Bilderberg 2014 : Full List of Official Attendees



The 2014 Bilderberg meeting is taking place at the Marriott Hotel in Copenhagen. As usual, the meeting gathers some of the world’s most powerful people from the financial, political and business worlds, not to mention representatives of mass media and elite think tanks. As usual, the result of the discussions are completely secret.

Official items on the agenda include “The future of democracy and the middle-class trap”, “The new architecture of the Middle East” and the major geopolitical crisis of the moment: “Ukraine”. Several topics that are less PR-friendly will evidently be discussed such as the evolution of a globalized world order.

As David Rockefeller, a Bilderberg veteran stated in his memoirs:

“Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure — one world, if you will. If that is the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”
– David Rockefeller, “Memoirs”

Here’s the list of guests ranked by country.


Bronner, Oscar – Publisher, Der STANDARD Verlagsgesellschaft m.b.H.

Rudolf Scholten – CEO, Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG



Etienne Davignon – Minister of State

Thomas Leysen – Chairman of the Board of Directors, KBC Group



W. Edmund Clark – Group President and CEO, TD Bank Group

Brian Ferguson – President and CEO, Cenovus Energy Inc.

Heather Munroe-Blum – Professor of Medicine and Principal (President) Emerita, McGill University

Jason T. Kenney – Minister of Employment and Social Development

Stephen S. Poloz – Governor, Bank of Canada

Heather M. Reisman – Chair and CEO, Indigo Books & Music Inc.



CHN Huang, Yiping Professor of Economics, National School of Development, Peking University

CHN Liu, He Minister, Office of the Central Leading Group on Financial and Economic Affairs



Flemming Besenbacher Chairman, The Carlsberg Group

Søren-Peter Olesen – Professor; Member of the Board of Directors, The Carlsberg Foundation

Henrik Topsøe – Chairman, Haldor Topsøe A/S

Steffen Kragh – President and CEO, Egmont

Jørgen Huno Rasmussen –  Chairman of the Board of Trustees, The Lundbeck Foundation

Ulrik Federspiel – Executive Vice President, Haldor Topsøe A/S



Matti Alahuhta – Member of the Board, KONE; Chairman, Aalto University Foundation

Matti Apunen – Director, Finnish Business and Policy Forum EVA

Henrik Ehrnrooth – Chairman, Caverion Corporation, Otava and Pöyry PLC

Jorma Ollila – Chairman, Royal Dutch Shell, plc; Chairman, Outokumpu Plc

Risto K. Siilasmaa – Chairman of the Board of Directors and Interim CEO, Nokia Corporation

Kari Stadigh – President and CEO, Sampo plc

Björn Wahlroos – Chairman, Sampo plc



Castries, Henri de Chairman and CEO, AXA Group

François Baroin – Member of Parliament (UMP); Mayor of Troyes

Nicolas Baverez – Partner, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP

Pierre-André de Chalendar – Chairman and CEO, Saint-Gobain

Fleur Pellerin – State Secretary for Foreign Trade

Natalie Nougayrède – Director and Executive Editor, Le Monde

Emmanuel Macron -Deputy Secretary General of the Presidency



Paul M. Achleitner – Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Deutsche Bank AG

Josef Ackermann – Former CEO, Deutsche Bank AG

Jörg Asmussen – State Secretary of Labour and Social Affairs

Mathias Döpfner – CEO, Axel Springer SE

Thomas Enders CEO, Airbus Group

Norbert Röttgen – Chairman, Foreign Affairs Committee, German Bundestag



George Zanias – Chairman of the Board, National Bank of Greece

Alexandra Mitsotaki – Chair, ActionAid Hellas

Loukas Tsoukalis – President, Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy



Gordon Bajnai –  Former Prime Minister; Party Leader, Together 2014



Franco Bernabè – Chairman, FB Group SRL

John Elkann – Chairman, Fiat S.p.A.

Mario Monti – Senator-for-life; President, Bocconi University

Monica Maggioni – Editor-in-Chief, Rainews24, RAI TV



Philip M. Breedlove – Supreme Allied Commander Europe

Benoît Coeuré – Member of the Executive Board, European Central Bank

Christine Lagarde – Managing Director, International Monetary Fund

Anders Fogh Rasmussen – Secretary General, NATO

Ahmet Üzümcü – Director-General, Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons

Viviane Reding – Vice President and Commissioner for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship, European Commission



Simon Coveney – Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine

Peter D. Sutherland – Chairman, Goldman Sachs International; UN Special Representative for Migration



Victor Halberstadt Professor of Economics, Leiden University

Ben van Beurden –  CEO, Royal Dutch Shell plc

Paul J. Scheffer – Author; Professor of European Studies, Tilburg University

Edith Schippers – Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport

Gerrit Zalm – Chairman of the Managing Board, ABN-AMRO Bank N.V.

H.R.H. Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands



Svein Richard Brandtzæg – President and CEO, Norsk Hydro ASA

Leif O. Høegh – Chairman, Höegh Autoliners AS

Westye Høegh – Senior Advisor, Höegh Autoliners AS

Eivind Reiten – Chairman, Klaveness Marine Holding AS

Christian Rynning-Tønnesen – President and CEO, Statkraft AS

Jens Ulltveit-Moe – Founder and CEO, Umoe AS



Francisco Pinto Balsemão – Chairman, Impresa SGPS

Paulo Macedo – Minister of Health

Inês de Medeiros – Member of Parliament, Socialist Party



García-Margallo, José Manuel Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation

Juan María Nin Génova – Deputy Chairman and CEO, CaixaBank

H.M. the Queen of Spain

Juan Luis Cebrián – Executive Chairman, Grupo PRISA


Carl Bildt – Minister for Foreign Affairs

Buskhe, Håkan President and CEO, Saab AB

Wallenberg, Jacob Chairman, Investor AB

Wallenberg, Marcus Chairman of the Board of Directors, Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB

Lifvendahl, Tove Political Editor in Chief, Svenska Dagbladet

Svanberg, Carl-Henric Chairman, Volvo AB and BP plc



Kudelski, André Chairman and CEO, Kudelski Group

Vasella, Daniel L. Honorary Chairman, Novartis International



Göle, Nilüfer Professor of Sociology, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales

Koç, Mustafa Chairman, Koç Holding A.S.

Çandar, Cengiz Senior Columnist, Al Monitor and Radikal

Oran, Umut Deputy Chairman, Republican People’s Party (CHP)

Taftalı, A. Ümit Member of the Board, Suna and Inan Kiraç Foundation



Marcus Agius – Non-Executive Chairman, PA Consulting Group

Helen Alexander – Chairman, UBM plc

Edward M. Balls – Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer

Cowper-Coles, Sherard Senior Adviser to the Group Chairman and Group CEO, HSBC Holdings plc

Dudley, Robert Group Chief Executive, BP plc

Mandelson, Peter Chairman, Global Counsel LLP

Micklethwait, John Editor-in-Chief, The Economist

Kerr, John Deputy Chairman, Scottish Power

Greening, Justine Secretary of State for International Development

Flint, Douglas J. Group Chairman, HSBC Holdings plcNLD Samsom, Diederik M. Parliamentary Leader PvdA (Labour Party)

Sawers, John Chief, Secret Intelligence Service

Osborne, George Chancellor of the Exchequer

Wolf, Martin H. Chief Economics Commentator, The Financial Times



Keith B. Alexander – Former Commander, U.S. Cyber Command; Former Director, National Security Agency

Roger C. Altman – Executive Chairman, Evercore

Nicolas Berggruen – Chairman, Berggruen Institute on Governance

Robert B. Zoellick – Chairman, Board of International Advisors, The Goldman Sachs Group

Li, Cheng Director, John L.Thornton China Center,The Brookings Institution

Greenberg, Evan G. Chairman and CEO, ACE Group

Feldstein, Martin S. Professor of Economics, Harvard University; President Emeritus, NBER

Jackson, Shirley Ann President, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Jacobs, Kenneth M. Chairman and CEO, Lazard

Johnson, James A. Chairman, Johnson Capital Partners

Karp, Alex CEO, Palantir Technologies

Katz, Bruce J. Vice President and Co-Director, Metropolitan Policy Program, The Brookings Institution

Kravis, Henry R. Co-Chairman and Co-CEO, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.

Kravis, Marie-Josée Senior Fellow and Vice Chair, Hudson Institute

Schmidt, Eric E. Executive Chairman, Google Inc.

Shih, Clara CEO and Founder, Hearsay Social

Kissinger, Henry A. Chairman, Kissinger Associates, Inc.

Kleinfeld, Klaus Chairman and CEO, Alcoa

Donilon, Thomas E. Senior Partner, O’Melveny and Myers; Former U.S. National Security Advisor

Gfoeller, Michael Independent Consultant

Rubin, Robert E. Co-Chair, Council on Foreign Relations; Former Secretary of the Treasury

Rumer, Eugene Senior Associate and Director, Russia and Eurasia Program, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

McAfee, Andrew Principal Research Scientist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Mundie, Craig J. Senior Advisor to the CEO, Microsoft Corporation

Murray, Charles A. W.H. Brady Scholar, American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research

Hockfield, Susan President Emerita, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Hoffman, Reid Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, LinkedIn

Perle, Richard N. Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute

Petraeus, David H. Chairman, KKR Global Institute

Reed, Kasim Mayor of Atlanta

Thiel, Peter A. President, Thiel Capital

Summers, Lawrence H. Charles W. Eliot University Professor, Harvard University

Spence, A. Michael Professor of Economics, New York University

Warsh, Kevin M. Distinguished Visiting Fellow and Lecturer, Stanford University

Wolfensohn, James D. Chairman and CEO, Wolfensohn and Company


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you did not put Samsom, Diederik M. Parliamentary Leader PvdA (Labour Party) under the Netherlands (NLD)


If we see the history of essay writing we won’t see any big number of essay writers present.

Bilderberg, scones, tea? Is this a senior citizens weekend retrieve?

When did ebola outbreak? Where was Bill, the lover of vaccines? Whatever they do in secret is against God the almighty and Jesus never did anything in secret. All works of evil will be exposed and Bilderberg is no exception.

Thirld world countries dont belong in the elites future. Bill said it, Obama said it and many others amongst their ranks.

What is kinda funny about people that think this is one big conspiracy is that we expose them countlessly yet like with the Freemasons only reply: No we dont worship Lucifer.

No one from Africa???? Interesting…

8-6-2014 at 500PM. Apparently Prince Bernhard was given a rank in the SS roughly equivalent to a Colonel or Lt. Colonel as a courtesy to the royalty of an adjacent nation. I won't go into specifics with the German language and dialects, but the rank appears to have been pretty high up there. More political influence peddling by AH. Gregg.

Something interesting just got pointed out to me… The mayor of Atlanta is randomly on this list and now the Ebola patients are being transferred there. Granted that's where the CDC is, it a little odd still.

This looks like a list of upcoming guests on Charlie Rose.

Whatever happened to the Logan act?? Anyone??

The actual meeting is not composed of a majority of those members. The actual meeting was held with closed doors and for the chosen. Then, God knows what happened behind those doors.

The powers that be can only go so far before the people rise. History shows us that. The French revolution . The fall of Czars in Russia etc. I don't worry because Jesus is coming soon.

Wow, New York University and Rensselaer Polytechnic?! I am so disappointed…I couldn't help but observe the college affiliations on here. Harvard, Stanford, McGill, MIT, I expected. NYU and Rensselaer? Not so much. Well, I hope they enjoy my black list, because none of my kids will ever go there! Another observation: all of the connections they have to the NSA seem to be dwindling, as the people noted for working with the NSA are all FORMER employees…are they losing power on that front? Or are the current employees in those positions puppets for their agenda? I would hope or like to think that they are losing power…

I expected no one from Russia would be there, but what about Japan? There are a lot of countries missing that should be there.

I read that Prince Bernard of the Netherlands had a part in creating the Bilderbergs. He also may have had a link to the Nazis, although he denied it.

Re: Las Vegas Shooting and TM hit by walmart truck. Sorry I cannot find the page regarding this or similar issue so just mish mash of general topics here… I wonder if this has some connection to Walmart truck hitting Tracy Morgan’s vehicle? When you look up in youtube “walmart occult shootings” at least a few pages of this stuff comes of whether related or not. There is one of CCTV live footage of a shooting 4 years ago so it makes me wonder why they don’t show that for this most recent one? Kind of like Paul Walker’s lack of CCTV footage also. Also interesting is the book section at walmart – its filled with demonic and satanic style books for tweens and teens or basically kids books section. I find the same at my local store. here’s a guy showing a few minutes of it.… Read more »

F'd up in so many ways I don't know where to start

Heather Reisman = indigo books ! Weird!!! why on earth is she on the list? their stocks keep falling and I guess she needs help ;/

There is no telling what they are doing during these meetings. I just want to also comment about the article on true detective about that spiral, well in MTV's series Teen Wolf they use almost the same spiral. Why would these two completely different shows use the same symbol. Just a thought.

Non-white people don't exist in the agenda. They want to depopulate the world. Of course because 80% of the world is non-white. While taking the resources, it's at the end a eugenics agenda…besides communism, socialism and democracy equals dictatorship. The world is huge enough to take people. It's not overpopulated at all!!! It's just that people are being crammed into big cities and many open land are being brought all over the world by you know who…you have to remember that they're very close to the Roman Catholic Church… The Vatican…china is communist but they have restrictions on birth as well as kill many Chinese as well as non-white person for their organs. Also, I was wondering whether VC could look into movie 'The Giver' from a book by Lois Lark, and wondered whether he can give an analysis…also you guys should check out the stuff that William Cooper done,… Read more »

The Roman Catholic Church is pro-life and has argued against the eugenics movement since its advent with Darwinism. The RCC has also been selling off land it owns. The RCC maybe be many things, but racist, not really. The RCC wants converts of every race.

The term white doesn't mean anything. The blended "colors" of the elite pawns are worldwide.

Sung to the tune of "Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen"–

It's a strange, very strange Copenhagen
Where elites come to meet
and talk all day
about how to make peasants pay
For their lives so exceeding sweet ohhhhhh. . .

When you hear Apple bashing in the news, just notice and remember that there is always a representative from Microsoft at these things– usually Bill Gates–but another Microsoft guy this year.

The fallen angels

Bilderberger, Trilateral Commission, CFR, Round Table, etc, etc, they all represent the shadow government controlled by thier masters Rothschild-Rockefeller-Morgan, dynasties.

What not one Australian on that list. Doesn't mean Australia won't be impacted though.

Thanks VC. It's good to know.

Alex Jones gets in ruts just like everybody else, but at least he is doing what he knows to do. He can get played by them, and I don't think he's on the take, because he's passionate about finding a way to expose and stop these people. He doesn't even appear to be a terribly satisfied man, so I doubt he's seeing his objectives met. I agree that the most satanically driven and loyal of them are smart enough to keep their identities and activities hidden, since that is “occult” defined. Castles are used as ritual sacrificial chambers. Bush's “thousand points of light” was inspired by the ceiling within one of the castles the illuminati utilize, which is permeated by points of light, and evidently, very inspiring to see while participating in the spilling of innocent blood. The Bilderberg meetings serve to taunt the masses, to perk our curiosity. These… Read more »

Nice post, I believe the castle you are talking about in particular is the Chateau de Amerois, in Belgium or The Mothers of Darkness Castle and I've read what they do in there, scary stuff.

Where on earth did you learn all of that from? When you say that all the bloodlines are visible … like the lost tribes of israel, are you implying that the two are the same?

What is up with the United States sending chicken to China to be processed and without regulations from the a United States. What on earth! China toys are toxic to humans. I am certain the returned chicken will not be consumable for humans. The government is not going to inform consumers that the processed meat is from China.

I am unaware of the middle-class trap. I might have a general idea. I do not remember reading about that on your website.

Guys, think about it. They wouldn't publish the full list of all attendees if they really conspired to control the world or whatever. Seriously, maybe they aren't as "evil Satanic" as you think they are.

Quite the opposite. They published the list to look as if it's a "normal" meeting. It would look even worse if it wasn't. But more than that, doesn't it see weird to you that they only publish the list, snap a few pictures, and go? When Fox "news" and the rest of the mass media want us to focus on something, they drone on and on about it, show you the same clips, they have 2300000 experts to talk about it, and so on. Do you remember a few years ago when Anna Nicole Smith died? I was just a child, I didn't know anything about monarch programming, puppets, the elite, etc. But I was traumatized by the clips they constantly played with her acting like a drugged up child. They played this SAME clip over, and over, and over again. That over a celebrity (albeit a programmed one) who… Read more »

It is the essence of being hidden in plain sight; they let you think you are in control of your life while they pull the strings invisibly, much as they have always done. If you look at critically at the evolution of western democracy as we know it, you will realize that a pattern exists.

Those lists are leaked first of all. And how do you account for every major network ignoring the assembly of Men and Women they otherwise faun over sycophantically each and every broadcast hour throughout each and every year? Have you been living in a cave with the fictional terrorists Bilderberg would have us permanently cower in fear of? There are innumerable examples of Bilderberger attendees denying its existence in filmed ambush interviews all over YouTube in just the past few years. Meaning that up until now those attendees were still under orders to deny its very existence even though the Alternative press had been covering it for seven years plus. Some comments are so utterly uninformed, and so absolutely incorrect, that they serve as absolute expressions of the terms "naive" and "uninformed"


Bwahahaha. South Africa is not on the list. Suppose we are not that important after all.

Sure you are, I'm sure they compared notes on how to destroy you at some point during the meeting. Don't feel left out

So many targets, too little time!

Not for long. Watch obama making sure they're on the 2015 list!

Shame on them!

The Bilderbergers can't decide NOTHING if we don't let them do so. They work only by CONSENT. While the people continue to give their lives for them to control, they'll rule. They work in the sphere of fear and ignorance of the common men. Information is here for us, to strike back.

Problem is committee architecture though, and all the impenetrable barriers it puts up vertically as well as horizontally (e.g. chinese walls). It has become increasingly less obvious how to identify the grassroots.

Willie, that is so true. They put so much in front of us as distractions and hidden threats that we allow them.

Willie, just to bring clarity to your comment:
"can't decide NOTHING" means they can decide something.

In grammar, double negatives equal a positive….

The good news is that most of us can understand the essence of what you're saying….
So, keep posting!

Satan and him minions……

Oh wow I interned for Ahmed Uzumcu in 2012. Such a shady hypocrite! God save humanity…

VC ; List is not complete ! From the Netherlands : Diederik Samsom ; leader Dutch labour party.

George Osbourne…..

I had a dream that I popped him on the nose one time. It was immensely satisfying. I awoke with a massive smile. Can't stand the guy.

Some people really don't understand how convoluted the process is to simply mail a letter to Canada or order products from Japan that require international shipping. To think that the elite can just flip a switch and "the world as we know it is doomed" is an obnoxious exaggeration. I'm not blind to conspiracy theories, but some of the people that post on this site truly believe the end of world prophecies will happen during their lifetime, and commenting on a blog on the internet isn't going to change the problem. It only proves how arrogant your are, and how many of your conspiracy theories are really just self fulfilling. At this point, with all the laws the so-called elite put into place, the worst they can do is make us wait longer at the dmv and fill out more lines of information on required tax forms. Really just try… Read more »

It is that easy to trigger off the end of civilization as we know it. I know that because the spouse of my sibling performed one of those kinds of roles until recently. Anyone very senior dealing with the Petro$, the Fed and the Arab royals could light the touchpaper. For completeness, I would say that he does directly belong to one of the 12 bloodlines but is monotheistic by choice and lives a frugal life. At the lower levels of the pyramid, we are inundated with barriers and internal hierarchy which gives the impression that such a notion would be absurd. If you think out of the box the whole world seems different. Most people within the pyramid see the next level up when they stare upwards. Near to the top of it, you see the sky and all that comes with it.

You realize that there are numerous wars going on right now that have killed over one million civilians, right? War is a racket. Higher education is another racket. Debt is the controlling mechanism. When you control the media, academia, and government, it's quite easy to set up a Brave New World Order without the masses catching on. They haven't won, but ignoring them is foolish.

I have heard it said that the economic collapse will be triggered off by a series of false rumors which will be reported widely by the media and become a self fulfilling prophecy in record time. Most people will remain asleep enough to see the big headline and take it as gospel.
They have been practicing this for decades albeit in small ways. Then again, blind adherence to anonymous sources of information who may well be genuinely manipulated themselves does not necessarily make it the fault of a single individual of group.
That is why it is so important to raise the bar for all of humanity when it comes to spreading the truth even if it seems like a pointless exercise. Since we are one consciousness, we shall all suffer the consequences and in order to soften the collective blow, we need to collaborate, essentially on an out-of-time level.

hm it seems like people like to complain more than act on their feelings. Currently I am learning more about the food industry here in America and it's revolting. Boycotting the mainstream food businesses is what all Americans should do, maybe then they will gain more knowledge and won't be considered stupid by other countries. Locally grown food is so much better tasting anyways!!!

Seems like Asia is grossly under-represented here.

All privately-owned corporate profits are privatized, and all (privately-owned) corporate losses are socialized. We are subsidizing our own debt-enslavement.

"They" want two things: 1) Global debt-enslavement, ie., IMF-enslavement, globally, of every country on the planet, and every individual on the planet, and 2) Global depopulation. During the 20th Century alone, around 250 Million people died around the world, by DEMOCIDE.

Rothschilds, Rockefellers, et al (International Central Bankers) are the ones behind, financing, such groups as the Bilderbergers. It's the BIS (Bank of International Settlements), and the IMF (International Monetary Fund), and the so-called "Federal" "Reserve" Banks that we need to take a closer look at. These are the entities that are using governments to hand taxpayer $$ over to the private-owners of the corporations.

You couldn't have explained it any better. I did read a comment below yours on how a willful submission to these psychopaths is all is needed for them to get away with this legally, literally. In addition, it seems like 250 million isn't cutting it. It simply isn't fulfilling the wishes of those who expressed them on the Georgia Step stones to be 500,000 million worldwide. So they come up with Ebola now, it seems to be effectively wiping people left and right…. what's next I ask… If worldwide many are being indoctrinated daily to become part of the slave grid by willfully accepting their own demise while thinking everything will be alright, it seems to us that the only way to retract this issue is to DE-indoctrinate that which has been in place for 40 years or so. But they have millions of dollars at their dispose so they… Read more »

Why do they never invite me to these meetings?

because you never asked lol

No souls allowed

No S**t! I'd like to go too!! I have something to say!!

WOH!!! I have a question why the Bilderberg Group don't have any Arabic nationality joining hem? I mean it's interesting that most of the important sick people gather in groups from around the world???

You are not going to be able to productively discuss the Fed and world reserve currencies in their presence.

True! I am not going to be able to productively discuss the Fed and world reserve currencies in their presence but I can't help but wonder since the bilderberg group invites evil and powerful disgusting people mostly from around the world (since they have many evil sources around the world) and they don't invite any of the Latin or Any of the Arabic Countries or even African countries too!! At least they invited China which is an Asian country the Only Asian country to be on the list …

China is widely tipped to be the lead country in the NWO post economic collapse. I suppose we can safely assume that if you are not ivited for several years on the trot, then your country has made the depopulation shortlist?

That an interesting point of view thank u Apsara (:

maybe because Muslims don't like to loan money to non-believers and aren't as usury in their terms of debt, therefore they are not as useful to the one-way money vacuum above the puppets!

Fritz S. published this list too. Somewhat off topic, but has anyone heard/read him in his new role of apologist for the Illuminati? On a Double Crossed radio interview on YT he is talking up the guy who is supposedly the leader of the cabal now. He also published some of this person's supposed speeches of his website. All I can say to that is WTF?!? What has happened to Fritz? Very unexpected and disappointing that even he can be deceived and/or corrupted. *sigh*

Head of the cabal ? You mean Ivanka Trump's husband Jared Kushner (sp.)?

I wish the Alex Jones cult and others would stop putting so much of their energy on this Bilderberg circus. Wake the F up. This is another distraction while the REAL, unknown top-dogs are in fact meeting in a castle somewhere hidden in another corner of the earth. These bergers have no power but are pawns and puppets to serve you an illusion. You need to be focusing their owners, the SHADOW government. Not some d a m n bankers and CEOs. What's that saying…when a magician waves his wand with one hand, you need to pay attention to what the other hand is doing. Jonesy covers Bilderberg every year, and what comes out of it? NOTHING. He will be back to his right-wing nonsense next week. Hey VC, and other alternative media, you will be doing the world a huge favor by exposing the lies perpetrated upon the people… Read more »


Live and Let Live….. I'm paying attention to the Santa Barbara shooting too…. doesn't mean you have to go in on people who are covering Bilderberg. Everything's important. The irony of it is that you are posting under a VC article which is covering the Bilderberg Meeting. Seems like you have a bizarre imbalanced hate issue hanging over your head. You're unstable

Thank you. You hit the nail on the head. I am sick of Alex Jones and his brigade. I think Alex is a part of the Bilderberg. He is probably an informant. None of his followers seem to question anything he does, they just follow him blindly. They are the ones who need to stop drinking the kool-aid.

Here we go again this bizarre dualistic expression of Alex Jones either being a legendary heroic Idol, or a Villainous Imposter Cult leader. Why does his stature have to be expressed in a comic book hero/villain duality? Can't he just be a person with a radio show? Everything he talks about is available for research and study outside the parameters of his Website News Aggregate. As in everyone should be responsible enough to have a firm grasp on the info he presents, even if he didn't exist to collect it for you. This trend of magnifying him into these absolute roles is just plain weird. He not a hero or a villain. He is just a man

Yes. Another shout out for Alex. He has invited others to learn from him without necessarily forcing his views on anybody else. I am close to someone who has worked for him in the past and they speak highly of him so that is a good sign. He was OTT in that Piers Morgan interview but it was a strategy and deliberately exaggerated to make the most of the soapbox op. The caricature was not meant to endure or color your judgement of him forever.

Sanat Toma' — Spot ON !

agreed, living in an emotional state gets nothing accomplished. however, if people start thinking about what is really happening it hurts and sets off defense mechanisms of the mind, within the individual, or groups.

the exit is in finding choices and actions on the daily/personal level is often all we can control and is also where one must always start and finish. not complying is a great way to confuse robots, and it amuses.

peace to all who dare forge there own path while we still can. love one another in all you do.


We can thank VC for getting the list out, but believe me there are millions of people who are not aware. Its becoming less secretive because they know most people are distracted and not paying attention.

Have y'all noticed how many Zionists, I mean fake jews…. err I meant American officials are on the list? Typical.

While a lot of them are discussing this abstract bilderberg-clan, most should be looking at their local politics too.
Because at the same time groups of people in your area are regulating your daily life too. It is not only about elections, but about routinely checking up on it all.

It's funny how they'll be discussing Ukraine and the Middle East, yet there are no representatives from there…

Exactly Lee J, exactly!

Well they don't want them gettin in the way of their plans for them 🙂

Well I'm sure the middle east is not missing out on anything they usually not involved with since they don't even control their own country. So it wouldn't matter whether they're present or not.

"…in the arcanum of magic it is declared that 'he controls the soul who controls the blood of another.' "

Every single person who represents the USA in that meeting is actually a
representative of Israel and it's interests.

Sadly, America is nothing more than an ATM machine and satellite country of Israel.

The world is getting smaller, a one world economic or government system is inevitable.

I don't agree.

Nobody from Latin America? South America? Cuba? Venezuela? Or the Middle East? Any idea why?

Because the middle east has its own little "bilderbergs".

care to elaborate? i believe you, because i live in the Middle East and I've grown very suspicious of these kind of organizations being present here however there are no known bilerberg- like meetings; wondering if you know of any?

Dubai is probably ridden with those meetings, but i wouldn't know of any other middle eastern countries.

The smart money is definitely on Dubai. What a place ! (I do not mean that in a complementary way).

Place where thousands of girls 10 – 15 years old are being sold onto worst slavery.. One way road it seem. Nearly all of them bought in Nepal/India and delivered to end up their lives in those rich people mansions and shady hotels with record number of stars on top. Before I learned that I used to wonder as what brought rich westerners in the middle of desert to buy a useless piece of property for 400+ grand a piece on stupid gulf's shore. Like neighboring countries could not have the same shore of desert developed to get other clients for a property ? This is not about the property. Plain and simple.

I'm not shocked to see Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands since it was her late father who helped found the Bilderbergs. Queen Sofia of Spain was born Princess Sophia of Greece. I'm trying to figure out why Spain would send its Queen and not her husband King Juan Carlos.

She is queen of many things.

a queen of what kind of things? why have they sent her and not juan carlos? that's a good question.

He has recently resigned, a couple of hours ago. Interestingly they knew long before anyone else that he was going to resign.

That's quite the list for the UK and US, though hardly surprising.

If I had the choice of a wall, I'd pick this one to be a fly on.