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Lindsey Stirling’s “Shatter Me” : A Video About Monarch Programming



Lindsey Stirling's "Shatter Me" : A Video About Monarch Programming

Lindsey Stirling is not your typical pop star because, for one, she’s a violinist. However, looking at the imagery of her video “Shatter Me”, we realize that there is not much differentiating her from other pop acts:  Her most successful single is indeed all about Monarch mind control. We’ll look at the symbolism of “Shatter Me”.


Shatter Me is proof that the Illuminati Agenda is not only imposed on big-time mainstream acts, but also on artists who appeal to “niche” markets. Lindsey Stirling is a violinist and a dancer who became a YouTube sensation with over four million subscribers and 600 million total views. In 2010 she was a quarter-finalist on the show America’s Got Talent, where she was known as the “hip-hop violinist”. Stirling is involved with the LDS Church and was featured in their “I’m a Mormon” campaign. She was also asked to perform in other important events organized by the LDS Church.

In 2013, she signed with Lady Gaga’s manager, Troy Carter, and released her second album, Shatter Me, in May 2014. The album reached the second position on the Billboard 200 and reached #1 in four categories: Top US digital album, top classical album, top dance/electronic album and top independent album.

Although Stirling is not a Lady Gaga-type artist, the symbolism of her video Shatter Me exploits the same themes as Gaga: Monarch mind control. In fact, it is one of the most blatant Monarch-themed videos in recent memory as it taps into pretty much all of the symbolism associated with it. Also, beyond the flashing of images and symbols, the entire story of the video is actually the story of a Monarch victim subject to trauma and dissociating from reality. (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, please read the article Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control). Let’s look at the video.

Shatter Me

Although the song is said to be about liberating oneself from fear (or something like that), one simply needs to read the title of the song to get its true meaning. Shatter Me is about an outside force destroying one’s true self, shattering it in multiple fragments like a broken mirror. When placed in the context of Monarch mind control, the meaning of the song becomes even more sinister.

The goal of a Monarch Programming handler is to cause trauma in a slave (through horrific means) that is so severe it causes the slave’s brain to trigger a last-resort defense mechanism: Dissociating from reality. This then allows the handler to fragment the core personality of the slave and to program new alter-personas within it. Through specific imagery and symbolism, the video of Shatter Me describes this horrendous process. There is absolutely nothing new in the imagery used in Shatter Me as it was used in countless other Monarch Programming-themed works featured on this site, such as Katy Perry’s Wide Awake and the movie Labyrinth.

The Video

The video begins with a classic image used to represent an MK slave: A music box ballerina. The image of a spinning ballerina often appears in Monarch-themed works mentioned on this site such as the movies Black Swan and Hide and Seek.

Lindsey Stirling's "Shatter Me" : A Video About Monarch Programming

Trapped inside a globe, representing the controlled environment of an MK slave, Lindsey spins on herself.

While Lindsey is spinning and playing the violin, the singer Lzzy Hale is inside the “engine” of the music box, making sure it functions properly.

Lindsey Stirling's "Shatter Me" : A Video About Monarch Programming

Surrounded by spinning gears, Lzzy makes sure that the ballerina spins smoothly.

The gear room represents the inside of Lindsey’s head, the internal world of the MK slave. Lzzy represents her core persona, her true self, the one with all of her memories, experiences, thoughts, and emotions.

Like most MK slaves, Lindsey has moments where she realizes what is happening to her and attempts to break out from her programming.

Lindsey Stirling's "Shatter Me" : A Video About Monarch Programming

Lindsey attempts to free herself from her programming.

She tries to free herself from the globe but ends up on the floor, and finds her mirror shattered.

Lindsey Stirling's "Shatter Me" : A Video About Monarch Programming

The symbol of the shattered mirror appears in almost every Monarch-themed video. It is often seen when the slave attempts to escape her programming. The broken mirror represents a point of no return as it is no longer possible for the slave to “go through the looking glass” back to reality.

After the failed attempt to escape, programming resumes. Lindsey holds a doll (which was not there before), meaning that her handler is programming into her a new alter persona.

Lindsey Stirling's "Shatter Me" : A Video About Monarch Programming

Lindsey holds a doll, the symbol representing the creation of a new, artificially made persona.

To make sure we understand that this is not simply a doll but a new persona, we see Lzzy, who is inside Lindsey’s brain, creating a mechanical figure. We, therefore, understand that a new, mechanical, non-human persona will replace the core persona.

Lindsey Stirling's "Shatter Me" : A Video About Monarch Programming

As Lindsey is being programmed by her handler, Lzzy creates a mechanical doll inside her head.

The video then lets us know that this is all about Monarch programming, and nothing else.

Lindsey Stirling's "Shatter Me" : A Video About Monarch Programming

As programming is in progress, a blue Monarch butterfly flies above the globe, making it clear that all of these visuals symbolically represent the trauma, abuse, and programming of an MK slave.

Lindsey Stirling's "Shatter Me" : A Video About Monarch Programming

Lindsey, who is gradually losing touch with reality, sees a small Monarch butterfly flying past her.

The butterfly then turns into a scary bat, which might represent her sadistic handler.

Lindsey Stirling's "Shatter Me" : A Video About Monarch Programming

The butterfly is actually a scary bat.

MK slaves are so thoroughly drugged, confused, and manipulated that they sometimes end up viewing their abusers in a positive manner.

Then Lindsey literally shatters into pieces, representing the fragmenting of her core persona.

Lindsey Stirling's "Shatter Me" : A Video About Monarch Programming

This scene implies that the MK slave was subjected to trauma so intense that her psyche became fragmented.

Lindsey Stirling's "Shatter Me" : A Video About Monarch Programming

At the same time, Lzzy, who is inside Lindsey’s head, places the mechanical doll she created between two gears to disrupt its functioning. The alter persona created by the handler has finally taken over Lindsey’s psyche.

The video ends with a scene that appears positive and “liberating”. However, given the context of the video, it is actually quite disturbing.

Lindsey Stirling's "Shatter Me" : A Video About Monarch Programming

At the end of the video, Lindsey is outside – meaning that she has totally dissociated from reality due to intense trauma.

Although Lindsey appears to be free, she is clearly not. The fact that her mirror and doll are still there tells us that Lindsey is actually at the same physical place, but her mind has dissociated – the state in which the slave handler can complete programming.

At the very end of the video, a Monarch butterfly appears on screen, letting us know, once again, that this was all about Monarch Programming. In short, through seemingly poetic symbols, the video told the story of an MK slave that is isolated and confined, then subjected to trauma until the core persona has completely shattered. A new alter persona is then created and the slave completely loses touch with reality and her own core persona. That’s pretty sad and grim … but what do you expect from a song entitled Shatter Me?

In Conclusion

In classic MK-style duplicity, Shatter Me is said to be about liberating oneself’ from fear. but its symbolism communicates the exact opposite: The process of subjecting a slave to mind control. The video contains almost all of the symbolism associated with Monarch programming as described in numerous other articles on this site. Observing the music business as a whole, it is impossible not to see the pattern of recurring symbols appearing in similarly-themed videos.

Although Lindsey Stirling is not your typical, hyper-sexualized pop star, her video Shatter Me is proof that the Agenda seeks to reach people in all possible niches in order to create one, big, hegemonic, inescapable, MK culture. The same way Lindsey spins in a globe, watching butterflies passing by, we are surrounded by mass media, watching seductive images passing us by, not knowing they are actually ugly, vicious bats. It is up to us to (truly) shatter that globe of deceit and see reality for what it is.

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Lindsey Stirling's "Shatter Me" : A Video About Monarch Programming

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I really don’t listen to any new music intentionally as it’s just been so bad for so long now.A little sick girl in S. Africa with Lyme Disease told me about Lindsey and I saw all these beautiful videos of her doing Christmas songs for Jesus in the subway etc.A really nice girl who thanks God in her interviews all the time,and a beautiful violin player.I was so happy to see someone nice and kind of Holy out there.Now I’m sad to see this and also learn she is affiliated with the LDS Church.I send all kinds of people the link on here in Sinister Sites about the main Headquarters and all the Demonic/Luciferian Symbolism in their Temple.Let’s all pray especially hard for her as at this point she seems still a good and sweet girl.With those influences it may not take long for her to turn Dark…..


I've been watching Lindsay on YT since summer 2011, and I have to say that this article was a shock to me. But OK, I've been reading this site for almost a year, and learned a lot. @Seventh Day wrote in a comment that we will probably see a complete breakdown of Lindsay in the future, and I've started to wonder: what if it's like with the nazis in 1930's? They took little children, gave them puppies, and in time, when both puppies and children grew up, the children was ordered to kill the animals. To break them, and shape them as "new" people, according to the n--i agenda. Now we are the children, Lindsey is the puppy, the killing blow just comes from another hand (the industry).

Deja vu Barri8

Reality is just an illusion.
We are all in a huge trance.


Country Singer Miranda Lambert is full of MK programming hinting to marilyn monroe, how the young are stupid and how her abuse is linked to childhood. She mentions her schooldays backyard quiet often.


I was so devastated when i saw this video come out. First they take B.O.B now they got Lindsey…. This s--t needs to end. Musicians have so much power over the masses, songs have magickal influences and can raise people to heights beyond all recognition or send them into places darker than one should even imagine. The musicians are the ones who have the power to change this world right now without causing any war or economic collapse because they are the only people on this planet right now that have the power to reach into the hearts and souls of the masses. I believe this is why the cowards of the shadows have gone through such great lengths to enslave them and ensure that anyone who spreads a message of cosmic light is removed and turned into an agent of darkness. I saw Lindsey slipping into their hands for sometime now and tried to warn her but it seems my warning was taken in vain. This needs to end and we are the ones who posses the power to end it. It is the masses who control the destiny of this planet, not these pathetic cowards who hide in… Read more »


I've been depressed since I saw this article.. But when I saw the video for the first time and I saw those butterflies, I knew that something's just not right. But I wouldn't think of such meaning. Now, everytime I hear this song, I feel like somebody is imprisoning me. Such anxiety.. I've been in love with her music and the freedom in her songs. Altough, the truth is needed to set us free, we have to get through this vulnerability.
Seriously, she used to be my favourite artist, but now I feel like someone betrayed me, even like a part of me died, can't even see her face on that freaking facebook, this is really sad thing for me, since I've been listening to her music almost from the beginning. But still, thank you for sharing this.


i just can't believe this.


Don’t believe it, because it’s not true. This is just a dumb theory that someone made, and I bet Lindsey would never even think about this! This article is the definition of stupidity to me.


The only thing more disturbing than this video is Sia's "Chandelier". First of all, the video features a dancer from the show "Dance Moms" a show where a woman emotionally abuses small children so they will become fabulous dancers. Society has become so desensitized to child abuse that million of people tune in to watch their dance teacher scream at them (she even called one "stupid"… watch it!) The kids' parents do nothing about it for the quick fame from the s--t reality show. That video shows the tiny dancer wandering around (with great dance technique and flexibility, of course!) as if someone else is controlling her with the lyrics "I won't open my eyes" following her.. Not to mention the child is dressed in a leotard to look like she is nude. It seems as if dance is the new tool for this industry, because they can pawn it off as "art". Sad!


OK, I love these posts and have followed for a while, BUT… If this is a stupid question that has been answered already, I apologize….WHY in all these videos, would the ultimate "handlers" demonstrate the victim trying to break free? Why would they let us get a glimpse of the process, at all? Even though it's not obvious to mainstream…why would they illustrate the shattered minds of an artist and then show them breaking free or wanting to? What's the purpose in that if the aim is to ultimately control? I really am wondering? Seems like that's a hint for the awake, not the asleep. Would love some feedback.


Weird, yesterday I had a random thought that Lindsay Sterling was a monarch slave. Today, I found this article. Good to know.


I watched the video when I was a fresh Lindsey Stirling fan and wondered why it bothered me so much. I guess I must have been picking up on something, even if I hadn't learned about any of this symbolism yet? I hope Lindsey herself isn't in on this stuff. She seems like such a sweetie.


Even if she personally isnt involved with it, it can be very easy to fall into the traps of the music industry.

like most pop music the artists may not be directly involved, doesnt mean that someone above her in the chain of command at the music industry isnt.


Check out the record label Roadrunner records. They own American metal and push Slipknot (we all know their agenda with Joey Jordison stating Deicide as his favorite band) Deicide another that were mainstreamed under the roadrunner moniker. You have the means to investigate that further plus Sid Wilson of Slipknots infiltration into hip hop under Reel wolf records. Sid is linked to So sick social club, Army of the Pharoahs (Vinnie Paz of Jedi mind tricks, Apathy (Chad Bromley a master master- check out his Grand leveller music video). This links to Rainman, onyx etc

I am an ex satanist. Praise the lord Jesus Christ and true God Yahweh.


Yes, I remember seeing the video and thinking the same thing. I do not think she has been MK programmed. I have friends who know her personally and have told me what a great person she is. I think she has allowed the music industry to come in and hijack her clean image to reach people that otherwise would have turned away from all of the Illuminati symbols in the usual music videos. They are using her to promote their agenda beyond what they could have done without her. She is a sweet woman and I hope that she will avoid being programmed like other musicians in her age group and fame.


You can't escape this program .The agents are everywhere. This is a mssive global movement and the vitcims are usually not ever given access to the knowledge the programmers and agents have. Sadly this program is very real, it is inescapable because it is global.

What many don't mention is that you can be lucky enough to enter at the top. To be programmed and get a good life from it. This isn't the result for all.

Many musiciains, DJs, celebs and so forth are subjects of the monarch program. This program is so real and so global you can't escape it.

I wonder how many people die?


Please analyze imagine dragons.. Demons. Or better "Radioactive", although they are about the same topic. I think demons is about them having sold their souls.. Thanks!


Why would they make a video about it , don't they want it secret? Did Lindsey herself do the video and she wants out?- and if so, then I still ask why they "let" her do it? I think I just don't understand.


The whole point is that they'll make a video with all these underlying messages that most people obviously won't understand. This, in turn, will numb people down and effectively get them used to this imagery despite them not knowing what it means – subconsciously. Lindsey herself obviously did the video but probably doesn't understand what it means either. They didn't let her do it, it's a lot more probable they're the ones to persuade her to do the video in order to further their agenda than her standing up and saying "Hey guys! Let's make a video with all these butterflies and broken mirrors!" don't you think? It's not coincidental. Far from it.


I think their whole mission objective is to "hide their secrets in plain sight." This is how secret societies/organizations operate. Even college fraternities and sororities do that type of thing where they will say a phrase, or make a gesture in public that communicates to others who are in their organization, while those on the outside won't know the underlying meaning. Lindsey might not actually be aware of the connection with the symbolism, she could just be a pawn.

An Onymus

That's the thing about 'the man' – whoever it is that runs the show. They aren't heroes, bestowing gifts on people and asking for nothing in return. They want credit for the stuff they do. They're not about 'hiding'. They want to be seen, to have people know and talk about them, and for people to think they're helpless and can't do anything to stop them, which makes them seem even more powerful. Or even worse, to do things for them in order to join them, even if that never happens.

But there's a flip side to that. By knowing, you can choose to not follow celebrity culture, especially the kind that promotes MK programming and whatever else. It's ridiculous that so many people see this stuff in plain sight and still stay it isn't real, that we're all just crazy conspiracy nuts. In an interview not too long ago, comedian Dave Chappelle said that people love to use the word 'crazy' to downplay these kinds of discussions because it's a dismissive word. But it's up to the viewer to dismiss it or not. That's the power we have.


I think its pretty obvious, they put this out there so we become comfortable with it. Think about the use of riot police in videos and performances. 15 years ago this would have caused panic and fear. Now they have made them part of pop culture so when the day comes that they round us up to take us to the camps, we will be comfortable with them and fallow their orders. Instead of being rebellious against an obvious threat.

Are We There Yet

You have to understand that society in general has been so conditioned to conform to a degree that when something like this surfaces, the typical response is to just write it off as absurd or as a hoax. These secret societies are confident that we ourselves will simply sabotage any truth that may surface. "The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists." ~ J. Edgar Hoover (the irony of that quote coming from him)


Lindsey is wearing a butterfly dress on Dancing with the Stars tonight. Came out of a cocoon during her routine. But I’m sure It’s all a coincidence…


This is more complex than it seems, you really think the agenda would let its slaves create these symbols? They can literally do anything, manipulation is extremely complex, i think there's a reason for them to let their slaves do this, or a reason for the symbols.


… do you think that the slaves created the symbols?

ben Subana

Alternative interpretation: The subject in the video is imprisoned in the world created by the ego and then becomes liberated by 'gnosis' (knowledge of God.)

The butterfly appears as a bat momentarily, symbolizing former blindness. The butterfly is a well-known symbol of the soul.

The mirror could represent vanity. It also represents the reverse image of a person which can be illusory. The shattering of the mirror then means that the delusions of the egoic mind are destroyed.

Gnosis liberates us from an ego-centric life. This knowledge relieves us of our attachments to this world, and, the fear and suffering they perpetuate. "Perfect love [God's oblative love] casts out fear." We are transformed by God's Wisdom and Compassion and 'remember' who we truly are.

Videos being produced of this kind, indicate that humankind is becoming conscious of something formerly unknown: That most of humanity is 'living'' in a false world, and that our lives truly begin when we have a Life with God.


The article is very informative VC. Thank you.
Last year I wrote this poem that's called Nothing Is As It Seems…maybe now I know what it means. IDK…
Nothing is as it seems, nothing is as it seems.
'Cause you can't see behind the scenes.
What are you waiting for, what are you waiting for?
Are you prepared for what's in store?


meant master mason.

Another Roadrunner record band that are pushing this agenda is Ill nino.

Their first album starts with a song "God save us" inspired by lyrics cleansing your soul. They appeared to have faith in the Christian God and music was very positive and talentful even being secular.

2012 pops around with their latest offering 'Dead new world' and opens with a song "God is for the dead" which ushers God is imaginary and we are our own God and do what we please. Another song off the album "Ritual" is a love song to the devil.
The album cover depicts 3 faces, 2 to the side displaying one eye each and the third face with one visible eye and one eye sewn shut.


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