Michael Jackson to Be “Ressurected” on a Billion Pepsi Cans


Some articles on this site discussed a rather disturbing trend: The “resurrection” of pop stars who died in mysterious circumstances (possibly sacrificed) to then have their image exploited by the very industry they spoke against. A recent example was the rapper 2Pac who was revived as a hologram (see the article entitled 2Pac Revived as a Hologram at Coachella: Why I Didn’t Like It).

Michael Jackson is probably the biggest (and saddest) example of a star who denounced industry manipulation to then die in very strange circumstances. In the mist of trials attempting to place the blame of MJ’s death on a single person (i.e. a patsy), Pepsi Co. announced that it would feature the King of Pop’s image on over a billion of its cans.

The announcement caused some controversy in mass media as people asked “Is it right to use the image of a dead person to sell products?”. Most people, including me, would instantly reply “Hell No”. Going beyond this ethical question, there is a deeper issue at stake here. Why is the very essence of artists who have been attacked, humiliated and almost destroyed by the industry so thoroughly exploited after their demise? Is it more than simply about money and publicity? Is it the elite’s way of saying “We used them, we sacrificed them and now we own them for eternity”?

Some might say that the controversy might help sell Pepsi cans. I for one won’t be buying Pepsi anytime soon. Here’s an article on MJ image being used by Pepsi.

Michael Jackson To Appear On Pepsi Cans

More than one billion cans will be imprinted with the late pop icon’s image.

PepsiCo Inc. is resurrecting Michael Jackson to try to pump life into its flagship cola, three years after the singer’s death and more than a quarter century after the pop icon’s landmark sponsorship deal to become the voice of the brand.

Following an agreement with Mr. Jackson’s estate, the beverage and snack giant said Thursday that it will roll out a billion Pepsi cans with a silhouette of Mr. Jackson—who died in 2009—as part of its newly launched “Live For Now” global marketing campaign.

PepsiCo and Mr. Jackson’s estate declined to disclose the financial terms of the latest deal. Mr. Jackson signed onto a Pepsi sponsorship deal in 1984 for a then-record $5 million.

The new campaign is part of PepsiCo’s pledge to ramp up spending on its flagship cola, which has been losing ground behind archrival Coca-Cola Co.

PepsiCo is boosting its overall marketing budget this year by as much as $600 million, or by about 20%. The extra money is going to a dozen large global brands, which also include Lay’s potato chips, Gatorade sports drinks and Quaker oatmeal. The company has been pouring more funds into Pepsi, its biggest brand by revenue, since last year.

A spokeswoman for Mr. Jackson’s estate said the PepsiCo campaign represents the first branding deal since Mr. Jackson passed away, but that more such marketing agreements are planned.

Mr. Jackson starred in several Pepsi advertising spots in the 1980s and 1990s, including an infamous commercial shoot in 1984 that inadvertently set the King of Pop’s hair on fire, burning his scalp. Pepsi’s new campaign around Mr. Jackson is timed to coincide with the 25th anniversary of “Bad,” the multi-platinum album.

PepsiCo said it would begin distributing the special-edition cans in China this weekend. The cans will arrive on U.S. store shelves later this month, part of a broader rollout to about 20 other countries in Asia, South America and Europe.

Bringing a deceased celebrity back from the dead for marketing purposes is a risky business.

“It’s like the dead is dancing to sell your product,” said Scott Lerman, chief executive officer of Lucid Brands, a branding firm.

In 2007, ConAgra Foods Inc. reincarnated their company spokesman, Orville Redenbacher, who had died in 1995. It ran a commercial that featured a computer-generated version of Mr. Redenbacher who had gotten a modern makeover. Pundits dubbed the character “Orville Deadenbacher.” An ad critic for Adage, an industry trade magazines, called the posthumous pitchman: “Madison Avenue’s first pitchzombie.”

Following Tiger Wood’s infidelity scandal, Nike Inc. NKE -2.26% aired a black-and-white commercial showing Mr. Woods gazing into a camera as a voice-over of his late father, Earl Woods, spoke to the golfer about taking responsibility for his actions. The ad received mixed reaction, although many labeled the spot “creepy.”

Dead icons also can create enormous buzz. Earlier this year, a digital version of the late-musician Tupac Shakur appeared on stage during a music festival with Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre. An Internet video of the show became an instant phenomenon.

Frank Cooper, a senior PepsiCo marketing executive, said the Pepsi campaign is respectful toward Mr. Jackson and more “forward looking” than nostalgic by celebrating the pop legend’s continuing influence on music.

Mr. Jackson remains highly popular across the globe, spanning all age groups, Mr. Cooper added.

That appeal is especially important in China, where Coke’s namesake cola had a 26.9% share of the soda market last year, ahead of Pepsi’s 19.0% share, according to Euromonitor International.

In its efforts to narrow that gap, PepsiCo in March secured Chinese government approval for a joint venture with Tingyi Holding Corp., a leading beverage player in China.

Coke, which also enjoys a bigger share of China’s overall beverage market than PepsiCo, said last year it would invest $4 billion over the next three years in the country.

PepsiCo is launching a TV ad in China featuring music from Mr. Jackson’s “Bad” album later this month, but hasn’t decided yet if it will run similar ads in the U.S. It’s launching a TV commercial in the U.S. next week featuring singer Nicki Minaj.

By marrying its cola with famous musicians, Pepsi is returning to its marketing roots. Aside from Mr. Jackson, previous Pepsi pitchmen have included Ray Charles, Madonna and Britney Spears.

It recently invested an estimated $60 million to sponsor “The X Factor,” a TV music-talent show launched in the U.S. last autumn, to compete with “American Idol,” which Coke sponsors. A Pepsi TV ad that premiered last year on “The X Factor” featured a clip of Mr. Jackson after a long hiatus.

Coke also has tapped heavily into music in “Open Happiness,” the global campaign it launched in 2009 for its trademark cola. Coke recently recruited music producer Mark Ronson and singer Katy B to create a new song, “Anywhere in the World,” that it plans to market heavily as part of its Olympic Games sponsorship in London this summer.

This year Pepsi quietly pulled the plug on its “Refresh” campaign, an online social-media campaign, where consumers competed for money to fund favorite charities. Critics said it didn’t help sell more Pepsi.

In addition to the cans with Mr. Jackson’s silhouette, PepsiCo is teaming up with musicians and producers to reinterpret some of the singer’s songs, part of a broader digital campaign. It also promises “epic, live events” tied to Mr. Jackson in the coming months.

– Source: WallStreet Journal



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169 Comments on "Michael Jackson to Be “Ressurected” on a Billion Pepsi Cans"

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Wasn't one of the reasons MJ got on painkillers was due to the scalp burn from the Pepsi commercial?

Seems ironic.

It's almost like Pepsi had a hand in his demise years before lol

Also, don't hate me, but I think those child abuse cases were just to ruin MJ's rep.

They shut up after MJ paid them. If my kid was molested I wouldn't agree to "pay me and I'll shut up"….

Or am I missing vital details?

Michael has been used and abused all of his life. The Pepsi brand name alone is very sinister. The logo represents a New Generation, but if you reverse the word Pepsi you get 'is ded', which may be read as New generation is dead. Recently I have been researching Michael for a blog about a possible false flag attack at the London Olympics. I know it is long, but I could have put even more into it.
Their latest logo 'Live for Now' might be altered to read 'Evil for NWO' It's all about hiding info in our faces with these sick minds.

To be honest, at this point we should have seen the correlation between stuff that isn't good with you to begin with and the sinister motives of the companies who sell those things. I've made a change in my diet dramatically. Only non-flouridated water, only salt toothpaste (much more effective at whitening and cleaning the teeth- flourosis from flouride toothpaste can result in discolouration of teeth), most of my meals are from organic vegetables and meat. The ingredients are pretty much what they are. Even milk- unhomogenised. Whatever I buy usually has a handful of ingredients or less. I ensure I'm not buying from any Zionist companies as well for that matter. I try my best to find out about the companies themself. Some other pointers you should all consider- take cold showers if you can (better for hair, good for depression, good for fat loss and muscle gain), calcium/vitamin… Read more »

I will never buy a pepsi again!

Steal our fresh water, poison it, bottle it, sell it to us at an inflated price and make us drink it in memory of the tragically sacrificed. Thanks Pepsi. nlm

dead men and dead babies in a can whoop – NO thank you. Will not EVER be buying pepsicrapola

i knew my husband and i weren't the only ones who thought that live for now thing was a lil strange

I suspect that the beast will resurrect ppl like mj, 2pac, princess di, etc… to get ppl to follow him. this probably what you refer to as preconditioning or whatever.

Hear voice mail left by MJ asking for help and stating he was scared for him and his family on 2009… http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&am

they manipulated him, humiliated him,eliminated him ,& nw they want 2 ressurect him in their own way,& 4 there selfish reasons.they should let d man soul rest in peace.as 4 me i wnt any of d pepsi product again.

The British newspapers say many North Korians don't know MJ is dead. Maybe Pepsi can use the ad there.

I'm not sure who to be more surprised or disappointed in, Pepsi or the Jackson family. Ever since MJ died all I've seen is his family milking it for all it's worth, whether it's some cheesy interview time for one of them to tearfully remind us how "close" they were to him or 'The Jackson Estate' approving yet another seemingly moronic marketing ploy to get every last penny out of his name. I can't help but feel very uncomfortable whenever I see one of the Jackson family shamelessly promoting either themselves or another MJ related product. I would be very interested to see the financial arrangements of this deal and also where this money would be going, are his kids getting the money or is it being split between the rest of these greedy vultures who seem to know no bounds when it comes to flogging Jackson's name to anything… Read more »

This is especially funny when you consider MJ was actually allergic to Pepsi.

Oh, so **that's** why he wouldn't drink it! A little pitiful, but makes complete sense now…

I remember when MJ called Tommy Mottola the devil, people thought he was losing it.

Now look at Tommy's wife, Thalia. She looks mk'd. And barely human after so much plastic surgery.

Their daughter Sabrina also looks strange, kinda like Suri Cruise.

We forget to put this people in our prayes, bc they are rich and blah, but what they must gave gone through is horrifying, for God's sake.

Mottola is a very shady person. Scary.

I know you guys hate the "hey VC check this out" kind of comments, but my friend who studies Architecture mentioned something about the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow being full of masonic elements… it wasn't like that originally, only after the renovations… I was once there but I wasn't in the know back then so I didn't notice…

It's been proven…these Mega Celebrities are worth more dead than alive. I cannot understand why people CHOOSE to be so damn blind….breathin to death. Who is next, I wonder, to end up as another illuminati sacrifce??

This appears to be a cynical nod to the rumour that the 'real' MJ died after the fire on set filming the Pepsi promotion; who else would have the power to resurrect (at least that version) of MJ?

I have interesting symbolism pics to send to you…how can i?

You know,,,,,I wanted to dream about sailing in the ocean in nighttime, being in the antarctic, doing the cleveland shuffle, learning about Molotov cocktails and NOW (not NWO) I wanna fly up to the top of a tall and important building, then wave the flag of being against illuminati and peace for all of the city to see!

Oi…………You know, my goal this year is to stop idolizing anyone, stop listening to music, stop using technology (with exceptions), stop drinking/eating inorganic food etc. The two songs I can't stop listening is "They don't care about us" and Earth Song".

Why? Let MJ rest goodness. I hate they way he was treated. Miss you much Michael. @Sarah Connor you are so right about Pepsi. I read that article before and couldn't believe. that is so gross.

this is degrading the king of pop by putting him on a cheap can…really if you think about it people will be throwing the cans in the trash and you'll even see the cans in the street squashed or something..with MJ on it. somewhat symbolic 😛

he's worth much more than that and deserves respect

Warning! Warning! Queen has announced that a Freddie Mercury hologram will appear on their latest tour.

People are, in fact, rising from the dead!

how did MJ denounce the industry?

It's so ironic that Pepsi is doing this. When Jackson was still alive, I remember hearing him saying that he couldn't stand Pepsi on an old tape of his when he was talking to Rabbi Schmuley Boteach. It probably had something to do with his hair catching fire in 1982.

Really? Where do I find such good viewing?

what horror! what to read. People demonizes a sensitive person who sought the love since 1980, a person who risked his life to do what no one did, well yes, Bob Marley …

Those who do not know the story of Michael Jackson, or understand the songs of Michael, the least that such people should do is look for the very soul of them, instead of trying to light that, they do not know nor are they able to understand, because they have a big problem inside.


rather than just pepsi, do not drink coke or any beverages with gas, guys! it's the worst thing for your blood sugar and ur stomach…..

I'm surprised they didn't use MJs remains in the formula!

The murderers could not do anything but detract from a work made for love. To those who killed Michael no suitable qualification in dictionaries. And organizers of the murder of Michael did not live to Murray let out of jail. Murray, who was executed Michael for the benefits of copyright Moonwalk, but Branca and Macclane, wants everything for them, and that Murray kept quiet.

I dedicate these videos to all who have souls of child and hope that the truth is revealed:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KN1qXaoj7P0 1 part

With love from Moonwalker. Crosses the line. Part 2 The present continuous.

They already did it millions of time with dead stars as Marilyn or Elvis …..so why not with Michael?!…

As much as I feel bad for MJ and for initially believing all the horrible things said about him…..I have to honestly agree with you in that Michael Jackson was responsible for the misery in his life. Yes he was forced into it at a young age, yes his father was abusive and a very evil man and most likely Satanic or at the very least a greedy SOB…but there comes a time when each human has to take responsibility for his/her own actions. Michael Jackson like anyone living in this world had multiple chances to turn away from the evil of the industry and seek God’s forgiveness but he pretty much summed up his attitude toward Salvation in the song “Leave Me Alone.” The signs were there and he had to know the industry was sick but he chose to hold on to worldly possessions rather than focusing on… Read more »

money is more important to them than memory

I feel that it is to mock him and make people technically "drink of his blood" since he was sacrificed. This goes for whoever they place on the cans.

I wish there were more people seeking the truth, but sadly, people just say for free, to spend time or waste time doing other, like the Illuminati do for people to lose more than it already is. in some cases, people go their own way without looking at the sides or where they go in search of role, or to see if they take a profit. no matter the background, no matter the soul, like the Illuminati do not care about people. the end of the dig, has anyone met someone good around Micahel Jackson? The only good, famous, was Elizabelth Taylor, and she was only friends with Michael, the rest were all with him for fame and money. But in this world there are more people who know the truth about Michael's life, but are silent for money. And there's another woman still alive, he knows very well the… Read more »

This is exactly what happened on an episode of "The Simpsons" where homer is hired by a very powerful corporation to kill "celebrities" so that way they can use their image (no longer living) in whatever advertisement.

they keep doing this! VC have you seen the new dior commercial with Grace kelly, marilyn monroe and marlene dietrich? and the technology they do this with is so amazing so incredible it seems like its out this world! what are they planning? what is the porpose of star ressurection?

They sacrificed him, cause he claim Islam religion, and he was going to publish his belief in God in a song u can find here
they speed up sacrificing him before he announces his new religion or his new song which declares the war on the industry roles that he must be an ambassador of blind obedience to their sick satanism..

uhhh, no seriously he's (Michael Jackson) not dead. not even close and as far as some of the comments made about tupac fans being 'twisted' for enjoying the hologram – I think some of you are just dimwitted and missed the point. Sure, the Illuminati probably meant it as a 'diss'. We (2Pac fans) don't give a s**t about that; we just loved it because we missed the GUY, period. Tell me that if you saw a hologram of one of your musical heroes, there wouldn't be a part of you that would be struck by it in a positive sense, and moved on an emotional level just because you're glad to see him/her again. Just because someone was able to get joy out of it doesn't mean they're an imbecile who didn't get that the intention of the people behind it was negative. So what if it was, ultimately… Read more »

If you miss the guy, listen to his music or watch one of his videos, something he's actually participated in and gave his heart and soul to. This hologram was NOT him. How in the world can a real fan enjoy this is beyond me.

michael jackson isn't even dead though, he faked it.

As if this is going to make me want to buy some little wack Pepsi bottle.

Who gives a shiot about carbonated drinks and fake fruit liquids? I don't.

Never in my life did I ever purchase such ret@rded juice.

In addition to PepsiCo exploiting his image to make money, shouldn't we be upset with, and questioning, his estate ( or who ever manages it) for selling the rights to utilize his image? Seems to me that they could have prevented this if they weren't thirsty for a big payoff, or am I missing something?

he couldn't get an endorsement deal after the child abuse charge, but i guess a dead child molester encourages the kids to live for today… cuz… um…

What a strong argument. He was allegedly a child molester, although now that he's dead good enough for pepsico.

I didn't even read this whole thing…as a matter of fact I didn't even go past the first paragraph because I already knew what I wanted to say…Leave This Man Alone! They humilated him to the public with child cases, made him look insane by renaming him, "Wacko Jacko", put people in place around him that were most likely in on the destruction all along and then to top it all off we all know how people are with scandals. No matter how talented a person, no matter how intelligent, no matter how much good youv'e done, all it takes in many cases is for a stupid rumor to spread about you and then you will forever be labeled by those who choose to believe it from now on forgetting all about the greatest that you still possess. This doesn't just go for celebrities but I'm talking about us as… Read more »

Do Not buy any of these cans. Make their campaign fail. Make your position known loud and clear. Boycott them.

I won't.

If you've never heard of exministries, you should take the time and watch a snippet on youtube about MJ in their Truth behind HipHop series. .http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1H29NooPQo….it will change your life forever about the role of music in our society today…Like VC's site, this has been a tremendous blessing to me and my family..very eye opening and will definitely humble you …but the truth is there for the purpose of freedom from bondage…"Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free" John 8:32 and " Be sober, be vigilant, because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, SEEKING whom he may devour." 1 Peter 5:8

I just watched the video..It is very good. I have also been watching a series on youtube called know your enemy. It has really opened my eyes too. There are several parts to the series but it is worth watching them all. It studies the formation of the New World Order from Adam and Eve all the way to today. It studies a lot of the same things this man mentioned in the video you posted, about Nimrod and gods and goddesses.


Also the new radio commercials for Pepsi features a guy telling his friend (Bobbi) about subliminal messages in songs and then plays the song "respect" backwards. You hear go get a Pepsi Bobbi. Then Bobbi says I need a Pepsi now. In the end you hear a girl's voice say something like Pepsi is music or something like that. I thought it was weird when I first heard it and it crossed my mind again when I heard about the MJ campaign.

These people own you and torment you even in death after you sign on that dotted line selling your soul to them….smh in disgust!

Looks like they got M.J. throwing up the baphomet hand gesture on the pepsi cans…. discusting

LIVE FOR NOW -> Anagram for NWO (New World Order) ?!


its also weird that Taco Bells new slogan is "LIVE mas"

why are they emphasizing this ?

pepsico owns taco bell,like kfc and pizza hut, not too hard to shift ads,saves money like hfcs

I can't beleive this, MJ has been exploited, humiliated and down right abused, he's dead and yet their still not done with him? Fair enough, he wasn't an angel but no one deserves to die and then be "ressurected" infront of millions as if it's in his favour. I mean, for f***s sake he's dead! Leave him alone, you've already spent 50 years traumatising him, just let him rest in peace now. RIP MIchael

BTW great article ;D

Just another example of pop culture eating (or in this case drinking) itself. We see these kids on American Idol and all the other spin-offs lining up to "go for the gold", when ultimately, all they're lining up for is a chance to be thrown into the machine. And we, as a people, cheer them on. We watch this crap, call in and vote for it, blog about it, tweet about it. In the end, we're the ones who make it happen. You can argue that they had a choice, but if there wasn't a market for it, it wouldn't have happened in the first place. These corporations don't give a damn about us. Yet we line up to buy their products and wear their names on our sweatshirts. It always amazes me that people are so willing to become mindless followers in a country that puffs itself up so… Read more »