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Natalia Kills’ “Zombie” and “Wonderland”: Dedicated to Illuminati Mind Control



Natalia Kills' "Zombie" and "Wonderland": Dedicated to Illuminati Mind Control

In the last few years, the pop music scene has incorporated gradually increasing doses of Illuminati mind control symbolism in its music videos. Newcomer pop singer Natalia Kills is definitely another step in this direction. While other pop stars blend subversive symbolism with other themes and subjects matters, Natalia’s videos appear to solely focus on mind control imagery. We’ll look at Natalia Kills’ career videos “Zombie” and “Wonderland”.

Natalia Kills is an English singer-song writer who signed with and Interscope Records. Not unlike other female pop stars, Natalia began working in the entertainment industry at a young age (7). In 2005, Natalia Kills was a rapper known as Verbalicious and released a single entitled Don’t Play Nice, a playful party-rap song with Natalia sporting a radically different style and image.

After being taken under the wing of Cherrytree Records, an Interscope imprint, her name changed to Natalia Kills, her musical style switched to electro-pop and her overall image became a lot darker, fashion-conscious and twisted. In other words, she morphed into an Illuminati pop star.

Although not at the same level of worldwide popularity, Natalia Kills is often compared to Lady Gaga. Though her fans probably don’t appreciate the comparison, there are indeed several similarities between the singers: They both began singing at a young age; they both signed with Interscope’s Cherry Tree Records; they both underwent an extreme metamorphosis after being signed becoming edgy and hyper-sexualized; both changed their artist names after signing with Cherry Tree; both worked with the same producers (count the shout outs to Cherry Cherry Boom Boom in their songs); and most significantly, both incorporate heavy occult and mind control imagery in their videos.

There is a slight difference in Natalia Kills’ world, however: believe it or not, the mind control imagery and symbolism is even more blatant. Her songs and videos can actually be read as a diary of a Monarch programming victim (for a detailed explanation of this term, please read the article Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control).

Natalia’s world is dominated by the concepts of torture, oppression, sadistic handlers, violence, sexual abuse and drugs. In all three of her videos, Natalia is degraded and abused, always combining sex and violence (our two most primal instincts).

Natalia Kills' "Zombie" and "Wonderland": Dedicated to Illuminati Mind Control

Natalia’s first single, Mirrors, flaunts all of the seemingly obligatory references to mind control through symbolism (fractured mirrors, caged heart, etc.) and BDSM (Bondage/Domination/Sadism/Masochism). However, it is her two subsequent singles, Zombie and Wonderland, that clearly associate Natalia with Monarch mind control (to those who understand Monarch symbolism, the names of the songs alone say it all). Let’s look at the symbolism of these two videos.


Without the video, Zombie appears to be a song about being in love with a cold-hearted guy who does not return phone calls.  Aw. The setting of the video, however, definitely does not match this interpretation: Natalia is strapped to a table in what looks like a cold laboratory (mind-control facility?), and is controlled by an unseen person who is sadistically torturing her … and with whom Natalia is in love.

Natalia Kills' "Zombie" and "Wonderland": Dedicated to Illuminati Mind Control

Natalia Kills' "Zombie" and "Wonderland": Dedicated to Illuminati Mind Control

Natalia Kills' "Zombie" and "Wonderland": Dedicated to Illuminati Mind Control

Natalia Kills' "Zombie" and "Wonderland": Dedicated to Illuminati Mind Control

In the context of the video, it becomes clear that the lyrics are actually about the sick, twisted, forcibly generated infatuation felt by a slave towards her handler. The beginning of the song describe the relationship:

I’m in love with a zombie
Can’t keep his hands off me
I think he’s looking at me
But he’s looking right through me

You think you’re so cool boy
Blood rushing through my veins now
Do you want me for my body
Do you want me for my brain, brain, brain, brain

Can’t keep his hands off me is one of the references to the abusive nature of the sexual “relationship” between Natalia and her handler. The last two lines of this verse are actually the most chilling: Do you want me for my body/ Do you want me for my brain, brain, brain, brain. The handler, aka the zombie, actually wants her brain, meaning the ultimate goal is mind control. He is abusing her to cause trauma and dissociation, which psychologically creates alter personas, the ultimate goal of Monarch programming. The video makes it clear: We are definitely not talking about a pretty-boy player who does not return calls, but a sadistic, Josef Mengele-type figure. So the Zombie is a mind control handler and the song’s chorus is “I’m in love with a Zombie” … disturbingly wrong yet most listeners will never get the song’s true meaning (zombies are so cool, right?).

After witnessing this cold, robotic single, I had the feeling that Natalia’s subsequent videos would be nothing less than symbolism-fests, since new singers always push the blatantness a step further … guess I was right.



Natalia Kills' "Zombie" and "Wonderland": Dedicated to Illuminati Mind Control

To those who know are familiar with mind control symbolism, the name of this single, Wonderland, is a dead giveaway that there will be more here than just music. Alice in Wonderland is the primary movie associated with Monarch programming, as it is an actual programming tool. Using associations in the movie, slaves are indeed encouraged to “Walk through the looking glass” – meaning they dissociate from reality. In the fairy tale, Alice enters a fantasy world where everything is magical, inverted and unstable, a world similar to the slave’s internal world, where everything can be modified by the handler.

Knowing this, the otherwise seemingly random and incomprehensible story of the video Wonderland starts making sense. If you have read other articles on this site, you can probably recognize and identify the meaning of these symbols, since they are found in countless other music videos. The constant use of the same set of symbols across popular culture is not a coincidence: A story is being told in veiled terms for those who have “eyes to see”.

The song itself speaks of disillusionment towards the magical world of fairy tales. This feeling is particularly true for mind-control victims, who are programmed using fairy tales by their handlers. The enchanting world of these stories is of course in sharp contrast to the horrid day-to-day reality of these victims, but they are programmed to recognize parallels between the stories and their disassociated inner-psyche. This is reflected in the first verse of Wonderland:

I’m not Snow White, but I’m lost inside this forest
I’m not Red Riding Hood, but I think the wolves have got me
Don’t want those stilettos, I’m not, not Cinderella
I don’t need a knight, so baby, take off all your armor

This verse describes the mental confusion (lost inside this forest), the control by handlers (I think the wolves have got me) and even the sexual abuse (Don’t want those stilettos) inflicted on MK victims by the very same people who tell them the fairy tales. Despite these references, one could argue that the song itself can be interpreted as wanting “true love” and not “make believe”. Well,  as always we can turn to the video for clarification… and in this video is is pretty clear, there is no love involved.

Filled with semi-subliminal flashes of powerful words and gruesome images, the video makes no allusions to a love interest, but plenty of references to mind control. Some of the phrases flashed on screen are actual mantras hammered into the heads of mind-control victims to confuse and traumatize them.

Natalia Kills' "Zombie" and "Wonderland": Dedicated to Illuminati Mind Control

Natalia Kills' "Zombie" and "Wonderland": Dedicated to Illuminati Mind Control

The video begins with a kind of ritualistic procession, where Natalia – dressed in red, the occult color of sacrifice – is forcibly lead somewhere by men in riot gear. The scene is peppered with short flashes showing the police beating people during a riot – placing the video in the context of an oppressive police state.

Natalia Kills' "Zombie" and "Wonderland": Dedicated to Illuminati Mind Control

Natalia is followed by women dressed in black and holding a red flag, alluding to the ritualistic nature of this procession. She is taken to a  secured building where she is forced to attend a highly symbolic dinner.

Natalia Kills' "Zombie" and "Wonderland": Dedicated to Illuminati Mind Control

The dinner table itself is replete with symbols alluding to mind control. Some examples:

Natalia Kills' "Zombie" and "Wonderland": Dedicated to Illuminati Mind Control

Natalia Kills' "Zombie" and "Wonderland": Dedicated to Illuminati Mind Control

Natalia Kills' "Zombie" and "Wonderland": Dedicated to Illuminati Mind Control

In another scene, Natalia is shown being blinded by the hands of several unseen people. This symbolic image is also used in other mind-controlled themed videos to represent the handlers blinding and controlling the slave.

Natalia Kills' "Zombie" and "Wonderland": Dedicated to Illuminati Mind Control

The dinner is held under the supervision of police in riot gear. As seen in previous articles, there is a conscious effort to “normalize” the presence of these symbols of a police state in popular culture, hence their presence in numerous music videos and musical performances (see the article The Transhumanist and Police State Agenda in Pop Music).

Natalia Kills' "Zombie" and "Wonderland": Dedicated to Illuminati Mind Control

After “popping her pills”, Natalia becomes a little rowdy, prompting the cops to raid the place and savagely beat her up. She is then taken outside, where her sacrifice will take place.

Natalia Kills' "Zombie" and "Wonderland": Dedicated to Illuminati Mind Control

In the beginning of the video, Natalia was shown dressed in red (the color of sacrifice) and followed by women dressed in black (death and morning). Her ritual sacrifice was planned from the start. In mind -ontrol terms, the process caused Natalia to dissociate, go to Wonderland and “lose her head”. The transformation, which occurred on the checkerboard patterned floor, caused Natalia to lose control of her mind and of her actions. Through the trauma of oppression, drugs and physical abuse, Natalia has dissociated and gone to Wonderland, the only refuge to her trauma.

As the axe goes down, the screen rips and the word “Wonderland” appears in red, associating the head chopping with the true meaning of the word “Wonderland” in this song. The video ends with an inspiring image, meant to uplift a generation of young minds:

Natalia Kills' "Zombie" and "Wonderland": Dedicated to Illuminati Mind Control

In Conclusion

As pop star veterans lose their edge and their “magic”, newcomers sweep onto the scene to enchant pop fans all over again. Record labels and the Illuminati record industry as a whole are aware of the nature of the business, which is fueled by young people constantly seeking the next cheap thrill and the hottest trend.  In a matter of months, fans can go from “OMG she’s the best I’ll luv her forevz” to “Yawn, lame”.  So, in case people ever get tired of Lady Gaga, her record label is already grooming the next generation to serve up the Illuminati symbolism.

As the public becomes increasingly desensitized to the Agenda, videos keep marching towards more graphic and uncensored portrayals of mind control, which is arguably the most sadistic and evil practice in the world. Natalia’s videos can be read as a diary of a Monarch victim, where she describes a world dominated by oppression, torture, violence, sexual abuse and drugs. The horrific world of Monarch slaves is exposed as Natalia is abused and degraded by unseen forces, but the whole thing is presented as cool and fashionable.

Natalia does not currently enjoy the level of exposure of Rihanna or Lady Gaga. She however has everything it takes to become an industry favorite – a perfect candidate to lead a nation of Zombies to Wonderland.


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Natalia Kills' "Zombie" and "Wonderland": Dedicated to Illuminati Mind Control

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And kids are watching this s--t. No wonder the world is messed up. My friends ask me why I don't wanna use my vocal talents to try to make it big. I simply tell them because I don't wanna become a mind controlled victim vb of the illuminati.


Oh and then they look at me like I have ten heads because they have no idea what the entertainment industry is really about.


Hey everyone,

here's an interview with her. She is asked about her Videos and the connection to Illuminati/monarch mind control. She just laughs it off.


Everyone Please send this sites link to everyone you know. It is so informative!!let us make a difference in this world


I am so sad, because I remember seeing Verbalicious and thinking how lovely she was. It's tragic and it breaks my heart. Poor, poor girl. Remember her, Jesus.


f-----g bored with Illuminati we had heaps here in Australia they are cruel vicious fuckwits some of them are unconvited murderers on their way to prison being programmed and experimented on too by other Illuminati often they are child abductors and drug dealers primarily they are murderers
they are cruel mindless counts this year is the year people should fight back and get these f-----s removed and executed from society
they mind control people into being homosexual they target practice n children and even on babies they target women who are beautiful they seek information from data and informants they are also government do you want a government that's malicious enough to murder you?
they are such vicious liars with multiple personalities and sexual abusers do you want to know sick cunts like that?
are you people so ignorant lazy and amused by them and their blatancy that you're willing to take this f-----g s--t from them another


I am a firm believer in the notion "there are two sides to every story, and three when the truth gets told". Honestly, I think that is why I was quite sceptical when I read your articles. I thought "what if this is just some hipster looking for a new way to bash on mainstream music?" I felt as though you were misinterpreting the meaning to all these 'artists' music and its obvious that you're bias. Therefore the credibility in your work could've been questionable once the defense by the artists is considered. But there is none. All the proof is so obvious I'm astonished as to how some people don't acknowledge the overwhelming montra of mind control and New Order. It's clear that 'artists' like Natalia Kills, Jay Z, Lady Gaga and Tyler the Creator all have advovate this message and it's so commonly thrown around today that you can't help but feel scared for new generations that will acknowledge and enjoy their 'music'. Yet, I still wonder: What exactly is their motive? Publicity,so people can hear their 'music' and they gain the fame they want. Or does it dwell far deeper than just a few album sales?


Noticed at 2.59 in the official vid of 'Zombie,' Natalia's and/or a mannequins head blows up and the flames form a butterfly.


VC, u forgot to mention the antichrist earring worn by one of the escort behind Natalia at second 0:13 in the Wonderland music video.


Found same thing that macncheese found at:

They ask her about "Zombie" and "Wonderland" and there connections to Illuminati Mind Control. She just laughs at it and says "Yes, i am the head of the illuminati and am controlling your mind right now." She plays it off but then u think well maybe she is just another puppet being controlled.


I guess all the artists from Cherry Tree Records make part of the Illuminati… By ALL I really mean ALL..!! Like all that company is illuminated… And by artists I mean Natalia Kills, Far East Movement and unfortunatelly ( I SAY IT WITH A LOT OF PAIN IN MY SOUL BECAUSE I REALLY LIKE THEM & THEIR MUSIC ) but LMFAO are illuminated too. Not sure about that though… umm yeah… I would be really grateful if you could tell me if they are illuminated or not… :s


Also 12,and I thought one day,I should just receive all the positive messages and throw the other crap through the window when I listen to all these songs.


I noticed a few other things. Early in the video, when Natalia is dressed as Little Red Riding Hood, an obelisk is visible in the background and one of her female captors is wearing an inverted cross earing, two obvious allusions to Illuminati spirituality. Also when Natalia is taken from the tea party, a split second frame reveals that the whole affair took place in a church, a reference to how Illumimati rituals take place in sacred places. Like this so perhaps VC can see it.

All of your favourite celebrities are monarch slaves. I wonder why Natalia isn´t listed there yet.


What about the scenes where she's cutting her hair? Could that somehow be symbolic of her shedding her innocence and previous identity for a new, darker one?


I'm sorry , but I think that maybe the person publishin all dis ..stuff. Is feeding off the stupidity of all the pple who believe it . GET LIVES


Great article!! Also, there is one more thing – in those two videos in the beginning there are titles, that in the clips are some scenes that television censure, or something like that… That was actually the reason for me to look up for something unusual in the videos… ://

But why is she doing those videos?


The lyrics of her songs are unpleasant. Music is supposed to uplift your spirits rather than make you depressive and suicidal. However, everything has become decadent the last 10 years per se.

Above you'll find some uplifting songs


I agree with Jorgo's comment about old heavy metal acts. Although what they were doing was considered quite extreme at the time, it could reasonably be argued that a lot of it was deliberately tongue-in-cheek: Satanic imagery as a necessary way of exploring the dark side of existence, but without taking any of it too seriously. Am I just being nostalgic or is this current trend in pop music imagery & themes (which a lot of people such as myself with some experience in the music industry found it all to easy to predict several years before it happened) markedly different in its implications? Illuminati symbolism is being fully explored in an "artistic" way (and is rapidly becoming overused) but it is also being force-fed into people's consciousness with almost sadistic glee by the pop stars and video makers. That is partly because of the insidious entry of certain new technologies and encouraged social networking behaviours into our lives. But it is also the fault of the stars themselves, who by their actions demonstrate that they have zero regard for their audience nor for human beings in general. What happened to the millennia-old tradition of the musician as rebellious folk… Read more »


I forgot to mention, another missing element in this particular type of pop music is a truly spiritual aspect: not the hedonistic exploration of dark themes and of evil; but rather, a form of spirituality – of either the religious or non-religious kind – that raises the human consciousness and enriches our lives and those of our fellow men.

This gaping void in the heart of Corporate Illuminati music/entertainment is obvious to anyone who listens to and watches the stuff, and it is designed to be obvious. The aim is to represent, and in doing so, reinforce a spiritual emptiness in the lives of the listeners and viewers, particularly those unfortunate enough to be unduly influenced by the almost military-grade propagandistic hype with which the various products and idols on offer are marketed and sold.


Natalia, her dark videos, her uninspiring songs, her irritating voice. They're trying to drive the kids insane. Give me Shania Twain anytime, amazing vocalist, a beautiful woman. "You're still the one" is still one of my favourites.


i think it's really cool how she changed from verbalicious to natalia kills…just saying…she used to be on a childrens show aswell.


LMFAO ft. Natalia Kills
Absolutely crappy music. Who buys this kind of inane songs?


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