Analysis of the Occult Symbols Found on the Bank of America Murals


Prominently displayed in the lobby of the Bank of America’s Corporate Center are “creepy” frescoes, filled with occult symbols. Even more unsettling is the fact that those images seem to predict events of a radical world change in the not-so-distant future. Are those murals predicting the coming of an occult New World Order? We will look at the occult meaning of the symbols found on the Bank of America frescoes.

A reader of Infowars sent me pictures of some very odd murals displayed at the Bank of America Corporate Center in Charlotte, NC. Needless to say they immediately caught my attention, as I was flabbergasted by their symbolism and their message. I also couldn’t help relating them to the ominous murals of the Denver International Airport.

Painted by Benjamin Long, the paintings are said to revolve around the themes of “making/building, chaos/creativity, and planning/knowledge in a “daring blend of abstract and realism, set off with touches of gold“.

The three frescoes ruling over the lobby of the Bank of America Corporate Center.

Although we normally read from left to right, there are clues within the frescoes hinting the viewers to read the paintings from right to left. The “planning” stage (visually represented by the fresco on the right) is normally the first step of any process so it would make sense to start from there.  There is also alchemical symbolism hinting towards the chronology of the frescoes, so we will begin with the one on the right:

Right Fresco

The fresco on the right is dubbed Planning/Knowledge.  An esoteric read of its symbolism reveals exactly what is being planned and what knowledge it is referring to.

Masonic Boy on Masonic Floor

We see here a young blond boy standing on a standard Masonic checker-board pattern floor. His feet are placed at a 90 degrees angle, in accordance to Masonic initiation ritual:

Q. On your return to the Lodge, where were you placed, as the youngest Entered Apprentice?

A. In the northeast corner, my feet forming a right angle, my body erect, at the right hand of the Worshipful Master in the east, an upright man and Mason, and it was given me strictly in charge ever to walk and act as such.”
– Malcolm C. Duncan, Duncan’s Masonic Ritual and Monitor

Seemingly underneath the boy are people dressed in business suits, seemingly strategizing while pointing at the Masonic boy. Does the boy represent the “new generation”?

This blond boy is very reminiscent of the blond boy featured at the center of one of the murals of the Denver International Airport.

Blond boy hammering a sword into a plowshare. Note that the boy is wearing a traditional Bavarian costume … perhaps as in Bavarian Illuminati?

Burning Bush, Woman in Cube and Pyramid

Symbolism overload

Behind the boy is a tree on fire, which is a reference of the Burning Bush of the Old Testament. The Burning Bush is of great importance in Masonic ritual, especially for the 33rd degree, whose members are considered to be “near the Burning Bush”.

“In the third Exodus it is record that, while Moses was keeping the flock of Jethro on Mount Horeb, “the angle of Lord appeared unto him in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush”, and there communicated to him for the first time his Ineffable Name. This occurrence is commemorated in the Burning Bush of the Royal Arch Degree. In all systems of antiquity, fire is adopted as a symbol of Deity; and the Burning Bush, or the bush filled with fire which did not consume, whence came forth the Tetragrammaton, the symbol of Divine Light and Truth, is considered in the advanced degrees of Freemasonry, like the Orient in the lower, as the great source of true Masonic light; wherefore Supreme Councils of the Thirty-Third Degree date their balustres or official documents, “near the B.B.” or Burning Bush, to intimate that they are, in their own rite, the exclusive source of all Masonic instruction”.
– Albert G. Mackey, Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, Part 1

In the background is an Egyptian pyramid, the ultimate symbol of the Mysteries in occult teachings.

A strange feature of the painting is the woman apparently trapped inside a transparent cube, hanging from threads coming from the sky. Does she represent the common man, stuck in the confines of the material world (occultly represented by the cube) and manipulated by unseen the forces from above?

Stairs and Black Sun

Jacob’s ladder and a black sun

On the left of the image are stairs, apparently leading to the heavens, a classic symbol representing the path to illumination/Illuminati through the mysteries of Masonry.

A Masonic engraving depicting stairs leading from the Masonic floor to the “outside”

In the sky is a black sun, another symbol of an esoteric significance. Hermetic traditions teach the existence of two suns, an invisible and etheric one made of pure “philosophical gold” and the material one, the only one the profane can perceive, known as the Black Sun.

In alchemy, the black sun (Sol niger) is the name of the result of the first stage of the Opus Magnum. The alchemical Magnum Opus (or Great Work) starts with the “blackening” – the calcination of crude metals – and ends with their transmutation into pure gold.

Today, the symbol of the Black Sun is mostly associated with esoteric Nazism and cults such as the Temple of Set. It is also found in odd places such as:

Bracken House, London. The Black Sun beares the face of Winston Churchill.

…and, once again, the Denver International Airport.

Floor design in the DIA depicting a black sun moving in front of the golden sun

The right fresco therefore seems to portray the first step of a “Great Work” that needs to be accomplished, as symbolically represented by the black sun. Men dressed in suits (one of them oddly looks like Adam Weishaupt),  seem to be preparing a new generation of Masonic youth. Meanwhile, the “profane” seem to be idling in an translucent cube, controlled by invisible puppeteers.

Middle Fresco

The middle fresco, Chaos/Creativity, depicts a turbulent transitional period. Many details within the painting describe this profound turmoil, which seem to be affecting all part of society and civilization. We find military and religious figures, people protesting and much more.

Barb wires, nets and soldiers on the streets tell the viewers that this period of turmoil is also one of oppression. The nun does not seem very pleased either.

At the left of the painting is a person wearing a biohazard suit, hinting to some kind of chemical warfare.

Person in gas suit

For this reason, and many more, I find this painting very similar to one of the Denver Airport’s murals … the most infamous one.

This mural of the DIA portrays a militaristic figure wearing a gas mask and oppressing an endless line of sad people. Chemical warfare, military repression, dead babies … what is there not to like about this image?

If we look at the top of the fresco, we see translucent beings spinning with fire, perhaps implying that the turmoil is also happening on a metaphysical, cosmic or astral level.

Spinning naked bodies in a vortex of fire

This round fiery shape can also be likened to a sun. Its pale golden color and the transparency of its figures can be associated with the intermediate step of the great alchemical work named “Whitening”. Jung compared this step with daybreak, the preparation for the next and final stage, which is the sunrise, characterized by the color red. Which is, of course, the most prominent color of the left fresco.

Left Fresco

The fresco on the left is said to focus on the theme of “Making/Building“. The main figure of the fresco is a worker holding a shovel, contemplating the work done. In his back pocket is a red piece of cloth, a symbolic detail in the context of this image. There is indeed a great emphasis on the color red in this fresco, which, as mentioned above, is the also the color associated with the final step of the alchemical Magnum Opus: Rubedo, the “Red Work”.

In occult teachings, alchemical transformation can happen on numerous levels: a material level, where crude metals are transmuted to pure gold, but also on a spiritual and philosophical level, where the profane man becomes a “regenerated man”. In secret-society lore, the entire world is considered to be the subject of alchemical transformation; it is said to be an imperfect plane needing to be “transmuted into gold” in order to mirror the heavens, in accordance with the hermetic axiom “As Above, So Below”. Is a New World Order the “Great Work” of the occult elite?

Sleeping Giant

Is he dead or sleeping? And what does “EQ” mean?

An odd detail of the fresco is this man blending with the earth, apparently in deep sleep … or is he buried? This is also reminiscent of the (unsettling) sleeping little boy on the DIA murals.

A helpless little boy sleeping (or dead) under a red blanket

What Is The Meaning of the Frescoes?

Like most elitist art, the frescoes on display at the headquarters of Bank of America, the largest bank in America, tell a story intended to be decoded by those in the know. The frescoes seem to depict three stages of world transformation – planning, chaos and achievement – and are color-coded to be analogous to the three stages of hermetic alchemy: Nigredo (blackness), Albedo (whiteness) and Rubedo (redness).  The frescoes beare many resemblances to the murals of the Denver International Airport, which also depict progressive phases of a profound transformation of society after a period of intense turmoil.

The first fresco displays a wide array of occult symbols, some directly referring to Freemasonry. This is quite astonishing as the painting is in the lobby of the headquarters of the United States’ most predominant bank and not in a Masonic lodge … but perhaps there is some overlap. Those who are “in the know” and initiated to the Mysteries are those who are qualified to accomplishing the planning process, which in this painting seem to be the men in suits, whose ties match the red and white checker-board floor, and who make plans for the future generation, represented by the blond Masonic boy.

In the second fresco, civil unrest, riots, protests and repression are all taking place. Historically, the masses only usually go into an outright revolt when their living conditions deteriorate significantly or when hugely unpopular policies get adopted. Does this piece refer to the loss of civil liberties and the rise of a police state? There is also a metaphysical aspect to the image, represented by the spinning naked bodies that appear as the sun, implying that the period turmoil is also happening on a cosmic level.

The last fresco gives a sense of “mission accomplished”, with the dominant figure surveying the work, while also conveying the message that “the work is never totally done” as labourers are still hard at work in the underground. This is reminiscent of the movie Metropolis, where a class of workers silently slave away underground to sustain the elite’s utopia. I also can’t help but being reminded of the 33 Chilean miners while looking at those workers …

In Conclusion

The Bank of America frescoes are yet another example of the elite’s agenda being “hidden in plain sight”. These giant images, on display for all to see, but designed to be understood by few, describe the philosophy of the elite rulers, their occult knowledge and their plans for the future.  As it is the case for all works of art, it is possible to interpret these paintings on numerous levels and to come up with different conclusions. It is, however, difficult to ignore the recurrent themes found in the”Sinister Sites” described on The Vigilant Citizen: prevalent occult symbolism, the heralding of a “new era”,  contempt for the profane masses, celebration of repression and war, etc. When comparing the Bank of America frescoes with the art of the DIA and the Georgia Guidestones, we can find a definite consistence in their symbolism, their tone and their message. This leads me to believe that the same group is behind all of those sites and many more. Whoever they are, we know a few things for sure: they are extremely rich, extremely powerful and they don’t really like you … because you are not one of Them.



      • A total eclipse is black in the center golden white around the circumference, plus eclipses are VERY occult in symbolism.

      • I too thought that to be an eclipse in the first mural, the next one of those will occur Nov. 13 2012, near the time of the incarnation of Satan. I think that boy standing there is the anti-christ, as symbolized by one eye covered in red, he was born and bred by the elite. It may be Prince William.

      • I'm Smarter Tha on

        There is a major connection with gold (the precious metal) in these frescoes, which is interesting because Charlotte and many of the surrounding towns in the region were founded as a gold mining centers and there is still apparently a lot of gold underneath the city and region for those who care about such things.

        Perhaps this is why they decided to put the headquarters of Bank of America (the largest bank in the USA) on top of such a large untapped gold mine. The miners in the last fresco seem to be mining gold, shown by their gold mining tools.

        Perhaps the city of Charlotte is to one day be turned in to a huge gold mine according to these frescoes?

        I can't help thinking back the movie "Avatar," which somewhat mirrors what has happened in Charlotte in the past couple decades. Charlotte used to be a pretty small and quiet Southern city, but now it is a rather bustling place compared to the sleepy and even mostly rural area it used to be.

        Anyhow, for those who haven't seen it, in the movie "Avatar" exploitative aliens come to the planet Pandora in an attempt to mine a metal they call 'unobtanium' (probably a stand in for gold); problem is that a huge amount of the precious metal they seek is located under a huge settlement of native Pandorans, their 'Home Tree,' and to get at it they must destroy the forest which will wipe out all of the natives.

        Charlotte used to be (and still is) a very heavily wooded city compared to many others (a kind of 'Home Tree' for the people who are from here), but in the past couple decades many trees have been lost here as probably over a million new people (or more) moved in the area. And the climate has changed here too, has become much more dry, almost desert like at times due to the loss of native trees in the area. Like in the movie, the city of Charlotte ('Home Tree' to many natives here) has seemingly fallen to hordes of alien-like newcomers.

        It's probably a stretch, but I can't help but think there is some kind of connection.

      • I think you are probably right. I was listening to talk radio this morning and someone from NC called in saying he was on vacation in a very concerned/paranoid tone of voice, especially for being on vacation in sunny San Diego. The unemployment is getting out of control here as it is many places, but the way he was talking about his manufacturing business and NC's economy it resembled what you wrote, and he had no financial concerns unlike everyone else calling into the local radio broadcast. The call didn't last long because it went to a break, but I get the feeling now maybe word of this is spreading there, and some of you guys are ready to jump ship.

      • I think you are pretty smart too, to make the gold connection. These frescoes, we need to remember, are in a bank. All of these paintings come together to detail the plan to return to the gold standard, IMHO.

        The man in the third fresco is standing next to a sign which reads EQ, as in Earthquake.

        How does one go about marking the future site of an earthquake? Another way of putting it, is who would dare to wake a sleeping giant? A bank who longs to return to the gold standard maybe? The beauty behind this fresco, is that it too will crack and crumble from the wall it is on during the very quake it predicts. An engineered quake which seeks to save some while killing off thousands more than each it seeks to save.

        These frescoes are epic – meaning, of unusually great size or extent. Not to be taken lightly, as they are another sick depiction of how to "save the world". I hang around the vigilant citizen and usually look forward to their in depth analysis, but this one seemed rushed, and without much insight. I think it should be done again with the gold standard revisited in detail.

        There is so much more in these paintings than what was covered here, this barely scratches the surface.

      • Acknowledge Him on

        I don't really understand the view that Prince William is the antichrist. Sure there are definitely some strange things about his birth and Diana's death. But the antichrist is supposed to arise out of Babylon. There is a great essay on the following website concerning an interpretation that Babylon is America. So far I am inclined to believe that this is the case. It's rather long, but incredibly detailed with numerous references to the Bible, Old and New Testaments.

      • Acknowledge Him on

        I don't really know why this comment appeared down here. I was responding to the person that mentioned Prince William being the antichrist.

      • I never understood the whole "Prince Charles" connection either. But as I further my interest I pondered the thought that maybe the text didn't mean exactly FROM Babylon, not the location per say. But maybe from a Babylonian BLOODLINE. As you know, the royals take breeding seriuosly for a reason.

      • The Anti-Christ is of Roman decent , he WILL be European and there is no doubt that he is walking the streets of Europe.

      • SweetChildOfWho on

        Going on the theme that America is Babylon, or what not. I have been reading up a lot on Lady Gaga, who has numerous occult symbols in her videos. Some believe she is the Antichrist, and she was born in New York City, only 45 miles from Babylon, NY… Just a thought..

    • The very first picture. Kinda see a pyramid based on how the chairs and tables are arranged to connect to the mural……….Eh prolly trying to see too hard into it..

      • That black table doesnt need to be there, it is superflous. It is made the center of the lobby, reminds me more of a sacrificing platform.

      • EQ = QE = Quantitative Easing…obviously of significance to Bank of America from a business perspective, but is it of signficance to this "Great Work?" I don't see why it would be "encoded" backward here.

        So anyhow, my best theory so far on the "EQ" is no less of a reach, but maybe another starting point to consider…The only remotely "occult" EQ I can think of is the star EQ Pegasi (Pegasus – symbol of Mobil Oil, symbol of knowledge, and, especially to Jungians, focused on the symbolism of Pegasus allowing access to the Gods/Realm of the Gods.)

      • Just like in Judaism (sp?), the murals are read right to left and likewise in Judaism (sp?) reading right to left it would read "QE" – "quantative easing" – I believe both plausible and likely! NWOKMA!!!

      • take a mirror infront of the mural. look at the view u get, it should tell you something about the whole fresco. QE will become EQ.

      • In the first image on the right, notice in the upmost right-hand corner the red glass-like tinting that forms a rectangle. Recall back to your childhood studies in Math. Perhaps you were, like me, made to use a red, rectangular reflective glass mirror situated on a rectangular base. Using this device, one could draw, for example, a full circle by only drawing half of a cirle. The other half would be reflected, but with a reddish tint. So, assuming your theory is correct that the paintings are intended to be "read" from right to left, as in Hebrew, (which does read right to left), then the first thing we are to decode or understand is that seemingly insignificant red, glass-like rectangle.

      • Quantitaive easing = printing money = your money worth less every day. That's what they tell us "it will solve all our problems".

      • IF I had to take a guess.. the EQ stands for Equality. Know how the progressives claim to be doing things in all fairness.. stealing from the rich and giving to the poor (which i know is false) but it's what they claim?

        They will rob us blind and burying freedom in the name of "equality"…

        Just a hunch… nothing to back it up.

    • The woman in the box is being controlled Obviously by the strings on here hand
      More interesting she's facing the Pyramid? It's all about control .
      God have mercy on them

    • I think the boy is on another dimensional plane while alive, and has a medical condition, while in disagreement with politics, and the stuff behind him are part of a experience with a projected reality into his perception.

    • It's amazing what passes for Art these days; And I thought Warhol was bad this is Even worse! Innarresting choice of words. Damned is right; with out the Son of God, Jesus of Nazareth

  1. the comparisons between this and the denver murals are pretty unsettling. i wonder if there are even more out in plain sight like this?

    • I think the burning tree in the first picture could also be a reference to the tree of life. There is jewelry all over department stores and in the mall focusing on the tree of life. Could it mean the tree of life is on fire and the man reading the book doesn't even notice. Kind of like Americans not noticing all hell breaking loose around them.

      • I think you may be on to something there. The story of Adam and Eve, where they were supposed to only eat from the Tree of Life but not the Tree of Knowledge (Jacob's Ladder?). The serpent tricked them into eating from the Tree of Knowledge out of disobedience to God. The burning tree could symbolize how Satan is successfully leading civilization away from the tree of life and toward the tree of knowledge, or away from God, so that "ye shall be as gods".

      • On the Lovers card of the Rider-Waite Tarot deck the burning tree is indeed the tree of life, and the Lovers are Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

    • This is going to sound weird but have you ever looked at the murals on the ceiling of a Cheesecake Factory? They're bizarre. I mean yeah, it's the effing Cheesecake Factory, which makes it sound so silly, but think how many people stare up at those images every day. There was all kinds of weird religious symbolism in them that I noticed.

    • I know the true meaning behind the symbolism, it all relates to the title of a mental illness that causes "hallucinations". Boy on checkerboard is a summary of a future experience by someone. The rest outlines tragedies related to this persons experience due to being connected without his consent to something unexplainable by anyone.

  2. Thats cause for concern, the ressemblance between the two frescos is to say the least unsettling.

    Thanks for the explaination in regards to the red, I was wondering why Rhianna was always dressed in that color lately.

  3. masons will not prev on

    On another web site featuring these murals, some interesting comments were made.

    1. EQ is "English Quabbalah" Google it.

    2. The burning bush burns and blows smoke west while a white man in a red shirt and blue jeans sits by and does nothing.

    3. Some of the men pointing to the boy are in colonial clothing and show a profile of one eye. Could they be the masonic founding fathers?

    4. The street signs in the middle fresco are blank. Going nowhere?

    Wish you had more to say about the woman in the cube. Reminds me of the puppet references to female celebrities and also the women in Metropolis.

    • The woman is boxed and dancing, her movements controlled by someone we can't see. I think the controlled-dancing woman and her purpose is discussed a lot on this site! She is amazing at distracting you from the here and now reality of your own life, your purpose and the people actually in it! Submission through pure distraction!

    • secretagentman on

      The boy is looking very much like that of the Antichrist. His left eye, arm and heart are engulfed withing the red box. The people to the left are under him – he is their Messiah. Notice that the black man has his back to him and the Oriental is considering him. The man that is pointing to him and lowering his head as if introducing him. They are in a pit and he is on a different plane from the rest of them. Many other planes are shown on the left by the stairways which again resemble step Pyramids which implies human sacrifice.

      The Great Pyramid is definitely on a curvature which is the earth. This Pyramid has in the King's Chamber a red granite box. When the Antichrist is killed will he be buried in the Pyramid and then rise in 3 days? Is this to be accompanied by a solar eclipse which is the exact depiction of the black sun? Can we then calculate when this is supposed to happen? I'll leave that for other but I have notice that in Egypt the eclipsed sun holds special significance.

      I believe the following text defines Atum as the eclipsed Sun:

      Hail to you, lord over eternity,

      Atum great forever,

      You have joined the Horizon of the Sky,

      I don't have much time left to go on but notice the transition of the panels from left to right. The first has lots of workers but they are not working. This shows that there is a world depression to come and then the second panel comes into play. Violence, turbulence, pandemics etc and then the world is introduced to the golden boy.

      • frequent lurker on

        " Notice that the black man has his back to him and the Oriental is considering him." -secretagentman

        I too pondered the black man and his positioning, and I offer this:

        The black man is in the room with other men who seem to be elite, they all appear to be equals. However, the others in the room are aware of and acknowledge the childlike antichrist figure, while the black man is preoccupied with watching his white counterparts. It is his focus on them that allows him to be blind to the big picture. I'll let that marinate a bit for my brothers and sisters of color.

        Let them who have ears to hear, hear.

      • Don't you think this may be a mirror of our current political situation. The white men(political contributers/higher ups) completely aware of the whole picture. While the black man(our prez) is blind to the truth while thinking he is part of the elite,even though what is really going on is taking place behind his back. Food for thought.

      • I absolutely agree with your comment! I am also a person of color and it is so frustrating to me that most African Americans cannot see the truth.. Thanks for your comment!

      • InfamousAvantGairde on

        Wow…..I mean really…

        You have no idea of what your capable of.Your part of a race that can tap into realms unimaginable to most.The very fact that your hair rises as if you was in a constant state of electric shock should give a clue to the energy you posess.nappy headed huh¿

        Your androgynous ass.Your very close to being naturally saved(generally speaking)Many hate because you have what they wish to have.You choose a physical vehicle that grants domenion over etheral which rules over physical.To be able to become a melonated individual your soul needs a requisite understanding of oneness and humanitarianism.Do not speak on how one is wrong when you have no idea if your even right.Darkness is on the rise,we will not be stopped.

        That comment is so contradictive to your name.Just make sure you kiss the rim when you kiss masters ass.This thread itself speaks for itself as far as intellect.Nothing but ego's busting nuts satisfing themselves in what seems fit.And look at how people jump on the ban waggon for support.

        *sigh* I love being a asshole sometimes..

      • Damn. That was it! Did you hit the nail on the head with that post or what? Thank you so much. Your answer had the resonance of truth & you are “preaching to the choir” in my case.

      • Analysis of black participation spot on. Documentary on TV recently recording visit of Ghana Head of State to Queen at Buckingham Palace gives clear indication in so many words how it is the case. The feeling expressed by the mission from Ghana was that this visit represented recognition that they had "made it". They were so flattered and overjoyed by the invitation and they now believed themselves to have significance in the world. To me the underlying cynicism of the Royals gave strong clues that there was a hidden agenda and that they were viewing the position from an entirely different perspective and wer in fact merely paying lip service.

        My first impression of the boy depicted was how he conforms to the Aryan stereotype

    • i looked up the English Quabalah. That's a pretty hefty conclusion to think up out of the letters EQ, but since we're assuming there are many things in these paintings that "we" arent supposed to understand, its quite a good guess!

    • The woman in the might symbolize womens lib,as it was funded by the rocafellers.The scene with the slaves seem to depict FEMA prisoners/and or slaves.Which takes place after civil unrest,which result in voilence,chaos,and death of many.Perhaps a "culling",and/or "thinning of the flock" which explains the man in the hazmat suite.Out of chaos comes order-when they bring the worlds population to a more controlable and healthy pop rate.This all should take place during the enevitble and purposefull collapse of the worlds economy.

    • I for one think religous people should be purged of this world as they are burden to science and society.They also make up the majority of the population…outlaw religion and dispatch any transgressers.Problem solved.

      • People like you are the ones that will whole hartedly accept the antichrist rule and gladly take the mark of the beast during the tribulation…..I'll be praying for you….

    • thinking the burning bush could be fukishima and we are not doing anything, and moreover we probably caused that catastrophe.

    • Rebelwithaclause on

      I think E.Q. Could be Earthquake which is beside the sleeping giant, The New Madrid Fault and the miners have tunneled and have been Fracking to cause the most devastation.

    • The "colonial clothed" man looks a lot like Isaac Newton to me, and his hand just seems to be missing the infamous apple. And that group as a whole almost seems to imply "new" or "modern" take over of "old" or "historic" ideology. The guy in the trench coat looks like CIA for some reason, but over all, seems the 3 "modern" folks in that section are focused on the Isaac Newton looking fella.

      In the left painting, under the guy with the golden shovel, the smaller, stretched out piece of red on the blue hill (in the middle of that section) almost looks like Cuba to me. I can't say for sure, but that section almost looks to me like the map of a coast line over all.

    • My guess is that the woman is involved in an alien abduction and her son is a hybrid, that's why he's half in a box.

  4. In the left fresco, it is very apparent that the 'masses' are being kept underground to do the dirty work and not be seen, while the ones in the know (the one overground with the golden shovel, who directs them like a shepherd a hoard of sheep), he enjoys the luxuries of the earth, which is now, conveniently, not overpopulated.

    • I live in Charlotte and a friend at Church told me about this…next time I walked down Tryon and looked in, then walked in..I wanted to take pictures but my wife is paranoid…The mural gave me a nightmare…the middle one shows the New Order Vatican II Pope talking with no one listening…the US military in the picture is definitely of the phoney GWOT era wherein my USMC has been turned into the Israeli Foreign Legion…how sad.

  5. Another amazing article, thank you VC. I don't know what I would do without your insight.

    I was most intrigued by the second fresco and the clear symbol implying there is turmoil on a cosmic level. I am a very spiritual person and I often feel other energies and what not. Lately, I feel there is a disturbance in the spiritual realm and it is very unsettling seeing the chaos on earth as well.

    We must take action soon. I believe these messages need to be conveyed to the masses to make more people aware. If we continue to hold out, I strongly believe that everything we know will fall apart even more than it already has in the near future.

    • I've just seen this.. But I've been dreaming about one of the fresco scenes a lot recently and every time they become more and more vivid and clear.. They basically show that I'm all of a sudden caught up in chaos like everyone else, and I keep saying to myself (in my dream) "You knew this was about to happen and had time to prepare" almost as if it is going to be ANY DAY now.. It really scares me :(

      • lana, tell me everything about your dreams. Like everything. If any else is having dreams pleasseeee reply to this comment. And what do you guys think will happen if Bank of America or someone discovers this article? Their reaction or response?

      • yes, ive been having dreams!!!!!!!! the first one gave me a hell of a scare (oh yah this was actually more of a trance dream, all this information was relayed to me in a flash, i wasnt really asleep, i was in that awkward dozing phase where time goes by super slow), it was before id ever heard of any of the Jay Z (and beyonce, kanye, rihanna etc) illuminati rumors, but it was definitely about him. there were three waves of energy, at first i thought they represented fear, reality and truth, and my mind kind of tried to zoom in on the bottom wave i thought was fear…but them the three waves scrambled into one and i got a picture! obama was sitting in his office…he definitely knew what was about to happen, he was sitting in a chair waiting, reflective and mostly calm…jayz and beyonce somehow directed the energy, it was sitting on top of the washington memorial in a ball (creepy sidenote, i saw an obvious garbage-pushing show on the history [disney] channel a few weeks later, ancient aliens, where they proposed the pyramids had been used in alchemic processes for creating clean energy, which was then by magnet or some other force not understood today to be held in place by an obelisque) and then in accordance with natural phenomena (i dont remember anymore….the sun setting i believe) the ball shot down and killed obama. it seems positive to me…like all these things happening today are really the good fighting power with power for equality…like america, the beacon of oppressive conglomorates, was going to be dissolved very soon…. last night, which is why im on this effing webpage today…i had another dream. it was weird because in this dream i was like accessing my own mind in a way i never have…it frightened me and i woke up before it finished because it felt foreign. but anyways, this one was short, the sun was swirling in colors (it was all very dreamy, pastel colors and peaceful though), and as it got closer to earth i could see that it had two wings, and was about to speak to me…thats when i woke up. it reminded me of what ive heard about the Virgin Mary miracle in portugal. also, just now typing this, i remember having an odd dream in my childhood…my sister and i were embraced in incest (i think its important to note that my sister and i have always been very close and perceived as twins, though were a few years apart in age) and then at the last moment before ectasy, a pegasus carried me into the sun. hope this helps…

    • PrettzelPiglet on

      Do you know of Jesus Christ? Because I feel that that's not who your talking about… Just to tell you, we are in revelation times (last book of the bible), and that the prophecies and things that are happening are what the bible says they will be. I just want you and everyone to know, not to be worried what so ever. God cares for us, and as long as you believe in him, no one can be against you. God loves us so much, like i'm not even kidding. if we could perceive the abundance and amount of his love, we would like, turn to jello or something (lol). Just as you do, I feel like we really do need to do our part in the world to make it a better place. And i believe bringing people to Christ and building up yourself in him is one of the greatest things you could do for Gods children. We cant change what God's Word says (and I would never want to) , but we can sure make sure that more people will be going to heaven. God Bless! 😀

  6. Great Article,

    Odd pictures to have in a bank, buth then who's viewing pleasure are they there for? Lets face it they could be displaying a message telling everyone of us who use the bank that we are stupid and being fleeced by them. Remember generally the message is right under your nose!

  7. Truly amazing. I really think this website has pushed me more towards the occult than against. I started out in fear and angry now I see its not what ppl think it is at all. I don't like freemasonry and crap coz of my own experiences with those fraternity fuckers and blv me freemasons suck but not as bad as the secret societies in Harvard that only CERTAIN ppl can join. I am so interested in the ACTUAL pyramids and I have found myself interested in Aliester Crowley and magic, and how natural and how its been put here for US the ppl but has been hidden from us. Lots of non evil ppl have always been interested in the occult. Its too bad these stupid mainstream puppets have ruined it for the real artist!!!!!!

    • Of course its enticing… its meant to be enticing. Just remember that even Aleister Crowley was trembling with fear upon his death. Why? Because he knew, like real sorcerers and black magicians do and as explained by Manly P. Hall… that the entities that you summon and command to do work for you in this life, become your master in the next… that's the catch and that's always been the catch. Even good 'ol Robert Johnson was crawling around on all fours and barking like a dog right before his death… the mockery had begun.

      • Go did on the armed on

        The mockery has always been here. It plays in plain sight. Faith is understandable, but death is inevitable. Its like the two phrases, how we choose to live.

        God is now here

        God is nowhere

        Sublime mockery, religion.

      • Good point.

        Be careful about occult studies. It's like looking into the ocean from a ship's rail; It will pull you in.

        Once you've accepted that it has reality, you've opened yourself up to attack from these negative


        Initially you might feel quite empowered by it, but soon enough things will start to happen to you

        and to those around you – and then you have to make a decision, because you'll realise that there

        is no middle ground.

        As Bob Dylan said,

        "It may be the Devil, or it may be the Lord, but

        You're gonna have to serve somebody."

      • Do you have a source regarding Aleister Crowley? I'm pretty sure you are absolutely wrong about him trembling on his death bed. But whatever makes you feel better about your own beliefs I guess. I find it somewhat Ironic that you quote an occultist favorably against occultism.

    • As -B says, it's meant to sound enticing. The same as New Age, or Gnostic beliefs. I am not a christian but I can see this all as plain as day. Say what you will about Crowley, but read a book called "Chaos Magick" and tell me there is nothing wrong with it. Crowley had sex with young boys too, is that also something amazing that has been hidden from us that we should be using?

      Crowley was a disgusting human being and one of the primary reasons for the breakdown of morality and family values in our world. Also as B mentioned he was largely unhappy at his time of death, because after "Horus" spoke to him, inside the Great Pyramid during a ritual he had always been under the impression he would be the anti-christ. Once he discovered there was no such plan for him he felt betrayed, confused, bitter and regretful. I am writing this to warn you to stay away from that shit. PLEASE do research into it, and ALWAYS, always be careful of semantics. Something can be worded so wonderfully that it just seems to make perfect sense, but it doesn't mean it's the right path for you.

    • its too bad there are not more mystics and magicians present on this site. Magick is not evil, it is the mechanics god used (and continues to use) to create existence. To study it is to give yourself the greatest ability to appreciate the creator and his/her creation, glorifying god to an extent that the profane can not even comprehend. Magick is JUST like the rest of creation and beyond. what you do with god’s greatest gift your choice as a self ruling human.

      The controllers seek to use their extensive knowledge of the occult to subdue their human brothers and sisters to unnecessary pain for their own selfish reasons and thats why they try to extend their three dimensional, material existence (fountain of youth). they know than when their demonic rule in this life is over they will be separated from god’s Love for eternity. The key to living and not rejecting enlightenment is to do everything you do with Agape. If you do everything you do with the Love of god and man, you will be following the only commandment Jesus and every other one of our messiah’s has taught. If you continue to box yourself into close-minded, religious, evangelical bullshit, you will be falling into the Illuminati swine’s greatest scheme: the turning of pure, natural, god given spirituality into fear mongering, hate encouraging religion, who’s only destiny is to turn us against one another and put us under their thumb. The biggest deception is that we are on different sides and there is only ONE WAY, whether it be “the blood of jesus” or whatever other socio-centric poison. Sacrifice, reincarnation/resurrection etc is an allegory for attaining enlightenment kids. study your religions.

      That being said, alliester crowley had many horrible issues and black magic is for dumbfucks like the replies who had these murals made. you CAN burn yourself with your flaming sword if you’re an idiot. it does not mean god wants you to keep it sheathed.

      and VC, youre awesome btw. keep up the good work brotha. namaste.

      • Jesus himself said that his reference to flesh and blood was to the spirit and life.

        What you propose is the standard slippery slope of "Do what thou wilt" as long as there's love in it… isn't that exactly what "they" do. The people in question have as there own misguided belief system that everything, good and bad, has to be experienced on one's way to enlightenment.

        There's an inherent mystery of submission to God and faith that you seem to be lacking. Not judging… good luck with that. But you seem to be doing what you condemn… sitting on a pulpit claiming to know the secret of it all.

      • I agree. It's too bad there aren't more mystics here. This site is flooded with fundamentalist evangelicals. I've thought for quite a while now that the elite hide the mysteries from the "profane" and provide the "ignorant" instead with evangelical Christianity and the rest of the Abrahamic religions. These fundamentalist ideologies were given to us simply for the purpose of control, exactly as you state. The central message of Christ of the Christos has been lost. The elite are terrified that humanity might wake up and realize the divine spark inside of each and every one of us. If that happens, they and their plans are done for.

        I love the Ancient Mysteries. They have opened a door for me that beforehand was shut tight, keeping me in complete ignorance. The elite have used their knowledge of these mysteries, which are much much older than Christianity, for their own dark plans.

        We are much much more than the chains of Christian fundamentalism and other Abrahamic religions have led us to believe. It is in the best interest of the elite to have us believe we were born so low because of the "original sin" of one man and woman. "That to," as Manly P. Hall writes, "live was a crime to be expiated only by living miserably …" For those of you interested, you should check out the gnostic version of what happened in the Garden of Eden from the Nag Hamaddi books. It is quite an eye opener. It is liberation.

        "Christianity as the only true religion is worthless. If the faith, however, be regarded as a definite step in religious evolution, it is then possible to estimate its importance with a reasonable degree of accuracy. Christianity is not the sole revelation of God to man. It is but a fractional part of the body religious. It is simply a crutch upon which the genus homo leans until he learns to stand and walk alone. It is something he believes in before he is capable in beliving in himself with understanding. Like all external things it will finally pass away and be rembmered onlyf or that which it contributed to the inner realization of its devotees."

        Manly P. Hall, Lectures on Ancient Philosophy

      • Well, Manly P. Hall also gleefully talked about the, "seething energies of lucifer" and was one of the world's most articulate cheerleader for the illuminati. Unfortunately one can be a "mystic" and still be completely duped. Reading the Gnostic texts does not a mystic make.

      • I did not mean to make it seem like I know it all, in fact Im saying the exact opposite. We all know so little about existence and its mystery that magick is a wonderful tool to give us incite, thats all. And I really dont mean to be preachy either. All Im saying is that if god is truly a loving god, humanity believing in a isolated sociocentric parable from a book that is REALLY not even that old, can not be, and is not the only way to heaven. I also think that it is clear by the destructive, manipulative actions and words of the illuminati that they are not doing anything with love for man and god and i find it hard to believe anyone could justify their actions as such.

        As far as experiencing the good and bad to attain enlightenment, i do agree with your interpretation of my belief. Every thing is duality in creation, even god as everything is and originates from god. I do firmly believe that it is necessary for us to experience "the bad" (although NOTHING is completely black and white, and to think so is foolish) to learn to overcome obstacles, serve as an example to your brothers and sisters, and to become more like god, which should be the goal of all of us. Without adversity we would be living in paradise, and what would be the lesson in that? And if you are truly living as if you are reaching the divine, if you are following the teachings of the saviors before us, and if you are doing everything with pure love for man and creation, i hardly think anyone, let alone Jesus Christ, would have a problem with you manifesting what you want (ie your True Will).

        As far as submission to god is concerned, i personally feel like there is a huge difference between understanding that the universe is beyond total comprehension/letting the greater consciousness take care of you and the act of submission. I dont feel that god wants us to "submit". In fact i think that just encourages the slave mentality that the illuminati loves to instill in us. Rather he/she want us to grow and experience and learn all by using love as a guideline, following the golden rule. I totally agree with you that interpretation of actions with love can differ greatly and even be corrupt, but I feel that the "golden rule" is a pretty clear cut explanation if you struggle with what i am trying to say. Follow that the best you can, as every messiah has instructed and i guarantee you'll be on the right track.

        As far as Manly P Hall is concerned, the dark side is tempting and i often struggle with texts from great magicians who are messing with bad juju. All i have to say is remember he is a human not a demon. We all have pitfalls, and for some people they wind up being fatal. Just because at a point in his life (and possibly till the very end, i have no idea) it seems he was messing with the powers of darkness does not mean that he was not a genius or that all his work should be rejected. I know im gonna get crucified for saying this, but if you use your head, that wonderful tool god gave you, and study/interpret rather that blindly follow everything you read, whether its the Holy Bible (in its infinite corruptions through infinite translation) or Manly Hall's convictions about Lucifarian power, you can forge your own path. Thats the beauty of spirituality vs religion. It is not a sin to think and even think controversially because that is what makes us grow. From the time we are born our soul knows what is basically right and wrong, you just have to listen. I think we all know population reduction, concentration camps, destruction of human rights is wrong. I think every magician knows that if he decides to invoke a demon to give him evil powers that he doing something wrong as demons (ie. lucifer) gain their powers from evil. Being reasonable and using common sense should help one constructively read the philosophy of manly p. hall.

        In a short note i wanna say that all of this is said with the utmost respect. I realize we're both humans just trying to make sense of this messed up world and hopefully we can learn from each other. Namaste ~b.

      • As I previously stated, its meant to sound enticing. You can wrap "Do What Thou Wilt" in a thousand different justifications and intellectual rationales… it always boils down to 'man can attain godhood through his own faculties without any intercessor'. Of course, when you really get into it there are the unmentioned intercessors who parade as "ascended masters" who just happen to be "fallen slaves" who have thousands of generations of human behavior as their study book.

        The interesting thing, if you look at it from a "magickal" perspective, is that submission is in actuality a mystical key, unlocking powers and strengths previously out of the grasp of the everyday voyager.

        Its flat out falsity to propose that all followers of the Christian path are somehow ignorant slaves. There's libraries full of ascetic, Christian, mystic writing that attest to the spiritual flowing rivers of submission to Christ, not to mention that every single person in every single Catholic or Christian church across the world, is more complex and different than common, repeated, simplistic generalizations would have one believe. And I'm not trying to evangelize, just trying to point out the not very often mentioned truth.

      • well. theres not much more i can say to that but i believe youre wrong. you cant spend your whole life depending on others to save you.

      • ps. it is important to note that you are seriously misquoting crowley's philosophy. "Do what thou Wilt shall be the whole of the Law" isnt saying that you should practice hedonism and give into every petty desire that comes across your mind. It is rather a challenge and an obligation to find out your True Will, your life calling and vocation, and achieve it. Not even humanist Levaian Satanism is carnal enough to tell its practitioners to "satisfy every single impulse that pops into your human head". That is foolish and self destructive. Youre also missing an important stipulation to Crowely's law that you keep regurgitating and that is "Love is the law, love under will". This is what bounds and defines your favorite catch phrase. What is your Will? It is the Law (this is where you always stop). BUT what is the law? Love. What are you supposed to do with your Will? Love under it. Alister Crowely had many issues and demons any fool can see that, but if youre gonna use his quotes at least make sure theyre in the correct context.

      • Thoth,

        I never stated that's what Crowley's statement entailed, although its interesting that Crowley did indeed "give into every petty desire" that came to his mind. Do what I say, not what I do I take it. Thelema, the OTO and the like have a good outward rap, like most secret occult societies… "your will with love will set you free." One has to wonder why so many other-worldly entities must be invoked in constant ritual once you start on your trip to "self-enlightenment". Alice Bailey, Blavatsky, Crowley… whose tenets espouse finding one's "true will", all had other-worldly entities dictating their philosophical directions to them, by their own admission. Rather contradicting from my perspective.

        Please explain the context of this quote in regards to "Love is the law, love under will":

        "For the highest spiritual working one must according choose that victim which contains the greatest and purest force [ed. such as a child]. A male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim. . . But the bloody sacrifice, though more dangerous, is more efficacious: and for nearly all purposes human sacrifice is the best". (Aleister Crowley, Magick: Liber ABA, book four, parts I-IV, part Three-Magick in Theory and Practice, 1994 Ordo Templi Orientis edition, pp. 207, 208)

      • Submission to God is more important than you can imagine. You say you want to self govern, self explore, take part in magik rituals to help manifest your will. However appealing this may seem you must realise that you are an imperfect human being, your will has a dual nature. The way you are so very certain that there is NOTHING black and white is confirmation of that fact that you are currently unable to separate the Good from the Bad. Therefore your Will is not always going to be in sync with what is truly best for you or those around you. When you conjure magik the powers you use are not coming from God. Now I don't know where they are coming from, demons, wandering spirits, the universe in general, yourself even it doesn't matter. Power that does not come directly from the perfect harmonious loving energy of God is bound to be corrupt and misdirected. God has given us a very simple way to ask for assistance, prayer. The important difference between magik and prayer is that with one, you will get what you want and the other you will get what you need. I have practised magik before and know from firsthand experience that magik only ever brought me trouble in the end. Submission to God and prayer through its Son Jesus has made my life more enjoyable, mystical, thrilling and awe filled then I ever could have imagined. I'm a Christian Mystic these days and I have come to understand that the love we have is so powerful, it is both a weapon and a tool for healing in this battleground for the soul. Considering this it is important that the love you manifest is pure and unconditional like the love of God, because Love can be directed for both creative and destructive purposes. The darkness is cunning and can fool those without the guidance of the Holy Spirit with great ease. The Moon never once lit up the sky, but stole from the Sun, twisted its light and became beautiful despite its dead lifeless landscape; this is what the beast does, it will take your love, twist it, and give back only a fraction of what it took as it drains you ever more to sustain its plagiarised glow. Anything given to you by the consumer, that force that opposes God, will be consumed and will consume your happiness along with it. Maybe not enough to make you realise, but enough to make you hungry for more.

        I agree with some of the things you say, spirituality over religion and dogma, the importance of listening inwardly. But submit to God and you don't just get a pat on the back, it is not a one way thing. A relationship more beautiful and fore filling then any earthly one is forged. It is slightly confusing, because God is our true self, the raw energy that we all come from, submitting to God is submitting to that place where we came from, that place where we belong and can be blissfully happy to just be alive. There is no sacrifice in submitting to God, we lose nothing and gain it all. The holes in our holy grail are healed and we can finally drink the water of life, the cup overflowing to share with others joyfully. It is finally acknowledging the existence of the best friend you could ever have and learning to listen to and accept the will of God over your own.

        Black and White do exist separate from each other, just like silence and noise, light and dark, North and South magnetic poles, sense and nonsense etc. You know how your computer works? 0’s and 1’s, something and nothing. The person who has lost sight of what this means and the ability to distinguish between the two has lost sight of the truth. You are sitting on the fence and I fear you’re slowly impaling yourself on it too.

      • ok…im confused…you condemn this guy for following his will, but then say you are a christian mystic? wtf that mean? discovering the love of your own heart (will) is absolutely no different than discovering the love in jesus heart ONE LOVE MAN and its all from God..jesus isnt here to hold youre hand through it, you cant feel what he feels, so whether you think youre following him and the Bible or youre own free will and love is irrevelant. youre will and youre love are all YOU can experience without misdirection…

      • @stephanie

        Your will is not the same as Love. Your will is motivated by what you love. Love can be pure and good or love can be twisted and evil depending on how the will is directed. Yes all love comes from God but it has given it to us to use as we choose, Jesus Christ taught us the law of love and how to use it. I follow the teachings of Christ and this is why I call myself a Christian. I have felt the mystical experience of God's presence and the Holy Spirit upon me. All of this and more started happening when I prayed to God through Jesus Christ. I have tried other ways but Jesus is the only name that has always worked in my favour and for the greater good. St. Augustine himself was considered a Christian Mystic and funnily enough I share many beliefs with him. Jesus may not be physically holding my hand but his Holy Spirit is here with me, guiding me just as he said it would.

        So what if I loved myself more than my fellow man? What if I loved something so much I would kill for it? I could will someone dead because they stood in the way of what I loved. Wouldn't you say that that was your will and your love misdirected?

      • Well spoken Thoth. I wish there were more comments like yours cause the sad reality is Christians are spiritually asleep at the wheel and they don't care because they have been purposely hoodwinked by there fears. If there is one thing I have learned from growing up in a christian family is that Its more than O.K to have the childlike attitude

        'Im Right, and youre Wrong", and you can do it kicking and screaming like a baby to. If Christians are indeed right about everything, and everyone, and I mean everyone else is wrong, why is it that when you have a tough question for them you get some dim witted half assed answer that some how leads to parable that makes no sense, and it finishes with "We dont have all the answers"? Since I have found Christians dont have "Any" answers I found Manly P Hall seems to have the majority of them, as well as Hindu teachings.

        So there! Thoth is right, and you brilliant narrow minded Christians are wrong! Niener, Neiner,Neiner.

      • "…the sad reality is Christians are spiritually asleep at the wheel and they don’t care because they have been purposely hoodwinked by there fears."

        Wow, that's a pretty "reasoned" generalization of nearly 2 billion people. If you've finally realized that there are a whole lot of self-proclaimed Christians that are full of shit… congratulations! Other Christians have known this for quite some time. Guess what, there are a whole lot of people that are full of shit in every spiritual belief system. I believe wholeheartedly in the mysteries of the Catholic faith… that doesn't mean that I believe wholeheartedly in the Catholic institution or the people that run it. I don't want to save your soul because that's not within my power… good luck on working out the childhood issues your still dealing with.

      • Izzy, Asleep at the wheel indeed! I see the words "submission" and "bow" all over these comments from the fundagelicals. Unfortunately, Christians are playing right into the hands of the elite by submitting and bowing and scraping to the Demiurge. That's what Rome is for and all of the other brands of Christianity — to control the sheep. Christians are even called sheep in the Bible. The powers that be are caging you in with your superstitions. With your belief that someone else will "save" you. By setting it up for Catholics that a priest has to intercede in between you and the god of the universe. By having you believe that you deserve to die and roast in hell for all eternity simply by virtue of being born, if, that is, you have not placed your faith in the "correct" god. What a racket that is. I am beginning to suspect that Christianity is one of the most powerful tools of the NWO, along with the other Abrahamic religions and their versions of the Demiurge. What an excellent way to get everyone in lock step, not looking inward, but outside of themselves for salvation, rendering unto Caesar what is Caesar's and waiting to go to the Big Rock Candy Mountain of Orwell's Animal Farm.

      • Sugar Candy Mountain – where it's Sunday 7 days a week. A pretty useful place from the pigs' perspective.

        "… Moses, who was Mr. Jones's especial pet, was a spy and a tale-bearer, but he was also a clever talker. He claimed to know of the existence of a mysterious country called Sugarcandy Mountain, to which all animals went when they died. It was situated somewhere up in the sky, a little distance beyond the clouds, Moses said. In Sugarcandy Mountain it was Sunday seven days a week, clover was in season all the year round, and lump sugar and linseed cake grew on the hedges. The animals hated Moses because he told tales and did no work, but some of them believed in Sugarcandy Mountain, and the pigs had to argue very hard to persuade them that there was no such place."

        "…In the middle of the summer Moses the raven suddenly reappeared on the farm, after an absence of several years. He was quite unchanged, still did no work, and talked in the same strain as ever about Sugarcandy Mountain. He would perch on a stump, flap his black wings, and talk by the hour to anyone who would listen. ‘Up there, comrades,’ he would say solemnly, pointing to the sky with his large beak — ‘up there, just on the other side of that dark cloud that you can see — there it lies, Sugarcandy Mountain, that happy country where we poor animals shall rest for ever from our labours!’ He even claimed to have been there on one of his higher flights, and to have seen the everlasting fields of clover and the linseed cake and lump sugar growing on the hedges. Many of the animals believed him. Their lives now, they reasoned, were hungry and laborious; was it not right and just that a better world should exist somewhere else? A thing that was difficult to determine was the attitude of the pigs towards Moses. They all declared contemptuously that his stories about Sugarcandy Mountain were lies, and yet they allowed him to remain on the farm, not working, with an allowance of a gill of beer a day."

      • Ahh mystic hobbyists, unaware that they are the laughing stock and necessary dupes for the initiatory levels of all occult societies. Reminds me of unlearned teens who watch Zeitgeist for the first time, "You know Christ never really existed maaaaan, its all made up!"

        Within witchcraft, masonry and the rest of the remnants of the mystery schools there's levels… keep going up the ladder and you're let in on the secret that they worship lucifer unabashidly. I would have more respect for people if they were truly learned and simply admitted it. Do some more reading on Blavatsky, who openly states that satan is the true God, Albert Pike who instructed masons on duping the initiates but maintaining luciferinism at the upper levels and of course the despicable Crowley who died a whimpering wretch after all his self-enlightenment.

        Don't be an initiatory dupe! BTW I bow to no man only the Living God, the Word that was made flesh and his Holy Spirit… may Jesus Christ, the light of the world bless you "Lillith."

      • @B- In the Tarot the Lilies that wrap around the Magician symbolize knowledge of one reality and "ALL" universal laws, something I am certainly sure you know nothing about.

        I could get into it but I wont.

      • Izzy… "Lillith" also has a very different connotation within witchcraft, demonology, the kaballah and inter-generational satanists. I'm pretty sure most "mystics" are aware of that.

      • InfamousavantGairde on

        This is a very good topic and everyone has made good points. An important note would be that were dealing with something that is seen as morally wromg. The view of right and wrong is nothing but a majority vote.Sense magic goes against the grain it can receive unfair prejudice.

        Black magic is dangerous and can be reckless.I think it is foolish to put yourself in a position as Crawley.If what I have read is true then he has done such an unholy deed.He performs unfinished alchemy.If you seek to destroy an entity than it is your responsibility to repair it. But to do that to a childs mind is so destructive that it could seriouly affect his future lifetimes.It is too damadging for crawleys ability to repair the child and a higher entity must step in to repair him.

        Too damadge a child in such a way……Crawley will get his.

        But black magic is not the only magic.Finish the Alchemy and you will see the work of the Great Creator.Everyone has done magic.The ancient art of cooking is magic,it is alchemy. You choose a being of the same density or lesser and you destroy it's physical form and start the alchemy with the fire element and so on.As you finish each phase the soul grows with each completed phase until it ascends as the steam of a freshly cooked meal.Native americans are the last to fully express this(known to me anyway)

        Your capable of so much you just need to know what your doing.Theres much to say about alchemy.

        I diddnt want to get into the religious feud but I couldn't resist.I hope you know what your worshipping.First Jesus was against christianity not for it and I doubt that that's even his real name.The whole religion isplagerised Egyptian thought all the way down to the black and red texts.Thats why the romans destroyed egyptian artifacts.Its used for power.The very symbol of the religion is contradictive to what you say.No gay aloud yet you bear a symbol of masculine over masculine.Your priests know the truth.The story of jesus and waiting for his rise is completely plagerized.The true story was Horus and he was a killer, a master warrior,not a turn the other cheek.Your taking the sun rising literal when it's actually symbolic of daybreak.He even has the aura of the Sun.Come on,with the upmost respect,please get your heads out of your asses.People are trying to learn,respect that.

      • "No gay aloud yet you bear a symbol of masculine over masculine."

        Yet Christ's true teaching was, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."

        Adept followers of Christ are not "waiting for his rise", for we are of the belief that he has already risen, but if you are referring to his return, we do believe that… as for it being plagiarized, that's a bit of a simpleton's take on history and the spiritual realm. The fact that there are recurring principles in spirituality and history does not mean that they are "completely plagerized." (sic) You'll find various pagan rituals that match almost exactly from tribes from different parts of the world with no common ancestral tie. The flood myth existed on every continent amongst native people… does that mean they all plagiarized from one another?

        There are spiritual and cosmic principles that exist. Humans have tapped into them in various ways throughout history.

        I'm all for people getting their heads out of their asses.

      • ~B,

        You must already have heard that 'Lucifer' is not Satan, he's not mentioned in the bible except as a mistranslation, and that his true identity is that of the 'light bringer'?

        So why be so fussed about seeking the 'seething energies of lucifer'?

        What's not to be enjoyed about love and light filling you up, and feeling the joys of life, enlightenment and true freedom – without submission?

        Life is not a test, there is no pass or fail.

        There's no judgement waiting when we die, so no need to be saved, no God's to appease, or rules to obey – only to follow that which brings us joy – and the greatest joy is in love.

        Love is an unlimited power. We can give it to whoever and whatever entity we want, whether they use such energy for ill or not, we won't run out ourselves – and our eternal soul is invincible. It won't be held prisoner in any future,e xcept to the physical realm, and that only until we are enlightened enough to the oneness of all things. Aware of our true self – whatever entities we may entreat are really ourself aswell…

      • Timmoth,

        Did you just get into this spiritual questioning thing? The whole light-bearer argument is kinda like occult kindergarten right… when you get into occult college try reading Blavatsky and Pike, who acknowledge Lucifer as Satan.

        As far as Satan not being mentioned in the Bible, you should actually try reading the Book sometime, instead of quoting trite new agisms…


        2 Kings 19:22

        And David said: What have I to do with you, ye sons of Sarvia? why are you a satan this day to me? shall there any man be killed this day in Israel? do not I know that this day I am made king over Israel?


        1 Paralipomenon 21:1

        And Satan rose up against Israel: and moved David to number Israel.


        Job 1:6

        Now on a certain day when the sons of God came to stand before the Lord, Satan also was present among them.


        Job 1:9

        And Satan answering, said: Doth Job fear God in vain?


        Job 1:12

        Then the Lord said to Satan: Behold, all that he hath is in thy hand: only put not forth thy hand upon his person. And Satan went forth from the presence of the Lord.


        Job 2:1

        And it came to pass, when on a certain day the sons of God came, and stood before the Lord, and Satan came among them, and stood in his sight,


        Job 2:2

        That the Lord said to Satan: Whence comest thou? And he answered and said: I have gone round about the earth, and walked through it.


        Job 2:3

        And the Lord said to Satan: Hast thou considered my servant Job, that there is none like him in the earth, a man simple, and upright, and fearing God, and avoiding evil, and still keeping his innocence? But thou hast moved me against him, that I should afflict him without cause.


        Job 2:4

        And Satan answered, and said: Skin for skin, and all that a man hath he will give for his life:


        Job 2:6

        And the Lord said to Satan: Behold be is in thy hand, but yet save his life.


        Job 2:7

        So Satan went forth from the presence Of the Lord, and struck Job with a very grievous ulcer, from the sole of the foot even to the top of his head:


        Zacharias 3:1

        And the Lord shewed me Jesus the high priest standing before the angel of the Lord: and Satan stood on his right hand to be his adversary.


        Zacharias 3:2

        And the Lord said to Satan: The Lord rebuke thee, O Satan: and the Lord that chose Jerusalem rebuke thee: Is not this a brand plucked out of the fire?


        Matthew 4:10

        Then Jesus saith to him: Begone, Satan: for it is written, The Lord thy God shalt thou adore, and him only shalt thou serve.


        Matthew 12:26

        And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself: how then shall his kingdom stand?


        Matthew 16:23

        Who turning, said to Peter: Go behind me, Satan, thou art a scandal unto me: because thou savourest not the things that are of God, but the things that are of men.


        Mark 1:13

        And he was in the desert forty days and forty nights, and was tempted by Satan; and he was with beasts, and the angels ministered to him.


        Mark 3:23

        And after he had called them together, he said to them in parables: How can Satan cast out Satan?


        Mark 3:26

        And if Satan be risen up against himself, he is divided, and cannot stand, but hath an end.


        Mark 4:15

        And these are they by the way side, where the word is sown, and as soon as they have heard, immediately Satan cometh and taketh away the word that was sown in their hearts.


        Mark 8:33

        Who turning about and seeing his disciples, threatened Peter, saying: Go behind me, Satan, because thou savorest not the things that are of God, but that are of men.


        Luke 10:18

        And he said to them: I saw Satan like lightning falling from heaven.


        Luke 11:18

        And if Satan also be divided against himself, how shall his kingdom stand? because you say, that through Beelzebub I cast out devils.


        Luke 13:16

        And ought not this daughter of Abraham, whom Satan hath bound, lo, these eighteen years, be loosed from this bond on the sabbath day?


        Luke 22:3

        And Satan entered into Judas, who was surnamed Iscariot, one of the twelve.


        Luke 22:31

        And the Lord said: Simon, Simon, behold Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat:


        John 13:27

        And after the morsel, Satan entered into him. And Jesus said to him: That which thou dost, do quickly.


        Acts Of Apostles 5:3

        But Peter said: Ananias, why hath Satan tempted thy heart, that thou shouldst lie to the Holy Ghost, and by fraud keep part of the price of the land?


        Acts Of Apostles 26:18

        To open their eyes, that they may be converted from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and a lot among the saints, by the faith that is in me.


        Romans 16:20

        And the God of peace crush Satan under your feet speedily. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.


        1 Corinthians 5:5

        To deliver such a one to Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that the spirit may be saved in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ.


        1 Corinthians 7:5

        Defraud not one another, except, perhaps, by consent, for a time, that you may give yourselves to prayer; and return together again, lest Satan tempt you for your incontinency.


        2 Corinthians 2:11

        That we be not overreached by Satan. For we are not ignorant of his devices.


        2 Corinthians 11:14

        And no wonder: for Satan himself transformeth himself into an angel of light.


        2 Corinthians 12:7

        And lest the greatness of the revelations should exalt me, there was given me a sting of my flesh, an angel of Satan, to buffet me.


        1 Thessalonians 2:18

        For we would have come unto you, I Paul indeed, once and again: but Satan hath hindered us.


        2 Thessalonians 2:9

        Whose coming is according to the working of Satan, in all power, and signs, and lying wonders,


        1 Timothy 1:20

        Of whom is Hymeneus and Alexander, whom I have delivered up to Satan, that they may learn not to blaspheme.


        1 Timothy 5:15

        For some are already turned aside after Satan.


        Apocalypse 2:9

        I know thy tribulation and thy poverty, but thou art rich: and thou art blasphemed by them that say they are Jews and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.


        Apocalypse 2:13

        I know where thou dwellest, where the seat of Satan is: and thou holdest fast my name, and hast not denied my faith. Even in those days when Antipas was my faithful witness, who was slain among you, where Satan dwelleth.


        Apocalypse 2:24

        And to the rest who are at Thyatira: Whosoever have not this doctrine, and who have not known the depths of Satan, as they say, I will not put upon you any other burthen.


        Apocalypse 3:9

        Behold, I will bring of the synagogue of Satan, who say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie. Behold, I will make them to come and adore before thy feet. And they shall know that I have loved thee.


        Apocalypse 12:9

        And that great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, who is called the devil and Satan, who seduceth the whole world; and he was cast unto the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him.


        Apocalypse 20:2

        And he laid hold on the dragon the old serpent, which is the devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years.


        Apocalypse 20:7

        And when the thousand years shall be finished, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison, and shall go forth, and seduce the nations, which are over the four quarters of the earth, Gog, and Magog, and shall gather them together to battle, the number of whom is as the sand of the sea.

      • Thanks for the Satanic verses but I never said Satan wasn't in the bible, I said Lucifer wasn't.

        Why would I want to read Blavatsky and Pike? They're centuries later than what I was talking about and their opinions are irrelevant to the meaning of the original words – or my own spiritual questing.

        Maybe you're caught by the christian perspective that seeks to polarise everything into Satan vs God? …when actually there is no monolithic mirror-rival to christianity – so Blavatsky's perpsectives aren't that of all 'new agers', and Pike's writings don't speak for all occultists, because the 'new age', satanism, the occult, freemasonry, theosophy, etc, aren't actually one group.

        Personally I have no guru, 'Every man is his own priest before god'.

        If my promotion of love and freedom is dismissed as 'trite' by you then I feel sorry that you've become so cynical.

        Maybe you've had too much book learning and not enough soul searching? Questioning the values within your beliefs rather than the apologetics of who said what when?

      • Timmoth,

        I call it trite because its nothing new or profound…

        See discussion of "Do what thou wilt" above… same trickery wrapped in a thousand disguises. Don't get me wrong, I see why its appealing… man is a god (masonry, witchcraft, gnostic), do what you like as long as you love and you'll be liberated. Unfortunately, its the same trickery that's been used since the beginning… fallen angels posing as angels of light. There are heirarchies on both sides… one side despises the human race and gives it glimpses of heavenly secrets so that they will suffer the same fate. The generational satanic and illuminati families also believe Lucifer is the light bearer… they also torture their own children to split their mind.

        Have you ever stepped back and asked yourself if you were being tricked?

      • Just curious, but how is 'self governing' and searches for earthly knowledge going to help you in the long term? I mean, your body and mind die, but the soul is forever. To lose it in esoteric knowledge and eternal separation from God seems awfully superficial.

        I'm just saying, even if it is the end of the world, which the Illuminati is trying to fast track by making their own anti christ (supposedly Prince William, who seems to fit the bill. Mainly through his mother's induction of pregnancy on Satanic holiday, a coat of arms designed for him, and his father pledging allegiance to the red dragon. Many seem to be a stretch, and the elite seem to be trying to make him into something he may or may not be meant to be.)

        It doesn't matter, because in the end- which by the way, will happen in God's good time, not in the luciferian doctrine's- we all know who wins (God.) So, it seems foolish to pick the losing team. Many Satanists have quivered when the jig is up and they need to come to terms with the decisions they have made. In turn, they get eternal damnation (as in forever, which is a very long time. So long in fact that it is incomprehensible to the human mind.)

    • In A.C.'s book “Magick in Theory and Practice," he promotes ritual human sacrifice and discusses victimizing children in detail. It's clear that A.C. was perverse and promoted abuse and death, based on his own writings. Like a form pornographic violence, his language and explanations are meant to draw you in and enter into your mind & imagination – ultimately capturing your soul/spirit until your thoughts are under demonic influence. All forms of the occult should be investigated with caution.

  8. This is very shocking…

    I pulled my money from that bank not too long ago just because I felt as if they were handling it wrong.

    Now Im with Chase and I found out not too many months ago that they funded many experiments during the Holocaust.

    Guess Im gonna have to put my money under my mattress…

    • Chase Manhattan Bank is named after Samuel P Chase who helped the Rothschilds get control over your American economy, so that bank is already steeped in dodgy elite doings…

    • Money in any bank will eventually be devaluated so it is best to invest most of your money in actual stuff you can keep around you, not necessarily in gold and silver but stuff that might also be batered or sold easily later on when you need the money, and that way also not have to pay so many taxes since you have spend most of your money and you only pay taxes for the money that is lying around.

  9. Quick things I noticed that weren't touched on…

    -Girl in the cube is reminiscent of caged monarchs, "fluttering away"

    -All the workers are underground, reminiscent of Metropolis and some of the visual imagery utilized in that work.

  10. article tres pertinent comme d'habitude, merci de nous apporter vos connaissances.

    je crois que ttes ces choses entrent dans le plan de Dieu et qu'il est au controle, ces gens ki servent le diable iront tous pourrir en enfer a moins d'accepter Dieu comme Seigneur et Sauveur; le diable donne des richesses juste pour 1 temps mais qd il redemande derriere quelque chose c'est le sang, ca n'en vaut pas la peine de perdre sa vie et l'eternité pour des choses qui disparaitront un jour….

  11. You forgot to talk about the MINERS in the last fresco. What about them? Is there a link between them, the 33 who were saved in Chile and the 29 in GREYMOUTH (!!!) New Zealand which are not being saved?

  12. missed one thing on

    Third image: the lower area has 7 pointy spades and 1 crescent spades; pleiades + the moon. The golden spade is positioned top-center as the sun.

  13. I have been procrastinating but I really want to close my Bank of America account they do nothing for there employees or there accounts holders but to steal you money and they never solve problems.

  14. I'm sure there's much more to these paintings than meets the eye. In the first fresco for example, note that although the sun is blackened (probably artificially covered by chemtrails) the boy, the woman and the man have shadows. What generates their shadows? Also the kid is wearing a military coat, probably the boots are military boots too. The black guy could be the black president and the other one in front of him his adviser (the political class) talking to the kid's old styled parents probably trying to convince them into turning their child into a 'new man'. Still in the first fresco note that the smoke from the burning tree moves horizontally to the left, not upwards, as if there was wind blowing in that direction. And there are also six staircases and a yellow brick road..

    In the middle fresco there is a man apparently 'crucified' on an half ruined wall .. are they trying to suggest the end of Christianity? There's also hunger, notice the very slim bare chested man to the bottom right. And what are the five drawings on the demonstrators' banner? They seem to depict a birth maybe? Or something sexual in nature? Also there's no more sun in the sky, the light comes from some deities dancing…

    I find the third fresco the oddest of them. The sleeping man could represent the American forefathers who can rest in peace as their dream was fulfilled or the Einstein-esque sleeping figure could represent science… the end of it as people seem to be busy with pretty much primitive work. Also note there are mostly white men; just one black guy and no Asians or other races… weird isn't it?

    • its too bad there are not more mystics and magicians present on this site. Magick is not evil, it is the mechanics god used (and continues to use) to create existence. To study it is to give yourself the greatest ability to appreciate the creator and his/her creation, glorifying god to an extent that the profane can not even comprehend. Magick is JUST like the rest of creation and beyond. what you do with god's greatest gift your choice as a self ruling human.

      The controllers seek to use their extensive knowledge of the occult to subdue their human brothers and sisters to unnecessary pain for their own selfish reasons and thats why they try to extend their three dimensional, material existence (fountain of youth). they know than when their demonic rule in this life is over they will be separated from god's Love for eternity. The key to living and not rejecting enlightenment is to do everything you do with Agape. If you do everything you do with the Love of god and man, you will be following the only commandment Jesus and every other one of our messiah's has taught. If you continue to box yourself into close-minded, religious, evangelical bullshit, you will be falling into the Illuminati swine's greatest scheme: the turning of pure, natural, god given spirituality into fear mongering, hate encouraging religion, who's only destiny is to turn us against one another and put us under their thumb. The biggest deception is that we are on different sides and there is only ONE WAY, whether it be "the blood of jesus" or whatever other socio-centric poison. Sacrifice, reincarnation/resurrection etc is an allegory for attaining enlightenment kids. study your religions.

      That being said, alliester crowley had many horrible issues and black magic is for dumbfucks like the replies who had these murals made. you CAN burn yourself with your flaming sword if you're an idiot. it does not mean god wants you to keep it sheathed.

      and VC, youre awesome btw. keep up the good work brotha. namaste.

      • My friend. it is very ironic that you denigrate Christianity and boast of making use of the same tools (magick) as NWO occultists whom you purport to hate! That is laughable. God condemned scorcery in the OT and what God condemns He condemns for all time. And Jesus Christ, the 2nd Person of the Trinity (NOT 'The Christ of Christos' that 'spiritualists' LOVE to use as their imaginary standard of 'right' belief) Himself said that He was the ONLY way to *AHEM* 'enlightenment' ie Eternal Life. Duality this, and Light and Dark that, and 'Spirituality' trumps 'Religion' blah, blah, blah IS the EXACT SAME NONSENSE espoused by Crowley. Just because YOU may not be raping children and sacrificing them to Moloch and conjuring demons with spells as HE did, does NOT afford you a margin of 'safety' if you deny the divinity and salvific Kingship of Christ. You are sadly mistaken and will be woefully surprised when your SPIRIT separates from your CORPUS and you FIND OUT SATAN HAS INDUCED YOU TO FOOL YOURSELF. New Age bullshit is New Age bullshit….no amount of 'watering down' YOUR brand of M.P. Hall's occult poison is gonna save you. Word.

      • um, yah except jesus used white magick all the time and thats the only reason he had any followers. remember those stories that trickle down even to the non christians? like jesus curing the blind and lepers, and feeding a crowd with 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread or a loaf of bread and 2 fish or whatever it was?

      • i spent years researching, then later practicing what i believed was "white magick," at the time. looking back i can now see the moments that Christ reached out to me, and protected me, from my own stupidity. i had traveled down many paths and considered myself to be a good person who didn't need a "god" to keep me on track. the arrogance arose from the simple belief that what I, myself, willed was correct, true, and what i deserved. no matter how much i tried to account for karma/destiny/fate/chaos/another's will, magick always had a punchline delivered with whatever i manifested. who does this remind you of? the great deceiver, he who i shall not name. so what i wasn't accounting for was true evil, often disguised as something else.

        no one can tell you which path is right for you, that is the essence of faith. but come a dark night in your circle, or after a ceremony, or even in the daylight when you least expect it, you will have found that you have bitten off more than you can chew. i challenge you to call on Jesus' name in that moment, not your protective rituals or angels, and see how fast the darkness falls away. NO SPIRIT OR DEMON OR THE DEVIL HIMSELF CAN STAND AGAINST OUR LORD'S NAME AND PROTECTION. please remember this, even if you don't believe now–

        i was once you.

    • The painting to the far left has 'only' one male looking towards the viewer; at the bottom of the painting. Can anyone come up with a suggestion towards this symbolism? He seems rather Judas, in my opinion. This person, looking straight at the viewer, has to have some significance…

  15. Even the protest signs are blank in the middle mural, probably representing confusion. Also, the workers in the last mural do look like miners. Interesting stuff,

    • The elite don't actually read any protest signs anyway. As far as they are concerned, they may as well all be blank all the time. What difference does it make (to them) what a protest sign actually says? They just ignore it.

  16. Great Article VC! The Bank of America building is right up the street from my house! I always pass it, and yet have never been inside. Oh but now I'm gonna go and check out the pictures. I often wonder, is it inevitable that we will end up in a police state? Or can we do something about it? I guess people will have to learn to turn their tvs off, and read a book. Not listen to the news…well not believe everything the news spits out! It's just propaganda!

    • Book meaning The Bible! Those truly "in the know" are those who have read the great book and have ears to hear and eyes to see what's happening…. The end times were written about and documented long ago. These fools who dream and scheme evil are mortals and will get theirs… Don't worry, God clearly says these things must come to pass and those of us who are God fearing and loving can live a happy, peaceful life with no worries of this….. WE ALL KNOW THE ULTIMATE OUTCOME! Peace Out!!

  17. The 12 miners in the final mural somehow remind me of the last supper. I guess Jesus would be the miner on top with the golden shovel. Nothing exact, just an impression.

    • Well, since this is from an elite and evil entity; it seems as though Christianity was done away with on the second, middle, mural piece. The Last Super reference is rather interesting; however, it makes me think that the man looking towards the viewer 'could' be Judas – the deceiver of Jesus. In most Last Super paintings Judas is looking away, as he seems guilty. Here, he seems proud and bold; looking straight at the viewer; as to say "we won this time."

  18. You should read the image from left to right.

    First come the Miners with their Socialism.

    Then comes the Modern day and the world is in turmoil.

    The last fresco is the new order, the Black man – Pharoe does not look, the capitalist argues with the prince. The prince is a ghost who gestures that this boy is the King

    • frequent lurker on

      One the I've found about the bible as well as with the occult which tries to in some perverse way mirror the bible and distort the truth is that there are things that can be read backwards and forward and still convey truth.

  19. Someone please tell me that they see the single, scary eye on the red tapestry of the first panel. It's right above the boy's head, to the right, in the darker, stained-looking part of the panel. Scary

  20. Dear V.C.,

    thank you for your analysis. Comments 6,4 & 19 are very adept as well. May I ad:

    Mural 1) The boy's brain is devided into two hemispheres. The left is enlightened but not the right spiritual side. Does the boy have blood on his fingers? – People in suits are below doing the work as the miners are in #3. Right to Left: Obama, Rumsfeld, Margeret Sanger and ??? Also the stairs: See the movie Spiral Staircase; loaded with illuminatti Symbols.

    Mural 2) The "caos sun" is US. Spinning in obsession with our physical selves 'consumed' in flames of consumerism – the modern distraction as the military becomes our only safety net. Note how the military garb/paraphernalia represents eras from Roman to Dessert Storm to Hazmat Suit Bio war of the future (?). The Nun (The Church) gives the Soldier 'the nod' of approval (note the Bishop in far background). Bare chested bearded Jesus with crown of barbed wire? Black man in blue shirt in shackes. The white banner in the far background looks like stages of a fetus – One is in a pornographic leg spread. far, far background looks like soldiers raiding a house in Iraq. Left the chimney stacks represent London in the industrial Revolution. Behind the black man in shackles and betwen the Mid-West farmer in work cap is a woman who refernces a Renaisance painting. Which painting? The woman in the green dress is with child. In the left corner foreground a Russian wears the Masonic checkered scarf.

    3) The twelve men with spades and picks remind me of DaVici's last supper with the 12 Apostles. Note the figure 4th from the right is a woman. The the person is sleeping. The sleeping giant? Methayne gas? The face of the Red Sleeping Giant i wager is a representation of a real person from history. Anyone recognize him? I don't but it is so detailed

    • Wow, you're analysis was amazing. I didn't see the blood on his hands and the whole left vs right hemisphere. Since the boy faces us, his left hemisphere is the one under "control". You left half of the brain is responsible for decision making, judgements, analyzing, concepts, etc while the right is more sensual and musical, primal in a way. I see the blood on his hands as not necessarily blood, but participation in the agenda effort even if not supported. Like the way we dehumanize each other and listening to the music and watching the movies, we support it because we give our mind and money towards it but don't know the underlying truth.

      The fetus thing was interesting. Makes you think how humans are constantly under attack even before we are born. In abortion and how they sacrifice.

      I noticed the woman too, it is very reminiscent of davincis last judgement. Christianity at the time was scrutinized and practîced underground, they were constantly being persecuted. There are very interesting ideas going on. I want to know more of what the upper half means. Very unsettling.


    • rebelwithaclause on

      The workers are under the sleeping giant who did Fracking, and boring holes in the earth, the sleeping giant could be THE NEW MADRID FAULT, and how miners tunneled the fault to cause their desired destruction.

  21. As an artist, I find these murals fascinating-I do not need to be steeped in any lore whatsoever, to see them as quite creepy and disturbing (here's a detail: the only people that are crowded together and communicating as friends, are the alleged rulers, beside the boy-who features a sad looking face, and being on a chessboard, is as much a pawn as any. Also, the black man is not a part of the discussion-he's in the know, but not allowed to plan.). The reason for that is that all art functions on much the same level as dreams, heavy with symbolism, which is the way for the higher self to communicate. All one has to do is look at the fresco in terms of plain human language, to see that it is nowhere near pleasant. And subtly so. where the Denver mural is garishly disturbing, this work resembles rather muchly, a magazine ad. In print ads, the main question used, to figure out what the real message is, is "who's looking at who? How are the people interacting?"

    The only way I could could accuse you all of being members of 'the woo woo crowd', is to be in fairly massive denial, and possessed of a near total inability to read below the surface. Like, say, Richard Dawkins. It's not his views I'm against-it's his arrogance and disregard, and inability to understand even basic human dialogue. This fresco is fascinating, and not in a good way.

    • 'Very' interesting take on the first, far right, piece of this mural. The only thing I disagree or argue with against is the child being 'sad.' Possibly 'innocent,' as to deceive; but not sad. He stands rather proud and in a way, such as Masonic symbolism would allow him power.

    • Fascinating, certainly captivity, but highly disturbing. When I saw the black man I I'm existent thought of Obama, but then after thinking some more, I think it's more general. For instance how the world elite has been using many black people as the face of their plan. Jay-Z, beyonce, Rhianna, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, MJ, Chris Brown, Missy Elliot, Aaliyah the list goes on. They are using race as a form of oppression. Like you said they are collaboratively working but not in the know. A new form of slavery. It's interesting because the black man does not face the agenda, he cannot see the. Whole picture so to speak because they have not revealed it to him. The boy being a pawn on the chessboard was very interesting, thought blatant, I didn't notice that in that way

  22. Wonderful article.

    Let me recommend a pause from the pondering of "what does it all mean?"

    In this space of a calmer and more peaceful perspective I would like to remind you that the famed psychologist Carl Jung pointed out that these images are archetypes, they are parts of us that we may want to deny at first but upon reflection they are parts of us nonetheless.

    Let's remember that the word "sinister" means left handed. Would you REALLY want to cut off your left hand?

    That we recoil from their meaning is the evidence that this is true for if it meant nothing we would not respond.

    So with all of this as part of us how would we best respond?

    Since is is already a part of us and pushing it away is impossible let us embrace these images and their every meaning.

    Let these so-called "sinister sites" become our temples of self-exploration. In so doing we can transcend fear, and anger and even hope so that we enter a new realm of the greater reality. One of acceptance and love.

      • Yeah, but I got a response.

        Okay… several responses.

        I figure if what I said didn't stick a nerve it would be ignored.

        Go ahead try to ignore. Either way I win.


      • Kathy would like you to know you're not towing the line here with your intellectualism. If you want to impress this crowd, regurgitate something you read in a Bob Larson book and run around like chicken little.

    • "Let these so-called “sinister sites” become our temples of self-exploration."

      You first. I'll stick with the mystery of the Living God and the Word that was made flesh.

    • We have our prophecies, they have thiers. Their's is the one depicted in Metropolis now plainly unfolding before our eyes. The material world is all they know or care about, they have been working long and hard to build their Utopian dream and they are practicly allready living it. The problem of overpopulation is one they have forseen and in their 'survival of the fitest' mindset they have made sure that when the proper time comes they will be able to deal with it and even turn it to their advantage. But they are short sighted and do not know their true fate, pawns in a bigger game, one which they will ultimatly loose. You've heard of the antichrist? Well this is the anti-revalations. A plan formed by the Oligarchy and aided by Satan himself.

      Hopefully this clears up why these messages are not a good omen or spiritual guide for anyone not in on the NWO plot (or in possesion of a soul).

    • acceptance? I dont fkn think so, not while I still have breath. Amazing the legnths these people go to to tell the rest of us that we should just bow down to this. Yeah, have fun with that.

    • @ Dantalion Jones AKA David Barron,

      David, why are you propagating something evil like hypnosis and NLP language patterns for the specific purpose of manipulating others under the pen name of Dantalion Jones?

      You also might want to start blogging under your real name so that when one does a Google search for your name _+ NLP the first page rankings aren't rapidshare dot com links to your product downloads.

  23. Very intriguing article.

    Sense a hint that in the near future there is going 2 be a *Chemical Warfare* judging by the two murals with gas mask on.

    Good article V.C. – – – -(Thumbs Up!)


      • I noticed the banner as well. Initially, it reminded me of fetal development. I can't see it closely enough, but it appears the child/baby gets bigger, and stays in a fetal type of position.

        Not sure what it means. Forced abortions?

  25. the reason that the frescos in the BOA and in the DIA may be bc they were created by the same painter or painters maybe…

  26. i don't think i've ever noticed anything like this in the local BOA branches, but these images at the corporate location pretty much set the tone for the entire institution…

    • A correction Greg, that is not and never has been the Star of David. The six pointed hexagram is the symbol of Moloch, and was adopted for use as the symbol (or sign) of the Rothschild's. In their particular case it is a six pointed Red Shield = Rot Schild = Rothschild. This same symbol being their name, and the numerical total of this symbol is 666. The same symbol/sign was redone in blue and placed on the flag of Israel against great protestation at the time by countless Jews who knew it's actual meaning. But of course the Rothschild's won out because not only do they own the very land that Israel sits on, it was their money which backed and continues ot back the Israeli government itself.

      • I have read elsewhere that the Rothschilds are actually desendents of the ancient Philestines (The very race God ordered the jews to exterminate which included Goliath, if I'm not mistaken). They pretend to be Jews but their real job is to corrupt them or destroy them as in the Holocaust.

        The Hexagram doesn't necessarily mean the symbol of Moloch. Symbols can and often are multi-faceted in meaning depending on colour and other factors in how they're used.
        One of the meanings of the Hexagram is that of the Building Blocks of Creation… as seen within the symbol of the Atom and also in Architectural Programmes for designing machines or buildings.
        In and of itself, it is not evil.

        It might not have been the Star of David but it was most likely the Seal of Solomon… one of the many Jewdases of the Jewish race who lead their people into paganism. Building Masonic Zionist Temples and summoning demons according to that popular satanic grimoir known as the Book of Solomon.
        In the end it seems he wasn't that wise. The wisest man in the Bible is still Jesus.

  27. Thanks Vigilant,

    A couple things you might want to explore and add.

    This last image is similar to da Vinci's the last super Fresco. Juxtaposed together, we have

    12 people below ground and 1 above for 13

    The gestures and facial expressions seem to be too similar to be coincidental. The guy in the background also seems to gesturing with wide arms as many of the disciples are in the last super, as are the business people in the right panel.

    7 shovels below ground, which I assume refers to the significance of the number 7, which is too numerous to list here. 7 days, 7 footprints, 7 Buddhas, 7, Manus, 7 mountain peaks, 7 primal or foundational powers, 7 astral planes, 7 Elohim etc……………, all which ultimately refer to the 7 circumpolar stars of the precessional equinox. Maybe you can figure out what the eighth shovel is, I feel like I remember reading somewhere about the eighth level proceeding the seventh as the highest level, but I can't remember exactly off hand.

    The shovels are grouped in 3 and 4 = 7 (3+4) or 12 (3×4)

    Like the last super, there seems to appear one character with feminine attributes and i am not sure if the Jesus mythograph is the man next to the feminine appearing character or the one above ground.

    Perhaps the EQ is a reference to the Equinox or The English Qabalah

      • Oh and the contrast between blue and red as in the shawl, I guess this means the man above is the Christ Mythograph?

    • The seven showels refer, to my mind, to the number of the Master, in lodge. So they are the tools given by the Masters, to the Apprentices. Apprentices, using the number 3, work on the Materia Prima, symbolized by Nmber 4, and the ground on the painting.

      The active operation is a multiplication. 3*4= 12. 12 characters.

  28. Black Sun, Golden Sun: perhaps referring to parallel worlds/opposite worlds? Can be in some retrospect in lines of matter and anti-matter, black holes found in the universe, etc

    • Or, parallel dimensions …. Dimensions in this case equate with the various Heavens. If you are familiar with the term "the 7 Heavens" than you know of what I speak.

      • The real meaning of Alchemy [other than Al Khem or the Egypt] was said to be, according to Stewart Swedlow, the Science of Black Holes. Using Black Holes as a propulsion or sling shot effect to move planets or comets or something through space to get from one star system to another. I don't remember too well. But… I do remember he said it was the Science of creating or using Black Holes.
        And these are two subjects these Illuminati are into: Alchemy and Black Holes [lucifer… Light bearer? hardly… more of a black hole or vampire. his light comes fromk sucking up the sex-ki energy from unwitting dummies. Or from the Gold Powder drug some talk about as being the reason why the Anu-naki were in SouthAfrica. in any case. lucifer has no inner light… so he's the black sun or black hole sucking up the light of others.]

  29. Both panel 1 and panel 3 contain important clues about the nature of this alchemical transmutation the Illuminati have been patiently attempting to perform (or thwart?) for hundreds, if not thousands, of years that VC neglected to discuss.

    (VC does have the left-to-right chronology correct; considering the Mysteries are based fundamentally upon esoteric Kabbalah, whose seminal texts would necessarily be read right-to-left in Hebrew…furthermore, occult symbolism is often predicated upon inverting or reversing symbols to create energetically antagonistic meanings, not to mention the use of backwards messages and codexes in the study of alchemy, so it's not unprecedented for an occult message to be interpreted non-linearly.)

    The individuals planning the imminent chaotic restructuring and "purging" of society are physically depicted beneath the Masonic checkerboard floor (look at the shadow behind the boy… the businessmen aren't abstractly juxtaposed in the lower corner but are in fact positioned down in a trench, below the surface of the Masonic floor. Quite literally, this ties into one of the crucial components of the Illuminati's plan — for decades, clandestine construction of top secret deep underground military bases (or D.U.M.B.s) has continued unabated, thanks to the 1.25 trillion dollar "Black Budget" that consumes about a quarter of our GDP. A private contractor for the US government who came forward regarding the nature of his subterranean construction work and who subsequently met a mysterious and abrupt end, Phil Schneider, attested that in the United States alone each state has at least 2 or 3 city-sized bases a mile or more beneath the earth's surface, all of which are interconnected by a subterranean network of supersonic mag-lev trains.

    Many researchers have risked their careers and their lives to attest to the existence of these bases.

    ""The average depth of these bases is over a mile, and they again are basically whole cities underground. They all are between 2.66 and 4.25 cubic miles in size. They have laser drilling machines that can drill a tunnel seven miles long in one day. The Black Projects sidestep the authority of Congress, which as we know is illegal. Right now, the New World Order is depending on these bases. If I had known at the time I was working on them that the NWO was involved, I would not have done it. I was lied to rather extensively." – Phil Schneider

    In the coming engineered conflicts on the earth's surface (depicted in panel 2), the plotters will remain occluded in their fully staffed underground military bases while Earth's population is drastically reduced.

    As shown in panel 3, the future consists of civilians, mostly white, mostly male, slaving in these underground bases for the psychopathic elite who control them. The era of man living upon the surface of the earth has been "laid to rest," so aptly symbolized by the buried "man of the earth."

    • The reason it's mostly or solely whites that are left is according to some a simple reason as well as why theirs not going to be many women.
      They won't need women since most if not all people will be test-tube babies.
      The white races are said to be, on the most part due to some dominant alien genetics, more easily controlled or brainwashed. Their psychic mind is said to be more opened. Not as an absolute but as a generality.
      The opposite is said of the more original earth human races such as blacks. They are said to be harder to brain wash. Thus the long effort to WHITE-wash all the races they have encontered… so that we all have that particular genetic weakness that was originally found only in the white race.
      And who they can't control they exterminate… thus the constant attack and genocide of certain races.

  30. The workers in the left piece appear as if they could be digging a mass grave – possibly their own. The side of the 'grave' looks like it is covered in blood.

    The red piece of cloth, with red as the dominant color in this piece… red is used to symbolize ritual sacrifice.

  31. Just wanted to share that in the first painting, the men in the right corner resemble Washington and Roosevelt very strongly. Their garb looks very similar to the periods, and Roosevelt's face is uncanny. They were two very progressive, Masonic presidents. Then, there is a black man- perhaps Obama? The final progressive President who will lead to the 2nd mural?

    Not sure who is in the forefront, with their face only half way shown. But, it appears that these 3 men from three different times are communicating with each other. Perhaps symbolic of the knowledge passed through the ages?

    Also, they appear to be in a pit, as they are below ground level. Not sure what that means, but symbolic in some way, I'm sure.

    Maybe silly, but the EQ- I first thought of Equator. As in, Metropolis when the workers were below ground. So maybe symbolic of how the equator separates the two hemispheres of the globe, this is a separation of the two 'classes'?

  32. Everyone Will Bow- J on

    After reading over your findings regarding your article on Bank of America, I felt overwhelmed. You went exceptionally deep with this article. You are showing us part to whole. It is up to each one of us to focus and piece the parts that you bring forth together to equate the whole picture- THE GREAT AGENDA.

    After watching the movie- The Box. I concluded that everything is about controlling people like puppets even the common ones like me. Well, these people’s dark agenda does not include me, because I am following Christ regardless. However, just as the Lord used Noah to drown the dark secretive great agenda once, he will do it again. These people can only believe they are actually in control. Satan is fooling them all. We all will learn that the Lord reigns. Let those people continue to use codes, signs and drawings for their hidden messages. Soon as the Lord sheds light on them, he will destroy them all. Any high place established by the ungodly will be destroyed. He is the victor in victory. We can only advise people to observe. The wicked ones always fall.

    • Adonai 4everKing on

      I agree with you completely! See how much work these dark souls have to put in their wicked agenda, yet
      they will fail at the end, because it is written in the scripture. What I find amazing in all the research I've done
      Is that these people secretly design their plots around Bible's prophesies. They know without a doubt, that all that is written
      In the Bible will come to pass. However, they discredit the same Bible in order to blind you and I to its truth!
      Lucifer doesn't have much time left before he is destroyed, and he is working as hard as he can to fulfill his original
      mission of taking as many souls to hell as possible. This is just the final hour of that ancient battle between two kingdoms, and
      It is already foretold in the (KJV)which kingdom will be victorious! Their illusion of victory will be allowed to last for just seven years!

  33. FierceFearlessDiiiva on


    That 's all i can say and i feel sorry for those skeptical people who's staring at the Truth but don't accept it….

  34. There are a lot of connections between greek-frats and masonery.Just think 71% of congressmen and 85% of ceos of fortune 500 are greek-frats.Of the supremes 7 of 9 are members of phi beta kappa.

    • Could you even possibly be serious with that question? Do you think the artist snuck in at night and put the mural on the wall without anybody knowing it? These things are commissioned, planned for months and often "nixed" in the final stages because the corporation does not agree with the artist's vision. Do you still want to say he was pranking them? You must take us for idiots. But, I am curious…what about the little demon creature with the eyeglass attenae that is hidden in the sleeve of the camel coat. Also, Isn't that an alien in the shadow of the woman's sleeve and aren't those extra fingers on that man's hand. There is so much hidden here it might make Dali blush.

  35. There are even more pictures/symbols which appear "Watermarked" within the various images. You can

    see them when you blow up sections of the painting.

  36. Hello, thankyou for the info and your views, here are just a few thoughts. I think the middle one is extremely Anti Christian. It has been stated in various places that the illuminati want to undo the work of Christ and that they wish to replace All of the worlds religions with a 'New Religion'. They believe that the Christian Message has made us into weak simpering fools…that his work and its impact on us must undone.

    Lets look at the mural from this perspective. In the sky above we have an orgy-think Christina Agulera in the church scene-or any such music vid. The whole scene is crowned with carnality, it is impossible to reach the heavens as there is a band of carnality stopping us..the role of the dancing singing woman. The Fisherman is caught in the net, He is there trapped and controlled like the rest of humanity. Many people believe that Christ will be born again in a physical body, some believe that the body will not be physical and that the his Rebirth is a spiritual dawning and new life in each of us-either way it looks to me like they are trying to stop it. Note the lost pregnant woman-Mary, the man in the cruxifiction pose against the wall, and of course the soldiers dragging away the naked pained man wearing the barbed wire. The flags clearly show that someone is victorious but not who. 3 flags-3 world regions. One government, One dictator, One Antichrist. Every image and sacred number-all esoteric things can be used for good or for evil. So I believe we shouldn't throw the baby out with the bath water…what VC is doing on this site is esoteric-he is trying to uncover what they saying. We human beings can make choices and use our discernment. That prison camp looks nasty, but remember 'Where ever three or more are gathered in my name than I will be amongst you' All physical walls can be transformed and over come by the true light of the Spirit, they can't take away your connection to that-but you can give it away…the dancing singing lady and other distractions. Guard your mind with vigilance and love your neighbour!

  37. the websites are fun and informative but some of the these websites should get together and hold a convention a conspiracy convention perhaps and from that convention they can keep contact with loyal members and with enough members they can force obama to respond to the accusations about him attending the CFR or ben bernanke to discuss Bilderberg group or in this case have BOA discuss this painting with a black sun…these people are never pressed to give insight or answers they never have to respond to any accusations they just write it off as nonsense.. but look at the tea party ….yeah sure the tea party was funded by multi million dollar republicans but they didnt do much individually they just had to show up and look stupid and they got smart middle classs citizens to beleive obama is a muslim terrorist and a nazi communist at the same time. they are the pefect example of how to get an answer out of the elite…the websites seem almost ineffecitve outside of just teaching us the same thing over n over

  38. The African-American guy from the black sun panel is shown in handcuffs in the concentration camp panel. He's wearing the same suit and everything.

  39. I've seen these frescoes "in the flesh" so to speak. I never thought I'd hear myself defending Freemasons but the frescoes are in a BANK! Temples to Mammon. I believe they were commissioned by Hugh McColl – a huge patron of the arts in North Carolina. If you google his name then the words Trilateral and Bilderberg tend to come up as well. It's not unlikely that he would be an elitist or a Freemason! I'm inclined to think that if he's paying for it then he can have whatever he likes in his paintings. If it was in a hospital, school, etc. then I'd be upset about the creepy symbolism etc. but it's not.

    Fascinating analysis as ever VC.

    I can't add anything about the symbolism, but compositionally all of the frescoes encourage the viewer to look up towards the heavens. Shovels etc. act as arrows pointing upwards. Staircase leads eyes upwards. The crowd only takes up a quarter of the central composition the rest is sky. I think it's definitely a "spiritual" work of art (only non-Christian). If you look at Ben Long's other frescoes they are mostly "religious" –… – there's a solar eclipse or possibly black sun in this fresco too.

    • BTW I find Ben Long's "Christian" frescoes far more disturbing than his masonic ones – they're very strange indeed. They don't seem very Christian to me. (Not sure you're even supposed to paint Christ to be honest).

      • i agree with the painting jesus part however children learn by pictures greatly so if u are telling a story of jesus then its best to draw him for understanding purposes however this "jesus art" always brings up a controversial discussion on if jesus was black or white, how did he look…

  40. As any with eyes to see can know Bush and Cheney committed 9/11 after only the SCOTUS' RCs illegally made a draft-dodging closet-queen POTUS; that Bush's father and Nixon used the Roman Catholic CIA to assassinate JFK to send us to die for the pope in VN and to restore the illegal Fed/Vatican Bank money franchise JFK's EO11,110 had ended; that "Episcopalian" Prescott Bush was actually a Knight of Malta and the money conduit from the RC collection plate/Vatican banker Rockefellers to the author of "I Paid Hitler."

    America's Founder, Author, and Prophet called it "an engine for enslaving mankind,""the real Anti-Christ;" G-d is infinite and wants us to destroy "the Beast," and we should concern ourselves with the esoterica of perverts?

  41. I'm pretty sure that EQ is in reference to Emotional Intelligence. Here's what Wikipedia says about EQ:

    The earliest roots of emotional intelligence can be traced to Darwin's work on the importance of emotional expression for survival and second adaptation.[2] In the 1900s, even though traditional definitions of intelligence emphasized cognitive aspects such as memory and problem-solving, several influential researchers in the intelligence field of study had begun to recognize the importance of the non-cognitive aspects. For instance, as early as 1920, E.L. Thorndike used the term social intelligence to describe the skill of understanding and managing other people.

    Seems pretty relevant to me.

    • Also, if I'm not mistaken, don't the stairs in the mural make the figure of 33? This would also add to the numerous masonic references!

  42. i dont understand one thing though…. one thing i dont understand in the first fresco… why is there like a red rectangle cutting his face in half and also… who is the guy near the burning bush…is there some significance to the fresco….besides these misunderstandings, i must commend u…when i saw the pictures i was like yeh vigilant's got something real interesting…thanks much and please do answer my questions…

  43. This is very disturbing. However, it is sad to know how many people can be exposed to the truth and yet choose to believe a lie. God said so in His Word. I pray that I will have a discerning eye and be made aware of all the things our society is doing OUT IN THE OPEN that is meant to destroy us. I’ll forever know and believe that “Greater is He that is within me than he that is in the world.”

    BTW~The Chilean Miners was the first thing I saw when I looked at that fresco. We need to pray.

  44. Woah!!

    I'll definitely say that the first one was creepy, the second was just SCARY, and the last was confusing when I first saw them. Great analysis!!

  45. Somehow, I'm pretty very sure that they're sleeping in the 3rd one. No one dies in that position…if they were dead and the artist wanted to portray them as such, they'd be sprawling or something. Not in such a comfortable position. But what could it mean anyways?

    EQ err…Emotional Quotion? Err… :S

  46. I don't like masonic art….

    It's all about death and destruction and trying to add some miserable amount of meaning and aesthetics, and its still ugly at the end. Maybe throwing some paint at them would make them more exciting.

    I feel like the elites have something missing, or they are so possessed by something else they stop being human, their mindset is completely different.

    Despite the wealth and power, they are dead inside already as is reflected in much of the art and entertainment. There is no true life or joy for them..oh well..wait until Christ returns and as the Holy Word says, 'The first will be last, and the last will be first.'

  47. There is one game that displays the "Black Sun" in Nazi zombies fourth map Der Riese "the giant".

    I also saw a documentary about Hitler was a member of a secret society called "The Vril" which worships the black sun.

    I think the black sun symbolizes the darkness in the light or darkness after the solar maximum.

    • The black hole sun the nazis worshiped is the opposite of Bhrama the Hindu God that is also the superintendent of the material universe, and 1/3 of the Trinity which also consists of Shiva, and the real God and creator of all universes lord Krsna

      . Hate all you want Christians, hate, Im right you are wrong, and you better hope your God Jehova is Bhrama, because My God is going to kick your Gods ass if he aint!

  48. Really deep fresco!

    I think it is a sleeping giant instead of dead. Maybe it means that while we were sleeping, there were many things happening underground and above.

  49. Good job. I took a stab at it at AJ's site, hit the Black Sun on the head and missed the rest. I've been reading Forbidden Gates and couldn't help but wonder if that may the deal on the boy. The new improved transhuman as well as the painting that features the people in the air. It is about to be Genesis 6 all over again.

  50. the 2nd mural seems to have 3 male figures and 3 female figures… 33… we know what that means. The naked figures could represent the elite/illuminati because they resemble the sun (light) and they are set above the people who are in chaos. I think the figures are naked because the elite have decided to reveal their plan and thats why there is chaos beneath.

  51. InfamousAvantGairde on

    Here's some food for thought about the "Great Work"

    An excellent example would be the popular game Final Fantasy 7.

    For those unfamilier with the story of this game,you will find it quite interesting.

    The story is about an ex soldier named Cloud who teams up with a group of rebels to fight a Government known as Shinra.

    The world in which cloud lives is split in two.There is a wealthy city based on top of a plated disk while those below are extremely poor and oppressed people.This disk is so large that those below it cannot even see the sun.Truly left in pain and darkness.

    Shinra creates its wealth by stealing makou(life force) from the earth.

    So Cloud and Barret's group(tough black guy with a bad mouth and a gun for a hand………..real fkn funny >.>)set out to attack shinra.

    They meet many new allies along there journey(some are hidden) and came to realize that the earth was awakening and began to summon ancient dieties from its womb to destroy what ever is destroying it.The great inconvienance.

    Both Shinra and the group have to successfully defeat one of this beings.The others are not apart of the story and there really just to strong to defeat(I could only kill one.You also cannot defeat them without a level 4 limit


    The most interesting thing about this story is Clouds twin Sephiroth.There were best friends until Sephiroth realized that he was an artificially created experiment.

    After this the world was awoken to his insanity.All through out the story he yurns for his mother J.E.N.O.V.A.

    Sephiroth Turns into an extremely dark entity and wishs to destroy the world with something called Dark Materia.

    Cloud and the group finally catch up to Sephiroth and has to kill him 3 times(seemingly artificial mother included) before he actually dies.The second fight begins the 1 on 1 fight between the twins.

    Sephiroth has the image of a great angel of god with a right wing the left wing missing.(Not shown in game but Cloud has the other wing on his left side).They fight in the heavens and Sephiroth looks as if all powerful.

    Cloud defeats him and the game is seemingly over but then he senses him yet again.Cloud is sent within pure darkness and see's Sephiroth bloodied but still alive.Cloud learns a level 4 limit breaker(The only time I ever seen a lvl4 limit learned with out cheats)called Omni slash.This attack hits so many times that it seems as if multiple entities are pitching in.Also unlike many RPG games once you win the game truly is over and you can't play it again only start over.

    If your wondering how this is related to the great work…This is a living example of a fight completely beneath the radar.The depth of emotion,the energy that it gives off.This game speaks of you in this very moment.

    The Seventh game titled The Final Fantasy is the first one to be in 3D.

    But the big question is who is Sephiroth?Maybe the answer lies in who is J.E.N.O.V.A

    One clue might be one of characters named Aries.Sephiroth slayed her because she was the last Ancients.Sephiroth wanted to create disharmony through disrupting the life force.No ancients disrupt the life force.

    Also aries is the first fire element and its sign is the ram.

    But what gives the most clues is the music itself.The music has such urgency,you can tell this is no ordinary game.It was touched by higher entities for future purposes.Also notice how much he is talked to in his sleep.Whos talking to him.

    Just a thought of Infamy

    • InfamousAvantGairde: Regarding your #67 Comments: I think I'm following you on this even though I've never played any of these 'games'. I think these 'games' are purposely multifunctional. Obviously they're to entertain people, but they're also used, I think, as indoctrination tools — much like what we're now seeing in Hollyweird films – some pure propaganda, some of it for indoctrinational purposes, and some of it is used to 'entertain' those 'in the know.' The "sheeple" are entertained while being indoctrinated and conditioned to be what I call, "auto-observers" – non-thinking, simply watching and reacting to whatever's presented to them.

      I think you're on to something with these "games" as well as the darkside to "comic book" series. I think by now, most everyone on this website is fully aware there isn't one single "mode of entertainment" that isn't used by the self-proclaimed "elites" to further their dark agenda(s). These games should be further analyzed — perhaps beginning with the "Final Fantasy" series.

      • InfamousAvantGairde on

        Yea theres a good number of them somewhere.

        Final Fantasy feels different.There is another hidden group trying to counterbalance what is being done.

        Xenosaga shares alot of information.Not to sure on its intent tho.I feel a familiar vibration fromFF7.I dont think this is from dark ones but who knows

  52. "Whoever they are, we know a few things for sure: they are extremely rich, extremely powerful and they don’t really like you … because you are not one of Them."

    We don't really need paintings to tell us that though do we?! Isn't it obvious by how they treat us – by creating war, famine, etc.?

    When you read a newspaper, watch the TV, go to the cinema, and so on you should be aware that you are consuming their propaganda. The main patrons of the arts are rich people so their agendas and beliefs are bound to be reflected in them.

    I'm not sure if these frescoes are prophetic – they seem to be a reflection of the world as it was when the work was commissioned and as it now.

  53. Also reminds me of the 29 coal miners apparently killed in a coal mine in Greymouth New Zealand today. They were buried for 5 days, and no rescue workers were allowed within ten km because of the 'risk' judged by the New Zealand head of police and Energy minister (both of whom admitted they wernt experts, yet mining rescue teams who are experts were willing to take the risk to rescue these men on day one). 29 men probably died in the second explosion today because of the police state.

    Something weird happened in that mine. Experts around the world commented on how unheard of the lack of rescue effort is, not to mention the rareness of the explosion.

    Bless the families who have lost someone today and may those 29 men rest in peace.

  54. Dear Vigilant,

    Thanks for this intelligent and well-researched article. Very important one.

    About the man that is buried underground/blending with the earth: the first thought that came to me, that it is Friedrich Nietzsche, and here is his quote about EQuality: “The doctrine of equality! There exists no more poisonous poison: for it seems to be preached by justice itself, while it is the end of justice.” I think EQ might be referring to this, and when they achieved the aim depicted on the left fresco, it is obvious that EQuality will be dead. That table is its tombstone. Nietzsche can rest now in peace, and not being annoyed by the concept of equality.

    I also think there are hints to the inequality in the levels pictured in the left fresco. Elitism is the opposite of equality, and in their opinion always more people should stay below, serving them, and a few will always be on top, as they imagine. At least this is what the levels depicted within this fresco show me. They want the concept of EQuality be dead.

    Btw, the first thought that came to me seeing the people underground also was that of the Chilean miners…

  55. Great article – well done VC….see my comments below..

    * Workers – linked to 33 miners rescued in Chile, or miners that died in Aus, or the government working on a huge cemetry place to bury all the non-believers of the New World Order?

    * Chaos in the picture – is "Ordo Ab Chao" is exactly what they want…order out of chaos… Thesis, Anti-Thesis will bring Synthesis … all part of the New World Order plan.

    * The Shovels – Pyramid, triangular shape…another link.

    * Lady in the square transparent box – could it be the human puppets, brain-washed

    * Picture with blonde mason boy in Bavarian outfit – check the sign it mentions "peace" The BIBLE clearly says

    that the world will talk about peace and then God will return! In this same picture the people are showing their palms upfront – are they expecting something…could it be that the boy is the false messiah!!!

    * The picture of the 3 frescoe-murals are painted on 3 pillars…also linked to masonry and the pagan deities??

  56. The figures in the left fresco also look a lot like miners ? trapped miners underground as in the recent chilean miners and new zealand is this a symbolic event marking the stage in the process.33 etc as has been mentioned . Also the sleeping giant in the red earth could represent the new man the new adam as the word ADAM Derives from RED EARTH .

  57. A few more observations:

    The shovels: Have gold tops and are all pointing up, in the first fresco. Also notice that in each painting they are divided in two. In the one with the miners you see two distinct groups, on the left they are working, you see one watching over the back of his shoulder at the other miners who are not working. On the right there is an Asian looking miner pointing a wrench at the workers on the left side.

    In the middle Fresco on the right side you see three flags representing what appears to be Western Democracy and also Communism with a white dove of peace on top. On the bottom left-hand corner you see a "peace-keeper" with his assault rifle on his shoulder to keep the "peace".

    In the crowd you see a nun and a bishop with a mitre's hat. False religion, especially Christendom seems to be represented right here, and also a pregnant woman with a hand over her stomach and behind her a woman with a child in her arms with no head. It reminds me of the scripture found here:

    (Matthew 24:19-22) . . .Woe to the pregnant women and those suckling a baby in those days! 20 Keep praying that YOUR flight may not occur in wintertime, nor on the sabbath day; 21 for then there will be great tribulation such as has not occurred since the world’s beginning until now, no, nor will occur again. 22 . . .

    The mystic beings hovering above in the second fresco to me appear to be the fallen angels. There is an image similiar to this one at the end of the movie "The Devil's Advocate" with Keanu Reeves and Al Pachino. In that movie Al Pachino is Satan and in his room at the end you see demons exactly represented the way they are in the Fresco here.

    • The picture in the movie Devil's Advocate you are referencing is taken from the original sculpture at Washington National Cathedral in Washington DC, one of the "The Creation Sculptures" made by Frederick Hart. In fact the movie people were sued for using Hart's sculpture images without permission and they had to alter it slightly to keep it in the movie. I immediately thought of this "Ex Nihilo" (Out of Nothing) Creation Sculpture when I saw the swirling bodies in the Bank of America murals.

      All the red in the left mural may refer to communism, as well as blood sacrifice, or blood on the earth as the aftermath of the annihilation of most of mankind as seen in the middle mural. Depopulation, servitude, drastic changes in the composition of society. This mural is telegraphing the elite's planned agenda for global domination.

  58. I think the man in the mountain in the third fresco is the masonic boy in the first fresco.he has grown through out everything and his final sleep is of content."He approves their undertaking".

    • Good analysis. He 'is' wielding the 'only' golden tool and is above all; still. All the people below are wielding lesser medals and he does seem to be their superior; as a pharaoh like in ancient Egypt… So, he's now the neo pharaoh and self proclaimed deity, ruling over this new world order. I'm still stuck on the man at the bottom resembling a Judas characteristic; the only one looking at the viewer. This piece of the puzzle though is definitely the final piece of their NWO plans.

  59. One thing I would like to add, is that I believe both the young boys from this mural and the DIA murals are possibly representative of Prince William. Look at this image, particularly the one of him in the top middle…also interesting is that he has a German bloodline. In combination with his marriage to his 12th cousin once removed, he very well could be the Monarchical leader of the New World.

    • I agree, that is what I was thinking too. There is a LOT of speculation that he is the Anti-Christ. There is a very lengthy detailed web-site out there – just google prince william antichrist. The peace comment also makes me want to get down on my knees and pray to Almightly God right now. All the signs are ripe. Any minute now. You can hear his footsteps.

  60. Look at the founding father in the first pic: he has an interesting fold in his shirt: a key. Solomon's key? He apparently is telling these men the mystery of the boy. This is my take on it. The woman is being abducted; her seed from the experience is the boy. The Bible does reference this that the last kingdom before the return of Christ is a mixture- Daniel 2:43 They shall mingle themselves with the seed of men. Virgil also makes reference of this and it goes in line with the second picture as well:

    Ultima Cumaei venit iam carminis aetas;

    magnus ab integro saeclorum nascitur ordo:

    iam redit et Virgo, redeunt Saturnia regna;

    iam nova progenies caelo demittitur alto.


    Now the last age by Cumae's Sibyl sung

    Has come and gone, and the majestic roll

    Of circling centuries begins anew: (THE GOLDEN CIRCLE-the new golden age)

    Astraea returns,

    Returns old Saturn's reign,

    With a new breed of men sent down from heaven.[3] (featured as masonic boys)

    The eclipse is featuring a certain date in the near future: 5/20/12, a conjunction of the sun, earth, and pleiades also occurs on that day. The masons have a particular fondness with the pleiades. I think that is when the spirit of Apollyon (aka Osiris) comes to inhabit the ruler of the NWO's figurehead. (the beast who once was, now is not, is the 8th king, he is one of the seven and he is going to destruction.) One reason why I say this is because there was a crop circle stating as such here:

  61. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    Jim Shura (47), how could anyone believe that the artist painted this in a prominent corporate center such as Bank of America as a prank? This corporation is operated by a strand of intelligent men and women. Some of the imageries are offensive and insensitive. I am sure the artist(s) had to present a picture of his work before painting on the walls.

    Vigilant, I would like more clarification on the burning bush and why the man sits still and not respond to it. Moses became amazed when he saw the burning bush and heard the Lord's voice. The burning bush became one of the symbols of the Lord and one of the many ways He communicates with His people. Is the man in that particular scene depicting the reaction of people ignoring God? He is quietly saying that he is not one of God’s people.

    When people see such art, they write it off as talented and abstract art. However, these specific images are imprinting messages on our brains. There are only a handful of people- the elitists- who truly know what these pictures mean and their serving purpose. People like Beyoncé only think she knows. She is just living a life on top of the world, but only to fall one day.

    This is all too theoretical and conjectural to take in one day. People have to really study about this topic as a semester class in order to fully be aware of the overall message. I do not have the time to really search more on this topic. That is why I am very grateful for your intelligence and academic abilities. Thank you!

  62. The black sum represents an eclipse.the merging of day(man) and night(woman) bringing forth the masonic boy(youth:horus)…the young will walk the right(angled) path through good and evil.the boys feet are on the ground and his head is above the picture of the ground representing the axion "as above so below"….meaning the boy will walk with knowledge of the spiritual plain in the earthly realm.he would have climbed the stairs of masonry.

  63. Michael Archangel on

    My option is that the paintings, the Illuminati have been planning since at least the dark ages taking over the world. I know the middle fresco shows they were planning a fallen economy, marital law, concentration camps, chemical warfare. The next pic looks more like a one world leader to enslave people to the mark of the beast.

    In other words Its exact words in the bible that the Apostle John spoke about what would happen in the very very near future. Bank America is behind it all.

  64. The archemical goal of transmutation of crude metals into pure gold

    is an allegory

    of SUCKING HOLY BLOOD (Palestinians)

    to BECOME REX MUNDI (evil ruler of the world)!

  65. I forgot to mention that the boy is 1/2 in the square and 1/2 out symbolizing where his dna comes from (the woman being lifted or abducted in the square)

  66. Being a native of Denver and witness to the unusual happenings at DIA, it seems the murals and guide stones were designed to be set on the fronts of the conflicts. Wake up humanity, live for peace and liberty. Thanks for sharing this with us

  67. The black man in the fresco on the left bears a strong resemblance to a younger Harvey Gantt, the first black mayor of Charlotte. The man in the camel-colored coat bears resemblance to a younger Ken Thompson, former CEO of Wachovia (Wachovia is also based out of Charlotte). The man with his hand on his chin "pondering" looks quite a bit like Robert Steel, the CEO of Wachovia after the ousting of Ken Thompson up through Wachovia's merger with Wells Fargo.

    • What I noticed about the black man in the mural was that he is the only one with his back turned to the action and his glasses are off. It's like he is on the sidelines and not a part of the action. Also because his back is turned and his glasses are off, he is "double blind".

      This IS very deep stuff. Thanks VC for another interesting, thought provoking article!

      • The elite are idiots to think that they can challenge God; but that’s the deception of satan. He’s made them believe they can win, when even he knows, they won’t. They may be powerful and and highly knowledgeable about the secrets of the universe. They can take that knowledge and plan and scheme all they want to enslave and oppress the masses. They may think the masses are foolish and blind, but they are blind ones and will ultimately be exposed for the fools that they are.

        Knowledge and Power is with God alone, He is the Greatest of Planners, and He is on the side of the oppressed.

  68. VC Very interesting and important article but why dont you discuss some of the solutions to this illuminati stuff.How can we defend ourselves. You focus on the so called illuminati boosting them up putting them on a peddestall. Why dont you focus on us awakened educated people who know whats going on. Write some articles discussing how we can become players in this world rather than pawns in some one else`s game. You seem so fascinated in the illuminati that maybe you are a kabbalist tarot card reading sacred geometer alchemist illuminati yourself indoctrinating the unsuspecting. Or maybe a freedom fighter.

    • Friendly Reader on

      I just want to say that , alot of people are mis-informed about who the Anti-Christ is. It is not just one person ,rather, it is a collective group of ANYONE who denies or is against Jesus Christ. Read 1 John 2:18 and 2 John 7.

      Also, the Anti-Christ is not reserved to come at some future point in time (For example, If someone said "In 2012 the Anti-Christ is coming." ). They (the Anti-Christ) are already here and have been since these scriptures were penned. Read 1 John 4:3.

      Now , I confess that I am guilty of thinking that the Anti-Christ would be one person that would be coming in the future but I learned from the Bible that I was wrong. So ,hopefully, you guys will read those scriptures too and find out for yourself. This little bit of information will definately come in handy when you're reading the Bible. Also, it will help just in general when thinking about……say….some of the articles Vigilant posts or you're thinking about influental people in the world ect ect.

      • Its a living mystery, but there are many levels of this. There is the anti-christ spirit of those who deny Christ, there is a beast system as referenced in revelation and Daniel and there is a man of perdition who will arise:

        2nd Epistle Of Saint Paul To The Thessalonians

        [1] And we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and of our gathering together unto him: [2] That you be not easily moved from your sense, nor be terrified, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by epistle, as sent from us, as if the day of the Lord were at hand. [3] Let no man deceive you by any means, for unless there come a revolt first, and the man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition, [4] Who opposeth, and is lifted up above all that is called God, or that is worshipped, so that he sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself as if he were God. [5] Remember you not, that when I was yet with you, I told you these things?

        [6] And now you know what withholdeth, that he may be revealed in his time. [7] For the mystery of iniquity already worketh; only that he who now holdeth, do hold, until he be taken out of the way. [8] And then that wicked one shall be revealed whom the Lord Jesus shall kill with the spirit of his mouth; and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming, him, [9] Whose coming is according to the working of Satan, in all power, and signs, and lying wonders, [10] And in all seduction of iniquity to them that perish; because they receive not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

  69. 1)It is not out of the ordinary for this group of people to use scriptural writings… For instance

    Denver Airport Mural (the women mourning on the left side)

    Matthew 24:19And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days!

    20But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the sabbath day:

    21For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.

    2)The woman in the box – my speculation is… Putting something in a box is an obvious sign of control or power over – plus with what looks like 3 strings ascending to the black sun (Ecclesiastes 4:12 A cord of three strands is not quickly torn apart.) A Solomon reference.

    The box being transparent so the world can see the power of the sun god over man.

    3)The giant "asleep" beneath the earth. Another reference to the nephlim extracted from Jesus found in

    Matthew 24:37 But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

    God wiped this breed almost out of extinction with the flood. It appears as though man is trying to "resurrect" this "sleeping" giant through DNA altering and cloning.

    See David Hoggart's insight to man's plan in the Prophecy Club video…. If I may post a link…

  70. Here's a thought – or, more to the point, a subtext in the murals:

    In the right mural, you have men in business suits talking about the new boy standing on the checkerboard (the plans of others), a girl being spun around like a record (just ask Danni Minogue) (distractions of desire), stairs and floors that end in the middle of the sky (ambitions of wealth and power), a black sun (those who use reason to blind), a burning bush (religion), an oversize pyramid (material science)…and a man busy in his studies. In short, focus on what's important. Notice that the girl is facing the studying boy, trying to draw his attention to her.

    The Center mural shows wars and rumors of wars, a Victorian era housing row on the left, chaos in Heaven in place of the sun, religion in turmoil…and a man trying to calmly explain things, his arms out to his side as if making a point. In short, be calm while the world fights and runs; and always be on the lookout for like-minded people (as the Masons say: 2 B 1, ask 1).

    And the left mural shows twelve workers split in two and paranoid in their awareness of the other group, a couple other pairs doing mop-up work, a man in the mountain…and a man rising from the ground looking at the man in the mountain. In short, in due time you too can rise up and learn the true knowledge which must be hidden by the hoi polloi below.

    The man studying, the man explaining and the man rising from the ground are the same man. While rest of the people become distracted, tear each other apart in movements that mean nothing (hence the blank signs) and eventually dig their mutual mass graves, the wise man seeks knowledge and rises above it all. There is the death in the material world, but there is also escape into the spiritual realm through learning and illumination.

    According to the murals, that is.



    And now, I want everyone to see, that the foundation of those murals are

    the area of tiles directly under the murals, the marble tiles!!!

    Now, right under each mural, there is a horizontal set of long dark brown tiles.

    If you count the tiles that make that first top section of dark tiles, you'll find that the number

    of tiles is 6, and there are 3 murals. Thus 6-6-6.

    Then, right under the top section of dark brown tiles there are some bigger marble tiles

    under the murals, if you count these big marble tiles, there are 4 rows of 6 tiles across…

    4 x 6 = 24. And… 2 + 4 = 6! Again, 6-6-6.

    Under the set of big marble tiles, again… another section of long dark brown marble tiles!

    And again, if you count them, they total 6 dark brown marble tiles under the bigger tiles.

    So you have 3 sets of tiles, all totaling 6… 6-6-6 three times.

    You can see and count those tiles better on the bigger pictures of the mural

    at the bottom link!!:

  72. Thank you VigilantCitizen and precious commenters observers and promoters of truth.

    Prosepine says:

    > The woman is boxed and dancing, her movements controlled by someone we can’t see.

    > She is amazing at distracting you from the here and now reality of your own life,

    > your purpose and the people actually in it! Submission through pure distraction!

    The Box as our TVs and computer screens.

    Syrus says:

    > She could also represent the human soul or intuition. Those aspects of us are symbolically female.

    Our playing and creative singing trapped on stage performances and Karaoke.

    Try singing freely more, it is liberating and the vibrating sound feels good :-)

    Also it can be sharing and community building.

  73. Hi, great article and great comments apart from the eloquent Alexander Smartarse of course.

    Just wanted to say or ask if anyone has been in the room above these murals because from a compositional point they seem to continue through the ceiling, to an even higher plain.

  74. In LVB's most excellent article in this very website She said:

    "They are letting you in on the joke, the artificial nature and deceptive elements of the ad. This makes you realize that you get it, you think that you understand the illusion, and that makes you feel clever, like an insider, and this feeling gives you a sense of reward and ego boost because you feel smart and cool.

    This process has the typical effect of getting people to relax and let their guard down a little bit, which leaves them more open to the actual intent of what the ad is trying to do – to sell you some crap that you probably don’t need – and ideas that you may not agree with. "

    I think that this is how Vigilant Citizen works (no offense). Anyway I'm completely sucked in and my mind has been working overdrive on the symbolism in these frescoes.

    I think you're absolutely right Vigilant (of course!) – you do read them right to left because they correspond with Freemasonic Tracing Boards – right First Degree Tracing Board
    (Note checkered floor and Jacob's Ladder); middle Second Degree Tracing Board…. (Note the net pattern, arch and spiral); left Third Degree Tracing Board…. (Note: it is sub-terranean buried like the 33 chilean miners and like the workers in the frescoe).

    (BTW I'm not a freemason)

  75. If you take the minor at the back in the left mural with his arms up and the man in the middle picture with his arms out in a cross shape in semaphore translates to U and R respectably. UR Ur was the largest city in the world from c. 2030 to 1980 BC. In May 2009, the United States Army returned the Ur site to the Iraqi authorities,Since 2009, non-profit organization Global Heritage Fund (GHF) has been working to protect and preserve Ur against problems of erosion, neglect, inappropriate restoration, and war and conflict.

  76. if you take the lady in the box as semaphore for the letter O then you get URO and as wikipedia says URO can be short for Uromastyx, a genus of lizards; I think i need to stop now!

  77. Don't know what this means, but if you go to you can have a good look at this fresco and even zoom in on it.

    If you do that, you'll see that among the group to the left of the masonic boy is a woman dressed in garb from another era. She's speaking to the men in suits, and they are pointing at the boy. At the artist's website you can zoom on her and see that she's wearing earrings and has her hair in a bun.

    Not sure why there are modern men in this group, but the one woman is dressed as in the 17th-18th century.


    Ben Long is the name of the artist who created these works. He is not the same artist who painted the murals in the Denver International Airport. If people would think for themselves and do a little research they would also know that these frescoes were painted during the time period Bank of America's Corporate Center headquarters building was built from 1989 to 1992. The artist created this work just before and after opening in about 1992.

    Therefore, it's not possible that the black man in one the frescoes is Barack Obama. To think that is utterly ridiculous. The way some people just buy into everything here without question is indicative of their sheep mentalities.

    Also, we read right to left so maybe the viewers should do that and they'll come up with different interpretations of their own. But, perhaps, they'll keep letting VC tell them what to think.


    • The Black Man looks nothing like Obama. In fact, it would seem to be a generic upper-class black man. No need for a specific identification.

      Which, of course, leads to the question: Is he taking his glasses off, or PUTTING THEM ON? Could be the new man getting ready for action. And since it's just a black man, it could be anyone.

      (although if it was based on anyone, it would probably be Robert Johnson, founder of BET and owner of the Charlotte Bobcats)

      • Actually, look up the NWO card game, which was investigated by the FBI. The creator made a game out of everything that has happened, even picturing the destruction of the twin towers at the inception of the game in the 90's (long before the 01 attacks.) He pictures a BLACK president there, as well during the final times. I'm not sure why, but this was planned, and if you can't tell it was rigged for Obama to win (and I'm surprised by such a slim popular vote due to the poor campaign by McCain.)

        Link to ATS- thought not where I heard of it due to the amount of cards this guy has amassed

  79. So, we can laugh at the murals, can't we? We don't have to accept them or the meanings, do we?

    These murals are all being given to us so taht we, as Consciounsess, in a Human Body (we are NOT our brains) ) can imagine them happening, and thus, actualy bring that outcome about.

    We can we imagine other happenings! We can even draw different outcomes.- not only on paper, but in our Minds- as we wait in traffic or in some office, etc.

  80. Its not surprising that sort of painting would be there but seriously everyone here acts like the painting is the "holy scrolls" or something. It's just a painting!

  81. Re: "Person in gas suit"

    Its a high temperature suit, one would wear one working in a foundry or a forge. Look at the gloves and how bulky they are, you need that for temperature insulation materials. Bulk like that serves no purpose in a bio-hazard suit.

  82. My money is not kept inside a bank. Nor is my .45


    It is now a struggle for control over train of thought. Do not give up.

    Live youthful, humble, alert, giving, strong and capable of love. Grow your own food and think positively that we can heal the earth and heal our hearts. Independent of finance, blood, sweat, tears :) and wasted energy. Haarp is real. Maintain control over your own thought processes. Live like adults, guide the children away from the screens.

  83. Found this website that speaks of the Old Man in the Mountain of Mt. Alamut in Ismaili history..

    "From the Isma'ilis the Crusaders borrowed the conception which led to the formation of all the secret societies, religious and secular, of Europe. The institutions of Templars and Hospitallers; the Society of Jesus, founded by Ignatius Loyola, composed by a body of men whose devotion to their cause can hardly be surpassed in our time; the ferocious Dominicans. the milder Franciscans – may all be traced either to Cairo or to Alamut. The Knights Templar especially, with their system of grand masters, grand priors and religious devotees, and their degrees of initiation, bear the strongest analogy to the Eastern Isma'ilis."

    – S. Ameer Ali'

    In the early 11th century, al-Hassan became the head of the Persian sect of the Ismailians, a rather obscure party of fanatics which gained local power under his guidance. In 1090, al-Hassan and his followers seized the castle of Alamut, in the province of Rudbar, which lies in the mountainous region south of the Caspian Sea. It was from this mountain home that he obtained evil celebrity among the Crusaders as "the old man of the mountains", and spread terror through the Mohammedan world.

    In the account given by Marco Polo in "The Adventures [or Travels] of Marco Polo"

    'You could say that Alamut practiced a medieval form of 'information warfare'' 'The community developed a reputation of being able to secretly place its agents anywhere in the world.'- Marco Polo – on his visit to Alamut in 1273

    The Old Man in the Mountain according to the tales of Mt. Alamut " when the Old Man wished to kill someone, he would take him and say: 'Go and do this thing. I do this because I want to make you return to paradise'

    -from the writings of Marco Polo who visited the area in 1273, almost 150 years after the reign of Al-Hassan.

    The Old Man had blind loyalty from his followers. They would do anything to return to His fake Paradise. They had blind loyalty. Blinded by their desire to be fulfilled with earthly pleasures

    My thoughts-

    The miners at the bottom of the mountain might be men who mine metals to turn to gold, they appear unaware of what is on top of them. There number is 12 ( 5+7) . The individual a level above is an observer of the activity at the foot of the mountain. He still has his feet in red earth and the use of a gold shovel. He stands at the base of a red mountain where the Old Man is residing, a man who uses terrorism as a means to an end. He is at a different level of awareness and consequently is closer to the devious old man hidden beneath the mountain. A trickster who lives at Mt Alamut.

    I would read the columns similtaneously with a left hand path or column, right hand path or column, and what is created in between ( the spirit of a man wrestling with 5 furies) and the unpleasant effect in the material world.


  84. there is something unsettling about art…really!

    Most banks are with the illuminati, thats for sure so no surprises there….well most institutions are.

    Feel lyk shutting down my account, dig a hole and safely put my few pennies there…lol.

    Once again, good one VC.

    • I agree EQ means earthquake. The guy under the mountain is hiding from the earthquake, perhaps. Maybe this is someone who has an underground bunker? Just like the peaceful children in the other mountain could be kids of the elite who have underground bunkers?

      • I meant in the DIA mural, the sleeping children is what I meant since they don't seem to necessarily be in a mountain. Upon second inspection, though, maybe they do look helpless. Grim no matter how you look at it.

  85. InfamousAvantGairde on

    Many search for truth but do you really wish to find it?

    Here's some food for thought.

    About light….To have light means to have a enormous amount of energy.It is too much.

    What is so interesting about light is that it is highly held as the most purest expression of god.It is the ever lasting reigning force.

    Although highly upheld,the claim almost stands on nothing.A fact about white light.Although supposedly pure, it is easily tainted by everything it touchs.One of the most vibrient color of clothing but it never lasts long. Every other color other than itself turns it towards its true self…Darkness.

    Darkness is,supposedly,the impure color of Sin.Yet no matter what it touchs it remains the same.It is long everlasting.

    Also White reflects light.For something that is a symbol of the almighty why wouldn't it except the gift of free energy.It needs energy to create.Yet darkness hungers for it.

    Stop living your lies.Look around you.Although you see the sun it is surrounded by darkness.The heavens is nothing but darkness.

    Why do you think light and all that applies is so insecure.Always wanting to be seen doing the "right" things because deep down they know that they can look so so dirty.

    Darkness on the other hand just doesn't care.Those of darkness just live.There "damned" anyway.They do not boost or attempt to change another because they aren't them.If there is a Satan,Lucifer or we,it hardly needs to speak.The other side damned him long before he got a say.

    Why so hasty to speak? Is there something to hide?

    If you wish to know who side im on you will be disappointed. I don't choose sides I just live.Caring about whether or not Who goes to hell or even if there is one is highly impractical and is a complete waste of my time.Practical materialistic world with impractical thoughts.That is so interesting.

    No matter what you wish to be… will eventually get your hands dirty.If your truly reaching for the stars.The path of light and dark becoming one simply is unavoidable.

  86. Vigilant, in my area we have a series of murals down throughout the south area of town that depict a very odd series of images and phrases, some of which also pop up occasionally on buildboards and buildings elsewhere. Some of them are posed as as human rights images – one depicts a Burmese woman with the phrase “Freedom for Burma!” underneath. However, some of the others are a little more offputting and are ultimately what made me stop and take a closer look at them. A women hiding, covered by a large red veil. Large, heavily detailed eyes surrounded by a pyramid with the phrases similar to military state propaganda. Things like “Don’t believe what your eyes, believe what you are told,” “OBEY” and whatnot. Red, black, and white are the colors most prominently used in the murals. I’ve done a little (by no means comprehensive) searching on who did these murals and what they ultimately represent, but to no apparent avail. If I photographed them around town, would you be interested in seeing them? They may be completely innocuous or intended as political commentary, but I can’t find anything in depth on them.

  87. Can someone please explain to me why that after reading almost everything on this site, and doing research here and there about the illuminati, dark magic, lady gaga, conspiracies, occult and symbols, why I've become so, so interested in all of this?

    I no longer fear the illuminati or the occult. I want to be a part of this. I want to be a part of this inevitable change, to uncover secrets, to become illuminated and to meet the most powerful people in the world…

    i've become obsessed. I see obvious symbols in my everyday life, on t.v., the internet, shop and companies.

    i've started covering one of my eyes more often as if it is fashionable. I feel powerful when I do.

    help me

    • Let the truth come on

      @ nicea romania

      This what is happening to you is nothing more than the lack of faith, when you say people are gay in America no one wil notice you as a special person because its normal there. But come to Arabia and say your gay no one will talk to you why? because God said in the Quran and all other religions that came down [Christianity and Juedsim Sorry for mispelling] that come what you are willing to befriend so look at your life, are your friends on drugs, do not believe in god, or even are satanic or materialistic? if yes then they drive you to become like them, bad people will make you bad good people will make or keep you good. What im trying to say is this empowerment your feeling comes because Shaitan [Devil] has a strong presence within due to your lack of faith. I'm not going to lie I used to be masterialistic and Avoid practicing my religion for the sake of playing games and what not ad not saying you can't play games and have fun but everything as it's own time, so you can play and have fun but when its time to go to church or snyagogue or mosque its time to go you can't say "i'll do that later" just believe give your love to God and you shall become what I have become a strong believer and you have to relize Shaitan does not love the people who worship him in fact he hates all of mankind because we are the reason he became "The Devil" so believe and you shall recieve the ultimate reward Heaven.

      May God save your soul from the Fires of hell

  88. Let the truth come on

    Nice article VC

    The mural with the sleeping man might be representing the Anti-christ [Dajjal] in my opinion and the people underground represents the masses that do not now what is about to happen to their world but continously finance the elite by buying their products and help contstruct their buildings and take part in some of their rituals [Emmys, Mtv Awards etc..] and finally the man standing on top are the elite who are taking the money they get from us the ignorant masses and using it to make the world ready for when the Anti-Christ reveals himself and takes control of our world. In a Hadith of the Quran it is stated that a group of people shall come to bring forth the awakening of the Dajjal. These Parts of Swoorat Al Bagrah bring the truth of the Illuminati and the elite!:

    002.011 When it is said to them: "Make not mischief on the earth," they say: "Why, we only want to make peace!"

    002.012 Of a surety, they are the ones who make mischief, but they realise (it) not.

    002.013 When it is said to them: "Believe as the others believe:" They say: "Shall we believe as the fools believe?" Nay, of a surety they are the fools, but they do not know.

    002.014 When they meet those who believe, they say: "We believe;" but when they are alone with their evil ones, they say: "We are really with you: We (were) only jesting."

    Again this is just what I believe being a Muslim may peace be on all of you Let the truth come out!

  89. how about the guy sitting next to the burning bush? the bush is burning while he does nothing about it, seems like he's in his own little world.

  90. If people do not wake up to the Truth according to Yeshua himself, the truth about who the Essenes was and what The Essene Gospel of Peace is, Satan will win and he knows it. The Essene Gospel of Peace must be what the Vatican fears the most.

    Vigilantcitizen, why don't you google that and write your definitive article?

    Next time you get a hiccup, try this: Breathe in with your nose and out with your mouth. Hiccup will be gone.

    Breathing, eating, sleeping, cleansing, living, loving – it was all taught by Yeshua who seems to have been a Palestinian ('Essenes' on Wikipedia). Coincidence?

  91. The burning bush is the same as the burning trees in DIA because we are in danger due to solar flares caused by galactic pulsations. Like the movie, Knowing, we are set to be zapped. The NWO is siphoning our money and building underground bunkers as we speak. Missing money from the bank bailout and every other way they can steal our money, such as diverting it from construction funds for the underground DIA airport is really going toward these bunkers that the vast majority of us will not be allowed to access. Some of this is shown in Jesse Ventura's video on Youtube from his series Conspiracy Theory, it was his end of season show finale from January 2010 about 2012 conspiracy that explained some of this and the burning bush and underground tunnels. They are being built right under the "sleeping giant." According to Dr. Paul Laviolette there is the possibility of a galactic pulsation due to the allignment of earth with the center of the galaxy which is occurring now and has occurred in the past in a cyclical manner. Of course, martial law and gas masks are also portrayed as they are in most films put out by the nwo. The blond boy looks like he could be mind controlled/programmed. It could even be Prince William. A young man named Rik Clay died under mysterious circumstances after coming up with the theory that Prince William was set by the Royal Family to become the New World leader.

  92. In the Chaos/Creativity piece it seems to me that the man next to the soldier appears to be starved and there is a distinct piece of wood in back of him. As soon as I seen this i reverted to Jesus on the cross.

  93. "There is indeed a great emphasis on the color red in this fresco, which, as mentioned above, is the also the color associated with the final step of the alchemical Magnum Opus: Rubedo, the “Red Work”."

    Red is also the main color of Satanism, and America's elite is increasingly Satanic.

  94. Wow.. The obviousness and intent of the masonic (new world order) which is so prevelent in todays society that we have become so oblivious to the signs and the blatant steps that are being taken to turn us into drones. It saddens one to think that mind control and total power over another person is what tickles their fancy. How can it be that the God that has created us in terms of the "masonic belief system" would give power to control another mans all (mind, body and soul) and not allow one freedom to think out of ones own will. Its sick to think that illumination is the utmost and out right form of divination that can be reach yet it allows no remorse for humanity…

    • InfamousAvantGairde on

      I agree."Dark" entities gain power by attacking the "young".Its like a 5 year old verses a skilled veteran.Were much to young to damagde them(so they think). There adapt at perversity.

      Although there good at what they do,that is there path.We do have choices but awareness is key to these choices.You cannot move your finger if your unaware that you have one.Until humanity becomes aware of choices of self expression it will remain on the lower animal couterpart of 3 density.Those of the Violet ray are assisting the world in its change towards the indigo ray.They can be very misunderstood. =/

      Also a note: Although I write contraversal contradictive statements it is only directly indirect.Although seen as dark,the Illuminati clearly see's itself as light.

      In truth we are all different shades of light because we are active.We are individulized.Individual expression is light.Think of all the negative that is done here. Would you become the individual that you are now without this pain.If you was in hell and you felt no pain then you would have no driving force to lead you out.

      Also know that selfishness is an extremely selfless thing to do.They care so much about you that they would come and declare this world theres and inflict pain to move you forward knowing that at the end of there path is seemingly nothingness.This insight is a bit prematurely given but it can be useful.It shouldnt be fully understood just yet because your ment to fight your mirrors in this density.

      This is how architect beings view you.They hear your prayers and plees and they answer to you in a way to help you get the most out of your life.They help the Illuminati just as much as they help you because they see what you cannot at your present moment.

  95. Howard Ratcliffe on

    Bank means Bench or Table. The modern day Table of Money Changers and Bench of Sovereign Judges. America means Amurru, the Edomite Serpent and Shepherd god; Amurru the Southwest Quarter of the World (Calneh) in Gen 10:10; Amar the Canaanite god of the west and Amaru the weapon of Marduk the Assyrian sun god. This is what America was founded to do; be the weapon of Marduk. MYSTERY=Secret Rite; BABYLON=Gate of Marduk…… Marduk is a weather god like Zeus or Thor; Sargon "Legitimate King" is Marduk's (Molech, Adramellech) "Vicar". Amaru "America" is effectively the Bank of the Black Horse; Tea Party started the American Revolution and will soon ride the Red Horse. Disease is a product of the CDC; all of it from AIDS, to Cholera in Haiti to Malaria and Dengue Fever with genetically modified and released mosquitos in Cayman and soon Brazil, US, Panama, Indonesia. Time to WAKE UP! All but 500 million are slated to die; this will be done as Tesla said it would be "Electricians will decide the outcome of future wars".

  96. The woman inside the transparent cube, hanging from threads coming from the sky reminds me of Rihanna's new single: "Only girl". There's a part in the video where she swings on a swing hanging from threads coming from the sky aswell…. mmmhhhh…. must have a connection…

    I'm just wondering why is the Illuminati is making things so obvious now…

  97. Funny how fundamentalist christian zombies keep making their way here. Its like they see people questioning and clawing for answers and understanding and they go "braaaains" "word made flesh, anti crust…." . Which literally means stop thinking, like they have all the answers in a complete, neat story. God does not want you to think and question. Really? He would of made us a nation of TV watchers then. ha ha.

    Sorry folks what may have fooled you does not fool everybody else.

    Folks remember:

    Keep searching

    '' digging

    " asking

    '' question

    '' researching

    '' investigate

    '' check out the authors of "truth" articles to see if they ain't a front either

    remember in spy movies the law is: trust no one

    its the same thing in common life, especially when freedom, liberty, power is involved. Trust nothing. Whats so strange and pessimistic about that?

    • 'God does not want you to think and question'. This is such an overly used cliche it makes me sick to the stomach. I am a Christian and I do think and question everything. Do you? My God doesn't want me stupid as He has no use for stupid humans. He needs smart out of the box followers. Are you?

  98. I think the "period turmoil is also happening on a cosmic level." you are refering to is the passage of the SOlar System to the Photon Belt. It is said to happen at 2012, wherein this Belt will force everything to be in 'positive channel'. You can read more about this in David Icke's Robots Rebellion.

  99. Love this website, great work VC

    Im interested in knowing more about the middle picture. Particularly the transparent people above the heads of the angry crowd. I notice they are "good looking" specimens, the men are muscular, the women are beautiful..and because of this would say that they do not represent us "mere sheep" so who do they represent?

    Souls in tumoil?

    celebrities and other "illuminated people who have helped the cause and have now been eliminated?

    Does anyone else have any more clues to this?

    Also the final picture, the miners undrer ground.

    Notice the man in the red jumper, close to the middle..he is looking over at the "woman like" man on the other side and he/she is looking at him. I think this symbolises the predomitnately GAY element of this new world.

    Homosexuality is pushed, encouraged and supported by them and they fully expect most people to be gay to keep population levels low in the future. (please do not be offended this is a fact)

    • I too thought the miners pic shows a gay element. The guy above ground with the golden spade is well gay! His stance, hanky in pocket and check out his earring! The gay agenda pushed in the new world.

  100. You missed who the men by the boy are, look carefully. Espessially the last man, a cocky, man of african descent with his back turned away from the boy.

  101. I wish some of you would realize that when you write a damn novel in a comment…like 4000 words..nobody reads it

    keep your stuff short, hitting important parts. stay with subject. quit rambling. your input is appreciated but overlooked with your need to look intelligent

  102. I just noticed that on the first painting, the right hand one, the wind seems to blow to the left since the smoke's going that way…but the woman on the cube seems to be swaying to the opposite way…and there's a little yellow road, reminiscent of that yellow brick road from Oz.

  103. The second Mural, "Chaos", portrays manyof the elements that will take part in the execution of the New Order.

    Famine: The Starved Man

    War: The Soldier

    Opression: The handcuffed man in blue jacket to the left of the soldier and starved man

    Disease: It's not a chemical suit. It's the kind of suit the CDC uses in outbreaks

    Poverty: The beggar to the left of the CDC worker

    The Church: The bishop directing his flock in the background and the Nun's Smirking face

    If you go to Ben Long's website you can zoom in on the several sections of his frescoes. What are those figures on the banner behind the soldier and starved man….take a look for yourself.

  104. I'm Smarter Tha on

    A hasty interpretation of the first fresco:

    The blond boy is partly in the 'land of the dead' or the 'fire world' or some kind of unconscious or semi-conscious realm, symbolized by the red square covering part of his face and his body. However, the rest of him is outside of it in what might be called the 'land of the living' or the real/conscious plane. Bankers, businesspeople, and others fully in the land of the living stand and talk about him as he seemingly exists in two planes: both conscious and unconscious, living and dead, fire and water.

    The pyramid behind him symbolizes civilization, one part in the real/live world and one part on the ethereal/unconscious plane. The tree on fire symbolizes it slowly burning to the ground (commentary on the current decline of Western civilization), while a member of the current idle elite (symbolized by his red shirt) sits reading a book under it, rather oblivious or apathetic: fiddling while Rome burns. And the smoke is drifting West, which surely has a meaning a la decline of The West. The tree also aligns with the right shoulder of the blond boy, most notably outside of the red square.

    The current ruling elite is of the 'red team,' some would say 'fire tribe,' while the blond boy is of the blue team, or 'water tribe,' shown by his blue trench coat – though he is also partly covered in red which covers his left eye ('left hand path' maybe?) as well as his heart.

    There is definitely a Masonic connection due to the checkerboard floor, though also the blond kid is almost like a chess piece on that floor manipulated both by the unconscious 'red force' as well as partly by the group of elites in the bottom left hand corner.

    The disjointed ladder (Jacob's ladder?) can only be accessed through the Masonic 'red force' as it is attached to the Masonic checkerboard floor, while the conscious elites (people in the bottom corner) are not in that checkerboard floor – they are elites but not the REAL elites working behind the scenes.

    The dancing woman in the cube seems to symbolize commoners or regular folks, captive in the cube (mass-society) which is controlled by forces from above, just a puppet on a string under the guidance of the celestial figure (which is either a black sun or solar eclipse). Apt representation of the masses since in all periods of history they've always been rather passive actors in history controlled by forces from above.

    Very quick and rather shoddy interpretation, but that's what I see in that first fresco. Might come back later to interpret the others. I was born in Charlotte where the BofA headquarters is located and I still live in the area so I was very interested to come across this article.

  105. James D. Andrew on

    The Bank of America Building is the tallest building in downtown Charlotte, 25th in the US. However check this picture out of the Duke Energy Center.… The very first building you see when entering into the city. At night it is outlined in lights to present a cup or chalice on one side and the other side is lit up as a phallus. NC has all kinds of Masonic ties. Charlotte the queen city is integral to it's grand design.

  106. Man, another great article my only question at this point is.

    If only a certain amount of people actually believe or know about the sinister plans of the

    "New World Order"

    Why would the so called "Elite" keep putting it in our faces every chance they get?

    The Denver Airport, Bank of America, almost every new artist that's a big name.


    • For at least two reasons: first because they want us to consciously and unconsciously embrace them. They even have a theory about the possibility of transmitting (aka imposing) ideas and beliefs through the surrounding environment called 'memetics' which introduces the idea that culture (and its symbolism through imagery, sound etc) can reproduce itself from one individual to another and spread kind of like a disease…
      And secondly because they want to show their ownership over the world and their power by marking 'their territory'. Before you'd see churches and crosses, now you see pyramids with eyes on top by which they let us know they successfully demoted God and installed their 'god' instead.

  107. 17 year old girl on

    Im 17 been looking at this stuff for a while and im slowly trying to dedicate myself to yeshua

    I can see the world is coming to an end

    and it scares me somewhat

    but im not suprised

    I honestly can say that I probably wont survive this I most likely will protest agaisnt the anti-christ ways

    or something else whatever it is I dont think I will survive this and I hope Yeshua comes soon real soon so all this will end

    I saw on the news that north korea and south

    may get in a war and it they do

    The USA signed a treaty that said they had to involve themselves in the war….

    so the war may be coming soon huh

    I wish I could move but my family is totally brainwashed

    seems like america will go down first than the other countries to come

    why cant we see

    that this is our country

    the government is not the boss of us and they dont run shyt

    since when have they had the right

    but they had it when we given it up

    its sad to see my ppl or our ppl act as such

    its to late I fear to turn back

    its to late…..

  108. 17 year old girl on

    Im worried Im not suprised I feel like I wont survive this war

    my family is completly brainwashed and all these things are happeneing so fast

    I pray that yeshua will come soon and save us all

    and I pray that ppl will realise whats going on

    …but I know I wont survive this because Im in the know and probably will protest against these ways

    but why cant we see that this is our country

    we given up our rights

    and Im worried that most of us wont survive

    that im only a teen and I wont spend much time on earth as I planned

    smh what has the world come to

    • What is happening has to happen. It was always going to come to this in the end. You have to be brave, take heart, remember that Jesus never left us, he sent us his Spirit to guide and protect us always. Choose to follow the Holy Spirit, pray to Jesus to recieve it, to understand. You seem like someone who should pray for the gift of prophecy. When the Lord shows you what is truly to come you will understand why all this must happen, the book of Revalations will start to make so much more sense, the Spirit will reveal it to you in language you can understand. Know this, there is nothing to fear. Each one of us is a world, save yourself in Jesus's name and you help save the world.

  109. i think the cube also represents ancient god saturn and is also a masonic symbol

    I'm so grossed out. The black sun represent the dark one, just like baphomet and the like.

    on another note, was at Toys R Us and amazed at teh skull and bones everywhere- not just childrens' fashion but schoolbags and toys- even hello kitty- perhaps to get the childrent used to the symbols as cute and peaceful? opposite of their true meanings,

    why is no one seeing this? no one speaking up? boycotting? God Bless America and the "Democracy" we have here. NO ONE speaks up in this fucking country. NO ONE.

  110. people talking about eclipses here- also reminds me of an old manson song from the "antichrist superstar" album- the moon has now eclipsed the sun, the angel has spread its wings, the time has come for bitter things.. 'bitter" sounds like he is saying "better"-

  111. is the woman in the box dancing or blowing in the wind? going by the "flow" of the painting

    (taken by my experience with light direction in paintings)…it seems that both dancer, fire and smoke go to the left as if the wind is blowing them in that direction. if you look her body is bending in congruence with the smoke as if she is being struck there by the wind. her dress however is going in the "wrong" direction, which makes me feel like she is swinging uncontrollably and with great momentum from left to right on her strings. from what i can see her face holds no emotion whatsoever so perhaps she is not aware of what is happening, perhaps she in unconscious, perhaps she is dead. her presence in the painting gives me a sence of being abandoned by the men, and woman(the blonde business person in the pit is a very severe looking woman who reminds me a bit of marie curie tintypes) around her and her "puppeteers". about the people in suits, they give me a feeling of being highly educated, or medical. they seem more to be in debate(the two in the middle), and contemplation(the two on either side) rather than stratagizing. the boy gives me a sence of civil war era(his garb and his stance), or child from earlier times, late 1800 early 1900. he doesn't seem to be a person of great wealth, note his oversized coat, too short(possibly pajama) pants, and worn shoes, he could possibly be a boy from the depression era. his whole demeanor gives me thoughts of a blank slate, or a soldier ready to be molded and trained, or a boy who feels like anything would be better than what he's had…he's ready to do some very hard work because he "has" to. i do believe that the man by the burning bush is ben long himself, though i could be wrong about that. oddly enough it isnt one of the points you can zoom in on from his site. ben long is typically very religious art driven…i find it hard to believe that he would be a part of another agenda but really…who knows. any other in depth views on these frescoes?

  112. Look at the left, behind the net there is a wall, like the great wall of China. And at the right there is a big banner, it's hard to say but it looks like it's in Chinese. But the people in there doesn't look oriental.

  113. The woman in the cube may be trapped in an invisible cage or prison. This is how she is controlled. The circumstances surrounding one's life can create a sort of invisible prison for the individual. This is the invisible prison of propaganda and mind control. This cube is your TV, telling you what is Reality (The Real World, Survivor, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Jersey Shore… this is 'reality') and what it not.

    • This invisible cube/prison is also the fictional legal and monetary system – your legal fiction of a 'person' strawman and all of the intangible, legal fiction restrictions and regulations. In the good old days, gold and silver was money. Then, we decided to not carry around all the gold and silver and instead issue notes which REPRESENTED quantites of gold and silver. Now, we have notes that represent nothing. In other words, the money is not really money but instead is another fiction.

      These intangible fictions are the invisible prison in which all members of 'society' have been trapped – most without their knowledge.

  114. VeryConsistent on

    It looks like the youthful masonic boy has a Devil's horn on his head within the red block. It's kinda shady but definitely coming from his head.

    • Hey moron,

      why don't you click on the link you've posted and look at the SOURCE of the article, right at the top…It says "Vigilant Citizen", which is this site.

      Next time you have something stupid to say, just shut up.

  115. I'm noticing that there's an African American businessman with his back towards the young boy standing on the masonic floor. You've made a comment that the business men whose ties match the red and white checker-board floor, that they're the ones who will plans for the future generation, represented by the blond Masonic boy. Is there a symbolism with the black man with his back turned? I believe so…But I would like to read your intake on it.

  116. Regarding "EQ"- i think it may be alluding to some kind of emotional intelligence company- not sure.

    Also the sleeping man and the kids in DIA may simply be the dead and buried or even the opposite- alive and safe underground- after all there is going to be an american holocaust in attempt to destroy the low and middle classes, or if a destruction of the earth comes first (like with the sun or a meteor etc) the elite will be saved underground. So regardless, the current building of underground condos which is taking place as we speak, and one of the locations actually is near the DIA, they elite are by invitation purchasing these underground apartments. So the buried can either be the saved ones or the dead ones, I am still having trouble interpreteting that part.

  117. Good Lord!! This is a great article that myself & others just haven't noticed. The " the DIA portrays a militaristic figure" is so depressing to be found in an international airport. Reminds me of thos communist paintings found on walls in communist, african countries that ended up in the 4th world.

    The masonic way of getting their message out is scary. With that, everyone just needs to read a new thriller out where Americans finally take a stand against these secret groups that control our federal tyranny. It's a must read cause it's about people like us. I recommend it.

    The North Carolina paintings, of all places to be found in America, seem to be more open in announcing their future agaenda. Again, this is scary if valid.

  118. The Colonial figure could be Count st. Germain. If you arent aware of who he is I suggest you do some homework. It looks like the man pointing with Germain could possibly a younger George Bush Sr.

    The black sun is symbolic of the coming age of Aqaurius when the black hole/abys is at the center of our galaxy and will be in complete alignment with our planet, Orion and whole lot of other stuff at the end of 2012, into Feb 2013 signaling the inevitable coming tribulation, and the beginning of the end of this terrible age of Kali.

    In the Fema camp era of the tribulation(second mural) the souls in the sky are ascending into the sky rather than checking things out. There are going to be a lot of us dying on a routinely basis, and a lot of souls headed back to God.

    After the strong survive the Megadeath, the surviving Alpha Males(Third mural) will be heading in the mines to spend the rest of there lives, or whats left of them probably arguing over stupid things like who is the Alpha Male of the mine like they argued, and fought over who was the Alpha Male of the bar in there former pathetic life.

    Could the sleeping man be Karl Marx?

    • InfamousavantGairde on

      I thank you for your insight.after reading your post it hit me.The movie Battlefield earth revolves around The Future DIA.The movie is about a group of multidimenional entities that successfully enslaved what was left of mankind to mine for them.They wanted earths resources like gold and other precious metels.The DIA is a human holding facility or pretty much a concentration camp. The entities that control are extremely arrogent beings and they think that humans are too stupid to do anything.

      I think your right on with alot of things that you said.omg there's soo much to tell.I hear 2012 is a cosmic party.They say that it will affect a great many things.It is something to be soo happy about.

      I have 1 theory to explain this.Just as there's 12months in a year it's the same in an astrological year.The age of aquarious,like the month,is the first sign of the new year.I also believe that this is a midpoint of polor shift.It is a greater cycle of the(or another)sun.It is the dawning of the sun.

      You see,when the sun sheds light it grants life to whatever it touchs.When it is morning the nice "fluffy" creatures come out.And when it goes down the dark predators,flesh loving creatures awaken.Things like rats,reptiles and other animals that have seemingly dark lifestyles come out.

      I believe this is the shift towards the daytime were positivity will reign. Look at the zodiac and pictureit cut in half.Then reconnect the 2 ends in opposite ends to form a linear graph.You can see how the graph goes down to up with time.Not to caught up on history but the past seems to fight this graph.

      I also see a strong relation to egyptian philosophy.The battle of Horus and Set.The whole world seems to be run by egyptian thought.Horus is the horizen and Set is sunset.Different seasons represent the dawning and dusk of the sun.

      I don't wish to go on ranting but omg there's so much to say.You all are so gifted.You truly underestimate yourselves.You have great power in creative abilities.You do not need many to overcome your oppressors.There fight for you has always been strongly focused on your mental state and I can see why.And yes I know I speak as if I'm not here.Im here momentarily as we all are at some point.

    • A very good question! However, if you drew a thick, bushy moustache on the 'Sleeping Man', he would be a *dead* ringer for: Yosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili: Joseph Stalin! As if to say: Stalin the Strong Man now sleeps for eternity bathed in the RED earth but MUCH stronger 'Strong Man' awaits His herald!!

  119. Lebron "King&qu on

    Notice the pyramid is completed. No missing capstone. It means Lucifer's kingdom on earth. Im in da club, I know these things cause I'm da King!

  120. maybe these are depictions of things they want to happen, or better said they want to "attract". they put that stuff (that "future") in such public places so lots and lots of people see them… thus getting used to the idea of being enslaved and awaiting their "future".

    they used symbolism for practical reasons: small place for a big message (or even more messages)

    i think the best strategy is to ignore their stuff and mind your life the way you want it, not letting those things get stuck in your head (or get put into your head).

    practice filling your head with things you want to do or have or things you like, not their dark future for you. you win by minding yourself

    • you are sooo absolutely right. Playing with our minds is an important part of their job. If we feel lost and depressed they win.

  121. 1 The great pyramid was not built by pharaohs, was built by spiritual wises. Lucifer's followers took possession of all sages constructed buildings throughout the world, after an attack that Lucifer made against the land, as if they were the builders.

    The square represents the earth, in the alchemical knowledge, and here the woman is inside a cube that represents the earth. The woman grabs a rope that connected with the infinite, is barefoot and shoveling, hanging, and "alone", they know who she is, they know who is the mother, and they do not care about this woman. But the mother loves her children and never leave them.

    Lucifer is destroying the world, but has no future. Jesus is waiting for the moment that will face Lucifer. We now must face the followers of Lucifer, and Vigilant's Articles, is giving us the names of many those who worship Lucifer.

  122. I've just noticed that in the third painting we cannot see the man-holding-the-golden-shovel's feet. Looks like they are sunken. Is the red stuff supposed to suggest his feet are sunken in blood up to his ankles??

    Also, are the other men on the surface working in the water?

  123. Looking at the fresco depicting chaos I felt it seemed from a time long ago in history. But the bio-hazard suit totally blew that theory right out of the water. Good read thanks.

  124. There is a new light in the sky at night plainly seen around the world. It is a dwarf star with some planets that orbit through our solar system once every so many thousand years. It is alluded to in most ancient religions. It is now between our sun and us. It will cause global catastrophe by upsetting our gravitational and magnetic fields. Billions will likely die and the satanic elite will use the chaos to take over and create a New World Order. Satan, through his Antichrist and False Prophet, seeks to set up a reign on earth in place of the 1,000 year reign of Christ on earth. Whoever is not right with God when Christ returns will be left to endure and likely die in this hell on earth, and then go to an eternal Hell where there is no escape. God is merciful, but only if you receive His mercy. There is a point of no return for everyone.

  125. Notice that Freemasonry makes constant use and reference of the Old Testament, and never the knew.

    Christians are taught that the Old Testament cannot be properly understood without the New, that in the New the Old is revealed. This is easily demonstrated by comparing verses, which is the first and simple step to showing the deeper things of scripture ; for example, that both King David and Righteous Abel are said to be shepherds, and Christ is said to be the Good Sheperd, and He Himself makes constant use of the Shepherd/Sheep typology in His parables. This is a most basic and simple example, and there are far more and far better ones, but I leave that the reader to explore.

    Christ Himself opened the Scriptures (then solely the Old Testament) to His Apostles. He Himself interpreted it for them, and taught them that He was hidden in the Old, and demonstrated this to them. So important was this Act of Christ in opening the Scriptures to and for them that the Gospel writers recorded it for timeless memory in the New Testament.

    Now, the moment Freemasonry of its own authority begins to "open up" the Old Testament, then it usurp's Christ's authority over it, and supplants itself for Him, whose Scriptures they are. A Freemason of any degree has no right to teach the Scriptures, for this right has ever belonged to God's Priesthood, including in the Old Testament ; therefore, Freemasonry secretly supplants itself for Christ, which quite literally makes it anti-Christ, and does this so subtely that even Christians in their ranks do not realize the brazen usurpation, the theft of rightful authority, that has taken place. No wonder Freemasonry has been associated with so many rebellions and revolutions – their very existence is a rebellion and a revolution against God and His Annointed, in order to usurp (steal) His rightful authority as the One, only lawful Teacher of humanity, from whom all Truth is, and does come to us.

    Christ sent His Holy Church the Spirit that would continue to guide them into "all truth." Only His Church can, therefore, authoritatively interpret the Scriptures. So the question becomes : Who in their right minds in Christendom would so brazenly, yet deceptively, supplant themselves (or himself) for the Church, and pompously think to imagine that they can teach Christians their own Scriptures, outside of the safety of their Holy Mother, the Church ? Who would dare to steal them from their God and Saviour, and with such arrogance imagine they can authoritatively teach or intepret the Scriptures, or even imply to ? Perhaps it is for this reason one Pope labelled Freemasonry as "the Synagogue of Satan," a condemnation no other association in history has ever been brandished with by a Pope, and it is perhaps the most serious condemnation that can possibly be given.

    There is a war being fought over the hearts and minds of men between Heaven and Hell, and it has been raging for all of human history.

  126. Great article, VC.

    One thing, though. Look over the boy's left shoulder. There is a shadow-like thing. Could it be something watching all that is happening, manipulating people (just a suggestion)?

    The way the men at the bottom of the first mural seems to be examining the boy extensively. Thus, I believe that he is the Antichrist.

    To end this, I just have to thank you, VC (that is, if you read this) for teaching me how to recognize such symbolism, but I still have a LONG way to go.

  127. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    I recently read a brief article about Eve releasing her new CD- Lip Lock- independently. Could she be silently informing the public that there is something going on within the industry. She is very talented as rapper and actress. It seems as if she was removed and replaced by talentless rappers and singers such as Nicki Minaj and Rihanna.

    Are there other celebrities such as Eve who are doing the same? I do not like what has become of the music industry. I went to Wal-Mart in search of a Christmas CD. There is something extremely wrong when Nat King Cole is on the same CD with Lady Gaga. That particular CD represents disrespectfulness. This deserves a protest.

  128. Interesting VC!

    Isnt the artist known so maybe he could give more answers to the meaning of the fresco ? For sure the Bank of America will know the artist and it would be a bit weird if they didnt want to give the name of the artist. Why wouldnt they ? Cause they've got something to hide probably.

  129. There is definitely a connection between red and blue here, or fire, water, and also air in the 4 cardinal elements (fire, earth, air, water). Fire for the people in the red shirts, water for people in blue, and air by the people in orange and also the dancing woman in the cube – who is suspended in air – along with the spinning figures floating in air in the second fresco. The people in the bottom-left corner display a combination of these features – though they are dressed mostly in blue, some having red ties.

    In the first fresco the blond boy is wearing a blue trenchcoat, seemingly on the side of the blues (water), yet his face and torso (heart) is also partially obscured by a red block (fire). He is standing on a Masonic red/white checkerboard floor. As stated earlier, the elites in the bottom left hand corner are mostly wearing blue (with a hint of red to be found), yet they are not on the same level as the boy who is positioned above them on the floor.

    The person sitting reading a book while the tree of civilization is burning is wearing red, so it seems like it is up to the blond-blue boy to salvage what he can – the tree rests on his shoulder.

    In the second fresco we see a gathering of flags from three elements – red/fire, blue/water, and yellow/air — and there is also a hint of green there for earth, the other element. And also in the left fresco you see a combination of red and blue especially, but also orange/gold for air and a hint of green too for earth.

    The 'red giant' is seemingly asleep in the last fresco. It is also notable that the soil in the Piedmont of North Carolina where the BofA headquarters is located is red clay, or Cecil soil, the state soil of NC.

    I'm sure other people can find more of this 4 element symbolism, but that is what I came up with via a quick interpretation.

  130. What is this nonsense I keep reading about devils being your masters after death?!? WTF?!?! What the hell is this misinformation.

    Aleister Crowley was whimpering when he died. Do you know why? The Angels have death have come. and he has finally realized the truth for he can see them. Just before you die – you will finally know the truth as they take your soul – you can see them. When they bury you and the last footsteps leave-The test will begin. They will ask you the ultimate EXAM- Who is your God? What is your religion? Etc… ALL these questions. If you are good person they will come loving if your evil like him they will be your worst nightmare!

    • When Lenin died, it is said his nurses heard AUDIBLE shrieks of demonic glee at the passing of his soul into the next world! *SHUDDER*! And Stalin frantically described WOLVES with glowing eyes coming after him when he slipped into eternity…..damn. All for Karl Marx and perceived 'power'.

  131. This article said, "The nun doesn't seem very pleased." Look closer- she's not displeased—-she's smirking!

    Trust me- the Catholic Church has its hands all up in this!!!

  132. The cube is in reference to Saturn and the coming of the Black SON. The Harlot/Innana is enslaved/controlled in the white cube…. The celestial Bodies encircled by the divine fire of the God[s] depicts the long-fought war in Heaven and the coming of the Great Equalizer. Judeo-Christianity erroneously depicts Lucifer being hurled from Heaven, having lost his place in the celestial kingdom. The Elites, on the other hand, view this as a victory suggesting the coming of the "Great Cleansing" or mass ritual sacrifice of the profane. The "great work" ultimate goal is ascension of the illumined to Divine-like status…The ultimate form of power….reserved for the followers of Seth and their magical bloodline. ….This is how it was explained to me.

  133. The artist that created these murals is alive and well. Well, alive at least. Has anyone attempted contacting him to ask him questions about the mural? Ben Long is not some horrifying evil person. He is an exceptional artist that has won an amazing amount of awards.

    It's easy to read Vigilant's writings on this website and remain detached from the content and just say "that's scary." It's more challenging and intelligent to think of the possibility that Vigilant is incorrect instead of just taking every bit of every paragraph as the breath of God.

    Check out Ben's stuff for yourself:

    Hell, send him an e-mail and ask what EQ stands for yourself!

    • btw…. if we call the artist, of course he would never confirm any of these. he might even not know himself, probably just got paid to paint sth that was drawn already on a paper, by someone else….

  134. its a time line

    i think the first panel is the story of 4000 years from Adam to the birth of Jesus

    the red square represents the time Adam was on the earth the GREEN is Eden right util the red line reaches the blue of the boys robe which represents the flood as the boy is JESUS the ARK of safety

    then the red continued into the heart of the boy which is Babylon who try to ascend into the heavens to know god

    then continue from the time of the head as Christ is the HEAD as Abraham through Joseph who leads them into Egypt to the time of Moses and the burning bush Notice the shadow of the boys head behind the pyramid and the white wing behind that Moses ascends to the top as Babylon but to the true GOD

    then the time of the law smoke on the mountain that only comes from Moses DESCENDING and then the smoke is the time of the prophets not geting to heaven but waiting on the coming of Jesus with the bisecting three lines coming from heaven and the BLACK WHOLE SUN as the three ascensions of Moses to the top of the mountain and the three greatest KINGS SAUL DAVID SOLOMON to obey the law [ but THE POWERS THAT BEE believe Moses received his true learning from Egypt not GOD hence the pyramid ] until the womans hip meats the pyramid severing her at the midway ISRAEL is BORNE Jerusalem a Hollow in her socket (look up ashes of the red heifer and the swelling of the thigh) this is Saul and David and the Bathsheba Seduction leading to Jezebel as the marker of the great white cube line ends reaching the steps of the Two kingdoms Israel and Judah led into the Asher captivity of false Babylon that started way back along the smoke all the way to the red Tower of Babel the Four men below are as the four steps above the smoke line they are the 4000 years

    next panel

    is read from left to right first is the 7 chimneys representing the 70 weeks of Daniel with a Hypocrites mask as they are blind guides these the two men in the corner are mirrored in the previous panel with the other hand extended like a primer to guide you they represent Rome in all white as a human pyramid the new religion with a cross road sign above him like a crest he wears a SMELTING SUIT not a Has-mat Suit standing next to the a beggar with cut gloves represented as the Sanhedrin ( the story of Lazarus and the Rich man) both are questioning the Christ like figure in the background who is leaning on a wall that resembles the Georgia Guide Stones BUT we have touching the wall a secret that the Babylonian ROMAN KINGDOM NEVER DIED hence the Fishermen's net strewn across the entire picture representing PETER of ROME hanging above all the history of the world is but a fish story and a lie (note also the DOME which extends as a moon ALLAH from the 7 chimneys to the black man of Islam) back at the wall below after the Christ figure is a man bowing this is Peter as the ROCK with the entire network resting on his shoulder like the Burning Tree rests on the boy Peter holds a white robe as he was given the mantle folded in the empty tomb then from Peter a pregnant woman as the Early Church and the purple robe of Royal Constantine next is the Muslim man his submission represented as handcuffs then The Crusades symbolized by a frail man on a cross like pole with a bob-wire halo above his head next comes the discovery of America the banner in the background is a child in the womb growing through several stages there is a power line above the banner with what looks like a crucified man next from the bob-wire halo now continues into a fence or rail next to a man praying against a wall this is Israel becoming a nation with the 3 flags being the three differentiated declarations of Israel in 1844 1948 1967 the white square sign is both the plaque nailed above Christ and the White cube with the woman inside from the other panel

    now the third and final panel

    the red and blue is the Masonic degrees it is divided into three sections with a hidden ramp leading from the bottom to the top of the panel the gold shovels represent both the use of false gifts as degrees do not get you up the ramp they already have colored hats showing where in the degrees they are some even have the light blue as the Duke of Kent wears on the next level is a man without feet standing on a golden plane EQ of the equator with a shadow of the the coming structure(monolith?) just off panel in the distance stands a red helmeted Boilermaker making the masonic sign of distress he signals the crew to move slowly because the two men one in a gold hat and the other in a black hat (union jack) have found something near the EQ (Atlantis?) there on the backs of the blue rises the sleeping giant this is Gulliver travels a union (Jack Black) movie in 2010 up the hill at the top is three trees on is rising from his shoulder (note: if you ignore the foreshortening of the front man he also is a giant and his head and gold shovel extend above the panel into heaven he has his right arm parallel to the mountain slope as he also is as a mountain)

  135. …….. and ofcourse the woman in the box means the surpression of the feminine spirit , as always . that is how the power elite still wants it be forever, but luckily things are changing and not in their favor.

  136. If you look at the Bracken house picture of the front doors were the zodiac is, it is the symbol of the EYE or circumpunct.

  137. Very interesting article Vigilant.

    In the right fresco the masonic boy has a box over his body, it is on his left side. Maybe this is showing that his left brain and heart are encapsulated?

    Could the line above his head point to a degree of masonry where it passes the edge of the pyramid?

  138. I have always found the entire realm of "Hiding in Plain Site" to be interesting/relevant in the direction a society "Takes". At first appearing to be "Odd" or "Out of Place", the individual soon becomes accustomed (and thereby the society) to it's "Influence". What an extraordinary way of "Cultivating" the masses.

    "The most successful lie, is that one which is most obvious" by Isaac Asimov

  139. Albedo, nigredo and rubedo are old time alchemical terms/substances. They're actually reflected in a video game called "The Witcher" by CD Projekt Red Studio. "The Witcher" is based around a character who has been genetically mutated so that he has superhuman abilities. You can use alchemy to "brew" potions. The ingredients all have properties but are also integrated with: albedo, nigredo and rubedo. The game is based on a series of stories which are steeped in "Slavic mythology."

    Just wanted to let people know that VC isn't pulling "rubedo" out of a hat. It's truly part of the mystical, alchemical sciences of the occult.

  140. And as I read along the hundreds of thousands of plastic grave liners that have been manufactured and stored in various places throughout the US comes to mind. What are those for? Never before has anyone ever mentioned seeing so many, in one place, at one time. Why? Something is planned.

  141. LibertyTreeBud on

    Well, now, boys and girls, do they want to paint in symbolism? Do they want to show and tell the 'profane' masses?

    I think that We, the profane masses can show and tell a little something to those who would be king or shall we say, on top of the world. Let us create Our Idea of a Very Good Ending for those of the 'system'. If we wore it on our chests like a tee shirt or a logo or a pin, tattoo or virtual mural that would show the future the way our 'hopeful' selves could only hope for. Why should We be 'left out' of the 'mural department'.

  142. What jumped out at me was the color green of the uniform so fits the color of Islam- the mission of Islam too, war & oppression of the infidels. Yes it fades too to a darker green- wonder why(?).

  143. if you look closely, it looks as if there may also be nude people on the white banner in the background on the middle fresco… they're in strange positions like those other nude people

  144. EQ may refer to:

    * Earthquake, or a seism

    * Eça de Queiroz, realistic and critical Portuguese writer

    * Embarq (NYSE stock symbol), a local exchange carrier in the United States

    * Emotional quotient, a psychological measure

    * Encephalization quotient, a value for the brain to body mass ratio

    * English Qaballa, a system of numerology

    * TAME (airline) (IATA airline designator), an airline based in Quito, Ecuador

    * eQ Bank, a Finnish bank

    * EQ Recordings

    * Equalization in audio processing

    * Equals (disambiguation)

    * Equality (relational operator), used in computer programming for an equality operator

    * Equation in mathematics

    * Equatorial in geography

    * Equestrianism, pertaining to horses or their riders

    * Equivalent (chemistry), a measurement unit used in chemistry

    * EverQuest, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG)

  145. The Bilble states during the last days He is going to throw the Satan and his fallen angel to the earth…..I wonder if the naked celestial beings are being thrown to earth by God, and the Illuminati on earth has a net to break or catch them……..there is a net in the picture below them. The Illuminati has got there back. The little boy is more than likely the Antichrist….from the Aryan race.

  146. The translucent beings are not spinning in fire, these are the people who are gonna be called by Jesus, on His second coming. Many people will disappear (happening in a cosmic level). Certainly the living conditions will deteriorate significantly and there will hugely unpopular policies taking part probably some sort of dictatorship, people will only be able to buy and sell under supervision, many wont be allowed, because the ones who convert themselves to God after the turbulent period, will be persecuted and the only way to achieve life in heaven will be pouring their own blood. Probably the red of the third part means that after the turbulent period is over, everythign else will happen in hell… red, fire..

    I know it all sounds very crazy…. but hey, all those symbols and mind controlling stories are completely crazy as well but they are very true…….. SO LISTEN THE PROPHECIES ARE PROVING THEMSELVES TO BE RIGHT. It is all true.

    Research on it, and most important, search for GOD. not in any religion, in the bible, between you and Him, invite Him to access your heart and life, and He will.

  147. I don't know if anybody else noticed this, but there is a woman within the group of business men in the first frescoe. The guy you all think is adam weishaupt is actually a woman. You can see her earing. Actually its her son she is presenting. May be she is a widow, and that son is indeed a freemason. No doubt about it 100%, definitely masonic.

    But this is so strange then…

  148. The Bank of America building/tower in downtown Orlando has like tons of obelisks near the top. You just know that shit is occult!

  149. The blond boy represents Tiphareth upon the Qabala Tree of Life.

    The boy/child represents the sun/son, the mediator between the "above and the below".

    The boy/child is potentially all powerful which is why the men are so concentrated upon him.

    The woman within the cube represents the captive and enslaved anima.

    One of her many symbols is the circle.

    She is imprisoned through the mechanics of "squaring the circle".

    This denotes the forbidden arts and knowledge the Watchers or fallen angels taught their wives and children, according to the Book of Enoch.

    The burning bush within the pyramid represents the Luciferian doctrine also represented by the eye within the pyramid.

    The Luciferian domination of nature, and the natural order, through the solar phallic power represented by the boy/child.

  150. If you ever take a look at Interview With the Vampire

    (released on 11/11)

    The Theatrical poster has, strangely-out-of-purpose 3 "towers" (his fingers?) – (one tall, another just a little shorter, and one very short – just like the 3 towers on 9/11)
    In this picture, the 3 towers are also 'mirrored' in the smoke below.

    As for this page, "Blond boy hammering a sword into a plowshare" (…into a 'V') His hankee is an upside-down red V (unsure what it means, but I see it a lot.)

    "Woman in Cube" woman held aloft in a virtual box (a fake world of fake laws & fake $ & fake teachings?)

    "engraving depicting stairs" "Hearing, seeing, smelling, etc." They forgot the vomeronasal organ! Like many other ancient religions who tried to enumerate the physical senses. Note that at the top, you don't get to GO out, just see out, supposedly.

  151. The boy in the corner reminded me of this r.e.m song: ''losing my religion'' he says ''that's me in the corner'' and a whole lot of other stuff, kinda mysterious.

  152. Throughthesky on

    EQ – (Emotional Intelligence) This describes the ability, capacity, skill, to identify, to assess, and manage the emotions of oneself of other and groups. There has been much confusion regarding the exact meaning of this construct. The definitions are so varied and the field is growing so rapidly, that researchers are constantly amending even their own definitions of the construct.

  153. Ephraim Bet-David on

    Perhaps the infamous "EQ" is pointing to the EQuator. The men underground are the Chilean miners. Perhaps this is telling us that the other murals are soon to be fulfilled, a sort of timeclock. I wonder WHEN the murals, there, were painted. Anybody know?

    Also, when perusing the above comments, I noticed a lengthy conversation between "~b" and a bevy of those who practice and/or study magic. I felt compelled to post this gem for all parties involved to behold.

    I am not going to quote a million Scriptures, herein, however, there are about 3,000 prophecies in the Holy Bible. Approximately 2,000 of those prophecies have already come true. The remaining 1,000, or so, prophecies are yet to be fulfilled.

    As a matter of fact, the Messiah, (called Jesus, in Greek, and Yahshua, in Hebrew,) fulfilled over 300 prophecies, personally, Himself. I might add, NONE of the prophecies in the Bible have EVER been proven false.

    There are those who would try to dissuade believers of the Bible by claiming that there were books kept out, purposefully, from the Bible. However, a genuine study of this will show that all of the books that were withheld from the Bible were withheld because they taught something distinctly different from the whole of the Biblical Text, therefore, that claim holds no water. This is not a faith issue. This is scientific fact.

    There are those who would also, in an attempt to dissuade believers of the Bible of the unquestionable truth of that book, claim that most of the Bible that we have, today, has been changed and is not authentic. This could not be further from the truth.

    A simple philological study of the oldest and current Bible manuscripts will show that the Bible has not been changed more than 1% or 2% in the past 2,500 years, at minimum. For example, the Dead Sea Scrolls evidence that most, (if not all,) of the Old Testament of the Bible is, essentially, unchanged in over 2,500 years and the Old Syriac Texts, the Sinai Palimpset, and the Curetonian Gospels all confirm that the New Testament has remained, unchanged, since approximately 150AD. This is, again, a scientific fact, not a matter of faith, although, as a Believer, we believe this truth, in faith, as well.

    This is empirical evidence of the efficacy, that is, the efficiency of the Bible, that is, the Word of Yahweh. If you cannot recognize this truth and/or you refuse to search for the truth, then, your soul is in YOUR hands. (I can lead a horse to water but I can’t make him or her drink.) Govern yourself accordingly.

  154. hey ppl, ive been reading these articles on a dutch site, already i was diving in the DIA murals.

    i believe we all need to know this so i'll try to translate and simplify my reactions in english and post them in the right article of this series. starting here;

    Emotional Quaking (EQ) & Magnum Opus (Z)

    whats happening here is open-source cryptography!

    it's an emo-crypto-battle for your soul!

    this is an ode to George Ripley and his scroll;

    the woman in the box represents the 12th and the boy the 13th.

    the 12th is the last to complete the alchemical process for

    the elixir of life, the philosophers stone!

    take the light of the 12th to make the 13th.

    the 13th is the golden boy,

    the remaining nonform after the spirit is distilled,

    trans-forming in a Turnbull blue coat!!

    the key here is the boys coat, it's PRUSSIAN BLUE.

    other keywords are;

    synthetic Gold

    nuclear power plant






    Turnbull/Berlin/Paris/Egyptian blue

    if you understand this, EQ is also equality, but not equal as in humane

    and righteous. no, weight temperature and composition.

    the distilled human as an ingredient for the philosophers stone!

    thallium>gold>mercury…look up mercurius

    as we will find out again history repeats itself, so look at Mercurius the roman deity to understand this one, he is the 'dealer' here.


    its hard to understand without knowing the interpretations of the other murals and sculptures

    but reality already got into it, see whats happening to Japan.

    another famous artist is making murals in your countries streets, his name is Shepard Fairey;

    now look at this mural of the land of the rising sun and understand what it represents….

    read the inscriptions and look at the emblems, horrific ha!?

    now we all need to study and look at whats happening in our own streets and government, cuz they tell us everything what will happen…and dont forget the love.

    with faith and focus


    • somehow i can’t react to the other articles in this series, so ill go on with this one..

      look at the bavarian/welsch, blond haired/blue eyed golden boy.
      in the mural “children dream of peace” he holds a hammer…
      that hammer is a symbol for Lightning. it represents several things..
      this mural represents at first the non-proliferation contract, the disarming of (nuclear)
      weaponry…thats the peace-revolution.
      the second mural to make this one complete is the mural of the “nazi-ghost”…
      this mural represents the spirit of the holy-war coming out of this peace-revolution.
      to really understand this u need to study Hitler and Kennedy.

      the non-proliferation contract makes from plutonium weapons a fuel to keep running the
      nuclear powerplants, named MOX. understand!?

      now look at this, this is a european sculpture standing in front of the UN HQ…
      that is the same symbolic person and it represents this phrase:
      “let us beat swords into plowshares”

      now, try to understand the reality that hits us….
      the rainbow of the peace-‘revolution’ ( which is the speeding up of the non-proliferation-contract and the happenings with the N-African ‘revolution’)
      will trigger the nazi-ghost of holywar and nuclear holocaust.
      the two murals together can be written backwards and forwards cuz its a repeating of history.

      goodday C

  155. Has anybody taken the time to find the artists responsible for these works and asking them for an "interpretation"? I hear lots of ideas being tossed about but wouldn't it make sense to at least to find out from the horses mouth? Who are they? What other works have they been commissioned to do? Are they themselves involved in esoteric activities? What motivated them and were these depictions their own ideas or were they directed? No architect builds a building without a plan and likewise with regards to these murals.

  156. The black sun represents their black light…they get their "light"from darkness; this is how they control the masses and also shown by the puppet strings going down to the invisible box which explains that most people are contained without even knowing; The redheaded people in a circle represent passion (like sexual passion); it is an analogy (explaining that redheads have a real passion for the truth i.e "like the light of the sun". There is even a net under saying that redheads should be "catched" so they don't expose these workers of iniquity by shedding "light" on their works…

  157. whats on the white banner behind the net? seems like pictures of various ppl doing something but i can't tell…

  158. Uchiha Itachi on

    About the "Sleeping Giant" thing…I think it can be related to the gigantic bones found on India and other countries alike…gigantic bones which when put together form the same structure of a human being…its a huge mistery…so the image must be referring to those bones(or more clearly that gigantic beings existed before us?)…and it makes sense since the giant bones were found by diggers.

  159. In the first mural:
    The Black Sun [lucifer the black hole or fallen dim star/sun] standing before the real Sun of God [Jesus]?
    The Unholy seated in the place of the Holy.

    The smoke blows through the woman in the cube. Eventually producing a smoke screen just like the sun above? To blind her both spiritually and physically? Once the smoke rises just a bit higher and she won't even be able to see the Pyramid in front of her.

    Mural 2:
    The naked figures spinning around and forming the new sun look like some kind of orgy. The real sun [Christ] replaced by sensualism. The more turmoil a society is in the more sexual it gets as a form of escapism.
    The closer an animal is to death the more it feels the urge to reproduce.
    Not that humans are animals… but as long as they function from instinct and not from Christ-Mind… well…

    They're burning up because they're over-activateing their base chakras or kundalini and becoming human batteries. Their sexual energy that is born from frustration and repression is consumed as fuel by the unholy black sun that has now become the new sun.

  160. I don't know if this is true but someone I knew used to say that the Bank of America was owned by the Vatican or the unHoly Roman Catholic Church.
    Not to mention that the Swiss Guard is the one that guards the Vatican… as in Swiss Bank accounts…

    The initials of Bank of America spell out BOA… It's a very large snake that encircles the earth… The whole Banking System is like the Midgard Serpent?
    Even the symbol for Money is a SNAKE: $… at least the Dollar Sign… which includes more than just US dollars.

    Is it a coincidence that they have these initials? BOA

  161. i just read this article and i know this article was published in 2010. i got goosebumps when i saw the DIA portrays a militaristic figure wearing a gas mask and oppressing an endless line of sad people. Chemical warfare, military repression, dead babies and also a woman with veil on her head? have any of you read a news about chemical gas attack in syria? it killed many woman and children. do they really planned this well? or it just coincidence? i can't barely watch this video again but i want you to judge with what is happening with the world now.

  162. Could it be that EQ should also be read backwards?
    QE? It would def make sence then, especially haning in a central bank…

    QE is Quantitative easing, in short a central bank can enlarge the amount of money…
    You can find it on Wikipedia.

  163. Gerald R Reynolds on

    The funny thing is that most of the people that denigrate anything non christian they usually call them a cult or devil worship. The idiots will tell you an atheist is a devil worshiper and if there is anything an atheist does not do is worship deities of any form. So when it comesto Illuminatti etc. it is hard to trust their judgement on anything..especially when I am an Illuminatti and therefore know just what we do within our group and the last thing we do is worship nor provide worship of anything. We would rather one were an atheist as opposed to a worshiper of anything.

  164. PEACE. I feel that the sleeping giant is Stalin and the "EQ" beneath stands for "equalizor" which could imply communism. Also, the man with the gold shovel could mean the wealth in the hands of the few. The red cloth in the left pocket also seems to suggest communism.

  165. Rebelwithaclause on

    I agree and the men underground are the workers who did Fracking and tunnel boring, probably funded by Bank of America

  166. FYI: Left Panel contains 7 raised spades – According to

    "The 7 of Spades are powerful people and quick thinkers. Illness may come through worry over business – or a frustrated desire to live beyond their means. Their heritage of power is sometimes misdirected to a longing for magnificence until they learn to awaken to understand their greater wisdom.

    >Seven of Spade will work quietly, often secretly, and are usually willing to remain behind the scenes. For that reason they are valuable in secret service and their instinctive discernment of truth or falsehood. They have many friends but few loves. Generosity is a strong point and willingness to serve. In business they are honest and reliable and in love they are generally faithful."

    Then the man standing ontop with the golden spade probably represents the King of Spades:

    "If you were born on the first day of the year, the top card in the deck, the King of Spades is your personal symbol. It represents the ultimate in spiritual energy and wisdom. Perhaps recognition of this tremendous potential, and directing these forces into some constructive expression will be the greatest challenge of all. This is not likely to be helped by the fact that this power, spectacular as it can be, is apt to be of such a subtle, spiritual nature, that you may not even recognize it, or feel sufficiently motivated to develop it.

    Be it in some profound, noble role, or in some far less conspicuous expression of service, your true place is to be found in an expression of leadership. Quandaries as to what you want to do may leave you in a mire of mediocrity, drowning your frustrations in anything that will dull your awareness of your failures. Rise to the challenge, and you may bring inspired leadership as a teacher, counselor, healer, statesman or parent. Accept the opportunity spelled out symbolically in your card, and apply the essence of mastery, or personal discipline which it encompasses, and there should be no limit to what you can accomplish."
    – Arne Lein –

    The imagery may also represent that of the tarot (spades equating to swords).

  167. The interpretations are always personal , based on various factors , I am not here to enumerate…having said that, for me, EQ is "Emotional Quotient"…bye

  168. No fooling? wish I lived closer by id spray paint a stencil 25, for the cash they steal to close your account….
    I banked with the criminals at RBC because student loans went there….gosh…..I bought at walmart a soda and sandwich….47usd due to an overdraft….I raised hell, screaming, ripped up the card and threw it at miss problem solver, asking "my hands are tied," can I make the right freemasonic hand signs to get my money…..

    all that freemasonry stuff is a crock of s^&#

    toss these wankers like they did the knights Templars I say

  169. Why is it so hard to understand that the boy in the BofA mural Does NOT have his feet a 90 degree angle? If he had his feet at a ninety degree angle,one would be facing forward while the other completely to the left or to the right. Did you all fail geometry in elementary school? His feet are at approximately 45 degrees from each other.

  170. I believe this is the society we live in today, already, mission done….to whatever extent is balanced and fair under the eyes of all-knowing powers that be in a divine sense. I believe the end result is a society run under a few major corporations with less employment opportunities. Remember, these murals were painted by just average joe, and no person truly can know 'all'. All we can do is take it day to day in our own affairs.

  171. God I pray in tears of sorrow for humanity,l see the hidden messege in plain view day after day that agenda for world destruction of all but the elite, I pray to to the living God he who created all in the name of Lord Jesus Christ to forgive all who are ignorant to the evil that is manifesting before my eyes I believe in your word for you are my Lord and savior and ask that you forgive my transgressions for I m a sinnerand ask of thee please my Lord send me and all the holy ghost so we that the ignorant to come into our hearts so that we may know my Lord and savior Jesus Christ the true spirit of God I pray for a humanity open our hearts and recieve our repedence of our sins Amen.

  172. Given recent events with Ebola, the 2nd mural appears to make a little more sense. Those bodies in the air appear to be the souls of the people burning in the industrial smokestack in the background of the photo because the smoke is rising and they are part of it. The prominent man in the hazmat gear, in my opinion, shows that infectious disease – Ebola, EnterovirusD68 – both of which have been brought here from foreign nations, is part of their plan to get to the third communist utopia mural. The fact that the government is not interested in containing this disease outbreak and close borders proves that its all part of the overall plan. Heaven help us. God did say that unless He steps in, no one will survive. (Matt 24)

  173. I believe that the black sun could mean a solar eclipse, either by dust in the air or cosmic events. Biblical prophecy says that the sun will be darkened before the coming of the Day of the Lord, 42 months of which are the wrath of God during which God uses the devil (and his antichrist/false prophet) to force people to choose whom they will serve for eternity.

    Rev 6:12 And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood;

    17 For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?

    Rev 12:12 Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.

    Rev 13:5 And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months.
    6 And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven.

    Rev 17:17 For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled.

  174. the three pillars and the three buildings of 911? look like the bank might have paid for 911 to happens or least corporate spawncers!

  175. The first thing I notice about these murals is that they are very racist. Look at all the white people but only 1 black and no other races. The people who commissioned these are evidently planning on destroying all but the white race. I think races other than white should have something to say about this… and violently if you ask me. Nobody should get away with such blantant racism.

  176. Notice the hand gestures of the men and women pointing the boy. One pointing, one cupped just like the IRS building pillars. Coincidence, no way.

  177. Thank you for a great and terrifying article! Now is the time for all good people to reconnect with their inner Divinity. We are in for the fight of the Aeon.

  178. I can't help but think of the Hunger Games when reading some of the stuff you post..
    I watched D'Souza's movie America today…and so many things are spot on….and we do need to get this country back!!!
    Keep up the good work and remember…
    Nothing is as it seems, you can't see behind the scenes….

  179. to me the starving man in the middle fresco seems to resemble Jesus Christ, or maybe that's just how I looked at it.

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