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Lady Gaga’s “Judas” and the Age of Horus



Lady Gaga's "Judas" and the Age of Horus

Lady Gaga’s “Judas” video is a modern retelling of biblical stories, where Jesus and his disciples are portrayed as a biker gang. But don’t mistake the video for a Bible lesson as it twists and turns important scenes to give them a very different meaning. In fact, it can be argued that the video symbolically describes an important aspect of Gaga’s work and of society in general: a rejection of Christianity in order to make way to what has been called the Age of Horus. This article will look at the origins and the symbols found in Lady Gaga’s “Judas”.

When I first watched Judas, I immediately told myself: “There is no use to write about this, it is simply too obvious”. I mean Gaga is in love with Judas … and Judas betrayed Jesus. It is a direct continuation of Gaga’s anti-Christian and pro-Illuminati theme through symbols, as described in previous articles. What can I add to it that hasn’t been said? So I ignored the video … until I began receiving e-mails. Tons of them. Many people did not understand the message of the video, some did not get the Biblical references and the way they were twisted to communicate a new message; other simply did not know who Judas was. As it is symbolic on many levels, I realized that decoding this video could help many readers — who I call my “Little Vigis” (No.). The video doesn’t only summarize the underlying spiritual message found in Gaga’s work, but it describes an important phenomenon happening in society in general – a phenomenon that is part of the Illuminati agenda: the “de-holyfication” of traditional religions.

In her recent interviews, Gaga has given several interpretations of the song. In an interview with E! Online she said that it was not meant as an attack of Christianity:

“I don’t view the video as a religious statement, I view it as social statement. I view it as a cultural statement.”

On Amp Radio Gaga explained that:

“It’s about falling in love with the wrong man over and over again.”

In another interview with Google, Gaga went deeper into the philosophical theme of the song, which is in accordance with the teachings of some occult schools we’ll describe later.
“The song is about honoring your darkness in order to bring yourself into the light. You have to look into what’s haunting you and need to learn to forgive yourself in order to move on.”

The videos for Gaga’s songs Alejandro and Born This Way communicated specific spiritual messages through meanings and symbols. Traditional religious symbols are stripped of their “holy aura” while other symbols, inspired by those of the Illuminati, are introduced and glorified to her young viewers. Of course, this phenomenon does not happen only in Gaga’s works, but is a trend in mass media in general. Aleister Crowley, an occultist who remains an incredibly influential figure in the entertainment industry, claimed the Age of Horus, a new stage in human history, would be defined by the abandonment of traditional religions in order to embrace a new kind of spirituality. The same vision for a “new Aeon” is shared by the world elite, where its plans for a New World Order heavily rely on the existence of a single world religion, based on a specific set of values that are compatible with is Agenda. Mass media plays an important role in this paradigm shift – and the results are astonishing. In less than a century, the Western World has witnessed a drastic decline in religious faith, especially Christian. Never such a profound societal change happened in such a short period of time. Of course, Gaga herself is not responsible for this drastic shift, but Judas, in its meaning and symbolism, perfectly describes the transitional period we are going through, as society is taken to, in Crowley’s words, the Age of Horus.

It is therefore in this social and religious context that Judas was released. First seen riding with Jesus, Gaga goes into a transition and falls for Judas, the man who ultimately caused the death of Jesus. Gaga’s conversion is symbolic of society in general, where the altruistic tenets of Christianity have been replaced by a more “self-celebrating” philosophy – embodied in the video by the character of Judas. In short, the story symbolizes the passage towards Crowley’s Age of Horus, and Gaga’s “Eye of Horus” makeup effectively seems to emphasize this point. As seen in previous articles, Gaga is no stranger to Crowley’ philosophy (her Manifesto at the beginning of Born This Way is heavily inspired by his Thelema). This philosophy is, in turn, the basis of the new kind of spirituality that is sold to the masses through media.

To explain Judas, I need to “get Biblical” because the song and the video are heavily inspired by Biblical verses. So, before we get into it, let’s start by understanding the main character: Judas.

Who was Judas?

Lady Gaga's "Judas" and the Age of Horus

Judas Iscariot was one of Jesus’ twelve disciples. Due to his money-management skills, he was put in charge of the group’s money box. Despite having chosen him to become his follower, Jesus knew from the start that Judas would eventually betray him. At one point he even refers to him as “the devil”.

70 Jesus replied, “Didn’t I choose you, the twelve, and yet one of you is the devil?” 71 (Now he said this about Judas son of Simon Iscariot, for Judas, one of the twelve, was going to betray him.)
– John 6:70-71

During his time as a disciple, Judas had some “issues” with Jesus, causing him to stir up trouble within the group. An important event involving Judas happened during the washing of Jesus’ feet by Mary Magdalene using expensive ointments. Offended by what he called a waste of money, Judas protested and even caused other disciples complain. This is one of the Biblical passages that was recreated (with a significant twist) in Gaga’s video:

12:1 Then, six days before the Passover, Jesus came to Bethany, where Lazarus lived, whom he had raised from the dead. 2 So they prepared a dinner for Jesus there. Martha was serving, and Lazarus was among those present at the table with him. 3 Then Mary took three quarters of a pound of expensive aromatic oil from pure nard and anointed the feet of Jesus. She then wiped his feet dry with her hair. (Now the house was filled with the fragrance of the perfumed oil.) 4 But Judas Iscariot, one of his disciples (the one who was going to betray him) said, 5 “Why wasn’t this oil sold for three hundred silver coins and the money given to the poor?” 6 (Now Judas said this not because he was concerned about the poor, but because he was a thief. As keeper of the money box, he used to steal what was put into it.) 7 So Jesus said, “Leave her alone. She has kept it for the day of my burial. 8 For you will always have the poor with you, but you will not always have me!”
– John 12:1-8

Shortly after this incident, Judas meets with the chief priests of Israel – the ones who were trying to “bring down” Jesus – and strikes a deal. He would betray and hand over Jesus to the Pharisees and the police force in exchange for thirty silver coins:

26:14 Then one of the twelve, the one named Judas Iscariot, went to the chief priests 15 and said, “What will you give me to betray him into your hands?” So they set out thirty silver coins for him.
– Matthew 26:14-15

During the Last Supper, Jesus tells his disciples that one of them would betray him and reveals it would be Judas:

13:21 When he had said these things, Jesus was greatly distressed in spirit, and testified, “I tell you the solemn truth, one of you will betray me.” 22 The disciples began to look at one another, worried and perplexed to know which of them he was talking about. 23 One of his disciples, the one Jesus loved, was at the table to the right of Jesus in a place of honor. 24 So Simon Peter gestured to this disciple to ask Jesus who it was he was referring to. 25 Then the disciple whom Jesus loved leaned back against Jesus’ chest and asked him, “Lord, who is it?” 26 Jesus replied, “It is the one to whom I will give this piece of bread after I have dipped it in the dish.” Then he dipped the piece of bread in the dish and gave it to Judas Iscariot, Simon’s son.
– John 13:21-26

At this moment, it is said that Satan possessed Judas:

13:27 And after Judas took the piece of bread, Satan entered into him. Jesus said to him, “What you are about to do, do quickly.”
– John 13:27

Judas then leads the chief priests and the police to Jesus, identifying him with a kiss:

14:43 Right away, while Jesus was still speaking, Judas, one of the twelve, arrived. With him came a crowd armed with swords and clubs, sent by the chief priests and experts in the law and elders. 44 (Now the betrayer had given them a sign, saying, “The one I kiss is the man. Arrest him and lead him away under guard.”) 45 When Judas arrived, he went up to Jesus immediately and said, “Rabbi!” and kissed him. 46 Then they took hold of him and arrested him.
– Mark 14:43-46

After Jesus’ condemnation, Judas regretted his betrayal and sought to reverse his actions by returning the money, but it was too late and he commits suicide:

27:3 Now when Judas, who had betrayed him, saw that Jesus had been condemned, he regretted what he had done and returned the thirty silver coins to the chief priests and the elders, 4 saying, “I have sinned by betraying innocent blood!” But they said, “What is that to us? You take care of it yourself!” 5 So Judas threw the silver coins into the temple and left. Then he went out and hanged himself.
– Matthew 27:3-5

Most of the passages described above are recreated in the video, but they are given a twist, where roles and symbols are reversed, effectively changing the fundamental meaning of the Biblical stories. As a result, the video ends with a very different “moral of the story”.

Gaga as Mary Magdalene

The video portrays Jesus and his disciples as a biker gang riding around with skull-and-bone insignias on their backs (nice touch). Gaga is riding with Jesus, playing the role of Mary Magdalene.

Although it is not clearly specified in the Bible, Mary Magdalene is said to be the prostitute who was about to get stoned to death by an angry mob until Jesus came along and said: “Y’all country-a-s, donkey-riding peasants better drop them rocks and go on home before things get REAL ugly up in here”. Wait, that’s what Samuel L. Jackson would have said. Jesus actually said: “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”.

At the very end of Judas, Gaga is seen stoned to death, insinuating that Jesus was not there to save her.

Lady Gaga's "Judas" and the Age of Horus

So Gaga plays the role of Mary Magdalene where Magdalene is not only the friend and disciple of Jesus, but his lover. This portrayal of Mary Magdalene as Jesus’ mate became popular in the past few decades with books such as The Jesus Scroll (1972), Holy Blood, Holy Grail (1982), The Gospel According to Jesus Christ (1991), The Da Vinci Code (2003), The Two Marys: The Hidden History of the Mother and Wife of Jesus (2007); and by films like Bloodline (2008). These alternative accounts of Jesus Christ’s life originate from modern interpretations of Gnostic and apocryphal texts (mainly the Nag Hammadi) where Magdalene is described as Jesus’ “favorite disciple” and “companion”. An interpretation of the apocryphal Gospel of Philip even alludes to Jesus “often kissing Mary Magdalene on the lips”.

Some occult circles believe that Jesus lived well beyond the age of 33 (a number they believed was selected for symbolic reasons). Some claim that Jesus married Mary Magdalene with whom he had a daughter named Sarah. Some even claimed that they moved to Southern France, where they started the fabled Merovingian Bloodline.

Judas, therefore, portrays Mary Magdalene from this angle, where Gaga is the wife of Jesus. However, she only has eyes for Judas.

The Video

Lady Gaga's "Judas" and the Age of Horus

The video begins with Gaga riding with Jesus, yelling in his ear “Judas Juda-ah-as”, almost as if it was an incantation. Usually, when your girl yells the name of some other dude right in your ear, it means something’s up.

From a spiritual point of view, Gaga was “riding with Jesus” – representing the embrace of Christianity – until she fell in love with Judas – a force that is opposed to it. But what kind of force are we referring to? Is it the elite’s peculiar brand of occultism, mainly represented by the symbol of the Eye of Horus?

Lady Gaga's "Judas" and the Age of Horus

In the video, Jesus is shown doing good deeds and healing people while Judas is pretty much a douche bag, getting drunk and grabbing women all over the place. Yet Gaga is in love with him. The character of Judas is an embodiment of Crowley’s saying “Do What Thou Wilt” – or Lavey’s Church of Satan concept of hyper-egoism, where the fulfillment of one’s desires is seen as a basic requirement to true enlightenment. Gaga is seduced by and identifies with the values embodied by Judas’ and is therefore in love with him. By doing so, she turns her back on Jesus’ altruism and selflessness.

Lady Gaga's "Judas" and the Age of Horus

One scene recreates Mary Magdalene’s washing of Jesus feet which, as seen above, made Judas angry and jealous. In the video’s version of the story, Judas is however right there with Jesus, his naked feet next to his, apparently also ready to get this treatment reserved for great people. Judas is therefore not simply a disciple of Jesus, but his equal. Afterwards, Judas, being the self-centered jerk that he is, spills his beer on Gaga … but Gaga loves him that way. The first lyrics of the song describe this reversal from the Biblical story, where Judas is the one getting washed by Gaga.

When he calls to me, I am ready
I’ll wash his feet with my hair if he needs
Forgive him when his tongue lies through his brain
Even after three times, he betrays me

Lady Gaga's "Judas" and the Age of Horus

Later in the video, there appears to be some kind of showdown between Jesus and Judas. Gaga – who is still Jesus’ lover – goes to Judas holding a golden gun, apparently to kill the one who would betray her spouse. Instead of a bullet, the gun “shoots out” lipstick. Gaga puts it on Judas’ mouth as if saying “go ahead and kiss Jesus, you have my blessing”.

Lady Gaga's "Judas" and the Age of Horus

Lady Gaga's "Judas" and the Age of Horus

The song also describes Gaga’s participation in “bringing Jesus down”:

I’ll bring him down, bring him down, down
A king with no crown, king with no crown

The “king with no crown” is more than likely Jesus, who is wearing, during the entire video, the Crown of Thorns. In Biblical accounts, that painful crown was put on his head by soldiers before his crucifixion in order to humiliate the one who claimed to be the “King of the Jews”.

Right after Gaga’s “official” taking sides with Judas, she is shown in a symbolic “cleansing” or “baptizing” scene.

Lady Gaga's "Judas" and the Age of Horus

So, despite Jesus’ virtuous deeds, Gaga is attracted to Judas. The Betrayer is portrayed as a rowdy, egotistical and devious being, which is not surprising since it is stated that Judas was possessed by Satan at the time he betrayed Jesus. Judas personifies the antithesis of Jesus’ selfless ways and represents the self-centered philosophy described by modern occultists such as Aleister Crowley whose philosophical tenets, describes the self as “the center of the universe”. Anton Lavey’s Satanic Bible describes the need for a “new religion” based on man’s earthly needs.

Past religions have always represented the spiritual nature of man, with little or no concern for his carnal or mundane needs. They have considered this life but transitory, and the flesh merely a shell; physical pleasure trivial, and pain a worthwhile preparation for the “Kingdom of God”. How well the utter hypocrisy comes forth when the “righteous” make a change in their religion to keep up with man’s natural change! The only way that Christianity can ever completely serve the needs of man is to become as Satanism is NOW.

It has become necessary for a NEW religion, based on man’s natural instincts, to come forth. THEY have named it. It is called Satanism.
– Anton Lavey, The Satanic Bible

Gaga, playing  Mary Magdalene, is attracted to Judas’ ways. She not only “converts” to his side but also effectively brings Jesus down. This attraction to the “dark side” is summed up in these simple words:

I wanna love you,
But something’s pulling me away from you
Jesus is my virtue,
Judas is the demon I cling to

In Conclusion

Going beyond simple shots at Christianity for pure shock value, Judas summarizes the underlying spiritual messages found in Lady Gaga’s works which are, in turn, a reflection of the elite’s philosophy that needs to be taught to the masses. Whether it is intentional or not, Judas symbolizes the spiritual shift of humanity as it enters what is  “the Age of Horus”. Crowley considered the last two thousand years to be the Age of Osiris, ruled by Christianity’s “emphasis on death, suffering, sorrow and the denial of the body”. He, however, considered this era to be necessary to give birth to the Age of Horus, whose Aeon would lead humanity to a new kind of spirituality. Other esoteric schools describe this shift in different words. Some describe it as the Age of Aquarius taking the place of the Age of Pisces, which was dominated by Christianity (they say Jesus was associated with the symbol of the fish because he ruled the Age of Pisces). Is this the reason Gaga’s words refer to the “future of culture”?

In the most Biblical sense,
I am beyond repentance
Fame, hooker, prostitute wench vomits her mind
But in the cultural sense
I just speak in future tense

Whether the general population subscribes to these esoteric predictions or not, it certainly is “following the script” that was laid out. The same way Lady Gaga was eyeing Judas while riding with Jesus, society as a whole has let go of the core tenets of Christianity to embrace a philosophy that is compatible with Crowley’s Thelema. Even if most people do not even know what is the Thelema, they live by it on a daily basis. That being said, organized religions and the elite are not necessarily opposing forces. Religions and religious sects have often been used as tools of the political elite to divide-and-conquer countries and to oppress and to manipulate the masses. Times have however changed and, today, the Illuminati is looking to unite the world under a single world government and a single world religion. This religion’s values are based on egoism, materialism and the sexualization of pretty much everything. Most music videos, movies, and TV shows subtly celebrate these values. In other words, they want you to be in love with Judas.


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Lady Gaga's "Judas" and the Age of Horus

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The Nagual

I somehow ended up on this website a few years ago while browsing some other occult sites, and I have periodically checked back to see what's new, although I have never commented on anything. But at this point, I somehow feel a need to. I've personally been studying and analyzing Illuminati and Luciferian symbology in rock music ever since I grew up back in the 70s. I am in fact a rock guitarist, myself. First and foremost, I want to emphatically state that I have NO problem whatsoever with VC, his beliefs, or this website. VC, you are an enlightened and exemplary individual. I do, however, see a very large and prevalent, albeit common, problem here. The gist of many/most user comments is that people are grateful that VC has "finally" analyzed a particular song or video. There appears to be a long line of people waiting to be spoon-fed their gnosis, because they are presumably incapable of independent thought. The most important message here is for people to wake up and become aware of what is going on around them, yet they still depend on someone else to do their actual thinking for them. The way I see it,… Read more »


Small bit, nothing major:

The golden weapon seen in one of them 'details' pictures is a flail – which comes also by another name, 'morgenstern', meaning 'morning star' – which is, as most of regulars here know, another name of Lucifer.


actually when i heard and watch about this video , it's like Gaga is insulting Jesus , she is against our God.
the world today is very evil and it's getting worst so we should expect about it , because it is already written on the BIBLE .

Semphoria Graccha

In the spirit of not being a sheep, here's my interpretation of this video; It's not some thesis of conspiracy as this site would have you believe; or at least, not my interpretation. I see this as Gaga claimed it was; a story about a woman who fell in love with the wrong man, or perhaps, it's about falling in love with the wrong thing. Gaga is not rewarded at the end of her video; she is stoned to death; it's clear to me she is saying there is a consequence for following the wrong path.

I suggest you all learn to think for yourself, instead of letting others think for you

With Love, Graccha


I completely agree with you. A majority of people believe in conspiracies because they do not want to face the cruelty of life, which I totally understand. As Gaga said herself, the truth is "ugly".The problem is that they are living a lie when they interpret symbols at face value. Of course, it is about falling in love with the wrong person, she explained it herself. Judas is a symbol for treason but she never says betrayal is right, so think deeper because she means exactly the opposite, and beyond recognition for those who are not familiar with these "codes" ! The posts that I have read prove that many people let others think for them indeed. They are judging things without knowing what it really means. It is a real issue and Gaga is revealing how huge the problem is ……


The problem with your point of view is Lady Gaga doesn’t seem very trustworthy which means it is only logical to distrust her and trust Vigilant Citizen’s interpretation instead. The very name of Lady Gaga I overheard one suggest may be a perversion of Lady Nada. Regardless, browsing this website’s Lady Gaga content one isn’t left with the sense that Lady Gaga is trying to warn us about where society is headed – rather, she appears to be embracing and promotion this satanic agenda. To give you an idea of how massively Gaga is involved in this, a current search on this website for her name turns up eight pages of results.

Think for yourself, indeed. Your interpretation of this video doesn’t hold water in light of what else we know. One of the recentmost articles on this website featuring her has her in a music video she has dubbed ‘Do What U Want’, for crying out loud. That’s straight out of Crowley’s Thelema: ‘Do What Thou Wilt’.


The song is about ending religion. Specifically the song is stating that the world will be better when religion is gone, especially Christianity. She speaks of washing Judas' feet with her hair. In the Bible, a widow washed Jesus's feat with her hair, and she used her tears, as well as an alabaster jar to annoint Jesus. So Gaga is saying, given the choice, she'd rather annoint Judas. Think about Judas, he betrayed Jesus and caused him to be crucified for 50 pieces of Silver. Also she keeps saying, "I'll bring him down, I'll bring him down, a king with no crown." Jesus has many titles, "King of the Jews" was the title they placed on his cross when he was crucified. Christians call him "King of Kings, Lord of Lords". But Gaga wants to "bring down the King with no crown". It's a Euphemism. She's saying she can bring down religion, and bring down Christianity. A king with no crown means that Jesus doesn't rule over her. She's knows Biblically he ought to, but she doesn't agree with the Bible. Instead, she sees Judas as doing something that should have happened a long time ago…by "killing" Christ, he's "killed"… Read more »


I don't think ending religion would mean no one would feel guilty about murdering or having affairs. It's pretty much obvious that those things are wrong. Religion's not needed to work that out.


Ladycaca used to be a stripper? Where in a tranny club, in the red light district in Amsterdam?


Uh, why do people have a hard time seeing that a lot of us Christians need to reform, and that Lady Gaga's songs do a good job of pointing that out. Like her clip where she let a rosary slide down her throat.. That is most probably a metaphor for having religion Shoved Down One's Throat. As Christians, I think its our duty to show the lord to others, to let him into their life, but NOT to force the lord upon them!!! We are bearers of knowledge, not tyrants of living! It is GOD's place to grace the lives of others with his presence, and OUR place to give assistance, NOT the other way around! To better help people see the truth in the One God, our lord, we can't just Demand they believe, but take gentle approaches. No one is lost to God's love, and it is unchristian to think that there are people that the lord cannot reach! So next time anyone thinks about imposing their beliefs on someone else, take a step back and take a deep breath and let the holy spirit take over for a bit! Surely it won't yell accusations and spite others.… Read more »


I threw my television out, threw it out , out
A king with no crown, king with no crown

I wouldn't even know who Gaga is unless I wass force-fed with "news" about her in mainstream media.

Erin O'Riordan

I think some of the inspiration for this video was the experimental Kenneth Anger film 'Scorpio Rising.' In it, Anger intercut images of Jesus and his disciples from a religious film with footage of an actor portraying a leather-clad biker.

Kenneth Anger, of course, was a disciple of Aleister Crowley.


Watching videos of Lady gaga certainly hurts. In strange, deep way. This article pretty much explains the reasons why.


Did any of you (including VC) ever stop to think that maybe Gaga has placed all of this imagery into her work in order to EXPOSE the Illuminati and everything they stand for? That she is not being obvious just for the sake of being obvious, but rather that she is glorifying and glamorizing Illuminati ideals in a rebellion of those ideals?? She's not stupid, she knows how much power she has over the young people of the world today, and by making Illuminati imagery SO blatant in her videos, she is actually exposing it in a way that lessens its impact and power over the general public. I personally believe she has made it her mission to expose the Illuminati and their goals to the public in an attempt to weaken them to the point where no one can be influenced by their mind control tactics anymore, except for in a positive manner. And judging by this website, I would say she is doing a pretty damn good job of it.

Lou Lou

I found this article in a search for explantion of that last scene in the video, and, wow, not the answers I was looking for, and BS interpretation to-boot. There's a small thesis in the music video that I'm not going to do, but a few things leap out for attention: i. This article quotes lyrics without correct context to the whole song or the video. The lyrical viewpoint seemingly swings back and forth between Jesus, an unnamed disciple who felt conflicted love for Judas too, and Mary Magdalene. There's a confession of emotional conflict, but no attack on Christ. ii. While she sings about her dangerous desire and the cruelty of the situation, Gaga is persistent in "I'm just a holy fool…" and "Jesus is my virtue". In the song AND the video, she is always obedient to Jesus (watch, she stays by Jesus' side and follows his instruction), iii. Judas participates in the bath scene, but Gaga only attends Jesus throughout. Judas shows the grumps and pours booze on her behind like a whiny teen presumably because he's lost her attention, iv. It's not a purple cloak-thing, it's blue, symbolic to Mother Mary. Gaga is playing with catholic… Read more »

Jesus Freak

I would like to respectfully disagree with this article. I don't think that Lady Gaga was trying to appear anti-christian in this song or video but telling a story that a large portion of real Christians can identify with. For the time era he was in, Jesus would have seemed like a renegade, much like a biker gang might be seen today. The story behind Gaga's "Judas" would seem to be more of a story caught between her love for Jesus and something she is having a hard time letting go of, something that she loves (something that is not considered right in the eyes of the lord) which is represented by Judas, who betrayed Christ. The lip stick in the gun symbolizes a form of mercy that comes with a certain amount of humbling humility, plain and simple. Instead of being shot, he was publicly humiliated. As for the eye of Horus, Egyptian symbolism is generally extremely specific in direction, the curling design off the corner of the eye of Horus is on the outer corner of the eye. The make up could have however be intended to look like tears, like the tears Mary Magdaline washed Jesus's feet… Read more »


I think the video actually discusses Christianity and how humans are sinners. Plus, it has little "mini" parables depicting Biblical events during the time of Jesus (AKA the 12 disciples, Jesus walking with a crown of thorns, etc.)

She talks about falling in love with Judas, who represents the bad boy that she keeps clings to, but she still loves Jesus and wants to follow him ("Jesus is my virtue and Judas is the demon I cling to.") This relates to human kind; we are all sinners and we can't stop sinning, but we still love Jesus/God. It really describes us and our sinful nature.

To drive this in more, in a interview with Larry King, Lady Gaga said that she was a Christian (specifically Catholic) and she believes in Jesus. This is why many of her songs and music videos have Christian influences and symbols.

What is Lady Gaga trying to say? As humans, we love our Heavenly King (Jesus/God), but it's our nature to cling to sin and evilness (which she depicted as Judas).


Faithful Christians have no need to fear evil, and no need to judge others;

Therefore by calling Lady GaGa and/or her works evil, it only shows a lack of faith.

It's almost disgusting how faithless Christianity has become recently..


It's hard to believe that there are so many readers here that refuse to see that this song is probably just calling to attention how horrible some Christians are. If you don't know what I mean, scroll up and look at my previous posts.

I think its talking about Christians that are repetitive sinners. "Jesus is my virtue, but Judas is the demon I cling to."

Reminds me an awful lot of a lot of Christians who sin, then pray for forgiveness, then just turn around and commit the same sins again. They have Jesus in their hearts, but keep clinging to their shameful ways.

Instead of critically accusing her of blasphemy, you should all THANK Lady Gaga for being bold enough to point out that so many people behave this way, and learn from the lyrics in this song so that you can keep an eye out for such people, and help them escape their temptations!


I don't view this as a horrible thing against Christians. I think it points out a very important fact about Christianity, in fact. I think her music is widely open to interpretation. In a lot of her videos i agree, she does tend to promote negative imagery of the Christian faith, but she also tends to point out where Christians should reform. Not Christians in a general sense, but in a stereotypical sense. In the United States, for example, many Christians (Catholics in particular it seems) have grown into very nasty habits. They claim to be 'good christian people' but they don't just sin, they habitually sin. I'm not saying ALL, but FAR TOO MANY of us Christians sin, then confess just to turn around and sin again. I do believe that the lord will forgive people, but I think its a very poor practice to fall into this habit. To me, listening to Judas makes me think of all the people who "Love god" but cling to their habitual sins just like she says in the lyrics that "Jesus is [her] virtue, and Judas is the demon [she] clings to" I don't know… There are so many things that… Read more »


What this video is saying is that Christianity has failed, and even one of his “prophets” liked to steal and walk on the darkside! She is saying after all the time following Christ (like she apparently did) we still aren’t any better. Being good is boring etc People have to remember aswell Gagas fans are young, and young girls go through a stage where they find bad boys exciting and attractive, she’s with someone everyone likes, but she wants the bad guy who’s not effeminate, that’s the slant she’s going for i think to cover the real meaning, that it’s time to change, like born this way, she is saying we are born the way we are, we shouldn’t curb our desires and tear ourselves up in the process. And the end (which i can’t see anyone has picked up on) she’s so torn between the two, that when she’s ready to marry, she doesn’t get anyone, and she has no protection from harm.


I also want to say, that we can't forget that Gaga is very educated, and she's also very aware of religions and symbolism.

Instead of making her as this negative figure, perhaps she is parodying all of it.

Her messages are very positive, and perhaps she is doing all of this, to bring views to it.

To bring recognition to these subjects and all related.

Gaga is a very proud Christian. She is certainly aware of cleansing and the Great W---e, and all of the stuff you mentioned. I'm more on the side that she is bringing recognition to the subjects, rather than being a part of it.


Life is about making choices, you can choose to beleive in a higher power of some sort, science or whaterver youre comfortable with. while lady gaga and her mates could be making other peoples beleifs a mockery she has the right to express herself and not be judged for it. Lagy gaga is just an individual making social comment. Life is filled with institutions and all institutions act as aform of social control and religion is an institution. im an open minded person who embraces knowledge and does not lock it out simply because it is "wrong", that would be ignorant of me. there will always be someone who is different in many ways from what you are, accapt it.


i hate how so many Christians hate and judge GaGa. well that just proves the common belief that Christians are hypocrites. who are we to judge? God is the only one that can and should. hate? isnt that something Christians shouldnt be doing? wow. u guys make Christians look bad. thank God im not judgmental

Sean Whosoever

Aren’t you actually judging others for judging?….Food for thought


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