Michael Jackson Appears as Hologram at the Billboard Awards … And is Used for Illuminati Agenda

Then things become extremely Masonic. The entire background behind MJ becomes a checkerboard pattern - the ritualistic floor in Masonic lodges.

Michael Jackson, aka the King of Pop, tragically lost his life in strange and nebulous circumstances in June 2009. Five years later, his image is used to generate money for a record company he hated with a passion.

Almost ironically entitled Xscape, Michael Jackson’s new posthumous album was released by Epic Records, a division of Sony Music. As I noted in the article entitled When Insiders Expose the Ugly Side of the Entertainment Industry, MJ was becoming increasingly vocal out about the evils of the music industry and was especially disgusted by Sony Music. Here’s a video of a speech he gave in 2002. As you’ll see, MJ did not like Sony nor the ex-President of the company Tommy Mottola. He explains how Motolla, Mariah Carey’s ex-husband, acted more like a MK slave handler than a husband … while holding a sign saying “$ony Kills Music”.

Fast-forward to today. Sony owns MJ’s image and uses a hologram of him to make him sing and dance at will. Years after his death, MJ truly cannot “Xscape” exploitation by the music industry.

MJ’s hologram performed at the 2014 Billboard awards the song Slave to Rythm, a title that sadly captures his fate with the music business. Even worse, the set is full of the symbolism of the occult elite he tried to escape from.

Here’s the “performance”.

The “performance” begins with a group of policemen dressed in riot gear. Complete with oppressive helicopters and spotlights, the intro is yet another example of the music business turning the concept of an oppressive police state into something normal and fashionable. It also tells us that this MJ “performance” was brought to you by the occult elite.

MJ is introduced by a bunch of police dressed in riot gear - a continuation of the police state agenda that prevails across the music business.
MJ is introduced by a bunch of police dressed in riot gear – a continuation of the police state agenda that prevails in the music business.

When then see a weird, computer-generated clone of MJ sitting on a throne (of lies). The animal print on the throne might refer to Beta MK programming – something he probably experienced in his youth.

Then things become extremely Masonic. The entire background behind MJ becomes a checkerboard pattern - the ritualistic floor in Masonic lodges.
Then things become extremely Masonic. The entire background behind MJ turns into a checkerboard pattern – as used on the ritualistic floor of Masonic lodges.
In fact, the entire stage is one big Masonic lodge, complete with twin pillars (formed by chess pieces), an arch overarching them, a checkboard pattern surrounded by "blazing stars" as found in lodges.
In fact, the entire stage is basically one big Masonic lodge, complete with twin pillars (formed by chess pieces), an arch above them and checkerboard patterns. All of this is surrounded by “blazing stars”.
A Masonic lodge at Andaz Hotel in London. Looks oddly similar to the stage MJ's hologram "performs" on.
A Masonic lodge at Andaz Hotel in London. Checkerboard floor, twin pillars and a giant blazing star on the ceiling.
Many of the symbols found in this Masonic image are found on the Billboard awards stage.
Many of the symbols found in this Masonic image are found in the hologram “performance”.

The clone then proceeds to emulate MJ’s signature dance moves – causing the same foul gut feeling as one would get while watching a corpse being animated with puppet strings.

Some of MJ's backup dancers wear cages around their heads, proving that people working in this music industry are literal slaves to the rhythm.
Some of MJ’s backup dancers wear cages around their heads, telling viewers that artists in the Illuminati industry are literal “slaves to the rhythm”.

Then fake-MJ sits back down on his throne (of lies). People in the audience start clapping and cheering while probably realizing that there is no human being on the stage to acknowledge these cheers.

Some might say that “people miss Michael” and that the hologram performance “brings back his magic”. Maybe so. But the reality is that MJ’s image and legacy is being hijacked by the industry he grew up to hate. His image is now used to promote the Illuminati Agenda and to generate revenues for Sony Music. Would MJ approve of any of this? Maybe the following picture will answer that question.




  1. That is one of the most evil things I’ve ever seen. Maybe the most. I can’t even say anything else about it except that I would have fun out of that place as fast as a leopard.

  2. Doesn’t look like him at all in the face. Nothing else looks distorted, so why would his face look so different.
    I don’t think it’s a hologram of Michael Jackson.

  3. sad thing is. the MK programming turned him into one of those lusting slaves for rhythm and music so even if he didnt want to dance he would turn into a puppet and literally slave it out to the music. so sad

  4. When you find this video on Youtube, you'll see that they actually disabled the comment section. I think to prevent discussion about the content in the video as well as to shut people up who object to the idea of the hologram. Very very telling that they shut the comment section on this video. Very very telling indeed…..

    And the opening gave me the chills. I found the riot police opening VERY disturbing.

    • VEVO disabled comments section for all MJ music videos on YouTube. Today its like the live grave of MJ’s where everybody could come and pay their respects to him, by watching his art and hearing his message. And i find it (disabling comments) very relieving as you could only imagine how much dirt would be on there by now
      Although, you can find couple of ellen degenerates videos at the top now. I mean after they killed him, when i gotten more familar with Michael’s true life… to me – all Michael’s songs adapted that different kind of vibe – a loss, an abuse, struggle…and seeing the presence of her stupid silly face on his grave really truly deeply insults me.

  5. He is definetely alive. My worry is that they did this without his approvement.
    Don't you all talk bullshit, how is this and that done, because half of the things, you don't know, yet you are making conclusions and taking it for the granted!

  6. I'm ashamed to say, I enjoyed this at first, it was the next best thing to seeing Michael again. But, the more times I watched it, the more I had a gut feeling that something was wrong, and it made me sad. Thank you for this article, it opened my eyes.

    • sadly this is how they deceive all of us and give us a feeling of ‘overjoyed exasperation’ to make us disregard all the symbolism

  7. This is something horrible to use the image of a person like Michael as he was having issues with the music industry… he wanted to be set free and told that the industry DO NOT OWN HIM!!! I think they´v gone too far with this. But the thing is… Did his family agree on doing this hologram performance??? Maybe they just didn´t have a choice…

  8. Well creepy…….songs michael didn't use….still making £££$$$s off him without his participation…all goes well for $ONY. Dispicable basically …. website bonnie vent paranormal san diego for anybody who's wanting to find out more..michael predicted this and more. There are sessions with her & micheal contacting her..genuine & his concern for his children are more on his mind than anything else…his children are now obviously being groomed for `showbiz`….the `estate` controls….people think they generously bought them a house…Is with the money they ve been making from the records etc etc….since MJ passed. Do not buy any of this $ony stuff…..
    Great stuff as usual…loved the eyes wide shut kubrick film observations….

  9. Anyone notice the pose of the hand bones painted on the gloves of the people wearing riot gear? It is that rock and roll horned goat salute! It's crazy, since I have been coming here for 4 years I can spot even little details like that, its like I am unconsciously guarding my subconscious.

  10. I believe Michaek escaped.To me an intellectual as himself could not be easily killed.I also believe he is,working undercover.There is a study close to the Neotic Science that uses codes.not all ismason.too much lack of info and confusion. Theres much behind it.hopefully one day,the truth shall be uncovered.

  11. This is not just about using Michael Jackson's image and exploiting him for money. This is much deeper than that.
    Spiritually speaking this is all out blasphemy and spiritually damning to anyone who does not know the word of God or believe in God. In Bible Jesus says He is the way, the truth, and the life. All who believe in Him have eternal life. What we see is the Illuminati projecting a person being seen as still living, an artificial resurrection.

  12. I do believe MJ was controlled by the MusiK Industry. But the more i research his death & listen to the "Xscape" Album i also am leaving open the idea that he may have faked his death in order to break free from the Industry. Plenty of pics of what appear to be him in different Countries, especially Europe.

  13. I do believe MJ was controlled by the MusiK Industry. But the more i research his death & listen to the "Xscape" Album i also am leaving open the idea that he may have faked his death in order to break free from the Industry. Plenty of pics of what appear to be him in different Countries, especially Europe.

    His Morgue pics look like something from a Wax Museum. Even his Family, especially Jackie looks like they are almost laughing at his Memorial at times. And why does Jermaine do almost all the Interviews re: MJ? Is he the best Actor in the Jackson Family? If we are supposed to be wary of the Media then i believe we should question his Death.

    Before you totally disregard this, please do some research for yourself & never take everything we are PROGRAMMED to believe from the Media at face value. MJ had called out Sony & Tommy Mattola before his supposed death. That's like calling out the Mafia or another Criminal Organization! What better way to go, fake your death while still making Money for the Industry! And still have a chance to see your kids secretly. Btw, didn't MJ's kids go missing not to long ago? Yes, they did & the Grandmother didn't seem to be too concerned. Probably not the first time this has happened & won't be the last….

  14. I'm 19,I get confused watching these things, I totally understand wants going on I just don't understand why anyone in there right mind want to be associated with this evil stuff, money isn't everything. When I learn about this, it broke my dreams of being a famous actor and fashion designer, but then I realized I'm not going to let evil destroy my God-given talent, God gave me this talent and I'm going to show it to the world, because he can easily take it away. I will be famous actor and designer, I just wont be doing what the other sell outs did, such as: voila davis, lupita nyong, emme stone, shaileen Woodley, scarlett johansen, they are famous and I don't see them throwing any illumanti signs or wearing any devilish outfits.

    if I ever get confronted by someone telling me to do something that I know is wrong, I will say no. I wonder if amy winehouse said no and that's why they killed her, or was she already in it, and decided to change her mind.

    also I have a quick question, I would like some one to answer, lets say someone did soul their soul to devil, ie kanye west, jay z, Rihanna, beyonce , jammis foxx, tyra and etc. if they decided to change their life, come to God, can they easily be saved, changed their ways and hopefully God forgave them, and they moved away from Hollywood to start their new life with god, could they got to heaven, or they still trapped, or what.
    also why do this celebrities give out god notes, and say they love god and Jesus Christ, but throw illumanti signs, and wear horns.?

    • i think that God always is willing to forgive if ur sincere, He'll forgive u….the thing is, will people acknowledge their change? God forgives yet people often dont

    • Yes if you repent God will forgive you. The enemy lies and says once in there is no way out put that's not true. God knows our hearts and if we are sincere he will make way out for your soul to be saved even if your body doesn't make it.

  15. People are such idiots..did these fools really give a standing ovation to a fake ass hologram??? Frickin hate people man..

  16. forget the symbolism. This is so disrespectful to MJ and very sad. They ruin his life and then refuse to let him rest in peace.

  17. I think Sony company probably knew that MJ hated them and now when he is dead want to show that they are the BOSS and MJ is just a dead slave for them..It's really,really sad to realize that now the moneys are ruling the human race. They're thinking that they're even more powerful than God because they're rich.But this is wrong people,God sees everything and one day he will punish them because they're insulting Michael's soul.

    So rest in peace Michael you always were and will always be the most amazing man. God will always be with you and will always take care of you.


  18. This whole hologram business makes me sick. I hope every single person at fault goes back to where they belong: Hell.

  19. Can i request something? Article-writers can you please write articles about the celebrities here in the Philippines. I think many artists here are being recruited by the illuminati. I think Vice Ganda (comedian),Daniel Padilla, Kathryn Bernardo, Robin Padilla, Kris Aquino sister of the president here in the philippines), Bamboo, Revolutionists here in the Philippines in the Spanish era. 'm very confused. Also the Pinoy Big Brother logo, it also looks like an eye. Please. I only trust this website for having a well-research and true articles. I don't know if I am being a paranoid when i analyze every commercials and tvshows here. Please help

  20. Everyone should check out the title song for the album "Xscape" it seems really telling. He's talking about how he wants to escape from their control.

  21. This is really tech Necromancy. Look up the definition of necromancy; its a form of black magic. Also, did anyone notice the sun symbols all around the stage? Jackson, like Elvis is a "sun king" of sorts. Not sure how this plays into their beliefs but it seems rather significant. BTW, we need a write up on Elvis!

    • Astrology was the first real, integrated belief system of mankind. All the major monotheistic faiths nod to it; none more so than mainstream christianity. Of course it has power and significance which they would love to harness for themselves. But conversely, we must question why we close off gnostic teachings altogether in an attempt to appear sufficiently conformist to a masonically manipulated set of codified rules. We are esoteric beings and God has not told us to dismiss it. You can acknowledge it as a God created mystery and move forward honest to your own soul.

  22. Maybe we should all just be glad that they didn't dig him up from the grave and turn him into a marionette! Disturbing.

    • Not really relevant but your comment reminded me that sketch from the british comedy show the day today. Look for it on youtube day today chapman baxter.Maybe we're not far off that πŸ˜‰

  23. I felt this way from the moment I saw them using his image on Pepsi cans. Then the flood gates opened up and the impersonators came out then the Cirque show. I just recently saw the MJOne show and admittedly I was impressed with their performance and I loved how they remixed some of the songs but there were a few themes that really magnified the things that tortured him while he was alive. Mainly the whole paparazzi, stalking, and stories made up to make him look like a freak. It was like a knife twisting in my gut the more things I saw and then to hear this…to tell you the truth I wasn't really surprised. They did it to Tupac, Surprised they didn't "resurrect" Biggie while they were at it. I want to remember him for what he was and his music. I don't need a clone.

    I really wish they would stop with the holograms…

  24. It was pretty creepy and I say that as an MJ fan but what is the big deal with Masons? My grandfather is one and I know he isn't evil.

  25. I have never seen that speech by MJ, thank you for that. It really opened my eyes to the situation he and many others face in the industry. Much respect to him for taking the lead on the fight against these cancerous people. I hate to say it but I'm sure he knew it would end the way it did somehow, but he bravely left this message as a gift to all to stop and think about. Thanks VC for keeping his goal to awaken the masses alive.

  26. I hated it when they used Tupac's image, and I truly hate this even more. This is the most sickest, and foulest thing they could do to MJ. Sony now makes MJ dance to their tunes, even in his death. MJ said at least twice, that Tommy Mottola was "evil" and compared him to satan. Mariah Carey, has been careful to speak out against her ex Tommy Mottola, but it did come out that he abused her terribly. He had a tight grip on Mariah's career and abused her in every way he could.

    It was Janet who said that Michael would call her in the middle of the night, worried, because he felt like someone was after him, and worried about his children. His children haven't had time enough to process their father's death, and here evil Sony, produces a holographic image of their father. I have to wonder how they truly felt seeing this. Imagine, someone owning one of your dead relatives image, and bringing them back to life in front of you. This is not normal, or sane, and it is not meant (by nature) to be processed in the mind. Making up characters that do not exist, and producing a hologram of them is one thing, but to do so with a human who is no longer living is ethically and morally wrong. Sony will never, ever, let MJ rest now.

    I heard that Priscilla and Lisa Maria Presley were approached about doing a hologram of Elvis. I honestly do hope, this never happens. I hope Yoko Ono, never allows this for John either.

  27. I really appreciate all the work you guys do here at Vigilant Citizen. Kudos to all of you. I also appreciate your fairness in allowing people to post, not having to use your 'identity, and that you don't "moderate" or "censor" comments like many other websites do. You guys rock!

  28. The music industry is so blatantly full of Illuminati/Freemasonry garbage, its absolutely disgusting. They just love to flaunt and push their agenda openly. I cannot understand how anyone would want to go into either the music or movie industry for that matter, unless you want to sell your soul to Satan. Just goes to show, you can "have it all," (materially speaking) but in reality without Jesus, you have NOTHING! Life is but a short time. Eternity is forever! You're next "breath" is NOT guaranteed, put your stock in God, not man, not wealth!

  29. First of all, kudos on this great article, & for not bashing MJ like typical media outlets. The ones that know the truth are aware: -MJ couldn't stand Sony -MJ was aware of the illuminati/& agenda, especially in later yrs, as he even eluded to them more than once -Sony didnt even try to promote Invincible album, yet look at the nonstop promotion of this album, including car& ad commercials, documentaries, guest appearance, media spots, & more. They ripped his name & reputation apart when he was alive, shamed him into seclusion & kept him from doing the thing he loved most (helping children) AND now they sing his praises, all in effort to make their greedy butts even more money. And if you truly take a hard look at anyone who was making a difference or significant change, then you will see the public & media tear that person apart. Believing even one ioda of what they say is believing a lie. Remember they even crucified Jesus, why would we think, they would do less to up one of us?

    On the performance—- it was completely eerie, & although a technical feat, it made me think of a pertinent fact coming in the future. First though, I feel the enemy always tries to twist everything upside down or mutate Gods creation, yet the one thing he can't do is "create". So he imitates.

    These holograms scare me because in Revelation it speaks of the antichrist suffering a head wound and rising from the dead. It also speaks of making an image speak which is considered miraculous to the world. This technology sures seems like the perfect way to accomplish either one of these prophecies. If not, it's definitely a look into what's coming.

    great job!!! Thanks for the article

  30. The analysis is pretty useless.we got it, the industry is controlled
    The real questions should be why are they adding the symbolism? if they could carry out their agenda in secret, without showing the symbolism, wouldn't that be more effective? I mean why the heck are they adding the symbolism? If the symbolism have an effect on us, we shouldn't even watch the video

    • IMHO Years ago I asked the same questions. I started into researching about propaganda, public opinion, advertising, persuasion, NLP, influence, hypnosis, etc. This site has been a great inspiration. So my conclusions are this: entertainment is becoming the new world religion. Some religions have a lot of visual emotional imagery, like the Roman Catholic church and the Freemasons, so the industry uses their images. The constant reference to the "slave for the music industry"/Monarch Programming victim, introduces children and young people to the concept of submission. I say this because the images and concepts began in the 80's with Madonna on MTV, the millenium with Britney Spears, Beyonce and continues today with Lady Ga-ga, Miley Cyrus. Same s—, different diva. Diva=goddess

    • It could also be an effort of disinformation. Symbolism that originally represented enlightenment (i.e. the crucifixion of your ego) now is made to represent the anchoring of your ego in this world of duality. In effect, you, who are presently "in this world", become ever so more "of this world". The symbolism originally meant: carry your ego to, and have it crucified in, Golgotha. Now it says: carry your ego and let's make a beeline for Sodom and Gomorrah. What the industry has to gain from all this is frankly speaking all Greek to me.

  31. They expect you to stay in your lane and MJ's pure gifts and talents and his thrive to be great would not let him just stay in his lane. He knew how to be successful but he also knew what was right. He seemed to be destined for greatness. He was also clearly a very spiritual person and his God Given Gifts is what shined bright. I know he was not the monster the media wanted us to believe and those trumped up charges are very clearly false. At the time of the first ALLEGATION 60% of the country thought tht MJ was being falsely accused and when the second ALLEGATION came almost 10yrs to the day of the first and by, the same District Attorney that belief was changed with pure hatred of a man because the media hit us all over the head with the wacko Jacko crap which is a racial slur if u look into it and made of a skin condition til his death and made most ppk mock him. So by time he went to court public opinon had already been controlled and formed.

  32. People need to realize and understand that Michael was a bit of a rebel as soon as he started maturing and wanted to do and be more than jst the lead singer of The Jackson 5/Jacksons. He fought to have a more creative role in making his albums both as a Jackson and then as a solo artist. He was always soft spoken but yet had a lot to say and although he may not have always articulated his opinions in his interviews or in public, he knew his voice was thru his music and Short films/videos. Early on as a member of the jackson 5 he was already touring the world and seeing the less fortunate life of many and it affected him. He also saw first hand what the industry did to great artist black and white alike. He grew and began buying the publishing rights to many artists music he bought back little Richards music jst to return it to Richards where he felt it belonged. But all the attacks started when Michael bought Elvis Presley's songs and then ofcourse The Beatles Catalog.

  33. I saw a few seconds of this "performance" and then took it off. Creepy. Let the poor man rest in peace!! I wish he would have signed something that specified he did NOT want to perform as a hologram. Other artists should make sure that doesn't happen to them! Some people were crying. Yeah, I'd be crying too if I were there thinking it's a shame!! Please don't do this to Whitney next. It's just terrible really.

  34. a mockery of the jesus-myth?

    stage looks like a church and mj is "resurrected" from the dead…

    dark forces having a laugh at us again.

    • But are all freemasons really satanic or is that yet another movement which has been hijacked and corrupted by a darker force?

      • The lower-level people don't know what they're in for until they're up @ a certain level, they realized they've been deceived. The higher-ups in Freemasonry know exactly what they're doing.

  35. Its just sad, and evil. They really want people to believe that they can own you, even in death. But you cant sell your soul, it doesn't even belong to you. It belongs to the ONE that created you. These theatrics are just that, theatrics. They don't own Michael, never have, never will.

  36. Please please please make sure this gets posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Its a bit off topic but fresh in my mind. Ok kin and Kanyes wedding (ughhh I know) but their guest singer is Lana del Rey!! I WILL BET ONE OF MY PAIRED ORAGNS its gonna b heavy illuminati! Heard the news sheeple say "she is NOT a main stream person and is up and coming" Im like not according to VC!!

  37. I think it's curious and really really really sad they had chose "Xscape" to be the album's name and the fact that there's a song with this name and "Slave to the rythm"… It would be nice if someone explained the meaning of this crap (I know it won't happen, but I think would be interesting hear the explanations behind the lyrics and the album's name…) AND WHAT ABOUT THE ALBUM COVER? I think it's really weird… Someone knows what it could mean?

    • Saturn, Saturn death cult, Lady Gaga – Gaga is a name for one of the moons of Saturn and she has dressed like "Saturn" numerous times with rings around her head body etc.

  38. I decided to look on brazilian Sony Music website and check out the list of artists that work with them, just for curiosity. There's so many names well known among the Illuminati thing, but what really catch my eyes: Beyonce, Britney Spears, Kesha e Miley Cyrus. For me, now there's no doubt that Sony really likes to "handle" their artists carrer… And I'm so sorry for Michael… πŸ™

  39. When I saw it the 5 round objects atop the arch above MJ remind me of the images of the four blood moons. Dose anyone else see that?

  40. What do you think about the cover of Xscape?
    The ring around his head kind of reminds me of the rings of Saturn, and his clothes looks like space, with all the blinking stars.

  41. And… let's not forget / overview the horns all over the place, the riot police have in their hands silver horns, the goddess dancing next to MJ too very stylized, but still, and in the throne (of lies) the lightning volts (6 total), whew, they really do love their emblems and the idiotic, foolish public doing the hand horns, well they're still asleep, VC, what a nightmare!!
    MJ Rest in peace wherever you are….
    ps: sorry if my english not so good…

  42. MJ pissed them off with the 'Who Is It' music video. The video was all about MK Ultra programming. He was exposing them.

    • I just watched the video and I don't get how the video is reference to MK Ultra programming. Can you explain how? Very confused.

    • its about diana ross. she was his first and last love , and he could never get over her, he could love no other woman because of her…. you’ll see her name in one of the metalic cards in the video

  43. I find it strange that the two artists who tried to escape with their souls were made out of holograms (Pac and M.J.). I'm a huge fan of both and it saddens me to see this happening. They can say that it's all a part of paying homage but it's not. Hope I don't see a Whitney or Bob Marley hologram anytime soon. Stay vigilant!

  44. I sometimes wonder if Michael Jackson was subjected to the Neverland Peter Pan "never grow up" mind control programming. I read about it in Fritz Springmeier's book "How the Illuminati Creat a Mind Controlled Slave". It is a very well researched book based on testimony from former slaves. I mean he named his ranch "Neverland" and he was a child in a man's body (never grew up). It may explain why he was attracted to boys in the first place. In his mind-controlled state he may have believed himself to still be a boy. The trauma locks the person into the age that they experienced it.

    • No doubt he was a mind controlled slave. His father sold him to MKULTRA. Remember the performance when Brittany Spears wore a "Tinkerbelle" outfit with Michael? I can't believe our government was so cruel to children in the 1950's and 60's just to win the Cold War. I pray they have stopped the cruel program. Fritz and Cisco are the real deal. They know EXACTLY what was going on. Read their other books online, such as "Insights…" and "13 Bloodlines." I wonder if we are talking about the illuminati, or just the USA government, or the super rich freemasons (who built our country.)

    • yes he was subjected to the peter pan programming for sure 100%. he was tortured so much he devaeloped multiple split personalities. he was also a sex slave . he was molested by bobby taylor, diana ross, quincy jones used him too. who know how else. poor guy

  45. VC well done! I would love to see you write a series of articles on Michael's life, much like you did with Marilyn Monroe. To me, he was one of the most obvious examples of an illuminati puppet.

  46. They called the album Xscape and he has an X over his mouth in the photo he is holding. It is like they are still controlling him, he can never "escape", even in death. It is Xscape not escape. What does that mean?!

    • I remember reading somewhere (maybe a comment on this site or a you tube video) that the X is linked to Alexander the great , the awards ceremony statue is said to be him……

      X is loved by the entertainment industry think X-factor……

      I don't fully remember the details of this theory but believe it's in line with a world unifying leader longed for by certain occult elite members. The film Alexander with Angelina Jolie Colin Farrell had some creepy unspoken moments with her almost worshipping a snake in an uncomfortable charged way (get the drift?) and saying Alexander's real 'father' was not the king.

  47. This is just plain sick. These so called illuminati will stoop to lowest of low for their agenda. I can only say that the Almighty is in charge and they have already lost, poor fools. They are being used by satan and his army of devils.

  48. It is a bad impersonator 's performance on this show; this is an hologram of un impersonator… nothing more than crap! The moves are not as pefect and controlled as michael's ones for sure!

  49. This makes me sick to my stomach. Poor Michael; I wish they'd just let the dead rest. No matter how impressive the animation, no one can be resurrected.

    What I found interesting were the lyrics: "She danced through the night in fear of her life
    She danced to a beat of her own."

    It's interesting that, when the subject of the song dances to her own beat, it's simultaneous with fear of her life. How reflective of MJ's career? (Along with many other artists) That when they pursue their own ambitions away from handlers, they are "free' but still live in fear. And for good reason. Thanks, VC, you're awesome.

  50. MJ's stardom is not the only thing that's being co-opted here, I suspect the same thing is happening to Masonic symbolism. The original Freemasons may have set out to illuminate the West as evidenced by the incorporation of triptychs in the architecture of cathedrals. The triptychs symbolized duality (the cathedral's entrances to the left and right) and illumination (the middle path).

  51. His skin disease occured because while MJ in the filming of the Pepsi commercial and one of the fireworks accidently burnt his head, so the doctors had to somehow save him and gave him certain strong dosages of medication and the side effect of this medicine caused white patches on his skin. This was the begining of his skin problems. I got this info from the very doctors who treated him.

    • I heard "they" infected him with vitiligo, even Michael cannot explain his skin condition, future, that answer the doctors gave you would be the answer for the "public" and sounds very believable but of course the real answer we know is kept hidden – think Duality…the double sided coin…the two faces of Janus.

  52. I wish they would just let the deceased rest in peace, yet they still make money off them years after they die. Shameless

    • So true. It's like the perennial photos of Marilyn Monroe. The image of Micheal Jackson will be in the media for a long time.

  53. WOW! Sony really does own their soul, seems to be their message. This certainly does give credence to those whom I have heard say that the anti-christ will do something very similar. He will be fooling people into thinking that he is Christ, whom all eyes will see at His return., and would make it very noticeable for those who will not worship his image.

  54. Ahhh thank you for this article! I knew as I was watching that there were too many weird things going on with that performance! It made me so uneasy. You know what's sad is that I found out later that A. It wasn't even a CGI/hologram of his body, it was someone else's body entirely, and B. Whoever made the hologram just picked pieces from different faces to make one that looked like Michael's. Nothing about that hologram was Michael Jackson. All the industry has to do is slap his name on something and wait for the money to roll in. So sick. Thanks again, VC!

  55. Being a performer, and a HUGE MJ fan, there is a certain amount of irony in reviving MJ as a hologram… He was a primal performer and while his movements were precise, they were VERY emotionally charged and organic, something a hologram could never be. It doesn't have the soul, all it makes me want to do is go back and watch the real MJ!!!

  56. oh how they wish it were him! No one could match his talent! He was a gem I must say and this is their desperation of those days when we didn't know what the illuminati was. Oh but now we awaken slowly and each day we grow closer to their end. The good old days when we were asleep. Losers! RIP MJ. we love u.

  57. MJ would have never put on a sub par performance such as this, lacks heart and soul completely. Bad timing, bad choreography, just lame. Those idiots can't even fake it even with the deep pockets. Yawn…

  58. I watched the BBMAs and as soon as I saw the policemen at the beginning, I knew something was up! Then I saw the masonic check board floors and the two pillars and to be honest. I didn't like the performance one bit. It was kind of scary. I know it was a hologram and not gonna be exactly realistic but the whole time, I was like wtf is this?

  59. Please remember MJ was 5 when he was forced into the entertainment industry. He had no choice and when he grew up he knew nothing else. He tried to fight back in his later years.

    If you didn't pray for MJ while he was alive please pray for those who are left here. They may not have anyone else on this earth praying for them because on one hand people just care about being "entertained". On the other hand other people just want to judge and cant see past the wrongs to a human being. However I agree that all the wrongs should be pointed out but still pray for these souls at the same time.

  60. Another sign is that everything around "Michael Jackson" doesn't suit to his style at all. It looks like stuff we see in most modern music videos with Michael randomly placed in the middle. He feels so out of place and this is not even the real Michael.

    I'm really disgusted by what they do to him and many other people. They disrespect him even after his death. I would never spend any money on performances like that! I don't even want to watch that and hear any of "his" new songs.

    And talking about songs; they release a new album of songs he never released. But I think they were written by someone else to suck more money out of his dead body.

  61. What an incredible insult, a veritable middle-finger being flicked off to the memory of a dead man.
    The less-than-savory other details of his life aside, I feel really sorry for Michael Jackson after seeing this.
    He was very vocal about wanting to be freed from his corrupt contract with Sony near the end of his life, and seemed to be very sick and tired about the way the music industry was owning, twisting, and manipulating him.
    Then they do this.
    It's as though the industry is telling him, "See! Even in death we still own you! Even in death we can still make you dance and sing our songs! And to prove it, your next song will be "Slave to the Rhythm", showing that whether alive or dead, you are forever our slave."
    How sick! Even if you divorce it from the illuminati and masonic implications and view it on the base, mundane level, it is a sick and dishonorable manipulation of a man's image after death, especially when that man protested against this very industry.

    • They can claim to own him in death all they want, they only have an image, NOT the real man anymore. Their boasts are empty. Michael the man, the spirit, is now free. They now have only an illusion.

      • That is actually a very important point to make. Our bodies are ultimately disposable like clothes and religions often place far too much importance on the end of the body via death rites whilst almost suppressing discussion of the continuation of the soul and the genuine meaning of this for us in our everyday life. To that extent, the holograph merely represented his body and miserably failed to capture much more. Was the whole event a storm over a teacup in a world of body-centric focus? Cloning, reincarnation and many other ideas become much less horrific if we remember that our bodies are yet another throwaway item in our consumerist world; nurtured, grown, embellished and ultimately discarded.

      • I love your writing style Aspara. I'd love it if you'd write some articles here. Even the times I don't share your opinions, I still enjoy your writing, since you have a great way of expressing your perspective. πŸ™‚

      • Much obliged WLYM. Unfortunately, I don't really have the confidence to write articles anymore but I love the opportunities Mr VC creates for us to exchange our views and learn from one another.

  62. I don't get it. What do police in riot gear doing the devil horn sign with their hands have to do with music? A fake hologram of Michael Jackson dancing and singing does remind me of the "marionette programing" that occured in the MKULTRA program to create mind control slaves in the Cold War period.(partly financed by rich freemasons, by the way.) The Beta leopard print throne clearly represents his Beta programming. All the masonic symbolism in the set design does not make the masons look good.If I were a "good" mason, I would come forward and object to this garbage. The "rich" group of masons are again stating that they own the music industry, and Michael Jackson is still their puppet.

  63. yeah for technology! can't wait for this to be used by politicians!

    er… oh yeah, it has already. (see: Narendra Modi of India)

  64. im not surprised…. these Satanist are trying to find a new sick twisted way of making money off of deceased celebs. which is pretty creepy…….

  65. I used to think that the producers and set (designers) did not know what they were doing but now i think the complete opposite. but i think they do it for the marketability of it more than a "secret" agenda. Sure the symbols may mean something or used to but it all has become so diluted, liquidized, in your face, that it really has lost all meaning. like blacks calling each other n****s but get offended if some other "race" says it. They are not offended. they thnk they should be offended. so they pretend. we are so aware and conscious of everything now that IMO we have lost all authenticity. most people are offended by many things ie the homosexual agenda but know that to oppose it they risk being labeled as something or other. and most people are racist but dont dare going there. look at the billionaire who was exposed. (how do you take someone's livelihood away for something that was meant for private ears becomes public? ) we all should be very worrried about that precedent. anyway, you dont know me and i dont know you so i say sure there are those who have everything in the world and want you to know it. what's the point in having it? so the illuminati a "treehouse" club for emtionally immature adults usually (whites) arent about trying to destroy you because without you me what would they have? emptiness the one thing they probably fear more than they even reaize so take heed if they destroy they will also be destroyed. they know this, if they are human. that's another thing…. πŸ˜‰

  66. I have heared michael jackson is alive and there are some evidences prove that ! I really dont know its true or not . I just know he was innocent whe. They poisened him . Also i just think britney is like MJ and i worry about britney destiney πŸ™ iloveBritney i saw when she was crying in for th record documentary and i was about tp die .

  67. As soon as I noticed the "ImI" devil hand sign all the riot gear losers were doing… i jumped to the pics straight to the comments… that was more than enough to know what their shinanigans were going to entail…

  68. I hope Michael Jackson's spirit haunts these Satanic losers who abused his image so they can't ever get a good night's sleep, nor any peace, and they end up losing it.

  69. Just like the tupac hologram, this was just weird and disappointing. It didn't look real and it didn't really look like MJ. I was expecting the whole uncanny valley phenomenon, but it's not realistic enough. Also, I have some doubt about the technology and definition of hologram. I don't think it's some awesome new technology, it looks more like a projection which is hardly new. The Gorillaz did an awesome concert years ago using projectors. Maybe it looks more 3D if you're really there, but it looks too flat to be what I would consider to be a hologram.

    There's a trend in advertising for using images of dead celebs. That dior ad with Charlize Theron and "Marilyn Monroe" is freaky, as well as a galaxy chocolate ad with a strange sort of Audrey Hepburn. Mind you, Elvis and Diana's images have been used to sell all kind of rubbish, but not in such a brash, technological way. It's distasteful, and obviously has sort of supernatural connotations, but I think it's just an extension of corporate greed tbh. It will be interesting to see how distastefully paul walker is treated in ff7. I find it easier to believe in commercial, capitalist interests than MK Ultra etc.

    Like another poster said, the imagery is reminiscent of MJ's other vids. "Do you remember the time?" was epic but had some occult overtones as well as the Egyptian setting.

  70. Remembering that the Blazing Star is an emblem of sun worship (Egyptian Ra), and also very common in the Catholic churches [is full of those] and at the Vatican, with the Christogram IHS (means the Holy Name of Christ) inside of it. What the IHS monogram is doing inside an egyptian emblem, the blazing star/sun? Do a research and find out.

    • Interesting that the Egyptian blazing star is also a Catholic symbol. In fact, many ancient or pagan symbols are also Catholic.(ex., Dagon fish head hat on pope) Why would the Catholic church use these symbols? This blazing star is seen in masonic temples.

      • Easy explanation is if you go read church history, you'll soon realize the Catholic Church is synchristic, meaning that they changed what the bible says to reach non-Christians and in turn ended up bringing in pagan symbols. It goes both ways, you can't expect to delve in to paganism to reach pagans without somewhat becoming one. There is a reason Jesus said 'Be in the world, not of the world.' Catholics also take that verse in odd directions too, but I digress.

    • the blazing star in the catholic church is the holy spirit,i agree they are very common in the catholic churches.
      the jesus icon holding his heart crowned with thorns and the blazing star behind it, its very common too.

    • Everything from Catholicism was taken from pagan traditions. They replaced the pagan goddess with Mother Mary, took their holidays and jazzed them up and duped people into thinking they worship good "Gods" when in turn they have been manipulated into worshipping the "SUN". They will tell you that they are paying homage to the host, bread they believe has actually turned into the actual body and blood of Jesus after being consecrated by a priest. Since the wafer, they believe, has been transformed into God Himself, it is the round wafer god inside the sunburst monstrance that they bow down to in worship, not the sunburst monstrance. However, the round wafer of bread itself is also a sun symbol, which is sometimes made quite obvious in Catholic representations of the host in various forms of artwork.

      • It's in the Bible LaRosee – Christ commands His followers to eat His flesh and drink His blood – and says those who do "will have life within them and He will raise THEM up on the last day." Protestantism didn't exist before the 15th century. Anytime before that you were either Catholic or "Orthodox." The "Orthodox" didn't exist before the 11th century as far as I know – before that you were either Catholic or you were a heretic. Quit throwing out myths without proof. The devil is the great ape of God. He likes to take things that are true and twist them to his own purposes. The inverted cross is normally associated in our day with Satanism; however it is tradition that Peter was crucified upside down because he did not feel worthy to be crucified in the same manner as his master, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ – this was even shown in the Hollywood film Quo Vadis. Peter's grave is under the high altar of the Vatican. St. paul's head is there in a reliquary. The Catholic church possesses all the known graves of the other apostles as well. Why would God allow His apostles to be buried in churches that did not belong to Him? Yes, the Great Apostasy is here, I grant you, but that happened when Vatican II happened when the Judaeo Masons put their men in the papal chair AS THEY BRAGGED THEY WOULD in the Alta Vendita documents. The last six men posing as popes are not Catholics and do not possess the Catholic Faith. The Catholic faith has been exchanged for a masonic ecumenical 'faith' which has been called by these last six papal imposters as a "new pentecost" a "new advent" and a "new evangelization." The New Testament clearly states that there is One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism. The whole bishop's miter has existed throughout Christian history. Go back far enough in the history of a protestant "reformer" and you will find a Catholic. Even the Protestant minister Graham in his HOW WE GOT THE BIBLE and Luther both admitted had it not been for the Catholic Church "we [meaning protestants] would have known nothing about it" – the BIBLE. Many Catholic saints and mystics predicted the takeover of the papal chair including the incorrupt stigmatist Anna Catherine Emmerich, the stigmatist Marie Julie Jahenny, and it is in the notes of the 1500s era Douay Rheims bible on 2nd Thessalonians to name a few. The old Catholic Encyclopaedia writes at the end of the article on Antichrist that if the Pope is Christ's Vicar then Antichrist, being the ape of God, has to bear some office resembling that of the Pope – this was consistently taught throughout the Church's history and the Fathers and doctors debated whether Antichrist would sit in the rebuilt temple of Jerusalem (as most protestants look to see) or in the new temple of God – the CHURCH in Rome. The latter position was held by many including St. Jerome, ST. Robert Bellarmine etc. This is also argued in the convert from Anglicanism, Cardinal Henry Edward Manning's book THE PRESENT CRISIS OF THE HOLY SEE which you can easily obtain on amazon for six bucks now though written in 1861, it sounds like he is describing the Second Vatican Council to perfection, and the current actions of Bergoglio/Francis are bearing out exactly what he wrote about then.

      • The tradition of transubstantiation is an abomination/anathema to the Jesus Christ of the Bible. That is a Catholic tradition and has nothing to do with Christianity. That tradition makes Jesus subject to the authority of any priest/pope – what an abomination! That is most definitely not what communion is about.

      • The communion is the bread and the wine representing the body and the blood of Christ. As the bread was broken, and the wine poured out, so on the cross Christ's body was broken, and His blood shed to save us. By eating the bread and drinking the wine, we show that we believe this. We show that we repent of our sins, and that we receive Christ as our Saviour. To those who receive the spirit of this service, it can never become a mere ceremonial. It's constant lesson will be, "By love serve one another" (Galations 5:13)…Whenever this ordinance is rightly celebrated, the children of God are brought into a holy relationship, to help and bless each other. They covenant that the life shall be given to unselfish ministry…Those who have communed with Christ in the upper chamber will go forth to minister as He did.
        The above is what is meant when you read Luke 22:19,20. Jesus is the channel of God's grace for the world – not a priest, not a pope, not a host. All such is a usurpation of God's authority and how utterly absurd. We are not here to teach for truth the traditions of men. "Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. If ye had known me, ye should have known my Father also: and from henceforth ye know him, and have seen him." John 14:6,7. Nuff said!

      • Also, LaRosee, it's even in the Protestant bible that St. Paul speaking of communion says that those who eat and drink unworthily are guilty of the actual Body and Blood of the LORD. He does not say 'symbolically guilty" he says guilty of the ACTUAL Body and Blood of the Lord. ONLY the Catholic Church and the schismatic Orthodox believe in actual transubstantiation, the belief that God gave His true ministers the power to turn the bread and wine into His actual Body and Blood to fulfill His command to eat His flesh and drink His blood to have life within them. And when the followers of His time heard Him say that, they said "that is a HARD saying and how can we bear it" and "walked NO MORE WITH HIM" – the Protestants of Christ's day, obviously.

  71. We all know that Michael Jackson's performances would have meant so much more than that crap. He cared a lot about humanity, the environment, animals, etc. If he were to perform again it would feature that, and have nothing to do with illuminati imagery. I was watching Wendy Williams on Monday and even she said it was creepy and just wrong to be messing with the dead…she also in the past brought up the Kardashian Christmas Card's illuminati symbolism and said she believed the conspiracy…

    • Wendy seems to have a lot of fans that seem to like to recall her opinions. Interesting. Might it be she signed a promotion-deal including multimedia tweeters facebookies and blogposters.
      Or am i having a cafeine-dip? You tell me.

      • lol Caffeine dip. All the way. She's known for pissing off celebrities because she says it like she means it, including but not limited to the music industry. I'm a HUGE fan of hers because finally there's a woman that doesn't kiss everyone's ass that goes on her show. There's a lot of celebrities who refuse to be a guest because of the questions she asks…and she refuses to become friends with a celebrity because she wants to remain unbiased. So yeah on the caffeine dip, and I just have too much time on my hands. LOL

      • Oh and even though I have an account, I don't use twitter. And I'm a huge fan of this site too.

      • I am known for giving opinions too, ha. Just beware that just giving opinions is not journalism.

      • No, they are nothing to do with one another. Journalism is scripted mind control and has always worked brilliantly wrt downward social engineering via these seemingly, wholesome shows. The same five handlers work together across all the major networks in order to tweak the scripts so that everyone will be subject to the same choice of words.

      • Spot on for the whole european happenings, as in elections and the intertwining songcontest. On one side is a small group of people shouting very loud that the people have chosen for the union, while in numbers it is not even 25% ….
        With the songcontest too, a lot of commentors were using exactly the same sheet of prepared set of information, without a lot of added personal interest. All hype and mirrors, with a central redaction…
        Conceptwise both a success.

      • Yes, like the swell in the fascist share of the vote in France and the UK during recent elections. It was reverse engineered over a long range and came about exactly as they had planned. Not the first attempt in either case but the best driven one in both cases having tested the water previously.

  72. I've been following since 2010. That's what's I said in my article as well, similarly to the same thing they did with Tupac at Coachella 2012. Nothing beats the real thing man. In the NWO non-coloured people don't exist.

  73. I liked this presentation, but it was clearly visible that there was any magic and emotion. It's what's expected of a hologram even.
    Was only a tribute!

  74. Joe Jackson pimped out the entire Jackson 5 to the illuminati musik industry producers since they were children in order to acquire his wealth – so he has been a programmed MDP since birth almost. Michael himself was an MK Ultra programmer for Kids – which is why he had his neverland ranch. Mike sacrificed his own skin (literally) because he did not want to give a familial blood sacrifice. Which is why he had that crazy skin condition – and most likely lead to him having Lupus. Mike was starting to break his own programming and remember all the terrible things his Alter Personalities had done (for those familiar with MPD – look up Cisco Wheeler or Brice Taylor) It was mostly about him breaking his programming – money was a factor to a degree – because his father Joe was able to rob him of most of his estate illegally. The only Jackson member on Mike's side was LaToya because they left her out of the estate entirely – which is why she began talking. Mike's doctor was blackmailed into giving Mike a lethal dose of whatever drug to finally get him to go away – they threatened his kids from what i hear.

    • I remember reading that musician sky Ferreira say she grew up around micheal Jackson and she seems like she is under mind control.. So you could be right about him being a handler for kids especially in the entertainment buisness.

  75. I'm not sure if anyone else noticed, but because I grew up in the Catholic church, I noticed the "M" symbol on the riot gear. I know it's supposed to represent "Michael" however, it looks like the sacred symbol of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Is that supposed to be a slam on her? Just wondering what other Christians/Catholics think.

    • It looks similar to the M on the back of the miraculous medal with the Cross above it. In this performance, there is a j behind the m to represent "Michael Jackson," so it would not seem to be a slam against the Blessed Virgin. However, the font/style they chose to use is suspect. It could be a very well be a subtle offense to her; I would not be surprised.

    • the blazing star (holy spirit symbol)
      similar font of the virgin mary symbol
      during the middle ages one of the virgin mary symbol was the red rose ("red rose" curtains, "red rose"michael jackson pants)
      maybe its not a coincidence…..im not sure.

    • The use of the M can be added up to the use of the W. Combinations with other innitials are made. A lot of the time to create some diamond. Madonna liked to combine hers with among eyes, wings, too.
      It seems to be a global thing to me.

    • on the "official" illuminati website they are in offensive mode nowadays, recruiting people for their "movement". the logo for their "movement" is a big (red) M…

      • Lot of other possibilities of course. M sideways makes a 3 which has much occult value. Also numerologically speaking, M is 13 once again a powerful number. Mainly though it relates to the Templars and the Masonic Lodge of Solomon in Eliat.

  76. You've taught us so well, VC. As soon as the police dressed in riot gear marched out, I knew what this was going to be about and I immediately picked up on a lot of the symbolism. You've posted that Masonic image on here quite a few times, so as soon as I saw the stage, that was the first thing that came to mind. The chess pieces as pillars, the checkerboard patterns, the stars! Way too obvious.

    It truly sickens me that MJ even has a new album out, let alone "performing" at award shows. There was another hologram performance recently, too: Tupac. Wasn't he strongly against the Illuminati as well? And I heard Philip Seymour Hoffman is going to be digitally created and inserted into The Hunger Games for those last scenes he needed to film. Crazy.

    Keep up the great work, VC! So thankful I'm no longer blind to this nonsense.

  77. Please, don't start trying to paint this child molesting POS as as some kind of hero for allegedly speaking out against the Illuminate controlled music industry, when all he was doing was attempting to get a better contract.
    The Motown organization and Jackson were well recognized plagiarists.
    I know of at least one of his platinum tunes that was ripped off in whole from another composer.
    Rott in hell king of pop, or should I say king of cr@p.

    • how can you even be so sure about someone you don't know… i don't understand people like you and i don't believe i ever can.

    • I'm 100% sure that he never harmed a child! I'm sure that was pulled by some people that tried to get money from him and attention for the media.

      Michael was different than most people. His mind was crushed by his family and other people, he was abused for the sake of fame and money. If so, HE was(and still is)the victim.

      Michael was a sensitive person, and artistic people in general live in a different world. Because of all the negative things that happened to him, he turned himself into a person that never wanted to grow up. He was a child trapped in a grown man's body.
      I don't think he even had sexual desires, which could explain how his children came to be(artificial insemination).
      He wanted to stay a child because he never had the chance to be a child and knew how cruel the world is. That's why he behaved like a child(he even changed his voice)and that's why he preferred to hang out with children and created that whole fantasy world around him. But inside, he was a sad broken man with a good heart who tried to make other people happy.

      • Very beautiful and insightful comment, Pest. I absolutely agree with you. Besides all that, Michael Jackson has been one of the greatest musicians of at least the 20th century. Truely genious.

    • I can't believe you fell for that crap. The comment from 'Pest' pretty much sums up why Michael acted the way he did. When Michael realized how damaged he was because of the elite, he wanted out, but that wasn't gonna be easy. These types of accusations happened to many singers that wanted out. So if they insist on becoming independent, the elite tries to humiliate them by any means. They do that so singers can come back crawling and then of course another story is made cleaning their names. In MJ's case he actually won the trial. But that was when they already decided to kill him.

    • Michael was targeted and taken advantage of by people because they only wanted money from him. Those who knew the real Michael stood by him to the very end. The court found him innocent and the accusers were caught lying in front of the jury. But because Michael was against the elite and the evil music industry they wanted him to look bad. We all know that the elite protect the real criminals and p********s like jimmy savile and whoever are against them are either humiliated or killed off. There have been a lot of celebrity deaths, there is no denying that…..Whitney Houston, Tupac, Amy Winehouse, Brittany Murphy, Heath Ledger, Anna Nicole Smith. The hologram performance was done merely to make more money off of him even after his death and to mock him.

    • I do not believe that MJ was a child molester and I'll tell u why :

      1-MJ was given to the Illuminati (some say his family sold him or MJ came to them to sell his soul with his desire) anyway MJ was part of this sick illuminati crap!

      2- The illuminati is a sick twisted devilish … ect! And we know that that illuminati doesn't care about what u or I think they will do their dirty work.

      3-MJ tried to come out of the illuminati and he made a song about it called Black Or White,You must know that MJ tried to walk out of this illuminati world but he didn't so he started to speak against sony too even his daughter Paris sent tweets about secret society.

      4-Of course when a famous icon comes against the illuminati the illuminati would fight back by controlling the media to let the people know that he is a child molester ect to destroy his image.

      5-When any person comes from the illuminati of course this person would be undermined control puppet and let the handlers play the game indeed u will not expect MJ to be normal.

      6- I was in Berlin this year and there was this German lady who is working in the hotel she told me she met MJ in some hotel in another country she said that he was the sweetest person ever and he is insecure & scared not acting natural but he was friendly and he loved his kids a lot she even said I don't believe that he is a child molester.

      7- TBH I find this interesting when most of us and sadly I was one of the ppl that would blame MJ for his sexual ways towards children and how the media talked s**t about him but when he died most of the people started to loved him give him grace and talk good things about him even the media talked good about him (when he died) the music industry made a tribute to him ….. When I look back at these times I said to myself "damn I'm a hypocrite" but when I started to open my eyes I started to understand.

      RIP MJ

      • Can't see how any of those arguments are contra-indicative. If he was messed up as you say, he would be more likely to offend, rather than less likely. He may have been a sweet person as you write but many entertainment industry people possess one of those alters. The whole Mickey Mouse Club style process zeros in on developing it upfront as a basis for turning the kaleidoscope later on in the engineering process.He may have been using those boys as a means of proving to himself that he was not a pedo as some silently heroic feat but that would only happen if he had partaken in certain activities prior to the bout of conscience kicking in.

    • Very easy to dismiss MJ as a victim but I can longer see him as innocent. Anybody with a child of similar age to those boys who actually cares about their welfare would know that regardless of what went on at his ranch, the very thought of your son sleeping in the same bed as some imbalanced, drug-addicted car crash celebrity would be a MAJOR reason to be up in arms. He may not have engaged in anything worse than that but still, we know that as a Sony big name, he had 'specific knowledge' should we call it and darker thoughts could not have been far from his mind. Regardless of what went on, his entire case raised awareness of those issues in good as well as bad ways and he may have served as an early vehicle for desensitizing the masses to it all.

      • MJ is a not normal person and it's natural for us to question his actions & have doubts about him but when u look back at the illuminati and MJs life history u can connect the dots.

        MJ is a trapped child living in a mans body,he didn't live a normal happy family childhood life his father used to abuse him too with a belt the illuminati killed his soul long time ago before he was even dead they killed his childhood too! They killed his personality He's a slave to them now they own him indeed u won't expect him to be normal look at his actions .. He just wants love and not to be afraid that's why he seeks shelter when he is surrounded with kids,he's so over protective towards his kids and it's explainable cos he didn't live a normal life also there was an interview that MJ says "I never want to grow up" and I rem there was a case against MJ that he was abusing a child then the case was false u can google it!

        Here is one of the interesting interviews between Oprah and MJ

        Oprah asked MJ "so many mothers in my audience have said to please ask u this question why do u always grab ur crotch"?

        MJ "why do I grab my crotch? I think it happens subliminally when I dance when u r dancing u know u just interpreting the sound & the accompany at the music There's a driving base u become the base ..

        MJ keeps talking THEN MJ says "so if I'm doing the move (crotch) and I go bam it's the music that COMPELS ME TO DO IT if not then I'm sure to grab down there and it's not GREAT but u don't think about it it just happens sometimes I look back at the footage and I go DID I DO THAT? SO IM SLAVE TO THE RYTHEM"

        And then the alarm at MJs house goes on

        The illuminati molested him and turned into something that he not!!!!

      • There may be truth in that but:
        Deranged popstar + YOUR child sharing their bed at night= red flag
        Blame their parents as well by all means but
        Why on earth would anyone say that is okay on any level? Maybe I am not in touch with modern values but I cannot for the life of me understand why a grown man with plenty else to occupy him was holding these sleepovers at his ranch? The Peter Pan complex/on-site fairground before he even had 'his own children' (or otherwise), surgery and pill addictions all pointed to the fact that he was deeply untrustworthy around minors and needed to explain his actions. Many rich people contribute towards enhancing the lives of the young and/or disadvantaged but not quite in that way. There were many legitimate ways of doing so. He must have chosen this way for a reason. His adversaries were terribly opportunistic in throwing him to the dogs but the little to which he confessed openly was already far too much.

      • He should have taken his dreadful early experiences onto a neutral platform and dealt with them as best he could rather than dragging outside children into the fray; in many cases, children whose own lives were imperfect enough to crave the adult attention of a superstar. The way in which he enticed them was very typical of the pedo-way and has many parallels with the Rolf Harris case currently being heard in the UK courts where the children are initially seduced by your artistic talents into entering the lair. If you want to talk psychosphere, there is a huge dent in it (one of the largest) which would bear his name exclusively.

      • I totally understand when u have so many suspicions towards it & doubts & questioning MJs situation when it comes to kids and TBH it sounds creepy also uncomfortable when u hear there's a male who is around kids & makes sleepovers ect! Yes it is creepy and u have every right to question it we all do!

        But despite it all I personally do not believe that he was a molester sure he acts abnormal ,drugged and acts weird but we must remember his childhood was taken from him & most of his life he was a slave to the illuminati god knows what he went through .. so he finds shelter & comfort with kids he can be his own self even if it looks weird to us

        Yes when we hear something like that ( example an adult who is not normal surrounded with kids) it makes us uncomfortable when we hear that so am I but really I don't think he harmed any kid MJ was and will be a kid trapped in a mans body and following the rules of the illuminati that's what I see

      • I found it interesting that Corey Feldman said he and Corey Baum were molested by the p********s in Hollywood and that these were powerful people that we would know. He also said that Michael Jackson was a confidante and never made any inappropriate advances toward him. Who knows but I would think he would have been a prime target if he was a p*******e. Also with the amount of kids that he was around it I'd also interesting that there weren't more victims.

      • Apsara Michael Jackson was allowed to be chemically castrated before puberty in order to keep his voice. Ever heard of castrati? They were also sexually abused. He is a modern day castrati.

      • Maybe, but that would not preclude him from engaging in illicit activities other than the obvious.

      • Why not manipulate him into it (the friendly humanlike communicating,playing with kids at his home), and then have the kids abused afterwards by other people than the star. Maybe he was just the pusher/commercial/draw-in for sinister powers at the background.
        Might even the kids were drugged and abused without Michaels consent. He had a ''secret'' passage/room. There were probably more.

      • Maybe, we will never know I suppose. However, he was glad to confirm that he shared his bed with them. Other than parents and siblings, I massively object to other adults sharing beds with children to whom they are not closely related. He would have known these children superficially, at best. Even if he was naive/misguided/sick, that practice was morally objectionable.

      • It seems to be normal in his world, considering all the information about the industry.
        Added up to the things in biographies of other people who were abused from childhood and beyond, quite understandable that,
        even if he did or did not do improper behaviour or worse.

        Misguided is a good word in this context i guess.

        When he got older he changed, like most of us.

      • Perhaps I display a gap in my knowledge but how on earth could anyone gushingly defend a man who took the star struck children of strangers into his bed at night and unequivocally excuse him despite being completely ignorant about what happened in reality? You see, that is the greatest pointer towards magick influence from my point of view. Almost as though he was the pantomime poster boy for insider victim whilst Sony was deliberately pitched against him as a monolithic baddie. I think it was orchestrated to consciously raise awareness that all was not well in the entertainment world and that there really was an 'us' and a 'them'; except of course, given the past, both sides were effectively playing parts as opposed to fighting it out in a conventional victim/perpetrator dynamic, as was well known.
        The Jackson case did a huge amount of damage to our collective unconscious and turning everything into shades of gray. The masses don't have the time or inclination to thoroughly pick apart cases from an arm's length position and separate out the chaff from the grain. They fell into their designated role as the one-penny audience.

      • In my life i have met more than once people who act irrational, irresponcable, criminal, even psychotic, desllusional etc.etc. And in most i could see a spark of something human. Although sometimes it was a fading spark from the past, behind the eyes.
        Not a question of defending, rather than ackowledging another frame of mind to see others maybe.? In my opinion- at this moment in time.

      • Your point regarding timing is interesting. I only started feeling this way about Michael Jackson during the last year or so. Previously, I was largely indifferent but becoming palpably aware that my own child is becoming independent in the same way as I imagine these boys were at the point they began visiting his ranch has stirred something within my soul.

      • I can not imagine all the dangers and horrible possibilities i would see if i had a kid. Even without dangerous other people, this world is not a playground (most of the time) πŸ˜‰

      • I guess they magnify the best and worst in us. Not a playground, I agree, unless one was referring to the 'greatest playground on earth' (Disneyland) in which case a fairly accurate reflection!

      • Not in this context here, no, here i used playground in a very broad sense.
        (I won't use disney-references unless it is in a sick joke, for adults only.)
        And yes, kids are mirrors for us all.
        If only more people would be able to have a confrontation with themselves, i think a lot of problems could be solved without war or pills…

      • Agreed, it is hugely liberating to lose that arrogance which is in built within human nature whereby we leap to automatically defend our imperfect selves. I would do this for many years and it has taken a lifetime for me to comfortably admit to my weaknesses and shoulder a fair proportion of blame rather than attributing it to bad luck/misunderstanding/other people. Nowadays, I can immediately see when others are failing to assume responsibility in such an egotistical way – I often see it in much older, well-respected people in positions of great authority and I despair for them and the way they are shaping this world for future generations.

    • Michael didn't molest any children. Any time, people in power want to break a person's character down, and discredit them in the public eye, they accuse them of being a "sexual offender" "child molester" "child pornographer", and so on. This is the #1 way, every time, to ruin a person's character, and they knew they could target Michael and do this to him. He was popular, had a lot of power, and used A LOT of his money to do good things with.

      Think with your brain, and not what is spoon fed to you in the media. Think about the good people who have been killed because they were popular, a great leader, with alternative visions….. JFK, John Lennon, etc.

    • you should educate yourself to the fact that Michael Jackson never did any of the things he was accused of.There is a book by Aphrodite Jones which will enlighten you to the fact that there was a conspiracy against MJ , all the true facts are there about the accusers , the court cases and the fact that the DA Tom Sneddon who tried to frame MJ for ten years , falsified evidence to get MJ in prison , and who should be in prison himself for what he did.The FBI investigated Michael Jackson for over ten years and said he had done nothing wrong or broke any laws , in all the time they followed his every move. People believe all the garbage that is put out by the media and most of it is made up , glorified rubbish.Also research Thomas Meserau , who will tell you about the person who was Michael Jackson, the humanitarian, kind hearted person who helped save lives, donated millions of dollars , donated time and energy to help people less fortunate .After years and years of abuse by the media Michael Jackson still sent out messages of love to everyone, when most people would have given up .The Arviso family conspired against Mj for money and quite a few other famous people were ripped off by them also, all it takes is a little time to research the truth , no more time than it takes to read media rubbish. All the haters seem to follow like sheep in their ignorance of the truth

  78. Slave to the Rhythm… wow. Remember the interview with Oprah when he began talking specifically about being a "slave to the rhythm" and conveniently, a smoke alarm sounded, cutting him off? Sure isn't any secret now, is it! Here's the clip http://youtu.be/mieScbLawsI

  79. Its pretty much over as far as music is concerned, there are already original hologram superstars in japan. As soon as they get the tech certified over here and had a few dummy cases to deal with any issues, they'll be making pop stars out of thin air. Will they still use old legends like chuck,MJ and Tupac? Sure, but don't expect the corporations (especially Sony, and a lot of these Italians), to keep them to their real life moral standards (MJ was killed by Sony and friends because he owned a lot of catalogs eg. Jonas Bro's, Beatles and made a point of not selling them, and 2pac had a strong pro-black stance)

    • Hatsune Miku!!! the Hologram u speak of, she is going on tour with LadyGaga!! i also have the thot of perhaps VC people being like "The Original 1984 Apple Macintosh Commercial" and it will be our job to SMASH the holograms!!! <3

    • that's the sign of the 6 and right after lyrics "dinner served by 9" he flashes the 9 sign the 6 is upside down 999 is the angelic number

  80. Thaaanks VC for writing about this. It just really truly disturbing. It just felt "wrong" to watch this. It seemed so real and yet it was completely disrespectful in my point of view. And for a fact we know how he hated the industry especially in his last years, he would never want this to happen anyways.
    This is the second album that they released after his death. This is nothing but using him. Michael Jackson is one of the most influential and important figures in the history of entertainment and it just does not seem right to portray a dead man's body at an award show with a song he never wanted to release anyways and make him dance.. It just does not seem right to me.

  81. The chess piece pillars VC mentions, are pawns. Another poster wrote that the dancers are all chess pieces too (Knights with horse heads, etc.). Does that make MJ the "King"?

  82. I've been reading your blog for months even though I've never commented before. When I first heard of Michael Jackson's hologram, I found it very disturbing since Michael obviously can't give his consent for them to use his likeness. It's like the music industry still owns him after his death. Indeed, there is no "escape" for Michael Jackson.

    So I decided to watch the video to see what I could glean from it and I asked my husband to watch it with me so I could point out to him what I'd learned from this site. My conclusions totally matched yours, VC, and it's all so blatant from the police state depicted to the Masonic imagery to mocking the King of Pop sitting on his "throne" yet most people don't get it. I even like this song but can't enjoy it because I know what's behind it. It's all so sick and twisted.

  83. I really wish I had the words for this. The technology is a great opportunity to relive many of our favorite artists (and it could be done in a artful and tasteful way) There are plenty of Film/Graphic design/Technical artists who could have made this something really spectacular. It COULD have been a great memorial to him.

    But sadly, this reads like one long, unending joke.

  84. Although I can see where you are coming from I completely disagree, although MJ spoke out against the industry I think this performance is well suited to something he would do. EVERY live show he has ever performed has had a military feel, and it's something he likes himself, you can see this from any live performance he had his hand in and his very military style army teasers. Even when "sticking it to the man" with the "don't care about us" video it was very military influenced, as are his dance moves. The "This is It" docu also shows the large 3d and onstage military style dance sequence that was going to be used. Although I read this site regularly, I think this article missed the mark. The whole new album and marketing around it I think is the first time they have stayed true to MJ's style.

    • But he was forced into it. Didn't you realise that he had to include at least one thing for the elite. Otherwise they would've never approved. It all started in the 90s when he released 'Dangerous' (the irony of the title). But you could argue that he worn those suits in the 80's but then wasn't that fashionable?

      • It's would be highly hypocritical of him to speak out against those who controlled him, then continue to use the music and themes that you claim was forced or influenced by them.

      • But he did continue the military theme, it was something he always used as a personal choice. You only have to look at the choreography he created and outfits for his "This is It" show and his Blood on the Dance floor album was mentioned on this website.

  85. Clock is stuck on 11:59 indicating the last hour although not necessarily st a chronology we would understand. I wanted to strongly emphasize that MJ was hardly whiter than white. He was a life-long promoter of everything we object to on here. It is worth several articles in it's own right. He sold his soul light years ago so this is not exploitation of an innocent (like sharing your bed with young boys). He broke the honor among thieves code wrt Tommy M and any eleventh hour vain attempt to cry wolf was unfortunate but not much more than that. He handed over his ownership rights to them and they are merely demonstrating that they are still exercising those rights to eternity. They were as good as stipulated in the Sony contract.

    • Furthermore, they would NEVER have done this without his 'approval' just as they sought the approval of Lennon, Freddie Mercury and other icons whom they resurrected as a sub component of a wider ritual in the form of mass celebration such as an awards ceremony or great sporting event. At some point, he would have wanted it a great deal. I am not going to discuss necromancy but it is best not to feel too offended on MJs behalf. Wake up America. The more souls you reach out to in this life, the greater the energy to be harnessed off the back of it, once you shed your physical body.

      • Finally, it alludes to the agenda of eternal life which is something the illuminati has been aiming to scientifically engineer forever really; hence eugenics, mummification, pyramids and a multitude of other masonic designs and practices.. Apparently, this is a vision of our future – just like the fallen angels who are thousands of years old and inhabited this earth throughout, and just as Crowley (in a bad way) and Princess Diana (in a more positive way) have managed to continue to exert influence beyond physical death. Be prepared for many more spiritual emergencies when the living and the dead find it hard to synchronize the dialogue.

      • Please remember he was forced into this since the age of five. He didn't know anything else. The last few years of his life he tried to fight back. How do we know he didn't repent? They made fun of him in the British tabloids because he died with a Bible next to his bed and Bilble verses written on peices of paper stuck to his mirror! Look it up. Also the chef said when his daughter Paris heard something had happened to him, she gathered everyone to pray for him in the name of Jesus. She got that from somewhere.

        Don't be stuck on 20 to 30 years ago. The people who judge him like this and say he sold his soul so he deserves this probably never prayed for him while he was alive. I can say I did a couple of times but I wish I did more! So I pray for the ones who are here. If they repent God can save them. The enemy lies and says its too late but that's a lie.

        I don't claim to know where MJ is but it seems to me that he really tried to make things right in his last few years.

    • No one said Michael was whiter than white, or simply a 'pure' person. But whom are we to judge? Those without sin cast the first stone. However, he was found not guilty by a court of law. And he was basically black-mailed by others for money, because they were jealous and wanted what he had. I believe he was a innocent. A rare and fine individual. People do not believe they exist, but they do. And when people know they exist, they try to destroy them by any means possible.

    • Apsara, Michael Jackson was way too young to decide when he was pushed into stardom. He really wanted to be a christian when he was younger. But his father was an MK handler and he sold his children to the devil, he allowed all the SRA to happen to them. One former mk victim recalls that she was at the after party of some TV show and saw Joe Jackson take money from a mixed group of men who were let into a room to abuse the Jackson kids. Michael was a really sick person, we know for sure, but he was forced to live a life that wasn't his choice at all, I think the "white" Michael was nothing but an mk product designed to led the masses astray, he'd lost his core persona.

    • There is Michael the kid who was a victim. Then there is Michael the adult male who was sick for decades and gradually transformed into a quasi-human, terrifying, plastic horror character. At some point, the burden of proof would have shifted onto his shoulders. God always offers little exit points along the way I would expect. The fallout with Sony was about $, not spiritual warfare and as a matter of policy, he was always going to switch positions in a way which gave him the moral upper hand. Just like Princess Diana did when the chips were down. I am not convinced by the integrity of such people but I am most convinced by the fact that their energy was not spent and continues to synergize beyond their passing.

      • That christian (?) god you mention, he seems to have more exit points to offer than most of his believers do.
        Funny that, you , mentioned it.

      • There is only the one God, dunno about the man made constructs and myths which religions have imposed to monopolize Him. It is only for his to offer those exit points. We are not answerable to His believers although organized religion brainwashes people into believing in spiritual power structures. I am certainly not Christian btw.

    • So true, I think that needed to be said. Once a person sells themselves into such a satanic corporation such as the music industry they are never allowed to change their mind and if they do not follow orders they turn up dead. Michael Jackson as you stated sold his soul to satan in order to get wealth and fame, yet tried to hide that behind his professed love for the people, and those who idolized him.

  86. what a creepy performance!! They did that with Tupac and it made me sick in my stomach. The saddest thing is to see the audience eat it all up!!

  87. One of the most unsettling things they have pulled off so far. I saw it and all I could think was what you said 'Would Michael approve of this'. It sickens me that they killed him off and now bring back this hologram and make more money off of him with their agenda.

    I can only hope and pray that wherever MJ is now it's a better place and that he is at peace despite of all this.

    • "I can only hope and pray that wherever MJ is now it's a better place and that he is at peace despite of all this."


  88. Anyone notice how in the beginning, the riot cops have metal on their gloves accentuating the index and pinky finger, thus making the sign of satan? Just saying. I captured a screenshot, but dunno how to post it.

    • Yes, it is a way of bowing down to transhumanism. It also has other occult meanings as certain demons have these strange types of body parts. It is problematic that technology is Luciferian to its core and their celebrated joined-up thinking is at the core of the police state. However, truthers also need to use it in order to launch their message far and wide. It is best not to get too dependent upon it. Always be aware that they will be throwing a curve-ball some time soon and you will need to have cultivated a wide range of survival and living skills not involving screen technology if you are to be able to survive it. The mark of the beast is not a single vent type event involving the one microchip. It will be like those quiz shows where you start with a dozen people and there is only one left who jumped through all the right hoops but even they may leave empty handed.

  89. I never realized that hotel in babyLon-don had been renamed. I love the advice offered to potential visitors on the tourist website: "They do recommend that you enquire before visiting in case there is an event taking place." Must be quite bewildering to take a drunken wrong turn and end up in the midst of an EWS ritual.

    • They sold him out a long time ago, even when he was alive. They kept him medicated and did nothing when he was at his most vulnerable. He was reared to be an MK slave and was of no use to anyone once he started to question his role. RIP.

      • If that is true. And it probably is. Why did LaToya speak out again Conrad Murray? I always wondered why she spoke out.

      • She needs money like every one else in the world. She too might have been on that gravy train but Conrad was just a fall guy backed into a corner by Sony and everyone else. LaToya may have gotten paid for that or was told to do it otherwise she'd miss a paycheck.

        All that stuff is to benefit Sony & LaToya knows which side her bread is buttered . . .
        Remember, she had a manager who beat the crap out of her too. So she was under some kind of Mk programming herself.

    • MJ family got paid as well..as far as the show..i could hardly watch..it hurting me so much..tears rolled down over my face. Disgusting how they used Michael to gain lots and lots of money. They used and abused this man since his childhood..it was very sad and heartbreaking to watch..

      R.I.Paradise Michael

  90. Slave To The Rythym, masonic decor, swat team to open the performance…. MJ would not comply with their agenda while alive. Yet, in their tiny little minds, they think they own his soul and made him a slave to the rythym. smh.

    • I think they killed him. I saw a poster for his new album, he is wearing a space suit or something…. part of the suit is like a shadow going over his mouth. I think it is an indication that they silenced him. He was speaking out before he died. I saw a video where he was trying to warn people, even saying history is lies. Those jackasses killed him and now they are using his image. Luckily his soul is now free, he doesn't have to put up with their cruelty or attacks/ manipulations anymore… but his image is what they are using. Only an image, an illusion. They think they have won and are gloating over it. but they don't have him anymore, it is only the holographic illusion they can manipulate, the twits! All they will have in the end is illusion but they don't realize it yet.

      Rest in peace Michael, and safe journey wherever it may lead you.

      I am so sick of the elites… they need to be brought down!

    • It is coded: Slave to rhythm. This can also be attributed to creatures of habit as it is known as above so below. We can liken it to just that double meaning. So who is the Master of Rhythm?

      Not going to bother watching the performance for Thriller, Smooth Criminal top ranking amongst others that were compared to this( Impersonator or Hologram) It is utter disrespect. All for C.R.E.A.T(M) and power. Now it is funny how some draw emotion from that as if to be the ones dead yet thinking to be alive.

      Yeah if I need memory I jam real videos of moon-walker the king of pop.

      Pay money to Coach Ella. Who's playing? Holograms of our beloved pop stars. Wow and people are paying for that yep.

      Bravado says around here if we don't do it ourselves then we might as well get the mariachi.

  91. Besides the point that this is the estate/record company/whoever using MJ's image post-mortem, this was not a hologram of Michael Jackson. This was a hologram of a Michael Jackson impersonator with a digitally enhanced face. Any true fan of Michael Jackson, having seen countless performances and music videos would know that this man couldn't compare in his musical timing and dancing abilities to MJ. He had some of his signature moves, which any impersonator would, but that's about it. Just FYI.

    • Couldn't have said it any better it wasn't even good I had the honor of seeing MJ Live during his Dangerous tour and this is a terrible perfomance despite of the obvious.

    • xactly… Not even sure it was a hologram but it was definitely an impersonator.. not sure though if that would clear all legal hurdles either.

    • Yeah, your right. I watched the performance and thought "Mike" looked stiff. Even well into his 40's with all his medical problems, he moved better than that!

    • Yes exactly, I have been professionally pop locking for over 14 years now. This hologram was of a performance artist body double actor dancer. His moves, although not entirely abysmal, were slow, off rhythm, poorly timed, and poorly executed. I would actually have to say they could have hired someone a lot more talented. But then again they wouldn't even know where to pool their resources. At the end of the day these were electronic/audio/video specialists, and were not interested enough in the finer points of pop locking/gliding/b-boying and the finer points of dance, as was Michael Jackson. Their attempt to mimic MJ's style fell short. Clearly they were more interested in Masonically mocking him than they were actually delivering a fantastic hologram tribute to the most popular entertainer the World has ever witnessed

  92. Well, first of all I must say… kudos for the person who made the hologram and animation. MJ's moonwalk included? Wow… that's a very good work trust me.

    It's funny how people clap at the end. Well, I hope they are clapping to the animator (who made a terrific work with the hologram) and NOT to Michael Jackson, who is almost 5 years dead. Even when the animation of the hologram is superb, "Michael's" eyes look dead. No life whatsoever. And that is so interesting that we the people have something unique in ourselves, the marvelous gift of life that the Lord Jesus has granted to us. That is something that no computer can ever reproduce.

    If you think about it, entire concerts could be made by holograms. And also, movies, theater plays, you name it. This makes me think that we are entering a new era of Illuminati crap where we can expect the dead coming back to life to lure innocent minds like those of children and youngsters.

    Also, don't be surprised if we see Whitney Houston smiling on a stage one of these days. And who cares if Miley, Katy or Beyoncé fail to their agendas and end up dead? No problem, they can still be very cool on stage, for ages. And God forbid… my beautiful and beloved Britney Spears too.

    I personally believe this is a huge disrespect to the memory of Michael Jackson. How does his family feel about all this? I would be very mad if I see a clone of my brother dancing on a stage producing millions of dollars for satanic cults. Seriously. What a disrespect this is.

    The situation in the world is worsening everyday. These powers behind the curtain are becoming stronger and they are paving the way for Antichrist to come. Thank God they all will perish. But hey, terrible days are yet to come. May God take care of us all.

    • this was a MJ look alike. I don't know what part of this was a holographic image other than the changing background scenarios, because the guy was actually an MJ impersonator. There was also a reported last-minute fall out with the company that originally agreed to do the holographic projection backing out of the deal over fears of litigation.. so I heard.

    • Whitney is indeed coming in hologram. I just read an article about it, which made me come back to review this article and comments. πŸ™

      • The day of recon in his coming.. Satans kingdom and his illuminati minions will be destroyed forever, by the true king of kings

      • All that biblical BS doesn't answer my question. I think we all have it coming. However instead of worrying about what is going to happen how about focusing on what is happening now.

      • Yes, we will all be subject to one judgement on equal terms. No get out of jail card for self-professed good christians because they attended their superchurch every week for life. Equality of justice is crucial to all credible belief systems including the Noahide laws and real (minority) Islam.

      • dear me you are right about christians. maybe the majority of them are judgemental and opinionated. you should't take notice of them, try to reach Christ. christians don't represent Christ. if they can't behave why Christ is responsible for their actions. you should take notice of Christ and not of the churchgoers who are only humans with plenty of weaknesses. i'm certain most of those christians are aware of the fact that there's something wrong with them but if it makes feel you better, let off steam tell them how you feel. you're correct though, absolutely.

  93. Katy Perry's performance at the same awards show was right in line with the usual BS. Eyeballs, 3 sixes signs, pyramids. The same ol crap, while the audience worships. I was on twitter watching the awards show, not one tweet about any of it, just endless praise and adoration.

    • Yes, Ariana and Iggy too. Like those puzzle books where you have to circle x number of symbols hidden in the picture.

  94. I knew what is was as soon as I saw it. I knew it was coming but I was not sure how I would feel about seeing a holographic MJ. After watching it I felt sick and for them to have "him" perform a song called "Slave to the rhythm" made me feel like they were mocking him rather than celebrating him. Like VC said in the article anyone who knows the truth behind Mike knows what really happened and how he felt towards SONY so to see this makes me a bit angry. Keep up the good work VC! I still would love to see your thoughts on the MTV 2014 movie awards.

    • I know. "SLave to the Rhythm??" Really. He hated Sony. πŸ™ The slave publically hated his master but his master got his way.

      • the Rhythm is another name for the devil. He most certainly was a slave to him. They were all on the same side and had a falling out … not over spiritual differences but $$$$$$ and the fact that MJ forgot to keep their downtime antics secret from the masses.

    • I knew that VC was going to post about this… I didn't see it live, but, when i saw it online, since the very first moment i knew that everything was wrong. Im an MJ fan, but i didnt like that show at all. Michael sitting on that throne… thats not an MJ show at all, he never started a performance like that… that was just an excuse to promote all illuminati crappy simbolism, by bringing tears to naive people, and some other puppets eyes.

  95. Slight correction: All dancers are chess figures. If you look, you'll see the "cages" form horse heads, towers and so on. They all pieces of the game, even the "hologram". Question remains who is the player?

    • Even more so that the cages form chess pieces, in chess the pieces are manipulated by the "Master," even the "King" must move according to the will of the "Master!"

    • honestly im so tired of the illuminati stuff. not even a single break i can get from them. i have stopped listening to a lot of artist and songs i used to like.
      i don't know why nobody kills this people, why we haven't had a christian supremacist and start eliminating this evil people….

  96. There is nothing amazing about this performance to me it was creepy, making more money off the dead mans back for the company he hated. Just plain wrong. Nothing unusual in the illuminati stage setting.

  97. I've been a big fan of MJ since childhood (my parents are big on motown) and it's heart breaking.
    MJ being (and will be) humiliated and insulted for years to come to next generations who don't won't know the truth while the evil ones gets the profit from his name. This s*** really brings no comfort to us. Only we can hope to God and spread out the truth.

    • they do the same to mock Jesus (yahusha)…masonic commissioins filling churches with images of him with gold this and that, sun rays, pulling masonic hand signs… etc…a mockery of all he fought for and taught people to avoid and rebuke!

      • We can do more than hope. We can act. Let all of us stop hoping and start acting. For this I pray, Amen.

    • …You're asserting the illuminati had something to do with his death. There are many theories on Jackson's death, and you're so certain the illuminati's involved? Makes sense.

  98. dude, i don't know how you do it. but you always manage to pull out convincing, well researched articles, consistently!

    • I'm not so sure that Sony owns MJ's image. I'm sure the image that was in the Billboards presentation looked nothing like him, young or matured. It was either an electronically created impression or another person, but the features were not like his at all. Nor were the intricacies of the dance moves either by the way.

      • Thank you, Smiling face, this looked nothing like MJ…I really think it's one of his impersonators, but people are so defensive going on about "it's computer generated so it couldn't be precise", but did you see Tupac hologram…

      • Yes Smiley I agree with you, they definitely didn't capture the true essence of Michael J, something was definitely off and I felt some type of weirdness while I was watching it.

      • There was no magic at all in this performance. No amount of computer generated images and sounds could EVER equal the intense magnetism of his physical presence, his amazing talent, and the passion, love, and interaction that he conveyed to his audiences. He was PURE electric excitment.

        We HEARD you loud and clear Michael, when you were speaking out against SONY !!!
        We all know you were trying to get out – you were so brave…..

        Let the swine have their money….YOU will always have the magic.

        There's nothing "they" can do to hurt you now and "they" can't fool us anymore either.

        We love and miss you Michael! πŸ™‚ xox

      • How can you emotionally engage like that with a product of a huge PR machine. You never knew him – remember?

      • I love and miss his spirit and the innocence that I felt he conveyed.
        It is a different love than the personal love I have for my Mom and people in my life….but it is still a feeling of love.

      • The hologram is exploitative no doubt, and Michael did speak out against the industry, and labeled it evil with due right, but lets not forget who Michael was, and that is…megalomaniac.

        Michael labeled as king of pop, but in his own mind he was labeled emporer of entertainment. Countless stories of his vile and disgusting ego exist, while perhaps he as a star at such a young age destroyed his normalcy, he regardless embraced this persona, and was every bit the insane pompous jacka$$ that you might expect. A few clips of Michael expressing anger at his business leaders will not sway me from the truth that Michael was a sick, abusive, cretin with power that corrupted him. If he was 'good' he would have stopped his alcoholism and drug use, his isolated royal life full of priveledge, and instead could have devoted himself and his success to healing. A victim of reality and its weakness he sure was, but the benefit and apathy he expressed in his life is more than enough reason to discount this misplaced representation as a good guy that this site offers up.

      • What the flying hell are you talking about? What he labeled himself in his 'mind'? How does one even come to that conclusion unless you are him or can somehow read his thoughts? Michael was probably one of the last humble talents of the entertainment business. Aside from Neverland, he lived rather simply. The man wore ran down loafers for crying out loud. Are we forgetting he wore the same rinky dink button down shirts for like, the entire 90's? Lol. That doesn't sound like a Royal life full of privilege. This man grew up in POVERTY. I've been to Gary, Indiana, it is a f*****g cesspool. There's nothing royal or privileged about it. He worked his ass off to earn the respect and accolades that he is given.

        Yes, Michael was wealthy, but unlike most he used his wealth to actually help others. This is a man who had given over $300 million dollars to charity in his lifetime. Not to mention, even now his Estate gives 20% of its earnings to a list of charities–all of his choosing! He's not listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the Most Charitable Pop star by being a selfish, entitled brat. By all accounts, those who truly knew Michael, celebs and regular folk alike have all but NOTHING but good things to say about him. They speak of his humility. Furthermore, if there were extensive alcoholism or drug use, I'm certain his autopsy report would've gave indication of that. Alcohol and drug abusers usually have organs that tell on them, Michael's however, did not. Sounds like you're projecting your own issues into him, and that's not his problem.

        Michael will always be seen as pop royalty, whether you like it or not. Seems that you're actually the jacka$$!

    • if you really want the truth, you must look what it says, María del Rosario Cordero Tesón.
      The truth of the real world.
      Who is Dangerous? Who is Invincible? Who is the woman talking with Michael in the song This is It? Who is the slave, the rhythm of love? Who is the woman who leads Michael to be wild?, who is the woman who left him for another man and he stays So blue? Who are they, those who tell Michael to write a song?
      The answers is this woman, this woman who THEY try to eliminate history, but not just now, many years ago.

      The image of Michael, is my image, because I gave it to him in exchange for him to sing for the truth and for love

      • The answers is this woman, the woman who THEY try to eliminate from history, but not just now, many years ago.
        If you really want the truth, listen to this woman: María del Rosario Cordero Tesón


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