The 2011 VMAs: A Celebration of Today’s Illuminati Music Industry


MTV’s Video Music Awards give out “Moon Man” trophies to music artists who have had success during the previous year. But there is much more to it than shiny trophies. The VMAs are a celebration of the Illuminati industry, of those who push its agenda and a promotional tool to put the next generation of “initiates” into the spotlight.

The MTV Video Music Awards are considered to be a few hours of performances and award acceptance speeches mixed with a few shocking moments to generate publicity. But there is more to the award ceremony than meets the eye. This mega-media-event, broadcast around the world, serves several important purposes: First, it is a major promotional tool that allows a select group of artists to gain exposure and recognition while ignoring others; second, it is an almost ritualistic celebration of the Illuminati industry, spotlighting the artists who have pushed its agenda over the previous year. My article on the 2009 VMAs described the ritualistic and symbolic elements that were found throughout the show –  there was a definite occult element underlying the show which reflected the mind state of the industry.

The 2011 VMAs arguably contained less occult ritualistic elements but was still a tightly choreographed show featuring a very select number of artists. These few actors took turns, performing, presenting and awarding each other Moon Men. In other words, the VMAs can be compared to a burlesque play where a few actors take turns appearing on stage to interact with each other. Sometimes, new characters are introduced while others are “killed off”.

Almost all of the artists who were recognized at the VMAs have been featured in some way on this site (Vigilant Citizen, in case you forgot), which is not surprising as most or all of their work pushes some part of the Illuminati agenda. The main actors of this show were: Lady Gaga (of course), Katy Perry, Jessie-J, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce and Odd Future. Wearing crazy, outlandish costumes and taking on theatrical personas, many of the artists featured in the award were not themselves, but playing characters. In fact, the show began with a long speech by Lady Gaga playing the role of a greasy Italian dude from the 1950s.

Let’s look at the several “acts” of the 2011 VMA’s and their meaning in the context of the Illuminati industry.

Artists and presenters emerged from a womb-like stage. They were literally coming out of the “belly of the beast”.

Lady Gaga’s Alter Persona

Gaga’s alter-ego opening the VMAs

The show opens with Gaga’s latest stunt: An male alter-ego that is a greasy annoying New York dude. Many of Gaga’s singles are accompanied with a complicated setup, including characters and theatrical props (remember the horns on her heads?) – all of which get exposure in several media outlets, including TV and magazines.

For her single Yoü And I, Gaga introduced Joe Calderone, a male alter-ego. Like most of Gaga’s other stunts, most people have absolutely no idea why Gaga did what she did. Why was she dressed as an Italian dude to sing a country-rock song? What’s the point? Like most of Gaga’s other stunts, the occult meaning of this whole charade can be found in the music video.

While the video could be the subject of an entire article, I can sum it up in two words: mind control. More specifically, it is about Monarch programming and the creation of alter-egos through the use of trauma-inducing techniques. In the video, Gaga is shown bound and tortured by a cruel handler who subjects her to the most common methods of mind control: Electroshock therapy, sexual abuse, the injection of drugs and physical torture. Yes, all of these things were portrayed in the video, along with the presence the several alter-egos created by the process. (If you have no idea what I am talking about, I suggest you read the article entitled Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control).

So Lady Gaga, who is already an alter-persona of Stefanie Germanotta (the real person) has another level of alter-ego that is pretty much the exact opposite of Lady Gaga: Male, dressed in drab clothes, not glamorous, not famous, etc. In Calderone’s long speech at the beginning of the VMAs, he says that Gaga left him and that he wants to be reunited with her. In occult terms, the union of opposites is called the “Alchemical Wedding” and is often represented by the figure of Baphomet – an androgynous, goat-headed deity. The title Yoü And I represent the union of the two opposite personas, Gaga and Joe Calderone, and, since they are  same person, this ultimately creates an androgynous entity, not unlike Baphomet. In Kabbalistic lore, androgyny is perceived as the highest level of occult achievement and the concept of duality is strongly instilled in mind control victims. In other words, the presence of Joe Calderone at the VMAs is a big tribute to mind control. A good way to start a show. But Gaga did not stop there. She committed to her persona and played the role of Calderone during the entire show.

Other Alter Personas

Lady Gaga’s alter-persona was heavily featured at the VMAs, but most of the artists that participated in the awards also incorporate alter personas in their acts.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is already a created alter persona, very different from the real person that is Onika Tanya Maraj. The odd, fashion-crazy, surgically-enhanced persona that is Minaj is a made-for-the-music-industry character created to become a star. On top of that alter, there is Roman Zolanski, a male alter-ego that appeared on some songs and that will probably be appearing a lot more in the future. Roman Zolanski is based on Roman Polanski, the movie producer who was charged with rape by use of drugs and lascivious act upon a child under 14 a few years ago.

During the 2011 VMAs, Nicki wore a Harajuku-inspired dress featuring mirror fragments (a Monarch symbol representing the fragmenting of personality). The combination of “kiddie” accessories with the sexiness of the dress’ cut (it’s “revealing” at the right places) is a little questionable.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry was also all over the VMAs this year as one of the “main characters”. Her latest single titled Last Friday Night introduced Katy’s fans to her odd alter-ego: a nerdy 13-year-old girl.

Katy Perry’s young alter-ego waking up next to some unknown perv.

To sum up the Last Friday Night video, the awkward teenager gets a make-over from Rebecca Black in order to look like a slut, then gets drunk and has a menage à trois. Great message to girls between ages 10-14!

One of the four outfits worn by Katy Perry featured a big bright cube on her head as if her thoughts were controlled by it. In fact, it reminded me of the icon you see when selecting a player to control in the Sims video game.
When this greenish shape hovers above a character, you can do pretty much whatever you want with it … a little like how the industry can do pretty much whatever it wants with its artists.

Odd Tributes

Every award show presents tributes to artists who had an outstanding career and to the greats who left this world. The VMAs are no exception but these tributes are becoming increasingly odd, insincere and dedicated to victims of the industry. In the article on the 2009 VMAs, I described the tribute to Michael Jackson, which was given by Madonna – someone who did not particularly “click” with MJ. The tribute also featured a weird video montage featuring him as a zombie  – which is a strange way to honor a dead person.

The 2011 VMAs presented two tributes that were just as weird as they were almost mocking the artist in question.

Britney Spears

Britney was the recipient of the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award for her “influence in music video and dance”… although she did not direct any of her videos nor devise any of her choreography … but let’s forget this detail. To emphasize the non-sincerity of the tribute and to make sure to point out that “this is all an act”, the award is presented by an imaginary character…Lady Gaga’s Joe Calderone. Britney, who is a true mind control victim of the industry and who has often shown the desire to leave it all, is given an award by an alter-ego that is basically a tribute to mind control.

The tribute then proceeds to show a mix of Britney’s most popular videos whose costumes and choreography were reproduced by young girls.

The tribute to Britney’s career was performed by young girls in skimpy outfits, reminding us of Britney’s “contribution” to the sexualization of children agenda.

When Britney finally gets on stage to accept her award, an awkward Joe Calderone pretty much steals the show.

Sorry, I’m not doing any transvestite lesbian kissing right now, but thanks for ruining my tribute.

Upon receiving her award, instead of giving an acceptance speech and “having her moment”, Britney proceeds to … present Beyonce and goes on with Joe Calderone about how great she is. I am pretty sure that was scripted and forced on her, making this probably the most insincere tribute of all time. Or was it?

Amy Winehouse

Having lost her life a few weeks prior to the awards, it was only fair that Amy Winehouse got a tribute to her great talent. However, as we have seen in the article entitled Amy Winehouse and Club 27, her death might have been the result of a ritual sacrifice and the tribute was at least as odd as the one for Michael Jackson, another great who died in strange circumstances.

Russell Brand was selected to honor Amy Winehouse. He alluded to her great voice but mostly talked about how she was a “crazy person, stinking of booze and wondering around London”. He then went on to say that she was afflicted with a “disease” that affect a lot of people, alcoholism and drug addiction, although no traces of drugs were found in Winehouse nor at her home at the time of the death. Why not focus on the human being and her accomplishments?

The tribute performance that followed featured several images of Amy Winehouse with one eye hidden, which, as readers of this site know, is a symbol of Illuminati control.

In the short video compilation before Bruno Mars’ performance, we see Winehouse hiding one eye, then another.
Image of Amy with one eye hidden during the performance
Another image of Amy with an eye that seems to have been photoshopped.

The First Couple and the Big Announcement

Like the last few VMA awards, Jay-Z and Beyonce were pretty much the King and Queen of the 2011 ceremonies. First, Jay-Z and Kanye West performed the first single from their album Watch the Throne. This album opens with a revealing song entitled No Church in the Wild (featuring Odd Future’s Frank Ocean). The song describes a philosophy that is akin to Aleister Crowley’s “Thelema”. Kanye West’s verse goes as follows:

Coke on her black skin made a stripe like a zebra
I call that jungle fever
You will not control the threesome
Just roll the weed up until I get me some
We formed a new religion
No sins as long as there’s permission
And deception is the only felony
So never f-ck nobody wit’out tellin’ me

Aleister Crowley’s motto was “Do What Thou Wilt” which seems to be echoed in Kanye saying “We formed a new religions/No sins as long as there’s permission”. Crowley was also known to have extensively experimented with drugs and sexuality in a spiritual context – another concept reflected by his verse. Later in the song,  Kanye appears to be referring to relations with a Monarch sex kitten.

Thinkin’ ’bout the girl in all-leopard
Who was rubbin’ the wood like Kiki Shepard
Two tattooes, one read “No Apologies”
The other said “Love is cursed by monogamy”

The song, therefore, echoes similar themes to those communicated by other pop stars (such as Gaga) – which is the philosophy that is promoted by the entertainment industry.
Going back to the show, MTV’s first couple had an important announcement to its loyal subjects: The first lady is with child and will be giving birth to the successor of the king.
Beyonce in front of the womb-like stage, holding her own womb.

Proving the importance of the couple, this silent pregnancy announcement shattered all previous Twitter records with more than 8,000 tweets a second. This kind of attention reminded me of Jay-Z’s almost prophetic verse in the song New Day, from the album that was released about two weeks prior to the VMAs:

Sorry junior, I already ruined ya
‘Cause you ain’t even alive, paparazzi pursuin’ ya
Sins of a father make yo’ life ten times harder
I just wanna take ya to a barber
Bondin’ on charters, all the shit that I never did
Teach ya good values, so you cherish it
Took me 26 years to find my path
My only job is cuttin’ the time in half
So at 13 we’ll have our first drink together

I would never speak ill of an unborn child. I will just hope that he/she won’t become another Willow Smith.

Presenting the New Generation

The VMAs do not only celebrate current Illuminati artists, it “initiates” a new generation of artists who will carry the Illuminati torch into the future. A couple of new acts stood out in the 2011 VMAs.

Jessie J, who already released a few symbolic music videos (see the article entitled Jessie J’s “Price Tag”: It’s Not About Money, It’s About Mind Control), enjoyed great exposure during that night by occupying the Throne, where she performed about a dozen times.

Jessie J sat on the Throne during the VMAs as a “new initiate”.

In Conclusion

The VMAs are not simply a show designed to give out awards. They define who’s hot and who’s not. They celebrate in a ritualistic matter the type of “creativity” that is appreciated by the industry – superficial shock value. As we have seen in this article, almost all of the artists who obtained exposure during the VMAs have released albums and videos that were directly in line with the Illuminati agenda which includes: the promotion of mind control, self-destruction, materialism, superficiality, the sexualization of children and the demeaning of religions. Pushing these kinds of messages through lyrics and symbols is a requirement to be in the “good graces” of the industry – which is a giant, controlling machine, that works with codes and rituals and that heavily calculates and filters the messages sent to the masses.

Although many of the artists featured on the show are “eccentric” and “original”, the core message remains the same and is remarkably consistent, regardless of the musical genre. Aspiring artists who dream to obtain this level of celebrity, understand that this is the “mold to fit” in order to obtain success. The VMAs are an artificial creation that artificially promotes artists to create artificial hype. It is a fake show, filled with fake personas who sing with fake voices, wearing fake wigs and cracking fake smiles, giving fake tributes to other fakes who have been fake longer than them. Are there still real, authentic artists who sing from the heart and do not push “industry-approved” messages? Yes, but you won’t find them watching the VMAs. So turn off that TV and see what the real world has to offer.


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Did anyone catch the pentagram on The arches while Lil' Wayne was performing? Go back to and take a look at his performance. The pentagram can clearly be seen in the upper-right corner on the arches. One can see this in the first few seconds, so it won't take forever to find it. Go see it! Now! These people are literally being reborn as Luciferians!

i watched the video 'yonkers', wudnt advise any1 else to watch it, its quite weird

i see a schizophrenic man that has seems to have several diff personas n had a troubled childhood, he has something against his mom too

in the second verse i think, he said he'd stab bruno mars in his esophagus,

i sure thats a threat to mr bruno

i just hope these ppl, every1 of them finds happiness

oh n i also forgot, his album is available on a website called 'odd future'

need i say more?

The "fake" rant is epic, I completely agree. It's only a matter of time for Britney unfortunately and it's a dang shame what they did to Amy and gave her that little raggedy tribute, Bruno did well though.. I wonder what the future holds for him… Hopefully he leaves before he has to do anything too compromising….

Art as expression, not as market campaigns… Music can be a powerful tool. When combined with the added visual element of a music video it can greatly effect emotions and the basic ways of thinking of it's listeners on a conscious and/or subconscious level. (Music of the vma's are prime examples of music that attempts to keep it's listeners from progressing mentally and physically by keeping said listener's mind clouded with petty & disturbing distractions, which sadly can greatly impact the psyche of defenseless children & teens). -THANKFULLY enlightened, free thinking bands exist and are naturally attracting more youth despite their near total lack of media attention and thrive in stark contrast to the mtv top 40 monster, although they'd never tell you that. Music and other forms of expression of light come from the creative soul impart GOOD & TRUTHFUL concepts easily, naturally, and pleasurably while giving hope &… Read more »

this website is just first step to knowledge. I don't believe symbols can really affect us… just think why is it so exposed now? It wont affect us much if we don't absorb the messages. Just like the britney spears tribute dance portrays.

Even Jesus life stories were full of symbols, but its evident that we should think what his message was. Washing feet of disciples = humility. Messages like forgiveness, sharing, healing and accepting others. He never shun criminals, prostitutes etc. If we hate people and judge them then we are just the ones fulfilling the "conspiracies" because this will surely create chaos and divide us further, which i take it is the "plan"…. Study the life of christ …….being in the perspective of love and forgiveness is what we must practice. But its good to be aware of the messages…. thanks for this website

the very last question in the conclusion can be answered.. ADELE! she is the best singer with apparently no sign of illuminati promotion of any sort. let me repeat that she is the BEST out of all those ppl voice wise, with some very very good songs that shoulda been recognized for an award… she didnt get not 1 reward. not 1! but then again the moon man is the wrong award to give to her anyway.

And Katy Perry's Sim was a sad/melancholy Sim… My daughter pointed that out to me immediately.

@Inquiring mind

"Muslims worship the Kaaba stone (another black cube) in Mecca."

Judging from a statement like this, your mind is anything BUT inquiring. Sorry for being so blunt, but a statement like this, especially in this day and age, is pure ignorance. Regardless of your personal belief, it is not "righteous" to spread misinformation; perhaps it would enrich your mind if you actually read about the story of Kaaba; coupled with the entirety of Qur'an, Muslims are the last people on Earth to be accused of worshiping anyone and anything other than God the Creator of all things. In fact, it is not even an option to consider; of course, only for those who actually know that of which they speak.

Btw me and my bf saw some of the show and we noticed all the freakin pyramids right away and he doesnt go to this site or anything so they pretty much put their agenda right out in the open

About Britney me her video I wanna go seems a lot like her saying she wants to leave the music business but also feels guilty bc it gave her everything-money,fame,business opportunities- notice the lyrics "shame on me to need release-. The video also shows how she cant trust anyone bc at the end the guy who appears to want to help her get away ends up being like the ppl she has been running from (some guys with glowing red eyes) i dont have to tell any of you how demonic glowing red eyes are.

" The VMAs are an artificial creation that artificially promotes artists to create artificial hype. It is a fake show, filled with fake personas who sing with fake voices, wearing fake wigs and cracking fake smiles, giving fake tributes to other fakes who have been fake longer than them. " :

This is actually so true and a FACT. Mainstream music in general is all a bunch of gigantic crap. It's all different versions of the same fake, lame CRAP. There is simply no other way around it. It's terrible. So incredibly uninspiring. A bad joke.

(No, I am not some "music snob". Anyone with two functioning ears and eyes can see and hear how almost 100% of mainstream music is bad.)

let not forget how sex negative it seems everyone here is…… god created sex (and two harmonal centres in the genitals, one for pleasure and one for reproduction……hell it even passes waste and centers the body for goddesses sake) then some where along the line it became evil? is that jealously me hears? impotence? peversion? none of these come out of sex positive thinking……infact the church itself is one of the biggest instigators of these social evils, not to mention the number one reason we have an increasing number of closeted homosexuals. start using yr. thinker for solving the problem in society itself not pointing fingers at the sicknesses and disease that result from said probelms. yeeshua…

All i can say is the whole Jay-Z crappy lyrics scares me! Speaking a curse over your own child that isn't even out of his mothers womb yet is wicked! To give your child up as a ritual sacrifice is the CRAZIEST most PSYCHOISH thing you can do! Fame, fortune, and money isn't worth it!

There was a lot though that you did not include (Personally, I think you got too much hype and I'm sure you were asked to tone it down on Ash Wednesday.) If you watched Lady Gaga's performance you can see how when she mentions "The three men I would service for…Father, Nebraska, and Jesus Christ." and sucks the bottle of beer when she mentions Christ and lets a small drip come out as if it was a penis. Then the mentioning of "FACE" and what she does with her fingers making a V and licking them. Also, the occult wardrobe of all red, all black, semi-red, semi-black, and cartoon/alien like character styles throughout the night, which is worn during sacrifices. Anubis was frequently seen during the night. On the red carpet you can now get a glimpse of the ********, ****, royalty, and the like who sit at these events… Read more »

Wait a minute, what are you on about? what the colour white has to do with the VMAs? Are you trying to put us off having a colour preference? elaborate plz

"The VMAs are an artificial creation that artificially promotes artists to create artificial hype. It is a fake show, filled with fake personas who sing with fake voices, wearing fake wigs and cracking fake smiles, giving fake tributes to other fakes who have been fake longer than them."

And that is why I have stopped wasting hours of my life that I can't be back on any of these 'award' shows…the oscars, emmys, grammys…whatever. Now that I see how bogus they are, I can't get into them, but I hear about them because everyone around me watches them. So I come here to get what 'really' happened. You never fail! Great post!

Discovered a good way for the Vigilant community to spread awaress.

Just go to the Wiki pages for these "stars".

Beyonce :
Katy Perry :
Natalia Kills :
Please rate each wiki article 1s on all counts. The music industry has exploited Wikipedia and has turned these pages into adverts for the artists.BUT WE CAN FIGHT BACK! Please tell Wikipedia what you think of wiki articles with no real info in them!

I just have one question – who is behind all this? Satan?

I really really enjoyed reading this article VC, very well done. I didn't even watch the show, only saw things people posted on YouTube that were in the show. One of the things that I watched was when Justin Bieber was talking with his gf Selena Gomez about his choice of clothing and the 'snake' in his back pocket (not a real snake just a prop…but why does he have it?). That scene seemed very strange and it reminded me of Adam and Eve (I'm sure you know that story very well – Eve listens to the snake which is Satan, then eats the apple, then gives Adam and try before God punishes them for disobeying Him). Selena seemed very interested in Justin's snake, asking what his name was and everything, and even asked who he was excited to see perform: The Throne (Jay-Z and Kanye West), but then Selena… Read more »

the gays have no "side", not God nor the Devil. we are battling this all alone and we will prevail. we will have our freedom, we will have our dignity, and there will be justice.

I am just now watching the award show after reading this write up and I KNEW the moment Lady Gaga stood up on that piano that she was going to bust her ass LOL! She is ALWAYS falling on stage, it cracks me up! Adele looked all worried hahaha at least the show is good for some laughs as long as you know whats up, don't get sucked in, and don't take it seriously…cause its so not serious…it really has to be the least serious thing in life imo. On the other hand, I'm dreading the Amy Winehouse "tribute" from what I read here. I love her so much and it makes me sick that she doesn't get any respect for being such a musical genius. Its almost as if they were making an example of her with the one eye symbolism etc. Like they were bragging or shoving it… Read more »

There is no gene that makes you gay (which is the only way they could be born as such). A lot of money and research went into finding it…but it hasn't been found yet. Could it maybe be because it does not exist?

If so, the only explanation left is the influence of the environment. (I don't have the time or the will to explain the science)

Do you really think it's a coincidence that there are so many gay people in the industry?

Seems to me like everybody has an opinion on the matter without knowing a thing about it.

I think I'm going to stop looking at the comment section…it makes me like this site a lot less

you forgot to mention the dude who was wearing the tye died kitten shirt, (tripping kittens everywhere?)

OH yeah, one more thing… I noticed that there were two very formal, kinda disciplinary men on either side of Britney.. 'handling' her no doubt.

Yep, yep 'Nuff said!' What else can be said after that… but of course it was very weird… Minaj's outfit and Katy Perry's 'Cheesehead?!' On top of a totally fake looking 50's outfit.. the death of the innocent housewife, welcome to 'Stepford Wife' but not really. And Russell Brand is truly spiritual, only he was probably directed to do the tribute like that, 'cause everybody thought of Amy as such a 'Crackhead' I know that he was probably skewed that way to say that. He is one that at least 'got away' from the dark scepter of addiction though.. good for him! Although I disagree with how he presented her tribute, I understand why he did it. Here is a little insight into what 'Music' really is…. read this on a site: "Spiritual worship under the Law and in Christianity must be "in spirit" and "in truth." National animal sacrifices… Read more »
The Illuminati serpent cult is obsessed with cubes, particularly black cubes which are often associated with Saturn ("Satan"/"Kronos"). In fact orthodox Jews wear a black cube upon their heads called a 'tefellin'. Muslims worship the Kaaba stone (another black cube) in Mecca. British royals sit upon a cube (stone of scone) during their coronations. The Illuminati is obsessed with symbology and cryptic allusions pertaining to Saturn-as we can see with Katy Perry's wardrobe at the VMA's. Of course there could be other meanings and other interpretations of this imagery, but the symbology of Saturn is one that immediately popped into my mind. It's also interesting to note the creepy black musical box from the "Hell raiser" movies. Many researchers of the ringed planet have put forth the very valid idea that Saturn may be some sort of inter-dimensional portal (whats with the Hexagon at the top of the planet?), ironically… Read more »

Wow! Great comment Inquiring Mind!

why is mtv advertising on your site

more to the point why are you letting them

As he has said before once a while ago.. he can't control what is advertised, it just happens. The 'ads' 'see' what is on the page and tailor the ads according to that.

wow im glad a new video is up and that it is about the Vma's. i think you covered all the big things that happen at the vma's but i think you missed some of the small things that happened. like: the constant referense to nirvana( in promos and the actuall show), chris brown's performance, jessie j's similarity to lady gaga(bedazzled and with crutches at the 2009), jonah hill's alter ego moment with nicki minaj, the vma promos and their reference to illuminati artist. those thing were not the most noteable things about the vma's but i think they added to the rituals of the vmas. but im soo glad this video is up i needed this video today

So glad my eyes are starting to open! I was pleased that I was able to find and decipher some of the things going on. I watched parts of the VMAs online just to see if I could identify any symbols.

Also, VC mentioned the You and I video, Gaga's new track. When I first watched that, I noticed all the things VC mentioned 😀 I'm so glad that my eyes are opening and I'm using VC's articles less to give me answers. I still love coming here and reading up on everything but I'm doing a lot of the observations on my own now. Thanks for opening my eyes VC!!!

JayZ watch his space because Tylor the Creator is coming! It's going to be an ugly battle because they all think they are gods: a to the z and creator. There's just one God and only one son, Jesus.

everyone watch this movie its called (hanna) just check it out i dont need to talk about it every one check the wiki page here
the trailer

vc analyze the movie it has sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much in it just watch it

Vigilant, have you checked out Dev yet?

what about when the biebs thanked both Jesus and God. I thought that was refreshing. The VMA bigwigs either haven't gotten to him yet or don't want to

I've been WAITING for you to post something on the VMAs. The whole time i watched i looked for occult symbolism. Thanks for pointing more out that i didn't see!

Walter the Tyler – Tyler the Creator? Look up Walter the Tyler and the peasants rebellion. Nights Templar rising. Better open your eye(s) s'more.

search: william+cooper+mystery+babylon+transcript

2 Things #1 On the Atheism discussion, let's define atheism: Atheism n. disbelief in the existence of God or gods Atheist n. a person who denies or disbelieves the existence of a supreme being or beings. My question, as always in regards to this doctrine is, if you don't believe in God why waste time blaspheming an entity that allegedly doesn't exist? I think atheism is an overly misused word considering that many self-proclaimed atheist express thoughts and ideas that would be more aptly defined as MISOTHEISM -which is the hatred of God. #2 On the assumption that "God created homosexuality" God created humans and when he did he gave them free will. Those of you who don't identify with the aforementioned doctrines and actually believe in God know that when he created us he didn't create puppets or androids or MK Ultra Mind Slaves for that matter, he gave… Read more »

"It is a fake show, filled with fake personas who sing with fake voices, wearing fake wigs and cracking fake smiles, giving fake tributes to other fakes who have been fake longer than them"

Right there is a 5 star quote that needs to be on a tshirt.

=) love you vc

There were also one-eyes and pyramids in the background of Chris Brown's performance…

symbolism and mind control, chip included in … scott pilgrim vs the world

I was waiting for VC to review the VMAs and I'm really surpised nothing was mentioned about the Chris Brown performance with him being portrayed as god hanging from the cross up in the air

The article was interesting, but I do have to say I dig the new page layout.

Well, the mobile screen view.

Please watch the program from 4:23-4:35 and tell me if you also see the obvious semenancy.

Duh, a p******e is disgusting because he forces a child to have sex with him. The children is not deciding or even doesn't know what he is doing. He is being abused.

Being gay is something you identify with since you are a kid. And assuming that preference is an adult, conscious decision, because, like a straight person, everyone has the right to be happy. So if I decide to share my life, love with someone of my same sex, it doesn´t mean I am abusing someone, cuz we both agree.

Is it a sin? perhaps. But, there is NOT one who do not commit lots of sins in so many ways.

so do not even compare both cases.

exactly..finally someone with common sense!!

To all people condeming gay sexual orientation, read your Bible!!!

Jesus said he was and still is here to save sinners… and there is not ONE just except for Jesus.

You preach being gay is a sin and all that crap, and surely more than one of you makes worst things, and one of them being puffed up with pride and haughty, it seems.

If you are free of sin, throw the first stone, ye vipers.

Who do you think you are to judge thousands because you cannot understand a preference people is born with and because are different to what you believe?


We are all sinners and is only through Him we can be saved, not out of deeds (or judging others)

seriously people whats so bad about being atheist? I'm so sick of people preching on this website saying "your gonna go to hell blah blah blah." i don't mean to sound ignorant, but honestly just please stop. I have a question for you: How did God just appear? Hmmm? I know this has nothing to do with the VMAs, it just caught my eye that people are basically saying that atheists are undesirables.

notice how ONLY during the beyonce performance where she announces her being with child, all fans in the pit are all wearing white? anyone? anyone?

Great work VC. I just wanted to mention that I saw STRFKR play at the Bluebird Theater (in Denver) a few nights ago and was dismayed- but not surprised- to see three florescent pyramids included in the stage lighting, pulsing along with the music. It was quite a hypnotizing atmosphere. Just another sign that this symbolism has spread throughout the more grassroots-indie music culture as well. They are either showing their true allegiances to the higher-ups, or just using with a well-recognized marketing tool. Either way, it seems our culture is fully saturated at every level. Everyone's being led in the same direction. Stay vigilant and stand up. Swim against the tide, as hard as you can. Your minds and souls depend on it. Don't forget we were created to give glory to YHWH, the creator of everything that is. This generation is very significant. If you are alive today,… Read more »

thank you so much.. as the first comment said you expressed what i felt as just being strange. i didnt see blatant symbolism but all the things i thought were weird were just that: blatant symbolism..

tyler the creator is an interesting case because he didnt have illuminati in his ear, he just saw what the music industry was about, and fit the mold. f**k the mainstream

Something I noticed was Katy Perry's acceptance speech for the song ET feat. Kanye West. When she and Kanye arrived on stage, she said something along the lines of 'Here's where you are supposed to interupt me'. Sounds very reminiscent of Taylor Swift at the 2009 VMAs. It is interesting because this was Katy's first VMA (or her 'initiation'). Then going further, look at the lyrics to the song ET: You're so hypnotizing Could you be the devil? Could you be an angel? Your touch magnetizing Feels like I'm floating, leaves my body glowing. … You're from a whole other world A different dimension You open my eyes And I'm ready to go, lead me into the light … Kiss me, Ki-ki-kiss me Infect me with your love And fill me with your poison Take me, Ta-ta-take me Wanna be a victim Ready for abduction I think the words speak… Read more »

Ever since i started reading articles on this site, my entire view on life has changed. Thanks Vigilant Citizen 🙂

There were several other symbols that I was surprised to see VC pass up in this article. 1) The VMAs opened with a hypnotic pyramid spiral behind the head of the comedian who was telling less than funny jokes. It was ridiculous to look at. Illuminati hypnotism to start it all off right, anyone? 2) Jessie J or whatever her name is was sitting on a white throne, and towards the end they bathed her (and the whole place) in red light. The colors of initiation, right? Just like Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift a few years back….3 days out from the VMAs and now she has suddenly been nominated for all sorts of awards at other events. 3) The triangles they used (pyramids) were everywhere, in-between sets, nominees, etc. I got really tired of seeing them flash subliminally. Anyway, those were just a few, big symbols that I thought… Read more »