Lindsey Stirling’s “Shatter Me” : A Video About Monarch Programming

Lindsey, who is gradually losing touch with reality, sees a small Monarch butterfly flying past her.

Lindsey Stirling is not your typical pop star because, for one, she’s a violinist. However, looking at the imagery of her video “Shatter Me”, we realize that there is not much differentiating her from other pop acts:  Her most successful single is indeed all about Monarch mind control. We’ll look at the symbolism of “Shatter Me”.


Shatter Me is proof that the Illuminati Agenda is not only imposed on big-time mainstream acts, but also on artists who appeal to “niche” markets. Lindsey Stirling is a violinist and a dancer who became a YouTube sensation with over four million subscribers and 600 million total views. In 2010 she was a quarter-finalist on the show America’s Got Talent, where she was known as the “hip-hop violinist”. Stirling is involved with the LDS Church and was featured in their “I’m a Mormon” campaign. She was also asked to perform in other important events organized by the LDS Church.

In 2013, she signed with Lady Gaga’s manager, Troy Carter, and released her second album, Shatter Me, in May 2014. The album reached the second position on the Billboard 200 and reached #1 in four categories: Top US digital album, top classical album, top dance/electronic album and top independent album.

Although Stirling is not a Lady Gaga-type artist, the symbolism of her video Shatter Me exploits the same themes as Gaga: Monarch mind control. In fact, it is one of the most blatant Monarch-themed videos in recent memory as it taps into pretty much all of the symbolism associated with it. Also, beyond the flashing of images and symbols, the entire story of the video is actually the story of a Monarch victim subject to trauma and dissociating from reality. (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, please read the article Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control). Let’s look at the video.

Shatter Me

Although the song is said to be about liberating oneself from fear (or something like that), one simply needs to read the title of the song to get its true meaning. Shatter Me is about an outside force destroying one’s true self, shattering it in multiple fragments like a broken mirror. When placed in the context of Monarch mind control, the meaning of the song becomes even more sinister.

The goal of a Monarch Programming handler is to cause trauma in a slave (through horrific means) that is so severe it causes the slave’s brain to trigger a last-resort defense mechanism: Dissociating from reality. This then allows the handler to fragment the core personality of the slave and to program new alter-personas within it. Through specific imagery and symbolism, the video of Shatter Me describes this horrendous process. There is absolutely nothing new in the imagery used in Shatter Me as it was used in countless other Monarch Programming-themed works featured on this site, such as Katy Perry’s Wide Awake and the movie Labyrinth.

The Video

The video begins with a classic image used to represent an MK slave: A music box ballerina. The image of a spinning ballerina often appears in Monarch-themed works mentioned on this site such as the movies Black Swan and Hide and Seek.

Trapped inside a globe, representing the controlled environment in which an MK slaves lives in, Lindsay spins on herself.
Trapped inside a globe, representing the controlled environment of an MK slave, Lindsey spins on herself.

While Lindsey is spinning and playing the violin, the singer Lzzy Hale is inside the “engine” of the music box, making sure it functions properly.

Surrounded by spinning gears, Lzzy makes sure that the ballerina spins smoothly.
Surrounded by spinning gears, Lzzy makes sure that the ballerina spins smoothly.

The gear room represents the inside of Lindsey’s head, the internal world of the MK slave. Lzzy represents her core persona, her true self, the one with all of her memories, experiences, thoughts, and emotions.

Like most MK slaves, Lindsey has moments where she realizes what is happening to her and attempts to break out from her programming.

Lindsey attempts to free herself from her programming.
Lindsey attempts to free herself from her programming.

She tries to free herself from the globe but ends up on the floor, and finds her mirror shattered.

The symbol of the shattered mirror appears in almost every single Monarch-themed video. It always appears when the slaves attempt to escape their programming.
The symbol of the shattered mirror appears in almost every Monarch-themed video. It is often seen when the slave attempts to escape her programming. The broken mirror represents a point of no return as it is no longer possible for the slave to “go through the looking glass” back to reality.

After the failed attempt to escape, programming resumes. Lindsey holds a doll (which was not there before), meaning that her handler is programming into her a new alter persona.

Lindsey holds a doll, the symbol representing the creation of a new, artificially made persona.
Lindsey holds a doll, the symbol representing the creation of a new, artificially made persona.

To make sure we understand that this is not simply a doll but a new persona, we see Lzzy, who is inside Lindsey’s brain, creating a mechanical figure. We, therefore, understand that a new, mechanical, non-human persona will replace the core persona.

As Lindsey is being programmed by her handler, Lzzy creates a mechanical doll inside her head.
As Lindsey is being programmed by her handler, Lzzy creates a mechanical doll inside her head.

The video then lets us know that this is all about Monarch programming, and nothing else.

As programming is going on, a blue Monarch butterfly flies above the globe, making it clear that all of these visuals symbolically represent the trauma, abuse and programming of a MK slave.
As programming is in progress, a blue Monarch butterfly flies above the globe, making it clear that all of these visuals symbolically represent the trauma, abuse, and programming of an MK slave.
Lindsey, who is gradually losing touch with reality, sees a small Monarch butterfly flying past her.
Lindsey, who is gradually losing touch with reality, sees a small Monarch butterfly flying past her.

The butterfly then turns into a scary bat, which might represent her sadistic handler.

The butterfly is actually a scary bat.
The butterfly is actually a scary bat.

MK slaves are so thoroughly drugged, confused, and manipulated that they sometimes end up viewing their abusers in a positive manner.

Then Lindsey literally shatters into pieces, representing the fragmenting of her core persona.

This scene implies that the MK slave has received trauma so intense that her psyche become fragmented and dissociated.
This scene implies that the MK slave was subjected to trauma so intense that her psyche became fragmented.
At the same time, Lzzy, who is inside Lindsey's head, uses the mechanical doll between two gears to disrupt its functioning. The alter persona created by the MK slave handler has finally taken over Lindsey's psyche.
At the same time, Lzzy, who is inside Lindsey’s head, places the mechanical doll she created between two gears to disrupt its functioning. The alter persona created by the handler has finally taken over Lindsey’s psyche.

The video ends with a scene that appears positive and “liberating”. However, given the context of the video, it is actually quite disturbing.

At the end of the video, Lindsey is outside - meaning that she has totally dissociated from reality due to intense trauma.
At the end of the video, Lindsey is outside – meaning that she has totally dissociated from reality due to intense trauma.

Although Lindsey appears to be free, she is clearly not. The fact that her mirror and doll are still there tells us that Lindsey is actually at the same physical place, but her mind has dissociated – the state in which the slave handler can complete programming.

At the very end of the video, a Monarch butterfly appears on screen, letting us know, once again, that this was all about Monarch Programming. In short, through seemingly poetic symbols, the video told the story of an MK slave that is isolated and confined, then subjected to trauma until the core persona has completely shattered. A new alter persona is then created and the slave completely loses touch with reality and her own core persona. That’s pretty sad and grim … but what do you expect from a song entitled Shatter Me?

In Conclusion

In classic MK-style duplicity, Shatter Me is said to be about liberating oneself’ from fear. but its symbolism communicates the exact opposite: The process of subjecting a slave to mind control. The video contains almost all of the symbolism associated with Monarch programming as described in numerous other articles on this site. Observing the music business as a whole, it is impossible not to see the pattern of recurring symbols appearing in similarly-themed videos.

Although Lindsey Stirling is not your typical, hyper-sexualized pop star, her video Shatter Me is proof that the Agenda seeks to reach people in all possible niches in order to create one, big, hegemonic, inescapable, MK culture. The same way Lindsey spins in a globe, watching butterflies passing by, we are surrounded by mass media, watching seductive images passing us by, not knowing they are actually ugly, vicious bats. It is up to us to (truly) shatter that globe of deceit and see reality for what it is.

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I really don’t listen to any new music intentionally as it’s just been so bad for so long now.A little sick girl in S. Africa with Lyme Disease told me about Lindsey and I saw all these beautiful videos of her doing Christmas songs for Jesus in the subway etc.A really nice girl who thanks God in her interviews all the time,and a beautiful violin player.I was so happy to see someone nice and kind of Holy out there.Now I’m sad to see this and also learn she is affiliated with the LDS Church.I send all kinds of people the link on here in Sinister Sites about the main Headquarters and all the Demonic/Luciferian Symbolism in their Temple.Let’s all pray especially hard for her as at this point she seems still a good and sweet girl.With those influences it may not take long for her to turn Dark…..

I was so devastated when i saw this video come out. First they take B.O.B now they got Lindsey…. This s**t needs to end. Musicians have so much power over the masses, songs have magickal influences and can raise people to heights beyond all recognition or send them into places darker than one should even imagine. The musicians are the ones who have the power to change this world right now without causing any war or economic collapse because they are the only people on this planet right now that have the power to reach into the hearts and souls of the masses. I believe this is why the cowards of the shadows have gone through such great lengths to enslave them and ensure that anyone who spreads a message of cosmic light is removed and turned into an agent of darkness. I saw Lindsey slipping into their hands for… Read more »

Reality is just an illusion.
We are all in a huge trance.

Country Singer Miranda Lambert is full of MK programming hinting to marilyn monroe, how the young are stupid and how her abuse is linked to childhood. She mentions her schooldays backyard quiet often.

I've been watching Lindsay on YT since summer 2011, and I have to say that this article was a shock to me. But OK, I've been reading this site for almost a year, and learned a lot. @Seventh Day wrote in a comment that we will probably see a complete breakdown of Lindsay in the future, and I've started to wonder: what if it's like with the nazis in 1930's? They took little children, gave them puppies, and in time, when both puppies and children grew up, the children was ordered to kill the animals. To break them, and shape them as "new" people, according to the nazi agenda. Now we are the children, Lindsey is the puppy, the killing blow just comes from another hand (the industry).

The only thing more disturbing than this video is Sia's "Chandelier". First of all, the video features a dancer from the show "Dance Moms" a show where a woman emotionally abuses small children so they will become fabulous dancers. Society has become so desensitized to child abuse that million of people tune in to watch their dance teacher scream at them (she even called one "stupid"… watch it!) The kids' parents do nothing about it for the quick fame from the s**t reality show. That video shows the tiny dancer wandering around (with great dance technique and flexibility, of course!) as if someone else is controlling her with the lyrics "I won't open my eyes" following her.. Not to mention the child is dressed in a leotard to look like she is nude. It seems as if dance is the new tool for this industry, because they can pawn it… Read more »

Weird, yesterday I had a random thought that Lindsay Sterling was a monarch slave. Today, I found this article. Good to know.

I watched the video when I was a fresh Lindsey Stirling fan and wondered why it bothered me so much. I guess I must have been picking up on something, even if I hadn't learned about any of this symbolism yet? I hope Lindsey herself isn't in on this stuff. She seems like such a sweetie.

Even if she personally isnt involved with it, it can be very easy to fall into the traps of the music industry.

like most pop music the artists may not be directly involved, doesnt mean that someone above her in the chain of command at the music industry isnt.

Check out the record label Roadrunner records. They own American metal and push Slipknot (we all know their agenda with Joey Jordison stating Deicide as his favorite band) Deicide another that were mainstreamed under the roadrunner moniker. You have the means to investigate that further plus Sid Wilson of Slipknots infiltration into hip hop under Reel wolf records. Sid is linked to So sick social club, Army of the Pharoahs (Vinnie Paz of Jedi mind tricks, Apathy (Chad Bromley a master master- check out his Grand leveller music video). This links to Rainman, onyx etc

I am an ex satanist. Praise the lord Jesus Christ and true God Yahweh.

Yes, I remember seeing the video and thinking the same thing. I do not think she has been MK programmed. I have friends who know her personally and have told me what a great person she is. I think she has allowed the music industry to come in and hijack her clean image to reach people that otherwise would have turned away from all of the Illuminati symbols in the usual music videos. They are using her to promote their agenda beyond what they could have done without her. She is a sweet woman and I hope that she will avoid being programmed like other musicians in her age group and fame.

You can't escape this program .The agents are everywhere. This is a mssive global movement and the vitcims are usually not ever given access to the knowledge the programmers and agents have. Sadly this program is very real, it is inescapable because it is global.

What many don't mention is that you can be lucky enough to enter at the top. To be programmed and get a good life from it. This isn't the result for all.

Many musiciains, DJs, celebs and so forth are subjects of the monarch program. This program is so real and so global you can't escape it.

I wonder how many people die?

OK, I love these posts and have followed for a while, BUT… If this is a stupid question that has been answered already, I apologize….WHY in all these videos, would the ultimate "handlers" demonstrate the victim trying to break free? Why would they let us get a glimpse of the process, at all? Even though it's not obvious to mainstream…why would they illustrate the shattered minds of an artist and then show them breaking free or wanting to? What's the purpose in that if the aim is to ultimately control? I really am wondering? Seems like that's a hint for the awake, not the asleep. Would love some feedback.

Please analyze imagine dragons.. Demons. Or better "Radioactive", although they are about the same topic. I think demons is about them having sold their souls.. Thanks!

I've been depressed since I saw this article.. But when I saw the video for the first time and I saw those butterflies, I knew that something's just not right. But I wouldn't think of such meaning. Now, everytime I hear this song, I feel like somebody is imprisoning me. Such anxiety.. I've been in love with her music and the freedom in her songs. Altough, the truth is needed to set us free, we have to get through this vulnerability.
Seriously, she used to be my favourite artist, but now I feel like someone betrayed me, even like a part of me died, can't even see her face on that freaking facebook, this is really sad thing for me, since I've been listening to her music almost from the beginning. But still, thank you for sharing this.

i just can't believe this.

Don’t believe it, because it’s not true. This is just a dumb theory that someone made, and I bet Lindsey would never even think about this! This article is the definition of stupidity to me.

Lindsey is wearing a butterfly dress on Dancing with the Stars tonight. Came out of a cocoon during her routine. But I’m sure It’s all a coincidence…

This is more complex than it seems, you really think the agenda would let its slaves create these symbols? They can literally do anything, manipulation is extremely complex, i think there's a reason for them to let their slaves do this, or a reason for the symbols.

… do you think that the slaves created the symbols?

Alternative interpretation: The subject in the video is imprisoned in the world created by the ego and then becomes liberated by 'gnosis' (knowledge of God.) The butterfly appears as a bat momentarily, symbolizing former blindness. The butterfly is a well-known symbol of the soul. The mirror could represent vanity. It also represents the reverse image of a person which can be illusory. The shattering of the mirror then means that the delusions of the egoic mind are destroyed. Gnosis liberates us from an ego-centric life. This knowledge relieves us of our attachments to this world, and, the fear and suffering they perpetuate. "Perfect love [God's oblative love] casts out fear." We are transformed by God's Wisdom and Compassion and 'remember' who we truly are. Videos being produced of this kind, indicate that humankind is becoming conscious of something formerly unknown: That most of humanity is 'living'' in a false world,… Read more »

The article is very informative VC. Thank you.
Last year I wrote this poem that's called Nothing Is As It Seems…maybe now I know what it means. IDK…
Nothing is as it seems, nothing is as it seems.
'Cause you can't see behind the scenes.
What are you waiting for, what are you waiting for?
Are you prepared for what's in store?

meant master mason.

Another Roadrunner record band that are pushing this agenda is Ill nino.

Their first album starts with a song "God save us" inspired by lyrics cleansing your soul. They appeared to have faith in the Christian God and music was very positive and talentful even being secular.

2012 pops around with their latest offering 'Dead new world' and opens with a song "God is for the dead" which ushers God is imaginary and we are our own God and do what we please. Another song off the album "Ritual" is a love song to the devil.
The album cover depicts 3 faces, 2 to the side displaying one eye each and the third face with one visible eye and one eye sewn shut.

Oh good grief! You have a bit of an issue here, my friend. There's a difference between Artist's Intention and Veiwer's Perception. The intention is somewhere here on earth, and your perception is far past the solar system, metaphorically. The ballerina is, in my opinion, a metaphor for what someone going through depression or anxiety or anorexia feels like. She has to be perfect, she has to be this thing that her porcelain shell depicts, not what the vulnerable skin actually is (thus the shattering of her perfect exterior.) Depression feels a lot like being a cog in a clock, or, yes, a ballerina in a music box, held in endless pirouette. Pirouettes are painful, so is staying on pointe, but no one sees that for the ballerina, the world just sees the perfection and beauty. Same with anorexia, what miss Lindsey had originally written this song about. People will… Read more »

stfu and go do your homework.

if the song resonates with you to be about mental illness thats great that you are getting meaning out of something.

i understand you may be passionate about something, but your interpretation of the song is probably far from the writer’s own feelings on the matter.

if the song IS about depression…. why are there SO MANY symbols of MK Ultra throughout the video?

or do you not know enough about MK ultra for it to be real?

On another note, it wont take 3 hours to find websites, if you stopped searching through images.

The fact that this is signed with Lady Gaga’s manager seals the deal for me. You are obviously someone new to this website; a quick look around and you’ll realize the use of Monarch butterflies is not coincidental and that the dark interpretation of this work is, sadly, overwhelmingly likely the correct one – nevermind the fact that all the whole video is replete with the traditional Monarch programming imagery, complete with the mirrors and dolls.

… also, ‘Shatter Me’? Do you truly believe this is Christian art, butterflies warping into bats and all?

Finally, my opinion is your diagnosis is not one you should accept. Mental illness means you have a task to grow. Do not accept an unhappy life, it wasn’t meant for you!

oh no.. not Lindsey Sterling.. but who didn't see this coming, right? all we know, every famous person alive in our generation could be a programmed one.. what a sad life 🙁

With the new brain implants being developed, I wonder if this will all become old school? After all,
this method dates back to Nazi Germany in the 30's .

This is absolutely hilarious. Let's take the music industries most Christian and virtuous artist and weave a web of distortion around one of her songs. Beautifully done. And people not only believe it, they propagate it. Satan is so very pleased right now.

If you haven't already, you should listen to the Instrumental by Lupe Fiasco, talks about media controlling and stuff like that, it's awesome

This is the most blatant and sinister mind control themed video I have seen. Very sad to see it's had over 9million views.

Can someone please help me understand as to why the 'elite' would spend their time creating monarch slaves/alters (Britney, Miley etc) for their own purpose, when there are people like Lindsey/Katy/the whole damn Kardashian crew, who take on board the symbolism for money/fame?

Is it so the symbolism is constant for years? or maybe the slave wont question what's happening, and even if they do, they can be re-programmed?

Can you believe that I have heard this song only once before 1 and a half week ago and it has literally STUCKED IN MY HEAD????

This news has totally broken my heart. 🙁
I've been watching Lindsay since she was just a simple YouTube girl. How horrifying for her that she probably didn't know what the business entailed. Poor girl. we need to pray for her!

You can’t think this isn’t true! This is the dumbest accusation of Lindsey that I have ever heard of!

One more question for Lindsey/Dan/Lindsey'sfriend/Mom etc: that adagio with extended leg (top pic) looks like serious ballet but how did it improve your ability to play the violin ? (Assuming, of course, that this was all about the music). Looks like no mean feat; i'm sure you earned more than merits in your ballet exams. You keep your talents well hidden, don't you!

Lindsey never took formal ballet, as her parents could only afford violin lessons and not ballet as well. That being said, it was always a passion for her. There have been several tutors in ballet, swing, hip-hop, and interpretive dance, but again, nothing formal. Lindsey will be the first to agree that she is nowhere close to being great at ballet and has to use wires/camera tricks at times to achieve some of the poses in the videos. In regards to improving the ability to play, it is actually extremely difficult to play any instrument or sing when in motion and requires years of practice (which Lindsey does) and she will only do so when comfortable with the piece she composed. I hope that answers your question.

Thank you, I thought there might be some trickery involved in creating those effects. Are you an LDS member too?

No, I am not. 🙂

In the parable of the talents, one was given one talent, another two, and another five. The talents were investments by the master in the servants. It was up to the servants to invest what was entrusted to them and improve upon it.
Applying the parable to us, in our day. Some have one talent, some have two, some have many. Does ballet help to play violin? Probably not (I do not dance nor play violin). However, the balance learned from dance allows the performer to both play the violin and dance at the same time. That is a learned talent.
Please don't be so quick to criticize and disparage because a person is talented. Don't accuse a person of wickedness for a single word or a dance picture. Judge by the actions of the person, not a single moment in time.

So how do you feel about Lindsay's commitment to Team 666 management, Tarl? Jimmy Kimmel show Lady Gaga "I swear to Lucifer" ring a bell? How does the LDS, of which you are a member, feel about LinDSay's involvement with proven Luciferian management teams?

Sadly, I cannot judge her by her actions because I apply a blanket boycott to anything put out by her management company and Mr VCs article is enough to convince me to keep away. However, I accept that the pull of fame is great and Lindsey has a sound faith basis compared to some other artists. Perhaps she will have that strength to draw upon when her star diminishes.

Okay, I'm still new to this site and it's amazing to me how obvious this stuff is to those who can see it! I am puzzled, however. I can understand why a new artist would want to succeed and perhaps even compromise their ideals and morals to get ahead. I can understand why someone programmed would simply do as they're told during the shooting of a video without questioning why things are done a particular way. What I don't understand is how a newbie would willingly let themselves be mind controlled. Is it done voluntarily or instead without their knowledge, happening so subtly and incrementally that they're completely unaware of what's taking place?

I don't believe every successful artist is part of the Monarch mind control, but a number of them are. When almost everything we hear and see is very, very similar (fast paced videos, split-second images changing rapidly, monarch butterflies, shattered glass, electronic beats increasingly intense and then a pause or the chorus of the song), there's something more to it than just what we perceive. It can't be coincidence.

Teach your kids the truth. It starts with them. get them out of their schools, get their minds out of the media, teach them proper discernment, be the example to them and don't turn into a mindless drone like the majority of society. They will follow you when they see you are right, aware, and looking out for them first and foremost. Teach them and show them what is the right path. Which doesn't have anything to do with following the ways of the flesh, egotism, vanity, greed, lust and self-based service. All the high level media puppets are singing the same tune. "Follow your flesh" which is follow death because it is where that path leads to. Follow God, listen to him.

Just when you thought the illuminati couldn't get any more 'in your face'….they did!
Funny how this Lindsey Stirling is a member of LDS. They use a lot of Monarch Programming, not only for slaves, but in their church and sermons. Create the perfect robot. Get everybody to agree with you. Easier to control the population.
Sounds like the Purpose Driven/Emergent Church!

That's not the point of Monarch though. It mainly has a military application for agents. It's not a mass control medium.

No I respectfully disagree, the point of Monarch is absolutely Collective Consciousness Control. Hearts and Minds over Guns and Ammo. Although collaboratively, Mass Mind Control will always be a Military objective. But I believe things get deeper when you are involving the attempted elimination of kindness and empathy from the Human genetic code. We are talking a War on Consciousness….. this is not just a struggle for Greater amounts of Land and Resources. This is a struggle to create a permanently manageable Slave Class, under a New World Order. It's inhuman to say the least

Agree with Sanat – collective consciousness control is the ulterior motive of all satanism and all of the programming they put out there. We are one consciousness, in a sense, we are one collective spirit of humanity. Looking at the wars and conflicts and branding over many centuries, look at the effort that they have put into forcing us to forget this. Imagine how unsurmountably powerful would be that force if every single person in the world woke up to the reality of that collective power. Of course, that is not happening because God has not planned for it at present. However, that does not excuse the virtual absence of a strong, unified, credible opposition to the satanic hierarchy. Mankind has consistently fallen for the great deception and seems incapable of unshackling himself from the masonically planted points of conflict between faiths, nations and cultures. The satanists have milked this… Read more »

Not according to the initial survivors. It was part of the opperation paper clip programme carried on my Mengele and the Nazis after WW2. It generally involved heavy sexual abuse by their parents in infancy followed by becoming indoctrinated into a military special opps initiative in later life. Lindsay must have been sexually abused in childhood.

never heard of Lindsey Stirling, but I thought this was Lindsay Lohan when I opened the page. Odd!

What is your favorite jelly bean (out of the sour range, of course)? They are all jelly beans out of the same box.

Some person(s) under the youtube video said that he heard Lindsey say that the meaning of this video was he overcoming anorexia or something. So he breaking out of the glass was her overcoming that. It was a funny "surface" explanation, 1)She didn't seem to have a problem doing what she did inside the glass as the tiny bit she did outside. 2)Didn't her skin fly off as she was "illuminated" before she broke out. 3)After the doll she saw the bat and her first personality was shock/fear, then the bat turned into the butterfly and she gave the expression "everything's cool" but she raised to her toes(obediance?) then the bat again where it seemed like she grabbed the violin to escape in the music, OR to smash the glass to chase after by using the music to find some sort of redemption. she began playing the music (which I… Read more »

please don't use my ID again. God bless you.

Wow you must have a lot of time on your hands bub. Been reading the comments on this site for a long time and I am pretty sure I have not used your "ID".


the symbolism must have some sort of effect on the people,not only drawing attention,but actually brainwashing people in subliminal ways,it's not only to point out who's controlled.
they symbolism or what the videos symbolizes,when people watch it time and time again,it will get to their/our sub-conscious level,l
the video is not talking about how the hollywood people's mind are fragmented,
it's a program for the general PUBLIC to be programmed,I've been on the internet half of my life,and it have gotten to me.just talk about the basic concepts of mind control,to break down a mind before shaping a new one,people are blasted by the high frequency images/melody(like the stoopid retarded vines),and their/our brain is too stimulated/tired and this s**t stressed our brains,and I believe a trauma like situation will be going on in our brain and our brain will accept the subliminal powerful symbolism that leads to destruction.

Are the programming actually in the videos?
I mean for fcks sake we know the nothing about the video's effect,

Mind control using ancient tech – this is the ultimate secret of Satan (who is an entity who actually exists) in opposition to G-d. This is the basis for the NSA and their 'five eyes' control grid, which is used to mind control the masses – people not amenable to this system suffer from epilepsy or schizophrenia. You can find a group of people who suffer from the system not being able to interact properly with them in a crime known as 'gang stalking and electronic harassment. Our ancestors knew we were demon possesed at times and did not give the labels of mental health to things suffered by Elliot Rodgers et al. They are used by the demonologists/NSA supercomputer (the second beast of Revelations) to make people worship the first beast (Zionism).

Sorry, I meant to say Elliot and others are used to advance a political agenda, but the advanced supercomputer (second Beast) uses mind control to make people worship the first beast (the apostate religious-political-economic system that currently exists).

So sad. I like her art so much. Certainly she is one of those don't know what are they doing.

How can you be rising in popularity in the Music world and not know "Lady Gaga and Team" overtly throw Luciferian gang signs all the time? A person shouldn't even have to be a Christian to be creeped out by others love for Anti-Human establishment agendas. Project Monarch has been brainwashing for decades, perhaps centuries, perhaps Millennia. I just don't buy it. I think she signed on. One of her friends is on here making excuses that all the symbols were chosen for different reasons, and that it is all just a coincidence. Nevermind the circumstantial impossibilities with choosing all the basic criteria for a Project MK Ultra Monarch spell (Monarch Butterfly, Fractured Glass, and Carefully constructed doll figurine), but throw in Team Troy Carter and Gaga and we have an over the top, clear, and obvious maneuver into the darkside. Statistical improbabilities here are astronomical. We have ourselves a… Read more »

That she signed with Lady Gaga’s manager says it all. Do you think he would have taken her as a client if she WASN'T mind controlled? If what she was doing wasn't part of the agenda?

I've been on this site for a while now and it seems like the situation that many are in is helpless. I would really love to bea ssuccessful actress, not for the fame or money or power but because I sincerely love it. Is there no way to be successful without being subjected to mk? I'm very curious as to your thoughts.

Not when the current power structure seeks to control the minds of men and women through audio/visual entertainment mediums. We are talking about a literal "My way or the Highway" scenario here with every rising star. Crossroads meetings with the Devil (Record Labels, Hollywood Production Execs) are quite literally placed upon all Paths towards success. "Success" here being a contextually sensitive word.

I find that the private progs run for children and children's theater companies and birthday party entertainers seem to be able to steer clear to some extent. However, i do understand that it is a restricted genre compared to the mass of closed-off options. I agree that once you submit to their set of rules, you cannot cherry pick terms and conditions (or if you are a rare case that becomes astronomically successful by the time you get to the stage where you are able to do so, then you would already be light years too late IMVHO. My cousin is a successful actor who has costarred with the great and the good – he also has alcoholism issues (despite being teetotal before entering the entertainment world) and a host of other 'issues' ; many of which I only found out about via the internet. We are getting help for… Read more »
The nature of acting in itself, means you are going to be up against hundreds and thousands of other candidates for one role. Whilst I do not believe the whole industry – from personal experience – is all dodgy, what you offer to do to get roles, or what others do in order to get roles can be very cut throat. Luck can play on your side. But to get into the big league I do believe you need to compromise yourself, unless you're lucky an born into a family of actors (or some might say that's unlucky…). Join local theatre companies, try out for commercials. See for yourself! But go onto that path with eyes open, and don't allow yourself to be compromised. Thankfully with the internet, we're all a little more clued up on the 'casting couch', and people share the experiences more openly. But don't be put… Read more »

.. and a good sense of humor goes a long way too; some of the roles which my friends get produce the kinds of stories on which they could dine out forever!

Just to clarify this was meant as a reply to another poster on here 🙂 heh.

P.s Put on your own shows! Take out the middleman. Plenty of people have become successful from eschewing that whole system which relies on someone else holding the casting power. Get your friends involved and just learn as you go, mistakes and all.

Of course you can be an actress.. You could work in theaters, all your life, and never geht in touch with the "Elite".. I think, it gets complicated, when you aspire to be in Hollywood. But of course there are hundreds of actors, living a normal life.

I don't understand why "they" would expose this top secret Monarch weapon. Why would they do music videos about this evil? I would think that they would just keep creating mind control sex slaves for the government and elite and keep it quiet. Perhaps this video was meant to expose them? These people are so disgusting and evil that they don't deserve to live on the planet. Good people should seek them out and destroy their operations.

This is a great article written with great analysis, and indeed Lindsey is like the monarch butterfly, it is only a matter of time before everyone becomes a slave of the Monarch.

When oh when will people stop buying the music, stop watching the videos, movies and products that promote this mind control agenda? Whether the general public realise what is behind this trash or not, aren't they bored of the same old content which appears in every video or movie? Covering one eye, butterflies, mirrors, all the mind-numbing symbols they use time after time, not very original is it? And why do they do this? Because people are stupid enough to keep buying it, that's why! It appears that every so called artist in the industry are playing their part in this agenda, whether willingly or not, they get their 'stardom' and make lots of money because their adoring fans keep them in the spotlight by purchasing their products. There are many local bands, artists and independent filmmakers out there that could do with the support, give them a try instead,… Read more »

Amen Enna, if people stop buying shitty cookie-cutter music, then she will fall quickly in the industry. I agree that there are many talented and small bands, artists, independent filmmakers that could use the support. It sucks to see that industry has become like only the strong will flourish while the weaks' careers perish.

Thank you.

On this thread we have the entire Lindsey PR machine rolled out with every available little monster type creature on board. You can see how much energy circulates around her personae right now so Mr VC timed that well. Just as with the Harvard Mass ritual which was aborted, we can work against that force by constantly enabling productive discussion via a single consciousness. If she really is formidably talented then her talent alone should carry her but my tuppence worth is that I know of more accomplished musicians who never trade in that currency or sign those contracts so you will never have heard of them.

Apsara, I read your comments earlier and I was delighted do read that you are now a Muslim. I am a blonde too, I have been since the day I was born. I am Turkish (but according to people I don't look like one, because everyone thinks people from Muslim countries are Arabs?) and people never guess I believe in Islam because I don't wear a hijab, and I don't think I will until I get a little bit older. My mother also started wearing hers in her 40's. In the Qur'an it does say women should cover up to their wrists and ankles and should only show their faces, but I don't think a hijab will define me as a better muslim. I will love to wear one but being born and raised in Britain I am just not used to it. Mu question to you is, how did… Read more »

Whoops, I meant I was a Muslim since the day I was born, not blonde! Haha, but I guess they're both true

Hi Leyla, thank you for your comments. We have a huge amount of love for Turkey and the Turkish people, especially Istanbul which is our favorite place in the world. I am fascinated by the reemergence of Islamic values in a country which had been forcibly secularized on a policy level. I am mainly based in London where I am surrounded by Muslims from all over the world and plenty of them veiled. I have never felt judged here because life is so hectic that most passers by are strangers to one another and unconcerned about what I might be doing. My husband is from New York where it feels less comfortable, especially in his neighborhood which is hipster central. I doubt I will be adopting the hijab permanently even when I am in my 40s; I am unlikely to ever go for the full niqab. I know it may… Read more »
Thank you for replying, I find it so facinating that people let alone consider Islam but convert to it considering the incredible amounts of hate it gets. The veil, well, I think like you I will only wear it where I feel uncomfortable NOT wearing it. Like you my father was very strict growing up but only about things like boys and going out. I was free to do whatever however some people think Muslims are pressured into being imprisoned at home to cook and clean, they think Muslims treat women as servants and it frustrates me. The only reason my father will ever want me to wear the hijab is because of what men "think" of women and their body, we are sexualised over the smallest things. In Islam, women are treated with the most respect as the childbearer, in Turkey we even have a saying that heaven is… Read more »
Leyla – It is great how you have thought this through for yourself rather than accepting another's version of what is right and wrong. You would be surprised how many women go through the motions of a religion or engage in appropriate outwardly displays of culture without any true faith or understanding in their hearts. I also agree that the role prescribed to us as women in Islam makes a lot more sense than what has been made of it in the West. Saying that, I have non-Muslim friends who have had children and have some wonderful skills to pass on in the home. However, the fact that they have already signed up to wage slavery or are married to somebody who wont/cant bear the financial burden alone means that they do not break free of it. They are somehow forced back into roles they know they do not want… Read more »

ive heard of her shes pretty good. i didnt know she had got taken in too!

Vanessa Mae did it first

The problem is everyone wants to be famous. After they "sign on the dotted line", they regret it big time. That's code for signing with the devil. They figured out too late they're playing the devil's game and not their own.

I bet if you ask any of them now if they could go back, they'll ask, "where do I go to rip up my contract and go back to a normal life?"

What about Daniel ODonnal? He is internationally popular and is with a big record company. Did he sign his soul over to the Devil?

I never heard of him.. But, just watch his vídeos. And photos:. There you find evidence (if he really did)

NOT Lindsey too ?!?

But she has genuine talent !!
I mean,she plays the freaking 'Violin' for heck's sake.

If she was just another "Yo-yo-yo mofo's" poop singer, oops, I mean 'pop-singer , then I could deal with it… But I thought she had talent… damn it.

I've been such a huge fan of Lindsey Stirling, and will always be, and to say this article surprised me would be an understatement. But I know Lindsey's story, as stalkerish as it sounds, I'm a huge fan so I know a lot about her. So I don't believe one bit that Lindsey would do this intentionally. Which leads to me think…maybe these "Stars" aren't in control as we think they are. You could say they are brainwashed but I don't believe Lindsey is…and I think the idea she came up with about liberation was in fact beautiful, so where does it turn into the agenda of controlling the masses? That's a VERY fine line. I've myself had ideas of being locked, perfect and pristine, like a ballerina, and wanting to "shatter" myself and become free, just as Lindsey did in her video, am I a monarch slave? To be… Read more »

That double post by a different screen name does not fool anyone. Lindsay is playing with fire.

Hooked into a machine where lightly paid hired individuals trash the web with promo's.

That in fact was my fault. My comment wouldn't post, so I copied what I had written down, and copied it to another post under a different screen name, to see if it would post again. I didn't realize that my first comment in fact HAD gone through, hence the reason why I continued on with the first one rather then continuing to reply through this screen name. Lindsey is playing with fire? Um haven't we all? To quote someone either you be religious or not, let he without sin cast the first stone. No matter what you believe in, whomever god you may worship even if in fact you don't worship one at all, that small sentence can apply to you. Do you all realize the seriousness of the accusation you are playing on Lindsey? The second I condemn someone by saying they are fraternizing with Satan is the… Read more »

Is it you again Lindsey? You gained some enlightenment via the truth movements then fame came knocking on your door and you have your whole future ahead of you – it is a difficult position to be in. Bear in mind though that you have not reached that point of no return upon the basis of agreeing to a single video. You can still call a halt on their way of marketing you, find a strong indie producer and retain your authenticity which will allow your talent to shine through more brightly. You may not become as wealthy but people are always fooled into believing that endless wealth equates to endless happiness. The cut-off point arrives at a lower figure than you would ever imagine. There is no compromise position beyond that. If Satan looks out for anyone, it is definitely not entertainment pawns.

I can tell you that is not Lindsey. She was performing and did not have access to a computer.

I have a some rhetorical questions for you: Do you feel free? Does that video invoke true, unabashed freedom?

Come on. This video has ALL the same themes in it as countless others. Maybe we just have very lazy video producers that use the same ideas EVERY time. 'I know, lets get a wind up doll. I know lets smash a mirror. I know lets put a Monarch butterfly on her head, yeeeeah'. haha

I've been such a huge fan of Lindsey Stirling, and will always be, and to say this article surprised me would be an understatement. But I know Lindsey's story, as stalkerish as it sounds, I'm a huge fan so I know a lot about her. So I don't believe one bit that Lindsey would do this intentionally. Which leads to me think…maybe these "Stars" aren't in control as we think they are. You could say they are brainwashed but I don't believe Lindsey is…and I think the idea she came up with about liberation was in fact beautiful, so where does it turn into the agenda of controlling the masses? That's a VERY fine line. I've myself had ideas of being locked, perfect and pristine, like a ballerina, and wanting to "shatter" myself and become free, just as Lindsey did in her video, am I a monarch slave? To be… Read more »

Stop kidding yourself, if she was creative about "liberating" herself, she wouldn't be recycling ideas from other music videos. You do not know Lindsay and she's going to the same path as other, "original", "creative", "talented" performers who were offered a deal they "couldn't refuse"

I am sorry to say this, but you are in serious denial because of you being a huge fan. You are rationalizing what your favourite violinist has been placed herself in, in terms of this video. She may be a very decent person, but she's stepped her both feet on a very dangerous path, my friend. A great percentage of these stars don't intentionally think of these things, but it starts to become them slowly and surely. As "Open your eyes" has said, you need to wake up and smell the coffee. Liberation is a beautiful thought, but these clips here isn't it. It just isn't.

The thing people forget is, if you WERE a monarch slave you wouldn't know it, because the whole point of the monarch program is to create people with multiple personalities who DON'T REMEMBER what they are used for. That way if you were being used to sleep with or spy on a powerful individual, no one would be able to tell, least of all YOU. Only your handlers would know…

Hellooooo?! Read the material, people!

And in fact, the more successful someone becomes in the industry, the more likely it is that the program took effect and is working perfectly on them. Hence why they are elevated to stars, because they are the perfect little amnesia robots! Get it??!!!

Oh I get it monarch.

My whole thing is just this, do you guys think we may over read into this stuff a little too much? Yes, I 100% agree with you there are satanic things out there, but maybe more often than not we read too much into something, kind of like how religious fanatics read too much into the bible. I'm a christian myself, but I don't latch onto every single word and detail, because if I did, messages become sometimes completely opposite, I'm not saying give up on it, but guys seriously don't go so crazy with the OMG ONE EYE IN A PYRAMID IT'S THE ILLUMINATI stuff. I did a full blown report on the Illuminati my freshman year of high school, pulled a lot of information from VC itself, however the information I have discovered hasn't hindered my sight in any way. Because the moment you let that see for… Read more »

Well said. Agree with your comments 100%. If you're continually searching for something you will see it everywhere. VC is always an interesting read but people should read other things too! The world is a big place full of opinions. And the one you should listen to the most is your own. You want to truly open your eyes? Get out in the world and actually live it. Some of the comments on here are brilliant but some of them are complete idiocy..