Michael Jackson Appears as Hologram at the Billboard Awards … And is Used for Illuminati Agenda

Then things become extremely Masonic. The entire background behind MJ becomes a checkerboard pattern - the ritualistic floor in Masonic lodges.

Michael Jackson, aka the King of Pop, tragically lost his life in strange and nebulous circumstances in June 2009. Five years later, his image is used to generate money for a record company he hated with a passion.

Almost ironically entitled Xscape, Michael Jackson’s new posthumous album was released by Epic Records, a division of Sony Music. As I noted in the article entitled When Insiders Expose the Ugly Side of the Entertainment Industry, MJ was becoming increasingly vocal out about the evils of the music industry and was especially disgusted by Sony Music. Here’s a video of a speech he gave in 2002. As you’ll see, MJ did not like Sony nor the ex-President of the company Tommy Mottola. He explains how Motolla, Mariah Carey’s ex-husband, acted more like a MK slave handler than a husband … while holding a sign saying “$ony Kills Music”.

Fast-forward to today. Sony owns MJ’s image and uses a hologram of him to make him sing and dance at will. Years after his death, MJ truly cannot “Xscape” exploitation by the music industry.

MJ’s hologram performed at the 2014 Billboard awards the song Slave to Rythm, a title that sadly captures his fate with the music business. Even worse, the set is full of the symbolism of the occult elite he tried to escape from.

Here’s the “performance”.

The “performance” begins with a group of policemen dressed in riot gear. Complete with oppressive helicopters and spotlights, the intro is yet another example of the music business turning the concept of an oppressive police state into something normal and fashionable. It also tells us that this MJ “performance” was brought to you by the occult elite.

MJ is introduced by a bunch of police dressed in riot gear - a continuation of the police state agenda that prevails across the music business.
MJ is introduced by a bunch of police dressed in riot gear – a continuation of the police state agenda that prevails in the music business.

When then see a weird, computer-generated clone of MJ sitting on a throne (of lies). The animal print on the throne might refer to Beta MK programming – something he probably experienced in his youth.

Then things become extremely Masonic. The entire background behind MJ becomes a checkerboard pattern - the ritualistic floor in Masonic lodges.
Then things become extremely Masonic. The entire background behind MJ turns into a checkerboard pattern – as used on the ritualistic floor of Masonic lodges.
In fact, the entire stage is one big Masonic lodge, complete with twin pillars (formed by chess pieces), an arch overarching them, a checkboard pattern surrounded by "blazing stars" as found in lodges.
In fact, the entire stage is basically one big Masonic lodge, complete with twin pillars (formed by chess pieces), an arch above them and checkerboard patterns. All of this is surrounded by “blazing stars”.
A Masonic lodge at Andaz Hotel in London. Looks oddly similar to the stage MJ's hologram "performs" on.
A Masonic lodge at Andaz Hotel in London. Checkerboard floor, twin pillars and a giant blazing star on the ceiling.
Many of the symbols found in this Masonic image are found on the Billboard awards stage.
Many of the symbols found in this Masonic image are found in the hologram “performance”.

The clone then proceeds to emulate MJ’s signature dance moves – causing the same foul gut feeling as one would get while watching a corpse being animated with puppet strings.

Some of MJ's backup dancers wear cages around their heads, proving that people working in this music industry are literal slaves to the rhythm.
Some of MJ’s backup dancers wear cages around their heads, telling viewers that artists in the Illuminati industry are literal “slaves to the rhythm”.

Then fake-MJ sits back down on his throne (of lies). People in the audience start clapping and cheering while probably realizing that there is no human being on the stage to acknowledge these cheers.

Some might say that “people miss Michael” and that the hologram performance “brings back his magic”. Maybe so. But the reality is that MJ’s image and legacy is being hijacked by the industry he grew up to hate. His image is now used to promote the Illuminati Agenda and to generate revenues for Sony Music. Would MJ approve of any of this? Maybe the following picture will answer that question.


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295 Comments on "Michael Jackson Appears as Hologram at the Billboard Awards … And is Used for Illuminati Agenda"

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forget the symbolism. This is so disrespectful to MJ and very sad. They ruin his life and then refuse to let him rest in peace.

When you find this video on Youtube, you'll see that they actually disabled the comment section. I think to prevent discussion about the content in the video as well as to shut people up who object to the idea of the hologram. Very very telling that they shut the comment section on this video. Very very telling indeed…..

And the opening gave me the chills. I found the riot police opening VERY disturbing.

VEVO disabled comments section for all MJ music videos on YouTube. Today its like the live grave of MJ’s where everybody could come and pay their respects to him, by watching his art and hearing his message. And i find it (disabling comments) very relieving as you could only imagine how much dirt would be on there by now
Although, you can find couple of ellen degenerates videos at the top now. I mean after they killed him, when i gotten more familar with Michael’s true life… to me – all Michael’s songs adapted that different kind of vibe – a loss, an abuse, struggle…and seeing the presence of her stupid silly face on his grave really truly deeply insults me.

sick exploitation.

I'm ashamed to say, I enjoyed this at first, it was the next best thing to seeing Michael again. But, the more times I watched it, the more I had a gut feeling that something was wrong, and it made me sad. Thank you for this article, it opened my eyes.

sadly this is how they deceive all of us and give us a feeling of ‘overjoyed exasperation’ to make us disregard all the symbolism

I do believe MJ was controlled by the MusiK Industry. But the more i research his death & listen to the "Xscape" Album i also am leaving open the idea that he may have faked his death in order to break free from the Industry. Plenty of pics of what appear to be him in different Countries, especially Europe.

I hope he did….if that’s what he had to do.

The music industry is so blatantly full of Illuminati/Freemasonry garbage, its absolutely disgusting. They just love to flaunt and push their agenda openly. I cannot understand how anyone would want to go into either the music or movie industry for that matter, unless you want to sell your soul to Satan. Just goes to show, you can "have it all," (materially speaking) but in reality without Jesus, you have NOTHING! Life is but a short time. Eternity is forever! You're next "breath" is NOT guaranteed, put your stock in God, not man, not wealth!

Doesn’t look like him at all in the face. Nothing else looks distorted, so why would his face look so different.
I don’t think it’s a hologram of Michael Jackson.

Well creepy…….songs michael didn't use….still making £££$$$s off him without his participation…all goes well for $ONY. Dispicable basically …. website bonnie vent paranormal san diego for anybody who's wanting to find out more..michael predicted this and more. There are sessions with her & micheal contacting her..genuine & his concern for his children are more on his mind than anything else…his children are now obviously being groomed for `showbiz`….the `estate` controls….people think they generously bought them a house…Is with the money they ve been making from the records etc etc….since MJ passed. Do not buy any of this $ony stuff…..
Great stuff as usual…loved the eyes wide shut kubrick film observations….

I do believe MJ was controlled by the MusiK Industry. But the more i research his death & listen to the "Xscape" Album i also am leaving open the idea that he may have faked his death in order to break free from the Industry. Plenty of pics of what appear to be him in different Countries, especially Europe. His Morgue pics look like something from a Wax Museum. Even his Family, especially Jackie looks like they are almost laughing at his Memorial at times. And why does Jermaine do almost all the Interviews re: MJ? Is he the best Actor in the Jackson Family? If we are supposed to be wary of the Media then i believe we should question his Death. Before you totally disregard this, please do some research for yourself & never take everything we are PROGRAMMED to believe from the Media at face value. MJ… Read more »

People are such idiots..did these fools really give a standing ovation to a fake ass hologram??? Frickin hate people man..

This whole hologram business makes me sick. I hope every single person at fault goes back to where they belong: Hell.

I never realized that hotel in babyLon-don had been renamed. I love the advice offered to potential visitors on the tourist website: "They do recommend that you enquire before visiting in case there is an event taking place." Must be quite bewildering to take a drunken wrong turn and end up in the midst of an EWS ritual.

The illuminati celebrate those they murder. They are SO twisted!!

…You're asserting the illuminati had something to do with his death. There are many theories on Jackson's death, and you're so certain the illuminati's involved? Makes sense.

He can't believe so? Are you stupid or what?
Stupid fukken tyler, lol.

Interesting. Three more “slaves to their deals” (Frey, Prince, George Michael) all passed away in 2017.

That is one of the most evil things I’ve ever seen. Maybe the most. I can’t even say anything else about it except that I would have fun out of that place as fast as a leopard.

This is something horrible to use the image of a person like Michael as he was having issues with the music industry… he wanted to be set free and told that the industry DO NOT OWN HIM!!! I think they´v gone too far with this. But the thing is… Did his family agree on doing this hologram performance??? Maybe they just didn´t have a choice…

Anyone notice the pose of the hand bones painted on the gloves of the people wearing riot gear? It is that rock and roll horned goat salute! It's crazy, since I have been coming here for 4 years I can spot even little details like that, its like I am unconsciously guarding my subconscious.

This is not just about using Michael Jackson's image and exploiting him for money. This is much deeper than that.
Spiritually speaking this is all out blasphemy and spiritually damning to anyone who does not know the word of God or believe in God. In Bible Jesus says He is the way, the truth, and the life. All who believe in Him have eternal life. What we see is the Illuminati projecting a person being seen as still living, an artificial resurrection.

I think Sony company probably knew that MJ hated them and now when he is dead want to show that they are the BOSS and MJ is just a dead slave for them..It's really,really sad to realize that now the moneys are ruling the human race. They're thinking that they're even more powerful than God because they're rich.But this is wrong people,God sees everything and one day he will punish them because they're insulting Michael's soul.

So rest in peace Michael you always were and will always be the most amazing man. God will always be with you and will always take care of you.


I've been waiting to see what you had to say about this VC…I knew you would not disappoint me!! Thanks!

Can i request something? Article-writers can you please write articles about the celebrities here in the Philippines. I think many artists here are being recruited by the illuminati. I think Vice Ganda (comedian),Daniel Padilla, Kathryn Bernardo, Robin Padilla, Kris Aquino sister of the president here in the philippines), Bamboo, Revolutionists here in the Philippines in the Spanish era. 'm very confused. Also the Pinoy Big Brother logo, it also looks like an eye. Please. I only trust this website for having a well-research and true articles. I don't know if I am being a paranoid when i analyze every commercials and tvshows here. Please help

Everyone should check out the title song for the album "Xscape" it seems really telling. He's talking about how he wants to escape from their control.

Maybe we should all just be glad that they didn't dig him up from the grave and turn him into a marionette! Disturbing.

Not really relevant but your comment reminded me that sketch from the british comedy show the day today. Look for it on youtube day today chapman baxter.Maybe we're not far off that 😉

Don't buy the new MJ CD – don't let them make money off the dead!

I really appreciate all the work you guys do here at Vigilant Citizen. Kudos to all of you. I also appreciate your fairness in allowing people to post, not having to use your 'identity, and that you don't "moderate" or "censor" comments like many other websites do. You guys rock!

People need to realize and understand that Michael was a bit of a rebel as soon as he started maturing and wanted to do and be more than jst the lead singer of The Jackson 5/Jacksons. He fought to have a more creative role in making his albums both as a Jackson and then as a solo artist. He was always soft spoken but yet had a lot to say and although he may not have always articulated his opinions in his interviews or in public, he knew his voice was thru his music and Short films/videos. Early on as a member of the jackson 5 he was already touring the world and seeing the less fortunate life of many and it affected him. He also saw first hand what the industry did to great artist black and white alike. He grew and began buying the publishing rights to many… Read more »

Even in death, Michael Jackson is STILL being exploited by the Satanic Freemasons for money! SMH

But are all freemasons really satanic or is that yet another movement which has been hijacked and corrupted by a darker force?

The lower-level people don't know what they're in for until they're up @ a certain level, they realized they've been deceived. The higher-ups in Freemasonry know exactly what they're doing.

Don't you have the feeling they act as if they owned his soul?

This definitely does not feel like Michael's style.

Being a performer, and a HUGE MJ fan, there is a certain amount of irony in reviving MJ as a hologram… He was a primal performer and while his movements were precise, they were VERY emotionally charged and organic, something a hologram could never be. It doesn't have the soul, all it makes me want to do is go back and watch the real MJ!!!

I watched the BBMAs and as soon as I saw the policemen at the beginning, I knew something was up! Then I saw the masonic check board floors and the two pillars and to be honest. I didn't like the performance one bit. It was kind of scary. I know it was a hologram and not gonna be exactly realistic but the whole time, I was like wtf is this?

the world is getting creepier and creepier…

They should let him rest.

I believe Michaek escaped.To me an intellectual as himself could not be easily killed.I also believe he is,working undercover.There is a study close to the Neotic Science that uses codes.not all ismason.too much lack of info and confusion. Theres much behind it.hopefully one day,the truth shall be uncovered.

I'm 19,I get confused watching these things, I totally understand wants going on I just don't understand why anyone in there right mind want to be associated with this evil stuff, money isn't everything. When I learn about this, it broke my dreams of being a famous actor and fashion designer, but then I realized I'm not going to let evil destroy my God-given talent, God gave me this talent and I'm going to show it to the world, because he can easily take it away. I will be famous actor and designer, I just wont be doing what the other sell outs did, such as: voila davis, lupita nyong, emme stone, shaileen Woodley, scarlett johansen, they are famous and I don't see them throwing any illumanti signs or wearing any devilish outfits. if I ever get confronted by someone telling me to do something that I know is wrong,… Read more »

Yes if you repent God will forgive you. The enemy lies and says once in there is no way out put that's not true. God knows our hearts and if we are sincere he will make way out for your soul to be saved even if your body doesn't make it.

i think that God always is willing to forgive if ur sincere, He'll forgive u….the thing is, will people acknowledge their change? God forgives yet people often dont

That was really cool and really creepy all at the same time.

This is really tech Necromancy. Look up the definition of necromancy; its a form of black magic. Also, did anyone notice the sun symbols all around the stage? Jackson, like Elvis is a "sun king" of sorts. Not sure how this plays into their beliefs but it seems rather significant. BTW, we need a write up on Elvis!

Astrology was the first real, integrated belief system of mankind. All the major monotheistic faiths nod to it; none more so than mainstream christianity. Of course it has power and significance which they would love to harness for themselves. But conversely, we must question why we close off gnostic teachings altogether in an attempt to appear sufficiently conformist to a masonically manipulated set of codified rules. We are esoteric beings and God has not told us to dismiss it. You can acknowledge it as a God created mystery and move forward honest to your own soul.

yes those Sun symbols were actually the Sun of righteousness i wrote a long post here about my point of view of the whole thing but didn't show idk why, https://scontent-a-fra.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xfa1/

I felt this way from the moment I saw them using his image on Pepsi cans. Then the flood gates opened up and the impersonators came out then the Cirque show. I just recently saw the MJOne show and admittedly I was impressed with their performance and I loved how they remixed some of the songs but there were a few themes that really magnified the things that tortured him while he was alive. Mainly the whole paparazzi, stalking, and stories made up to make him look like a freak. It was like a knife twisting in my gut the more things I saw and then to hear this…to tell you the truth I wasn't really surprised. They did it to Tupac, Surprised they didn't "resurrect" Biggie while they were at it. I want to remember him for what he was and his music. I don't need a clone. I… Read more »

This is a "practice" for project bluebeam! They are showing you only a portion of what they can do!!

Very true my dear friend

It was pretty creepy and I say that as an MJ fan but what is the big deal with Masons? My grandfather is one and I know he isn't evil.

I have never seen that speech by MJ, thank you for that. It really opened my eyes to the situation he and many others face in the industry. Much respect to him for taking the lead on the fight against these cancerous people. I hate to say it but I'm sure he knew it would end the way it did somehow, but he bravely left this message as a gift to all to stop and think about. Thanks VC for keeping his goal to awaken the masses alive.

I hated it when they used Tupac's image, and I truly hate this even more. This is the most sickest, and foulest thing they could do to MJ. Sony now makes MJ dance to their tunes, even in his death. MJ said at least twice, that Tommy Mottola was "evil" and compared him to satan. Mariah Carey, has been careful to speak out against her ex Tommy Mottola, but it did come out that he abused her terribly. He had a tight grip on Mariah's career and abused her in every way he could. It was Janet who said that Michael would call her in the middle of the night, worried, because he felt like someone was after him, and worried about his children. His children haven't had time enough to process their father's death, and here evil Sony, produces a holographic image of their father. I have to wonder… Read more »

And the animal print on the chair that symbolizes MK programming!

Pray for Michael !

First of all, kudos on this great article, & for not bashing MJ like typical media outlets. The ones that know the truth are aware: -MJ couldn't stand Sony -MJ was aware of the illuminati/& agenda, especially in later yrs, as he even eluded to them more than once -Sony didnt even try to promote Invincible album, yet look at the nonstop promotion of this album, including car& ad commercials, documentaries, guest appearance, media spots, & more. They ripped his name & reputation apart when he was alive, shamed him into seclusion & kept him from doing the thing he loved most (helping children) AND now they sing his praises, all in effort to make their greedy butts even more money. And if you truly take a hard look at anyone who was making a difference or significant change, then you will see the public & media tear that person… Read more »

So is this a new thing bringing back dead celebrities? Lady Gaga had a resurrected MJ in her Guy video…..

The analysis is pretty useless.we got it, the industry is controlled
The real questions should be why are they adding the symbolism? if they could carry out their agenda in secret, without showing the symbolism, wouldn't that be more effective? I mean why the heck are they adding the symbolism? If the symbolism have an effect on us, we shouldn't even watch the video

It could also be an effort of disinformation. Symbolism that originally represented enlightenment (i.e. the crucifixion of your ego) now is made to represent the anchoring of your ego in this world of duality. In effect, you, who are presently "in this world", become ever so more "of this world". The symbolism originally meant: carry your ego to, and have it crucified in, Golgotha. Now it says: carry your ego and let's make a beeline for Sodom and Gomorrah. What the industry has to gain from all this is frankly speaking all Greek to me.

IMHO Years ago I asked the same questions. I started into researching about propaganda, public opinion, advertising, persuasion, NLP, influence, hypnosis, etc. This site has been a great inspiration. So my conclusions are this: entertainment is becoming the new world religion. Some religions have a lot of visual emotional imagery, like the Roman Catholic church and the Freemasons, so the industry uses their images. The constant reference to the "slave for the music industry"/Monarch Programming victim, introduces children and young people to the concept of submission. I say this because the images and concepts began in the 80's with Madonna on MTV, the millenium with Britney Spears, Beyonce and continues today with Lady Ga-ga, Miley Cyrus. Same s—, different diva. Diva=goddess

They expect you to stay in your lane and MJ's pure gifts and talents and his thrive to be great would not let him just stay in his lane. He knew how to be successful but he also knew what was right. He seemed to be destined for greatness. He was also clearly a very spiritual person and his God Given Gifts is what shined bright. I know he was not the monster the media wanted us to believe and those trumped up charges are very clearly false. At the time of the first ALLEGATION 60% of the country thought tht MJ was being falsely accused and when the second ALLEGATION came almost 10yrs to the day of the first and by, the same District Attorney that belief was changed with pure hatred of a man because the media hit us all over the head with the wacko Jacko crap… Read more »

glad I stumbled across this site another great article VC keep em coming

I saw a few seconds of this "performance" and then took it off. Creepy. Let the poor man rest in peace!! I wish he would have signed something that specified he did NOT want to perform as a hologram. Other artists should make sure that doesn't happen to them! Some people were crying. Yeah, I'd be crying too if I were there thinking it's a shame!! Please don't do this to Whitney next. It's just terrible really.