Kanye West’s “Power”: The Occult Meaning of its Symbols


Kanye West’s “Power” is a short, almost stationary video that manages to tell a profound story in symbolic language. By decoding the occult meaning of the symbols present in this moving tableau, the viewer discovers who really holds the “power” in the world and understands the story of Kanye West’s initiation. We will look at the meaning of those symbols as they appear in the video.

Rapper and producer Kanye West has always found a way to stand out from the crowd. His video Power is no exception. It differs from the MTV norm in many regards, whether you look at the content or the form. The duration of the video, the filming style and the subject matter are quite distinct from today’s typical rap videos as it is short (1:43), filmed in a single shot (compared to the one-shot-per-second standard of music videos) and is very rich in archetypal symbolism.

Director Marco Brambilla sought to depict the concept of power in the form of a “video tableau”, a moving painting that slowly reveals itself to the viewer with a continuous camera movement. The director seem to have perfected this technique in his previous creation, Civilization, a video mural created for the new Standard Hotel in New-York city. The symbolism present there is simply overwhelming. Here it is:

For Power, Brambilla went for a neo-classic aesthetic, but still created a piece full of symbolic and cultural references. As it was the case for paintings of the neo-classic era, each object, each symbol and each detail in the video conveys an important meaning, a meaning that is needed to understand the entire story. As we will see later, many symbols in the video have a deep occult meaning and many of them point to Freemasonry and Mystery schools. By doing so, the director clearly states what type of power is being presented in the video. We will therefore look at the meaning of the symbols displayed in the video as they appear in the shot. If you haven’t seen it, here it is:

Symbols of the Video

The video starts off with a close-up of Kanye West with glow-in-the-dark eyes, as if he was “illuminated” from within. He stands between an infinite row of Ionic columns, which represent “wisdom” in Masonic symbolism.

Kanye with illuminated eyes between rows of twin pillars

Two Pillars

As regular readers of this site already know, the occult meaning of the twin pillars is ancient, profound and present in the symbolism of almost all mystery schools of History. There are many layers of interpretation attributed to the two columns, but one constant is always present: The pillars represent the entrance – the gateway – to the world of the initiate. Behind the columns can be found the key to the Mysteries and, consequently, the source of true power. This concept has been used for in many cultures and schools of thought.

The two columns called the “Pillars of Hercules” in Ancient Greece stood at the gateway to the sphere of the enlightened

“The city of the philosophic elect rises from the highest mountain peak of the earth, and here the gods of the wise dwell together in everlasting felicity. In the foreground are the symbolic pillars of Hercules which appear on the title page of Bacon’s Novum Organum, and between them runs the path which leads upward from the uncertainties of earth to that perfect order which is established in the sphere of the enlightened. “
– Manly P. Hall

Pillars of Hercules in Francis Bacon’s “New Atlantis” as a gateway to the New World
Two pillars leading to Jacob’s Ladder in this Masonic tracing board
Masonic initiate standing between the twin pillars as the third pillar, in the same fashion as Kanye West in the video.

In Power, Kanye is standing at the mouth of the gateway to the “sphere of the enlightened,” right at the border of the corrupt and decadent material world. So, right from the start of the video, the director reveals the true nature of power in this world: It is not your democratically elected officials, but those who consider themselves to be behind those pillars. One of the most significant lines of the song is

“In this white man’s world, we the ones chosen”

Does Kanye’s “white man’s world” refer to the hidden rulers, the Illuminati, who are hidden behind those pillars? Did they choose Kanye West and give him Power by permitting him to become an influential figure in the entertainment industry? Was he chosen to become one of them? The next symbol might shed some light into this.


Horus pendant on Kanye’s chain

The next thing that catches the viewer’s eye is most probably that gigantic chain with Horus’ head as a pendant. Horus is an ancient Egyptian deity that has an extreme importance in occult mysteries. Considered to be the Sky god, he is more often represented with the symbol of a single eye.  The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection and royal power from deities, in this case from Horus or Ra.

“Horus, the son of Osiris and Isis, was called “Horus who rules with two eyes.” His right eye was white representing the sun while his left eye was black representing the moon. According to Egyptian legend Horus lost his left eye during a fight with his murderous uncle, Seth, to revenged his father’s death. Seth tore out his nephew’s eye but lost the fight because the assembly of the gods declared Horus the victor. The eye was reassembled by the magic of Thoth. Then Horus gave the eye to Osiris who experienced rebirth in the underworld.”
– Jordan Michael, Encyclopedia of Gods

Horus, god of the sky

The importance of the “one-eye” in occult symbolism has been highlighted in many articles on The Vigilant Citizen. The All-Seeing Eye found on the Great Seal of the United States and many other occult symbols originate from the Eye of Horus.

The Eye of Horus as depicted by the Golden Dawn Mystery School

The symbolism of Horus is especially of great importance in Freemasonry, as the path of an initiate through the Masonic degrees is described as the process by which the Eye of Horus is opened.

So Kanye stands at the gateway between the corrupt world of the profane and the exclusive world of the illuminated, wearing a Horus pendant, an unmistakable symbol of the Mysteries. One might say: “Well maybe Kanye just likes Egyptian things.” Maybe so, but in the context of this video, where all details are important and extremely meaningful, Horus becomes another piece of this symbolic puzzle.

Horned Girls

The entrance of the gateway of pillars is guarded by two horned albino girls holding a staff. Their features are very reminiscent of depictions of Isis and Hathor, goddesses of ancient Egypt. Another allusion to Egyptian magic.

Kanye standing between two horned female figures
Isis and Hathor crowning Queen Nefertari. Both goddesses were depicted with bovine horns on their heads.

Isis was the mother of Horus (discussed above) and was the goddess of motherhood, nature and magic. Hathor was also considered as a maternal deity while also being the goddess of music, dance and fertility. Both Isis and Hathor were known to welcome and protect the dead during their journey to the afterlife, a concept that is particularly interesting in the context of the video.

Hathor holding a sceptre with Pharaoh Ramses II

“The goddess (Hathor) […] manifests two aspects of her divine power: first of all, she participates in the afterlife rite of passage, by means of which the deceased attains eternal life, and, second, she demonstrates her special connection to the Egyptian king. Hathor is rightly called a royal goddess, and in this role she is linked in various ways to the life of the pharaoh. Often the pharaoh would call himself the oldest son of Hathor.”
–  Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism

Kanye, perhaps symbolizing the Pharaoh, is standing at the gateway to eternal wisdom, about to be executed/assassinated/sacrificed under the watchful eyes of Hathor, the “royal goddess.” Are the goddesses welcoming Kanye “behind the veil,” protecting him in this rite of passage to immortality? In occult circles, new candidates must symbolically die and be reborn to complete their initiation process. Is Kanye being killed an allegory for his initiation?

Sword of Damocles

Sword hanging above Kanye West’s head

While doing some preliminary research on this video, I came across an article on MTV.com titled Kanye West’s ‘Power’ Video: A Cultural Cheat Sheet. Here’s what it says about the sword hanging above his head:

“Dragonlance: An image of a sword descending into a crown hovers over Kanye’s head, bringing to mind Volume Two of Douglas Niles’ series “The Crown and the Sword: The Rise of Solamnia,” in which Sir Jaymes Markham commands the orders of the Rose, Sword and Crown.”
– Kanye West’s ‘Power’ Video: A Cultural Cheat Sheet, MTV.com

Really? The director of this neo-classical themed video, was inspired by an obscure fantasy novel released in, like, 2006? Seriously? Good job, MTV, in keeping our youth clueless. The descending sword is more probably a reference to the Sword of Damocles, a pretty widely known legend.

Wenceslas Hollar’s depiction of the Sword of Damocles

“The Damocles of the anecdote was an obsequious courtier in the court of Dionysius II of Syracuse, a fourth century BC tyrant of Syracuse. Damocles exclaimed that, as a great man of power and authority, Dionysius was truly fortunate. Dionysius offered to switch places with him for a day, so he could taste first hand that fortune. In the evening a banquet was held where Damocles very much enjoyed being waited upon like a king. Only at the end of the meal did he look up and notice a sharpened sword hanging directly above his head by a single horse-hair. Immediately, he lost all taste for the fine foods and beautiful girls and asked leave of the tyrant, saying he no longer wanted to be so fortunate.

Dionysius had successfully conveyed a sense of the constant fear in which the great man lives. Cicero uses this story as the last in a series of contrasting examples for reaching the conclusion he had been moving towards in this fifth Disputation, in which the theme is that virtue is sufficient for living a happy life. Cicero asks “Does not Dionysius seem to have made it sufficiently clear that there can be nothing happy for the person over whom some fear always looms?”

– Source

The tale of the Sword epitomizes the constant danger faced by those in positions of power. Kanye stands there, in a state of  impending doom, knowing he can be executed at any time. Right after we see the sword of Damocles, a figure appears holding a dagger and attempting to stab him. The assassination will not happen by dagger, however, as two other figures leap out of nowhere holding swords to accomplish the “Killing of the King.”

Killing of the King – The Initiation

Ritual initiation represented in a display of geometry and symmetry

At the ending of the video,  the decadent women and the dagger-holding assassins all disappear as two swords are about to hit him. Are we sacrificing the King?

The concept of regicide is reflected in the single’s cover art. It depicts Kanye’s severed, crowned head with a sword firmly jammed into it. Apparently Kanye was king and he got killed. Is this a symbol for a Masonic ritual? Note the stone on which Kanye’s head is placed. Is it the “perfect ashlar” of the Masons that represents the state of a perfected initiate?

Covert art of Power portraying the killing of Kanye West as a king.
A perfect ashlar in a Masonic lodge. In Masonic symbolism, the candidates start their journeys as allegorical “rough ashlars” and, through knowledge and wisdom, smooth out their edges in order to become a perfect ashlar.

Some occult researchers have stated that the “Killing of the King” is the name of a Masonic rite of passage to obtain the 33rd degree (see “King Kill 33” by James Shelby Downard & Michael A. Hoffman II). Semi-interesting sidenote: King Kill 33 is also the name of a Marilyn Mason song, with rather interesting lyrics. Another sidenote: Researchers have reported that  Killing of the King rites often happens in public, as more witnesses give more power to the ritual, hence … JFK. A completely crazy theory?… DYR (Do your research).

Back to Kanye and his standing … the two swords flying towards him never actually touch him but instead form a triangular shape above his head, possibly hinting to a “symbolic” killing and not an actual one. Notice the position of the crown above Kanye’s head. The combination of those elements form an interesting image.


Masonic Square and Compass

In Conclusion

To sum up the the video, Kanye stands at the border between Masonic knowledge and the decadence of the mundane life, represented by lustful and gluttonous women, lounging around eating grapes. Kanye says “goodbye cruel world / I see you in the morning“, as he has been “chosen” to take part in an initiation process that is often metaphorically described as a “long night,” followed by a glorious awakening as a new being. In order to accomplish this, Kanye needs to kill his old self and be ritualistically reborn. Once this is done, true power is within his grasp.

This “moving painting” is definitely a multi-layered artwork, with many levels of interpretation: the first level is a commentary on power by using timeless symbols taken from ancient art; the second level describes a Masonic initiation with a ritual murder and an imminent rebirth.

This video lasts a mere minute and forty-three seconds but it manages to give the viewers plenty to ponder on and many symbols to decode. Looking at its meaning from a pop culture point of view, it is interesting to note that this short-film, intended to be viewed by the general public (especially young people), describes the concept of power with overt Masonic symbolism and occult references. This causes the uninformed viewers to unconsciously associate those symbols with the concept of Power, while “those in the know” get the “insider’s wink” sent by this video. Power ultimately becomes another piece in the on-going process called the “Revelation of the Method,” where the true source of power gradually and subliminally reveals itself to the world and occult rituals take place right in front of the public’s eyes.

How long before the complete revelation?

“The clock’s tickin’ / I just count the hours”




      • In The Christian Bible on somewhere in Daniel it says that on the last days and the end of the world there will be millions of rebellions and then the rebels will burn with rains of fire and calamity and the faithful people will be guided by angel. The Illuminati will die while believing in their Religion will survive from our Gods Coming any religion you are but no worshipping Satan/Baphomet

      • ahahah… funny at least. A zero artist does woes and hypes with egypt and masonry.

        please seth do not kill us all as the enlightenment will come. As soon as everyone

        realizes that all this is utter filthy masonic propaganda, the real value of those so

        called artist will be recognized. Stop the hype and develop better interests in life.

        – Seen last Jay-z, Kayne west or Lady gaga video ?

        – Yes/no Whatever… Who just cares .

      • The checkerboards that define one's unfolding actions… too simple.. I like triad

        Very appreciative of the expression of the height of western civilzations creative synergy, though futile…

        The red sun will surely rise, stick around.

      • i agree with ang whats your point triad??? u think this is a waste of time and people are idiots for commenting and reading? well apparently youre an idiot for reading it and then saying for people to get a life. good job vc as always, kanye west is just another zombie. guess hes gotta make somekind of comback huh.

      • I ask myself the same question, why do we care about this. Well I think it pulls us in, maybe even a little more when we can now see the images they give us. It is like watching a train wreck. I just know that they are up to something. I mean just count all the videos with black and white floors, breaking mirrors, pyramids, suicide, murder, intentional bright lights flashed in your face. All hypnotic and all masonic. But I ask why..They are preparing us for something I think, something really bad I beleive and that is why intrest remains. I am kind of afraid to be honest, even us that can see mor clearly dont know what is really about to happen, it has all been so mixed with half truths and folk lure purpostley.

        Anyway, I was a little, just a little disappointed in the vc for not going furthur into this videos meaning, I think there is much more there. Throughout the video, perfect pyramids were formed for example. Please tell us more.

        Rick Murray

    • it is said that cherubims have 4 wings

      it is also said that lucifer was a fallen cherubim read EZEKIEL also ISIAH

      now the lady or fallen angel sitting a throne like has 4 wings you do the math?

      its obvious it's LUCIFER sitting on a throne like chair

      • Rahim,

        Don't you think mixing occult imagery, ancient egyptian mythology AND Christian mythology is stretching it a bit too far?

        This video is clearly made with the express purpose of getting people to interpret it as masonic and powerful etc – to build a myth around Kanye. If he were a mason or whatever he wouldn't be telling you about it in a music video.

        Music, hip-hop particularly is a form of escapism, gangsta rappers aren't gangstas, Eminem's not a wife-killing rapist, Kanye is not a freemason. So just stop being sucked in.

      • @kitesh…i havent read all the comments so i dont know if u addressed this, but what do u mean bye mixing accult imagery ancient Egyptian mythology and christianity is a streach of course they go together….what u fail to understand is that masonry has been around since b4 u an i since b4 America(at least the name America) and b4 christianity was ever a thing…the reason there r parallels between the three is just that…they are "parallel" the story off Jesus (not the actual person…{he either did or dodnt exist and was/wasn't an important revolutionary in the struggle against oppression}…but as far as the folclore behind him:) is directly a revised version of the story of Horus…he didnt mix them because they r forever intertwined ….as to whether or not christianity is not a historical plot to keep control over the populus remains to be seen…humans need comfort and religion gives us that comfort…who am i to bad mouth one religion over another

      • I totally agree with triple threat.

        And I do not understand why everyone on this site seems to believe in god.

        Isn`t there enough to grab on to reg wordly capitalism that makes us slaves without putting religion versus satan to the forefront.

        What if freemansons and perverts like that believe in satan. DO WE HAVE TO BELIEVE IN GOD AS A COUNTERACTION? Its not a good counteraction, its impotency.

        My god, hoping for a god that will come save us, is just what illuminati wants us to believe.

        While you are waiting for GOD, they are ripping your money.

        As they have been doing for 3500 years or more.

        "illuminati" invented religions and even the jesus myth just to make cowardish people believe in an outsider to help them, just as very many of you are today

        DON`T YOU SEE

        Stop believe in god…..And take action.

        You want to be saved…Save your self. noone else will.

        Sometimes I think we (participating here) are the most stupide people of all.

        When you pay tax you put money into "illuminatis "pockets so they can invent technology and guns to protect them selves from the rage of the masses.

        Its all about money. from the beginning of time.

        They make you work for pennies, and crums, in their factories, so they get filthy rich.

        And their riches provides THEM PROTECTION, from you.

        God and satan is the blindfold you put on your selves. AS THEY WANTS YOU TO.

        Money is satan. They got plenty money, and you have no money. Thats all.

        Michael Jackson said it clearly. He said. I made billions for sony. to awake us.

        Money, money, money, guns guns guns. protection for the bad guys.

        We all are giving illuminati the power they need to keep it going. And we have to stop doing that.

        If you work in a factory or wall mart they get rich. If you pay tax they get rich, and can arm am national army that takes orders from ? Yes, answe me please, who controlls any army in the world ? You or fremanson/illuminati generals.

        american millitary kills rioters in usa.

        Stalin killed millions in russia.

        Mao killed millions in china

        fake wars in both vietnam and korea killed all inteligencia in these countries.

        America and england financed hitler to kill the best people around the world, for illuminati.

        Napoleon was financed by illuminati because illuminati was afraid they would be banned from france.

        Open your eyes.

        God and satan only exist because illuminati wants them to exist in your brain.

        god and satan is just as real as aliens are. Because its an excuse for us to not react and take action.

        Do not go to work, do not go to work.

        We, (the people ) must join forces to produce clean food, and build houses to live in our selves. outside the banksystem.

        We must start.

        We must start doing what we want to do, Not what they want us to do.

        If you don`t want to eat macdonald.

        You don`t want to se hollywod movies,

        You dont want to buy a car to sit for hours in rushtraffic to work to fill illuminatis pockets.

        Then you and me DON`T NEED MONEY.


        Money is an illusion you don`t need.

        Love your neighbor and help him, regardless of everything they say.

        Its up to you, its up to us all to stop this madnes, and it can only happen if WE stop fighting their wars.

        buy a farm and share and trade without money. First one and then the rest will do the same.

        Bye bye illuminati. We don`t need your plastictoy factories.

        You are god, and king in your own kingdom, if you come together. In a global boicot.

        Love your neighbor and experience that it is possible. No more politics, no more religiomwars. No more stupid discussions. just love and respect for everybody you meet. Smile make friends not enemies.

        DO YOU GET IT ????

      • Well, you certainly must have more faith than I do to believe that there is no God. Everything from nothing…what a solid theory. *sigh*

      • totally agree…i was reading this article on the post WWII world economy, supposedly for intellects on history, and then at the end all the sudden the author's style totally changed, didnt seem like he wanted to write the conclusion, and he started talking about the 2nd coming of Jesus. i was like wtf??? the promise of Jesus is something they give the powerless so that we dont rebel, and also if there are any with power who believe in him, its only so that they can do whatever they want until Jesus comes and cleans up their mess. but besides all that…i refuse to believe that kanye is involved in anything bad. his father was a black panther for heaven's sakes…hes ALWAYS been against oppression and for the people, and he and Jay Z are two of the most intelligent music/popular figures out there…i seriously doubt theyd allow anyone to use them for a principle they didnt believe in… not to mention, i totally dont see the "women of decadence" vigilant says he sees… everything looks very balanced to me in the painting….theres passionate love on one side, between man and woman, and on the righthand side is knowledge of oneself… this looks like a map of the heart to me or something…i dunno…

      • While i do believe in God i completely agree with what you said outside of that. In the end it comes down personal willpower and discipline. The only reason i differ on the "There is no God comment is because, we all exist here so there had to be something before us. Now it may not be a jealous judgemental god but whatever it is its greater than we are individually.

      • Well grassy, I hear what your saying, and I understand it. However life is based on a belief! Believe whatever you like. here's the bottom line. Millions of people all over the world believe in something. Even secret sociaties believe in something. Do they run the world? Of course they do. Was 911 a coinsodence? No, that was planned. Does the bible speak of these things, and they shall come to pass.? Yes! Did Freemasonaire create the bible? Well let's say they did, to keep society in check. And we already know money and power is their god. But ask yourself this question? What if there is a heaven or a hell, after you leave this Earth and die. What if there is such a place? What if man does have a spirit? Where would you rather be? Hell is described as a place of tourment,and severe suffering, where your soul burns forever. While heaven is described as a place of no more pain or suffering. no more sickenss and poverty. A place that your mind cant conceive. Such as hell. So people believe their bibles and what is written in them. No matter what side of the globe you walk on everything has a history. and a purpose. Even if it"s His-story!! But here's the kicker. if you walk by this book and do your dammest to live it, you could have a crown of life. Eternal Life. "WOW" So whether one believes in a book that mind you was written over 3500 hundred years ago, and what you read in their comes to pass, I think I rather die believing in it, than find out after I die that indeed there is a heaven and a hell… The bible is a book written by many authors, authors that were inspired by GOD.. it seems to me when the pyramids were built by men, with such precision, and accuracy, without the modern tools we have today, and we cant explain in this day and age, with all our modern technology how they did it, makes you kinda wonder, how much of the brain are we using?? Seems to me the further man steps away from GOD, The dumber we get. So in summary, bottom line, you can believe, and be the best person you can be in treating each other right, with respect, and doing good unto others, as you would like them to do unto you, and by chance if there is a heaven and you did your best to live right, you may get there by the skin of your teeth. Or you can believe that when you die thats it, end of story. But if there isnt a heaven or hell, great. I still know I lived my life correctly, just in case there is. this book is not called the greatest book ever written for nothing. people all over the world live and die by this book daily. What this world boils down to is Good and Evil. and we as people have a choice. You can do good deeds for the betterment of society. Or you can do bad to keep oneselfs in power. These societes have an agenda, and their agenda is to stay in power forever. And no matter who is president, their power far exceeds any president in the world. so what are you going to do!!

      • I totally agree with you ( I am Christian btw ) … When did religion say " Do not take action " ?? you said: you should stop believe in god , and start making action… why not believe in god AND still make that action ? Illuminati did not invent religion/god , human instinct guided his mind in a logical and emotional way , the Illuminati only knew how to use all that against the well being of the human kind…

      • See that's the genius of it.

        "Hey I'm going to tell them I'm a free masonary and rub it so blatantly in their faces that they will never suspect I really am one."

        It's called "being hidden in place sight".

      • Pusha i solute you….


        396.Pusha says:

        November 10, 2010 at 3:08 pm

        I personally think that people like “Kanye West” is doing the same as Eminem in the fight to get there souls back….In such songs like “Not Affraid” by Eminem and as Kanye broadly tells the world what he’s been going through during his rap career by performing freestyles that include such bars like “I sold my soul to the devil it was a crappy deal/ well atleast it came wit a few toys like a happy meal”….and other subliminal messages like revealing things that occult members shouldnt speak about, such as ritual attire and even the first words of Kanye’s “runaway” short film. Basicly i know that im not the only one feeling this way. I think that Vigilantcitizen.com should do an artical on the “Anti-Illuminati” part of the industy….People who follow out with the work of people like “Pimp-C,2-Pac, and Prodigy”. Personaly I feel that the end is coming and celebs are people too and they know it, and to know how to sell your soul you must know how you got it…The Bible Blaintly states that “the devil WILL decieve you”…and i know most of these celebs came across that statement atleast 1 time in there lives…some artist are now seeing that its time for a change and only the people on God’s side will be truly good in the end…doing an article on artist like this will give people hope that people can fight it and that the elite’s plan for an new world order can be stopped.

      • Shawn, don't be ignorant…that's exactly what they want u to think. This stuff is real, there is no such thing as coincidences. Educate urselves people.

      • Except that Kanye's a fucking idiot…so MAYBE the director had all those ideas for it…but Kanye? Fuck no.

      • His lyrics from his songs have never matched the ideas of masonry. I think it's just the director, and producer. Kanye is far from that.

      • I just totally agree. But how can a man stoop so low as to think of himself as the devil it doesnt make sense, I think they are being brainwashed by `illuminati`


  1. I was waiting for your article! Nice job! There are many symbols that you overooked though. Like the lady with the gigantic wings, those two characters on each side holding cups with raisins, etc

    • c'mon man, nothing out of the ordinary is going to happen in 2012. Hollywood made a movie about 2012. They just want to scare you.

      But good job Savon! Thanks to your teachings and researchs, devil worshiper JayZilluminati (lol, thats how I like to call him) is running for cover a bit. He don't get why people are starting to see him for what he truly is.

      Just an overpaid puppet of the nwo. Not a someone with a genuine ghetto rags to riches story. Now with this Kanye expose article you did, Kanye will be the next puppet to get nervous…

      • Hollywood made a movie about 2012 to condition you. The more you are exposed to something negative, the more ready you will be to accept it in the future.

      • SaveWhoWeCanwithwhattimeisleft on

        Its ok that they condition us if we use it as a way to prepare for the bullSmack to come. Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.

      • The 2012 theory didnt come from the movie, they made the movie because of the Mayans calenders & predictions. So its not exactly "hollywood trying to scare us".

      • the 2012 theory has been around for a while. it’s only recently become well known enough to be mainstream. hollywood only exploited people’s obsession with it to make money. jibus christ you guys.

      • Since I learned that David Wilcock thinks that he channels Ra, I'm not gonna take anything he says seriously.

  2. Good work. I wrote a letter to vigilant wanting him to cover a song " Hot n Fun – NERD ft Nelly Furtado". You guys can youtube it and with what you know from previous articles can see the refernces towards hell, mind control, and the all seeing eye.

    • It does contain satanic imagery, especially the all seeing eye, the 666 hand symbol, etc. Even the fire is a symbol in this video.

      • Number 1, do you auctually think that Kanye would do jesus walks now,hmm I don't think so.

        Number 2, he's a believer of the devil he would not worship jesus NOW!

        Number 3, you get YOUR facts right

      • FeatherlightBlues on

        I don't believe he said "Kanye West went from WRITING Jesus Walks, to this? What is going on in this world?" I beleive all he said was "Kanye went from Jesus walks to this? What is going on in this world?" I believe everyone who replied to David Moore's comment prior to me should get their facts straight and pay attention to what the young man stated. @David Moore, I concur.

      • People. Jesus Walks has nothing to do with worshipping Jesus Christ. It's a terrible perversion.

      • I agree. Jay Z said in an interview one time that Jesus Walks was his favorite song of Kanye's. The song pretty much means we are all Jesus's if we wanna be. And I'm sorry, but there is only one Jesus.

      • Kanye West and others who trully relied on devils power brings shame to the nation… if they want to be famous, they have to struggle for it like celine dion, shania twain and others…. beyonce, lady gaga, rihanna and others……. you will all go to hell….

      • This is all propaganda to make Kanye seem more interesting/intelligent then he really is. All this symbolism is done behind the scenes by writers and directors. Have you ever heard Kanye speak? I do NOT think he has the intelligence to rationalize any of what is going on in this video into one educated sentence. I think we are giving Kanye way to much credit. This is done so rich young white kids have an excuse to listen to "black" music .."(but Dad, it's educational)". The begginning of the video reminds me of Botachellis(sorry for the atrocious spelling) Venus painting.

      • Every One Wll Bow- J on

        May be David meant that Kanye went from performing "Jesus Walk" to performing a song that is disturbing. I did not read where David said that he wrote "Jesus Walk." I thought the same as he did.

        This is sad to believe, but may be he will get the fame and awards he was working so hard for in the beginning. I am sure he was promised those things. We shall see.


      • Jay Z told Bill Maher in an interview that Jesus Walks was Kanye's best song. Odd that I remember that too. Weird though. Just wanted to tell you Jay Z claims that's his fav song of his bro's.

    • Watch the video for "Jesus Walks" it has some symbols in the that are very interesting. I think he knew what was going on in the music biz then, but didn't really want a part of it. Listen to the lyrics. Then there is a video from the album "808's and heartbreaks" I think where the whole video there is a girl running through the woods and demons are chasing her and she finally walls into what looks like the devils hands. I think that's when he finally gave into this whole thing. And now he is making videos like this! Crazy. I hope the youth gets right with God sometime soon, because this is just crazy.

      • You are so right. I really feel for all of the lost souls that think all of this is just a game. Young or not, people better start to get their heads on strait. There is always a warning befor destruction.

      • Nicely said. There is only one true and LIVING god and that is Jesus Christ….If HE isn't the God people are believing in then time is being wasted.

        *sidenote What goes up must come down and people that THINK they are in control will soon be put into their place….

    • I know some freemasons view jesus as equal to krishna and horus. i think kanye was even with the dark side when he did jesus walks. I mean, doesn't he portray himself as jesus in that song? now he wears a horus pendant. j-z has a halo around his head in one of his satanic songs. that isn't so different from kanye portraying himself as jesus the way he does in jesus walks. the idea is the same.

    • "jesus walks" was a song about selling drugs, where kanye was mocking Jesus, by asking Him to "walk" with Kayne while drugs are sold…

    • The Lady with the Wings reps Satan…as when he was Lucfer he's refrenced as " The Angel of Light"..and can transform himself into a an 'angel of light"………as seeen on American Idol when Lady Gaga performed..Alejandro…and every time she said alejandro…A White angel that sat High up on the stage…had FIRE come out of its Wings…..the wings on the angel in this one also had a fire around the tips/ outline…….its supposed to be lucifer…

    • listen people kanye west didn't write d song jesus walks, it was written by rhymefest, he only performed it so don't get it misconstrued.

      • It doesn’t matter who wrote the song, Kanye still performed it. We all know that kanye doesn’t do anything he doesn’t truly believe in. At some Kanye believed that song enough to do it and put it on radio. Now Jay-Z, who has brung in more artist than one could think possible has reverted everyone’s thinking into thinking that they will be forever young and have a flawless career if they come over to the side he is on.

      • Kanye and Jayz are both part of the satanic agenda which plans to take over this world, so dont be surprised if more of this comes up.

      • well i remember saying that im watching yu when i first saw the video bcuz i learned that i couldnt trust the entire rock nation after this website…

      • Look up Master Jesus. A new-age religion has been in the works through the UN for a while. Shareinternational.org. Maitreya is the "Christ." And Jesus is one of his Masters. This religion is very prominent but still in the closet. These entertainers are followers. Look it up.

      • i think that in a way it is kind of deceiving,bcuz theyd put these things out and we think that kanye and lady gaga are or can be trusted, but no can only trust 1…

      • Every One Wll Bow- J on

        GQ, I do not write gospel songs, but I attempt to sing them. It does not matter who wrote "Jesus Walk." Kanye performed it in an "I owned this" manner, and he sang it from his heart. No one is arguing about who wrote it (That person got paid.) Frankly, I do not think people care who wrote it. If you go beyond their words, these people are actually saying is they cannot believe Kanye would deceive people to believing that he has faith and love for Jesus. Think about it. Churches invited him to sing his song. People believe he was bringing light to darkness. This video has become an eye opener, and it erased what people believed of him since his performance of the song.

        Personally, he is a secular performer. I expected nothing but secular music and performance. It is not shocking that he did this video. God tells us that we cannot swing from side to side of the fence, and that we must choose. Kanye chose. Sad, but he chose. It is always a sad day when people do not choose the Lord.

      • It doesn't matter whether he wrote it or not. He performed it so in most people's estimation that means that he had some sort of faith in Jesus Christ. Whether he wrote it or not doesn't seem to be an issue with most people… except for you. Besides that was 2004. Do you really think that he'd do a song called Jesus Walks now in 2010? Highly doubtful. He wouldn't be allowed six years later by his new masters (the Illuminati) to do such a thing. They hate Jesus.

    • The Illuminati do not let such illiterates hold any iota of "power", they are being used just like everyone else. Just like the presidents, the prime ministers and governments. The Illuminati aka the tenth o f the fallen that are free to roam the earth since their ejection from heaven by the god.

  3. Great Article. I also noticed the demonic wings behind the beautiful woman infront of Kanye. I believe this is also a hint as to who he is referring to has the power. I believe this goes along with the horns as well. They are subliminally trying to convey that Satan is their ruler and he is their source of power.

    • Yes, I was hoping the author of this study would go into detail about that woman's wings, who remind me much of the wings of a Fenix… if it is, what would be the link to the theme? …

    • The Illuminated on

      I didn't realize that anything other than the Christian dogma is considered Satan worship *sarcasm*. Also those wings are not demonic, well unless you say all Seraphs are demons. The horns are not a reference to Satan, they are alluding to Egyptian deities.

      • egyptian deities and satan are closely linked. these people know their occult imagery very well.

      • The Illuminated on

        Verity, please explain the direct correlation between Egyptian Deities and Satanism. The imagery portion I may very weakly agree with because many of the same symbols are used in many different religions with different meanings.

      • Every One Wll Bow- J on

        Verily, Verily I tell you the truth. Please read the history regarding Ancient Egypt to understand many of their deities, especially the major ones. We must give Satan some credit on his work.

      • Anything else that has power not coming from God is from the devil… He is a deceiver, so he comes on many forms and names just to deceive. You can defend it all you want…

      • The thing of note when regarding the Egyptians and their rulers. The pharrohs were obsessed with the afterlife. They were obsessed with immortality. They were obsessed with this life here on earth. They wanted to be Gods and built images of themselves to be worshipped. That sounds very much like something that Lucifer would do. It shows how far back and imbedded the worship of the self goes. That is the religion of Luciferianism.

      • Sarah says:

        August 23, 2010 at 10:21 am

        The thing of note when regarding the Egyptians and their rulers. The pharrohs were obsessed with the afterlife. They were obsessed with immortality. They were obsessed with this life here on earth. They wanted to be Gods and built images of themselves to be worshipped. That sounds very much like something that Lucifer would do. It shows how far back and imbedded the worship of the self goes. That is the religion of Luciferianism.

        this doesn't make sense, being that the Egyptians and their religions came before Luciferianism. So how do you suppose that Egyptians worship of Gods was Luciferian? It doesn't make logical sense. Luciferianism would have to be Egyptian. Which it is if you wanna make a comparison.

      • Romans, Greeks taken Egyptian gods be worship. If you trace back the origin: the result is Nimrod Semiramis Satan.

      • Illuminated, if you read your Bible you will notice that Seraphim have six wings, not four. So you saying that the girl's wings are not demonic based on your assumption that she is angelic is incorrect. Cherubim, the other angel described in the Bible, have only two wings.

        Her having four instead of six wings may be a reference to her being a nephilim, which were the god-like offspring of fallen angels and humans. In theory these beings where the real "gods" of mythology, as they were more powerful than humans, but walked and lived among them.

        My two cents.

      • Either way, she's white. Indeed, all the women in this video are white…except for the two standing guard over Kanye. Chew on that for a while.

  4. All this strange stuff in music vids is so obvious yet it takes someone like vigilante to open the average persons eyes….and people say he is reading too deep or its all b.s. but its not. This stuff is real and it makes you question a lot of things….

    • was thinking the same thing, man. it stays on your mind even after you've watched the video. and i don't like it. i feel like i'm listening to a satanic earworm.

      • Johnny,

        That's because music is the ONLY thing that goes into the mind, affects the conscience and does it all without consent. We cannot stop it. Research Dr. Eric Walsh's studies on the frontal lobe (brain).

      • yeah johnny, you have to be extremely careful with what you listen to. even the music that sounds harmless…nothing is as it seems. in case you didnt know, satan/lucifer was the angel of worship before he was thrown out of heaven. he was in charge of bringing the worship of the rest of the angels to God..he was the angel of music. satan has the keys to this earth and he has complete authority over music, as you can tell. music is what he is using to corrupt society and ultimately fulfill his plan.

      • I agree with the article, however, I have a question for those who believe Satan was the angel of music or worship and praise. Where in the world in the bible or anywhere else does it say that? I have never seen that anywhere.

      • Furthermore, there is still good music out there. If satan has complete authority over music, why do we sing in church?

      • Agreed. I was asking myself the same question. Gregorian chants in Catholic churches are kinda bone chilling sometimes….

      • What the Bible says is that his body was made of musical instruments. That's how the correlation is made.

      • REBECCA,REBECCA ,REBECCA…..with few words as possible let me “try” to help YOU with the whole SATAN BEING THE ANGEL OF MUSIC…LUCIFER was, has, and STILL is in charge of “the MAKING of music”… not All music is bad you silly girl!!!…but all music have a very STRONG INFLUENCE on us what we do with the “influencial power” is where the evil spawns…yes my child SATAN IS EVERYWHERE even in the CHURCH that YOU and I worship… he has the power to do MANY THINGS he can change into ANY image he wants, has the power to mess with even GOD’s elected children..satan can even perform “FALSE HEALING” and make one believe it was the work of GOD…pls my child, do some more research, TAKE YOUR TIME and read the bible, ask ALMIGHTY GOD for guidance and your eyes shall be open… KEEP GOOD AND KEEP GOD…

      • Hold on.. wait a minute… wtf.. that is way too much power if ya ask me… doesn't God has the ultimate power to take that away from him? Some things just doesn't add up.

      • I hope the King James Version makes sense to you – It's the only version I read now as even the Bible versions are being bought out by masons and they are changing very important details but here are the verses that show satan was in charge of music in heaven. Also, I'd like to add – satan never CREATED music, God did but God was the One who gave satan that gift and duty to lead worship in heaven. Of course, the angels still sing in heaven as we do on earth but the Bible is very clear as to how we are to lead worship [song service] The bible clearly tells us that God had created many pipes within in lucifers body so when he sang, it wasn't just a single voice like how we sing, he had a harmonious voice which was BEAUTIFUL. So check this out:

        Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God; every precious stone was thy covering, the sardius, topaz, and the diamond, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire, the emerald, and the carbuncle, and gold: the workmanship of thy tabrets and of thy pipes was prepared in thee in the day that thou wast created.

        14Thou art the anointed cherub that covereth; and I have set thee so: thou wast upon the holy mountain of God; thou hast walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire.

        15Thou wast perfect in thy ways from the day that thou wast created, till iniquity was found in thee.

        16By the multitude of thy merchandise they have filled the midst of thee with violence, and thou hast sinned: therefore I will cast thee as profane out of the mountain of God: and I will destroy thee, O covering cherub, from the midst of the stones of fire.

        17Thine heart was lifted up because of thy beauty, thou hast corrupted thy wisdom by reason of thy brightness: I will cast thee to the ground, I will lay thee before kings, that they may behold thee.

        18Thou hast defiled thy sanctuaries by the multitude of thine iniquities, by the iniquity of thy traffick; therefore will I bring forth a fire from the midst of thee, it shall devour thee, and I will bring thee to ashes upon the earth in the sight of all them that behold thee.

        19All they that know thee among the people shall be astonished at thee: thou shalt be a terror, and never shalt thou be any more.

      • I still see nothing that says that satan was given that duty. it only says he was beautiful. It's true he governs the world and has great influence in the music that is given today, but as much power as satan has to make degrading music, we have equal power to reject it. We can also make music that is pleasant to Jehovah's ears. Besides, with you speaking of Satan so much, it almost seems as if you are trying to praise Satan for who he is instead of rejecting him.


        I got the chills with this video. My theory = this video has nothing good, just symbols that represent other gods that Jehovah disapproved since the beginnings. It's like if our body can recognize what's good and bad without having to analyze every detail.

      • this is the link to the original verse. It is in hebrew. By the way, hebrew is read from right to left, so read it and realize that the bible you have is not translated correctly. The hebrew words translated literally are: sockets and settings which have nothing to do with music. All of the revised versions have these words in them referring to Satan's clothing, symbolizing his beauty and perfection.

  5. You always got something interesting to say, I'm glad about that. But this website is getting too much attention… I don't know it to be a good or bad thing for you.

    Also worth noting, is that this song contains excerpts of music and lyrics from King Crimson's "21ST CENTURY SCHIZOID MAN".

    Keep up the good work, and be warned about prying eyes. 😉

    • Look, in the end the Lord wins. I don't care the meaning of the video, people will have their eyes opened soon enough. EVERYTHING, and I mean everything that has been spoken of in the bible has come true. Not only the act, but on the exact date it was said to have happened. I'm excited because I know the end is near. My Lord is returning soon, the question I have is, Are you ready? Or do you need more proof? You may not get the second chance in order to wait for more proof. Just my 2 cents worth, read John 14:6 and John 3:16, yes that is the bible, King James, New King James, New International Version, it doesn't matter, pick anyone you desire and prove me wrong, it all says the same. You don't even need a special version of the bible to read those lines. Every one says the same. I know I will go down in the kooks slot on this page, but, I hope it gives at least one person something to think about. God Bless You

      • @ Eric did u kno king james was a mason listen to this song by ice cube- when i get to heaven remix n den frum their u kuld do ur research 2 c if any truth . Dont talk about da new king james version da symbol on it is 666 intertwined . Nuthin iz what it seems men mi heart was broken wen i found out king james was a mason . i dont read da bible no more or pray Religion=slavery n its owned by da moriah(illumanati)

  6. i didnt realize that the video was occult in nature(although i wasn't comfortable with it). until i saw those two girls banging the staff with horns! and am like whoa!!!!!

    kanye is just confused and hes being played like a tennis ball! i have this feeling that the end wont be as easy as we think it is! short video with huge meanings….short time left with huge regrets!!!

    • Kanye is not confused. He is a very educated man and knows exactly what he is doing. He is not some naive soul that just entered this entered this business.. He had been in this industriy for years and has been exposed to this for quite sometime and so he is well aware of everything that is being portrayed in this video.

  7. Good job VC! I would recommend people however, that you don't actually need to watch the video and listen to the song. The images may get stuck in your head and the music as well. If you do watch the video, say for proof, you can always mute the volume. (just something I would suggest)

  8. Yeah kanyews been caught walking around with a t shirt referencing the baphomet. Also Jay Z in one of his songs backmasked (or played backwards) says, and i qote, "murder murder jesus 666". This is no exageration and the message is clear as day. Jay Z also has a shirt that says "DO what thou wilt" which was one of Alleister Crowleys teachings. In one of Crowleys books he advises his followers to learn to walk and write backwards to convey a message totally different and opposite from it is when its written normally

    • Hey there :) The backwards message was actually faked and added by a priest to convince people of Jay-Z's masonic beliefs. You can try it yourself if you like, just by taking the song and playing it in reverse in Wavepad or something. Kind of a silly thing to falsify, since there's so much REAL stuff on Jay-Z, why make something up that's on the other hand ridiculously easy to find out? :S

      • The backmasking was done by Danger Mouse (Gnarls Barkley) on a remix album using Jay-Z lyrics. Not a priest.

      • co sign JJ…

        @spanish girl

        I know what video your talking about spanish girl, but that pastor bought up alot of valid points about Jay – Z. The backmasking portion was the only thing I disagreed on, but I have to agree on everything else he was touching on during his sermon.

  9. I was waiting for this article as soon as I saw the video. The artist side of me loved the artistic view of it but then I said, "this video isn't right" especially when they showed the 2 women with horns. I agree with all that you sad but there was one thing that I think it is also interesting: Kanye used to wear and Jesus piece and now he has the Horus pendant. What is interesting is that many believe Horus to be the blueprint of Christ Jesus so that was very interesting seeing that he was "Christian" I guess he been sides to join the dark side

  10. from the very start of this "video" i could already see the evil in it…seein the horned girls was really disturbing and i got a chill throughout my body…thanks again for letting us know the truth

  11. I am actually reading Manly P. Hall's book the secret teachings of all ages and in the book its has a lot of similar symbols to what we see in "modern entertainment" Now my questions is this. What is the elites real purpose?If they believe in symbols and rituals how those that affect the average citizen.Because how i see it, the elite rule the world(common knowledge) and they have control over most things eg money and real estate etc.

    So what seems to be the benefit of forcing their beliefs unto us or displaying their beliefs to us, since the average person can't become a member of that "club"?

    Control of the population? What good will that do them?

    I would really like if someone can give me a little insight on this.

    • Its pretty diabolical their ultimate plan for us. Throughout the years music has gotten more perverse and dark themed throughout the years. Its to bring into and spread the luciferian ideology upon the human race and prepare is for the anti christ. Research the illuminati, the new world order, skull and bones, free masonry and youll get your answers. Its pretty diabolical like i said. Thats all im going to say because if I say anymore it becomes to unbelievable so its best you reseach this stuff. Youtube and google are great.

      • The Illuminated on

        Hahaha, you make me laugh SPEtrall. If the Elite are all powerful, don't you think that Youtube and Google would be tools they use for their own purpose? Considering they are some of the most visited web pages on the internet.

      • You make me laugh. I have done my research fool through hundreds of hours of reading books, documentaries, and articles. Maybe if u paid attention youd know theres a bill in the senate to kill net neutrality and to have to govt regulate what is put on it. Obama is being granted an inet kill switch. The NSA just recently has gotten control of google and has blocked many sites like this already. Its just that they spring up all the time and its becoming an issue. I have read many books on the occult and i know VC is correct with most of his analysis. Dont come and laugh at me cause i have done my research. They have repeatedly tried taking sites like this off the web but cant because we still have a little thing called the consitution which is being torched more and more as time goes on. They are trying to regulate the net and what sites we can and cant access like china. Its a bill in the senate called the cyber security act. So yeah they are trying to censor the web………because they are rich and powerful.

      • The Illuminated on

        You must not have understood what I had said because you proved my point. I know there is a censor on the internet. Let me be more clear then, It is foolish to do any sort of research on the internet about esoteric subjects because they are mostly false and disinformation due to the censor and control of the web. That better?

      • you are referring to COINTELPRO (counter intelligence programs). I know there are sites specifically made for disinfo, but there are plenty of sites that speak the truth. You cant prove they are all false and i think that is a foolish assumption. I cant prove this or any site speaks the truth, but I have a brain that can decipher real info from disinfo. It doesnt make sense that they have a cyber secuurity bill in the senate to kill the net and drastically filter and regluate it so alternative media sites like these all together are dead. I mean according to you why would they regulate it to that extent if they purposely put up fake disinfo like you say? it doesnt make sense

      • The Illuminated on

        Look at it this way, they don't want anyone but the Initiated to know what is "True" so if they see real info being circulated they will put out other Vigilant type websites and articles that claim to be revealing the truth. This would be done to create a flood of information so no one, but those who are initiated would know what was really "True" according to the Elite.

      • It's fishy... on

        Oh yeah, and I forgot to say:

        Thank you, kind sir, for constantly giving us the chance to reassure ourselves of our beliefs. =)

        You're like a test of fate. Just like… Hm… What Satan is meant to be?

        Well, thanks a lot, as I said. =)

        Best of all luck and good karma for you, lost friend.

      • Yes they would. Manipulations of the minds of humans are coming from every direction. The illuminated (like you claim to be) want a clear distinction between those who KNOW what's up from those who do not. Google and Youtube spread more trash, porn, and bs than truth. So, while their tool can be used for good (the distribution of the truth), more often than not it's used for evil.

      • I totally agree. they have a satanic agenda and it centers around jerusalem. read imran hosein's books for more info. he ties the emergence of the occult with scripture. these music videos aren't just fun and games. they have an intellectual, spiritual, moral, political and psychological agenda. pop culture is just one part of it. google 'dajjal' for more on the upcoming anti-christ. soon israel will rule the world and a false messiah will come to the people of israel. they will accept him as the real messiah. the anti-christ is going to make evil look good and good look evil. a master deceiver and the worst trial ever on mankind. he will travel the whole world. first he will claim to be a prophet, then he will claim to be god. he will make believers enter his hell on earth and disbelievers enter his heaven on earth. then Jesus (Isa peace be upon him in islam) will return and pray with the muslims. Jesus will kill the anti-christ and will universally be accepted as the true messiah.

    • because they're trying to get ppl on the bad side .. in preperation for the war between good and evil… its not just for no reason .. its going to be a physical war and spiritual war ..aka ww3

  12. The Illuminated on

    Wow, do you people 'truly' believe everything Vigilant spoon-feeds you? Now I am not saying that everything he posts is false. It's just have you EVER thought that Vigilant himself could just be another source of "Disinformation"? It seems as though you people are just as enthralled and "indoctrinated" by what Vigilant says as those the "Elite" brainwashed (the American public). I am not a person who discounts conspiracy and mysticism, I just implore you to not take anything anyone says as truth. Nothing is True… One more thing just because something has horns DOES NOT make it irrevocably evil.

    • Also if you noticed in some articles VC provides links to books that give us the same info he receives. He also links knowledgefiles.com where u can DL free E-books that basically cover this stuff. Maybe its you thats too lazy to research his claims. I know i have……Maybe your the real disinfo agent here.

      • The Illuminated on

        sPektrall, I am on your side. I have read may books and have spoken to many people about these subjects. What I was saying is "Never take anything as truth" I have read most of the books on Knowledge files. Yes the interpretation that VC has may in fact be true, but don't bet your bottom dollar on it. Do you get what I am saying yet?

        @ NotAfraid- Me saying nothing is true, made my point. Don't believe anything, even if it is something I have said.

    • Your point about disinformation is important.

      However, disinformation is deliberate false information. This is Kanye West and that is his video that is the truth, the rest is interpretation not disinformation.

      While you make a good point, your words "nothing is true" is too extreme and works against your whole argument.

      • It's fishy... on

        Hey we know this guy already.

        He's just trying to make you reconsider your opinion.

        Make you feel unsafe and give you the feeling of:

        "I don't what to believe… :'((( …"

        Just ignore him. Your heart is your compass!

        And you're heart has been like:

        "Whoa, wait a minute. That's obvious!"

        So fuck supposedly "disinformation".

        A 10-year old would be able to interpret this as what it is…

        Well unless someone else tries to make him feel insecure about it.

        Just ignore the dude. Don't even pay attention.

        Just write a simple sentence like:

        "Get out, hater!"

      • The Illuminated on

        @ it's, fishy. If you were referencing me, The Illuminated. I am not trying to make you feel unsure and insecure, I just want you to question your opinion and the opinions of others so you can formulate a better opinion. I was just pointing out something that seemed to be lacking in these comments, a difference of opinion. As I have said before and probably will a lot more is that I just want you guys to question everything. So you can cross examine ideas and the like. I must be way to paranoid for you guys.

      • It's fishy... on

        Well, I can only speak for myself, but…

        I don't need you to question my opinion. I'm a grown-ass man.

        If you feel the urge to question one's opinion, why not get into politics?

        That's all they do all day long.

        As I said – I (and I'm sure that one goes for everyone who like this site

        and therefore visits it) don't need you question my opinion.

        Because … My opinion lead me here.

        And my opinion keeps me coming back here.

      • The Illuminated on

        I am not questioning your opinion, I want you to question your opinion so you can make the right choices according to you. I will NEVER go into politics, politicians are dogs. I am more of a philosopher. I just want you to question all sources of information so you can deduce for yourself what is true or not, That is what I am saying.

      • Nice! Also have you ever wondered why everyone is going crazy with this "disinformation" term? I guess the use of the word "lie" or "lies" is out of date. Yet another accomplishment of the ruling class.

    • @The Illuminated, Instead of throwing around accusations, why dont you describe what exactly you consider being "disinformation". I have studied occultism for years and I dont see where the author of this article mislead the readers. You, on the other hand, attempt to discredit the author while backing none of your statements, use words such as "spoon-fed" and "disinformation" which leads me to think you might be the one the disinfo side. If not, you certainly use their tactics.

      • The Illuminated on

        I never outright discredited VC, I even said "Now I am not saying that everything he posts is false." I am just saying as I have said in other comments that you shouldn't believe anything online, I am fighting your battle by saying what I said. I probably think the same way you do. I agree with most of what VC says but, I never fully and completely go with it. I am just more paranoid than you I guess, hahaha.

      • It's fishy... on

        No, you're just a person who says everything at the same time, like:

        We blindly trust VC, that's wrong.

        But you also believe in what VC writes.

        Well most of it.

        But some of it is wrong. But not everything.

        But one shouldn't trust it.

        Because it might be disinformation. Which could be true.

        But it also could be lies… With a possibly true core.

        Like… Make your mind up, then come back, please.

        Or stop playing your silly little game.

        But rather make your mind, please.

      • The Illuminated on

        "But some of it is wrong. But not everything.

        But one shouldn’t trust it.

        Because it might be disinformation. Which could be true.

        But it also could be lies… With a possibly true core"

        You hit the nail on the head my friend. But let me make a few changes, when you said "But one shouldn’t trust it" I would have said "Absolutely trust" I play devil's advocate when I think, I look at what I say and the opposite or another view of what I have said to get a better grasp on the situation. It is hard to explain.

      • I will agree with you that nothing is true only if I get to decide that it is not true that I've read your comments… such wastes of space. Your comments stink of major attempts at being clever without any real depth. The result? Flat beers.

      • @ The Illuminated,

        judging by your screen name, I am guessing you are a free mason, but I could be wrong. But if you are brother, Have you completed the Scottish Rite's 13th degree?

      • @illuminated, may i ask, What do you believe in? Are u a christian? Do you believe Jesus Christ is the resurrected Son of God?

      • I understand what you are saying about questioning things. However, if you question everything and allow yourself to be too paranoid to not be able to even trust your own opinions to the fullest then to me, you seem to allow yourself to be a sitting duck. You seem to me to be more likely to make the wrong choice when it comes down to making a choice because you won't have the experience from making decisions in the past to guide you in the right direction. I hope you understand where I am coming from.

        I fell upon VC's site after reading an article on Ozzie Osbourne and how he is a Satan worshipper and even almost killed his wife one day. He seems to me to be possessed somehow. The article struck a cord with me and I began researching the occult. Don't really know why. However, I fell upon another site that had occultic symbols and recognized one of them as Beyonce's logo for her fashion house (hers is upside down though). When I researched her name linked with the occult, VC's site popped up. I began reading and was shocked to see her wearing Baphomet's head in a picture (Baphomet was also on the site of occultic symbols).

        As they say, the proof is in the pudding. Everything I had wondered about her fell into place for me. I questioned why she came up with this alter-ego for Crazy in Love. It seemed so strange when I first heard her speak of it. On VC's site, I found the answer. A lot of things I questioned about Lady Gaga also seemed to make sense. Her song telephone which I didn't understand, but now I do.

        A lot of musical performers always seem to go through this strange metamorphosis and then shoot out of the stratosphere. Why?

        There is more proof that what VC says is true than untrue. If you never have, check out 'The Forerunner Chronicles' on YouTube. This guy is pretty interesting too.

        All in all though, stop second guessing yourself. Be courageous enough to make a decision and stand for it.

      • The fact is… VC may be illuminated. What most don't know is many are illuminated, and don't even know it. We think bcus we are not in a secret society that we are on the the outside looking in, wrong!! Mass rituals are taking place and have taken place. We act out these rituals simply by spending money and so on. Our money and the concept/intent behind it (credit) are ritualized. Our paper currency has spells cast on it, and as we hoarde, spend, pray for it, and use it adds power to the spell. I can go on and on… but this site only scrapes the surface of things truly unknown.

      • @Grand AM pay no attention to @theillumniated. People like that just like to stir up confusion to the truth. Stand firm in what you believe and keep doing your research. If the facts are adding up then don't let people try to convince you otherwise with some disinformation crap. Even Kanye himself told us he sold his soul to the devil and that it at least came with some toys and a happy meal.

      • DiziLLuZioNed on

        Glad you pointed that out x'clusiv. I'm surprised that VC didn't mention that in this article. Anyone who hasn't seen Kanye admit that he sold his soul to the devil, please YouTube it.

      • It's fishy... on

        A happy meal. Ain't that something one would sell his soul for?

        Throw some Chicken Mc Nuggets in, and I'm down too.

        Joking, of course…

        Hm, I thought about this too – VC being part of the revelation squad.

        But then again. You know… This site contains so so much love.

        So much interest in the human.

        I dunno… Being here makes me feel happy.

        And strong. Whenever I read what people write here,

        see the thousands of dudes that know what they want…

        And that's love and peace. This can't be bad.

        And even if it is bad… It's full of love now.

        Once again my Yin & Yang theory …

        Everything bad has a good core.

        And everything good has a bad core.

        That's the Yin Yang thing…

        And I love it.

        It's like … Awesome. I think, there;s no symbol that gives you more hope.

        But hey … I learned about flouride toothpaste here and stopped using it.

        Learned about certain other products which I stopped using.

        Alongside some web-services… I just say it now:

        I think VC is a good dude. At least, what he's given me so far was thorougly good / positive.

        If his intentions are bad, he totally failed his mission with me.

        But I don't think so.

        Keep on doing what you, coz no one else can do it like you do!

        Much, much love.

        Oh… And fuck the Illuminated. It's OBVIOUS what he's about?

        I mean… "The Illuminated" … D'uh??!!??!!??!?!?!

      • The Illuminated on

        What you said about standing steadfast and doing research is what I want you to do. Question the information though and make an informed decision. I hope you realize that I am agreeing with you and most everyone else on this site, we need to fight blind faith and encourage research and informed opinions.

      • with all this bein said and you still standin firm in what you believe, then i think you are the devil himself

    • You know how i found this site? Because I was searching the net for some kind of proof that Beyonce's Sweet Dreams was some how demonically influenced, meaning I already had it in my head that music was getting influenced by satan, I am sure lots of people have the same type of story, they came here because they where already searching, VC and this awesome website has beautifully highlighted what we already knew was there, VC just makes it clear as day for all to see, he shines a spot light into the dark corners that evil hides in.

      • And please do not confuse praise for a job well done as people blindly following VC like he is the messiah or something, this site is a wonderful source of information that you can take or leave as you desire, If you came here in the first place it is demonstrating you do not want to follow blindly like a sheep, you are here because you want pieces to the giant puzzle, this isn't some kind of cult site, people want knowledge and insight, the kind information we are dealing with is not always clear and is very cryptic at times, VC definitely has a gift when it come to deciphering that info, and as with all gifts and the notoriety that goes with it comes tall poppy syndrome!

        It's not like VC is calling himself the "one" or "neo" or something, he just shares what he knows, it is up to the individual to filter information, I wouldn't spend to much time in the forums saving the VC cult disciple sheeple, we are not as blind and lost as you presume us to be.

    • That statement is not true, that there is no truth.

      Jesus himself said to Jehovah God in prayer, "your word is truth".

      Anyone who contradicts that statement is contradicting God himself, and is trying to cause doubt, which is something that originates with Satan.

      Satan used doubt to get to Eve in the garden of eden.

      A little leaven ferments the whole lump.

      Doubt is a killer of faith, and leads to compromising one's integrity.

      Anyone who disinforms others, or who plants seeds of doubt, is committing a type of spiritual manslaughter. He who kills others' spirituality ends up like the original manslayer, Satan himself.

      Then again, everyone has free will and must accept the consequences for their actions, on whether they choose to accept or reject the lie.

      But the disinformer will also bear guilt.

      That is why truth is so important. It is a matter of life and death.

      • i completely agree with @The Illuminated

        ..all he's saying is blind faith in whatever someone tells will make you a fool.

        He just says research so at the end of the day if some tries to lie to you, you will no WITHOUT A DOUBT that its is a lie and what you know is truth.

        *at the end of the day we can all be wrong. we are only human* all i know is i love to learnn :)

        #sidenote. i love when people can show me side by side pictures etc. i dont really like bible references cause its been edited so much and words have different meanings when translated etc.

        you guys are arguing about the same things. me and my boyfriend do it all the times it takes hours before we realize it sometimes

  13. DepthPerception8 on

    Before even seeing this "video" the lyrics caught me. And immediately, I could interject the video images match the song. Anyway, I also noticed a few more details of interest. At the beginning, the being to the right throws down her fabric (pulling the cloak from the sheeps eyes?). Also, 2 Aquarius like 'angels' with water flowing up rather than down (upside down/underworld?). I find this particularly striking with the coming of 'age of Aquarius'… Finally, notice the immediate shift when the two swords are thrusted towards Kanye…nothing to see here people-focus thata way>>>

    In Kanye's defense…his life has gone to shambles since he sold himself…and surely he is aware of the shackles and may or may not have simply want out. Too late

  14. youguys should go to youtube and research proffessor griff and listen to him speak. He has inside ties and speaks about the illuminati and the dark side of the entertainment and music industry. He talks about how some of these super wealthy megastars have to make "blood sacrifices" in order to get to the level of fame and fortune they get to. 2pac was Sug Knights sacrifice. The Jacksons sacrfice was michael. Kanyes was his mother. Dr.Dres was his son. I forget who, but someone sacrificed Aaliyah. IDK dont take my word for it, but definetly youtube "professor Griff" and "blood sacrfice" crazy stuff

    • I've heard that theory too; it was Dame Dash, Aaliyah's boyfriend at the time and co-founder of Roc-a-Fella Records with Jay-Z, who supposedly 'sacrificed' Aaliyah. So that connection to Jay-Z is certainly interesting. It's not an implausible theory at all; the only issue I have with this theory though is, what do these people have to show for their 'sacrifices'? After 2pac died, Death Row pretty much crumbled. (Dre had already left by then and Snoop, the only relevant artist left on the label, went to No Limit a short time later.) Death Row is nothing now and Suge has no power or ability to strike fear in his rivals in the industry, certainly not like he did when 2pac was alive.

      The Jacksons, individually and as a group, have never had much luck either. Other than Michael and Janet, none of them had huge success solo and the Jacksons' success as a group stalled after Michael left. The brothers have had issues since then just making enough money to stay afloat. Besides, I think Joe sacrificed Michael VERY early on in return for the Jackson 5's success.

      And Dame also has very little to show in the way of power, visibility, and maybe even money. A few years after Aaliyah's death Dame sold his part of Roc-a-Fella to Island Def Jam for 10 million, and his share of Roc-a-Wear to Jay-Z for 22 mil. I heard a few years ago that he was pretty much broke and one of his cars even got repossessed. Granted, that was just a rumor. But what an odd rumor to hear. How does that happen to someone who at the time should still be a millionaire?

      It's too soon to tell with Kanye, as it has only been a couple of years after his mom died. The VMA thing soured a lot of people on him but on the other hand there are other people who don't care. And even if people stopped supporting him as a rapper it's almost impossible to avoid ALL of his music because he produces for so many people. So far he is the only one in this group who has not 'lost' it all but that doesn't mean what he does have will last.

      It makes sense if one has the theory that in a Killing of the King, in order for the initiate to be truly enlightened he must first be stripped of every worldly good/temptation he has. If this is the case then yes, the loss of industry power these men lost is supposedly nothing compared to the true ascension to a higher level that being initiated is supposed to bring. Problem is, I highly doubt any of the Jackson clan or Suge Knight are 'enlightened' in any sort of way. Haven't really heard from or about Dame in a while so I can't give an opinion on him. Kanye seems to be very aware of what is going on around him, though.

      My theory? Someone possibly DID sacrifice 2pac, Aaliyah, and Michael, just not the people you mentioned. In Kanye's case, I find his situation with his mom probably more like that of Jennifer Hudson and her family. Simply put, Kanye and Jennifer are two people who gained a large amount of success in a relatively short period of time, and the sacrifice was losing a family member (or in Jennifer's case, her entire family, in scale with the VERY quick time it took her to go from relative unknown to Oscar winner). And I don't think they realized until AFTER it happened that it was a sacrifice.

      • DepthPerception8 on

        You can also add how many 'celebs' have lost family members…from John Travolta to Anna Nicole Smith (although in this case im sure it was more of a psych trauma programing scheme) to Bill Cosby…SMH

      • Yes it definetly is all interesting. We cant be for certain not having inside ties. There defiently is a dark theme in this path to fame and fortune. No wonder so many of these celebs are on drugs. Though honestly i think through all these drug related celeb fatalities there is somthing more to it than what we hear. I know 2pacs death was a hit. The night he died he told his security guard he knew he was going to die and didnt want to go to vegas. Also 2pacs security team was told not to holster firearms that night and many more coincidences. I think Michaels death was a hit too. Allot of good documentaries on youtube. youtube "Killuminati:2pac exposing illuminati"

      • You're forgetting the incredible Notorious B.I.G i truly believe he was the sacrifice for P.Diddy (or whatever his name is now).

      • Michael Jackson was reportedly sacrificed by Sony BMG music group CEO tommy mottola, who btw is the ex husband of R&B singer Mariah Carey. Aaliyah may have been sacrificed by Damon Dash, and 2pac had rivalry with Diddy at that time so it is quite strange dont u think?

      • GAbrielle the Angel on

        I agree with y our comment about Kanye and Jennifer Hudson. Some people think they KNOWINGLY sacrificed their families, but people don't understand, when you give y our soul to the enemy, knowingly or not, he demands a sacrifice, these stars just don't understand the magnitude of the sacrifice. Just like God demands a sacrifice- a holy life. Either Kanye is an oscar worthy actor or he genuinely missed and loved his mom. im not judging her either, but maybe she got a lil too hollywood too with all the plastic surgery she wanted done. Its hard not too get swept up with the tide when money comes along. People might think im crazy but im scared of getting rich, i don't even want fame. Im scared i might actually start worshipping money,and after that down you go.

      • Mallor – ohmygoodness!!! i thought i was the only one who thought the loss of jennifer hudson's family could be a sacrifice. i watched her on VH1 behind the music and she made an interesting comment towards the end – that she would not trade her fortune (music, awards, etc) for anything in the world. and i thought that was wierd for somone who lost loved ones so violently. so it led me to think that maybe they were the sacrifice for her quick rise to fame and fortune. or maybe i read VC and other related material too much. haha.

        as much as i don't want to look at people and think they could be a vessel for evil, (because then i start to think about myself) i think that if you believe in God, then you gotta believe in the Devil and all what the Bible says about him. i believe in Jesus and so i think it's important to look at things crtically and to realise that we are constantly under attack from various sides. and many times it is cloaked in innocent/sweet things. i like what one poster wrote – if it is not from God, then it is evil. many times in the Bible we are warned that to be friendly/conform to things of this world is to be an enenmy of God.

        lately i have been thinking deelpy and medidating on the Word, and as a believer of the Word, things aren't as rosy as we think. but there is always hope, so don't lose faith people!

        if i am repeating other comments, i apologise. there are about 200 comments after this one and i just couldn't wait to read them all before posting mine.

      • @ mallor;

        What's to say that the devil is going to honor a bargain someone made with him? Just a question…

    • DepthPerception8 on

      Peace for passing along the Prof Griff links…Hes got some interesting lectures out there! Never knew…

    • @Spektrall

      I seen one of Griff's interviews where he states he was being set up as a blood sacrifice for public enemy…

      Then I thought about this article I read where Chuck' was speaking on his association with some fraternity when he attended Adelphi University, Which, if you notice, most of these "conscience" hip hop artists have some sort of university connection (Chuck D, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, dead prez, kanye)

      I'm not saying they are all a part of the "plot", if you will, but this pattern is quite alarming


  15. @Vigilant: The video also depicts the as above so is below Talmud teachings, and the two winged female angel represents satan, siting on the throne with the lions, which would be the seat of the great king. And the upside down girls throwing water at themselves could be interpreted as if the powers from below are permeating the ground, meaning that satan has finished tainting the earth.

  16. I wonder if Ye got around to reading this post? Im pretty sure he did. You think he'll ever comment on it? He should, homie always got something to say.

  17. The Killing of the King…we saw Kanye's actual initiation in this way at the VMAs last year. This video is just an artistic confirmation of that. Which, is fascinating when you think about the dichotomy between Kanye and Taylor's roles in that, b/c that was Taylor's symbolic sacrifice/induction too, just from a different perspective.

    Very interesting read…there were some things that you didn't cover (the winged woman sitting guard, the other women in the video) but you pointed out other things that I didn't know….i.e., the killing of the king symbolism, which I would not have thought of or tied back to the VMA incident had you not mentioned it. I suspect the women, while they have their own symbolic meanings, also serve as a distraction from the overall message of the video, which is about Kanye's sacrificial induction. (Also, in its own way, symbolic in how it is easy to distract the masses from the biggest message by distracting them with 'lesser' ones)

  18. The Illuminated on

    Please read all my comments and re-explanation of comments before you go calling me an agent of disinfo. I am not saying "Believe what I tell you!" I am merely offering a different view of things. Thanks

    • Ascended Master Of T on

      Your definitely VC. That was quite a move you did there. Trying to scope out who actually puts in research on the statements you make rather than just blindly read and believe which your against. Nice move there my friend nice move.

      • The Illuminated on

        No, no friend. I can assure you I am not VC. Yet, I try to do what you said about fighting blind faith.

  19. Great great great ARTICLE thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but we all know that some people are going to look at this and still not believe SMH it saddens me when the TRUTH is in peoples face and they just deny IT LIKE ITS NOTHING. TO MUCH MIND CONDITION do by THE ESTABLISHMENT UUUUGGGGGGHHHHHH. but im still optimistic that people will come to their senses in due time.

  20. I've been reading this site for a year now. What is amazing is back in high school I used to see AC/DC and ozzy osborne cover art and t-shirts that depicted satanic imagery. My point is this is not new yet the emphasis is being put on pop/hip hop today. Most of this sites readers over 30yrs old have been already indoctinated and you don't even know it. Our kids have been exposed from the womb. Google or you tube catholic sun worship and look at how st peters basilica @ the vatican is a huge sun dial and has an obelisk rite in the middle. My point again… vigilant should go back to the source of things and focus more on not just videos but how our everyday lives almost everything invovling it, have been exposed to this occult and luciferian stuff. Or is it that he does'nt want his readers to know juuuuuussssttt how deep this rabbit hole goes. Who is Serapis? Decode the council of nicea and tell people where modern christianity came from. Talk about how many were murdered in the name of it, or the origin of symbols common folk/laymen worship everyday. We can not stop this machine, especially if we are the cogs and gears that give it the momentum and function. Other than that… keep up the work. And travel lightly.

      • exactly what i was thinking..

        what do you mean by travel lightly??

        thats a masonic term used between "brethen"..

    • DetroitDraper on

      My thoughts exactly. It almost believe in some of the occult readings I've read Christianity isnt the true religion. And if you notice every other religion is greatly demonized. Just as stated earlier Egyptian worship doesnt equal stanic worship nor does being Islamic.

    • GAbrielle the Angel on

      Please dont’ confuse Catholicism with Christianity, Catholics worship saints and Mary, which the bible tells un NEVER to. Holidays like easter and christmas are pagan. yes, many chrisitans celebrate them through ignorance and not searching out scriptures. The bible talks of these pagan holidays, but people would rather worship tradition than the Living God, and yes many christians were matryed by other Christians who were really servants of the evil one. Not everyone who claims they know God, do. Even the Bible says, Lucifer appears as an angel of light. The bible speaks of those who claim they know Him, crucifying the real believers.

  21. Hey VC, Great article! I was frightened through watching the entire thing! I wonder if anyone else noticed the woman from above throwing a veil?? :O

    • On veils:

      Veils are symbolic of the Great Goddess. Greek pottery; Roman murals and Minoan sites depict the goddess nude with a veil lofted above her forming a crescent moon shape. As the goddess Europa she is shown with the veil while riding a bull. This imagery has been taken up by many artists since those ancient times and you will see the same veil in works by Botticelli and the symbolist Gustave Moreau. see here: http://www.big.com.au/fallen/europa.html
      In Victorian England, the word "veil" was used to denote the "veil of secrecy" drawn around secret societies like the Golden Dawn, and was used in the title of Madame Blavarsky's Isis Unveiled

      In Lucius Apuleius's second century work Metamorphoses translated from the latin original these words appear: "…and when she was come there, and had trodden with her rosy feet on the top of the trembling waters, then the deep sea became exceeding calm on its whole surface, and at her will, ….appeared her servitors from the deep…..the daughters of Nereus singing melodiously; Portunus with his bristled and rough beard of azure; Salacia with her bosom full of fish; Palaemon the little driver of the dolphin; and the bands of Triton trumpeters leaping hither and thither, the one blowing on his shell with heavenly noise, another turning aside with a silken veil the burning heat of the fierce sun, another holding her mirror before his lady's eyes……Such was the company which followed Venus marching towards the middest Ocean "

  22. Listen to Kanye's interview on Hot 97.1 in NYC. He kept talking about becoming a new man. This is terrible, he will end in destuction. Soon.

  23. The fact is… VC may be illuminated. What most don’t know is many are illuminated, and don’t even know it. We think bcus we are not in a secret society that we are on the the outside looking in, wrong!! Mass rituals are taking place and have taken place. We act out these rituals simply by spending money and so on. Our money and the concept/intent behind it (credit) are ritualized. Our paper currency has spells cast on it, and as we hoarde, spend, pray for it, and use it adds power to the spell. I can go on and on… but this site only scrapes the surface of things truly unknown.

    • Excellent point. This is where I believe we will really open our eyes when we start to realize how deep we are in all of their agenda. The music industry is minor compared to everything else they are doing. The part the majority of people will more than likely not understand is how black magic is tied into all of this especially in America. In Eastern cultures black magic is used far more commonly for anything and everything. But it should be kept in mind that what is done with black magic will come back upon those who use it threefold.

      I am not sure if it is because America is such a young country or what, but the oldest cultures know of black magic (those who work w/negative energy/Satan) as well as white magic (those who work w/positive energy/God) like it is a part of daily life. If someone mentions even the word magic in America they laugh and think of Harry Potter.

      If you really want to get a good understanding of how One World Order is getting around, research black magic and I'm not saying just Google it. Really research it.

      • I'm not so sure we have to research black magic to gain an understanding of how one world order is spreading. I think researching too much black magic, occult research etc. is giving the Devil too much attention. We need to research our Bibles and see how God wants us to live. The people of the Old Testament didn't have to research anything. It was clear and simple. Stay away from those who worked evil and don't mix with them. There's nothing we can do about using money. We have to eat and we have to be clothed. We have to send our children to school unless we are going to home school them. We have to be successful in life. If we allow only wicked people to hold prominent positions then the Word of God will be stunted and the things of God will suffer more. The men of the Old Testament did not suffer lack. Even Joseph was imprisoned and then placed in a prominent position within the prison and then lifted up even more, second in command over all Egypt. All we have to do is serve God.

        This thing is so deep it would take a lifetime of researching to recognize all the ways we have been involuntarily indoctrinated into this evil system. Now that our eyes have been opened all we can do is read our Bibles and pray to the only one who can help us. We are in the world, but we are not of the world. We use world systems (banking for example), but we don't have to put our faith in money or in economic systems.

  24. So what does that say about this artist or video director? Is he in this occult u think and and will more music artist use this type of video as a tool to send messages?

  25. great job exposing this evil illumanti satanic puppet

    kayne west is going burn in hell for sacrificing his own mother in a blood sacrifice to the illumanti and lucifer to reach the highest level of money and fame

    God damn jay-z and kayne west to the eternal lake of fire and damnation

    Jesus is Lord

    • where is hell??? under the earth????? where is heaven???? in the sky???? who is this white man jesus in the bible who i have being hearing about since i was young and who is the devil????? a evil man with a horn and fark???? and how the hell those ppl know how jesus,mary,and the devil look like?????? i beleive the half have not being told.

      Why ppl do evil and if god is real why does he makes his ppl suffers????

  26. @ nature boy i concur to dat bra, nothin else to say but we hav to be on d alert so these devils n demons dnt take us by surprise. gotta stay strapped n spread d word…u nah mean?

    • Ascended Master Of T on

      No, do not tell Vigilant to "do" another video. He has given you enough of an outline to begin your research to recognize symbolism. The only ones who request Vigilant to disassemble these videos are not doing the research themselves. I don't see the point in learning all this information if you will not use it yourself. This is not a form of entertainment here. This is for us as people to awaken and open our Third Eye's. As far as I'm concerned Vigilant is the only one that isn't very suspicious and may not have been corrupted "yet". So please understand the point I am trying to make.

      • It's fishy... on

        Yeah, a good teacher aims for the point where he isn't needed any longer.

        A good "student" (well you know what I mean) should also be aware of that.

      • Hear, hear. I agree with Ascended Master. Learn to discern. Start thinking for yourself, don't they teach that in school anymore. This is not a test, it is thereal deal now! Your life and soul depned on being able to use your mind properly…Our politicians and the people who control everything we do are deep in this new world order/one world religion agenda. Who you gonna call? Start thinking and educating yourself. God Save Our Souls.

      • Ascended Master Of T on

        That's idiotic. I am merely using the third eye metaphorically for the understanding we will achieve that was hidden from us, by "Opening the third eye". The Christians "you speak of" seem to fail to realize the difference between literal and "figurative" speech.

      • All of you people just really made my day! I have reading VC for a while now and I know that the things he is revealing are indeed fact. A previous poster said that she stumbled upon this site because she already knew that things were corrupt.. I believe that is true.. In the bible it does say that God gives everyone the natural longing for him.. I believe thats in Romans28 but dont quote me on the chapter.. Someone else said that the music industry is only part of it and they are more right than they know.. This is the only part we seem to pay attention to. Politics is the main usage.. in my opinion that is.. NWO is right in front of our eyes and people are becoming more aware despite what we may believe.. I just say that we need to get on our knees and pray because Jesus is about to bust the sky open..

  27. this is just really scary stuff. Im a muslim guys, and no i dont mean the terrorist kind or anything, those kinds aren't even real muslims. I just wanted to say that there are true believers in God in every religion, Christiany, Islam, Judism, etc. Our common enemy is satan, and we cant let him accomplish his goals. Im sure the music industry is just one small part of this huge illuminati puzzle, there are signs and rituals being done everwhere we look, IN PUBLIC even. and like, im also sure theyre preparring the world and tainting it enough for the arrival of the anti christ and the devil's worst wishes. Just, idk guys, please spread the news… we seriously need to take heed to almost everything these days… its just so damn scary and it feels like the world's worst days are right around the corner. kanye is a puppet man, and he can get in everyone's heads just like the devil's other puppets- EXCEPT BELIEVERS!!! like maybe you can relate to that movie ghost rider, where the dude sold his soul to the devil to get powers and strength and everything… thats really happening!! please jsut stay strong and alert people, i have a baaaaaaaaaaaaaad feeling about 2012 being the peak of all this stuff…..

  28. The answer to all the whys is found in one place: The Bible. Before you right me off just open the book of Revelation. Once looked at you'll see how everything you read on this site and elsewhere ties directly into the prophecy written in Revelation. This is all part of Lucifers master plan to become the object of worship and control in the world. It is happening quicker than expected; we are in for quite the ride.

    Believers in Jesus Christ will be spared but all else will have to endure the wickedness to come. You think the articles on here scare you? Wait till you live in it.

    I pray that you all open Revelation and see the truth and believe it. There is only one escape it is through Jesus Christ via His blood shed on the cross.

    Come Lord Jesus.

    • You think it's coming? The chastisement has started long ago!.

      The pages of the Book of Revelations are moving very fast, and the Beast is close to killing viciously the Whore of Babylon. Just a few words, US, UK & Israel be ready because the red Islam is angry and set to destroy you.

      • For your information, Babylon The Great is the world empire of false religion.

        She has committed fornication with the kings of the earth – so she is not political.

        When the wild beast with the ten horns that she is riding turns around to completely destroy her, the travelling merchants of the earth mourn her passing – so she is not greedy commerce.

        She is a religious organisation, as she has a kingdom over all the kings of the earth and by means of her "spiritistic practices", all the nations have fallen victim.

        Also, she is drunk with the blood of the holy ones and of all those who have been slaughtered on the earth.

        She is blood-guilty and responsible for most of the wars in history, and has grossly misrepresented the Creator.

        She has persecuted anyone who has tried to publish the truth about God – that he is not a trinity, that he does not torment people in hellfire, that the true provision of salvation for mankind is Jesus' ransom sacrifice leading to a resurrection back to life from the deas and not to immortality without death, that God has a personal name (Jehovah – which means He Causes To Become, or I Will Be What I Will Be), that the only hope for mankind is through His Kingdom Government headed by Jesus Christ (which the "illuminati" are trying to counterfeit in their third reich new world order-style reign of tyrrany), and that God's purpose for mankind is to live forever in paradise conditions on earth, hence why he put us here in the first place.

        Babylon the Great will be destroyed by the political rulers, according to Revelation 18. They will think they are united in "their one thought" but little will they realise that "God put it into their heart to carry out his thought" – i.e. they will destroy religion because it is an obstable to world domination, but they will in fact be carrying out their role as God's executioner, due to the shameless example that religion has set for the planet. Then, when they turn their attention to the people who do truly want to serve the creator, then he "will have to speak in the ardour of [his] fury". And it will be their turn to go down, along with the financiers and all those who support this satanic rule over our planet.

        The warning to us is, "Get out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins or receive part of her plagues. For her sins have massed clear up to heaven, and God has called her acts of injustice to mind."

        The last days of Satan's domonion over the earth is nearly up. Let us, therefore, keep our integrity to God and survive God's War on Wickedness at Armageddon, when he removes the last vestiges of evil. We can then survive to enjoy the paradise that awaits mankind, forever.

      • Y r u aming things at the U.S. they aren't the only countries that aren't leading a straight and narrow path check yourself and your comments before you post them b/c they are offensive

      • I know that protestants are incredibly anglo and germano-centric but, your comment was very very uninformed and beyond naive.

        Sunday, Sontag, Nichiyoubi, Sondag, etc. Are germanic languages and japanese language.

        Are you aware that what you are saying is based only on the fact that you speak english.

        If you were french, you would say Dimanche, and there would be no way you could ever make such connection.

      • @PACO Thank you!!! I'm tired of people saying that, thinking "ha gotcha!!!" Yea…not so much

    • Freemasonry was born by the mix of Kabbalah and Talmud judaism with a mix of Egyptian and Babylonian mythology, and it was the fruit of the work of Babylonian Talmud jews who wanted to conquer the world.

      Europe on the other hand was born after the arrival of the barbarians of the north to the Roman Empire.

      • Interesting, I said that because the Byzantine empire, which I think was created around the time of the Orthodox church, used symbolism and designs in their artwork that seem very masonic, see some examples on Wikipedia:

        Also, Kanye's head on that stone also reminded me of Excalibur.

      • You clearly don't know much about ancient Greece and Turkey do you?

        Just a tip, Constantinople, nowadays Istanbul, has been inhabited by various civilizations.

        And freemasonry comes from the temple of Solomon, you should at least know that.

        Read history, I beg you, you are just a blind leading the blind.

  29. @ Saved Son: If you read Revelation carefully, you will realise that there is more to the scriptures contained in there than meets the eye and also which requires an in-depth analysis of the hidden meaning pointing to the real Revelation and not just the words as it is in the text. While religious dogma has been around for eons, one can trustfully confirm that we are already in a new energy and already living the truth that Jesus and all Ascended Masters were talking about then already (although, it has taken eons for humanity to finally wake up from the dream of illusion)

    In the interest of VC's work, I can find no reason to bring religious dogma to the table within the context of his work and one shouldn't go bashing "non-christians" on a website like this since we are all trying to find our OWN truth and implore you to do the same – live and let live!

    I find VC's work outstanding and he does a great job for the benefit of us all – thanks VC!

    • You lost me when you said I need to look beyond the text. This is not the first time I have an encountered an opinion of this sort. I don't want to turn this into an argument; this is simply what the scripture has to say about that:

      Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation. For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.

      -2 Peter 1:20-21

      Secondly, when I see "Ascended Masters" and "OWN Truth" all of my New Age bells go off. Sir have you read all of Vigilants articles? Please refer to his articles such as the Kazakhstan Capitol Building and the Denver Airport. You'll see New Ageism and the combining of religion there. Especially in Kazakhstan in the Pyramid's Cap; it is the Elites agenda to combine all religions to make one new religion; they want to lump all the Ascended Masters as you call them into one but really you will be worshipping The Beast; Vigilant is actually exposing his works on this site.

      I'm not bashing anyone because that would imply that I'm like a football team which is just like any other football team. All I am doing actually is showing the path like Vigilant does. Every article he writes ties back to scripture and not just Revelation even the letters of Peter and Paul concerning the End Times. Jesus said the Search The Scriptures and everyone should heed his command because if you REALLY thirst for Truth you won't stop at this site or ones like it.

      • Not trying to start an argument either but… ponder this- the bible we read today was agreed upon by a roman counsil 1700 yrs ago. It is a script- a play that already has an ending. Why is it (look for yourself) that at the begginning of each gospel it is according to matthew, paul, john and so on? Just ask yourself this. The book is being played out as we live. Those who have facilitated the bible now there is no prophecy. You just don't know it. The origin of all modern religion stems from one source. Think outside the box and just ponder that.

      • I don't get your point.

        First of all the evil guys cut the Bible and divided the Church into pieces and so came to be the Protestant rebellion and the political division of Orthodox and Roman Catholic Church.

        Then the same evil group claimed that the Bible itself is evil, later on the same evil guys perverted Judaism and made them drop the Old Testament and invent their own set of rules also known as Talmud, which is the most satanic book ever, and then they created both the Freemasons and the Illuminati, which are just two of plenty organizations they have manufactured single handed.

        Then after centuries of the exact same evil group providing arms to the Bolcheviques, supporting the Nazis, backing the Maoists, cheering the Cubans, financing the US and the UK, etc.

        And now you are saying that the evil ones are Christians? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaase.

        All evil can be directly traced to Babylon and Egypt, which by the way remains the common reference for evil still nowadays, followed by paganism.

      • And no, by Babylon and Egypt I do not mean current day Iran and Egypt… I mean those societies perverted with the ancient teachings of Babylon and Egypt such as the US, UK, those financed by the Illuminati, etc.

      • I was also pretty surprised to see people trying to equate Jesus with the other "Ascended Masters". And how about the declaration that the Bible, having been decided upon by Roman rulers, was planned out and therefore there is no prophecy? How bright must those guys be to predict 2000 years and counting!

      • U suck big time. Typical religious brainwash. If u still fail to understand that Xmas is a pagan celebration, thats clear. All organized religions have been and done more worse than than the Egyptian and Babylon ones. Blind idiot!

    • Careful you are not decieved by your "masters." Sounds to me like you could be a believer in the Maitreya. I wouldn't trust his organization either because they are in bed with the UN and the UN is a war-mongering body- not a forum for peace as we are told.

  30. Also, take a look at the back of Kanye there'a triangle light that forms straight ahead to the Horus Necklace. Which is the The All-Seeing Eye Symbol.

  31. it's a shame he can't rap, if only the illuminati could instill these freaks with a bit of talent then we'd be ok, he, and nearly every other "musicia/artist" mentioned on this site are piss poor at what they do, and besides, the devil likes metal : p ……..m/

  32. Is Real Light? on

    To me it doesn't sound like Saved Son is bashing anyone. He's just stating his opinion, as strong as it is, it's still HIS opinion. No one should feel offended by that, unless they're feeling some sort of inner guilt. Keep spreading the GOOD news Saved Son.

  33. very interesting reading…there's nothing we can do everything in this world has some satanic influence to it. We just need to be vigilent and pray to God for protection against this evil spirits. Satan knows his time is very limited and he wants to lure as many people as possible to him hence using the entertainment industry.

  34. I guess 'haters' in most of these demonic songs now refer to CHRISTIANS. you may hate us but we love the person not that demon in them. GOD PROTECT US. AMEN.

  35. I've read a few of these reviews, and I have one question for the author and proponents:

    Do you really need to be part of an underground New World Order type group to use images that have been a part of human history since the time of Egyptian mythology?

    • This is true tht not all of those who use this imagery are satanic/part of NWO. Very few are even aware of what is happening. There are only a few who actually believe in the imagery that they use. The media manipulates this and calls this "LATEST TRENDS". So beware from that.

  36. Hello. I m from Iran You know where is iran?bet ya you dont.

    but im one of your fans truely love your job . go ahead.

  37. LoL at the 'The illuminated' character.. Getting your knickers in a twist over a point you can't even make properly.. You're def 'illuminated' aint ya geez..

    SERIOUSLY RECOMMENDED BOOK– 'Brave New World Revisited', By Aldous Huxley..

    You can get it off Amazon real cheap.. Read the reviews! It's short, sharp and to the point on the fooked up world we live in..

    GOD BLESS AMERICA.. (and nowhere else).. ..

    P.S-(I'm British)

    • The Illuminated on

      Well, I didn't "knickers in a twist over a point you can’t even make properly." I did make a point and it was this, beware of those who claim to have found truth, for they may be agents of disinfo. I wasn't angry at anyone, I was attempting to have a Philosophical conversation about the subject of anyone "could" be an agent of disinfo, so be careful about what you choose to believe, but to no avail because most people here are too fanatical to have a conversation of that sort (not saying that's a bad thing, just be open minded), sPektrall and NotAfraid are the only two people who had a grasp as to what I meant.

      • Oh i totally understand and agree with what you're saying.. It's stupendously important to never allow yourself to blindly believe any kind of information as the absolute truth.. Instead, to research around it and make up your own mind *a hallmark of a 'free mind' in my eyes*.. I've always applied that ethos to all parts of my life..

        I was having a dig (just a little one like) at how many times it took you to express that thought, is all..

        I've got respect for anyone who reads these articles and makes changes in their lives or takes something away from them.. We are but one people, so i apologise if i offended you.. Peace and Love and all that..

        **Check out a rapper called LOWKEY on YouTube- tune called 'Obamanation'** it's SPOT-ON

      • The Illuminated on

        I find it hard to explain things in a format such as this. If we were speaking in person I would have made my point more so than this. It is good to see we are on the same page now, and you didn't offend me at all. Peace be with you as well.

      • The Illuminated on

        Well, I was going to go with The Enlightened or The Illuminated. I choose the title because I am on my way and I very much want to become mentally Enlightened. Just like all the Enlightenment Era thinkers who are my heroes.

      • WHY? WHY have you inspired "The Illuminated" to come back and fill others' sensible comments with his/her utter tosh?

        PS I have realised that there are two Veitys here… next time I'll use my real name, LoL

      • WHY? WHY have you inspired "The Illuminated" to come back and fill others' sensible comments with his/her utter tosh?

        PS I have realised that there are two Veritys here… next time I'll use my real name, LoL

  38. I fear for the year 2012 also. It probably won't be the end of the world, but possibly the manifestation of the anti-christ or something evil. Nevertheless, great analysis Vigilant, I must say. But I still don't get this path to illumination thing – I mean haven't these celebrities read the bible? Look what happened to last time people looked for illumination by fornicating with supernatural beings, they all died in a flood!

    Why would they want to mess around the anti-christ? The only illumination they'll get is burning forever in the inferno of hell. Hello people? Heaven and hell are very real. Forever young? More like Forever roast.

    I can't believe people can be so dumb.

    • It's fishy... on

      I've once seen a documentary about monkeys.

      They've put a banana somewhere close to a lil' buzzer (like a weak electro-shocker) and the monkey just couldn't fucking leave the banana there, even after getting hit 3-4 times.

      I think the mechanics here are very similar.

    • Please refrain from slandering God.

      It is unthinkable that a loving father would torture his creation in a hell-like place.

      The wages sin pays is death, but the gift God gives is everlasting life.

      The soul that is sinning, it itself will die.

      Dust you are and to dust you will return.

      God breathed into the man's nostrills and he came to BE a living soul – not HAVE one.


      • that's just wishful conjecture. every holy book revealed from god such as the torah, gospel, quran etc explicitly says some people will be tortured in hell for eternity. that's part of why this life is so very important. most people, admittedly myself included, have difficulty grasping the concept but it's true. islam says on the day of judgment the people going to hell will say 'would that i had been turned into dust!' eternity is a long time yet so many people are godless today. you can hardly tell that we still live in a biblical, in a quranic world.

  39. Why do people act shocked because Kanye released "Jesus Walks"? Do your research on "Jesus" and you'll see the same deceit/manipulation/etc… in that STORY as you do all these videos. "Jesus" is the pinnacle of all pagan savior myths (which all induce the psychological feelings of inadequacy, worthlessness, helplessness, etc…)

    @Vigilant… another great article.

    • DetroitDraper on

      They need to truely open their third eye and stop believing in a religion just because that was how they were raised. Do some research and independent thinking and your viewpoint may change. Try and analyze from both points of view and instead of one single-minded narrowed view you'll see the complete picture

      • I do not believe in Jesus because "that's how I was raised" I've seen enough and experienced enough to know the truth and that's all you need to know. We don't have to explain ourselves to you, as you are already condemning us as "single-minded" hmm, you are the one judging a whole group of people, that sounds a bit narrow minded to me, but of course you'll deiagree with that, and that's expected.

        Perhaps you should do your own research, there is enough proof to prove that God is real and that Jesus lived and walked the earth, so sorry if you are too blind to see…..have you ever read the bible? Honestly read it from beginning to end? Just from an informational standpoint? Doubtful. I suggest you not judge people based on what you have "read" or heard when you do not understand what it means to have complete faith.

        This is not a site for you to bash people's belief's to try and make yourself feel more confortable in your own (however misguided) decisions. We are all here to learn, So stop bashing religion and let's just all agree that something BIG is happening right before our eyes.

        Thank you and God bless :3

    • Or all pagan savior myths are counterfeits of the real Jesus truth, designed to distract people from the way, the truth and the life..

  40. Thank you so much VC ! I already suspected those symbolizim , thanks to the occult you've presented to us in your former articles . It's been so much easier to decode their games and symbolz now that we know how they are playing . And you have a big part in it . Thank you and please keep up with enlighting people and spreading the truth !

  41. for the best info that goes to the deeper side of the explanations of reality, go to cognitivetransformation.com. Read the material and you will know.

  42. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't even know this video existed. I have almost completely detached from society in the sense of what's popular to do and possess… but I find that any time I get a tid-bit from pop culture, I am utterly amazed at the implications of the material. I was ALMOST sucked into this mindless way of life but fortunately saw some truth at a young age- still, I understand how one could be so blind… When they shine the light right into your eyes, you can't see what is being illuminated!

    Thanks to you, my favourite thing to say to people is STAY VIGILANT!

    Much love!

  43. Hey, I just wanted to say that you are truly a great information source. You always legiimate sources for your claims, and factual information. It's so hard for people to believe that religion, what some believe to be mythical, is actually the backbone to a dark agenda. However, you were right to say "Just because you don't believe in something, doesn't make it unreal, which is why you must look at symbols." I'm an english/philosophy major at UAB, and I must say that you really inspire me, and I occasionally blog your works to students here at UAB, so thanks for taking the time to open minds =)

    • I need to correct myself: Religion is not the backbone to a dark agenda, but religion is power in this world, and some aspects of it (ie Church of Satan, mystery schools) are very dark, and are being slowly integrated into our everyday lives

  44. Something that gets my attention in that video is the woman seated in front of West that sprouts wings. Having just read Ezekiel chapters 1 and 2 yesterday, I immedietly recognized that she is probably a Cherubim because she has 4 wings. The Cherubim were guardians of the Garden of Eden after Adam's expulsion from there guarding the Tree of Life that is the tree of immortality. Cherubs also serve two other roles, one as attendents of God and the other as bearers of His throne. This woman cherub actually could be serving all three purposes here in this video. The pillars lead the way to wisdom and illumination and her wings spread to block the entrance to the 'trees that bring wisdom and immortality'. West casting himself in the role of an illuminated king has the cherub at his feet. She is serving him. Also being at his feet and seated she could probably be said to carry a throne although I admit that this last interpretation is a stretch. Her primary role here appears to be as a guardian of the gateway to the enlightned.

  45. Killumaniti _001 on

    When I saw this video I really could not believe my eyes. They got their secret societies to make sure that people do not know what is going on in their world. But this video says it all. Its so blatant and obvious. Great analysis VC, I was waiting for this

    • It's fishy... on

      Hm… If I'm absolutely positive on thing, then it is:

      Kanye dumb as shit. So… I'd like to disagree here.

      • Have you noticed all the "artists" that perpetrate blasphemous ideas and speech (such as equating themselves with or cursing God, or identifying too much with evil) in their media of choice, very often meet a "too soon demise"? Heath Ledger, Stanley Kubrick, John Lennon, lots of metallica musicians, etc. etc, you can think of more examples. Kanye may be pushing that envelope a little too far. There is a line that one should not cross over as far as idolotrous self-promotion…. I call it "flying too close to the sun" , like the greek myth of Icarus. I am keeping my eyes and ears open to see what happens next…

    • you took the workds rite out of my mouth….I was tinkin that kanye tryna say that No one can have all that power meaning that God who is all powerful can't have all the power. All these artiste wanna be God.

      Evey man has to give an account on judgement day. No escaping it and then they wud really see who has all the power..

      God bless

  46. hey VC,

    i found a really, REALLY informative series on rap music on youtube if you'd like to watch it to know more…its pretty long but i watched it over two days. it starts with episode one, obviously hehe. i promise i didnt make them!! :) i just feel like i have to post the link: http://www.youtube.com/revelation12eleven

  47. I would just like to know… why would any of these dancers, men and women, condone these videos. I was going to ask, 'Do they even realize the significance of what they're participating in?' But I think after a while, they'd have to know… how could they not. I really believe the majority know and are apart of it, sadly.

    I don't even care, to be honest…. I have been so focused on my relationship with Jesus Christ and hiding His law in my heart and mind, so that He can write them there – permanently. What's more important than any of these articles, is preparing yourself and your loved ones for any type of major disaster. And your safest bet is to move out the cities and into the country. Visit this website and you can watch Urban Danger's documentary on this very thing. Watch the full movie, completely FREE here:


    May God Bless – He's Coming [and things are going to get much worse]

    • voiceofprophecy on

      Thanks, Maranatha for the website.Jesus has been impressing me to do this for awhile get out the city.I pray i can.Keep putting the truth out there.

      • You're so welcome. I am happy that the film was a blessing to you. If God has been impressing your heart to move, then He will make a way – just trust in Him. Cooperate with Him, do what you can and I believe God will take care of the rest.

    • you are scaring me. sheikh imran hosein, an islamic scholar who has written much about the anti-christ, says the exact same thing. he says people should move to isolated, rural areas and establish self-sufficiency because there will be a lot of economic turmoil ahead. it will be difficult to survive as a believer once the anti-christ comes and we are running out of time. I'm scared that I won't be able to prepare in time. I'm only a student and have no income to purchase a house in the city or establish gardens. when religious christians and religious muslims say the same thing independently of each other, and they are both watchful and see with their spiritual insight, you can be sure it is true.

      • Same here [yurew], I'm a student as well and haven't the money to buy property or a home. But, watch the video… it will give you much hope. In the film, there is a family of five, I believe, who didn't have any money either and the Lord blessed them. Also toward the end, there was a single young man, same story, and God blessed him with a place. So, I am putting my trust in God. I know that it is His will that I move out of the city and I know that whatsoever I ask, if it's according to His will… He will bless. Because, it will be extremely difficult to keep a pure heart and pure mind living in the city. And, I want a closer walk with my God.

  48. And remember folks, Kanye did admit he sold his soul . . . for all this and a Happy meal! McDonald's is more dangerous than I thought!!

    Another good job VC! Keep up the good work!

  49. THe reason I say that about this video, is because the Eye of Horus is a symbol of protection and power, so he is being protected by the divine and the two females are protecting him into the afterlife. So isn't he just being protected…by who? who is protecting him. To me it seems to be the Gods, so are all those Gods you listed evil? I see how other posts you have listed are but I don't see why this video represents Haties or anything evil on that side. It seems like Kanya is now jsut being protected and in power

  50. Oh man…once again, another great article.

    Also, for the many people who keep on saying 'do another article!', you guys really need to do your own research. He's provided links to FREE books online and even provided a suggestion list of other ways to look up this information yourselves. THINK FOR YOURSELVES!

    Anyways, thanks for posting this, VC!

  51. That photo of Kanye's "glow-in-the-dark eyes" is pretty scary, but I do remember a photo like that one of Janet Jackson, Oprah & George Clooney. Their "real" souls are beginning to show through . . . to the public. Oprah has lost followers because they realize these celebs, like her do not believe in God & they've sold their souls to the Dark Side. Even Oprah's own father said in an interview that Oprah no longer believes in Jesus Christ or Christmas. She's been pretending since the 70s.

    There are tons of celebs whom we should not follow or listen to. Even people they nurture & bring on board or things they do on their own Nate Berkus, Rachael Ray, Dr. Phil, Dr. Gary Zukoff, The Secret, The Law of Attraction, Martha Stewart etc, we should be very careful of.

    Now that I'm aware of the blatant ones, I'm looking for the "sleepers" because they are just as dangerous as their leaders. The leaders have been gutted for their parts & now, I'm hoping someone or something will shine a light on those "sleepers" so their heads can be identified & "cut off" like the heads of the serpent.

      • The Bible is just a collection of a very tiny part of the entire Christian Legacy left to the Real Church by the Apostles and Jesus Christ our Lord Himself. If the Bible was to be THE ONLY source of Christian teachings then it would be an Encyclopedias Collection with various volumes and sub volumes.

        Traditions transmitted generation after generation both orally, written and on imagery are so vast and so rich that knowing at least half of them would take you years of studying and analysis.

        Coming to your question, Christmas per se is not written on the Bible as a Holiday to be celebrated, yet, as the Church itself grew in numbers and in importance within societies it came to be that the joy and true salvation brought to us by our Lord Jesus Christ IS and WILL BE forever so important that celebrating his Birth is a very important occasion.

        Is Christmas a pagan tradition? NO. Has it ever been? Not at all.

        There are however attacks by infidels and secular leftists with the argument that December 25 was an important date for other cultures, yet, as one goes through History books and information one discovers that the Calendar we use nowadays, better known as Julian Calendar, has itself been formatted various times, has faced plenty adaptations, and that December 25 was chosen to be a more symbolic date, which if traced back in time is VERY close to the actual Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

        As a result of that adaptation, various months, days and years were taken off the Calendar to make it fit, otherwise we would be perhaps not in August of 2010, but in December of 2001, so to say. I'm not being exact on the true date, but years were taken away and months changed trying to be more accurate.

        So yes, Christmas is a TRUE Christian Celebration born in the ancient Catholic Church long before the Protestant Rebellion and the Political division between East and West of Europe.

        Hope my answer helped.

      • DiZiLLuZioned on

        In ancient Babylon, the feast of the Son of Isis (Goddess of Nature) was celebrated on December 25. Partying, gluttonous eating and drinking, and gift-giving were traditions of this feast. In Rome, the Winter Solstice was celebrated many years before the birth of Christ. The Romans called their winter holiday Saturnalia, honoring Saturn, the God of Agriculture. In January, they observed the Kalends of January, which represented the triumph of life over death. This whole season was called Dies Natalis Invicti Solis, the Birthday of the Unconquered Sun. In northern Europe, many other traditions that we now consider part of Christian worship were begun long before the participants had ever heard of Christ. The pagans of northern Europe celebrated the their own winter solstice, known as Yule. Yule was symbolic of the pagan Sun God, Mithras, being born, and was observed on the shortest day of the year. As the Sun God grew and matured, the days became longer and warmer. It was customary to light a candle to encourage Mithras, and the sun, to reappear next year. Huge Yule logs were burned in honor of the sun. The word Yule itself means “wheel,” the wheel being a pagan symbol for the sun. Mistletoe was considered a sacred plant, and the custom of kissing under the mistletoe began as a fertility ritual. Hollyberries were thought to be a food of the gods. The present day Christmas tree also goes back to the worship of sacred trees in the ancient Babylonian system. The green evergreen symbolized the incarnate Baal coming to life through the incarnate baby Tammuz. The custom of decorating and worshipping trees spread throughout the known world, with the variety of tree used selected according to the natural growth of each area of the world. The Druids worshipped the oak tree, the Egyptians worshipped the palm tree, while in Rome it was the fir tree.

        There are at least ten references in the Bible warning that these green trees were associated with idolatry and pagan worship. Jeremiah 10:1-4 details the Israelites following the very pagan customs practiced today.

        "Hear ye the word which the LORD speaketh unto you, O House of Israel: Thus saith the LORD, learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven; for the heathen are dismayed at them. For the customs of the people are vain; for one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe. They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not." (Jeremiah 10:1-4)


      • you're quote is great for what i just stated about propaganda. The heathen people were actually the natives of the land that the Levites, or the Sons of Abraham were trying to conquer. Because the culture was so widespread, all attempts of genocide did not eradicate the Goddess culture very quickly. I wish people would consider that those heathens were actually a peaceful community and long ancient culture by the time these words were written. These words are specifically written to encourage the eradication of that culture, which brought human kind a great many wonderful things, simply so they royalty could be accounted for in the way the conquerers desired. These laws are not important to anyone unless you have genocide on your agenda.

      • The suppression of the goddess religion by Judaism was made explicit in the second of the Ten Commandments. The original Hebrew version read (in translation): "Thou shalt have no other gods before Me. Thou shalt not make unto thee a graven image, nor any manner of likeness, of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth; Thou shalt not bow down unto them, nor serve them; for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God….", the thing that is in the heaven above is the goddess as represented by the moon and stars; the thing that is in the water being the goddess as Venus, the sea-goddess; and the thing in the earth beneath is Persephone, queen of the underworld.

      • @Not afraid: Dilluzzioned was lying, any of that information can be proved. Those are just his ideas and believe me, not based on any facts. You should beware, plenty false prophets are popping out like there's no tomorrow!

      • DeeperthanAtlantis on

        @paco. Please read, if you dare, Mark 7:8-13, Matthew 15:3, 1 Cor 3:18-19. There are plenty more scriptures to show you that the "traditions of men" are against the Most High. You are, again, speaking out of emotions instead of facts. YAH BLESS!!!

      • Hahahaha, why do you love so much to get Bible references out of context?

        The emperor Constantine did not make ANY changes to the Church you fool. Can you at least prove ANY point you mentioned?

        Also, a very easy one, prove with scriptures that the Bible is the ONLY reference for teachings coming from our Lord Jesus Christ.

        Oh and one historical tip, by the time the New Testament was written, approximately on the year 300 B.C. there was no such thing as the Bible. There even wasn't a set of books chosen to be taught. Even more so, you should know the real reason why Calvin and Luther rejected books from the old Testament, you should know that the real reason was because the Jews didn't want them because those were the ones speaking more about the coming of the Messiah.

        But you know what, if you don't want to read, and learn TRUE facts, not just crazy people's babbling then it's you who follows the blind.

        Faith alone won't save you, and faith comes from both heart and reason.

        And just one thing for the record, search for the logo of the european union, one would think that because you are aware of VC you would know that already.

        And more information just to help you out:

        – Who preaches the evil, the dirt, the filth, the nasty and the rotten in the world? Hollywood.

        – What city is the biggest consumer in the world and the economic capital of the world? New York.

        – What nation is the biggest drug consumer, pornography consumer, evil things legalizer, home of the church of satan and many other satanic churches? USA.

        That should give you a clearer view of the TRUTH based on FACTS.

      • DeeperthanAtlantis on

        @PACO. You are right about the BIBLE not being around because the Israelites wrote everything on scrolls. The BIBLE we have today was put together for our time for this generation to have a chance to know the "GOOD NEWS". CONSTANTINE was trying to put all the PAGAN(NON-WORSHIPPERS OF YAH) religions under "CHRISTIANITY". If you really study history and the bible, u will see what I am talking about. They were not going to give up there SUN worship for NOTHING. So he had to RE-MIX some of the teachings of the Israelites to accommodate his countrymen, or they would have killed him. Please refer to a book call "Last 2 million years". YAH BLESS.

      • sun worship has been going on since the beginning of time. the same images they worship are in most religions architecture and governments. the world power may change from country to country but the images always stay the same. the religions are different but the images are the same. its like game stays the same but the players change. Do you remember the rock n roll era? especially hard rock and metal bands? they were accused of having the same images in their videos and music 30 years ago that the rap and pop music are using today! its like they are mad and still trying to build the tower of babel to heaven again because it didnt work the first time. do you know what insanity is? it is doing something the same way and expecting different results. the devils is the worlds greatest biter. he never creates anything. he just copycats everything jesus does.

      • not to mention- what govt is the #1 purchaser of weapons, illegal drugs and human traficking in the world? – USA

      • Just a message to ALL my Christian friends!

        Beware from users in here posing as Christians who are in fact muslims or jews. They are twisting our words, twisting the word of the Bible and twisting the true message.

        Please DO open your eyes. It is fine if between Christians we disagree on issues but there is no excuse for falling for the lies of pagans!

        Keep your eyes open!!!!!!!

      • DiZiLLuZioned on

        In 350, Pope Julius I declared that Christ’s birth would be celebrated on December 25. There is little doubt that he was trying to make it as painless as possible for pagan Romans (who remained a majority at that time) to convert to Christianity. The new religion went down a bit easier, knowing that their feasts would not be taken away from them.

        "In the history of the Church we find that she often christened pagan festivals, making use of dates and ceremonies, and endowing them with an entirely new and Christian significance" (My Catholic Faith, p. 416).

        "Do you not see what they are doing in the cities of Judah and the streets of Jerusalem? The Children gather wood, and the fathers kindle the fire, and the women knead dough to make cakes [the hot cross buns of Easter] for the queen of heaven [the great mother goddess of fertility]; and they pour out drink offerings to other gods in order to spite Me. Do they spite Me?, declares the Lord. Is it not themselves they spite to their own shame? Therefore thus saying the Lord God, Behold My anger and My wrath will be poured out on this place, on man and on beast and on the trees of the field and on the fruit of the ground; and it will burn and not be quenched" (Jer.7:17-20). So as you can see, the bible has numerous references condemning pagan traditions, and NOWHERE in the bible does God command his people to celebrate the birth of Jesus, nor does it state that Jesus's birthday is the 25th of December. Hope this helps

      • If you are capable of proving any of the next points then I might even care to continue reading your posts, because they are all evil in nature and prove that you are very uninformed protestant.

        A) Where in the Bible does it say that the Bible is the only reference or authority?

        B) Where in the Bible does it say that Traditions are bad? And yes, I am aware of all the references in the Bible about Traditions.

        C) Where in the Bible does it say that Rome is the evil city? It says that an impostor will be placed in the Holy City, that we are all well aware of, but not yet.

        And just a tip, Egypt and Babylon paganism is portrayed by american actors and singers all the time. What does that say to you? Clue: US is the new Babylon.

      • DeeperthanAtlantis on

        @paco. If you read the scriptures all ready, then why would you ask the questions? As far as Mystery Babylon, most people who study scripture will tell you that the Catholic Church is Mystery Babylon. The scriptures says she sits on SEVEN HILLS, which the Vatican does!! Most people are Catholic by default because they go to church on SUNday, which was ordained by ROMAN EMPEROR CONSTANTINE. The day of worship is the 7th day, which happens to be called Saturday. Again, people are commenting from a emotional state, rather than facts that can be proven easily, if you REALLY want the truth. Satan will lead you to any conclusion YOU want, if you let him. YAH BLESS!!

      • Can a Pagan Holiday Be Made Christian?

        Take Your Stand For True Worship


        Encyclopedia Britannica

        Encyclopedia Cattolica – on Christmas

        Encyclopedia Cattolica – on Constantine The Great – he married apostate christianity with roman paganism

        Truth should never be compromised.

        This is another example of the guilt religions bear against the truth. Jesus never commanded that his birth be commemorated, but instead his death should, for it is that sacrificial death that gives mankind hope. His perfect life sacrified is to cancel out the perfect life that Adam, the first man, forfeited. It is a propritiatory sacrifice, for by means of it we can once again have the hope of everlasting life under God's Kingdom rulership, right here on earth.

        God puts out the truth and all Satan can do is to counterfeit it.

      • Its truly tragic how much some of the ppl know so much about these other pagan gods, mistruths,and culture rituals but dont know about the living GOD JEHOVAH, but then again this is nothing more than another attempt to discredit "Him that causes to become" and give earthling man a pedestal on which to stand smh!!!……….

        How could men be keepers of secrets??? when Jeremiah 10:23 CLEARLY states" I well know, O Jehovah that to earthling man his way does not belong. It does not belong to man who is walking EVEN to direct his step."

        What they dont realize is these spirits been around since the beginning of creation you dont think that they know how to trick dumb humans?

        Kanye is simply allowing himself to be used by the real ruler of this world none other then Satan himself

        Superneutrality….You and I know that "The fear of Jehovah is the beginning of wisdom"

      • Where do u get this info??? It sounds like a rehearsed response from a pastor- the actual date 12/25 has an occult significance. Actually its 12/21 then on the 25th the sun rises or is born/reborn. You need to dig deeper. Not ask your so called religious leader. The actual yule tree has a deeper meaning to it symbolizes an alignment of a star constellation.

        There is no documented proof jesus was born on this date. But research that. @ st peters basilica the obelisk in the center aligns with the rise of the sun on 12/21 to 25 and on a lot of other dates- also aligns with stars at nite. So it is ALL symbolic whether you think it is or not. Research easter and. Sept 15 and start thinking outside the box!

        Find out what christianity was prior to 325 A.D. and if you switch the actual spelling around is spells (anti-christian) just no letter Y…. now ask yourself why!!!

      • GAbrielle the Angel on

        True indeed and i'm a Christian. No where in the Bible does it talk about Christmas, in fact he condemns it in the book of Jeremiah, of course it didn't have the name Christmas. Many Christians don't realize this because they have been brainswashed. The Roman Catholic Church started this holdiay in worhip of the the sun god, not Christ. It is also a way to take your money. Go into debt spending money you don't have.

    • Aren't you the wise one making a clearly ill-informed sweeping judgement..

      How about this: you open that narrow little mind of yours and research into these topics before making ignorant remarks..

      You clearly have zero knowledge of what's discussed on this website, and have formed exactly the kind of opinion of someone who doesn't.. Genuine advice- educate yourself.. research on these topics.. and then form a conclusion.. OR carry on being a slave to the system..


      • That person should just stay ignorant, because it is bliss. I am not sure I would wish this knowledge on anyone with such a frail mind.

    • The funny part is that the evil Illuminati laugh at you, and so do we, so, I guess the world is wrong and you are right… right?

  52. d says


    TO D:

    You may think Kanye controls them, but in the end, "they" control him & all that he does. Even the people he hangs with or intends to live with . . . they own the bat, the ball & the playing field!!!

  53. Makes no sense to fight to be free from Egypt only to end up back in it. Nor does it make any sense to live a life of darkness on Earth only to die an enter an eternal life of darkness. It boggles my mind. What can Satan promise you?????? It's all counterfit. Folks really need to repent and seek Christ real talk.

  54. Hello everyone,

    Please, PLEASE, do not go on being misled in believing that Satan is "Lucipher/Lucifer"! Nowhere in the Bible will you find a single scripture referencing to that one being "Lucipher/Lucifer"! I am not alluding to "Lucipher/Lucifer" being a good thing but, the "Lucipher/Lucifer" mentioned at Isaiah 14:12 is referring to the fall of the king of Babylon and his empire, due to his self-proclamation as a "Great One"- even like God.

    Please, read the entire chapter fourteen of the book of Isaiah in the Bible!

    Nowehere in the Bible is the reference of a "Lucipher" or "Lucifer"! That name simply means "Lightbearer", or "Shining One". It has been placed in some translations of the Bible, from its original language (Latin or Greek, if I am not mistaken) to create emphasis; to point out the position of exaltation in the ancient world that Babylon and its king(s) once enjoyed. But that king (the "Shining One" or "Lucifer") and his empire had to be humbled down; brought down from the pedestal he once was on, and made an example of to the whole world for the nations to know that there is no one like Jehovah, God!

    For some reason people like to link the name "Lucipher/Lucifer" to Satan, but the Bible does not support that notion! Perhaps in symbol (after all the being that we've come to know as Satan was once a perfect spiritual son of God's, and as such, did indeed enjoy of a great position of privilege amongst the countless many other spiritual sons Jehovah possesses), but Satan should not be referred to as "Lucipher/Lucifer" literally (again, nowhere in the Bible is that assumption supported). That name does not appear in the original Scriptures, whereas Satan appears 52 times, and Devil 33 times. Satan (this name was given that spiritual creature because he became a resister of Jehovah). He is also known as the Devil, because he is the foremost slanderer of God! That's it! Satan is NOT "Lucipher/Lucifer"!

    • The Illuminated on

      Great bit of info "do not go on being misled in believing that Satan is “Lucipher/Lucifer”! Nowhere in the Bible will you find a single scripture referencing to that one being"

      • The Illuminated,

        Thx! That is the truth though. Satan is NOT- and I repeat.. is NOT Lucifer!!!

        Satan is the Devil! Lucifer is the meaning of the adjective/title "Shining One". In other words, what people do is take that name (just like as if we took any other name, adjective, title there is) and attribute it to the Devil w/out any scriptural- or even scientific evidence!

      • DiZiLLuZioned on

        If you take that stance JPBJ, then I hope that you also acknowledge and utilize the TRUE name of Christ as well. The name "Jesus Christ" is a MIS-transliteration from the hebrew to the greek to the english. The Messiah's REAL name is Yeshua ben Yosef. The name Jesus Christ is less than 500 years old as the letter J was never in the english language until about 400 years ago. This is just another example of how "Traditions" breed ignorance. It's very ironic to me how Chrisitianity clings to the name Jesus Christ when it is not the REAL name of our Lord and Savior. I can understand and give a pass to the truely ignorant because they do not know, but I have a problem with Pastors, Evangelicals, and other biblical scholars who KNOW the TRUE name and still INSIST on using the FAKE name "Jesus Christ." It brings to mind the scripture Matthew 7:21 – 23

        “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?’ Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’

      • caribbean_girl on

        This just confused the shittttttttt out of me……so what then is TRUE CHRISTIANITY???????????????????? anyone has an answer for me??

      • {OH ILLUMINATED ONE and JPBJ} it is quite clear that you guys are very intellegent, but there is a difference between, intellegence and wisdom…. PLEASE STOP making accusations about SATAN not being LUCIFER because it was not in the BIBLE.. and stirring up UNNESSASERY debates on this matter… if the two beings you speak of aren’t indeed one, and if you asked the [very foolish question of } ”why is LUCIFER BAD?” because his name means ”shinning one” or ”angel of light” or what ever…. THEN WHY DONT BOTH OF YOU WORSHIP HIM INSTEAD????? why do people like you two always have to ask such foolish questions?? and TEMPT GOD?? the bible NEVER, EVER said that MARY{Jesus’ Mother} ever sinned… some might even say that she was {EMACULATE} but the word of GOD says in {Roms 3,23} that ALL HAVE SINNED AND FALL SHORT OF GOD’s GLORY….so will you guys with all of your INTELLEGECE question the word of GOD next?

        and doubt this.? the BIBLE or Word Of God doesnt have to say IN DETAIL of the names of SATAN, he was called the DECEIVER, he was called THE GREAT DRAGON, he was called the ACCUSER and the list continues…pls GENIUSES… dont be made fools, for the good book also says “its better to a FOOL and then made WISE, than to think ye are WISE and be made FOOLS” and since you guys are soooooo BIBLICAL you suppose to know which book i quoted that from….. {STOP BEING SMART, WITH FOOLISHNESS}

      • Not a great bit of info……sorry. More disinfo. Perhaps you guys should study the scriptures. Lucifer brought the Light (knowledge) to humans that was God's to give- NOT his. The devil is not some ugly, unappealing being. He is the most beautiful being aside from the one true God. O how thou are fallen, Lucifer, son of the morning! Lucifer did not make a sacrifice for humanity that we should celebrate. He "enlightened" humans to tempt them away from eternal life with God for a shallow, self-driven life with him (the Devil) here on earth. And I'm not some religious fanatic. I don't believe in religion- only God.

    • The Bible also says concerning satan that he "persists in transforming himself into an angel of LIGHT". Sounds like lucifer to me.

  55. At The Illuminatti:

    Yo! Stop irritating other people, man! Some folks take what is discussed in this forum to the heart. Be specific when relating an opinion, and mention your sources when stating a fact!

    …Just some food for thought… .

  56. The big question for me is this: Could the artists ( and creating a video is a team effort, believe me ) have created this unconsciously, and manifesting it without realizing the true meaning? Or is it planned in some dark room by evil people with an overt agenda? Perhaps all great artists pull from Plato's realm of forms, or perhaps their creativity is "inspired" by the muses or the spirits? And perhaps the symbols in popular music video's are "popular" because they reside deep inside our collective consciousness? Perhaps they are channelling these messages from the great beyond? All great artists, from Bosch, to Blake, to Dali, from Mozart to Keats, all have touched upon the face of the great divine. Why do you all suppose this video, which I do agree has the meaning Good Sir Vigilant says it does, is "evil". Why is it bad? What is the terrible agenda Kanye is pushing here, other than the obvious fact that he has read the same books that I have, that Vigilant has, that million other people have. Why are the mystery schools "Luciferian", and why is Lucifer bad? He was after all, the "light bringer," strange name for the prince of darkness. In the development of human consciousness, he, when tempting Adam and Eve to partake of the forbidden fruit, the tree of knowledge, brought the light of consciousness to us, and not Yaweh, who kept us as pets. It was he , in the symbolic sense of the word, that made mankind "human".He put the cherry on top, so to speak. Before the fall, we may have had it pretty good, not knowing that bad things could happen to us, and that we will eventually die. This pain, this struggle in the world, is what makes us human. The knowledge of our own mortality is our collective Sword of Damocles. A Dog doesn't think about when he is going to kick it. I would rather be enlightened, than cowering in the darkness. I actually think it's better for kids to be exposed to a fantastic video like this, that does have some deeper meaning, that some mindless bullshit about Bitches and AK47's. Remember people. Occult doesn't mean evil. It means hidden. Remember what Jesus Christ said. "The Kingdom of my father is spread out before you, yet you do not see". I will take my comments off the air. And Vigilant, thanks for posting, at least you are getting people thinking, a rather Luciferian concept, don't you think?

    • alrite theres something wrong with you

      hows about you leave this site and stop trying to convice the true people of god that can see something is fishy in this world's culture these days

      i cannot BELIEVE you jsut asked why people think lucifer is bad, HES LUCIFER GODDAMIT

      get the hell outta here, seriously -__-

    • Boleskne 33,

      You are misleading people! If you are alluding to Satan, when you mention what happened in the garden of Eden, as Lucifer, then you are purposedly deceiving people- or perhaps you just do not know about the meaning of each name, and what or whom they represent!

      Satan is NOT Lucifer! This entity you so much revere (Lucifer) does not, nor has ever existed literally! Lucifer does mean "Shining One", but it is not referred to Satan! Yet, you state that as a fact. Well, prove it!

      Also, for you to say that what Satan did in the garden of Eden was a moment of "enlightment", which made us aware of "good" and "bad", and we "became humans" after that- and therefore it's a "good thing", then my prayers go out to Jehovah on your behalf, for you know not what you are saying (my opinion, based on your statements)!

      • Satan goes by a number of names in the New Testament, Satan, Devil, Beelzebub, Old serpent, Great dragon, Accuser, Adversary, enemy. Does Satan officially go by all of these titles? No of course not, they are probably colloquial terms used to reference him. Lucifer as you said is not used to describe Satan in the bible, but it is used now colloquially as a word to refer to Satan, just as Old Serpent or some other term is used.

        If i used the word Lucifer to describe Satan most people including yourself would know what i am talking about.

        Personally I find it ignorant that people do not except modern terms or tongue when describing things.

        Going off on a bit of a tangent, what happens when you translate the bible to Chinese or something? how much gets lost in translation then? Would you sit there arguing for hours with a chinese person about there bible like you do an english person? probably not. Honestly I think nit pickers like yourself are just interested in standing over people as enlightened when really you are not.

    • DetroitDraper on

      No there is nothing wrong with him. Did you evaluate and think about his comments? I've wondered my whole life what was the big evil in knnowledge? Like commented above knowledge is enlightenment. I love to learn, anyone else must really worship the real devil of these false religions of ignorance.

      • DetroitDraper,

        In order for you to understand the meaning of what took place in the garden of Eden (if you believe in God, of course), you must first know what it is that really happened, why it happened, and its consequences- not only on the first couple that ever inhabitted the earth, but on their offspring thereafter.

        Before Adam & Eve ever rebelled against God they already possessed knowledge (read the entire book of Genesis).

        Knowledge can be used constructively or destructively, based on the motives behind its usage!

      • Satan means " slanderer". Lucifer is his name. The devil means "opposer" So to be clear lucifer the slanderer " satan" who slandered God's name to Adam & Eve. So what were you saying? Satan is basicaly a word God use to describing Lucifer and Lucifer is his name.

      • Mosby,

        are you stating a fact, or is your statement based on your own opinion? PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, ellaborate!!! And if that is a "fact" (to you), where did you get that from?!!!

    • I wouldn't so much call it luciferian but it is against God to dibble dabble for the truth of the world and not in his WORD. The question is, with people being so blinded do you sit back and worry about yourself or do you try to enlighten. It all boils down to what each individual person choose to do with the information. VC walks a fine line which I appreciate. He basically gather the information, not pushing his veiws, relegions, not saying too much, avoiding speculation….. things of that nature (which is the smart thing to do). That way you don't have people saying "he said this, he told me that, he said run for your life" it keeps down confusion. I also like EWB she informs the correct way according to God's word.The rest is up to you!

      • Hey dude what in the world are you talking about? Adam and Eve were not pets in no way possible! God had given them everything that they could possibly ever need or WANT for that matter.. This is my opinion.. I think that God placed that tree there to test them.. To see if they would do as he had asked them to do (which was not to eat off the tree). We are human even then but we were made to live forever and be in complete bliss! By no means were we dumb.. or controlled or else we would not have been able to disobey God. God didnt tell them to keep from eating the fruit of the tree because he wanted to keep them "dumb" but because he also wanted to protect us.. from ourselves.. God is not to blame for our choices.. Thats why its called FREE WILL!


      • Mosby,

        You have yet to explain your theory (and apparently you aren't alone in believing in it) that Satan is Lucifer!!! Whereas I can show you, as I've done on this site before, by scripture, that one entity has nothing to do w/ the other- nor is one the other!

        Please, "google": "Satan is not Lucifer", if you rather believe in the Internet than in the Bible.

      • JPBJ- Well I did a little digging and for the most part God referes to Satan as satan, the old snake, the beast, the dragon, and most of the time satan is mentoned it is followed by all 3 names. However the day I initially read your post I found in the Bible where it mentioned Lucifer but I didn't have time to write out and really read what it said. I thought it would be easy to find once I had time. So for now it may be truth to what you are saying but once I make it to Bible study that will all change lol, but seriously most of the time Satan is mentioned his name is followed by the dragon, the beast, the snake so untill next time……It still does not change what I said as far as the meaning of the words satan= slanderer, opposer those are latin or hebrew meanings.

    • Jesus encourage study of the scriptures as well. Lucifer gave something to humans that didn't belong to him to give. God did not want to keep us as his pets, either. However, your Lucifer is the one who longs for attention and praise and love and WORSHIP. That's why an occult video is evil. It's giving praise to a thief, a liar, a deciever. And the reason why the Luciferian messages are becoming so blatant is because Lucifer's desire for attention, admiration, worship, and MORE FOLLOWERS is insatiable.

      • Dear Sarah,

        Where did you all get this notion that Satan & Lucifer are one & the same person?!

        I am in no way trying to undermine anyone's knowledge, seriously! But if we really want to use this vehicle (VC) to bring awareness to others who, otherwise, might never come to realize what's happening, we must do so ACCURATELLY!!!

        Let's inform others based on Biblical accurate knowledge, instead of just letting out our own opinions, or quoting scriptures w/out understanding their meanings or contexts. Otherwise, instead of shedding light on what's going on with this old planet earth we're just further helping the cause of those who believe to be the "enlightened" of this world!

    • The Illuminated on

      JPBJ , I am in to way trying to irritate people. For the hundredth time lol. I am just asking people to question sources of information because some info could be disinfo, be against blind faith and be stalwart in your beliefs. And above all do your research. I don't think I eve stated a "fact" as you say, I just gave my opinions.

      • Ok, The Illuminated, I got you!

        Well then check this out… since all your statements are based on your opinions, what makes you so sure that people who opine in here have not yet made they research? Know what I mean?… . Maybe you should ask if they have looked around, studied what they are so eagerly interested on- and quite frankly terrified by, before they voice their opinions in regards to VC's articles, do you not agree? see, if you'd present your opinions in a form of rethorical questions, perhaps other folks would be less irritated by them, feel me (rethorical)?! And…maybe you'd actually appeal more to their subconsciences. :)

        Think about it! Not that you irritate me, at all, but I just candidly believe you are often misunderstood.

      • The Illuminated on

        Yes, yes I get what you are saying. I am probably misunderstood mainly because I hate conversing via text messages, or on the internet. I may fail to convey tonality in the right way which may mislead people. At any rate, I really like your posts from what I have seen, especially the one about Lucifer not being Satan. It's sort of how people believe Baphomet is an evil entity while others think it is a corruption of the French word for Muhammad. Now I leave you with words of wisdom. If you keep your face to the sun, all your shadows fall behind you.

      • The Illuminated,

        Good deal my friend. Well, I liked your words of wisdom. So, always remember… "bad associations spoil usefull habits.".

  57. Just a quick observation…pertaining to the cover art for 'Power', does the handle of the sword in the king's severed head look strangely phallic? I don't usually see sword handles depicted this way. Kinda reminded me of the phallic tower in 'The Little Mermaid'.

  58. hi there…

    nice info all around about the video..

    but there's something i noticed on the video..

    on 0:22 – is he wearing a "pyramid-like" ring on his right hand??

    tell me about it…

  59. WELL, for what its worth… GREAT article and I BELIEVE all of it..even before I started getting deep into sites such as this I knew something was not right .. this is really jus a conformation for me and thensome..thanks for the wealth of info and interesting comments.

  60. oh.. on last comment..

    did any of this have you recall the VMAs and Kanye performance.. ?? if you notice the pic up top "The two columns called the “Pillars of Hercules'" etc.. the mountain in the background leading up to the place of enlightenment.. wasnt Kayne on a "mountain like" structure on the stage??

  61. Fight The Powers Tha on

    I believe the reason @VC created this site was to shed light on the ills of the world that most people are completely oblivious to, and to provide compelling evidence that will provoke thought and create a dialogue. In that sense, I think this site is successful. However, I don't believe that he intended for readers to bash one another for believing one thing or the other. I work in the entertainment industry, in both film and music, and have seen and heard things that caused me to alter my career path. At the major level it is absolutely not about the "art" at all- it's about feeding the masses poison and hoping it sticks. I had to step away from my position at a major record label because I couldn't handle the way things were ran. I guess I wasn't cut out for it, but my eyes were opened, and that was at a mid level position (I can only imagine what you are exposed to when you're at the top). But back to my point: I 've been working at the indie level for a few years now, and when I try to explain just how corrupt this industry is to my peers alot of don't believe me. Now that's not because they're stupid, it's because they don't understand (they're indie cats, they're art is all about the human experience yadayadayada). So you can't put people down just because they don't understand. Let them find out for themselves, because they will. I monitor all of the music my teenage sister listens to, and I've told my parents that they need to actually listen to the stuff that's on her iPod so they can know what she's being exposed to. There isn't a single thing that is done by coincidence in this industry when it is at the highest level. Everything is taken into consideration, and they find the best people in marketing and promotion to sell it to you, and I use to be one of them.

    • thank you for sharing, your honesty and wisdom. you didnt have to share that but you did and you are so right.. Ive been telling my two daughters the "truth" bout Hollywood, movies, music, etc.. again, thanks


  63. I was thinking that the two horned angels represented some type of develistic angels. I took the ladie sitting in front of Kanye to be satan sitting between cherubim angels described by God in Isaiah 37:16 meaning he is depicting himself as God and that is why the wings spread from the chair vs her back. Kanye also said in one of his verses "I look down at my diamond peice ( jesus peace ) and say no one man should have all that power" great article altho I hate to see this creep with his picture broadcast big and clear on your site with the same message, story line……for this minute 1/2 video. Don't think he deserved it ( not that any of them do) I found the lyrics more interesting than the video. The video was the same chit different toilet

  64. FreedomFighter on

    This video and theme of song ie (Power) seem to me to be a very strong example of subliminal affirmation programming. I watched the video some time ago but I can still see and hear it resinating in my mind.

    • Every One Wll Bow- J on

      I agree with you. The video definitely placed some messages on my mind- subconscious. The scene and lyrics linger on the mind for a while and the imagery it creates becomes vivid. I became obsessed with power after hearing the song and seeing the video. However, I believe we are affected by various parts of the video depending on our cognitive intellect. When I listened first listened to the video, I became pumped up with getting my share of power. I even visualized men bowing down to me. I was a powerful goddess. This was way after I saw the video. Something inside me told me to stay away from the video. I had to refrain from entertaining that thought. I had to simply shake that off.

      • I hate the fact the lyrics get stuck in my head. It's the soul purpose of the music " to have us participating in their worship. The thought of me saying " no one man should have all that power" urks me but the song is sometimes stuck in my head. This was after I heard the song only 1 or 2 times. This part really hits home " Im living in the 21 century doing something mean to it" when you sing the lyrics you are talking in 1st person. He is speaking of all the evil he/we as people do. I feel as if he's bragging. " im living in the 21 century doing something mean to it" you would think he's talking about the music& his career but he is talking about being destructive, misleading the people…………..,and when you/me sing it, it's like were jiving too also as if were proud of our own dirty deeds.

      • ~Truth be told~ on


        I know what you mean I get these songs stuck in my head also and its annoying because I have to keep rebuking them. its as if their is a spirit behind the song and it's trying to captivate you. certain rhianna songs, black eyed peas songs, i have to rebuke it.

      • Thank God I didn't watch that video… thank God I don't watch that many videos… thank God I've been listening to preaching rather than top 40 radio in the last few weeks… only problem is I can't keep up the radio part; gotta know what's going on and the only time I seem to have to catch up with life is during my morning drive to work.

      • ~Truth be told~ on


        I know exactly what you mean. those thoughts or feeling do not only happen when i watch videos but even when we watch certain movies. you seem to place yourself in their shoes and start to think about it. thats scary and we have to steer clear of such behavior. *sign* it's all pretty overwhelming

  65. im soooo glad you did this article! it was awesome and extremely informative…. great job. please keep up the good work! God is coming back people…. its up to you to save yourself and live a life for our Father. Godbless you all!

  66. @obama

    WHAT SHOULD happen is an application of what we learned on this site.

    and for those who enjoy it and cant stop-or wont stop cold turkey–heres my 2 cents

    on how to change things or at least get the "elite or agenda pushers" where it hurts–their business;

    questionable foods? spend less on it

    questionable music? spend less time watching vids or listening to the radio stations

    questionable branding on apparel? dont purchase it

    and so on and so forth..

    point is, if everyone who believes in this agenda and wants to make a difference or save souls [depending on your religious or nonreligious background] your gonna have to affect what matters to them: us spending our time and money on what they are pushing. Educate yourself because nbc specials, pbs, discovery or history channel can only teach what is allowed.


    read any of these books by individuals apart of the "conspiracy"–just click the link and download the book, just that easy!


  67. Woop, I requested this XD Then again I bet most people did, but he probably knew what we wanted anyway ^_^

    Great article. When I first saw the video I thought the owl around his neck might be Moloch because of all the 'wisdom' kinda crap. Guess I was wrong though.

    Also I reckon the women in the video are meant to represent all the bad things that power brings for example lust, violence, drunkeness all that kind of stuff. But then again I reckon the woman sitting before Kanye is meant to be Lucifer and so the women doing all that kind of stuff represent sins and stuff. I guess you could look at it as either of the two. Then again it could be both seeing as the Illumanti and the rest of those wankers reckon they're working hand in hand with Hell.

    If they are and Hell is real don't the tossers know that they're just being used? But no, they think they're special don't they? Bloody tarts.

  68. "Revelation of the Method" and Leo Zagami may have something in common: "Whistle-blowing" is most likened to selective demonstration of the craft that resolves the fears of the masses and appeases their intrigue while the deepest secrets of Illuminized Freemasonry remain concealed as ever before. There is no transparency with high level Freemasons is my deduction!

  69. Hey Vigilant there a few other symbols in the video that you did not touch on. The two women holding the water bowls WATER BEARERS. Are these women representing THE AGE OF AQUARIUS?

  70. Every One Wll Bow- J on

    The Lyrics of Power

    I'm livin’ in the 21st century

    Doin’ something mean to it

    Do it better than anybody you ever seen do it

    Screams from the haters, got a nice ring to it

    I guess every superhero need his theme music

    No one man should have all that power

    The clock’s tickin’, I just count the hours

    Stop trippin’, I’m trippin’ off the power

    (21st century schizoid man)

    The system broken, the schools closed, the prisons open

    We ain’t got nothin’ to lose, ma’f-cka, we rollin’

    Huh? Ma’f-cka, we rollin’

    With some light-skinned girls and some Kelly Rowlands (I guess Kelly Rowlands mean dark skin girls)

    In this white man’s world, we the ones chosen

    So goodnight, cruel world, I see you in the mornin’

    Huh? I see you in the mornin’

    This is way too much, I need a moment

    No one man should have all that power

    The clock’s tickin’, I just count the hours

    Stop trippin’, I’m trippin’ off the power

    ‘Til then, f-ck that, the World’s ours

    And then they (Go)

    And then they

    And then they (Go)

    And then they (21st century schizoid man)

    F-ck SNL and the whole cast

    Tell ‘em Yeezy said they can kiss my whole ass

    More specifically, they can kiss my asshole

    I’m an asshole? You n-ggas got jokes

    You short-minded n-ggas’ thoughts is Napoleon

    My furs is Mongolian, my ice brought the goalies in

    Now I embody every characteristic of the egotistic

    He know, he so, f-ckin’ gifted

    I just needed time alone, with my own thoughts

    Got treasures in my mind but couldn’t open up my own vault

    My childlike creativity, purity and honesty

    Is honestly being prodded by these grown thoughts

    Reality is catchin’ up with me

    Takin’ my inner child, I’m fighting for it, custody

    Kanye West Power lyrics found on http://www.directlyrics.com.com/kanye-west-power-
    With these responsibilities that they entrusted me

    As I look down at my dia-mond-encrusted piece

    N-gga, no one man should have all that power

    The clock’s tickin’, I just count the hours

    Stop trippin’, I’m trippin’ off the power

    ‘Til then, f-ck that, the World’s ours

    And then they (Go)

    And then they

    And then they (Go)

    And then they

    And then they (Go)

    And then they (21st century schizoid man)

    Colin Powells, Austin Powers

    Lost in translation with a whole f-ckin’ nation

    They say I was the obamanation (abomination) of Obama’s nation

    Well, that’s a pretty bad way to start the conversation

    At the end of day, goddammit, I’m killin’ this sh-t

    I know damn well y’all feelin’ this sh-t

    I don’t need yo’ p-ssy, bitch, I’m on my own d-ck

    I ain’t gotta power trip, who you goin’ home with?

    How ‘Ye doin’? I’m survivin’

    I was drinkin’ earlier, now I’m drivin’

    Where the bad bitches, huh? Where ya hidin’?

    I got the power, make yo’ life so excitin’ (So excitin’)

    Now this would be a beautiful death

    Jumpin’ out the window

    Lettin’ everything go

    Lettin’ everything go

    N-now-now this would be a beautiful death

    Jumpin’ out the window

    Lettin’ everything go

    Lettin’ everything go

    Now this would be a beautiful death

    Jumpin’ out the window

    Lettin’ everything go

    Lettin’ everything go

    You got the power to let power go

  71. ~Truth be told~ on

    i've definately been waiting on this one. the bible tells us that many will come in his name but we must not be decieved. it is pretty evident what Kanye represents regardless of what his lips may say. another video that kind of freaked me out was the Kelis "Acapella" video. it looks like bamphet is on her dress toward the end of the video. you may want to look into this one Vigilant. the Te Amo video by Rhianna was also distrubing ,it is sicking how people keep supporting homosexuality.

      • @anon you have to remember that this is a religiously/non-religious diversed site.. Some people are christians and others are not.. we need to be mindful of everyones opinions, beliefs etc etc

    • Homosexuality doesnt need support, because love between two consented adult is beautiful.

      Stop hating and treat others with the respect you wish receiving.

  72. Excellent work, Vigilant.

    An awesome display of your Masonic and Egyptian/Pagan/Babylon Mystery Schools knowledge.

    The source of inspiration here for "Kill the King" was most definitely NOT some obscure 2006 thing. lol

    Keep up the good work, man. :)

  73. Masons have no power like the claim by wearing their power mask, God can do anything He decides with them. God has the real power and masons are not going to paradise unless they leave that gnostic garbage.

    Since we Christians are so weak in our faith, masons are at the political top. Yet…I've said this before, but again, their biggest power is not the politics so much as the power over your soul. Satan wants souls. You know the satanic nature of freemasonry, why do we let them rule? I just dont understand. We have no faith. None. It would be nice to see an anti-masonic, anti-satanic, foremost Christian movement.

  74. @The Illuminated….how does one live one's life believing that truth cannot be known? If we cannot discern truth we are doomed.

    • Ace, it's crazy you say that because I've always believed that. Just like Jennifer Hudson sacrificing her family. These people will have to answer to the one and only true God.

  75. Wow. Great article. I was hoping Kanye was gonna get his head together and just drop out of sight for a while. Looks like he continues to pledge his allegiance to the dark side. Sad.

  76. ~Truth be told~ on

    I believe the second chapter of micah fits this situation perfectly.

    MIC 2:1 Woe to them that devise iniquity, and work evil upon their beds! when the morning is light, they practise it, because it is in the power of their hand.

    MIC 2:2 And they covet fields, and take them by violence; and houses, and take them away: so they oppress a man and his house, even a man and his heritage.

    MIC 2:3 Therefore thus saith the LORD; Behold, against this family do I devise an evil, from which ye shall not remove your necks; neither shall ye go haughtily: for this time is evil.

    MIC 2:4 In that day shall one take up a parable against you, and lament with a doleful lamentation, and say, We be utterly spoiled: he hath changed the portion of my people: how hath he removed it from me! turning away he hath divided our fields.

    MIC 2:5 Therefore thou shalt have none that shall cast a cord by lot in the congregation of the LORD.

    MIC 2:6 Prophesy ye not, say they to them that prophesy: they shall not prophesy to them, that they shall not take shame.

    MIC 2:7 O thou that art named the house of Jacob, is the spirit of the LORD straitened? are these his doings? do not my words do good to him that walketh uprightly?

    MIC 2:8 Even of late my people is risen up as an enemy: ye pull off the robe with the garment from them that pass by securely as men averse from war.

    MIC 2:9 The women of my people have ye cast out from their pleasant houses; from their children have ye taken away my glory for ever.

    MIC 2:10 Arise ye, and depart; for this is not your rest: because it is polluted, it shall destroy you, even with a sore destruction.

    MIC 2:11 If a man walking in the spirit and falsehood do lie, saying, I will prophesy unto thee of wine and of strong drink; he shall even be the prophet of this people.

    MIC 2:12 I will surely assemble, O Jacob, all of thee; I will surely gather the remnant of Israel; I will put them together as the sheep of Bozrah, as the flock in the midst of their fold: they shall make great noise by reason of the multitude of men.

    MIC 2:13 The breaker is come up before them: they have broken up, and have passed through the gate, and are gone out by it: and their king shall pass before them, and the LORD on the head of them.

  77. Very good and interesting article. But what do you think about Kanye's "Flashing Lights" video? I thought that could have been symbolic of his death. It is also a very short video and he is violently (yet symbolically) killed without actually showing it. What are your thoughts??

    • Also I remember people snickering about how he forgot the blood that should be on the shovel, (was it a shovel? Anyway whatever she kills him with I havent watched it in a long time) but perhaps that was deliberate, After all I thought it was an awfully big thing to screw up or just forget.

  78. The director of this video is no stranger to Neuro Sciences, or subliminal imagry.

    Quite by accident I stumbled across one of his earlier works which is again filled with these symbols.


    The above link is for a video entitled "Flashback"

    Flashback weaves together iconographic images sampled from films to create a kinetic video canvas

    – visualizing the spectrum of human emotion and recall using the principles of cognitive psychology.

    Perfumes are formulated from distinct notes, each of which represents a particular thought or feeling.

    They then combine to form a complex fragrance that can vary from individual to individual. Similar

    to the varying effects a perfume can have on any particular person, Flashback for Six Scents Parfums:

    Series Two explores the way an individual might remember thoughts and feelings associated with the

    experience of each fragrance.

    I discovered he also does video game trailers:

  79. The Sword of Damocles has a halo around it and comes from above – divine judgement. To me this suggests something more – his awareness of who judges him. Below is filled with ritual depictions of lust, orgies and demonic deification with Kanye at the center. He is showing the audience everything that is being offered to him. There is something about it that very much has fear at its center. He is still defiant in the midst of it, but it's like he knows he is trapped, and is seeking a way out of this paradigm through the initiation ritual.

  80. What god is Kanye referring to? That's the question. Maybe "Power" represents, in part, the death of his ego? The Twitter comment says: "I gotta testify… God has worked his magic 10 fold in my life since I dropped the ego and opened my heart ".

  81. I had hoped you might dig a bit deeper. therir is a woman to the right of his head who waves a veil in front of his face. on the left of his head there is a knife( seperate from the swords) already coming his way. the "fallen angel" sitting in front of him all lit up? the two horned girls in the corner drinking while the other girls have sex with eachother 9 is this not a dionysuss greeting card?) just saying.

  82. Thank you vigilant for this article. It was written perfectly, but I want to know why is there an upside down woman at the video in 0.20 and more people at 0.42 upside down? Could someone explain it ? and thanks.

    • There's a comment which explained the fact that the people are upside. the girl which was upside down was throwing water on her direction. that symbolizes the evil power coming out of hell and taking over the earth

  83. I've been watching the video of "Miss me Drake ft Lil Wayne" and I read comments saying that Drake has joined Illuminati. Actually I see no Illuminati stuff in this video. But through I found it weird but at the beginning of the song I was like: Illuminati 100% but when I listened to the rest of the song… That didn't tell me anything bad. I'd like someone to explain me what occult meaning does this video have.

    (VC, you're really good, I love your site, I think you'd be the best one to explain this. I didn't read so much articles on this site (read Lady Gaga's stuff and rihanna's and black eyed peas') but you really lead me to the truth. Trough I'm a teenager who was raised in Christianism but I was begginning to give in to those kind of evil occult meaning musics. I'm glad my brother showed this website really. Keep going!!)

  84. right when i saw this video i was hoping you'd write an article.

    anyone else notice in the clouds above kanye's head it kinda looks like a face with horns is there.

  85. I knew this rapper would get into business asap after the fake incident of him bashing taylor swift on MTV music awards. I knew that was so fake and that this would get him along the list with the mainstream 'successful' rappers/singers etc. The humiliation and all, this is how every singers' career start if they are the 'chosen ones'.

    But I must add the art of this video is truly unique and I believe this is going to be a new way of directing videos.

    • Yeah, I can kinda imagine a whole bunch of videos being directed as "moving paintings". What a scary world we live in…

  86. Excellent analysis as always. Regarding the head of the king, this is an archetypal concept known as 'beheading the black king' and reference to this can be seen in many many films, see: Pulp Fiction. Rome: Open City. Casablanca, to name just a few. See also the excellent book: Jung and film, post-jungian takes on the moving image – edited by Christopher Hauke & Ian Alister. (2001) Brunner-Routledge.

    As always, real food for thought vigilant. More power to your elbow.

  87. Look at the W at the on

    He Guys have you looked at the W in the end of the word power. The part of the W in the middle that has the shape of the all seeing eye Piramid has Kanye's ugly head in it. Coincidence?

  88. Someone "corrected" a comment that angels did NOT or do NOT have 4 wings … open a bible. Ezekiel 1:6 … 10:21 … Daniel 7:6 etc .. get a free Esword

  89. re: "Ascended Master Of The Ancients "

    lmao . One angel will bind satan for 1000 years. Just one.


    Rev 20:1 And I saw an angel come down from heaven, having the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand.

    Rev 20:2 And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years,

    Rev 20:3 And cast him into the bottomless pit, and shut him up, and set a seal upon him, that he should deceive the nations no more, till the thousand years should be fulfilled: and after that he must be loosed a little season.

    Rev 20:4 And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.

    Rev 20:5 But the rest of the dead lived not again until the thousand years were finished. This is the first resurrection.

    Rev 20:6 Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection: on such the second death hath no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with him a thousand years.

    Rev 20:7 And when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison,

    Rev 20:8 And shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them together to battle: the number of whom is as the sand of the sea.

    Rev 20:9 And they went up on the breadth of the earth, and compassed the camp of the saints about, and the beloved city: and fire came down from God out of heaven, and devoured them.

    Rev 20:10 And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.

    Rev 20:11 And I saw a great white throne, and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them.

    Rev 20:12 And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works.

    Rev 20:13 And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works.

    Rev 20:14 And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death.

    Rev 20:15 And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.

  90. The first time I watched the video was without sound, and it was just chilling. Once the scene began to open up and I saw the two albino girls with horns I was seriously scared. I don't necessarily believe that this means that the end of the world is nigh, since no one, not even the Mayan's know when the world will end. And this isn't the first "demonic" or dark video ever created. There are other videos, even videos from around the world that are also dark. What I'm saying is, the video is scary, and revealing, but I don't think people should become paraniod because of it. There are worse things happening in the world that we should be afraid of, like hate.

    I do appreciate Vigilant for writing this article, and other articles like this, because without them I would be just another lady gaga fan. I guess I thank lady gaga too because if I hadn't googled her I never would have found this site. Many of the things talked about on this site are things that I will need to research on my own, but thank you for bringing them to light for me and many others.

    It's weird I tell my friends about it and it scares them…for a day. The next day they say "I know that so-and-so does this-and-that but I'm still going to support their music/watch their show/buy their products" etc. They are willingly and knowingly subjecting themselves to garbage. *sigh*

    People see what they choose to see i guess, and that can go both ways….well anyway, excellent article yet again.

  91. Check it out. People would look back 5 years from now and see this as a fad. Artists and directors do extensive research on symbols and incorporate them into their videos. Some of these artist are Satanists, Freemasons, so forth and so on. However, at the end of the day its all about money and gaining more fame.

    The world is not coming to an end. I would say that we are going into a new era and the world is changing in front of ours eyes which is a great thing. Let's leave all the hate and greed in the old age and bring more love, peace, understanding, and creativity into the next dimension.



  92. Dear Vigilant;

    I'm pretty far down the list, but hope you see me!

    I am wondering if you have ever read the book, When God Was a Woman, by Merlin Stone?

    I picked it up oh about 6 years ago, read half of it, and put it back on my book shelf. I don't think my young adult mind could fathom it then. But i picked it back up again a few weeks ago, and devoured it all in just a few nights.

    Many of the old myths you showcase are really from the period Stone rights about. Her fascinating study not only uncovered and connected a great deal of ancient history; but all the research she had to commit to also unveiled how bias all the archeological information is because it is written by white, Christian men.

    It completely gave me the okay to imagine the Goddess culture as not being a time of 'sacred prostitution' as it has been panhandled to us. The times of Babylon and ancient Egypt, the Mionians, the Greeks, all over the Middle East and Africa, the royalty was chosen by the women, the temples were run by the women, and everything was owned by the temples. Yet, the temples were always available for food, shelter and more to the people. This 'fertility cult' was no such thing, but a very powerful and widespread religion deeply imbedded into the culture that spanned thousands of miles, and thousands of years prior to patriarchal religion. It was from this culture that the written word was invented, agriculture, medicine, and more was refined and passed down.

    And then the patriarchs come in and destroy it all! Thousands of years later, we are in debate over the subliminal messages from the symbols that the elite use to pass on their Luciferian ways. Yet these people, either ignorant or flippant of the truth, should know that Lucifer isn't real. His image was created in the image of the Goddess culture's images to demonize them. The tree of good and evil is the image of the sacred tree of the Goddess culture.

    All of these images are actually the first known propaganda pieces to eradicate a culture. Suits that they are continually being used. Knowing the truth, one can only wonder why so many people believe in the literal meanings of these old stories, and so believe so foolishly about the prophesies. The canon was propaganda, the laws of not of god, but of man with a political agenda to destroy the culture it was overtaking. We did it to the American indians, and the Levites did it to thousands of people thousands of years ago. If only people would see the canon for what it is, as well as all these images across this site, and just say NO to it all.

    Propaganda. I learned about it in high school. I had no clue then how important it was for shaping the entire world. and my history teacher was wrong, it's first use was NOT during WW1.

    • @Sam

      One of the smartest comments on this thread so far. As someone who is African and understands what many of of our ancient cultural practices were and still being in tuned to them, and as someone who has been researching the Illuminati for some time, I will say there is more than meets the eye.

      I put a challenge out there to go and look up serpent science as it relates to feminine energy. As I said, there is more than meets the eye.

  93. I think these videos are hypnotic and trance-inducing, that is why you can't get them out of your head. Check out "brainwave entraining" and 3D tchnology in the movies these days, and read this http://newsguide.us/index.php?path=/art-entertain… These videos are probably tests for nwo mind manipulation technology like the military use in "winning" wars. All the latest technology and any kind of scientific advancement is driven by the military industrial complex, check it out!!

  94. I had an amusing thought of Kayne West and Jay Z, with their pants hanging below their buttocks, holding a discussion or, better yet, presenting a speech to the ivy leagued educated members of the illuminati/masons pronouncing “th” as “d” like “dat” “dis is wats up”, and pronouncing “th” as “f” when used at the end of a word, and running their words together, saying “yo dats what I’m takin’ bout”.

    What a bunch of tools.

    • That's a racist comment. If you've ever seen or heard Jay-Z or Kanye West talk, you'd know that isn't how they speak. KW parents were college professors, I'm pretty sure they taught their son how to speak properly.

  95. Theres this party hall place in my neighborhood that has that compass with the G in it as their logo…. i was gunna have a party there iit was so creepy from the moment i went in. There was a room full of old black and white pictures. Actually now that i think about it i think the main party room had that black and white checkered floor too. No wonder i got that creeepy feeling….

  96. Video is pretty dope lol. What I don't get is by them joining or being a part of the occult and doing all these rituals what is the effect on us the viewer human/consumer/viewer tax payer etc.

  97. I’m glad that vigilant citizen went over this video. The first time I saw I it I notices many of the Masonic imagery. However I wish that that would have talked about the end of the song (not included in the video) where Kanye says “I can make your life so exciting”. The work exciting is repeating and eventually sounds like suicide. The next part of the song is “This will be a beautiful death, jumping out the window, letting everything go.” It sounds like Kanye is struggling with his choice to put out the Mason’s propaganda and is contemplating (or planning) to take his own life.

  98. {OH ILLUMINATED ONE and JPBJ} it is quite clear that you guys are very intellegent, but there is a difference between, intellegence and wisdom…. PLEASE STOP making accusations about SATAN not being LUCIFER because it was not in the BIBLE.. and stirring up UNNESSASERY debates on this matter… if the two beings you speak of aren't indeed one, and if you asked the [very foolish question of } ''why is LUCIFER BAD?'' because his name means ''shinning one'' or ''angel of light'' or what ever…. THEN WHY DONT BOTH OF YOU WORSHIP HIM INSTEAD????? why do people like you two always have to ask such foolish questions?? and TEMPT GOD?? the bible NEVER, EVER said that MARY{Jesus' Mother} ever sinned… some might even say that she was {EMACULATE} but the word of GOD says in {Roms 3,23} that ALL HAVE SINNED AND FALL SHORT OF GOD's GLORY….so will you guys with all of your INTELLEGECE question the word of GOD next?

    and doubt this.? the BIBLE or Word Of God doesnt have to say IN DETAIL of the names of SATAN, he was called the DECEIVER, he was called THE GREAT DRAGON, he was called the ACCUSER and the list continues…pls GENIUSES… dont be made fools, for the good book also says "its better to a FOOL and then made WISE, than to think ye are WISE and be made FOOLS'' and since you guys are soooooo BIBLICAL you suppose to know which book i quoted that from….. {STOP BEING SMART, WITH FOOLISHNESS}

  99. My childlike creativity, purity and honesty

    Is honestly being prodded by these grown thoughts

    Reality is catchin’ up with me

    Takin’ my inner child, I’m fighting for it, custody

    I find these lyrics powerful.

    Get to konw God while we still can.

  100. REBECCA,REBECCA ,REBECCA…..with few words as possible let me “try” to help YOU with the whole SATAN BEING THE ANGEL OF MUSIC…LUCIFER was, has, and STILL is in charge of “the MAKING of music”… not All music is bad you silly girl!!!…but all music have a very STRONG INFLUENCE on us what we do with the “influencial power” is where the evil spawns…yes my child SATAN IS EVERYWHERE even in the CHURCH that YOU and I worship… he has the power to do MANY THINGS he can change into ANY image he wants, has the power to mess with even GOD’s elected children..satan can even perform “FALSE HEALING” and make one believe it was the work of GOD…pls my child, do some more research, TAKE YOUR TIME and read the bible, ask ALMIGHTY GOD for guidance and your eyes shall be open… KEEP GOOD AND KEEP GOD…

  101. DeeperthanAtlantis on

    Most people, if they read the Bible, would definitely understand what is going on today in the world. The Bible CLEARLY STATES, in more than 5 verses that SATAN is the temporary ruler of this earth. It is clear in the Scriptures that if you do not worship Immanuel(jesus), you are automatically worshipping Satan, it's that simple!!! No need to get emotions involved, which the scriptures also state. I encourage ALL to read the Bible(Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth), and put on the Whole Armour of the Most High. Please read Ephesians 6:12, this should clear up any remaining issue that you have concerning whats really going on. YAH BLESS!!!

    • and one more time just incase you missed it below…

      It seems like all you are looking for is attention. If you don not like the comments people make about the bible -SKIP THEM- its as easy as that. And honestly you sound like one of those zeitgeist believers. SMH.

    • I wanted to thank you for posting that link in your comment. I began watching it… called my mother into the room and asked if she'd ever heard of the Black Boule, she said "no"…. and wow!… did we get schooled!! Anytime I think that I couldn't possibly learn anything more…. that my most recent discovery was absolutely incredible… it is right then, that the rug gets pulled from under me.

      It's shocking and, then again, it's not. I didn't know anything about this "Black" Illuminati… the Boule. We could never understand why unity within the Black community was deteriorating and after watching this video… it makes perfect sense. The Boule is made up of a bunch of uncle tom's… I've even heard the term, "house negroes" with which I agree… it's sad. I've come to the conclusion that Black people are still enslaved and that this has always been the intent. They [Boule] seem to have taken on the mentality, "If you can't beat them, join them." Because, even in Freemasonry/Masonry blacks may attain the 33rd degree, while whites… the 33 1/3rd degree. Even in joining their white brothers in evildoing & worshipping Satan, blacks are still oppressed. It's corrupt.

      I only pray that I will never love/place any one or any thing more than/above my Lord and Savior. These white people – and black people – may have their riches, their cars, their "power," and worship their god to their hearts content… I'd rather have Jesus Christ and keep my soul!

      Also, I came across this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xiOq85bLFnE
      It shows Reverend Samuel Kyles, virtually, letting it slip that he was involved in the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Although, MLK, Jr. and Jesse Jackson was/is a member of the Boule. You should watch Steve Cokely exposing the Reverend Jesse Jackson as, also, involved in MLK's assassination: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sjHtczIKS4&fe

  102. Ordinarily I would never make a comment on an internet blog, but right now, I feel as if I must. First of all, thank you Vigilant Citizen for devoting whatever amount of time into this blog. I certainly provides perspective and food for thought.

    Secondly, in defence of “The Illuminated”, I beleive that all he is asking of people is for them to CRITICALLY THINK for themselves about any information that they are or have recieved. One might find logical parallels between Vigilant Citizen’s work, and your own independant research, but that alone does not mean that any one man “speaks the truth”. If anything, the only “truth” man can speak is his or her own narrative, born of his or her own interpretations of pieces of information, empirical observations, discoveries, et cetera, regardless of what the reality is. People who feel disenfranchised or alienated from mainstream consciousness should be VERY careful about what they choose to ingest as “fact”. As an example, there exists certain “white power” websites who also claim thier information is “truth”, and also claim to have members who are “well read” with extensively research, and who also are capable of making quite convincing claims of “truth” with the support of “provable facts, evidence, and statistics”. Oh, and these people also claim to be good christians who are “guided by thier hearts”. And who is anyone to tell them they aren’t? To tell them what they should be thinking or doing? You? Me? The supposed god and all the supporting text of thier faith?

    Please refer to an interesting article that articulates this point much better than I have: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article25936.htm

    If truth is perfection, then man will NEVER know it.

  103. @Paco If you read the Bible (KJV 1611) you can answer these questions yourself. As for point C:

    And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, Come hither; I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters:

    With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.

    So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.

    And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:

    And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. Revelation 17:1-5

    Question: Who wears purple and scarlet colors on their vestments? Who has precious stones and pearls on their mitre? Who shares a wafer from a golden cup filled with what is SUPPOSED to be the blood of Christ? who has kings, queens, presidents and rulers always visiting ROME?

    Do your research.

  104. I think its that he is turning into a 33rd level "illuminated" freemason and when he is in the 33rd level he is in the city of whatever it is.

    Thats all :O

    And the archs are upside down on the bottom of the picture, maybe this shows something? :O I'm 14 I don't know much 😛

    Jesus rules! 😀 But these jewish people are crazy I hate them yet they are "a synagogue of Satan" but still God's people. However in past times the jews have rebelled against God and now I'm guessing they are at it again. But this time he is going to punish them even more devastatingly… Oii there are some idiots that believe Obama is the antichrist I mean WTF? Calm down, he isn't but he is another illuminati dick!

    • Every One Wll Bow- J on

      Softie, I admire your resonse. Be careful not people. Instead, we must pray for them. As you and I know, Satan depends on the weaknesses of people in order to deceive them.

  105. Love is the answer on

    Yes indeed God is the ultimate judge but saying that all press is good press is totally false. If we followed your advice we should close all the internet forums existing because apparently voicing an opnion and stating facts is judging people. I don't think that this website is giving them good publicity, on the contrary it is showing their true colors and if nobody speaks for fear of being judgmental than we can't do nothing.

    The facts are there, the evidence speaks for itself and I feel sorry for people who are seduced by this music and have consequently lost all critical thinking about it and are being blinded. We for the most part can make the difference between what's bad and what's good. There are bad people in this world following an evil agenda and denouncing them is the least we can do. Continue to spread the word Vigilant !

    Regarding the Bible investigate the Council of Nicea people. They have changed some parts in the Bible to make people believe that Jesus is God and give more power to the Roman Church. Before this council took place, Jesus was considered as a Prophet, a mortal human being. Jesus is not God and this is in what Christianity has been corrupted. If you want to be saved you better investigate this CRUCIAL QUESTION because you are worshipping a human being and not God and this is the exact sin that God does not forgive.

    It's like all these people worshipping their idols created by Hollywood and the Music Industry ! The human beings never learn a lesson and are condemned to repeat history. I fear a big tribulation to come !

    Don't get me wrong, I don't compare them to Jesus, Jesus was a honorable Prophet and accomplished miracles but thanks to God, not by himself and he will not come back ! Keep in mind that Satan will try by all means possible to lead us astray, BY ALL MEANS POSSIBLE ! It's very important for you to stay alert and investigate EVERYTHING !

    Satan or Lucifer is the same thing, just because it means light bearer doesn't mean he's on the good side. It's just to attract people and deceit them. God tells us that Satan will be given power on this earth to lead astray all those who don't worship God. So there is nothing like two different entities, Satan/Lucifer is one and the same. He also has his army of demons.

    (English is not my language sorry if there are mistakes.)

    • i humbly agree with you "love is the answer"….. may all things good and all things love work together to make and keep you and yours SAFE….

    • Love is the answer…

      May I start by asking, what Bible are you reading? Because if we are reading the same Bible I must be stupid, high, or worse.

      Jesus is fully God in a fully human form. He proved that by all the miracles he performed, by rising from the dead, and ascending into heaven to be at the right hand of God.

      Please, if I misunderstood your comment, forgive me. But I fear for your soul if you think Jesus… man, I can't even write it. If you think Jesus is not the Son of the Most High God, you are lost and we must pray for you.

      peace. May God have mercy on you all.

      • whats wrong with saying love is the answer?? it doesnt matter where it comes from.. it sounds right I believe.

      • Love is the answer on


        I think you are missing my point. I said that the Bible has been falsified, re-rewritten, corrupted. Not entirely there are still some truths in it. Of course if you take it for granted you only can believe that Jesus is God because this is what you have been told to but know that it is a gross offense towards God that you are doing. I can even show you verses contradicting your claims, where Jesus clearly says that he does not act on his own will but with God's permission.These verses are too obvious for you to dismiss them, please tell me what they mean if not that Jesus is not God:

        John 7:16 Jesus answered them and said, "My doctrine is not Mine, but His who sent Me.

        John 12:49 "For I have not spoken on My own authority; but the Father who sent Me gave Me a command, what I should say and what I should speak.

        Matthew 7:21 "Not everyone who says to Me, 'Lord, Lord,' shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven.

        Also, the expression "son of God" has been used not only for Jesus but for other Prophets too, one example:

        "He [Solomon] shall build a house for my name, and I will establish the throne of his kingdom for ever. I will be his father and he shall be my son." (II Samuel 7:13-14)

        I am not here to try to convince anyone I'm just voicing my opinion as many do here. If you don't believe or agree with me that's fine, everybody's entitled to have his/her own opinions. Reading the Bible is not enough, you have to study it yourself and don't let others do the work for you because on judgement day you will be alone and Jesus will not intervene for you.

        To the person who said that my talk "sounds muslim" I will just answer that you are obviously being prejudice because you are basing your comment on what I can be and not on my post and its content. This is exactly the behaviour of someone being prejudice and unfortunately a lot of people are like you, basing their 'opnions' on unimportant details and not on the evidence and facts. If you don't agree that's fine but prove that I'm wrong.

        "Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance." Investigate. Peace to all.

      • hey there, regardless of the bible being rewritten or not, is god not greater than humanity or able 2 keep his word intact??? is gods arm shortened that it can not redeem back???? as for jesus christ being god, then i say go look in a mirror. you will see yourself, a person that is made up of body/ soul/ spirit, but ur still one and the same person. but u have 3 parts to the one person. god made man in his own image, body/ soul/ spirit. a triune being he created just like himself, one person but 3 parts 2 the same being. god is the same, the father/ the son/ the holy ghost. but still one god.

      • (second try, I don't like this new format) @ “Love is the answer” I have condemned no one. I merely made an observation based on the statements of an individual. It was a neutral observation. Don’t be so quick to jump to a conclusion or make unwarranted accusations..

    • He's right. The bible was edited, it says "god" im some places where its supposed to say "satan"

      All the "Christian" fools on this site make me sick. They live in fear and foolishness and discredit true phenomena by way of their silly superstition. They don't know shit about their religion and its history and know VERY little about christ smfh.

      @Say What? SO WHAT if he is musilm what the FUCK does that have to do with anything. People want to demonize Islam and other religions but do you ever ask yourself why the people who have wreaked the most havoc on earth and caused the most pain (colonialism, neo-colonialism, environmental destruction,etc) have done so in the name of CHRIST? (with "jews" following a close second in the modern era).

      "If you aint talkin bout wisdom you aint talkin bout shit"- @FlockaBey

  106. You forgot to mention the black and white floor.

    The symbol for the coming age of aquarius which is represented by the two women on top with the pitcher

    of water.

    The fact the the images on top are upside down so in reality that light source on top of the video is really

    a morning star which is Lucifer dawn of the morning.

  107. I see a lot of people writing stuff like "who cares if Kanye had that song Jesus Walks, he didn`t even write it" okay fine w/e but what about his songs like Family Business? or All Falls Down? you can`t say he`s the same rapper and man now, that he was then. All of this Illuminati stuff is so frustrating cuz too many people love all of this shit and when you find out the truth it`s so freakin hard to extract yourself from all of it, I still can`t stop listening to Kanye but I never like Lady Gaga or Jay-Z, Beyonce, Rihanna, the list goes on. Someone everyone should listen to is Jin, his mixtape that came out earlier this year, it`s called Say Something, the best song on there is "I Tried" (yea it uses the Run This Town beat but he`s conyeying a completely different message) "this is good vs. evil, it`s time to choose a side. I will never be perfect but at least I know I tried"- Jin "I Tried"

  108. Interesting post VC. However, its pretty short and lacking some of your usual detail, but I forgive you. After taking in the video a few times I see Kanye in it as the 'King' of sorts. The four-winged creature, sitting on the chair (which obviously represents a throne) makes her either a winged goddess or winged demon, depending on your stance! She could also be Ishtar, but is more likely a representation of 'Isis', the winged Sun goddess, as someone else said, or more acurately, her sister 'Nephthys', known as 'Mistress of the House', the House being 'The House of Horus'…..Interesting symbology that's for sure…the music is hypnotic…I would say a big hit for Kanye!

    P.S. The previous video 'Civilization' was very good…I laughed at the 'Stay Puft Marshmallow Man' from Ghostbusters and the shadow of Mr. Universe himself, Arnie!

    • Thats what I gathered personally.. I think that Kanye is saying something more than he is in illuminati.. alot of people think that he is not hurt about the death of his mother… I believe that her death was the last draw for him.. he wants out now.. and i thought that by him making this video and with the king with the sword in his head.. he was saying that he is going to be killed.. like for real.. basically hes going to lose his head

  109. I think it is so interesting that people keep referencing Satan. Satan is a CONSTRUCT. There is no REAL Satan. There are things far worse than a literary figure with horns and a forked tail. The real way to free your mind is to get over these ridiculous belief systems that were created to control the masses!

    The Masons and the "Illuminati" are silly. Even if they control the world, they are still doing it within a Judeo-Christian framework. A created framework that could fall to the ground if people would open their eyes to the fact that those books you cling to so earnestly are works of fiction.

    • DeeperthanAtlantis on

      Satan is A REAL SPIRIT!! HE IS NOT A CONSTRUCT AT ALL. If you believe that, then u believe there is no lake of fire in the middle of this earth, which is also real. It may seem easier for your conscience to say that there is no Satan, but look around you. These artist are telling you DIRECTLY WHO THEY SERVE. Do not get emotional about this, just read the bible, which confirms history. People have been making "deals with the devil" for ages. Please look up a gentleman named Todd Beezely, or a gentleman named Roger Morneau. Also, research the Faustian Pact, and u will start a new level of understanding. You will be enlightened, my friend. As for the descendants of Ham that you call ancient egyptians, they were PAGANS. They worshipped EVERYTHING, but the Most High. They did ancestor worship, they worshipped Palm trees, animals, insects(beetle), and what not. Think about this, all those "ancient" civilizations that were so great, are all GONE. Ishmael's people run egypt now, not Ham!! The Mayans, Incas, they are all gone. Why? They worshipped the sun, not the Son!! The Most High took them out in various ways. Your SOUL is on the line.!!

  110. ~Truth be told~ on

    I want some infor on Lupe Fiasco because i feel that he's been crying out for some years and we've totally by passed due to lack of knowledge up until now. peep theses lyrics

    "The Coolest"


    The coolest nigga, what? The coolest nigga, what? [4x]


    The coolest nigga, what? The coolest nigga, what?

    The coolest nigga, what? The coolest nigga, what?

    The coolest nigga, what? The coolest nigga, what?

    The coolest nigga, what? The coolest nigga, what?

    Lord please have sympathy

    And forgive my cool young history (Michael Young History)


    The coolest nigga, what? The coolest nigga, what?

    The coolest nigga, what? The coolest nigga, what?

    [Verse 1]

    I love the lord

    But sometimes it's like that I love me more

    I love the peace, and I love the war

    I love the seas, and I love the shore

    No love for no beach, baby that's law

    But she doesn't see, therefore I spoil

    I trick, I fall, run up in raw

    I love her with all my heart

    Every vein, every vessel, every bullet lodged

    With every flower that I ever took apart

    She said, that she would give me greatness, status, placement

    Above the others, my face with grace covers of the magazines

    Of the hustlers, paper, the likes of which

    That I had never seen, her eyes glow green

    With the logo of our dreams, the purpose of our scene

    A obscene obsession for the bling

    She would be my queen, I could be her king, together

    She would make me cool, and we would both rule, forever

    And I would never feel pain

    And never be without pleasure, ever, again

    And if the rain stops, and everything's dry

    She would cry, just so I could drink the tears from her eyes

    She'd teach my how to fly, even cushion my fall

    If my engines ever stall, and I plummet from the sky

    But she would keep me high, and if I ever die

    She would commission my image on her bosom, to him

    Or maybe she'd retire as well

    A match made in Heaven set the fires in Hell, and I'll be


    [Verse 2]

    And so began our reign

    The trinity, her and I can

    No weather man could ever stand where her and I came

    Hella hard, umbrella whatever, put plywood over Pella panes

    And pray to God that the flood subside

    'cause you're gonna need a sub 'til he does reply

    And not one of Jared's, you think it's all arid

    And everything's irie, another supply

    That means another July inside my endless summer

    That was just the eye of the Unger

    Felix, 'cause he is the cleanest amongst the younger

    Outstanding achieving up-and-comers

    The ones that had dead-beat daddies, and well-to-do mamas

    But not well enough to keep 'em from us

    The ones that were, fighting in class, who might not pass

    Rap record pressured to laugh, at a life not fast

    Can you feel it? [echo], that's what I got asked

    Do I love her? [echo], said I don't know

    Streets got my heart, game got my soul

    One time missing sunshine will never hurt your soul

    Quote: To a crying dishonored baby mama

    Who's the mama to a daughter that I had fathered from afar

    My new lady gave me a Mercedes and a necklace

    With a solid gold key, like the starter of a car

    The opener of a door or two pounds of raw

    You gave me a baby, but what about lately?

    Then ha-ha-ha-ha-haw'ed, right up in her face, G

    There's more fish in the sea, I'm on my mission to be, be



    Come, these are the tales of The Cool

    Guaranteed to go and make you fail from your school

    And seek unholy grails like a fool

    And hang with the players of the pool, fast talking on the hustle

    No Heaven up above you, no Hell underneath you

    And nowhere will receive thee, so

    Shed no tear, when we're not here

    And keep your faith, as we chase

    …The Cool

  111. There's something I don't get it. Why is the video to short. Is it because of the song length or the Illuminati crap stuffed in. An average video should 3 mins long.

  112. I am quite new to this mailing site, but may i say my mind has been opened up

    to the shadow world in which we all live & have to really look & see what is right in

    front of us & not take anything for granted! Stunning job as always.

  113. The next video on youtube after this one, Coldest Winter, is also pretty occult and much creepier. There's a haunted forest and a bunch of masked, shrouded cultists cast black magic to torment and control this runaway bride until she falls of a cliff, and it's sung as though Kenye were the head sorcerer. The last thing you see in the video is that creepy eye-mouth-glow dissolve like in some other Illuminati videos. I think Lady Gaga had one that ended like that.

  114. Wow so I just watched flashing lights again and the lack of blood is obvious and strange. There is no way that was a mistake. It makes so much sense now.

  115. First of all, I think its silly that this has turned into some sort of Bible war. To understand the video, one should understand ancient Egyptian culture/religion, not the Bible. Which, by the way, the Bible incorporates many Egyptian myths with changed names and words (read up on the egyptians before you begin to yell at me IE the story of Horus vs the story of Jesus.) Don’t get me wrong, I believe Jesus was very real, and a wonderful man who reached full enlightenment but people, you are worshipping THE MESSENGER and not THE MESSAGE. Anyways, this video (I believe) is NOT “evil.” If you read the lyrics, it practically seems like Kanye doesn’t want this power and is afraid of it himself. As for all the symbols, each one has ancient occult meaning, AND PEOPLE – “OCCULT” DOES NOT MEAN “BAD”! It means secret, hidden, etc. Videos like this, however, are showing that this knowledge is NO LONGER occult. It is there if you want to find it, within books, articles, etc.

    Stop fighting over this Bible/not-bible stuff. Go do some of your own research and stop seeing to VC as your own personal messenger. There are things called libraries, people. Do research. Form your own opinions. Live your life according to those, but stop shoving these religious beliefs down other peoples throats! Scientifically proven, people will defend their political and religious stands to tooth and nail so its pretty pointless. I could start ranting how all of you are wrong, and the key to a happy and loving life is Nirvana, attainted through enlightenment of one’s mind and soul. But guess what? I don’t care to. I am very at peace with my spirituality, if you have a need to shove your beliefs into the faces of others – why? If they’re so unwilling? Does it matter? Let it be. People will find their way if they want to, and if they don’t… Well in all honesty, I simply pity those. I completely believe each and every person has the capability to learn what they WANT and form their OWN opinions. Its all a matter of choice. Whether they’ll choose to play World of Warcraft for 4 hours, or go to the local library and check out “Liberal Fascism – the secret history of the American Left from Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning” by Jonah Goldberg.

    Or hey, “What Does That Mean?” by Eldon Taylor. Hmm.. There’s also “Secret Societies” by David Barrett…

    I could go on and on. Point is, form your own opinions, and stop attacking those with slightly different ones.

    Go in peace.

    • It seems like all you are looking for is attention. If you don not like the comments people make about the bible -SKIP THEM- its as easy as that. And honestly you sound like one of those zeitgeist believers. SMH. Give me a break…

  116. First of all, I think its silly that this has turned into some sort of Bible war. To understand the video, one should understand ancient Egyptian culture/religion, not the Bible. Which, by the way, the Bible incorporates many Egyptian myths with changed names and words (read up on the egyptians before you begin to yell at me IE the story of Horus vs the story of Jesus.) Don’t get me wrong, I believe Jesus was very real, and a wonderful man who reached full enlightenment but people, you are worshipping THE MESSENGER and not THE MESSAGE. Anyways, this video (I believe) is NOT “evil.” If you read the lyrics, it practically seems like Kanye doesn’t want this power and is afraid of it himself. As for all the symbols, each one has ancient occult meaning, AND PEOPLE – “OCCULT” DOES NOT MEAN “BAD”! It means secret, hidden, etc. Videos like this, however, are showing that this knowledge is NO LONGER occult. It is there if you want to find it, within books, articles, etc.

    Stop fighting over this Bible/not-bible stuff. Go do some of your own research and stop seeing to VC as your own personal messenger. There are things called libraries, people. Do research. Form your own opinions. Live your life according to those, but stop shoving these religious beliefs down other peoples throats! Scientifically proven, people will defend their political and religious stands to tooth and nail so its pretty pointless. I could start ranting how all of you are wrong, and the key to a happy and loving life is Nirvana, attainted through enlightenment of one’s mind and soul. But guess what? I don’t care to. I am very at peace with my spirituality, if you have a need to shove your beliefs into the faces of others – why? If they’re so unwilling? Does it matter? Let it be. People will find their way if they want to, and if they don’t… Well in all honesty, I simply pity those. I completely believe each and every person has the capability to learn what they WANT and form their OWN opinions. Its all a matter of choice. Whether they’ll choose to play World of Warcraft for 4 hours, or go to the local library and check out “Liberal Fascism – the secret history of the American Left from Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning” by Jonah Goldberg.

    Or hey, “What Does That Mean?” by Eldon Taylor. There’s also “Secret Societies” by David Barrett…

    I could go on and on. Point is, form your own opinions, and stop attacking those with slightly different ones.


    • It seems like all you are looking for is attention. If you don not like the comments people make about the bible -SKIP THEM- its as easy as that. And honestly you sound like one of those zeitgeist believers. SMH.

      • The multiple posts were an accident, I sincerely thought that my comment was not showing up, if that is what you’re reffering to in my “attention seeking.” I didn’t say I don’t like the Bible comments, I’m sick of people fighting bible-this-bible-that. Why don’t THEY just skip over the comments they don’t like? Why don’t you? What are you trying to prove here, by attempting to insult me? You kind of humour me. Go on, keep attacking people that do not think like you, I’m sure you are the secret keeper of all the knowledge of the universe, eh?

    • Annia,

      So that people who don't know Christianity think these things can go together. Or even better for them, pseudo-christians supportin them.

      Evil is empty and needs masks to show itself, such is the case here. Because satan is pathological liar, he will never show who he is directly but will take something and distort.

      All the thousands of gods people believe in end up as those masks. Demons can inhabit idols (in some places idols may speak etc. or things are flying around -well that's demons moving it and fooling around). thats a whole other subject though..The greek statues everyone adores so much, of their gods, were also inhabited for ex. Apollo. That stuff can be scary and can drive people insane…although for Christians they're nothing we focus on God, devil is a tool to become stronger in God.

  117. ilovegreentea on

    Excellent article Vigilant. The symbols certainly rule the world. Excellent interpretation of the eyes illuminating. So he's on the path of enlightenment. "Knowledge is power" by Sir Francis Bacon.

  118. When does this guy have time to move through 33 degrees of Masonry? He's flying around to Louis Vuitton fashion shows, having rap battles, making beats, & dating video models…

    Sometimes I wonder if these guys are just doing what they're told by the people who actually control Hollywood and are in "the know"… They themselves remaining clueless the whole time.

  119. I had been waiting for this article, never even noticed the pyramid and the eye of horus at the end, another job well done! Is it just me or has Kelly Rowland been initiated aswell? I could be overreacting but the lyrics and video are a bit strange to me…Hmm…

  120. Also the line of pillars in the beginning of the video shoot out behind from Kanyes back looking like big black demonic angel wings…..

  121. When will you guys understand that if all this things are real it's much more serious than Christianity vs Evil and stuff like that? You faith isn't the only one, respect others.

    if all this things that Citizen says are real than all your arguing about what bible says and don't and what's the right ways of achieving God or the right religion are all a waste of time.

    I respect everyone, even satanic or luciferianist people as long as they don't harm others with their beliefs. What's wrong for me is the way some bizarre concepts are being shown in videos and the possibility of the existence of mind control and NWO. The wrong thing is the way some people hurt other beings and want to control every aspect of their live, and not the religion that's behind that. There are awful people in all religions.

    • Hey girl,

      I would agree with you but the only problem is when it comes to Masonry and Luciferian lifestyles, Alleister Crowley summed up the Luciferian religion into " do what thou wilt" which means if you want to rape someone, or kill someone, or hurt someone – if that's what you want to do then go ahead and do it.


      God says don't kill, love everyone, "If you love me, keep my commandments John 14:15] This is the battle of the Great Controversy. I never knew this until I started playing with evil spirits and my cousin got possessed [long long story] my life was going downhill – I KNOW that evil is real. satan's only goal in life is to wipe out God's people and to win our worship. That's the initial reason why he was kicked out of heaven in the first place. He wanted the angels worship and thought he could be god.

      When Jesus returns, every eye will see and every knee will bow. satan is creeping through the tv, media, music, even churches now. the kids are watching this garbage and they want to have nothing to do with God. He wants to win our worship so we forget about God.

      The reason why i checked out this video is because some kid at a christian college got possessed by a evil spirit watching this video and i wanted to know what it was all about. When you don't have a strong hold with God and ask for His protection, you have your barriers down for anything to come and move you, possess you, change your way of thinking.

      It's hard for me to type it all but like everyone keeps saying DO YOUR RESEARCH. God Himself says " If you seek me with all your heart, all your mind and all your soul, you will find Me." I have and I know this is all real, I'm completely content and happy but I do want to say- not every Christian is a "true worshipper" of God because they appear to be in love with jesus but follow not One Commandment or are hypocrites. It's tough but once you ask God to help you – you just don't know the wonderful blessings it comes with :)

      P.S. sorry for making this long!

  122. People are meaner on the board now than they were before

    What's going on? LVB, Vigilant, Stacy, etc

    Have yall noticed?

  123. DeeperthanAtlantis on

    Immanuel, who name was changed by the Greeks to Jesus, is the SON OF THE MOST HIGH. THE WORD(Immanuel) became flesh and to offer himself as a guiltless sacrifice for our sins. Without that, we would all be condemned to the Lake of Fire on judgment day. He came into our world as a "human", but he is not "human". Mankind has been preaching this blasphemy for AGES. THIS IS NOT NEW FALSE DOCTRINE. He is not comparable to any "human" who may have "some" enlightenment. SORRY, if i busted any bubbles, but as a true believer, we have to help those who don't know, or we will be held accountable by the Ancient of Days. Remember, your soul is on the line. Satan all ready knows he is going to the Lake, and all he is doing is getting as many humans as possible to go with him. YAH BLESS!!!

  124. I agree with everything you point out, great job by the way, again, But i also have a feeling it may have something to do with Obama, The crown may also represent being a head of state, Kanye is black, and he sings "in a white mans world, WE… which seems strange as he's not white., The looming threat, (Damocles sword, etc) assassination that people expected with his colour in America, He could be counting down the hours to when the expendable Obama, in the white mans world, has filled his purpose. And he says no man should have all that power, could this also mean the power Obama has, The illuminati want some world leader to start a war to end all wars, so the UN can consolidate the power of all the world.

  125. "In order to accomplish this, Kanye needs to kill his old self and be ritualistically reborn. Once this is done, true power is within his grasp."

    exactly what kanye's mini movie [We Were Once A Fairytale] was about! its about 9 min long…youtube it

  126. Again fantastic VC, please tell us more of the "Revalation of the method" please write too about the war against the males and the penis

    • Yes, that video's pretty evil and Rihanna isn't even TRYING to seem evil anymore, it looks like she's totally snuggled into her role as the "good girl gone bad" like her friend Ke$ha. Lady Gaga's next song.. "dance in the dark"

  127. Kanye in the small chance you actually read this and the comments. ide like to say to you. You suck punk. and lucifer aint nothin but a piece of shit fallen angel. have fun with your wealth now because in the end when you die and become the food of maggots you cant take any of your riches with you..

  128. But the difference between Mr. West and the others is that they willingly accepted the life that was presented before them and he does not accept. I honestly and truly believe that he is trying to warn us and tell us what is happening through visuals and through his music. I feel bad for the internal war that must be going on inside of his soul and his mind. I think that he is afraid for his life, but will stand up for what is true and right and speak out against infamous "them" and let the chips fall where they may.

    @DeeperthanAtlantis: all of the days of the week are named for the planetary system. Monday=Moon Day, Tuesday = Mars, Wednesday = Mercury, Thursday = Jupiter, Friday = Venus, Saturday = Saturn. The reason for Sunday being the current day of worship is "On the 3rd day he rose". Friday-Sunday.

    • DeeperthanAtlantis on

      @It's me. Actually, Immanuel was was crucified in the middle of the week, which is the day THE EUROPEANS (GENTILES) call Wednesday. The Israelites already had names for each day. Also, Friday to SUNday is not 3 days. Please refer to Daniel 9:27, or Matthew 12:38-41. There are other scriptures to support that THE MESSIAH was crucified on the day we NOW call wednesday. YAH BLESS!!

  129. Lol.. kanye jay z beyonce all of them are gonna cry and regret everything they are doing one day .. they will see the truth soon.

    • DeeperthanAtlantis on

      @Freeyourmind. Thanks. I am an old school hip-hop head, and it came from a group called X-CLAN. I always remembered that line, and so I "borrowed" it, LOL. Do you know Atlantis was real? That's were a lot of the FALLEN ANGELS, and there off-spring, kicked it here on earth. That's why THE MOST HIGH sunk it. Please refer to the Book of Jasher & the Book of Enoch. YAH BLESS!!!

  130. ALBINO with horns represents the creation/ birth of the European/ last man on earth.

    Masonry was taught to the Europeans by Egyptian Adepts and masters as a gift of wisdom. Mason and Egyptian imagery does not honor shaitan, but has been warped/ twisted to honor shaitan. EG the pentagram which represents Love, Truth, Peach, Freedom and justice upside down by satanists. we have seen them pervert many positive things.

    MASONRY and EGYPTIAN mythology in and of themselves are NOT demonic. The Masonic lodge was INFILTRATED by the illuminati in recent history and that accounts for their current agenda and representation.

    IT REALLY ANNOYS ME that VC FAILS TIME AFTER TIME to make this distinction, and leads me to believe he is either not as informed as he should be as much as hes studies this topic or is DELIBERATELY NEGLECTING THE TRUTH.

    "If you aint talkin bout wisdom, you ain't talkin bout shit"- @FlockaBey

    Peace and Abundance.

      • You affirm that the illuminati worship satan, and associate Masonry with the illuminati. Can it not be thereby ascertained that by associating Masonic and Egyptian symbols with the illuminati, you associate Masonry with satanism? The word you tend to use is "occult" but that ONLY means "beyond the range of ordinary knowledge or understanding; mysterious" OR "secret; disclosed or communicated only to the initiated. " Which means nothing. Astrology is considered "occult" but it certainly isn't satanistic. Yet the evils you describe as byproducts of illiminati ideals (mind-control, population control, militarism, martial-law) certainly are.


        Whatever it is, you need to make yourself clear. Because right now, it APPEARS you are saying occult symbols= masonic symbols= illuminati symbols with no clear discernment or discretion. You can see that many people are taking this to mean "masonry is evil; Egyptian mythology is evil" and you provide no indication you do not believe that yourself.

        Note: No, i am not associated with masonry. -_-

        Peace and Abundance


    • @newbie

      Thank goodness G-d knows our hearts and will judge us not Ghandi.

      I have met many many Christians who exemplify the love of Christ daily.

  131. I noticed a few things in the video that I was hoping someone could add more information to. Some of it's pretty interesting. They are all pretty sectioned off, forgive me for a lack of flow.

    At the very beginning of the video, before the camera pans out to show all of Kanye, it looks like his shirt is a black robe. I felt like this was odd so I looked it up, seeing what black robes are commonly related. I felt dumb for not noticing right away, but Kanye's shirt seems to allude to a judge's robe.

    I also saw the other pair of horned women in the bottom corners of the screen eating grapes, which is what wine is made of. I felt like it signified the blood of Christ.

    About one minute into the video there are two women crawling towards the two-winged angel and Kanye. I'm not sure, but I felt like those women could represent the masses. (?)

    Also just a bit before the end of the video the camera has panned out so we can see what Kanye is walking on. It looks like an upside down hallway to me because of the arches that he is standing on. I'm not too sure about it, it just seems off.

    Lastly! (sorry about the length)

    The chanting and clapping present through out the song are similar to other pop artists' "hooks" that carry hidden meaning. I have not been able to listen to the song with high quality speakers, but I'm pretty sure something is there.

  132. DeeperthanAtlantis on

    Some of us know that the BIBLE has been tampered with, that's not new. There are other books of the Prophets that were left out of the scriptures, but they are available. Whenever you study ANYTHING, u need to ask the Most High for the spirit of discernment, so that you can have a clear understanding. Now, isn't it funny that KANYE'S MOTHER WAS A PROFESSOR, but he comes out saying that reading is not cool!! But yet, KANYE gives out a BOOK AT ALL HIS CONCERTS. And we know KANYE IS WELL READ HIMSELF, he' s a backpack rapper, remember? HE IS CONFUSED, AND THE SCRIPTURES SAY CONFUSION IS OF THE DEVIL. YAH BLESS!!

  133. does the killing of the king have anything to do with jay z becoming 33rd degree at the time of michael jacksons death? that same year is when jay signed that million dollar contract. you can't have two kings of the same industry

  134. Oh and one big tremendous set of questions:

    Who founded your Church?

    Who began your Church?

    Who is the leader of your Church?

    Can you trace your Church back to the days of Jesus Christ?

  135. Satanic calvin and luther, two heretics, one major mistake gave birth to over 35,000 different sects of protestantism. Each so different from the other than most of them rarely agree on anything.

    'May they all be One Father, as You and I are One'.

    That should be VERY telling.

    • @Paco

      I can tell you are a fervent Catholic….that is your choice…..why so much angst against other religions and denominations.

      The church of Christ is invisible (spiritual) not visible and the gospel is not confined to the catholic church.
      I say this with love and concern.


    Im pleased to read your articles, here in Kosovo, Pristina. If you can read about my country, than i would give to you some of materials that can give you clues from iluminati job in my post-war country.

    Im one of in a milion, reading and believing on masonery and Iluminaty conspiracy




  137. @ "Love is the answer" I have condemned no one. I merely made an observation based on the statements of an individual. It was a neutral observation. Don't be so quick to jump to a conclusion or make unwarranted accusations..

  138. I like the new format but it's confusing. You can't find the new comments. You have to search by date. When I hit submitt my comment will appear in the middle somewhere

  139. I saw this video in passing the other day and just dropped my jaw. The symbolism is so blatant. I just thought that they arent even hiding it anymore. At least with Gaga you need to have a basic understanding of the symbolisms in her vids but this is just blatant. I recently saw Miley Cyrus's vid for 'cant be saved'. That also shocked me with how obvious it all was.

  140. Saw this video the other day, and it was just creepy from the get go. Big ups Vigilant. I picked up some of the stuff, but you layed out everything there is to it. Really used to love Kanye. Had all his albums. Who knows, maybe he struck a deal with Mr. 666 when he was in that car crash and signed his life over back then already, for his life to go on and for fame and success. Really pains me dude. Really does.

    • DiZiLLuZioneD on

      That song is already out on Rick Ross's new album. On the song, Jay has a line that says "I never said I was a Mason, I said I was AMAZING." Which is complete and utter bullcrap because he is skating around the issue and using semantics to throw everyone off of his REAL nature. I guess he came out with the line and song because the number of people calling him out as a devil worshipper had gotten ridiculous, affecting records sales, concert tickets, etc.

  141. Mallor – ohmygoodness!!! i thought i was the only one who thought the loss of jennifer hudson’s family could be a sacrifice. i watched her on VH1 behind the music and she made an interesting comment towards the end – that she would not trade her fortune (music, awards, etc) for anything in the world. and i thought that was wierd for somone who lost loved ones so violently. so it led me to think that maybe they were the sacrifice for her quick rise to fame and fortune. or maybe i read VC and other related material too much. haha.

    as much as i don’t want to look at people and think they could be a vessel for evil, (because then i start to think about myself) i think that if you believe in God, then you gotta believe in the Devil and all what the Bible says about him. i believe in Jesus and so i think it’s important to look at things crtically and to realise that we are constantly under attack from various sides. and many times it is cloaked in innocent/sweet things. i like what one poster wrote – if it is not from God, then it is evil. many times in the Bible we are warned that to be friendly/conform to things of this world is to be an enenmy of God. and idolatry comes in money forms not just status. that is why we are told to love God above ALL things.

    lately i have been thinking deelpy and medidating on the Word, and as a believer of the Word, things aren’t as rosy as we think. but there is always hope, so don’t lose faith people!

  142. For those who do not believe the truth of the bible, that God does not exist, and so on…

    Think about this. If "he" really was inexistant and the bible contained no truth, and his preachings were completely irrelevant, why would the industry, and those in charge be trying so desperately hard to keep God and Christianity out of everything including music, movies, and whats considered normal?

    If God was not real, then why would he be such a threat to whatever plans these "people" have going on?

    All their efforts have led us to think backwards, such as watching movies and being more attracted to the villian rather than the hero. For example, after Batman came out in theathers, "The Joker" was everywhere, and everyone loved the character and approx. 1 out of 3 people had to had dressed up as him for halloween. Why is that? When Batman was the actual hero, the character who back in the day everyone wanted to be. Now it seems we rather be evil than be good.

    Just a thought so please save your time if you are going to write back something offensive. (:

  143. We can argue back and forth about religion until the hell freezes over, all the rancor is sad for many reasons.

    To be up front I am a Christian, I have been many things prior to being a Christian it was a conscious deliberate choice after I looked at all the evidence for and against many different religions. What convinces me everyday and I will never waiver is that I have fellowship with G-d in Jesus Christ through his Holy Spirit. We are spiritually dead and cannot know truth until we take that step of faith, repent and accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour. For the true Christian He lives in our hearts and we are humbled each day by the Love that He gives us, it is a work from the inside out.

    Regardless of my testimony, the fact that everything is being disputed and argued about here, we need to realize if are truly concerned about the state of our world that this is what the global elite want ….for us to hate and argue.

    Please take a few minute and go check out the link.

    I support the expression of ideas about religion, it is critical that we are free to express our religious views, the discussion of religion does not have to be taboo or offensive, however I think that we need to always speak with love and respect, otherwise we feed the globalist agenda.


  144. We can argue back and forth about religion until the hell freezes over, all the rancor is sad for many reasons.

    To be up front I am a Christian, I have been many things prior to being a Christian it was a conscious deliberate choice after I looked at all the evidence for and against many different religions. What convinces me everyday and I will never waiver is that I have fellowship with G-d in Jesus Christ through his Holy Spirit. We are spiritually dead and cannot know truth until we take that step of faith, repent and accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour. For the true Christian He lives in our hearts and we are humbled each day by the Love that He gives us, it is a work from the inside out.

    Regardless of my testimony, the fact that everything is being disputed and argued about here, we need to realize if are truly concerned about the state of our world that this is what the global elite want ….for us to hate and argue.

    Please take a few minute and go check out the link.

    I support the expression of ideas about religion, it is critical that we are free to express our religious views, the discussion of religion does not have to be taboo or offensive, however I think that we need to always speak with love and respect, otherwise we feed the globalist agenda.

    I reposted this…. so the link does not lost…I am not so sure I like this new format. :-(

  145. @… everyone?

    John 1:1-18

    In the beginning the Word already existed. The Word was with God, and the Word was God. He existed in the beginning with God. God created everything through Him, and nothing was created except through Him. The Word gave life to everything that was created, and His life brought light to everyone. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.
    God sent a man, John the Baptist, to tell about the light so that everyone might believe vecause of his testimony. John himself was not the light: he was simply a witness to tell about the light. The one who is the true light, who gives light to everyone, was coming into the world.
    He came into the very world He created, but the world didn’t recognize Him. ( ahem!! ;D ) He came to His own people, and even they rejected Him. But to all who believed in Him and accepted Him, He gave the right to become children of God. They are reborn – not with a physical birth resulting from human passion or plan, but a birth that comes from God.
    So the Word became human and made His home among us. He was full of unfailing love and faithfulness. And we have seen His glory, the glory of the Father’s one and only Son.
    John testified about him when he shouted to the crowds, “This is the One I was talking about when I said ‘Someone is coming after me who far greater than I am, for He existed long before me.’ ”
    From His abundance we have all received one gracious blessing after another. For the law was given through Moses, but God’s unfailing love and faithfulness came through Jesus Christ. No one has ever seen God. But the unique One, who is Himself God, is near to the Father’s heart. He has revealed God to us.

    As to John 7:16, Jesus was trying to tell the Jews that they should listen and accept His message because it was from God, not Himself, whom the JEWS believed to be only a man, though he was the Son of God. (And as to the Jews in context, it was prophesied that the chosen people of God wouldn’t see Jesus for who He was…) And this is pretty much exactly the case with John 12:49 as well.
    Matthew 7:21… Jesus was saying that the people who call on Him and pretend to worship Him ( calling out ‘Lord! Lord!’ ) will not enter heaven. Only the people who actually obey His commands and obey God will enter heaven.
    :) Silly goose.
    I am Christian. I am 15 years old. God is my Lord and Savior. Is He Yours?

    Steve, Steve, Steve…
    Thank you, my man. I’m sure you can agree with my explanations, maybe even go a lil’ further in depth? ;D

    I mean… I certainly don’t claim to know everything. I just started reading articles on this site recently, my brother introduced me to it. And I still have a long way to go in my Christian walk. So… If someone can knock down my claims and explanations, backing it up with something real& concrete… Please, do so. Because… “For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.” Luke 14:11.

    Love Yah,
    ’til His Kingdom come…. 😉

    • ILY!!!

      Thank you so much for posting that! Hopefully others will open their blinded eyes and realize the TRUTH!

      So many people are following religion and not God!

      So many people are relying on good works to get them to Heaven, and not the precious blood of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

      So many people have been brainwashed by Oprah and others into believing New Age and other garbage.

      Nowhere in the Bible does it say to pray to Mary, Saints, or anybody else!

      Nowhere does it say that Mary was Immaculate, had supernatural powers, nor that she could forgive sin.






  146. "and say not, "Three". Desist, it is better for you; Allah is only one God; far be it from His glory that He should have a son; whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth is His; and Allah is sufficient for a Protector." (4:171)

    "Certainly they disbelieve who say: "Surely Allah is the third (Person) of the three"; and there is no god but One God,…. The Messiah, son of Maryam is but an apostle; apostles before him have indeed passed away; and his mother was a truthful woman, they both used to eat food. See how We make the signs clear to them, then behold how they are turned away." (5:73 – 75)

    "Certainly they disbelieve who say: "Surely Allah – He is the Messiah, son of Maryam". Say: "Who then could control any thing as against Allah when He wished to destroy the Messiah, son of Maryam and his mother and all those on the earth?" And Allah’s is the kingdom of the heavens and the earth and what is between them; He creates what He pleases; and Allah has power over all things." (5:17)

    "And they say: "The Beneficent God has taken to Himself a son." Glory be to Him. Nay! They are honored servants; they do not precede Him in speech and (only) according to His commandment do they act. He knows what is before them and what is behind them, and they do not intercede except for him whom He approves, and for fear of Him they tremble." (21:26 – 28)

    "Certainly they disbelieve who say: "Surely Allah, He is the Messiah, son of Maryam". And the Messiah said: "O Children of Israel! Worship Allah, my Lord and your Lord, surely whoever associates (others) with Allah, then Allah has forbidden to him the garden, and his abode is the fire; and there shall be no helpers for the unjust." (5:72)

    [5:75] The Messiah, son of Mary, is no more than a messenger like the messengers before him, and his mother was a saint. Both of them used to eat the food. Note how we explain the revelations for them, and note how they still deviate!

    [5:77] Say, "O people of the scripture, do not transgress the limits of your religion beyond the truth, and do not follow the opinions of people who have gone astray, and have misled multitudes of people; they are far astray from the right path."

    [5:104] When they are told, "Come to what GOD has revealed, and to the messenger," they say, "What we found our parents doing is sufficient for us." What if their parents knew nothing, and were not guided?

    [5:105] O you who believe, you should worry only about your own necks. If the others go astray, they cannot hurt you, as long as you are guided. To GOD is your ultimate destiny, all of you, then He will inform you of everything you had done.

  147. does anyone actually listen to the full song ?

    Do Not : )

    there are some really high sounds in the end preceeding kayne stating ' suicide '.

    killed the speakers immediately and spend the next half an hour fighting the idea of ' not waiting till 2012 to know what will happen '


  148. All-seeing Eye Opene on


    Why is she pointing up so many times in this music video?

    except for when she sings "baby how about upstairs" it doesn't have anything to do with 'the first layer'.

    there might as well be some symbolism in the lyrics, like she calls the person she sings about 'a Jesus with shoes on' and says she can see the light in his hair.

  149. personally I think all yall need to wake up .. ok so jay z and his boys are joing the devil to gain more power.. but what are you peeps doin bout it ? on a different subject you know the real truth tupac died cos he was agaisnt the illumanati .. and even came with his own term killumanti .. which the high powers didn't like .. I believe God had greater plans for that man but the devil or Gods will changed fate .. I think peeps need to start doin somethin instead of talkin

  150. If there's one thing that troubles me with people who pollute the idea of christianity is the idea that the only way to eternal salvation is through jesus christ.

  151. One thing I think you missed is that Horas gives his eye to Osiris, who is the "earth" leader if you will. Maybe you did realize this, but the one eyed bird gave his eye to someone on earth who has power and authority.. and born in the underworld.

    0_o just sayin..

  152. Great job vigilant. I was wondering if you could do an analysis of the words in this song. I noticed that there is mention of Taylor Swift, Jay-z, and little sister B, in this song. As well as Ramadan and Islam. Just curious on your take of its meaning.

    The Taylor Swift line – even if the truth has to be told through Taylor Swift.

    Interesting indeed when you consider the VMAs.

  153. anyway, have you guys heard 'like a g6'? it is such a satanic song from start to finish. listen to the lyrics, it's obvious. 'hell, yea' (getting you to ask for hell!). 'like a three six' (666). 'like a g6'. (freemasonic g, 666). 'sober girls around me, they be actin like they drunk'. and a photo of the group had two of the members doing the 666 A-OK handsign. the group was unknown and suddenly they exploded on the scene. wonder why. worst part is, it is so catchy.



    I will tell you what these guys are doing though… being smart business men. They know about these little hints they drop and that you idiots will start to question the motives behind them. DO NOT READ INTO LYRICS AND FALSE PROPAGANDA! Jay-Z and Kanye West are amazing rappers and lyricists, but the only thing they do better than rhyming is marketing and promoting. They are fantastic business men, not Illuminati or Free Masons. Im sorry because this is going to sound blunt and rascist, but they are black… case closed.

    • DeeperthanAtlantis on

      @dontreadintoit. Actually, they are members of the "BOULE" which is the "BLACK" version of the "ILLUMINATI". Have your ever heard of the PRINCE HALL MASONS? Research both and u will be very surprised. Satan is not a racist, but he uses racism as a tool to confuse and mis-inform people. Remember, Satan is at WAR WITH ALL HUMANS. YAH BLESS!!

      • Satan is "racist" he attacks the true descendants of Christ, the "daughters of Zion" most vigorously because they it is imperative they forget who they are are and what they should be doing. Where do you think the construct of racism came from and why do you think it was necessary to create? Why does it remain so fiercely promogulated to this day? Why have a less powerful Boule exist beneath the illuminati if it didn't matter your "race" as long as your evil?

        I do agree however, that it is key to understand and remember that satan opposes all humans (and creatures for that matter) and will cause everyone to suffer. We have simply suffered the most.

        Peace and Abundance.

        "If you aint talkin bout wisdom, you aint talkin bout shit"- FlockaBey

  155. DeeperthanAtlantis on

    I just want to state that following the MESSIYAH IS NOT A RELIGION. IT IS A WAY OF LIFE. The bible says, choose LIFE or choose DEATH. Again, there was no SUNday worship among the true Israelites, they worshipped on the sabbath, which is the day we now call Saturday in these modern times. If you are a believer of Immanuel, then you should be going to church on SATURDAY. Why do you think they are going to institute the SUNday LAW worldwide, if it didn't mean much? Think about it, and research the upcoming SUNday LAW, that they will put you in jail for if u don't co-operate. YAH BLESS!!!

  156. Did anyone notice that around 0:41 the two women standing near the twin pillars become disrobed and are nude, save for a bear covering of their breasts like the woman with wings sitting near Kanye? And that there are two other albino women with horns eating grapes similarly dressed? I'm not sure whether or not this is relevant, but if it was placed in the music video, it probably was.

  157. Love is the answer on

    @Say What? says:

    August 22, 2010 at 11:35 pm

    love is the answer sounds like muslim talk.


    Okay maybe that I have misunderstood. So can you please tell me what did you meant exactly ?

  158. Love is the answer on

    @Say What? says:

    August 22, 2010 at 11:35 pm

    love is the answer sounds like muslim talk.



    I'm sorry but saying things like that imply that you have another thought in your mind because who cares if it's muslim talk or not ? And if it really was what's the point here ? I'm sorry but it's like you were pointing an accusing finger on me implying that Muslim talk is bad.

    Now I may be wrong of course and I apologize if you are sincere. I don't know what's in your mind so I would be grateful if you could explain exactly why you said that.

  159. There's something missing.

    I feel like all the girls around him and the stuff that they're doing is symbolic I just cannot for the life of me figure it out.

    The girl with the wings, the 2 horned girls towards the bottom, the two girls crawling, the girls pouring water.

    It all means SOMETHING.

  160. Did anyone else notice that the middle of the "W" in POWER is a pyramid? Even the words they use have hidden meanings.

    I'm just wondering, how much creative input does Kanye or Gaga have in their videos. Is it the director mostly or are they adding ideas? Who are these directors and producers?

  161. DeeperthanAtlantis and JPBJ Do you guys have aim, bbm, or a email that I could hit yall on….from reading these comments…..I gotta say that you both know what yall talking about….this is my first time on here even commenting… if you dont wanna give it out……I gotta email that yall can send yall information to….its Imadeswagg@yahoo.com……appreciate it….Gotta stick and rise together on the scriptures..

    • DeeperthanAtlantis on

      @Risethepeople. No problem. smarttrades87@yahoo.com. I just want to warn you that you need to be very open-minded about the info i am going to dispense. What I really want you to do is research the info that will be coming your way, so you can come to your own conclusion, ok? YAH BLESS!!!


    However, prayer has been known to work for me (how strange for something that people claim is not evil) hmmm…….

    Great Job as usual vigilant, I think that goes without saying

    oh Kanye, where did it all go wrong?

  163. This is a very interesting article. The moment I saw the Power video, I knew it was jam packed with occult symbolism, but I couldnt 'decode' it myself. I feel like alot of my questions about Kanye West and this video have been answered. Thank u vigilant

  164. Brainwashing the loud mouth, rude rapper….hum, not right but maybe an improvement over the old Kanye.

    Seriously, get cults and other such worldly evils out of entertainment. 95% of Americans want good happy wholesome uplifting entertainment, not Satan worship…

  165. ok guys be real dis is just business nd controversy sells u know dat? have you guys heard free masons by JAY-Z and Rick Ross? he replied u all it's a nice track 2







    __ASK, SEEK , FIND__

  167. Good job Vigilant.

    This is all very interesting and relevant….but there is absolutely no need to fear any of it when you come to know Jesus and His truth. Every time I compare the occult and their symbolism to the word of God and what He describes as false power and twisted truth, the less I'm shocked by these artists and their antics. It only proves God's word to be true. His word that foretold all of this. Its nothing mystic. It's practical. And you can choose to lean on your own understanding if you want, but Jesus is the only refuge from any of this.

  168. Worship the devil Kanye, Ga-Ga, Rhianna, et al. If that is what you are bent on doing then go for it.The eternal destiny of your soul is at stake – I think you know that.

    I do hope and pray that those listening/watching have their eyes opened and turn away from this garbage. It's getting rather ridiculous – the motives are so obvious – please don't be duped. Eternity is a long time.

  169. Love is the answer on

    @Say What

    You made an observation, really? But what is your observation worth? I mean what does it bring to the conversation? I am sorry but saying things like that strongly imply that you have another thought in your mind. If this was really not your intent you should choose your words more carefully.


    I will just say that I don't agree with you. God will judge between us on Judgement Day. I just wait and see.

  170. Honestly, it does come to a choice that people choose a side. either good or bad. it may be sad but "the youth" is already aware of everything on this whole topic by now. It's more than just Kanye & Jay-Z. Obviously there's Lady gaga. Everyone loves her, And if not you're still aware of everything she does. "the youth" loves Lady Gaga. Hell, I'm young and i even was aware of all this but i heard from other kids (peers) and it made me curious. And seriously their are sides being taken. But to me, I honestly don't know wat to believe in the end like with god winning over in the end or whatever that story goes, but i really REALLY researched everything to my extent on everything there possibly is on this whole satanic thing and honestly, i would say it fits me & ive learned to except it as it is. ive went to church back then and looking now, i wish i didn't because i never liked it. & has any1 noticed that people have started going to church every sunday,monday,tuesday,wednesday, maybe thursday MORNING & NIGHT. i live by a church and ive never noticed till now. My friends know about me and this whole satanic thing, do i show it? NO! but i am definitely aware of everything i see or hear. I see emo classmates of mine with actual satanic symbols written on everything they could write even tattoos. I'm not even close to being emo, i'm actually kinda popular & i don't go exposing myself like they do. I know i got off topic but it is what it is.

  171. OK, & once again, with all these artists being…."satanic", are you gonna look at them differently like not like them anymore. Because that just makes you suffer because you need music. And not only music, it's on television too. there's really no escaping it. People chose a side and they stick to it. like i said before if you read my 1st one, i chose a side that may not be right for you but it was comfortable to me. I would say i'm totally different from what i see. I don't dress dark, listen to hard rock, metal, whatever you wanna call it. I'm actually normal, listen to good music (which you probably think isn't at this moment), actually have a good life style. My friends accept whatever i'm into and kinda took part, although i think some friends kinda push it, but whatever. Some friends look at what goes on and say wow, this does really fit you. but then i do realize myself that having to much power kinda puts a target on you (taking it back to Julius Caesar: stabbing Caesar) and I kinda wait for that day, because i do realize i have power and what not. Thats a reason why i have accepted it from what i researched. It fits me, giving me a better understanding.

  172. The Sword hanging above the head is Shekina; Kaballah's Femine Spirit of the Mother of God. "The way of ascent is the way of descent" or Liberation of the Spirit comes from destruction of flesh" is the way Gnostics term it. Shock and Awe in Afghanistan and Iraq is how the war started and how it will be finished; a flaming sword. Gnosticism=Tree of Knowledge=Masonry=Kabbalah=Zionism; it all comes to fruition with the Seed of the Woman "Zoroaster" in Persia, the 6000 year old goal written of in Daniel 8. Anyone in Salt Lake City will recognize the same Sword in the overpasses of the new Legacy Highway. Projectdarkbook.com/ Theresnothingnew.org/

  173. The INCARNATION is the belief in Christianity that the second person in the Christian Godhead, also known as God the Son or the Logos (Word), “became flesh” when he was miraculously conceived in the womb of the Virgin Mary. (i.e. Jesus)

    The word Incarnate derives from Latin (in=in or into, caro, carnis=flesh) meaning “to make into flesh” or “to become flesh”. The incarnation is a fundamental theological teaching of orthodox (Nicene) Christianity, based on its understanding of the New Testament. The incarnation represents the belief that Jesus, who is the non-created second hypostasis of the triune God, took on a human body and nature and became both man and God.

    In the Bible its clearest teaching is in John 1:14: “And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us.”

    Jesus, believed to be both man and God, traditionally defined, the divine nature of the Son was joined but not mixed with human nature in one divine Person, Jesus Christ, who was both “truly God and truly man”. The Incarnation is commemorated and celebrated each year at Christmas, and also reference can be made to the Feast of the Annunciation; “different aspects of the mystery of the Incarnation” are celebrated at Christmas and the Annunciation.

    This is central to the traditional faith held by most Christians. Alternative views on the subject (See Ebionites and the Gospel according to the Hebrews) have been proposed throughout the centuries, but all were rejected by mainstream Christian bodies.

    IN RECENT DECADES, an alternative doctrine known as “Oneness” has been espoused among various Pentecostal groups, but has been rejected by the remainder of Christendom.

    (courtesy of Wikipedia)


    "Jesus Walks"

    Yo, We at war

    We at war with terrorism, racism, and most of all we at war with ourselves

    (Jesus Walks)

    God show me the way because the Devil trying to break me down

    (Jesus Walks with me) with me, with me, with me [fades]

    You know what the Midwest is?

    Young & Restless

    Where restless (Niggas) might snatch your necklace

    And next these (Niggas) might jack your Lexus

    Somebody tell these (Niggas) who Kanye West is

    I walk through the valley of the Chi where death is

    Top floor the view alone will leave you breathless Uhhhh!

    Try to catch it Uhhhh! It's kinda hard hard

    Getting choked by the detectives yeah yeah now check the method

    They be asking us questions, harass and arrest us

    Saying "we eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast"

    Huh? Yall eat pieces of shit? What's the basis?

    We ain't going nowhere but got suits and cases

    A trunk full of coke rental car from Avis

    My momma used to say only Jesus can save us

    Well momma I know I act a fool

    But I'll be gone 'til November I got packs to move I Hope

    [Hook x2]

    (Jesus Walks)

    God show me the way because the Devil trying to break me down

    (Jesus Walks with me)

    The only thing that that I pray is that my feet don't fail me now

    (Jesus Walks)

    And I don't think there is nothing I can do now to right my wrongs

    (Jesus Walks with me)

    I want to talk to God but I'm afraid because we ain't spoke in so long

    To the hustlers, killers, murderers, drug dealers even the strippers

    (Jesus walks with them)

    To the victims of Welfare for we living in hell here hell yeah

    (Jesus walks with them)

    Now hear ye hear ye want to see Thee more clearly

    I know he hear me when my feet get weary

    Cause we're the almost nearly extinct

    We rappers are role models we rap we don't think

    I ain't here to argue about his facial features

    Or here to convert atheists into believers

    I'm just trying to say the way school need teachers

    The way Kathie Lee needed Regis that's the way I need Jesus

    So here go my single dog radio needs this

    They say you can rap about anything except for Jesus

    That means guns, sex, lies, video tapes

    But if I talk about God my record won't get played Huh?

    Well let this take away from my spins

    Which will probably take away from my ends

    Then I hope this take away from my sins

    And bring the day that I'm dreaming about

    Next time I'm in the club everybody screaming out

    (Jesus Walks)

    God show me the way because the devil trying to break me down

    (Jesus Walks)

    The only thing that that I pray is that my feet don't fail me now

    (Jesus Walks)

    And I don't thing there's nothing I can do now to right my wrongs

    (Jesus walks with me… fades)

    I want to talk to God but I'm afraid because we ain't spoke in so long

  175. I followed Kanye from the beginning b/c of his unique, refreshing music. He was not talking about sex or making money, he was talking about his personal experiences through life, his love for his mother etc. As his career progressed, he became more eccentric. He turned to his on and off ex-girlfried for refuge and constantly seemed to be battling something internally. And I kept telling ppl, "you know, Kanye is weird, but something is going on inside of hime." It ALWAYS seemed like a struggle. And then his mom died. Now this "power" crap. Do you think they had been recruiting him all along and when he was battling between good and evil, they took his mom? And now that he has nothing left, he has succumb to their influence. It's crazy. Vigilant plz keep up the good work and awakening sleepy minds.

  176. The amount of symmetry and asymmetry in the video is simply amazing. For a video so short it is packed with far too much symbolic meaning. Vigilant…..Plzzz look at the video more carefully…..There is far more in it than what you have revealed

  177. Jesus is Magic on

    Actually, VC, the eye you depicted in this article is the Eye of Ra, not Horus. Horus is left, Ra is right. You may want to change that. Confusion is a bitch, but don't worry, I have corrected your wrongs. God forgives you. Much love, Jesus is Magic.

  178. Great job VC! There's another music video by Kanye West called "Coldest Winter" and it's a lot of satanic images in the video. You should check it out!

    I just don't understand how some people can't see the symbols and/or listen to the lyrics real carefully. In today's music videos, artists are showing the obvious…..but hey…I'm just going to pray for everyone. That's all you need to do.

  179. I question the accuracy and validity of some of your other takes on musicians, videos, etc., but this analysis was pretty needed.

    What an arrogant display on Kanye's part. Too bad he doesn't understand that the only true power comes from God (the real, loving God which is in fact male AND female, not the fake religious God that so many people here falsely believe in), not from some pointless secret society. All their "power" won't mean a thing when their times come and they have to explain themselves.

    To hell with all these arrogant, patriarchal secret societies.

    ps-The two black women on the sides are women, not "girls." Thank you.

  180. “In this white man’s world, we the ones chosen”

    Could this be the reasoning behind his statement?

    June 26, 2010 – Minister Louis Farakhan says, ‘We are the choice of God'

    “The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that Almighty God Allah revealed to him that the Black people of America are the real children of Israel and we are the choice of God and that unto us, He will deliver His Promise,” said Min. Farrakhan. “This question says that somebody has usurped our position. This question says that somebody has taken the promise of God to the children of Israel and claimed it for themselves.”

  181. Reading these comments remind me of the reason why I stopped being a Christian. I am a Pagan, and he is using music from a pagan group as the backgraound music, and personally I'm rather annoyed by that.

  182. are those wings on the two sides of the pillars? and is that a face to the left? towards end of the video you'll see it clearly.

  183. I asked this earlier…what he meant when he said "and they say ????"….well thanks to a person posting it up on the comments it seems as though "they" are saying "hail satan". just thought i'd share this.

  184. This was just something interesting I also read. It was just a little piece of the article that can be found here, just someone else's take, though I'm now extremely interested int the Vigilant articles:


    "From the interview above, it is very clear that Kanye is depicting his own fall from power. The real message of this video is telling us that measures are already being taken by the higher-ups to slowly reduce his popularity and keep him out of the spotlight. The whole process is very gradual and goes on almost unnoticed, but at the same time it’s the very same people who are keeping artists such as Katy Perry and Lady Gaga on our airwaves.

    But what did Kanye do to annoy the higher-ups? Is he going through the same phase as Eminem? It seems Kanye has angered his higher-ups by going against their word. Here is just one example. In the song named “Jesus Walks” by Kanye, he says:

    God show me the way because the Devil trying to break me down

    The only thing that that I pray is that my feet don’t fail me now

    And I don’t think there is nothing I can do now to right my wrongs

    I want to talk to God but I’m afraid because we ain’t spoke in so long


    They say you can rap about anything except for Jesus

    That means guns, sex, lies, video tapes

    But if I talk about God my record won’t get played, Huh?

    Who are they? And why won’t his record get played if he raps about Jesusas or God? It is also interesting to note that Eminem, in one of his songs named, “Talkin’ 2 Myself” from the Recovery album, tells Kanye and a few other artists to keep their head up:

    My life is no longer a movie, but the show ain’t over homos

    I’m back with a vengeance homie, Weezy keep ya’ head up

    T.I. keep ya’ head up, Kanye keep ya’ head up

    Don’t let up, just keep slaying ‘em

    Rest in peace to DJ AM, cause I know what it’s like

    I struggle with this shit every single day and um…

    Eminem mentions artists who are also going through a bad time, and tells them not to give up and keep slaying ‘them’. He then goes onto say, “Cause I know what it’s like, I struggle with this shit every single day”. It is clear Eminem is telling them to keep fighting back."

  185. "They" believe it is all crap, but useful for their own ends. This story always ends the same way, though. Pity the humans. Find Christ in it all, and find peace.

  186. Let's be real guys. While I can get into the masonic imagery of some of these other things, with Kanye West, I think that the guy literally thinks he is God and that's the point of the video.

  187. peacetoall&toall on

    Please people. Do not thrash the beliefs of others. Islam, Christianity & Judaism all worship the God of Abraham. The differences are only mere different translations & points of view of the same foretold events. All of their text reveal the same story. Just different sides of the story. They have all been corrupted by MAN to spread & justify hatred, racism, sexism & separatism.

    Just look at the news today. Can you not see that "THEIR" plot to divide & conquer us is working? You came to this site because you know that there is something wrong with the world. But yet still won't let go of the hateful ideas that the world has taught you. What good is searching for the truth if you're going to still hold on to you're lies?

    You see this video? These people (the enlightened/illuminated ones) are laughing at you. Why do you think they practice their rituals in plain sight as they do? Because they think you're too stupid to let go of the lies THEY have told you for AGES. Do you think THEY only learn Luciferan doctrines? Satanic doctrines? NO! They learn all of it! Kabaallah, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Egyptian religions, Babylonian religions, on & on & on. Why? Because it's ALL relative! No one is right. No one is wrong. They preach that the other guy is wrong to control you. That's what is all about. Controlling the masses. And you know what? YOU WANT TO BE CONTROLLED! You can't live without the wool over your eyes because you're too scared of the real truth. You're afraid to realize that what you have been taught you're whole life, your mom's life, your great-great grandma's life were all lies. Lies to keep you in line which in turn keeps them in power.

    When you actually want to look into what's really going on, research the orignial Jesuits. And then go furhter back in time. The "Illuminati" was founded the SAME YEAR has America. 1776. That's only 234 years. But the royal familes go back thousands of years. Who was it that said "hey, you're family will be kings"? (it's believed that these "Royal Familes" are decendants of the Sons of God in the bible.)

    Sorry for ranting. I just get tired of people searching for the truth but yet still want to be lied to.

    Oh and just for fun,, listen to Jay-Z's verse in Ushers new song "hot toddy". "I was born a God, came here to be king that means I DOWNGRADED to a human being, you were a goddess I made you my queen that means we upgrade THROUGH Louis XIII." They are laughing at you and it's not even funny.

    • "I just get tired of people searching for the truth but yet still want to be lied to."

      THANK YOU!!! Can I shout a Hallelujah!!!??!!!!

      This is a testament to the people who waste minutes of their life coming to this site to read the blog then proceed to waste more minutes of their life (and energy) to type out rotten comments.


      For most, the truth is haunting and easier to deny, for a minority it will set them free. There is a spiritual warfare atop the veil of us people. Vigilente, You.. pull it back. Wherever you are in this hell hole of a world, please don't ever stop doing what you're doing. Like I tell my husband, not all are chosen, and for those who are not.. we depend on people like you.

      May your God bless you.

      -Houston, Tx

  188. peacetoall&toall on

    And I just wanted to share one think about this song to. If you will notice over the years, many songs have weird CHANTS that are ususally NOT in English so no one know's what is being said. In the song POWER, what sounds like children ( I could be wrong) are singing "OM OM< YEA YEEAAA. I looked up "OM" online, here's what I found:

    OM – Symbol of The Absolute

    Om or Aum is of paramount importance in Hinduism. This symbol (as seen in the image on the right) is a sacred syllable representing Brahman, the impersonal Absolute of Hinduism — omnipotent, omnipresent, and the source of all manifest existence. Brahman, in itself, is incomprehensible; so a symbol becomes mandatory to help us realize the Unknowable. Om, therefore, represents both the unmanifest (nirguna) and manifest (saguna) aspects of God. That is why it is called pranava, to mean that it pervades life and runs through our prana or breath.

    Pretty profound word for a song that is titled Power and the vid depics the ritual of a man transforming into a God.

  189. on another note

    marilyn manson also has another quite interesting song called kill your god

    in which he says kill your god kill your tv alone with other fascinating words

  190. . I was once a Christian, then I became a Muslim, now I’m neither. I believe that religions seperate and divide people, a continuous us vs. them or “My religion is the true path.” “NO MINE IS”. I believe in one god but not the fables written by men.

    • detriotdraper I am happy that you have left islam as a former muslim myself i was deceived for many years following islam what woke me up one day was reading surah 3:54 … I have read it many times but one day i realize who allah really is.

      "and they deceived and Allah deceived and Allah is the best of deceivers"

      Sura 3:54

      Sura 3:54 Arabic: Wa Makaru wa makara Allah wa Allah Amkaru al Makireen.

  191. You nailed it–good work. So many questions–Kanye was, I think, used to try to foment some racial tension with the Taylor Swift thing. He seems to be a lower-level initiate and happy to be one. I'm interested in what his status is —I mean he seems also to be saying that as insider he's safe, taken care of under the current power structure.

    " Masonic" content it's pervasive. I have a degree in Art History and have also been studying this occult symbolism for many years. It's always interesting to recall the official/academic, definitions of these symbols and compare them to what I've learned on my own. I studied African art history and among the oldest known west African terra cotta sculptures, the Jerna figures from Mali, is a man with a rope around his neck called the killing of the king too. The theme is found elsewhere in west Africa. Also among the initiation rites of several Afro-Atlantic religions like Vodu and Santeria, is found this symbolic death that you describe. I think the "old religion" is very wide spread albeit via underground passage ways. I agree that of course JFK was killed on the 33 parallel on the 11/22 etc. etc. –people need to at least study the basic conspiracy stuff–it's like the alphabet. Keep up the god work.

  192. What if this video acknowledges the sacrifice he was forced to make in the taylor swift initiation? He did as he was told by embarrassing Taylor , was ritually killed by the mass media, and now reborn. Just a thought.

  193. While it's obvious Kanye and the director (Marco Brambilla) had a definitive reasoning and accompanying message in this video, as most creative and artistic artists do, too many people are attempting to read too deep into this, especially with negative slant. It's no different than the bible, everyone's going to get out of it exactly what "they are looking for" in it, and see only what "they want to see" in it, and everyone is going to see and want something different. If it's something that doesn't appeal to either of those for them, they'll have something not good to say about it.

    Some people (like me) see a simple and obvious message, some see positivity behind the message in total as opposed to picking apart every miniscule detail and griping on it. Some people see demonic propaganda, blah blah blah. It doesn't surprise me in the least that the vast majority of people venting about this video (with negative lean) are of a religious background of some sort. Has anyone bothered to ask Kanye or the director (or at least find an interview of someone that has) about the imagery and meaning behind it as it pertains to the video? So it's chock-full of Mason and Egyptian iconography, soooo…?

    As far as the "Truth" is concerned, it's not a matter of if someone (Kanye) is lying, attempting to hide, or deceive someone (the public?) via the video. It's just some people saw some religious iconography that wasn't Christian and caught a wild hair over it. Next thing you know some religious group will be attempting to get it pulled from the airwaves because they "don't get it" and feel it's threatening or something because it appears un-Christian (evil).

    So Kan is a mason, and/or is a student of Egyptology and mythology, so what. Are people griping because they wish him to be, thought he was, or think he should be, I don't know… a Christian?? I've been reading about this video since before it came out and I think it is a very artistic and enlightening piece of media, very thought provoking indeed. But people need to drag it from under the microscope and see it for what it is. An artist just telling his story about his life experiences and his observations of the world around him. I think he and Marco did a great job, I dig it! Let's move on people.

  194. All this stuff about the illuminati has got me soo confuseddd.! I Don’t know what to think or believe anyomore…?

  195. when i first heard the song , i could feel in my spirit a unpleasent dark feeling…such a one that you feel when you eneter a graveyard or a house where you know demons dwell…good info.. needed to know…keep speaking the truth,

    I am scared for all these young artist messing around with these things,they dont know what there getting into and its goin to end up destroying them….the devil has no favorites,his goal is to destroy all of us because we look like God,he has never or will never like humans.

    I guess the'll have to learn the hard way when the rapture comes and then the'll be lower than dirt

    All i can say is pray for revival and opening of eyes


  196. Fun fact for you:

    Horus seems to be Eros, being the son of Isis (Venus/Lucifer) and Osiris (Mars/Ares/Teutates). So the singer's pendant would be love (and another representation of Christ/sun god).

    It's something to say there are symbols, but what is the message? and what's the intention?

  197. I think when you get to a certain level of fame andor wealth you get approached by certain people and you're presented with a crossroads in your life. Do I take the easy route and play the game for the man and his masters or do I carve out my own path?. I'm not decided on which road Kanye has taken yet but the vibe isn't good. I wonder does he realise that when things get really heavy that even if he is initiated if he's not part of the 'blood' he's completely expendable.

  198. Woah! So many religious people on this board! :O

    It's seems allot of you seem to know you carry some kind of truth?! Proof of God if you will.

    Can any of you provide me with any reference to this proof? Link, Movies, Books! Anything!

    I'm an Atheist, but this is a genuine request! If it can enlighten me as much as this website, I want to know!

    Thanks you in advance,

    • Wake up in the morning, know that you are alive. See the world around you, I mean really see it. How could all of this have possibly come about on its own? Everything in nature working together in harmony. We are so small in this vast universe. And yet we are all significant. Feel the wind and rain and sun on your skin. Take a deep breath of fresh air. Feel the love of the Lord resonating in your sould. That is your proof. It is for me anyway. How could God not exist?

      • @BigSyd

        I'm sorry, I've heard this argument so many times. I know you are being honest, but thats not proof. Thats what you call an argument from ignorance. We can't explain our own existence and or the purpose of the universe, therefor there has to be a God. No, that not proof. That is just speculation, at best, until we have actual proof of God's existence, which we don't have.

        Scripture is not proof of God since it has nothing to back it's claims. Bible believers claim the Bible because it's says it is. That not proof, it's called circular reasoning.

        Since there are many people on this website that say they are enlightened and carry this knowledge that God is real I'm asking if they can provide me with any kind of material that backs up their claim.

      • There is no way to really prove it. You and I don't have proof. Its pointless to try and argue about it. In the end if there is no god and I die then i just die and its over. If there is a god and i die then i go to heaven.