Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” – The Illuminati Manifesto


Lady Gaga’s single “Born This Way” introduces the viewers to the birth of a “new race” and to a new world, using intricate imagery and a precise narrative. It is a psychedelic trip filled with occult and archetypal symbols, telling the story of a cosmic birth and new ideals. However, behind its outward message of acceptance, a more sinister message lies embedded in the symbolism of the video. We will look at the underlying meaning of “Born This Way” and analyze the meaning of the occult symbolism in the video.

Lady Gaga is back, y’all.  And she’s got horns on her forehead. And she’s in space. And she’s making 90’s dance music. And my head just exploded. But seriously, Born this Way seems to provoke in people two opposite reactions, depending on their knowledge of occult symbolism. It is either “What the heck just happened here?” or “This is really blatant”.  The reason is simple. The video contains new strange elements that might confuse viewers but it also contains symbolism that is extremely ancient. Although the video is set in a futuristic, intergalactic world, it deals with the most primal concept of humanity: motherhood. It plays on human’s archetypal fascination and/or repulsion towards the act of giving birth.

Although the lyrics of Born This Way are about unconditional acceptance, with a special focus on homosexuality, the video’s scope goes way beyond the subject of sexual orientation. It narrates the birth of a new race within humanity. Laurieann Gibson, the creative director of the video describes this concept:

“At first, when I thought about birthing a new race and adding the prosthetics, I thought that maybe they should have a certain way they should walk or maybe they move a certain way, but then I realized it is actually a race within our race; it’s a mindset.”

Gaga is not giving birth to a human but to a “new race” within humanity. The symbolism of the video makes it clear that this birth is not natural, but artificially provoked. A twisted immaculate conception. As is the case for most Lady Gaga videos, the theme of mind control is important in the video. It is the process through which the metamorphosis will take place.  In Monarch programming terms, we are witnessing the birth of a new persona within the “core personality” of humanity. The birth is happening within the minds of people and is visually represented by creepy facial horns.

(If you have not read previous articles on this site, mind control programming is the process through which a handler causes within a subject the “birth” of a new persona that can be programmed at will, through trauma and abuse. It is an actual process used by the CIA – MK-Ultra – and symbolism pertaining to this practice is widely present  in popular culture. In the context of the video, the programming does not happen on a single person, but on a mass scale – a new race).

Furthermore, the esoteric imagery in the video describes a world change that is occurring as an alchemical process: The creation of magic through the unification of opposing forces portrayed through the use of archetypal symbols and messages. Yup, we’re still talking about a Lady Gaga video.

The Director

Although Born This Way is considered new and innovative, it is a perfect continuation of the themes exploited by previous Lady Gaga videos. Nick Knight, the director of the video, brings a different look and feel to Gaga’s message, but it remains very “elite friendly”. The fashion photographer is known for his visually dazzling photos and has worked with Alexander McQueen, Calvin Klein, Christian Dior, Kylie Minogue, Gwen Stefani and many others. His past work has also contained allusions to Monarch mind control.

Knight’s distinctive style in Born This Way was inspired by surrealist painters such as Salvador Dali and Francis Bacon. Let’s look at the video’s symbolism.

The Immaculate Conception

The video begins with the superposition of two evocative symbols:

Pink triangles pointing downwards were used in Nazi concentration camps to denote homosexual men. The same pink triangle pointing upwards has become a symbol of gay pride and gay rights. On an esoteric level, triangles pointing down are archetypal symbols  representing the sacred feminine (in opposition to the upwards pointing triangle representing the phallic masculine). The inverted triangle is emblematic of the womb, the vessel and the uterus. It is the passive principle awaiting the active principle.

Inside the triangle is a unicorn, an ancient mythological creature emblematic of purity, spiritual enlightenment and fierceness – the horn is often viewed as symbolic of the union of with God. In esoteric terms it refers to the third eye or the pineal gland.

In Christian symbolism, the Unicorn is a symbol of Christ. It is also often associated with the Virgin Mary.

“Symbolically, the unicorn is a representation of Jesus, the horn represents the unity of Jesus and God, its fierceness and defiance were said to be a reminder that nothing can control Jesus against his will, and the small size of the animal represented Jesus’ humility.”
– Heather Changeri, The Virgin and the Unicorn

The link between the unicorn and the concept of virginity was popularized by a medieval myth describing how to hunt the creature. In order to catch a unicorn, a virgin is put in the field; the animal then comes to her and is caught, because it lies down in her lap.

This unicorn is inside a womb symbolically represented by the inverted triangle and therefore symbolically awaiting birth. The concept of purity associated with unicorn implies an “immaculate conception” as no sexual relation was needed to provoke this cosmic pregnancy (yes, I just said “cosmic pregnancy”). Gaga herself referred to this song in similar terms.

“I wrote [‘Born This Way’] in 10 f—ing minutes. And it is a completely magical message song. And after I wrote it, the gates just opened, and the songs kept coming. It was like an immaculate conception.”
– Lady Gaga, Our Lady of Pop, Vogue Magazine

According to Carl Jung, whether we look at the religious or occult meaning of the unicorn, it ends up portraying the same concept: the union of seemingly opposite forces (i.e. purity and strength).

“The unicorn’s most vital function has been as a symbol, whether of power or virility, or purity, or the combination of opposites, of the male horn and the female body. Many modern interpreters regard this last role as the crucial one and relate it to the symbolism of the soul as the spark of divine light in the darkness of matter and evil, the body, and to the concept of the hermaphrodite as the perfect union of opposites.”
– Carl Jung, Man, Myth and Magic

That’s a lot of text to explain a single frame of the video. It is, however, an important frame because it sums up the entire concept of the video in a single image: the birth of a spiritual/galactic/metaphorical entity from an immaculate conception.

But what exactly is being born?In her narrative, Gaga says it is a new race, but the video, and the video’s director, suggests that it is a race born within the existing race, from people’s own minds. In the video, a symbolic image replaces the unicorn.

Gaga has two faces, not unlike Janus, the god of gateways and beginnings. In mind-control terms, the mask implies the existence of a programmed alter-personality. Porcelain masks are used in the actual (and horrific) Monarch programming process on slaves and handlers (in the video, Gaga seems to embody both roles).

“Fire torture and melted wax is used to make the child victim believe their face has been burned. Then the programmer generously gives the traumatized alters a porcelain mask. The alter getting the Porcelain face may be given a “gem” hypnotically like Jade and that becomes their secret name. There are several different methods that are available to lay in the porcelain face programming. There has been a great deal of porcelain casts made of people’s faces and then masks made of them. In fact, when a handler dies, at least in one case the replacement handler wore a mask to look like the previous handler.”
– Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave

The mask inside the triangle implies the birth of a synthetic being, a human construct: a pre-established mindset for humanity. After this, Gaga begins her “Manifesto of Mother Monster”, describing the mindset.


Manifesto of Mother Monster and Birth

Gaga announces the birth of a new race in a speech with heavy occult undertones that contains references to ancient hermetic principles.

“This is the manifesto of Mother Monster: On G.O.A.T., a Government -Owned Alien Territory in space, a birth of magnificent and magical proportions took place.”

The magical birth took place on a “Government-Owned Alien Territory” – which is alluding to the fact that the birth is taking place under the supervision and approval of the powers that be: the elite, the Illuminati. It is also a great way to form the acronym G.O.A.T. and a great way to bring up Baphomet.

Gaga, playing the role of the Virgin about to give birth is symbolically shown inside the goat head, which emphasizes the occult and ritualistic nature of the birth taking place. Baphomet, represented by a goat’s head, is symbolic of magic created by the union of opposite forces, hence its androgyny (see the erect phallic symbol and the female breasts).

Baphomet is of great importance in Aleister Crowley’s Thelema – a modern occult philosophy that seems to be a source of inspiration for Gaga’s Manifesto. According to Crowley, Baphomet is a representative of the spiritual nature of the spermatozoa, while also being symbolic of the “magical child” produced as a result of sex magic. As such, Baphomet represents the Union of Opposites, especially as mystically personified in Chaos and Babalon, combined and biologically manifested with the sperm and egg united in the zygote.

“He is ‘The Devil’ of the Book of Thoth, and His emblem is Baphomet the Androgyne who is the hieroglyph of arcane perfection … He is therefore Life, and Love. But moreover his letter is ayin, the Eye, so that he is Light; and his Zodiacal image is Capricornus, that leaping goat whose attribute is Liberty.”
Aleister Crowley, Magick Book 4

Concepts similar to those expressed by Crowley are incorporated to the Manifesto:

“But the birth was not finite. It was infinite. As the wombs numbered and the mitosis of the future began, it was perceived that this infamous moment in life is not temporal, it is eternal. And thus began the beginning of the new race, a race within the race of humanity, a race which bears  no prejudice, no judgment, but boundless freedom.”

Is the “mitosis of the future” equivalent to Crowley’s “new eon”? The emphasis on the term “liberty” and “freedom” might be a reference to Crowley’s “Do What Thou Wilt” ethos, a concept calling for the seeking of one’s “True Will” without regard for the boundaries of ethics, moral principles or the concept of good and evil. The embrace of both good and evil is further portrayed in the video.

As Gaga says these words, she is shown giving birth to … something. As this something gets pushed out, butterflies appear.

Butterflies (especially Monarch butterflies) are symbolic of Monarch programming. Mind-control slaves who successfully create an alter-persona are compared to butterflies emerging from their cocoon. This implies that Gaga’s “new race” or “new philosophy” is not something that occurs naturally in society. It is rather something that will be forced on humanity using mind-control techniques.

The creation of this “beautiful” race leads to the birth of an evil entity, which seemingly exists to protect its interests and force its will upon the world.

But on that same day, as the eternal mother hovered in the mulitverse, another more terrifying birth took place: the birth of evil. And as she herself split into two, rotating in agony between two ultimate forces, the pendulum of choice began its dance. It seems easy,  you imagine, to gravitate instantly and unwaveringly towards good. But she wondered, how can I protect something so perfect without evil?

As those words are being said, the camera slides upwards towards Gaga, forming a semi-hidden skull head made of human bodies, symbols of sacrifice representing the evil that resulted from birthing the “pure” creation. This concept is illustrated by the symbol of ying and yang and the Masonic checkered floor, where black and white coexist in an infinite pattern.

The evil force is represented by human skulls, which symbolically represent the elite’s death-culture, which celebrates sacrifices in order to generate “new life”. To illustrate the “political and governmental” aspect of this concept Gaga is shown firing a military rifle while church bells ring (announcing death of the masses).

Evil is therefore depicted as a necessary force to balance the existence of good (or what is portrayed as good in the video, as mind control is never “good”).

Thought this song was about gay pride? Apparently not. Oh, and then the song starts.

Him or H-I-M

The song starts with an odd statement:

“It doesn’t matter if you love him, or capital H-I-M”

Who is “Him” and, more importantly who is capital H-I-M? At first glance, “Him” can be interpreted as a masculine lover, in accordance with the “gay pride” aspect of the song. In that case, who or what is “capital H-I-M”? Is it God? In that is she referring to the distance between homosexuality and traditional religions? HIM is also the name of a popular Finnish rock band whose acronym stands for “His Infernal Majesty”.  In this context, is Gaga saying “It doesn’t matter if you love him (God), or capital H-I-M (Satan)”? If that is the case, it would certainly fit with the dualistic, good versus evil, message of the video and the Thelemic theme of her manifesto.

Further in the song, another line states:

“A different lover is not a sin
Believe capital H-I-M (hey, hey, hey)”

In this spiritual context, is the “regular lover” God and the “different lover” His Infernal Majesty?

Dualism continues to be visually represented throughout the video with scenes celebrating life and love juxtaposed with scenes of celebrating death.

The rest of the video is a lot less symbol-intensive, as the focus shifts on choreography and female crotch-grabbing. No Gaga video (or any music business pawn’s video for that matter) is complete without the One-Eye Sign.

The video ends with a symbolic image, one to be expected when understanding the dualistic theme portrayed throughout the video.

The last frame of the video is the opposite of the first, as the pink triangle is pointing upwards. This alludes to the appropriation of this Nazi symbol by the gay rights movement and its reversal.

On an esoteric level, the upright triangle is the response to the inverted triangle and signals the end of the alchemical process. It represents the union of the opposites, in order to accomplish the Great Work: the occult transformation of men. When combined, the upright and the inverted triangle become a six-pointed star, a symbol known as the Philospher’s Stone or the Seal of Solomon.

“The interlacing triangles or deltas symbolize the union of the two principles or forces, the active and passive, male and female, pervading the universe … The two triangles, one white and the other black, interlacing, typify the mingling of apparent opposites in nature, darkness and light, error and truth, ignorance and wisdom, evil and good, throughout human life.”
– Albert G. Mackey, Encyclopedia of Freemasonry

If the video started with the unicorn inside the inverted triangle, symbolizing the impending birth of a pure spiritual being, the video ends with the opposite energy, death and corruption. Zombie-gaga, the evil by-product of the change imposed by G.O.A.T. In order for magic to happen, both of these triangles are necessary and they need to be united.

Meaning of the Video

The song by itself has an uplifting message: to love and accept oneself unconditionally, the way God made us. However (there’s always a “however” with Gaga), the video takes things to another level … literally. The “Manifesto of Mother Monster” and its related symbolism give the song a cosmic-battle-between-good-and-evil quality, interlaced with the heralding of a new race and, to use Crowley’s terminology, a new eon.

In the context of the video, Born This Way is actually a tail of REbirth and of transformation. As Gaga’s choreographer stated, it is a race within our race; it’s a mindset. This change of mindset is not portrayed as the result of a natural evolution, but rather as a forced change symbolized by the Monarch programming imagery.  All of this is happening in the Government-Owned-Alien-Territory, a clever way of stating that this new race is something that the occult elite wants to see happening. In the video, Gaga (and hundreds of clones) are created in a high-tech, government-owned lab. Are we truly preaching no prejudice, no judgment, but boundless freedom? The Manifesto’s ideals therefore only apply to the new, forcefully created race, which is distinguishable from “normal” people by the horn thingies. Is this a sign of superiority? Are the horns any different than the pink triangle used to distinguish gays during the Nazi regime?

Those who do not adhere to this mind-controlled race will apparently feel the wrath of “evil Gaga” and be killed because, as she says, How can I protect something so perfect without evil? The video contradicts and twists the liberating meaning of the song and turns it into something rather oppressive and disturbing. The “new race” is the masses of the New World Order, under the influence of mass mind control and pushed into a precise kind of spirituality, resembling a dumbed-down version of Crowley’s Thelema. This world metamorphosis is perceived by the occult elite as an alchemical transformation, a Great Work. It is visually represented by the opposing forces illustrated throughout the video. The process is meant to create something “pure and perfect”, a new world that is purged from its non-desired elements (portraying a New World Order as the end result of an alchemical process is often referred to in elitist art  – see the article Analysis of the Occult Symbols Found on the Bank of America Murals). From the viewpoint of the masses, who must go through this forced rebirth, the process is ugly, terrifying and pure evil.  The video however, – as most offerings of pop culture – portrays the view of the elite.

In Conclusion

In order to keep the youth interested and attracted to the elite’s agenda, creators of pop videos cleverly combines fresh visuals with mind-numbing repetition. Each new video attempts to bring an exciting or shocking element to generate some interest but, at the end of the line, the core message remains stubbornly on-par with the Illuminati Agenda. Born This way uses the classic technique of duplicity, which can be defined as “contradictory doubleness of thought, speech, or action; especially, the concealment of one’s true intentions by deceptive words or actions”. The song’s lyrics say one thing, but the powerful symbols within the video go in the opposite direction. This leads to a contradiction our minds attempt to resolve: Is “boundless freedom” equivalent to the coercive new world portrayed by Gaga?

Despite the superficial eccentricity of the song, Born This Way is about conforming and adhering to a pre-defined mindset, a philosophy that is compatible with a New World Order. It is not Gaga’s vision, it is their vision. It is the mind state they want you to adopt in order for them to carry on with their Agenda unopposed. This is what they want you to think: There are no important values or moral codes; good and evil are a big blur and being a mindless zombie is cool. If you think this way, “you’re on the right track baby”. I’m not. Guess I wasn’t born that way.




    • I completely agree with what u said.

      but do not underestimate the amount of Nicki Minaj's "sheeples"

      because she she has many of them as well. Ridiculous?

      I feel the same. but sadly even i have a couple friends

      who are die hard fans as well, that can be possibly or

      closely equivalent to Gaga/ Beiber fan love. #JustSaying

      • Did anyone else see all the people bowing down at around 2:10 min into the video? as she was holding the gun up in the background image… maybe a Reference to illuminati world power and police force or something like that just and idea is all.

    • What other symbolism is there? What benefit would he have in running this website if he is one of "them"? What "details" is he leaving out?

      Vigilant makes good points, I don't detect any dis info here. I am just curious as to what essential info he would leave out to somehow mislead people.

      He clearly states what the illmunati agenda is and shows how they seek to manipulate our minds in order for us to give there movement strength and support without our understanding or even knowing (the essence of mind control is really to create slaves)

      I don't see how this website benefits their overall agenda, as secrecy is essential to the success of their plans. Bringing light to the darkness does not really fit into their doctrine.

      • Umm, do you really think the music industry is really trying to hide any of this stuff, it's so obvious and bluntly evident, LOL. They aren't, they know what's being said, you don't think they have access to the web??? It's a part of their marketing, and this site capitalizes on this stuff just the same way, two sides of the same coin, creators of the use of imagery and the dissectors, it's created to be discussed. The music industry is well aware there are tonnes of youtube video's about this stuff. It's just getting boring, it's marketing and gimmicky. It draws the attention, that's the goal.


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      • Well I think the fact that the meening seems so obvious is done on purpose.

        I mean of course it is a marketing approach even more for the singer who's beggining in the music industry, because either people will be talking in a good or bad way when noticing some mysticals symbols. But in any case we will talk about it and make the buzz for this new coming artist.

        But at the same time I really think there is a "plan" that we just can't figure out today and the puppet and the messages they're sending is just a way for them to manipulate people by sending us on the wrong side. And when racking our brains by trying to translate those symbols and fofusing on the music industry, the "big bosses" (not to say some politicians and presidents of big some companies) are preparing their plot and when everything will be ready and having enough power then they will throw away their puppet (if not needed) and then who knows what will happen…

    • even people who don't know about the Illuminati still thought this video is creepy and has some sinister message in it.

      • Cognitive dissonance

        From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

        The Fox and the Grapes by Aesop. When the fox fails to reach the grapes, he decides he does not want them after all, an example of adaptive preference formation, designed to reduce cognitive dissonance.[1]

        Cognitive dissonance is an uncomfortable feeling caused by holding conflicting ideas simultaneously. The theory of cognitive dissonance proposes that people have a motivational drive to reduce dissonance. They do this by changing their attitudes, beliefs, and actions.[2] Dissonance is also reduced by justifying, blaming, and denying. It is one of the most influential and extensively studied theories in social psychology.

        Experience can clash with expectations, as, for example, with buyer's remorse following the purchase of an expensive item. In a state of dissonance, people may feel surprise,[2] dread, guilt, anger, or embarrassment. People are biased to think of their choices as correct, despite any contrary evidence. This bias gives dissonance theory its predictive power, shedding light on otherwise puzzling irrational and destructive behavior.

        A classical example of this idea (and the origin of the expression "sour grapes") is expressed in the fable The Fox and the Grapes by Aesop (ca. 620–564 BCE). In the story, a fox sees some high-hanging grapes and wishes to eat them. When the fox is unable to think of a way to reach them, he surmises that the grapes are probably not worth eating, as they must not be ripe or that they are sour. This example follows a pattern: one desires something, finds it unattainable, and reduces one's dissonance by criticizing it. Jon Elster calls this pattern "adaptive preference formation."[1]

    • As if we need more proof of LG's troubles, I came across these quotes on a website regarding her past:

      The singer refused to elaborate further on the experience, only saying that "all of the trauma I caused to myself. Or it was caused by people that I met when being outrageous and irresponsible."

      "I didn't have a bad childhood," the Manhattan native reportedly told Strauss. "All of the things I went through were on my own quest for an artistic journey to f–k myself up like Warhol and Bowie and Mick, and just go for it."

      Could have been one of those 'sold her soul' periods of time she was going through. She did say she caused it to herself…..

    • Rev. Deborah on

      So, when will we see Gaga suffer the "Charlie Sheen" effect? All this mind control will show up eventually.

      • aingeal1004 on

        The 'Charlie Sheen' effect might not show. It still depends because different people react to things differently. Maybe Lady Gaga would experience it but it can't be seen. Or maybe she might not even face it as they could have just used her to promote their ideologies and she could have already been in the Illuminati since before she became famous. We never know cos there are after all, many many people under the Illuminati whom we don't know of, and I'm sure the main people directing or in the Illuminati wouldn't be susceptible to their own mind control systems, etc.

    • There's definitely an evil demonic monster inside this woman. She's the most creapiest female pop star I've ever seen in my life.

    • It's pretty idiotic to make assumptions about people based on a single sentence written online, especially one that, no matter how short, is still related to the topic at hand.

    • if u watched power puff girls as a kid you would know that there was one villian in it called HIM and it was like a gay satanic thing, like a gay demon spekaing with a high falsetoo girl voice,

      it was pretty freaky, maybe that was what gaga meant by him or something

    • OMG….so I wasn't sure where else to mention this but the most recent Gaga thread, and I'm sure it deserves a mention (if not a whole darn analysis unto itself).

      Gaga apparently has been seen sporting horns and protrusions on her cheeks and shoulders. When asked by Harper's Bazaar what was up with her prothestics (it's reasonable to assume), she said, "They're not prosthetics. They're my bones." She elaborated that the bones appear when she becomes inspired.

      Perhaps most chillingly she stated of the bones, "They've always been inside of me, but I have been waiting for the right time to reveal to the universe who I truly am."


      Here's the link, anyhow:

      I'd love to hear VC's take on this.

    • Anyone noticed with the picture of the hidden skull, there is an eye in the mid, right between the eyes of the skull… Illuminati much?

  1. A unicorn is a christian symbol? Although it is often affiliated with Pan, or other Fauns, typically a symbol of Bacchanallian hedonism?

    • FUCK LADY GAGA AND FUCK THE ILLUMINATI!!! Please excuse my french, I'm just fed up as I'm sure everyone else here is too.

      • I honestly used to be so obsessed with LG. And when I found out I was depressed for about 2 months. I know she isn't bad herself, but the choices she's making is really affecting her fans. And it really hurts to know that she would do all this, like really? why!?

        She must've, HAD TO, have gone through, experienced, or seen something that has caused her to go so deep into this Illuminati crap, because when she first started she wasn't like this. She has really changed. DRASTICALLY.

      • I completely agree. I used to be a big GaGa fan. Then her new album came out and I noticed how DARK the new songs were. It was really shocking – but I tried to like them and listened to them with my other music. But then the videos came out and even when I didn't know any of the symbolism in Bad Romance etc… I still felt dirty and disgusted after watching them. Now that I know what they mean – I feel even worse. Listen to Lady Gaga and then put on Owl City – what a difference in feeling the songs give! It's like going from Hell to Heaven.

      • There is a positive "Illuminati"…………it was here before the negative "Illuminati"…..the negative Illuminati are now in charge…………….but real "Illumination" can be attained with an understanding of the positive "Illuminati" and can defeat the negative "Illuminati"……

        go to and begin to regain your "power"….power that will defeat the "criminals in charge"……..

        listen to the website owner……….Dennis Fetcho………….you will become enlightened

        there is hope!

      • …whoa – really now? So the "spiritual ideology known as illuminati" is going at it within itself??

      • English is a LATIN based language. the English "AMEN" comes from the Latin "AMEN" which comes from the Hebrew AMEIN

      • English: The language is based off of multiple languages, including French, Spanish, and German (most commonly), as well as Latin itself. Go further, and you find that French, Spanish, and German languages all arose or were greatly influenced by the Roman conquerors. Know your history, then you can argue the basis of languages. At the heart of every language, there exists Latin.

      • Excuse me what? Ilea? You're saying at the heart of every language there exists Latin? No.

        Explain the roots of Chinese languages please. They are not Latin based. Germanic languages are not Latin based. ROMANCE languages (French, Spanish, Italian) ARE Latin based. Hebrew and Aramic are Latin based?

        Mother in latin = Mater

        Mother in Cantonese = 母 (Mou)

        I am going to present the phrase I love you in Latin then the same phrase expressed in other languages. Please show me how the heart of these languages are Latin.

        I love you in Latin = amo te

        I love you in French = Je t'aime

        I love you in German = Ich mag dich

        I love you in Norweigen = Jg elskr dg

        I love you in Sanskrit = Tvayi Snehiyami

        I love you in Hebrew = (Female to female) Ani ohevet otakh

        I love you in Japanes = (said only by women) aishiteru wa

        I love you in Sioux = techihhila

      • Thank you. The sheep don't realize it, but the video proves that they are being used as the "evil" part to protect that which is "beautiful". Christianity was a problem for them sure, but after 1983 IRS code 501 (c) (3) hampering free speech of pastors it was bought and sold wholesale. Paganism and Christianity are being used against each other in order to produce what the puppet masters want. In between this struggle, people truly believe they are working for god. Truth is they are being used to keep the other factions in line step with the jackboots plan. All are pawns before the hands of the mighty.

      • Even that has been manufactured. The bible that is used in the USA has been funded by Rothchilde to be rewritten and to have an extra emphasis on Revelation. Sorry folks but even your faiths are a creation. Forget that stuff. Don't wait for deities to come and save you because they never have and never will. All we have is each other.

      • the only enlightenment i need comes from people who don't think that the only enlightenment needed comes from the bible and jesus.

      • A positive Illuminati? Are you serious? Yea sure there's a positive Illuminati just like there are positive Satanists, positive Nazis and positive serial killers. When are people going to realize there's nothing positive surrounding the Illuminati besides maybe if your a member you can favoritism and break the law by being an affiliate. The Illuminati has always been secret and had questionable things it always kept in secret. Most of the time if not all, if a organization is secret they have a reason to hide. The Illuminati has always been about controlling the world. There's nothing positive about an organization that embraces the "All seeing Eye" as a symbol and hides in the shadows.

      • Yes, a positive Illuminati, or occultic order that is focused on evolution of our species, acceptance, and love. The All seeing Eye is just as much a symbol of the Christian god than anything else — wouldn't the Xtian believes agree that their god's eye is all seeing? It's hard to believe that all these strong believers can so quickly condemn other belief systems as controlling and not see that Xtianity does that same exact thing. Fear-mongering and guilt-tripping everybody into believing they are sinners and need forgiveness? Sounds like an ultra-handler to me! There's nothing that breaks my heart more than seeing little kids sitting in front of a man nailed to a cross and being told he did that for their sins. That stuff is just as messed up as any of this other bs.

        As far as mind control, have you SEEN the atrocities committed in Jesus' name? Why is the Catholic church so secretive about what is in its vault? Why are child molestors being protected by the church? What justifies their behavior in response to Copernicus and Gallileo? Why convince people that they need a priest to act as intermediary between them and god? Why can't people find their own path to the Infinite? Having to move thru a priest leaves all sorts of room for corruption.

        Whoever said that the mystery religions were based on Christianity has not done their research. The story of a son of god, born of a virgin, on the winter solstice, who came to save mankind has been told OVER AND OVER AND OVER for thousands of years before the xtian story.

        Just…think for yourself!!!

      • W-O-W Kalika! I cannot believe this coincidence! This is my EXACT (100%,not even 99%) view on Christianity! It's as if you used the exact same words I would use and express the exact same idea! It is amazing! Anyway,I've also had this opinion for some years now and I'm fifteen (15) years old. I too can't understand how Chrstians or any other people can't see what you're describing.

      • Oh thank the gods. Someone who can think for themselves! I agree with everything you wrote dear

      • Agreed!!

        Want to find religion(s) that murdered masses of people who didn't adhere to their belief system? It's easy.. they are the main religions today. And IMO there is nothing but real illumination to be gained from many of the mystery traditions. If someone perverted it to take over the world and kill everyone, it would be history as usual. Look what happened when Jesus said "love others as yourself"..

      • I always said, the day Lady Gaga shits butterflies and rainbows, is the day Hell freezes over and the demons put on ice skates! Apparently, that day has come…lol;)

        New Birth=SHIT! NWO=Not Worth anyone's Ovaries!!

      • If you want to make your point, I think something far more sophisticated in phrasing than "Pardon my French" would suffice; that is an expression so worn, that always sounded pathetic, it is fingernails on a chalkboard…if you can't think of anything more potent than the F-bomb perhaps a Thesaurus is in order.

      • deranged plague on

        The Illuminati did exist in Russia as the branch for Russians. It died out and the free masons continued on. Free masonry's MAIN idealism is that no matter what race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, etc you can be part of a brotherhood without being discriminated against. Its really the basest form of religion which practices love thy brother as thy love thyself. The ones wanting to control your mind (Religion/Corporations) would rather you fear this idealism and not go to it and piss your life away hating something you don't know. Never learning, never growing and breeding ignorance.

        All in all, Illuminati conspiracy theorists are like people who look for anything they consider racist. If they look hard enough, they find. If you want to be truly intelligent and break the chains of mental slavery; turn off your TVs and pick up a book. Learn, grow, and love everyone as you love yourself and that is it. Stop fearing what you don't know because that keeps you ignorant. That is all.

      • Illuminati/Freemasonry are intricately linked. Only the top Freemasons know that the order actually worships Lucifer.. Lady Gaga's actions are an exponent thereof.

      • If it's such a well kept secret how do you know about it? You really think a secret tradition's biggest secret would be here on the web, in pop culture, repeated everywhere over and over? It's laughable! I think the mystery traditions' "real" secrets are still very well kept, because they require any seeker to look within, and most won't do that. In general, people want a rulebook to throw at other people so they don't feel the need to look at themselves. That is what mainstream religion provides.

      • i am too i ams oo tired of them and i wish we could stop them at their tracks and end all of the nonsense!!!

      • we cant rili f–k her can we. she affects all of us in one way or another although im fed up of her……. got to admit

    • Like a lot of other symbols (and as done by other cultures), the Unicorn was taken up by Christians and redefined to fit their mythos. Nothing new here, after all Christ was considered to have been born in the spring by the Church Fathers, only to have his birthday shifted to December 25th to co-opt Saturnalia.

      • Why is Christianity constantly attacked ? I mean, there are other religions in this world. Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, forms of Paganism.

        Do you folks really believe they worship Satan underground in the Vatican? I happen to be Catholic. I guess it's the cross we must carry to be constantly targeted and attacked.

        I believe in Christ. I believe in His message. Think that I'm mind controlled? Well, you are welcome to believe it.

        I agree with you though that Gaga is weird. However when I express this with people online on other forums I get flamed for it. Zynga is currently doing "Gagaville." Her crap in a farm game. All this week and next week. Doesn't make sense. I ask why they are doing "Gagaville" and I get bashed by her fans. My message was shortly moved to their complaints section, and then the topic was permanently closed.

        I mean, really, what does Gaga have to do with farming?

    • The unicorn represents the Antichrist.

      In fact, God declares in Daniel, chapter 8, that the symbol of Alexander the Great shall be a unicorn. Bible scholars have long maintained that the speed and ease with which Alexander conquered the known world is symbolic of the way the Antichrist of the End of the Age will conquer the world. The terminology used to describe Alexander is exceedingly close to that used to describe Antichrist. Further, in chapter 8, verse 19, God tells us that "Behold, I will make you know what will be in the latter time, for it has to do with the time of the end".

      Lady Gaga's previous video/song Allejandro is about Alexander/The Antichrist sweeping all before him.

      In this video (Born This Way) we also see the goat imagery.

      In Daniel 8:5, God gives us the following description of the symbol of Alexander the Great. "As I was considering, behold, a he-goat [the king of Greece] came from the west across the face of the whole earth, without touching the ground, and the goat had a conspicuous and remarkable horn between his eyes."

      Thus, Bible scholars have known for a long, long time that one of the symbols assigned to Antichrist is the Unicorn.

      Christian author, Constance Cumbey, writes that certain symbols were to be particularly effective in preparing the world for the Antichrist. She writes, "New Age symbols such as the rainbow, Pegasus, the unicorn, the all-seeing-eye of Freemasonry, and triple-sixes [666] were to be increasingly displayed."

      Most music videos today contain this Antichrist imagrey and are used to brainwash the masses.

      The horn growing out of the unicorn's head represents the third eye or the all-seeing eye – This tells us the truly Satanic symbol of the Unicorn, when its horn is stated to be the Third Eye or All-Seeing Eye, both of which are tightly tied to the worship of Lucifer in the original Egyptian Mysteries Religion.

      To further prove the point of the Unicorn symbolizing the Antichrist look at the coat of arms of the Rothschild family or the Windsor Family (Royal Family of England). Or check out the crest of the Knights Templar.

      These coat of arms are like stories – and they foretell of the Antichrist ruling the earth one day.

      You can also see the Unicorn on the cover of Harry Potter and the Sorceres Stone – again this is more occult brainwashing for children – paving the way for the Antichrist.

      • I do agree with most of what your saying, but seriously you can't accuse every film or book containing unicorns to be symbolic of the anti-christ, they probably don't even know about it.

    • Ditto! As soon as this video came out, I knew there was a load of hidden meaning to it (which I couldnt figure out), and was just waiting on VC to unravel all the confusion :-)

      Another amazing article!

  2. Haha, I somehow knew this would be your next article! When I saw that video, the beginning with the pyramids and the goat head constellation and G.O.A.T. = Government Owned Alien Territory and where she was being birthed into two in outer space with all that trippy psychedelic imagery I thought, WOW, there is pretty much NO argument that could possibly hold up against the conspiracy theorists now. It's as if she's doing this on purpose to mess with our heads now, haha! But seriously, WTF!!!!!!

  3. This video was so blatant, I'm sure Lady Gaga's people read this site and similar articles, they just love the attention don't they?

    • Sometimes! It's only fair to admit I was kind of hoping he'd have something to say about this, though I can't say I take it nearly as seriously as some of y'all do. It's out of curiosity to see what's being said about it, since this was one of the most outlandish ones yet.

      But of course, you -are- putting out there in the internets, so you can't blame them for looking, either. By acknowledging it and postulating about it and generally making with the hand-wringing, aren't you just giving them more attention, which feeds into the cycle more? I can't help but wonder if the fervor wouldn't die down quicker if it was ignored en masse (not that I'm saying it'll happen, but y'know. Wondering and all).

      • If sites like VC ignored it then it would not go away, the media is pushing it out to all the popular TV and interner outlets that they use. If VC and sites like VC just ignored it it would be just a few less hits on google, but still be out there for the kiddies to eat up.

    • I’m a straight girl and I lived in a 50% gay male town- West Hollywood for a few years. The gay guys I know all over that town worship Gaga. No joke. They talk about her like she’s Jesus in the flesh. She’s like their spokesperson.

      She def has the gay market in the can! They are buying all of her merchandise and concert tix. She’s smart for marketing herself to them.

      • That doesn't surprise me. But I can vouch for gay folks who think she's pure trash, too. Not to split hairs – I just don't think all gays can be lumped into the same boat. A lot of them are just as repulsed by this crap as we are – if not more so, because of the stereotyping.

      • I am gay and think Lady GaGa is a filthy, nasty whore. She just uses us to push her agenda. The Alejandro video was one of the most disgusting video's I have seen in a long time. The guy with the gun pointed at his penis and dressing gay men up like natzi's, a group of people that murdered us for being gay. She is not my hero, she is not our friend, she is a deceiver, a true satanist. Everything that comes out of her mouth has the oppisite meaning. Aljeandro did me in on her. She is just another user, much like Donna Summer who admitted once that she thought homosexuality was a sin, which she recanted later once she found out her career was over. Anyway, I am gay and not goo goo for gaga

      • "Video's"? Really??? If you want to come off as intelligent and give your comments any credibility, at least properly pluralize your words. It's VIDEOS, not VIDEO'S. Duh.

      • Umm perhaps he's not a native English speaker?

        In – for example – Dutch it is written as "video's" so I when I'm writing English I make that mistake sometimes too (like most Dutch people).

  4. This was a wonderful article. "Their" plans are moving ahead as planned and all we can do from this point on is inform and be vigilant. The New Age agenda is being pushed on us big time. VC, can you do an article on the whole UFO/Alien agenda. I find it strange that they tie into the whole "lying signs and wonders from the sky", "unclean spirits that look like frogs and decieve the whole world" and other unfavorable mentions from the Book of Revelation. The Machine is slowly chugging away.

  5. the image that shows when she announces "GOAT" looks to me to be a female uterus not the g oat head you describe. as a woman you know this image very well as soon as you see it. i have to say its a uterus.

    • I think it's been cleverly done to show you both a goat and a uterus. Perhaps it speaks to the underlying subconscious messages in her videos. Saying the word G.O.A.T while flashing that image that can be perceived as a uterus sends the viewer/listener a mixed message…as does most of her videos. I wouldn't say it's coincidental, she knows very well what she's doing. Her viewers are fumbling over themselves trying to decode the messages because of these little subconscious tricks.

      • Those who revel in what gaga does do not look for any meanings, they simply watch and dance and never have time or even the conscience to do any home work. They have been brainwashed!!!

      • Plus, they would say, "There's nothing to be analyzed. It's all just entertainment."

    • Which ties into the concept of the womb. Symbols can have more than one meaning, in this case, it seems to have both meanings attached.

  6. I don't understand how people can fall for her tricks. She bluntly showcases symbols and people are still dumfounded and basically blind.

    But one question, is she, and everyone else included in the illuminati (like Rihanna), happy with their lives? Or are they itching to get out?

    • Syrus Magistus on

      Pop artists are not 'in' the Illuminati. They're puppets of it. The actual Illuminati is a multi-generational "LUCIFERIAN" (not Satanic) cult. You have to be BORN into it, or you aren't OF it. Lady Gaga mostly likely was not. She may be broken enough that all she cares about is people acknowledging her existence even at the expense of her own health and growth as an individual. It's not unrealistic in an age of spiritual pitch blackness like ours. I don't know, nor do I particularly care one way or the other. The real cult of the Illuminati, if you like, numbers in the millions, and they appear to come from all walks of life. They're also trying to get out of the country right now, but nobody will shelter them anywhere else in the world.

      The vast majority of genuine Illuminati family members have been abused since they were small children and would very much like to leave. They're caught in a double-bind though. If they left, their family would normally hunt them down. Since there isn't any money anymore, this isn't the case anymore. Trouble is, the public is even less forgiving than their family towards members. If this sick shit ever got out without the necessary understanding that these people are (mostly) victims themselves, it could be disastrous. There's about five or so major factions operating within the so-called "shadow government", the Illuminati making up a little under half of them. They all believe that they would be drug through the streets by an angry mob if people 'discovered the truth about what had been done', so there's kind of a last-ditch scramble to raise public acceptance of the Illuminati group, now that their Rockefeller cartel (the Bush N-W-O group) rivals are inches from annihilation.

      I knew this was gonna play out the way it has about a couple years before I found VC through the work of people like David Wilcock and the Project Camelot group's work. According to what I've heard lately, mind-controlled agents working for the Illuminati are getting their covers blown and some other group is hunting them down. They're being found death, and in the most grisly fashions. It's very sad, if that's the case. What Monarch victims go through to begin with is horrendous enough. To be tortured and traumatized until you literally lose all awareness of the world around you, existing as some fragmented subconscious entity, is unimaginable. You're literally been reduced to an animal consciousness, with absolutely no free will or control of what happens to you ever. It's a short and nasty existence, filled with nothing but agony and terror, and you won't even know who you are. Your children, if you have any, are regularly subject to exactly the same atrocity as you are at every turn, up to and including rape. But you must know that if you're familiar with VC's work here.

      The one good thing that may come out of this whole Illuminati nightmare is the chance to de-hypnotize a number of these people and bring them back to consciousness. I have no idea if most people will see it the way I do, but I pray this mess doesn't get worse once it falls on our collective laps. We, "the masses", have a pretty bad track record for compassion, even though that's really all we're here on Earth to learn. For all you Christians especially, please consider the gravity of my words. These people, even the 'in' members, are all locked in a never-ending nightmare. The few old men at the top responsible for this agenda should be held accountable, but the majority of these people do not deserve what's happened to them. I believe without doubt that this may turn out to be the ultimate test of our character. Knowing what you know now, when the moment of truth arrives will you still condemn them?

      The greatest distinction between good and evil is the love of others, unconditionally. Good honors free will. Evil does not. This staggering void of human consciousness exists 'out there' because we allow it in our own lives, whether the "justification" for despair, our madness, and our cruelty is a sincere belief or not. It's worth saying too that the "left-handed path" is a dead end without eventual healing, but also that we are all brothers and sisters of sorrow. We're all one big messed up family, just like the Illuminati. We brainwash our children and abuse them in isolated incidences constantly, everywhere, all the time, since time began for us. We lie, we cheat, and we steal too. "That which is above mirrors that which is below." This is what 'as above, so below' actually means.

      Without real love, Lady Gaga is absolutely right in telling us that good and evil are no different. So honor yourselves and love by example. It isn't too late. The day we stop believing in that power is the day we lose it. Then we really will be like nothing but a bunch of ugly robots, property of the Government indeed.

      • LoveIsNotTheAnswer on

        I think it is of utmost importance to realize the truth about emotional love and its dualistic nature.

        The whole point of mysticism and the occult studies is to uncover the workings of Duality within nature, and how these discoveries can be applied to physical, observable reality. While this is a worthwhile cause to a degree, in most cases the Ego steps in and screws everything up, eliminating the potential to realize certain elusive, more fundamental aspects of the nature of reality. A widespread example of this is the failure to understand that Love cannot exist without Hate, for to love one thing must necessarily mean to hate its opposite.

        Indeed, this is where most of humanity fails… 99% of the world believes that Love is the cure to all things (yes, including those responsible for all of the evil things VC exposes on this site). Emotional love, no matter what form it takes (ie. love of God, love of Lucifer, even love of Humanity), inevitably blocks out the opportunity for pure consciousness to fully comprehend the underlying principle of the dualistic nature of love. For love to arise, inherent hatred must also arise! Although the hatred is hidden away at first behind the blissfulness of love, it is only a matter of opportunity which allows hatred to show its ugly face. Therefore CONSCIOUSNESS, NOT LOVE, is the most fundamental key to understanding and embracing the true nature reality.

      • LoveIsNotTheAnswer on

        "nature of reality" is how that should have ended.. Darn my proof-reading :)

      • Syrus Magistus on

        I believe you are laboring under a number of misconceptions about the nature of love and the universe we live in. I am not referring to emotional love, romantic or platonic. It is divine universal love, which is as intrinsic to the whole of existence as consciousness itself. Hatred is what's left in a person's heart when the illusion of love is crushed. That's not real love. It's also extremely important to point out that the universe is not dualistic. That's an illusion designed to engender the capacity for free will. There is only unity, because there is only one infinite unified consciousness which experiences itself subjectively over and over again.

        I understand that the notion of love may be somewhat of a "put-off" for some people, given how mushy it gets sometimes. Love does eventually require balance with wisdom, but that's a whole different plane of existence which we have not quite reached. Putting wisdom before love is like putting the cart before the horse. It's referred to in the Law of One as the "negative" and is the reason we have groups like the Illuminati to begin with. This is the foundation of their beliefs, that love is folly.

        I would like to clarify further with an analogy to the energy centers of the subtle body called "chakras" which are color-coded according to the electromagnetic spectrum. The heart chakra is green-colored and is associated with elemental air. This is the center for channeling divine or unconditional love. This center is, however, vulnerable to possession by the red and orange centers of the root and sacral which are associated with the basic instincts and with desire. Fear or desire with regard to others will automatically shut down the heart center. These two lower centers are associated with earth and water, the latter governing our "emotions". Do you understand what I'm getting at? Good, because I'm not done.

        The heart is only intended as a springboard between the individual self (the yellow center) and the creative self (our throat or "higher heart") which is how we connect with and utilize the cosmic consciousness. You can't skip the heart center and go directly for the connection to intelligent infinity. I mean, you can but it's a very long and laborious path filled with betrayal, suffering, and anguish. It's referred to as the negative or "service-to-self" path which is itself a dead end without the eventual acceptance of unconditional love. After that, we may perceive the unity of all creation and further refine that understanding as we synchronize our own consciousness with the people around us. This doesn't happen for a long damn time on earth. We're still at the "love it or leave it" stage, and that's really the entire point of the material world. Decide how you will love, conditionally or unconditionally. There's nothing else you need to do. It's extremely simple. All that other stuff will NEVER happen until you accept one path or the other. You don't have to gush your affection for others, but the general idea is that yes, indeed, the acceptance of love in the world is in fact the key to our evolution. If you don't like how that sounds, you can feel free to become a black magician but otherwise it's something which must be accepted by anybody who wants to advance spiritually. Think of it as a prerequisite lesson to the cool stuff that happens later.

        Love and hatred aren't opposites. One is the absence of the other. You do not need one to experience the other, although it helps in understanding them. Love exists with or without hatred, in much the same way that 'One' exists without 'Zero'. You may as well part with those duality dogmas you've come to embrace. They're as misconceived as geocentrism.

      • hey syrus, a lot of ex-illuminati have come forward seeking shelter in christianity, and have become christians themselves. their confessions are harrowing and heart breaking. i dont hate these people. satan came to steal kill and destroy, and he is a liar. but Jesus said he came to set the captives free. if only you could hear what these ex-illuminatis have said about how they were liberated from bondage. google them, start with svengali. when i express hatred, i direct this hate at the evil world system which is ruled by the dark forces and principalities of the air. if you have done your homework, you know why luciferians are so passionate about the wicked things they do. because they worship a real being called (lucifer). it's pretty much futile distinguishing lucifer and satan because this guy no longer holds claim to his original heavenly name. he has fallen from grace. he is just satan. lucifer and satan are just two different sides of the same angel so i dont see the big deal of people insisting one group is luciferian or satan. they all pander to the same fallen angel.

      • Syrus Magistus on

        I have heard much of Svali. Having read the interview with her, and the Trance-Formation of America, the Illuminati Guide cited oft by VC, as well as to a fellow who came forward through the Project Camelot group, and including a man I met once, I possess a pretty multi-lateral view of the Illuminati. I am not a christian per se, but I see no wrong in it as a means of escape. We are all aspects of the same eternal creator, interconnected and united through intelligence and beauty. Hatred has no place in an illuminated heart. Look upon yourself and others around you. Look upon the world in all its splendor and in all its horror. See the Creator.

        Luciferic and Satanic beings are distinct from one another in form and in essence, but not in function. The devil may be seen as a composite being of thsee two in that it leads mankind astray however possible. Luciferic beings will only ever lead you towards light and spiritual experience, but at the expense of our responsibility to the material world. Satanic beings will on the other hand draw you into the material realm and lead you from spirituality. This has to do with the two columns of mercy and severity, which is the root of dualistic experience. Neither column leads all the way to the Source, nor do they touch the physical plane. You can see the landmarks of satanic ideology in most mainstream media, whereas the Luciferic version is more like any number of New Age groups you might encounter on average. Both ways of looking at the world are extremely unhelpful, which is why the adept will always walk the middle path in serious work.

        As for the mythology of Lucifer and Satan, you may wish to do further research into this. Lucifer and Satan are actually distinct figures. Lucifer didn't like the way God ran things, so he took a group of like-minded angels to (I seem to recall) the planet Saturn. Satan, the adversary of divine consciousness, is a concept with emerged later on as the Hebrew population grew jaded in their world view. That is not to say that the beings I have described above are purely contrived. It is only to elaborate that for one they are separate beings, and for another they are groups of beings with distinct appearances, ideologies, and methodologies. For the sake of brevity, you may consider both groups to be one force which seeks to lead all seekers astray however possible, but if you can wrap your head around the subtle forces at work in the cosmos, it's infinitely helpful.

        In the Law of One, above our plane of existence (dubbed 'the third density', as well as 'the Choice'), we can ascend in two ways, either positively or negatively, during a sidereal window of 'Harvest'. The negative path has two tiers before rejoining the positive path at the sixth 'unitary' density. The first above ours is the one which has ascended without the aid of the fourth ray (love) so they're what you might consider beings of darkness. Their psychic abilities far exceed ours, but they have incredibly glaring weaknesses as a result. Above them are the fifth ray (wisdom) who are beings of light that are significantly more powerful than the fourth ray-negative beings. Without love, it is impossible to ascend from the fifth density negative, because the sixth is a realm which harmonizes these concepts. The different densities are planes of existence which vibrate at a rate much higher than we can readily perceive, and are quantized according to the seven redshift zones in every galaxy.

        It's not as complicated as I'm making it sound, but what you should take from this is that it isn't as simple as black-and-white. There is only light and sound in the universe, and the absence of light is merely nothingness. However, the presence of light allows for a full spectrum of colors which function at every level of reality, from the visible light spectrum to the human chakra system, and even the different planes of existence on a macro-cosmic scale. It works this way because the universe is structured like a fractal and/or a hologram, which each level reflecting the others, and too the whole. In form and in essence, you, me, that guy who thinks love is stupid, and VC, hell even the Illuminati, are part of the same creative intelligence, the same energy. We can't see it from here, but from 'above' it's as clear as daylight. It rings true like the Sun, although that's a sound our ears don't pick up at our level.

        To make a long story short, our whole world is on the very cusp of a transition from the third into the fourth plane. If we want to do this, we need to be willing love ourselves, and hopefully each other too. Nothing I've explained above is important in the slightest compared to this. You have the gift of free which allows you to choose to move closer or further away from unity with the One Creator. You can choose to see yourself and the people around you as pure, unadulterated expressions of this intelligence, and accept it. You may also deny this, or seek separation from others. We may experience are two kinds of darkness: that of the mind (ignorance), and of the heart (grief). It's necessary to illuminate the mind AND the heart, but if you do just one on the earthly plane, focus on the heart. An illuminated mind possessed a darkened heart is the very essence of modern Illuminism.

        I have a little more left to say to my other conversation partner: If Lady Gaga and her handlers are imposing this already convoluted notion of duality onto us, shouldn't that be reason enough to dismiss it? If you want to know, our concepts of spiritual duality comes from a very ancient distortion of divine truth which got much worse as history unfolded. It's arguably the very reason behind the original fall of mankind, because the elite of antiquity were as power-hungry and foolish as they are today. That it is esoteric means nothing. The tenets of Scientology are a bigger secret by comparison.

        I was always wary of fundamentalism, but I think I know why now. I said it before and I'll say it again: the world is not black-and-white. Light exists without darkness. In fact, it's the only force that's able to overcome it. You can create all the colors of the rainbow from a single beam of light, but darkness begets nothing but darkness. Love is exactly the same. You can trace all fulfillment, each positive emotion individually and collectively back to love, and yet all our negative feelings, including hatred (which itself stems from fear), are by their nature an expression of emptiness. Everything which exists is conscious on some level. Consciousness is an elementary state. Love is stage in human evolution above individuality and survival. You cannot expect the Illuminati to understand, and you should not hold their ideology up as some kind of shining example of esoteric truth. They're so far from enlightenment it might be laughable if it wasn't so damned tragic. They've divorced themselves from reality so severely, I'm not even sure who you're kidding.

        There are two ways to perceive love, but we MUST chose one to make a quantum leap in consciousness. The negative ('evil') path believes in love of self, but it also believes that others are separate and knowledge is used to take advantage of them. In this way, a black magician becomes more powerful, though the curbing and violation of free will. It is the experience of this love, not the intellectual abstraction of it, that propels this stage in our evolution as a planet. Wisdom, which is somewhat unrelated to the nature of love, doesn't become relevant until the lessons of love are understood through acceptance or rejection. The latter (negative) path is hellish and miserable. I would not recommend it as a path of ascension, but you have it as an option. Personally, I'm tired of sorrow. I don't want to hurt people to get power or go on a conquest. I'd rather see heaven on earth created. To finish, I'd like to redress this statement.

        "Yes, we all may learn to love first, but it is absolutely NOT the most important thing."

        No, we may learn love last of all (I did), but it absolutely IS the most important thing. You could learn all the operations of of creation, and it will never fulfill you. Light/knowledge grows out of love/understanding. Without one, the other is void of meaning. That is what it means to see unity.

      • To the guy that said while in heaven, Lucifer didnt agree with the way God was running things so he took some like minded angels and himself and went to Saturn? Whiile I agreed with alot of what you said, this has to be the most retarded thing I ever heard. God KICKED Lucifer and his followers out of heaven and sent them to hell, where they still are, which is located on Earth………..

      • Well spoken. Nice analysis of the two pillars on the Tree, neither touching the material plane, nor the source, but valid paths to either. I feel where you're coming from with the Lucifer/Satan distinction regarding illuminism/materialism. I appreciate the way you tried to spread the information, even if you are not heard….that was a lot for the uninitiated to take in.

      • LoveIsNotTheAnswer on

        "Love and hatred aren’t opposites. One is the absence of the other."

        It doesn't surprise me that most people agree with this. Isn't it so clear? It's a concept so easy to grasp and agree with, yet the mass of humanity seems to get nowhere with it. The problem with thinking this way is that it ignores that attachment to one thing means to oppress that which is isn't. To enforce our idea of Love is to oppress its opposite (sadness, hatred, angst, etc). To enforce equality is to oppress discrimination (often violently). Gaga's video, as well as the occult teachings, demonstrate this fundamental, dualistic nature of reality. To doubt the power of this knowledge is to ignore the influence this power (and its enforcers) has had on this world. Do you disagree?

        This knowledge is very important. To remain ignorant to it is to remain subject to its control. Learning these things is an act of expanding our awareness, which is why I say CONSCIOUSNESS is the answer. It is not enough to love, for love alone is an attachment (ignorance) to one half of the dualistic nature of love itself.

        "Putting wisdom before love is like putting the cart before the horse."

        Yyou seem to be suggesting that gaining an accurate knowledge of the nature of love before actually using love necessarily results in the misuse of love. While it isn't as necessary as you make it seem, this is possible if the knowledge is acquired by evil persons. However, it necessarily follows that the only way to defend oneself from the misuse and exploitations of our use of love is to gain an accurate knowledge of its nature. Yes, we all may learn to love first, but it is absolutely NOT the most important thing.

        Perhaps you should put all this knowledge of Chakras aside for a while and examine the more fundamental things :)

      • Syrus Magistus on

        I'd like to add, although I've already gone on at length, is addressing this notion of positive emotions 'oppressing' negative ones. I'm glad at least you seem to be thinking for yourself, but this is just nonsensical. It's like saying that water is oppressing the empty space within cup. We feel pain (emotionally) because we are empty. Either we lost something, may soon, or never had it to begin with. Those feelings are like an aching void. Your concept of our emotional spectrum reminds me of something out of the Green Lantern comic series, with love and hate as these two extremes; "religions of chaos" I think they're called. I'm not bashing you or anything. It's just, well, inaccurate.

      • LoveIsNotTheAnswer on

        "It’s like saying that water is oppressing the empty space within cup. We feel pain (emotionally) because we are empty."

        There's a bit more to emotions (the ego) than just this.. I'll use your example to illustrate:

        Emotional pain can only occur with the conception of loss, along with the desire for that which we conceive being without. Using your analogy, lets say the cup has an ego. Keep in mind, for the sake of this example, cups don't get "thirsty," so water is not a necessity here. At first, it is quite content with its state (without water), UNTIL it perceives a lack of something (water). With this, the egotistical desire for a liquid substance occurs, a "thirst," which equates to the desire of the oppression (doing away with) of the feeling of emptiness. The want for water only occurs with a perception of being without it. The cup only "feels empty" when the perception occurs.

        Without an accurate knowledge of the workings of the Ego, we can be shaped and molding by the Ego manipulators of the world that tell us that we need Fiji water or Coca Cola in our cup. Marketing is successful to the degree that our egos are manipulated into conceiving the loss of something, of being without. The elite ARE the elite because they are MASTERS of ego (emotional) manipulation.

        Our cups (ego) aren't empty at all, you see. They are first filled with manufactured feelings of emptiness, then we are presented with the manufactured solutions created by those that gave us the desires in the first place. This is basic "supply and demand" philosophy. Gaga is promoting a society of "unconditional love" in her video, which her viewers and fans accept and agree with, but do not understand that the supposed solution presented to them has been manufactured to the benefit of the creators of the desires.

        Once again, it is not enough to just "want love." The elitists know that. They encourage this desire, and promote it along with THEIR solutions, all at the manipulation of our ego. We must take control of our own ego and create our own desires of the higher things, namely KNOWLEDGE and CONSCIOUSNESS, for Love alone is not enough!

      • Syrus Magistus on

        The format won't allow me to reply to your post directly, so heads' up.

        What advertisers have gotten good at is targeting our desire for connection, for harmony, and for positive experience. And our fears. By becoming aware of these things, they immediately lose their power.

        It seems a little convoluted to compare emotions with ego. The ego is a personality constructed to please society. Emotions are the way that we respond sincerely to our experiences. The ego is seated in a totally different level of awareness than emotions, and in practice the ego will attempt to manipulate your emotional responses to protect itself from scrutiny. But there's a bigger ego out there, and that's the creator. If you can grasp that everybody's true consciousness belongs to the same being even though we outwardly see differences, and that you are aware your own consciousness, as well as you can channel it, is an expression of something bigger, you can't help but have compassion for your brothers and sisters. The pain we feel comes from our experience of separation. Emotions are likened to water because in the physical sense they are, and water reacts to thoughts and intentions by forming molecular patterns according to how you treat them. They may become highly structured and beautiful like mandalas or just broken and splattered-looking, depending on the quality of the emotion. Love improves us, in every way. Withholding it destroys our bodies, and destroys us. It's essential to success.

        I really don't get the impression from the correlations you make that you have a very clear idea what emotions are, or what love is. I would strongly recommend reflecting on this if you have any sincere desire to grow as a person. I cannot overstate the importance of this lesson right now. Love isn't just desire for possession or the desire to be possessed. It's not about interpersonal relationships or any kind of wide-eyed idealism. It's a matter of sheer desperation that we develop and reinforce a mentality of empathy and mutual understanding or we're stuck. Stuck in this nightmare dystopia, stagnated without a prayer. Whether by my words or by the hand of God, wrap this around your head: knowledge of spirit and universe are insignificant on their own. At least with love alone there is a mechanism for creating wisdom. Knowing alone is not enough. It's dangerous to operate without love, or whatever semantic equivalent your comfortable with. It leaves room for the kind of demented sociopathic behavior we see in our ruling elite. I can't imagine why you'd want to. Both of these principles are important, but combining them is the work of an adept. It's not essential to crystallize wisdom to graduate from this realm to the next. It's like trying to pass an academic course on extra credit alone.

      • BRAVO!

        – The absence of darkness in a person does not suggest an abundance of light, for to know the light you must have known the darkness.

      • Syrus Magistus on

        – "The absence of darkness in a person does not suggest an abundance of light, for to know the light you must have known the darkness."

        I don't know if I agree with that statement, although I'd say the first part is factual enough. It's not necessary to experience darkness to understand light, but while a person's alive sure helps them appreciate it more. If a person is neither dark nor light, that doesn't seem to signify much of anything. As a complete thought, both statements sound vaguely nonsensical. It'd be like saying that the absence of gravity does not suggest an abundance of levity, because in order to float you need to fall. It sounds vaguely profound, but is it even true?

      • @LoveIsNotTheAnswer


        – The absence of darkness in a person does not suggest an abundance of light, for to know the light you must have known the darkness.

      • David Wilcock? Project Camelot? Haven't you ever heard of a little word called "disinformation"? And I presume the person who said illuminati members are being hunted down is Benjamin Fulford….once again – disinformation.

      • I believe that these people are credible enough to be considered mostly at face value, particularly Wilcock, but I would not hesitate to distance myself from them if such treachery became blatant. So far, I have not been satisfied with the evidence against them. The extent of my faith in Fulford stems from my sincere respect for David's work. If you've got the real dirt on each of them, I'd love to see it.

      • Jesus had said, as recorded in John 15:17, "This is my command: Love each oher." Which translates to loving a person other than yourself. He didn't specify which other person to love, He just said, in other words, Love one another. That means loving, not judging or condemning someone. There is a time and place for love, and time and place to judge. But never a time to condemn, because we as people are not in power or position to do that. Only God, the Sovereign one, is in place to do that.

      • Syrus Magistus on

        It's cool Mari, I'm sure no one missed a beat.

        Does Jesus ever define the way his uses the word 'love'? More importantly, how would you go about expressing this for love for others?

      • Does Jesus ever define the way his uses the word ‘love’? More importantly, how would you go about expressing this for love for others?

        Yeppers: John 14:15,23 and 1 Cor. 13 which is the "love" chapter as I call it because God tells us and shows us, through the life of Jesus, what REAL unconditional love is!!! I'm telling you people get high and drunk and caught up in so much dirt looking for real love and happiness and God has it all for us! trust me this is coming from an ex-pothead/drinker/druggie/heathen/whore haha

        And the way you express that love for others is the same way God expresses it to us every single day! It's hard because we've lived so long with a selfish conditional love but as your walk with Christ strengthens so will His uncondtional love inside of you!

        here are some scriptures I like to keep in mind and renew my heart with : 1 John 3:16 John 3:16-17 Romans 13:10 1John 3:1 1 john 3:18 1 JOhn4:10

        I hoped this helped!

      • Thank you, helper. I don't actually own a bible, and I've never understood how somebody would recall all of the little chapter markers, but I promise one day soon to read them not only to answer my question but because I can see what they mean to you. You haven't addressed the definition of unconditional love in your own words, but it's okay because I didn't really ask for it. I understand enough to comprehend what you mean. I felt it was important that it be made abundantly clear to everybody what these words mean in a sacred context. I'd like to take a little time to address other aspects of your post with the sincere hope that you may find any part of this helpful to you.

        You are correct in observing the trap of pleasure-seeking through altered states. It's really more like mind-numbing unless you go in with the intention of experiencing yourself from another point of view. There's no ultimate liberation in drug-taking, but it's a quick escape for some. I don't drink or do drugs, however I was raised on a regiment of psychoactive drugs which shut me down completely until my mid teens. I revile them, but there is a distinction between the methamphetamine/cocaine/speed-based behavior/mood regulators and substances like THC and DMT (which is produced by the body), not that I would recommend them to everyone. I dislike alcohol because it's toxic and brought my father to an early grave.

        I would never consider you or anyone a whore. It's a loaded and melodramatic word much better replaced by 'prostitute' for a professional or a 'nymphomaniac' for the sanguine amateur. I'm being facetious, of course. Still, it's a nasty word reserved for genuinely nasty people, not that I ever knew you but it seems unlikely. I am not a pothead, but I've done my homework and it's not detrimental unless you absolutely cannot pace yourself. Just like libido. True strength is in self-mastery. My experience with marijuana has been generally very positive and mind-expanding. It's not for everybody, and if it's led you astray before then please ignore everything I've just said. It's more important that you find any way you can to find your true north up to and including orthodox religion. Just please don't take it all too literally. God is an awareness, not a deity. It doesn't get jealous, or possessive, or angry. You are a part of it, we all are. And it wants you to be happy, but also to learn from your experiences and be good to others (and yourself!) so please don't be too hard on yourself.

        As for heathens, dictionary defines them as anybody who doesn't belong to a widely-held religion. Religion means 'union' (with divine). Everybody needs their own path to unity. There should be as many faiths as there are people, even if they take comfort in a popular set of teachings. In describing myself, for instance, I may in the spiritual sense be considered Christian, insofar as it relates to the middle path of spiritual awareness of a grounded nature. I consider it's a state of consciousness available to everybody with an open heart and a sufficiently humbled mind.

        In any other sense, I am a free-thinker. Every bit heretical by the standards of our ancestors. And I shall be a better person for it, because my union is with the creator directly, not through any third party. Some day, you may feel comfortable enough to accept the divine spark within you and become one with God the creator, because everything which is created from God is in essence Of God. Just as Christ is thought to be the child and his parent at once, so too are you one with all of us in the world and with the source of all life. I know you'll find your way, and I hope if you read this that any of these words were positive, illuminating, or potentially transformative. If you were to take just one thing away from this, I ask you to love yourself just as you love your creator. You don't need to accept any of this. Not a word. I'd only like you to understand me when I say that as surely as I see myself and our creator reflected in you, regardless of everything else, we love you unconditionally.

      • How about a non-pers on

        Syrus, I hope you see this and understand. Please e-mail me. 'horizonspike' a, t 'gmail' dot 'com' Please forgive the random characters. They are spambot avoidance. In any case, be well all.

    • The thing with Gaga is that she advertises herself as an “underdog”, someone who everybody disliked when she was growing up, someone who was “weird” and “bullied” (when she actually comes from a wealthy family and went to school with Paris Hilton. She was popular and had many friends). So all these underdogs and “little monsters” who were bullied and made fun of by their peers become her number 1 audience, especially gay people who are harassed by society and think she’s singing powerful anthems for a new generation (when truly, this song sounds like it was written by a 14 year old). When teens and impressionable young adults find this weird pop star that ~~omg sings to me, about me, she’s just like me I WAS BORN THIS WAYYYY~~! they’re giving her power and popularity, and of course, millions, without ever questioning her.

      she’s using them. she wants to be this generation’s john lennon with message of peace and union, when last time I checked John Lennon was not a hypocrite. He dressed in the most humble clothes possible and dated the ugliest chick in town. Does Gaga do that? Would you ever see her dating a true underdog and wear anything simple? She walked down the Grammys red carpet inside an EGG, FFS. She’s a narcisist and a performer. Nothing more.

      Right now with all the gay movement going on many pop stars want to be the new gay Queen. Katy Perry sold her new single Firework as a gay anthem as well. it’s what’s selling right now and so many unsuspected lonely gay teens who desperately need approval from society are the ones that fall for these false idols. It’s not their fault, they need it. But they should not be looking for comfort from a pop star.

      Sad, truly. To me Lady gaga is a fraud first, and attention seeking whore second, and demonic harlot third. But that might come from her attention seeking needs, to be very honest.

      • she made the the teens and gays her target market/victim because i am thinking that these are the vulnerable group, the elite wants these group of people to believe that lady gaga empathizing to them(when in fact she and the masses are being deceived)…

        criticize the artist and you'll have angry fans coming at you…

        God help us…

      • This is NOT solely targeting the gay community – and again, lots of gay folks want absolutely nothing to do with this sort of portrayal.

        You guys don't seem to understand that there's a bigger issue here – it's GENDER AND SEXUALITY CONFUSION. THAT IS WHAT THEY ARE PUSHING ON YOU. Make no mistake

        Nothing wrong with being gay, but there is something wrong with being confused. Just saying, stop hating on the gays, lots of them don't want you associating them with this

      • idk, have you ever seen the Devil's Advocate? I get the feeling that it could be a similar circumstance in that she was raised a certain way and didn't realize it until she was older. In a Rolling Stone article her mother said a recurring dream of Gaga's was an Illuminati ritual (only Illuminaries would know this). I think you should also research Pazuzu, the Babylonian demon that protected humans from other demons. Lady Gaga translates into Pazuzu. Which, if she gave herself the name as she proclaims, may be saying she is trying to warn of us of the inherent Satanism found in our society. Not only in the entertainment industry but also in our Capitalist society that is America.

      • I got that same feeling when I first started reading about her+illuminati but I'm sad to say that I think she's just a puppet :( I'm rooting for her to be in the good side though :(

      • semporia graccha on

        yeah, if that's so, why does she have millions of followers on social networks and millions of views of her videos? obviously, she is beloved.

      • Thank you! You put my thoughts into words. I have never crossed paths with a single gay male that didn't like Gaga. To them, she's their 'spokesperson' and like their own kind of Jesus in the flesh… 411- a lot of them don't believe in Jesus nor the bible because the rumor of Jesus looking down upon gay people! They buy up her concert tix and her merchandise. They def feel accepted by her, although she was a rich kid and went to Paris Hilton's school…it's not like she grew up eating Hamburger Helper.

      • Great article VC ! Can't say I was looking forward to it. Gaga bring out the worst people. I hope you have the delete button hand & ready ! Besides once you have read her old crap it's the same ish different song. Nothing to see here !

        I just wanted to add that she has also said numerous times that she isn't gay and has never been with a woman ! For the most part I think we mainly witness the drugs talking, good puppet coaching and wahlah !

      • Interesting too. I have two gay friends (both from Ca) who are devout and very sincere Christians. I don't know how they reconcile their lifestyle with Christianity, but I am very glad they have a relationship with Him, because they're good people.

      • You could do some research and come the conclusion that it isn't a sin (in the shortest of words). It's not fair to tell you to research and then spoon feed it to you…but I'll give you a starting point: remember that the Bible was written in different languages, in particular the verses that speak of homosexuality were written in Greek. Please consult a dictionary to see when the word "homosexual" came into existence. Go from there in your quest for knowledge on this particular matter.

        Now…since you're here on this site, then you must know that things are NOT as they seem. Surely you know that almost all things Christian have been perverted (see "holidays").

        For the record, I do believe in Yahweh.

      • Evidently, that 'feature' isn't the only thing you've missed.

        – The absence of darkness in a person does not suggest an abundance of light, for to know the light you must have known the darkness.

      • Umm, the Bible does condemn homosexuality… It doesn't even use the word "homosexuality", but says "do not lie with a man as you would lie with a woman" and "men who lie with men". I think that's pretty plain and straight forward.

      • Could not be more plain or straightforward. That’s not to say that I think God “hates” homosexuals or anything like that; I think He in fact loves them, but is saddened by the sins/transgressions. And let’s not forget this applies to all of us in some form at some point–have we not ourselves committed lust, or fornication, or something? In a nutshell, it’s not our place to judge homosexuals. That’s between them and God.

      • It also says a woman that does not scream out during rape in a city should be stoned to death. There is also a punishment for a rapist in the same chapter that he must marry the girl he rapes.. lucky her! WOO HOO. The bible is complete bullshit. If you think being gay is wrong because the bible tells you so, you should also stone to death the woman that did not scream rape in the city.. you wouldn't be so willing to do that would you? The bible more than likely was written by Satan himself to confuse you. My God would not have 2 parts of the same book. Old and New Test. In the old he condemns everyone for something or another, in the new, he is a kind loving god, even though he did send his only son down on a suicide mission.

      • of course a man can't lie with another man as he would a woman — he's got to roll him over! 😉 Just lightening the mood, but yeah…. I'm with the guy who reminds you all that the Bible also said the woman who gets raped should be stoned if she doesn't scream. The Bible also says that everything a woman touches while she is menstruating is unclean for SEVEN whole days, and after that, she should bring the priest two turtles (or pigeons if you're out of turtles) for sacrifice, that if a man touches a chair that the menstruating woman sat on, he better wash himself and his clothes and he is STILL unclean through out the day. C'mon people!!!! Nobody does that!

      • @IseeIt

        Well obviously you haven't met me!

        I'm not a fan of Gaga musically or fashion wise!

        I find you POV stereotypical & extremely narrow minded!

        – The absence of darkness in a person does not suggest an abundance of light, for to know the light you must have known the darkness.

      • Ghandi once said "I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. They are so unlike your Christ." There is so much contempt for Lady Gaga. Someone you don't even know. And many are ready to throw her into the "lake of fire." As a gay person, I believe in Jesus Christ. I was raised in a Christian home. But the vile and hypocritical words many of you spew are just too much especially when it is done in Christ's name.

      • semporia graccha on

        where does it say she was wealthy or went to school with Hilton?

    • Considering the way masons train people, I'd question as to whether they actually feel they have a choice in the way they live.

    • The cross is a symbol too, as is the dove and laurel branch, the lily, the paschal lamb, the shepherd's crook, the star, etc. Be careful pointing fingers when your own religion does the same thing.

  7. Before this music video was released, I just knew that it would be a complete contrast of the song!

    I am yet to watch the video though & honestly I don't think I will…

    I really enjoy the song though, it really teaches one to love and accept themselves, but I always wondered what the "Capital HIM" meant…but now I know!!

    Thumbs up on the article! :)

    • Vigilant Citizen isn't very dogmatic when he refers to who "capital H-I-M" is. However, I think it's extremely obvious what Lady Gaga was trying to do here. See, homosexuality is not traditionally nor biblically compatible with Christianity, and homosexuals have long been persecuted by so-called Christians for that reason. Whenever you see "Him" with a capital "H", you think of God. Considering she was raised Catholic, I'm certain this is what she was going for here. She's clearly saying that it doesn't matter whether you love God or are romantically involved with someone of the same sex, two evidently incompatible practices. Vigilant Citizen is telling us that the Illuminati agenda is to blur the line between right and wrong. This is clearly happening, but what does it matter if one does not know the difference between the two? How is this significant if right and wrong can justifiably be determined by each individual?

      • It is very hard to distinguish the two. If you look at the website and mission statement of the Temple of Set (the main Satanic Hollywood Cult) it really can confuse someone. I have found you have to break it down into positive and negative energy. Satan isn't an actual being but the negative energy. You do not reach enLIGHTenment by feeding the dark forces with energy or by using black magick in any way (Temple of Set claims this is possible which is utter bullsh*t).

  8. I'm a bit confused now? So the "video" has nothing to do about gays… But mind control. Yet that's all the "song" seems to talk about :l

    Someone help me understand the video a bit better :/

    (Just saying, I think the zombie gaga & zombie guy would be a good idea for a Halloween costume…)

    • Ephesians 5:7-12 (King James Version)

      7Be not ye therefore partakers with them.

      8For ye were sometimes darkness, but now are ye light in the Lord: walk as children of light:

      9(For the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness and righteousness and truth;)

      10Proving what is acceptable unto the Lord.

      11And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.

      12For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret.

    • seriously how old are you? or better yet let me ask you something….

      do you suffer from any mental illness that prevents you to understand what you read?

      • You know, there's really no reason for you to take that kind of attitude toward the other poster. She's just trying to process VCs post.

      • @janeDC

        Process? Sounds like mind manipulation to me!

        – The absence of darkness in a person does not suggest an abundance of light, for to know the light you must have known the darkness.

  9. >As Gaga says “GOAT”, a star formation shaped as a goat head is shown, an allusion to the Goat of Mendez and/or Baphomet.

    Looks like an image of female sex organs (uterus/ovaries) to me… that could be tied in with the "birth" theme.

    • yea thats what I keep telling people. Everything Vigilant said was spot on except the women's sex organs. Sure she said goat & yes you can manipulate the image to a Goat a head. But I think everyone here knows that the "illuminati" trend has made waves online & tv. Gaga saw a 9 year old sing her song. She knows what we are all saying about her & her videos. So 25% of what she does is just to mess with the heads of people that are so intrenched in tv symbolize. When we should all be worried about the gas prices & economic crisis!

      • I'm worried about the gas prices. Holy crap have you seen them lately….up to 5 a gallon.

    • The first time I watched this vid I had the sound off so I didn't hear her say "goat." But I still saw a goat and not female organs. Female organs never occurred to me until VC said so. When I watched it a second time with the sound on (where she said "goat"), it only reinforced what I saw the first time, even after reading VC's article.

      I seem to be the odd one out on this….

  10. Cool interpretation, but I disagree with the constellation being Basphomet. It is the outline of the uterus and ovary sacs.

    • Glad to see I'm not the only one who thought that. I'm pretty sure that's what the shape is intended to be.

      • Geez, already. It's an amalgam of both. Not quite a perfect goat's head, not quite a perfect ovary.

    • It's definitely a uterus, but it made me see this how close the resemblance is to baphomet. I never compared the shapes. Her birth position resembles baphomet for sure. The resemblances of uteri and baphomet together so closely made me sick being a woman and all!

  11. Also, isn't it possible that her intro lyric is CAPITAL H, then i-m? As in Him, how one would refer to God?

      • Actually, when you spell out any word on paper, it has to be written in capitals. That's the grammatical rule.

        If you are reading a book and a character says, "honey, spell 'cat' for me," then the next line will read, "Sure. It's C-A-T."

        So, it can be 'Him' or it can be 'HIM', but because the lyrics are written or typed down, it has to be written as 'H-I-M' to be grammatically correct. I'm counting on the former.

        Also, in an interview with SHOWStudio last May, Gaga pointed to the sky and said that all of her inspiration comes from 'capital H-I-M, from God'.

        I won't attempt to change your opinion, but just letting you know that 'capital H-I-M' really does mean 'Him', when following the rules of the English language.

      • DiZiLLuZioNed on

        I don't think that her pointing to the sky and stating that all of her inspiration comes from God means that she is divinely inspired from the Creator of All Things; Yeshua/Yahweh, the G-d of Abraham and the Israelites. Satan/Lucifer is the prince and power of the air and goes by many titles. H.I.M. being one of them as VC pointed out. I think that in spite of her Catholic upbringing and perhaps even because of it; (as the Vatican has been implicated in conducting satanic black masses for centuries) whenever she mentions God people assume that she is referring to Yeshua/Yahweh the God of the Bible. However, the word "God" is just a title and is used for any deity that is worshipped. I think in Lady Gaga's case, her God is definitely NOT the Christian/Hebrew God.

      • Precisely. She would have to emphasize the fact that the 'I' and 'M' are capitalized as well as the 'H' for it to read HIM (His Infernal Majesty). Had she not stated the 'H' being capitalized, I could understand the misconception. But the lyrics do not read:

        'or Capital H, Capital I, Capital M.'

      • And also even if she wasn't purposefully trying to refer to Lucifer and is meaning God she is still making God into the image that she wants Him to be and not worshiping or praising God in His true form or for His true attributes. She is changing the truth of God to a lie as it says in Romans 1:18 – 25!

  12. IT just gets MORE BLATANT! It's almost as if there is some real evil stuff that they want to unleash on the world so they are working doubletime to make sure that we become desensitized by this BS so the REAL EVIL won't look as bad when it actually happens. God (Yahweh, Yashua, El Shaddai, Adonai, Jehovah, I AM that I AM) bless us all and those who call upon his name now, will be saved.

    • To Aaron, With ♥:

      Oh my dear, then you probably shouldn't even hear about her next song (♪Juda-ah-as♪). Is it – dare I say it? – A CONFESSION OF HER EVILNESS?????? (the lyrics say sumthin' about her lovin' Jesus, but loves judas more… or sumthin' I dunno, didn't even finished the song even if this part is near the end of the song…) and you really really really should not watch the video (of ♪Juda-ah-as♫) then, because it might offend you… then again, you've included all the names there so I can't truly be sure if you're a devout Christian, or a JW, or an El Shaddai.

      And VC probably shouldn't make an article about ♥♪Juda-ah-as♪♥ because the video and the lyrics speak for itself. (should I even be surprised that she's wearing skimpy outfits again? DA NERB!)

      ENIWEY, wat was dat nex song cold agen? "Government Slut"? "Government Whore"? I'm kinda looking forward to that because she's topping herself over and over again with artistic Shock-and-awe value (though I had to admit, it's getting old).


      In the words of axman13 (though changed, corrupted, and skewed):

      PS. the only reson I'm giving her attention is beacuase, her music is pretty good (yeah, so screw me, I dun give a damn, guvnor!)… BUT DATS IT!

  13. It is so obvious that it is sickening. It appears like somehow those from Gaga's team are looking online and reading everything related to VC and his thoughts about Gaga being an Illuminati puppet. That video is EXACTLY what's written on this website, except they are now showing it on motion picture. If you want to show an example of Illuminati symbolism, you no longer have to have a million on examples, just show this video and that's it, you have it all. I don't take that video and its symbolism to heart because in my own personal opinion, they are just mocking conspiracy theorist by making them look crazy. It's like "Oh you want symbolism??… Here, you have your symbolism!"

  14. Wow, I didn't see the skull (in red with the bodies) till your commentary. When I saw the video, it reminded me of KANYE WEST's video where he is stationary and I think Metropolis as well as Dante's Inferno. I saw the bodies working in some sort of hellish dimension. I barely looked at the video because I find GaGa's repeated use of the same imagery disturbing and irritating. It is like being raped by violence and gore over and over again. I'm not into it. It is almost like one is beaten into submission with her music and her repeated imagery. If what you believe in regards to the elite programming us with these type of videos is at least 1% true than I'm glad you are writing about it and there is at least a coherent discussion instead of just blind obedience. It seems that the same art directors, photographers, and directors are controlling the top performers that is why the videos and the stage shows have the similar messaging.

  15. Termina (RhaCon) on

    I was waiting for this article. Yeah, I watched it with my father and we could both see the imagery. My father saw more than me, he's studied different philosophies as well as Rosicrucianism and Hermeticism. Its just a shame, and the comments on the video are more than disturbing. Trolls claiming to accept Gaga's (or the Elite's view) of the world. And some comments are just hilariously in tone with our initial thoughts:

    "What fuckery is this" lol.

  16. Carolina Martinez on

    HI… DEAR….. MI NAME IS CAROLINA MARTINEZ… I SPEAK ENGLISH BUT ONLY A LITTLE…! I'M STUDYING THIS LANGUAGE TWO YEARS AGO IN MY CITY (A LITTLE TOWN IN COLOMBIA) BUT I CAN'T EXPRESS MY IDEAS IN THIS IDIOM… I'm going to try…!! he he he I'm Colombian and… I have followed you for monthss!… I found this page by chance… I like your comments and stories about Illuminatis… I believe it!.. I believe that Illuminatis Exists..! That's a truee… I Analyse the songs tooo… I have learnt so much in this page…! And… Since I saw this Lady Gaga's Video I thought.. "Ohh myyyyyyy god" This is totally illuminati and Then.. I saw THE VIDEO OF KERLY "army of love" and.. OHH surprisee! Appear an unicornion! What a coincidence-! I would like you make a written about this video of Kerli..


    • mE FROM cOLOMBIA on

      Hey there Carolina! You are colombian #2in this website! Maybe sometime we can open people's eyes because in our country nobody wants to hear about the illuminati. In fact the youth is getting dumber and dumber! I want to puke whenever I read people on facebook praising that harlot demon Lady Caca! I also get a lot of backlash for disliking Shakira's music she is a mind controlled slave and I feel sorry for her!

      • Whats going on annanjdro? Its abit weird that you have the name annanjdro, are you related to alejandro?

        So you going company tomorrow? 😉

      • I don't know ZaZa, some fool called me anna-annajandro and it kinda stuck.

        And yes, yes I am. Fun times!

  17. BTW, I saw in the sky the Uterus not the Goat. Easy to see the ovaries and the uterus. Maybe that is why Gaga mentioned recently that she wanted her perfume to smell like blood and semen? A "conception" type of perfume.

  18. It's amazing how Gaga calls her fans Monsters, literally demons. Telling them, it's OK you are a monster… you were born that way. You are on the right track. Keep doing what you are doing. I am your mother and I represent all of your sins and your sins are what make you perfect. It will all be OK as you are destroyed in the New World Order for your sinful ways. Because God doesn't make mistakes.

    • I'd like to add also with risk of upsetting many who believe God doesn't make mistakes that He may well in fact have admitted to making a mistake in creating man at least at one time. Before he decided to destroy man in a flood in genesis chapter 6 verse 5- 6:

      6: 5 And Yahweh saw that man's wickedness was great over the face of the earth, and that all day the thoughts in his heart formed nothing but wickedness.

      6 And Yahweh REGRETTED having made man on the face of the earth, and his heart grieved.

      To me this was His own way of admitting he made a mistake but I could be wrong?

  19. Great analysis as always. I saw a link to a youtube video – can u tell me if what the poster says is true – if so then it leans ot her (gaga) and Hermticism (sp?) and not satanic/illuminati ? Personally can't stand her, she sings well though, just too dramatic. Justin Bieber said it best – an egg ? LMFAO – who does that ?!!!

    You can see the video here:

  20. I agree with several commenters above [starting with 8 onwards] who seem to think that the "GOAT" image is [also] a uterus. The reason for that might be to give two symbols at the same time- I doubt the GOAT reference was unintentional given both the initials and the similar shape.

    "But she wondered, how can I protect something so perfect without evil?"

    It's almost as if whoever is telling this story is attempting to apologise for what is being done. Haven't all tyrants started out with good intentions? That line originally made me wonder whether the presentation of what is possibly going on through the video is not also an attempt to display it in its real unnerving dimensions. I understand the ongoing VC theme about pop music trying to make governmental control "sexy" and I think there's some truth in it- but there's a difference with Gaga:

  21. EyeSeeTheTruth on

    Love the ending "good and evil are kinda the same and being a mindless zombie is cool. If you think this way, “you’re on the right track baby”. I’m not. Guess I wasn’t born that way." lol Good Work VC!

  22. Great article VC, nice amalgam of the source material also.

    Pleased to see you have dispensed with the 'can be interpreted in a variety of ways' too. These symbols are becoming more explicit, more definitive … :-)

    Best wishes,


    • No, you dumbass. The video is NOT about gay pride like they're making it out to be. That's what the OP meant, and what VC meant. Seriously, did you even read the article? Why are you here?

      If many of you are NOT understanding what VC is writing, or worse, are not even bothering to read carefully, why are you here at all?

      • I never said anything about the "video" being about gay pride. I've read the article and know that it's far from it. What I meant was the "song" itself.

      • the song was obviously written for the video, they come hand in hand. if the video isnt about gay rights, the song isnt either kapice?

      • VIVA_ORGANIXX on

        Dear Sarah,

        Methinks that is a foolish way to think. The song has some of the most horrendous and generic "love thyself" lyrics imaginable. (More mindless consumerism feeding people's egos…Fucking Perfect by Pink, Firework by Katy Perry, etc. etc.)

        The song is just like a syringe of silicone spoon-fed self confidence. The video is hardly related.

        I dont know, it doesn't really matter in the end, does it? It's just pure exploitation of the gay community- they think, oh wow, this giant corporate machine and Interscope (represented by gaga) LOVES us!! When really that just create ideological dependence and a society of mental retards who find individuality though the least individual means. She also has a great way of making 'gay' seem 'utterly promiscuous.'

        Ok anyways my point was the song lyrics are just a generic horrible pop wanna-be anthem that are setting the video up for a complete reversal of the previous themes. Same thing in Alejandro…Telephone…Bad Romance. Gotcha.

        Trivia Time! (this comment just got interactive on your ass)

        Some of her next songs are called….

        1. Judas (Need we say more?)

        2. Government Hooker (NEED WE SAY MORE?!?!)

        Alright enough harassment for now, peace bitches!

      • In my opinion she is talking to gay people who are see as very "sinful" and young adolescents who have been mentally and physiologically corrupted by society (ADD, fluoride poisoning, obesity, idiocy, laziness etc.) Basically attracting and controlling (herding if you will) all of the most sinful people in the world to usher them into willingly accepting their fate with the least resistance for the upcoming judgement say. Hence the sex "kitten" programming for sexually mature women and gay men, also, refer to the Josie and the Pussycat post explaining the current "pussycat" trend in pop culture (ie. JUSTIN BEIBER.) Thoughts?

      • Sorry if I dont make sense, I'm kind of tired. But basically what I am saying is that she is attracting and encouraging sinful behavior, then calling her fans monsters, and is now wearing devil horns singing about the zombie apocalypse and the NWO. Pretty fucking intense. Basically leading humans into the depths of hell, all while spoon feeding their egos with a catchy tune and duplicitous lyrics to further confuse their poor disassociated minds.

      • Agreed, Allison. No good will come of following this "woman". It is most frustrating to see so many people (like my own stepdaughter) so readily accepting of her extreme behavior. They usually say something like, "I like her, she's different." There comes a certain point at which it's not art, it's just crap. Society as a whole has lost it's boundaries, or spirit of discernment.

      • "She also has a great way of making 'gay' mean 'utterly promiscuous'."

        And yet she has publicly given her support to the HIV/AIDS awareness campaign. Her hypocrisy knows no bounds.

      • if this song was even about gay pride she wouldnt be questioning peoples belief systems and who they love/worship the way she does with the h.i.m. thing. just a sure fire way to get her follwers more enthusiastic and brainwashed smh

      • mercy, new comer on

        exactly, its true, everything is so damn true, like i personally think im getting affected with this whole television and stuff,Im from africa, i come from a very very strong christian home, i love God so much, but with the media and everything i just feel im being sucked deeper and deeper into sin, from movies to facebook, to music videos, its like nothing makes sense anymore, infact i do not think anymore, anything i want to do i just go ahead and do it without thinking!

        Anyway, i always come to this site to see wat VC has to say, and have loved everybit of it this is my second time posting,im presently interested in Willow smiths"s 21st century girl, i got quite freaked out with her lyrics, hope VC would post something about this.

        just for the records, i love music, always have, and i sing, (Gospel songs), i have great music ideas and stuff, but as each day passes by i become discouraged due to the rapid rate at which the world is changing, I MEAN, i recall wen i was younger i use to watch, a lot of christian kids programmes, like alot, from KIDS PRAISE, to SALTY, to DONUT MAN, to BIBLE STORIES…., but these days i see none of that, i repeat, NONE OF THAT!, !! sad

      • Ahh Salty?! I almost forgot about that program! Haha It =ed the bees knees. Me and my sis were completely obsessed. Lol

        *sigh…them good ol days.

      • Yeah if this song was about gay pride, they could've had well…gay people in it right? Instead there's guns, creepy clones, & emo face paint in space? Videos are very rarely visuals of what the song is suppose to be about anymore.

      • No, don’t be ignorant – the song is about gay pride & self-love within all people, it just doubles as an song which promotes Illuminati movement. The WHOLE POINT about this article [unlike what you said] is to highlight her sly cleverness of her clear illuminati undertones of her song as well as pointing out the symbolism present within her song & lyrics, It’s Still A Song About Self-Love!! <3

      • Well, Lady Gaga and I use the term Lady loosely, uses us gay people to push her message. She thinks and it is true, that if you come out against her she will play the gay card and say you hate her because you hate gay people. I dislike her very much and am gay and wish that she would leave our community alone. We have had enough users like her in history.

      • Well spoken Rick. I had a feeling that for every gay guy that dug her there were at least as many who didn't. If I was gay I would be the biggest Gaga denouncer out there (even more so than I actually am). And the fact that she would try and attribute dislike for her to homophobia demonstrates the contempt she has for people's intellect, when in reality people dislike her not because they're anti-gay but because they're anti-wanker. That and she's utterly creepy.

    • If you're using Leviticus to define proper Christian behavior and values, the only good Christians would be kosher Orthodox Jews.

      There is actually a big gay backlash against Gaga right now. The more she panders, the more we wonder who (or more like what corporation) appointed this talented and interesting, but young, and for all intents and purposes totally straight woman to be our collective spokesperson.

      As far as the video symbolism – meh. I honestly think she's messing with you believers at this point – the more you talk about this stuff, the more she puts it front and center to keep you talking. No press is bad press, after all!

  23. I agree with several commenters above [starting with 8 onwards] who seem to think that the “GOAT” image is [also] a uterus. The reason for that might be to give two symbols at the same time- I doubt the GOAT reference was unintentional given both the initials and the similar shape.

    “But she wondered, how can I protect something so perfect without evil?”

    It’s almost as if whoever is telling this story is attempting to apologise for what is being done. Haven’t all tyrants started out with good intentions? That line originally made me wonder whether the presentation of what is possibly going on through the video is not also an attempt to display it in its real unnerving dimensions. I understand the ongoing VC theme about pop music trying to make governmental control “sexy” and I think there’s some truth in it- but there’s a difference with Gaga: are her videos also showing the ugly side of this in an attempt to work against it? Of course, the answer to that could only be "that's what she wants us to think!" but who knows?

    Finally, the article is certainly thought provoking, but I think at this point "mind control" is more of a theme or an aspect of the whole and perhaps VC should refrain from easily branding everything as "oh! this too is about mind control!". The idea of "mind control on a mass scale" makes much more sense it seems.

    • Well the funny thing is that eye of Horus has a tear drop underneath it in its original Egyptian hieroglyphic, and that tear suppose to be for the unspeakable destruction he is about to unleash upon the humans of this earth. Almost similar to Lucifer is a fallen angel he doesn't want to really hurt god's children, but is using them as a lesson to tempt them in order to show God that they aren't perfect and that he shouldn't have praised them more so than his angels.

      However, i still feel that there is a deeper story then all the religious demonic archetype, and that has to deal with a much greater xeno-historic record of our solar system which I can't get into much now.

    • I agree with you. Early on in her career she said she was trying to warn people of fame. That they should not want it but instead realize that they are already famous on the inside. Something tells me that she had to 'sell her soul to the devil' in order to obtain the fame she wanted and she is trying to warn people they will have to do the same.

      One thing I have realized is that fame is a cage. Yet it seems everyone desires to be caged these days.

  24. I had also been waiting for this one because I had never seen the video, but hearing the song I knew there had to be some other agenda than just I was born gay and accept it. My wife loves this song and I couldn't figure out on my own why this was just another mind control, agenda pushing song, but now I'm pumped I can tell her why she still shouldn't listen to gaga. Let's hope she listens!

  25. I didn't really like the song when I first heard it. Now I definitely don't like it. When I first saw this video I thought it was plain weird. Now it's down right distubingly evil!

  26. Mind blowing!

    I'm quite shocked. Looks like they're gonna start using overt force to break down those who don't conform.

  27. I always love and respect your dissection of videos and such. Knowledge is power, but even when you know the truth you feel powerless – what can YOU really do? People don't want to listen. If I made a case for all things opposite than your POV no one here would listen because they follow you. I'm not saying that's my take on it, I'm just saying people aren't truly as open-minded as they believe they are.

    I worked in the music industry for over five years before I was laid off and witnessed some things that I considered questionable at best. I know, from what I experienced, it seems that you literally have to sell your soul to make it big – and there's no one bigger right now than Gaga. The sad thing is even if it was all true I couldn't hate her, I honestly can't, in fact I love this bitch to death – I've seen hundreds of concerts and she's right at the top.

    She is extremely talented, and to say otherwise is just out of spite. I met her in Chicago and she was one of the most down to earth people I've seen – but the truth is you have to be more than your music to sell as an artist these days – it takes shock value in order for people to keep talking, whatever the message is you'll be hearing from Gaga for a very, very long time. Thanks for sharing your thoughts VC, keep fighting the good fight ;}

  28. o brienesque on

    It's good we have the insight, and VC your work and knowledge is essential, but I get the feeling these GaGa weirdoes suck energy from here. It gives them a thrill to know they are being feared or discussed, so they keep pumping out the trash.By giving the rubbish extra energy it builds cache, it appears omnipresent. It's gaudy illusion.

    Surely there's a neutralising force? Oh, I remember, it's called LOVE!

    God's angels are assembling, just ask!

  29. Really great article lots of information to take it but all the better I love that you always tie all the pieces together with the big picture. For people who said it was a uterus I think thats why its thought provoking to use symbols that can interpreted either way, to get people talking and to convey hidden meaning. Its the same as the inverted traingle, we all thought gay symbol for nazis but obviously it symbolizes much more especially when combined with the triangle at the end. Dont take the symbols at face value

  30. The "zombie" gaga and her zombie friend looks a lot like the ones in the Jay-Z video "on to the next one"… the ones that are supposed to be the "crow" and the "joker" or even the zombie drummer on the Jay-Z video, interesting…..

    • Though Lady Gaga had to wear make-up for the zombie look(obviously), the zombie guy wasn't just a prop, he's actually a real guy who looks like that in real life and was discovered by some designer in Canada.

  31. Hello everyone. Regardless of the meaning of the imaginary on the video, I wonder why is it so blatant? Does anyone have a non religious explanation as to why would the Elite be so open and make these messages so evident? Thank you.

    • Google TED GUNDERSON, MICHAEL AQUINO, BRYCE TAYLOR to read alllll about the rape and trauma based mind control. FRITZ SPRINGMEIER is also a very smart read. All the info is out there, it's just a question of how smart you're going to make yourself, how aware, how awake. Remember the hidden signs in John Carpenter's THEY LIVE ? "SLEEP" That's what most sheep and cattle do. Only the smart or awake/aware will survive this agenda.

    • As the symbols become more common, they become more accepted. We get used to them, so the meaning behind them has a way of worming itself inside us.

      Same for the mythos.

  32. great article. BTW, whats so great about her songs anyways? this one sounds soooo generic. Infact, whats so special about her? all she does is try to make ghastly videos and go "over the top". theres nothing original about that.

  33. No.

    The butterflies- okay. Possible. That's the only thing in this video that I think is scary- and Capital H-i-m obviously refers to God because you capitalize it as Him. You look waaaaaay too much into this stuff. Some of the stuff might be true. She might be in the Illuminati. But she does not worship Satan.

    • sick of this shite on

      ah come on, these symbols recurring in so many pop videos by different artists are not a coincidence in fairness. These are carefully planned and these elements would not be included by fluke again and again. And I don't think anybody here believes gaga is "in" the illuminati, shes hardly the one calling the shots, just a puppet like all the others. I think Vigilant makes a very compelling argument overall, you just need to see that these same images and ideas are very common, and I higly doubt thats down to just a coincidence.

    • In the official lyrics Gaga posted on her twitter, it is spelled capital H-I-M, not capital H-i-m. So yeah. His Infernal Magesty.

  34. The Occult embraces sorcery. One of the big chides is 'smarter than thou, holier than thou'. This video, all those similar, and all the imagery is meant to confuse, confound, and mock the profane. See, it's funnier and more 'sporting' when They tell the cattle, show the cattle, and put it right in front of the cattle. It makes the herding and culling more amusing, tolerable and "lawful". Read up on Aleister Crowley, Jack Parsons (OTO, Scientology, Jet Propulsion Lab) and similar. Spells work better when there is hint of them about. A complete and total secret attack is actually not as resoundingly effective, in the same way a sniper's headshot kills too quickly, too humanely. The fear is always larger than the reality, and the mental expansion (to encompass that fear) leaves plenty of room for Their cancer to grow little by little. We didn't come from Elvis' gyrating hips to the whacked out media we have today, it's been brought about slowly.

    • The occult has better things to do than mock the profane. Are you sure you're not just projecting your fears onto something you don't understand? I'm sure there are assh*les, everywhere, and sure, some people are drawn to darker systems that promise powers, etc….but a good handful of people in the "occult" are looking to harmonize with themselves, the environment and the Universe.

      They're probably too busy meditating, doing yoga, and visualizing world peace to mock the profane.

  35. sick of this shite on

    cheers vigilant. not surprised at this stage, but more disgusted than ever. How something so disgusting can be so mainstream and pass itself off as being a positive message is beyond me. Goes to show what a hold they have on most of the population that most people can blindly accept something so ridiculous and disturbing as this video and its message. I'm saddened by how these themes and ideas have become a part of many peoples everyday lives.

  36. I don't know if you believe in God or not but I gotta tell you, you have a gift and believe or not, you're using it with the right strength and right focus. Too many are so spiritually blinded but good God, he predicted these events and gave it to us to study through Biblical prophecy. Keep going on that path (I literally read all articles on those, and I think your articles are easy to understand.)

    May God Bless You further!

  37. I thought it had something to do with the nephilim breeding with the humans and all that

    and the territory in space was supposed to be the moon since its like hollow or something

    and the inside of the earth was demons

    i was really high too

    good interpretation!

  38. I see a Baphomet head when Lady Gaga has the mask on the back of her head and shes in the pyramid…..

  39. I love the article, and it does elude to deeper meanings, but i think there's more to it.

    At least in terms of relating to the song, the whole story of it really.

    And, also, personally, i don't think it is wrong to be gay at all.

    There's a line between the numbing down of society's morals, and following what you truely feel inside, and i belive that they were, well, Born This Way.

  40. People either don't know about JOHN TODD, or forget his warnings. Look up his video on youtube. See also Dave McGowan's research into the 1960s rock music scene, the utter impossible mixing of rock, military and occult in LAUREL CANYON — This manipulation by way of music is nothing new. "When the mode of the music changes, the walls of the city shake." – PLATO

  41. MindControlledPuppet on

    And.. I enjoy the VC site. Not to make fun of people, but VC's viewpoints are interesting and noteworthy. That doesn't mean his word should be taken as if it his words are from handed down by god directly.

    The thing I do disagree with is the Capital H-I-M. The finnish band that is closely associated with Bam Margera, I do not believe lady gaga and HIM or Bam margera have come within 200 miles of each other.

    • I think VC meant she was referencing them because of their name's acronym, not because she knows them personally or anything.

    • They actually say that it stands for his infernal majesty and their symbol is a six pointed star. They got it from somewhere else, it's not like they made it up. Finnish metal bands are crazy, they take that shit seriously. They don't have to know each other to share the same beliefs

      • i can't deny it but i love this woman and every thing shes does minus the symbols and stuff shes such a good person and PLUS on a very important note VC you !! show most of these things to some of us who don't watch videos and movies all the time and it just makes me wounder because i see some scary shit here

        :S that i never saw in my life how im i totally show your not planting your evil plans in my mind if you are you my friend have failed i figured this video back and front point is your site creeps me out and carefully watch the vid its almost like shes trying to stop the Illuminati in a smart way :3

      • sweetie that's what "the woman you love" wants you to think. she wants you to think the symbols are just art. art? seriously? this can't be just art, it's much more than that, and secretly she's showing you these symbols so you're familiar with them, and you'll never know that you're really familiar with the symbols of the Illuminati. sad, really.

      • Stefan, true art conveys truth through symbolism. That is why Leonardi Davinci is so revered b/c the truth he conveyed in his art was Love, and the stranglehold the Rothchild (illuminati) dynasty has on the planet. Gaga uses her "art" to what? Shuck pathetic cd's? and to expose children to symbolism that they clearly don't understand. Why? To bypass their logical brains and to insert the illuminati's doctrines into our subconscious through the use of subversive symbolism.

        Your brain records everything, your subconscious uses different language, and it is the language of symbols. If a symbol means world domination through the spread of dis info and by means of intense mind control, what the fuck is it doing in her video?

        She has stated plainly that she hates the truth, so obviously her art is not true art, in the sense that it is not spreading truth.

        The reason art was held in such high esteem during the renaissance period b/c it was acknowledged as a mean to obtain higher levels of consciousness. Higher levels of consciousness are not interested in world domination (really an ego based and driven fear, that they really have no control, essentially over themselves, and most illuminates like gaga are nothing more than puppets and slaves)

        She is clearly using symbolism that is directed toward you accepting these very bad thought forms, that essentially seek to enslave you, and profit off of your death, or anything you create. The illuminati don't create they own, and they want to own your thoughts, b/c critical thinking free people who have no fear, are their worst nightmares.

        just b/c you love Gaga, doesn't mean you have to adopt her ideologies, that she is being forced to impose. Think of her album fame monster, and how she is crying on the back underneath all the make-up. There is some true art for you, she is a slave too, and very unhappy about it. If you love her, help expose her slave masters, that want nothing but to insure their continued dominance of the earth, its resources, and its people.

        These parasites are holding humanity back.

      • "These parasites are holding humanity back."


        Can you imagine the amazing things that the human race could accomplish if we were all in tuned with our high selves, working together for a beautiful existence for all?

      • Looboff Markoff on

        Listen to her interviews. She's not trying to stop anybody, she's serving somebody and proud of it. She's 100% aware of what she's part of and is fully dedicated and committed even up to the point of being ready to sacrifice herself to their goals. To think otherwise is not to see the most obvious, sorry.

        Though I understand you. She speaks to you and you honestly say so. There's nothing wrong with that. However, please be careful and don't fall into a nicely decorated trap!!!

        You've been warned.

      • Maybe a front alter is doing the interviews. Or maybe, since she is from a wealthy upper Manhattan family, she is in fact, in on it.

      • Sorry, I was trying to reply to Looboff Markoff, above – came out in the wrong order.

      • >Or maybe, since she is from a wealthy upper Manhattan family, she is in fact, in on it.

        Sorry, I don't understand what you're saying there, English is my third language.

      • OK, I'll try to be clearer – The part of New York City where Gaga grew up is a neighborhood where the wealthy and powerful live. Since the Illuminati is supposedly the social elite, her family might be Illuminati.

      • It wouldn't surprise me if she was born into this sh!@te, pardon my language. She went to a Roman Catholic school and we know very well indeed how infiltrated they tend to be, a few of them. Svali was right all along.

      • "watch the vid its almost like shes trying to stop the Illuminati in a smart way :3"

        Hahahahaha. Seriously?

      • @Stefan

        What do you love about her?

        By the way, you're in for a very rude awakening!

      • why do you and so many others online say she is a good person? do you actually know her in real life? On what do you base this belief? You have no clue as to what she really thinks or what her heart is set on or what she does when no one is looking do you?

      • Vigilant Observer on

        Wow Stefan.

        You love meat dresses, horns on arms and face, drinking blood, copious amounts of unadulterated orgies marketed at 10 year olds.

        Does she donate to charity if so then which?

        What does she think of orphans and CHILDREN dying of hunger and AIDS!

        She definitely is not a spoke person for the animal rights campaigns, i feel sorry for her pets is she has any.

        Could she be an advocate for the LGBT community? I doubt

        Personally i don't think Lady Gaga cares what we think, she's gon do what she likes anyway until someone more vile comes along and trust me its only a matter of time!!! Then she will try to expose the sinister workings behind the music industry business but by then she will have been so washed up, so tame compared to the pervesity that will be then displayed that nobody will pay any attention to her until we read some headline that she overdosed or commited suicide and they found her lying in her own blood.

        'Celibridom' has a definite lifespan count on it – so enjoy her while you still can.

    • Looboff Markoff on

      Then what is your explanation for H.I.M.??? I first thought of human and God – him/ Him, but that's not it. It's gotta be smth else because it's an acronym. H.I.M.

      • @Looboff Markoff

        I agree. There's more to this and I believe that it is an acronym as well.

        I'm just taking a stab in the dark here, but maybe H.I.M. stands for He's Inside Me. I recently watched 'The Astronaut's Wife' with Johnny Depp (I love this man – "Please don't be part of the Illuminati, Mr. Depp! It'd break my heart.") and this was a catch phrase in the movie. When the women who were pregnant with the TWIN aliens, they tried to tell an outsider that they have something evil within them by saying, "He's inside me." I hadn't seen this movie in a long time, but I find it strange that the day before this movie, the TV channel ran the movie 'The Sixth Day' with Arnold Schwartzinegger (sp?), which is about cloning. I believe that it's no coincidence that these two movies ran back-to-back. Another significant point is that in 'The Astronaut's Wife', the alien was a frequency/energy, which reinforces V.C.'s evidence that this video is about a state of mind. In the movie, the aliens/parasites could control the mind of the human vessel they resided within.

        It's all coming together now. I wasn't surprised when Sir Elton John chose Lady Gaga to be his adoptive son's Godmother. This speaks volumes! Lady Gaga was chosen for this role not for her mothering skills. I mean, seriously. She's 24, has no children, demonstrates no mothering tendencies whatsoever, and calls children "little monsters". Sir John said that he chose her for her homosexual activism and that she believes in the acceptance of everyone regardless of their "flaws". That's so sweet, but I'm not buying what they're selling. There's something not right about Sir John's "adopted" son. Maybe he was conceived in a ritual? Maybe he is a genetic creation? Maybe he was "born this way"? We'll most likely never know, but something is not right with this whole scenario and I can feel it in my bones.

        VC – You've completed yet another amazing analysis! I applaud you. I have to admit that my heart sank into my stomach when I saw that this site was suspended. I'm overjoyed that you're back and continuing the exposure of their disgusting agenda.

        As an aside, I believe that the 'gay agenda' and the 'alien agenda' are one in the same. I won't go into too much here because it's very extensive and elaborate, but for those who have researched abductions, hybrids, breeding programs, genetic engineering, 'The Book of Enoch', the fallen angels, and underground bases, I just wanted to state my belief concerning this connection. If you don't know what I'm talking about, don't ask me to elaborate, please do your own research, then decide for yourself if it seems legitimate to you. I don't expect you to agree with me or believe the same things I do.

        Sorry for the rambling, long winded post. But I do believe that we're in the 11th hour and I wish that more people would wake the f*ck up! Also, I saw that someone posted on ATS that VC's site was down. Thank you for doing that. I don't post on that site, but I do lurk and was very pleased that someone took the opportunity to voice their concern and give this site more publicity. I applaud you, whoever you are. :)

      • i agree with u about the gay and alien agenda.. the whole androgyny movement going on since the 80s and happening more now- there is something i really really don't like. even people doing sex changes, but keeping original in the sex organ area- for instance in tyra banks show, a totally tranformed muscle man who kept his vagina, or queens who get breast implants but keep their penis- something i really don't like about that- and this has been a big thing- in music when u hear songs that sound like a woman but its a man (ex justin timberlake-bringing sexy back- and that enrique song- i like it- dude i thought it was a chick singing that) – and vice-versa, and in fashion and art- the whole androgynous face- there is really something that creeps me out, in the end its like you don't know which one you are? pick one! gay or straight, i dont care- but u should feel 100% of one sex! im sorry thats how i feel. I feel it all ties in somehow. lady gaga tried to play it like shes hermaphro also.

      • Everyone Will Bow- C on

        Stacy-NYC, How right you are. I think the thing now is to promote neutral gender and do away with male and female. The purpose is to make the order of sexuality as God intended to be obselete.

        These people are going to burn for there choices. They better get right with the Lord.

      • Robin Shadowes on

        In Sweden the feminazi's are trying to promote a gender-neutral word instead of han (he) and hon (she). The new word is in-between the old words, it's hen. They also claim that gender is a "social construction".

      • So we meet again Mr. Unblinded….

        Let me close my shutters, and blink again, and I think I'll venture forth with your mental programming.

        Fallen Angels to the Enochian Language, subliminal messages that have been going since the Majestic. Twelve dozens to the 1+4+4= to break the Nine, you understand me in three splits of Time.

        Alright, then you know of the documents stating the Hologram Nation? I see, let's continue with this Free Speech that have nothing do with April Seventh.

        Research the Sony Patent avid readers, and see that this itself was a product placement. Ultrasonic frequencies to code you inside this Matrix, so to speak, you think you know what it means to be Human? I have a scalar wave that is unearthing your energy.

        Now, if you understand the genetic programming, then let's converse about then, I want to see what other evidence you have collaborating. Every human is an IP like I stated, and I don't think they understand their own Intellectual Property…

        Ever look at the sky and see the "colors" of the thought-forms tide? We feed the system with our binary numbers, input/output/input chemical stimulant.


        It's all Genetics. I have a medical degree within my own psyche, and I don't even need to read the Numerology to understand "Their" psychology.

        Where was Eye? Ah yes… Ignotum Arcanus, because I have untethered my coordinates, axiom deterrent, neurons of others' fire within "wifi" subordinates.

        Let's revel in this.


    • Maybe you and I have never come within 200 miles of each other, but here we are… Look, I am interacting with you. Your point is….?

  42. In all honesty, I think you are looking into the capital Him too far. As I interpreted it, it doesn't matter if you love him (another man) or Capital Him (God). I think she means Capital H-i-m as in Him not necessarily capital H capital I capital M as in H.I.M

    Just my honest opinion.

    • Actually, all the lyric sites display the lyrics as follows:

      "It doesn't matter if you love him,

      Or capital H-I-M"

      And I believe they cribbed the lyrics off the lyric sheets within the CD.

      I once translated it like you did…

      (and the next five words: "Just put your paws up." WHAT'S UP WITH THAT?)

  43. Nothing wrong with gay, but the grand and increasing promotion of it normalizes what is a generally depopulative if not unnatural situation. If even 10% are truly gay (or lesbian), and millions are being spent on promotion of such, where are the billions being spent on positive, procreative aspects? That this no longer exists reveals an incredibly dark future, hell-bent on depopulation. Have you seen CHILDREN OF MEN yet? It's about the near future date when Earth's YOUNGEST person turns 18… Think about that. NO CHILDREN ALLOWED for the masses; meanwhile the elites are free to breed. The "Great Work" is not necessarily the feminization of men (as is implied above, and as may be misconstrued, especially when you consider OBAMA'S SCIENCE CZAR (John Holdren) published a book (along with the EHRLICHs) on exactly how public water supplies might be poisoned to depopulate (yes, for photos of his book, google JOHN HOLDREN on ZOMBIETIME.COM) as much as it is the total control of humanity, particularly the poor and lesser classes.

    • have you ever thought that Earth needs to be depopulated in order to survive? I don't think it can go on like it is with us being the greedy bastards we are (something Satanism celebrates). Humans need to positively evolve but I have a feeling that means us Americans giving up some of our luxuries. Are you willing to do that? If not then I favor depopulation via gays (and less procreation) over killing people.

    • your statement does imply that there is something wrong with being gay.

      has anybody considered that perhaps these occult and symbolic references could be just a reoccurring theme that is interesting?

      i come to this website because i find the symbology interesting but i don’t believe about this whole take-over business. I am pretty sure that if I were to study symbols I could turn it around and show that Christianity is evil.

  44. The target audience of LADY GAGA –is– the poor, stupid and improperly or totally unparented. See for the quote in which Rockefeller said (in 1969) that music would "get worse". Google MUSICAL CULT CONTROL by Dr. Len Horowitz to read how the entire musical scale itself has been designed (by Rockef and military interests) to literally harm humanity, to sound out against nature. GAGA's idiocy is many levels higher in this (sadly effective) idiocy, but it is still part of the same dismal agenda: depopulation, transhumanism.

    • ahh I am offended by this statement! My parents were very good ones. I also would argue that these type of artists-Gaga, Manson, etc- may not turn everyone towards their Satanic agenda. Manson actually freed me of Christianity and then I learned to listen to my internal light and found Buddhism. I think when you are presented with the opposing viewpoint you become more secure in your own because they test you. So the negative doesn't always bring about more negative.

  45. great article VC, i know the video contains a lot of things, creepiness next to creepiness…

    one thing I know Gaga's videos would be getting worse than ever…

    Just a little note dude, about the monarch programming, you mentioned…

    when i was in college, i read a book from mary higgins clark i think, i forgot the title of the book, it is about a girl with mpd, when she was a child she was kidnapped and raped several times, the abuse resulted her to make multiple personalities…

    the personalities were made in order to protect the girl…

    one of her personalities takes over every time she is being abused…

    and about the gem, one of her handlers name was OPAL…

  46. has anyone seen her caption for a photo on her facebook page just plain fucking weird when i saw the triangle at the end. gaga has her new little puppet "Myself +10 year Old Lady Maria of Winnipeg. She signed my t-shirt, she ate my heart, just like you ▽"

  47. I'm almost willing to bet she's the Whore of Baylon after this video. I don't know what it sounds like musically since I watched the video on mute. Her songs have an annoying habit of sticking in your head, even if you don't like them! Demonic much? Tsk.

  48. I am not necessarily a fan of Gaga, but I do find her captivating. I choose to believe that she is not preaching an occult mindset, but rather playing with it in a grandiose fashion. Which, when you consider the formulaic output of most other mainstream artists, it is more than entertaining, it is stimulating. If you think about it, her work and image are bringing these images and concepts to the masses for them to research if they so desire (thank you VC for presenting us with such a well researched break down of said images and performers). Maybe she isn't a part of the illuminati but trying to expose them instead? The more she inspires people to look into things deeper, the more people will be educated on these ideas and be aware of things as they arise in our culture. In a strange way, I think that Gaga is raising the bar on what we perceive as entertainment. Her general public-friendly, palatable sound is contradicted by an array of highly orchestrated images and concepts. Perhaps she understands that her work can serve as a gateway for more people to be given access to information that could, in the long run, make them more empowered. Madonna was once attacked for baring her midriff and for singing songs that were blatantly about sex. Twenty eight years later, we have forgotten that this was ever an issue. Perhaps the same applies to Gaga. She is attacked (and for the most part brushed off as simply a weirdo) for the images she presents, but maybe some day, when what she shares with her audience comes more into the mainstream mindset and our collective awareness has been raised, we will thank her.

    • I happen to agree with you. When I listen to her speak I don't get the vibe that she has some evil agenda but could be trying to reveal something to us. When I have listened to Satanists speak they always have this disdainful attitude towards human beings which she doesn't have. In her recent Anderson Cooper interview (an outake) revealed that she sees herself as a showbiz martyr (those were Anderson's words-she reminded him that she isn't dead yet) so I think she is very well aware of the path she is taking and it is a dangerous one. Reminds me of Michael Jackson, actually, someone she has obviously studied.

  49. Gaga said she wrote this song in 10 minutes and that once she started, the song just came flooding in her. I totally understand. She is being influenced by something spiritual!!! Because she is such a willing carrier, this spirit being will as long as he can, use her to further his agenda.

    I am sure she will tell you that in her quiet moments, she is nothing and she feels like nothing. As a result of this she craves fame and attention. Does she not call herself the 'fame monster'.

    It is a very unfortunate thing that is happening to this girl. Please, don't bash her because she really needs prayers.

    How come we never heard of her family, like mother, father, sister or brother. Does she even have any? Does anyone know if she was groomed for this?

    Great article VC. I really hope people are paying attention.

    • She grew up at the Pythian condos (former temple of a secret society, i kid you not…lol). Her mother and father got their money from installing the internet in hotels. She has a younger sister named Natalie. In a Rolling Stone interview she was talking about a recurring dream she had and when she told her mother her mom said it was an illuminati ritual so I do wonder about her parents cause only Illuminati know the rituals.

  50. Your articles are very thought provoking. And I visit this site everyday after school to read what you have added to the site.

    Recently I saw this video by Willow Smith called Twenty First Century Girl. I wonder if you've heard it? But the video I'm sure has illuminati imagery in it.

    From the creepy lady in the beginning that summoned the young girl, to Willow raising I guess "a new world" from the dust bowls of the earth. There were even monarch butterflies in the video on more than one occasion. Even a baby chased after the monarch in a scene…it made me angry, but I still have that weird emotion inside of me that tells me that it's good that this is coming out.

    It's tiring to have people not believe you at times…to the point you want to give up. But then when blatant symbolisim comes out-that's what makes me smile. That's why I keep spreading the message. Keep it up VC.

  51. I;m surprised that Metropolis wasn't mentioned. I saw a huge Metropolis/Express Yourself reference here too.

  52. we as a people need on

    Thanks for taking your time to do this VC. I read a lot of music video analysises on here but never has the message been this clear.. then when I was reading the comments on youtube for this vide, the highest rated comments were appraisals saying things like "mother monster is so sexy, look at that ass" and "such art". smh world.

  53. Anyone notice when she does the satanic sign of the cross? It happens close to when she does the one eye sign.

  54. w_elizabethh on

    everyone has their own opinions on what exactly gagas videos are putting forth, but she does represent an important concept that we cannot forget; to love the people around you REGARDLESS of your differences. REGARDLESS of if you love him or Him. we need to unite as human beings. some of you people are so worried about the end of the world coming and how the music industry is perpetuating the impending doom, constantly fighting over what the media is subliminally feeding us.. that is EXACTLY what the Illuminati running the modern world want to have happen. thats the only way they can stay out of the picture and continue with their schemes.

    i dont always agree with this site, but seeing another opinion on an issue is something i have been raised to do. VC raises valid points and creates tremendous arguments, but its still his sole opinion. some of you people need to get out and experience this world, the good AND the bad, before its gone.

    gaga is the biggest fighter for equal rights for the gay community, and for the better treatment of all her outcasted "monsters" worldwide. no, shes not the most innocent woman on the planet, but she is an eccentric individual who will always use shock value to define herself in the spotlight, if you believe shes a puppet for the Illuminati or is the first genuine artist we've had in decades, it doesnt matter. we need to learn to love one another before our time is up.

  55. Finally the posting that I've been waiting for! This video just screams symbolism. I do admire the message that she consciously explicitly tells people, but the underlying message (found in the videos mostly) is rather disturbing.

  56. Do you think that Gaga is being more obvious to try and get more people to look for occult meanings in her videos? This one is like she's not even trying to hide it. I heard the song in a bank and it doesn't sound as sinister as when your watching the video.


  57. In order to see the Goat and the uterus, one just needs to look at the dodge cars symbol which is both a Goat and a Uterus.

  58. Leave it to GaGa to take such a simple song and turn it into an unrelateable, nonscensicle video that MOST people wouldn't understand. I knew with this video there were so many hidden meanings.

    What's with the stupid eye ball on her chin? So stupid.

    I think GaGa is one of those people that just says stuff that "she thinks" sounds cool and too intelligent for us normal folk to understand. She's not intelligent.

    I will say, her songs are catchy and this new song has been stuck in my head for a few days. Boo.

    The beginning of the video is long, disturbing, and gross.

    Thanks for the article. I tweeted to on twitter but you're too good to reply. Appreciate the article anyhow.

  59. I was waiting for this. :p Great article.

    It's funny, I started school to become a film editor recently. My first instructor was a freemason. A week before that I found out my great grandfather was too.

  60. It looks likes the protruding bones in her face also create the upside down triangle with the eye of horus on her chin.

  61. Where to start? I think I'll run with a few whims.

    Mother Maternal Monster, or whatever, M3, is symbolism in itself, the power of 13-3. Numbers and numerology. Capital H I M, (8)(9)(13), I've already shown this as well, but remember, that there is coded speech in many different ways, you have to read in between and wherever you think you can fit the "obscene", or whatever you think it may be. Literally.

    Next, I can go with that whim again. the entire M3 scene is from Mother Mary's Monster. Well, that would be the Man, would it not? Every Human? Like Jesus? Anti-christ? If the end of the vision, I mean music video (wait she said it "flooded" onto her like that comment above posted, or it just "came" to her like it was prophetic? Must be the energy… I'll get to it, mon amie), was more of a negative thought structure, then you could take it that way, can you knot?

    I don't make typos, nor am I afraid to converse within my Logos, and debate with what you might propose to my "suppose".

    Going back to this "energy" thing, anyone know how its to be Mayan? Look at the entire concept again with a different face (borrow one of her's if you'd like), and the cosmos will be at your calling. Energetic combination transitional human frequency disturbance! Google and you will see what I mean, and yes you can tie in many of these video scenes to these, and even your "worship/warship" Illuminati.

    Hermetic Philosophy, that Star/Seal of Solomon, I'll find you within this whim. As below, so above, Baphomet I'll enter your Horcrux. Yo, you, up there, yes its a uterus, why do you care? Goat as well, can't handle the second face, then your mind/psyche "Will", learn why your "Blood" spills…

    Let's take it this way, read the Quran today?

    Hmm, Yahoo seemed to bring up 9/11 today with this "unearthed footage never before seen", and had an article afterward that was this; White House praises Muslims ahead of House hearing…

    But the article heading on that little tab thing that goes around "macro" floating… "Islam Issue Debated" underlinked with "Thorny Issue" and this blurb "A House leader says some American Muslims aren't cooperating enough with law enforcement".

    Are you guys seeing this or am I a genius? I'm not and neither are you, wake up and see what I'm trying to tell you.

    THIS IS SUBLIMINAL MESSAGING ON YOUR PSYCHE! Stop looking just at Gaga, and see how you worship these idiots… Damn!

    NEVER MIND, I digressed, that's "Alien" Territory.

  62. I think there is something that has not been mentioned in many of these articles that I have read. It is not because of the fact that "its off limits", its more like we don't have many of those that read this, mention this… I'm asking you not to look at this literally, but see the "Symbology", and yes I know I will get "flamed" for this, its alright… I have a water hose that is bigger than Olympus.

    Now, for the sake of the average reader's laziness, I'll copy/paste what is relevant. I'm nice, why thank you, I like you too. =)

    Surah 2:102 [the Heifer]: They followed what the evil ones gave out (falsely) against the power of Solomon: the blasphemers were, not Solomon, but the evil ones, teaching men magic, and such things as came down at Babylon to the angels Harut and Marut. But neither of these taught anyone (such things) without saying: "we are only for trial: so do not blaspheme" [i.e. by working sorcery, which constitutes disbelief in Allah]. They learned from them the means to sow discord between man and wife. But they could not thus harm anyone except by Allah's permission. And they learned what harmed them, not what profited them. And they knew that the buyers of (magic) would have no share in the happiness of the Hereafter. And vile was the price for which they did sell their souls, if they but knew!"

    Now, can we take God out of the picture here and your hatred and bigotry, and see the symbolism, so to speak?

    Heifer = Cow or in Arabic known as "Baqara" which in Urdu/Hindi is roughly "Baqra" which is "Goat." Hmm. Let's just keep this for the big part, and say its more generally known thing as "Calf". Alright, I'll bite, ignore the metaphor, but this is just phase one kids. Golden Cow? Don't bash the Jews here either, this is not why I'm here. So shut it.

    Solomon = Vigilant has been vigilant about this dude already. Strike up the memories and masonic vigils.

    Man/Wife = Duality, split of human, the male is biologically female, female is biologically male. Understand what I mean? You already read associated calligraphy. Next, they were split up by these "angels" (remember take God out of the picture, angels!? Heh) that taught them magic in Babylon during Solomon's time.

    Btw, anyone ever heard of Elijah Muhammad?

    My arm tells me that my head knew something, that if I kept my legs underneath, I wouldn't give into sorcery. I think, mon amie, yes? J'etamie.

    One more thing… I told you in my last post, I'd find Solomon within my whim. Learn to spiral and spin and control what is within.

    I'm done here for now, I think you guys should continue my conversational flow.

    Thank you VC for your post,


  63. Great article. Duplicity it is, without a doubt.

    I'll just add that it is amusing and tragic to me how the Crowley-ites and Luciferians of all stripes claim this "boundless freedom" thing as their own, as a "liberating force" to free humanity from the oppression of God, generally.

    The truth is that it was God (not Satan) who created us, and in doing so, gave us freewill, the ultimate gift of love. But, He also told us many things to protect us from ourselves, and from our adversary, the great deceiver and father of lies, Satan.

    The main difference is – and it's a pretty huge one – that there are consequences. Satan and his minions, Crowley and Gaga among them, are simply continuing the sale of the most ancient lie of all; "Surely you will not die", just Do What Thou Wilt and there won't be any consequences.

    I never found it difficult to understand that one side is saying "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" – don't hurt others as you wouldn't want them to hurt you/be kind to others as you'd want others to be kind to you – and the other side is saying "Do whatever you want to do and don't worry about it, F everyone else".

    Now, seriously, which one do you think is good and which one evil? It's not complicated.

    I can assure you all that no matter what you believe (or don't), there will be consequences and final justice in the end.

    • Do what thou wilt was never intended to mean, “Do whatever you want to do and don’t worry about it, F everyone else”. Anybody who has spent anytime actually reading should know that. Everybody has a Will that is in tune with the Divine Will, I think you Xtians call it gods' plan or something like that. You should do your Will and nothing else. If people get in your way, sometimes you have to move them out of your way, but if eveyrbody did their Will we wouldn't have to worry about it.

      Were you really trying to say that Xtians actually LIVE by Do unto others….? Is that why they slaughtered thousands who wouldn't convert under the pretense of saving their soul? Is that how Xtians want to be handled? Please.

      I think I'd rather do my Will than pretend that it's okay to preach Do unto others while you're burning witches.

  64. These people need to go straight to hell… F* them all.

    The only light you need to rely on is what you have in heart and in the heavens above. If it comes to it, they can do what they want with my body, but they will not have my soul.

  65. Excellent write up on Gaga as usual- Thanks ~ Been waiting for this one. Over @ L.A. Marzulli's blog we were shocked ( & that isn't too easy to do since we keep tabs on the demonic Alien agenda from a Christain perspective) by the lyrics of Katy Perry's E.T. song. Perhaps you can do a discernment piece on that one too?

    Katy Perry E.T.

    • Hi Lisa,

      VC and LA Marzulli are the two blogs I check every day! I think Vig and L.A. understand the times better than anyone else I have found so far.

      This analysis seemed to me to fit right in with what LA is always saying: as if Gaga is heralding the birth of a Nephilim Antichrist and a Nephilim army that will destroy the ranks of those who are not initiated into the mind-controlled, beast-worshiping, God-blaspheming New World Order. This pure race born is being born in outer space with government approval: sounds like "alien" breeding to me, or really the demonic breeding program Jesus prophesied in Matthew.

      Another reason I think this video heralds the birth of antichrist is the Egg of Astarte. Gaga was "born" out of the egg at the Grammy's, as Astarte, Horus' mom, was born out of an egg after she died. And as Tom Horn pointed out, Horus/Isis/Apollo are all types of the Antichrist. Gaga is saying she is symbolically birthing the Antichrist.

      My amateur take.

    • The music industry's latest "Alien Trend" is probably the most disturbing yet. "Wanna be a victim, Ready for abduction… Tell me whats next? Alien sex. Imma disrobe you ,Then Imma probe you, See I abducted you, So I tell you what to do." – Katy Perry ft Kanye West. Dissoncate your cognition on that nugget of profound lyric.

  66. Before this music video was released, I just knew that it would be a complete contrast of the song!
    I am yet to watch the video though & honestly I don’t think I will…

    I really enjoyed the song though, it really teaches one to love and accept themselves for who they are, but I always wondered what the “Capital HIM” meant…but now I know!!

    Thumbs up on this great article VC!

    • The issue isn't listening to one or two songs. The entire fabric of the music industry is corrupt. The plan and goal is much bigger than we think. :(


    VC-you are way off about "him or capital H-I-M." I thought you would have seen the message exactly for what it was worth; a rejection and rebellion of God and His word. Sometimes you must look on the outside to see inside because it is clear as day what she is implying. Now, notice the song could be aimed toward gay males because how can a lesbian love "him." I add "could be" because what you have written has truth in it as well. So for gay males, it doesn't matter if you love your boyfriend or God, because God doesn't make mistakes if in fact He made you gay! As a hardcore, Bible thumping, born-again Christian, Gaga is singing heresy! It is what it is and you have to judge things at face value. You have to take into account that the occult, satanism, and NWO is initially about Bible prophecy being fulfilled whether people believe in God or not. So, gaga's attacks, agenda, motives and songs are above all, spiritual. Meaning, there are eternal consequences for such things and that there are things in the heavenlies taking place we can't see either. Also, Rick, "Zombie Boy" is the dude with the skull face who gaga is parading around with in the video. Personally, I think she maybe wanted to find the most disturbing, odd, crazy, underrated image out there, popularize it as "cool" and is using him to promote her satanic agenda. Her agenda can be to spread the occult but the unseen, spiritual side is that she is breeding a spirit of rebellion, anger, hostility, and rejection of Jesus Christ. Poor schmuck!

  68. Just saw Willow Smith's new video, '21st Century Girl' and it also had butterflies. Also towards the end of the video Willow was creating a new city.

    Just goes to show that the Illuminati uses different artists but it has the same objective.

  69. I've always questioned the song's lyrics "him and capital H-I-M!" I knew some how those lyrics meant Satan, and not God, but why does the lyrics say "I'm beautiful in my way,

    'Cause God makes no mistakes." Is she being hypocritical? Or just trying to sugar coat God in her song. I dislike how mass media uses God's name in vain.

  70. I'm not going to read all 92 responses because I don't have that kind of time… but when I watched this, I was given the strong impression of the directors saying that aliens would return and the humans would mate with them. Aliens as in… fallen demonic angels. A mixing of breeding Satanic sin to consume the world until the end.

    I think one way or another the global prison mentioned in these posts won't last forever. I think we already face that to a degree before this comes to a complete fruition. I don't think we should shy away from that in our present, meaning we should be conscious now. We should take actions with our life today, not act as though this is only a distant future.

    The global enslaved world won't last forever though.

    • It is interesting that you say that because L Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology was very close friends with Crowley:) That is how close Satanism is to the CoS.

      • I do think there's more of a connotation with alien life, demonism, and the motherbirth type scheme in this Lady Gaga video. It's obvious that there's some ancient allegoric language used throughout… such as Gaga being the Egyptian God Ra with the eye on her chin. It's definitely creative with what they have, but it's… pretty lame. I don't even think the general public cares for this one.

        We're definitely being softened in our understanding of sex. I think we need to keep our guards up and have stronger spines… or else who will stand against the new age kind of sex? With how much sex is shoved down our minds, I don't think we're really preparing ourselves well. Our whole lives the media has been suggesting that having sex with anyone, at any time… is okay.

        "Okay" isn't good enough for me.

        Does this not disturb anyone else???

      • Again it all comes down to positivity and negativity. Sex with anyone, in my opinion, is ok if it is coming from a positive place. However most human beings are not ready for that and have it for negative reasons. Because they want acceptance, have low self esteem, want the power that comes with it, etc. I also think that the woman's role in the world needs to be respected a bit more-equated with the patriarchy- for sex to be generally positive.

      • madders,

        An interview with L. Ron Hubbard's estranged son revealed that he practiced black magick and all kinds of other dark occult crap growing up, as dictated by his dad. Jr. went so far as saying that the backbone of COS revolves around the phrase, "Do what thou wilt."

        Sound familiar?

  71. I don't like the way some of the people on this site try to take creatures such as Unicorns and make them out to be Demonic symbols. Unicorns are strange but very beautiful creatures and what Gaga is probably trying to say by showing the Unicorn at the start is that even if you are different, you're still beautiful.

  72. With all due respect, I have to say that some people on this site over-analyse things. Not everything is Demonic. Gaga said herself that the new race is meant to be her "Little Monsters" AKA her fans. I'm sorry, but I had to LOL at the person saying it was about Satanic Aliens coming back and mating with humans.

  73. Wow…looking through some of the comments…a lot of the commenters here who claim to be Christian don't act like Christians at all. ''F* them all, they should go to Hell''? Jesus would never have said that to anyone. If you want to pass yourself off as a Christian, you really need to start acting like one. Otherwise, you just drag our reputation through the mud and make us look awful.

  74. Another thing I noticed was that when she is in the triangle with the mask on and her arms thrown back it's kind of a baphomet shape. I saw somewhere else a still shot from a Rihanna song, (under my umbrella maybe?) where she is in a triangle as well and she is doing the same pose. The article was pointing out how the split second of the shot was digitally altered to look more like a baphomet head. Just found it strange that they were the same poses inside a triangle. I'll post a link to it if I can find it.

  75. Cutting through the on

    What i take from "HIM" is a description of Jesus.

    "It does not matter if you love HIM." Meaning just that. Evil and the devil always have the first blow… leaving Gods righteousness to pick up the mess in the end. Even though Good, Light, God win in the end… the damage is done. Therefore it does not matter if you 'Love HIM' because their goal of mass destruction and death will succeed at first. According to GaGa's retarded song.

    @ Ignotum Arcanus

    Was that ebonics?

    • @Cutting Through The Hysteria

      Let me cut through my self-induced hysteria for a second, and I don't mean any offense, but I had to figure out if you did.

      Everyone knows the "ebony phonetics" you are referring to as "ebonics", but what exactly are you getting at?

      Alright, I'll bite.

      Yes, I am speaking "ebonics". My name doesn't tell you, it clearly states Ignotum Arcanus.

      Yet, my "definition" of ebony differs from yours, and its because I am in the "dark" that I can see the light that "you are blinded too".

      Check out your seven-colored visual spectrum and see there is no "white".

      Thank you, I think I will listen to Big L's Ebonics now.


  76. I’ve been waiting for this analysis of the Gaga video, when I first saw it I thought it was the most contradicting song ever.
    Great article, I just read it outloud for my husband.. More people are waking up!

  77. Inquisitve27 on

    I also wondered towards the very end of the video, when she was in the black and white frame with the white gloves,… what that was all about???
    A part of me is wondering if that was in reference to Michael Jackso, as u stated that the last frame represented death. Then Gaga’s message to those who won’t conform to this mindset….

  78. Novemberheart on

    Is it just me, or at the end of the video when she's staring at the camera – she has a gap in between her two front teeth, like Madonna. She doesn't normally have that gap in her front teeth. Is she trying to embody Madonna? This song also reminds me a lot of "Express Yourself", as far as the music. I'm just wondering what the deal is with the way she looks at the end of the video.

    • I have noticed the Madonna shot too…It is absolutely creepy since Gaga really looks like her with the gap in her teeth, the short hair and make up.. Even creepier is the tear she sheds while looking straight at the camera.. Some sort of symbolism? Madonna crying since she won't be the Queen of Pop no more…

      Gaga came to erase her…

  79. This is sickening. And it's sickening that her fans worship her so much and have no clue what this is actually forcing into their minds.

  80. I feel you stretched it a bit much in some parts like with the Capital H-I-M. The band that went by that name actually changed it because people thought that they were satanist. And Lady Gaga actually explained in an interview what it meant. But otherwise good

  81. I've been anxiously awaiting your analysis of this video. Once again, you do not disappoint.

    Good work, Vigilant.

    Also, anyone notice how gaunt her face/body is? I guess scary is the new 'sexy'.

  82. great article have any of you notice that lady gaga and madonna use like the virgin mary allusions?? if not just look at there name´s madonna is of mary´s name and some people refer to her as our lady and whats gaga´s stage name? Lady gaga hmm well why do you think this 2 artist do this? :O maybe the represent the opposite of the virgin mary like a dark evil mary? :O

  83. Yes, the Unicorn is a symbol of Christ, and has been used throughout history. One of the best examples is The Limbourg Brother's "The Hunt of the Unicorn Tapestries." A very famous work of art from the Renaissance that cronicles the crucifixtion of Jesus.

  84. Windest Rida on

    I actually had a very strange dream a few days ago that I feel I'll probably never forget it. It was weird and I don't know if it's just a figement of my imagination, but please take the time to read all of this:

    The dream was like a TV show episode. I'm pretty sure it had some theme music at the beginning, but I can't remember what. Before I saw any of the "characters" a shot of a villa or apartment was shown. It highly resembled the villa with the swimming pool from Lady Gaga's Poker Face video, only less modern.

    The first scene showed Beyonce standing in a kitchen washing plates at a sink. She looked perfectly normal, but one thing was different. She had an expression of pure hate on her face and her eyes seemed very bright and hard, almost luminous in her head. Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Britney Spears entered the room and sat the table. All of them were dolled up and no one was in ordinary clothes. Lady Gaga was wearing the blue swimsuit from her Poker Face video, only with long, draping sleeves and Britney was wearing a black and gold bikini. The others were wearing typical celebrity awards show/premiere dresses. I wasn't in the dream myself at all. It was like I was watching it on the TV. I was starting to get unnerved by this time, as none of the women seemed like themselves. Beyonce seemed furious, Rihanna seemed anxious, Gaga seemed depressed, and Britney seemed to be genuinely traumatised. I noticed Britney had a shadow cast over her as they were all around the table. Britney started whispering into Rihanna's ear, so quiet I couldn't hear. The rest were silent and it was creepily unnerving. This continued for a minute, once again in strange, eerie silence, until it cut away to a shot of Lady Gaga. I was freaked out by this, as she had never moved from the table. She was wearing a green version of her 2010 Grammys dress. Her eyes were glowing now too, and she was surrounded by similar looking women, who were almost like her minions, her "Little Monsters" in a sense. The glow then spread throughout the rest of her body, lighting up the tubes on her dress and her "minions" immediately leaped into their air. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I was shocked and frightened beyond belief. The halo and glowing eyes subsided, and as though nothing had happened, she re-entered the house, asking about breakfast. She sat down to eat, and then Rihanna put her hand to her head, and said "I think I'm gonna be sick." She walked away from the table, and ran to the bathroom. A few seconds later I could hear loud growling from the bathroom.

    Gaga went into the bath screaming "Shut the f**k up! I have a hangover!" Then suddenly, there was dead silence again, and a blurry, zoomed-in camera shot showed Gaga running out of the room, with her hand on her mouth and a scared expression on her face. She kept crying and babbling about something being "scary" and how she couldn't take it anymore. The camera was angled a little to the right, and because of this, I could see a shadow of a big burly man jumping up and down, almost enjoying her suffering. After a few seconds of this, the man jumped into the air as Gaga's own minions had done before. They then went back to the footage of her running out the room, being stopped by Beyonce, asking what was wrong and why she was crying. She just started shaking her head frantically and then pushed away Beyonce. She sat down with her head in her lab, still sobbing.

    Then came Rhianna out of the bathroom, which was perhaps the most horrible sight in the entire disturbing dream. Her eyes were blood red, with an enormous white pupil and nothing else. Her mouth was grinning, and her teeth looked as though they had gotten sharper. Her hands were open, yet still tightly being held, like a tiger about to pounce. And that is exactly what she ended up doing.

    She pounced on Britney, letting out a horrendous animal like scream, more horrifying than anything in a movie, a sound I hope no one else ever hears for the rest of their lives, and began squeezing Britney's neck. At first, she began to gasp for air, and attempt to scream as the other women, who were in horror, tried to rip Rhianna off her, but to no avail, almost as if Rhianna had acquired some sort of demonic strength and continued squeezing. Then, bizarre music began to play in the background, and Britney stopped gasping for air, fell to the ground, and died. Looking at this made me want to cry, but I was too distracted by the Demon flying out of Rhianna's body, causing her to return to normal. Everyone looked in horror at the demon, finally realizing Rhianna's demonic possession, and surrounded Britney's body, crying mournfully. Rhianna got up off the ground, and asked what happened. They looked at her, and then Gaga said in a really weird soft voice that wasn't hers, "She's gone. Now we must mourn."

    Then the dream ended with a shot of Beyonce, Rhianna and Gaga hugging on the ground and then I woke up.

    • SHHHH!!!!! be quiet or these b*tches' handlers may get together and make a stupid heal the world song featuring them so they can use this as a video! lol

    • I think I watched Charlie Sheen and the Backin' Up Video by the Gregory Brothers one too many times. I fell asleep at like three in the morning and had a dream, and everyone was speaking in Songify Language….and saying things like "Win Here, Win There, Winning everywheeeereee…" "Im going to right every wrooooongggg…." and "Hero Of The Day! Heroooo of the Day!"

      When I woke up I was totally buzzed…

  85. I forgot to add this, that the HIM and HIM can be also referred to;

    Her Imperial Majesty (HIM) or His Imperial Majesty (HIM). Carry that where you want to…

    Interesting side note, and if anyone knows of the "Great Harvest" …

    "Harvest International Ministry."

    We only have so much time left, 20122112.


    • I gave you a thumbs up for the 'Pffft' alone.

      You sound like you've been reading Hidden_Hand over at Illuminati News. That is some wild stuff.

      • You are right, I did read that… but I got to that information in many different ways. One was the "Hidden Hand" article by Vigilant himself.

        Another being Edgar Cayce was asked how he was receiving his information, and he had used the words "vibrational sound complex…" Same lingo different decade, 80s was the "Ra Chronicles", and the past couple of years it has been this constant "Galactic Federation" information on YouTube and "light channelers". Plus, they are very much into Saturn as well, apparently our system's council is over there.

        I'm not belittling anyone's beliefs here… because I have seen some of the commenters actually converse in accordance to the "Law of One."

        All the power to you, Adonai.


  86. also kesha has a new video where she kills tons of unicorn people.

    i hate these pop sluts, i cant meet any girl anywhere with out her being like "kesha is so cool" slutting it up is so hip now it makes me wanna vomit.

    • I'm a teenage girl, and I can absolutely not stand Kesha. I think that she is a dirty slutty dog-mind my language, but that's honestly what I think about her. And I have no intention of coping her style,nor do I think that looking cheap and slutty is a good fashion to follow. And her music sucks. I hate it

      Just putting it out there….

    • I'm a girl and I'm against LAdy gaga and her likes, actually I quit kesha when I found that she was a good friend of Katy perry (another disgusting artist) … I know wat you mean, I used to know this girl who was all 'oh i love God, I love Jesus, praise the lord' but her fb pix poses are more like katy perry's … I won't be surprised if she was a fan. Gosh they're so fake!.

  87. Anyone notice that Lady Gaga=Pazuzu in ancient Sumerian? Don't know who/what Pazuzu is? Look it up and tell me what you think:)

  88. Lady gaga just keeps on coming. When will she finally go gaga after the illuminati are done with her and they get a new puppet? Are they done with beyonce and its just a matter of time? anyway thanks vc for these eyeopeners. This video is just creepy even makes alejandro seem better.

  89. Let's wait for Katy Perry's video E.T…. obscure song, not single material, AND she teamed up with Kanye West… directed by Floria Sigismondi… can't wait to see what is the theme of the video.

    Also, ke$ha new video features lots of unicorns and it makes violence look really cool, adding lots of rainbows, which seem to be featured heavily in videos now…

    • I saw Ke$ha's video. I just thought of some kid crying to her mother, saying "Mommie! I saw a girl shooting rainbows and killing Unicorns! WAAAAAAHHH!"

  90. I'm a straight girl and I lived in a 50% gay male town- West Hollywood for a few years. The gay guys I know all over that town worship Gaga. No joke. They talk about her like she's Jesus in the flesh. She's like their spokesperson.

    She def has the gay market in the can! They are buying all of her merchandise and concert tix. She's smart for marketing herself to them.

    That's the truth.

  91. There's only one problem I have with this article. When I first heard the line "CAPITAL H-I-M" I immediately thought of "Him". When people refer to God in writing they capitalize the "H". He, Him, His, etc. We also capitalize the "G" in "God". Just like we learn in English about proper nouns. Maybe the alternate meaning IS Satan, but I think God was the initial intention. The connection with HIM (his infernal majesty) seems a little more obscure than the God connection, to me. Even if the connection with HIM is just in the abbreviation and not the group in particular.

  92. Born This Way is nothing but an act Gaga puts on to make money of clueless people who buy her trash. She was born into a cakeateer family and attended the same high school as the Hiltons, yet people think she was an outcast who was persecuted for her beliefs. The only thing she cares about is money and depends on fools to believe her act.

  93. Well done, Vigilant, you got this out in record speed. Re: boundless freedom, any shrink worth their salt would say that boundless freedom = total lack of boundaries, a very bad state for a human to be in – it's the archetype of an addict, a child whom no one loved enough to contain within reasonable limits for their own good (see: Charlie Sheen). And re: this supposed 'unity' that Gaga keeps on about, I direct everyone to the below essay on Illuminati News – this kind of unity is the kind that the elite need to seize total power, not the peace, love and Tofutti kind:

    "The Illuminati works with the principles of Yin and Yang. There has to be a balance; that's why many of them also are philanthropists to counter the negativity they are involved in. If all music was dark and Satanic in its nature, most people would reject it. There has to be music for everybody, but they also know that where you put your intention and your energy, that's where you get results. And if you watch Hollywood movies and listen to the lyrics of your music heroes and are knowledgeable about the occult and the Illuminati Agenda, you will soon discover how much occult symbolism and covert promotion for a World Government and a unity of all people and races into one united world there is in the context. There is nothing wrong with being united, and many people embrace it, such as the New Age Movement (another culture created by the Illuminati). However, they don't know what uniting means in this case and what the end product will be. They only know that their heroes are singing about love and unity and it sounds like a good thing. The Power Elite is not stupid, they know how the human mind works." –

  94. Simply put Gaga makes one gag Aside from satanic symbolism, and yes it's replete with it, the orgy scenes alone should make any sane parent wonder how far along his children have been corrupted by these satanic witches: Madona, Gaga and the lot.

    Listen, after watching these skanks: Madona, Gaga, Spears et all vids what's next is Gaga and Madona take a shit in each other's mouth, rape a goat and then committ suicide by Drano. You'd have to ask the guy who came up with "Human Centipede" for a finale. It's just getitng uglier, and much less musical, out there.

  95. This video is disturbing crap. I took the 'Born this way' thing to be a veiled reference to original sin, which we're all born with. She is encouraging everyone to wallow in their sin nature rather than overcome it. Hence, people end up damned, serving her master's agenda.

    G.O.A.T. = Satan

    Alien = demon

    Gaga is a very lost soul.

    • Maybe she just wants people to be accepted instead of outcasted. Did you ever think that she is saying that people believe whatever they read or hear without questioning it that people judge. don't judge lest you be jugde. he who is without sin cast the first stone. dont worry about the wood sliver in your brother's eye get the plank out of yours first. forgive 7×77. love your neighbor as yourself. Any of these ring any bells? all bible verses. I am not taking sides or anything I just don't like hypocrites – you don't have to like her or listen to her music or support her – but u should let Gaga be she will get whats coming to her. One last question. Do you want the way you judge her to be the same way God judges your sin (if I remember correctly you'll get ten fold). just something to think about

  96. Good analysis. The messages are sick. At this point, the visuals are catching up and are becoming less disguised and more overt. They are wearing the darkness on the outside.

  97. There is alchemical stuff all over this video. I mean, she's outright following in Crowley's footsteps now. You can say it's dreck, but it's very sophisticated dreck. One thing has surprised me, that there have been people in the gay community which have rejected her over this song. She is still pushing the message, and I'm sure it will have an impact, but there seems to be an increasing backlash over her antics.

  98. It's SO BLATANT!!! I knew it when i first listen to this song. The fact that the song sounds like Madonna and Gaga has NOTHING but Satan's element in her songs n video!

  99. Jesus is God on

    Remember her appearance at the grammy's? She was carried out on a cross in an egg that she had been in for three days, Jesus was resurrected after three days, she is imitating that and saying she is re-born. Coming out from an egg with horns implanted in her face, this is a satanic re-birth. She should've called the song "re-born this way". Also, she is basically saying in the song "do whatever you want, God made you that way". We were born into sin because of Adam's and Eve's fall in the garden of Eden, we need to be re-born by accepting Jesus Christ who was punished on our behalf for our sin. Also, this video makes me think of what Sodom and Gomorra must have been like.

    • And has anyone wondered what "god" Gaga is referring to? It may not be the big G, God Almighty, but the occult, little g god(s). She could also be saying or implying that alternative gender identity (gay, herm, trans, les; she supposedly is herm) is authored/influenced/caused by the little g entity, the Adversary, if you catch my drift. Thus she is connecting the mind-control activity with the sexual revolution, coming out, illuminati agenda to destroy society.

  100. All I know is I can watch all her other videos, even though they have become progressively more dark but this last one is too much, too dark and creepy and I will not let my nieces and nephews even hear about this. Please do an article for Willow Smith's new video "21st Century Girl" where a prominent image is also a butterfly.

  101. gee…. don't know if I'm missing something here but GAGA is an infantile way of saying 'vomit' which is exactly how I feel when her face appears.

    There's no shock, no awe just ho hum another vacent pop star who'll fade away as her body starts sagging along with her mind…… yuckavee.

  102. why does she say: if your middle eastern or lebanese… is it that bad to be lebanese?? im lebanese and i dont have to explain to people that i was born this way, im very proud of who i am.

    • I don't remember those exact words being in the lyrics. Before something else about her gets twisted up, she just named a bunch of races, colors, and other things to show that we are all the same. Also for songwriting purposes, some words have to rhyme. 😀

      • Nothing is a mere coincidence or for rhyming purposes, remember this is a Gaga song with thousands of dollars spent, every word has a purpose, IMHO Lebanese is used here because she is targeting Lebanon, the people there are almost ready, they only need a push to go out of control ( or should i say controlled )…

  103. I've been waiting for this ever since the clip came out. Appaling and more than obvious from A to Z. It made me tremble with disgust and anger. The very manifesto of the devil and its upcoming antichrist for the people who allowed gaga-like instruments to turn them into monsters ;-((…

  104. You know, even if lady gaga and all these other artists are promoting this supposed illuminati agenda, I choose to believe in the creator and in my children regardless of what these artists do. At the end of the day, my kids have to answer to me and the Creator and so do I.

  105. The article is one way to interprut the meaning of both song and video, but that doesn't mean it is essentially the right one. But Gaga has said in a recent CNN interview that "Analysis ultimatley leads to deviousness" or is she trying to blind us of the truth? Also, in the song she says you can love "HIM" or "Captial H.I.M." which refers to God and Satan; duality… As above, so below. Also note the various pop culture refrences.

  106. There's nothing I want to see more than the New World Order to fall to the ground.

    Death to the New World Order!

    Keep up the good work VC!

  107. All I know is I was a astrologer for 30 years and I studied …all the alternative new philosophies out there until two years ago when some thing started manifesting in my house and I video taped it. They were TRIANGLES with a silver Orb..and I have them on video…they are REAL not just a symbol.

    I suffered for 8 months with being terrorized with this thing. I didn't become a Christian because of the bible, a church, a preacher, a video, a book, a friend or a family member..I BECAME because I saw demonic entities obey the name of Jesus Christ


    Just to re-iterate: it is obvious to draw a clear conclusion over who gaga is referring to when she sings about loving "H-I-M." Why? because she gives us clues in her lyrics. The Bible tells us to not focus on the seen but rather on the unseen. What is unseen here? her lyrics! Take into account everything she is promoting to make rational judgments about immoral, moral, right and wrong issues. She sings that her mom told her there was nothing wrong with" lovin who you are" because "HE" made you "perfect babe." The Bible says that God has fearfully and wonderfully made us. Satan didn't create us people. Gaga then replies, "Im beautiful in my way cause GOD makes no mistakes." There is the answer in bold cap letters! She is constantly singing about and to gay males especially when she says, "dont be a drag just be a queen." Lesbians must feel left out because how many lesbians go around talking about whose the better "drag queen?" That lyric is basically a play on the word "drag queen" as well. Gaga then sings, "a different lover is not a sin. just believe capital H-I-M" which is down right heresy. Now, is it possible gaga has somehow morphed "HIM" to mean satan in that last verse, sure because only satan would approve of such immorality. But is that what is happening here, no. why not? because satan never declared homosexuality a sin so obviously she is singing about and against the God of the Bible who sent His only begotten Son to die on the cross for supposed sin. If it wasn't for the Bible, gaga would have nothing to sing about. She is not referring to satan as (H-I-M) because again, it is not satan she is rebelling against. She's another follower, biting off and twisting the words of God because she has nothing else to sing about! repent already chick!

  109. VC you forgot to mention that on the very last second(s) there appears a rainbow over the pink triangle almost on the top resembling the cover of Pink Floyd's dark side of the moon.

    Also yes, the h i m stands for the same meaning as the Finnish band.

    And I don't know if people knew this but the sex orgies on that semen like liquid are very similar to the description of one of the circles of hell in Dante's masterpiece.


    The sad thing is, all you have to do is focus on generation Z, and the resistance will have already died out…

    We must educate our children and maintain some fucking common sense!


    Things I think you missed (who can blame you, this shit is like an epic-satanic-elitist-mindfuck)

    1. METROPOLIS!! All day erryday. (Triangle earing, pope-hat hair, third eye on the chin and robotic necklace.)

    2. She's singing BORN THIS WAY, over and over and over again, even though the video makes it very clear (whether MK or not) that it is an induced sense of self transformation. Kids aren't born loving WalMart and fake politicians, they're indoctrinated by popculture- but LOL who's gonna question it when they think its natural.

    3. "Black white or beige, chola or orient made" is a wonderful way to sling semi racist globalized new world order phrases around, and see all inclusive.

    4. Satan, satan, satan. I'm not devoutly religious or Christian (girrrrl i have some complex beliefs of my own so don't be hatin') but this screamed evil. Whore of Babylon anyone? Pope hats, saints, horns, and a disgusting visceral blend and juxtaposition of all things slimy.

    OK that's all for now. Hide yo kids, hide yo wife!

    • LOL Giiiiirl! I'm with you! hahaha

      I know he didnt mention the Metropolis thing in the back of her throne and the city at the end OR Michael Jackson(who was sacrificed) and Madonna! AND THE POPE HAT!!! And I thought the slime was Satan's sperm like in Umbrella and every other weird black goo in videos(xtina)

      I guess we kind of figuered it out on our own O_o

      he should still write about it at the end.

    • You should specify that the Pope hats appear in a mockery of the Catholic Church, which will be destroyed by the Anti-Christ and by his false prophet the Anti-Pope, which certain people believe will be a contender for the papacy after Pope Benedict XVI dies.

    • I also thought whore of babylon.

      I noticed Madonna, but I guess I missed Michael?

      And lastly, I thought she looked kind of like a pharaoh, with the crown-hair and the fake beard and golden necklace.

      • You're right, that chin eyeball is totally like a beard, and her hair looks like a Pharoah crown. I looked up 'false beard' in relation to Egyptian rulers/religion because I dimly remembered something about it, and the fake beard was worn by the Pharoah to associate him with Osiris. There is a precedent for female rulers in Egypt to also wear the beard.

  112. micheal giger on

    The old do what thou shalt (their law) do harm to none (our law) is as old as time. It's how the rulers control the world. The whole thing goes back to the two Jesus/Adam and Eve or the twins, the man and the man with a womb. Satan is the womb man. It's the Hermes. He was Eve and Cain, he was Judas, he was the twin who drank the living water. Mary fell to the ground when she watched him eat his own semen. Eating from the tree is eating from the penis, the apple is below the tree. You can't be that slow…

    What does Isis Ra Hell flowing in Semen have to do with anything? You all are just waking up to the fact they are the children of the God of war Ares, the burning bush. The 10 commandments are not what you think they are. The two tablets had 10 rules for the slaves, and 10 rules for the master. The exactly opposite of each. All you have to do is look into the mirror to see the truth. The star is the mirror in focus. They know this but do you?

    They can kill, you cannot.

    They can sin, you cannot.

    They have absolute power over you.

    You have no power.

    He has the lust of a man with the genitals of a woman and man. He corrupts absolutely. Dark energy is it. The end of the human race at the hand of the one who is he/she. If you think it doesn't matter then you have already been lost…

    • I used to be this rock and roll journalist and a big music fan with a large collection of CD and music etc. I loved this stuff back then, and I had demons making me levitate in my closet to the tune of Nirvana. The evil in today's music industry is real, I've experienced first hand. But God/Jesus/Jehovah/Yahweh/the God of Abraham Isaac Jacob is greater still because he just holds Satan on a leash. We will only come to understand everything in the end. Read the book of Revelation in the king james bible. How it all ends has been foretold centuries ago. I just feel bad for people like Gaga and Rihanna who think that the luxuries in this world are better than an eternity without God in hell. Satan is a liar. He makes out that he's big and all that, well he is, he was one of the most powerful in heaven, but he is not the Lord God. He's just one of the …minions

      • I think you mighta had a lil special help from a certain kinda "herb" to float in your closet

  113. I'm just wondering why she doesn't like to stop making this symbolic videos… sometimes i think she's possessed by Lucifer or maybe she's Lucifer.


    Gaga alluded to VC in the vogue I was cutting up for my senior Frankenstein project tonight. She said something along the lines of "In trying to desperately decode my work, you're analyzing the very thing you hate." And also that "her work survives as a mysterious, undefinable force of art."

    Obviously Gaga has read some of VC's articles- they're easy to find via Google. It was a pretty cold statement that to me came off as "IF YOU DONT LIKE THE VIDEO WHY ARE YOU WATCHING IT?" + "Don't fuck with us."

    Well fuck with them we will!

    As an artist, I'm absolutely horrified at what the world is now seeing as art. I guess corporations are now dominating the art realm with music videos, and horrid symbolism. These things read like sentences!!!!!!

    Viva. Organixxxxxxxo.

    • I think gaga feels a little bit threatened, that's why she said those things.

      One word gaga if no body can decode your videos then why the hell are u making them ?????

  115. amirhossssein on

    thank u ! amazing artlict!

    can u analyze kanye west's Monster video? or 30 second to mars's hurricane video??

    down with illuminati and gaga !

  116. Thanks. Have been waiting for this article. I'm not a fan of Lady Gaga but i believe she is talented and very different.

  117. Off Topic: VC really needs to do a piece on American Idol, being as so many watch it – Stuff is going on there… At the beginning of the program, a pyramid is shown that opens up with a person in the middle and the pyramid forms into a sun with bright light over the person. Illuminated?

  118. im thinking the black and white stuff could be semen and idk what else is that, usually they do that in any satanic ritual. and theres a orgy after every satanic gathering so yeah.

  119. I posted this in the Message Boards but it bears repeating here so non-board members can read it:

    –Laurieann Gibson, NOT Gaga, came up with the "birth of a new race" idea–

    Haus of Gaga creative director and choreographer Laurieann Gibson (the other Haus creative director is fashion designer, stylist and Mugler creative director Nicola Formichetti) reveals the birth of the birth concept:

    Gibson says: "When Gaga played me the record, it took me quite some time to feel the direction and the inspiration, and when she played it for me two weeks later, I was like, 'I think I got it.' I said, 'We have to birth a new race, a race that cannot hate.' And, of course, as genius as she is, she runs with it." [ … -way.jhtml]

    So Gibson is saying Gaga is a "genius" for running with Gibson's own idea!!!

    I'm curious as to who did the art direction for the BTW video, because even though they say Gaga wrote the prologue and treatment (a presentation treatmant can be as short as three pages long so I'm not that impressed), Laurieann Gibson (NOT Gaga) is named as the video creative director, and Formichetti is listed as the fashion director and stylist for the video, meaning he pieced together all the costumes, props and outfits from his Mugler label and other designers. Nick Knight is a visual force to be reckoned with in his own right , and in the article VC posted, Gaga said "I wanted Nick Knight, I wanted a visual" so who knows for sure?

    **~~Oh and by the way~~**: Gibson is also the creative director of Interscope Records Group (IGA). [] Yet Gaga told Billboard that "Interscope has nothing to do with [her] creative process". Hmm, considering Gibson is creative director for the Haus of Gaga and also the Born This Way video creative director, I think Interscope has A LOT to do with her creative process!!

    • Good catch on the self-serving creative director, LOL! I can't tell you how tired I am of hearing GAGA referred to as a 'genius.'

      • Fleurdamour,

        That greeting on the other article was more than I deserved. Thank you for sharing and much respect my friend.

        As for the "slam poet" reference, I usually write under musical influence (the old NYC underground scene being a past I usually visit.)

        – On a side note of the "creative" name of "Interscope";

        The name in itself is a subliminal "barrage" if you consider it as such;

        As your eye glances at the video and on the side the ac"credit"at"ion" is given to being a masterpiece of "Interscope Records", your brain also fires a quantum of this effect;

        "Enter Scope Record"s.

        So, the eyes have it.

        Secondly, that skull with the bodies, you can see the following images as well;

        Tree of Sephiroth and/or Circle of Willis.

        Either/or, I choose the latter, helps me climb up "I'm a Human" ladder.

      • Sure thing, I.A. – I knew you had the air of slam poetry about you. I lived in NYC from 1996-2005, the last few years in St. George on Staten Island, which is why I caught the zip code reference. You're a poet and you know it, so I answered you in poetry. I think one of the best ways to overcome Babel is to speak to people in their own language, wherever possible.




  121. Absolute creepy shit. Gaga fans only listen to the words and dance to the music, they never look beyond the words and the melody. They don't read between the lines, which is exactly what Gaga doesn't want them to do. She's trying to brainwash us. Well guess what bitch, you ain't foolin' me!!

    BTW. She says something about Lebanese people. Why out of all languages, Lebanese? I'm half Lebanese and I have nothing against them… But I hope Gaga's not trying to say anything about them.

    • I'm a GaGa fan, and i still like to research about what she does.

      I read VC and i was waiting for this article.

      So please stop talking about GaGa fans as we were all the same.

  122. Thank you so much to this site. I was wondering lately if what's the connection between her introduction in the video "born this way" and the song itself? I don't understand why she's saying that. I think, those are not even connected with the song.. Well, I have loved the song when I first heard it sang by Maria Aragon.. I don't like the version of Lady Gaga….Because I knew that there was something…something about the song..especially the video…….

  123. A Finn from Hell(sin on

    This might be completely too far fetched, but I see very wierd connection between that Finnish rock band HIM, Bam Margera and his tv-show Jackass.

    First, I have seen HIM since the 90's when they started and one thing I have noticed is that they were selling satanic imagery to young teenage girls in a "romantic" vein. They changed the satanic five pointed pentagram into a "heartagram" and many girls took a tattoo of that symbol or had a necklace of that symbol in the same vein as satanists who had that pentagram symbol and inverted cross etc. They also had "love songs" with names like "your sweet 666", "join me in death", and their debut album is "greatest lovesongs vol. 666" and it's lenght is 66 minutes and 6 seconds.

    Most of the girls who love Ville Valo and HIM are not interested in satanism, but still listen to that music and wear those satanic images on their shirts, which I find quite… well, interesting.

    Then about Bam Margera who is very close friend to Ville and his band HIM. What I've understood is that he became famous from that tv-serie "Jackass", and everyone who has seen episodes of it know that it is filled with desecration of your own body by doing idiotic stunts and it also makes dumb behaviour seem to look very "funny" and "cool". Bam also had his own show were he pulled stupid stunts just to piss off his mother, making disrespecting of your parents to look "funny" and "cool". Very dumb and idiotic "entertainment" at it's finest. It's said that our body is the sacred temple of our spirit and we should not desecrate it, and Bam and his friends do exactly that.

  124. Kev from Switzerland on


    I admire you. you can really critisize people without contributing any alternate possibilities. Why don't we all be grown up together and just let everyone have his/her oppinion and give civilized feedbacks, If or if not you agree. frankly, I'm sure none of the readers really cares for your destructive critisism, which really seems to me, you have too much time. Don't you have a place to clean up or washing to do? or does mommy still do that? greetz from switzerland – the land of hemp, cheese and chocolate:)

    • First, learn to spell. Secondly, go get some brains. Thirdly, u know nothing about me and u talk from ur ass. I rest my case and let u have fun on this wonderful blog infested with all kinda nutters.

  125. A Real Living, Breat on

    First off, lemme start here. I am a damn proud gay man. I'm fed up, sitting here, letting myself read "your" judgments (not you VC) against myself & my fellow gays. How dare you. Christians? Really? Does God himself not say he is the one & only judge? Yes, I think he does. So do us all a favor, save your comments & thoughts on a topic you really know nothing about & that you yourself have not lived! Do we come on here & constantly berate, judge & condemn the lot of you to hell? No, I don't think so, most of us gays, sit idly by & take your criticism and move on. Lemme share a story w/you. A story about a young man w/a gun in his mouth because his mother told him she'd rather him be dead. Then the same young man months later w/a bottle of pills beside him because he saw another young man tied to a fence & beaten too death, while a "christian" group held signs saying he was burning in hell and that god hated him. A young man w/his whole life ahead of him ready to end it because of people like some of you. A young man that prayed to his God he was raised on, with his whole heart to be shown that he was "ok", to be shown that he was worth this life god had given him. Well that young man heard God & knew in his heart that he was accepted & loved, & to treasure his life & LOVE. So how dare any of you, ever, ever fucking dare pass your judgments on me or my fellow gays. Don't you ever tell us that we are degenerate, perversions, because you will hear one loud unanimous "Fuck off you simple minded, barbaric, simpletons"

    Now with that aside, when Gaga first came out, I was in love w/her. & contrary to popular belief, just like what others have said here, I've lost my respect for her & see her for who she truly is. Do you not think "me & my crew" can see that she's exploited us as a whole? We, like you, because a majority of us are exactly like you see her & her work for exactly what it is, & we know what side she's working for, & myself & a lot of my friends have turned her off completely.

    Now, its pretty obvious to a lot of us that Gaga & her ppl read articles like, prolly this very blog & they've been reading it 4 some time. ie: the rolling stone article others have mentioned. The statement she's made about her not being affiliated in the sacrificial death of her music partner Lina Morgona (an obvious witch name from the Camelot stories) back in 2008 (I think it was '08) if any of you guys haven't read any of that I highly recommend it. From what Gaga herself says about it, too what the womans own fiancé says he witnessed w/Gaga, & what too this day her aunt says about the whole thing on the website

    That's all I have too say. Sorry to VC for going off topic a lil bit, & sorry for some of my language.

    • Thank you for expressing yourself. I can't speak for anyone else here, but I appreciate hearing what you had to say. Unfortunately, this page is like the rest of the world – there are some people here who can't tolerate difference. I hope that won't keep you away if you do find anything of value here.

    • Jesus loves all on

      Dear "A Real Living, Breathing, Feeling Gay Man",

      First I would like to start off by saying how sorry I am for the injustices you have felt. Christians nor anyone are supposed to be judging others, and I apologize on their behalf. We are taught that we are ALL sinners and therefore it is wrong to be a hypocrite and judge your brother for his/her sins. I can guarantee you that no where in the Catholic religion does it advocate hating gays. We are all to love one another. The reasons others might have condemned homosexuality is because there are many instances in the bible where it is explicitly condemned as a sin. But I have my sins and you have yours, and obviously if you are not a Christian then you do not believe what I believe, and it is all your right and freedom to believe what you chose. But for the record, it is not so much the 'being' gay is a sin (for example, those people who sincerely cannot help the attraction they feel towards the same gender) as it is the ACT of sodomy or unclean acts (fornication is a sin for both gays and straight). So although I may not agree with your life choices and it may be against my religion, I respect you as a human being and I am sorry if anyone has not done so under the false pretext of "Christianity"– those were not REAL Christians. As a matter of fact I recall meeting a gay man who was a devout Christian because he would not perform the ACT of sexual promiscuity but instead remained abstinent, which is a hard thing to do. This gay man, is one of the most noble men I have ever met. The only way to reconcile homosexuality with Christianity (and yes it can be reconciled, you are not "damned" or condemned to hell as others might MISTAKENLY say) is to remain celibate (sex is only permitted in marriage). So do truly believe that your friend did indeed feel the love of God, because anyone pure of heart and devoted to God, ready to repent and give up their sinful actions will be accepted to into the kingdom of heaven.

      Please turn to God, because He DOES love you, and don't ever let anyone convince you otherwise. We are all sinners and we are all here to repent for our selfish ways and better ourselves. God welcomes ALL who leave their ways behind and give themselves to Him.

      • This was well said, or typed if you want to be technical….

        God/Christ does love all but he still destests sin and theres no way to work around that fact….we are all sinners in some way or another.

        But to purposefully live in sin and expect God to be forgiving of your actions just because He loves you is ridiculous and wishful thinking on anyones part, gay, straight or whatever.

        I also feel that if you truly walk with Christ and you want Him to take away your sinful nature as much as possible you will see those sins decrease over time.

        I use to love to smoke weed daily/hourly, party with other types of drugs, have various sexual relationships outside of marriage, listen to as well as create/perform all sorts of depraved music & artwork and watch all kinds of ungodly movies and television. I used to cuss all the time, hate everyone for any reason and I could go on for days about how awful I was.

        It took only a few years and mostly only a few months to rid myself of the majority of these sins with the power of Christ in my life. I thought I would never stop smoking weed…and although I do crave it sometimes especially when I can smell it I know better and do not wish to actually smoke it. I still have lust in my heart when I see women barely dressed in public, but I don't try to engage them as I would have before. I still cuss, not nearly as much and catch myself when I do and regret doing so.

        I stopped listening to sinful music and dropped out of the career I had producing,rapping and designing graphics; I wont even support former colleagues who ask me to make them beats or design them promotion materials because it has nothing to do with God and the life I chose to live from now on.

        So I would imagine if I had a homosexual desire that this too would cease or at least not be fulfilled.

    • Gay is wrong. it violates natural human law. stop trying to spread your poison. it is pure evil and i refuse to drink it.

      • John Johnson, your above comment is rude, but i will quote it back to you. "stop trying to spread your poison. it is pure evil and i refuse to drink it.

      • Not An Idiot on

        Yeah, I don’t think that something that natural occurs in humans is anything that ‘violates human nature’. The idea of homosexuality is a historical construct because before then it was understood as being perfectly normal. And then Religion came and messed everything up. If you think it’s some crazy choice that people decide to make then YOU ARE WRONG. People

    • correction on

      I believe that website is Slight spelling error…great site too! I wonder what it would have been like for Lina to live and challenge Gaga's work…oh yeah…that would have interfered with the agenda…so now a beautiful voice is silence

  126. what i notice about gaga is that when she first came into the industry she was acting kinda normal coz this cool btut with all this we all really have to be careful but in the end i know the good always prevails, so whateva let the illuminati take their time and try all sort in the end we all go to the Most Supreme Being where we'll all be judged accordingly.But hey oyu are doing a great job.thumbs up VC.

  127. I think this video makes it VERY clear that Gaga and her people know ALL about the conspiracy theories regarding symbolism in her videos–she loves the attention, and put in whatever she could find for the sheer purpose of getting more attention. It is so damn obvious she did this on purpose because it is so ridiculously blatant here. I am not even sure why there is a write up on this video as it is pretty self explanatory and nothing is hidden at all. This is not Illuminati agenda, this is Gaga riding the coattails of her reputation for the sheer purpose of attention. Attention=more sales.

  128. Great article Vigilant! Have you done one about her egg hatching at the Grammy's? You need to…..that would be an interesting read. Cant wait for it!!

  129. You all can hate Gaga, all you want, it doesn't change the fact that she is a genius. I love how she totally steals Madonna's thunder. Wasn't Madonna promised the title of queen? now, this young whipper/snapper comes along and makes fun of all of them. She even dares to appear in horns, which was the blood libel on Jews, in the middle ages.

    you can get hung up on this stupid satanism trip, but it's bigger than that. And, the Gaga is helping in many ways, by making this public, in your face, and totally there and obvious. You have to be a total moron to miss her point.

    as for gays? well, they are tinkering w social engineering. one thing I know about the gay community is that they are single issue voters. plus, they feel left out bc they live for sex. so, if you want to cut birth control, and you want to keep people occupied w sex, promote homosexuality. it will further increase the divorce rate, and segment people into little interest groups, and keep them all occupied. The Gaga puts this right out there to promote sex, without birth. w Gaga, everything is what it is.

  130. Awake andaware on

    Pluto; planet of Death, Rebirth, Transformation, and Karma.

    It's interesting that the Annunaki from Niburu, as told through the ancient Sumerian's clay tablets, referred to this planet as 'Gaga'.

  131. I love it this guy has changed my whole life reading this stuff and it has increased my walk with God even more becaue now my eyes are open. Thank you Vigilent Citizen!

  132. Words cannot express how sickening I find that whole eyeball-on-the-chin thing. I can't even really look at it, it's so gross. If reversing the position of the third eye doesn't give anyone a clue that this whole video is upside down in its thinking, I don't know what would.

  133. Antuan Beard on

    I am so glad that you have written an article pertaining to this video by Gaga! Once, I seen her performance at the VMA's and then the video premier, I was just counting down the days until you would post the article for her video analyzing it. But, I love it! Thank you!!

  134. We sit here on our computers, and meanwhile, they march on with "The Plan". Go out and look up at the sky. Sit out for a day and watch the chemtrails being sprayed in the skys. Read about Targeted Individuals. If the people who are gangstalking me are going to be the ones left here on Earth, well, all I can say is I'd rather not be here with them, because they are Satanic scumbags.

  135. Think the article just misses a bit on the point of Gaga and the zombie model part. It's almost like if she's the right arm, image and likeness of the devil. There is a part in which both, still on their cocktail suits (may have some symbolism here), simulate sex while standing. Gaga rotates her head heavily and the guy makes a lascivious face, and by the end of the video, it's like they reached orgasm and became one, of sorts.

    And about the end of the video? The white gloves (freemasonry symbol), the Michael Jackson moves, the closeup of Gaga crying with Madonna's diastema… The mind control thing might go a bit more down in it.


    • Other considerations:

      – The beings that "queen Gaga" gives birth are only heads, which means a psychological/ideological birth. And, by the way, all the heads are crooked, as showed in line.

      – She talks about this race having "boundless freedom". I remember an interview in which she spoke about performance artist Marina Abramovic reaching a state of "freedom" during her works, which is a "blank" mindset, in which she becomes unrespondant to her environment. So, her pretense freedom conception is mere "blankness".

      – Note that on the "don't be a drag, just be a queen" part, she makes a pair of horns with her hands during the word "queen".

      • "And as she herself split into two, rotating in agony between two ultimate forces, the pendulum of choice began a stance. It seems easy, you imagine, to gravitate instantly and unwaveringly towards good. But she wondered: 'how can I protect something so perfect without evil?'."

        It sort of explains it all: not only her standpoint, but what she's doing to her unwarned fans.

  136. All Lady Gaga wants is massive amounts of attention…that's it basically. She thrives on weak minded individuals while making a ridiculous load of money. The more attention we give her the happier her handlers are, so I think maybe..just maybe ignore what she does and educate people about the WORD OF GOD. All her videos basically show the same images and presents the same message. It is enough and need not be said over and over again.

  137. 2,2,4-tetrapropylhex on

    The video is impressively scary, and though you are grossed out by it, there's just something in it that compels you to watch it all over again…again…and again…

  138. A 10 year old girl, Maria Aragon from Winnipeg, had posted herself singing "born this way" on YouTube and got Gaga's attention from this. The girl was then invited be Gaga to perform the song with her onstage at the Toronto concert days later.

    This link tells the story and has a disturbing still from the concert with the girl perched on Gaga's lap. Gaga, dressed in a skimpy bra and panties, has a sexual predatory smile on her face, getting pleasure while the girl is unaware.

    I feel really suspicious of this. It is not simply a "feel good" story of some talented kid who gets discovered and gets to "live out her dream" with her "hero".

    I feel a child, ANY child, was searched for on YouTube for the purpose of bringing her/him on stage for the purpose of a covert sexual innuendo.

    Gaga gave a bunch of B.S. About how this girl was the "new generation" that the song was about.

    It looked like a sex magic ritual performed on stage for those in the know.

    Also, how could the girl's parents allow their young daughter to watch and listen and be a fan of this adult performer? The content of Lady Gaga is not child-friendly.

    Also, in a very slick and sophisticated move, Gaga gave the girl a new name, "Lady Maria" and wore a t-shirt with the girl's face on it. Talk about high level manipulation mind control for the young people out there…just keep encouraging them to eat up the poisoned pop culture and spit it out while they self-exploit themselves on YouTube. Parents are out-of-the-picture now.

    Jesus is Lord.

    • What was the sex magic ritual? If you're correct in you observation, then sick isn't even the word. The whole stunt of a girl discovered by gaga (like that mindless idiot has time to surf the net) seemed very suspect to me from the jump. I knew something was wrong with the picture but can't figure out what. I figured time will tell.

  139. Lady Gag needs to be gagged forever. The filth that she spews out of her mouth needs to be banished from this earth forever. This is not music but pure unadulterated black magic being performed with the darkest evil intentions. The music industry was corrupted a long time ago. The frequency range of today's music is harmful to the people's bodies and minds that listen to it. The frequency "528 hertz" is what should be listened to and there are musicians today that only tune their instruments to the frequency. Google it! And stay far away from anything else because what they are broadcasting is mind control and evil evil evil.

    Radiate love every day and when you meet people smile and look them right in the eyes. Be well!

  140. A friend sent me a link to your site last week, and I've been reading a great deal of your very interesting and informed writing/analyses.

    Some things I have noticed:

    (1) One of the big proponents of this song is Sir Elton John. He has called it the new gay anthem (or something like that). Elton John seems an increasingly shadowy figure as time progresses. I read the VC analysis of his work in an article about "England's Rose", and I felt it just scratched the surface.

    (2) I am a gay man, and the gay culture's obsession with Lady Gaga makes her persona and effect interesting to me. When I first heard this song, it felt like she had artistically lost her "edge", it sounded like another typical gay-disco anthem. I would have hoped that Sir Elton John would have had better taste than that (or at least, more adventurous taste). Upon seeing the video, I had an entirely different reaction. Death imagery is far from new to Gaga's videos, but the "necessity of evil" here I found singularly contradictory (like the VC analysis) to the "message" of the song. Take note–I watched the video before being introduced to this site.

    (3) Pink triangles have been appropriated as gay pride symbols for decades now; and they are displayed both upright and inverted so I cannot place any great amount of weight on those particular symbols or the orientations thereof. I can say that I doubt the "elite" would have embraced these particular gay-friendly symbols as part of their agenda a couple of decades ago; nor would they have embraced the multiculturalism on display here and elsewhere.

    (4) The thought has crossed my mind that the music industry are appropriating all of these symbols as a sort-of window-dressing to promote the universality of the music itself and there is no great hidden agenda, though the presence of people like Sir Elton John lead me to believe otherwise.

  141. Gaga is definitely soul scalped. She has crossed over to the dark side and the sad thing is that she is influencing so many young people. The youth of these days are brainless following trends, and she is good at leading them to do just that.

    Lord please help the children. Open their eyes and ears to the true gospel. Evil is abundant these days, God help us all.

  142. OMG IM 17 i been waiting for this to come out when i saw this video all i could think was wdf was this fucking shyt it was the most disturbing peice of crap i ever seen im some people noticed that it was crazy but than people were saying it was art that shyt is not art how they were rubbing nasty giving birth gel up and down her legs that shyt is fuckin gross she was showing her self as god and the devil but she is of the fucking devil she was rolling on the ground like she was having a seizure the fact that they were talking about government owned human race didnt occur to anyone ugh i wish i could just fly away far away cause our world is going down but i think im just going to be one of the ones to die cause i refuse to go with this bull shyt of a plan all it does is promote lesbianism and being homo gay which i dont approve of just disgusting she is a disgrace to the human fuckin race ughhh who da fuck does she think she is fuck the illuminati fuck the nwo fuck lady gaga fuck all these fucking super stars aint nothing good about them there nothing nothing at all this video made me want to puke and if people cant see this is weird and have a fucking reaction to this nasty shyt than i dont know what is going to happen to us

    • Oh dear Brittany,

      You give me hope for our youth. :)

      He/She who increaseth knowledge, increaseth sorrow. But don't let that deter you. Ask God for strength and continue your search for the truth in all things. Inspire more young ones like yourself.

      God Bless.

  143. Think4Yourself on

    Has anyone noticed the bait and swith of Gaga's image as well? Remember the "Poker Face" video? One of her first hits to introduce her to the world and she is portrayed as a normal seeming sparkly fun made up club kid. Would the public have accepted her if her FIRST video was "Born this Way"? I don't think so. What we are dealing with here goes beyond a simple bait and switch. The public has been duped into a slow innoculation of increasingly shocking and disturbing images from a pop star who presented herself as a down to earth party girl who has now evolved into an evil birthing space monster. Those in charge of the direction of her career were planning to use her like this all along…

    • Yeah. She sold the cheap mindless fun of "Just Dance" as the first step to the audience. Just dance, gonna be OK? Does anyone remember the line "I love this record baby but I can't see straight anymore"?

      And right after it, it was the enchanting "Poker Face". He couldn't read her poker face, and neither did we, through her charming antics. It would've not reached better the audience than The Jungle Book's "Trust in Me".

      • And did anyone notice that, in the split-second shot of the dead nurse in the "Paparazzi" video, the girl has metallic horns? Yeah, this is not new.

    • The pattern was already there, the images were just less overt. The Just Dance video is shot to look like amateur pornography at a party, Poker Face is filled with alchemic images and debauchery. It's like a journey through seducing audience into giving birth. Look at what you are married to, world!

  144. Other considerations:

    – The beings that queen Gaga gives birth are only heads, which means a psychological/ideological birth. And, by the way, all the heads are crooked, as showed in line.

    – In the "don't be a drag, just be a queen" part, a pair of horns is made during the word "queen".

  145. Think4Yourself on

    Has anyone noticed the bait and switch of Gaga's image as well? Remember the "Poker Face" video? One of her first hits to introduce her to the world and she is portrayed as a normal-seeming Native New Yorker, sparkly, fun, made-up club kid. Would the public have accepted her if her FIRST video was "Born this Way"? I don't think so. What we are dealing with here goes beyond a simple bait and switch. The public has been duped into a slow innoculation of increasingly shocking and disturbing images from a pop star who presented herself (or was presented) as a down to earth party girl! She has now evolved into an evil birthing space monster who is fond of orgies? It seems to me that those in charge of the direction of her career were planning to use her like this all along…It's only now that she has crossed so many boundaries of what is decent for "entertainment" that people are waking up to the scheme. I don't want to imagine what's next.

    Also, if Lady Gaga is going to be so blatant about promoting free love, why not take responsibility and write a hit about using protection? Or at least advocate using a condom?

    Final note: When I saw her in the "born this way" video dressed as a skeleton two things came to mind: 1) Could her handlers be dressing her this way to symbolize that she is going to die soon? After all she is not 27 yet. 2) Is Lina Morgana haunting her? She seems so obsessed with death and death symbols. If you read up on Lina Morgana you will understand better what I am referring to.

    • Equal Rights on

      Actually, Lady Gaga is promoting safe sex awareness thru her MAC makeup campaign she's doing thru Macy's department store. With EVERYTHING you guys know about her, didn't one of you see her interview on the Today show or GMA a cpl weeks ago? She wore a pants suit made entirely of latex to bring up the subject of safe sex and condoms…. I really don't wanna sound like I'm defending her, cus I'm not, but I've literally gone thru and read every single post on here, and a lot of you people are just full of it, seriously like 50% of you are just spewing complete and utter BS. Why don't you all do your homework like VC and the other 50% of people on here…. Ya know for knew people that come on here and actually know their stuff then read half of these right out blatant ridiculous lies prolly will never return because the ones "elaborating" on the facts make us all look total crack pots and true wacko conspiracy theorists….. If thats your idea of contributing to the problem, then why even bother, get a life and go back to playing your computer games, and gossiping about the real people you actually interact with on a daily basis.

      I'm also really shocked, outta 400 and some posts, not 1 person brought up the story about the million plus fish dead on the coast of California…. Wow, even with people that hate Gaga, she's got a lot star power to let people pass that one up. god

  146. Hi Vc, great article once again! I just saw this video the other day and my jaw dropped (although i really shouldn't be surprised with the videos gaga keeps coming out with)

    One thing that really struck me was her resemblance to Maria (metropolis). She really is our Maria, haha praising the birth of a new world/ race/ beginning..

  147. i'm not sure if i'm alone in thinking this, but the shot of her with the phallic rifle looks almost exactly like jacob epstein's 1913 sculpture 'the rock drill' to me:

    if you've seen a close up, the android is pregnant too. epstein destroyed his own work following the horrors of world war one, considering it to have been a nightmare vision of the future. maybe mother monster is heralding a war. or maybe she just likes art.

  148. LookingForAnswers on

    Hey VC, could I request a piece about a famouse Serbian singer who goes by the name of Svetlana Ceca Raznatovic. Is there any symbolism in her videos? Photos? etc. Thanks! LFA x

  149. In order to prevent yourself from being deceived by anyone which has become the Oder of the modern day New World, all you gotta do is read – The Lyricist.

    NNW – Night! New World

    Everyone is being entertained.

    Freedom of speech, it's called democracy.

    The Order of the modern day New World.

    So there are the gays who go on rallies and

    mount podiums proclaiming…

    I'm gay and I'm proud.

    Equal rights and justice. For the lesbians too.

    The drug dealers, the pimps, serial killers, the prostitutes aka hoes

    who are lately legally known as porn stars.

    Look, these times we're living in are the high times (roll it up, lighter)

    aka the end times. Why?

    Cuz the pastor is the pimp, the player and possibly the pusher.

    Oh please come on now, don't get it twisted,

    Everybody preaching.

    Even Jay-Z is quoting scriptures and talking Lucifer.


    Who by the way is coming soon.

    Not as the anti, but as the ruler. Christ.

    Oh man, don't we all need some Jesus.

    The children are the ones being innovative with the sinning.

    Our ancestors broke the ten.

    Killed, worshiped ''others'' and fornicated.

    We've turned it up a notch.

    Shootouts, idolizing and menage a trois.

    Foursomes and fives. A big party. Orgy.

    I know this is raw but I'm facing the hard truth.

    The same new generation has a dark side

    which is what has become the current trend.

    The rise.

    The dominance of the dirty rats in the absence of the big cat.

    The Lion… of the tribe of Judah.


    Illuminati ain't nothing but the power of knowledge.

    Let's play a game, a gamble.

    And instead of money, let's use lives.

    Afterall we can afford it. We own the world.

    We are the world. Ask MJ.

    Oh I'm sorry he's silenced. RIP. Like Tupac and ……. (fill in the blanks).

    To beat the system all you gotta do is study the fucking system.

    Read, my people read!

    From the Bible to the satanic verses.

    The latter is fiction and the former could be too

    but a lot can testify it's real.

    You can ask grandma or pa.


    It's night in the New World.

    So the dark days are here with their symbols and charms.

    And since we all know it's hard to see clearly in the dark,

    the people just aint who they claim to be

    cuz the deception of the night is as sweet as the pleasures she brings.

    But just like everything, this too shall pass.

    However, this night seems to last longer than usual.

    Lately with technology, it's even possible to induce ''natural disasters''

    like earthquakes, hurricanes and cholera outbreaks like they did Haiti.

    So how much more extending the night in the realms of the supernatural.

    It doesn't matter whether you believe in that or not

    cuz those it matters to, believe in it and have mastered the art of manipulation

    and mass deception. The broad way.

    Everything is exciting at night.

    The breeze is cooler,

    the lights are flashier,

    the ladies are prettier and so the sex is sweeter.

    The money is more powerful and he who yields it

    can become the prince of the night.

    Control. Everybody loves them some power.

    It's still night in the New World.

    And you can tell by just looking around you. Lol.

    Very soon it will near dawn and the day will break

    and hell shall rise in the form of the sun

    and scorch all her children away in the light of day.

    Order will be restored after the New World is torn down

    by the same person who set it all in motion.

    The creator, the originator.

    The Alpha.

    Peace God.

    The lyricist is a modern day Solomon.

    His words reflect all facets of the times we live in

    •… religion is based on egyptian history.. jesus was part of history but not a magical being. you guys need to put your feet on earth and battle real issues. just believing in jesus to be good is not enough. fight by doing the right thing. bank of america has not paid their taxes only 11%. please believe whatever but don't forget about the real issues that you should be protesting about americas bail out is outrageous.

      • i feel most of you need to go and protest real issues like how the rich do not pay the taxes they are suppose to pay how they are killing each other in battle for money and obvious lies, they do it all the time, lies, and all you jesus people seem to argue about is the illuminati and abortion, you guys need to protest about your human rights, and keep education and health not allow the allure of topics on magic. go to learn about real issues. its fine to read this but make sure you know about how your kids are not going to be debt free. if you fight your arguments with magical things like the devil no will take you seriously.

      • What do you think all of this stems from? What you mentioned is the TIP of the iceberg. Real issues…this is a real issue and people are aware of what's going on and most are tired of it. When you use words like "you Jesus people" you make it seem like a personal vendetta. You are entitled to your opinion just as much as us "Jesus people" are entitled to what we believe.

  150. You know, a large amount of Lady Gaga fans are aware of these hidden messages and mind control symbols in her videos. I myself am I fan (don't dare call me stupid for being a fan-.-) and I just enjoy her for her f___ed up ways. Is that bad? Its almost impossible to listen to music without being able to point out some kind of occult message. I'm just a 14 year old music lover and to me, music is music. Even though I do agree with a lot of what I read, I will always be a fan.

  151. Gaga's a friggin hermaphrodite herself. Those who have seen the many…many…pictures of her 'thang' will know what I'm talking about lol. And for me, recently all VC's articles have begun to depress me. It is fun and interesting reading them and finding these things out, but it's kind of depressing because the amount of time and effort and dedication the Illuminati put into this shit, it makes it feel unbreakable. I really do think there's little we can do. The NWO is a big rolling stone and has been rolling since god knows how long! It's too late. Oh well there's a pessimist for you!

    • Equal Rights on

      As much as I believe all this and more with Lady Gaga being a major player & pawn of the elitists controlling everything, this hermaphodite rumor is on the most ridiculous things I've ever heard! I'd like to see one picture of her actually packing a dick, that is not the one grainy, barely viewable youtube video that honestly could have been anyone on that stage. Because that "thang" could've been anything falling out of those underwear, and just me thinking as a rational person, the woman barely wears any clothes, so where do you think she would keep her mic pack at? yeah, a hemaphodite with a box looking cock (no pun intended) I'll believe it when you show me one pic of undeniable "ladies got a peen proof" til then, think about what you're actually saying before you say it, and save face so you don't appear foolish

      • Equal Rights on

        So ok, I keep coming back here to see if anyone adds to this… There's a whole lot of you claiming that she's a man…. where's the proof? I've read it a half a dozen times, where's the proof? She's a lot things people, but not a man, not hermaphodite, she's a woman, plain and simple. Stop adding ridiculous lies, stop throwing them in with everything that is the truth on here, cus when someone new comes in here, and they read that (cus they're gonna be sane, and know that she isn't some half man/half woman) that takes a whole lot of our credibility away from us. Be smart guys, you ALL know she's not a man for god sakes

  152. Love your articles so glad we are sending these messages I have tweeted about your website!! We need to spread this out!!

  153. Have been reading the site for a while but have never commented. I'm an artiste and it has been very insightful for me the stuff I've read here. I have a poem that I'd like to share with y'all which I wrote a while back (somewhere last year) partly inspired by some of the stuff i've read here and also by other things as well. It's NNW (Night New World) here goes…

    In order to prevent yourself from being deceived by anyone which has become the Oder of the modern day New World, all you gotta do is read – The Lyricist.

    NNW – Night! New World

    Everyone is being entertained.

    Freedom of speech, it's called democracy.

    The Order of the modern day New World.

    So there are the gays who go on rallies and

    mount podiums proclaiming…

    I'm gay and I'm proud.

    Equal rights and justice. For the lesbians too.

    The drug dealers, the pimps, serial killers, the prostitutes aka hoes

    who are lately legally known as porn stars.

    Look, these times we're living in are the high times (roll it up, lighter)

    aka the end times. Why?

    Cuz the pastor is the pimp, the player and possibly the pusher.

    Oh please come on now, don't get it twisted,

    Everybody preaching.

    Even Jay-Z is quoting scriptures and talking Lucifer.


    Who by the way is coming soon.

    Not as the anti, but as the ruler. Christ.

    Oh man, don't we all need some Jesus.

    The children are the ones being innovative with the sinning.

    Our ancestors broke the ten.

    Killed, worshiped ''others'' and fornicated.

    We've turned it up a notch.

    Shootouts, idolizing and menage a trois.

    Foursomes and fives. A big party. Orgy.

    I know this is raw but I'm facing the hard truth.

    The same new generation has a dark side

    which is what has become the current trend.

    The rise.

    The dominance of the dirty rats in the absence of the big cat.

    The Lion… of the tribe of Judah.


    Illuminati ain't nothing but the power of knowledge.

    Let's play a game, a gamble.

    And instead of money, let's use lives.

    Afterall we can afford it. We own the world.

    We are the world. Ask MJ.

    Oh I'm sorry he's silenced. RIP. Like Tupac and ……. (fill in the blanks).

    To beat the system all you gotta do is study the f***ing system.

    Read, my people read!

    From the Bible to the satanic verses.

    The latter is fiction and the former could be too

    but a lot can testify it's real.

    You can ask grandma or pa.


    It's night in the New World.

    So the dark days are here with their symbols and charms.

    And since we all know it's hard to see clearly in the dark,

    the people just aint who they claim to be

    cuz the deception of the night is as sweet as the pleasures she brings.

    But just like everything, this too shall pass.

    However, this night seems to last longer than usual.

    Lately with technology, it's even possible to induce ''natural disasters''

    like earthquakes, hurricanes and cholera outbreaks like they did Haiti.

    So how much more extending the night in the realms of the supernatural.

    It doesn't matter whether you believe in that or not

    cuz those it matters to, believe in it and have mastered the art of manipulation

    and mass deception. The broad way.

    Everything is exciting at night.

    The breeze is cooler,

    the lights are flashier,

    the ladies are prettier and so the sex is sweeter.

    The money is more powerful and he who yields it

    can become the prince of the night.

    Control. Everybody loves them some power.

    It's still night in the New World.

    And you can tell by just looking around you. Lol.

    Very soon it will near dawn and the day will break

    and hell shall rise in the form of the sun

    and scorch all her children away in the light of day.

    Order will be restored after the New World is torn down

    by the same person who set it all in motion.

    The creator, the originator.

    The Alpha.

    Peace God.

    The lyricist is a modern day Solomon.

    His words reflect all facets of the times we live in.

    If you want to read more of my poems you can visit my blog

    Stay blessed, Jesus is Lord.

  154. There is no such thing as something being just one thing or another. Everything communicates something. Everything.

  155. interesting, yes this vid is filled with alot of 'old time' occult symbols-ones that have been employed countless times in pop culture over decades, one way or another. Gaga's videos look more like a messy kaliedescope of images, if one is predisposed to pop culture/other kinds of mind control images then they may get a fairly intense unconscious hit of voltage from her video images-but that is certainly debatable.

  156. Ah so now it all makes sense. My girlfriend showed me the video and knew it was messed up. I watched it too and agreed and I was waiting for this article :) thanks

  157. I recommend anyone to read any of Fritz Springmeier's books to get a creditable look into the illuminati. Vigilant Citizen is just barely scratching the surface with these articles.

  158. You know, with all due respect, I think it is pretty rich of everyone commenting here that Lady Gaga is bad and she is trying to take over us and is part of a secret organization to brainwash us when all of you who read these article are being brainwashed yourselves in a way. You are being completely swept into paranoia by these articles, as most people who actually believe all this very entertaining information in this article will start to see occult symbols in everything.

    I mean come on, Lady Gaga is just a musician, OF COURSE she is going to make and continue to make videos like this because not only does she want to communicate freedom (if not, then why is she a part of all those organizations and gay-rights campaigns?) but most prominently make people talk about her. The more everyone actually gives in and believes she is part of this secret organization (which funny enough, isn't so secret anymore if what VC proclaims Gaga does and says in this video relates to them-it's pretty obvious), the more attention she gets and the more she will continue to put these messages into her videos. Heck if I were a performer and doing the 'OK' sign in public was going to get people talking about me, I would do it too! These sorts of conspiracy theories need to be taken in the context they are written, as very in depth and interesting theories but also as purely someones interpretation of symbols. With everyone here commenting constantly on how 'horrible' and 'bad' Lady Gaga is, you yourselves have in a way been brainwashed into thinking in a paranoid fashion.

    Look, I'm not trying to rip into you VC, you are a great writer with some very entertaining theories, however to everyone commenting here, everyone has a right to be a fan and love what they want to love (ironically, what the real message is behind Gaga's video) and it would seem almost of these comments are making it almost a sin to even be a fan of Gaga. Well let me tell you all something, I am not a 'brainwashed mutant/robot/alien from G.O.A.T/satanist/anything else. I am a normal, good valued teenager with a normal, great life and lots of interests and guess what? I'm also a fan of Lady Gaga, and not because I want to join her so-called 'organization of a new, mind controlled race' but because I like her music. If that makes me brainwashed on this site, then all the ideas you are accusing Gaga of are exactly what you are doing to others. If you don't like Gaga, absolutely fine, everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, do not call those who are fans 'idiots' or 'brainwashed slaves' to her.

    • Equal Rights on

      I like the way you think, ….. Smart kid. I for one honestly think and believe that a lot of what is here is actually turning into truth, @ least half of it anyway. I believe she is a mind control slave, and can't help or understand what she's doing…. I believe she was never given a choice.

      Any ways, just wanted to say I appreciate you're view :-)

  159. namerequired on

    Don't forget that the Rockefeller family had plans going back decades which were intended to break up the family. Without families, people would turn to some kind of authority to save and protect them. That is where "the state" comes in. Government.

    Part of their plan to break up families was to promote promiscuity and homosexuality.

    Looks like it's working. More and more people don't know how to live their own lives, are unfulfilled, have no family, no marriage, no parents, and are dependent on government.

    Remember this when you watch slime like Lady Gage. He's an illuminati tool.

  160. Looboff Markoff on

    I really appreciate this site and articles, truly eye-opening. However, I have one question, if anyone out there knows the answer. What are they (the illuminati) going to do in the open and when? It seems their hidden work has been going on for centuries, gaining more ground and becoming increasingly active and blatant in the past decade. When to expect their next drastic moves, and what are they going to be? Any ideas? And how can we fight it besides from learning about what's truly happening and spreading the awareness???

  161. Right on, about Jehovah. the Illum. are in the Watchtower society, best example (binsubimages) on , you tube and on line show , just like gaga, goat heads in clouds if a mirroris used, thousands of evil pictures in watchtowers, whole family JW, so seeing that we are in some weird energy time, trying to figure out , what the heck is going on, glad im not alone, look at all the people, here, that get IT. Thank goodness , im not alone, The people in the world right now , what they are doing , hurts my soul. I was just saying too my husband , Whats up with the GOAT s all of a sudden , in like commercials, and shows, and stuff?

    now I get it, just another piece to the puzzle. Good thoughts to you my friend

  162. Leave it up to roman catholics to adopt mythology such as unicorns into christianity. Christianity itself is nothing more than a relationship…its religion such as catholicism which brings in the non biblical and pagan ideology.

  163. ArchangelGabriel on

    The mocking of MJ is the end?

    I'm sure everyone noticed.

    BTW I'm not sure she/he is even human. I get this really strange feeling looking at it. Neither man or woman. Horribly hypocritical.

  164. I have often wondered about the Unicorn after seeing it on The Royal Crown chained up ( look it up, its in chains ) which is opposite The Lion or " Dragon / Lizard ". with the words " DIEU ET MON DROIT, Which means " He who thinks evil of it ", Yep looking at the Crown symbol now as I fill in The U.K Census which basically wants to know where you live , what you do, who visits , how you travel ect ect, A spying tool in my eyes.

    Am I the Unicorn thats chained up and enslaved?

  165. V.C SUPERFAN on

    "To me Lady gaga is a fraud first, and attention seeking whore second, and demonic harlot third."

    Nothing more to be said

  166. I am in Awe, I am aware of everything going on also,this me more pieces to the puzzle of what is going on in the world right now. I was just saying to my husband, What is up with the Goat referances lately , in everything?? Now I get it. There is some ,,,thing , some weird energy in life right now,, Im glad Im not alone, I thought I was alone in putting all the pieces together. This is the time (maybe) of the last sign in Rev. I think, the Cup of Discusting things.? You know what I thought was discusting, ,? We all just saw,That Innocent 10 year old girl that was picked by gaga, ,, Couldent the young girl sit NEXT to her,? you know? did she have to sit her right in-between her sweaty near naked legs? Things like this, well, it makes my soul hurt, you know? all the animals dieing? haarp,? NWO, the eye, chemtrails, Egypt, wisconson, our pres, all we need now is …… good thoughts people,, good thoughts,,, we can make a change,, think good thoughts around yourself and your family, and you will survive . save water, flour, iodized salt, and you will make it

  167. V.C SUPERFAN on

    "To me Lady gaga is a fraud first, and attention seeking whore second, and demonic harlot third."

    Nothing more to be said

    • I agree totally. Moreover that song, Born this way, is a total ripoff of an old house-music / disco anthem of the late seventies entitled I Was Born This Way, sung by Carl Bean. It's the same subject matter about not being judged for being gay/different.

      She's no-ladygaga is no genius. He/she really is a diabolical, marketing and money making vehicle for a lot of people.

  168. Folypeelarks on

    It's very interesting that nearly at the end of the video gaga appears dancing and walking just like Michael Jackson.Then her face is shown in the foreground, which someone says is related to Madonna, although it reminds me more of Marylin Manson…

    However, I think all of us know what she means by showing these persons….

  169. Real good article, but brings up the question…Why is this person important enough to write about? I can see where she may influence young teeny boppers, but their minds are gone anyway. Most of the symbolism would be way over their heads. I quit watching music videos 25 or more years ago because they turned into pure trash. I guess what I'm trying to say is, the people who listen to this are brain dead anyway and if they are the future then I'm glad I've already lived the majority of my life.

  170. Holy Crap, 330 Comments of video in just one day,

    I can’t believe

    Gaga is the new queen of hell

    God have mercy on us

    sorry fot the spam, but my internet has problems

  171. Gee-wiz VC, you are on the ball! This is not shocking anymore. She is going to go further. This is her big show to remove the light off Jayz and his likes. I use to feel sorry for her, but not anymore because she’s said in an interview that this is art and that she would die for it. She is fully sane and is not cutting any corners. This like many, is her invitation to evil and blaming it on God. I do not believe that whole thing about being born that way completely. You pick up stuff in life as you go along. Far as I am concerned, we were all born the same way, from a woman. A baby has no idea that it is attracted to the same sex baby. That’s BS. I mean does a gay baby hold its bottle different. People aren’t born gay, it’s a learned behavior period! It is in the mind. Gaga knows this hence her reference to magic and sorts.

  172. 1godworthyofworship on

    her video is disgusting!!! it made me sick.

    her videos are full pornography and its on day-time tv.

    arrrghh!! it makes me angry that these devil worshippers can get away with corrupting peoples mind.

  173. The irony of so many Christians that talk about mind control, yet fail to see the mind control of their own "religion".

    This planet is very strange.

  174. You forgot to mention that the music playing during Gaga's monologue at the beginning is from Alfred Hitchcock's 1958 masterpiece "Vertigo". The plot of the film deals with dual roles, deception, mind control, obsession, death, possession. Coincidence?

  175. Greetings Vigilant Citizen,

    Appreciate the effort and time spent on symbol literacy.

    Wanted to add an observation.

    In the song 'Poker face' the chorus repetition ran together to sound like "f-ck her face".

    In this song the chorus (baby I was born this way) runs together to sound like…

    "Baby I was born a Slave"

    May be just my ear, but there is meaning to be found in everything.

    Also I think it is important for others to know that symbols are not "good" nor "bad".

    They are tools. It is the intent in the usage of a symbol that is the determining factor.

    “Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” —Confucius

  176. i hate that she keeps lying that these songs for the gays!! and the last gross video before this one- has nothing do with being gay! nothing! just a ploy to get these bullied gay kids to follow her. she was an intelligent yuppy. she may have started off as a puppet, but she is ruler of her own empire now.

  177. Yeah I was waiting for that one VC!! that video intro is so wierd, the first time I saw it I knew it would end up here. She's an amazing singer but I'm so done with the all the bizarre and shady messages she's exposing the youth to. Anyway it's lady gaga! nobody expects less from her! Keep up the good work VC!!

  178. Whenever I look at gagas music vids i mute the volume. It helps me to focus and to really see things as they are. Pretty disturbing stuff though.

  179. There is plenty of symbolism out in the big bad world that gets ignored because the masses refuse to accept that they can & are being manipulated by those at the top-In that regard,V.C., you are doing humanity a service.As far as

    Lady Gaga-The Sumerian name for the Ex-Planet Pluto was-GAGA.Never seen anyone on your site mention that, & most of y'all seem to think you are plenty smart.Of course, since most people on your site seem to think that the sign given by many elite& politicians-you know, the sign you claim is Satanic-is actually them proclaiming their allegiance to our current rulers-& it ain't satan.

  180. oh my.. I was waiting for this one. I had always wondered "whats up with the unicorns?" They are also in Ke$sha's new video. This freaking gay agenda is also perverting that. People associate unicorns with gay..ness..

    Just like the rainbow. It is a symbol that God will never flood the earth again, a big part of the flooding of the earth was sodomy, and people just going crazy. By the people flashing rainbows for gay pride is satan's way of saying "haha you said you were never gonna flood the earth again watcha gunna do?" I still know what the rainbow means… spread the word.

    • The rainbow is also a general sign of the miracle of creation. Water is one of the simplest and most abundant molecules on earth, yet its properties are probably more complicated than any other. Human hands cannot grasp or hold light, nor can they tear it apart, yet water vapor in the air naturally breaks down light into its component parts.

  181. Good God people,

    how many times do we need to describe the Beast?

    Just turn off the BOX already

    and go CREATE something….


    Love To All

  182. Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;

    Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness;

    Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

    Isaiah 5:20

  183. I've been skimming through some of the comments and I have to say, many of you are severely wrong when you state that the entire gay community loves Gaga. I myself am a young homosexual and I want nothing to do with her and her "movement", and I know plenty of other gay men who dislike her as well. Beyond the occult symbolism and elitist crap, Gaga is making it more difficult for the gay community. Truth is, many of us don't want to stand out and scream our pride atop the mountain tops, we just want to be treated and seen as NORMAL PEOPLE. She calls us the "freaks" and "outcasts" of society, praising that notion, but trust me, it's not at all how we want to be seen. An individual's sexual orientation changes absolutely nothing; we are normal people trying to live our day-to-day lives and survive in this crazy world, just like everyone else!

  184. I knew you were gonna do this :) Great article! I knew from the moment I saw it… When will it end -__- Also everyone watch John Legends – Getting Nowhere, it's not illuminatic or anything… It's about the 4 horses of the apocolypse and how close we are to it…

  185. Im surprised he didn't comment on the scene where she gives birth to a machine gun (run after the birth of evil) Personally, i love GAGA, l love this video, and i love every single thing she does. If she is indeed controlling my mind, then i am proud to be controlled by such a beautiful and perfect person. GAGA=GOD

  186. I find it funny that her fans try to say that the reason she does all this is to push our buttons(the people who aren't blind) because we say she is Illuminati, so she focuses on it more just to make us more curious and focus on her more. I say that's total crap, they need to open their eyes(her fans) to who they are following and supporting and the true message she is throwing out there. It's maddening what this is all coming to and I dread that my daughter has to grow up in this crap! By the way the song sounds like Madonna's "express yourself"…sorry had to add that =P

  187. Avid Observer on

    I have one question here – what about the "male version" of this video? I can't find it anymore (and I have enough browsing skills, trust me).

    When watching this version, I was repelled enough – seemed to me as it was saying to the women "hey, treat men as objects, forget about the Kantian imperative, do whatever you please".

    For we might be altogether mistaken when it comes to the interpretation of symbols and lyrics in gaga's "artistry" – yet the message is clear – abandon all morals, this is devilish about it.

    (And the target group = gay men as in the video analyzed by VC, as well as slutty women on the rise all over our "Western" civilization as in the video metioned by me. I don't want to be harsh, but those two groups corrupt our society from inside and cause it to abandon any moral code. What's important to say – I am a woman, a very liberal woman, with no hatred towards gay people. Nevertheless, it makes me shocked to see the tendencies in society being underway.)

    • what do you mean male version of this video? theres a whole other version to this? i dont understand what youre meaning

      • Avid Observer on

        Exactly. There is another version of this song – sung by a male (sounds like a modified voice of gaga, don't know) and the video is an easy-going B/W thing – just men exposed to women who evaluate them in a flirting way. And it seems to me as this second video was withdrawn and "replaced" by this primary version.

        I do not know. Though, it was officially announced there will be 2 versions, if you browse it.

  188. "And my head just exploded." Haha I hear ya, VC. Once again, good capital J-O-B. I have been waiting for this article to arrive!

    We can all agree that Gaga is one scary biotch that is completely on another level/planet. She sho was born this ah-way

    I admit when I watched this I got super pissed and probably said "Are you serious?!!" like a billi times while my eyes bugged out and cobwebs formed inside of my mouth. I literally couldn't believe my eyes. Wow, I knew Gaga's previous videos were cray cray but this one took the dang cake, muffins, cornbreads, cupcakes, all kinds baked goods. Lol It's seriously extremely hard for me not to hate her. I just keep telling myself that hate is never the answer and that either way, if Lady Gaga was in existence or not some other poor soul would doing the exact same thing… demoralizing us/distracting us/numbing us down. We just need to conclude that this is a straight up war between good and evil. I have learned that everything is truly spiritual and that if it is not of God, then well, it isn't right. We need to know that God has everything under control. All of this is happening for a reason and that each and every one of us has been assigned to this time period for a legitimate reason. I'm sure that we have some treats coming for us that probably involve "aliens"/demons attacking the world. Blahh. Yay! Go us!

    Never forget, Yah-weh all-tha-way!! Hey, that rhymes. Lets make buttons…

  189. V.C. Thank you so much I was waiting for this. Great job as usual! Lady gaga is a nut case and i hate her and her music. None of her music is good, only mindless zombies as you say, like her music lol. :o)

  190. I first came upon this site a while ago, and when I first browsed through it, it freaked me out. I saw the symbolism of the illuminati everywhere I went. Lady gaga especially seemed to be blatantly using the symbols that VC talked about, and I became scared of her. But now here i am, a fan of gaga. You see, this kind of interpretation to me seems just so paranoid, like the entire world is out to enslave everyone. And after following gaga and going to her concerts, I can see that she is such a good-hearted and benevolent person. I think your interpretations of what she does is all wrong. A butterfly, for example, can symbolize so many things. To sit there and pin point it to the obscure idea of monarch programming seems narrow-minded. The butterfly may very well be a symbol of freedom. I'm not denying that a society like the illuminati exists, but I can say that Gaga is not out to enslave you. If you were to really look at her, you would see she's all about liberation, being yourself, and love. If you still want to believe she's a puppet of the illuminati, fine, you're entitled to your opinion. But please, keep the hate to yourself.

  191. What you all fail to understand, and what the author of this site fails to understand, is that the change our world is undergoing, is not only necessary, but It's happened before. It's the cycle of the physical realm. And until we transcend the physical world, and our physical selves to become our divine selves, it's something we have to live with. The 'Elite' are not trying to create a slave nation of mindless zombies. They are protecting the sacred cycle of this earth. At the dawn of every new age, the earth cleanses itself. The collective consciousness cleanses itself. The wolves and the sheep are divided. And the sheep die. You can find this cycle anywhere you look. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. Spring-A time of rebirth and healing summer- a time to flourish, a time of prosperity, and life. Fall- a time of is slowly chased away by the cold and by forces of destruction. Winter- a time of utter stillness and complete death. The birth, and destruction of nature, on a much smaller time scale. Is this evil? Is this unnatural? No. It is the way of this world. It is however, unnatural to accept one ultimate force, as ultimate truth, when each force is one in the same, and without the other, there would be nothing. There can be no light without darkness. Pain, desolation, destruction, hate.. these forces, these emotions.. they challenge the body, mind and soul, and push you to grow and develop..We learn from darkness, and we are made stronger because of it. What is love without hate? It is the great balance. And the Elite are here to protect that balance. Do you really think we can go on this way? You think the earth will sustain us? it can't and it won't. The sheep must die. Atlantis saw the same fate. It's not about Satan.. it's not about Jesus. It's about the balance of the universe, and the development of mankind. These artists and there "handlers".. these music videos that everyone is getting so worked up over.. It's a way of weaving out the sheep and the wolves. If you understand, and you see it for what it really is, there's nothing to be afraid of, except yourself.

    • You make some excellent points. I have also pondered the thought that depopulation or death of the human race is needed as a way of saving Earth. And you are correct it has happened many times before and will happen again. I used to laugh at the Book of Revelations but now think it may be a historical document and history always repeats itself.

      We incarnate time and time again to learn and further our spiritual development. So the end of this world-this age-would not be the total end but a new beginning.

      HOWEVER I do truly believe that if we settled on a more balanced way of living with nature and each other they would not have to 'wipe the slate clean.' Americans need to take note of this as we are the ones who seem to be most attached to our technology, materialism, power, consumerism, capitalism all of which are a detriment to the Earth.

      • The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

        I was wondering when some one would get around to saying this…

        Let's be clear here.

        There is an agenda to "better the few" by getting rid of the unclean masses. This is abetted by the knowing (those in power) and the unwitting (the pawns). It sounds good, especially when one of the "masses" has become an obstacle to your goal. It also doesn't matter whether you believe "elites" consciously direct society in this way, or whether all civilizations naturally wind down to this condition. This agenda will have success, but it will ultimately fail.

        There is also an agenda to clean the masses, or more correctly, offer cleanness to the masses. This must be chosen, and as masses don't tend to like clean anythings , most will reject this. As there is no neutral ground in this conflict, they become unwitting pawns for the other side. Unfortunately for them, the clean team wins, and their victory will be permanent.

        Choose wisely.

  192. Gag-a and the gaga zombies are in the mindset and lifestyle they have chosen. Truth will reveal itself for all who are seekers. Answer this… who's your Daddy; the father of lies or The Father Of Truth? One can make choices, or can even ignore the question. That, dear friends, is the Basic Truth… we do have choices. I choose to take my chances with The Father Of All Creation… Y'SHUA. I will not dance my way into the lake of fire, nor will I be cast into it. Peace be with you all, especially the one who may turn away from destruction.

  193. My friend just brought this to my attention. If the illuminati are so evil and treacherous, why hasn't the author of this site been assassinated yet? Any person bringing them to light seems like he or she would be the illuminati's #1 enemy.

  194. AlphaMindControl @ Y on

    A friend of mine just said that the pyramid subliminal under the skull looks more like a abomb mushroom. With that in mind the picture has a whole new meaning. Think about it.

  195. so i have a MAJOR question

    is this how the music industry offers you a contract?

    Producer:You wanna be famous?


    Producer:Are you willing to sell your soul for fame?

    Fool: Sure!

    Producer:Okay just sign here, initial there, and give me your soul and we'll be all set

    Fool:*signs contract*

    Producer:If you tell anyone this, you will surely die

    Fool:Okay! 😀


    are they forced to be under satan? are they forced to be mind controlled? did they want this to happen or not?

  196. In reply to the idea you have:

    **"HIM is also the name of a popular Finnish rock band whose acronym stands for “His Infernal Majesty”. In this context, is Gaga saying “It doesn’t matter if you love him (God), or capital H-I-M (Satan)”? If that is the case, it would certainly fit with the dualistic, good versus evil, message of the video and the Thelemic theme of her manifesto.

    Further in the song, another line states:

    “A different lover is not a sin

    Believe capital H-I-M (hey, hey, hey)”

    In this spiritual context, is the “regular lover” God and the “different lover” His Infernal Majesty?"**

    —if you see some of the lyrics of her new song 'Judas' you see it lines right up with this idea, that sometimes loving 'Judas' over Jesus is okay, and gaga goes on to say she is a 'holy fool'. it's all so damn blatant.

    btw your final comment is genius:

    If you think this way, “you’re on the right track baby”. I’m not. Guess I wasn’t born that way.

  197. Leave it up to roman catholics to adopt mythology such as unicorns into christianity. Christianity itself is nothing more than a relationship…its religion such as catholicism which brings in the non biblical and pagan ideology.

  198. this video is so disgusting it goes beyond my need to comment…

    Just an observation though, the zombies look very much like the characters in the movie 'They Live'

  199. Jack Harrison on

    All you people are saying things like "she's just jumping on the latest trend of empowering teen homosexuals for money."

    Is there anything wrong from this?

    If a song like this liberates young teens and helps them feel good about themselves, rather than leading them to commit suicide, surely its beneficial?

    I personally love Lady GaGa and I don't think anyone of you people could go and watch her perform a show and leave without seeing, feeling and embracing the love she has for ALL of her fans, as the song says "no matter gay, straight or bi, lesbian, transgendered life…" The song isn't focused just on gays it says that everyone is beautifu in their way. No matter race, sexual orientation or how much money they have in their pocket.

    People are likely to read this and say I'm blinded by it. But I personally feel I am a very open-minded person who is very intelligentand I know for a fact I have a good heart.

    Now, let the arguments begin…

    • theguyulovetohate on

      not to be mean but, i think everyone stopped reading the rest of your post once you said "i love lady gaga!" lol.. since people are so convinced she is an "illuminati".. or "devil worshipper" or "puppet"..

      to be honest, the more i hear illuminati, the more i feel that it is just a bunch of crap that did exist but for a time, and people are the reason why it is such a popular subject now.. can someone tell me who first mentioned or exposed the "secret society" anyway,, or are you just on the illuminati bandwagon because it was passing by one day and you just decided to jump on?? calling every celebrity a puppet.. playing detective.. whos good, whos bad?? look at that goat, he must be a devil worshipper.. look at the butterflies, she must be promoting mind control!! and if illuminati does exist today, why are you soo focused on music videos and what he said she said?? why you still playing detective when you know who the criminals are?? go out there and help those other people picketing in front of buildings where private meetings are being held by the rothschilds or other persons who you claim to be the "elite".. that is non-violent, isnt it?

      i dont really like lady gaga's music, and i dont know about you but i also dont really like wannabe critics or wannabe detectives pointing fingers, making accusations, acting like what they're talking about is truth when really what they are saying ISN'T 100% proven, its all just a probability, possibility, and/or a big "IF".. nothing else..

      well, what "IF" the only illuminati out there is the one that you guys created?? now im seeing the word illuminati in music videos! because they know its trending! why is it a trend?? cuz you people created it, and wont stop talking about it.. theyre "PROBABLY" laughing at you while they keep raking in money.. quit gossiping!! all of this is just going NO WHERE.. its a waste of time.. lol.. if you think its real, and you know their agenda, do something about it, other than posting, and gossiping, cuz that aint gona make them stop…

      i like what lupe fiasco says, "complain about the liqour store, but what you drinking liqour for, complain about the gloom but, when'd you pick a broom up"

      "just listening to PAC aint gon make it stop, a rebel in your thoughts aint gon make it halt"


  200. Hi, I just have a question about the opinion of the article's author or readers :

    Do you really think that all these videos (Rihanna, Gaga etc..) are announcing the famous New World Order ? Or is there a relation with 12/21/12 ? As everybody on this website I'm really wondering and more and more curious as this date is approaching…

    Thank u for ur reply and excuse me if my english looks bad, I'm French.

    Peace & Love

  201. What Scares me more then watching Lady GAGA's occult Video??? that all you who supposedly claim you are "AWAKE" cant see "SHE is a HE"

    What is the matter with you people??


  202. Awareness is the key… people unaware of the symbology risk becoming one of the zombies 😉

    I really DOUBT this website could impact Lady Gaga's "popularity" to the good or, bad. However, I'm glad they're here sifting through this filth to tell us exactly what the NWO/Illuminati are saying and/or doing.

  203. IsGagaBeotch on

    Theres many things that VC forgot to focused on, the baphomet during the red humans on top of each other, during in space she was bound by metal chains and 3rd eye on her chin? a shadow change in the background when she bend her hips,sitting on a lighthing bolt, and maybe something else. Sorry for my bad english. xD I used to love lady gaga very much, i can say im her no1 fan, but after seeing VC's articles, i realize she is…………………………anyways, thanks VC!

  204. Jennifer Chen on

    These so called 'stars'-more really flames of hell- have to sell their soul to satan-and sign a contract to become rich and famous, they are that desperate for attention-it is so sad.

  205. Hey,

    Regardless of whether VC is or isn't "one of them"…… this rubbish still needs pointing out to all you dopes out there who go through life without a thought , and your heads buried firmly up your nether portions…………. let alone have a clue as to what all this means.

    Can anyone tell me though, aside from the likes of Gaga,Madonna and Bwitney,etc being the willing participants of this charade, has anyone ever held these producers,photographers and so called creative types to task about where their so called inspiration comes from and actually put them under the flame for once… That, I feel is where evil hatches it's machinations, more so than the finger puppets they present to us a talent…..

    Btw, you gotta hand it to your culture, plumbing the heights of new lows every step of the way…… Gaga, another job well done.

    Keep up the stirling work VC…….. the sheep holding pen is still overcrowded though with plenty of grist for the mill as you mark your travels from east to west in the great work of ages.

  206. Hey,

    Regardless of whether VC is or isn’t “one of them”…… this rubbish still needs pointing out to all you dopes out there who go through life without a thought , and your heads buried firmly up your nether portions…………. let alone have a clue as to what all this means.

    Can anyone tell me though, aside from the likes of Gaga,Madonna and Bwitney,etc being the willing participants of this charade, has anyone ever held these producers,photographers and so called creative types to task about where their so called inspiration comes from and actually put them under the flame for once… That, I feel is where evil hatches it’s machinations, more so than the finger puppets they present to us a talent…..

    Btw, you gotta hand it to your culture, plumbing the heights of new lows every step of the way…… Gaga, another job well done.

    Keep up the stirling work VC…….. the sheep holding pen is still overcrowded though with plenty of grist for the mill as you mark your travels from east to west in the great work of ages.

  207. Did anyone of you know that the word Christos has the numerical value 666.

    As long as we are worried and afraid we are Fucked, with a capital F.

    Isnt her message simply … We are all free. Lets act that way.

  208. My comments have been deleted on 5 different occasions… i would log back on to see if anyone commented and they were gone. I kinda stay clear from this site now. I feel like it encourages people to be obsessed with the occult and these pop stars.. it sure did with me…

    Focusing ones energy on the negative only adds to it's power.

    If we could only unite and do something about this! Question them!!!! All the pop stars are doing it and HAVE BEEN for a year and a half now HARD CORE. This isn't lady gaga anymore!!! the middle east is on fire and its coming our way soon!!! THEIR IS A GLOBAL ECONOMIC PROBLEM AND AS THE REST OF THE WORLD IS FALLING INTO CHAOS ON A DAILY BASIS!!! DO SOME RESEARCH SEE WHAT IS GOING ON AROUND THE WORLD. It is honestly the perfect storm. Do we sit and allow the riots to begin because people are not using their minds but being influenced by this media??? Rome fell the same way, people were focused on entertainment, THEY WERE FED IT TO KEEP THEM FOCUSED ON SOMETHING OTHER THEN THEIR FAILING SYSTEM. Please I beg you people to warn others. If Saudi Arabia experiences chaos like EVERY other country surrounding it right now OR if anyone decides to drop the US currency (which is MORE THAN LIKELY TO HAPPEN) it will be a chain reaction and our western way of living as we know will be OVER!!!!!!!! Wake up! its the perfect storm!!!! its right on the horizon guys quit focusing on lady gaga and rihanna and nicki minaj and lil wayne and everyone else who is clearly playing along… The rest of the world is spinning into riots. We will do the same soon enough. Do we allow or brothers and sisters be influenced by this grotesque and violent media OR DO WE WAKE PEOPLE UP TO WHATS COMING IN THE VERY NEAR FUTURE??? If Americans have these things on their mind when the crash comes it will be just like the middle east But worse because everyone else will be pointing at America and the dollar (the reserve (FAILING, practically FAILED) currency of the world) and our selfish spending! ITS COMING SOOOOOOOOOOON!

    Find Him (NOT "H-I-M") before it's too late!!!

    ps. I'm gay btw. it might be a sexual preference but it isn't about sex. its an emotional connection… God loves ALL people… God is LIGHT, ENERGY, LOVE. Light ALWAYS cuts through the darkness! All religions are co created by man and thus add fear and other components in order to FIND THE LIGHT. God is not vengeful. GOD IS LOVE.







    God be with America and all my fellow brother and sisters!!! May we wake up from our own self demise and find a way to warn people of what is coming so they will keep their sanity and faith when the time comes.

  209. What's so funny about them? How about if you just refute the information? Obviously they strike a chord within you.


  211. Dear Vigilant Citizen, this is my first time posting and I'm sure you have a lot of comments to read/moniter so I will make this short.

    I think you are amazing, truly. I've been reading your articles on Gaga for a long time, and when i saw this video for the first time I was excited to see what you would say. You could almost be compared to Sherlock Holmes, I mean symbolism is no mystery, but it takes an intelligent, and well educated person to analyze, and pick up on every little thing. You are a gift to society – keep up the amazing work.


  212. Did anybody notice that she dresses like some sort of phaoroh at some parts of the video with triangle earrings?

  213. Good article.

    One thing, the skulls on their face come from Mexican art from our traditional Day of the Death. It started getting popular with alternative photographers using it on their models and now it has made it to this crap.

  214. "Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain: for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain."

    Have you ever talked to anyone with deep belief and noted that they never say THE name.

    Well, think about it, I heard many people saying G-O-D or typing G-D…

  215. So, let's see. I believe you all have been taking this GaGa Revolution stuff way too serious and further.

    That was on first place.

    Now, this pple that make these kinds of websites and blogs think they have the magnificient power and wisdom to "judge" and "discover" "occult satanic" messages. Okay I congratulate you for your work.

    But all you do is to creating more fear among the people on to the cyber-world, when we really want is inner peace with ourselves in a first place and with our enviroment.

    And all you do is this: throwing out S*HT. Just like they all do (illuminati pple) yes, but, how can you truly know if this kind of sites are not made to tell you the "hidden true" but to distract you and so you cannot see the beautiful and spiritual message this video and song is about?

    Have you wondered that?

    Don't think so.

    Anyways. I'm not trying to force anybody to convince them Lady GaGa is all real good, but what this smart woman is doing with her career and with he art and imagery is simply AMAZING.

    If you stop researching s*ht in this video and just WATCH IT like, let it in. Don't ask. Just let it in and then think.

    How do you really think this beautiful and unique race that humanity on this planet was conceived? Do you really think we come from the sapiens and stuff?

    Do you think it al started in the Egypt era? Like there was no other civilization before? I think that's a good question to ask.

    Anyway, I'm not a GaGa "little monster" but I truly love what she stands for, she's been the only pop artist who is out there asking for togetherness and stop being stupid heartless pple that love judging and making the other slave.

    So, relax people, relax!

    If you let yourself open to receive universal unconditional love and wisdom, then we all have the will and then we become able to interpretate things in this planet.

    Hugs 4 every single 1 of you.

    Peace out.

  216. This is all great and all…but how do you expect atheists to take any of this seriously? As far as I'm concerned, both sides are batsh*t crazy. Call me a nihilist if you will, but I can't seem to be care whether this was true or if it wasn't.

  217. Great insight, your articles and knowledge files have been a tremendous resource for my occult studies. I am surprised you didn't mention the gnostic symbolism in the opening sequence during the birth of the evil duality. The / the Demiurge holds while extending the divine intelligence to humanity that you have previously mentioned in the article on Rockerfeller Plaza is present during that sequence. I was struck by the parallel between Mother Monster and Sophia in the Gnostic creation story birthing the Demiurge.

  218. Great insight your articles have been a tremendous resource for my occult studies. I am surprised you didn't comment on the gnostic symbolism (/) and the parallel between Mother Monster and Sophia from the Gnostic creation story.

  219. while i respect your interpretations and views, and while your blogs are entertaining, enlightening, and very VERY creepy, this is where you lost me:

    what DOES "Capital H-I-M" mean? just because a Finnish rock band decided to use the acronym to represent "His Infernal Majesty", doesn't mean thats HER intention. What does this Finnish rock band have to do with anything? You're using a really weak resource here. If there was a super popular christian band that was called HIM and they used the acronym to mean Holy Immortal Mercy, or something, does that mean thats what HIM "stands for"?


  220. ThirdEyeAwake on

    I found this site, out of sheer curiosity because I've always liked how the word "Illuminati" felt on my tongue (first heard it in a Tomb Raider movie), at the beginning of last year and have since then spent NUMEROUS hours research all there is to know about these various topics and the NWO. To be frank, Lady Gaga (Stefani Germanotta) is an extremely intelligent woman – muscially (not her commercial pieces), culturally, etc, so I am sure to an extent she knows what is happening. She even knew the PRICE of fame and how it destroys people, ultimately, if you don't play your cards right. I truly believe she joined the "Industry" to try and make a different; To see if she could counter-act the negativity that fame produces.

    When I first saw the music video for "Born This Way," I was shocked – not in a good way. I was utterly dissappointed because: I knew the underlined osteric and occult themes within it, and the video had nothing to do with the lyrics. One of the tatics of the Illuminati, people fail to realize, is that they use juxopositions and cognitive dissonance to confuse your mind. It is not being gay is wrong, or that the song is evil in nature – it is about throwing positivity within negativity to the point where neither is distinct. The SONG, Born This Way, is about loving yourself and not caring about others judgemental stares; But pair that with blatant juxoposition (EVIL imagery and motives) and you have one of the formulas of the Elite: It's ok to be who you are, so join our puppet and solidify it. THAT is the goal, not spreading "gayness" around the world. Nothing wrong with being gay.

    As I said earlier, Lady Gaga is intelligent and to and extent she knows some of these imagery. For all we know she researched these themes WHILE persuing fame to try and make a difference. My point is, Lady Gaga is not an evil woman seeking evil and chaos in the world. She is a puppet of the ILLUMINATI, the real culprits. Stop having the "Mob Mentality", because that is exactly what they want from you: Don't think, don't be unique and an individual.

    For the "Christians" who spread evil and poisonous words, your "God" isn't pleased with that. The ONLY way to be sure that you are on the right path of the TRUE maker, Yahweh, is to spread love. Love can NEVER be wrong, but hate is always evil. I believe in the Holy Maker, but the Bible has been hijacked by the Illuminati, so the only way to be SURE that you're spreading Yahweh's message is to love everyone and respect them. The puppets of the Illuminati and even the members themselves are victims. Remember that.

    If you've read all of this, thank you so much and Universe bless you unconditionally. I care about everyone, even people I've never met and I just want everyone to love everyone. That action may not come to fruition, but it doesn't hurt to be the change you want to see in the world.

    -Third Eye

    • while i do understand and have also considered myself what you are saying there is one thing we forget, no one can be an intelligent individual while under mind control and being triggered by others. they may have one purpose in mind when they get started but along the way they all seem to get lost and caught up. kind of "swept off their feet" by fame. they lose control and start being coached to say the opposite, that they wrote this, they wrote that, i visioned this or that, and i wanted this video to be blah blah blah…. just like beyonce is always getting confused and dilluted and saying that "she wrote" her songs. when in fact there are many writers that have come forward to let it be known she is singing their lyrics. lady gaga may "think" that she is the one in charge of the extreme direction that her career and reputation have taken but she is probably really in a drug induced whirlwind of studio time, interviews, award shows, tours, interviews photo shoots etc. i read an interview last year in a fashion mag where she mentions that it hasnt been too long since she last used cocaine. hmm and stars and people that think they are the boss yet have a "team'' surrounding them and making them only get taken advantage of if they have self esteem and substance abuse issues. gaga, imo, is just a puppet. i loved her voice and dancing and singing ability when she first came on the scene. yes she seemed a little hedonistic but not disgusting or sick. then came the little red flags. she barely ever wore pants in her vids lol okay. wow she just drugged her bf and killed him with tea ok. wow shes covered in blood at an award ceremony as if shes been hung and murdered ooook? alright shes dancing in front of a group of men in dark suits and now she is setting a man on fire and killing him too? ok? all of this was b4 i had found sites like this and recognized symbolism. but like i said there were little red flags. we fall in love with someone's ability to make us lose ourselves in their art/work so naturally we put that artist on a pedestal. i wanted to remain in the dark and sometimes wish i didnt know because its all so obvious that you start to see it everywhere and accept its no coincidence. no matter what her intentions may have been in the beginning (even though personally i think she is a liar that will and has did anything for great fame) she has sold out….. to something

  221. Supertramp Better Days Supertramp – Brother Where You Bound

    Here's some great videos to refresh your sole after watching

    that trash!

  222. when i first heard this song i was like wth But when i finally saw the video i was like WTF!!! i sont think that many of the things mentiond here are especificaly related to Illuminati.. i think that if you look reaaly hard for something you will find it.. and if its really like that then we are all actually slaves because it would be anywhere.. even in this website…. but in this article i do agree with most of the thing here like the H=I-M thing… i just think that the lyrics is just trying to justify homosexuallity… the video imm not so sure,,,

  223. HIM is also a villain in the Powerpuff Girls cartoon. He looks like the devil, with crab-claw hands, wearing a twisted Santa jacket with high heel boots!

  224. Torturing and corrupting their kids are not enough for those saddos. Their obsession with symbols and sex acts kinda make me feel sorry for them. Jesus said that His Kingdom belongs to the children and those saddos make sure to corrupt anything remotely sacred.

    An english newspaper has an interesting article about minors.

    Explicit cartoons, films and books have been cleared for use to teach sex education to schoolchildren as young as five.

    A disturbing dossier exposes a wide range of graphic resources recommended for primary school lessons.

    The shocking material – promoted by local councils and even the BBC – teaches youngsters about adult language and sexual intercourse.

    The pack produced by HIT UK, meanwhile, encourages primary aged children to learn about ‘anal intercourse’, ‘oral sex’ and ‘prostitution’.

  225. Definitely something is amidst in any Lady Gaga's video. This current one about birthing can be related to the coming 2012 event which the world will witness soon next year. 11 years from 1991 WTC 911 false flag attack, now they are up to something related to aliens and cosmic inter-dimension beings which in actual fact are demonic spiritual beings that they are going to conjure into his world to establish their False Messiah on Earth. Beware the time is very near. Prepare your souls and don't be fooled by their deceptions.

    • This is a parody, isn't it? I mean no one can be this paranoid or believe all this, can they? I'll talk to you again in January, 2013. LOL!

  226. Great research on the vid as always VC. You guys are definitely very knowledgeable on deciphering the symbols which normal people like us could never understand. Keep up the good work.

  227. I find the interpretation very interesting, although the article's too short and a bit lacking. I know VC has a lot more things to say about this video. a lot of symbols could still be interpreted. Thank you. keep up this great job of educating netizens! 😀

  228. Just one very important thing that is not in the article: when you link the points of the 4 horny things on Gaga's forehead and face and the eye on her chin, you get a downward pentagram. That is the true nature of the "mother" of the new race: evil, as pentagrams pointing down mean: "evil rules". Also if you link the edges of the horns on her forehead with the eye on her chin, you get a downward triangle with an eye on its point. Well, it is written all over her face…

    Also I think this video celebrates the birth of the Antchrist and as people will worship "H.I.M." (evil) with their new mindset.

  229. Good to see the site back up and running VC. A lot of people started panicking and creating threads in several forums on in the internet. What happened? Did you exceed bandwidth limit due to high volume of people coming in? :)

    I've been following your site for a while now, and I think you have put a great deal of research into your analysis on many things.

  230. VC help! The only photo that shows clearly in this article is the large skull formed out of red bodies. All the photos are little blue boxes with question marks on them. Can anyone help me? I'm using a macbook pro. thanks in advance.

  231. So relieved to see the website is running ok now. I hope it was a genuine technical fault and not pressure from the powers that be. There are people all over the world that need this message.. and VC you have been chosen to give it. Isaiah 54

  232. Great article as always…all teenagers should read this and be informed that Satan is using music to have a strong legal ground in each one of us…..he wants to destroy and bound us so to keep us from hearing the truth which is the word of God. All Christians must pray without ceasing that many will be free from the bondage of these type of music.

  233. Collectivism – Conformity by just passively accepting to be a product of what society creates. The social architects and engineers count on this to recreate the master slave relationship.


    Only we can put Gaga and the rest of these mindless drones out of business, the more we listen to their music and give the radio ratings the more money and support we're offering them. Support real hip hop Immortal Technique! Viva La Revolucion!

  235. vlademir bascon on

    whatever the meaning of it negative or positive the point is gaga is making on her own way of expressing herself at now it goes number one all over this is called the "new race " of our mother monster lady gaga we are so proud of you mother monster…

  236. Ok… this woman want us to think or wants the elite to think that she is the antichrist. why? UNICORN= Little horn = beast. One of the names of the antichrist is little horn.

    secondly… so blatant! i mean… H.I.M so obvious…

    Makes me feel pitty of all her fans

  237. Has anyone noticed how much this sounds like Madonna's "Express yourself"? Even down to the self love aspect, express yourself=born this way!! I am thankful I don't have teenagers or small children, aside from all the symbolism in the video, it's just plain gross! I do not believe that GaGa is brilliant at all like some….it takes a whole team to make most pop stars today look smart. There was a time when everyone thought Brittany was smart too….really?? It's a long fall from pedestals placed too high!!

    I also thought of "the whore of Babylon" as I watched this insulting video….!!

    This is serious and everything gets so downplayed….this is about your soul!! What is more serious than that?

  238. heehhee, No Gaga video (or any music business pawn’s video for that matter) is complete without the One-Eye Sign. :)

  239. Im scared. What can I do? Is it possible to 'combine' everyone in VC and start to spread love?Im really really scared :( life is beautiful, and im too young to be depopulated yet. When I tell my mom about this they say this is all mere imagination. How? :(

    • I think you need to stop reading these websites and stop watching LG videos if you are this strongly affected by it. Life is beautiful so go outside and enjoy it. Don't give music videos and websites more power than the actually have.

      • Lady Gaga continues to attack Christianity while trying to make it seem like she's tolerant of all people. She's the biggest hypocrite out there.

  240. I was worried about you last night, site was down, and I was watchiong rosemaries Baby, thought they caught up with you for breaking that one down, every thing you wrote made the movie make sense, thanks for your insight, stay safe.

  241. Gaga's Little M on

    oh come on! this is one of the greatest (albeit weirdest) videos she's ever done! it's so amazing, and although what you say makes sense to me, i don't really believe it. the race within a race within humanity is really what it seems – a race that holds no hate against those who are different. H-I-M is God. Really, HIM is God. its "it doesn't matter if you love him" as in it doesnt matter if you're gay and then "or capital H-I-M" is God, so it doesnt matter if you're gay or religious or both! and "put your paws up" is a reference to her Little Monsters (fans). the zombies (the guy really has that tatooed on his face!) represents evil, not mindless slaves or whatever! im sorry but i just dont believe this. I love this song and video and i still believe that it only means that you have to love and accept yourself no matter what. Gaga believes her Little Monsters are the race within humanity, as she wants us all to have no prejudice, and her Lil Monsters dont. (i hope). i know you will all reply to this saying that im part of the "ignorant masses" and she's gotten to me or whatever the hell you're going to say, but i dont believe it. this is my opinion and if you dont agree then im sorry.

    p.s i find this site very interesting! i enjoy reading the different interpritations of the videos and films you look at, and although sometimes i dont believe what you talk about, i still find it fascinating. thanks!

  242. When the woman is givin birth to Evil u can see lightning left and right which represents fallen Satan. Also when the machine guns are firing u can hear Church Bell sounds (The Death of Christianity or Religions???) In Adittion when she talks about H.I.M everyone is worshipping on the floor !!!

  243. Ok, I am completely done with LG. I really enjoy pop music but she's really disgusting…to my soul. Did anyone watch the 60mins interview? I'm still not sure if she knows that she is in league with Satan.

  244. quick fyi

    homeboy with the skull tattoo on his face is (was) a punk roaming the streets of Montreal for years now….and thats an actual tattoo.

  245. The moment i saw this video i have been STALKING your website waiting for you to comment on it. How unreal is this video? I can not even handle it. The fact that it's all over MTV is disgusting. The horns on her head are nasty but what about those weird fuckin shoulder implants…..? You did a great job with this article, once again! :) Huge fan of your site. Also, listen to Katy Perry and Kanye West's "E.T.". The music industry NEVER ceases to amaze me…ever.

  246. I agree that there are a lot of blatant references to the illuminati amongst other things in this video, but do you guys seriously believe that this is some form of brainwashing or mind control? I've read a couple of articles about the illuminati symbolism in videos from LG, Beyonce, etc and it's undeniable that the symbols are there but what these websites, including this one, seem unable to accomplish is a logical explanation of how the illuminati is going to create a new world order through the media? Many studies have shown that subliminal messages/images are ineffective and as for the mind control explanation, I don't believe it b/c these music videos don't make me want to worship Satan, or mimic what LG is doing or anything. It's just a catchy song that I listen on the radio sometimes. End of story. I don't believe in a god (Christian or otherwise) or Satan but I'm a pretty receptive person so the way I see it I'm an empty vessel so if anybody should be feeling these brainwashing effects it would be me. Finally the large majority of people in America are strongly religious and would not accept these obvious references to sex, nudity, and Satan and within that majority are the fundies who wouldn't even dare to watch any of these types of videos. So this theory of the illuminati using the media to create a new world order seems ineffective, illogical and flawed. Now using the government is quite another :) I'm not denying the possible existence of this group or their symbols in pop culture, nor do I have an explanation for as to why these symbols are there but this theory of using the media as a way to brain wash the masses seems like nonsense to me.

    • in order to understand the purpose of the symbolism, it must first be understood that a person's awareness is borne of precursory data. Because of the specific configuration of this precursory data, the experience of consciousness assumes a distinct, corresponding form. Different precursory data results in different forms of consciousness.

      all external stimuli has a corresponding internal value. I may show you a picture of a high chair, for example, and in your mind, rather than being a high chair, it is experienced as an associative link to a memory from your youth in which you fell out of your high chair and chipped your tooth or something. This unique experience only exists in your mind due to the precursory data you possess.

      some internal values are common, because the precursory data associated with them is common. What this means is that, in some cases, external stimuli can be shown to a range of people and elicit similar internal responses. This is why, for example, common imagery with common meanings exist in dreams and even in lore. They are indicative of fundamental methods of internally processing data which, in itself, is also common to human experience.

      so okay, the symbols. What they do is they leave "markers" in the minds of the general public. Stimuli related to the markers can then be introduced to the public and be perceived differently, because its relationship to the markers which already exist cause an observer to catalog the stimuli differently in his mind than he would if the markers had not been placed. Precursory data is planted; experience is, thus, manipulated, to whatever degree.

      this may seem trivial, but it isn't. Think of binary. Binary is a base two system. That means each binary character has a mere two possible representations, total. Zero or one. On or off. Yes or no. But combinations of these characters allow very precise, highly advanced functions to be performed. Similarly, triggering yes or no states in a person's internal value system helps facilitate the control of complex thought.

  247. Anti-Illuminati on

    Hey, I noticed the 'Mask behind Gaga's head' picture… The legs kinda look like horns and the mask and hair can kind of make up Baphomets head and horns. I don't know why it yelled 'BAPHOMET' right into my face the first time I saw it.

    Good article by the way, as always. Never fail to impress!

  248. Interesting_Meanings on

    Good article but i think you missed out on some important bits is it possible to explain the meaning of her in MJ type gloves and when she looks like a demon creature with a tear coming down her eye. I would really like to know what that means. I think this is the hardest video you've ever had to analyse and although the article informs readers well, i think there is alot more symbols and hidden meanings you didnt commenton.

  249. Another great writing! Just keep'em comin' because they're a great read when I need to refer to something when I see them getting all "gaga" over her music & videos. I always say, if people really knew the meaning of her songs, they wouldn't be so quick to sing them ever again.

    Those zombies are just creepy! YUCK! And the soulless zombies of GaGa herself are really frightening. This can only end badly & I'm wondering if her $60million she earned this year will protect her in the end.

    Another great article VC!!!

  250. Even before I ever knew what the Illuminati was… Before I ever researched it… When I watched her video for Bad Romance I knew something was up. It just didn't seem right. I liked it a lot but at the same time it gave me a weird feeling. And so did the song. It was the first song that ever gave me that strong of a feeling. Suddenly I had to listen to it over and over and over. And watch the video over and over. I became obsessed and I didn't know why. I actually learned what the Illuminati was because of Lady Gaga. After watching the video for Bad Romance I Googled subliminal messages in songs. And my life changed forever. Now I see the symbolism everywhere. I mean everywhere! And I came upon this website which I love. So as soon as I saw this video for Born This Way I couldn't wait to read VC's explanation. Lady Gaga (and tons of other music artists) is definitely up to something….

  251. The Truth Will Set Y on

    In the first frame with the inverted triangle and the unicorn, is that a one of the World Trade Center Towers burning? Does this allude to 9/11 as a mega ritual/sacrifice as mentioned somewhere else on VC?

    Big picture- does this all mean that all of the events have transpired (according to Satan's plan, which unbeknownst to him dovetails under God's plan…)which are "necessary" for the "birthing" or "revealing" of the false-Christ, the One World Global Leader, who is the "Anti-Christ?"

    I hope everyone understands that these events were foretold long ago in The Bible. Read Revelation, Daniel, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Micah… all of the Prophetic books (at least 40%, probably a lot more, of the Bible is Prophecy, and most of it involves Jesus Christ and the End Times (which we are in))

    The contractions are coming faster and more intense…Read Mark ch. 13

    The Truth Will Set You Free

  252. Call me a lame if you want, I had o shut the video off before she even started singing. It looked like people writhing around in hell, after naked nurses just fisted a jello head out of her,…and I was sick to my stomach thinking about her 13-16 yr. old precious young fans being subjected to this corrupt, morbid, nasty video…I felt it was sick, and wrong, and I lost a lot of respect for Gaga as a woman and an artist. To me, she represents Satanic filth, and her agenda is not worth my money or time. It's video's like this that they perform black magic spells on, and everyone who watches the whole thing walks away from it without knowing that they are now part of a living curse.

  253. im already in a pissed off mood and to see this bitch making retarded ass videos isnt helping it at all. man i swear ima shoot this hoe if we ever in NY at the same time. YOU HEARD ME!!!

  254. The song and video are about love and acceptance, this is just this guy's interpretation. I wish people would stop twisting something this beautiful into something dark. "The New Race" is a mindset, but it's about changing the mindset of those who opress others. She is looked up to by many, and she makes a video about unconditonal love for all, and when I react so positively to it, it is annoying to see that many people come on here and try to destroy it. If people take this as a video about freedom and EQUALITY, then does that not influence people positively? I think we are influenced (subconsciously and consciously) by our own perception of things, and when people come on to this website and read these disgusting things it influences them to think negatively and pessimistically of Gaga and the future. When I see this as a video for equality for all, I am more inclined to treat everyone equally.

    And somebody posted earlier about Gaga being wealthy, going to Paris Hilton's school and being popular… Well in response to that, Gaga comes from a midlle class family who gave everything they had to send their daughter to an excellent school. And she had her own close friends, but they all felt like outsiders.. But I digress :)

    And I have some stupid questions for those who take this website as absolute fact:

    1. How many "members" are in this elite, and how do they operate, and where? Because people on this website seem to think that they are so much smarter and capable of greater evil than us, but there just people. They operate on the same level as us, and I think blaming an elite force for your own feelings is just a transfer of aggression and fear..

    2. When will your New World Order come into effect? Because I believe that is your way of dealing with the future and the unknown.

    Thanks for your time :)

    • not to condescend…. but you have a lot to learn, and have received misinformation. but i cannot help you here, you have to learn on your own.

      • (I don't think you actually read the article in its entirety, and if you did and do not understand, then you may never get it)

  255. I still don't understand why Gaga always portrays a blank look and straight face. She does not interpret songs, her body is just moving mechanically to the choreography and shows no emotion. I was surprised that in her recent video she kind of smiled twice… Also, I wonder what the cocky jacksonesque walk and the gap on her front teeth meant. This is kind of random, but when I saw the birth part in the video, it reminded me of the movie Boomerang where it showed Grace Jones giving birth grotesquely to a perfume bottle…

  256. Ah, and what's with the horned shoulders? Implants? An effort to condition youth to wear stuff under their skin to glamorize it and making it easier for the to accept an ID subcutaneous Chip?

  257. The illuminati symbols is very blantant in the video, however I never recognised what they meant. Thanks for telling me. :)

  258. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    Lady Gaga is on a mission and she is being productive in accomplishing her mission. I just pray that she is prepared to endure the consequences, and I do not believe anyone can make preparations (not even Satan). This pathetic performer is yearning for attention and acceptance.

    Vigilant, thank you for this great but intricated article. I will have to take time to study this one.

  259. The music video depicts the horror of latter 1981, when a factory in southern London was discovered to be experimenting on Serbian refugees. The goal was to alter the subjects' physical structure in hopes that it would carry over in the genes of the force-reproduced offspring.

    Michaelmatician warns us against the phrase 'born this way' and the entity known as Lady Gaga. There are many things being transmitted that we cannot see. However: We Will Learn To See The Michrotron. We Will Learn To See The Michrotron.