … "If the Devil did actually exchange talent for souls, it is clear he stopped giving out contracts to musicians, because nowadays the music industry sucks"

  112. News of today (Aug 24, 2011):

    " 'No illegal substances' in Winehouse's body: says family "

    Hmmmm.. Another nice article, VC 😉

  113. So many things about Amy alluded to her MK ties. The constant emphasis on her eyes (just like gaga does with her make-up). Singing about death, sadness, not be able to feel or think since her "lover" left her (From HE CAN ONLY HOLD HER…"she's so vacant, her soul is taken, he thinks…what she runnin' from?)

  114. the fact that the toxicology report shows no drugs means nothing.lets forget conspiracy for a minute and remember that when an addict goes 'cold turkey'on drugs,the withdrawal can kill them.This is what likely happened.She suddenly stopped the hard drugs and continued the alcohol consumption,anyone who knows anything about addiction knows this is a recipe for disaster.

    Now im not discrediting VC in any way as i think most of his claims have pretty solid proof,but lets not bury our heads in the sand here.Amy was a drug addict,i dont know what made her do drugs,but il go on my assumptions here.The entertainment industry is a lonely one,and if the person who gets into it doesnt have a solid background of emotional fitness and a strong support system,it is easy for them to get into the drugs and all that rubbish in Hollywood.It is easy for them because they are mostly surrounded by yes people.For me this doesn't necessarily mean a person is an MK slave,just a lost soul like so many others who dont have the right people to guide and help them through life.Many drug addicts die the way Amy die and noone cries conspiracy,why??cause they are not famous???

    I think people on here have to be open minded like they are always hoping the general public becomes about this illuminati issue.Some of you have your minds living in this dark conspiracy world where nothing happens simply because….everything has to be a conspiracy,and i think that is as delusional as people who say there is no such thing as illuminati.So open up your minds a bit,Amy was a tragedy that was bound to happen,doesnt mean the illuminati did it,but it also doesnt mean they didnt.All im saying is open your minds to the possibility of things like this happening without a hand by them.Celebrities are simple flawed human beings like you and i.Things like this can happen to them like they can happen to anyone else.Ditto for the breakdowns and all that from the Britneys and Charlie's of the world.It also happens to very normal people, difference is no media coverage to blow it out of proportions.So like i said,get your heads out of the sand

    • Have you ever seen or heard of a movie titled "The Devils Rain"? Im guessing the answer is no. There is a way to collect peoples souls even if you dont believe, in places like Haiti they believe they can store your soul in a bottle and this is the case here. On TMZ they had pictures of several men holding up her Urn as though it was a prize because it is to them.

  115. I really got to think and meditate on the picture with Brittany Murphy and the masked men, and I need to watch Eyes Wide Shut again but I think the chandilere is symbolic of the collected souls that is needed for them to stay in the light. If you know anything about how our imaginariums work it requires a certain amount of energy to be able to sustain the experience, and souls provide the energy needed for them to keep there party going.

  116. hoffmanlenses on

    I wish Bill Hicks was still with us… :c

    He would put the death of Amy Whinehouse into perspective for even the most conspiracy addled brain to comprehend!

  117. Sad to see anyone's life, not just the talented Amy's, be cast away as if it were a meaningless bug under a power hungry tyrant's heel.

    Johnny Depp is well past membership in the 27 Club, but I'm a little concerned abouth his current power struggle with Disney. The grapevine is pretty clear that Depp doesn’t want to make another billion-dollar earning pirates film, which Disney clearly wants. Johnny does want to make a film he’s been gestating for the last 3 yrs: The Lone Ranger with director Gore Verbinski. Disney abruptly and very publicly cancelled Ranger, ordering sets to be destroyed on the eve of official production. Disney wants the budget lowered and the current director out. Maybe Depp will try to cut all ties with Disney? There’s been total silence for the last several days from both sides. But creepy comments have now turned up at various websites, alluding that the poster has very damaging information on Depp. Could these really be veiled threats from Disney? One post even states, “Disney knows all this.” There are a lot of stockholders to please, and I don’t think they’re about to let Depp leave the Disney plantation as long as he is such a big moneymaker for them.

  118. Thank you very much for your article!

    Just wanted to add that autopsy has taken place weeks ago, and no results have been published. Also the funeral- cremation, not burial, as many Jews do- happened too fast, and now there are no traces at all. Even Amy's personal things have disappeared from her flat. I find all of it quite suspicious. And thank you, Vigilant, for bringing this all up. I was very sorry about Amy's death. She was so "real", so "alive" unlike many plastic fabricated "stars". RIP Amy.

  119. you guys need to be VIGILANT and start observing the "pattern" in my opinion and you ALL should take my "foolish" advice…… take a look at {KATEY PERRY}…see where she was {singing gospel music} to where and HOW FAST she has {elevated}. THANKS AGAIN VC..

  120. Spot on article and I was actually already knowledgable of this. Thankyou very much I hope people appreciate the research and blatant evidence to these cases.

    Keep going VC.

  121. have a look at aaliyah's death for me please, i know she's a victim of roscicrucians as their symbolism was evident at the end of her movie, queen of the damned and going back to your theory of 27, aaliyah's runaway was number 27 also in the bahamas

  122. I really find your site interesting… wanted to ask do you think there might be any connection to her death and the birth of Lauren Hills 6th child?… both happened if not the same day, within a couple of days of each other. Cant wait to read your analysis on Beyonce's video 1 + 1 and it being premiered on the 10th Anniversary of Aaliyah's passing.

  123. I appreciate u 4 ur good work in enlightening the masses.the first time i read ur work (2 yrs ago) i didn't quite get the picture, but after much praying,God revealed to me that it was Spiritual and that's y most people really don't understand what u say.Am not surprised to see some saying nasty things about u or ur site,but unless God takes them on a Spiritual realm, they wil never get the point since we do not fight against blood n flesh but powers n principalities of this world, of which we need guidance from the Holy Spirit.Could u take a look at the world of sports?especially football, am pretty sure its not only `entertainment`May God shield u in the precious Blood of His son JESUS CHRIST,amen.

  124. Dear Readers and search out the Truthers,

    The thing most noticed to me was the fact there was drums being played out the night she died got "Murdered" I believe it was a sex style sacrifice, Lusiferians tend to wear red during these sacrifices. And there is a book by Mickey Hart called Drumming at the edge of Magic. Wait, Mickey? Where is Minnie? Gasp! Case closed.

    And the devil, taking him up into an high mountain, shewed unto him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. And the devil said unto him, All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them: for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it. If thou therefore wilt worship me, all shall be thine. Get thee behind me, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve. -LUKE 4:5-8

  125. I think the "Club 27" phenomenon is mysterious. Maybe demonic forces enhance the artists skills (most of the 27 club are seen as kind of genius musicians) but consume their life force so they die young. I agree with the ritual aspect and want to add that "they" portray us again and again big idols who live a self destructive life style til death. In my opinion this 27 club shows the destructive force behind the modern day spirituality called "pop culture". Anyone who is awake understand that this culture is a spiritual one mostly based on Crowleys teachings. The fruits of this culture are unhealthy life styles of millions of fans and fast dying "preachers". time to reconnect with GOD…

    P.S. i made a video about german illuminati rap artists, maybe interesting for some of you. different country, same symbols…

  126. Waw this is one of the best article of the website! It is well detailed and relevant, i really believe in what you say dude…FOR THIS TIME. Amy Winehouse may your beautiful soul Rest In Peace near God and the angels.

  127. This was meant for the Beyoncé's Sweet Dreams, Beautiful Nightmare analysis but it was too late for me to comment on it.. here goes:

    I’ve been following this website only recently and I must admit I’m surprised (in a good way) that there is such a website. Reading the analysis done on video clips, artists and images have been very fascinating and most of them have confirmed the things that I have noticed on my own (since last year).

    First of all, I noticed that every time I switch from one music channel to the next, I see video clips that are freakishly similar, even if the genre of music is different from the other. The most obvious ones are Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj and Jessie J’s videos. They all seem to have a common theme. I didn’t really look into it because I got bored of all the similar videos. I keep thinking that these people need to get new video directors/producers.

    Also, what is up with the similar dance routines/choreography? Beyoncé’s dance moves have not changed for years since she became a solo performer. One more thing, what’s with these female artistes and body suits? First (if I’m not mistaken) it was Madonna, then Britney, then Beyoncé started wearing it in her video clips as well as in concerts and so on. Heck, I’m not even sure who started wearing it first but seriously, I never took it as a fashion trend (fashion disaster is more like it), at all.

    When Beyoncé started this whole alter ego crap, Sasha Fierce, to me, it was just another way of selling her records etc. But when I saw some of the video clips, I knew something was not right. In the Telephone video clip, the prison scene – one of the girls is a real porn star (which I have no idea what’s her porn star name) – just thought I’d put it out here.

    Anyway, I’ve been reading a lot of the comments on here which some of them I agree with because they are spot on. To those who feel that this website is crap or full of nonsense, I say stop reading, then. There is no need to spew your nasty comments and calling people names. To those who claim they are Christians and know better about their religion than VC or anyone else on here that are Christians (and believe there is such thing as Satan, the Devil, NWO, Illuminati etc) and claim that VC and others are the ones that are mind-controlling people with all this information, then I say, why don’t you just take a chill pill and let VC and the rest do their job in opening other people’s eyes.

    Personally, I like what VC is doing. He’s just giving his opinions on what he sees and sharing it with the public. In addition to that, I like it that Christians, Muslims and other religion are coming together to fight (fight, may just be too strong of a word) these people who seem to think all these symbolic signs, songs and all are COOL. They are here to make you see what you cannot see or do not want to see. And seriously, they are not the first. Many others have tried for many years and still, most people seem to be more comfortable being ignorant about all this. They prefer to live in their ‘perfect little world’ where all these pop starts are just singing about love, relationships, candies, clothes, shoes and all the nonsensical stuff.

    VC and the regulars, I salute and admire you for trying to open up people’s eyes about the music industry. I, too, feel that it is time that I do the same. Of course, I won’t shove my opinions down people’s throat but for me, to put it out there is enough to do my part as a citizen of the world.

    BTW, someone said something about the Illuminati, Mason etc being a bunch of very intelligent people and why would they waste their time on people like Jay-Z, Kanye West, Beyoncé etc… well, they ARE intelligent people because they are making use of these artists that have no solid education because they are easy to manipulate and make use of. So, yes, Illuminati is intelligent!

  128. Simon Monjack was probably a fraud, and accused several times of that, a failed director who wanted to get connected to the big guys in Hollywood and have his movies made.

    When things did not go his way, he did those photo-shoots of his wife, reminding everyone in the biz that he knows stuff and he is willing to reveal it.

    His wife soon after dies of "pneumonia and anemia"


    and 5 months later he dies of the same *lethal* combination, "pneumonia and anemia".

    The coroner's reports must have given a good laugh to the guys in the biz.

    I wonder if Stanley Kubrick should have died of the same "pneumonia and anemia" instead of a heart-attack in his sleep, a day after completing his tell-all movie Eyes Wide Shut, where it is interesting to notice that the first musical score for the ritualistic orgy was an Orthodox Christian Liturgy played backwards (preferred source of material and attire to be mocked during these occult rituals, ever wondered why?). Of course they tried to kill his work posthumously with censorship, extensive editing and attributing to him derogatory statements about his own film (Ermey's statements here

    Oh well, with these occultists, you cannot have it both ways now VC, can you?

  129. look and u shall see on

    VC you have written about amy! and i very intresting article at that. why have you not done the same for Alexandra Mcqueen? I am not sure how old he was when he died. but, it seems to me he was a perfect victim for the goings on of the Ritual worlds. Taking into consideration his shows and fashion screamed Illuminati! (sculls/ one eyes the lot) Be it would be good to read your views on it!

  130. Ive been reading up on the music industry for a few years now and what really got me thinking was RUN THIS TOWN by JAY ZZZ /Rhianna that was so blatant ! and others it seems Take That have also made a big come back Circus Tour and Gary Barlow now sitting in Simon Cowels seat in the x Factor with the x representing illiteracy !!! i take it they want want what Robbie Williams has with……… MEDICATION FOR THE NATION WITH VERSION !!!!

  131. y hablando de Illuminatis, ayer por la noche fueron los VMA's 2011 y extrañamente Amy es recordada y elogiada en un tributo, con Bruno Mars al microfono e imagenes de la ya fallecida enmarcada en un triángulo y mostrando su antebrazo tatuado con el rayo Mk-ULTRA…coincidencia???

  132. Looking forward to VC's breakdown of Gaga's new video…it has a crap load of symbols…Keep up the great work VC!! God bless you!

  133. I watched the VMA's last night(I know) and saw where Russel Brand was supose to be paying tribute to Amy Whinehouse, at this time I finally got to see what real lunatic he is. Well just when I thought I'd seen them all, the best new artist award was getting handed out to some kid named Tyler "THE CREATOR." Now I wanted to know who is this arrogant dude who named himself 'the creator' that I've never heard of until now. What suprised me even more is that he won over Wiz Khalifa and Kanye's new illuminist Big Sean, now I was curious so I watched a video of his today and then I understood why he won. I have to say he might be as messed up or even more messed up in the head than Lady Gaga (him)self, which is of course a plus to the elititist. I would like if VC did an article on this new rap artist, Tyler the Creator as I see many of kids my age are obsessed with his satanic messeges for some reason.

  134. Scorpio Rising on

    Jay-Z's Hollywood….

    It ain't for everybody

    Welcome to Hollywood baby

    -Take my picture

    I'm comin with

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    I see your jealousy as you're watching (I see you watching)

    You're watching ( It's all good)

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    How you're watching, you're watching

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    It'll change those cuz if they had love for you into strangers

    When the fame starts, A chain reaction

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    Rappers stackin platinum plaques and

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    Jimmy Morrison all them ended by Hollywood

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    Want the fame

    Want the lights

    • Yeah, and they're bringing a child into this world; into their world of satanism, pedophilia, social engineering, debasement, and everything else that is designed to destroy the Human Race.

      I thought Beyonce had more class, more awareness, more Wisdom but alas, money and fame was all it took to turn her away from her brothers and sisters all over the planet. Wait till her handlers come calling for her child…

      Maybe someone should send her the book '1984' with this site written in it, that is if she knows how to read, or cares to wake up…

      Each and Every human being has a responsibility to the Human Race. To Love and Respect themselves, to honor and respect all others, to live an Impeccable life. To assist Mankind in it's Personal Evolution. Take a moment and visualize the collapse of Hollywood, the collapse of the trickle-up, pyramidal system. Visualize the end of corruption. "See' a different outcome than what they are planning for us.

      We All Leave A Legacy; Make Sure It Is One You Are Proud Of.

    • in one sentence they are saying they all were killed by hollywood. and in the following right after they saying thank god for hollywood. Good Lord the bad turns to good in their minds.

  135. I have already read this artical but I come back to read most all of them because I love my Vigi! Where you don't just warn but you inform!

  136. Protocol No. 15: (Interesting, hmm…)


    4. Meantime, however, until we come into our kingdom, we shall act in the contrary way: we shall create and multiply free masonic lodges in all the countries of the world, absorb into them all who may become or who are prominent in public activity, for these lodges we shall find our principal intelligence office and means of influence. All these lodges we shall bring under one central administration, known to us alone and to all others absolutely unknown, which will be composed of our learned elders. The lodges will have their representatives who will serve to screen the above-mentioned administration of MASONRY and from whom will issue the watchword and program. In these lodges we shall tie together the knot which binds together all revolutionary and liberal elements. Their composition will be made up of all strata of society. The most secret political plots will be known to us and fall under our guiding hands on the very day of their conception. AMONG THE MEMBERS OF THESE LODGES WILL BE ALMOST ALL THE AGENTS OF INTERNATIONAL AND NATIONAL POLICE since their service is for us irreplaceable in the respect that the police is in a position not only to use its own particular measures with the insubordinate, but also to screen our activities and provide pretexts for discontents, ET CETERA.

    5. The class of people who most willingly enter into secret societies are those who live by their wits, careerists, and in general people, mostly light-minded, with whom we shall have no difficulty in dealing and in using to wind up the mechanism of the machine devised by us. If this world grows agitated the meaning of that will be that we have had to stir up in order to break up its too great solidarity. BUT IF THERE SHOULD ARISE IN ITS MIDST A PLOT, THEN AT THE HEAD OF THAT PLOT WILL BE NO OTHER THAN ONE OF OUR MOST TRUSTED SERVANTS. It is natural that we and no other should lead MASONIC activities, for we know whither we are leading, we know the final goal of every form of activity whereas the GOYIM have knowledge of nothing, not even of the immediate effect of action; they put before themselves, usually, the momentary reckoning of the satisfaction of their self-opinion in the accomplishment of their thought without even remarking that the very conception never belonged to their initiative but to our instigation of their thought …

  137. Interesting – I watched the tribute to her on the VMAs (I know), and saw that there was a lot of "one eye" imagery. Makes you wonder…

    • what about gaga hitting on her and saying how she touched herself to Britney? And there's also a tribute to Britney? talk about f*cking with the poor's girls head. I am sure VC will figure even more to write about that one. I am happy Brit kept her cool and she was the most normal one there in the end.

  138. I wonder who will be beyonce's sacrifice? Every time I look at her, she seems so lost. Saints please pray for all the secular artist as well as gospel artist because satan is deceiving so many of them. We must fight until Christ comes back! they still have time to repent! Remember Jesus did not come to condemn the world but to save it!

    Be blessed!

  139. The last picture of Britney Murphy with the cloaked masked figures immediately made me think of Eyes Wide Shut. When I saw the film I thought, this is real depiction of secret societies and the antics they get up to. I mean, this picture is an EXACT likeness of the few scenes in the film.
    Any way if you type Eyes Wide Shut into Google Images you will see more.

  140. I have a question!

    (Im a little new to this site so maybe u have discussed this before)

    So how come they didnt kill eminem?! he was with the illuminati and then got out! and he sure does know alot! and he is famous and can cause a disturbance!since he turned against them …. how come they didnt kill him?!

  141. 90's rapper Foxy Brown talking about how the media attacks your image and she talks about Amy Winehouse and her own struggles, also notice the butterfly in the bottom corner… I pray for this lady and hope she finds peace and solid ground in Christ Jesus, because she's obviously broken… it's ironic that the headline is what it is, since she was just talking about how the media defamates and criminalizes your image.SMH, and she's not on drugs, she's just reeling from the torturous entertainment industry…:

  142. My hunch is these (27 club) etc are willingly sacrificed and except this as part of the deal although they may be led up that path without knowing it.

    what becomes of their souls? reincarnated as bigger stars? I think in winehouses case her family offered her up, always thought her dad was a background hogging weirdo years ago.


    This shows the reality of Kurt Cobains life, how he like so many other "stars" sold their soul to satan for fame, musical ideas etc.

    What happens is they are possessed by so many demons that they can't handle it any longer it becomes unbearable.

    What he needed was to come to the Lord and be delivered from those demons submit to God and be filled and renewed with His spirit.

    Thats what we all need, living in Gods presence is the only way worth living, there's no way you'd want to go back once you have all the negative stuff go away.

    Its so not worth it for any of these stars its not worth it for anyone to want to strive to be like them, the price is too high we shouldn't admire them, we should pity them.

    Jesus our King says:

    Mat 11:28 Come to me, all ye that labor, and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

    Mat 11:29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me: for I am meek and lowly in heart; and ye shall find rest to your souls.

    Mat 11:30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

  144. from above and beyon on

    First before commenting on this article, why do you have an advertisement of the Global Information Network on your website? The GIN? Gin sounds like Gene and Djin (arabic for dark spirits)

    Please mind my spelling mistakes. English is not my first language.

    Vigilant, you should have been more vigilant while writing this article. You should have analysed all the you tube films of RusltingRagazza about Amy's last concert in Belgrado.

    ALL emotions she had, she could let go: fear, angst, lovelyness, flirting, yealosy, brightness, humblness and haughty, intense pain, grieve, you name it but most of all you could see she was exhausted from the pressure of giving big concerts.

    Yes she was heavily drunk and high but she was so brutaly honest in her state at that time. She showed the public 'the child in her', the abused child, the abused adult because she was abused!! Big time.

    Why don't you mention her father, Viligant? Her father who, among others has been her abuser! An abuser in so many ways……………….was she sexualy abused? O, yes she was!

    Was she a victim of mind control? O yes she was! MK- Ultra? yes she was.!!

    Her performance in Belgrade shows it all. And her abusers saw it too! because THEY knew her more then she knew herself! And They watched here all the time.

    Read her lyrics carefully and find all the symbols of abuse!

    Go to: Amy is singing the song: You know that I am no good.

    See for yourself how she suffers. At about 2.49 minute she starts to hallucinate, and look closely at 3.01!

    She was really experiencing the lyrics at the stage!!! And her controllers saw it!

    Back to Black was her ultimate number!

    In this video:, were she is singing Back to Black, at about 2.51 minutes she starts to cry. Her eyes are wet of her tears.

    As I said: brutaly honest and living the nightmare she was in. Back to Black: what Black? The black of her hartbroken relation? No, the blackness of the abusers world!

    And her handlers saw that too!

    And what about the very last song she sang:

    'You're wondering now, what to do, now you know this is the end

    You're wondering how, you will pay, for the way you did behave

    Curtain has fallen, now you're on your own

    I won't return, forever you will wait

    You're wondering now, what to do, now you know this is the end

    Curtain has fallen, now you're on your own

    I won't return, forever you will wait

    You're wondering now, what to do, now you know this is the end

    You're wondering how, you will pay, for the way you did behave

    You're wondering now, what to do, now you know this is the end

    You're wondering now, what to do, now you know this is the end"

    She wanted to break free from all that she had become. But they didn't let her and that's why she is dead!

    RIP, dear, dear Amy.

  145. Riddle in a Rhyme on

    Oh boy, boy, boy! When you said that "Winehouse’s neighbour claimed that there was “screaming, howling and some kind of drum beating” coming from her house the night she died. I got simultaneous 'bad vibes' and chills and deep sadness at the same time… stemming from a 'Knowing' that something extremely sinister happened that night… of which I dare not speak!

    I think it is true, that whether she was a Symbolic Sacrifice or an actual one, it doesn't matter, the same effect results. It seems like to me, like it is said in the article, that she was reaching that age where she was starting to 'see the light' and the 'Powers of Darkness' could not have that! They would lose one of their "Love Children' and also perhaps be revealed for what they really are.. plus, she seemed like she really wanted to stop drinking and drugging, which means she would regain her lucidity and also maybe stop being their 'child' and producing money for them.. 'cause maybe she wouldn't be as 'wild.' I think she was very talented, but perhaps a lot of her 'talent' stemmed from her torment… torment for talent.. ohhh, and what Kelly Clarkson says is truly prophetic..

    "Sometimes I think this job will be the death of us all, or at least the emotional death of us all. Maybe that is why as a little kid in sunday school I learned that God didn’t want false gods or idols. I thought it was terribly selfish of God as a child but I think I get it now. He didn’t want us following people or things that are imperfect and not so much for the followers but for the gods and/or idols who will never be what everyone wishes or needs them to be because we are made imperfect. He knew we wouldn’t be able to handle the pressure, the shame, the glory, or the power the spotlight brings.."

    Love that, love that she said that. It gives comfort to the soul to know that there still some in the industry that know Truth.. and won't fall into the Abyss..

  146. Hello,

    Maybe her record contract was up for renewal and she was thinking of riding a different beast… possibly even going "solo", cleaning-up and producing her own stuff. Whomever owns the rights to her music is going to make a killing and reap the benefits of her timely death.

    Randy Quaid´s story might be able to shed some more light on this.

  147. Courtneydelilah on

    Has anyone noticed how much mickey mouse hat ears look like one of those things put on people's head when theyre strapped in a chair and tortured? Disney is the only ones who makes animal ears that include a head piece (bunny ears,deer antlers etc only have the ear pieces not the head too) Everytime a new disney store is opened they give out free ear hat pieces,why not anything else like disney pens or something….?

    • Adele has an amazing voice & if she loses some weight I'll marry her.

      Pixie isn't bad either. Someone with perfect long legs who is over 5'2'' unlike some Minajs and Aguileras. It's quite disturbing to see all the pop-tarts with crooked/short/or chubby legs in outfits that accentuate their legs. You don't have it, stop flaunting it then.

  148. If you want to understand what is going on in the industry and Govt, read Unshackled by Kathleen Sullivan, Thanks for The Memories by Brice Taylor, 13 Bloodlines of The Illuminati by Fritz Springmeier, Ultimate Evil (unsure of Author) and David McGowans Programmed to Kill and Laurel Canyon (not finished yet) These books will lift the veil that blinds you. Once you read these books you will never be able to return to The Candy Land life you were living. You will then know what the saying ignorance is bliss truly means and you will cry for wanting to go back to ignorance. You will understand that Yahweh does truly love us and wants our salvation. We have been lulled to sleep in a trance but it's time to wake up. Ritual Abuse and MK-Ultra are real and happening right now. You have to ask yourself why would the 1% wealthiest and most educated of the planet believe that Lucifer is alive and well. Lets not forget that they have rewritten history and have controlled factual evidence since the beginning of time. I've had a near death experience and can tell you, that Yahweh is real so you NEED TO GET REAL. Creating slaves through trauma based mind control has been done by Egyptians and this knowledge was obtained by Nazis. However I would believe that since Egyptians borrowed their religion from Ancient Babylon (birthplace of Paganism and worship of Lucifer) I would have to say, this knowledge originated in Babylon. Read The Book of Enoch (suppressed by all church fathers) Enoch was Yahweh's most favored Prophet. Kind of makes you wonder why they did not want us to read it???

  149. This is shocking to read and some artist, yes, maybe this is true. But people like Heath Ledger and Amy Winehouse: their deaths were reported as an overdose. That doesnt really sound like a occult sacrifice. I have read so many books on different occults and none of them mention what the writer has said so far. Maybe these messed up artists gambling with the dark spirits have come up with a new type of ritual but no one can truly know until someone speaks up. To me, this just sounds like someone searching for answers that cant be answered.

  150. Interesting that the neighbour who told the press that she heard howling etc also talked about Amy being drunk 3 weeks earlier, ye the restaurant owner (and pretty much everyone else in Camden) talks about her being sober for months. Also good that she thought the noises were wierd but didn't think to see if her neighbour was ok, she was the only person, in a very residential area to hear such noises and she told a journalist and not the police, and VC decide she is the one to believe! Yeah right!

    Amy's death was sad and very untimely – she had a half finished album in the works – but hardly a shock given her well documented abuse of drugs in the past. Camden town is full of young drug victims, many of whom die young, but this has everything to do with the shit that is capitalism and nothing to do with any secret cults!

  151. I read this article this morning. Not two hours later did I open my browser and the first story on Yahoo was that Amy died from alcohol poisoning. HMMM wonder if they are watching my computer?…..

  152. i can't believe all this posting. i started with 911 and than down-the-rabbit-hole…

    while "synchromysticsm" finds stuff that can reveal larger patterns. the illuminati/satanist stuff

    is just a slam-dunk. it's not rocket science. there-it-is. i am glad for the efforts of the vigilant

    citizen. me, i am still trying to figure out how to "combat" it. this is soul warfare. maybe it

    always existed but now we are given the opportunity to see it plain. enjoy ….

  153. and kiddees….

    have you ever heard of the "mickey mouse club?" and how many "muskateers went forward to

    be media plants?" they were all mind controlled under Disney. this stuff is so unbelievable, but investigation will show you. haha. i've dealt with this stuff for so long…

    hehe. enjoy the devil. the devil is completely loose.

  154. I just find it strange with the whole brittany murphy pic…. They make no sense. Why would anyone want to take a pic like the ones she did, it's just kidda creepy and makes no sense.

  155. Aaliyah was 22 when she died and personally I think Selena (not Selena Gomez) death was a sacrifice ritual also. I mean they both was on top then they died. How wired is that. Also learned that the real reason why Ashanti does not sing no more was that she was next to get sacrifice. Can ya riddle me this Aaliyah dies two years later Beyonce is not the biggest stars in the R&B sector. Selena dies two years later Jennifer Lopez plays her and additional two years Jennifer Lopez becomes the biggest female star in the Latin sector I mean think about it people. If Selena was still alive Jennifer Lopez would've never been so huge. Also if Aaliyah was still alive Beyonce would been still known as just a member of Destiny's Child a has been group come on people think about it.

  156. Great post. I used to be checking constantly this weblog and I am inspired! Very useful info specially the final part :) I handle such information much. I was seeking this certain info for a very long time. Thank you and good luck.

  157. I still haven't recovered from the death of Heath Ledger and now Amy Winehouse shows up at the same destination. Damn them! I wish they'd make a mistake sometime and all their plans backfire on them! Illuminati will fall! the legends of the martyrs of truth will live on.

  158. I admire Amy Winehouse, she was so talented , i was a fan even years before her death, and i feared this article would be published some day on here, i don't want to believe that she was into all this dark stuff, i want to believe that they killed her because she didnt want to obey or be a part of it. But her death does have some mystery on it. Drum beats and screams? Murder or sacrifice? I hope she didn't condemn herself :/

  159. This makes sense, but I still think she was a druggo/alcho that killed herself due to her own lack of self control

  160. Fantastic article VC! Can you do one on Aaliyah and Princess Diana! The former released some quite dark videos before her demise!!!

  161. 2+7=9 which is the last number in numerology cycles (basic ones), for example each letter of the alphabet has a letter connected to it (a=1, b=2) until it reaches 9 and goes back to 1. That could be a reason for 27 or just a coincidence, since 9 represents the end of a cycle or death. Similar to how in astrology, Aries is Birth and Pisces is death (the 1st and last signs)

  162. Alter egos whispering in his ear MAY relate to a hypnotic practice of acquiring someone. It is the called dual hypnosis and google should do the rest.
    There is a painting or sculpture that mimics this as well
    .tumblr_mk3mnpUK6A1qd0ln0o1_500 refers.
    I can tell you that UK police advanced training for image technicians (Identikit evidence takers) used this method and the subject I heard was unaware or not told that this connection may have obtained… being if as such hypnotised or in my estimation undergoing Monarch programming …..(where consent would not be sought, given or even bothered with I think). But this if true is a mistake, because a technique normally not even guessed at might have been going on in the picture you show, the art celebrating a victory over innocence, maybe, and in the police situation I described a bit concerning if it is Monarch. . The person so trained did later complain when asked of feeling a little clumsy…and a guess THERE MIGHT be persons so acquired having front and other "alters" as it works that way I have read and they might feel a bit clumsy. Just saying. Dunno. More evidence needed.See and backtrack where I started to think this stuff.

  163. Awaken Light on

    I remember an interview where she mentioned someone telling her to pose in a triangle shape or curl up inside a triangle and she said a bold NO!!! Sounds like she wasn't prepared to be illiminati poser… Good on her but we know what happens to those that don't get on the program or buck the system….

  164. I'm sure Britney was going to be part of this, she was at her worst when she was about 25-26 years old. I don't know why but they kept her alive. As a huge fan of Britney in my childhood, when her "meltdown" started I knew there was something more. It was because of her that I knew of all of this programming thing, it's heartbreaking.

  165. People are destroyed, because of a lack of knowledge. What is it, to gain the whole world and loose your soul. The Devil, Is a Liar. Satan offers people fame and fortune for a short while, if you sell out your soul to him. God offers you lIfe n it more abundantly. LET GOD ORDER YOUR FOOTSTEPS IN THIS LIFE, AND FOR ETERNITY N HEAVEN WITH GOD. Movie Stars, Singers etc., stop being Sacrificed for Satan. I Plead The Blood of JESUS OVER YOU. Come Home To JESUS. He Created You, He Loves You and He Died On The Cross at Calvery. Repent and Be Baptized In The Name of JESUS. The Author and Finisher of My Faith. Amen

  166. people, does anyone here remember Jeff Buckley? Almost all of what VC states here may be related to him as well, I am afraid :-(

  167. Bruno Mars mother died of a brain aneurism at age 55 on……wait for it Jun 03, 2013. Look at the article titled "Bruno Mars, Russell Brand Pay Tribute To Amy Winehouse At VMAs" CREEPY. Held on Sunday, Aug. 24, 2011 at 9 p.m. Amy died on July 23, 2011. After reading of sacrifices, Im putting together this…Mother 'dies young', Amy sacrificed and Bruno now a big star. I almost went to see him in 2013 in Miami, on my birthday, (8/31/2013 concert) so glad I didn't make it. I would feel really sick now if I had gone, I loved his performance of Amy, but now I cant watch it. As for Russell brand – katy perry ex handler.

  168. lebrebisgalleuxblog on

    This girl siole her make-up from the french jewess goddess and songwriter : BARBARA.
    To add, from France, 2 sigers : Mike Brandt (jew), Gribouille. Both dead at 27.

  169. Johnny Canuck on

    Jimi Hendrix was murdered by a low-life who was always in debt to the Mafia in NYC. Jimi's agent in England, Chas Chandler, bass player for the Animals, adored Jimi and got his career off the ground.

    Unfortunately Chas came home early one day, only to find Jimi having nice-nice with his wife, so he went back to his office, destroyed any Jimi memorabilia and somehow contacted this guy in NYC. He sold Jimi's contract to the guy who took over Jimi's career.

    Jimi was then surrounded by a lot of losers and low-lifes and druggies, hangers-on etc.. In England there was much more respect for the amazing Guitarist. He was kept very busy by this greedy SOB and one day got into deep doo-doo with the Mafia.

    Seeing as he had an insurance policy on Hendrix, he decided to "off" Jimi to pay off his debt. The SOB brought some thugs with him and they found Jimi asleep from taking sleeping pills, his over-active, demanding road work taking it's toll on his sleeping patterns.

    They stuck a funnel in his mouth and poured gallons of wine into his mouth until the wine overflowed into his lungs and drowned him.

    This was confessed by this guy (can' remember his name) on his deathbed.

    Janis Joplin was most likely murdered, as well. She was the happiest she ever had been. Her album "Pearl" ( a name given to her by her friend Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead) was doing well, the tunes really well done. She loved her new Band, the Full Tilt Boogie Band, a group that had worked with the great Ronnie Hawkins from Canada and had a boyfriend.

    She was staying in a Hotel or Motel and needed cigarettes so she went downstairs to get some. She talked to the desk clerk, got change from a 20-dollar bill for the ciggie machine and went upstairs. She was found dead just inside the doorway of an overdose of Heroin, the cigarettes and change still in her hand, apparently.

    The only problem with that is that if you do a "hot" cap, you ain't goin' nowhere. You are pretty well introuble right away and then dead, dead, dead.

    Jerry believed to his dying day that "Pearl" was murdered by someone with a hot cap of Heroin. I do to.

    Brian Jones, it suspected, may have been murdered, as well. Death by drowning.

    Jim Morrison may have faked his own death, but there is evidence that Elvis may have done the same thing. That is a long thread unto itself, I won't go into that here.

    Amy Winehouse died of alcohol withdrawal, having replaced drugs with alcohol as a lot of junkies do. You can't just quit alcohol cold turkey if you are into it heavily.

    Kirbane was into Satanism and Heroin. His suicide was a result of this nowhere street.

    Why 27? I don't know, but it certainly is strange that so many entertainers don't get past that number.

    I thought Amy was one of the best modern Jazz singers, although she made her fame doing retro 60's-sounding pop music. Her Jazz side was kind of in the tradition of Billie Holiday, another great singer who died tragically, in a Police cell, withdrawing from Heroin and no Medical help.

    Amy considered herself a Jazz singer first, something I have to agree with. May they all Rest In Peace. What they brought to Music was amazing.

    • Johnny Canuck on

      OK, I just read the article. I find it disturbing that she may have become a victim of those kind of pukes. I don't believe she fit into the mold as the article suggests. Maybe she was murdered as well. Any interviews I saw of her showed a working-class girl, down to Earth and very charming. She was a natural entertainer.

      This adds a new dimension to how she may have died. A very dark one, at that. Thanks for the non-judgmental article.

  170. This is an old post, but just wanted to toss some stuff out there. I think Amy was aware of the darkness of the music industry. I always thought that that was what her 'rehab' song was about. They wanted to take her to 'rehab' and reprogram her and she said 'no, no, no'. There were/are clips of her on YouTube on… Jimmy Kimmel, I think, talking about how 'they wanted to make (her) into a big triangle.' I always figured she was too strong to break so they just offed her.

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