Michael Jackson’s New Album Cover: Rife with Symbolism


Since Michael Jackson’s untimely death, we have observed some rather insidious “tributes” to him, which, once decoded, were in fact thinly veiled references to his ritual sacrifice. His memory has indeed been hijacked by those who, in my humble opinion, killed him. This fact becomes obvious when looking at his posthumous releases. His latest album cover is another striking proof.

Sony Music (a company MJ spoke against – see this Vigilant Citizen article) is releasing a new album entitled Michael, which is said to contain some unreleased material. Here is the album cover:

The cover depicts Michael at several stages of his career. There are also some interesting yet disturbing symbols.

The Monarch Butterfly

Probably the most obvious and disturbing symbol is the Monarch Butterfly on his left shoulder, which represents in pop occult symbolism, Monarch programming, a form of trauma-based mind control. Many details about Michael Jackson’s life remain obscure. He is however a prime example of a young star being recruited by the Industry and most probably submitted to Monarch programming. In his last years however, MJ broke out from his control and even started to speak out against the evils of the industry. This breakout might explain his “mysterious” death.

The Moonwalker Robot

Looming ominously at the top right side of the album cover is a MJ android with glowing red eyes. This is taken from Moonwalker, a movie produced during the height of Jackson controlled state, in which he turns, quite symbolically, into robot.

Regular readers might notice the similarity between this transformation and the one of Maria from Metropolis and many other pop stars under Illuminati control. In the context of the album cover, the presence of the android might be a references to his alter, programmed persona, in contrast with the “old MJ”, depicted at the opposite side of the album cover.


Black and White/ Day and Night Duality

Michael is crowned by a Black and a White angel, alluding to the ritualistic nature of his crowning, an occult union of opposing forces.  The same concept is exploited in Kanye West’s Runaway, where a big (and rather horrid) head of MJ is surrounded by black and white angels with gruesome faces.

Scene from Kanye West’s Runaway. MJ’s head with a Black and a White angel, alluding to ritual sacrifice.

In a case of strange synchronicity, here’s Kanye’s cover art for “Power”:

As we have seen in the article Kanye West’s “Power”: The Occult Meaning of its Symbols, this image probably refers to the “King Kill 33” Masonic ritual.

Was MJ’s ritual sacrificed planned? You might want to take a look at this album cover.

Michael Jackson wearing red (occultly refering to sacrifice) on a Masonic checkerboard pattern. The title “Blood on the Dancefloor” refers to MJ’s blood on the Masonic floor, the era on which rituals occur.



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Im just another muslim trying to find out truth in this world full of manipulation and lies. Anyways just to reply your comment, "and of course the Devil likes to make fun of God, …", the devil does not make fun of God. In the Qur'an, the devil, or iblis was known as Azazel and he was the most devoted being to God while he was in heavens. He was even above the angels (and we have a whole lot of angels including Jibrail (Gabriel) and Mikael (Michael) to name a few). But when God created Adam and made every being in heavens bow to him, the devil stubbornly would not do so. To him, he's more superior, why would he have to bow to some being made of clay whilst he is created by fire which is definitely more "powerful"? So because of that, God cast him away from… Read more »

Blood on the dance floor cover is quite scary as in the background it looks like 9/11. The twin towers are gone and there is a cloud of smoke with 'history in the mix' = as though they were making history. Plus Jermaine said that MJ was due for an appointment at the WTC on 9/11 and would have died, but he slept in and missed the appointment. Now if he had died on 9/11 blood on the dance would have been even more prophetic.

his hands are also pointing to 9 and 11. and maybe it WAS planned he’d die then and there….

Hey there! I think that Michael Jackson and Kanye West joined a group, before knowing all and exactly what the group was about. As a result they got burned, as all who join these types of groups do (there are many, "Illuminati" is now a blanket term for secret societies of which there are hundreds). They both suffered pain and humiliation, but both had/have a taste for "The Good Life". Both like/liked the idea of being gods. Both have issues with women that are transparent. Somewhere along their journey, they got mad and decided to let us all know what is really going on. They want/wanted to repulse us without getting in trouble with their masters for doing so. Kanye West knows is black people thinks he worships the devil, they will shun him. He also knows FIRST MANY will see this as SHOWMANSHIP, ignore the signs, buy the album… Read more »

It's very sad to me that even after death, M.J. still cannot rest in peace. They are still using his name to generate profits for their own agenda, knowing he would not agree with this being put it out. His sister, Latoya, seems to know what is really going on behind his death, from the very first day she declared he was murdered. The whole thing with his Doctor always seemed suspicious, just like with Anna Nicole and her handler.

Did you see that video with the "crazy Quaids" and how they're claiming there is a group of Hollywood whackers that have a hit list, they are responsible for Heath and Carradine's deaths? Those are pretty heavy allegations to make, but despite it, I believe them.

Why call the Quaids crazy? Anyone ever think that maybe they are telling the truth? If or a regular neighbor was saying they were getting death threats, and they believe that someone is out to kill them, either for money or to keep me quiet, would you think I was crazy. Why do people suddenly feel that celebrities are beyond the dangers that all of society faces. Just because you are put in front of a camera, doesn't mean you don't have any more problems. In fact, these famous people usually fall victim to extortion and blackmail, more so then anyone of us because there livelihood depends on the words and image made by others. The media day and night shapes a world for these "celebrities" to exist, and if they dont follow the rules, they can easily write something in the papers the next day that will make them… Read more »

It is not obvious "they" think of Micheal and his career as a clownish when Cirque Du Soleil is producing "The Immortal World Tour"?

"Conceptually, King says, "our environment is Neverland. We get to go inside Michael's head…inside this place of beauty and serenity and peace and learn all the secrets that are Michael — his loves, things that he believed in…"

Go inside Michael's head? That pretty much says it all doesn't it?

there is also another version of this painting (this is only the middle part of it), and there are images missing or added to it.

i am suddenly reminded of a boy i met during my childhood. he may have been 9 or 10.
this boy had a peculiar reaction to a raised hand: he would close his eyes, with a cringing facial expression and he also defensively cover his head with his hands.
that happened mind you while playing around in a friendly manner… someone just happened to raise a hand.
as we noticed this, as if to confirm one of us raised his hand again, and the same reaction occured.

trauma based reaction , but then i was too young to understand it then. i am guessing a violent father caused it. or been reprimanded disproportionally perhaps.
is it not similar to monarch trauma type behavior inducement? i guess with celebs it is mostly about demoralization these days.

If you look at his lips on the album it also looks like the creases of his lips spell out "I LIVE" or "ALIVE"

here is the whole picture of the Album cover. Some of the picture has been cropped causing confusion. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=662325827

There is a lot of symbolism in the Blood on The Dancefloor cover… Some say he was warning the public about 9/11. Pay attention to the buildings behind him and the way his body is positioned, imagine that his arms when the hands of a clock..

The album cover for blood on the dance floor looks like his legs are where the twin towers would be in the New York skyline with a cloud of dust in the background . Prophetic warning from 1997 towards the attacks of 9/11 2001? There are also pyramids in the dance floor if you look close enough on the right side I the reflection (I see two).

Dont know if this has been already mentioned, on the 'Blood one the Dancefloor' cover, has anybody noticed the Pyramid shaped buildings the right.

I see half a face of some guy up there…. freaky!!!!!!!!!!!! How to find it:

1. Look above the pic of him with the zombies, to the pic of him wearing a tux.

2. Look very closely to the left of his head. There is half a face there of a black man…. and it isn't MJ.

I feel bad for Michael, he indeed was one of a kind, but in the end, such a tool .. it's such a shame !

Excellent as always Vigilant…

Please also notice that in the album cover with the angels… The white angel is on the side when Michael was black.. The black angel is on the side after he is/turned "white" … See what you can get from that if you may.

Yes I was looking into this and know that you are correct. There have been several album covers done by the same artist..Mark Ryden, Jimi hendrix included. some disturbing images if you google him. All of the symbols point to illuminati and enslavement/mind control

You know, while I agree that there's a lot of symbolism in MJ's work, the robot thing? I think that one's just a situation of, "Hey, Transformers is cool! You know what would be awesome? If I could turn into a robot…hey! Let's do that." Sometimes a geeky reference is just a geeky reference. After all, Maria never shot lasers or missles out of her shoulders.

goodness, there has always been symbolism in the jackson album. that includes janets as well. i dont think mj was killed by the illumanati, i think he just died. he was tortured by the media and ex- associates who wanted tobring heim down ex: Lisa Marie Presly( his ex wife). you can say the same thing about janet concets, like her velvet rope concert. there were alot of symbolism in that concert. alot ppl who the jackson's saw as associates began to betray them do there sucess, and i dont blame them . the family produced two iconic singing groups( jackson 5 and the jacksons), and two iconic solo acts( janet jackson and michael jackson). ppl began to get jealous and stuff, i do believe that the family is targeted by the media.

VC, what about the police officers above the michael marquee? Why are they there? It seems that this is a jab at the child molestation allegations.

I have not read all the comments but you guys should know something very important … it is that Michael Jackson HOAXED his death, yes, he is still very much ALIVE and will come back to wake the people up!!! And it is higly needed as I see. The NWO agenda is in march and things will get worse by the day. Do your research and don't believe everything you hear or read in the MSM, especially when it comes from the MSM you should know that or why would you be here in the first place?? That being said, when Michael is back to public view, please, SUPPORT him… what is coming is HUGE I tell you. THIS IS IT!

Does anyone else notice those cops on the right, between the "Avatar head" and the all-seeing eye?

Why would he have cops on his album cover? Police state agenda, perhaps?

at the top,would the image of his left eye surrounded in gold and some of his name above be symbolism is it? I've noticed that and was wondering

I know parts of the Truth. God bless you and all of us!

You definately have something there. The creepy cover of the new 'Michael' album really reminds me of the horrific Denver Airport murals. Very similar style. Sticking it in our faces indeed

I read this article a few months ago, and I am indeed, a huge MJ fan, so I wasn't surprised when I got a copy of this album for Christmas from my mother. Although I believe everything in this article, the one thing that's creepier than the album cover, is the artwork in the booklet that comes with the CD. In the middle they have I guess what would be an extended version of the cover, which features the Masonic checkerboard, and I even found what looks like a skeleton, but half of the skull is covered with Michael's image. I'm sure you would be able to find more disturbing images if you bought the album. Even listening to it was hard for me, as "Michael" features a song called "Monster" where he states "oh oh Hollywood, it's got you jumping like it should, it's got you bouncing off the… Read more »