Lady Gaga’s “Alejandro”: The Occult Meaning


Lady Gaga’s Alejandro video caused quite a stir with the blasphemous nature of its imagery. Many people are, however, still wondering: What is the meaning of the song and what message is the video trying to convey? This article examines the occult symbols used in Alejandro in order to understand its underlying message.

So, by show of hands, who envisioned gay Nazi soldiers being raped by Lady Gaga while first listening to Alejandro? Okay, counting … one person. One sick, disturbed person. But seriously, art doesn’t have to be literal and Lady Gaga’s latest video surely isn’t. As was the case with Bad Romance and Telephone, the video for Alejandro adds another layer of interpretation to the song by giving the words a deeper meaning.

Taking place in a cold, Orwellian, militaristic setting, the visuals of the video sharply contrast with the “summer-y” Latin beat of the song. Other opposing concepts collide and blend in the video as well: good vs. evil, male vs. female and domination vs. submission. The religious symbolism, in addition to adding the “shock factor” necessary to get people talking, gives the song a definite spiritual connotation.

The video for Alejandro is very symbolic and leaves it open for multiple interpretations. For instance, I’ve read an interpretation of the video claiming that it portrays the Catholic church’s repression of the gay community. This interpretation might have some validity to it, but it ignores many important aspects of the video. Other observers seem to believe that all videos with religious imagery are “tributes to Madonna.” Yes, Madonna did Like a Prayer, but this doesn’t explain anything in Gaga’s video. In addition to a possible tribute, the symbolism of the video tells a story of spiritual rejection and metamorphosis taking place in the context of an oppressive police state. The trend of incorporating militaristic and oppressive imagery in recent music videos has been discussed in some previous articles on Vigilant Citizen.

The video was directed by Steven Klein, a well-established photographer in the fashion industry. He has worked with Calvin Klein, Alexander McQueen, Madonna, Nike and many others. His photographic style often exploits the theme of homoeroticism and he obviously carried that theme into this video format.

We will attempt to decode the symbolism of the video and how it relates in today’s context. Here’s the video:

Spiritual Transformation

The most prevalent theme in the song is rejection. The introduction of the song establishes this concept right away:

“I know that we are young.
And I know you may love me.
But I just can’t be with you like this anymore,

The video starts with a funeral procession. Gaga wears a black veil and holds the Sacred Heart, the bleeding heart of God for humanity. Something is dead inside of Gaga and it seems to be her love for Alejandro.

Is there a syringe in the Sacred Heart?

But who is Alejandro? A gay guy she cannot be with? A man she is cheating on with Roberto and Fernando? All possibilities, the song is not quite clear about that. The imagery of the video, however, tells the viewers that Alejandro might stand for something deeper.

In a later scene, Gaga is shown laying down, wearing a red latex nun suit and holding a rosary.

Looking at the sky she says: “Stop, please, just let me go.” Then, just when she says “Alejandro,” she raises her hands to  the sky. In this context, it is safe to say that Alejandro might very well be God.

“She hides true love
En su bolsillo.
She’s got a halo ’round her finger,
Around you.”

The halo around the finger is a wedding ring and Alejandro has a halo around him, which signifies he is considered “holy.” The wedding ring represents Gaga’s union with God through religion, but she is now ashamed of this marriage. She hides the ring in her bolsillo, the Spanish word for pocket. Why does she refer to a Fernando and a Roberto at some point? Is she referring to the triple aspect of God, the holy Trinity?

The concept of rejection is thus applied to God as he does not seem to satisfy Gaga’s spiritual needs. She then decides to seek godhood herself by embracing a new type of spirituality. It seems to me the nun becomes a Luciferian priestess.

Luciferian priestess hiding one eye as a sign of Illuminati control or loyalty


Inverted Cross

Gaga’s robe contains many inverted crosses. This is extremely significant in symbolic language. The cross is a symbol of the Christian faith as it represents Jesus Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection. In Christianity, the inverted cross is known as the “Cross of St. Peter”, in honor of Simon Peter who requested to be crucified upside down because he felt unworthy to be put to death in the same matter as Christ. In non-Christian circles, however, the inversion of the cross represents the perversion and desecration of what it symbolizes. For this reason, inverted symbols are found in black magic and satanism.

“In symbolism, an inverted figure always signifies a perverted power (…) Black magic is not a fundamental art; it is the misuse of an art. Therefore it has no symbols of its own. It merely takes the emblematic figures of white magic, and by inverting and reversing them signifies that it is left-handed.” – Manly P. Hall, Secret Teachings of All Ages


Inverted cross and inverted pentagram as satanic symbols

The inverted cross, placed on Gaga’s crotch, becomes a phallic symbol. Superimposed and combined with her female genitals, the theme of androgyny becomes prevalent. In occult circles, the alchemical transformation of the spiritual matter, the Great Work, must unite both opposing energies.

Becoming a God

The rosary is a set of beads used in Catholic tradition for prayer and meditation. By swallowing the rosary, Gaga incorporates within her a symbol of religious devotion because 1) it is shocking and would get media attention 2) represents Gaga seeking to obtain godhood by her own means. We have here a symbolic representation of the tenets of Luciferianism, which is the drive to attain divinity by one own means. Lucifer is considered to be the active principle towards godhood, the one who brought “divine light” to the humans.

In another scene, Gaga is shown giving the sign of benediction and blessing, a gesture reserved in Catholicism to those who are considered Holy.

A classic image of Christ showing the sign of Benediction and pointing towards the Sacred Heart

Later in the video, Gaga is violently pushed around and abused by the dancers surrounding her. She surrenders and removes her robe for sexual, ritual initiation.

At the ending of the video, Gaga is consumed from within and her “inner light” comes out, representing her transformation from the physical to the spiritual plane. Gaga’s performance at American Idol truly exploited the Luciferian theme of the song.

The performance takes place in a setting reminiscent to the Garden of Eden, where the “Fallen Angel”–Lucifer, the one who was banished from Heaven and tempted Adam and Eve with divine knowledge–presides over the ceremony. Fire comes out of the angel’s wings (after all, he is the “Light Bringer”) each time Gaga says “Alejandro.” At the end of the performance, Gaga is lifted up under the Fallen Angel as a blood-red liquid oozes out from the fountain underneath him. Another ritual sacrifice has taken place on prime-time television.

Police State Imagery

Gaga’s spiritual transformation is taking place in a dark, oppressive and militaristic backdrop. This trend in music videos has been discussed in  The Transhumanist and Police State Agenda in Pop Music.  The article describes how the public is currently being bombarded with militaristic and oppressive imagery, intertwined with sexuality, in order to desensitize the public and create a subconscious positive association. Alejandro is clearly a continuation of this agenda set by the rest of the industry. During the entire video, we see in the background a giant screen displaying scenes of social unrest, buildings on fire and military police running around, placing the viewers in a tense and oppressive ambience.

The video opens with men marching to a militaristic rhythm, some of them having their heads covered, maybe hinting that those men are prisoners of some sort. One of men is inside a pyramidal shape while another holds a hexagram as the prisoners march. Is this a representation of the masses marching to the rhythm of the elite, holding up high the symbols of its own oppression? Gaga is then shown in a position of power, wearing a black, illuminated crown while looking over the prisoners performing for her.

The “Black Queen” removes one goggle at a time, flashing the Illuminati All-Seeing Eye sign (discussed in many previous articles on this site) and revealing the true nature of her power.

Again, One-Eye hinting to the nature of the oppressive force

In this scene, Gaga wears a “gun bra,” in accordance with the agenda of the sexualization of oppressive imagery. Her back-up dancers are dressed in uniforms reminiscent of dictatorships of the era of Hitler, Stalin, Franco and Mussolini. Political oppression is indeed sexy … oh wait, no, it’s not … it actually goes against everything America supposedly stands for.

Mind Controlled Slaves?

In a symbolic scene,  a soldier is shown attached to strings, like marionette. He is not in control of his own movements and holds a gun on his privates (more sexualization of weaponry). He stares blankly, looking confused as a mind-control slave would.

In what looks like an internment camp, Gaga has the gay men bound to a bed as she rapes them, in what looks like a reenactment of ritual abuse.

In the final scene of the video, Gaga is shown attached to strings. Is she herself controlled into perpetuating this agenda?


In Conclusion

As stated above, the video to Alejandro is very complex and symbolic, and lends itself to multiple interpretations, depending on the viewer’s knowledge and point of view. There are, however, parts of the video in which the symbolism is clear and concise, leaving little doubt regarding the message being communicated. During the video, Gaga goes through a very profound metamorphosis, rejecting Christian faith by desecrating its symbols and embracing a new type of spirituality. Is Gaga’s transformation a representation of the transformation that is currently happening on a worldwide scale? Are members of the elite, who were thought to be part of “regular” religions, revealing their true, Luciferian selves to the public? Will the New World Order leave traditional religions in the dust to embrace a new type of spirituality? Whatever the case may be, pivotal videos such as this one disseminate into the collective unconscious a specific set of symbols and values that will become, in time, “part of our culture.” In order to achieve this, charismatic figures that are admired by the public are used make those messages cool and trendy. Music fans have been subjected to an intense creative drought in the past years, which caused them to be desperate for a new, eccentric and iconic presence. So Lady Gaga comes into the picture, slightly distances herself from the painfully formulaic music acts and is heralded as the new pop princess. She also brings with her all of the Illuminati agenda and flashes in her fans faces the symbols of their own oppression. I’m sure many fans have a gut feeling that something is wrong with her act, but still can’t stop listening to her. They must tell themselves, “well, there is nothing else to listen to.” And that’s what media monopolies are all about.




  1. Letusliveinpeace on

    Finally. I was waiting for you to make an article about this. You are one heck of a genius!! very illuminating interpretation!! Thank you so much!!

  2. can someone explain what 01:06:07:14• is supposed to mean?

    this popped up in the middle of the video for a split second, it must mean something right?

  3. Four of the marching men in the beginning are holding something, one holding a triangle, a hexagram (what I thought was a star of david), and two with circles (maybe referencing dual pillars). The sexualisation of violence is furthered in scenes with a large screen depicting various protests and police actions in crowd control, with the dancers performing all the while.

    The only other thing I noticed was that her goggles appear almost to be like horse blinders, narrowing her vision onto only what is intended for her to fixate on and ignore everything else.

    Thanks for breaking down some of the heart imagery, I don't pay enough attention to Christian symbols to know the references there.

  4. Ever since I've been reading these articles I've been picking up the symbolism everywhere. I'm only 15, and I'm not religious by any means, but it's scary to me that these tokens are acceptable in the media. I've been talking about it to some of my friends, but they don't really know what to think about it. I'm not 100% sure what Monarch Programming is and what it has to do with the music industry, but I know its there. And it's terrifying me.

    And thanks for the Alejandro interpretation. I've been waiting all weekend for it.

  5. omg very little comments- great article! i cant believe how many people are brainwashed by gaga its sickening..

  6. Oh, and also when she repeats "Alejandro" and you play it backwards you hear "My Lord" "My Hell".

    Seriously, try it!

  7. Very interesting article.

    I wonder if the author is aware that Islam describes a anti-Christ figure known in Arabic as "Dajjal" meaning deciever or false messiah who will temporarily rule the world prior to the second coming of Jesus Christ (Esa ibn Maryam) what is even more interesting is that the Prophet Muhammed foretold 1400 years ago that the Dajjal (Antichrist) will be physically One-Eyed.

    Today the primary symbol of the illuminati is the 'the all seeing one-eye".

  8. I imagine u had lots of feedback wanting u to post an article on this over the top messs of a video. Luckily her backlash has only begun. Girls a wreck.

  9. @Muslim

    You know the Koran also depicts freaking genies too? I don't really believe anyone who watches Disney's Aladin like it is scripture.

  10. Great job! I knew the red thing she was holding in front of the publicity march was something strange, but I didn't realise that it was the Sacred Heart. I also noticed much stuff, and I agree with most of your stuff. Thanks for another great article!

  11. Why did this video have to be so dark? It was voted a summer jam I think the no. 1 summer jam so WHY is it something so halloween? It could of easily been a colorful fun uplifting video. I am sick of all the darkness it takes away and makes things predictable and boring. She can't possibly be proud of this video. Possibly I would see it different if the sex wasn't so….creepy and just toooo much how dare she act like that on video for her 15 year old fans who worship her to see her being like that….this video really taints ur brain. I wished I had never watched it…

  12. Michelle Angela on

    Nice one! I've been waiting for this article since last week. :) Kudos to you!

  13. I wanted to express how tired I am of people praising Lady Gaga for being "inventive" and "creative." She is neither; she is devilish. We are looking at a poor mind controlled puppet who incorporates satanic symbols into her music videos. I don't know about anyone else, but there is absolutely nothing "inventive" or " creative" about that. The media's fascination with her is completely "esoteric". If she acts like an "obedient" little girl and complies with her handlers…celebrity, fame, popularity, and endorsements are hers. I really appreciated Vigilant Citizen's previous post. The videos were a bonus, and there's more out there, because they offered concrete evidence. VC, what you are doing is a very good thing-please, keep it coming-people need to be awakened. I am more than convinced – actually, it's not even a question of conviction – I know that these things are true. When you identify the Enemy & understand who GOD is…things begin to make perfect sense. God is good!

  14. I don't have to much to say about gaga…..I really don't think to much of her….Madonna was before my time….seeing gaga made me realize Madonna wasn't shish….someone else creation…thank for the post VC

  15. ANother great article!! thnxs for this one I was definately confused wiht this one

  16. Jamaican Girl on

    Brilliant article. I had interpreted some of the symbolism before hand and i guess i was right. KEEP EM COMIN….im gonna go tell my friends now :)

  17. I've been waiting for this post since the minute I saw it. My friend still tries to convince me its just a "Lady Gaga inspiration video" and calls herself their "Little Monsters". Fans choose to see what they are shown, its sad actually. I sent her the article and called it "attention seeking, and crap". Kind of what I think of Lady Gaga. When will her 15 minutes END?

  18. Alejandro means Protector of Mankind. Protector of Mankind = God. Like at Telephone, Gaga always rejects God's calls. "Dont call my name, Dont call my name, Alejandro"

  19. Great article! I still love GaGa and i'm going to her concert in July, if i see any symbolism I will be sure to film it and send it to you!

  20. Bay State Observer on

    Thanks for posting this article. It is well needed.

    As a Traditional Catholic, I oppose the trashing of Holy Mother Church and the Faith, whoever does it — whether from the Secular Left, the Protestant Right or the heretics and deviants within the Hierarchy. Lady Gaga and those creating these videos and so-called "music" are another set of "trashers" that must be fought.

    Articles like these help educate and warn people about such cultural seducers. Thank you again for posting them.

  21. btw i disagree about this song being summery. If you listen to the mp3 of it at the begining you hear wind, it made me think of leaves and it being cold. So the fact that it's a dark video i get bc that's what I envisioned when i heard it.

  22. You can put Marilyn Manson music over this video and it really would work, Goo-Goo's music just didn't fit. Has anyone played this video backwards with sound yet?

  23. I've been waiting for this since the video came out.. I missed some stuff but some of the bigger stuff, I'm proud to say, I recognized. Great job!

  24. Wowww i'm surprised at how many little comments you have great article I thoght the prisoners marching scene that the hexagram was the (star of david) reference to jews since this video does have a nazi comunist and facist theme. When lady gaga was wearing the goggles I noticed how the were made of lace kind of like a black veil or that the goggles resembled horse blinders………KEEP IT UP VC!!!

  25. Another great article. I love reading these. You should do Eminem's "Not Afraid" next. I think that the song is clearly anti-illuminati.

  26. just how i thought- "alejandro" is being used as a name for G-d , she is talking to G-d saying to leave her alone, she is done with Him.. she is moving on to other religions/ideologies – "fernando"

    it is also a tribute to madonna, with burnings in the background i thought of "like a prayer" and withe being the beds and the bra dance scene i thought of "express yourself" –

    and in the end she is showing how the nun is a puppet, with the men i think she is showing brainwashed military and sex slavery at the same time, and how they all are puppets in the end

    the nun ends up turning to the other side and being the one in charge of them

    but still in another scene what the nun has to go through to change which is a real ritual practiced is orgy/ being raped in group

    bottom line, she is leaving G-d. period point blank. after re-enacting the lucifer fell from heaven story on american idol, there is nothin else to say, and these are no longer far fetched conclusions, they easy for the average joe to see and understand what they are saying now..




    And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, Come hither; I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters: With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication. So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication: And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration. Revelation 17 KJV

    And the woman which thou sawest is that great (JESUIT RULED VATICAN) city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth. Revelation 17:18 KJV





  28. Wow, that American Idol performance was so creepy! I can't believe they allow this on national television, knowing so many children are watching. We shouldn't allow our children to watch tv anymore, this is sick. Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj….. videos are sick, tormented, and disgusting. Anyone who thinks this is art is blinded by the enemy and needs prayer. This will only get worse. Thanks Vigilant, please continue your excellent work, people need to wake up!!

  29. Dragonfly Feri on

    Lady Gaga has been from day 1 disturbing and there are other songs to listen to out there, you just have to know where to find it, but this is just beyond wrong no matter what religion you are…

  30. And even still there are people who think Gaga is in the good side. Folks, go read 1984 and Brave New World.

  31. @ Psystom

    It would. His early songs were about how the media controls us, religion, and and the government control over us. He would even say so in his interviews since that was the story of Holy Wood.

  32. Very interesting ariticle vigilant. As av stressed before one must be very careful of analysing "images" "text's" "symbol's" of all sort's as one can end up in pool of semiotic masturbation.

    Point, when does fiction become fact ? When does fact become fiction ? Enough ! let us proceed !

    The work of art as "satanic". Salman Rushdie's novel "satanic verses" was rounded on as blasphemous by the religious iman's of islam which lead to a "fatwa" issued by the ayatollah as blasphemous against the prophet mohammed.

    Similarly the constant thrust on this blog site & other similar sites that Gaga (rihanna beyonce etc) works carry occult satanic themes. Now the point is the occult critic's & the iman's occupy the same podium. The accusation that works of art (a book in rushdie's instance) & (music videos in gaga's instance) are SATANIC !!! The age old debate, the artist as a degenerate ! Enough !

    When does the work of art shift in space & time from a work of art to a work of the satanic ??? Did you "see" the "meaning" shift ??? where ? at what point in space & time ?

    Here my friends is where the text deconstructs itself from one side to the other. The supporters for the artist' '"freedom of expression" & the supporters for Gatekeeper watcher's (defenders) of society against the blasphemous satanic artist's & their so-called work's of art.(remember nazi hittler's take on modern art. The artist as degenrate ! again !!!! Get the picture where this can lead to !!!)

    Both sides try to "freeze" the derailment of meanings to THEIR side but the meanings cut loose into "hyper-reality" as the "real" disappears ! Enough !!!!…………;-)

  33. Thank you for this, Vigilant. Alejandro is the most blatant video I've seen. Did anyone else notice that when GaGa's face transforms at the end, the shape that's made looks like the silhouette of Mickey Mouse's face?

  34. @marco- one thing wrong you have there- when He comes back, it will be as a surprise, no one will be expecting Him

    thus, what most will think is the apocalypse will be a false one, just to get you to surrender to NWO..

    hence all the movies and music and everything based on "2012" is just to prepare everyone, to make them think it is the real apocalypse so they surrender.. there is no time or date or antichrist named..

  35. Oh my god :( these words came right to me:

    "I’m sure many fans have a gut feeling that something is wrong with her act, but still can’t stop listening to her. They must tell themselves, “well there is nothing else to listen to.”

    That's right, I've known since a long time that there is something wrong and crazy about her…but I can't even convince myself to seel the damn cd or even stop listening to her freaking music -.-" i hate that i like her. I don't want to be part of anything that goes against God and surely she's in the opposite side.

  36. Her American Idol performance reminds me of Britney Spears' performance of "I'm a Slave for You" in 2003 on MTV. It was also set in the Garden of Eden and even includes Britney holding a snake, representing Satan. I never realized it before but this type of symbolism has been going on for a long time. The music video for "I'm a Slave for You" is also very satanic. The music video for "Oops I Did It Again" definitely has some symbolism to it also. At one point in the song she says "I lose all of my senses" and it shows her face multiple times on the screen, possibly representing her multiple personalities. People with dissociative identity disorder most of the time do not know what happens when they are in there other personalities (possibly explaining her marraige to KFed and cutting all of her hair off). DID is also "induced" on people with the use of drugs such as LSD for mind control. I think it is a reference that she was (and maybe still is) being controlled. In this interview with Diane Sawyer ( watch what happens right when she says the word "weird". She immediatley… changes. It's as if "weird" was some sort of trigger word.

  37. just how madonna compared sex to a prayer, she is comparing G-d to a bf/gf relationship

    madonna got some haters for that back then, but she did even better years to come later

    so i don't think she's going anywhere unfortunately, she's doing even better on their terms

    i just hope for her own sake she "just" sold out for money and is acting for them, playing them too and isn't really the following the dark religion

  38. Great job, Vigilant! I have been waiting for this article and was excited when I got the email. I am so glad you did this one. Even one of my best friends, who loves Gaga, was confused when he saw it and even said to me, ???That was so weird. I don't get it. Obviously, when I saw it I knew there was something I was missing and thank you for answering ALL the questions that came into my mind as I watched it. I only wish it could've been longer.

    Looking forward to the next article! 😀

  39. Her performances are difficult to watch.

    The evil just emanates from the screen.

    I wonder what psychological and spiritual effect it has on people and young adults.

    She has no connection with the audience or with what she is singing, it lacks heart, it is like watching and listening to a dead person perform, if that were possible.

    Thanks for sharing again VC, I think she has received enough attention, what more is there to say,

    Marantha in #28 hit it right on. She is a puppet and we need to take care not to pay to much attention.

  40. By the way, I thought it was REALLY weird that in the first scene there was only that one guy with his eyes open…I want to know who he symbolizes…any ideas?

  41. Torontonian Josh on

    Thanks again Vigilant, for this precious interpretation of mass media's satanic messages. They're getting more courageous and blatant with their messages, am I right?

  42. Omg this is so scary. I m not pure christain I don't lik how they say men ALWAYS rule over women anywho this video was still very offensive and I've been waiting so long for it. Now that I've been reading your articles I've been seeing stuff everywhere and sometimes I wish I had more ignorance but it's better this way…you know knowing what's going on. Thanks for everything

  43. I love Gaga, but honestly this video made me feel betrayed as a fan, at least Bad Romance and Telephone were kinda fun, this was physically painful to watch (didn't help that I'd read your articles in between seeing those and this, so I was kinda on the lookout anyway…oh well).

  44. omg wow to the religious freaks who thinks gaga is the fucking devil? Honestly? this is pop media, but come on. GAGA as the devil? i respect you and your religion but REALLY?

    like, get over yourselves. just because she made some controversial stuff doesnt automatically make her the devil. obviously oyu guys have the maturity of a middle schooler. don't be so close minded, and calm the fuck down she's just a pop star.


  45. A couple other things …

    At 8:05, GaGa's on top of one of the dancers and it appears that she's having sex with him. The only thing is that they're both still dressed, which means she's letting the guy underneath her shove his d*ck into the inverted cross on her crotch. How twisted is that?

    Also, the dancers are lined up to form a pyramid in every dance scene, with GaGa at the top, of course.

  46. she is such a devil worshipping devil. i can accept if she wants to kill herself and go to hell, but damn, stop trying to take the rest of the world with you. i considered being nicey nice but she's trying to take the whole damn world to hell so F her! and the rest of her bafoon followers just soak it in like its cotton candy, IDIOTS!! wake the f up and take off your foggy glasses. oh and wht about the poor kids that are being brainwashed into this bullsh! i'm talking little ones. someone knock this gaga sleaze out, puleeaaze!

    Jesus forgive me for i am fed up with this devil and its worshippers!!!

    the world must be coming to an end when people like this idiot are allowed to do what they do. PSSSH!

    checking out of mainstream music. peace.

  47. Danny, even thought I despite the spiritual content of this video, as I'm opposed to anything luceferian, the sheer evil of this video is not only for Ladie's lack of respect for the leader of a grup of religions – even atheism is present in a Christian's life, as christians sin when they stop believing for a while. What this young babylonian whore is promoving is far worse than the simple lack of faith of Huxley.

    Huxley were an atheist, as you claim, and Oswell believed in socialism, as far as I know. But people still can learn from them about totalitarism.

    Gaga videos are ALL very obscure, but still carefuly designed to captivate, while she kills people with rat venon, do bloodly rituals, pray to demons, act as a reptille, incenerates people…the list goes on.

  48. and one more thing. how the f dare she disrespect my JESUS like that. some bullsh!

    gaga, enjoy your time in hell, it's all prepared and extra toasty you dummy.


    Prettyyyyyyyyy pleaseeeeeee, please please please.

    At least a mini article.

  50. A brazillian comrade of mine asked


    lucy June 13th, 2010 10:12 pm :

    O que significa os números 01:06:07:15* que aparecem numa fração de segundos?


    she asked what's the meaning of "the numbers 01:06:07:15*, which appears in a fraction of seconds"

    Lucy, pf, da próxima vez tente perguntar em inglês

    Lucy, please, next time try to ask in english

  51. Great article VC. I was anticipating it ever since I saw the video.

    I actually picked up on most of the points you made and that's because I've read so many of your articles before.

    Thanks for continuing your work, it is greatly appreciated! :)

  52. I was praying to the Lord you would write about this….guess He found it as important as you did.

  53. Man, i'm a huge fan of gaga and I love her songs and her art, but at the same time, I think she is in fact of the Illuminati. But I still love her. The moment this video came out, I go "Woah,Vigilant Citizen have a lot of stuff to write about" but then when I read this article i was very disappointed I kindda expected more. I don't know about you guys but I noticed about the pyramid, the star, and the very fact that there's a circle in between in the marching scene at the start.

  54. The sacred heart imagery and the blessing hand sign are great evidence Gaga is completly aware of all what she's doing in her videos, the poses, one-eye, dresses etc.

    Even Madonna never went that far in the… abyss.

  55. Hahahaha if being just a pop star means that they have to serve satan, attack the Catholic Church, promote state police with sex and rape, and insult everything Holy… Then yes, she is JUST a pop star. Blind fool.

  56. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    Lady Gaga's videos are disturbing and ominous for the public to view as entertainment. I do not believe Shakespeare was this graphic in his plays. Her choices will eventually lead her down a dead end road where she has to either turn left (self- destruction) or right (havoc).

    Vigilant, you have done above extraordinary interpretation. Your blog is a groundbreaking awareness. Again, I must comment on your above average intelligence. It shines every time.

    You have a fifteen year old person who shared her thoughts (15). These videos are aimed at the youths of today. I am glad she noticed that something is sinister about Lady Gaga's videos. I think the more young people read the information provided on your blog they will become enlightened.

    Monarch programming: I used to wonder who thought of the nonsense, tedious movie “Stepford Wives.” No more guessing here.

  57. Nice article, I notice how very careful you were with pointing fingers. The problem is that morons who have been brainwashed by either the Media or Religion will do it for you. To everyone who has commented and will comment, tell me what is so "evil" in this interpretation of the video? At most the ludicrous dreams of a woman hoping to gain divinity! Has she shown she wishes to overthrow God? Has she behaved "hostile" towards Him in her video? No she has not, not that I have observed. Now don't think I am defending Gaga, but the truth is that Religion has been at war with Art and Science for as long as humans have existed. You MUST be objective when observing these things if not you are just as brainwashed and idiotic as the person you are lashing out at.

    What people of Religion (being one myself) need to understand is that Absolute Faith in a deity is fine, but absolute faith in the people below that deity? THAT is ridiculous! We are all humans with goals and ambitions! Don't look down your nose at Gaga claiming that she is evil. Your narrow mindedness is just as ludicrous as her apparent ambitions in this video.

    Satanism is way darker than anything we have seen in this video, these artist live for THIS. People blogging, vlogging and discussing what their videos could mean. More views for her, more money for them! It is amazing we keep falling into the same trap over and over. The stupidity of the human race is perpetuated and the repetition of history continues!

  58. Dyan.. I honestly don't know, or even care, if Gaga is an Illuminati. I don't agree with many theories of the blogosfere, and I think ridiculous to think history is determinated by just a bunch of secret societies, with all of it's contradictions. Even thought, I'm aware of the intervencionism of the Rockfeller, etc.

    But you should not only care for the propaganda/political part, open your eyes for what's in her videos, man! She makes PEOPLE DIEING "cool", "artsy". Blood and poison and oppression and stupid idolatry. Be careful with it all, Dyan. This is pure poison for someones heart.

  59. Tell me this is NOT ON PRIME TIME DAY TV ???




  60. A few other observations.

    1. When she's dancing with the machine gun bra, her dancers are in the formation of an uncapped pyramid, and Lady Gaga is kind of around where the all-seeing eye would be

    2. What struck me as a subliminal flash of Baphomet is at 6:42.

    3. When she's singing in front of the cross toward the end of the song, it looks like there are individual eyes floating past on the blue screen.

    Anyone think of anything else?

  61. I am thankful that God has instructed his people on what music is appropriate to listen to. He knows that music is powerful and the Devil, who was the most musically gifted angel in heaven (Ezekiel 28:13-15), would use it to "cause" the world to wonder after & follow the beast of Revelation 13 (This hasn't come to fruition yet – but we shall soon see it). The Devil is busy & he knows that his time is very very short (1 Peter 5:8). But God is in control and has already won the battle. The devil has to get my Lord's permission: D. This thing is soooooooo deep – we haven't even begun to scratch the surface!!! All of you should look up the book "Bloodlines of the Illuminati" by Fritz Springmeier & there's a video you can watch of the author in an interview. I'll see if I can find it…

    I found the video – Yay!!!

    I mention this book because, if you do your homework, as I have done, you will see that all of this is connected. For instance, if you research Monarch Programming or CIA MK ULTRA Mind Control you will find that many of these victims are generational "lab rats." Everything that God has, the devil has a counterfeit – How? Why? Read Isaiah 14:12-15. The Devil is mad because he cannot create…he has no creative power – and by create I mean create life. God is preparing a people who love Him and keep all of his commandments… the Devil's counterfeit is being wrought through the Illuminati.

    Our "wonderful" United States of America has so many dark secrets. Yes, God brought about the U.S.A. – and inspired the writing of our Constitution – to set-up His church and spread the gospel message; but, it became corrupt – perhaps, corrupt from the beginning.

    Few celebrities have spoken out about Multi-Personality Disorders and others only allude to it. But it's real. Do the research!

  62. So I've been looing into all this info on occult and illuminati symbols in the media. I don't know how I watched the who video of Alejandro all the way through cause it really repulsed me. It just screamed witchcraft to me. Anyway…. On another site ( It shows a picture of a high priestess in the O.T.A. (order of the temple of Astarte) throwing up Jay-Z's the "roc" if you will…The illuminati pyramid. But what is even more interesting when I saw the pic is that to her left is a triangle and to the right the star of David or what is known in the occult as the seal of Solomon used to conjur up the demonic? I thought "whoa… I know where I've seen this before. It's right there in the beginning of Lady Gaga's Alejandro video." Besides all the other evidence, that really sealed the deal for me that she is a witch seeking to control others with her sorcery. She knows what she's doing too.

  63. ALEJANDRO = defender and protector of man(GOD).

    FERNANDO = ardent for peace and bravery(JESUS).

    ROBERTO = bright and shining(HOLY SPIRIT).


    Incorporated this into the lyrics:

    “Don’t call my name don’t call my name Alejandro(God)”

    “I’m not your Babe (child)

    I’m not your Babe (child) Fernando(Jesus)”

    “Don’t call my name don’t call my name Roberto(Holy Spirit)”

    In the Bible, the word “Babe” is used in place of “child”. Exodus 2:6


    I just wanna share it because it says something.

  64. #80. if you haven't read the above (vc's post) and the comments and can not find any evil in that, especially being of 'religion' yourself, you are hopeless. and your religion must have no morals for everything gaga does offends all morals.

    basically, if you can't observe for yourself that she's not evil, you are blind.

    my GOD is a king. Jesus is my saviour, died and rose again for us.he is good.

    gaga's 'god' is a jealous castout, a loser, a hasbeen. and gaga's god never sent anyone to save anyone. he's evil.

    which god would you serve? answer should be simple.

  65. Great article; I was waiting for this! Much of my own interpretation was similar to yours, with her leaving Alejandro, who is actually God. If I had been in that American Idol audience, I woulda been beyond uncomfortable…the Lucifer statue was just too much. I felt the same way when she performed at the 2009 MTV VMAs, which I'm assuming is the other televised satanic ritual VC was referring to. She's always given me the creeps, even though there was sometime that I couldn't put my finger on exactly what turned me off from her. But it amazes me how she'll still have that certain group of dedicated followers who think she does no wrong. Ignorance is bliss, as always…

  66. NoOnesFool, there's "nothing evil" in the interpretation of this video. VC is doing an amazing job.

    Second, is yourself in a religion? Really? So, even though you believe the really odd afirmation that all religions are against science and art, the very belief created by illuminists, the ones which were AGAINST religion, you persist in making a fool of yourself? If I were you, I'd prefer OR became an atheist OR go read, do research, and that's what I did when I stopped being a Dawkin's babbling brat to become someone more aware of the importance of religion.

    Point at someone's sins is stupid IF they don't have a PUBLIC importance. What do you think is more bad, a fellow's masturbation or an artist that promoves violent anti-religion bigotry?

  67. name Meaning gender origin

    Alejandro Protector of Men male Spanish

    Alejandro Spanish Form of Alexander Defends Mankind male Spanish

    ———————————— Jesus is the "Protector of Mankind"———————-

    John 12:47 And if any man hear my words, and believe not, I judge him not: for I came not to judge the world, but to save the world.

    John 1:29 The next day John saw Jesus coming toward him and said, “Look! The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!

    —–I think it is safe to say, Who Alejandro is.

    it could be Fernando and Roberto are other 'gods' she is whoring her self out too… but regardless, this video is kinda blatant and in your face, occultic and illuminated.

  68. Hahah you werent the only one who thought of gay Nazis.

    Anyways great article, its nice to know other people notice these hidden meanings.

  69. Omg i been waiting for this since the video came out! your amazing… you really opened my eyes to alot of things! THANKS!

  70. @89 first off, how dare you accuse me of having no morals and being hopeless? I would hope you are tired or something and your brain is malfunctioning! As a christian (which u SEEM to be) is that what Jesus would have done?

    Is that how He would have approached me?

    with hostility and accusations?

    did you not even READ my comment in its entirety? if you did you would not have said "gaga’s ‘god’ is a jealous castout, a loser, a hasbeen. and gaga’s god never sent anyone to save anyone. he’s evil." I said nothing about her "god" because it is obvious in the video she is TRYING to become a "god" herself but is unsuccessful and becomes the puppet of another "being"

    Your anger has led you to say something totally irrelevant to my comment and it PISSES me off that you would have the BALLS to say my RELIGION (which is probably the same or closely related to YOURS) has no morals and that I am hopeless. I will not go so low as you did and accuse you of being hopeless or blind, but your ignorance astounds me.

    I am saying yes your caution is warranted but your AGGRESSION is NOT! THERE R FAR WORSE EVILS than a blonde bimbo "playing God"

  71. @Marantha

    The USA has always been satanic. In the US, all the seven capital sins are national sports! Pride, Lust, Sloth, Wrath, etc.

    How can a country who stated that they follow the one and only true God, the Holy Trinity, how could they ever be real followers of Christ when everything constructed in the US has got Illuminati/Freemason themes?

    USA politicians have always said they were Christians, except for Obama who isn't and doesn't even care to say he isn't and praises Islam,etc. , yet they have always acted like satanists… So what is the truth in here?

    The US never was and never will be Christian until all the posers pay…

    Babylon the Great (United States of Babylon) who more than once said "I am enthroned as queen, she thinks; I am no widow and will never know bereavement. "

    17:4 And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:


    17:6 And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.

    17:9 And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth

    17:10 And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space.

    17:11 And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.

    17:12 And the ten horns which thou saw are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast.

    17:15 And he saith unto me, The waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues.

    17:18 And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth.

  72. caribbean_girl on

    gaga needs some serious prayers she totally has the wrong perspective on life

  73. You say that she was raping the men, but I thought that her actions toward them were much less violent than their actions towards her. There's a scene where it looks like one of the men is trying to choke her/bend her in half. For me, the most disturbing part of this video and similar crap is the equation of sex with violence. The female object of desire has always been disposable, but now it's taken a step further. She has to be symbolically destroyed to prove how worthless she is. It's a disgusting parody of human sexuality – there's no equal exchange or sacredness. It's simply abuse. Yet another way that our values are being shaped by the mainstream media.

  74. @ Virginia L. (#52). I know exactly what you're going through. That's a difficult thing to address, because I don't know you personally…I wouldn't know where to begin. I have talked to others about this very thing. All I can tell you is:

    1) I don't know whether you believe in God; but, you need to pray to Him & tell him that you love this music and that it's a struggle to stop listening to it. Just be honest – because God already know how you feel anyway, he reads your thoughts, he know the intent of your heart. Be honest.

    2) All of us have to understand that music is a doorway for Satan to control/manipulate our thoughts & feelings. You can choose to research scientifical facts about the effects of music on the brain. So melody, harmony, rhythm, lyrics, and even the artist themself are important factors in picking the right music.

    3) I listen to audiobooks and sacred music. Sacred music is ideal music, but you need to ask God to help you.

    4) Look through and clean-up your music library. Do this while praying and asking God to help you.

    I could go on but the real change is going to take place when you're absolutely convicted by the Holy Spirit that this music is dangerous to you spiritually; and, isn't preparing you for heaven but is drawing your soul to hell. I've had experiences where I felt like dark spirits were surounding me because of the music I was listening to. I mean I've experienced some chilling stuff. But the devil is a liar. God is so good & he shows that he loves & cares for us by exposing the lies of the enemy. We're not reading & learning about this stuff for no reason. Jesus is coming. Each of us have to make a decision. When you listen to the Devil's music you open the door for him to come into your life. "We wrestle not against' flesh and blood…" (Ephesians 6:12).

  75. in reply to your parting comment about the "music drought" and gaga coming in as this pop princess- I think you are exactly right. I believe in my freshman history class I remember reading how the economic times/etc in Germany helped Hitler become the fuhrer. (I also think Obama's "yes we can" and iconic-ness and being the one who would so obviously be elected is thanks to 8 years of Bush and people wanted drastic change. I don't know anything about Obama, but the setting was perfect, as it is for gaga and was for Hitler :P)

    Also i once saw someone else bring up the topic of the fact that all the people in the vid have a 'bowl-haircut'; even gaga. A style that both men and women can wear? and in the scene were you say gaga is 'raping' the men, even more of a guy-haircut. I defintley think she ment something with this.

  76. @ Ivo, I understand what you are saying, you're not the first to have doubted I could be someone of "Religion" and I let it be known I am informed on these topics, however, history has shown us that throughout time science & art have had many hostile encounters with religion.

    it is a fact, regardless of if it has been exaggerated by the illuminati or even originated from them. nothing made by man is perfect and all 3 of these have come from man. i am not trying to make any specific side seem like the bad guy here. but i hate to think that this article would be used by people on this site to fight the media when other, more reasonable and justifiable fights can be carried out.

    to throw ur scenario back at u

    do u think that an artist that promotes violent anti-religion bigotry is worse than a mass murdering psychopath that will kill a classroom full of children??

    how about this for a 2nd scenario?

    do u think that an artist that promotes violent anti-religion bigotry is worse than a man or group of men who would willingly crash 2 planes full of innocent men, women and children into 2 tower ALSO full of men, women and children?

    really? who is the fool?

  77. And by the whole Hitler thing I mean that times were so bad and Hitler was so different that people swiftly made him their leader and followed what he said. Same as gaga.

  78. @NoOnesFool I feel your being a smart-elect in the 2nd part of your argument, of course the latter is worse, but You also wander who triggers these things in others.

  79. i apolgize if i hit a nerve. but i don't apologize for what i said. my particular comment to you was not aggressive, i just say what's on my mind. but when you say your religious, yet you yourself can't find anything wrong with gaga, what is one supposed to think? no Jesus wouldn't talk to you the way i did, but i'm not Jesus. i can only do my best. i'm not perfect. but it frustrates me when people like yourself still play the 'i can't see anything wrong with gaga' card, and that PISSES me the f OFF.

    you said: THERE R FAR WORSE EVILS than a blonde bimbo “playing God”

    i say: uhh not really when this blonde bimbo is parading herself around young children taking advantage of their vulnerable minds. she's trying to desensitize little kids with the trashy things she does, as vc has eloquently mentioned. this act alone is evil.

  80. Paco – ok, maybe USA is a nation based on sin. I warn you Brazil's too.





    NoOnesFool at #97 – Blood fountain. Murderer. Rape. She's not just today's sunny Brittany Spears.

  81. I'm starting to believe that theory that if you play the line "Alejandro, Alejandro" backwards you hear "My Lord, my hell". Seriously!

  82. @nomoregaga. no hard feelings. we're all here to either agree or argue. I agree that what she is doing is "evil" but evil, just look good has depth. think of it this way "a SIMPLY good person will not get into heaven" now immediately this brings up something like "a SIMPLY evil person will not get into hell"

    both statements hold truth because a person can be good without repenting and go to hell, yet an evil person can ask forgiveness and go to heaven. however, some sins hold more weight, though the result of all is residence in hell, even in the bible God Himself smote some of the sinners showing the sheer weight of their sins. we have darker and eviler foes to vanquish before we move on to small fry like gaga

  83. I see a tiny bit of Holy Mountain in this, a tiny bit of Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome in this, and a tiny bit of… Austen Powers??? o.O EWIGE BLUMENKRAFT!

  84. When will people Finally wake up and realize that the True Christ is not in any of those False Images! God/Christ is living on the inside of the believer, not in some false images that was created by Organizations who invented religion to enslave the masses with mind control. The Same people who made up the image are the Same ones desecrating it!!!!! They put out this type of entertainment via Gaga and many other artists because they (The Invisible Ones who are in control of this world, all media, and governments) NEED YOUR ENERGY TO FEED OFF OF. IT KEEPS THEM ALIVE! THEY, THE EVIL ONES…. ARE DONE FOR! THEIR TIME IS COMING TO AN END SOONER THEN YOU THINK. EVEN THEY KNOW IT). They want to get a rise out of the religious people. When you WORSHIP the images or place them in high regards, you are Unknowingly worshiping THE BEAST! It gives them more power, that they certainly DO NOT deserve! (The word anti-Christ is in the word Christian)… Hmmm. There is another thing to give some thought to.

    If the religious images offend you…then you do not know the true image of the Living God.

    The Evil One/s hate us because we were made in God's image and they were not…We are able to Ascend to higher dimensions, they are not. They want to kill us off (those of us who believe in righteousness)…… but at the same time they need us for their Energy Resource. We are on their food chain people! (THEY NEED FOR YOU TO NOT BE ABLE TO THINK AND USE YOUR OWN MINDS…THEY NEED US DUMB- DOWN AND MANIPULATED…. WHEN YOUR MIND IS NOT IN USE, THEY USE YOU!! AND THEY WANT IT THAT WAY! So Please wake up now good people!

    This evil world system isn't going to last much longer….I can sense that the wheels are falling off…and soon it will be totally done away with…thanks be to the Good Creator.

  85. Have you ever considered analyzing Madonna's videos since Lady Gaga's videos are supposedly inspired by Madonna (i.e. Alejandro)?

  86. do u think that an artist that promotes violent anti-religion bigotry is worse than a mass murdering psychopath that will kill a classroom full of children??

    how about this for a 2nd scenario?

    do u think that an artist that promotes violent anti-religion bigotry is worse than a man or group of men who would willingly crash 2 planes full of innocent men, women and children into 2 tower ALSO full of men, women and children?

    really? who is the fool?


    We were commenting on the supposed clash of religion and science/art. But you changed the topic to the use of someone's faith in atrocities, that are so necessarily because they're pretty public. You just agreed with my last point using vivid examples, thanks!

    And YES, religion can be used for making wrongdoings. As you put with great wisdom, nothing in Earth is perfect. Well, materialism never was. Even an scientist is moved by values.

    But this search for power we see nowadays – mind control, facism, communism, NLP, propaganda, religious groups using people and so on – appeared in the same era alltogether and some of them are worse or more common than the extremelly rare examples you used. Search for power is fruit of materialism.

  87. Madonna did it first… and subtler and better. This has all the subtlety of a jackboot in the face! Are people actually purchasing this shit or is it just a self important Illuminati industry wank fest that no one actually buys?

  88. Michelle Angela on

    I don't find anything intelligent and/or artistic in what Gaga is doing. Frankly, the more that people think she is a true artist, the more the ignorance on Art is prevalent. All she ever promotes in her videos are sex, worldy things and satanism. Where is Art in that? It's just plain blasphemy and certainly a retarded and desperate attempt at Art. But it's not just her. These artists are everywhere. And many choose to support them and turn blind eyes on the obvious just to protect what entertains them, even if it means turning their backs on the Heavenly Father, the reason why humanity is of existence in the first place.

    Gaga's rejection of Alejandro perfectly reflects many people's rejection of God's calling. They reject God because they are attached to things that are worldly. People are becoming more shallow every single day. When it comes to standing up for God, only a few people are willing to do that. But then again, that's better than nothing, right?

  89. What the heck is wrong with these people. Have they lost their minds. Dear GOD! I'm laughing right now, not because it's funny, it's sad actually-very sad; but, the devil has made people loose their minds. And the Gay Pride Parade was today…(whatever it's called). God is about to destroy sin and sinners. When this big earthquake hits the coast of California – WATCH OUT!!! It's going to be another Sodom & Gomorrah! God has had enough. He's prolonging total destruction until His people are completely & utterly disgusted with sin & find it heinous, until His character is perfected in them, and until the sealing takes place. I am tired sick of this nasty world. Things are coming to fruition. I will do all that God requires of me to be saved.

  90. I don't think I've ever seen such a disturbing music video. And to think I used to think Madonna was was bad! Looks like innocence next to Lady Gaga. The condition of our young people both saddens and scares me at the same time. God must be crying at how we've let him down. No wonder the USA isn't even mentioned in the Book of Revelations – we're not even around to stand up for Him in the end.

  91. Isn't that upside down cross St. Peters cross though?

    It's not satanic unless it has Jesus on it.

  92. Gaga is Madonna for the 21st century. Same old "in your face" with whatever may shock and bedazzle you. Even the music was a spin off of one of Madonna's song.

  93. Instead of cursing her, pay for that lost soul. She is ignoring God's words and it angers me beyond belief that she is brainwashing people to choose Satan, but she is here to stay and she can still be saved.. and ensuing thousands of souls.

  94. As all of you are open to your opinions so am I. First of all Vigilant, you got a lot of things wrong on here, im not going to waste my time mentioning each bit. Secondly don't point fingers at anyone unless yours are clean first no one is perfect in this world, so stop acting like it. Third & my main confusion, WHY DO YOU GUYS FOLLOW A BOOK MADE BY MEN! NOT GOD! MEN! Im no one to judge the way you decide to live your lives, but c'mon am I the only one who sees this? Religion is our main problem! If anyone is controlled its those who follow religion, religion is what keeps us all seperated. Its truly sad. Now before you start saying "OMG he's saying that because he's satanic or whatnot" no I do believe in God; I man c'mon you look all around you & its hard to believe this was all a accident. Lets say the illuminati are real, what makes you think that they're first coice in 'mind-control' (if that's even possible) would be the one thing MOST humans follow…Religion. As I said im no one to judge you live your own, im happy being what I am. I have my opinion you have yours.

  95. Well done Vigilant!! Sorry so many people requested this song lol but it was just too blatant to ignore. As a Catholic, I picked up on the symbolism quickly, and it was disturbing. At the very end of the video, when her face burns from the inside out, I legit got a queasy feeling in my stomach. That last 5 seconds scared me more than any horror movie I ever saw. And good Sacred Heart catch. Didn't see that one at first. I just can't get over how many people think this video is "cool" or "creative" it just makes me sick. You're sight, VC has inspired me to descend into the depths of the Illuminati and Masonic secret societies to discover what really is going on, and the stuff I'm finding isn't good. The Music industry is almost entirely corrupt, along with nearly all important political figures, and major organizations. Just stuff that you've hinted at, how 6 corporations basically own most of everything etc But thank you for this post, and I'm sure I'll be commenting again soon when Gaga comes out with another video!! God bless!! 😀

  96. Well I'm not saying anything against because everytime I post something here it's deleted… well firstable I like to read this because I like different points of view and some of your analyses are really good (for example I agree that Motolla killed Jackson and that all this singers are under Motolla's control ( and NOT in a literal way maybe if they don't obey him they are death) ok then the other reason why I like to read this is to have fun about catholic guys… uhmmm maybe this comment is gonna be erased too… anyway there are many symbols that I have seen the same way (example the "Holy sign" and the inverted cross 100% agree) but WHY catholisism always see the "Dark Side" this symbols can be interpreted in other way… enjoy the rythm, the life! don't be worried about what is gonna happen after life… but well if you like that way enjoy playing with your rosaries people :)

    PS: You missed a looooot of symbols, I was expecting more this time

  97. When I first watched the video, I can proudly say at 15, I got what most of it meant. But since I'm no expertise, I am glad that you peaced this together for us Vigilant. Thanks!!!!!!!!

    She does keep one on the brink, awaiting her next video to decipher it. MInd Boggling

  98. I'd like to make one more reference. Try studying the religion of the Sikhs. You'd be surprised at it's purity and simplicity.

  99. I agree with Eddie (who posted in 127) and disagree with the number 128 I have to say to him Who says that the guys that wrote the bible are "Chosen" by god? oh wait… more men uhmmm interesting cycle…

  100. This is fascinating.

    A spectacular article, as usual.

    I would like to point out that lots of conclusions, however obvious, are 'determined' instead of suggested.

    The A-O in Alejandro could very well represent Alpha-Omega (God), but is by no means absolute.

    However, I do agree with the fact that Gaga's videos are filled with blatant sacrilegious symbolism.

    I wish my peers would understand that 'Gaga' is literally corrupting their souls with these 'creative and inventive' performances. I would argue that this influence is far greater than any other in the world right now, and is obviously negative, satanic, sexually immoral, and indeed, evil.

    Please continue producing your fantastic articles.

  101. @#124 Paulina: I agree with you. That we ought to pray for Gaga and all other lost souls…..and not to dam anyone to Hell…… A place that was created for The Beast and all other Higher Evil Beings. Hell was not made for Man nor Man-kind. We are God's creation, taken over and invaded by Evil Ones. Lady Gaga is just as much a victim of all this. Pray that she is awaken and her mind is set free from control.

    It is SO important that Gaga be prayed for. Because her work/music has major influence on millions around the world who could also fall in the same trap of the Enemy.

  102. finally its published, but can u also interpret on what happens at the end of the video on when her face goes burnt or some sort?

  103. I think faith plays a big part. I'm sorry faith isn't something I can show to others, though I wish I could. I found this on the web:

    The Bible is the oldest book in the known world. If you were to read the last book named "revelations"(each chapter is called a book because they are written by different people), and other books of "prophecy"; Ezekiel, Daniel, and others, you will find that what they say and prophsied thousands of years ago is happening right now in our life. Look around you, it's pretty scary. The Bible gives us hope and a Higher power to believe in so we do not feel all alone.

    Another answer

    The Christian Bible is a book that was assembled from the works of a number of authors publishing at different places in the Biblical world and at different times in its history. The current edition can trace its lineage back through a number of meetings, debates, arguments, agreements, hearings, councils and (arguably the two most important facts) translations/interpretations of ancient writings and edits to translated/interpreted text. This collected effort has resulted in the Bible we have today. People believe the Bible because they believe that the writers (and, therefore, the writings) are, in sum, inspired by God. And it is their belief in God, their faith, and their belief that the Bible is an inspired work that is the driving force motivating them to believe, to follow, the teachings of the Bible. It is their faith that imprints the messages on their hearts. And that is sufficient.

    In conclusion, we believe simply because we do. You have to be open to believing in God, but with the devil being so active and exposed, it's easy to believe that there is definitely a God.

  104. Eddie, this isn't about religion nor does VC act all 'perfect in this world'. I don't know…maybe it's just an analysis to what the intended meaning of the video could be. You seem to know nothing about the history of mind control in either be it with the Nazi, the CIA (officially MK Ultra), etc. Do you even know it was historically recorded that there was a group called the Illuminati that existed?

  105. Alejandro in reverse says "Oh My Lord" this is very important. "Alejandro" by Lady Gaga is a song for a God

  106. Yes, I know the who the illuminati are which is why I said Religion would be on the TOP of their list to 'mind-control' us. Notice how most wars are because of Religion differences? & I wasn't talking to VC when I said "act all perfect" im talking about EVERYONE. You all point at one another, if you have a problem with something, don't just stand there do something about it, & stop complaining. & the religion part wasn't directed to VC it was directed to those who comment here. Since the majority of them are Catholics. As I said im no one to judge. You guys have faith on this book so be it, its your life not mine.

  107. DealsOfEviLL on

    A real christian won't judge(or atleast attempt to not do so..)but will instead pray and in their hearts, ask God to help her..and us all. We are nobody to say things like, "See you in hell.." and such things. We are not God to have that authority..and that makes us worse than the accused, for we are being hypocrites. we are not practicing what we preach…Lady Gaga is a sweet girl from whatg I've seen in interviews, she just needs a lot of prayer. And honestly Katy Perry shouldn't judge either…"I kissed a Girl…" lol..comeon! Pot/Kettle/Black! And can anyone with knowledge of Masonic stuff help me out? What is a Masonic Lodge?? I spotted one in my town today..and I took a couple of pictures on my phone. Perhaps someone knows if they represent anything..or what they're used for.

  108. @ Eduardo, how can Alejandro possibly say Oh My Lord in reverse, the syllables do not line up.

    I love this site, all the crazies come out to play.

    There is no god.

    Historically the Illuminati did exist as a way to escape the church's persecution of religion, it was like HRC but for scientists.

  109. cant say anything cuz this is awesome!!!

    is drake leaving the occult by singing over and emimem am not afraid?

    lady gaga and jay-z are so whacked up and i dont think dere is any thing anyone can do to bring them back

  110. @.Mononym Exactly originally Illuminati weren't "Devil sheeps" BUT catholisism considered them as a risk that's why nowadays everyone is paranoid about them… and they are related to the "Devil"

  111. ApprenticeoftheSpiri on

    Lady Gaga is not the devil. She is his puppet and a victim like everyone else. In a recent interview, she stated that she is constantly being tortured by her thoughts and takes multiple psychiatric medications to help herself. Those thoughts, feelings, visions, etc. are given to her by Lucifer and his demons and are disguised as her own, which is how he gets her/us to serve him and carry out his will. By being unaware of how he operates (or being aware and not doing anything about it) we allow him to exist and live through us. Lady Gaga is a prime example. Although, she will have to answer for a lot on Judgement Day, she cannot solely be blamed for the demonic brainwashing she constantly puts out. As we are all victims of Lucifer, we cannot hate Lady Gaga as she too has a soul that is constantly deceived and enslaved by evil. The only way to stop Lucifer is to not listen to him/our own thoughts, and rely solely on God. Since God has already defeated Lucifer, hanging on to him we can escape the damnation that awaits Lucifer, as he knows he is damned and wants to take the whole world down with him (misery loves company). Praise the Lord Jesus Christ!

  112. been waiting on this article! i knew you would make one. its GREAT. but even before reading this, the video is plain obvious that it is devilish. Gaga is amazingly talented and she is def. using her power. so many people admire her music and style. talk about brain washing! all i can say is, becareful what you listen too and who u make your idols. GOD Bless always !

  113. To Deals Of:

    Real Christian? MmK. I believe people are fed up with this music industry trying to take us for fools. Dangling masonic signs and symbols, participating in satanic rituals, sexual acts, all in front of our very eyes. It's a big slap in the face to us all. Sure we could and should express more love in our deliverance of message, but nobody is perfect. She may be sweet? but SHE definitely knows what she's doing and it's sinister and malicious, downright evil. Same goes for Katy Perry, Rihanna, JayZ, Lil Wayne, etc. I'm not condoning the bashing of this girl, but if she messes with fire, she will get burned and that's a fact. I do genuinely hope and pray she and the rest find God before they do more damage.

  114. As usual, i've struggling to understant what that video is about and only you could explain it clearly. Thank you.

  115. Wow i was on this site earlier today and like 5 hours later the new article is already filled with comments

    I'm surprised you didn't mention the fact that they guys sometimes looked like mayans.

    also the part where she put the rosary in her mouth was played in reverse (in the begging the cross part just puts itself in her mouth)

    i thought it was important that the guy *in bed with her* (as she looked like a new kind of nun) had a golden gun and wasnt laying down….i think he's supposed to be the antichrist

    and then in the begging the only soldier who wasnt asleep (maybe the leader?) was starring at the guy with fishnets

    maybe saying the leader (antichrist?) is gay or bi?

    that would make sense…i think he's mostly straight though

    so i gathered that her and the military leader rule with sex(because guns placed on their body parts) or sexuality

  116. in the earlier article about her it showed how she was trying to look like the creature with the spine in that one picture

    on the hitory channel it said that creature is *the beast from land* and would be the religious leader that would help the antichrist

    *connect the dots with my post above* (her in bed with the guy with the golden gun as a nun of some sort)

  117. @mreh

    you speak the truth my nigga

    tell me again how the fish were supposed to die in the flood?

    and why would anyone worship a god who seemed so insecure?

    that said i still think there is a lot we dont know about in this world…inculding things like real "magic"

  118. it makes me sick that videos like this are mainstream now..

    madonna was controversial, but the way i see it, they've built it up so gradually over the decades, to make us desensitized to watching something so clearly blasphemous and distrubing.. you can see the example in front of you, majority of people will say 'omg what a great video' because they've been built up to it by artists such as Madona..

    whether you're a religious person or not, we can all agree that this video is sick, shows nudity and violence as glamorous, and kids should not be allowed to watch it (it's bad enough we adults had to see it, i wish i hadn't!)…

    overall, i think, l the plan is to gradually make us think this kind of thing is 'cool' and that it's okay for her to defame the cross and act like a whore because it's a music video… uh no it's not!! it's never okay to show something like that to a mainstream audience!!

    i'm a muslim, and before you start ignoring my comment because i'm a muslim and you think we're all terrorists, (i'm not going to go into how that is a huge misconception because this isn't the place) i just want to mention that we have also been warned of anti-chirst, and that 'he will be one-eyed, and your God is not one-eyed'… which is why I find this illuminati stuff freaky as hell because as muslims this one-eyed phenomenon is a HUGE sign that the end of days are near..

    peace :)

  119. Ive been reading your articles on all the illuminati symbols and occult symbols and ever since ive been noticing them alot. I've never really thought about anything really in the world or this whole new world order thing ive just been there but ever since i read these articles ive been noticing the symbols. When i saw alejandro i was able to just tell all the symbols not right off the bat but slowly while rewatching a couple times. Your interpretations of these videos is just amazing. It scares me to just to read sometimes because of the truth that is happening and how everyone is to idiotic to even notice whats going on because of all the trendy pop songs and everything going on. I was wondering why there was a man standing and watching i believe while the other men were abusing Gaga, I would think he is the Devil just watching the abuse go on to ensure that its happening but i don't know im not so good at interpreting things myself let alone explain things but, your articles are great and i can't wait to read more. Thanks! :3

  120. Renz Josef M. Lluism on

    she is satanic….!

    she will never be accepted by God in heaven…….

    she is so GAGA…!

  121. Vigilant –

    Awesome work once again, my brother. Excellent analysis of this supremely disgusting video.

  122. @Danny June 13th, 2010 9:01 pm :

    the Koran doesn't mention 'genies' like you rub a lamp and they appear to grant you wishes, we believe in 'jinns' or 'djinns' which are beings in another dimension that can see us but we can't see them, and God created them as well.. I actually don't know much about them, just wanted to clarify that they are not the same as Aladdin's genie!

  123. I think American Idol producers or whoever chose Gaga to perform on stage is the most stupidest/idiotic person alive. With a world wide audience watching? its just crap. I mean like what were they thinking? Gaga pratically always does controversial performances. They should have known better. Its one thing for her videos to portray evil and blah blah blah.. its on our own account if we want to watch it or not. but ON TV??? ESPECIALLY WITH CHILDREN AS YOUNG AS 8 WATCHING IT? Its totally uncalled for.

    Children today, are already going astray without such crap. But what will a 12-year-old think when he/she watches Gaga wearing small piece of fabrics, dancing slutily on national tv like that? They already dont give a damn about religion.

    BOTTOM LINE: they will think it is okay to do such things.

    Now, lets forget about Gaga brainwashing everyone with her evil stuff. But she is surely brainwashing shallow teens and pre-teens to drop their respect for their reliegion and worship something totally off

    i am 14 by the way

  124. ihateladygaga on

    @ qwertyuiop -> "Now, lets forget about Gaga brainwashing everyone with her evil stuff. But she is surely brainwashing shallow teens and pre-teens to drop their respect for their reliegion and worship something totally off"

    i 100% agree with that. i wont be surprised if some stupid teens decide to worship Satan/Devil just because some lameshit popstar is doing it. Since whatever a popstar does is a 'IN' thing.

    i will kill my daughter myself if she decides to do that. i swear

  125. assejessa007 on

    you haven't mentioned about some egyptian myths influences on the video?

    btw. GREAT JOB.

  126. Darnell Musisi on

    hey vigilant. i was just wondering how youre so eduacated in the illuminat symbolism as i am too.

  127. George Orwell was an ardent anti-communist and wrote the classic novel 1984. It depicted a world that has many similarities to the one in Alejandro. Has anyone suggested that Orwell wanted that world? Or did Fritz Lang want the world of Metropolis? They gave warnings. Turning to Gaga, she has publicly professed her faith many times and her belief in Jesus in particular (as recently as the Larry King interview). She leads her crew in prayer before performances. She thanks God for her awards. Your analyses are always thought provoking, but I think you're way off the mark in painting Gaga as in league with the devil. Alejandro is ambiguous and can be interpreted in many ways, ways that may say more about the viewer than about Gaga. If you are right in that she has intentionally used these symbols to give a message, the message she is giving is to avoid the world she has depicted. She shows what happens when militarism, institutionalized religion (which may in fact serve the Devil, in my opinion) and repressed sexuality meet. It's not a pretty picture. I give Gaga credit for taking huge risks; this was not a pop video. In may opinion, it's a great work of art.

  128. The Illuminati were and still are all about satan… They aren't scientist, and they couldn't care less about the people. They care about power, money, lust and control!. If you believe that the Illuminati were just a bunch of good old scientists who just wanted to learn things then you have been totally fooled by Dan Brown. It would be better if you read actual history and real facts and not just watch a movie or read a fantasy novel.

    The Illuminati are full of satanist symbolism, they praise satan, they only do evil deeds and they are evil. That is about it. Any other claim is false. And actually, it is VERY easy to find reliable information about them.

  129. Thanks for information. You have opened my eyes to see the other side of these artistes. I hope their eyes would be opened to see the deception they are in while they are alive.

  130. That video deploys and depicts the Illuminati agenda:

    – Attacks on the Catholic Church

    – Destroying all forms of Christianity

    – State police

    – Rejecting the Saving Grace of the Sacred Heart

    – Denying the One True God the Holy Trinity

    And it is VERY easy to see. Every time they want to spread their agenda they use sex with it, to mix their evil and wickedness with people's lust and flesh desires, so that they somehow see it as a positive thing. Everything gaga has done so far is pure brainwash, she's brain dead and she's just a plastic clown not capable of real artistry. And if someone says that being artistic has anything to do with satanism, destroying the innocence of the audiences and making satanism and state control cool then they are simply mental.

  131. Vigilant

    This is a continuation of Interscope's primary themes with all of their major artists – the sexuality/violence pleasure/pain and NWO/Brave New World stuff that we covered in the Police State and Imma Bee/PsyWar articles.

    Whether it is Gaga or Fergie with guns on their t!ts, it's all the same thing – cognitive dissonance, exposure and desensitization. Deliberately creating destructive and disturbing imagery to assault the subconscious minds of the target audience…slowly conditioning people to accept the unacceptable.

    I wonder how many letters and calls "Degenerate Jimmy" Iovine and Interscope are getting from outraged parents and such? Sadly, I'm guessing not nearly enough – and even if they do, I'm sure they're laughing it up, all the way to the bank.

    These are evil people, who enjoy what they are doing and will keep doing it – make no mistake about that.

  132. The real conspiracy is that there will be chaos coming soon (anyone should look at the background which

    show chaos).Why chaos? bec the SYSTEM is planned to collapse. The elite created numerous conspiracy

    theories to hide the real purpose. Conspiracy beneath conspiracy….lies beneath lies….always connect the dots.

  133. AlteredAgain on

    I was surprised to see this video when it first screened on TV. I've heard of the song Alejandro earlier so I decided to check it out on YouTube and I watched a video of Gaga, but the theme was entirely different. It fit more the summerly latin style of the song, very colorful, fun, and free.

    Now the only video I see now is this dark and oppressive theme?

    Is there indeed another versions of Alejandro?

    Does anybody know what I am talking about?

  134. Luna Lovegood on

    I think the hairstyle of the gay men also have a meaning, as they are similar to the priests' of the old days. Which makes the meanings deeper.

  135. i reversed the song , and when it said alejandro it sounds like myy lorrrddd lol

    and it gives me chill…

  136. ah, sorry i forgot one thing…

    will these music video be a prediction for the future?

    this mv shows soldiers…

    and the world isn't very peaceful at this time=/

  137. Lady GaGa is NOT the Antichrist, there is a much larger picture which even many of the readers here seem to be missing. She is a merely a tool in the industry which plays a tool to a group of elite that are currently attempting to desensitize the masses into accepting a type of society which they have deemed appropriate for us. I am huge fan of her work as an artist, there is a reason she's as popular as she is and it's not just because she's super eccentric and shocking. She's given so many people the confidence to just be themselves, to really take hold of your individuality and run as far as you can with it… individuals are the last thing a dictatorship wants and that thought is a comforting one. These elite practice rituals, such as the ones Gaga reenacts in her videos, as a means for trauma-based mind control, so I've read. She simply happened to be the perfect tool because of her intelligence, immense talent and capabilities as a songwriter who already understood the industry having been writing music for years for them already.To Lady GaGa fans: she's still just as wonderful as you know she is because Bad Romance was all about her cooperating with the industry on her own terms (I'm a free bitch baby), aka her artistic vision brought to life when she performs for her fans and does her videos, although its portraying imagery that is detrimental to the mind, it also gives her own message along with it. It's part of what's necessary to achieve where she is and for her to meet her level of demand. To anyone who is feeling like this stuff is scaring the shit out of them, you are not alone and you can stop reading about this stuff whenever you want, but for those who want to continue down the rabbit hole… as Cathy O'Brien said "knowledge is the only power against mind control".

  138. I feel like Lady Gaga is aware of EXACTLY everything that she's doing. I don't think she's a controlled puppet herself but rather a story teller.

    As for "Alejandro" specifically, I think it's about her feeling conflicted. She want's to believe in God but she disagree's with him and chooses to rebel. It's like when your Father dislikes your boyfriend but you keep seeing him anyway. You know your father disapproves and while you don't want to hurt your him, you continue to defy him because you believe he's wrong about you boyfriend.

    My two cents.

  139. I've been waiting for this article.

    It was good. I've read pretty much all the articles on here and was able to notice a lot of the symbolism and imagery in the video. :) i'm glad the article is here now for the ones I couldn't figure out. lol

  140. Alexander Smart on

    Whatever it is, we will get to the bottom of this. KEEP FIGHTING MY BROTHERS!

  141. To be honest I was waiting for something more in your exam… Maybe it means I'm blind no longer (that's great), but cant' help feeling your post is poor. BTW, the uniforms are not nazi/fascist, but from communist Russia (and this supports the theory about she's attacking traditional American values…).

    Anyway, thanks for talking about occult meanings always and keep that way, please.

  142. woww… scaryy and i dont always notice the one ey symbols as she does it so subtlely..

  143. BlessedbyJesus on

    Good day everyone, below is a video from Steven Dollins. Some of you might have heard of him or have seen this video before but if you haven't then it's definately worth watching. Steven Dollins was a satanic hight priest for seven and a half years but has given his life to Jesus Christ and is now a saved Christian…Praise God! He talks about his journey while being a high priest and also about a lot of occult symbols in everyday things. Furthermore he goes on tell people about the Greatness about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and how he got saved. Finally he talks about Pokemon and the occult meaning behind it..this is a very very good video series. There are 16 videos total. So without further adue here is the link; if it doesn't work check out "Occult in your livingroom" on Youtube. God Bless and have a Blessed day!

  144. This is for all you people who are surface and don't get the big picture:

    With all the evidence piled up against gaga showing her representing satanic messages, how in the world can you still not get it!?

    You trying to just stroke your intelligence to just pass this off as pop culture? Get a clue. The evidence is right in front of your face. Wipe your eyes, pull off the scales of resistence and look again.

    If you don't understand or know real history you won't understand or never get the true messages in commercial music or any media outlet.

    Satan is working hard to get peoples attention away from God. If you can't see it here and how its working all around you at ALL times you need to get a clue! This deception isn't a new thing its been done for thousands of years. Its to the point where crap like this is just labled "pop culture". Deception is the master trick-key that is being done. If you can't see it, your going to get a big time rude awakeing one day.

    If God isn't real to you then why are all forms of media, goverments, educational services etc… working hard to get HIM out? We don't even say the Pledge of Alligence anymore in schools, because it says "one nation under God". This video is also just a small example of my two points. God is Light! Satan is dark. Haven't you noticed the dark theme in everything!?

    Why are all those elites pushing towards a one world religon and all?? If you don't know then you need to look for the truth and Light!!!!!

  145. Firstly, thanks to VC for the astute analysis.

    Secondly, I have listened to the reversed video on youtube and I can hear "My Lord" when she sings Alejandro but I can't hear "My Hell" as someone said.

    Thirdly, I have had some interesting conversations with the Jehovah's witnesses over the last 2 years (I am not a JW or even a Christian myself) and they are currently waiting for the fulfilment of a prophecy (by Daniel I think) that a great power will move to suppress religion. This apparently heralds the second coming of Christ. It's interesting that all this Satanic imagery is becoming so blatantly public. This and the Zeitgeist/Venus Project call for an end to religion. Makes you think….

    I have been attracted to Lady Gaga in a way that makes me feel extremely uncomfortable since the first time I saw Bad Romance. I liken it to seeing an accident that you cant take your eyes off. You know it's wrong but you feel compelled to look. There's definitely something not right with her acts and her videos. I don't want these images influencing my kids outlook on life!


  146. she looks like Madonna (the singer) in the main picture VC's put up, freaky…

  147. Oh and the whole "entertainer" bit is old it lacks any kind of evidence and explanation towards the real meaing.


    1. The media is controled by the elite.

    2. The elite control a lot of money that these "entertainers" get there money from to "entertain" the masses.

    3. The "entertainers" are given songs to sing and are trained what to wear-say.

    4. The "entertainers" pushing global agendas.

    5. These "entertainers" are not entertaing.

  148. for all muslims reading this im a convert myself i just want to say dont bother posting a comment on this site its a waste of time the ppl who comment will just reply with a stupid comment like that disney one you can not talk about islam with ignorant ppl who r brainwashed against us oh an before any one starts on me ive got alot of respect for true christians after all we all pray to an love the same god i think u should live an let live but stupid comments about other ppls religions are just ignorant an nasty and dats all any muslim dat comments will get on this site

    • Please elevate the debate beyond religious bickering, it is truly useless. Thank you.

  149. " The video for Alenjandro is very symbolic and leaves room for MANY interpations" so what are you guys nagging about? Another thing gaga "say" she writes her music, but we have learned from Beyonce they lie. Matthew Knowles admitted he/they lied because people want to beleive the artist is special. So kill the noise gaga ain't wrote crap. Before gaga made it big, she was sitting at a piano looking like a normal talanted person. Once she received a deal, then this new monster was created by the label, or should I say the characther was already created, only waiting for the right puppet. How fake of her. If you weren't a monster before, it goes to show any one willing could have played gaga.

    167- Vig probably feels the same way, I even said the same thing,a while back if I was VC " all would not receive my attention" but the readers requested it and the video out did it's self. So in a way it was worth the breakdown. I don't know if you noticed but other repeatetive artist with those cheap simple gory videos don't make the cut ( Rihanna Beyonce) but who ever work with gaga gives you a run for your money.

    My last thing is I don't think it is done for money. I am not sure but if I am not mistaken they act like gaga is this big act but I am not sure her record sales match. Also I noticed American music is being promoted more in the UK now. If someone could please post gaga sales. Her first CD sales didn't match the " gaga is the best, the new Madonna blah, blah blah" then they re-released it. Same with Rihanna she went all dark and her CD sold about a lil over 200K. So it couldn't be about money. I would say sales are down but they continue to push this agenda any way. I could be wrong if so let me know!

  150. I'm getting tired of the same of worn out occult symbols in the music industry. They're becoming one big yawn. Personally I think Lady Blah Blah has sold out to these occult whiners who think every listener is some tuned-out drop out who has nothing better to do than listen to their B.S.

  151. BlessedbyJesus on

    Jesus said: “But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.” Mat. 10:33 KJV

    Jesus said: “…he that receiveth me receiveth him that sent me.” Mat 10:40 KJV

    Jesus said: “Behold, I come quickly. Blessed is he that keepeth the sayings of the prophecy of this book.” Rev 22:7 KJV

    3. And as he sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world? 4. And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you. Mat 24:3,4 KJV

  152. Everyone, as much as you hope this will be the end of Gaga, this video only made her more famous with it's controversy. I am a Gaga fan, and I am also a VC fan, but if you hope that this will be Gaga's downfall, you are sadly mistaken. She isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

  153. "If you weren’t a monster before, it goes to show any one willing could have played gaga."

    She's been dressing the way she has, maybe only a tad milder, since way before she was famous. This is her "artwork", to put it in her terms. She enjoys dressing the way she does, thats how she is. She isn't putting on a fake front to make money. She doesn't even have an expensive mansion, or a yacht, or six expensive cars. She's saving her money for other things that are much more important.

  154. What Blah said. I'm a fifteen year old girl, and I'd like to think of myself as an intelligent girl. I'm not religious, at all. I've read all of VC's article's on Gaga, and I find the symbolism he can find from the videos fascinating. However, I am always going to be a Gaga fan, no matter what anybody says. Her music is amazing, and her videos are true works of art. Not only in my eyes, but in all of her fans eyes. Calling us IGNORANT for continuing to like her even after the majority of us have read these articles is just downright rude. We are not going to Hell for appreciating a talented performer's work. We're just a large group of people who think this beautiful woman is one, if not the, most talented woman in the music industry today. Is it really such a big deal?

  155. Blah- Well I find it interesting and funny all of the videos before she became gaga, remind you gaga wasn't her name first of all…thats fakeness right there….Beyonce was Beyonce before, Jay Z was Jay-Z, Rihanna was Rihanna, Katy Pery was Katy…so you see where I am going with this. Back to what I was saying all videos of gaga that have surfaced before gaga was gaga she looked like the average person. I haven't seen one video where gaga looked like a weird-o enough said…

  156. The video is shocking, artistic, creative, contrived, and most of all….a MUSIC VIDEO. You give kids these days too much credit. I do not believe they will cut their hair like the male dancers in this video, prance around with gun nipples, and swallow rosaries. If they do, why should you care about anyone but yourself?

    I believe if one truly has faith in themselves and their beliefs they do not need to have any fear. This is a music video. There are occult symbols, yes, artists draw on every inspiration good and bad.

    You are only making her more famous. But that's the point right? You claim to be a producer in the music industry, no one knows who you are VC…perhaps you're in the Haus of Gaga? LOL

    Good job on the dissection of her career thus far.

  157. Don't you think she obviously looks like a Knight Templar in the outfit with the inverted crosses? I think that might be significant, as they are also supposed to be a secret satanic society.

  158. Oh no . . . here comes another Let's-Put-Jesus-Down video. These shallow music execs have definitely run out of material so they go for the controversial Jesus blasphemy. I can hear them in the fancy plush offices with Tommy Mottola wearing some dumb as+ devil mask . . . "hey dudes lets put out another hypnosis video only this time let's have the upside down cross and the pentagram thingy out front. Hey wake up . . It's time to bring the pentagram into mainstream so that we can diss Jesus and decent people and make a ton a' money and thropw some scraps to the muscians but only this time we'll make it look like those greedy accountants. What do ya say . . . huh? Ah come on the Jesus put down always works"

    Y A W N

  159. Great post VG

    this is really eye opening , all we can do is pray for gaga that she will realize how much Jesus loves her.

  160. Lest any man should think that that peace of conscience proceeds from our love as the cause, he goes back to the fountain, that is, to the free love with which God loves us although we deserved and do deserve his wrath. From this springs another double charity, which both are tokens and witnesses of that first, that is, that we love God who loved us first, and then for his sake our neighbours also.

    John 4:19 We love him, because he first loved us. His wonderful love in Christ fills every redeemed soul with love.

  161. lady gaga is so satanic..God will take back her talent in any way though..God is stil powerful..

  162. First of all, I'm quite happy that you finally made an article about this video (even though it's only been out for a few days) but, I was definitely anticipating it. :)

    I looked through a lot of the comments and didn't see anything about the video referring to gays in the military and also how Gaga is supposedly sort of jealous of male homosexual relationships cause she can never experience that (this is just what I've heard from supporters of Gaga and allegedly Gaga herself). But, I must say, I do in fact agree with a lot of the stuff in your article, but I really don't think it's necessary to be calling her evil (as said in the comments). If you don't want your children (or teenagers) watching her stuff (or any kind of music television) simply tell them no. I know it's not that easy but, hey it's not their fault they want to watch that stuff, it's simply alluring and interesting.

    I was also shocked that the video came out the way it did considering "Alejandro" is such an up-beat tune. But, Lady Gaga seems to have to keep her theme of being "The Fame Monster" alive. And you can definitely see that between her two albums, her whole persona flipped from light to dark. Which I think as a creative artist like herself (who is actually talented in many ways) should keep expressing herself in many ways possible. Sure, her persona is quite disturbing right now. But people who are disturbed need someone to relate to.

    Also, I am quite religious myself, but I'm also human and I make mistakes. Plus, the music video for "Alejandro" is NOT as bad as anything else you could be watching, it's not like it's the WORST thing on TV. Reality is scary, you shouldn't be scared of a artist like Gaga, she's only human. Or a crazy Illuminati puppet. Also, I'm pretty sure their are more evil people out there in the world than she might be.

  163. Gurdev Singh on

    Although I enjoy reading these interpretations, and agree to some extent what some of the symbolism represents, I have to disagree with the overall verdict that this video is evil. Of course it's dark, of course there is a rejection of "religion" as we know it. It embraces the greater aspects of spirituality. Take the example of her eating the rosary. It could mean a number of things: her wanting to take the holy into herself (as the director stated), a desire to cleanse her herself of Alejandro (the heterosexual man with whom she cannot have a purely innocent relationship, remember that the rosary is used in Confession), perhaps simply just admitting her sin. The military theme has connotations of the Don't Ask Don't Tell issue, Gaga making a point about the way America is happy to send gay people to their deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan as long as they stay in the closet, stay hidden, stay repressed and CONTROLLED (I emphasise the word "controlled", is this ringing a bell?). I could go on and on about the message of our need to free ourselves this video (and near enough all of Gaga's videos) conveys.

    And another thing. I don't listen to Lady Gaga because there's nothing else to listen to. I listen to her because I love her music. I know in my heart that it is RIGHT. Lady Gaga is possibly the only freedom I personally have. I respect your analysis of the imagery though, I can fully agree with a lot of it despite not believing that there's any malevolent intention on Gaga's or the director's part. It's simply art.

  164. Okay I get it its an agenda, but why does it have to be this way? Kids are so young and impressionable. What are they trying to do with their minds. Oh yes, I know to distort good and desensitize them. But when are people going to show her the door so Lady Gaga doesn't exist anymore??? She needs to go. If it should continue I cannot imagine what darkness will come. Please we need light.

  165. this video is an accumulation of the 'lady gaga' circles intentions, its getting more and more obvious and the backlash just proves that not all of us are easily fooled.

  166. thank u sooooooo much, ive been waiting for the article, because this time, i was sure that the new song of Gaga was disturbing and satanic, again thanks for ur efforts, we will always support u and help to widspread the truth

  167. Hey Vigilant Citizen,

    First of all,i really want to thank you about all the articles that you wrote on this site. I'm a huge fan of Lady Gaga not because of her daft clothing and music videos but the songs.

    I have a big questions to ask you,so what is the true definition of creativity,thinking outside the box,unique since most of the thing that i find rather interesting and innovative are being proved as satanic and blasphemous?

    Isn't MUSIC suppose to make a person feel happy and make them want to dance,but why can't i dance and sing to a song that truly makes me happy and you say that 'this is satanic. we must wake up. this all part of the illuminati'? Aren't you losing sight of an important factor,about the readers live after reading this. I've tried so many music to listen to but Gaga's music really amaze me. I do pray every single day and i believe that this brain-washing thing is a little absurd. I never forget about God evey single day and i pray to him eventhough i'm listening to Gaga's song. I listen just for my entertainment,not more than that and we all should to. So my last question is,what is true music,music that Vigilant Citizen thinks it's ok to listen to? I'm not trying to offend you in any way,i'm just a little confused. Hope you reply.

  168. Darkness begets more darkness.

    This is (Lady Gaga's new music/video) blasphemous even if you're not religious or christian whatever you call your higher power these days. Her shit is NOT art its confusion. Her music is revealing a hate message. Its bashing "real" spirituality and gays (whom Lady Gaga is bringing to the forefront among other evils) thought they had a problem.

  169. AlteredAgain on

    hey VG!

    do you know of the other version of the video Alejandro? It's hard to get a message through with so many replies!

    See #171


  170. I normally love your articles but this one felt like you might be reaching a little. I think there's definitely something occult-like to it but I'm not sure I agree with all you said, esp. as regards who Alejandro, Fernando and Roberto are…

  171. Repent your sins, accept your God as your Lord and savior, who died on the cross & resurrected for you, and you’ll be part of his Kingdom on heaven.

    You are talking about knowledge without knowing what knowledge all about… how about “fear the one who created you”? Psalms 1- If have you not read this then you alone are a fool indulged by your own understanding.

    All ya’ll that are self-sufficient (thinking you are so intellectual), let me tell you what the Lord your GOD says in simple word is: to be wise is to be humbled before the Lord.

    Look up in the skies. You’ll see no limits; therefore, that’s how God’s thoughts transcends all understandings. Knowledge is to surrender your research to God and say ‘I’m limited this is how far I can go, Help me!.

  172. i read all of the comments for about an hour. don't know why. the video sucks, but it's kinda shocking for the type of people who insist on using coasters, and it will freak parents out just enough for kids to like it. most of you guys are sooo affected by how gaga is "destroying your religion", or promoting satanism. your religion is yours and no one can take it away from you, or hurt your faith or whatever. gaga is just making money and enjoying fame.easy as that. so please, just chill out. she's a nut job and that's it.

  173. caribbean_girl on

    we all need to pray for these artists.i do think they're aware of what their doing but cant get out its just so sad they're polluting the minds of ppl around the world.bless the lord i live in the caribbean and nobody really fussies gaga or bey or even rihanna anymore. we see rihanna for what she really is a FAKE AND A FRAUD

  174. This video made me dirty to even read about it. People need to wake up. We are in this really deep, and people are getting brainwashed.

  175. euphoricpills on

    I agree with a viewer whom had commented that we cannot put the blame solely on Lady Gaga. She is also a victim of her actions and has obviously been brainwashed by the demon himself. It's not easy to escape from the devil's hands as the consequences which Gaga will have to bear are deadly. However, I'm sure that there are other routes to take, to escape from the devil but ample of time is needed as well. Now, what we can is to pray for her and the victims under the hands of Saturn.

  176. Cielcielciel on

    I think she is telling God to forget about her . And asking the devil to take her in . This is what I personally think .

  177. Cielcielciel on

    She also said , 'don't bother me, don't bother me. Alejandro.' What does that mean .______.

  178. A Different Bryant on

    Notice how VC put "normal religions" in quotations. Get wise people, this isnt about a religious debate, hes trying to help you.

  179. It's weird I don't normally listen to pop music anyways but there's something about the song that makes me listen .. It's quite catchy, but I guess it's the Latin, Spanish feel to the song that draws me…

    I think you analyses & interpreted really well, the other interpretations are very interconnected so it all makes sense no one is wrong or very right.

    Just to point out she says 'Hot like Mexico, rejoice.' not 'hotter than Mexico'

  180. You pointed out many details I did not notice during the American Idol performance. Is that part of the

    strategy as well – to bombard viewers with imagery that can't possibly be absorbed in 3 or 4 minutes yet

    which is designed to "program" their subconscious by repetitive exposures?

    Thank-you , Vigilant. This is serious stuff. What amazes me is how incredibly BOLD, audacious, and in-

    your-face Gaga and her evil backers are. They obviously are not aware that GOD – the true and only GOD –

    is aware and has prepared in the heavenlies and for all time HIS response to this evil. GOD will pour out

    His Spirit in these days. HE has an answer and HE is more powerful.

  181. The symbols that the soldiers are attached to at the beginning seem to be symbols of religion: Judaism (hexagram) etc. The soldiers seem to be trapped by their religion. Gaga has said previously that all religions, while professing to be good, hate one group or another. This may be her way of expressing it. ie Organized religion actively represses non-conforming groups (gays, etc), just like a police state does.

  182. Hi Vigilant Citizen!

    All these mind control that these artists seem to undergo reminds me of that movie "Manchurian Candidate". Have you seen it?

  183. I prefer to remain a on

    In light of Kim Noble's recent artwork, these particular verses in the lyrics have significant meaning:

    She's not broken,

    She's just a baby.

    But her boyfriend's like a dad, just like a dad.

    and all those flames that burned before him.

    Now he's gonna fight your fight, gonna cool the bad.

  184. truth1seeker7 on

    This just show the time of the harvest is closer then we think we must start a awakening campaign

  185. 01:06:07:14•







    What the heck is that supposed to mean? Popped in for a fifth second in the video..

    Great article though, thank you :)

  186. This video is very strange lady gaga really is getting more and more sinister with every song she releases. Her videos are even scary sometimes.

  187. Everyone is looking up to Rihanna as some kind of Queen. VC COULD YOU PLEASE DO AN ARTICLE ON ROCKSTAR 101. Rihanna has a goat hat on her head with a skull and the background black & white and symbols,very dark video. You have so many people that think she is the Queen also I think they are being brainwashed very quickly. AGAIN PLEASE DO ONE ON ROCKSTAR 101 BY RIHANNA.

  188. LouisaTheDreamer on

    What kind of world do we live in?? . . . A fallen one.

    Fact is when a baby is born into this world, we should weep and grieve. Life on Earth is dangerous and with evil people who rape, murder and steal, cheat and lie. When a person dies, we should rejoice because they are in peace and with the divine one dwelling in bliss eternally. We must not forget that life on Earth is only a test, tryouts to test to who is worthy of entering God's great kingdom! We will be tempted (as Adam and Eve were) into Earthly (evil and bad) things and forced to be under man's control, one way or another. But God gave us the choice, to be apart of GOOD or EVIL, and he gave us the Bible. The Bible period, is the only way to God's kingdom Heaven. The Bible means The Book, and it has everything you need to know, to survive, by practicing good behavior on Earth God will open the gates of Heaven to you. So two choices… Good? or Evil? Someone always wants to play the villain.. let Lady gaga play that role. You on the other hand DO NOT have to follow!!!!

  189. Andreas Abraham on

    A little child that just learned the word “furt” receives an estonishing attention by its surrounding audience by spelling it out – what a great experiance for this little human being! The first lesson of how to provoke sucessfully ha been learned!
    If this little child than develops and even learns how to earn money by saying “furt”, embroils his provkate behavior with a little bit sex here and a little bit symbolism, that can lead to miss-interpretition there, than it might become a star and the furt becomes an “occult meaning”.
    BBB – Bullshit baffels brain!

  190. It's mostly to lead people away from god.

    On a slow but continuous basis.

    How about a counter-movement? Not that I am a religious person (no church member) but to me it's kind of frightning to see how many people are screwed up nowadays. "Party", "Get Crazy", "Be Hot" is what it's all about today. As a profession one choses either "supermodel" or "pop idol", whatever, if only one can live independant, rich and beautiful. Luciferanian?

    Is this the result of influences against traditional values already? Producing a mainstream that circles around emotional extasy? Where did people with a back go?

    I wish there would be a new kind of artist saying something like "You will have to go this way alone" with a double meaning adressed to the illuminati.

  191. This video is supposed to be thought provoking. It is supposed to make you feel and think. It is not mindless media, it is not "just another music video", it is not a commercial.

    By commenting for or against Gaga, you are reacting to the video. You are critiquing art. You are doing what so many humans have done for thousands of years.

    By calling Gaga a nutcase, you are underestimating her. A nutcase couldn't possibly create such controversy time and time again so stylishly

  192. BlessedbyJesus on

    "Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." John 14:6

    It's sad to see the direction the majority of this world is going. Not realizing that satan's plan is to take as many people to the lake of fire with him. He knows that he has already lost but he does not want to go down alone.

    Jesus died for OUR sins so that WE may have ever lasting life truth Him. Eternity in Hell is a long time.

    I hope Lady Gaga comes to her senses and repents.

    God bless!!

  193. @chuck- just 'cause she prays doesn't mean anything, the use of words and names can also be symbolic, just how your G-d may be different from mine because of different beliefs, her god she refers to could be another power, not necessarily G-d as you know

    just how maddona prayed before her concerts, and artists thanking G-d- doesn't mean a thing, their god may be the devil

  194. I think what Lady Gaga's video of 'Alejandro' also suggests, in regard to the Christian religion, by wearing an inverted cross on her crotch and swallowing the rosaries, is that paganism and satanism in particular (represented by her) have come to hold so much power so they can literally 'swallow' Christianity and its symbols. Not only she makes them disappear (in ‘the harlot’s womb’) but she is also empowered to handle them in the most disrespectful way without having to worry about the consequences..

  195. You killed it once again.. But please do something about NEIGHBORS FROM HELL or is it just me?

  196. Wow…Disturbing…I feel sick…I wish I hadn't even watched it! I felt the same for "Xtina" video too. This is not entertainment…and anyone who is entertained by it is void morally IMO. I have learned a lot from your articles VC and I have to say that they have given even more strength to my resolve to be no part of this SICK world. Thank you!

    I'd like to draw your attention to this, though most of it has been discussed on this site.

    Also, look out for the arrivals.

    I'm glad we're discussing what's going on and exposing branches of "the tree".

    Personally, I'm happy listening to music that wouldn't even make it to the bubbling under billboard chart. World music, underground music, where symbolism is very scarce.

    Having said that, media does not have to be a necessity in our lives. Essentially, the media has been doing the 2 things it was created for: communication and education. Entertainment is merely the biproduct.

  198. Peace-a distant drea on

    "the symbolism of the video tells a story of spiritual rejection and metamorphosis taking place in the context of an oppressive police state. "

    I love the way Vigilant just drops it, and the meaning is always more shocking, that our little minds hardly firgure it out beforehand!!!

  199. I looked these up as soon as I saw the video because I knew they stood for more than her using spanish names to go along with the beat from a classic 80's song. Meaning of the names used in her video:

    Alejandro – "defender, defends mankind"

    Fernando – "adventurer"

    Roberto – "bright fame"

    So for Alejandro to mean defender of mankind, everyone can conclude that she is referencing God.

  200. Nice article however it's not too convincing, almost any material can be interpreted or twisted to meet an agenda like the one you have here. There seems to be a fundamental bias throughout the article that religion is "good" and "correct" and that anything opposed to that is evil or "Luciferian". You can't expect to be taken seriously if you're going to argue a case with such unjustified certainties as this.

    If we assume that the dancers throughout the video are "gay" (which you have done without providing any proof from the context) then we see a religious figure oppressing them in various manners. Should Gaga be attempting to suggest that not just her religious leanings but the whole of the christian/catholic agenda is corrupt in this way then we are simply seeing a standard statement that religion oppresses free will and sexuality. This is a statement that is a lot easier to back up and prove than that Gaga is trying to convert us all to satanism.

    I'm pretty certain that Christianity has caused much more suffering and pain around the world than "Luciferianism".

    • @Graeme – I have not stated that religion is "good" and "correct" and I have not stated that "Luciferian" is evil neither. I find it frustrating to have words put in my mouth when I try to provide objective explanations to symbols. This article is not about how Catholiscism is better than Luciferianism and who caused more suffering than who. Is is about taking a look at the esoteric meaning of the video.

      It is truly astonishing to see how one cannot discuss spiritual or religious concepts without being tagged as a some sort of religious zealot.

  201. thank you for this article,

    please write more frequently, i've been checking your website 5 times daily since 10 days waiting for a new article, may the Holy spirit give you everything you need to continue stronger than ever.

    PS: comments grow in few days to over 1000, and it is hard to keep track of the conversations, is there an easier way or solution, also rating to hide unrelated comments?

  202. Thank you for your diligent work and valuable insight. Noticed a few things to add: She dances with 10 making herself 11…big # in the occult world. Looks like a partial pentagram on the heart. Does the white to red initiation ritual, # 11 on the top of the coffin and the back of her head where her crown comes down, lots of crosses in the background. Eating the rosary makes it a part of her..Catholic Religion is Luciferian- period. Also she does the "riding the snake" move in her dancing, the one where she holds her arms up at her side and does a wave with them..interesting, and the snaky move the one male dancer does on the bed. This is Albert Pikes dream, that the Luciferian Religion be bought out in the open. I have to watch the videos without sound, otherwise the mantra won't leave my head.

  203. Wow. It's bad enough religion is a hoax, but it's worse that readers of this article are buying in and "praying" for this woman's "repentance". Let it go, people. It's a music video. Has it every occurred to anyone that one eye exposed is aesthetically interesting? Do any of you know anything about art? I'm not saying there's not some imagery here meant to incite, but good grief!

  204. @237 tyler: Ok, the song is about her ex-lovers. What about the video? What does military gay nazi has with inverted cross, hexagram, pyramid, one eye seeing and so on? It's pretty obvious all other stuff is just a way to distract the real meaning of all this. Thanks VC. I also would like you to create something about this japanese mv. It's quite disturbing how they depict the brainwashing

    God bless you all


    Steve Klein, the director, said " It is about a woman's desire to resurrect a dead love and who can not face the brutality of her present situation. The pain of living without your true love."

  206. Appreciate the article. I'm sick of this Satanic whore as I never, and will never, listen to her music or watch her videos again.

  207. And let's not forget how in interviews prior to the release of the video GaGa said thet she was aware of her "religious role" amongst her fans… this totally adds up with Vigilant's interpretation

  208. @ajcash

    Really? You can't just not like her music? She has to be a "Satanic whore?" Name-calling is for school children.

  209. Critical Thinker on

    Anytime people are blinded it's dangerous, and following and/or worshiping any ideal/image/person/whatever is dangerous. Critical thinking is required to prevent those in power from turning the masses into sheep and controlling them. Those in power can use anything to control. Back when Roman Catholicism was the dominant religion, that's what those in power used. Now people worship the famous with far greater fierceness and loyalty than the followers of most religions. That's why you see those in power using the famous to desensitive us to the concept of a police state.

    I'm agnostic, and it bothers me just as much to see people blindly professing undying faith to the Christian church as it does to see Lady Gaga's fans call themselves "little monsters" and run around on the internet defending her and calling her "madame monster."

    Blindly following anything is dangerous. Professing to seek the power Gaga professes to seek is a sign of a dangerous individual. Believe in god or a religion if you must, but don't blindly follow it. Listen to pop music if you want, but don't idolize the singers. Invest more time in critical thinking and less in worshiping anyone or anything.


    About the Anti-Christ, apparently he/she (I am not ruling out that it may just be a woman, that would be something most people do not expect) will NOT BE INTERESTED IN WOMEN. Maybe that's why Gay Rights, famous people 'coming out; (maybe they're forced to, maybe they're not really gay, who knows?) is so prominent right now. To pave the way for somebody who will take over the world, and isn't interested in women = BREAKDOWN OF THE FAMILY, which is something held in high regard within the Christian fatih.

    If Lady Gaga was the devil, she would have a much more demonic presence about her. Lady Gaga is simply a puppet, who has been 'made' to take over from Madonna once she goes, as they all do. Mark my words, Madonna's time is numbered. I do hope she finds God before then of course. Don't you see? Once one massively famous person dies (because whichever religion you are in, you cannot stop physical death. It happens to everyone in the end), another comes in. Lady Gaga exploded onto the scene a few years back, but ever since MJ went, she's been more prominent because people WANT to look up to someone and be amazed. The lack of creativity of musical artists has been bolder because soooo many magazines and newspapers hit out at musicians, and then compare them to so called 'greats', and then they back Lady Gaga and suddenly she is the newest 'Great'.

    Alejandro is so catchy, and really makes you want to sing along. Katy Perry will now get a lot of stick because she stood up for the Church, and complained at the fact that Alejandro was so blasphemous. I don't believe many people really want to actually go through with the illuminati, and since none of us know or have been faced in that situation, it always upsets us with the outcome, the majority become mainstream evil artists, promoting sex to six years olds, or they die/disappear (Tupac anyone?).

    I have become quite desensitive to most mainstream stuff now, but this was something else. It's just odd. There's no other word but odd, it doesn't make sense. And it's not supposed to, because if it made sense, then nobody would carry on watching it and become desensitized. Lady Gaga is evil, probably, so pray for her.

  211. I was thinking please let vigilantcitizen do an article on this disturbin vid!!!!please do rihanna rock star next

  212. I thought this video was about the coming of the Anti Christ?

    I think those people at the beginning were soliders of the one and that Alejandro was the name given to represent Alexender the Great, who some thought was an anti-christ in his time and that now she's welcoming the new one.

    In my view it kind of agrees with VC, because I think she was religious and all that but then due to the coming of the Anti-christ she submits to him and so becomes all evil and stuff

  213. @Sakinah

    I got a lot of Muslim converts coming to me and asking 'why didn't you tell us the truth earlier?' (I'm born a Muslim) That's the same situation here. Can you make a blind person see? Can I make a deaf person actually to listen? I'm sorry, but most of the commentators here aren't ready for truth or simply WON'T know the truth ever. Even if you're aware of the evils and devilish symbolism, secret societies whatsoever, then WHAT'S NEXT? What would you do to repel it? MSM has successfully shaped the society to believing that religion is not cool and ruining/living your life like Dorian Gray is okay. We're told many times that 'it's not what it seems/look like'. Well, I think it's not cool to believe in lies and failing to secure my own identities and instead following the mold that MSM decided for us.

    I'm so worried that my lil bro's aware of Lady Gaga's symbolism and yet playing her songs non-stop. I just wish he'll listen to REAL music instead of the pop rubbish. When he suddenly started to listen to Suede and Vampire Weekend, I'm damn relieved.

    p/s: the truth is out there, but do you think everyone will get there? Life isn't fair, so the answer is NO.

  214. @jay – this video just shows you the meaning- pain without your true love? really?

    you must be blind my dear

  215. @gee- interesting about the antichrist – i never heard of that- where did you hear/read that he will not love/like women?

  216. @stacy-nyc

    There was a book about it and it quoted a bible verse or two, the book wasn't mine though. I found it interesting as well, who knows to be honest.

    I'm only 14, and I'm not sure of anything anymore. It's sort of sad, I wish I could just enjoy life like everybody else my age. I am happy I still have my faith, friends, family and health though. That is enough.

  217. TO ALL GAGA STANS PLEASE WATCH/YOUTUBE FORUNNER 7777 NEW AGE AGENDA PT 5-7. Now if you watch this and still think GaGa is art then it is what it is. IF YOIU SO CALL LOVE GAGA AND EXCUSE HER BEHAVIOR PLEASE WATCH CLOSLY. If you do not beleive something is bruing after this. You need to ask that God himself open your eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  218. @gee- good for you. I lost my religion when I was 12-16. I finally realized later it was the Truth despite priests stealing etc and all the bs,as with any business, churches and temples are treated as business too.. but it is not G-ds fault for the things I did not agree with regarding the people behind some churches. (that was my issue when i was a kid) Unfortunately,now I am about 30 and I see that all Christian religions are being threatened with all the shit going on today and satanism is more in your face. We have to ignore it and teach those around us that our faith is the truth, and don't let them force this dark religion on us. Keep your faith, family and true friends. (you will see that you will change your group of friends a few times over, until you are in your adult life where you will realize the few people that are good and true to you)

  219. I love listening to how pissed off you people get over a f*cking article. Its an A R T I C L E!

    There is a lot more on the internet then just VC's website that provides you with a shit ton of information in regards to music video's, illuminati, and how the world is going downspiral. If this one is not of satisfactory to you, use google…lol

    Also, im glad im not the only one who notices the american idol performance….the statue of satan, the blood fountain, the nipple popping out and having to be blurred, the fags dry humping each other grabbing crotches, i wonder if anyone noticed that seacrest right before introducing gaga shook hands with what seemed to be an 8 year old girl….nice to know what she got see LIVE! hence: my children never watching this shit =) GOD BLESS and pray for those who are ignorant. there's lots of em out there

  220. Am I the only one that noticed at the MTV movie awards the scene that appears just before they announce the nominees is a checkerboard floor, a woman with no face smashing a white vase that spills red blood like liquid everywhere????!!!

  221. amazing… you are a very smart man. i'm waiting for an article about the mtv movie awards possibly?

  222. 282 Ariana- If you watch the video I posted it breakdowns down gaga blood sacrafice on MTV. From the two big pillars, to when she started bleeding, how the back ground turned red. Once she was raised on the rope in the air, the background illumanted into light. Watch forrunner New age agenda it explains MTV performance pt 5-7. I think the breakdaown is pt 6. 5 or 6

  223. great stuff. google "mystery, babylon the great" and you'll see a website for a book authored by I. A. Sadler…that discusses illuminatisicm, freemasonry, and all there sysmolism also contained in these videos….and also about this type of mind control that Gaga is under. Its crazy that its totally confirming what you just said…

  224. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    Vigilant (266),


    I am not a prophet or psychic, but my insights go deeper behind the words people speak or write. I strongly believe you would make a great talk/conversationalist show host. You are able to choose the guests you believe that have worthy causes for the nation and/or world. Discreetly, you would be leading people in the right direction. By the way, where is Arsenio Hall and D.L.Hugley? You could be the next Arsenio, but greater.

    Think about it! You have the intelligence for it. As Tom Joyner's would say about the lady who played the role as a pysychic (can't remember her name)- "She got the gift , and she to got to use it" So use your gift.

  225. @stacy-nyc

    You are actually an inspiration. I felt like that (losing my faith) at one point, but I am blessed because my mother is behind me keeping me on the straight an narrow, but more importantly, without my faith, I felt naked. I didn't have hope, and I just knew what the right thing to do is. It is a slow recovery, but it is happening, I embrace God's love, I don't hide from it anymore.

    The things that go on with churches today is upsetting, and I know this sounds cheesy, but it really is God's love which keeps me going.

  226. @Jay (#265)

    Even if the video was about "…a woman’s desire to resurrect a dead love and who can not face the brutality of her present situation. The pain of living without your true love" which is a lie, by-the-way, the evidence is too clear – you'd have to be blind to miss it, it's still demonic. There are pagan and satanic symbols throughout her entire video. Read what the Bible says about the state of the dead, "But man dieth, and wasteth away: yea, man giveth up the ghost, and where is he? As the waters fail from the sea, and the flood decayeth and drieth up. So man lieth down, and riseth not: till the heavens be no more, they shall not awake, nor be raised out of their sleep." (Job 14:10-12). "As the cloud is consumed and vanisheth away: so he that goeth down to the grave shall come up no more. He shall return no more to his house, neither shall his place know him any more." (Job 7: 9-10). "For the living know that they shall die: but the dead know not any thing, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten. Also their love, and their hatred, and their envy, is now perished; neither have they any more a portion for ever in any thing that is done under the sun." (Ecclesiastes 9: 5-6).

    So my point is, even if the directed lied and said that the song & video is about what he says it is… the video would still be bad; satanic. People who see loved ones who have died are really seeing demons impersonating their deceased family members. I've spoken to a lot of people-many of whom are Catholic (which makes perfect sense)-who have seen their dead loved ones, not knowing that they are demons.

  227. @Stacy-NYC

    I would like to point out that I am NOT the Jay that said anything about the video being about losing her love. There's apparently another Jay, so from now on, I'm adding an initial to mine.

    That being said, your statement didn't really say anything. It said the video showed the "true meaning." True meaning of what? True meaning of the song? True meaning of her feelings last tuesday? True meaning of Chistmas?

    Besides, if that's what the video director wanted to convey, that's what he wanted to convey. People can interpret things any way they want. I say, let it go. It's a music video. Enjoy it or don't, but leave the conspiracy theories at home.

  228. Lady Gaga should be called Slutty Caca for all the garbage she tries to introduce to this world. She has no respect for her former religion as a Catholic. I am not a Catholic but I respect beliefs and their sacred symbols. Her corrupted ways seems that she has severe mental and psychological problems. She thinks rape is cool, making fun of sacred things is cool. The first time I came across who she was , it was a people magazine mind you I never knew about her or listen to her caca. She wore a see though red lace and she is so freaking ugly she looked like " a satanic bride" and said it out loud during my dental appointment. Somehow I came across this. I agree that her soul is in the path of darkness look at her eyes she has no light in them, her spirit seems dead and dark. Lucifer is a fallen demon who has no light or truth and is the father of all lies and evil. Raping anything is a horrible unspeakable and diabolical act that comes from Satan this is his real name! Jesus is the only light and the truth. All her video shots look pornographic and diabolical to me. She is insane and broken in spirit. I hate her CACA and just choose to not supported and flush it down the toilette where it belongs.

  229. More important things than pop videos going on. Pop music sucks no wonder the articles aren't as fullfilling I bet vigilant cares more about real shit than fake pop stars.

  230. I've been waiting for this article and i'm not disappointed, but i was just wondering and looking forward to knowing what the very last scene of the video meant. I'm talking about the very end when she's laying down and her face just turns into something. Maybe it didn't mean anything, but i'm still very curious!

  231. @Maranatha (#289)

    That's given you actually believe in silly things like a "God" or "Satan."

    Think about it. If there's really an all-powerful God, are we really expected to believe he DIDN'T know that Lucifer was going to rise up and attempt for the the throne? If Angels are the absolute servants (read: slaves) of God, how could one have suddenly exerted such free will, a trait supposedly reserved for man alone? It's a book, people. It's a book written by hill-folk in the desert to keep other hill-folk in the desert in line. Let it go.

  232. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    Vigilant, you stated" "Please elevate the debate beyond religious bickering, it is truly useless. Thank you"

    Can you please assist us by letting us know some of the things you are looking for in our comments.

    However, I have to say that asdfghjkl (88) made great points. Lady Gaga does have many religion references in her video.

    • Everyone Will Bow – Im not looking for anything in particular in the comments… I do love when people add their own insights and findings to the discussion. I however find that comments attacking other people's religions (or lack of) is a horrid read and brings nothing but hate to the table. Theyre proof of how divided and conquered we truly are.

  233. @Knight

    If we even have a soul, you can't see that in someone's eyes. Her spirit seems dead and dark? C'mon! Satanic Bride? If I were your dentist, I would've stopped mid-drill and asked you to leave.

  234. @hadly Yeah I saw wjhat she did at the vmas live but are you talking about the MOVIE awards? Im not sure if she performed, i was just watching it and was like WTF?! reviewww VC :p

  235. I found something else.. (apologies if it's already been mentioned)

    "She's not broken

    she's just a baby.

    But her boyfriend's like a dad, just like a dad"

    According to

    Kittens and cat alters are frequently the sexual alters. Sexual alters and sexual slave models are frequently labeled Betas. The Illuminati found out how to create women with insatiable sexual appetites. This is done via torture and rape early in the child's life. After the initial personality splits, using rape and electroshock, the father figure {called 'Daddy' by many Monarch slaves) carries out repeated sex (incest) to develop the sexual desire

  236. i just found something interesting again… while i am here.… idk its just kinda weird i had seen this attire before but near 2:30 notice her frozen stance and before that she flashes the ok sign. Im not done watching it but i definitely feeling kinda spooked by her

  237. @jay d- sorry that was @jay june who said what the director said what the video is about, losing your true love

    i'm saying, obviously the director or producer or whoever will try and make a simplistic explanation and nothing to do with the real meaning, this visually has nothing to do with a love story or about losing her love or bf or lover named alejandro, whoever agrees with the makers of the video about it being about this kind of story is not seeing what is on the screen, that is all i was saying

  238. @leila- i beleive that's what happened to britney and mariah and beyonce- though not sure about mariah's dad, her ex husband most def

  239. There are "Star of David" shapes in both videos. The Star of David is the symbol of the Zionists, otherwise known as the ZionNazis – truly a Satanic cult. These are pro-ZionNazi videos. As ZionNazis in real life murder Palestinian infants, women, and children in cold blood, and steal their property, young people can dance to their tune, lead by the ZionNazi puppet, "Lady Gaga." Young people are being subconsciously seduced into ZionNazi fascism.

  240. she had to add" just like a dad, just like a dad"- that part freaked me out more than the video

    just imagine how crazy and common some of these things are among people like her

    also reminded me in "like a prayer"- madonna sang " you whisper softly to me. .you are in control. just like a child"

  241. Nice one, can it all be a mistake? coincidence? well in the end the end will tell.

  242. Hey Vigilant,

    I was going to say that I think the part with the police state could possibly be showing us one day having to choose between the anti-christ or God. You see the triangle which represents the luciferenism and then the star which could be the star of David. Great article thanks for the interpretation 😀

  243. i've read your Articles before and the whole time watching the video. Me and my friend was looking for Illuminati clues. And reading this we missed so much of the clues lol. OMGGG,shes sick,tormanted,crazy,branwashed and needs prayer. If anybody still thinks thats just art then your officially crazy because ALL of her videos have a satanic vibe too it and people HAVE to know about this.

    -Thanksss Vigilant,continue writting

  244. -The Devils greatest trick on humanity was making us believe that he didn't exist..

    -But Man's greatest trick on humanity was making us believe that he Did.

  245. how about an article about her larry king interview?? she talked about how important DIANA was to her and how she was supposd to be opening act for MJ! how can you deny?!!

  246. I am Christian and yes this video is uber disturbing, but calling Gaga the the devil is like calling an elephant a microwave. (Annoying orange reference. Look it up.)

  247. The reason people are hooked to the music like CRACK is a little hard to believe, but with all the crazy stuff it may also make a lot of sense. Before hitting the airwaves or shelf's at Target the masters are taken to a special place where a satanic ritual is done over them, on a specific date and time of course. This has been done I believe since the birth of the industry itself. If you You Tube" John Todd Collins " he can be heard doing lectures about his involvement with Zodiac records and the Illuminati. He also got gunned down in a parking lot shortly after.

  248. @Stacy-NYC

    Ok, now I see where you're coming from on that. Also, it looks like Jay June, but it's really Jay, and then the date, June14th. :)

  249. Lady Blah Blah is an adult who chose to go against God, just like Jay z, beyondfake, and all the rest of them. I refuse to use MY prayers on THEM. they made that stupid choice and they should deal with the consequences themselves.

  250. ahh i love this site !

    i was waiting for vigilant to do an article on this song :)

    amazing workk !

  251. also did anyone notice on the MTV MOVIE AWARDS the close up of christina's vagina shot???? they seriously zoomed in for like 6 or 7 seconds on nothing but her blinking vagina…..what is that? disgusting!

  252. In fact, I think I better make my way from this site. Too many religious folks coming in talking about devils and invisible friends and what-not. It's making my rational-thinking brain hurt.

  253. レベッカ on

    Alejandro is about the late Alexander McQueen. [Alejandro = Alexander in Spanish]

    Before his suicide, Alexander McQueen and Lady Gaga were close friends [he designed many of her outfits].

    Initially, the song was about a girl [Gaga] being in love with a gay man named Alejandro [McQueen]. Alejandro was in love with a man named Fernando [ABBA allusion], Fernando was in love with a man named Roberto [?].

    After Alexander McQueen's death, the song became about "moving on after a loved one has passed".

    Note the homoerotic tones of the Alejandro video.

    Alejandro is not Lady Gaga's lover, he is a close [homosexual] male friend.

    It's even in the lyrics:

    Her boyfriend's just like her dad [non-sexual relationship, he looks after her, etc.]

    All the FLAMES that burn before him = all his gay male friends/partners.

    Now he's gonna firefight, gotta cool the bad = the LGBT rights movement [?]. Lady Gaga is a big supporter of the LGBT community.

    …what freaks me out more is that Lady Gaga wrote this song about Alexander McQueen before his death.

    Maybe she knew something?


    Lady Gaga's Baphomet crown in the music video alludes to the Baphomet headdress she wore to Alexander McQueen's wake.

  254. Very good article. It seems they are no longer concerned with hideing who they truly are.

  255. @Jay D (#294). He certainly did… he knew what would happen in heaven. He is allowing the real character of Satan to be seen by all: Heaven & Earth. He could have destroyed the devil but had he been blotted out of existence, some would have served God from fear rather than from love. Besides, the influence of the devil would not have been fully destroyed, nor would the spirit of rebellion have been completely eradicated. Sin will not exist in the New Earth or New Garden of Eden. In order for this to be, sin has to play out and become so terrible to them who love the Lord & His coming, that through the grace of Jesus Christ they will gain the victory over it. "The inhabitants of heaven and of the worlds, being unprepared to comprehend the nature or consequences of sin, could not then have seen the justice of God in the destruction of Satan. Had he been immediately blotted out of existence, some would have served God from fear rather than from love." "Satan's rebellion was to be a lesson to the universe through all coming ages,– a perpetual testimony to the nature of sin and its terrible results."

  256. vidaliasweet on


    There are so many other kinds of music and entertainment besides mainstream. You really can enjoy yourself like other people your age…there is so much good christian music out there now. There are tons of activities and arts that you can enjoy which are positive. Don't worry about doing the things that the worst of our culture has to offer. Trust me, other kids your age will learn to outgrow it, just consider yourself ahead of the curve!

  257. I don't believe in any god or devil and find Lady Gaga's music videos fascinating (if a bit long) and her music catchy and enjoyable. I don't believe this Illuminati/Satanic conspiracy. I even think that some people are just as easily brainwashed by you, Vigilant Citizen, as by any celebrity, as by their parents, as by any commenter here. The thing is, some people just don't think. It's not Lady Gaga's fault. Good research, though.

  258. What makes you think that sin was reserved for man? Reserved? As if God made or designed that man should sin… Come on. It's obvious that God did not create slaves. The angels had just as much of a right to choose to serve God or not. God does not use force – that's Satan tactic. I can't convert you or anyone else – it's not my job to. God is very much real and so is Satan. There are secret covens & there are actual bride's of Satan. I've read and I've heard the testimony of people who were his real bride's. There are people high up who have seen him. Most people know about the pope [Pope Benedict] but few know that there is a black pope who is above the standing pope. He [the black pope] communicates directly with Satan – there a special meetings that take place. Count Hans Kolvenbach was the "black pope" but the new black pope is Adolfo Nicolas. See:

    I mean seriously people – WAKE UP! Disney Films, Hollywood, Music (most about love lost, betrayed, coveted, taken for granted, etc…), Fashion, Celebrities,… All of it has us buying into a lie & leads to a dead end.

  259. I have to say that i like your interpretations of the video..HOWEVER…the true interpretation is exactly what she explained it to be..its a video that she dedicated to her "gay" viewers,…the ENTIRE video shows just how the gays have been treated throughout the years and how straight society has tried to "change" them and make them something they are not…its about how many people have tried to use "mind control" over homosexuals to try and make them straight…Lady Gaga plays the dictator..and the swallowing of the crusifix was directly related and symbolic to how the Catholic Church is constantly trying to shove their heterosexual and Christian views down the throats of homosexuals AND the priest suit shows how the priests are corrupt…the "raping" of the gay men is reminisant of more of the heterosexuals trying to show them how to be straight and making them like it…the man at the begining that looks blank is supposed to show how they brain washed him into being one of them… its basically a video showing just how cruel homosexuals have been treated throughout time…take a look at the video again…its about a concentration camp for gay men…and it shows the different procedures used to try and make them something they are not…

  260. what do you think the significance is of

    1. the sleeping soldiers

    2. The only soldier who isn't sleeping (in the beginning) is the "leader" in the end

    3. (this is really picky) the lighting in the video, especially during the S&M/machine gun bra dancing… 4 lights which look like a constellation are lowered into view

    Nice work Vigilant Citizen

    I feel sorry for Lady Gaga and all of the "stars"

    They are all puppets

  261. Thanks for the article, VC! As soon as I heard about the video, I knew you'd write about it :)

  262. If you really believe that the world is being controlled by a Satan worshipping society, then why are you sitting around analyzing Lady Gaga videos and freaking out about people covering their eyes? Why aren't you doing something about it?

    None of you really believe this.

    Even a massive evil conspiracy is much more comforting than complete chaos, isn't it? At least then there's a sense of control and pattern, instead of just series of random accidents. Chaos, greed, and disorganization are the real truths of our world.

  263. I never even heard about the illumaniti until a few months ago. I don't know if it exists or not but I'm open to the possibility. That being said I don't agree with some of the intrepretations here of Gaga's video. In an interview w/ Larry King she noted that the video was a tribute to gay men & this article didn't really mention anything about that. She herself is bisexual and steeps a lot of her "art" in queerness and gender bending so the fact that men were in military garb one moment (don't ask don't tell) and high heels in another moment speaks to that queerness (by queer I mean LGBT not "weird"). Also the strip in front of her crotch was an arrow not an upside down cross. To me that said something about sex, female sexuality and religion-particularly Catholic faith which is very tied to sexuality & for many Catholics (I know I am one) sexual shame. Ms. Gaga was raised Catholic and like Madonna it shocks me none that she would incorporate that paradigm into her performance.

    I'll admit I find her video's and performances creepy and even scary at times. But creepy and scary do not equal devil worship. Is it possible there are hidden messages in this video? Sure. I think it's meant to be very symbolic and I'm open to interpretations however I believe it is not wise to swallow (forgive the pun) any theory. Quite frankly I find Jay Z & Rhianna more frightening in their use of possible satanic imagery.

    Gaga certainly gets people talking. And that is a good thing because we do need morer awareness in this world. I just hope we all can take a step away from jumping to conclusions and take time to ruminate on what we see. Perception and judgement are powerful tools that can build as much as break something. I hope if Ms. Gaga is in a bad group she'll see her way out of it. I'd like to think in the end she's smarter than giving into negativity, whatever form it comes in. Sorry for any spelling errors.


  264. "Even a massive evil conspiracy is much more comforting than complete chaos, isn’t it? At least then there’s a sense of control and pattern, instead of just series of random accidents. Chaos, greed, and disorganization are the real truths of our world."

    Jeah, thats always the wish, fachists have.

    They want to be controll, they want a pattern in the outside to help them because they are not able to seek their inner truth, their own picture of reality.

  265. This makes me feel uncomfortable about my Fame Monster Deluxe Edition Album. I should've just save that money and bought a book.

    Anyways, I remember in an article, you mentioned that sometimes pets are killed to further traumatize the victims. Well, could the death of Lady Gaga's dog have anything to do with that?

  266. SeekTheTruth on

    The Catholic Church, and the Jesus Era has to Stop! Please open your eyes, the New Era has to come soon! We dont need old carpenters and pedophilic Priests, we NOW need the truth… Stop being Blind, and open your Eyes, a new Millenium is coming soon! The World coule be a Better Place if we forget old religions and Jesus.

  267. im surprised no one has noticed or mentioned, this stuff has been going on since 80s or before. KISS=knights in satans service. ozzy osbourne biting heads off bats and his satanism bs. queen record played backwards….evil. eagles….hotel california was supposed to be abt hell or something?

    so this has gone on for soooooooooo long and now ppl r all worked up and freakin out AGAIN? its 2010? r we not past worried abt things being satanic in music?

    i think its creepy ppl actually give this stuff enough CREDIT to even WORRY abt it…..honestly………who cares?

  268. i also agree with u, fantasm….evy1 talks about illuminati now……….its the new big scare and i noticed that arrow to her crotch right away, along with the guns on her breasts….speaking to her being female, pointing out violence/sexual violence against women, etc.

  269. @Kay

    Hmm…It's kinda like the whole Y2K thing…

    But Illuminati scares me more because it touches upon my religous beiefs…

  270. @atashlyn: You believe what you want and I'll believe what I want. I'll drop it at that. I'm not in the mood to argue. Also, excuse me but I have a picture of my own reality and I have seen every video of Gaga's and watched MANY interviews of as with many other fans. Call me brainwashed if you want but I think it's completely uncalled for for some of these comments here. Some claim to be followers of God but yet seem so hateful to someone that in fact isn't "evil." This is the first time I've actually read through the comments on here. As a Christian myself, it makes me angry that people say things about someone they know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT.

  271. @kay post 339: I completely agree with you. Who cares?! People act like the world is coming to an end. Come on, this has been going for many, many years now. That's if it's even true.

  272. okay i dont have anything against her personally. its the industry thats making her do these evil things. and to tell the truth i really though she was going to be with a mexican or some kind of hispanic but i was WRONG her telephone vid was almost literal it had phones in it at least this doesnt even match one thing in the song and its rather disturbing

  273. interesting at the end before u see her lieing in the bed the man next to her is holding a gun made of gold

  274. I love these articles, I find them so god damn interesting. it's funny though, how you always see her videos and listen to her songs thinking "there's something hidden here…" and then you begin to wander away in your head. amazing! I've waited for a review on Alejandro. Thank you! :)

  275. Wow,

    I absolutely love how you went through and analyzed different parts of this video. It was a great read and even though I do not fully agree with everything, I will give you 83297593801 props for being able to break this video apart and really looking in depth… great analyzation (not an actual word) .. thanks!

  276. Okay I've been lurking for some time now trying to keep up with new developments, and this video is just…..I mean I couldn't watch it, because I wouldn't feel right inside, so I looked at the analysis ( great by the way Vigilant) and the comments and I can't for the life see how people can say this is art. Since when does darkness equal something as art? See this is the problem, we've got people praising this, people seeing nothing wrong with it . "It's just art, it's nothing. This interpertation is totattly off, the director "said" that it's about a girl who lost her lover and can't live without him". Okay I might have been able to buy that, but did the american idol really made any sense at all?

    Where does a statue of satan pouring bathing this woman in blood equal to being about losing a love? So really the whole statement the director said goes out the window because it's not consistent with what we've been shown. This girl needs help, plain and simple, but the fact that she's flashing signs and doing all this crazyness should be enough to make people atleast be wary of her, but nooooo. People still love her still listen to her music and all i've got to say is I hope what you feel is right, ask our father for guidance to make sure this is where you should be in life. This is ridiculous. Look how far we've fallen, our father is not happy kiddies.

    sorry about any mistakes I made in my post.

  277. Vigilant,

    'We have here a symbolic representation of the tenets of Luciferianism, which is the drive to attain divinity by one own means. '

    I think Vigilant you're a bit wrong here, because, well from Christian perspective, Lucifer is does not really have a spiritual substance per se because he chose to reject God. Demons are still spirits because spirits, and our souls too, are eternal. But they are spiritually – nothing, they don't represent anything and 'feed off' and exploit something that has 'something', which most people are…for now…

    Likewise, the more a person chooses to reject Christ, the more spiritually dead they will be, or empty – those choices do not bring eternal happiness but must be satisfied by quick physical means..drugs/sex/food/pride etc. But those things only stay so far and will not go into eternal life, what will go, is the habits that will burn a lot hotter than now.

    Because God created everything, not being with him, at least on spiritual level does not bring any level of divinity because it is simply impossible. That is why you see Gaga blasphemising faith, she can't really make anything of her own and this blasphemy is as far as she can go to be 'extreme'.

    Well in fact she herself admitted spiritual emptiness that 'attacks' her so there is nothing surprising me here.

    This video did not even make me angry, its SO OBVIOUS who she's dealing with and what is her rather made me sad that people have to resort to this level and consider it to be worthy of something that has value. It sad that America and now most of the world really, swallows this shit and does not revolt to such inhuman ways of treating them.

    At the end though, it did not seem to me that she is enlightened in any way, it looked more like hot lava inside her, reminding me of the lake of fire where tons and tons of 'barely alive – dead' souls will be suffereing because they may have made choices like she did…and that will be ETERNALLY.


  278. an amazing and accurate write up. i think though for her video telephone where they are in the diner and all the people become poisoned represents how we are all drinking poisoned water (fluoride and chlorine: rat poison for over 40 years) as well as eating poisoned food (msg proven in rats to cause obesity) and of course high fructose corn syrup (contains mercury which wracks your brain and kills you) and then aspartame. a deadly exitotoxin made from ecoli bacteria. Thats what the diner scene represents to me. the elite poisoning us and we just keep eating until we plop over dead oblivious to whats killing us.

  279. V. Cit, I think you missed a spot.

    The part when she's "swallowing the rosary," in fact, is the inversion of the tape. She is actually PULLING the rosary out of her mouth. Watch out for the cross magically directing itself to Godga's mouth. 😉

  280. Thanks for figuring this one out. This was actually challenging compared to Telephone. Great job!

  281. Does anyone here believe in reincarnation???

    I'll elaborate when I get responses

    P.S. Eddie I love your comment (125)

  282. That performance made it all clear for me. I still had my doubts on her whole occult involvement and imagery in her videos, I remained sceptic ( which is a good thing, you all know! ), because it was all rather vague this symbolism, occult or not ?

    But there can be no doubt about it now when she dances in front of an angel that lits a blazing fire and turns into a fountain of blood. I mean, can it get any more clear than this ?

  283. Yes, a lot of the symbols which were interpreted were indeed believable, however, I find that to assume that Lady Gaga is attempting to introduce the evidently diminished world of the Illuminati into pop culture is – quite frankly – impossible. Not to seem narrow-minded or anything, I agree with a lot of the analysis you have given, even at the points where "Illuminati-type" symbols are used, I don't believe that she's attempting at pronouncing Luciferian undertones into her music videos. She's not some sociopolitical spy for the New World Order. Not too logical, sorry. Thanks for the analysis though, I enjoyed reading your article, just giving my opinion :)

  284. she seems so strange in this vid….

    like darker….more evil.

    & its only gonna great worse. :


  285. ALEJANDRO=defender and protector of man(GOD).

    FERNANDO=ardent for peace and bravery(JESUS).

    ROBERTO=bright and shining(HOLY SPIRIT).


    Incorporated this into the lyrics:

    "Don't call my name don't call my name Alejandro(God)"

    "I'm not your Babe (child) I'm not your Babe (child)Fernando(Jesus)"

    "Don't call my name don't call my name Roberto(Holy Spirit)"

    In the Bible, the word "Babe" is used in place of "child". Exodus 2:6

    Lady gaga = illuminati evil

  286. When I first saw this video I knew something was very strange. I kept thinking there must be something sinister behind this. I knew about your website so I assumed you would write about it. great article!

  287. VC what are your thoughts on Tila Tequila? It is something strange about what she is doing. Her motives are unclear. I think LBV mentioned her ripping off material without giving credit. After reading her last article posted in comment 359 I think so too. What are your thoughts? I am confused.

  288. Oh my lady gaga! I cant believe how blatant she is getting. I wonder where she will end up in twenty years. I also wonder how she lives with herself. Does she sleep at night?

  289. I'm still learning English so i hope i can explain what i want to say in a good way.

    @Muslim #20

    What you posted is true , i'm Muslim too and its known in our religion that in the end of this life there is some one named" Aldajjal" is going to fill the world with lies and deception and many people will follow him ,prophet muhammed -peace be upon him- told us how he might look like his face has a one eye.and we as muslim we pray asking god to protect us… and then after the evil fill the world the prophet Jesus peace be upon him will arrive to fill the world with justice and peace.

    @ Danny #22

    Alaadine show doesn't represent Islam at all and we dont believe genies come out this way and its not written anywhere in the Holy Qura'an.

    I'm not Christian as i said before i'm Muslim but what I saw in Lady Gaga's video that it soo disrespectful and it made me sick watching the vid … im not a fan of her never was and nevel will be.

    Thank you for the article.

  290. I am so bored of Lady Gaga. Anyone who likes this creature must either be a satanist themselves or completely tone def. Alejandro has to be one of the worst songs ever, and the video…while less repulsive then the "Telephone" vid (imo), is just so ridiculous, i wouldn't even take the time to try to figure out what it means.

    The song sucks and the video is just so retarded even a lot of Gaga's fans are over her because of it.

  291. Brr, from the moment that I first watched the video, I knew that there was something wrong.. :

    A few people that I know take pictures and do the whole one eye sign thingy (Sorry, I kindaa forgot the name)

    without knowing what it means, I sometimes try to tell them what it actually means, but they don't listen to me, and claim that it's all bullshitt.

    It annoys me, alot. ._.

    Anywayy, thank you so much for making these articles, they really open my eyes (Cheesy line, I know, couldn't helpp it :D)

  292. I think someone mentioned Alexander McQueen. I believe imo that his death was not an accident. Sacrifice? Could be. But if you notice his collections, it had a very dark and illuminatiesque vibe that gave me a funny feeling. He too may have been an illuminati. Thoughts?

  293. I just don't get what they're supposed to be planning to do. Control the world, okay, but then what?

    Fill it with excellent pop music?

    I don't know. This is all just too much…and the video sucked, Gaga. Boo.

  294. @Mo 197 You are right about these artist bring their music to the UK. Quiet as it's kept US will not go for that kind of dark videos like Rihanna,Gaga,Jay, Kayne,Christina,lil Wayne showing all those symbols right in plain sight to be on tv. Rihanna came out with Rockstar 101, and gaga's video I have not yet seen on US tv. Gaga and Beyonce made a video together and they banned it from tv in the US. But maybe they play those dark evil videos on MTV. MTV or VH1 videos are on these artists have skulls on their shirts black and white floors & walls. Dark, lots of fire. I notice some of the people don't believe it but it's there.

  295. mrzgoodiegoodie on


  296. I look forward to these observations. I've been pointing out these instances to my younger relatives who are the primary targets for these videos. I've done it through this website, which I'm grateful to God for. Im grateful because they come to me and point out the imagery (Rhianna's latest and Niki Minaj) which is a great tool because now their eyes are opening to what they are being fed. I hope this site continues to examine the music industry and the entire entertainment industry. This is missonary work at one of its top forms. Make no mistake that this is what God wants our eyes opened to.

    The question now is how do we let the industry know that we are not puppets, lambs or little monsters for these people to manipulate?

  297. I dont think gaga's purpose was to do this. I do believe in this, though…even though sometimes conspiracy theorists go crazy sometimes, and try to find symbolism in everything.

  298. My interp: The media's militant control of sexuality? You have to act a certain way, you have to look a certain way, etc. If you're a female pop star, you have to put it on display. Your breasts are your weapons. You're being dragged around by the media (the soldiers). You're either a virgin (the nun on the bed) or a whore (Gaga in underwear), but both are fetishized (the nun is in red latex).

  299. Ok so…this is actually one of the few articles I've read of yours that I fully agree with. Normally you write something (meaning a small part if the article, not the whole thing) that makes me think your thinking too much into things. Anyway, thanks. I thought it was funny how one dude, perez Hilton I think, said that it was promoting gays being in the military… How does it promote them being in the military when they're shown as oppressive nazi's??? Finally, do you really think that they can use this to turn us toward deatroying all religions and becoming an oppressive military state? I mean…even if the videos do desensitize our reaction to it, isn't it a direct violation of the constitution, meaning it can't happen? And who would actually WANT to live like that. Even if, due to these videos, you're not as opposed to it as you normally would be, I doubt it would make you fully ok with it. I can at least see how people might turn to transhumanism because it allegedly offers being able to live a lot longer, be happier, and have perfect bodies, but the military thing doesn't really have the same appeal… This is a question for everyone.

  300. I like articles like this but who knows if Gaga really believes in the supposed messages she relayed in this video or if she just wanted articles exactly like this to help boost her popularity.

  301. 355- I cant speak for everyone that reincarnation is real, but I can can for myself. Its something you know, and its not the devil but a another chance at salvation. I almost got back into the entertainment industry. I felt it so weird the way they catered to me, and screamed at the top of there lungs at how they needed me and wanted to take pictures of me with my shirt off. I got out just before getting invited to the parties thanks to God

  302. protector of mankind… alej.

    fame,….. roberto

    adventure…. fernando.

    these are the three meanings of the names.. .it could be… that alej. is for Father GOd. and roberto is her fame monster stuff she is always apeing about… and adventure could mean, .. the worldly life she wants… all competing for her affection..and she cant commit.

    just a thought

  303. the director's a liar. everything he's putting out are orders from his boss, which got the order form his boss, and so on.

    his 'explanation' is just a mask. sick people. but for these people, they will come to find that what goes around comes around. everyone's judgement day will come and they will have to answer to Jesus.

  304. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    KC, the things you mentioned I was taught as a child. I remembering hearing the farther we disconnect ourselves from God, the more our soul would die, because God gave us life through His spirit.

    Because people (whether a Christian, atheist, Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Shintoist, Scientologist, animist, Satanist, etc.) feel that they are missing something in their lives (feeling lonely or alone), they tend to feel replace the emptiness to find happiness with various things such as money, relationships, parties, alcohol, sex, drugs, work, sports, etc. Because people in these religions feel the same void (the annoying cavity), many people become addicted and/or obsessed with these things.

    As a Christian I believe the hollowness within us can only be filled by the presence of God. Even though some people attempt to think their cut the umbilical cords from the Lord, they still rely on him without realizing it.

    Monarch Programming: Since I have been watching “Criminal Minds,” I have noticed that the scenes involve people’s minds being controlled by other people to commit an act. The person who is being controlled by a handler was either abused as a child or received intensive psychiatric treatment where he or she responded to a trigger such as a word, sound or particular music.

    This is all too interesting. Since I have been reading on the subject matter, I understand a lot about the way people operate. This is truly a dangerous world.

  305. Wow. You people are reading WAY too much into it. The point of the "symbolism" is to evoke a response. They want people to discuss it, because all publicity is good. Do people actually think this is some plan by "illuminati"? Give me a break. It would be far more hidden and subtextual if that were true. Believing cults are controlling pop stars is really taking allegory too far and things like that are probably the main reason people think anyone into such things as allegory are nutjobs. I doubt she even knows the meaning of any of this shit. She's a puppet alright… but of the music industry. Their goal is selling awful music, not taking over the world.

    Enjoy your tinfoil.

  306. The last statement of this article wraps up how I feel…."I’m sure many fans have a gut feeling that something is wrong with her act, but still can’t stop listening to her."

    But since Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior I must put Him first by not corrupting my mind with music and videos such as hers. It's going to be hard because for a long time I LOVED Lady Gaga's music (like her old stuff) but now its to the point where its interfering with my faith and the life I want to live for Jesus.

    you kno?

  307. You know Manly P Hall is a Freemason right?

    Luceferians are not bad people. Finding Godhood within is GREAT. Because religion STRIPS it from you. If you don't think the "negative" side has "perverted" religion think again.

    NOW- the balance is between internal AND external. There is nothing wrong with the mixing of male and female energies. To create BALANCe not to create energy to create others.

    The Illuminati are not bad, There are different schools. The one who gaga represents is unfortunately a dark force. Those guys do believe in perverting symbols and using them against us.

    It is the people who TAKE high level knowledge, and pervert it, and suit them for their own selfish purposes or needs that might be considered "satanic." Lucifer and satan are NOT the same. Although Black Magick is more appropiate. Those guys though, are not as powerful as you think. They only reason they are powerful is because we give them the power. through posts like this, through ignorance and naivety, AND through the sexual/mental abuse we put ourselves through on a daily basis.

    This can change overnight. "White Magick" on the other hand is the science of consciousness and spirit and using it to spread frequencies that enlighten people. The truth is "White Magick" should be used but everyone should know about it! Unfortunately people like many on this forum, unknowingly led by the Catholic "black" sects- have been BURNING "white magicians" for centuries!!!

  308. 371 Nappy bee- It seem like the UK will eat all music up. It's a shame all they care about is the beat. They take Americas left overs, that no one else want. No offense to anyone from the UK, but people like Chris Brown go to the UK and sell out tours, and he can't even associated his name with a venue in America. Christina sold 20k which caused the cancelation of her tour, but her song is # 1 in the UK, Rihanna can't get her American tour off the ground, today it was reported they cancelled it, but she is performing to sell-out crowds in the UK. America ………forget UK lets run them all the way to afghan…stop supporting that crap lets run them to the ends of the earth…in America it's flop nation, or buy 200k copies of your own music……let the UK deal with the garbage

  309. No tin foil here, for those who can't construct a better argument than insults and ridicule for that which they are yet unaware of. :)

    Bilderberg 2010: What we have learned?

    A huge agenda of global issues was crammed into four days of 'secret' meetings by a mysterious group of power brokers. But who elected them and why are we paying for them?

  310. mo,

    Maybe you didn't notice, but there is 1000x better music coming out of the UK the last few years. They are WAY ahead of the game, and American artists are now being inspired by the UK scene. Almost every current American pop star is working with UK producers at the moment.

  311. I would like to add Kelly Rowland…another American flop…who is a so called grand superstar in the UK…for the most part I would say they trick the people as if…."oh this is it, the best….and the people eat it up all day

  312. Obvious- I don't know what goes on in the UK, don't even care…what I do know is the crap we consider BS…the UK eat it up…weather music is better or not…it was not my point….American UK….American UK….I am American and we on to the next one…dumping all garbage in the UK for success.

  313. I do agree with many statements made in this article. However, I did notice one thing that was ignored throughout the entirety.

    Alejandro, Fernando, Roberto… they're not men. They're brands of alcohol. GaGa used to be an alcoholic.

    "I know that we are young, and I know that you may love me, but I just can't be with you like this anymore… Alejandro."

    She's giving up the alcoholism. Duh.

    And as for "She's got a halo round her finger around you" ?

    She's talking about someone/something being wrapped around her finger. Probably, the alcohol.

    Alcoholism may not pertain much to the video, but it's very very important to the song.

  314. For fucks sake, she is not the devil. I get so sick of people saying that. Not just Lady Gaga, but every time there is a new artist out that's "shocking," they become the anti-christ. At one point Madonna was "the devil," and now Lady Gaga is doing some of the same things as she did, which is "the devil." The article was well written, and there were a lot of interesting references, but Lady Gaga is just a 24 year girl. Nothing more, nothing less. And if it adds anything, she went to catholic school as a child, and is still a devout catholic. The video may seem as if she is rejecting religion, but in all honesty, she's probably just trying to get a rise out of people. That's how she's staying famous.

  315. Commanderandcheif- you'll never get me, and you're fate with Krisna is sealed!

  316. I agree with this. Like some of the others, I saw it as a rejection of her Catholic upbringing. And I believe that she is completely aware of what she is doing and is not a puppet. She says in her shows that her fans are the kings and queens writing (documenting) the history of the "kingdom" and she is merely the jester. She is in the role of the tempter, leading people to their destruction. She is lying and admits it – she revels in it and says she prefers the lie!

    Luciferian through and through. And she is intelligent.

  317. HEY READ THIS!!!!!

    there are a lot of scenes that are playing on REWIND…for example the rosary…she's actually not swallowing it….she is taking it out from her…watch closely she has the rosary swinging and somehow it moves alone to her mouth…she is taking it out in rewind, there are a lot of those scenes maybe that changes some meanings…and the fire scene at the end??


  319. Hey, VC. I'm an avid reader of your blog, hailing from the island of Fiji in the South Pacific.

    I loved reading this article about Alejandro, but I'm a little unsure as to whether you had covered all the symbols blatantly displayed throughout the video. For instance, the All-Seeing Eye is not only shown with Lady GaGa. In fact, the scene where she plays the "Black Queen", a sound is played (sounds something like the sharpening of swords) each time the light reflects off each eye of the military general's (or somesuch) sunglasses, standing behind her.

    However, on the whole it was a very comprehensive article, and I've enjoyed following the GaGa saga. It's a little interesting, though, how she says:

    "I was raised a Catholic. I do believe in Jesus. I do believe in God. I pray very much."

    Taking this into consideration, the swallowing of the rosary could just indicate how the religious beliefs of Catholicism were "shoved down her throat", in a more literal sense.

    Hm. I'm rattling off here.

    Thanks again for your insight.

  320. "So, by show of hands, who envisioned gay Nazi soldiers being raped by Lady Gaga while first listening to Alejandro? Okay, counting … one person. One sick, disturbed person."




    She says some pretty interesting stuff, and she is NOT done yet!! she is an insider in the industry and knows more and cites the vigilant in some of her stuff! check it out!

  322. I am a huge GaGa fan & I've followed her since she wasn't famous. Her old videos were fun & music was great. Now she's turned all dark & evil. You can clearly tell she worships Satan. I was so freaked out by this video it just sent the wrong vibe. How clear can it not be? Natzi soldiers? Bloody heart? Swallowing of rosary? It just irritates me that some people can love an artist so much that they can see all these hidden meanings & not care.

  323. my conclusion for Lady GaGa's Alejandro.. Alejandro = God, Fernando = Lucifer, Roberto = temptation.. she doesnt follow anyone.that halo around her finger, she hides it cause she doesnt want to be bowed to any "deity", that doesnt mean she is satanic for Christ sake.. the rosary swallowing means that she bows to herself.. and she emphasizes in Alejandro just because the whole religious world wants to follow their church.. brainwashing since we were babies.. i believe in God, but no church made symbol will make me believe in the church itself.. the only true part is God.. thats it..

    GaGa's THE BOMB

  324. it so sad because i believe all these artists are so talent and so many people i know just following them so religiously! another interesting video i would like your break down on is Kelly Rowland's new video for her new song: Commando/er

  325. We are in a global war with the spirit world that envies us, because were in God's image ~ an unreal privilege that is a gift of our Creator, that we did not earn.

    'Wrath [is] cruel, anger is overwhelming; but who [is] able to stand before envy?' Proverbs 27:4 ~ If we read between the lines, that is why God made hell!

    The Lord is the potter, and we’re the clay. – Romans 9:21

    God has named every star in the universe and knows the hair count on each of our heads. We are so special in that there is no life anywhere else anywhere, except right here on earth!

    God is honing us, just like a mother going through the tribulation of pregnancy for nine months … Building a bond with her baby. The learning curve we’re on, reveals that by not being on the Lord’s side is like bringin’ a knife to a gunfight! Keep in mind that our Creator is a true romantic. So when the prevailing notion,

    that it‘s too late, entices as a viable alibi. See through it … The time is ripe, though late, but we’re still on track!

    This is a quote from the 1860s classic ‘The Adventures of Alice Wonderland,’ that is most poignant. “But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked. “Oh, you can’t help that,” said the (Cheshire) Cat: we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.” “How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice. “You must be,” said the Cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here.”

    I bring this up because I believe that folks are mad because they have perceived that the Lord is a tyrant and have thus rebelled by selling their souls to have access to the sorcery of psychedelics. So, I imagine the Lord created LSD for mankind to isolate, or ‘shrooms … To then have a comparison or a contrast

    as to what a true tyrant is … In the devil. Please recognize that the devil is envious of us because we’re in God’s image.

    LSD and psychedelics perspectively then become a device that the Lord has designed to test our faith. God’s not just going to pull our chain, that He’s a jealous God, and for mankind to just ignore that aspect and carry on in our idolizing lifestyle unscathed. So what it comes down to is where and how do we best optimalize this factor, to be our wisest?

    Something is definitely sour or contrary … ‘Over the rainbow’ or once one has sold their soul; to break on through to the other side.* It’s an unhappiness worthy of contemplation!

    Before succumbing to it or deciding to give into it, (out of weakness to the worldly trap) …

    Consider that your genuine happiness is the tradeoff. ‘Sorcerers shall not inherit the Kingdom of God 'Galatians 5:19-20.

    Maybe that’s how the Lord reprimands those who choose to abandon Him. That we actually, very much like the challenge and cerebral exercise of problem solving or figuring out circumstances for ourselves. Rather than be told spiritually, answers revealed to us by the fallen spirits that strip indivi-duals from that challenge and sense of accomplishment acquired by their own research and efforts.

    Who have experimented with psychedelics enough to reach the spiritual turning point or crossroads where they must make the decision to either sell or not sell their soul, then find out that Jesus Christ is Lord. Because when one sells one’s soul to the devil, using psychedelics to attain that communication, then each individual is told by the spirit world at that deciding time, like a gate or exit point of parting from the realm of the Creator, that Jesus is God.

    An intelligent survey pertaining to this incredible subject would be to weigh out the consequences. How did the Assyrians fare after repenting from their idolatry of ‘shrooms in the Book of Jonah? Were they then devastated by their enemies, being more vulnerable to both spiritual and cunning strategies devised by those using witchcraft and surprise attacks? No, Divine intervention protected them. ‘God is jealous, and the Lord revenges; the Lord revenges and is a possessor of wrath. The Lord takes vengeance against His foes, and He keeps [wrath] against His enemies. The Lord [is] slow to anger, and great in power. And He does not by any means acquit the guilty. The Lord [has] His way in the tempest in the storm, and the clouds [are] the dust of His feet.’ Nahum 1:2-3

    The definition for ’superstition’ is the fear of demons and devils. The devil is the master of deception, the father of lies. ll Thessalonians 2:7-11 reads: ‘For the mystery of lawlessness is already working, only he [is] now holding back until it comes out of [the] midst. And then the lawless one will be revealed whom the

    Lord shall consume with the breath of His mouth and shall destroy with the brightness of His coming, whose coming is according to the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,

    and with all deceit of unrighteousness in those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, so that they might be saved. And for this God shall send them strong delusions, that they will believe a lie. ‘

    The hatred of those malcontents that emanates from the LSD* snare towards those that carefully sustained themselves from the seduction of many in these days is an indicator that something is defin-

    itely amiss. Please ponder this thought: Why would more than a few of those who have sold their souls to the devil, (so they can access the dark conveniences and powers of LSD) … Be angry or malcontent towards those who are truly with the Lord, by opting not to bow to the fallen angels?

    The Romans were Godhaters, that’s why they built the Coliseum in ancient Rome, to pit God’s disciples, unarmed Christians against hungry, ferocious lions. To make a spectacle of murder, a sport of

    killing; by filling the prestigious stadium on scheduled events with rebellious, drunken revelers, who hated God’s strict rules to live by, and lashed out in their hedonistic lifestyles. The Roman Empire ended up eating itself in corruption. There is also a prevailing persuasion or goal to coerce the true believers to dose. Why? Misery loves company? Or does the tyrant, the devil leverage his snared into harvesting more into his lair?

    ‘Oh that my people had hearkened unto me, and Israel had walked in my ways! I should soon have

    subdued their enemies, and turned my hand against their adversaries.’ Psalm 81:13-14.

    Intellectually we’re now, as a nation, having to evaluate the pluses and minuses, like on a scale. One dish carries all of the benefits of LSD, while the other dish carries all of the costs and expenses. My take is that the costs far exceed the benefits and that our faith in trusting in God is the determining factor in accepting that the burden in stopping the idolatry on an individual basis, is worth the alternative.

    All of the terrorismincluding NIU, Omaha, NE, Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA, Nickel Mines in Lancaster County, PA (Amish), Madrid, London, Jordan, Bali, Egypt, the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well '9/11,'

    and Red Lake and Columbine, even Spielberg's depiction of the Olympics terrorism in 'Munich' … Are all related, I believe in the Book of Jeremiah 8:17; (And the reason why): ‘For, behold, I will send serpents and adders among you, [which will] not [be] charmed; and they shall bite you,’ says the Lord.‘ And the primary cause, ‘For you shall worship no other god. For the Lord, whose name is Jealous, [is] a jealous God.’

    Exodus 34:14. ‘But they did not obey, nor bowed down their ear, but made their neck stiff, so that they might not hear nor receive instruction.’ Jeremiah 17:23

    Here’s a fair question: How many candidly been snared by LSD, have found meaningful happiness over the rainbow? My observation is that entity is lacking over on that side. Is that notion right? I’m certain that there is something to it … And that’s exactly the way the other side of the looking glass was deliberately designed by the Lord. I know that idea is abstract, because happiness is relative; so this is where one’s honesty of one’s self perceptions is being put to the test. Analyze how much not being able to express your own or one’s true experiences alter an individual on a deep-seeded basis.

    Could it be that element is not there, outside of superficial pleasures, and that our Creator has intentionally made psychedelics to harbor that void? Imagine that the effects on our psyches under the influence of psychedelics are so cleverly designed that inner happiness becomes lost in trade for a perceived reality of bliss or contentment that is actually ever fleeting.

    The illusion is that we’re happier, that life is more convenient on LSD, but actually our lifestyle is worsened. Reflected in war(s) and terrorism, and a most subtle unhappiness of not relying on our Creator, and trusting that His way is genuinely a more pleasant and satisfying way, even amidst the tribulations that others inflict on the believers out of resentment. Our representatives, (both our leaders and the media), are actually acting as one, because of LSD and the cover-up. This is a deceitful corrosion of our nation’s character that we need to recognize and address. ‘Righteousness lifts up a nation, but sin [is] a shame to any people.’ Proverbs 14:34.

    Sustain the petty abuses, the sorcerers are the unhappy ones who are trying to force the devout to give in.

    The Lord is the governor of our foes’ infliction. Become one with God’s promises, ‘For My yoke [is] easy and My burden is light.’ Matthew 11:30 and ‘Vengeance [is] Mine, I will repay, says [the] Lord.’ Romans 12:19, ‘So all those who devour you shall be devoured; and all your enemies, every one of them, shall go into captivity. And they who rob you shall be robbed, and all who strip you I will strip.’ Jeremiah 30:16


    As many will find, this is a totally unique and sought after message on the web, by the grace of God, because of it's brutally honest integrity. Your generous and continual support is what's gonna help us stay online and hopefully grow more popular; by Google search: Is LSD an engine of sorcery?… and spreading the message and by word-of-mouth!


  327. Hi, VC!

    Thank you so much for posting this interesting latest article about (again…) Lady Gaga! i never like her (it's obvious to me that she tries so hard to be eccentric, cool, and different. Compare with Bowie, Grace Jones, she is just nothing!)

    I have bad romance, paparazzi, and alejandro videos so i can watch and compare them while reading your great, revealing articles about those video :)

    Actually, i have a plan to translate some of your articles to Indonesian language (actually it's not an easy thing to do.), and post them to my blog, but of course, i will add the url of the english version, or link to your website. I hope you don't mind, VC :)

    Keep the Good work !

    Greetings from Indonesia.

  328. The scene where Gaga swallows the rosary bead is lifted directly from a film called 'Inaguration of the Pleasure Dome' by avant-garde film maker Kenneth Anger, who's films often focussed on occultism and the works of Aleister Crowley

  329. How many articles do you have to do on this no talent hack? We already know she's a illuminati devil worshiping artist….. We get it. There is so much more going on in the world than music videos. You call yourself vigilant citizen….. If you are can you please start reporting on other things besides music videos? Besides the only way this hacky artist will go away is if we stop talking about her. Any attention is good attention for her because she's such a gimmicky no talent artist. If you want to keep talking about music videos maybe you should change your name to vigilant vj.

  330. Ps with how much you obsess about her all you're doing is promoting her and her lame music videos. That's exactly what her team wants. Good job.

  331. I believe that there is a confusion about symbols and which meaning you are giving to them in your article…It's also good to take a look at symbols history and try not to come up with hastily and one-sidely conclusions…

  332. Very disturbing video. But have to put this in a bigger picture. Majority of pop musicians are tools of the Illuminati. Few examples – When we viewed Madonna as shocking, along comes Brittney Spears. Now that she is out of the picture, along comes Lady Gaga. These performers are not happen-chance. Who ever comes after this will be even more revolting.

  333. @ Yo vigilant

    Hi, there! i just wanna say that i think posting good articles about the evil truth behind the music industry is a good strategy to attract young readers (i am one of those people).

  334. <q>confusedboy June 14th, 2010 9:44 am :

    Hey Vigilant Citizen,

    First of all,i really want to thank you about all the articles that you wrote on this site. I’m a huge fan of Lady Gaga not because of her daft clothing and music videos but the songs.

    I have a big questions to ask you,so what is the true definition of creativity,thinking outside the box,unique since most of the thing that i find rather interesting and innovative are being proved as satanic and blasphemous?

    Isn’t MUSIC suppose to make a person feel happy and make them want to dance,but why can’t i dance and sing to a song that truly makes me happy and you say that ‘this is satanic.


    The whole point is that music and entertainment is being hi-jacked by the illuminati. They know that you want to sing and dance, they know the effect music has on you. They know it makes you feel happy so they know that you will lower your defences while you happily listen to music and they are deliberately inserting messages and symbols in the music which you will not filter out because your defences are down.

    Her music is good so why does it need all the dark and violent images of the videos? These images will become a part of your psyche without you knowing it. Read Vigilant's articles on Freud and Jung and how their theories are applied to changing mass subconscious to create controlled change. Corporations wouldn't spend vast sums of money on advertising if it didnt affect people. Ask yourself if you are really immune to the effects of the darker components of Gaga's product. And if you think the answer is yes – ask yourself why you are different from everyone else!


  335. i always look forward to your articles VC, all of them are really good, your articles have helped me understand the meaning of the videos of these "famous singers". since i've first read your article about Gaga's Bad Romance, everything went clear to me, i do believe that they may be mind controlled or they do these things with their own will, and for a self-proclaimed Catholic like Gaga & Beyonce, why would you ever use these kinds of imagery in your videos if you personally know that they may affect or disturb or may seem wrong to people? or may do something against your own belief? i also believe that they may be controlled, just like with many other singers, starting with the Disney and everything, but i also believed that they joined with their own will, cause no normal person would do what they do. and about the NWO, i also believe in this agenda, cause if you look closely at things, there are always a double meaning for them, relating to brainwashing people, and leading to their dark agenda's. I really love your articles, they help me understand and distinguish what's wrong and what's right with of course my belief, but as for the other Christians or Catholics out there who say they love Christ, instead of being mad at these people who may cause damage to the younger generations, in our belief, instead of hating them, let's rather pray for them, ask for God's help cause nothing is impossible with our Father.

    More power Vigilant! Looking forward to your next article, God Bless! ^^

  336. Hey Vigilent Citizen once again a really informative article. Keep up the good work!

    Just wanted to point you left out words like 'the' in a few places and referred to gaga as him, probably due to your quick response to everyone asking you to put this article up! But thats just me being picky, still a great article.

    @Yo vigilant, I think your criticism of vigilant citizen is uncalled for he is doing a great job hear bringing awareness of the mainstream music industry and their hidden agenda, he has also posted many articles on topics other then lady gaga so maybe you should view them. Lastly if hes doing it all wrong why dont you show us how it should be done by setting up your own website and putting up your own articles I'd like to see how many views you get!

    Look forward to your next article VC, all the best.

  337. Thank you VC I was just waiting for this one , Great Article like always !!! This woman surprises me more and more each day , she is just so open about it and we are so blind to follow her not knowing "who" are we really following!!!

  338. I don't know what's with her songs that it gets stuck on your mind.. I HATE Gaga but her song is playing in my head since my day has started! *___*

    anyway, NICE ARTICLE VC!! 😀

  339. LisaChristine on

    I've been a Lady Gaga fan for awhile. I found Christ 3 and a half years ago, and even after that, I continued to listen to her music… but the further I got into my relationship with Christ, the more I felt conviction over whether or not her music was okay. I overlooked a lot of things she's done in the past year or two, and I've overlooked a lot of the symolism in her videos, but I cannot overlook this. I am a Lady Gaga fan, no more.

    I pray the Lord cleanses me and others of any harm her music has done to me spiritually, and I pray the Lord saves the world from the stronghold of the music industry.

  340. I am sick and tired of Lady Gaga. She's a batshit crazy lady AND an attention whore.

    And yes, 'Alejandro' IS a catchy tune. But it's not really her song.

    Ever heard of Ace of base – Don't turn around?

    I will hunt down anyone who calls her original. Seriously.

  341. @ wa (427) I don't know what it is either…it seems like anytime I hear her, the song stays in my head. I actually have to force myself to sing another song…smh.

  342. i remember not liking Gaga and wondering why everyone thought she was a big deal. then when bad romance came out, i instantly became a fan and learned the dance. then i struck a bad feeling when i realized she said, "want you in my room when your baby is sick." sinister. overly sinister. but then i blew it off that it's just music, people say crazy things in lyrics. then i started getting eery feelings when she was dressed in the reptilian gold outfit and had her hands facing the way she did. The burning bed at the end didnt help. For awhile I stopped watching her bc the video gave me a bad feeling despite me liking the song. Then, I started watching it again but the bad feelings started coming back. I also remember when Beyonce came out during her Sasha Fierce album, I used to tell people she had gotten weird. She would do weird things in her performances and her answers. I told my co-workers that she's about to have a mental demise. They thought I was crazy. Now, I realize nope!…i'm just strong minded.

  343. geeezzzz…am so disappointed in her..i feel very betrayd as a fan watchin this video..too many people told me there was somthing funny about her but i neglected them…now this video and the article is an eye opener…thank u VC for this…i ll b watchful as not 2 do anything with her again..this just confirms alot…

  344. This Is wow, We r in it deep. If you people would look at Mck Smiths web site most of you would know that his mesages coeme strat from the blessed mother and that, ahem, there is a reason that lady gaga is attcking THE CATHOLIC CHURCH! think about it. Multipul times she has gone out of her way to assalt the catholic church. Just look up Mac Smith and look at what he has said heck he has predicted multipul things before the y happed!

  345. It is not just the music industry, its everything. MUSIC< ARTPOLITICS>MOVIES>etc-Next time you open a fashion mag look for the colors red//black//white-masonic checkerboard floors-a ram, or goat head i mean they are bold.Everything is connected.Signs and symbols rule the world.These movies and tv shows are nothing but indoctrinations into their belief system, sorcery, witch craft, pedophilia, promiscuity etc.

  346. @lvb- great job on the wizards

    in the end with corp american, very few own most, and that is the bottom line

    same goes with fashion and every physical/material product we purchase

  347. Any THOughts?

    THE TEN STRATEGIES OF THE PLAN – Alice Bailey, New Age Guru.

    1. Push God out of the schools. If the people grow up without reference to God, then they will consider God irrelevant to day to day life. In the last fifty years this has happened. God is irrelevant to most people.

    2. Break the Traditional Judaeo-Christian Family Concept. Break communication between parents and children so that parents can’t pass on spiritual values to their children. Do this by pushing excessive child rights.

    3. Remove restrictions on sex. Sex is the biggest joy and Christianity robs people of this. People must be freed to enjoy it without restrictions. It’s not just for married, it’s for everybody.

    4. Since sex is the greatest expression of man’s enjoyment of life, man must be free to express sex in ALL its forms. Homosexuality, orgies, even bestiality are desirable so long as no one is being abused or harmed.

    5. People must be free to abort unwanted children. If a man can have sex and then live without the consequences then the same should be true for a woman too. A woman must have the right to abort an unwanted child.

    6. Every person develops soul bonds, so when a soul bond wears out a person must be free to divorce. When one starts to grow, one must be free to get together with that person even if they are married . . .

    7. Defuse religious radicalism. Christianity says JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY. Defuse this by a) silencing Christianity and b) promoting other faiths (the creation of interfaith harmony)

    8. Use the Media to Influence Mass Opinion. Create mass opinion that is receptive to these values by using TV, film, the press etc. (NB what western believers call normal in the African church would be pornography).

    9. Debase art in all its forms. Corrupt music, painting, poetry and every expression of the heart and make is obscene, immoral and occultic. Debase the arts in every way possible.

    10.Get the church to endorse every one of these nine strategies. Get the church to accept these principles and to say they’re OK (then legal ground is given for these values to get a foothold).

  348. Uhm, she actually says "want you in my rear view mirror, baby you're sick" you fucking idiot above.

    & she's referencing Alfred Hitchcock's work.

    You people are SO fucking stupid.

  349. "…Music fans have been subjected to an intense creative drought in the past years, which caused them to be desperate for a new, eccentric and iconic presence…."

    Soooooo true….couldn't have said it better myself

  350. 439 SR- Well tell me why music still isn't selling in America. We have this new so called eccentric look and sound and most of the artist have flopped in sales

  351. the roman catholic church as it iis and it was, was constituted by lucifer as a mockery of christ.. its this catholic,madonna kissers(idolatery) faithfuls that have let egos blind them. to the illuminati-papal system. its only right gaga makes mockery of God in the same outfit that has been mocking the lamb of God since its birth

  352. @neo 40: I honestly dont know why, Imaybe because of illegal downloading and file sharing – but I what I do know is that music in the past ten years has suffered creatively it is all garbage in my opinion – I dont even listen to the radio anymore, it kills my brain cells.

  353. The video is about Gaga's satanic catholic upbringing and the abuse of boys in the catholic church.

  354. great job VC, lady gaga seems to be so rebellious, I wonder what she does at home alone.

  355. I don't think you should focus on her videos anymore. ALl you're doing is promoting her and making people watch the videos more carefully and listen to the song more and more. I try not to listen to any of her songs more than twice. Three's a charm, after all….Otherwise it gets stuck in your head.

  356. she does not want God to call her name "Don't call my name, don't call my name Alejandro"


  358. Remember, earth is not heaven

    Take on an entirely new way of life – a God-fashioned life, a life renewed from the inside and working itself into your conduct as God accurately reproduces his character in you. Ephesians 4:22-24 (MSG)

    "Why would God provide heaven on earth when he's planned the real thing for you in eternity?"

    Many religions and New Age philosophies promote the old lie that we are divine or can become gods. Let me be absolutely clear: you will never become God, or even a god.

    That prideful lie is Satan's oldest temptation. Satan promised Adam and Eve that if they followed his advice, "you shall be as gods" (Genesis 3:5 KJV).

    This desire to be a god shows up every time we try to control our circumstances, our future, and people around us. But as creatures, we will never be the Creator. God doesn't want you to become a god; he wants you to become godly, taking on his values, attitudes, and character. We are meant to "take on an entirely new way of life – a God-fashioned life, a life renewed from the inside and working itself into your conduct as God accurately reproduces his character in you" (Ephesians 4:22-24 MSG).

    God's ultimate goal for your life on earth is not comfort, but character development. He wants you to grow up spiritually and become like Christ. Becoming like Christ does not mean losing your personality or becoming a mindless clone.

    God created your uniqueness, so he certainly doesn't want to destroy it. Christlikeness is all about transforming your character, not your personality.

    God wants you to develop the kind of character described in the Beatitudes of Jesus, the fruit of the Spirit, Paul's great chapter on love, and Peter's list of the characteristics of an effective and productive life (Matthew 5:1-12; Galatians 5:22-23; 1 Corinthians 13; 2 Peter 1:5-8).

    Every time you forget that character is one of God's purposes for your life, you will become frustrated by your circumstances. You'll wonder, "Why is this happening to me? Why am I having such a difficult time?" One answer is that life is supposed to be difficult! It's what enables us to grow. Remember, earth is not heaven!

    Many Christians misinterpret Jesus' promise of the "abundant life" (John 10:10) to mean perfect health, a comfortable lifestyle, constant happiness, full realization of your dreams, and instant relief from problems through faith and prayer.

    In a word, they expect the Christian life to be easy. They expect heaven on earth.

    This self-absorbed perspective treats God as a genie who simply exists to serve you in your selfish pursuit of personal fulfillment. But God is not your servant, and if you fall for the idea that life is supposed to be easy, either you will become severely disillusioned or you will live in denial of reality.

    Never forget that life is not about you! You exist for God's purposes, not vice versa. Why would God provide heaven on earth when he's planned the real thing for you in eternity? God gives us our time on earth to build and strengthen our character for heaven.

  359. Hi,

    These articles become more and more interesting.

    I learned about the Illuminati a few months ago, but it's kinda all I can think about now.

    Even at school; i had an English test today and we got an article about privacy by the government and special ID chips and stuff.

    Can someone give me some sites? I want to know more about this because this is what I believe!


  360. Peace-a distant drea on

    That AMERICAN IDOL performance shocked me. I mean, they are having an orgy infront of a statue that represents Christ, and people are clapping? what is the world coming to???

  361. Peace-a distant drea on

    Oh wait, correction! That statue represents the fallen angel lucifer? sorry had no idea! should have read it before commenting!!!

    see, this is why these Vigilant artcles are inportant!!!! Thanks vigilant!!

  362. FINALLY! thank you!

    I agree with the symbolism you described upon this video.

    I am disgusted.


    sad to see the music industry involved in such misery.

  363. I think the person in the vigilant citizen message board is right on when he or she states that Gaga is Isis in this video. In which case, the only soldier who is awake in the beginning of the video represents Horus, the son of Isis and Osiris, avenging his father's death causing chaos and fire through out the video.

  364. TO ALL WHO GET ANGRY WITH US ANTIGAGAS; Your behavior is proof the music has affected you much like a computer virus. In fact the music works exactly the same as a virus, and you are all becoming sick.

  365. Your articles are great in that they keep me researching for certain even if I don't agree with all the information… Though I've wondered about purpose here… What do you expect people to do with this information?

  366. lil bit unrelated to this song; but in her just dance song she literally says the word doom 12 times followed by "just dance gunna be ok", also in her telephone video on her studded leather jacket you can see the word doom aswell

  367. I wonder why the people making all the hateful comments, calling us morons and such, even read this blog? It's obvious what this blog is about. This is no blog for the simple minded…nor is it a fan club for today's most popular entertainers. So the haters who read this site, it must be because their gut feeling is telling them something isn't right about the people they idolize. Then once they absorb the info, maybe they can't take it and would rather remain in their bubble. The rest of us here aren't really calling the sheep "morons" and "stupid fucking idiots." Which, in my opinion, is very telling when you look at who they obsess over.

  368. 453 Mia- Do you frequent this site often? I would say no. If so you would know VC post about 1 article a month usually on Sundays, but the last two months he has posted about 3-4 articles and if you scroll up top you would see the last gaga article was 7 articles ago…gheesh where do these critics come from…do they type without reading first….

  369. VC- I want to say I think you do a pretty awsome job as EWB mentioned you stay out of it. You do not push your veiws on people. You do not give a personal game plan, only present information to the best of your knowledge and alow others to contribute…so keep up the good work.

  370. Charles Van derHolst on

    We must be careful because Satan will always try to find ways to deviate from the path and purpose that God has prepared for us. I am not of those "religious idiots" because I do not follow the religion, I follow God. But I'm not a fool because I realize when something suspicious, such as the symbology presented in the entertainment (ie video of Bad Romance etc) are shown.

    But this "subliminal messages" in the entertainment business is nothing new. You must not believe everything people say, but be careful … because many things can be true … none are more blind than Those who refuse to see!

    The "Illuminati" are nothing more than another religion or group, they seek power / control / money … is not necessarily linked to Satanism, just think differently. Not everything we have to take offense and seek a "bad side."

  371. Yes I do frequent the site often actually, and I watch the Twitter account. There was once a time when I could come to this site and find interesting articles about occult symbolism in pop culture. Now all this site does is go on and on about Lady GaGa, which to me seems to only promote her further. If that's the agenda here then I guess I was misinformed when I first stumbled across this site. I'm sorry but there are more articles on GaGa than anyone else on this site, so do you see where I might draw the conclusion that there is a bias? It seems so to me. But go on and White Knight for your precious VC. Keep sucking his dick if it makes you feel better to defend him from these "critics who type without reading."

  372. stacy-nyc

    Good to see you again. Thank you so much for the kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed the article and hope there were a few things there that you didn't know before reading it.

    FYI…What Tila has done is take elements from all of the recent articles by Vigilant, Ben at PseudoOccult and myself, and regurgutated them as her own "inside info".

    I feel strongly that she's acting in a mis/disinformation role, either on someone else's behalf, or possibly just because she is insane and/or retarded. Just kidding…to an extent…about the retarded part. lol

    The main thing that can help you recognize that it's mis/disinfo is her spurious claims about how "they" are sending out mysterious electronic signals to control you/us, without any further information – that's the classic tinfoil hat sort of stuff that is used to discredit the otherwise legitimate, well-researched and documented information that Vig, Ben and I strive to spread awareness of. What we say has a factual basis in reality and is documented, and when it's speculative, we say so.

    Having a pretty fair knowledge of electronics, and specifically electronic warfare as it applies to combat aircraft, I do know that various EM/RF energy can be used to create very disruptive and destructive effects on human physiology, but this is not occurring via your tv set or radio – not yet, anyway. So, you can relax a little on that part, and remove the tin foil hat…unless you find it to be stylish and cool. :)

    Tila is more than likely doing what she does best and has for years – whoring for attention and fame, using any and every method she can think of, and this is just the latest example of it. Jumping on the bandwagon of this "Illuminati stuff", in a broad sense, because she became aware somehow that it many people are becoming very interested in these subjects, and they are spreading like wildfire.

    This also tells us that people in the entertainment business are becoming increasingly aware of sites like ours, and this is an important signal. However, what will inevitably follow at some point will be strong and sustained efforts to discredit and ridicule this information, in various forms of mass media, and it will get more and more aggressive, as necessary.

    If discrediting and humiliation tactics don't work, next will be attacks on personal character and privacy, intimidation by legal means, etc. Just google Saul Alinsky and you'll find their guidebook in his "Rules for Radicals"…Clinton, Obama and many others in politics, mass media and other areas use it constantly, and for the most part, it is pretty effective in scaring and silencing opposition.

    Not this time, though, because people are becoming very aware and sick of their bullsh!t, in general. We're in for a very interesting future, that I can assure you. lol

    Keep your faith in God strong, and the rest will take care of itself – one way or another.

  373. Mia- You got the wrong one, I would stoop to your level, but I will go off on you so bad I KNOW the comment won't make it too the board. Can you read out of the last 12 article I see 1 gaga article and this new one. Thats common sense. So for you to get vulgar with sexual explict comments…goes to show you ain't nothing but a ghetto bird any way……Sense sucking was the first thing that popped into your mind…it must be what you are use to…ghetto ass WITCH remove W and replace with a B…ghetto troll…what a disgrace…take the rollers out your hair…

  374. when i grow up i wanna be an illuminati puppet like lady gaga is, just to have all these people talking about me. vigilant, you rock! you have really interesting articles 'round here, congratulations, you do a great job!

  375. I enjoy Lady Gaga's music, just not her videos. As a matter of fact, I refuse to listen to her newer material due to all the crazy imagery. I find it disturbing how far she went with this, hell, even Madonna never went this far. And I also find it funny how Katy Perry criticizes the video as blasphemous. That really says a lot. 97% of all music videos contain disgusting,blatant, and highly disturbing imagery, and that is why if I ever have children, I will be blocking MTV, MTV2, Fuse, and VH1 on the TV. Maybe even Disney Channel considering the direction they have been going in since the late '90s.

  376. "Stoop to my level"? Oh, I get it. Because I used one vulgar comment about "sucking dick" in a metaphorical sense I'm suddenly a lower being. I'm sorry, but that is exactly what you're doing here: charging in on your white horse to defend VC because someone else has an issue with something on his site.

    Wow, you can count too! One GaGa article in conjunction with the last twelve. Articles may not be GaGa-centric but I'm sure they mention her in one way or another as VC just loves to do. "I ain't nothing but a ghetto bird" "sense sucking" and "what you are use to"? I know you're not trying to call me out as a "ghetto troll" now and you used "aint" and I assume "sense" in place of "since" as well as the wrong tense of "use." If I'm a "ghetto troll" at least I'm an educated "ghetto troll" and know how to string my sentences together. Sidenote: I'm not trolling here, I am expressing an opinion that I hope will reach VC and will be considered when it comes to future articles.

    I don't understand why you're lashing out at me though when I've not put you down in any way. I pointed out the obvious – that you're white knighting in these comments for VC and I used the "vulgar" metaphor of "sucking dick" for it, but not once have I called you a "ghetto bird" or put you down in any way. I've not called you a bitch nor any other name and I feel no need to. My comment was not targeting you and I'm still not targeting you. What do you really have issue with here? Are you angry with me for expressing an opinion or are you angry I'm saying something that goes against your beloved VC? Either way I think you need to check yourself as you sure seemed to get fired up by my response.

  377. LVB- I noted that in my comment 363. Her first entry I was kind of skeptic, but the most recent entry it was you and VC all the way. I agree she is fame whoring, but give credit where credit is due. Moving on I enjoyed your new article…it will make a good reference to anyone who has question, or want to know who is what. So thanks for gathering the information…great source… Same with the stars….

  378. Mia-STFU do you actually think I would read your ghetto rant…all I did was pointed out in the last 12 articles there are two gaga articles this one, and one seven articles ago. Do not respond to me… I will never read another one of your comments…due to your ghetto antics….so please keep it moving and do not waste your time and keep my SN out of your box….THANKS….i'm sure tax payers are upset with people like you ghetto. So never waste your time again with a 5 paragraph rant to me….I will never read your comments troll.

  379. Below is an article posted on credited to Perez Hilton:


    "Ha! It's so funny, it's almost biblical! (Although, we thought it was a bush that caught on fire or something like that…)

    Jesus Christ caught on fire last night. More accurately, the famous King of Kings statue, the largest statue of Jesus in America, at the Solid Rock Church in Ohio caught on fire last night. The thing got struck by lightning and within seconds, POOF, nothing but dust and a metal frame.

    Officials say that the 62-foot tall statue of Jesus was constructed out of styrofoam, wood and fiberglass resin. The Lord was struck by lightning during a severe thunderstorm around 11:15 p.m. Thankfully, no one else was injured, but there was no saving the statue. By the time fire crews arrived, the thing was already engulfed in flames.

    Over two dozen townsfolk stopped along the highway to watch the thing burn and someone had the foresight to tape it and put it on YouTube!

    Watch Jesus burn in the video from last night! (above). As our narrator exclaims, "It's amazing!"




    go to school. even your smiley is facing the wrong way.

  380. p.s. and this is AFTER he changed it! he originally had said: "watch Jesus, burn, baby, burn in the video…"

  381. and the sad part is, it actually had much more things like thanking the person that had taped it so we could all "enjoy" it. but maybe bc of the comments, or maybe bc he wisened up on choosing his battles, or maybe to hide his illuminati intentions, he changed it w/i the hour.

  382. Magick is a Science.

    The Science of Physics shows us that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

    Certain symbols produce certain effects.

    Unnecessary exposure to certain symbols and public ritual may cause undesireable influence.

    Our greatest enemy on this earth is our own anger.

    Compassion towards others is a fine quality.

  383. Even If I was an Aethists…the video would still be too much for me…I haven't even watched it, just the pictures alone bother me. They would even bother me If I knew nothing about this website. It's just too much.

  384. fabrice narainsamy on

    i just don't know whats ur fuckin problem…. i believe in god…and i also know that lady gaga does…u hypocrites don't have the right to judge peoPle…go and find solution for ur fucking problem…… every video that gaga released u always say that it has somekind of occult meaning…so pLease… FUCK OFFFFFFF BITCH>>>>>>>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK OFFFFFFFFFF STOP TALKIN SHIT ABOUT GAGA>>>>>>>>fUCK OFFFF

  385. I think there should be an article on miley cyrus'z can't be tamed in link to how these young stars (esp. Disney Channel girls) have been twisted and changed to become part of their big plan pfffft the end will always be the same, we can't change it but we can rebel peeepz lets take a stand!!!! 😀

  386. ooo and also taylor swift what is with her obsession with the number 13… could it be Kaballah?? pssht lets all thank lady gaga for exposing her plans now that we know we can have a choice!!!! take a stand peeepz!!!!!!!!!!

  387. I've tried to give Lady Gaga the benefit of the doubt so many times but now I just can't anymore…I'm tired now. I'm sick of all of them. Still though I don't believe I would catch any of them kneeling and doing rituals or nothing like that…they probably don't do anything sprititual of any kind just live their lives regularly until time to kick things into gear for money.As far as the others though I stand firmly in believing that they still don't know exactly the meaning behind things, they just do because It looks good and are told that that's what the people want when many of us don't… rather religious or not we all kind of miss the old music. However there are those that I believe know exactly what they are doing and now I think it's safe to say that Lady Gaga is face to face with Jay-Z right on the same page.

  388. Can yall please do an article on Usher "Omg" and Miley Cyrus' "Cant be tamed" because her music video is quite diff from any of her other video she done!!

    Thank you VigilantCitizen

  389. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    @ Fabrice (477),

    Please believe people are entitled to express their own opinion. Instead of using vulgar language and being discourtesy toward people, just express what you believe.

    I believe in the Lord as well. Unlike Lady Gaga, I would not demonize what He stands for in order to obtain fame and fortune. He videos appear evil and threatening in the eyes of many people. Please do not curse other people for expressing themselves. We all are protected under the Amendment I- freedom of speech. Many respondents request that Vigilant analyze Lady Gaga’s latest video, and have agreed that he did a great job.

    Another way of looking at this… If Lady Gaga was political correct in her videos, you would not shout obscenity to defend her. May be you are upset with her as well and have to come to that conclusion. We all have been there. I did not want to believe that about some of these people, especially Michael Jackson. My heart goes out to Britney Spears.

  390. Since I discovered your website a couple of months ago as I was researching the meaning of Gaga's "Telephone," I have been awakened on so many levels. I was highly skeptical when I first began going through the pages of your analysis, and I am not a person who can be easily convinced of such radical theories. "This guy/girl is a wingnut," I thought at first! "Whomever this is just doesn't like Lady Gaga and her highly addictive, catchy musings." As I continued poking around your website, however, I was completely riveted in the concepts you present. I spent the whole day reading your articles on my iPhone…and that whole night on my computer doing my own research on the subjects while my iPhone charged! I don't know who you are, VC, but I do know that you are an intelligent, well spoken, and fascinating writer; and I can't thank you enough for opening my eyes to the world around me! The practical application of your revelations go far beyond the music industry (as I'm sure you are well aware), and it is absolutely mind-boggling to see movies and television I have previously adored on the surface in a new, disturbing light you have (forgive the term) illuminated!

  391. LittleMonster on

    this stupid. i am obsessed with lady gaga and ok… i do worship her. but not like a God! like a rolemodel! im 17 and i want to be like her when im older. I Love you Gaga! Your little monsters are always behind you <3

  392. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    @ yaya (457)

    You Rock!!!

    Remember the movie- "A Few Good Men" (1992)- when Jack Nicholas said, "You can't handle the truth." Well, the same scenario here. They can't handle the truth.

  393. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    @ I am Legend (454)

    I read your comment and it brought memory of an article I read. It was about a computer scientist who injected a computer virus in himself. Well, this virus was able to stop pacemakers from functioning among other things. This is all becoming to real and close to the mark of the beast.

  394. Do any of you actually realize gaga is jewish? she's not catholic or christian. and this website showcasing her as a devil worshiper is pretty hilarious.

    here are some LEGITIMATE explanations coming straight from the director-acclaimed photographer Steven Klein

    I was not thinking in terms [of influences.] I saw it more as a combination of cinema and theater," Klein wrote. "[It is] about a woman's desire to resurrect a dead love and who can not face the brutality of her present situation. The pain of living without your true love."

    "The religious symbolism is not meant to denote anything negative, but represents the character's battle between the dark forces of this world and the spiritual salvation of the Soul," Klein wrote. "Thus at the end of the film, she chooses to be a nun, and the reason her mouth and eyes disappear is because she is withdrawing her senses from the world of evil and going inward towards prayer and contemplation."

    Klein added that the scene in which Gaga ingests the rosary beads is meant to represent "the desire to take in the holy."

  395. @382.I am Legend

    I've been having lots of problems with what to believe, since I was raised a catholic, but I don't really follow it.

    I'm confused, because reincarnation would completely erase the idea of the devil, satan, etc. and with all you see in t.v., the illuminatti….but then I built this theory (something alike to Eddie's) religion is the best way to control humanity, because they put fear in you, about going to hell if you don't follow certain things…

    I believe in the Illuminati, what if they are this way, because they believe in Satan, or just because they create all these symbolism, so people will find out, believe in it, and therefore people will turn to religion and keep on being controlled? Do you get what I'm saying?

    What if prophecies (nostradamus, the bible and such) were also created by someone, just showing people what will happen (because they already planned it), and so they will believe is true, but the truth is they just told us in prophecies what they were planning to do ahead of time?

    I just believe the whole idea of a God that punishes us, because we don't follow a certain doctrine, is very sad and frustrating…for example, someone who was raised a buddhist, or in hinduism, or never heard of a certain religion…wouldn't God be bad if he/she punished them, because they weren't christian, believed in Jesus, whatsoever?

    For all the christians and catholics who may "attack" me for this message, saying how the bible says so, and Jesus said…like someone said in here, the bibles was written by men, how they know God was who told them what to write? Jesus came 2010 years ago…how do you know it is true? Not someone people created, out of stories…

    Unfortunately…I am a very see-to-be-believed kind of person…

    And for catholics…if we believe the bible, and the rules and prophecies in it…everything points to the Catholic Church being the new whore of babylon….

  396. She's not the devil. she just a follower, like the rest of the actors and artists out there. if they don't repent and ask Jesus to forgive them, then they will follow the devil straight to hell. some ppl know that they are going to a lost place where there is weeping and gashing of teeth, because, they think that the devil will give them a part of his kingdom, which is not true at all. like the Bible says about that devil, "he comes to steal, murder,kill and LIE". And some don't know because they are just FOLLOWERS. all of these ppl who decides to follow the devil are the ones who rejects Christ. God is a for given God. All they will have to do, is ask Him. oh to all of the ppl who are supporting these ppl in all of their songs about one world government, and other stupidness about supporting the devil, your end will not be a nice one either.

    to ppl who are belivers in Christ and who are not belivers at all. here is a web site i urge you all to take a look at.

    God Bless you all.

  397. wicked_plum7 on

    "Alejandro" director Steven Klein told MTV News via e-mail that the religious symbolism is not meant to denote anything negative. "[It] represents the character's battle between the dark forces of this world and the spiritual salvation of the Soul," Klein wrote. "Thus at the end of the film, she chooses to be a nun, and the reason her mouth and eyes disappear is because she is withdrawing her senses from the world of evil and going inward towards prayer and contemplation." Klein added that the scene in which Gaga ingests the rosary beads is meant to represent "the desire to take in the holy."

    I think that kind of says it all…

  398. 491- I know exactly what you are saying, and so did George Carlin who I believe was also reincarnated. Its a struggle to believe in the concept of reincarnation but God ultimately can bring anyone back he wants at anytime he is God. The Catholic Church actually goes back to the days of Atlantis pre great flood when the Nephilim were in charge, the trident/pitchfork, is and was there symbol. They feed off fear and hopelessness and the symbols and rituals have the power to control,absorb and bring malevolent forces/entities into our matrix. Its sad I heard Green Days last American girl today for the first time and cried. I have a big conspiracy book Its called David Ickes guide to the Global conspiracy. The only thing he has got wrong though is Jesus Christ is the Truth, the Light, and the way, and ultimately "There is no religion, there is only truth". That is also the motto of the Rosicrucian order of the Illuminati and they have had people fighting there wars over religion just to inevitably end them for there stupid Golden age of grotesque.

  399. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    Vigilant, do a research on paparazzo (photographing celebrities, politicians, and other prominent people) and the profile of Paparazzo Ron Galella; he shot many photographs of many celebrities and prominent people since the 1960s. I guess what I really want to know is how do paparazzi fit in to the monarch programming and Illuminati. These people apparently control Hollywood and the music industry. Are paparazzi used to control these people in some way? I do know that some paparazzi are independent contractors.

  400. VC why didn't you erase Mia 461 comment. As a women I found that very vulgar, distasteful and disrespectful. Not to mention you have 14-17 year old on this site. I was very offended.

  401. hey for all the people who say he is promoting lady gaga by writing these articles i don't think you get it. he is writing about lady gaga because she is such a big figure in media and people would be interested in reading the site if it features lady gaga.(curiosity) he is trying to SPREAD THE WORD TO THE MASSES! we should thank him for this and not criticize him. also, her songs and videos are played the most and she uses more symbolism than any other star. its very smart of Vigilant to do this. he is trying to inform the public.

    and for those who say that talking about this stuff is nothing and why doesn't he DO something about it, well he is. he's informing us all. he's putting himself at risk for even doing that. imagine what would happen if he actually went out trying to do something about it… THEY are too powerful and would probably kill him you gotta give the guy some credit hes got guts enough. the most we can do at this point is INFORM each other about the Illuminati agenda and if enough people are informed, do their research, and start to add up all the clues together we may be strong enough to fight it. POWER IN NUMBERS! and right now the numbers are AGAINST US

    props VC you are really inspiring keep up the good work

  402. @ 438, take a chill pill please?

    I have given up on lady gaga, she should be using her fame to promote positivity not dissing religions. Yes I understand there is "freedom of speech" but I do believe there are limits, she has pushed it to far, so far that I don't support her anymore.

    I also don't understand why she calls her fans "little monsters" and she is the "mama monster"? Do her fans not understand that she is mind controlling them herself? How could she possibly say that she is promote love and equality when she is offending the Catholic and Christian faith??? Hypocrite much?

  403. I reversed Alejandro. Sounded like she was saying "My level"

    Whatever. Backmasking is just a bunch of gibberish that can sound like anything unless yu're looking for something. :)

  404. THe catholic church worship mary, saints, believe they NEED 2 confess their sins to a priest to be forgiven. They are not true christians. They are a true remnant in the Catholic church that will see the truth AND LEAVE, before the last days, but the majority are content with their paganism. The pope is a part of the NWO. People actually worship him, a man, picture how God feels. Im a christian, and go to a non-demoniatinal church. DEmoniations are another way 2 divide true christians. Anywhoo, those of us who are true christians need 2 pray that the Holyspirit sweeps the music industry, instead of judging. Do you know how many peope are dancing their way 2 hell because of these stars. PRay that someone, anyone becomes convicted and exposes this. Maybe one fan might find Christ. NAme calling isn't going 2 save one soul.

  405. @psych- interesting the last one- my friend who is catholic has to do these classes at church before her wedding and she was telling me how its all about sex and nothing religious, not even about advise on the role of husband and wife sharing things, or advice on not to lie, or sharing finances – all about sex, how you must have it with your husband and use toys, do crazy things- and she thought it was supposed to be some kind of spiritual or marriage counseling- not that there is anything wrong with sex- but weird that a priest is even talking about sex toys etc and ONLY about that and nothing else

    im not catholic, i'm a whole other christian- im not going to bash the catholics here or go into religion at all butin our guidance before weddings, there was a usual haha funny don't forget to have sex joke thrown in there but not 3 back to back classes on only about that-

    thought your list was interesting, a lot of things do tie in to the agenda and media is also key to getting us used to things as well as them using the catholic church

  406. Vigilants1stlove on

    That chick is a crack whore, and I so so convinced of the evil within the entertainment industry that my 11 year old can identify subliminal messages in songs, videos and television!

  407. Thx dude !! Aways waiting for your analyse.

    Thx to you, I got more knowledge of this stuff.

  408. It's funny how far people will reach to push another away. Lady GaGa is a great artist who deserves credit for being influential in modern music. This interpretation is utter bullshit. Yes, there are some symbols, and I will admit they are rather… offensive, but the video is intended for shock, not subliminal mind-control. Grow up.

  409. I love your articles vc. it's a matter of time when this site is shut down. it's enlightening too many for their liking. boycott gaga. I'm serious. it will get into your head. that's how they'll get u. I read the article but there is no way I am ever watching the video. spread it. thanks vc I'll continue following this site as long as possible.

  410. These horrible music videos are dependant on immediacy, shallowness, and sensationalism and therefore the thrill of violence; horror, sex, and torture are deemed crucial to their function, that is, the celebration of the Devils imagery.

    Worshippers of the Devil revel in their revolt against God; moreover, it is the presence of God alone that makes their mischief valid. It is because the Devil is not God that Black Magic exists. The Devil needs God to exist to prove his relevance: God does not require the existence of the Devil to prove His.

  411. Although the Christian tradition has created a false image of Evil and personified it in the figure of the Devil, it does not mean that no such formidable entity of Evil exists. It does. This spirit has been in existence a very long time, and very few people wish to deny him for his power is awesome. In irreligious sceptical times, he uses madness as a vehicle for his manoeuvres, and that is why the instances of mental illness are rocketing in modern society. Evil entities, human and other forms, are driven by negative energies. The "Devil" revels in the split between the sexes. He stokes up the trouble in households. He assails man in his personal life by manipulating the sea of emotions within the soul. He fans the flames of hot passions causing one to do things in the heat of the moment one would not do in cooler times. His Grand Plan is to destroy mankind by the lying of traps and confusing minds along the route of its creation.

    Many names have been given to the Devil for very definite reasons: first because Evil exists; second, its exact nature escapes most definitions; third, it is a convenient means of controlling the faithful; fourth, it has tended to trivialise this most weighty of subjects to a degree that the ‘Devil’ has become a figure of entertainment and cheap thrills. And fifth, the trivialisation of the subject has persuaded most people that the Devil does not really exist and thus provided a perfect camouflage for him and his cohorts to carry out their terrible agenda: which is the Great Conspiracy against God.

    Be vigilant !

  412. It would seem my comment was deleted! How sad. Luckily, I was insightful enough to foresee this and I saved it in Microsoft Word! =) So here we go again:

    I wonder if you all realise how fucking ignorant you all sound.

    “It just irritates me that some people can love an artist so much that they can see all these hidden meanings & not care.”

    It irritates ME that so many people can be led blindly by one person’s sadistic opinion. But the author does have quite a talent.. It’s a noteworthy talent for one to be able to talk out of their ass for such a lengthy article.

    MY God is tolerant of others, including hateful, nasty people like the lot of you. I wish I was as evolved as He is, but I am not and am disgusted by all of you as a group.

    Luckily for you, my God is much kinder than I am.


  413. It's safe to say that Christ is coming back soon. Everything just keeps getting worse and worse. It's so sad that she would want to trade her soul…an eternity in hell…for a moment of glory here on earth. Sad!

  414. YES you did the article ! the illuminati puppets are getting more and more aggressive with their symbolism

  415. "my God is much kinder than I am."

    You're an idiot. You might as well say My dick is bigger than your dick.

    God isn't real, Jesus isn't real. Its just a fucking book. When you were little did you ever give a mouse a cookie? and did it come back for milk? NO BECAUSE ITS A FUCKING MADE UP BOOK. None of this was ever proven to be real, especially 'Jesus'. Where are his bones? We found dinosaur bones. Where are Jesus bones?

    You're all being controlled by everything in the media anyways, what difference does it make? You're even being controlled by this. This comment is going to get one of you riled up and you're going to have to say something back to it because I got under your skin. I just controlled you and I'm just someone with internet access and a brain. Imagine what other things you're currently being controlled by.


  416. Alejandro means "defender or watcher oF man", roberto means "bright fame", and fernando means "itelligent and brave"… these names represent all the things that lady gaga represents, or the unholy trinity…. the watcher of man is who she worships, for her right fame, and she considers herself intelligent and brave bcuz she lacks love and relies on her own intellect.. they all have satanic meanings… and halos arent mentioned anywhere in the HOLY BIBLE, halos are a representation of the angel of light, whom which Lucifer disguished himself as when he was casted from heaven…

  417. at last you posted it

    right after the video came out i was waiting to see what you will put on ur site beoucase i really have to say you have some eye for this women!

    Althoguth tell me what can i do? i like her music but i wanna stop!

  418. 513- I dont believe she sold her soul, because I believe she was conceived in a ritual around 85 to celebrate the coming of Halleys comet, and to be the bride of her brother the son of satan. Halleys comet was predicted Jan. 85 to come somewhere between Feb. and March. 86. Stefani with 6 letters like all 3 of my names was born late Mar. 86. All this music sounds like 86' when she was born. Poker face stole Dramarama's hook from anything anything- 86. Paparazzi's mode is in Berlins "Take my breath away"-86 Alejandro is taken partially from Ace of Base and Madonnas crappy spanish lullaby-86. 666 as she shows in her, and Cenas new salute to Manly P. Halls masonic christ Pan in there A OK 666 hand sign.

    Lady Gaga was raised in an apartment of ruling class trash, that is much like the apartment on ghostbuster's except all Egyptian art rather themed than Summerian. If you have ever seen Rosmarys baby she was conceived there in a satanic rite to be exactly what she is, The Harlot of Babylon to usher us into this age of chaos.

    May God have mercy on us all

  419. Royal priesthood on

    It amazes me how much information is being put out,how much truth is being revealed and people are still saying they are still going to listen to them,they love the artist and always love them. Illuminati or not THESE ARTIST DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU. When they look at you they see dollar signs and a bunch of idiots.If they were walking down the street and saw you homeless they wouldn't think twice in walking pass. Just like the devil they think you are worthless and they are dragging you away from God.Whosoever goeth onward and abideth not in the teaching of Christ,hath no God:he that abideth in the teaching,the same hath both Father and Son.2 John1: 9 You don't have to worship the devil as long as you are away from Christ than he is doing his Job.The devil is using these celebrities like toilet paper and killing them off and one day they have to answer to God. Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.Roman 14:11.


    Actually, from what i know of gaga (well im actually a huge fan) she totally rejects the comments of her having any "satanic" symbols in her video. One main point that seems to upset people is the her consuming the rosary, it is actually of her trying to take in goodness. The time of the video is clearly a time of war and she is trying to find good in the world, so for example joining the convent and becoming a nun. Those are just a few things that i have learned from the video.

  421. I came with some symbolism in the song. The names "Alejandro, Fernando and Roberto" are all of Spanish decent. Lady Gaga introduces the song in a French accent and a french sounding violin, very Parisian sounding. We must remember that the French and Spanish were always trying to conquer over eachother in the Western world, always fighting to have land. So, I think that the Spanish and French represent male and female polarities trying to take over eachother, and over the last few decades we have seen females become more powerful using their sexuality. I think the part where Lady Gaga rapes the gay men is a prime example of this, she is trying to get out to girls to switch the roles, to dominate, that would throw everything out of order. I really think that sex sells because it taps into our "animal instincts". If the media and elite treat us the way they do livestock, than they have no problem of accomplishing their task of world domination. If you sell sex, you have to sell it to both parties and this definatley does.

  422. it seems that lady gaga is tryin to show the world that she is being controlled into doin this satanist things…most of the celebrities are bein told wat to do by the music industry all jus to get the fame and the money….im thinkin there is more to this than we know…..

  423. I knew there was gonna be a breakdown of this video after I watched the first minute.

  424. Wow. First of all, thanks for writing. I fully agree with you regarding some of the symbolism in these videos; it's undeniable.

    As for this video – homoeroticism? Definitely. Satanic symbols? Oh yeah. However, I agree with some of the other posters that perhaps the "hexagram" was supposed to be a star of David, and the video is intended to be a commentary on war, government, and the church. In the end, rather than a satanic ritual, I see "the church", represented by gaga, becoming corrupt (red, upside down crosses, dry humping, etc.) and getting in bed with (literally) government/ military, etc., and, ultimately, becoming a puppet of this oppressive, militaristic government. Not saying there is no Satanic imagery there…just maybe gaga intended for a different message, however twisted her delivery.

  425. People need to understand that this is not Lady Gaga's doing. She is being controlled. She is a puppet who has no say so over her life or career. Yes she's evil but shes being made that way..Theres not much she can do to get out of this mix.

  426. It's interesting how Gaga said she dedicates the video to her gay fans and is always talking about how much she loves and respect them.

    In this video, she portrays them in a dark, satanic light (marching Nazi style with pentagrams) and simulates rape screens with them bound to beds. Near the end of the video, they are shown violently pushing her around and then she submits and willingly has sex with them. So she 'turns them straight' and they participate in an orgy!

    How is this a homage and show of love to her gay fans? Seems like quite the opposite. I am a straight female, but if I were a gay male, I would not be happy with this portrayal of gay men as crazed fascists that can be made straight by a 'beautiful' woman!

  427. We must unite forces to destroyand defeat Lady Gaga and her penis, the penis is the origin of the evil in this world altough is delicious!, I LOVE YOUR ARTICLES VC! again great!

  428. We have enjoyed a lot readin' this marvelous article, you have diminished and cleared a lot of doubts and hypothesis we have made about the symbolisms hidden in this video "masterpiece". We'd like to share the next point with you, in the scene of the "internment camp", and the prior scene (where gaga is begging to the sky); we think it could be also a representation of her inner demons of lust that want to emerge but she repressed them, in order to keep her religious and sanctus state of holiness. What you think

  429. The meaning of the name “Alejandro” is “Defender” or “Defender of Man” (found on various baby name websites.)

    Many Luciferians look at Lucifer as their “defender” against God, whom they consider the enemy of humanity.

  430. Etymology must be applied also to the lyric, she gives mention of 3 names and 1 of a place. Alexander: he who defends men. Fernando: peace and audacious, he who dares to do all to keep peace. Roberto: he who is with bright fame or glory. And Mexico: (el ombligo de la luna) the navel of the moon, or omphalos, boss, belly button, umbilicus. The interpretation of this last is rather complex.

  431. Mark Angelo C. Fuert on

    Thank you for giving in to my request. I really appreciate your response. Now, I have an item to be added to my collection on GaGa's "other side." (Though I'm not sure if it's HER "other side," or it's just in her videos.)

    P.S. I'm quite a GaGa fan myself, and I'll keep you informed if another video's on its way. =>


  433. i'm kind of sick of the lady gaga articles… i briefly skimmed this article and didn't watch the alejandro video… shes a monarch slave, illuminati puppet…. it's obvious, not much more to say about her is there??? next! i'd LOVE some articles on britney spears… MJ's death, and Kurt Cobain especially!! multiple inconsistencies surrounded his death and now more than ever, i believe the killuminati was behind it! :(

  434. Great article as always. If you pause at 2:27 in the video you will see silver fangs flash in her mouth…very creepy.

  435. I've been looking through bible verses for a bit, because that's what 01:06:07:15 looks like to me. It looks like two excerpts from the bible. The first being 01:06 and the second 07:15. It's unclear as to which book it may be referring to, but I think I may have a few good ideas…

    2 John 01:06

    And this is love: that we walk in obedience to his commands. As you have heard from the beginning, his command is that you walk in love.

    Malachi 01:06

    "A son honors his father, and a servant his master. If I am a father, where is the honor due me? If I am a master, where is the respect due me?" says the LORD Almighty. "It is you, O priests, who show contempt for my name.

    "But you ask, 'How have we shown contempt for your name?'

  436. Yes, Lady gaga is creative as always. But what's disturbing is that she wears that nun dress with inverted crosses which it seem not right. And that scene that looked like a nun getting raped? A nun eating a rosary? All disturbing.

    I think creativity should have limitations and gaga should think about she might step on others. And i would have to agree with others saying it's blasphemy. It's not just appropriate. When i first saw her vid, it was repulsive.

    It's really okay if any artist would show sexual scenes in their vids, do anything even go naked and have sex in front of the camera (in our time, it can't be help. Everyone is doing it anyway. I'm trying to be realistic), but using Godly stuffs in a blaspheme way, is just too much. Christianity/Catholic religion is worth of respect. And any religion is worth with it.

  437. before when telephone and bad romance came out i was so excited to see them. i couldn't wait. you can just say i was a HUGE fan. but once this video came out i didn't even wanna watch it, just from the fear of what i was going to see. i'm a 17 year old and even though i read all articles on here i find myself sometimes randomly singing her lyrics. and i try not to listen to her anymore either, but it's hard not to when it's all over the radio and all your friends listen to her. i just hope they'll actually listen to me one day. i seriously thank you for these articles, i would have still been listening to lady gaga, jay-z, rihanna and beyonce

  438. Pray

    Songs will come to help these artist

    Everyone can be saved they just choose not to..

  439. thetriplethree on

    I love lady gaga and after hearing all this illuminati stuff I decided to do some research and honestly

    I can understand where parallels are driven from but she is an artist plain and simple.

    her videos DO have alot of meaning but the purpose for each element she puts into them are not illuminati worshipping, selling your sell etc etc.

    as you said it's left up for interpertation and SHE IS controversial so of course there will be gossip and OF COURSE a video like this would draw such attention.

    NO ONE even suspected lady gaga as an illuminati before this video came out.

    she is an artist not a puppet for an organization that doesnt exist.

  440. I have been following these posts and perceptions of Lady Gaga's work for months now. In all honesty, my appreciation of her as an artist has only increased. She has absolutely every right to produce the beautiful and controversial music, videos and performances. She encourages her audience to search for the deeper meaning in her work, because that is her main goal as an exhibitionist. If people were to question more than just the visual symbolism present, they would see her beauty and positivity. I see Lady Gaga as a strong, creative, independent woman. She does not compromise her artistic integrity and will never mute her subversive nature.

    If you are open-minded and a free-thinker, then a little dose of Lady Gaga is good for your health.

  441. @ 498 I agree with what you said, the only reason i stumbled upon this site was because I was writing a paper about Lady Gaga for a paper for visual persuasion since ive always been a huge fan of hers. When i saw the first article i thought it was just hilarious and crazy talk, but then when the telephone article came out it all started making sense to me. That was when i started connecting all the dots and i realized the symbolism and what is truly going on in the world. Im still a gaga fan, and ive read her essays and become aware of how intelligent she is, so i know she is perfectly aware of what she is doing. Its just crazy how i was so oblivious before and now all the symbolism is completely obvious, not just in her music but in everything around us. When i come on these message boards i learn more about the Illuminati and the new world order. Ive had dreams and i just have bad feelings about it. I dont think Gaga is evil, i see the deeper meanings in her music. It makes me wonder if she is trying to warn us or just using the symbolism to give deeper meanings to her music? And I do believe that the music industry is malevolent. Overall I dont think it comes down to telling people its about being christian, its simply about following your heart and doing what you know is right. As long as your a good person in life you should have nothing to worry about in the afterlife and i would say the same thing about Gaga. She has donated to charitys and yeah maybe some of her stuff can be perceived as evil but maybe she is just misunderstood? Either way no matter what anyone says its not right our place to judge.

  442. Lady Gaga isn't the only one, she's just the worst.

    I wonder how many ppl out there are ignorant of these things.

    i mean, in school i tried to tell my friends, most of them shrug it off, or act in a hostile manner.

    Im not sure who im actualy asking, but i'll just ask;

    what do we do now?

    other than boycotting these songs and videos, what do we actually do?



  444. @549 I get how you feel..when ive tried to talk to people about these things they have had the same reaction towards me.. I dont think there is any solution as to "what we do" other than educating yourself. As long as you are aware of it then you can be "brain washed" As so many people say… Ill admit that i was completely oblivious before but ever since i realized all this ive noticed all the symbolism and things around me EVERYWHERE.

    All the religious people are freaking out, but my approach on that is, that if you really believe in your god and religion then you know you will be alright.

  445. no fallen angel on

    Videos, including this one, are so distasteful and disturbing to look at. At first this demonic crap was introduced subtlely. Now it's become so out-there and in-your-face. Pretty soon, it will be forced upon in such a way that the masses will turn on one another.

  446. In this context, the entire song makes sense, but I still can't connect the second verse to this.

    "She's not broken, she's just a baby

    But her boyfriend's like a dad, just like a dad

    And all those flames that burned before him

    Now he's gonna firefight, got cool the bad"

    If you could explain this, that would be great. Thanks!

  447. Those of you in negation trying to justify the filth that awful woman does are not only wrong, but not seeing the reality in here!. There are plenty videos of her screaming, appearing as heavily sedated and most of the times she hides her eyes. I do not think that she is intelligent at all, she is just a fame whore doing everything she can to be popular. Most of the times pop acts get a script of what they have to say, how they have to say it, etc.

    Even though you say she has published and done charity whatever, she is not a good person, at all. If you think a good person is capable of doing the next things, then something is seriously wrong with you:

    She has so far:

    – Praised satan countless times, her bad romance song, is a prayer to satan, the only one whose all love is revenge.

    – She has mentioned countless times that gays will be blessed, come on, really? Then she's most likely not talking about Christianity, and DEFINITELY she's not talking about Catholicism. I don't know any religion which praises the gay.

    – She has so far appear more naked, kissed more girls, and had XXX themes in her music and videos more than madonna and the old whores out there.

    – She clearly hates Catholicism, and every other form of Christianity.

    – She is clearly disturbed, otherwise I can not expect why she loves being controlled, hit and used in a sado masochistic way, which she always tries to portray in her music. She's been handled, she is being used, she's been raped, she's been hit, she loves it, etc.

  448. Yah I don't think it is fair to bash on her like this. When I first heard about her and the whole illuminati thing I continued to put an alert up. Weather it is true or not, just pray for her. Seriously, Isn't that what God would want? And hasn't there been at least ONE interview where she has addressed this situation by now? If not, you think there would be.

  449. I´m so scared of the world´s today, where are we going to get????. who are this people behind all this powerful establishment ?, This New Order crap i don´t want, it freaks me out!!!!,

  450. @ Paco:

    In my defense of saying she is intelligent here is a link to one of her essays she wrote in college, back when she was "Stefani Germanotta" before she took on the persona of Lady Gaga. Im sure most people who actually read it would agree that there is intelligence to it. The fact that i can see she is intelligent leads me to believe that she knows what she is putting in her videos, and shes doing it for a reason. Perhaps to warn us? or to cause controversy like it is now to give her the attention she wants? Or maybe for deeper meanings that we are misinterpreting?

    As far as everything else you said, I do see how alot of your points are valid. Im just the type of person who believes you should see things from all perspectives and i dont believe that means there is "something seriously wrong with me". If you are religious you would i said before, we are not the ones who have the place to judge, god is. People who are truly religious do not judge and persecute people. So im not gonna be the ones to straight up accuse her of being evil. Even if she is, As others on here have said, its not just gaga thats evil in this world. We have way more we should be worried about.

  451. i'm glad you did this article. Yesterday i heard the song on the radio and i wondered to myself who Alejandro REALLY is. Thanks vigilant for this article.

  452. Vigilant, I don't really agree with your interpretation (and frankly you ignored an awful lot of the symbolism in the video that didn't fit your theory), but you have a right to draw whatever conclusions you'd like from her work. It is art intended for mass consumption after all, and articles like this are simply one way in which artists are scrutinized.

    However, to the people making absurd comments that have no factual basis, I would like you to think for just a second about your behavior, the conclusions you are jumping to, and the way it affects others. A few of you sound like you're ready to burn Gaga at the stake, which is about an "un-Christian" as you can get. Vigilant's theories are not proven fact. They are interesting and you may find them compelling and convincing. But unless Gaga spontaneously transforms into Satan himself and begins eating people, you might want to put your pitchforks down. In fact, Gaga's public actions have thus far been of charity and kindness. I'm not sure why some spawn of the devil would spend her time donating to charity, speaking and performing at charity fund-raisers, and standing up for the rights of others. Most people would consider someone like that to be a good person. I'd wager that Jesus Himself would be more interested in the work Gaga has done for others than how she expresses herself in her videos.

    Paco, please show me where Gaga has EVER praised Satan. Good luck finding anything. You can claim that because she made certain hand-gestures or winked a certain way that she's a worshipper of Satan, but that's not really fact is it? That's called wild speculation. Show us where Gaga actually praised Satan. Also, your homophobia is disgusting. (Paco, not Vigilant who has yet to display anything at all resembling homophobia) To say that Christianity and homosexuality are inherently at odds is ignorant to say the least. By your logic, unless you are following everything the Bible ever said to do, you aren't a true Christian. And if that's true, then there are no true Christians on Earth.

  453. this is why we have to seek JESUS and be saved this world is filled with o many nasty thing there is a SPIRITUAL WARFARE

  454. Danny:

    About Jinn, watch The Arrivals on Youtube and you can judge for yourself if Jinn exist or not.

  455. Number1BadBoy on

    Thanks Vigilant for promoting scrutiny of pop videos, which I have found personally disturbing since Christina Aguilera's 'Dirty'. Your work has been fundamental to recognition of this issue and starting a wide debate.

    I'm in no doubt that Gaga's videos contain lots of deliberate Satanic and police state imagery but that doesn't satisfy me that she herself is Satanic or that there's an inherent evil in the music business. Perhaps more likely is that Gaga and her managers are knowingly courting controvery. Nevertheless, they are pushing the envelope for what is acceptable on mainstream media and I'm concerned that post-Gaga performances and videos are bound to go still further into disturbing imagery and practices.

  456. The video is about ritual sacrifice of Alexander McQueen (Alexander=Alejandro), for better age that is the age of Gaga…just like in Bad Romance…guy very similar to A.McQueen gets burned in the end…in both videos there is fashion tribute to McQueen…I wouldn't be surprised if Gaga participated in McQueen's ritual sacrifice – which can be done by person no being physically beside the victim – it only takes giving the victim poisoned LSD !!! (Like poisoned honey in Telephone video)

  457. At first when Lady Gaga,was new in the industry,I didn't like her.But then,when I started listening to her songs I got hooked,and believe me or not,I started to do things I never thought I would do…. Does her somgs have some witch spell casted over it?I've heard from John Todd that they actually do that.

  458. i think this was a great article and i strongly agree with all the stuff that this article has came up with. but i think that theres more to that. if you listen to this song REVERSED, youll know what am talking about. as i read before that artists now a days, have to use some sort of ^illuminati^ sign in their music in order to get it popular or to be successful.. i think that is seriously lame but anyways the song reversed, she says something about oh my lord *alejandro back wards*

    and in her lyrics, she ses dont call my name alejandro.. in other words dont call my name oh my lord..

    in the reversed version of the song, she also says stuff about my lord, my hell, its something hidden, no one will see no one will know… and a lot more to that… that kinda did freak me out… and in my openion, this whole song is about standing for her gays.

    as u all know, that shes been doing a lot for her gays to get their freedom of sex. and i think this video is all about the war of sex *her raping them and men in heels*

    and @ the beginning where the guys are walking in a army-like way, those are her gays trying to stand up for their freedom and then they get in a defense position meaning their defending themselves. then come gaga with with her weird hat covering both eyes with the weird glasses. that to me means that shes blinded by the other things in the world. then she opens n eye n sees tht her gays need her help for this. then she denies cz this is againts her religion. then she opens both eyes n decides to help them. thats were she says "she hides true love en su bolsillo…" she loves them… and "u know tht i love you boy hot lke mexico rejoice @ this point ive got to choose nothing to lose" she decides to help them even tho this is againts her religion.

    then u see her dressed as a nun.. thats her speaking to her god because she knows what shes done is wrong but she still decides to help them n ,,etc i thnk ive made my point by now.

    and vigilant citizen didnt point out all the illuminati symbolism.. i think every1 wud be interested to know tht when gaga is dancing with her fans, their always standing in a triangle position.. now u do the illuminati..

  459. @Drayke, you are so funny. You ignore everything you see right in front of you. I guess you believe that 9/11 was pulled off by Muslim terrorists to don't you?

  460. One more thing I'm not sure if anyone realised.

    White robe. Red (albeit inverted) cross.

    So blatantly Templar.

  461. Hey guys, I was wondering about the 01:06:07:14 – 15 as well, couldnt come up with a meaningful explanation. Finally came up with this:

    If you can interpret 01 as the new testament and 06 as the sixth book, this comes out:

    (Bad) Romans 07:14-15:

    14 We know that the Law is spiritual. But I am merely a human, and I have been sold as a slave to sin.

    15 In fact, I don't understand why I act the way I do. I don't do what I know is right. I do the things I hate.

    Hope this wasn't posted above, but there are too many comments per article…

  462. When I first heard of this person I honestly thought it was a joke – the name "gaga" is a kind way to say someone is insane or rather irrevocably devoted to someone or something. I do believe I understand the name choice now -especially when I read people admitting they can't help but listen to the music or watch the videos. Guess they are "gaga" over Gaga. How clever (not!).

    To embrace this artist is a victory for her handlers and hard evidence as to how easily the populace will accept the basest of drivel. They are winning and having a good belly laugh in the process ("Can you believe the masses have taken to this artist we named Gaga? It's getting easier and easier. Let's name the next one Satan's Spawn.")

    I know not everyone reading this is a believer in Jesus Christ but His Word is Truth:

    "And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God." Romans 12:1

    If you're searching – please read the following:

  463. whats wrong with this video or its meaning, many of us have believed in god n jesus n the holy trinity up till the day they died prayed to god for forgiveness and what they still lived an un happy life followed by death, maybe this musician has it right, after all lucifer does mean light barrier in latin 😐 keep it up gaga maybe on day the world won't be so narrow minded only accept one religion, and for the all the christians quoting the bible if u were really were a christian you would accept and love everyone including the enemies, by not saying anything look at jesus if thats who u idolize follow by example and keep ur mouth shut let the rest of us get that money right!!! after all what is fame about money power and respect….


  464. Great Article Vigilant!!! We all should know what Gaga's about. Did VC really have to do another article?

    Maybe so

    @EWB I do think Eminem's Not Afraid is him getting out of the Illuminati

    I saw the video last week online and it premiered on BET the other day

    I like that he is and I hope the best for him

  465. Dear Honestlover,

    If you are a follower and a satanist, then a little dose of Lady Gaga is good for your health.

    what? i'm just sayin…

  466. @Visionary

    I'm trying my best to educate myself with this subliminal thing that is induce in music such as Gaga's,but i'm still asking,why i feel that eventhough i still listen to this song and yet i'm still close to God. I truly believe we are able to control our own mind and to me websites like Vigilant Citizen are making readers believe that they are being controlled because they are listening to this songs. But tell me,if somehow she is part of the Illuminati and i'm just listening to her song for the sake of listening,what effect does it have on me.As long it i'm not beginning to astray from God,we'll be fine. We just need to keep in mind that listening to music are just for entertainment and nothing more to that. They are stress-relievers. I also believe if a person stay true to God and never forget Him,the person should be alright no matter what because God is fair and will protect anyone that stay true to Him. Exposing this artist is not unnecessary but i think it should make us wake up and be closer to God,rather than wake up and feeling scared,paranoid and helpless[that's what happened to me but God showed me the way].

  467. well done vigilant i love what you've done to expose these monsters…keep up the good work…

  468. hvnt cin d video yet bt the little iv read of it totally confims my belief abt the roman catholic church.. i knew it ws only a matr of tym bfo gaga comfirmed her alliance wit the catholic church! the part wer she consumes a rosary clearly shows dt she is being feed and fueled by the roman catholic church..The spanish and homosexually theme of the song is nt mere concidence. Roman catholism is the main religion in all spanish speaking countries also homosexuality is directly linked to the church..the church actually aims to spread homosexuality..Roman catholism is a ntin bt a pagan religion dt ws practised thousands of yrs ago back to the days of sodom nd gomorah…homosexuality precides ova all occultic nd pagan practices notably catholism. the sign of benediction is only used in roman catholic potrayals of is actually nt a genuine christian is satanic in origin. ROMAN CATHOLISM IS NOT A GENUINE CHRISTIAN CHURCH..IT IS THE MOTHER OF ALL ABOMINATIONS ON EARTH..THE ILLUMINATI, FREE MASONRY AND ALL OTHER OCCULT GROUPS DT DOMINATE DIS WORLD AR aLL DEsENDED 4RM ROMAN CATHOLISM. GAGA IS ONLY BUT A HAND FUL OF CELEBRITIES USED BY THE CHURCH TO CONDITION THE COMING OF THE BEAST. MADONNA,JAY Z, THE BEATLES NAOTABLY WIT THIER LET IT BE SONG WICH CLEARLY GLORIFIED THE gODESS MARY OF THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH HAV ALL DIRECTLY OR IN DIRECTLY COMFIRMED DIER ALLIANCE WIt THE CHURCH…roman catholism is notin bt pagen worship nd the biggest lie humanity has ever been told..

  469. I've read alot of the articles on this website, and found the analysis and information presented very well, one possibility that I dont believe has been touched on is that the marketers and video makers for these "pop stars" like Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Jay-Z etc know that the "NWO" is a very interesting subject to a growing number of people, and they purposley put Illuminati symbolism into these "music" videos (when i say music, i am referring to this garbage that is passed off as music) just to create a buzz, to get people talking about it.. If I went around telling everyone that Lady Gaga is an Illuminati shill, which she definetley is, but probably has no idea that she is, by me going around telling everybody about the symbolism in her videos its pretty much the same as promoting her. Anyone else think this too?

  470. To each their own, but I'm a bit disturbed by people who seem to be "seekers" of truth, etc., and love the articles, but refuse to watch the videos. To accept blindly what another person posits is to submit your mind to that of another human. If you're interested, watch the video yourself. VC puts them in along with his analysis so that you can view and either agree, disagree, or take another angle on what you're witnessing. I do find myself agreeing with most of what I read on this site, but I do my own "research" by viewing the videos, checking out other sources of information, etc. Even if VC is right, you're making yourself a puppet by just blindly absorbing what is told to you, instead of considering it for yourself.

  471. Based upon the grammar and punctuation found in comments here and pitting them up against posts on her blog for comparison I think it's safe to say Tila Tequila is all over these comments.

  472. According to Lady Gaga, clip directed by Steven Klein "is a celebration of love and my admiration for the gay community for their courage and mutual love between them, a celebration of their courage and their relations".

    The video does not promote homosexuality but advocate for its acceptance. The blame is not limited to just homophobia, but shows the torments that have been unjustly subjected gays along parallel times and scores them virtues. Blameaza superficiality instead of being treated this subject and hypocrisy with which the Christian Church, various other religions [Judaism], various organizations and political programs [the Holocaust], different social systems [Communism], and socialism.

    The fact that gay men in the video are both priests and medieval German soldiers and russians is that although both the Catholic Church and German armies during the Nazi period and the Russian army during the communist period have turned gay, just during the Inquisition, the Holocaust and Communism, homosexuals have been subjected to the worst tortures in their history.

    The video emphasizes the continuing war, the thousands of homosexuals and the Church of the war that eventually gays out victorious after killing Christian dogma ..under the guise that they think Divine is actually satanic.Before it kills her, tortures gays subject to the same doctrine which the Church has subjected them over time

    Gaga raid in the history of the Catholic Church and its practice best scores of anti-Christ: medieval Inquisition [form of justice by which the Roman Catholic Church in the Middle Ages persecuted them and killed them in cold blood by burning at the stake, the guillotine or pulled wheel on those you consider heretics.] Inchiztia medieval clip haircut symbolized by dancers, identical [comma] that the medieval monks of the Inquisition period.The wheel and the guillotine. Star Satanist is satanic nature of the Inquisition.

    That gaga for gay-symbol chose a Spanish name – Alejandro – refers to the Spanish Inquisition. The second Spanish name of the song – Fernando – is translated to Ferdinant. Lady Gaga thus suggest that Ferdinand II of Aragon himself, the monk who created the Spanish Inquisition was gay. Also, the fact that Gaga chose Spanish names for gay-symbol refers to the organization Opus Dei, an ultra-conservative part of the organization Catholic Church foundfounded in 1928 by Spanish priest Josemaría Escriva, an organization that was established from the beginning a synonym for homophobia. Crusades – 1096-1270 these military expeditions were organized in so-called name issue ' holy places, mainly Jerusalem and its surroundings, under Muslim domination. Religious character of their leadership explains why the crusades returned papality.Crusades are represented in the clip huge battles on screen behind the dancers. The same image can also be interpreted symbol of eternal struggle between church and gay.Both warring side and anti-Christ Church, and its falsity are represented by the Virgin Mary whose garment is false on a cross drawn in the form of a sword.

    Possessed nun ["Stop, please, just let me go, Ajendro"] the kinky sexual fantasies suggests both hypocrisy and falsehood Church [in the end proves to be a nun herself Satan .

    but that before they face religious, church servants are people like everyone else and thus also have erotic fantasies. Which – considering the fact that God says that sin did thinking it is nothing less serious than did the deed sin – means that the Church representatives are nothing more than the people above all, with no less sinners than homosexuals and nothing entitled to judge the others with much less "in the name of God" Moreover, the fact that dancers in the video playing the role of gay / bisexual perverted monks wear haircut characteristic medieval Catholic priests and monks suggests that practitioners of gay sexual perversions have always existed within the Christian Church.

    Gaga shows that her past and present, not the Catholic Church has no moral case to fall juddgment in God and to judge homosexuals "in the name of good and justice"

    Gaga their opposite shows those who believe homosexuals are effeminate men, junior men heteroxesuali from which in their opinion would be much weaker and less courageous. Gay warrior character and bravery is also represented by military-inspired choreography in Michael Jackson style.

    Gay young Greek warrior refers also to the mentality of ancient Greece, according to which mentality between homosexuals and heterosexuals there was no difference. Ancient Greek society does not distinguish its members based on sexual behavior and sexual desire, but depending on role the participants who played the sex. Polarization asset / liability appropriate social roles of dominance or submission. Thus, active participant [man] was paired with maleswas associated with masculinity, maturity and high social status, while passive participant [whether male [homosexuality] or female [heterosexual] was associated with femininity and lack of maturity. The same symbol conjures a few of the most famous gay of those times: Herodotus [Princesses history] Plato [Greek philosopher and mathematician / founder of the Academy of Athens], Xenophon [soldar and mercenary Greek historian] and Athenaeus,those who consider themselves faithful and just in the name of faith, but in spite of equality between men preached of God, I just above them and marginalize. lens that covers his eyes to watch is how shallow homosexuality in terms of social norms mentality in terms of mass or other factors denaturant was associated with masculinity, maturity and high social status, while passive participant [whether male [homosexuality] or female [heterosexual] was associated with femininity and lack of maturity. conjures same symbol to some of the most famous gay action video that takes place during the winter and cold outside symbolizes abundant snow that homosexuals are treated by society, who torments the minds and hearts subjected to freezing,those who consider themselves faithful and just in the name of faith, but in spite of equality between men preached of God, I just above them and marginalize. lens that covers his eyes to watch is how shallow homosexuality in terms of social norms mentality in terms of mass or other factors denaturant

    Accessory head women's outfits inspired by Renaissance period [1400-1600 / Century 16] cause of new thinking and especially the Inquisition period in which he lived which heroine Joan of Arc Catholic Church accused of heresy and burnt at the stake for years later to declare holy. Such discussion brings Gaga hope, change mentalities.

  473. Same old shi*t from gaga. She's all out of ideas. Hopefully she will fade away, go somewhere quiet and rethink her life. She needs our prayers, and I'm serious when I say that.

  474. @Jeff S..

    I second you ! Ppl are easily accepts what they read and saw without doing any analysis and came out with own resolution..That is called as Dumb ! LOL

  475. I agree, there isn't anything creative about this. Many people has said she is expressing herself, it's art. There is so much satanic stuff in every video Gaga has done. Pay attention to Rihanna too.

  476. @Drayke 559

    Does she actually need to say explicitly that she worships Satan? Symbols say a lot. If for example somebody's making the sign of the cross upon themselves, doesn't that mean that the person is a Christian? So if person who wears a cross is a Christian than a person who wears an inverted cross is an anti-Christian, a pagan, a satanist or whatever you may want to call him..

  477. Maranatha, Thank you. I will check this out at home

    since I'm at work I won't be able to watch it without distractions

    He has a lot of videos.

  478. Very good article. Would be interested in hearing your thoughts on rihannas rude boy video. Its full with subliminals aswell. What kinda people make this evil shit..

    Love & light

  479. At first reading those documentaries was appauling, disturbing and shocking, now it has given me a wider view and read with more of an open mind.

    The media is sick…. and we too will get sick if go about worshiping their proposterous and outrageous entertainment which is seen with the myopic eyes is innocent but has more meaning.

    I'm glad I came across this website

  480. wow, this so blatantly wrong i can't believe people actually want to support and listen to her….the blind masses never cease to shock…

  481. Thanks for this article. I am just so surprised at some of the responses here, not sure what more people need to see/ hear to believe that at the very least, this is promoting a negative energy that is not good! Whatever you are inclined to call it… just scary and perverse. It is such a trend now, the desecration of religious symbols, dark imagery in so many films and music videos… for what? Why not make an artistic, well done video without all of the occult symbolism if its so unimportant? I truly believe that people would not bat an eye if this video clearly cursed God by name. There would be so many apologists claiming 'artistic freedom' while downplaying the meaning yet again!

  482. I was talking to someone I know who is a GagGag fan, and I asked her what she thought was so great. She said when she first heard GagGag she couldn't stand the music. She said it made no sense. She is a server at a popular wing joint and they play pop music constantly. Of course they play GagGag over and over. She said after hearing it so much she wanted to hear more, and now she calls herself a fan. She thinks GagGag is so original and creative. She even thinks it's cute to let her 1 year old dance around to it.

    People used to think I was a satanist because I listened to Slayer. I'll admit their music is sometimes down right evil. But the diference is it's not being played over and over on the radio and TV. It's not shoved down our throat. And Slayer were never trying to hide behind "the industry". They took responsibilty for their lyrics, and they just don't give a damn.

    It's almost impossible to escape GagGag. Sometimes when I walk in a store that's playing her music I actually want to leave. Her ridiculous lyrics and redundant dance beats make me want to smash the speakers!

    Pop music is not all there is to listen to. Go underground folks. There are talented artists that have a real message in their lyrics and music. You don't have to be signed to a huge label to make music and get it out there.

  483. LMAO she can be the devil or evil all she wants! i personally consider her to be the female version of Marilyn Manson and thats flippin awesome! XD

  484. you could actually do a full analysis on the lyrics alone and how it's casting aside god. It's pretty intreasting, lol I picked up on it awhile ago…

  485. are you all christians there? because i don't believe in god, and not in the devil or these satanistic things (excuse my bad english, i'm from germany) and to me your whole agitation sounds exaggerated. i read these articles, because it's interesting to me, though, but I like lady gaga and her music. and it's not like I'm thinking that I listen to her music 'couse there's nothing else to listen to. Do you think for lady gaga fans there's only lady gaga?

    So, i can see your point, but lady gaga is not a witch or a demon or whatever. And listening to her music or liking her vids that are much more provocative and different to the whole boring stuff of other videos from other artists that are all kinda equal, isn't making me being part of a blind mass. It's more you (not you, writer of these articles, but you, commenters) being part of a blind mass, that judges an artist and fears devils.

    And if you'r worried of your children, ban MTV.

    Apart from that, I wanna thank the writer of the article for this site. I think, I have to learn much more about symbols.

  486. I have to say that I am glad I never watched this video. I knew it had something to do with satanistic stuff. Just another feature of the whole agenda of these elite societies. It is very sad that people feed into this crap. I've gotten to the point where I don't even listen to all this new music anymore. It is the same stuff being spewed out on a daily basis. All I can say is despite what is going on, secret agendas, NWOs, etc. God is still in control. This is the time, saints of God, where you are going to have to look up and not be troubled with what's going on around you.

  487. "At this point I got to choose." Sounds like she's trying to decide between God and Lucifer and from the song it looks like she chose Lucifer…

  488. I would like to add the meaning of the name- ALEJANDRO – the defender of god


    take a look at the horns of the gaga- they seem like a goat ones….. very curvy

  489. Well, great article to begin with…

    And there's one thing that I believe that should be admired, the capacity of these people to make our subconcious get attached to them. Nowadays we don't know what to believe in, so we just follow trends or keep seeking for the strangest thing to shock everybody.

    I'm not religious, just someone who likes to analise everything very well and carefully…

    Some of us keep saying that God is good, God is the salvation of human kind… Gob might be good if he exists (I'm not saying that he doesn't, I respect everyones beliefs), but all of you have to agree with me that 80% of people and actions came from church aren't just as God wishes…

    So all of us can find all these mistakes, if thats what they are…

    In the end, you got to ask yourself "who's right and who's wrong?" and yet you won't find the answer. Just try to find the answer according to your beliefs and your conscience… You'll see the world from another vision, that you never imagined,

    Thumbs up for this site and this article. It's really interesting. Keep up the good work VC.

  490. sounds for me that roberto would mean rebirth…

    i took a look at etymology of those name:

    Alejandro : Greek "man's defender, warrior" (Alexandros)

    Fernando: German "bold voyager" / "who dares peace" (Ferdinand)

    Roberto: German "bright fame"

  491. And again, I just wanted to leave one interpretation of the procession.

    It seems to me that her love by the savior of the humanity (Alejandro) is dead, so it's in the very beginning that she shows how dead is her feith is in God and that she is seeking for other beliefs that go against him. But this is just what I feel it is like, I may not be right (:

  492. shes not even a lady, shes a fucking Man acting like a bitch. follow up on this fuckinng transsexual whore.

  493. The most interesting thing about occultic symbols is their multi-faceted meanings which are attached to them. For me the most blasphemous part of the video, which actually made my jaw drop, was the "eating" of the Rosary beads. The "exoteric" explanation is that she was ingesting the divine spirit into herself. If that was REALLY the intent, they could have chosen something very different and far less ambiguous. We have great sophisticated CGI technology today. They could instead have shown a beam of Light from Heaven decending into her "crown chakra" (for example). The eating of the Rosary beads is, in my opinion, the most blatant form of desecration I've seen since the burning crosses in Madonna'a 'Like a Prayer" video. If anyone doubts that placing of Rosary beads inside one's body is in fact a desecration, watch William Peter Blatty's movie called "Exorcist 3: Legion". There's a scene in which (it's talked about that) an occultic murderer places Rosary beads inside the body of a victim after removing their internal organs. "Ingesting the Holy Spirit"? GIVE ME A BREAK. Only the most idiotic would believe that.

    p.s. the Devil hides inside ambiguity.

  494. Also notice the smoke from her cigarette spelling out "sex", unsure if the fire behind the men dancing also does this.

  495. eclecticpassion on

    Hey thanks for an interesting article yet again….I saw a youtube comment in response to the Alejandro vid in which someone said that 'Alejandro' means 'defender' (e.g possibly God or an angel), Fernando meant something else in the Bible and 'Roberto' meant something like 'bright one' (I can't remember exactly what the meanings were). VC has probably seen the same comment as mentioned above, as they saw it to be a rejection of the Holy Trinity too, What can I say, very sad, but hey what were we expecting from one of the main Illuminati puppets? (and likely mk victim)

    If people want to broaden their music tastes and get away from this Illuminati crap, I suggest the site which helps you find music similar to bands/artists you already like that are often less well known.

    Keep up the good work, VC :) I also suggest people look up 'chakras' (particularly the sacral chakra) as it may help to clarify what the Illuminati plan to do by constantly exposing us to this over-sexualised, violent imagery- basically block these chakra points and therefore cutting us off from the divine. Of course this will sound extreme to some people, but these energy points on the body have been known about in occult circles for 1000's of years.

  496. Ok…i have two things to say: frst of all, i hate when people post friggin essays. no ones gonna read ur crap. thank you. and second of all, i think that all these articles and stuff should serve as a warning for christians; they aare not asleep. They are WIDE AWAKE. and they are fighting, growing in numbers, advancing. WE SHOULD BE ADVANCING IN THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN. satan is giving it all he's got…shouldn't we? IF HE NEVER SLEEPS, then how come WE ARE SLEEPING?? wake up people! Speak the truth u find in Christ alone, read the bible and pray, intercede for this nation that has forgotten God and all he's done for them… God has given us weapons for war, but we dnt fight! Why is that? let lady gaga and beyonce and the media serve as an example to you: we are at war, and the clock is ticking.

  497. The only thing scarier that thinking that LG or the rest BELIEVES any of this, is thinking she DOESN'T BELIEVE, and is used just the same by dark forces. Anton Lavey was a master at this. Tricky.

    I can't imagine being a parent and trying to raise up kids with such boring, unoriginal, and draining influences. God Help You All!!

  498. Yess! I have been waiting for this article, you are a genius and we love you!

    Lets all be Vigilant :]

  499. @570

    I kinda thought the same thing, and I looked up bible verses for 01:06

    Check out post 538 for what I found

  500. I found a weird video " UKRAINE plague lady gaga illuminati connection" Appearently some citizens have linked gaga to the plague that hit Ukraine. For some reason they stated the outbreak happened right after gaga's video was filmed which was some where around 11/14/2009. He noted that the vodka in gaga video is Ukraine vodka NEMIROFF. First I want to say the guy is reporting from vigilant cite. He has his camcorder and he is reading the info about gaga off VC site, then he clicks to wikipedia where he look up the vodka. Thats when I noticed it said- This brand of liquor is the fastest growing brand. The company moved up from 33 position to the 13 position. What 33 & 13 hmmmm. Then he went on to say that it has been reported that people lungs burned up and melted in the Ukraine due to the outbreak of different forms of h1n1( hmmm) then he said look ( he's on VC site watching gaga's video) what happened to the only guy in the video who drunk the vodka…as we all know he burnt to a crisp. So evidently the people in Ukraine suspect gaga video had something to do with the outbreak. What are your thoughts???????????????????? Just something I happened to skim across. heres the utube video " Ukraine plague lady gaga illumanati connection"

  501. As soon as I saw that video I thought about this website, I also think the start with the marching it looks like a star of David on the far right.

    Maybe a hint that Zionist Jews control her.

  502. Legion of Light on

    The fight between the forces of Darkness and the powers of Light is intensifying…

  503. yes when ppl talk about their favorite artist that they love its as if they could do no wrong as if they expect them to be perfect? MAN LADY GAGA got no power shes being USED. She probably has NO clue. Worry about the fucking ppl that are controlling her. geez bitch, bitch, bitch fuck that if u love her so much try and save her. help her. Before she's dead!

  504. It doesn't suprise me the smoke of her cig spells out sex, they do that in disney movies and in other videos, just enough to where ur brain can understand it.

  505. @619, hey Mosby I believe it is totally a possibility because in the world of the occult there is no such thing as coincidence. It scares the bejusus that this gaga chick was not more the 6 miles from my house on my exact street weeks ago @ some random bar.

  506. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    Vigilant, I have taken the advice that you gave your readers. You challenged each person to do the research himself or herself. Well, I did. Look and you shall find. This is not my words. I am only attempting to share my findings.

    First, I think I believe the true meaning to "selling your soul to the devil." That is when a person, who is desperately seeking fame and fortune, would do when he or she takes the oath of the Baphomet secrecy (a symbol used by an organization associated with Satanism). If this person breaks the oath, he or she will pay the price through death.

    Baphomet is dated way back and used by the Illuminati. The Illuminati Society includes is sub-societies such as the freeMASONS, OTO, Skull-n-Bones and Boule (a black elite fraternal group who assists in controlling black entertainers; homosexual is a requirement; this explains the homosexual dilemma in Atlanta- houses the major music industry for the blacks; think again about the corn rows and sagging pants); may be other societies, but the only ones I found.

    Along with Chappelle, 8Ball and MJG, J.F. Kennedy did a speech to inform the country of the societies in the world. Shortly afterward, he was killed; same a Tupac and Pimp C. Tupac and Pimp C attempted to inform the nation and paid the cost as well. Pimp C.

    These people bought in to a deception. They think that are among the elitist (mind control). The entertainers are controlled by a small group of men (the true elite- the Illuminati). The one-headed spearman is the banker Sir Evelyn de Rothschild will soon past his empire down to his son David de Rothschild; perhaps when he turns 33 (not sure when, but I believe I have the names and facts correct).

    "Give me a control of a nation's money and I care who not makes the laws." — Mayer Amschel Rothchilds

    Well, the Rothchilds are known as owning everything (Disney, sports, filmmaking, actors/actresses, music industry, 9-11 World Trade Center and World Trade Center to name a few) and probably know or can obtain everything about each person one of us; and is connected with the NWO and the illuminati. pretty much every thing

    As you would find when you do your own research, this thing is bigger than Lady Gaga or Jay-Z. They are only little ants in the playing field.

    Why the music industry? As some of you already made clear that Lucifer was a beautiful angel in Heaven and was given control over music.

    1 + 2 = is still 3 (facts are facts)

  507. CommanderandChief on

    "very illuminating interpretation" someone commented there, got the hint people?

  508. CommanderandChief on

    @Your Mom glad somebody has brain here!

    all i'm going to say is that nobody cares if she the devil or not (because she's not)!

    people always say the same things of artists when they are jelaus of or when they cause a stir, if expressing herself is gaga's way to stay on top then let her live! it doesn't matter how many times she and her closest work mates explain the meaning of her work, it's open to interpretation (even though some interpretation are going on the wrong lane [*cough*this one*cough*])

    gaga's music will be always popular no matter what secrets anti-gaga conspiracy is created, people will listen to her more and more, the world will be in peace… them 30 years later there will be a new idol for that generation, and new haters for that idol that 90% of the world (normal people) is in love with :)

    also, i wanna clear up something here: the inverted cross has nothing to do with satanims, it's a symbol of humility! that was just a joke protestants made up for getting more members to their sect after John Paul II sitting in a chair with an inverted cross!

    have a nice day. :)

  509. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    @ Vigilant, I am Legend and TMZ

    Follow me with this. I have Boule Society in mind when I thought about this. I got this information from a website I shared on one of my comments.

    "Once a symbol is created, it acquires power of its own, and more power is generated when such symbol(s) are created without the profane [uninitiated] knowing about it. And, the greatest power of all is created in the symbol(s) if the uninitiated NEVER discover that the symbol exists."

    There are so many black males wearing their pants sagging (and/or hair in corn rolls). I can remember the sagging of the pants since 1994 (isn't it time for this fashion to be outdated). If inmates in prisons wear their pants sagging to say quietly, "I am available; come get it" per se. Keep in mind that homosexual acts are not legally allowed in the prisons (I’m just saying). According to the above information, the sagging pants acquired the meaning of homosexuality. The Hip-Hop rappers and others began using the sagging pants to represent the "hard thug look or I'm a true man." However, the first meaning of the sagging pants is still in existence. It does not matter that the Hip-Hop industry tried to betray a second meaning; the first meaning dominates. Because many black males bought in to this sagging pants appearance, it gave the homosexuality meaning more power. Furthermore, the spirit behind the sagging pants is lingering and affecting those who wear there pants in that fashion (please give me a break; I mistakenly came across a pornography website for homosexual thugs- smile ).

    Now, thinking about the primary purpose of today's music and the Boule's requirement as well, is it safe to say that sagging pants was introduced in Hip-Hop videos to increase homosexuality among the black males? No one likes to be alone in the game. Of course as anything else, the more the merrier. I am quite observant, and it has become alarming that so many black males have become either D.L. brothers or out-of-the-closet homosexuals. I always wondered what ignited the sagging pants. I think I found my answer. The sagging pants should be obsolete by now. It is like men wearing three-piece polyester suits. Just like that style is outdated, sagging pants should be outdated.

    Am I right, close to being right, slightly wrong or missed the bull's eye? Talk to me someone. Please do not think I hate homosexuals or blacks. I have homosexual males and females as friends and black people as friends. I love people in spite of.

  510. is there anything having to do at the end where her eyes and mouth are like…blowin up the video in fire? right at the end of the video…

  511. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    Mosby (619),

    often these artists do show in their music videos what is coming or what to expect. Prince had a song about "I have to go to America… Osama Bin Laden… I do not really know the exact lyrics. Tupac did the same. She could be doing the same. You are smart!

  512. @Everyone will BOW- I heard all that ten years ago, and my pants have been up at hip level since. I used to skate as a kid and it was the hip thing to do, but none of us jokers new about that at that age. It actually made sk8ting more difficult trying to keep your pants up now to think of it. hahaha

  513. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    I am Legend (632),

    Thanks for being honest. I see so many males walking with their leggs wide spreaded to keep their pants up or have the hook hand to hold them up as they walk. It all looks crazy to me. I wonder will the light bulb ever come on for them.

  514. This video is sick – illuminati or not its SICK. I would really want to see and be a part of a NO GAGA sort of revolt. I am sick of her doing this and putting crap out here in the world and having our kids listen and recite her "music" thanks VIGILANT CITIZEN – Me and my family no longer listen to the mainstream pop radio station because of crap like this. God Bless ..

  515. Did anyone notice how both Gaga's videos and Aguilera's videos show group, rough, violent sex?

  516. @ Paco: If you believe a "good" person says the things that you say, then there is something wrong with YOU. Everything you said doesn't make her evil. And I have no idea where your homophobic bs came from.

  517. There was nothing good about the American Idol performance. Nothing good at all about Lady Gaga.

  518. omg when I read this article I literally did not have the words to describe what I had just seen!. But when I saw the video I noticed the upside down cross, the cross in her mouth, triangle thing around the gay nazi's, and the bendicion to her mouth but i couldnt figure it out until of the picture of Jesus and then it was like a light bulb,etc. The songs she makes are nice and it makes you move but then video freaks me the fuck out. Good article!

  519. Thanks VC for this article. I was waiting for it!!! [: Spread the word to everyone you know – the information that is presented on this website is important, and everyone should know about it!

  520. A few thoughts:

    first, why do people bash on VC? Simple answer: the truth scares them

    secondly, Gaga uses a lot of repetitive parts in hers songs. First P P P P oker face. Now the ALLE ALLE JANDRO, for me that alle alle sounds like Christians praise god with alleluah, so alejandro could represent God easily

    FInally, when people defend her swallowing a rosary, wearing a nun's habit, etc, saying she really wants to accept God, just think about WWJD, Christians try to live by What Would Jesus Do and I know Jesus would not be doing those things so come on.

    also, on Larry King a few things I found interesting: she says she believes in Jesus but so does Satan, so that means nothing. She says she suffers from nightmares and thinks about death all the time. Hmm, I wonder why

    Larry asked her about afterlife and she quickly says HEAVEN? and then mention Hell, like she really would prefer Heaven, then shes says "i could go either way' This chick is tormented for sure

  521. yes we can agree shes evil

    but i still love her

    shes doing it on purpose to get attention

    and it work (because you wrote this article)

    so for that i praise her :)

  522. okay, NO im scared. good article, it really gives you another way to see a meaning for this song. i personally find it SCARY how everything connects!

  523. Good job V.C

    these videos just ooze out creepy!i mean anyone with a soul will know instantly that this is just plain wrong!the NWO are just shoving their agenda down our throats and the sad thing is that some of us are with mouths wide open saying 'gimme more! gimme more!' for goodness sake! this isnt art, its something far more sinister..may God help us cause where we are headed is the downfall of humanity..nevertheless, there is light at the end of the tunnel..i pray most of us make it der…

    p.s..@those who say science n religion are incompatible, doesnt av to be dat ur research, look into islam and see the compatibility(not media propagated nonsense,the real deal)u will be amazed..

  524. Wow so much to comment on.

    First let me say that I respect everyone here and their opinions whether they be Agnostic, atheist. religious or or just plane sane.So here I go its going to be a long one.

    1: Thank you VC for your hard work and great articles.

    2:Let me say that I don't expect anyone to take my words as gospel I encourage everyone to put everything I say to the test for themselves. And for the agnostic and atheist let me say that I completely agree with some of your reasoning and ask you to follow along.

    3: Everything and everything starts with the existence of God or his nonexistence. After much much study and research I have come to the believe that God does exist. Here is why; Because if he doesn't exist then the universe resulted out of chaos and entropy. Now its not that I don't WANT to believe that such is the case, rather it is that the likelihood of the universe existing the way that it does as a result of random events is so astronomical that it would constitute a miracle beyond anything else ever thought of as a miracle by many many orders of magnitude. To me this proven by the very well known "Anthropic Principle"-Here is the long definition… -but the layman's definition would be something like: We know that everything that happened for us to exist had to happen the way it did, because we exist. In other words, if things had not happened the way they did we would not exist, and because we DO exist we know they happened that way. Does that sound like a coincidence? Not to me.

    Roger Penrose (google him) a very well known British Mathematician who worked on the Big Bang theory with Stephen Hawking came up with a calculation to estimate the likelihood of the athropic principle resulting from random events in his book "The Empperor's New Mind",wanna know the number? 1in 10 to the 10123rd power. What does that mean? Well the number of atoms in the universe is estimated at 1.5x 10 to the 82nd power. And anything with less of a likelihood than 1 in 10 to the 50th power is considered a mathematical impossibility.

    I won't go much more into that because this post would just be too long. But I wanted to explain that believing in God is not something just for the weak minded or the ignorant. I have done exhaustive research before I was convinced. So I encourage you to not attack those that believe in a Creator and dismiss them as fools. And those that do believe in God should uphold his standards and not attack those that don't.

    I'll move on to the presumption that the Bible contradicts PROVEN science. The answer is that it simply does not, on the contrary it speaks with scientific precision. I'll give you one example in Job 26:7 here Job alludes to the fact that the universe is still expanding and that Earth hangs upon nothing or that nothing is holding earth in its place. For ages after man had many speculations about how the earth was kept in its place and the answers they came up with were giant turtles and elephants. Job though thousands of years before that had made a scientifically correct affirmation about something not yet known to man.

    Some bring up the 6 "days" of creation of evidence of Biblical fallibility. However this is something not understood correctly even by most well intentioned Christians. I won't go further in to this unless someone asks.

    In my review of the Bible scriptures I know that this system of things/this world is in the power of Satan. He is in control, from Music to movies to government to politics these are all in his hand and he can do as he likes. Is he controlling Lady Gaga? Its possible. Is she just simply expressing herself in the best artistic way she knows how? This too possible. But I believe the former rather than the latter.

    If God (YHWH, Jehovah, Yahweh) does exist and if Satan does exist and if the Bible does speak THE thruth then we should care about these matters and it would not be wrong nor fanatical to see what VC has seen in his videos. It would not be paranoia to thinks that these artist are under the control of those who are in power and those in power are under the control of he who is the ruler of this system of things. But lets not be fooled we have to realize that Satan is astute and he works in more than one way. The mere fact of considering ones self a christian and expressing our believe in the existence of God (Jehovah) and his SON Jesus is doe not mean we are out of Satan's reach for he to can become an angel of light. Remember anything that is not the TRUTH is a LIE and Satan is the father of the lie.

    Lastly let me say that I did not mean to attack nor insult anyone. Also I do not for one second thinks that only true" Christians" are "saved" nor do I think that ALL "Christians" are saved. The fact is we are all undeserved of Jehovah's mercy.

    * by the by not everything is the antichrist. The only antichrist is the Goverment meant to replace in peoples mind the Kingdom that is cited in Daniel 2:44.

  525. Lady GaGa is extremely a batshit ! she's a devil…because of her influence.. I can see there are growing number of artists in my country, Malaysia are following her steps.. They've change their image to a darker and devilish one.. making me so sick watching their videos…. so do Rihanna.. she's indeed the most stupid I ever known.. LOL…I wonder what will happen to the world in the next 5 years..

  526. Chiox du Jour on

    Oh Heaven…after reading this, I wanted to listen to some good music, opened Youtube and searched for Linkin Park. The first I saw, was that Linkin Park and JaY-Z have sung the song "Numb Encore" together and that there were some of those triangles included in their show.

    Good Lord, I realy liked their music.

  527. @confusedboy

    Hi, I'm not an expert on the bible so I can't tell you where it says it but I do speak to some Jehovas Witnesses regularly and ask them questions. I was wondering how someone stands with God if they are brainwashed and made to do things by someone else. They showed me a passage in the bible that says that a person must protect themselves from outside evil influences because "what enters into the mind enters into the heart". It also talked about having to put on an imaginary suite of armour to protect yourself from negative external influences.

    I'm guessing your quite young from the way you write. If so, it can be hard to believe that you can be influenced against your will, especially if you think you know that someone is trying to influence you and you are prepared for it.

    I am nearly 50 now and I have seen many changes in my countries culture over that time that would once have caused mass unrest and political upheaval. The changes have been brought in gradually over a long period by desensitizing people to the changes. Human beings work by comparing differences between A and B. If the difference between A and B is big and it's not a good change then it creates a strong feeling which will result in action against B. If the difference between A and B is small, the feeling it creates is much less and so we don't feel the need to act on it. So making lots of small changes over a long period results in a big change which might have been resisted if it was offered as a choice in the beginning.

    The question you have to ask yourself is do you want to live in a world which has been shaped by the images in Lady Gaga's videos. If not, you need to protect yourself from these images. And remember, if people couldn't be influenced by the mass media corporations wouldn't spend money doing it.

    For an example of how easily people can be influenced to do things that are against their moral code by getting them to take lots of small steps away from their values see the video below. A UK stage hypnotist/magician gets ordinary people to rob a bank without them knowing why they are doing it… IT sounds unbelievable but it's true ….


  528. And the sick followed his words, for they knew that they would be healed.

    And there were also other sick who suffered much from their pains, howbeit, they persisted in their fasting. And their force was spent, and great heat tormented them. And when they would have risen from their bed to go to Jesus, their heads began to turn, as if it were a gusty wind which shook them, and as oft as they tried to stand upon their feet they fell back to the ground.

    Then Jesus went to them and said: "You suffer, for Satan and his diseases torment your bodies. But fear not, for their power over you will quickly end. For Satan is like a choleric neighbor who entered his neighbor's house while he was absent, intending to take his goods away to his own house. But some told the other that his enemy was ravaging within his house, and he came back to his house, running. And when the wicked neighbor, having gathered together all that pleased him, saw from afar the master of the house returning in haste, then he was very wroth that he could not take all away, and set to breaking and spoiling all that was there, to destroy all. So that even if the things might not be his, the other might have nothing. But immediately the lord of the house came in, and before the wicked neighbor fulfilled his purpose, he took him and cast him out of the house. I tell you truly, even so did Satan enter your bodies which are the habitation of God. And he took in his power all that he wished to steal: your breath, your blood, your bone, your flesh, your bowels, your eyes, and your ears. But by your fasting and your prayer, you have called back the lord of your body and his angels. And now Satan sees that the true lord of your body returns, and that it is the end of his power. Wherefore, in his wrath he gathers his strength once again, that he may destroy your bodies before the coming of the lord. It is for this that Satan torments you so grievously, for he feels that the end is come. But let not your hearts tremble, for soon will the angels of God appear, to occupy again their abodes and rededicate them as temples of God. And they will seize Satan and cast himn from your bodies with all his diseases and all his uncleannesses. And happy will you be, for you will receive the reward of your steadfastness, and you will never see disease."

    And there was among the sick, one that was more tormented by Satan than all the others. And his body was as parched as a skeleton, and his skin yellow as a falling leaf. He was so weak already that he could not, even upon his hands, crawl to Jesus, and cried only to him from afar: "Master, have pity on me, for never has man suffered, not from the beginning of the world, as I do suffer. I know that you are indeed sent by God, and I know that if you will, you can straightway cast out Satan from my body. Do not the angels of God obey God's messenger? Come, Master, and cast out Satan from me now, for he rages angrily within me and grievous is his torment."

    And Jesus answered him: "Satan torments you thus greatly because you have already fasted many days, and you do not pay to him his tribute. You do not feed him with all the abominations with which you hitherto defiled the temple of your spirit. You torment Satan with hunger, and so in his anger he torments you also. Fear not, for I tell you, Satan will be destroyed before your body is destroyed; for while you fast and pray, the angels of God protect your body, that Satan's power may not destroy you. And the anger of Satan is impotent against the angels of God."

    Then they all came to Jesus and with loud cries besought him saying: "Master, have compassion on him, for he suffers more than we all, and if you do not at once cast Satan out of him, we fear he will not live until tomorrow."

    And Jesus answered them: "Great is your faith. Be it according to your faith, and you shall see soon, face to face, the frightful countenance of Satan, and the power of the Son of Man. For I will cast out from you the powerful Satan by the strength of the innocent lamb of God, the weakest creature of the Lord. For the holy spirit of God makes more powerful the weakest than the strongest."

    And Jesus milked an ewe which was feeding among the grass. And he put the milk upon the sand made hot by the sun, saying: "Lo, the power of the angel of water has entered this milk. And now the power of the angel of sunshine will enter it also."

    And the milk became hot by the strength of the sun.

    "And now the angels of water and of sun will join with the angel of air."

    And lo, the vapor of the hot milk began to rise slowly into the air.

    ."Come and breathe in by your mouth the strength of the angels of water, of sunshine, and of air, that it may come into your body and cast out the Satan from you."

    And the sick man whom Satan tormented did breathe within himself, deeply, the rising whitish vapor.

    "Straightway will Satan leave your body, since for three days he starves and finds no food within you. He will come out of you to satisfy his hunger by the hot steaming milk, for this food finds favor in his sight. He will smell its smell, and will not be able to resist the hunger which has tormented him three days already. But the Son of Man will destroy his body, that he may torment none else again."

    Then the sick man's body was seized with an ague, and he retched as though he would vomit, but he could not. And he gasped for air, for his breath was spent. And he fainted on the lap of Jesus.

    "Now does Satan leave his body. See him." And Jesus pointed to the sick man's opened mouth.

    And then they all saw with astonishment and terror that Satan was coming out from his mouth in the shape of an abominable worm, straight towards the steaming milk. Then Jesus took two sharp stones in his hands and crushed the head of Satan, and drew out from the sick man all the body of the monster which was almost as long as the man. When the abominable worm came out of the sick man's throat, he recovered at once his breath, and then all his pains ceased. And the others looked with terror at the abominable body of Satan.

    "See, what an abominable beast you carried and nourished in your body for long years. I have cast it out of you and killed it that it may never again torment you. Give thanks to God that his angels have made you free, and sin no more, lest Satan return to you again. Let your body be henceforth a temple dedicated to your God."

    And they were all amazed at his words and at his power. And they said: "Master, you are indeed God's messenger, and do know all secrets."

    "And you," answered Jesus, "be true Sons of God, that you also may partake in his power and in the knowledge of all secrets. For wisdom and power can come only from the love of God. Love, therefore, your Heavenly Father and your Earthly Mother with all your heart, and with all your spirit. And serve them, that their angels may serve you also. Let all your deeds be sacrificed to God. And feed not Satan, for the wages of sin is death. But with God lies the reward of the good, his love, which is knowledge and power of eternal life."

    And they all knelt down to give thanks to God for his love.

    And Jesus departed, saying: "I will come again to all who persist in prayer and fasting tAl the seventh day. Peace be with you."

    And the sick man from whom Jesus had cast out the Satan, stood up, for the strength of life had come back to him. He breathed out deeply, and his eyes became clear, for every pain had left him. And he cast himself down upon the ground where Jesus had stood, and he kissed the print of his feet and he wept.

    And it was by the bed of a stream, many sick fasted and prayed with God's angels for seven days and seven nights. And great was their reward, because they followed Jesus' words. And with the passing of the seventh day, all their pains left them. And when the sun rose over the earth's rim they saw Jesus coming towards them from the mountain, with the brightness of the rising sun about his head.

    "Peace be with you."

  529. "And then they all saw with astonishment and terror that Satan was coming out from his mouth in the shape of an abominable worm"…

    Wow.. Parasites! Take a look at the WHO logo! "Health" my ass.

    I know also that the

    Essene Gospel of Peace

    is the Truth=)

    (Gotta be as much as it has been literally banned by the pope etc.)

  530. Hi guys. I just want to know something. I hope anybody can help me out.

    1. If I keep listening and watching Lady Gaga's songs and videos, is there any possibilities that I will got influence by the Satanic 'programme' or my mind being controlled or anything?

    2. Is it same if I make the signs for the sake of fun-for-myself?

    3. Is it wrong if I show this article and other articles about the Illuminati and Satan to my Muslim and Christian friends? It is because some of them really obsessed to Lady Gaga, can dance 100% like Lady Gaga and some of them want to make tattoo like the lightning sign. I just don't want to hurt their feelings.

    4. Some of my friends told me that, all Lady Gaga's videos and fashion is JUST A FASHION and they remind me to not make any critics and comments on it. How I can say to them about it?

    5. Some comments here state about the 01:06:07:14•. I've tried to find it in the video but still didn't find it. Can anybody tell me the duration.

    I'm sorry if my English is bad because English is not my mother-tongue. I hope there are anybody can help me because I'm afraid that I'll going too far from my religious just because of this things. Btw, I also Gaga lover's but still not obsessed with her. That's all. Thanks for your cooperation. :)

  531. @maginator

    Your post is right on. I could not have said it better myself.

    John 8:32

    John 3:16

  532. I don't get the satanic claims, if you don't believe in God, why would you believe in Satan? its a complete contradiction.

  533. @Everyone will Bow your posts on black males sagging their pants is right on point.

    I hope the lightbulb does click for them really soon. It was known in prison if your pants were sagging that meant you were gay and giving it up. (don't drop the soap) They can't try to change it because like you said the first meaning outweighs the second. They can't change that no matter how hard they tried and I know so many people who were sagging their pants years ago and stopped. Then I see so many of them doing it now. That goes to show you how much of an affect the industry as a whole has on people. I never took it as offensive at all and I'm black. I do know that not only black men but white men, some asians have done the same. Even though it seems to be dominate in black men. I like your post EWB

    I didn't watch this Lady Gaga video either. the clips did enough for me.

  534. hi adrian…

    1.Spiritually, I really don't know if Satan or any evil entity will affect your soul,but, maybe… and, speaking of mind control tecnology, I don't think MK will EVER evolve so far in a way they – the programmers – will evolve that far for enabling them to use a mind control tecnology that usually envolves eletroshock, sexual abuse, etc. in a way they can control people that far, just using TV and music.

    Anyway, there's still A LOT of tecniques of mind control, not as powerful as the MKULTRA Monarch program, if MKultra really exists, but they're there, like NeuroLinguistic Programming and double binds and stuff.

    Also, look up for deshumanization that's omnipresent in almost every Gaga video so far – danceable totalitarism in Alejandro, mafia and death by fire in Bad Romance, poisoning in two videos…

    2. It's up to you. I'm not an spiritual guru or expert to say about this.

    3.If you care for them, don't hide such things – show them, and they will decide about it. Maybe if the fans give Gaga a thumbs down for what she's doing, she'll stop.. ok, maybe here I'm just being naive.

    4. But they're making a comment in Gaga themselves! :p

    Well, how can people not express their opinion about a meteor celebrity such as Gaga? One year ago very few people knew her. She's not "just a fashion", she's a cultural phenomenom, not by her sales but more likely by her tremenduous appeal to so many people.

    5.Neither me. Maybe whoever posted it come here again and elaborate better what is said.

    Aw, well, if you're interested in a religion, remember : don't fear the devil, just know he does exists. I've heard what's him/her likes the most is when you think he/she's stronger than h/s actually is. The devil is not the enemy of God, he's the enemy to humanity, as God's greater than him in a infinite way. In the muslim bible, it's clear that the devil is just a servant for God, an yelling servant. Catholic theology also knows that, as far as I know.

    In any major religion you can clearly see that God's intelligence is so greater than the devil that He's using him in part of His Plan.

    So grab yourself into God and make Gaga know what she's doing is bullshit, but don't think you'll turn into a stupid devil worship if you just hear some catching crappy music once in a while.

  535. @untamed- great interpretation, i beleive there are always at least 2 interpretations to every gaga theme in song and video- would you disagree of the possibility that she may be responsible for the general idea and writing/creating her own lyrics for the most part, which i think she really is talented and well-educated – but others behind her in the creation/production of the videos/wardrobe/make-up etc and promotion of gaga as an artist add their own twists and change it up a bit to make it darker? even if she does come up with the ideas and even her own wardrobe as she claims, you don't there are consultants involved as with all artists and also production and tech ppl involved in videos and those behind them are associated with dramatizing and adding some of their own effects to promote their own ideas as well?

  536. Oops, ouR dear Gaga is getting more and more boring

    If she could get some rest I would be extremely happy for her

    She does seem very disturbed and completely out of control

    Please Get her some help

  537. Thank-you for posting this blog!! Your extensive research and thoughtful, articulate analysis is much appreciated =)

  538. derweltbuerger on

    Great article. I just watched the video and was wondering whether you already wrote something about it, came here… et voila! I don't know if anyone else already pointed this out because there's more comments than I could read already.

    When the heart with the syringe is being shown, there is also something which looks like barbwire on top of the heart, forming something that resembles the Freemasons' square and compass.

    Then, at 2:06 she's wearing something looking like devil's horns.

    When Gaga's being shown from behind around 2:23, I first thought it was a lizard until I realized it was her.

    The Nazi theme is so obvious. I'm from Germany and usually whenever there's something related to Nazis and Hitler, like someone saying a wrong thing on TV or somewhere else in public, they are being stigmatized and usually have to at least apologize publicly, if not resign. That's even when it is obvious that what they said was just out of mindlessness, a slip of the tongue, and not because they wanted to support anything that the Nazis did. And then you switch on the TV and you see this. Lady Gaga performing some sick ceremony with dancers apparantly wearing Nazi uniforms. They even have the red armband, just without the swastika. You would expect this song to be banned from German television if the same standards were applied. But here, nobody seems to care. It just doesn't matter, she's even being celebrated by the mainstream media for all this (if you want proof and understand some German:…. They literally say that she picked up on the parody of her Telephone music video done by some US soldiers. Quote: "With outfits that resemble Army uniforms." No mention that they actually look like Nazi uniforms. Sick!

    And I swear, when I first heard this song (a couple of weeks ago, I'd say), I would never in my life have guessed it was performed by Lady Gaga and especially I would never have guessed that it could be accompanied by such a sick video. I thought that I had known this song for a long long time, because it reminded me of some summer hit from the 90's or something. I think, I actually believed it to be a remix, because it had this modern beat to it.

    Good God, what is it that's being fed to us and to our children these days?!

  539. @EVRY1?


  540. # Eddie June 14th, 2010 12:26 am :

    As all of you are open to your opinions so am I. First of all Vigilant, you got a lot of things wrong on here, im not going to waste my time mentioning each bit. Secondly don’t point fingers at anyone unless yours are clean first no one is perfect in this world, so stop acting like it. Third & my main confusion, WHY DO YOU GUYS FOLLOW A BOOK MADE BY MEN! NOT GOD! MEN! Im no one to judge the way you decide to live your lives, but c’mon am I the only one who sees this? Religion is our main problem! If anyone is controlled its those who follow religion, religion is what keeps us all seperated. Its truly sad. Now before you start saying “OMG he’s saying that because he’s satanic or whatnot” no I do believe in God; I man c’mon you look all around you & its hard to believe this was all a accident. Lets say the illuminati are real, what makes you think that they’re first coice in ‘mind-control’ (if that’s even possible) would be the one thing MOST humans follow…Religion. As I said im no one to judge you live your own, im happy being what I am. I have my opinion you have yours.

    Eddie: God's word is true, and every man is a liar! I pray you find the peace that passes all understanding.

  541. @debra- you said it yourself- BECAUSE it is the one thing most humans follow, not to mention because everything stems from it, including and especially civilization, they are targeting that.. and then your entire lifestyle and way of thinking about things will change when you change your religion..

  542. Ms.SailorMoon on

    Ok, instead of debating – obviously the themes are dark, but what's the point of just commenting. If we don't like it we should take a stance, not buy the records and turn of the tv. Boycott, start petitions. Research the manner properly :) There have been youtube political videos on various presidential talks about the new world order. Who's in this one?

  543. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    @ Freeyourmind (655),

    Anything that is dealing with evil scares me. I find it difficult to sleep peaceful at night. Lady Gaga's video is purely disturbing. I remember when the Thriller video was released in 1983. Some crazy woman wanted to sue Michael Jackson, because it scared her child. Well, as you probably know by common sense, her case did not go any further. This video is worse. This video reminds me of the first Exorcist movie. I am surprise the Roman Catholic Churches or the Pope is not protesting. This is demonizing their religion regardless of what she is expressing. She chose a sick, revolting way to express herself.

    However, she and her colleagues are tampering with the dark side. There was a saying- you play with rattlesnakes long enough, you get bitten (not exact words). I do know that a fool and his/her money are soon parted.

    I think music artists find this entire ritual addictive. Someone requested for Gaga to receive help. She first needs to recognize that she needs help. Just like alcoholics and drug addicts, she too may be in denial that there is a problem. The fame and money is too good to her right now like a baby with a bottle. As Tupac stated (paraphrasing) – They show you the sweet part of the industry to get you in before everything goes sour. She is still mesmerized on the sweet things they are showing her. If she is a hermaphrodite, she is probably angry with God for making her that way.

    Anyway, a celebrity is someone who works hard all his/her life to become known and then wears dark glasses to avoid being recognized. I believe they wear dark glasses due to the secrets they hide and the fact their souls are dying.

    I think Britney Spears has requested help by her bizarre behavior. I would love for people within her reach and know what is taking place to extend help to her, if possible. If anyone tries to help them, probably would be placed on a hit list.

  544. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    @ Debra (664),

    We are greatful that Vigilant uses his precious time to do this. First of all, God has His people here on Earth to carry out His plans just as Satan. Even though there is no one who can be viewed as justified, we should all be aware of what we put inside of us. Words are very powerful. Your opinion is your opinion, but do not discourage people who are sharing knowledge to other people who do care and are concerned. If you are in disagreement, then don't read. Religion or not, anything that is not of the Lord scares me. This video and the others like it can be destructive to this world. Don't be blind to that fact.

  545. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    yousef (663), Let time tell us what she is truly saying. If she is sending mix signals such as "I signed up for something that I want out. Oh Lord, please help me. Save my soul" behind her words and at the same time saying, "I am a Satan worshipper. I give myself to Satan" within her video scenes, it will all come out in the end." However, her overall behavior in reality is not showing her "my Lord" side. Her behavior was recently rude and disgusting at a baseball game.

    However, we can all wonder will she be another Britney Spears. Did she sign up for something that she cannot handle mentally, and she unraveling before the public. We will find out soon enough.

  546. @ Debra

    It would be a waste of your time to point out things vigilant has wrong bc it would be based on your speculation. i will tell you however, that bc i thought the same w/vigilant and that things are based on speculation, i dont just read what he says but research them afterwards myself to which they have all been true. The Catholic hand symbol, the sacred heart representation, the upside down cross. He even predicts w/o realizing bc he knows how this is. example? how gaga has these puppet strings and for so long, he has said that she's a PUPPET–not thee illuminati, but the PUPPET. if you doubted that truth, it has been shown in this video that she is connected to "some form of puppetry" at the very least. and often times, when i think vigilant is overthinking, i am shown that his speculations hold truth. Example: in one of his articles, he mentioned Ben Franklin, Disney, George Washington etc. being freemasons. And I thought, "Now he's throwing that on everybody." One person that we all, if not most, can agree is an evil entity and mason is Jay Z, but I didnt think our historical figures. Not long after, my lil sis's boyfriend came over w/a shirt of a blown up old, white male. I pointed at his shirt and went "????" and he goes, "Ben Franklin." Then I made another face implying the question of why he had on a shirt w/a huge face of Ben Franklin, and he shrugs and says, "It's a Roc-A-Wear shirt." And immediately I went "oh." The connection hit me simultaneously and I realized Vigilant was right. Why? Because Jay-Z is the president of Roc-A-Wear.

  547. freedomfighting on

    Stalin and Hitler never looked soooo sexxyyyy thanks the illuminati! we would be lost without you! hahahahahahahahahhaha

  548. freedomfighting on

    Greay article btw. These people need to knew the true nature of entertainment. Some people are shocked and appalled, Good job VC shocked them out of thier state of hypnosis. Your the coolest VC. Keep it gangsta!

  549. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    @ erica (641)

    You mentioned, "On Larry King, aShe says she suffers from nightmares and thinks about death all the time."

    Apparently, her riddle talking and singing are getting the best of her. However, I remember viewing a documentary on Tupac. He thought of death a lot. He wore a necklace with a pendant of the death angel. She is probably living in constant fear. Tupac did. I heard in order to be in the Society, the artist has to participate in a blood sacrifice. If that's the case, who did she sacrifice? May be that is what tormenting her. I bet she can't sleep at night.

  550. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    @ TMac (671)

    When time permits continue to do research. If I am not mistaken, the Society has been around since the ancient time. You might find out that Joseph Stalin established the dictatoship/communist to run off the Society in Russia. When they learned of America, they went to re-establish in America. J.F. Kennedy was also involved. They killed him, because he attempted to expose them.

    Jay-Z is mentally and physically tied to this. They have his mind. He will soon fall. Keep you eye on him. He thinks that he is too important and big to fall, but we all thought the same of Michael Jackson. I did not know Jay-Z dated Aliyah for a short time. I have heard at the time she died that she was a blood sacrifice. That is why Jay=Z quickly passed her over to Damon and the reason he is where he is. The same for Kanye

    Also, I was informed by a friend that Michael Jackson was a blood sacrifice for the Jackson family. I think the family was under a lawsuit, but the lawsuit went away since Michael died. That explains why he did not receive a proper burial.

    The Hollywood Nation is all too perplexed for the average person. I agree with you. People must do their own research. Plus, I might be talking too much. People should learn things for themselves.

    I would love to be the next Oprah, but do it right by the Lord.

  551. @Freeyourmind: I hope the link that I gave you was insightful. I found it to be very insightful & deep. Especially what he said about these Horror Films & how, every time, someone in the movie or directly related to someone in the movie – dies. That's crazy!

    @Everyone Will Bow [675]: You are right. When a person chooses to serve Satan they can never know real peace & joy. From that point on, they live in constant fear. I cannot understand why anyone would agree to participate in a blood sacrifice or sign a contract with their blood; wouldn't they know that something about that just isn't right? You would think many would walk away with their dignity. It isn't as though you could be tricked into doing these type of things, unless you're manipulated in some way. Please watch this video – it's very enlightening (

  552. Thanks. Very well explained, as usual. But I confess I'm a little disapointed … the video holds so much more ! I mean, I've been chocked by some symbols in the video (unfortunately I know the symbols but not their meanings) you haven't mentionned … Great job anyway. I'm getting paranoid with all of this but I just open my eyes… it was already there. I just couldn't see it …


  553. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    Maranatha (677)

    Thank you for sharing that weblink. I think he is really dedicated to his ministry. That was very insightful.

  554. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    @ Claire (678)

    I often make references to:

    “Once a symbol is created, it acquires power of its own, and more power is generated when such symbol(s) are created without the profane [uninitiated] knowing about it. And, the greatest power of all is created in the symbol(s) if the uninitiated NEVER discover that the symbol exists.”

    As you can see, knowing is powerful.

  555. Like your articles, but feel that you missed out of half of the symbolism and failed to create a cohesive plot behind the movie…but oh well.

    Note on the hexagram in the intro of the movie: it is behind bars. This is very intriguing to me, as hexagrams have been used to identify the Jews (and given the Nazi themes, this could be a reference to the oppression of the Jews), but hexagrams also are incredibly protective and powerful and symbolize balance on this plane…and the bars…are keeping this power from coming forth perhaps? But then, with the pyramid next to the hexagram behind bars and the continuing Christian theme, I would have to assume that she is referencing the slavery of the Jews in Egypt as is told in the Old Testament of the Bible. She is drawing an allegory from that, to Nazi oppression and using both to parallel the violence and confusion that Christianity, not recognizing any other appropriate love other than between man and a woman, has brought to sexuality. It has repressed homosexuals in such a violent, emotional way that it can and is comparable with the torment that the Jews have faced time and again.

    She has stated over and over that this movie is a tribute to the love of the gay community and the strength they have to persevere and be who they are, no matter what they suffer for it…slavery, gas chambers, ridicule, oppression, forced relationships with the opposite sex because they feel they must deny who they really are until they break free…'s like rape in a very real sense. Which she also showed in her movie.

    BTW, thank you for finally drawing a line between white magic and black magic, upright symbols and reversed…as they are two very different worlds, unrelated with two very different aims. Cheers!

  556. These occult meanings only have power if you give it to them. I highly doubt Lady GaGa, Rihanna, Madonna, Beyonce, Jay-Z and the others go home and worship the devil surrounded by a pentagram. And from interviews I've seen I don't think besides Jay-Z that they intentionally write their lyrics with Satanic references. However, if they do include these occult symbols on purpose. What is the problem? If it makes money to not be a devil worshipper but make money and be successful just by secretly hinting at it I'd do it to. It is also foolish to think that children are being recruited to the "dark side" by a music video with meanings that they dont know. I didnt even know about thing like monarch programming wtf until sites like these came along. So give it a rest, Lady GaGa is a visual, musical, and fashion mastermind and should be accepted as so.

  557. Horse in the Coat on

    Wow, after reading those comments few phrases pop into my mind.

    Something like …."There is no Bad publicity" even if you/we hate her you/we talk about her (a lot)

    and "Divide and conquer" people fighting with each other over religious issues.(which is ridiculous in itself, Like killing in a name of God)

    Im not a believer but i distinctly remember words like "Forgiveness" "do not judge" etc.

    And what about Alejandro Jodorowsky, maybe some connection there?

    Anyway thanx, its still a thought food! 😉

  558. @ EWB You are so right. That's scary about Michael. Randy went in the hospital for chest pains the other day. I hope he's ok.

    @Marnatha I didn't get to check it out yesterday but I will today

    thank you

  559. @646 regarding Miley Cyrus, I think we'll start seeing the really obvious signs from her very soon. She's had the Dissociation in a clear and open way for some time now (with her Miley/Hannah duality.) It was more than just the part she's playing, she always used the classic "I become Hannah." Everything about Miley Cyrus screams trauma-based mind control, and it wouldn't be shocking at all if she was essentially Billy Ray Cyrus' sacrifice for his fame (not in the death sense, but in the "use her as you see fit" sense.)

    She already seems like she's starting to break down a bit. I expect within the next few years she will either completely morph into her "dark side" persona, whatever that may be, or she'll have a total meltdown (ala Britney, Lohan, etc.)

  560. She is talking about her inner struggles with God and religion in the video. She's rebelling as blah stated. She claims belief in God and Jesus. She doesn't exactly define her beliefs though. She's not on CRIBS showing off all her bling. She's working hard to show that fame kills and the entertainment industry is poisonous. That's why we don't hear of her hooking up with everyone in Hollywood. VC I think your articles are great. This one was OK. Not great though. She's saying don't call my name she just wants to smoke her cigarette and hush. She's saying that she's struggling with good and evil. In the end, she takes in the HOLY (swallowing the Rosary). I think what Lady Gaga does IS different than other artists bc they embrace their exploitation while Lady Gaga points it out to the public. Like in Bad Romance. She wouldn't have named the song BAD Romance if she was promoting the relationship between entertainers and the industry as being something positive. I'm not defending her. Just stating that my interpretation of the video is that she is struggling with her upbringing and wanting to do what feels good even though she knows its wrong. Also, she may be using the soldier theme to represent how soldiers are controlled and non-thinking. I know she uses the one eye thing alot. I suspect she is Luciferian. She will probably be a big promoter of Maitreya when he proclaims himself as God. (He claims to "hang" with Jesus.) Anyway, I don't think she's trying to promote Satanism. She's a freaking entertainer and she's showing us her HUMANITY in that she just wants physical pleasure, but knows that GOD is calling her to stop seeking out the physical plane for satisfaction. The Nun on the strings at the end makes me think that she portrays soldiers and clergy as puppets. She was a little Catholic schoolgirl like Madonna and she's artistically portraying her inner struggle with faith, religion, and God.

  561. WOW! I must say that I honestly didn't think about any of that. It was a complete revelation to me. Thank you… For completely misinterpreting that. This video is nothing more than what GaGa wants, and says, it is. These symbols are all taken completely out of context. I wish I could write in-depth analyses like this. Oh wait, I can: The sky is blue, which is an illuminati color, and that means that Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Jay-Z, and the entire music industry are all slaves to Lucifer. Not to mention, water is wet; that means that they are all carrying out some secret plot for some secret, dead, organization that plans on creating a new world order through pop-culture. I totally understand things now! By the way all of these analyses are completely bogus. They contain no factual information; they are completely non sequitur; they're ad hominem, meaning it is an argument that is simply appealing to the emotions of peoples rather that logic or reason. This is a new fad, analyzing the symbolism in music videos. The problem is that it's SYMBOLISM, meaning it is completely subjective. Come on Vigilant. If you are going to argue to me that the entire music industry is part of some master plan, constructed by the illuminati, to create a new world order; at least give me a legitimate argument. Not some half-cooked nonsense you probably babbled in one of your fever dreams. Also to make it seem a little more believable, make sure to take all the advertisements for these pseudosciences off all the analyses. :)

  562. First Katy Perry blasts away the evil Alejandro video, now her candylicious California Gurls video is out, booby whip creaming evil gummy bears, no seeing eyes or baphomet.

    Praise Katy for standing up against evil.

  563. O.K.- when this country dose indeed begin to emerge into a fascist police state will you believe?

  564. @ EWB thank you for the info about the symbols.Knowledge is power.Just because you refuse to acknowledge something does not deny its existence, It only makes you more vulnerable to be deceived.

    WOw , I see Lady GAGA post really bring out alot of passion and emotion in people.It baffles my mind that you can idolize another human being so much. How can you justify evil? There is no riding the fence?You people dont really know lady gaga? Why do you worship her? You can never judge a book by its cover , Look at Tiger Woods, no one thought he was addicted to porn stars and ambien. The things on tv are an illusion.Its only for your entertainment.

  565. omg this makes so much sense. this is really y i fell in love with gaga, cuz 4 a while the music industry n music vids were bleh n uncreative, then gaga came n it was fresh n i was hooked. i had 3 web pages with 10 tabs each with her music on youtube. but then i read this blog with her being an illuminati puppet n i made myself take a gaga detox. i was crushed. i had a "relapse" and was hooked again, but after seeing the alejandro video i'm just disturbed!!! i saw it once and never watch it again. i do not wish to!!! she took it too far this time, it's a pity 2 see talent go to waste like this. hm, all this made me think, it is said that satan was the angel of music, well now i see y….

    btw, i request that u review katy perry's "california girls" video. i did not see any symbolism like the all seeing eye, but it was a bit fishy the way the video was. Also, Miley Cyrus' "Can't be Tamed" video, is there anything we should know about that too??

  566. This is petty but I picked up on it. During Michael Jackson televised funeral. Madonna opened the cermony and I caught this the other day: when MJ was six blah, blah, blah, when I was six, blah, blah, blah, and when MJ was six blah, blah, blah. Get where I am going with this. She said 6 three times in the opening of the cermony. Just a thought.

  567. Woke up to this video one morning and i just HAD to turn it off. It scares the crap out of me. I never got as far as the coffin scene in the begining. I am so done with this creepy woman. It think its quite brilliant of the illuminati to make the songs catchy and then use the videos as the real tools for thier agenda. God help us all!

  568. I found a youtube video on Oprah. It's called Oprah denies Christ. This is a prime example of the wrong person getting a hold of you to preach false gospel. Imagine if before you learned the truth about God, and a person against God gets to you first. Thats a prime example of what happens to people like Oprah, Gaga, Beyonce Jay-Z, and gaga's little monsters. Moving on a while back Oprah did a show about God, the funny part Oprah was talking all this hoopla against God and the christians in the audience went in on Oprah. This is probably where her carefully placed audience comes in at. We all know her audience is fake or has to follow certain rules….any way Oprah tried to make the arguement that " if someone around the world knows nothing about God, do they go to hell" her arguement was there is 100's of ways to get to God, her audience replied yeah through Jesus. and that God said he would not return untill his name has been preached to the 4 corners of the earth" ( I was cheering in my seat) Oprah was looking uber stupid. My point is it's easy for the wrong person to get a hold to you and plant false ideas into your head that may seem to makes sense. It's best to read and decide for yourself. I have to admitt I just began my journey to God and it started with me, but I imagine if the wrong person got to me first and planted their ideas in my head as the word. This is what is happening today. Our celebs are being duked with false idea. Another example Bill Maher…he hates God but if you listen to him talk about God you would know this man has never touched a Bible in his life. I had to report this. Oprah started talking against God and her audience ( I think this show was taped in the 90's oprah was skinny) did her in the correct way. Her final response was I do not want to talk about it…..thats how I know her audience is brainwashed and fake. I would say that show was the turning point. Check out the video " oprah denies christ" funny

  569. 16withdreams on

    Thanks for the article, i read all your articles faithfully and try to make the most of them. I'm only sixteen, I am a Christian, and i try to do the right thing by telling my friends about it and everything but they are skeptical about it and even with the great facts you give they still act ignorant. I hope people open their eyes soon.

  570. seeing what you miss on

    Not sure if any one has ever noticed .Lady Gaga has a peace symbol on her left arm below her wrist. those in the Christian circle will realize this is also an upside down cross – it resembles Jesus lifting his hands from the cross upside down ..

  571. @693annoyed- Shot in the dark huh? Watch the Ozzy video of the same name, see if it creeps you out how the frightened girl becomes possessed and turned into the devils bride hahaha

  572. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    @ .Mosby (701),

    You made good points! I used to watch Bill Maher on HBO. I cannot listen to him make fun of Jesus any longer.

  573. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    @ Mosby:

    1) left click on the weblink in the web search box to highlight it (when I highlight a link, the highlight is blue)

    or drag the curser across the weblink if it is in the context or webpage

    2) right click to choose copy

    3) then right click to paste where it needs to go

    Hope this helps

  574. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    @ seeing what you missed (703)

    That is what you chose to believe. I was taught to never play with religion. Entertainment such as this is not of the Lord.

    In my opinion, Not-A-Lady Gaga is demonizing the Lord. Upside down cross has always been respectful among the Christians. Do you even know what the cross symbolizes? If you did, then you would also know the compassion and love Christians have for the symbolism of a cross. Without that wooden cross, we would not have salvation or eternal life.

    Satan loves to trick the Lord’s children to believe his lies. He always blends the truth with lies and people would fall for it every time.

  575. i actually thought that this was a song about a spanish forbidden love untill i saw this video……………as of lately i have been seeing son sick deluded stuff from gaga especially with that video telephone, i am a gaga fan i always thoughts that she was just different and risky but when i saw that video i realize that something is definitely wrong with her.

  576. plz ppl lets not judge plz, it is not our place to judge her, i believe that gaga knows what she is doing and she has to face the consequences of her actions.

  577. I'm what u call a non believer , but I can see this propaganda they are pushing and that's why Goebbels is spinning in his grave with envy and the blatant push of their agenda , the dAMN seeing eye , pyramid ; desecrating christian symbols seems to be their main goal , not the music .

    Obviously there is sophisticated brain washing going on by these deviants running the entertainment Industry and no wonder the Not So Lady like Caca has a hard time explianing the "her creative process" because it's done by committee w/ the record head saying what symbols and messages or themes are to be put in each video/song , carried out by the puppet Video Director > So I doubt she has little say in anything , given all the top "artists" are doing the same imagery and propaganda .

    They are flushing the distinction of music down the toilette , flushing creativity for the sake of music and not propaganda down the toilette ; flushing young individual minds that should be FREE THINKERS , able to logically question authority , transforming them to brain washed sheep . willing to except RFID Chips , Occults , New World Order and the rest of the crap they are peddling . These people are more dangerous than any foreign standing Army , as Pres. Andrew Jackson said the Bankers (connected to Entertainment Industry )….are more dangerous than any military outside of country .

  578. For the naysayers, I do not think it is about proof, it is about interpretation and hopefully some exposing of the subliminal messages. It is up to you to whether you want to believe, do more research or not, investigate for yourself or not, the choice is yours.

    I think the same goes for those of us that believe in God and Jesus as God Incarnate. We can only testify to what He he has done in our lives and how he has proved Himself to us. Yes, there are many churches and people that say they act in the name of Christ yet that are very critical, judgmental and mean. I did not choose Christ because of the christians in the world, I choose to believe on Jesus Christ because of the life He led and His invitation to me to make Him my Lord and Saviour. That invitation is for everyone. Your choice.

    I was deeply involved in the occult as a teenager and have felt the presence of evil a few times right near me. You can choose to believe me or not. That evil I felt was extreme anger, demons are very angry.

    Which brings me to my last point, my own personal intuitive reaction is that when she is singing Alejandro she is talking about Jesus and telling Him not to call her name. She is singing "don't call my name" Jesus talks so often about our names being in the Book of Life, how he calls us by name etc….

    So we now have all kinds of people unknowingly, singing along to a song, where it is basically telling God to not call their name. That mantra will not leave your head if you listen to the song.

    The general overall theme in both the video and American Idol is one of turning her back on Jesus and joining Lucifer.

    This is all my humble opinion of course, choose to believe or not.

    Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine.

    Isaiah 43:1-3

  579. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    @ empress (714)

    May I?

    We observe, judge, evaluate or examine (pick a verb) to know what is right or wrong for us. If we did not judge, we all would be in trouble. You and some others have the "do not judge concept" all wrong.

    We are not to judge people in by saying they are going to Heaven or hell. He is the is only judge to send souls to Heaven or condemn them to hell. As of now, we do not know where Not-A-Lady Gaga will go. All we know is her actions go against the Lord's principles. Whether she knows or not, we are suppose to show concern for her as well as be aware of her self-destruction and influence it can have on others. I do not believe Gaga and others on this board truly understand the severity of her actions. There is more to the Bible than "do not judge."

  580. Eminem's new song: NOT AFRAID is clearly anti-Illuminati..Vigilant Please do a article on this…to show that SOME rappers still are famous for their talent.

  581. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    @ NotAfraid (717)

    When I read your comment, it was very touching. The Lord wants us to read the Bible to put his words on our hearts, so we would abide in Him and He in us. If people are singing "Alejandro" then they are removing Him from their hearts. I want Him to call my name.

    People can say I really do not know what the song means, so I am innocent. There are hints in the song and clues in the video. We all are held accountable for our actions. We should be careful not to sing or say words/phrases if we are not sure of their meanings.

    Someone on this blog mentioned people believing in a book written by men and not God. That person does not know that when Jesus was here, he too read books in the old testament of the Bible.

    I was told that if nonbelievers saw the power of Satan work in their lives, they would run to the Lord screaming.

  582. Everyone seems to have missed the Alice in wonderland references/Cheshire Cat at the very beggining . there is so much sybolisum here one could do a book. At this point I think they are pandering to VC and others on the web. Maddona wasnt original either,all her "ideas: are taken from old art film and other influences.

  583. EWB- I don't know if you got my thank-you ( links). My comment was erased. Thanks.

    To add to the board. It's not to condemn these people. It's to make others aware. You have the right to know and make a decision based on the facts & truth. We all have freedom of relegion but misleading is wrong. Weather our world is about to blow or not we know God will return one day. So we have to pass down the truth to our future generations. So that they will not, as my teacher would say " be a lost ball in high weeds"

  584. @Everyone will Bow (716)

    Yes I agree. There is power in music to affect our spirits.

    Before choosing and becoming a Christian I do believe I had some demon oppression, perhaps even possession. The night I gave my life to Jesus, I felt the demons swirling about my bedroom, it was horrifying and something I will never forget. Satan and his army only seek to destroy us, that was so clear to me. As a teenager I wanted his (being Satan) power and I invited that evil into my life, in some ways not really realizing what I was doing.

    It is hard when you want people to see.

    Although I have not had the time to research all the symbols, mystery religions and mythology that has become so embedded in our culture, my spirit senses these things I guess from my past involvement with the occult so I have to be careful.

    Thanks for your encouragement.

    And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God's love. Neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither our fears for today nor our worries about tomorrow–not even the powers of hell can separate us from God's love.

    Romans 8:38