When Insiders Expose the Ugly Side of the Entertainment Industry


This article documents some of today’s well-known artists who have gone on record and spoken about the dark side of the entertainment industry. Some of the industry’s biggest stars, including Dave Chappelle, Michael Jackson and Bob Dylan, have hinted at the true nature of the business in their own words. Here are some of my findings.

Throughout my articles, I discuss many dark aspects of the entertainment industry. Some of these aspects are so awful and improbable to the average reader that they become hard to believe, especially when the information comes from an anonymous blogger such as myself. Some actual celebrities have however gone on record with some truths on the industry. Those rare outbreaks are rarely publicized but, they are available online. So, for this article, I’m letting the insiders do the talking. Who is better placed to talk about the entertainment business than the entertainers themselves, those who have experienced first hand all facets of the business?

Although most artists will not use the terms “mind control” or “occult initiation,” they are explaining, in their own words, the strange realities they are witnessing. These are some videos I’ve found.  I hope they’ll work for everyone.

Warning: Some of these videos are disturbing or contain foul language.

Dave Chappelle

This stand-up comedian, screenwriter, producer and actor is most famous for creating Chappelle’s Show, a ground-breaking sketch comedy television series which ran on Comedy Central until 2006. The DVD set is currently the all-time best-selling DVD for a television show, having sold more than three million copies. Its early success prompted Viacom (Comedy Central’s parent company) to offer Chappelle a $55 million contract for the production of two more seasons of Chappelle’s Show. The production of season 3 was extremely difficult, however, as Chappelle did not like the direction the show was taking. He even referred to it as being “socially irresponsible.” Chappelle also had troubles coping with the pressure coming from network executives to compromise and dumb-down his show.

On May 2005, Chappelle abruptly left the production of season 3 of the show and traveled to Africa. A media frenzy ensued, fueled by speculation and rumors of Chappelle “going crazy” and being on drugs. Upon his return, Chappelle was interviewed on Inside the Actors Studio in December 2005. He discussed many subjects, including his reasons for leaving for Africa. In this next portion of the interview, Chappelle describes in a very vivid matter the “sick” nature of Hollywood.

Keep in mind the portion of the interview where Chappelle talks about Mariah Carey and her losing her mind. She and her “handler” Tommy Mottola will again be mentioned by another fairly known celebrity later in this article.

In an interview with Oprah, Dave Chappelle shares his own theory concerning black comedians being forced to cross-dress at one point or another during their career.  The following video compares Chappelle’s story with 2Pac during the filming of Poetic Justice.


Selling One’s Soul to the Devil

“Selling one’s soul” can be defined as allowing one’s integrity, values and moral code to be defiled in order to obtain riches and success. Considering the occult aspect of the industry, “selling one’s soul” can take a more literal meaning, as there exist actual ritualistic initiations and obscure secret societies working in the shadows. Some artists, who have been more or less in contact with that darker side of Hollywood, have spoken on the subject in their own words.

In the next video, model and actress Melyssa Ford discusses the price of fame in Hollywood.

In the next video, singing legend Bob Dylan explains on 60 Minutes the reason for his longevity in the music business.

What is Katy Perry referring to in this next video? Is “selling one’s soul to the Devil” the folksy way to say I’ve been initiated into the Illuminati industry?

Michael Jackson

Who better than the King of Pop to speak the truth about the music industry? I’ve been asked numerous times about Jackson’s involvement in the Illuminati industry and the causes of his death. I’ve never attempted to write an article on the subject, as his career was incredibly long and filled with astounding events and requires more than just a summary survey.

What is obvious, however, is that MJ, in his last years, was becoming increasingly outspoken on the shady dealings of the music industry. Indeed, it seems the man who was the ultimate Illuminati slave was attempting to break free. In June 2002, Michael Jackson, gave an unexpected speech about the dark side of the entertainment business.

Jackson directly points to Tommy Mottola, the ex-president of Sony Music and the ex-husband of Mariah Carey, who was less her husband than an actual mind control handler. Did “the Devil” get back at MJ for speaking the truth?

Is there a symbol of MJ’s ritual sacrifice on the ominously titled “This Is It” released by… Sony?

Monarch Programming Caught on Tape

Sometimes without even knowing it, celebrities expose the ugly side of the entertainment industry through their actions. I have discussed in numerous articles the existence of mind control in entertainment industry and its symbolism in popular art, and people have asked me if the artists I discuss are actual mind control victims or if they are just performing art that incorporates mind control symbolism. It is obviously difficult to determine which celebrities are actual victims of monarch programming  but some rare footage has appeared showing some celebrities switching mind-control “alters” or personalities. Those videos are quite a disturbing display, but reflect the unfortunate reality of the mass entertainment industry.

Anna Nicole Smith

In the next video, model and actress Anna Nicole Smith is filmed while one of her Monarch alters is switched on. In this disturbing home video, filmed by her handler Howard K. Stern, Anna-Nicole is completely dissociated and child-like.  Media outlets claimed Anna Nicole was under the influence of drugs during the taping of the video, which was probably the case. Drugs alone cannot explain her state of mind, however, as there are obvious symptoms of profound psychological trauma.

Anna-Nicole Smith has clearly an “alter” personality switched on who firmly believe that a doll is actually a real baby. The clown makeup (probably ordered by Stern himself to give the video more impact), reinforces the concept of alter personality in a sick display of manipulation by a handler. Notice in this CNN report that Geraldo refers to Smith as being “in character,” another term to explain an alter personality.

This video only reports one of the many bizarre events toward the end of Anna Nicole Smith’s life. Her entourage and environment was totally foul. It is not a coincidence Smith often posed as Marilyn Monroe during her career: Monroe was the original “mind controlled” sex-symbol.

Looking at the circumstances surrounding the death of her 20-year-old son Daniel in 2006, we can find another example of the trauma-based mind control Anna Nicole was subjected to. The death indeed appears to be a ritual sacrifice. Daniel died in Anna Nicole’s hospital room, right in front of her, only three days after she gave birth to her third baby. Here’s how the authorities described Daniel’s death.

“It would appear from our report that the mother had gotten up, saw him in the chair and he appeared to be sound asleep. She tried to wake him up, he was unresponsive, and she sounded the alarm.”
– Source

After witnessing the miracle of birth, Anna was forced to witness the death of her son in her own room. Daniel death was later attributed to the “presence of three types of prescription drugs in his system” and was considered “suspicious”. The event caused a violent trauma in Anna Nicole, and reports say she was then heavily sedated. She then dissociated from reality (the goal of Monarch mind control programming) and even lost memory of the event.

“The devastation and grief over Daniel’s sudden death coupled with the sedation has been so extreme that Anna Nicole experienced memory loss of the event,” attorney Michael Scott said.
– Source

This is just an example of the disturbing events surrounding Anna-Nicole Smith’s life. Many more details could be discussed in a later article perhaps.

Britney Spears

In this 2003 interview with Diane Sawyer, Britney seems to momentarily switch alters in what seems to be a “mind control glitch”.

The episode of her breaking down and shaving her head might have been an attempt to break free from her mind control manipulation. Reality is indeed WAY stranger than fiction.


In Conclusion

What more can I say?



  1. Wow. It's all out there, plain as day. I saw LaToya Jackson tell TMZ that it wasn't just her brothers doctor responsible for his death, but others that she wouldn't name. She said that "they" killed her brother. Creepy. Hope Vigilants next article focuses on Goldfrapp and their videos and music, with ther newest video for Alive, which is the most blatantly satanic/illuminatti music video to ever be made.

  2. Poor Britney ,i will pray for her so she can get FREE ,and take care of her two wonderful boys . Can you please make an article about Lady Gaga's new video "Alejandro" ,in the sneak peek you can see a PENTAGRAM ,the video is dark as all the Gaga videos (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npnD6moP4xU) and another article about Kylie Minogue's All the Lovers video that has a Sodomy and Gomorrah theme and she appears like a Goddess being adored http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zixQYDeRtzI

  3. Just Wondering on

    So, a couple of questions:

    When talking about the "Initiation Rites" during the VMA's, do the people involved know that they're being initiated. IE Are they active members in these "secret societies"?

    And why the public displays of initiation etc?

    These celebrities that have seemingly been subjected to mind control: Why would they be mind controlled? Did they voluntarily go into these programs or did they get dragged away some night, to a warehouse in some remote location and then processed?

    • they are always agree if you wanna be famous and be admired and have an amazing career you take this sacrifice if you don't wanna do it, you take the sacrifice of always been poor that's the way you do it and they don't do it in warehouse i mean they are not gangstas they have his own masonic temples.
      Also everything is not that bad not everyone ends like this look LEONARDO DICAPRIO OR MERYL STREEP or ANNE HATHAWAY the only people that ends like this its the one that doesn't know how to control it

    • Mind control creation/programming only works on young children who have not developed a sense of self. so no one volunteers for it….it is horrific violent sexual abuse and torture done to traumatize the mind. to create dissociative identity disorder which is a defense mechanism created by a child's brain because the trauma is so horrific the mind escapes and dissociates..child is helpless unable to physically escape so the mind escapes by splitting off this alternate persona and many others are created by abuse and sometimes programmed for specific purposes. as the abuse goes on for years the alternate persona actually develops into a separate and distinct personality from the original core personality. the core personality usually answers and lives his/her life with the name he or she was given at birth.

  4. Wow this was a very interesting article Thank you!

    Pleeeeeease make a video on Lady Gaga's new video Alejandro. The 19second video alone had a lot of subliminal messages in it. Please and thanks!!

    • Mike Hoggard has a very good video about Occult and the music industry……………We have been used and abused by the whole evil lot through singing their songs and worship of the rotten kind………..Here in the Uk we have found out the evil of JImmy Savile and the Paedophile elite who run the BBC………Princess Diana was going to blow the lid off about things when she was killed……….Then Jill Dando was gunned down on her doorstep because she knew too much…………….Now her fiance is the doctor who was with Kate through her "supposed" Royal pregnancy………………….??? What an evil world we live in!!!!

  5. Good article Vigilant. I would like to add Ice Cube. I recently watched BET 2009 hip-hop awards. Which I intially didn't watch because it sucked. One day I happened to catch Ice Cube accepting his award and he gave this rant about Hollywood and he said something about these music videos are not what you think they are. He also has a song I heard yesterday but I don't know if it's new or not ( I think it's a new song I will go see if I can find the video, the song was playing in the background to a video on a similar subject) and he goes in. Also today the guy T.I. is beefing with Artega, Omega something like that. The guy in his camp who T.I. said was a snitch anyway he released a video today going in on T.I and he also mentioned T.I. joined the secret society and he told him not too fyi you guys…thats all.

  6. Great post Vigilant. Am aware of this topic & all these videos you've put up. Mike Jackson was the king. He outwitted the industry elite by first acquiring the beatles catalogue for 40 mill which is now worth a bill or so & dictating to the industry elite when & where the beatles music could be played. He bought out little richard's back catalogue from the MAN & gave it back to richard so a legend like little richard could finally get to eat !!! … little richard even said afterward's "am so happy i'll stop being gay !" lol !

    The music elite HATED Michael after this has he wasn't a good little puppet like Elvis who had his whole career dictated to him by colonel tom parker who moved him from rock n' roll to slush middle of the road pop music terrible travelogue hollywood d movies & later on turned him into a karaoke las vegas act !

    All this "wacko-jacko" crap & trumped child allegations charges was there to divert attention away from what Michael was doing which was wrestling with the powers in high principalities.

    Prince's fight with his warner label & him writing "slave" across his cheek in the 90's was about the same thing.

    Notice how George Michael was "outed" when he had his fight with the sony label as well in the 90's. These cat's in the industry know exactly what their doing. These artist were fighting against being "controlled" in the 90's. A big upheaval was going on back then & the music media threw out gangster rap grunge rock & brit pop etc to divert the masses away from what people like Michael Jackson were fighting against. shalom brothers & sisters !!!

    • knowledgeismisery on

      No wonder pop seems to be the dominant genre now, seems any new song or artist that is heavily marketed has a pop sound. All these disposable icons pumping out top hits, flooding the genre pool, training our younger generations on what music they have to like.

  7. This article is amazing and it is quite perculiar that I spent some time researching why the hell dave Chappelle left hollywood amazing! Oh and VC for personal literature you might wanna read up on a human rights activist dick gregory! He talks alot about the government 's role in what they put in our food and water!

  8. I wish more artists would speak up, but some of them love the money and fame so they keep quiet, let alone their life. Keep it coming Vigilant!

  9. Poor britney. You should write an article about her. She's in a very similar situation to MJ, used and abused by $ony. Forced to parade around and act like everything's OK or her people will take her kids away from her. When she had her public breakdown, everyone was saying it was because she was "bipolar" and that something "extremely horrible" had happened to her in the early days of her career. It's become evident that she has been programmed in some way or another….switching instanteneously between a southern accent to a brittish accent, constantly wearing different wigs ( apparently the pink wig is some form of a trigger), wearing several different outfits during the day, constantly changing moods. Even her music videos show multiple britneys with different hair colours and outfits (toxic, womanizer). I think her "3" music video is very symbolic as well, switching between a black and white environment and britney just looking down right bored the whole time. People should look more closely at the candid paparazzi videos from 2006-2007. It's disgusting the way they stalk her, but she does show very different personalities in all the videos.

    • Occultist favorite trick…when something goes wrong is to check people into psych ward to discredit them as crazy, so no one will believe them when they try to tell their story. They give them fake diagnosis of whatever to explain the breakdown. the Boston bomber briefly mentioned something about mind control it was reported in a sound bite on TV then you never heard anything else about it …many things that happen in this world is already preplanned and carried out by mind control slaves…many events that seem random are not they are sometimes sacrifices or events to further the oculist agenda of a New World Order…do not despair trust in Jehovah Go with all your heart, lean on him and these people can not touch you.

    • Yes her case nearly mirrors marilyns. Media make her out to be crazy, train wreck. The south park episode made arond that time shows britney being sacrificed for the gods so there could be a great harvest crop( she is kileed by cameras flashing after trying suicide)
      Then on tv myley cyrus appears at age 15, everyone agrees that tjis new sacrifice will be better! Prettuy weird shes now under the same handlers as britney.

  10. DAMN! the da ridley you know alot too…woah I heard michael bought the beatles catolouge but I wasn't sure why and then I heard his brother or friend come out and tell an interviewer that Micheal told him "They're going to kill me I know they are going to kill they want the beatles catolouge" so it makes sense to me now they were angry the michael outsmarted them and wasn't a good little slave who wanted to be controlled he took the initiative to relinquish some control and have an upperhand…its sooo sad he died though may his soul rest in peace and may the people of the earth continue to listen to his message of peace and love and truth so sad! that britney glitch was disturbing and uncomfortable to watch even though when britney shaved her head and had a breakdown I didnt know anything about mind control but I remeber e and my friends having a conversation about the fact it was more than drugs that had ade her this way its like we all have a spiritual sensor that enables us to sense things that we dnt even understand yet…intruiging!

  11. Finally somethin bout Britney.

    I think she went back to illuminati shit.

    She tried to broke free, but she couldn't

    It's sad, she tried.

    Eww strong Britney


  12. Madison continued-I found some of the lyrics Ice Cube & check out his BET hip-hop awards acceptance speech. Excuse the french his word not mine altho he is telling the honest to God truth. This song is in reference to the way blacks let Hollywood change them. Lyrics- " As soon as yall get some dough, you wanna put a white B on your elbow….. trying to be white or a jew, but ask yourself who are they to be equal too….. and then you started climbing up…. but it wasn't fast enough I guess….. so you gave your other side a test…… and now you crossed over on MTV…… but they don't care, they will have new Nig* next year. Now you out in the cold no mo white fans & no soul and you might have a heart attack when you find out the black don't want you back, You wanna be just like Jack but Jack calling you a nig* behind your back" -Ice Cube

  13. Christopher on

    Amazing… how come these videos are out there and not much people seem to be scared ? Well, let's not say scared… perhaps convinced should be a best-fitting word. Anyways, I'm very happy that the vigilant citizen is always aware of these things. So sad though there are still many young people following all this delusion day by day. Satan is working harder than ever because he knows he has little time. But in the end, he will perish in the lake of fire, and I'm very happy for that. Let's don't forget that all of this is in the Bible, there will be many that will wander around the earth deceiving masses. All these things are just opening a way for the antichrist.

    May God have mercy on all of us.

  14. About Britney, i think it's real, i heard she was part of some kinda secret society who are obsessed with blond hair blue eyes girls, and to free herself she shaved her hair, and when she does she said strange thinks like "they not gonna ever PLUG anything on myself again" (i supposed she's talking about been controlled), and she put a preview/snipped of a new song called "Rebellion" on her website along with a poem that she wrote, here it it the lyrics of the song and the poem,

    Rebellion lyrics;

    Be wary of others

    the ones closest to you

    the posion they feed you

    and the voodoo that they do

    But in rebellion

    there's a sparkle of truth

    don't just stand there

    do what you got to do

    You'll find it in rebellion

    your body starts breathing

    they're not believing

    what they're seeing

    cause you're rebellion

    you'll find it so compeiling

    with eveyone yelling

    cause your soul, you're not selling

    cause you're rebellion"


    the song it's writing by Britney herself for her cancelled 5th studio album "Original Doll" of 2006, she make a lot of songs like "Mona Lisa" "Chaotic" to this album but it was never relased and thought all the song have been leak onto the internet, the full version of "Rebellion" NEVER leak, it's just an snipped of 52sec

    this is the poem she wrote and put in her website

    "Remembrance of who I am"

    Enough of the pain

    Now I'm craving

    Something sweet, so delight

    How do you stand sleeping at night

    No more chains

    That you gave me.

    Enough of pain

    Now Im craving

    Something sweet, so delight

    How do you stand sleeping at night?

    Silly patterns that we follow

    You pull me in

    I'm being swallowed.

    By the ones you think you love

    They pull you down

    You can't see up above.

    Manipulation is the key

    They screw it in

    Because you're naive.

    You come to me now

    Why do you bother?

    Remember the Bible

    The sins of the Father.

    What you do

    You pass down

    No wonder why

    I lost my crown.

    You don't see me now

    You ask yourself why

    My crown is back

    And it's way too high

    For you to be in my presence

    Especially my son

    You should bow down

    I've only just begun.

    The guilt you fed me

    Made me weak.

    The voodoo you did

    I couldn't speak.

    You're awakening

    The phone is ringing.

    Resurrection of my soul

    The fear I'm bringing.

    What will you say

    And what will you do?

    She's not the same person that you're used to.

    You trick me one, twice, now it's three.

    Look who's smiling now

    Damn, it's good to be me!

    *This is for everyone who thinks they know me…"

    so i think it's real she tried to break her mind-controlled state and all these happen way BEFORE all the craziness of the shave hair, going out without panties and all of that started.

    you should do an article about Britney, and also see her documentary "For The Record (2008)" when she said quote "They listen but the're not really hearing" and more things like "my life it's boring, there's not excitement" and more things, it's so sad she couldn't break her state, i love Britney and at least she tried i hope one day she said the truth and break free.

    sorry about the english, it's not my language.

    • Look up LegendKnight93 on youtube & click feed. My feed is full of debunkings of conspiracy claims. & scroll down on my feed to my replies to hitech98's

  15. 1st post ?

    never having been a fan of music … believe it or not … probably the artificiality of it .. and its all phases and fads… whats interesting now will be boring in a week for me … i cant help but feel that the reality is that peoples obsession with fame and money is something that will possibly prevent any kind of revolution towards the industry.. i am poor like many others in the world because people in these industries and other levels of wealth are rich….my opinion is that first off billionaires should not exist .. outlaw it ,…. no person should be allowed to be worth that much … i dont give a shit what they have done…no billionaire has positively affected my life… say what you will i know what i want and dont enjoy materialism… in fact my daily commute on the tram to slavery .. (WORK) is filled with people staring out windows staring at phones or staring at ipods.. i am one of few reading a book… sadly .. everyone is doing something to distract themselves from each other and the disgusting world we live it… no conversations between strangers take place often … seeing youtube videos on these topics with the amount of views suggests to me there are alot of people out there who know and are aware or in belief of a major conspiracy held by secret societies , priesthoods and mystery schools …controlling government … controlling gangs.. controlling workers. .. controlling people… were are the people speaking out.. i know its hard because the media is controlled and regulated to stop or discredit people who speak of this as nut jobs. but where are they .. i know one thing for sure ….there has been psychological warfare on people for a long time .. how has it affected you ?

    • Look up LegendKnight93 on youtube & click feed. My feed is full of debunkings of conspiracy claims. & scroll down on my feed to my replies to hitech98's claims of CGI fakery on 9/11.tthe illuminatii is an anti-Semitic hoax based on a real secularist group .

  16. I remember watching all these video throughout the years and they have never made sense untill today. The ANS video & the BS video make perfect sense now smdh

    • You are a servant of the Antichrist if you blame all of the Jews for the problems in the world. Also, to the other jackass that want from being rich, I guess you forgot the parable in the New Testament where it talked about the talents, let alone the Book of Job, among many other places in the Holy Scriptures, have you not, you Lucifer worshipping workers of iniquity?

  17. Who's Katy Perry's interviewer? With the inverted cross earrings and all? As if it's staged on purpose by the industry to expose her as a Christian-turned-I dunno.

  18. this is the best article so far and i will tell the truth- i cried!

    its so sad to hear these things and about those that broke free. I am spechless rite now and i cant even type long!

    THank u so much VC! I love you soo much!!!!!!!!! i love you all to for everything! sorry but i have to quit typing. av posted it on fb for my friends to seee!!!!

    God bless you VC!!!! once again i love u!

  19. Nice article!! Keep them coming

    Although, selling one's soul to the devil – well that is defined as selling the soul to the devil. It doesn't have to be visible to be real. Notice those people are not talking about 'integrity' etc, they are talking specifically about the devil.

    Devil's real nice victory over some people is he convinced them he doesn't exist.

    But you don't have to look far to find him, he's probably around the corner or worse yet, in the heart. I don't know how that other world works, it has its own laws, but stuff is more real than my arm typing right now.

  20. My parents had gotten me four or five interviews with Disney Channel (breeding ground fo illuminati sexual slaves).But I begged him not to let me go.I'm shy but I can act.My parents are pushing me to get into the entertainment industry, but I don't want ot if I have to do this.It's sad.

    I'm thirteen if I would have taken the interviews I probably would have been on Suite Life Of Zack And Cody, or Hannah Montana..with them.Brainwashing innocent children like me.It's wrong.Why wont people speak up about this like these celebrities?I think it's because they fear death.Once you're in it's hard to come out.Some of these people are an example.

    I'll pray for their souls wandering the valley of death.Lost for good, but forever kept by something more…something greater.Selling your soul?…It's just not worth it.

    • Jesus is Lord! on

      There are some good Christian movie makers out there today. I really appreciate your stand for Christ! Stand firm and if the Lord leads you try to find a Christian based film company. But be careful because even some of them may be infiltrated. Pray always!

  21. I always knew this. That all these Media, music, movie, tv show, hollywood, sony. They all use the artist and obligate them to their will. The power that be want to control the mind of the people. I been studying N.L.P, just to know what I am dealing with and manny other occult, dark,evil, mechanism they use to control people with music, comercial, movies, videos, tv, radio. Simbolism in your clothe. Well becarefull eveyone. JesusChrist love you all. Why you think their are building artificial life in outder space , they think they can scape the wrath of God, but they wont. the sun and the moon is going to turn red. Do you know why because God will destroid them all, pierce them with His sword that come out of His mouth. All those people living in space, the, moon, the space station are going to be the first dead in the Return of JesusChrist. JesusChrist was real, a true leader, mentor,. He was not religious, He try to set everyone free from the religious leader and political leader who dont do anything from the people. He really spoke the truth. Reach out to God, look up to heaven because that is where our help come from. Fro the creator of heaven and earth.

      • Looking within is part of the problems that led up to a New World Order and all of these organizations, including the Illuminati, and all of these false religions being in alliances (and that also includes the religions that are posing as political movements, scientific movements, the entertainment industry, the educational movement, anti-religions, and non-religions), devine.

  22. Thoughtful article, Vigilant, and with videos that speak for themselves.

    I always knew something was up with Dave Chappelle going off to Africa like that. Some rumors said he was in a psychiatric hospital there, and I immediately wondered if *they* weren't putting him under some sort of mind control program. Glad to see he went there to get away from it all.

    And poor Anna Nicole — I always liked her. I absolutely hated that Howard K. Stern. What he did to her in that weird video, and to think he had the nerve to try to get his hands on her money, along with her child. If he had succeeded, I think I would have thought the world absolutely mad that no one stopped him. Her poor son Daniel too . Unbelievable story with Anna.

    Well, I think the industry is mostly about money for the CEO's and the videos show they sure can play dirty. But I believe you now that there really is some sort of monarch programming going on too. But mostly I think, you are more qualified than me to say what's going on.

    Great article — as always.

  23. Great article once again VC keep it up. Can you please check out Drake's "Over" video next. I keep hearing it has hidden messages in it and how he's sold his soul too. I've read, researched and watched video's that show a lot of proof with Jay-Z, Rihanna, Beyonce, Pink, K.I.S.S. (Knights in Satan's service), Lady Gaga, The Beatles, U2, Michael Jackson (R.I.P.) etc being a part of a Cult to stay famous in the Music Industry. Now I'm hearing all this stuff about Nas, Kanye West, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, BEP, Taylor Swift etc. I understand at the end of the day everybody is trying to make MONEY but to SELL your SOUL to do it I don't think it's worth it. One more thing VC does the Game Chess have any hidden things in it I don't know about? I always hear how the checkered floor has something to do with illuminati. Not sure it has anything to do with Chess just thought I'd ask anyway. Peace

    • If you look at the Mason Hall they have the same checkered floor as the game the Mason control people the game of chess is just like the Masons controling people so it's safe to say that someone knows your every step before you even make it they can cut you off the can jump you so many different ways it can go down in the street.

  24. The devil is the ruler of this world currently. He rules gov't, media, religion, and even education. The bible speaks in daniel about the new roman empire arising…. This stuff is beginning to happen and if you think about it, its leading the world to a leader… Someone who can fix the financial crash, who can bring peace to the world, who can declare himself to be god in the 3rd jewish temple (many of the temples tools have already been crafted, check out temple institute on good)…. I.e the anti-christ… Call me a religious freak but think about it… Most of these scum bags worship lucifer… he grants them success… Just like he tried to give Jesus all the kingdoms when Jesus fasted 40 days in the desert… The same way he tempted Jesus, hes tempting these artists! Open your eyes people!

  25. I am so glad I found the VC website and blog. Things are starting to make sense that I didn't understand

    before….It's alarming, disturbing, creepy; the reality of the music and entertainment industry and the spiritual, social etc.,ramifications of the coercion, oppression, satanism, etc., are huge for our society, if not the world.

    Where are the families of these people? Do they try to help, or are they trapped in the fame and wealth

    cycle as well?

    The Christina Aguilera video of her new song disturbs me the most…..The video is horrible in terms of content

    and decency; her song lyrics AND music are lifeless, mediocre. I was hoping it would be awesome, but

    for me it is hollow and almost insulting to any thinking adult. (Maybe that's the point.) Partially I am referring

    to the alarming lack of substance and the kind of vacuous sexuality.

    I am a musician, si nger, songwriter, and I grew up on classical music, Broadway musicals – a diversity

    of music……sacred music, and you could not pay me to buy a Christina Aguilera CD or a Katy Perry CD

    (to name 2).

    Great job, Vigilant!

  26. That clip of brittany switching was just freaky, she just switched from normal coversation to weird in the blink of an eye

  27. Hey Vigilant,

    Excellent article, once again. The Hollyweird and NYC entertainment cult are truly the lowest of all the degenerate scum of the earth…worse than any ghetto, but with deceptive, shiny packaging and silicone boobs. lol

    If most people had any idea of the true nature of the deceptions and illusions they are being sold, they might just vomit right on their shoes.

    I guess the hardest part for "normal" decent people is accepting the fact that all these things are not accidental or coincidental, by any means. Entertainment has been degenerate by design for many decades now, chosen to be this way deliberately by the people who control the money behind the films and music.

    Dave Chappelle really kicks ass, I love that guy.

    Thanks for another great one, Vig. I hope you've had a chance to read my latest by now, "A Brief History of Stars Parts 1 and 2", Part 3 is on the way – politicians, world leaders and other criminals.


    There is no denying the patterns in the careers and lives of these elite people, and the same is true with some you've mentioned here; most notably Mariah and Anna Nicole. Major drug and occult influences, genetic links to other wealthy and elite entertainment/corporate families, sexual/physical abuse (both victims and victimizers), and so on. These same patterns repeat over and over again, throughout every generation of the political, business and entertainment elite in our short lifetimes, and throughout history, in general.

  28. Pinky aka Elle on


    Check out 3 6 Mafia's song called "In Too Deep"

    Particularly Lord Infamous' verse, it'd be a very helpful addition to this article.

  29. Ayyo VC wut's your thoughts on the DMX situation? I mean I wonder his "Damian" songs…. can those be him telling about an actual experience? One thing I always admired about him was no matter what he always had a prayer on his album, followed by a song directed towards God…. and being a Christian, I know he's very knowledgeable about certain things such as Pleading the Blood of Christ, and he seems to know about out Authority in Christ…. I was watching a video ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWHiZhl_TBA ) in which it speaks of them destroying DMX & preparing him to be killed. What are ur thought man?

  30. Sorry had sum typo's in the above post… so I reposted…

    Ayyo VC wut’s your thoughts on the DMX situation? I mean I tend to wonder about his “Damian” songs…. can those be him telling about an actual experience? One thing I always admired about him was no matter what he always had a prayer on his album, followed by a song directed towards God…. and being a Christian, I know he’s very knowledgeable about certain things such as Pleading the Blood of Christ, and he seems to know about our Authority in Christ cuz he gets very very deep in the prayer on the "grand champ" album…. I was watching a video ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWHiZhl_TBA ) in which it speaks of them destroying DMX & preparing him to be killed. What are ur thought man?

  31. Yes, Britney's swtich to an "alter" is very apparent in the Diane Sawyer interview clip. I immediately noticed it when I saw this on TV way before this article was written. It appeared as though Diane Sawyer triggered the HELL out of Britney during that whole interview. It's very, very disturbing.

    In my opinion, Britney is one of the most blatant examples today of a Monarch slave. Do I know EXACTLY what her programming entailed or how "they" went about it? No, not at all. However, it is BLATANTLY obvious that something seriously, SERIOUSLY wrong is going on with the girl – worse than bipolar, worse than any drug abuse. SEVERE systematic trauma has gone on with this poor woman. I'm somewhat disappointed in VC for not doing a full article on this poor VICTIM of mind control. Her story – especially her 'breakdown' – is astounding. I will name a scant HANDFUL of my observations about Britney and her Monarch programming:

    "Britney: For the Record", is absolutely CRAZY. My best friend and I were watching it and just wondering "Wow, did this DVD come out for the SOLE PURPOSE to flaunt the fact that Britney is a Monarch programmed slave in front of the masses, KNOWING almost none of them will connect the dots?". Because it's so blatant, it really does seem that way. I'll go over only a FEW points from the DVD, the whole thing is just WOW. First of all, Britney Spears, the famous superstar, has no friends around her. Only militant handlers that tell her everything from what she can buy at a store, what she eats, what she does with her day, what she wears, how her hair is done, and even order her brusquely to "stop biting her nails". Britney NEVER asks her "assistant" (main handler) for a drink, for ANYTHING, the "assistant" in fact orders Britney around and dictates to her. Larry Rudolph is heard saying "No one gets in her house unless they get through us". At one point Britney is even put in a car, driven to the middle of nowhere without being told where she is going, LIED TO by her assistant (really? this is how they treat a 'superstar'?) as to where they were going and what they were doing. Well, all of this was to bring Britney to a remote location so she could drive her car, as she is not allowed to drive. The point is, they were playing mind games with her, big time.

    Also Britney manically switches from alter to alter countless times, again referring to herself in the 3rd person at times. The girl is in so many wigs – she puts on a black wig "I am Veronica, the witch, I will cast a spell on you", she says. In one of the seemingly countless different wigs she wears, she seems to NOT EVEN REMEMBER that she has kids already, saying "Next year, I will have babies". She switches voices/accents, personae, and moods so rapidly and so often it's ridiculous. Wigs are a HUGE trigger for her alters.

    When Britney is in the studio recording, she is wearing a Hello Kitty (kitten programming) trigger necklace. When she films the "Circus" video, there is a triggering jewel butterfly on the back of her ringleader outfit.

    When the "real Britney" (front alter) is shown during interviews, she is a broken and deeply, profoundly depressed woman. She says she "thinks" she's making this video because "she doesn't like the way she's being perceived", then, looking lost, adds "I'm not sure how I want to be perceived". She says many things like that her life is "too controlled". Honestly, you just have to see it all to believe it. And her father is super creepy in it, saying things like "Damn, baby! Those are hooker heels!". It's disgusting, you just want to SAVE that woman from the hell she's in. I believe she is a victim of ritual and systematic abuse. She seems to not know what's going on with her life and also seems to have limited memory of what has happened to her recently.

    During one of her rehab stays, she reportedly scrawled '666' on her forehead, attempted suicide by hanging, and screamed "I am the Anti-Christ". This was widely reported. There are also photos of her during her House of Blues tour wearing a tattered jean skirt on which she (or someone) had written "Britney 666 evil Britney" in Sharpie.

    And you can't forget Courtney Love's comments: "I have it on good authority that Britney's dad molested her. No matter what they did to her, she never played that card. It's a pride thing I can relate to".

    I could write a huge article on all the things about Britney and I pretty much already have here. The sad, sick thing reality is that there is so much more evidence that I can't even begin to touch on it here. It would take pages. And this is just the evidence for one victim. Unfortunately, people are programmed/conditioned by the media to believe she's just a spoiled brat with a drug problem. The truth is right in front of their eyes that this poor woman needs serious help, that no one cares about her, that she is profoundly psychologically disturbed and emotionally traumatized…yet people want to blame her and not the monsters behind it all. They blame her and don't question why this girl is involuntarily committed twice, tries to kill herself in rehab, is publicly humiliated and severely ill, and just months after her "breakdown" she is pushed by the people who "love" her back into the spotlight as a mind-controlled sex slave performing songs with tons of triggers and live shows with cages/bondage/blindfolds. Those close to Britney say that getting back to work right away is "healing" Britney. I think all of us here can see the evil in that statement there, the mental sickness of the perverts that control this woman and hold the keys to her mind and life. It's shocking and disgusting.

    • -Sigh-
      You mean Dissociative Identity disorder?
      Schizophrenia is when you have delusions, visual hallucinations, and auditory hallucinations.

  32. WeThinkYouShould

    Great points there re: Britney.

    I covered her "breakdown" a little in my article "A Brief History of Stars – Part One", a few weeks ago.

    One thing (of many) that I found very interesting is that when she was taken away for her involuntary 5150 psych eval (after acting bizarrely and causing concern for the safety of her children and herself), she was taken to the UCLA Psychiatric facility – which has a very long and infamous history of involvement with various MK-ULTRA mind control experiments/programs…perhaps ongoing.

    Of course, that may have just been the closest psych ward at the time of her "incident". :)

  33. OWW Man! Great job! I honestly love this ‘golden age’ we’re livin! The Apocalypse is now. And the Apocalypse means Revelations… Earth Revealed! You Revealed. Thanks to All. Blessings from New Era of Truth, Real Light and Love. Hey, but what would be the next chapter of Michael’s speech, he mentioned at the theather? Hugs ;D

  34. Yes, thank you for covering the men in dresses. I find it absolutely ridiculous and appalling what not only the industry, but people themselves have reduced to. And Goldfrapp.. ugh, puts a bad taste in my mouth and nausea in my stomach. So tired of the mediocrity, so tired..

  35. Vigiliant, I would like you to check out the video for Acapella by Kelis, as I have a strong suspicion that it may be satanic.

  36. MissyChrissy on


    I've been into this illuminati stuff since last year n i'm constantly studying the topic n trying to discover new things…i'm so obsessed that i think i might go crazy hahaha….thank u VC, u inspire me so much…oh plus people can watch "The Arrivals" documentary for some shocking info on freemasons…not only the music industry but everything satanic around us…

    The truth is out there for everyone to find out…but unfortunately people have closed eyes n minds these days…i really hope that the truth will shine through one day soon before we all become controlled puppets…i consider myself lucky for knowing


  37. Crazzzy hmm do an article about rihannas rude boy vid its creepy and one about freaknic the musical

  38. Pimp C of UGK’s would have been a good fit for this article too, because he always blantantly spoke out
    on the D’Evils( Yeah, Jay-Z was right there at the very beginning, with Reasonable Doubt) of the industry.

    Pimp C was not only brash, but he abhorred what he saw what most of these rappers had to become
    in order to stay successful.

    Check Pimp’s stuff out, if you have a little extra time to study it. Always on point, VC

    Thanks, keep spreading the word.

    Just a thought, anybody that still wants to go into Hollywood now is crazy.

  39. This was a great article and shed more light on how dark the industry really is. It’s a shame that so many people want fame, but don’t truly understand the cost of it.

    And YES, will you PLEASE do a feature on Anna Nicole Smith. I loved her, but I always thought that the industry really messed her up. Her life and the way that it ended, including the death of her son, was not only shocking, but there are still a lot of unanswered questions and details that the public doesn’t know about, specially, what really happened to her in life and death.

  40. Wow this is crazy. I am a singer myself and would love to break through some day, but seeing this makes you think. I hope that I’m strong enough to make it without having to sell myself. Vigilant I think you may have been in the industry considering all the insight you have.

  41. I also beleive Katt Williams is a victum. To this day I still can’t remember what he was hosting 2009 it was the BET awards, MTV, his comedy special or something and his opening lines were he either said Puff Daddy or Jamie Foxx “took him to a house party and when they walked inside men were every where, some were coupled up, some had on no pants” and he was saying like wtf is this. He was saying it in a comedic way to the audience in his Katt Williams voice but after that I noticed rumors started flying Katt Williams is a drug head, Katt Williams was arrested, Katt Williams was arrested again, Kat Williams is crazy and this story is still unfolding. You know they tarnish your image first i’m just saying!

  42. You should have put Tenacious D up…where JackBlack and friend were going on about selling their souls for music and how the media promotes it.

  43. Comment 60 is true. When I first found this site, I often found myself thinking about Britney – when the whole shaving head shenanigan came around, I couldn't understand it. It felt weird, and everyone seemed to be giving their own opinions, none of which coming straight from her. Then, apparently the best solution was for her to GET BACK OUT THERE and RELEASE MORE ALBUMS – the exact thing that was causing her to breakdown?

    Even her E! true hollywood story shows that from a young age things are hard. She's broken, she tried to get out, and she failed to the point that her life is probably 10x worse. I think I admire her for trying, and I hope she'll one day get out. Seems impossible though. This Monarch mind control is pretty scary shit.

  44. God is the truth on

    God i pray that others will too see the light.

    Thank you so much for what you're doing!

    Your are God's helper!

  45. Hey VC. It is a nice article. I sadly couldn’t watch the MJ video cause youtube blocks sony videos for my country.
    I would also like to see more about Michael and Anna and Britney. So it seems like the relationship breakup (and even the relationship) was kinda staged to bring pain and manipulate her. Like with the dead of Annas son. I’d also like to read something about Elvis and Marylin. And the new Gaga video.

    How about creating a POLL for people to vote for a topic (person) they want to read more about?
    In the end you could coose which to put in the list. 😀
    Just a thought.

    And it made me so sad. Anna doesn’t look drugged to me (like I’ve seen ppl on alcohol and such…). She looked like aware what she was doing. The look in her eyes was so clear, not drugged. And Britneys shifting was so… like schizophrenic. Like she was talking to someone who wasn’t there (visible though). Maybe “weird” was like a trigger.
    I bet this article could be a lot longer but it’s also nice to have a shorter article, updates like in part 2 or such can be wrote later, still. And many informations in this “short” article. Learned so to say, realised a lot.
    All of this is so sad and I hope and pray for Anna and Michael to be with the Lord now. And that the Lord will save Britney and the otehrs.

    Those are the real poor people even if they have more money we’d ever get in our whole lifetime.

  46. About time a new article went up. Saw these videos already and well hey…
    U cant argue with that.
    I have a question tho… even if they expose the industry….
    what happens? Is there anyway to stop it all?
    I mean theres a video with michael jackson CLEARLY SAYING ‘we have four years to get it right, after that then…. w’ere done.’

    Hmm…. 2012 prediction? or warning?

  47. Not only those in the music industry are aware of this.Novelists and writers are also constantly hinting the devious truth of today's media.Check out the novel "Spiral" by japanese writer Suzuki Koji and you can see that he alarms us very strongly about the corruption of the media and that it will lead to the destruction of mankind.

  48. "Weird" was a trigger. She switched twice, says hello twice. The system triggered from emotional overload, also. (stress, breakdown)

  49. Britney shaved her head as a sign of submission to the Illuminati, imo. It was her punishment for trying to establish independence. Then she is seen with an umbrella again, the very symbol of the Illuminati, shielding the artists from the rain which they create.

  50. This articles features some astounding material.

    For more of the same: http://www.goodfight.org and the various 3, 4 & 10 hour versions of the Rockumentary of Joe Schimmel – They Sold Their Souls For Rock'n'Roll.

    All "in their own words."

    Our ability to perceive the Truth depends upon the clarity of our perception.

    The tone of our comments reveals far more about ourselves than about the subject we may be dealing with. Our world is as we are – individually & collectively.

    Thanx Vig !

  51. Check into the extremely high number of musicians who "channel" spirits. Joni Mitchell (who now suffers Morgellons from chemtrails — google "strange days strange skies") and her channeled spirit "Albert". Michael Jackson frequently channeled the spirit of Liberace. Black Sabbath, a four human member band, is actually named for its invisible fifth member, which also gave them their music for the first three albums.

    Bill Ward, drummer for Sabbath, admits there was a supernatural presence that inspired Sabbath. It was so real that Ward confesses, it was as if there was actually a "fifth member" in the group. "I believe that Black Sabbath was a phenomenon. On that basis, when I look back now at the band, I have felt that there was a fifth member, if you like. . . So I've always considered that there was some way where we were able to channel energy, and that energy was able to be, from another source, if you like, like a higher power or something, that was actually doing the work. I've often thought of us just being actually just the earthly beings that played the music because it was uncanny. Some of this music came out extremely uncanny." (Mike Stark, Black Sabbath An Oral History, p. 6)

    Angus Young of AC-DC reports the same. Watch on youtube the "sold their souls for rock and roll" and look at jesus-is-savior.com, not for the overt religious aspect, but for the blatantly unbelievable claims, immediately backed up by full sources. You simply will not believe the satanic shit that's been pumping out in music. Now it's in rap. Country. Everywhere. Also, read Dave McGowan's excellent research at davesweb.cnchost.com which details in the extreme all the bizarre and unbelievable events involving the 1960s music scene, Zappa, Beach Boys, Charles Manson, Crosby Stills, and many, many, many others.

    We've been compiling this info on eastghost.com

  52. “Wu-Tang Clan star Method Man thinks that the world came to an end the minute Britney Spears shaved her head.

    The rocker recently said that the `Toxic` singer`s decision to go bald marked a total change in the music industry.

    “The whole music industry is twisted on it`s f**king head. And Britney Spears shaved her head – that`s how I know the Apocalypse is coming,” a website quoted him, as saying. “

  53. Well, mates, all I can say is: I have been a musician and writer forever, and could have "made it" years ago. Except for the inner knowledge (Thank you, God) that the price was too high. I just want to ghost write and not have anything to do with the world. I'll probably be published posthumourously. Sorry for the gloomy post….music is special; it can make people happy in their hearts. Mostly, it's a gift because I don't have any idea where my stuff comes from, and can take no credit for it. I feel sorry for Anna, Michael, and all the rest. Thank you for this true and enlightening post.

  54. You should really look at Harry Potter. I've read everything on your site, and have realized I'm seeing this shit everywhere. All seven books of Harry Potter and JK Rowling herself. I love the Potter books by the way.

  55. listen to what the song is saying inthe background on michaels video….. damn. and i went to go find what song that was, and the lyrics, and i found it automatically, no searching or anything i knew automatically it was "Money".. damn.. thanx VC yall need to do a blog everyday, i visit everyday.

  56. The Brittany Spears video is the most disturbing & odd….

    It really does seem like she has an alter-ego…

    As for Dave Chappelle-I've never seen his show (as I live in the UK), but he's in one of my favourite films-Half Baked… Dave Chappelle is one of the funniest men alive-Hands down!!

    I salute ANYONE who has the balls to walk away from the industry, especially if they speak out about it too!

    I have never seen ANY of those videos before, or even heard about them… It's funny how they seem to "disappear" from the majority of the population… It's also rather telling that if you do speak out, you are immediately labelled "Crazy".

  57. Brilliant article once again VC. I loved the Michael Jackson video, so true.

    I hope you do another article on MJ and I agree that you should do one on Britney as well.

    Keep up the great work! x

  58. V.C-Do you have anything on the death of Paul Gray???

    He was found dead last week…. He was the bassist for Slipknot

  59. I believe that the next clip "Alejandro" de Lady Gaga will reserve many surprises.

    (I saw some extracts) Stay tuned.

  60. An excellent article. Thank you VC! Back in the early – mid 90s I made the connection that Michael Jacksons frolics with the kids would sometimes "coincidently" happen when some major conspiracy was happening within the Government. At the time I had no explanation, but I'm glad that someone else picked up on it: (see link below)


  61. This is a great article, I'm startIng to get curious about all these alter egos, for obvious ones being Beyonce/Sasha Fierce

    But what about other ones such as Mariah Careys, Mimi, Ever since she did Butterfly, she became a different person, then she had that infamous breakdown, then in 2005 she became Mimi, and had a huge comeback,but a year before that her father dies, and her vanity record label was called Monarc, ISN'T THAT A WIERD COINCIEDANCE

    What about Jennifer Lopez/JLO, and now LOLA. I started to realise, when Jennifer became JLO, she was a different person, but she was at her zeinth,before she did this, she was in that film the The Cell, which is one the most occultic films I HAVE EVER SEEN,The Cell:

    Horrific scenes of violence, barbarism and cruelty

    star power of Jennifer Lopez as person who enters the mind of rapist/murderer played by Vincent D’Onofrio

    symbolic connection between murderer and Jesus via "horizontal crucifixion" image through hanging himself in crucifixion position via chains attached to hooks within his arms, legs and back

    murderer literally "bleaches" his victims white as symbol of disagreed-with Christian virtue draining people of life

    D’Onofrio watches woman drowning in water tank via remote video while pleasuring himself sexually in horizontal crucifixion position hovering over "bleached" body of previous victim – symbol of intense hatred of Jesus and his apparent joy in causing others to suffer through "repressive moral dictates"

    Lopez takes on direct image of Isis (female aspect of Lucifer) at end of film

    Lopez / Isis ritualistically murders demonic-appearing D’Onofrio within his dreams through crucifixion by crossbow, arrows going through wrists and feet, indicative of severe Illuminist hatred of the ‘demon’ Jesus

    child "alter" of D’Onofrio is then drowned Christian baptism-style, even though he could be forgiven or helped to change – no compassion, just murder

    DVD contains special features which interview the person to see if they have the qualities necessary to participate in possible future research where they would "enter the mind of a killer," like the FBI agents in the film, and the DVD asks to upload the results to the Internet – thus sniffing out potential recruits; if the questions are answered showing high intelligence and compassion for such a murderous person, an "excellent" score is given

    Was this her inniation

    Jay Zs onto the next one borrows a lot form this film

    But by 2005 she was really trying to disscard JLO, and just be called Jennifer,her album at that time was Rebirth, but strangely radio just stopped playing her songs. Did she refuse to illumaniti demands as being the 1st ultimate multi media puppet, so they built up BEYONCE IN THE EXACT SAME WAY, FILMS CLOTHING LINES, FRAGRANCES.


  62. The Monarch programming is not limited to the music industry and it is very widespread. John Stewart interviewed Angelina Jolie three different times. In the first 2 interviews she was outgoing and friendly, but in the last one she was quite the opposite to the point that you could tell John was uncomfortable. You can also check out the Hillary Clinton creepy laugh montage put together for the daily show and you can see that something is not quite right with her either. Someone asked about when and how these people were put into programming. The illuminati/bloodline aristocrats are required to put their children into the training program. These children are then put into positions of power. The musicians are approached if they are chosen and are given an ultimatum. Take the oath, worship Satan, and go through programming or kiss your dreams goodbye. 5 major corporations control all of our media. Right now, you don't make it if you don't play the game. You all might remember Selena (the mexican madonna). Yolanda Salvidar was a monarch put in place to take care of Selena if she didn't sign up. The mobster music corporations don't like competition and have been knocking off stars since the 50s. Don McLean wrote about this in . He never discussed the meaning of his lyrics and people have been trying to interpret this song for quite awhile. The song is about the plane crash that took the lives of Ritchie Valens, the Big Bopper, and Buddy Holly. It wasn't an accident. Take a look at the lyrics:

    No angel born in hell

    Could break that Satan's spell

    And as the flames climbed high into the night

    To light the sacrificial rite

    I saw Satan laughing with delight

    The day the music died

    I met a girl who sang the blues

    And I asked her for some happy news

    But she just smiled and turned away

    I went down to the sacred store

    Where I'd heard the music years before

    But the man there said the music wouldn't play

    And in the streets the children screamed

    The lovers cried, and the poets dreamed

    But not a word was spoken

    The church bells all were broken

    And the three men I admire most

    The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost

    They caught the last train for the coast

    The day the music died

    And they were singing

    BTW, someone mentioned waiting for a president to fix things. That will never happen. Until 300 million Americans wake up, realize that the media is lying about the deaths of these stars and demand answers concerning the accidental drug overdoses and untimely deaths of these people, they will continue to be controlled and so will we. We have only ourselves to blame. Also someone had a comment about Jewish people. They aren't really Jewish. They're Satanists hiding behind Jewish facades. After the holocaust, it became taboo to criticize the Jewish people, so this religion is the perfect front for these Nazi/Illuminist/Satanists that have infected our country. They can do whatever they want and people are hesitant to criticize.

  63. i was looking at the conclusion with DMX and I wondered how long ago he did that. I believe he eventually broke down too. Google DMX and see what has happened to him lately….

  64. Thank God For VC!

    PLEASE put up more of the same – artists interviews and snippets of them speaking out – I'd love to know which artists to support :)

  65. cultureisyours on

    These artists have broken a whole in the wall. The powers that be are not all powerful forever they rise and fall like anything else. I think people can still make it into hollywood without selling out. Remember even the evil and powerful are slaves to something they are not aware of yet. When they wake up to that (which they will in due course) they will be like the rest of us and see it in their best interest to set themselves free of that oppression. You don't stay in a prison when you become aware you are in one unless you think you deserve to be in a prison. We are in the deluge of a mass awakening things are going to change fast.

  66. Czharina

    Of course, how could I forget such a uniquely beautiful name as yours? Thank you for the compliment, I appreciate your kindness. I don't get as much time to comment on things now, but I still do a few when I can.

    Since we chatted here some time ago, I've written some articles you might like – one is here (thanks to Vigilant) Transhumanism, PsyWar and the BEPs – and the others are on a blog I decided to start as a place for things like this, plus some other subjects that aren't necessarily entertainment business related, but much of it will be MK and occult-related, one way or another.

    If you look above at 56 in my comment to Vigilant, there's a link. You might enjoy reading some things there, so you should visit some time. :)

    p.s. Hello to FreeYoMind – I see you out there! lol

  67. Wow VC – Where did you find that video of Britney…that has to be the freakiest thing I've seen on her yet. God Damn it…I'm starting to believe this alters stuff…that moment when she changes voices and starts waving her palm in front of her face sure does look like a trigger to control her emotions but it seemed to go wrong…WOw!

  68. Hey VC, you should prepare writing an article on Lady Gaga's Alejandro video! The 19-second preview is already full of weird stuff, like the inverted star, the military theme, random alien images and the inverted cross!

  69. Britney Spears has got my deepest sympathy BUTTTTTTTT she should have known exactly what was going to happen when she signed a DISNEY contract! Disney is basically a brothel for pedophilia. Anna Nicoles series on E! (i cant believe they actually played that garbage) was extremely telling. It shows her overweight, sloppy and throughout the whole thing she speaks in this very BABY voice. Alter? Question is, what happens to Dannilyn or Britneys 2 boys??? Katy Perry is marrying Russell Brand…and his new movie promo poster is him holding up the two devil horn "rock" hand signs. What do you think that union is about…?

  70. Wow! Great Job Vigiliant! Thank you for the great article and videos.

    I actually saw the episode on The actors studio with Dave Chapelle and it was great. I remember that. Crazy hollywood. Michael is missed terribly. so sad. i luv him and his music so much. of course before this happened. Yes his sister said it was deeper and that in happens in 3's! Also for the This Is It movie on the poster they have altered his hand into the hand symbol we've all seen. Extending his pinky finger in the photo when the actual photo has his forefinger and thumb extended. Anna Nicole and her son is so sad. Drugs keep playing a part in a lot of these deaths. That video of her dressed as a clown is terrbile. DMX 's video is great. They said he was crazy, just like Dave, Britney,etc. Everyone is that goes against them. Michael was accused of doing something he never did and Chris Brown to me is being accused of beating Ri. Britney's glitch was so weird. Isn't that something? Katy and Bob Dylan both said they are apart of it. Glad to see DMX and Chappelle not being part of that.

  71. hey i like your articles they are really interesting but have you seen the new miley cyrus video "cant be tamed" and how she has changed, she said she wanted to do something for herself but i know its something to do with them i was just wandering because it looks very weird. and how they didnt show the video that micheal jackson recorded called they dont care about us. why? because he is saying the truth and they dont want everyone to know. i think anyways.

  72. good article vigilent. i have read alot and studied different subjects. you give good information on just some of the things that are seen. i don't have a t.v. and won't listen to the radio when alone. no gaming for me either. i dont listen to the videos that you post with your articles just read that is all. just know there is so much much more that is just going by that is not spoken of, there is a reason that is not. it would seem that it isn't even noticed unless it is known. hidden away unless a different way of looking at it is taken into consideration. the pied piper is leading the children away.

  73. WOW Britney!!! That was so disturbing I can't believe I just saw her switch to her alter like that. I wish these artists would speak up more and talk more specifically about their experiences. It seems like everyone keeps dancing around it in vague terms but I really want to hear the inside scoop… Why are they so afraid to speak up? I know that ones who have gone through monarch programming, like Anna Nicole, probably are not cognizant of what has happened to them, but others like Dave Chapelle and DMX seem pretty level headed. What does selling your soul really mean in actual terms? What is really involved behind closed doors and what is on the line so heavily that they refuse to get specific about it??

  74. Lanyavedoll on

    Vigilant does that mean katy really sold her soul of that shes just in a industry where its common to do so and she was just being sarcastic because i listen to her music and arent her parents pastors and she has a JESUS tattoo on her arm????

  75. Did anyone else notice the picture of Britney in a leopard print cardigan and pink wig looking pretty blank in last week's Heat magazine (UK)? I've never seen anyone look so obviously 'brainwashed'.

  76. Hello all: I read this article late last night and I could not sleep. The Britany, Bob Dylan, and MJ video stood out. My father who use to work in the movie industry said he had to leave it because Hollywood was and I quote "a place where you could loose your soul." I never paid it any attentionup until a year ago.

    I knew Mike never touched those kids, like Liz Taylor said, it was an assination attempt. I hope Mike did not fall to the ills of the industry. He music was so full of hope and love.

    Did anyone see the Lady Gaga interview with Larry King? It was weird to me that they wore matching outfits. Both black and white suits. Larry even had a poke a dot tie. Message

    Just remember, the devil is a lie and only truth breaks the spell.

    DMX who I am a semi fan of spoke the truth. Matter of fact I saw that poem when he premired it on Def Poets.

  77. already mentioned this on a previous article but this fits in well with stars exposing the industry






    they said lauryn was racist and went crazy but really she didnt want to be apart of the evilness of the industry, her first album has some religious views in the songs most ppl would over look it but her mtv unplugged album very good and read the lyrics to adam lives in theory and of course the one i will post below which explains everything the best…also in the unplugged special she talks about how shes not crazy

    i get out….

    [Singing Chorus]

    I get out, I get out of all your boxes

    I get out, you can't hold me in these chains

    I'll get out

    Father free me from this bondage

    Knowin' my condition

    Is the reason I must change

    [Verse 1]

    Your stinkin' resolution

    Is no type of solution

    Preventin' me from freedom

    Maintainin' your pollution

    I won't support your lie no more

    I won't even try no more

    If I have to die, oh Lord

    That's how I choose to live

    I won't be compromised no more

    I can't be victimised no more

    I just don't sympathize no more

    Cause now I understand

    You just wanna use me

    You say "love" then abuse me

    You never thought you'd loose me

    But how quickly we forget

    That nothin' is for certain

    You thought I'd stay here hurtin'

    Your guilt trip's just not workin'

    Repressin' me to death

    Cause now I'm choosin' life, yo

    I take the sacrifice, yo

    If everything must go, then go

    That's how I choose to live


    [Singing rest of Verse 1]

    That's how I choose to live…

    Hehehehe, awhh

    No more compromises

    I see past your disguises

    Blindin' through mind control

    Stealin' my eternal soul

    Appealin' through material

    To keep me as your slave

    [Singing Chorus]

    But I get out

    Oh, I get out of all your boxes

    I get out

    Oh, you can't hold me in these chains

    I'll get out

    Oh, I want out of social bondage

    Knowin' my condition

    Oh, is the reason I must change

    [Singing Verse 2]

    See, what you see is what you get

    Oh, and you ain't seen nothin' yet

    Oh, I don't care if you're upset

    I could care less if you're upset

    See it don't change the truth

    And your hurt feeling's no excuse

    To keep me in this box

    Psychological locks

    Repressin' true expression

    Cementin' this repression

    Promotin' mass deception

    So that no one can be healed

    I don't respect your system

    I won't protect your system

    When you talk I don't listen

    Oh, let my Father's will be done

    [Singing Chorus]

    And just get out

    Oh, just get out of all these bondage

    Just get out

    Oh, you can't hold me in chains

    Just get out

    All these traditions killin' freedom

    Knowin' my condition

    Is the reason I must change

    [Singing Verse 3]

    I've just accepted what you said

    Keepin' me among the dead

    The only way to know

    Is to walk then learn and grow

    But faith is not your speed

    Oh, you've had everyone believed

    That you're the sole authority

    Just follow the majority

    Afraid to face reality

    The system is a joke

    Oh, you'd be smart to save your soul

    Oh, when escape is mind control

    You spent your life in sacrifice

    To a system for the dead

    Oh, are you sure…

    Where is the passion in this living

    Are you sure it's God you servin'

    Obligated to a system

    Getting less then you're deserving

    Who made up these schools, I say

    Who made up these rules, I say

    Animal conditioning

    Oh, just to keep us as a slave

    [Singing Chorus]

    Oh, just get out

    Of this social purgatory

    Just get out

    All these traditions are a lie

    Just get out

    Superstition killing freedom

    Knowin' my condition

    Is the reason I must die

    Just get out

    Just get out

    Just get out

    Let's get out

    Let's get out

    Knowin' my condition

    Is the reason I must die

    Just get out

  78. Kelsey Hupp on

    DMX was probably my most favorite out of them all. I'm not exactly sure if I took the Katy Perry one very seriously because she might not have meant it that way- but you never know. I loved what MJ had to say. They industry is definitely evil, there is no way to deny that.

  79. By the way can somebody tell me what happened in the last video of DMX? I couldn't get it to work which actually worked on my behalf becuase I was also scared.LOL!!! Thanx

  80. Please do an article on Janelle Monae! Also more that could be going on with Katt Williams, DMX, Nas, and others who may be trying to leave and the tactics they use to discredit them

  81. Thank you for writing about black men dressing up as woman

    reminds me of the minstrel shows

    @Just Wondering I am wondering the same thing too Great Post

    @ LVB Hey! you funny lol off to your blog now How are you today? Hello to Obey how are you

  82. To Kim, comment 91, You are correct about the fake Jews. It's even in Revelations.

    Rev 2:9 I know your afflictions and your poverty—yet you are rich! I know the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

    Rev 3:9 I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars—I will make them come and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you. 10 Since you have kept my command to endure patiently, I will also keep you from the hour of trial that is going to come upon the whole world to test those who live on the earth.

  83. Vigilant

    I'm thinking about doing some intense research, calling in some favors frrom past music types that I've worked with who owe me….and pull together a big article to hit right at the core of WHO these MFs are,

    specifically, that are guiding the current direction in the pop music and video world.

    I'd be targeting Jimmy Iovine (Interscope), which is responsible for all of Gaga's filth, Rihanna, Bee, Jay-Z, et al. Jimmy's worth about a Billion, so his deal with the devil worked out fine, for now…

    Next would be Sumner Redstone, the old b@st@rd in complete control of MTV.Viacom/Disney – nothing happens there that he doesn't approve and/or demand, I'm sure.

    Those are just for starters….I'm gonna keep a few names under my hat for now, but I like MJ's way of calling out Mattolla in no uncertain terms – "he is the devil, he's a very evil person". He could be on the target list, too, but there are plenty of others…target rich environment, you might say. :)

    I have a fair chunk of inside info myself, and if you want to trade stories and facts to come up with a bigger and better exposure of these scumbags in suits, you just let me know and we can "mind-meld" and see what may come from it.

    The two of us combined could bee very dangerous, y0!!!

    Hey, btw did u catch the pics in my latest article (Part 2) with Gaga's handlers being with her all the time when she's not onstage? Obviously there are "security" but maybe not in the typical way people think of.

    These guys are retired cops/military, I've worked with many, so I know "that look". Some are pretty nice guys, but these guys with Gaga look like stone cold Deltas to me. Please give me your thoughts, bro…..thanks!

  84. I'm with you @Michelle. something doesn't sit right with Janelle. I remember first seeing her on Diddy's wack show which one was it? lol and she was popping and jumping like a crazy leprechaun. Not saying anything is wrong with that it was high energy but her music makes me wonder…hmmm

    Where's Baba? Haven't seen you in a while friend

  85. The thing is, we can feel sorry for these people, but most sign very willingly on the dotted line. They sell their soul for money, fame, and power. However, the bottom line is that only the "higher-ups" have the true power and soon the types like Brittany realize what they really "sold their soul" for. By that time, it's usually too late to back out. When they rebel, they are met with scandals, lawsuits, and other things to "teach them a lesson." You can't help but feel bad for some of these kids. On the other hand, so much of it is their being upset they were given a bum deal and not liking the "price" of their fame rather than any true remorse for what they are doing.

    There are those in the industry who willingly sell themselves and enjoy every minute of it. They are not simply "mind controlled slaves" but willing participants in evil deeds with a diabolical intent. Part of the whole facade is to make us feel sorry for some of these people, when the reality is they are far from victims and are *willingly* seducing us, promoting the occult, and hope to spread their "beliefs" and "deviations" far and wide.

  86. Jamaican Girl on

    Hey this is my first time posting…..i watched a movie on tv today called Josie and the Pussycats. In the movie they actually spell out how the music industry puts subliminal messages in their music to control us (mind control). They even say in the movie that to make it big their are sacrifices you have to make and once they are done with you they find creative ways to kill you and then put your story on Vh1 or MTV (Behind the Music)You should check it out……. I was really schocked that they would put it out there like that that then sugar coat it and make it seem all cute and funny like it was all a big joke and no such thing ever happens…at the end the guy says well if we dont succeed with music we will put it in movies!!???!!!

    The apocalypse is coming and many people out their are too blind to realize the truth right infront of their eyes

    I have shared your website with everyone i talk to…some of them think we are both crazy and others actually agree


  87. Hello Vigilant,

    I have been an avid reader of your blog for a couple months nowand first time commenter I am 19 and I've noticed that something was wrong with all the music videos that came out they're alot more dark and weird. I guess I was one of the lucky ones to actually question these videos (as are the other people on this site). I have to say all these articles blew my mind about whats behind all these symbols and the way everyone has been acting… It is very sad and I really think that there is no help for the people who want to be there and dont want to lose the fame… (Gaga Beyonce, Xtina, Jay-z and many others)

    All you can do is pray for them but some of you have to realize that they want to be there they want to be controlled…. only a few are trying to get out… people are becoming desensitized every day all the young girls want to dress like beyonce gaga and all the artists out there and its really sad what this world is coming to and how music has such power to influence us.

    Vigilant I really admire your courage to write this, seeing that you were part of the music industry itself and want to tell the world about what's really going on. I hope the industry will never find out about this site because they might take it down. God bless you on every word you write and be vigilant as always =)

    PS. I have to say its hard spreading the word out to the masses about the truth behind this stuff because they think its all made up and they do it to be different they dont belive in mind control and dark magic and symbols. I think that is sad because the industry does, and they want to desensitize you in that as well so it can work even better.

    PSS. To all of you who read my post thanks! and you should really watch ex-satanic people speak about what they do and what all the symbols mean. Its really scary and its all in the music videos plain as day. And to allof you too God bless and be Vigilant Citizens! =)

  88. Lanyavedoll on

    i believe katy perry was just being sarcastic hopefully feel me in please and could you please do some things on kanyewest because im a big fan and usher because he seems to be on top of the world right now and its funny because for the past couple of years he has been off and his OMG video creeps me out

  89. perhaps i'm still yearning for something a bit more concrete. i still believe while watching some of these videos that most of it is up for interpretation. bob dylan doesn't say he sold his soul to the devil at all, katy perry did but she also seems the type to just say whatever pops in her head first.

    its possible tommy matola is a horrible human being, i wouldn't know, but mj was obviously upset with sony so i can't really know for sure if what he says is accurate or merely out of anger .

    though the anna nicole video is gruesome, you have not proven that it is monarch programing…howard k stern is without a doubt a sick p.o.s.

    the britney spears video doesn't seem like a mind control glitch at all. it look more like a coping mechanism for a sudden on comming of intense emotion. she knew she was about to cry and tried to lighten the mood by acting goofy and it didn't work. i've done similar things with just a friend around…she had a camera in her face. some of us just hate crying.

    idk vigilant. it was an okay article. i still need proof.

    i do believe highly that "the industry" is a bit of a monster, and i understand why an artist would feel jilted but business is business…its something they should have expected while entering their contract.

    • You must be blind or a agent.Its clear in all cases what the truth is.So Dave is just mad too right.I know u posted this awhile back I hope u have came to reality by now.

  90. Here's some more on Britney. I've been following her for years now because I knew, just KNEW something was not at all right with her. Just like I knew that Anna Nicole and her son were killed as soon as it was reported.

    Britney has many reported alters: "the weepy girl", "the diva", "the British girl", and many others. She also said something along the lines of "When I have to yell or be mean to people, I can't be Britney. I become Mona Lisa because it's easier to yell when I'm not Britney". The pink wig she sported often during her "breakdown" was reportedly taken away by her father when he gained custody over her because "he thought the wig was making her behave badly". Her father also reportedly checks to see if she's wearing underwear before she is escorted anywhere by her "guards", and reportedly also blew up on her "guards" because they weren't doing a good enough job. So HE checks.

    I believe, based on looking into the whole thing, that Britney has been a victim of this since childhood. I believe, as it has been stated by Courtney Love and hinted at elsewhere, that Britney was molested by her own father. He was an alcoholic and he and his wife would have apparently violent fights in front of Britney all the time when she was young. I believe her parents sold her into slavery with Disney when she was just a little girl. I truly believe that Britney is a victim who has had her life taken away from her. I've been thinking about where and when her brainwashing must have started, and it must have been at home. I believe her dad sexually/emotionally abused her, maybe even physically. While this was going on, her stage mother was feeding Britney ideas about what her dreams should be. I'm not saying Britney had no natural drive or talent, but she was also heavily influenced by her parents' obvious desire for her to be in the entertainment industry. There is a really creepy photo of a very, very young Britney with Minnie Mouse, who is creepily touching her chest area. It may not seem deliberate, but seriously, there are so many other places to hug a child from – you don't need to blatantly place your huge white-gloved hand deliberately over a child's "breast". So she had Disney conditioning through her parents!! and probably started learning to dissociate at a very, very young age from the abuse at home. Britney was very young on the Mickey Mouse Club, Disney had their claws in her at a ripe young age and never seemed to let go since then. She was probably passed around like a hot cake as a child/teen to all of the sick pedo-Disney executives. Remember Jaime Lynn, her sister getting pregnant at 16? Well, that young teen boy who was chosen as the "cover" is NOT that baby's father. Several blind items from the time pointed to the fact that the REAL father of her baby was a "MUCH, MUCH OLDER" Nickelodeon executive. Now this girl was pregnant at 16, but imagine how early her sex life must have started. She had her own show on Nickelodeon and it was said that she and her parents were paid off big time to conceal the true father of the baby. Also, of course they pushed for an abortion as well. If you want to look these up for yourself, search agc blind items. You'll have to research the timelines because it's a very big website with tons of blind items. Anyway, the point here is that any parent who sacrifices their child to such fame DOES NOT HAVE THEIR CHILD'S INTEREST AT HEART. They are selling their children into abuse/prostitution/mind control and DO NOT CARE. They just want the money, and possibly the attention as well. Their children are a product/cash cow to them. Yes, I'm talking about ALL of the parents of the big "child" stars. How do you think Justin Bieber's mother feels every night when she goes to sleep about the fact that her son is probably being sexually abused, and at the very least, pedophiles are watching her little boy's every move in the media. Miley Cyrus, do you really think how she acts with her father is appropriate? Have you SEEN her little sister and the slutty outfits her parents parade her around in public, in photo shoots? Google "Noah Cyrus and Emily Reaves" and you will want to vomit. I believe Miley is also an incest/abuse/brainwashing victim. It's amazing how no one questions the blatant sexualization of children that has been going on in the media for decades! People laugh about Miley and her creepy dad and make incest jokes probably because they realize in their heart that it is most likely the sick truth. They look at all of the obvious, crazy, disgusting abuse and say "oh, celebrities are soo crazy!". But still they never think as to WHY it's so crazy, or what they (the public) are truly being exposed to.They just continue to go on idolizing these celebs and letting their kids do the same.

    But back to Britney. It's my opinion that she doesn't know the full extent of what is going on with her. From watching her in interviews, DVDs, etc., it seems that she knows she is being controlled but she is so fragmented by the abuse that she truly doesn't remember it most of the time. It's so heartbreaking because she seems like such a sweet, sad, lost girl when she's speaking through "the real Britney". I do not believe she took a Satanic oath or any of that crap, this girl has been a victim since she was a baby.

    As for her triggers, I've noticed (not just in Britney's video, but seemingly every single Monarch-suspicious artist has this in almost every video) they often begin a Britney video with her looking into a mirror and applying makeup and perfume. This serves as a product-placement plug and in my view, a trigger. Seriously, why does this scene have to be incorporated into so many of Britney's videos? I wouldn't even think about it if it was one video but doesn't it get repetitive? Can't they do something new? No, they are using triggers on her. It also seems that mirrors trigger her alters in real life, you can see this in "Britney: for the record" and elsewhere. There is plenty of Britney butterfly imagery out there, she also has a butterfly tattoo on her foot and used to sign her name with fairy/butterfly wings. Also look up her "Chaotic" show if you want to see more sad proof of her confused, brainwashed state.

    When she was first married to her "childhood sweetheart" in that infamous 24-hour marriage, Britney's managers/handlers/parents all RUSHED to pay off the husband, annul the wedding, and sweep it all under the rug. Britney stated "I wanted to be married. I just wanted to settle down and have a normal life. It wasn't a mistake. They wouldn't let me do it". I'm paraphrasing here, but that's what she said initially. I believe she truly tried to get out at that point. I also believe that her handlers didn't want her married to a normal person. They would then lose all of their investment in Britney because it seemed like she was about to quit her career. Later on Britney would make a scripted statement about her "crazy ups and downs" that was meant to turn the whole thing into a joke and probably to reinforce Britney's programming. Search youtube for her Vegas show performance of "Everytime" to hear the scripted apology. I'm not really sure what the whole Kevin Federline thing was about, but if he WASN'T a plant (I'm not sure why they'd let Britney be with him if he wasn't "in on it" – I'm sure he smelled the fame/perks from a mile away and was instructed on how to "handle" Britney). He was obviously guilty of the same exploitative crap that her "team" is guilty of. Filming her in messed up states (search for the "Britney stoned" video, it's eerily reminiscent of the Anna Nicole video). He also used her to try to launch a failed rap career, had a few reality shows, I BELIEVE (not sure) a clothing line, and of course he knocked her up a couple of times. He was definitely a leech, no matter how you look at it. Did he ever love Britney? No. He had a baby mama/girlfriend at the time and I believe he was approached by Britney's team. She was probably going nuts about wanting to get married, so they let it happen, THEIR way.

    Before I forget to mention it, here's another creepy tidbit. During Britney's "Dream Within a Dream" (super dissociative – why are all music/tour themes so ridiculously dissociative ALL THE TIME?) tour, there was a guest appearance by Jon Voight (programmer, Angelina Jolie connection – I believe Angelina was Monarched and that she has a sexual relationship with her brother and that there's lots of crazy mind control shit going on with her and her family). So Jon Voight is RANDOMLY in Brit's show, introducing a scene where a little girl (in a pink, butterfly-covered one piece pajama) is being read a bedtime story by Voight, about a little girl "trapped in a music box". Then a huge music box rises and Britney pops out as the doll, twirling and singing inside her box, singing the super-submissive song "I Was Born to Make You Happy".

    Britney has a song called "Shattered Glass" (MK theme). There are a lot of "coincidental" MK themes/triggers contained in Britney's songs and videos, enough that if you just do the research,you will see it all clear as day.

    It looks like along with Disney/Monarch programming, Britney was exposed to Wizard of Oz "toto" progamming (it all sounds so insane, doesn't it? I can't believe it's the actual TRUTH). When she was under the grips of Usama Lutfi, it was reported that he would "hide her dog, London, and tell Britney that he was lost. Britney would search frantically for the dog, screaming and crying. Eventually Sam would emerge with the dog and tell Britney he found it, acting like a hero". It is also said that "Britney won't let anyone touch her dog, London. She has to really trust you". I'm paraphrasing here, but these are almost verbatim quotes. It is also said that "Sam" would crush up pills and put them in Britney's food.

    The Paris/.Britney/Lindsay all going out together photo op was odd too. I think Britney was dying to get out of the house, so they set her up with some other Monarch slaves. God only knows what messed up things happened to them during that time they were "hanging out".

    Another random thing I've noticed for YEARS while following Britney's career is that her house is decorated with many fake bird cages. (Decorative bird cages). A photo of her on a balcony which I believe was at a hotel also showed a decorative bird cage! Why is this symbolism all around her? There are also photos of Britney buying a caged parakeet. I believe this is because her subconscious is drawn to those themes due to her programming.

    The stuff behind Britney's mom is pretty weird. She looks brainwashed, too. No, I do not think that Britney's family was taken to a secret facility and brainwashed. I believe her mom may have been abused as a child, as she married an abusive man and let all this shit happen to her own daughters. I believe she was swayed and tempted into selling her daughters into slavery. She certainly got many, many perks out of it.

    The whole Britney thing just baffles me because I don't get how people can not see how corrupt the entertainment industry is and how FALSE it is when it is RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEIR EYES. This is only ONE EXAMPLE of a Hollywood mind-control victim. That just goes to show you how REAL and affective the entertainment industry's "mind control" techniques are on the general populace..it's terrifying.

  91. Satan's followers can only control or manipulate any human if that human decided to make a deal with the satan/devil. Its all about making the right or wrong choices in life and in MJ's case he made a wrong choice which is making a deal with the devil and the deal was to have more fame for MJ……so no…no one is innocent!!!!

  92. There is nothing to be afraid of. The concept of selling your soul to whomever or whatever is a state of mind really. They know what they are doing going into the contract before they sign it. If these people who signed these contracts were of sound mind then they are to blame. Like beyonce and jz putting out negative messages then you have the authority not to buy from these people plain and simple…turn them off completely.

  93. MAY GOD PUNISH THEIR BLACK SOULS FOR TAKING AWAY MY MJ!!! AND MY 2PAC!!!!!! Thanks Vigilant, i always display your articles on my other pages.

  94. VC …Thanks for all your GREAT breakdowns…Thanks for shining the light in dark places. Thanks for exposing Satan. Imagine how many souls you are saving.

    I imagine there will be a special place in HEAVEN for YOU!

    God Bless..Peace be upon you in the name of Jesus Christ

  95. notice how the interviewers earings in the katy perry interview are "crosses" but more upside down like the satanic cross rather than more right side round like the christian cross…ahh the subtlety of it all.

  96. All of these artist working so hard for the devil's industry. And all the monies are going to the industry. That's ashame. You do all this work for fame and you sooner or later go mad/crazy. It's sad because these aritists don't know that their fans really care for them. I notice the changes in most of our young artists now they have a stone type face with a half way smile. You can see right away that the industry got a hold on them. The women dress code has changed, they look more like hookers than artists. And for all those who are trying to school us about the industry thumbs up to you, MJ RIP.

  97. yea great read. widen your horizons to other stuff too though. im sure there is a lot of parents that come to this site. would love nothing more than to read about nick JR and stuff of the like. My daughter is 2, and when i tell you she got instantly obsessed with yo gabba gabba, its no joke. This girl woke up with the first words being GABA? GABBA? i quit letting her watch it and tuned in to that channel myself. First of all there is a huge studded one eye monster as the pushed character of the cast, no need to elaborate on the meaning behind that. Then the guy controlling these toy puppets is wearing a huge hat with and upside down star on it and they have to rely on him for thier every need…….Im not a fanatic. but when i noticed how instantly mesmorized my daughter was with this shit, and saw that they had a dildo as the main character…that's a wrap for me. My husband and i are very in tune with the shit going down starting with TV, but i think you would find some awesome stuff if you watched that channel and the symbols popping through thier. Dora as well. Just saying i love your articles, but it's not all music. I want to read your info on programs as well. Thanks! =)

  98. @alish Jews??? Well Rihanna went to the holyland to cleanse. OMG it was not to cleanse. Now everything is falling into place. I was hating DMX, Dave Chapelle and others and now I know it's the industry setting them up for failure. It a matter of time when they use up these artists who are doing all kinds of acts for fame, take their money and drop them.

  99. and the voice of the guy taping in the michael jackson think about sony …i mean what did he have a tripod with him ? who is he…he sounds too much like "ali g" to me …. just doesnt stop connecting

  100. Vigilant- This is one of the good ones. If you had any doubts about M-K mind controll, you know now. I haven’t seen anyone connect the dots in this manner. The Anna Nicole & Britney video blew me away. I remember those videos but never would have put two and two together. People think these artist walk around with security, and a crew because they care about them. No it’s to keep a close eye on them. Insted of security they should be called handelers. It has to be creepy to have these people by your side day in and day out year after year. At this point I am concerned for Rihanna. You can tell that child is lost and out of control. Same with Beyonce they have these people watching ( handlers) day in and day out. This is just a sick shame. Thats right VC keep putting them to shame.

  101. I just have one thing to say…the industry is f*cked! They are the devil! And Tommy "Beelzebub" Mottola doesn't deserve a dime!

  102. @ 125 SusanJ

    That site is awesome. I just read the first few paragraphs on Laurel Canyon. Amazing "coincences."

  103. Aint no business like show business! That saying was put in place for a reason. This has been going on since the beginning of entertainment, do you think elitist would let regular people into their circle making millions and gaining fame? Everything comes with a price and most just want to make their dreams come true so bad that they will do anything to acheive such. The Jackson brothers stated that when Michael was young Joe Jackson would bring him home late at night very sick, and for days and they couldnt understand why. I think Joe Jackson sold his kids and thats why they hate him, its also said that he would let men sexually abuse them during tv appearances back stage. Michael was not a molestor, his character was put on display to discredit anything that he had to say… its interesting that Michael died 7 years later after he signed his will on the same day. I do believe that Britney Spears still has sexual relations with her father to this day, to keep her in control and used as a sex slave. Britney was trying to get out by marrying and having kids but it only made things worse for her… but she tried. I believe Beyonce and Rihanna are handled by Jay Z, Beyonce use to once talk about being godly, etc but now she states that jay z blesses her music. Also, she was just recently at Cochella wearing a baphomet ring and a shirt that stated Blasphemy.

  104. Thank you, Vigilant for this article! Please, everyone, post links to these articles on your FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, or whatever… even if you don't use them! I literally barely only log on to FaceBook to just put links to articles so my friends can have access to this information<3 It is important that those who are awakened need to help the rest with the AWAKENING

    It's one thing to lied to, manipulated, or brainwashed… but you have to get to a certain point where you're responsible for your own choices. Right now, with the Internet, people have access to INCREDIBLE information and we basically have to re-write history and everything we've been told is true. Once someone has this information-they can either WAKE UP and come to the light, or they can IGNORE IT and keep living their mediocre and selfish lives… everyone has free will and can make their own decisions. But, we'll see when times come to deal with their consequences, how they'll feel about it them (: As DMX said, "They (the industry/the Elite) don't give a fuck about you, but they can't make money/be without you" Will you be a puppet, or a co-creator? That's everyone's choice. People like TuPac, MJ, Dave Chappelle, John Lennon, JFK, MLK, Malcom X, Bill Maher, Jesse Ventura, Kevin Trudeau, Alex Jones, David Icke and, of course, Vigilant Citizen :P, are all leading the way!

    P.S. – Vigilant, I would love for you to do an article on the Swine Flue "epidemic." People need to know the vaccinne included a chip that could fit inside the needle, and they have been injecting people with it-and still post commercials about it, trying to keep getting people to get it. Even though the Elite were the ones that created the Swine Flu in the first place… and it wasn't even a huge "epidemic." They just got fear into people so they felt they had to get it, through the news *rolls eyes*

  105. This article was truly amazing almost like an autobiography. I think by now we all know that the music industry is truly demonic, but what I walked away knowing without a shawdow of doubt is these random celebrity deaths are not random at all nor a coincidence, I believe that these deaths are precise, planned and well thought out. This is the best time in the world to realize that there is a true devil out there whos only desire is to kill, steal, and destroy, and if that is the case there must be a true God out there who wants to give you life and life more abundantly. Jesus is the only WAY OUT!

  106. Wow The DMX part out the end brought up a good point to many times people focus on the music instead of whats being said in the song. If you go back and listen to some of lyrics you will be shocked at what it seems they are trying to convey. Also the Brittany vid was creepy. Keep doing what you do VC.

  107. after reading most of this comments(particularly the ones that ithinkyouhould wrote) i am convinced that the antichrist is almost being revealed. As a christian i read about the end times and i think that what is happening to the super stars like brittany will happen to all of us if we do not give our lives to christ and live for him. What i mean is that the population will be mind controlled by the anticrist to worship him and do his bidding. What is happening the the famous people is a precursor of what i to come. He (Jesus) is the only one who can save us from all the evil around. Get saved people. It i the ONLY way to save yourselves. It i not possible to fight against the controllers of this messed up world

  108. i've been reading your articles for a while now and i think this is one of my favorites. usually in the 'comments' section you have a few people who are in doubt about what you have to say….it seems with this article i haven't seen any of those 'doubters'…..the truth is right in front of us. God bless.

  109. Thanks so much for this article,I've been wanting to see something about Michael Jackson for a long time now and I hope you can find some more. I personally feel sorry for all the artists because I really do feel that most of them do not get into it with the intention of doing bad things. All they want is to entertain and make people happy,that is what Michael always wanted and that is why he was in this business. But unfortunately "they" had other sinister ideas in their brains and Michael ended up paying for it with his life. In my heart and soul I believe that Michael was always innocent and because he truly had a good heart they couldn't change him so they had to eliminate him before he could continued spilling the beans.

    I pray for Michael every time he crosses my mind, its not too late for him they may have taken his life physically but his spirit is alive ! The bible says "Fear not that which kills the body but fear that which kills the Soul" The devil took his life here on earth but in the spirit world that is another story, The difference between they we human think and the way God thinks is that we look at people outwardly but God looks at people's hearts and when it comes to hearts Michael's was a gem!

    Please lets pray for Michael and not only him but all the artists in this industry, I really believe its not their intention to do what they are doing or what they have done. R.I.P MJ I love you

  110. Do you remember Aaliyah she was supposed to die in a plain crash. She also was making alot of money and wearing her hair covering one her eye. And there Left Eye of TLC group. She started drinking and druging heavely and she also went mad she even burn her boyfriends house down, Later she was killed in a car accident. Just like that song JZ made on to the next one. The industry get all they can get out of you them drop you "On To The Next One" find another new face to bring in more money. Devil worshipering wow! People give up their souls for fame (Greed) and in the long run its all for nothing.

  111. I also wanted to make a shorter commentary about some other footage VC could have used if it was not so graphic. Yes, I have seen the Paris Hilton sex tape, as much as I used to revile her morbid curiousity did get the better of me. After doing the research I've been doing and coming to realize that despite the disinformation that must be going around regarding the full truth, a lot of this is real and something sinister truly is going on, obviously not just in the entertainment industry but all over the world. This blog does focus on the entertainment industry aspect of it and that's what I'm currently looking into. I now believe Paris is an obvious Monarch slave, there are some good articles about the Hilton family history over at pseudoccultmedia.blogspot.com.

    The sex tape contains many triggers (I remember mirrors and some vocal triggers the "handler" cameraman used, it's been years since I've seen it and I really don't want to review the footage). A clear memory that stuck out was how extremely dissociated she is during sex acts, dissociated to the point where she answers her cellphone and carries on a phone conversation as though absolutely nothing is going on – while she is having sex with her handler. Her eyes and expression are extremely blank throughout the sex acts and she pretty much just lays there like a log submissively, which is a contrast from what you'd expect from her "sex kitten" slutty public persona. She seems to be triggered into alters by compliments. I didn't watch the whole video and that's pretty much all I remember of it off the top of my head, but in my mind it stands out as a blatant example of extreme dissociation.

  112. Good article I was very aware of dave chappelle's reasons for leaving, but to see that Britney video was shocking and creepy.

    I look forward to future post keep doing ya thing


  113. BringThaNoize on

    Excellent information!!! Big ups Dave for not selling his soul for an Earthly bank roll that has no value in death nor in Heaven. The Entertainments Industry's effeminization of males(and defeminization of women) is a constant theme in various entertainments from athletics (Redskins- The Hogettes), to movies (Martin- Big Mommas House/ Wayans Bros- White Chicks) to music (Eminem dressing up like Brittney Spears & more women), to tv (Jamie Foxx- Sheneneh/Wanda) to Corporate Industry puppets like Barkley who dressed up like Beyonce on SNL, just to name a quick few off the top of my head but there are many more examples of this mass media hyped gender bender trend going back decades in the Entertainment Industry since the invention of modern motion pictures & recordings. Shakespear used to use men/boys dressed up as women in his plays as well- talk about setting a cross dressing precedent to be emulated by Hollywood (Holly Tree, Hollyweird, City of fallen angels) and the like.

    Is it (music, tv, sports, video games, movies, etc) really just entertainment or Power Elite Societal mind control pacifying particular ala A Brave New World (Aldous Huxley) or We (Yevgeny Zamyatin)?

    Enter (to come into, to enter)

    Tain (to hold, possess)

    Ment (a state of)

    In other-words one could define entertainment as- to enter into individuals, possess individuals and to keep individuals in a state of possession as a fan(fanatic: a person marked or motivated by an extreme, unreasoning enthusiasm, as for a cause- in this case entertainment) of said entertainer or entertainment. To be a host for fallen spirits via one's consciousness and to act out on said fanatical impulses on both a spiritual & physical level. ODB, b4 he died, said in an interview that the Government sold us out with the "mind control deal" this brother was an industry insider (Wu Tang) no matter his publicized persona he had knowledge of what was going on. The wide spread overlapping pagan symbolism used in various Entertainments under the guise of artistic expression is there in plain direct view for those who know what to look for. Others are just being indoctrinated via the Entertainment into some very evil, wicked themed particulars under the guise of mainstream fashions, trends & fads put forth by said celebrity, entertainer and/or entertainment.

    Bob Dillion tells it like it is as the "commander & chief" of the fallen world is satan aka lucifer is whom he made his deal with even with the quality editing job done by 60 Minutes I immediately get the inference. The Entertainment Industry's whole agenda is anti 10 Commandments ie movie,tv, music idols/icons/stars plus their Corporate sponsored Sports role models and so forth that many folks tend to emulate or look up to in our Society of propagated Corporate controlled, manipulated fame. Lady Gaga said in interviews that his/her mu-sick is all about bringing homosexuality into the mainstream- nothing more, nothing less.

    Celebrity, the newest drug in America- gotta habit? Satan via his human Industry puppets is selling fame like crack using Holly Tree aka Hollywood illusions as one of his main soul stealing Institutions to put forth an anti 10 Commandment agenda via various Societal entertainments. Satan, before he fell, by accounts was the chief musician while in Heaven as Satanael- do the Music Industry soul selling, sign your name on the dotted line in blood Baphomet math.


  114. Good work. My first reaction when seeing the MJ album cover was that they put him in a pose representing the crucifixion of Christ. As in he was a sacrifice. And indeed he was crucified in the media for his trying to break free. After his death, all the hatred generated by the pedophile allegations turned into a zealous return to love and glorification. Again, similar to the JC story. This is exactly why I killed my tv eight years ago and unplugged from corporate mass media and the so called entertainment industry. It also makes it so much easier to see the reality of it all when you are detached and read about these thing on the internet with some distance instead.

    There is so much more to life when you take back your mind and fill it only with love and authenticity, not main stream media brainwashing crap.

  115. Also to piggyback off of @IThinkYouShould, I think Beyonce has suffered the same time of upbringing as Britney. Only in a rich upbringing. Infact, I believe many of these starlets have faced some type of abuse and that's why they are chosen. They're already molded into puppets and (some of them) already have the talent. Beyonce's been mind-controlled since she was a kid. Remember when she was younger and always said, "I'm actually a very quiet person. I don't speak unless spoken to."

  116. Bob Dylan never sold his soul to the devil. It was an expression he was using. Why do people try to read into things to see only what they want to see?

  117. summerflower on

    This is the first time i write comment on this site. First I want to say "Thank you" for the writer of this blog, because opened my eyes regarding to what's going on truly in the entertainment industry!

    I think that music is best and first key what's get to the people. In the most easy way and understandable way gets the message to the people through music.

    I like music, because is chilling, relaxing and sometimes i need to listen to convince myself that this is a beautiful world and there are good things too…IF i listen music that contains right and true message!

    I liked nowadays music, especially Rihanna, Lady Gaga…to the point that I found this blog, and I read all the articles, and I was shocked, I was disgusted about everything that today calls 'music'.

    I will be honest, when I saw Lady Gaga's first video 'Just Dance' something in me, said that 'this is not just all about simple music', i refer to the 'all seeing eye' symbol, it was clear for me! And this is not a problem, because to this point Lady Gaga was original! But some people realized that looks 'nice', 'gorgeous' and 'stylish' and adopted these things to other stars (Rihanna, Beyonce, Keisa, now Christina Aguilera).

    Is disturbing that nowadays children have these called ' role models' to follow….just look at what is Rihanna, Beyonce, Christina doing in their videos. If i am right, a few years ago, the mass media argued that Britney Spears is not a role model to follow, because of her videos and clothes she wears since they are full of sexuality! And what about now? All is about sex…materialism…nothing about human feelings what we call LOVE!

    The only singer, commercial singer I liked through the years, is Britney Spears. I liked her, because i think that she is an original artist. She is not trying to copy anyone…but that is an other thing that some people are trying to mannipulate her and to make money of her, and of her life using all kind of things. I like her songs, i can't find anything wrong in them…Her album 'Black-out' i think was released just after her 'breakdown', i don't know if I am right, and her second single "Piece of me" was a very good way to attack her ennemies, just read the lyrics and watch the video.

    There are many old Disney songs that hold valuable messages, as 'Circle of Life'; 'Colors of the Wind" and others…let's back to those songs and there are many other artists, just look around!!!

    Fine, valuable things are very rare nowadays…I am just saying that come and 'back to basics', to the time where classical things were valuable, i refer to music and other things. Let's hope this world is getting better with not paying attention to such fake things, 'arts' and 'music'…but to that point we have to make a lot of changes and decisions…first in our mind and souls! Peace and Love!

  118. I'm about ready to go home, Free. You know what's the lounge area, right? The social whatever it is part of the board that Vig put up. I'll think I'll look later. Hope there's mood lighting in the lounge, like lots of candles. With a table to put a scrying mirror on that one might gaze sideways at while sitting in a comfortable stuffed leather black or red chair.

    Later! Be There Or Be Square.

  119. @Josh

    Are you serious? The man stated from his own mouth that he is up holding the deal he made years ago… Also, he stated I made a deal with the Chief Commander of this world and a world we cant see. What will it take for some of you? If a person tells you who they are and what they do then you should believe them.

  120. @Kenny people want to be ignorant. crazy right? You can lead a horse to water but can't make them drink it

    I feel the same as you. What more do you need to believe. But when they do know they become responsible to tell others. what a shame

    @ Obey ok. I hope so too. Im hoping it doesn't start up again. I didn't know where it was

    thank you take care

  121. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    I read people's responses to this news article. Some of the people did a wonderful job on relating the information to the Bible. However, some of the people I am afraid for are playing in the lions den. For example #64 think it is entertaining information. I am so afraid this information will lead the weak ones astray and the unbelievers to sell their souls. That is why God warns us to protect our hearts. We need to be careful in what we listen to and watch. There is nothing entertaining about "selling our souls to the Devil." Lucifer does not care about money. Satan wants people's souls and knows how to lure them to his "Pit." Our souls is worth far more than paper bills. Pray before reading anything on the blog or about Satan. Our minds are playgrounds for Lucifer. He will ooze your minds before you can even know he has you. He does not always come with waving money in the air. He takes on many forms. Whatever you are weak to, he will be there.

    Has anyone ever wonder about Oprah Winfrey? She claimed to suffer from child molestation and tried drugs. What is her newly profound religion- there is another way to get to Heaven besides through Christ Jesus. I know I am not the only one who thinks about her underlying intent of misleading God's people.

    Vigilant, I love your website and newsletters, but just like your information is meant to inform God's people, Satan is going to use your idea to lure many of your readers to his will and mercy. He is going to design an attractive blog that will take away your weak-minded. Someone stated that some of these artists signed on the dotted line willingly and knowingly. That may be true, but Satan does not always come with his horn, pit fork, and long tail. We all have to be careful of wolves dressed in sheep clothing. I strongly believe Michael Jackson was one of those who were caught off guard. When he learned the truth for what it is, he tried to get away. That is why this satanic industry tried to destroy Michael to the end of his life. Satan is only here to kill, steal and destroy. He wants our souls, and he needs our lives to gain many followers. He is not a friend. Jesus loves us all, and he is the way to the truth. Those who do not accept him must accept the other. The

    Bible speaks of these things.

    For the people who do not believe in Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior, please use this blog as a warning to get to know the Lord for yourself. This blog is far from entertaining. The Illuminati Society is not to be taken as a joke. The Devil is on a prowl and can find himself in your back door. I, too, am sad about Britney Spears, but no one knows how to help her, but her our true Christain leaders. There are Christian leaders who could be a part of the society as well. They only go so far with the Lord's word. They also have the love for fame and power. They lift themsleves. Check out Craig Lewis messages about the hidden secrets of Satan's society. It is real. Satan's destroy's people through music, because we subconsciously listen to the hidden message. That is why this world is full of homosexuals, black on black crime, illiterate and uneducated people, drug addicts and so far. Folk, the picture is bigger than we can possibly imagine.

    Satan's people lift themselves up and gain all the glory for themselves through money and fame, but the power lies within his hands. People pray to the Lord for knowledge and wisdom of His word. There are many people reading this with reprobated minds. His people are the only ones who will truly understand the mysterious of this world and His Kingdom to come.

  122. Okay. I think that Britney is a mind controlled slave. I remember when her Twitter page was "hacked" and had all kinds of Illuminati and satanic symbols on it. But she denied it of course. But not before the blogs took a screen shot. lol. Here's an article on it:

    I also think that a lot of these artists are blackmailed into participating. Everyone has skeletons in their closet. And when they refuse to participate their handlers try to ruin their credibility, dish out dirt on them, and ruin their careers. It happens every time. That's why people are reluctant to speak out because they know that they can lose everything including their sanity. smh

  123. Ever since Charlie Daniels wrote "Devil Went Down to Georgia", it seems that people associate the music industry with Satan. Should it be taken literally? I don't think so, since the devil is a myth and made up by the church. There is no real devil since there is good and evil and it's a matter of which side you are on, and your perspective. Many people see Israelis murdering Palastinians as the devil. Many people see USA as the Great Satan. The world was created by all of us and our unconscious minds working together so we could experience all kinds of events in this body or incarnation. Without evil in the world, or the ability to do wrong, we cannot see what is truly right or righteous. God Needs Satan and without Satan, God cannot exist. Without evil, good cannot exist and we cannot learn to be good people.

    It's a great video collage you put together, and clearly shows people the influence of illuminati agendas in Hollywood. Great work! BTW, but when you introduce the idea that there is a "devil" or a "satan" influencing things, it becomes silly to those who are in the "real know."

  124. This is probably the strongest article yet. I really got into this….

    About Dave C and making men cross dress…

    it called back a memory of 'The Dark Knight' and a scene in which the Joker (Heath Ledger) was dressed as a nurse as he walked away from an exploding building…

    Your conclusion was awesome by the way…


    I look forward to more articles..

    by the way have you seen Rihanna's video 'Rock star'?

    has some pretty….'interesting' bits…

  125. That Britney clip is scary and sad. Maybe feeling strong, real emotion flipped a trigger. Most of these people, you can also vividly see that they are just humans, gifted ones, but still limited humans, and we put way too much on them. Britney was just a kid when that was filmed, and I feel very sorry for her whether or not it was mind control. A child doesn't know everything they are signing up for when they get a break like hers, it seems like a dream come true to be on TV. I have to say, though, on the Dylan one – I think he's talking about God rather than the Devil. And Katy Perry might just be speaking figuratively. But I agree something is deeply, deeply wrong with the entertainment industry. I've worked in music, film and print media, and in music especially there is a thread of misogyny so deep that I can tell you from personal experience that it feels like black magic to be on the receiving end of it. There is something profoundly psychologically disturbed behind it. I don't know if I am convinced yet that there is an industry-wide conspiracy, but do I believe that at least some people are capable of the level of cruelty and power-based ego that would perform Monarch programming? Yes, I do. It's really a psychotic refinement of child abuse, which is far too common in the world in every form. I think plenty of people would get off on having that much power and control.

  126. @kennyjune

    bob dylan definitly does not say he sold his soul to the devil.

    he says its all about the destiny thing. he made a bargain with "IT" and he's holding to his end of the bargain. when asked what his bargain was he does not say his soul. he said to get where he is now. he could mean fame, or he could mean just being alive. who knows?? when asked who he made a bargain with he says the big cheif of this world and the one you can't see…its not very direct in either regard to heaven or hell, god or demon…technically he says he made a bargain with destiny. in my modest opinion its open for interpretation. take it how you will but i wouldn't damn or judge the man based on vagueries and speculation…its not really our place.

  127. excuses, excuses, krystal.

    but not just you. also to the others that do not believe despite it being RIGHT there. #waggingmyfinger to those that are given 1000 ways of evidence and find 1000 excuses to cover them.

    no offense, though. and none taken from me.

    but once the world comes under one government and has one "religious" leader, you'll be back. i don't even doubt it.

  128. Thanks a lot for the article, very good.

    I liked all the videos, but I got particularly impressed by Britney Spears' video. Did you notice when she "breaks down, going out of this world" she starts to speak like a little girl? She says "Hello" so childish. It was also interesting to note that the word "weird" kind of triggered her state. That was VERY Strange!!

    I wish we could study it more and know what exactly happened there.

  129. eclecticpassion on

    great work as always, vigilant! This may be obvious but I'd like to point out to people that Janet Jackson is mind controlled too- I remember reading in a Justin Timberlake interview once (when he was asked if they were dating) him saying that Janet Jackson had a tattoo on her stomach about 'Mickey and Minnie Mouse involved in a sex act' and that it was 'Janet's sense of humour'…which I thought at the time to be incredibly disturbing and very bizarre. I' not that familiar with her past music videos, although a recent-ish one for her song 'Feedback' appears to illustrate she is a victim of kitten programming. Another thing I'm wondering: is J. Timberlake a victim or a handler? I'm pretty sure Timbaland is a handler…

  130. its obvious there is an ugly side to the industry same with anything.

    this has nthing to do with the occult, its just about record labels trying to make more money and double cross their artists

  131. @Stella Oh yea I saw Rihanna's video – Rockstar 101 there are alot of signs going on in this video horns,.goat head. People if you get a chance go to Youtube Rihanna Rockstar 101 this really is a MUST SEE

  132. saywhatbiaach on

    Excellent article. Powerful infact. You could publish a PHd with the info on your site. I bet someone at the CIA reads every article thinking shit where in the hell is this guy getting his information from. You are a hero my friend.

  133. I've been waiting for this article! There are certainly more that try to expose the dark side and I don't think you fit all of it one article best which makes sense. I'd love to see a series on insiders exposing the industry rather than just exposing the industry. It is just as powerful and is not as negative. Great work.

  134. Please make article about 2pac.

    Somebody say that he doesn't believe in illuminati. It's not true. It's only bad interpretation of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVDnwoi7DgM
    He said about illuminati, about his death and he's gone crazy. When?

    When he was in prison, then he get truth. From this time he talked about it until his death.

    It's clear. "Some say they expect Illuminati take my body to sleep", "Before I flee computer chips

    I gotta deal wit brothas flippin" – They don't give a fuck about us.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Du9YQrf0s34 – Suge Knight say Snoop Dogg was working with the police all along. Yep, it's possible. Look at his videos, not only newest, lot's of symbolism. Watch all of killuminati series videos. They will tell you much about 2pac…

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8leZrX4_kY&fe… – It's about snoop dogg. 2pac friend? No, rather 2pac killer collaborator. Look at 9:30 – like robot, he fucked what 2pac say…

    It's only a little part. We really need article about 2pac and co.

  135. Hey MR. VIGILANT, great work.




  136. @Yap Yep Michael Jackson was trying to tell us that to in his song "They Don't Really Care About Us" think about it.

  137. @Krystal

    and its not for you to judge us either. Dont be blind, who says " I made a deal a long time ago and im upholding my end of the bargain". Sorry to tell you but God is not involved with secular music because if its not praising him then its not him. It doesnt take a genius to figure out who he was speaking of because it was vague, which leads me to believe that he didnt feel comfortable talking about it… why not comfortable talking about God if thats who he is speaking of? WHO MAKES A BARGAIN WITH DESTINY? Stop protecting people who are feeding garbage to the soul, this isnt the first time Bob Dylan made comments about this.

  138. oh my goodness.. hello..ooooh.. strawberry.. WTF??

    poor britney. she must have suffered so much trauma and abuse :(

    these manipulative demonic fucksticks will pay for this someday.

    dont buy music or films and do future britneys and gaga's a favour. I bet these bastards are incubating for the next generation already.

  139. you should get the whole enitre video of the industry by dmx. it's eight minutes. i really love your articles. it's really opened my eyes to the world. it's scary how people can be so evil, and the people that are glorified are sinister people. it's sad how their is virtually no good in the world anymore.

  140. Damn, Was hoping Britney wasn't apart of it. Although, if you think about it, no one really can be famous w/o the Illuminati. Although I Love, Love, LOVE Britney. I would really enjoy an article about her! Please write one Vigilant! And thank you for posting the truth! =]

  141. I think Kanye West was tramatized by his mothers death, as well as Jennifer Hudson… after that Kanye has not been the same, even stating on stage that he sold his soul to the Devil. Notice after Kanye started dating Amber Rose and ex stripper who looks like both sexes (male/female), but dumped his ex who had her own clothing line, not seeking attention, etc. If you notice they are all sad in the eyes, there is not a moment or picture where they're eyes are smiling. Beyonce always looks dead in the eyes/Rihanna looks dead in the eyes, etc… it said that the key to the soul is the eyes, so are their souls dying? During the MTV Music Awards there were so many celebs triggered that night and it started by Madonna who didnt know him well at all, why have someone speak on someone's life and they werent close? It said that when Kanye was drinking from the bottle it was only tea, so him going on stage while Taylor Swift was there was planned and alcohol was blamed for disruption. Kanye was there to initiate Taylor into the circle, this is why she wore red when Beyonce did. Its all becoming clearer and clearer, thats how you know the time is nearing.

  142. yeah.. i've just spotted GAGA has an american biker jacket with a BMW badge.. maybe she's saying that the USA is made/run by nazi's?

  143. Queen guitarist Brian May is also in the llluminati, and an open member of the Grand Order of the Water Rats. Currently he's carrying out a political diversion in the form of his "Save-Me" 'animal rights' campaign. My prediction is he will soon be Knighted. He was already given an "honorary" PH. D.

    I've been wondering if Freddie Mercury wasn't a Monarch victim and possibly, crazily enough, a blood sacrifice. Either way he was a victim of Illuminati attack as he died from HIV, which originated in their labs. You can read some more on Brian May and his ties to Freemasonry, the occult, and Illuminati on our blog, http://wethinkyoushould.blogspot.com. MUCH of it is satire/jokes due to our personal distaste for the man, but a lot of it is the truth as well.

  144. sorry to keep posting but i just noticed gaga's nazi BMW badge is actually tied into to the tassles of the USA biker jacket.

  145. Have you notice the BET awards. The same people keeps winning awards year after year. They throw in a couple of new ones. this should be interesting all the zombie people with those fake smiles and no souls. They even have Justin Beaver up for an awards. Even now you look at him he looks like his soul is gone. And he is starting to rebell. Twice I seen him in the news like walking into doors, outbursts,They got him to go after the young white girls (brainwash) them. And its probably working being they are so young.

  146. I am wondering about this link between Sinéad and Dylan.

    I am thinking of Sinéad O'Connor, the Irish singer/songwriter. In think (no, I know) in Europe the entertainment industry doesn't seem to have this satanic overlay of "I'll be watching you 24/7" by handlers like in the US entertainment industry.

    I was at first wondering how on earth did Bob Dylan sell his soul to the devil? When did this happen? (rhetorical) I always thought his music was great, someone who sang of deeper things in life, like war, for instance. And there was a great Joy raised when he became Born Again. I always thought his Born Again albums were profound. "There's a Slow Train Coming" and all. (Of course later he was soon hustled off by the jewish kabbalists to undergo deprogramming, imo.)

    But I am very confused about this statement from wiki about his song "I Believe in You", lyrics by Dylan. Looking at the lyrics I don't see the reference to specifically 'child abuse':

    "Bob Dylan tribute performance

    Two weeks after the Saturday Night Live appearance, she was set to perform "I Believe in You" at the Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary tribute concert in Madison Square Garden.[19] She was greeted by a thundering mixture of cheers and jeers. During the booing, Kris Kristofferson told her not to "let the bastards get you down," to which she replied, "I'm not down." The noise eventually became so loud that O'Connor saw no point in starting the scheduled song. She called for the keyboard player to stop and the microphone to be turned up, and then screamed over the audience with an improvised, shouted rendition of "War". This time, she sang the song, stopping just after the part in which the lyrics talk about child abuse, emphasizing the point of her previous action. She then looked straight to the audience for a second and left the stage. Kristofferson then comforted her as she cried.[20]"

  147. Where in the song "I Believe in You" is there lyrics that refer to child abuse? I do not see it. And is there a youtube of this moment at Madison Square Garden?

  148. notice the women in the industry they all have their hair or something covering one eye. The men use their hat and then there's the sunglasses. JZ & Beyonce was at a basketball game with dark sunglasses on in a close arena. They look so out of place.

  149. These comments are so interesting, they are like individual articles!

    But just wanted to comment on some:

    COMMENT 36: Yeah, I noticed the cross on her ear aswell, it's so prominant! maybe they did it on purpose!

    COMMENT 39: Your parents have gotten you interviews with disney and you have begged them not to go? and you are 13 years old? you are wise beyond your years! keep that wisdom, and I believe you have an important purpose in life, my dear Xx

    COMMENT 23: Yeah, I think you are right, More and more people are becoming aware of higher powers, industries trying to Control us etc etc, but the point is people would rather just turn the other cheek and play a game on their Ipod or someting! But its hard to face this truth though….

    @COMMENT 203:

    Thank you! someone finally who has said the same thing I have been saying about Justin bieber. HE IS TOTALLY SOLD OUT! I used to love him, but then I noticed something. He kept doing the devil signs everywhere, then did the "A-okay" sign infront of his eye, and many other things like that.

    and what is the thing you said about him 'walking into doors"? what do you mean? Could you say more?

    The indusrty is definetly using him to get the market of the young white girls. Its not just white girls though, it's all type of young girls, because, cleverly, justin has been linked to many black artists, and he ALWAYS says he loves black girls like Magan Good and beyonce, which I think conveniently helps the industry, as it makes him appealing to young black grils to. Justin Bieber is so talented, but thats why they picked him…

  150. naynay- I was going to comment on Beyonce in them damn snglasses all the time. Me personaly beleive she is ugly and she hide it behind those sunglasses. When they get close ups of her she looks all frail in the face like Michael Jackson ( no offense I know Jackson fans are wild) her skin is all loose and bleached looking. Beyonce is 29 and look 42. So for the most part I beleive Ms. Beautiful is trying to hide ugly along with being very insecure and empty in the eyes.

  151. i had read all you great comments about Britney ,WeThinkYouShould and it looks like you had made a great research.

    If Britney fans look at this ,please make a pray for her ,i know that she has a beautiful soul but all her life she has suffered the mind control that has destroy her life.

    Praying is so powerful and we can make Britney Spears get free and get back to Jesus.
    http://twitpic.com/1tns3q Look at her ,so cute but you can see a lost little girl trying to escape from mind control.

  152. I understand how some of the Illuminati influences on these people are definitely showing through to the mass public but can explain to me why exactly they are doing this? I've read pretty much all of Vigilant's articles on here and I must confess I am still a bit lost as to why the Illuminati (or the Masons) are exposing themselves like this. Why do they choose these people, mainstream people who are in the public eye, to reveal their agenda? What do they expect to happen when people, like us, understand what is going on? Ultimately, money is a large factor in most business transactions and if it is alright, I'd like to assume that money is a large factor for these handlers as well. Wouldn't the drugging, the brainwashing, the overall handling and business procedures over their clients (these celebrities) cost a lot of money, effort, and ultimately time?

    Slightly off topic but I also have recently discovered I am working with a Mason at work. What should I be on the lookout for, should I ask him anything? Any feedback would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you Vigilant, for your vigilant articles.

  153. @London UK I seen on the news that Justin Beaver walks into glass doors. It's like the doors are not there. It's like he is in a trance. Well reading all these comments makes you wonder. These artists don't even know that they have fans. It's all about the money.

  154. @praicait Start taking about God/Jesus then look at him straight into his eyes. You will see. Most if them are anti-christ

  155. Well, I found it myself – Amen Sinéad. WAR

    Can anyone explain to me why she was being jeered at? Did it have to do with her stance on child abuse in the Catholic Church? I suppose it did — but why the jeering? I don't get it. A lot of Catholics in the crowd?

    Sinéad O'Connor – War (Live @ Bob Dylan Tribute)

  156. DMX was a powerful way to end this piece. As always, well written and timely, VC.

    I am especially grateful at the inclusion of different races in the media pantheon, and how we ALL get used, artist to consumer, notably children. People DO die to become a part of this Game, and can take others with them. How much true talent and potentia for creation on other levelsl is destroyed in this process, as well?

    Perhaps we need to sit down and think about what media consumption choices do to OTHER individuals within OUR society (artist AND peer) and not just consider "slave labor" overseas, or how it impacts "the environment." One particular example is the paparazzi/celebrity adoration cycle, and how it self-feeds. This is nothing more than gossip, and is a SIN, for a reason.

    The Golden Rule covers all.

    Finally, Dave Chappelle was covering some ground-breaking race-uniting work on his show, before it started taking the baser tone that he references, and later abandoned. This type of unity is anathema to the pre-packaged box media system that has a morbid investment in keeping us separated. Remember that to them, we are just $$$, but to one another, we are still human.

    As DMX suggests, listen to the lyrics, not just the beat.

  157. I remember thinking something was weird when I first saw that Britney video.

    And, that pic of MJ in front of the red curtain is in fact one of his impostors, he always wears that same outfit.

  158. Wow where to start? My background is in extreme metal and I can tell you that the overwhelming majority of people in black/death metal are total sweethearts decent kind and well…christian! There WAS no money in it so the IMAGE was OTT to drum up some earnings. However Sharon Osbourne fought for decades to give these musicians recognition and some security and when they got it there was a shift. The scene got like hiphop lite materialistic,selfish and unhealthy. That cottage industry element is still there but the upper levels of metal are VERY big business inviting shady people to"run"things.Mrs O must cry her eyes out at night.I definately believe where once the good guys didn't always wear white hats there is now a single overriding agenda and boy it's not good.I find it puzzling why the overt satanic violent imagery of 90's metal didn't and still doesn't upset me yet that good will evaporates when I resort to EMPTYV.I am totally horrified by the propagandist negative hate factory it now is.I think it may be because it's slyly hidden and not a youthful rebel yell.Our scene was overt honest yet sort of innocent.Hiding devils in umbrella or that new Miley Cyrus vid's subtext is unethical dishonest WRONG! Keep up the good work VC and remember despite the mixed messages Christians and Metalheads are fighting for the exact same freedoms.We are more similar than you think. Eloi Eloi Lama Shabakthani was a battle cry we can all relate to!

  159. Beyonce is not 28 years old, she is much older. Matthew Knowles was an executive at Xerox, married to Tina Biyonce who's family originates from LA state.. its said that her family was into voodoo. Matthew figured that if he grouped his much older daugher with younger girls she would appear younger to gain access into the industry. Gabrielle Union (an actress) is 39 years old, she stated that her and Beyonce were close friends as teenagers, How could that be? Its no wonder why a "19" would start dating a 30 something year old without her father Manager objecting. Its said that Beyonce once had an abortion when she was a teen, and she was very sexual with guys like Chico DeBarge and Robert Townsend who created her first movie. Matthew Knowels is a devil and I believe he sold his daugher to handler Jay Z to gain more fame. Beyonce was with a sucessful girl group but before Crazy in Love she released as song called Work that didnt do well on the charts… once she hooked up with Jay Z for Crazy in Love her solo career blew up (as the video shows) Jay Z is related to a man named York, he was a child molestor and is in prision for such as well as other crimes… York created a society, JaY Z is really from the islands…. he has children there! Why do you think they always vacay there?

  160. MissyChrissy on

    @Everyone Will Bow- Christ Jesus

    I think you misunderstood my comment. What I meant is that this topic is in my mind 24/7 that people close to me tell me that if I get any deeper into this stuff I'll lose my mind (maybe in a jokey way). You don't know me and you don't know what I do myself to promote the truth to people that I know at least. This is surely not a joke for me at all and I can guarantee you that. I study the topic every single day. Plus english is not my main language so misunderstandings of what I'm actually trying to say are possible.


  161. @wethinkyoushould WOW your reports on britney were EXPLOSIVE, it answers a lot of questions for me. i think your comments were even more in depth than vigilant's article almost, thank you. i've been wanting vigilant to do an article on her for a long time and you hit the nail on the head for a lot of points. we are living in truly scary times,all we can do is pray

  162. WeThinkYouShould

    Once again, excellent comments re: Britney's probable lifetime of dissociative trauma/abuse.

    Speaking of Paris and family, you might enjoy part 3 of my latest article, should be out in the next few days or so. She and others (including Anna Nicole) are in the section on people who are "famous for being famous". You can find the link above or just google LVB Research. I like your ideas, and would like to hear more of your thoughts on this…

  163. I'm a music fan. I have what it takes but after hearing & seeing that alot of the artist i love are linked to the illuminati i must say it's scarey. I have a few questions. !1.) Do they know that they are being brought in by the secret society? 2) Why is it that they do it? 3) If i were to become an artist would it be best to start my own label to keep away from the bull ? 4) If so many people know about this why doesn't someone stop this mess? i have found this new very informative. I used to wonder why music became so watered down. Im only 20 & the last few yrs has been a wake up call to me bc when your'e a kid u tend to not see as much . I thank u for keeping it real & spreading the good news.

  164. Everyone Will Bow- Christ Jesus on

    Some Corrections:

    I read people’s responses to this news article. Some of the people did a wonderful job on relating the information to the Bible. However, some of the people I am afraid for are playing in the lions den. For example #64 think it is entertaining information. I am so afraid this information will lead the weak ones astray and the unbelievers to sell their souls. That is why God warns us to protect our hearts. We need to be careful in what we listen to and watch. There is nothing entertaining about “selling our souls to the Devil.” Lucifer does not care about money. Satan wants people’s souls and knows how to lure them to his “Pit.” Our souls is worth far more than paper bills. Please pray to the Almighty Lord before reading anything on the blog or about Satan. Our minds are playgrounds for Lucifer. He will ooze thoughts and ideas in your minds before you can even realize he has you. He does not always come with waving money in the air. He takes on many forms. Whatever you are weak to, there is where he will be. Satan will also introduce other things to you to keep you right where he needs you.

    Has anyone ever wonder about Oprah Winfrey? She claimed to suffer from child molestation and tried drugs. What is her newly profound religion- there is another way to get to Heaven besides through Christ Jesus. I know I am not the only one who thinks about her underlying intent of misleading God’s people.

    Vigilant, I love your website and newsletters, but just like your information is meant to inform God’s people, Satan is going to use your idea to lure many of your readers to his will and mercy. He is going to design an attractive blog that will take away your weak-minded. Someone stated that some of these artists signed on the dotted line willingly and knowingly. That may be true, but Satan does not always come with his horn, pit fork, and long tail. We all have to be careful of wolves dressed in sheep clothing. I strongly believe Michael Jackson was one of those who were caught off guard. When he learned the truth for what it is, he tried to get away. That is why this satanic industry tried to destroy Michael to the end of his life. Satan is only here to kill, steal and destroy. He wants our souls, and he needs our lives to gain many followers. He is not a friend. Jesus loves us all, and he is the way to the truth. Those who do not accept him must accept the other. The
    Bible speaks of these things.

    For the people who do not believe in Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior, please use this blog as a warning to get to know the Lord for yourself. This blog is far from entertaining. The Illuminati Society is not to be taken as a joke. The Devil is on a prowl and can find himself in your back door. I, too, am sad about Britney Spears, but no one knows how to help her, but her our true Christain leaders. There are Christian leaders who could be a part of the society as well. They only go so far with the Lord’s word. They also have the love for fame and power. They lift themselves. Check out Craig Lewis messages about the hidden secrets of Satan’s society. It is real. Satan’s destroy’s people through music, because we subconsciously listen to the hidden message. That is why this world is full of homosexuals, black on black crime, illiterate and uneducated people, drug addicts and so far. Folks, the picture is bigger than we can possibly imagine. It goes beyond the entertaining industry. Satan uses it to get his message across the mass media.

    Satan’s people lift themselves up and gain all the glory for themselves through money and fame, but the power lies within his hands. People, pray to the Lord for knowledge and wisdom of His word. There are many people reading this with reprobated minds. His people are the only ones who will truly understand the mysteries of this world and His Kingdom to come

  165. Oh. My. Gosh. This was amazing! Thank you for this. I hope there are more examples of this to open peoples' eyes. I have a lot of questions answered.

  166. LVB – Just skimmed through the front page of your site, looks like you're doing a great job with it. I will definitely check it out in more depth. My best friend and I are working on launching a serious site about out theories regarding all of these topics. The one we have right now (linked via my name) is more of an inside joke born of our personal distaste for Brian May but there are also truths in it, for example we DO believe that Meat Loaf is a mind control victim and that Brian May is truly in this dark society and also a handler. We do have evidence about this but it's going to be a lot of work for us to put all of this together, we are outlining the ideas out in a notebook so it won't be as overwhelming. We also have many theories about Britney (I, a confessed tabloid junkie and pop culture-watcher [keep an eye on the enemy], consider myself kind of an expert on her) and Anna Nicole (always knew the water wasn't clean there), MJ, Freddie Mercury, and others. There's a lot of MK themes in Queen that we feel are very overlooked and are wanting to go there and expose some of that. There are also a ton of MK themes with Billy Corgan and the Smashing Pumpkins, a topic which we have inside knowledge of. We will definitely be looking into that, in my opinion it's one of the most baffling cases.

  167. Sometimes people have to hear it from the horses mouth. Whenever these celebrities fall out of grace with the evil industry, they wind up dead, crazy, get sick or wind up dead. What DMX is going through is the latest attestment to this. Watch this video but try to watch the entire series, this is only part 6. When I saw DMX at the end, it wrenched at my heart! He looks like he is so alone in the world and giving up and pay attention to what is said at the end in text about the dates of certain people's death. Fighting these powers can't be done alone. It has to be done collectively. No one cares because it doesn't involve them, but one day it will, in another way, industry or not. I would want everyone to stand up for me as I would come together with people to stand up for someone else who is being railroaded.


  168. 224 Amanaa- That was the parents fault. They probably buy their kids Gaga tickets and don't know what she sings or represents. I have to lol at the children scared out of their minds. When will parents learn. Every body think she's this big sensation, pre-madonna, crazed, artistic artist and…..she ain't shish

  169. Vigilant & Co.,

    Time to connect the dots here. The late Anna N. Smith's "lawyer" Howard STERN is a Pureblood. Tommy Mottola is a Pureblood (see http://www.nndb.com/people/931/000023862/). Britney Spears married a Pureblood named Kevin Federline and she hired ex-IDF men to be her "bodyguards". Hollywood is run by Purebloods. In fact, it's their "empire" (see http://www.amazon.com/Empire-Their-Own-Invented-H…. They also control the US and Western European media (see http://articles.latimes.com/2008/dec/19/opinion/o… and http://www.rense.com/general44/sevenjewishamerica… and the Occidental fashion industry (see http://www.jewwatch.com/jew-capitalists-fashion.h….

    We have a serious Pureblood Problem.

    Sectum Sempra

  170. sorry, I meant to say they wind up in jail, crazy, get sick or wind up dead. But ya, usually pretty dead, seeing how I said it twice it is the more likely result.

  171. Everyone Will Bow- Christ Jesus on

    Krystal, they all speak in codes, so the average human being cannot understand. They speak hidden-secrets in their music. That is why this blog is established in order to decode or point these things out. The members of this society cannot mention certain things, because they are very fearful of their lives. I heard about Bob Dylan when I was a little child. I am 42 years old now. Some of this is not new to me.

    One more thing. Satan is not going to come to you and say, “Here I am. I am the devil.” Unlike the Lord, Satan hides behind what we- self-absorbed people- view as fun and good. People say the Bible is open for interpretation too. Those people have yet to witness the power of the Lord in their lives and/or witness a demon-possessed person going through exorcism. Please study the Bible. All of this is real. Their practice is dated back to the ancient times and before the birth of Christ.

    Britney tried to get out and seek help, but she is surrounded by many of these monorchy people and people like yourself who do not believe. These people also do not talk about it, because other people probably will view them as insane.

  172. WOw… Just Wow.. keeping up with the word… and knowing that my soul is personal and a responsibilty. I have to watch over mine and be accountable for it… the celebs should have known what they’ve gotten themselves into… but in the end thats them and their responsibility <— the whole Britney thing, i truly feel sorry for her : ( …

  173. shawnie sean on

    Posts are brilliant,….but too short…..comments from, Every one will bow,and Tmac….,absoloutly brilliant too, But should end, WHOSOEVER HAS AN EAR TO hear,LET HIM HEAR,…….AND WHOSOEVER HAS AN EYE TO see,…….LET HIM SEE… its Christ JESUS people, he IS the only way out of this madness believe this or not. I myself AM no christian,,,,BUT i also aint NO FOOL. We as individuals do not posses the raw and straight to the point soloution to stop ,resist and destroy all manor of the EVIL ways, that these rich cowards use to control and manipulate us,but we DO ! as a nation, and CAN ! as a nation, because we are the only ones who give him power by……. "doing"…….. If we ALL just……. "didnt do", JUST LIKE WHAT DMX SAID, then there`ll be no control over us like that,and they`ll end up as NOTHING, because they ARE nothing, without US. When these already rich people risk everything they have,want and LOVE, even to RISK their OWN happy rich lives to come and tell us as normal folk all these things, that to them, they can clearly see,that everything they are about to say,are, and can be gravely self damaging unto themselves in many many ways. think!!!!! WHO in their right rich mind would risk all that they have for a blatant lie? come on…..would you? cos i know i definently would`nt, even or expecially if i wasnt born rich no bloody way.Their body language almost points out to me that its coming like SUISIDE in their eyes,when or if they choose to speak against the industry, wether it be music, food, or secret cult industry. Im no christian, MR VIGILANT, but im no FOOL. either. Maybe we should all start concentrating on how powerful we realy are as a fed up depressed and oppressed majority and start using the biggest power given to us as human beings. WHICH IS our "CHOICE". and Why our souls are so valuable to satan. I think that we all need exploitation of the human spirit and soul on our tv`s just like how we learn about the animals in the wild because lets face it. If we did`nt watch the wild life programmes, then we cant expect to know half as much as we do now. true?, But fat chance they`ll show us things like that init? peace and love be unto you all.

  174. anonymous2433 on

    There seems to be an unwritten rule to "curse Jesus Christ" or your acting career is over.

    I've wondered if this could be what may have happened to Yul Brenner, Steve Guttenberg, and perhaps Charles Bronson, whose careers took a nose-dive for no good reason.

    Others like Sandra Bullock spit it out on cue and their careers continue to skyrocket.

    Imagine an actor of the caliber of Yul Brenner being told, "You will curse the name of Jesus Christ in this next scene or your career is finished!".

    Imagine such an actor or actress walking away from Hollywood, and announcing to the amateur Christian movie-making crowd, "I'm available for whatever you can afford to pay me."

    Instead of his career being finished for merely refusing to curse the name of Jesus on cue, and accepting rotten roles for it, I have this fantasy of a Yul Brenner, Steve Guttenberg, or Charles Bronson superstar telling the Hollywood big shots that they are the ones who are finished, and turning it all around, reversing the thrust of the entire bad show, and putting his hand to the plow of any church movie effort willing to sign him on for whatever they are able to pay. To go from making millions per movie, to a few hundred bucks, and glorying in the name of Jesus Christ instead of cursing him.

    Instead of being a washed up actor clinging pathetically to the edges of the ethically filthy and morally corrupt Hollywood scene, imagine such an actor or actress reaching ever greater moral and spiritual heights working for peanuts and delivering the performances of his or her life.

    Those actors and actresses don't absolutely have to take whatever Hollywood dishes out lying down.

    They have backs, and they know how to show their backs where and when they wish.

    Hollywood isn't the only place where stars are to be found; the acting kind, and the wishing kind.

  175. GeoHoloGraphic on

    CulCre (Culture Creator), a prominent figure behind the curtains of the hip-hop pop world goes into this subject at length. He has several interviews on youtube you can check out.

  176. GeoHoloGraphic on

    CulCre (Culture Creator), a prominent figure behind the curtains of the hip-hop pop world goes into this subject at length. He has several interviews on youtube you can check out.

    He talks about the ritual sacrifice in the music industry from Jennifer Hudson to Tupac and Biggie, etc.

  177. Queen guitarist Brian May is a known Freemason, member of the Grand order of the Water Rats, and I suspect much higher in the Illuminati. My website (linked on my name) is mainly satirical, but the most recent entry is on a more serious note.

    I suspect Freddie Mercury was a Monarch victim and perhaps even a blood sacrifice. Either way he was an Illuminati victim since he died of AIDS, a man-made illness/biological eugenics weapon.

  178. Lanyavedoll on

    @eclecticpassion :i dont believe janet jackson is with all of this in the song 'Scream" with michael she denounced the selling of her soul and i just hope that Justin Timberlake is not with all of this he hasnt put out music in a while maybe he will put it out on his own terms

    @Vigilant : could you please do something on this so called sacrifice rituals because that freaks me out i just hope Jennifer Hudson isnt involved in it

    and even though the industry is the way it is artist like Carrie Underwood follows her own path she always give thanks to God and Jesus Christ before all of her award speeches and always makes it know that anything she does isnt possible without the two so the industry might be evil but some artist are not with it at all

  179. I find your article informative and entertaining. However there are many people that are in the industry that are possessed by Satan and yet it never seems obvious but when you look at their actions it becomes clearer. One of the biggest satanists is Rosie O Donnell. Believe it or not she used to fairly attractive and skinny when she was younger, but all this programming backfired, making her hungry and un-attractive. Immediately the illuminati ahd enough and shoved from from the spotlight. She certainly is not the kind of woman that would be passed around from anyones sexual delight. Look at Betty White she made it all these years because she is a sexual dynamo and has kept alot of people happy over the years. The symbolism could even be seen as so blatant years ago, the so called harmless term "Golden Girls" was obvious a term used to describe woman who where willing to do anything for fame. Bea Arthur was a former nazi love slave and defected to this country only to be worshipped by middle aged men on prime time.

    But who could forget the newest member of the illuminati crew but the ugly and submissive Michelle Obama. Few people know she was in fact the model for another submissive mind control slave JaJa Binx from Star Wars. The body types are identical and even many of the outfits she wears are either black(when she met the pope) or some type of similar costume as JaJa Binx wore in he 2 films he was in. Her souless eyes and care bear stare all point to a sick woman and the first woman to lie with her husband Osama.

    BTW I used to live in Chicago and Osama was a regular customer at the Gay Bath House in downtown Chicago. There are many white haired men who have have been regular givers of Osamas campaign for years both on and off the court if you know what I mean.

    But your work on Britney was the best, I currently live in LV and even when Britney was incredibly famous you could see her pantiless lower parts often on display at Pure(a pretty funny name) Tryst just to name a few. Her multiple personalities come and go like the wind, and one of her personalities "Wanda" actually is a pretty good pole dancer. I feel sorry for her and I actually spoke to one of her personalities once when I saw her scribbling the words "I did it again" in Chanel mauve lipstick number 5 in the hallway of the womans bathroom at the Palms. Her dress again was so short it was clear there were certain areas of her life her handlers werent attending to.

    Great Work but I really would like to see some deeper research on true satanists like Rosie, Oprah, and the Pope.

  180. ThisCommentBoxRocks on

    This comment box is a awesome read.

    I'm curious about this Monarch Programming. Definitely going to have to do some research on my own on it.

  181. @ #90

    Jennifer Lopez got out before they got to her completely. She broke through when she was about to marry Afleck. He went ahead and married another Jennifer.

  182. I hope people read t on

    We are all suffering from a lesser degree of what Britney was suffering from in her video. Its the right side of our brains, the suppression of it by our left side. Its our verbal, linguistic side, suppressing our emotional, symbolic, visual side. If we were using the right side of our brains the symbolism of these videos would be apparent to us. We would not need someone to explain it to us. Also, from personal experience, I believe marijuana can activate the right side of our brains and help us to bring suppressed emotions to the surface so they cease to control us.

    On an slightly separate topic, I may be able to help clear something up. We call the music/entertainment industry "Satanic," but what does that mean? Why do these industries use this symbolism when there is no guy who really lives in hell. What I believe Satan, Baphomet, and pentagrams really represent is the ego. The left side of our brains that suppresses, controls, and dominates, the right sides of our brains.

  183. The anti-jesus theme is prevalent. But it goes hand in hand with the pro-zionist themes.

    Be careful, as this is a mass-culture programming strategy. Do not fall into the trap of landing on one side or the other. It is simple exploitation of western cultural idiosyncrasies, divide and conquer. The reason the message is anti-jesus is because most societies in the west are pro-jesus at subconscious levels and as anyone who knows anything about story-telling (and this is what they are doing – telling stories) is that conflict garners the spectator's attention.

    Here's an exercise:

    Whenever you see an anti-jesus theme played out in any mainstream media, pay attention to the surrounding messages. In other words, ignore the anti-jesus bit as soon as you recognize it and hone in on the other elements. This is where you will know what behavior they want you to STOP. Equally, when you hear a pro-zionist message, the surrounding elements will let you know what behavior they want you to EMULATE.

  184. VC can you delete that Jew comment that an obvious racist person wrote? I love the work you do. You're next post should be the new demonic Miley video. It's out there people. Open your eyes. Side note: Geraldo works for Fox news.

  185. Anyone noticed but Britney had it all together, then she said 'it was kind of weird' and then she talked to herself, 'weird… hello!?'.

    I'm pretty sure that whenever she says the word 'weird' her sad alter ego pops out!. Then she says 'strawberry' which must be the controlled alter ego…

  186. That Britney video is such a stupid way of trying to prove a point.

    A bunch of awful stuff that she had recently gone through was brought up, and she was trying to stay professional and hold back tears.

    It's hard going through a break down, it's even worse having it caught on camera. The girl is human, and she has feelings.

    And no, she does not say "Strawberry" she says "Strong britney" as in, y'know, she was telling herself to stay strong and try not to cry?

    And the reason she says "hello!" is because she wasn't expecting that to happen.

    This is why I have a hard time believing this. Some of you are seriously reaching.

    That Katy Perry video, too. Oh she joked about selling her soul, THERES PROOF.

    The Dave and Mike videos are good, though. You should've left it at that.

  187. Vigiliant Citizen, please add this to your article! It will give it a lot more credibility:


    Lauryn Hill – I get out

    This are the lyrics:

    Singing Chorus]

    I get out, I get out of all your boxes

    I get out, you can't hold me in these chains

    I'll get out

    Father free me from this bondage

    Knowin' my condition

    Is the reason I must change

    [Verse 1]

    Your stinkin' resolution

    Is no type of solution

    Preventin' me from freedom

    Maintainin' your polution

    I won't support your lie no more

    I won't even try no more

    If I have to die, oh Lord

    That's how I choose to live

    I won't be compromised no more

    I can't be victimised no more

    I just don't sympathize no more

    Cuz now I understand

    You just wanna use me

    You say "love" then abuse me

    You never thought you'd loose me

    But how quickly we forget

    That nothin' is for certain

    You thought I'd stay here hurtin'

    Your guilt trip's just not workin'

    Repressin' me to death

    Cuz now I'm choosin' life, yo

    I take the sacrifice, yo

    If everything must go, then go

    That's how I choose to live


    [Singing rest of Verse 1]

    That's how I choose to live…

    Hehehehe, awhh

    No more compromises

    I see past your diguises

    Blindin' through mind control

    Stealin' my eternal soul

    Appealin' through material

    To keep me as your slave

    [Singing Chorus]

    But I get out

    Oh, I get out of all your boxes

    I get out

    Oh, you can't hold me in these chains

    I'll get out

    Oh, I want out of social bondage

    Knowin' my condition

    Oh, is the reason I must change

    [Singing Verse 2]

    See, what you see is what you get

    Oh, and you ain't seen nothin' yet

    Oh, I don't care if you're upset

    I could care less if you're upset

    See it don't change the truth

    And your hurt feeling's no excuse

    To keep me in this box

    Psychological locks

    Repressin' true expression

    Cementin' this repression

    Promotin' mass deception

    So that no one can be healed

    I don't respect your system

    I won't protect your system

    When you talk I don't listen

    Oh, let my Father's will be done

    [Singing Chorus]

    And just get out

    Oh, just get out of all this bondage

    Just get out

    Oh, you can't hold me in these chains

    Just get out

    All these traditions killin' freedom

    Knowin' my condition

    Is the reason I must change

    [Singing Verse 3]

    I just accepted what you said

    Keepin' me among the dead

    The only way to know

    Is to walk then learn and grow

    But faith is not your speed

    Oh, you'd had everyone believe

    That you're the sole authority

    Just follow the majority

    Afraid to face reality

    The system is a joke

    Oh, you'd be smart to save your soul

    Oh, and escape this mind control

    You spent your life in sacrifice

    To a system for the dead

    Oh, are you sure…

    Where is the passion in this living

    Are you sure it's God you servin'

    Obligated to a system

    Getting less then you're deserving

    Who made up these schools, I say

    Who made up these rules, I say

    Animal conditioning

    Oh, just to keep us as a slave

    [Singing Chorus]

    Oh, just get out

    Of this social (?)—–> PURGATORY

    Just get out

    All these traditions are a lie

    Just get out

    Superstition killing freedom

    Knowin' my condition

    Is the reason I must die

    Just get out

    Just get out

    Just get out

    Let's get out

    Let's get out

    Knowin' my condition

    Is the reason I must die

    Just get out

  188. I know Britney needs more attention like I need more things to do…

    But I'd like to know more about her real god damned story.

    Shes obviously been around disney way too much for her not to be indoctrinated into slave "soceity", but I mean she could be the one person people would believe if she would say what has really been happening to her….

    I don't know, but i'm still not all that sure she is "OK" just because she hasn't been in the news….

    In another way I would hope she could slowly fade out of the spotlight and forget about her fame. But I couldn't imagine how.

    An article on just her would be nice. I read her poems and songs too, and they are downright fucking twisted from 'baby one more time' lol. She's definately the 1no mind controlled pop star of our age… =

  189. It also bears saying that MONEY and FAME are carrots enough to dangle in front of people to make them do your bidding. No need for extraneous mind control methods.

    Manipulation of society through symbols is about as old a practice as prostitution. The mass media of modern times is an unparalleled tool in that regard, and it is our brains and not the celebrities' we should worry about.

    That's not to say that laboratory style mind control doesn't exist. Quite the contrary. The UFO abduction phenomenon is just that.

    We should always remember how Genghis Khan achieved such success in conquering half of Europe. He sent messengers ahead of his armies to terrify the populations with stories of his atrocities. By the time he got there, he would barely need to raise a sword!

  190. After getting to the peak of her career Lauryn Hill chose saving her eternal soul, remain a Christian and pray for the saving of souls.

    Why would a superstar renounce to money and fame? Easy… She didn't sell her soul.

    God have mercy on us, may the few blind open their eyes, and wake up to the facts, it is not obama on your presidency, it is satan pulling the strings!

    America is the headquarters of Babylonia, and the beast is ready to destroy it!!!!!!!!!!

    WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  191. Brian, you're missing the point.

    I'm talking about the story-lines that are used in the media.

    It is precisely a reaction like yours that they are after.

    Open YOUR eyes.

  192. I have wondered why the fugees album is always postponed due to creative differences between Lauryn and

  193. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    MissyChrissy, thank you for clearing that up for me. I am glad that you are careful with this form of information. Weak-minded people cannot handle such information all at once. We learn knowledge from the world. In order to know what to do with the knowledge, comes from the Lord. The Lord blesses His people with wisdom to understand the things of the world more in depth. Wisdom is only granted to those who believe in Him and ask for it. King Solomon prayed to the Lord for wisdom. God blessed him with it. He was one of the wisest people in the Bible. People traveled from abroad to seek him and be in his presence. Not everyone is granted wisdom. That is why some people who comment on this blog do not understand the article and the concept being discussed. They are confused. They missed the whole boat. We have to pray for these people to gain a sense of God's knowledge.

    Some one stated that there are no good people in this world. That is what satan wants you to believe. Satan has to have an army of people to prove his power. The Lord- King of kings- only needs one. Remember the story of David and Goliath. The devil is very deceitful. God's people can stand alone when he blesses us with His strength and power. Guess what? God does not use the people we think he should use. King David was not a tall muscled man. His own father looked over him and chose his other brothers to fight. Satan uses appearance to decieve.

    Praicait asked why is the society exposing itself and how they chose the people to accomplish their ultimate goal. I can think of several reasons why, but I will stick with two, if I may: 1) they do need the recognition just as Jesus Christ to sell their product- the goal to bring in as many people. 2) The society likes to use people who are very good in their discipline areas (actors/actresses, singers, educators, nurses, engineers, architectures, scientists, on and on.) When placed in the mass media, these people become most influential (i.e. Michael Jackson, Beyonce Britney Spears, Oprah and so far). The funny thing is this society often prey on the weaker vessels- women. Like Eve in the Bible, women are the weaker vessels and the most influential people. Why do you think Satan appeared to her as a snake in the garden and how do you think she got Adam to eat from the tree of knowledge- the tree of life.

    I never understood why people would become obsessed over these people. I have a male friend (not boyfriend) who often call Beyonce his wife. I thought he was crazy. He went to church since he was born; all of his life (His father is a preacher.) These mass media people are trained to bring you to their master. They become the handlers to people who watch them and support them (fans). There eyes look dead, because they are losing their souls. We are alive when our soul and spirit is within our body- God's temple. When we allow other things to live in God's temple, He removes himself. Those other things consumes us. They do kill what is within us little by little. Focus on the outer appearance of a drug addict (crack, meth, heroin, etc.). Drugs attack the inside first and then the outside. This is how some people are able to recognize them. The people of this society will eventually look worse. They will take the form of their master's image as time passes. The Lord tell us to pray and watch.

    I am afraid for God's people. I pray for people all the time. Remember the movie- Passion of the Christ. It was the best movie of the year, but was not honored as such. Now you know why. Why are there so many scary movies? Well, now we know. This society will approach some of you, but these people will come when you are not watching and when you are at your most vulnerable time. Common people also "sell their souls to the devil" for that promotion at work, to make more money, to get that husband/wife, to get that dream house and/or car among other things we desire. Jealousy and envious will place you in satan's path. The Lord often warns us to not follow the patterns of this world; do not conform with this world. The world's way is not His way. Keep reading these articles to know who to pray for and whose music to stay away from when listening to your radio or CDs.

    I am one of the people who wake up in the middle of the night when prompted by the Lord. I have to pray. He will not interfere with the rules of this world unless we ask him. We must pray. He needs more of His people to pray. We speak about child abuse on this blog, but no one got the entire picture. Animals have more rights than God's children. He needs us to pray for His children. Satan is building his army of people as soon as they are born. We are born in a world of sin. We must pray. Pray at least for one minute. Do that, but pray. Pray. Jesus loves you and so do I.

  194. Hey – great article

    Just have 2 questions

    1) Do the artists nowadays KNOW that they are promoting the Occult / supporting the Illuminati?

    Do all of them know what they are signing up for or are they unknowing puppets?

    2) Is this activity solely restricted to the Music Industry?

    Thanx xo

  195. damn this is just sad…. these sick illuminati who have no regard for human life… god bless you michael jackson, i hope your at peace… it makes me sick how these celebs can just be used as tools, uselessly thrown away. i got mad respect for dave chappelle for getting out of the industry and saving himself and his soul, cus no amount of money or fame is worth the price of your soul -EVER! i wish other young people my age 18+ would wake up and see the truth, because it really puts a bitter pill in your mouth. i was just watching larry king on lady gaga interview and she tested borderline positive for the disease lupus. not just that but earlier this year her grandpa was very sick and she almost lost her dad to heart problems.- question is, is fame worth the loss of loved ones? when you surround yourself with negative, demonic energy such as that you might as well prepare yourself for bad/ horrible things to come.

  196. @kenny… where in anything i directed towards you was misunderstood as passing judgment? i would like to apoligize if i have in fact judged you.

    @tmac….where is it you assume i have gone? what do you believe i will be coming back to?

    @everyone will bow… i bet you if you were to visit a catholic priest, and a christian minister at different times and ask them to interpret the same passage in the bible they would possibly have two different opinions. i'm not saying this is bad but….it is open for interpretation. everyone who reads it will gain a different perspective. some "faithful christians" believe the bible saysgod hates anyone who isn't white, and of the christian faith.

    some people believe god hates gays. some people believe that if an innocent is

    unbapized before they die they go to hell. i believe the only part of the bible that isn't up for interpretation is the seven deadly sins and the ten commandments…they seem pretty direct to me…but thats just my opinion.

  197. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    V.C. addict, the profession that I am in surrounds me with youths. I recently learn there are some youths from ages 12+ knows about this, but do not quote understand it as you do. Most of them are quick to say that music and television do not influence them, but I have to remind them of their disrespectful ways and attitudes. I try to tell the young boys to stop wearing their pants low. There is a meaning- a spirit- behind the sagging pants. There are so many males who are lovers to other males. So many black men have weakened to this practice. Their parents are no better. I see thirty-somethings and older wearing their pants sagging and so far. I see women dressing like sluts and whores as oppose to being role models for their own children.

    Our so called "true thugs/ true gangsters" have been sold out, and they are misleading our children. I like to speak proper English in speaking and writing. I read many books to gain knowledge and increase my vocabulary. Most, important, I read the Bible to sustain my faith in the Lord. The enemy wants to keep us dummy downed, so we can live the life he wants us to live and fall short of the Lord's glory by seeking the devil to meet our needs and pleasures. There are more young people who cannot read or write compared to people in the 1960s. Is there anyone out there who ever questioned this? Hip-hop is sneakingly telling our children that they do not need an education. Visit your local schools. Observe the youths. This is more prevalent among the black youths.

    One more thing. I just want to throw this out there to the Vigilant's fans. I know Tom Cruise is faithful to the religion of Scientology, but I saw a picture of him posing with Jay-Z making the pyramid sign with his hands as well. Is there anything to that? Now, I am going some where with this. If you have seen the "Eyes Wide Shut", you noticed that it centers around him entering a secret assembly at a house. He was not personally invited by that society, but a friend gave him the password to attend. The people wore costumes and orgy practice became a part of the meeting. It was weird and kept me in suspense. This was the movie he played in with his wife at that time- Nicole Kidman. I believe soon after this movie he got a divorce. Now the media is talking about his current wife being controlled by him. Is there anyone who saw this movie and understands what I am talking about?

  198. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    Krystal, people often misinterpret the Bible. The Lord truly stated that He loves all of His people, but hates the sins they commit. God speaks to us through His word. He said that in the beginning was the word and I am the word (not quoted verbatim as the scripture; I can give you the Bible verses). Yes, the Lord strongly warns us to keep His commandments. The Lord also tells us that we are fed with a bottle as we learn Him, and then we are fed meat as we progress in Him and His ways.

    We are created by the Lord. We are all precious in His sight, but He will judge us according to the way we lived. The Bible does tell us about the story of Christ Jesus. Jesus was sent here to save us from sin and to show us the way. He was baptized by John the Baptist to confirm his purpose on Earth and to show us that through baptism we show the world that we believe in Him. Many people misinterpret the Bible to lead Lord's people astray. If we read the Bible for ourselves, the Lord will show us these things himself. The lord also warns us to be on the lookout for false prophecies and false teachers.

    Krystal, if a person is innocent and does not believe in Christ Jesus, he probably will be judged to hell. That person probably did not confess that he believes in Jesus as the Lord's only begotten son and repented of his sins. How do you define innocence? We all fall short of the glory. I am not righteous. I have to repent daily. I might offend someone or step out of God's path. I repeat the Psalm 23 daily, I pray and exalt the Lord. I lift Him up and not myself.

    He is Alpha and the Omega (begiinning and the end). In Genesis he created the world and in revelation he ended the world of how we know it. He said that every knee shall bow upon his returning. This is a full circle baby- 360 degrees. The world began with Him and it will end with HIm. Krystal, just like you read other materials, read the Bible. The Lord wants His people to have a ministry in leading other people to him. Christianity is the way (believing in Jesus Christ, our Lord). Jesus said that I am the true and the light.

  199. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    Krystal, I read the book called "Shack" written by a Christian novel writer. It explains some of the questions you have. This novel is short to read. It is based on factual events that took place with the main character. It shares with the readers that the Lord wants us to develop a relationship with Him. He wants us to know Him for ourselves. The author does an outstanding job in explaining the Trinity concept (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost). That Biblical parti is the meat. Many people continue to be confused with that one.

    I think you would love reading it.

  200. Interesting but no proof, the celebs in the videos were either highly emotionally charged or had imbibed a few mind altering substances.I believe we're totally manipulated but this kind of scare mongering plays into the puppetmasters hands. lets stop seeing faces in the clouds and find some real solid proof, they'er clever so we have to be cleverer.

  201. Tupac , DMX , Prof. Griff and music insiders all saying the basic same thing on YOUTUBE , that the Entertainment Industry , the music Biz, movie Biz are all involved in serious mind control , secret societies, sacrifices, killings , Free Mason Symbols, Illuminati ; seeing eye and there a lot of videos on youtube proving a PATTERN of many current " artists" doing pretty much the same thing , projecting images about Freemasons , Illuminati and in some movies it's pretty scary , all the subliminal messages . So the bottom line you don't have a clue how much brain washing on a massive scale going on right now .

    It's organized , it's deliberate and there's an obvious agenda of creating chaos for order and you can't dispute the numerous artists ADMITTING if you don't play their game ,put out your out , in more than one way . Loook at the pathetic Bob Dylan , looking like a beat little kid , the great poet , admitting he sold soul for Fame and he's forced to honor his contract or else .

    Bottom line they are using every tool available to them from the Tavistock Institute to having DMX framed for pot and animal cruelty , after he spoke about against the industry , had a TV camera crew in court the first day he was arrested and he was the only one in court and bail was 120,000., facing YEARS .

    T.I. did (real time ) SEVEN MONTHS for automatic weapons and silencers , only DIFF. he returned to Music Industry as many say , a compliant puppet .

    Look at Larry King every person he had on you can find in youtube documentaries showing and proving they are tools flashing that idiotic pyramid , Le Bron James is doing it EVERYWHERE , Denzel Washington is doing it with JayZ who is real popular on youtube right now for his literal neck deep in Freemason propaganda, flashing pyramids , NWO symbols …there's some sick stuff happening now .

  202. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    This is my last time commenting. I promise unless prompted to do so. Why are we assuming Obama is satan? Can some one explain this to me? I did not read about him, so I would like to know. I do not want to dismiss him, because he is the first African American president- president of color.

    I think people look to him to help resolve the issue of the economy and he is a man of color. He has a black family. Also, do you remember this nation had the same reaction when Bill Clinton took office? Life was simpler and easier then. People had jobs, money in the bank and the national debt was paid off. I think people are looking for that again, but don't quote me. I do not think people see him as a savior.

    People often describe this country as Babylonia. The Bible also states that the strong will become weak. The Anti-Christ probably want rise from this country. This country is weak and China is becoming stronger and so are a few other surrounding countries. News flash: the Anti-Christ has not risen. He will not come that easy to identify. I am weary of people who refer to other people as Anti-Christ. Former President Bush used that term frequently. He hurt a lot of Americans to accomplish his goal as the president- the war. We are on our knees as a country. The celebrities of this society are rising higher and higher, because it is a good time for them to do their master's mission. Some people are at their lowest and probably will do anything to get ahead. The signs of the time has always been around. No one knows the hour or day of Jesus's return. The Anti-Christ will be someone who wants control of the entire world and the world's finances. If you have control of the money, you have control of the people (the mark of the beast- 666). The society wants the control. It want be Jay-Z. Those people are being used to set the stage. Let's be on the look out for the next person who tries to escape?

    Why are there not any Christian leaders who come to their rescue? Most of them have the money and the means to reach out, but where are they? Are they afraid of the devil themselves? Or are they too busy lifting themselves up in the place of Jesus? Of well, that is an other story and another time.

  203. yea sun life on

    "Hip-hop is sneakingly telling our children that they do not need an education."

    There's different types of education.

    Lets not forget the grassroots of Hip Hop which is about peace, love, unity, and having fun and of course spiritual elevation, intellectual movement, and manifestation of humanistic characteristics.

    Though I realize a large chunk of Hip Hop promotes hate & violence, which should be self explanatory…Hip Hop is not what it used to be but it is what it is.

  204. yea sun life on

    Very informative posts by the way Everyone Will Bow- Christ Jesus. Many will appreciate the knowledge thou hath bestowed upon us

  205. yea sun life on

    "I like to speak proper English in speaking and writing."

    As do I, and I love Hip Hop. I hope you're not implying what I think you're implying

  206. When I found out about all this mind control stuff, my first thought about britney was that the diane sawyer interview i saw of hers was seriously fishy and that she mightve switched alters that moment when she suddenly phased out. i never went back to watch the video, just saw it today while reading all this. I feel sooo bad for her, she was the biggest star while I grew up, kind of like an omnipresent friend, and it makes me sick and furious to think they've abused her the way they have. Nobody deserves it, who could treat an animal the way they've treated her? I dunno about y'all but i feel an obligation to do something about all this. It tears me to think this is her life. It's frustrating to have to sit here commenting on blogs and not being able to do anything concrete. I really hope with everything I've got that she escapes from all this. But what can WE do to save her? And all those little girls who'll get this life too, and kids like Miley Cyrus who's already halfway into it?




  208. Everyone will bow- I don't know about Obama being the anti-christ but I don't trust him and yes I am black and Bill Clinton is still my favorite black president. Heres where Obama lost me for real: when I saw Michelle Obama on the cover of some magazine with an evil look in her eyes she was sitting in a chair and when you looked down at her hands she was throwing up the horns in a very sneaky way. Yes I respect our first black president and yes I will vote for him again just because ( one is no better than the other) but he ain't no better than Bush. I for damn sure don't trust him. He do not have the people in mind only their agenda!

  209. There is a reoccurring trigger phrase I notice on several hip hop songs that have been released. Luda in his song shake your money maker said, " GOT MY MIND ON MY MONEY AND MY MONEY ON MY MIND" Then Rhiana said the exact same phrase in one of her songs. I have also heard this phrase in several underground hip hop song. I believe this is some type of trigger phrase. Does anyone have any idea what this phrase means or what it might trigger??????

  210. InChristwelive on

    WoW…love the article…knew most of the stuff but not on Britney and Nicole…shame that they had to choose this route..I guess it's true " the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

    casey (112) powerful lyrics by Lauren Hill..i thought she had gone crazy too…but now I know better.

    "you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free".

  211. Thank You Vigilant Citizen!!!

    You continue to make me a Vigilant Citizen!!


    We DO NOT let our child watch Disney Channel, because all the shows *zach and cody, miley* teach our children how to manipulate parents!

    We DO NOT watch music videos or listen to rap or other music any longer, because of the message they are putting out there. That all that matters is money, cars, sleeping around, & other things that we know as sinful & against God. We give THEM our money & then we are broke!! Crazy!!!

    We DO NOT wear Satan's clothes with all the symbols that MOST people dont even do the research to find out what the symbols mean.

    We mute all commercials & do not eat fast food. Everyone that does not open their eyes will come to the point where they will NO LONGER HAVE THE CHANCE TO!

    2 Thessalonians 2:11,12

    And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

    God Bless Everyone who commented on this site.

    God Bless The writer of this site.

    God Bless Everyone else whose eyes are not open & that they will be before its too late.

  212. GW Bush's handler was Condolizza. He never left the WH without her. He too would disappear for tune-ups. It's really deep….

  213. straight path on

    I am so pleased and heartened that so many young people read this blog. I hope you all introduce your friends to this information and educate each other. You never know. Maybe the next generation will fu–k them up. Killuminati.

  214. Psych MAjor on

    Now I am starting to question are these so called leaked sex tapes of celebs are actually proof of their abuse? I have read Brice Taylor's" Thanks for the Memories" and Cathy O Brian's "Tranceformation of America and they said these pricks love snuff films and grotesque porn? Interesting ….Also Vigilant its a video of Roseann Barr on youtube speaking out about the Occult, i think she is MK'D.she said her audience was prison inmates and mental patients.

  215. Everyone go to cognitivetransformation.com. Go through the site, this explains everything. Send everyone you know. We need to break our programming, that's the message that these artist are giving.

  216. @N Dogg: Remember, the love of money is the root of all evil. In Linguistics, you could substitute this as saying, "my mind is on evil, and evil is on my mind."

    @Mel: I am black also, and I do not trust Obama. People have to realize that just because someone looks like you doesnt mean they ARE you. Obama RUSHED that healthcare bill. and if you know the history of the Holocaust, Hitler had done similar w/healthcare so he could keep track of the ill from breeding, etc. If you are an avid VC reader, you know the Illuminati keep an agenda. One of their CURRENT agendas (after succeeding in promoting violence, drugs, sex, and un-education) is now homosexuality from what I am noticing. I'm not saying ppl who believe they were born gay are evil–only God can judge–but they are promoting that it is fine to dibble dabble with the same gender even if you are straight. And now, Obama is rushing the abolishment of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." Not to mention, during the congressional meeting of the healthcare bill, that phrase "New Order" was constantly thrown around. Theory is that Bush effed up across the board. While other freemasons act like they cared while they were in power, Bush didn't. 9/11 happened, he was told, and he kept reading the book, etc. Illuminatists felt Bush was a screw-up because he didn't put on the sheep cloak over his wolf fur, and caused Americans to lose faith in our govt. They knew they had to restore that trust. They knew that America would love a black man being president.

    What makes me most afraid of Obama and the elites' diabolical plan is that I was warned about him in 2008. I had written a facebook status mentioning Palin being dumb, and Obama being the best. Another fellow black woman deep into the church wrote in response to my inbox telling me to be careful. She said Obama isnt a Christian but a false prophet. He's been sent to round up the circumstances of our last days. She told me we ARE in our last days and that in two years, I would start noticing "weird" things. I told her (in a nice way) that she was crazy (and i wouldve thought sites like this were crazy), and that every president is doubted. She told me that she appreciates my response and that I will see. Since that day, it's been two years.

    And, uh, you see I'm posting on V.C., right?

  217. Interesting thing – film Metropolis(1927) and heavy robotic influenced german electronic musical band Kraftwerk including title tracks like "The man machine"(1978), "Metropolis"(1975), "We are the robots"(1972).

    And true name of Lady Gaga is Germanota

  218. wow, that britney video was weird. like that one sold me this entire theory. and poor nicole. she had no sense of self!! gosh, to control someone like tha…

  219. Your like amazing! But don't you worry you could get into trouble for posting this kind of stuff? Like the ''people'' you talk about crash your site or even kill you?

    I look into this stuff, but even I kinda worry sometimes that they might be on to me lol!

    But seriously.. have you ever had any trouble, or threats or worries?

    Let us know in your next post !! XD


  220. @Kenny You must be talking about Malachi York in NY. I have read a few of his scrolls back in the day

    wow thats crazy about him and Jay. York used different names too. He built a place in Georgia too where all of this stuff was going on. Had some truth in those scrolls too and then I heard about the child molesting, rape,etc. It was on the news and on Montel i think. I couldn't believe it you know?

    @GeoHalo thank you. I'm going to check that out. Culture Creator

    @Everyone will Bow that's what they want "US" to think. Oh he's a African, black, etc. to throw us off like he's different from the other presidents. He's not. He's just the same. Just like Michelle. they all throw up the horns. They were programming Obama in college; maybe even before then.

  221. Woh! That Britney video. WTF!

    You can see the other personality come forward as she goes childlike and she doesn't seem to be fully aware of it until the part where she starts to cry. Poor girl.

  222. @ Everyone Will Bow#265 Eyes Wide Shut esposes the lifestyle/religiousrites of the illuminati and their associates. Tom Cruise's character was associated because he was the personal doctor to one of the high up society types. His wife, played by Nicole Kidman, was one of the sexual attendants/servicers at the big mansion. The director of this movie, Stanley Kubrick, was an illuminati tool (Check out his Clockwork Orange, full of symbols,violence and torture for starters) and his family of origin was in that high society, if you do some digging about his life. Kubrick died (was suicided?) just before the film was released, probably because he outed illuminati secrets. He overstepped his boundaries. Maybe he wanted freedom or redemption in his old age,like MJ. Anyway, people say that the Apollo Moon Landing footage was actually shot by Kubrick on the set of 2001, another of his brilliant movies. We haven't been to the moon after all!! Maybe he was going to out that as well. http://kentroversypapers.blogspot.com/2006/03/eye… Also try http://foundingfather1776.wordpress.com/2008/01/2… And netflix has a movie on the life of Stanley Kubrick entitled Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures.

  223. Nancy Bisset on

    WOW what a powerful read and then the comments which are like the cream of the crop. I was a sheeple-in Fundamentalist Christian family, I just began researching Jan.9, 2009 when a most brilliant being was sent my way, in such a manor you would not believe it if I shared. You would term me Weird or worse. It is too precious to me, to dirty this most beautiful experience.

    I will have some wonderful help in writing what I must do and am doing, to awaken people from their sleep, A whisper that I was told to do. Truly Mindcontrol is happening to us too, via all the ways that #159 that was such a magnificent read. To all, I value your opinions, something WE are not encouraged to do, BUT GO WITH THE FLOW. Speak up and keep researching, especially those like myself that was controlled by the very Faith, I was brought up in. Filters going off every bit of information I would read. Taking me 50 plus times to FINALLY SEE AND ALLOW WITHIN MY HEAD to even evaluate. :-)

    I feel your reading this VC magnificent Read, is a sign your Higherself is whispering into your ear and that if you keep searching, you too will begin to see with those constructs (conditionings of religion) removed. ALL the Secrets are now gone, TRUTH IS OUT here on the Net and all YOU (WE) have to do IS TO DO THE WORK. No one can do it for us. We are all headed for the Same place, Just each one of our paths and experiences will be different, NO TWO ARE ALIKE. We are all at different levels of awakening.

    Love this VC, my UK Oxford, Love :-) Had first introduced me to your Fantastical work for Humanity. I am so pleased. You are so wonderful in helping to expose the part-we all humanity have blocked out, and we must make the masses aware and guess what, "The 100th Monkey Effect" (<—Look that study up, a shocker how they know how we all connect and at a point-the whole masses change. Ummmmm This study done in the late 50's) Research is the Key, not condemnation of anyone. DO YOUR OWN WORK, Not someone elses words. May this words, just get you all excited about FINDING YOUR TRUTH.

    Peace and <3

    Feel the Love coming at you from USA ME. <3<3<3

  224. Please do a story on lauryn hill and her performance on MTV's unplugged. The entire album is about the music industry and how evil its is and why she left. Thanks=) I LOVE what you're doing by the way…keep going no matter what people say!!

  225. Vigilant C….i applaud you!

    That post summed up so much for the readers and included some people which i respect(Dave Chappelle and Michael Jackson) I have to say that is your best post yet because of the amount of information from different areas you presented. Although of a disturbing nature, people on this site can view this information as a true source and thankyou again for dedicating time to give the truth.

    :) Thankyou

  226. galaktikusnagykovets on

    What do you all think about Tupac?

    He went crazy after 1994.11., then he was "enlightened" not just about illuminati… Sometimes people see things in coma, and in death experience.

    He said thing like:

    We probably in Hell already, our dumb asses not knowin

    Everybody kissin ass to go to heaven ain't goin

    Put my soul on it, I'm fightin devil niggaz daily

    Do whatchu gotta do but know you gotta change

    Try to find a way to make it out the game

    I leave this and hope God can see my heart is pure

    Is heaven just another door? I leave this here

    And more… He saw something more cosmic, not just the music industry or else conspiracy.

    Sorry for the bad english.

  227. I just seen a picture of Kelly Rowland who used to sing with Beyonce group. Well now she is singing on her own and the picture took me by supprise. She is wearing that one eye look. Hair covering the eye, all seeing eye as well as Usher in his video OMG his hat covering one eye. Rihanna/GaGa was the first ones I seen with all seeing eye look. And the people that watch Rihanna's video if they did not believe then, they do now. Now I am paying more attention to these artists. Money is evil and it will bring evil around them. I could really see then going down the same route like Britney. These same acts that Britney had to do they are doing . It's just a matter of time, breakdown, going crazy, jail or six feet under. Well anyway I'm glad Dave Chapelle got away from it. But I'm really felling sorry for DMX my heart goes out to him. And Michael may he RIP. Melyssa Ford get all respect for what little she said made us listen.

  228. All I got for this one is I'm glad that there are 296 comments above mine of people who are doing more than most and trying to find the truth! Well done everyone! Knowledge truly is power, and the more you know, the better aware you are, and the better aware you are, the more easily you can avoid the spiritual and mental snares set by the Illuminati and other such nefarious peoples!!

    Well done VC!!

  229. Great Articlee !! I love your works!

    Can you do an article on Miley Cyrus Cant be Tamed ; Rhianna – Rockstar ; & lady gaga alejandro

  230. #60 WeThinkYouShould

    wow that was a long passage and very informative. Like you, i am aware of certain people's stories so you can see the individual side and then the full picture. i have so much more to say, its so hard to do it on a blog sumtyms!

    I agree though with previous comments that VC should do individual blogs to get the overview. (I would but dont have a blog as yet!) e.g Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Left Eye (Lisa Lopes of TLC) etc.

    A Mariah Carey blog would be interesting because of her whole story. She is obviously a talented singer and songwriter(her songs are like novels!) and also in a 1990 interview she said how she just 'doesn't do' the whole Hollywood thing and then you see later on in her career that is just what these Illuminati handlers turn her into, another sex slave fot the industry. I believe Michael knows her whole story aswell.

    Thumbs up to the person who put Lauryn Hill lyrics 'i get out' on here – very good song she's a great singer :)

    So much to say , so little space, but keep going VC.

  231. @Dysast Just go to Rihanna Rockstar 101 on youtube and the same for Usher OMG on youtube. i don't know web and all so this is how I got it

  232. Lol ..1 more thing – i agree with Michael –Unbreakable is the best song on Invinsible :) but they wouldnt let him release that wud they now..?!!

  233. This is so sad, young girls being exploited for 'entertainment' are then vilified, traumatised and humiliated. The industry is evil.

  234. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    T-Mac, you stated that you once read a response that informed you of weird things that will happen in two years. This enlightening evidence has been around for years. It is surfing more so now than ever, because of the access to technology. If you read the Bible, some of this weird stuff took place back in the old testament days and ancient-medieval times. The Lord sent many great prophets (Isiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Joel, and Amos including others) to warn His people to turn from their wicked ways. This world and this nation of people are doing the same things as these people had done back then. Weird Occurrences are always taking place. I remember reading where Adolf Hitler said that to get to the youths of today, you use music; they will listen. All of this is not new. Propaganda and pre-operative conditioning are easy-to-the-ear terms used in place of transformation of the minds. Remember the "get on the band wagon" strategy. That is what you are witnessing. The more people in the mass media are used to display the society's symbols and dark-side belief, more people will follow.

    Roman 12:2 says.. Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this word, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is – his good, pleasing and perfect will… When we learn better and know better, we are to do better.

    Yes Sun Life, I used to love Hip-Hop before it became so dark. It speaks about the dark side. I stopped listening and watching videos along time ago, because I had to protect my ears and eyes. The way I want to go in life was not being encouraged through the music industry.

    You also stated that there are all kinds of education. You lost me totally. I was speaking of the standard education we as people need to press forward in life such as going to college or the workforce. Now, there are a lot of other interests in life we can learn to improve our knowledge in other areas, but our children first need the proper standard education. I work for a public school system, and I see a lot of disturbing behavior among many children. Because Hip-Hop is dominated by African American artists, it is influencing many African American children. For example, when I was attending public schools, there may have been one or two class clowns within a class setting. Now, there may be at least two or a little more good students in a class setting. This is my opinion, but when I speak to other educators around the nation, they also share the same concerns as I speak of.

    This is what is taking place more so, young people are prowling around the schools to locate areas to have sex. Children are being caught within the classrooms. Female students are being suspended for trying to entice and tempt the male students to go to the girls locker room with them. This is in the minds of our yound girls and boys due to what they see and hear. They are weak and believe this is the way to go.

    Vigilant, do not be afraid of those people. Demons tremble at the mere mention of the Christ Jesus name. Stay prayed up and continue to serve your purpose. The society bullies people and uses scare tactics to get their plans accomplished. I would love to see and be apart of a team that would dedicate themselves to go against these people. It would not suprise me if some of the people commenting on this blog are in the society (they would use choiceful words and attempt to discredit the information) . They are very watchful people. They have to keep their eyes and ears open. This society changed from being called the Druids (bandits in the Middle East) to Freemasons to Illuminati (world leaders- the elite to gain worldwide order) and now Society (each member is prudently chosen, but can be brought down if the mainstream of the common people stop supporting them). These people are vicious, and attempt to use supernatural power/aura in the minds of unpretentious/simple people to dominate. Their wealth makes it all too easy to operate outside the confinement ot the laws. Once they are exposed or dominated, they will go away but only to reappear under a different title with a different order and stronger scheme. It is important that we remain watchful as well. Vigilant keep your supporters and remain true to who you are. These people are only as powerful as we allow them.

  235. I think that Katy Perry's interview was very cleverly edited so that you couldn't see her reaction after she said "she sold her soul to the devil".This is also the case with Dylan's interview, they edited the after-reactions so that people would believe they're not joking. Both of them could have both laughed these claims off. But you'll never know. Also with those videos we are still no closer to seeing any hardcore evidence of the Illuminati. Most of them were implying it but I DIDN'T SEE any evidence.


  237. Hello everyone in the NAME OF THE ONLY LORD AND SAVIOUR,JESUS CHRIST.i have read most comments on this site and the truth is there is a devil out there but that is not important because the Truth is that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD AND HAS DEFEATED d devil TOTALLY and HE says in HIS WORD dat righteousness shall go forth throughout this earth because the earth is HIS and d fullness thereof.So the only Way to have peace in these times is In JESUS THE CHRIST cos HE LOVES u all and HAS PAID THE PRICE FOR YOUR PEACE AND PROTECTION. If u want to accept HIM and get d assurance of peace and protection in these ti mes,just say,Dear LORD JESUS,i thank YOU for raising up from the dead for my justification and protection ,i believe that YOU are theonly LORD AND iACCEPT YOU asmy LORD and Saviour now ,Thank YOU JESUS f or accepting me as ur child and now i am protected from the evil and it will not get me in JESUS’S Name,amen

  238. roninfreedom on

    Over 30 yrs ago Lynyrd Skynyrd expose the Industry in a nice little B-side tune called

    Working for MCA:

    Michael Jackson who said(Who stand with) Jews are leeches.

    Why am i talking about Jews,cause their the ones calling the shots.


    If you want to be a A-list star,one of the biggest ways to do it is.

    Do a holocaust film

    Kate Winslet exposes this truth when in she about the Oscar she won in The Reader & Revolutionary Road

    The Holocaust is about 3 things

    1. Demonizing Whitey,you know those bad white German Soldiers.

    2. Making the Jews look like the poor perscuted and innocent Jews

    3.You'll be kissing the Jewish Hollywood CEO's and film directors butts by doing a holocause fim

  239. The sheer thought of Monarch Programming existing sends chills down my spine…If it exists, think of what else can..

  240. bout time they bring thid out, I've been saying this for years, the things u gotta do in this fked up world!!

  241. I'm aware that "weird" things have been happening for years. But she said I would notice, and I hadnt beforehand, in two years. Which is what has happened.

    Another FYI, awhile back I was on a site and it was talking about Beyonce being seen visiting Kelly Rowland in a hotel. It was saying that their long-time, discreet beef must be over since she was seen "sneaking" in her hotel one night. i commented on that post saying that kelly mustve sold her soul to the beast.

    well….uh…..have you seen kelly's new video? smh.

  242. darkadaptedeyes on

    @ James, post 240, that was the funniest thing I have ever read!! You should be a comedian.

    Excuse me, everybody, should I REALLY feel sorry for DMX??? He has some of the most vile and satanic lyrics out there. He sings about rape, murder, and even NECROPHILIA. Yet, I'm to pity him because things didn't go his way in Hollywood?? Give me a break, ok? And Chappelle's work is incredibly sexist, scatalogical, and RACIST towards blacks. The way he demeans people who have crack addiction is disgusting. Also, I am SICK of hearing black comedians and rap singers calling other blacks the N word.

    Michael Jackson, on the other hand, is pretty wholesome by comparison. I DO NOT feel sorry who inject poison into the culture with their so-called "art" *GARBAGE*COUGH*GARBAGE and then complain about how badly they are treated once they are disgustingly RICH and famous. Cry me a river, ok?

  243. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    Kreole, I am going to join you in praying and fasting as well. This is some heavy stuff to intake. When we proclaim Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we must live according to his commandments. We must learn the word. He wants us to become His disciples. The people are living their belief every day. The Lord's people must live theirs. We have to grow in him and allow his word to abide in us-in our hearts. Once you pray the sinner's pray, please seek Him wholeheartedly. I am positive the people we speak of proclaimed Christ Jesus as their savior. We go wrong when we go back to our old ways of living. This is how Satan gets us to renunciate Christ Jesus as our Lord and Savior. He said it is better not to know Him than to know Him. Furthermore, human sacrifice became obselete since Jesus sacrifice himself for our sins. It takes praying and fasting to fight against the spiritual warfare. Let's learn from Kreole. Some of these artists will need more than basic praying to be delivered from this. Satan has their minds. They invited him in. I know and read about people who became demon possessed through music and the W- board game. People pray and build a relationship with the Lord. He is our Father and only hope.

    I loose myself from the spirit of the world, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life. I overcome the world throught the power of the Holy Spirit (1John 2:16).

    I pray that my nation will submit to the rule and reign of Christ (Daniel 7:14).

    My life is hidden with Christ in God (Col. 3:3)

    I have the mind of Christ (1Cor. 2:16)

    I am a partaker of Christ (Heb. 3:14)

    I am preserved in Christ (Jude 1:1)

    Dear Heavenly Father, Your kingdom done; Your will be done (Matt. 6:10). Let Your kingdom advance and be established through preaching, teaching and healing (Matt. 4:23). Your Kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and Your dominion endures throughout all generations (Ps. 145: 13).

    People, please be careful of false teachings and prophets. They come in all forms. That is how Satan gets to the Lord's people. Be watchful of T.D. Jakes, Creflo Dollar, Eddie Long and the others who preach and teach around the truth and prefers to entertain and lift themselves all in the name of money. Many of the Lord's prophets of today come with price tags and attachments. Stay prayed up and read the Bible.

    I believe my work is done here. I will continue to read the articles and pray. I will remain silent unless prompted to speak. Can someone tell me about Janet Jackson? I remember in an interview where she stated that Michael would not let her come through the gate to his home. Is it because she is in the society as well? What about Tyler Perry? The society does seek and recruit the best of us; the people who are characterized as being higher-level authorities of their discipline (repertoire of intelligence, talents and skills). People on this blog should not be astonished or fret if one of the society member approach you. Just prepare in the mean time through praying. Because some of you are experts in what you do, especially you Vigilant. You have the Charisma to attract people to your literature and ideas and it comes through sharply and precisely in your writings. That in itself will attact the Society's attention. You are gifted in what you do, and so are other people on this blog. Love you all.

    Peace and may the Lord always be with you.

  244. VC good job as usual, I like how you like the videos speak for themselves.

    I spend so much of my time looking up these artiste. Tying to open ppl eyes to the truth. They think I'm crazy.

    These vids broke my heart. Bob dylan put the icing on the cake. Anna Nicole Smith broke my heart as did Brittney. For the first time I could I dentify with MJ.

    Thks yet agin for the truth.


  245. I have always had a special place in my heart for Dave Chappelle. I hold so much respect for him for walking away from all the BS and control. More people are waking up and recognizing the agenda of the elite. Even the lack of effort to clean up the Gulf oil spill fits in. If they take their time and make it a "disaster" then we'll all have to fall back on the Goverment to take care of us, because they want us to think we are incapable of taking care of ourselves. I live on the Gulf Coast and I just have to sit back and watch them rape and murder one of the most beautiful bodies of water on this planet. A little piece of me dies each day I turn on the news and see them filming all the death and standing back while BP and the Government do nohthing. When will this stop? When will the people wake up and take their freedom back?

  246. I am a big fan of Mariah Carey and I've been a little interested in the whole Illuminati conspiracy ( I pretty much believe most of it). This is also my first post to the site. I'm just trying not to get into it that much because I still want to be able to sleep at night and function so I just tend to stop by weekly or research something from time to time.

    First of all- when I first went on this site weeks ago I saw an article on the homepage about Lady Gaga. Eww- I never liked that woman (or man) from the start and I probably never will. I KNEW something was fishy about her when she came out.

    Now back to Mariah Carey- she was mentioned about twice in your article- thank you for that. But I'm wondering if she's being controlled and trying to break free (like Britney Spears) or if she is more like JayZ and is actually HANDLING the mind control. So I would like for you to do an article on her since she is such a big celebrity- known all over the world. Her fans adore her.

    Here is my opinion on Mariah Carey (and yes it could be biased because I love her music- I loved her even BEFORE I knew about this stuff), I think that Mariah is more like Britney because she had that 'breakdown'. She even has a song about having a Breakdown with Bone Thugs N' Harmony.

    Another thing is, I dont know what a butterfly symbolizes but ay, that's her emblem. To me it symbolizes freedom, positive change and growth but does it mean the same for her? For example, one of her hit songs Butterfly mentions "Spread your wings and prepare to fly for you shall become a butterfly." Seems to be a positive song to me.

    And not only that- she has a lot of spiritual songs, one for every album (I Wish You Well, Fly Like a Bird to name some) and her Christmas album wasn't filled with honky donky "Jingle Bell" tunes like a lot of artists do for Christmas but they are REAL gospel songs that you would hear in a Baptist Church. Would an Illuminati dark side worshipping artist do that?

    And the big thing for me that makes me think she's trying to break away from control is when she had the breakdown after divorcing Mottola. He was big bad and powerful- she knew that and they probably tried to ruin her image by making her and persuading her to do 'crazy' things. Then she went into hiding for a couple of years- came back through L.A Reid's label in 2005 and yada yada. I don't know- I just wanna know where she stands in this whole thing.

  247. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    Sun, I have a Bible that has four translations: King James version, New International version, Amplified version and another one that I cannot recall at the moment- American version (?). I read the entire Bible within the last two year. I am so amazed at how I have grown as a person and the insights I receive when I do read it. I am now studying the Bible. I have a commentary to assist in my understanding os some of the scriptures as well. I like to know background information. This is how I am able to apply it to my own life. I do highlight important scriptures. I use the Bible to write my prayers. The Lord wants us to use the Word when we pray to Him.

    Vigilant, which Bible do you read? Please explain your belief again. I know you explained it once, but I cannot remember- Mystical Christian? I know Prince took a year off to study the Bible. Where is he now? Is or was he a part of the Society? I know he has been away from the music industry for a very long time. He, too, was a victim of witnessing his mother being physically abused by his father.

    Check out the money we have to have in order to survive:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PgJLz21cIXk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMgGC9W-ks8&fe

    This is why we must depend on him totally.

  248. Another good book to read is "Behold A Pale Horse" by William "Bill" Cooper. He was a US naval Intelligence officer who exposed our govt and was killed also.

  249. Fantastic article, its amazing to see the industry once you fill in the missing dots. Robbie Williams is a UK artist who you will all probably know, he sometimes talks about this stuff too you might want to research it. I think Michael was taken from us just like all the greats, simply because the labels didn't require them anymore. This monarch programming is straight up scary lol ! Britney freaked me out on that video. I just seen Rihanna's new TE AMO video looks kinda scary too. All I know is the industry is fucked !

  250. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    Joyel, The world and Christianity do not mix. You can never mix the Lord with Satan. I am not fond of the secular world artists singing gospel music as well as the R&B, Hip-Hop and so on. I remember Minister Craig Lewis talked about a cruise trip that involved some secular artists. Some of the people on the cruise were some dignified people. Well, Pattie LaBelle performed, and some of the people were shocked and offended at her performance. Her remark was "You knew I was a secular artist." This is another strategy Satan uses to get into the churches to corrupt God's people.

    The Lord tells us that we cannot stagger the fence. We cannot praise and play the devil's advocate one day and praise the Lord the next day. We cannot speak against the Lord's teachings and speak for his teachings with the same tongue. We should take him serious at all times.

    Roman 12:2 says…Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

    It is worng to take music that was written for the world and try use it as a praise song for God. In Psalm 40, David said he waited for the Lord and He heard his cry. God lifted him out of the troubles he was going through at that time and gave him a new song. I believe when we have been truly transformed in the heart by the renewing of our mind we are not going to want to copy the world song to give praise to God. We will want to write a brand new song that only God can be pleased with.

    How many artists have taken a song written for the Gospel and changed them into worldly songs. Think about why not. When you sing a worldly song and hear that beat. What do you think about first (ex. “Let it Rain”)? When I hear this song, I always think about Purple rain by Prince. So, again I ask why not take gospel songs and change them into worldly songs? Satan really do not want you think about God first and put him first? I know some Gospel songs get played in the club because of their beat. These songs are usually based off of worldly songs or the initial intend was not to praise God but man. Art Kelly – I believe I can fly; Stairway to heaven by the O’Jays and I am sure there are others. I just only wanted to name a few. Kanye West wrote and performed "Jesus Walk." Look at him. People like Kanye. Kanye has followers. Where do you think he is leading his followers. The same with Beyonce'' Jay-Z, Mariah Carey (never was a fan), and the others. They are out there beyond the music industry.

    Psalm 149

    1 Praise the LORD. [a]

    Sing to the LORD a new song,

    his praise in the assembly of the saints.

    2 Let Israel rejoice in their Maker;

    let the people of Zion be glad in their King.

    3 Let them praise his name with dancing

    and make music to him with tambourine and harp.

    4 For the LORD takes delight in his people;

    he crowns the humble with salvation.

    5 Let the saints rejoice in this honor

    and sing for joy on their beds.

    6 May the praise of God be in their mouths

    and a double-edged sword in their hands,

    7 to inflict vengeance on the nations

    and punishment on the peoples,

    8 to bind their kings with fetters,

    their nobles with shackles of iron,

    9 to carry out the sentence written against them.

    This is the glory of all his saints.

    Praise the LORD.

    Joyel, if she was out of the Society, She would think differently and transform her ways. It takes time to change, but we eventually do. If she changed, you will know through time. Time will tell.

    One more thing… I love to sleep, but there are times I am up at night praying for the Lord's people. When I was growing up, the Lord showed me things through visions or He would plant things on my heart as confirmation to know. I did not think much of it. I lived a lifestyle that I thought was fun, but like Whitney I got burned from that lifestyle, because the Lord wanted mne to come back to Him. I was not a drug addict. I married one. He was very intelligent among other things that attracted me. He took me places and showed me things that made me enjoy life. I traveled a lot with him. His drug addiction took a toll on our marriage and me. Since I divorced him, I turned to the Lord. The renewing of my mind caused me to have a new walk, talk, and I dress differently. I was like Beyonce and Mariah, I dressed for men to lust after me, and I attracted lustful men. However, the point I am making is that I changed. The Lord is able to use me more so than now because of my transformation. He wakes me up at night to pray. He showed me things about Beyonce, Britney and Rhiana before they truly came out. Because I am in fine tune of my insights, I pray for people whether next door or abroad. I can't sleep well every night. I no longer have a selfish heart.

    Another thing. Women are attending church services dressing like they are going to the clubs. Women dress seductively to sell their products. If we are not trying to sell what we have (curves, breasts, butts, etc.) , we would not dress sexually and cover larger portions of our body parts. No, you cannot mix the two. I adore the Middle Eastern women who wrap themselves up. This keep lust to a minimum.

    Flying like a butterfly could also mean outer-body experience (float outside of the body). Most satanic participants do this. The meaning of their songs can have different meanings. I remember watching a movie and the father character called the music- "the devil's music." This blog places perspective on that phrase.

  251. Everyone will bow- I know I can not stand that Marry Mary song " It's the God in me" My grandma always told me, you do not make church music you can bounce, dance or snap to. I am also aggravated I like that new Usher song OMG, but I know good and well ,I need not sing it. So I changed the words for now untill I have reached my goal of cutting certain music off 100%. I have been getting to know God better myself. The first thing I have learned it's much cheaper to serve God. I don't worry about expensive clothes anymore, going out, hanging out….. I am finding joy in being a better person, I have a better understanding of my purpose on earth the list goes on. I can always remember church people being so happy serving God and the closer I get to him the happier I feel about it.

  252. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    My gorgeous people my comments are entirely too long. I appear to be long winded (may be long fingered). I am really going away. This is vigilant's blog. For those who wonder where I find the time, I am off for the summer. Next week I will be working on my next life changing project, so I will be gone for a while. Take care and don not let this spook you, but take it as a warning. We have nothing to fear but fear itself when we are covered in Christ.

  253. My theory on the Brittany video, which is truly bizarre: This is purely speculative, but Brittany was triggered by the word WEIRD, probably because she has been the victim of weird sexual rituals. Notice how she becomes flirtatious and starts saying Hellloo suggestively looking both ways? She then makes a measurement gesture and I can't quite decipher what she says.

    It really seems she was playing the part of a sex toy and the word WEIRD set her off

    What did she say? Any thoughts?

  254. On the surface, Bob Dylan appears to be contented and relaxed with himself during his interview. He even unhesitatingly talks of the the Big Reality of his life: "the Chief". However, for an instant or two, you can sense that he knows he is a slave. His outward appearance of being relaxed gives way to resignation. He is getting old and he knows it, but he still does not fight it. He chooses luxury over Truth. Seeing Dylan's interview is a window into the souls of many in the entertainment industry. May God help those people.

    Anticipating Vigilant Citizen's commentary on Miley Cyrus's "Can't Be Tamed" video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjSG6z_13-Q

  255. Man I don't know who you are or where you get your insight from but keep it up mate because to say it's awesome is an undersatatement! You point out things I would never have given a second glance to.

  256. strange meeting on

    As for Bob Dylan, the claim that he sold his soul could not be more false. He would or could never, I believe sell his soul to anything or for anything; he freely gave his soul to Christ. In his frankly Christian work, like Slow Train Coming, especially "I Believe in You," in his recent Christmas album, called "reverential" on Rhapsody, in his early spritual work, especially "Chimes of Freedom," "Lay Down Your Weary Tune," and yes "Blowin' in the Wind," in his politics of righteousness work like "Lonesome Death of Hattie Carol," "Masters of War," and "Who Killed Davy Moore/," he more than reveals that he is a man of compassion, a one very likely to be then or later follower of Christ, Who I believe has been, at least in the second half of his life, his chief inspiration. In a recent interview about his Christmas album, called "reverential" on Rhapsody, asked about true believers, he said, "Well, I am a true believer."

    His method has been love of music and poetry, humble reverence for them. His destiny, his devotion, is Christ.

    Some consider Dylan a prophet. I do. Now, late in his life, he has undertaken the laceratingly painful task, the last noble task of the poet, of revealing his deepest inspiration, his "destiny," generously and painfully, for the eternal benefit of the few who will listen. In this courage he is beyond my power to praise.

    As for this clip from the much longer interview on 60 minutes, his sorrow is not that he sold his soul to the devil, but his sorrow, his great sorrow, is for all the suffering of all of us, "for all the hung up people in the whole wide universe." His compassion, the most profound, the most important, of all human emotions, his compassion is beyond my power to praise. The last seconds of the interview do not show the face of a broken or enslaved man, but of a compassionate man, "a man of sorrow and acquainted with grief.," a famous OT passage that many believe foretells Christ. At the very end of this brief clip, his smile is that of one who knows the sorrow of humanity, but also knows the comfort that is Christ. Andt he surely knows that compassion reached its peak in Christ.

    In the interview, he did not say at all that he sold his soul to the devil. On the contrary, he said, "I made a bargain with it…" What is "it?" To quote him again, from another of his Christocentric songs, "It may be the devil or it may be The Lord, but you're gonna have to serve somebody." "It" could in theory be either the devil or the Lord. How can we determine what "it" is?

    From the whole body of his life and work.

    With reference to that, I have offered several citations to songs, and an album, to support my view. I respectfully invite those who assert Dylan is satanic to do the same in defense of their point of view.

    I have praised Dylan, yes, and strongly, but I do not consider him more than mortal. Nor do I consider the prophets, in the Bible and outside it, more than human.

    Dylan had a bitter divorce. There is a video on youtube showing him mocking a crucifix statue. With him, significantly, is Ginsburg, not a healthy man. I do not ascribe this video to lucifer's hoof upon him, but rather to the rebellousness of youth, when one must try on different coats. When young, I sang along with Loudon Wainwright on his "I am the way" (a cheap imitation of Guthrie).

    No, Dylan is not more than human. He had a great heartbreak (it forced many songs upon him) with Suze Rotollo, whose book A FREEWHEELIN' TIME is hard, hard, hard to read. She says there that he always told her, before he was known, that he would be "big." This shows he felt the "destiny" then, early, so he is certainly not making that up on the video. But it would come not the usual way, or by selling out to anyone or anything, but the honorable way. For example, he was offered "the big break," going on the Ed Sullivan show (let the old understand). But when CBS executives forbade him to sing "Talkin' John Birch Society Blues" on air, he refused the big break. Honor and courage.

    So please provide me with evidence for the view that he is satanic.

    One last thing: in his first released composition, "Song to Woody," he said, "I sing you this song, but I can't sing enough, 'cause there ain't many men done the things that you done."

    There aren't many women or men done the things Dylan done, and there is NO woman or man who ever spoke with the words and tone of Christ or accomplished what He accomplished.

  257. dear VIGILANT,

    please make sure you POST the LINK to the videos because some of us are experiencing CENSORS, therefore CAN NOT see the video. thank you.

  258. strange meeting

    I like your comments, and I'll just add that Bob Dylan's status, one way or another, is known only to him and his Creator. We're all equally vulnerable to deception and evil while in the flesh, so I'd advise simply that you not any trust or faith, in the ultimate sense, in any human. We are all flawed and will always disappoint one another while in this world.

    Also, one cannot "sell" their soul to the Creator who owned it before any of us knew we were a soul. :)

  259. Great article as ever. The comments were enlightening and inspiring also, thanks people. Im so glad to see so many are aware of the deceptions being comitted. We should remain confident that people of all walks of life are awakening to huge shifts in consciousness, concerning matters of all natures. This is a truly beautiful thing, im already proud and expectant of great things from us all. Never forget we have the un-ending power to change ourselves individually and collectively for the better. Stay positive, know that we can together make the world a more loving place, united we are a force which couldnt be ignored. Anything is possible, nothing is only possible if you let that reality determine your fate. See the change you want to be in life. Then go be it, no fear, no hatred, just love for all things.

  260. stephanie roberts on

    the saga continues. I am so grateful for thihs confirmation. I can sing like a bird and attempted many times to break into this industry. back in 2000 GOD told me that i would be better off being a servant to CHRIST. i now use my voice in church and helping women like me that are in recovery from drugs and mental health disorders. these articles help me to convince them that everything that glitters is not gold.I am convinced myself that these things are real and true. please keep on fighting this fight. I am ready for the revolution and I will not be fooled by TV and Music. I want my children to learn from these things

  261. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    Strange Meeting, we know it is not the Lord, because Bob Dylan and the other would have mentioned it. All of these people speak in the same riddle. They all dance around the truth. Some as we learned spoke out boldly and was destroyed. You do not make deals with the Lord. He was not keeping up with his end of the bargain for the Lord. Like you, I use to compromise the truth of what is real and not real. Until I read the Bible, I learned what is real and what is of the Lord. If these people spoke of the Society, the mission and what they stand for, they will be killed. The society is enormous and growing. It involves various people around the world; not just famous people. I think the Vigilant knows more than what he is sharing, but he stands back to see how people will react. Some of the people on this blog cannot handle the truth.

    I could be wrong on the following, but these things were told to me way before the creation of this blog.

    I learned that Stevie Nix (Fleetwood Mac) practices withcraft and that she is one of the important people at the top- High Priestess (?). She engaged in a Christian orgy as you know is one of the rituals. One of their albums feature a song called "Crystal (Meth)" and "Smoking and Crying in the Nigh"- drugs. Madonna, yours truly, loved the album. I heardn from the same source that Liz Claibourne also worshipped the devil.

    Anytime we embrace the dark side through chants, spells, ritual practices and so on, we must worship the commander-in-chief of the earth. The Lord is the commander-in-chief of Heaven. His kingdom will come. Satan will be sent back to his kingdom. That is why he is using this time to collect as many souls as he can. You cannot believe in one without believing in the other.

    Help me. I can recall a music group artist. I believe they had a song called "I want to sex you up." I learned this through a Minister who speaks on this subject matter. He makes it public, because he is in God's army. The lead singer was approached by the devil to make a deal. This spooked the lead singer. The group was suppose to sign a contract shortly after that event. The lead singer of course did not show sign it. However, the devil reappeared, and the lead singer became demon possessed. His wife contacted the minister to urgently come to their home. The minister knew what he had to face and did not want to go, but his wife exhorted him to assist the married couple. He has a DVD that shares this story. I do not think the these people made up their story.

    We watch movies on televsion where people make deals with the devil and end up paying for it in the end. The same people who make these movies are the same people who engages in these rituals to know. Lastly, Dr. Rebecca Brown, MD wrote a book called "He Came to Set the Captives Free." She tells a story regarding a patient. This doctor was also involved in Satanic rituals. I heard of this story I think mid or late 1990s. Someone told me about and gave me more profound information.

    Okay, I went on the internate to locate a website under her name that might help: http://answers.org/satan/brown.html

  262. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    Below came form the internet website: http://answers.org/satan/brown.html

    A lady giving her lifestory account as a satanist.

    "Her wedding:

    "Again he appeared as a man, dressed completely in white, wearing a crown of gold with many jewels in it. The whole congregation stood with a shout and much worship was given to Satan. Then, at a sign from Satan, all heads turned to the back and I started forward down the aisle. I was escorted by the high priest, followed by the Sisters of Light. When I reached the end of the aisle I stopped before Satan's throne and bowed down before him and did him homage. Then he gave me the command to rise. As I did so, he arose from his throne and came down to stand beside me. The high priest performed the wedding ceremony…. Satan gave me a beautiful broad gold wedding band with an inscription inside it which said: 'Behold the bride of the Prince of the world.'" [4]

    The wedding was performed at a beautiful Presbyterian church. Elaine also relates that the wedding night "sexual intercourse we had was brutal." [5]

    Some of her activities as Satan's bride:

    "I also made a number of trips to other countries. I have been to Mecca, Israel, Egypt, also the Vatican in Rome to meet with the Pope. All my trips were for the purpose of coordinating Satan's programs with satanists in other lands, as well as meeting with various government officials to discuss aid to their countries in the form of money. A few did not know that I was a satanist, but thought I was associated with a powerful wealthy organization of some kind. People asking for money don't ask too many questions. The Pope knew very well who I was. We worked closely both with the Catholics (especially the Jesuits) and the high-ranking Masons.

    It was during this time that I met many of the well known Rock music stars. They all signed contracts with Satan in return for fame and fortune." [6]

  263. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    Why the artists we learn about do not speak out publicly or run from it (keep in mind that Chappel went Africa for his safety)? It probably has to do with the Dr. Brown's and her patiient accounts:

    "The letter to me detailed my activities of the past two weeks perfectly, right down to what I had bought at the grocery store. They knew my address and phone number. The told me that if I ever spoke to or saw Elaine again that they would come and get me and sacrifice me. Elaine's letter told her that if she ever saw me, and that if she did not return and repent and serve Satan again, that they would get her and sacrifice her at the upcoming Black Sabbath. One line in each of our letters was very similar to the letter from the field commander of the king of Assyria to King Hezekiah. They said, 'You two are fools if you think your God can protect you from our Prince of Darkness!'" [7]

    "Satan struck one of his final blows to our ministry in that area. The satanists swept in, and in one night, while Elaine and I were out of the house for a couple hours, destroyed everything we had. They axed everything in my home, even killing our precious pets. They also destroyed my office and everything we had. Elaine and I escaped with our lives and the clothes on our backs, that is all. Satan's attack was so well planned that at the same time everyone turned against us. My own father and the rest of my family turned against us. Elaine's family helped the satanists destroy everything we had. Members of both our families moved to try to get us permanently committed to a mental institution. We had no choice but to flee the state." [12]

    Read the book.

    We can pray for them. That completes my ministry.

  264. VC thanks for pulling the information together.

    Soon after MJ died, I just new something was not right about what happened to him and I started doing my own research.

    At first it was hard to believe all this stuff about programming and secret societies, but when you do the research it all starts coming together.

    It is truly like waking up!

    It is like the world you live and work in is not really what you think is.

    I had watched the other clips before however the one with Britney I had not seen. There is just something about the one with Britney each time I watch I feel incredulous…it is right there being exposed.

    Its sad, creepy, bizarre and yet so interesting that it is out there for the public to see. I guess most people wouldn't really understand what they have just witnessed and I am not sure I do either.

    It truly has left me sleepless!

    Even though I have researched this stuff for a year I am still shocked.

    These people whoever they may be, are highly organized, totally deceived, are using their sons and daughters through their programming, to bring about their plans for the world.

    “And do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead even expose them” (Eph. 5:11).

  265. strange meeting on

    # 337, Let me respectfully address your points. Of course there is no "deal" with God. But there is (because God has given it to us) ree will. God called many from Abraham to Paul, and they "agreed to God's terms." But others, like the rich young ruler of the Gospels, called by Christ Himself, did not agree. Many followed Christ when he was here, but many did not. Free will can later result is a repentence, a turning around. The prodigal son repented and went back to his father. Christ, as you of course know, speaks oif the man who said he would do good , and did not, and He speaksx then of the one who said he would not do good, but then rturned around and did do good.

    You habve, as I am sure many in these posts have, given youself to Christ. You did it for your personal reason. My reason was simply the for the feeling of being near Him. My opinion is that Dylan gave himself in a similar way to Christ.

    When we allow Christ to become the Ruler of our lives, we want to do something, however limited we are, for HIm. I think that this feeling of devotional wilingness to work is what Dylan means by his agreement.

  266. strange meeting on

    sorry, continuing 341, I hit the wrong button somehow.

    I do not understand how you can say that Dylan does not satnd up for Christ after the album and works II refer to in my first post.

    My view is that Dylan has a "ministery." It is to bring poetic and musical peopole who have too much ego,to Christ. Yes, he can be mysterious, master of ambivalent meansings. But that is literature, that is poetry. There are millions who listen hard and intently to music and poetry,.

  267. Strange Meeting, I haven't listened to the Dylan songs you cite, but as far as religious songs go, if the singer is not saying Jesus Christ, he/she could be singing about any lord/god/goddess. The Trickster wants to keep as many people away from Jesus Christ as possible. Any counterfeit will serve the Trickster's purpose.

  268. strange meeting on

    well, i'm obviously not an experienced poster. in fact, never have before. continuing::Dylan can "bring these souls along" towards Him. And Dylan does. Each of us is called in her or his own way. And this I think is Dylan's way, his mission and ministry.

    I don't think it is fair of you, who do not knpow me, to say that I am wishy-washy in the faith, or beguiled in error., As LVB, #334, says, and I appreciate very much her/his kind remakrs, no one knows except God and oneself what one's innermost "center of gravity" is. LVB, It is not wrong to be inspired by Christ; the disciples and Paul were and we are. And in a lesser way, many Christians have been inspired by great Christians, like Franz Jagerstatter, though of course not as much as by Christ himself. It is of course wrong and futile to confuse any creature with Him.

    Dylan is the most influential poet since Shakespeare. At leadt I think he is and will prove to be. That he leads others to Christ is a blessing to humanity. Has Christ called Dylan to this task? Now that only Christ knows for sure.

    Let me hasten to add this: I agree with most ofthe posters who assert that many music figures and rock people are satanic. This is not new. I rememer the first time I saw a promnotional photo of KISS. But I think it is possible to be very famous and very influential and still not be evil or satanic. Christ was and is.

  269. Just saying.... on

    You can't tell me what VC is saying aint the truth!





    Lie for it

    Spy for it

    Kill for it

    Die for it

    So you call it trust

    But I say it's just

    In the devil's game

    Of greed and lust

    They don't care

    They'd do me for the money

    They don't care

    They use me for the money

    So you go to church

    Read the Holy word

    In the scheme of life

    It's all absurd

    They don't care

    They'd kill for the money

    Do or dare

    The thrill for the money

    You're saluting the flag

    Your country trusts you

    Now you're wearing a badge

    You're called the "Just Few"

    And you're fighting the wars

    A soldier must do

    I'll never betray or deceive you my friend but…

    If you show me the cash

    Then I will take it

    If you tell me to cry

    Then I will fake it

    If you give me a hand

    Then I will shake it

    You'll do anything for money…



    Anything for money

    Would lie for you

    Would die for you

    Even sell my soul to the devil



    Anything for money

    Would lie for you

    Would die for you

    Even sell my soul to the devil


    Where do your loyalties lie?

    Is that your alibi?

    I don't think so

    You don't care

    You'd do her for the money

    Say it's fair

    You sue her for the money

    Want your pot of gold

    Need the Midas touch

    Bet you sell your soul

    Cuz your God is such

    You don't care

    You kill for the money

    Do or dareThe thrill for the money

    Are you infected with the same disease

    Of lust, gluttoney and greed?

    Then watch the ones

    With the biggest smiles

    The idle jabbers…Cuz they're the backstabbers

    If you know it's a lie

    Then you will swear it

    If you give it with guilt

    Then you will bear it

    If it's taking a chance

    Then you will dare it

    You'll do anything for money…



    Anything for money

    Would lie for you

    Would die for you

    Even sell my soul to the devil



    Anything for money

    Would lie for you

    Would die for you

    Even sell my soul to the devil



    Anything for money

    Would lie for you

    Would die for you

    Even sell my soul to the devil



    Anything for money

    Would lie for you

    Would die for you

    Even sell my soul to the devil

    You say you wouldn't do it

    For all the money in the world

    I don't think soIf you show me the man

    Then I will sell him

    If you ask me to lie

    Then I will tell him

    If you're dealing with God

    Then you will hell him

    You'll do anything for money



    Anything for money

    Would lie for you

    Would die for you

    Even sell my soul to the devil

    Even sell my soul to the devil

    Even sell my soul to the devil

    Even sell my soul to the devil

    Even sell my soul to the devil

    Even sell my soul to the devil

    Even sell my soul to the devil

    Even sell my soul to the devil

  270. Adult MJ is clearly the trauma victim recovering from childhood sex slavery imposed on him when his father sold Michael's body to the music industry elite in exchange for Jackson fame. The signs are clear, regression to childhood, seeking to save other children from abuse, inability to form lasting relationship bonds with adults, etc.

    Dad Joe was always there to keep MJ from every disclosing what happened "on the road" in the early Jackson years. Notice his behavior during the trials when the elite broke MJ financially and in the public eye. Furthermore, look how the media is complicate in the entire event and never investigates the root causes for the accusations brought forth in the MJ trials.

  271. Those who really are satanists don't just walk out of their organizations. There is no way out. If they try to get away from the organization they get killed. There have been plenty who have tried to really warn the world about what satan has been doing to this world and they have been killed little after.

    Do not believe the tales of this Brown girl. Do not believe in Chris Icke, do not believe in anyone who says they are here to spread the truth yet they only divide the people even more!

    Don't be naive. Satan has many agents to divide, confuse and further get humans away from the Lord.

  272. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    Just saying, I can only say WOW to those lyrics. Money is the root of all evil. I cannot believe a mega star as Michael would get caught up like this, but he does mention the lies that are told and the tricks that are played for money. Wow! I loved Michael Jackson and his music. He must have rebelled against the industry for the reasons of what he went through. We allowed people to refer to him as Wacko-Jacko. Is Janet involved with this sinister group?

    Thanks Say What (#343). I could not have written it any better or shorter (smile).

    Strange Meeting (#344), Christ went through many obstacles to show the people who he is and why he came. They crucified him for being the light of this world. He is famous and influential, then and now because he represents God. Unfortunately, we are divided as Christians or non-Christians; believers or non-believers. If this is not true, we would not have such blogs, etc. This country, as other countries, was founded on religion. Christianity being the leading practiced religion. As we see through the media, Christianity is being fought against so heavily. There must be truth to Christ Jesus as our Lord and Savior and whoever believes in him shall have eternal life and not perish. The world began with him through creation and will end with him through his second coming. Bob Dylan did not teach this through his singing or poetry.

    I am not trying to convert you to Christianity. The Lord gives us that free will to choose, but I do encourage you to seek him for yourself, so he can show you the way. I was baptised at the age of 8. I also prayed when I was a child. Thanks to my mom, I am a believer in my adult years.

    Not Believing in Christ Jesus as our Lord and Savior + Practicing Satanic Rituals= The Same Outcome

    Either way Satan loves people who fit in this equation. One does not cancel out the other.

    If that is not true there would not be any spiritual warfares or religion wars on this planet.

  273. I just want to say…Michael fought all of it for the majority of his adult life. His music was about peace and love, and he helped so many people all around the world. He was just a baby when his father got him started… he lost his childhood, just so he could inspire us all with his talent and his music. I hate that those evil people from the music industry took advantage of that. Yet, he remained pure until the very end, despite the level of their involvement. They could not change his heart. I truly admire the kind of human being he was. He was so strong, to withstand over a decade of public humilliation and attacks…

    I hate the fact that he is dead. I will always hate those evil men for having taken Michael away from me. Away from us all. I am unsurprised, however. He was a genius, he was set on exposing them, and he was set on healing the world. He is the antithesis of what they desire.

    RIP Michael Jackson, and thank you.

  274. I like the comments as much as the article itself, thats where "pealing the onion" really is. But VC is still pretty much a newer site compared to (libertyforums.com, goldismoney.com) those were the good all days, and comments really drove the point home if carefully dissected from shill,fantasy,fact. And I hope VC sticks around for awhile, as this info grows so goes the site. Till this day I believe Libertyforums and Goldismoney were honeypots, that once true info reached a certain point the plug was pulled, kinda like the burning of the Ancient Library of Alexandria, gone forever and just a memory.

  275. So what are we going to do about it? My suggestion is to monitor the content that we let into our hearts and minds. That is why Jesus himself said renew your mind daily. He knows that we will have evil content thrown at us from several avenues. Get your daily dose of Jesus and strengthen the relationship you have with Him. In conclusion stop spending your hard earned money on things you dissapprove of. Remember that you reap what you sew, so if you are sewing your seeds into this mess then you will reap what you do not desire. As for the people "selling" their souls…. Let me clear this up…. You can not sell what doesn't belong to you. I can't sell a house that doesn't belong to me, in the same analogy our souls have been paid in full by the blood of Christ Jesus. For He knew us and chose us before the creation of this world. Jesus says salvation is for EVERYONE! There is nothing too big for Him and if you just repent and turn from evil He is JUST and FAITHFUL to forgive you. So my prayer is that the ones who belong to God's Kingdom to return back home. As our Lord says my people suffer because of lack knowledge. There is power and authority in the name of Jesus. We just have to go to the next level and get on the battle field!

  276. Dylan made a deal with Destiny, or the Goddess Fortuna . One puts their life on the wheel of Karma. What you put in counts more then what you take out, Good fortune takes care of you if you learn this lesson. You focus on what you put in. His music makes you think. Through knowing we can even liberate ourselves from wheel. The good you can truly do is to speak the truth. The truth can be a double sided coin. He is aware of both sides. Its for the witness to unfold truth for themselves with the knowledge others pass along. The dude has never been a pop star package controlled by handlers. One look from Dylan and they would fall from grace.

  277. @ Kozue I feel you. I luv Michael and I'm so mad about it too. Can't believe its going on a year.

    Why? is the question that plays in my mind over and over again. Even though I know……

    I know he's happy now





  280. Dr. House

    Great comments, I couldn't have said it any better myself. All of the textbook, post-trauma signs were there with MJ, just as they are present in many others who are still alive, involved and suffering now.

    I invite you to read my "Brief History of Stars" articles…you might like them.

  281. :-( im very sad for britney, i think they got her when she was a child. her parents are awful, i hope one day she breaks free or if she dies an early death which i could see happening…I hope she'll be with Jesus and never be trapped again <3

  282. Kanye west is another artist who fell into the mix as well. If anyone watches the original video for Jesus walks, it originally shows KANYE running from a wall of fire that is chasing him. Could that be the devil? Along with Klu Klux Klan members burning crosses, but accidentally letting one cross get away by rolling down the side of the hill…possible reference to Kanye?

    There also another video called Pinnochio Story, where Kanye pretty much talks about on the song how the industry has control over him, and that how he wish he could just be a real boy. And the other video is Kanye at a concert pretty much saying that he sold his soul to devil. All on tape, all can be found on youtube. I will just post the original Jesus Walks video for now.


  283. About Dylan, I'm just not buying it. Yes, it is only known to God the condition of his heart, but we're told you can tell a tree by the fruit it produces. When God communicates, it is not vague or ambiguous. He makes it clear that he is the one speaking. Even if it is prophetic language of the type about events that have not occurred yet, he makes it clear he is the one revealing it. Dylan never makes a declaration that it's from the Lord or the Lord is speaking, etc. It's him, Dylan, doing the speaking, the commentary, etc. He may have spirituality in mind when he is doing it, but he is not a prophet in that sense, because he is not speaking the Lord's words.

    As was previously mentioned, one does not make a bargain with God. It is always on God's terms. Classically, one makes bargains with demons and/or gods who are born from chaos, in exchange for something. Dylan openly states that his is in exchange for his ability to have longevity in order to send forth his message.

    Dylan maybe believes it is God, I have no way of knowing otherwise, but my suspicion is that Dylan is vague because he needs to be.

  284. Dr. House June 4th, 2010 9:51 pm :

    "Dad Joe was always there to keep MJ from every disclosing what happened “on the road” in the early Jackson years. Notice his behavior during the trials when the elite broke MJ financially and in the public eye. Furthermore, look how the media is complicate in the entire event and never investigates the root causes for the accusations brought forth in the MJ trials."

    I never saw the trials, if they were televised. Maybe reported on, but I hadn't heard anything. Wasn't paying attention, anyway. Another one bites the dust.

    What was his behavior like during the trials? The media's part in it goes without saying.

  285. Hi!

    Well done for scrolling down the comments this far!

    In repsonse to a recent comment: Yes, I am certain Evanescence has satanic roots. My Immortal is a ballad with a haunting melody; it is however a tribute to Satan.

    Rock Music is a medium which IS itself the message – for further research I recommend Fallen Angel – The Untold Story of Jimmy Page & Led Zeppelin by Thomas W Friend (Gabriel Pubs).

    The author provides a thorough analysis of Zeppelin's & Page's roots in Crowleyism & so forth.

    Those who have ears, may hear :-)

  286. Hi LVB I read your article good job. I can't comment on your site.Hopefully VC don't mind. In reference to the Buliderberg meeting. I read that Bill Gates stated " he is trying to reduce population in Africa by vaccinations and medical aid" Another hot topic at the meeting will be an attempt at supression of free speech & censorship of the internet. I have to say. I always wondered how long will we be able to sit here and say only God knows what.The article was posted on MTO yesterday.

  287. This is the last ting I am going to say VC can you do an article on Russel Simmons. I beleive he had a lot to do with selling hip-hop and that he is responsible for the dramatic turn it took. I would really like to know his history and more about the agenda he pushes.Him and L.A. Reid for that matter. I think it's an important peice to the puzzle.

  288. I feel so bad for Britney and Michael and DMX and Anna-Nicole, it's so sad. I hate that industry, it's just evil. I fail to understand why they do the things they do. It's just sick. Pray for them, they dont' deserve to be under monarch programming, it's just sick sick sick.

  289. Quiet Storm on

    Wow amazing article as always. The video of Michael Jackson almost had me in tears. This industry that so many people beg to be apart of is like a melting pot of evil. I agree with what Melissa Ford was saying about how fame just isn't worth the sacrafices you have to make in order to obtain it. So many artists and famous people in general have sold their souls to the Devil, just for a few dollars and an industry that can make more of you at the drop of a dime. I think what Dave and DMX said hit right on the money of what the industry is about and their agenda. What Michael said was truly poinant and I'm happy he had the guts to say what he did about Sony and Tommy Mottola. This industry is evil and needs to be taken down

    P.S. If you haven't already you should definetly watch Goldfrapp's Alive video, loaded with symbolism and rituals heavily disscussed on this site.

  290. @ Dr House – "The signs are clear, regression to childhood, seeking to save other children from abuse, inability to form lasting relationship bonds with adults, etc"

    I'm willing to buy that idea that Michael regressed to childhood, especially as evidenced at his Neverlands Ranch, meaning in particular his bedroom. From what I've been reading about his last major trial, it does appear Michael to have been a textbook pedophile. I don't know what experiences he had in the beginning when 'on the road' with his father Joe, but maybe Michael's regression was understood by some, and this is the reason we saw his father on TV all over the place.

    I also imagine that the key is that there is next to no chance of working through feelings of doubt and confusion at a young age with distractions and people all around and with the promise of success. So I can see where these things can lead to eventual childhood regression, and behaviorally escalating beyond. But for the porn to be in his bedroom, it seems to me it would have had to have been provided for him:

    "Though Jackson is the only person charged in connection with this purported plot, five of his business associates were identified as unindicted co-conspirators in the performer's heavily redacted April 2004 indictment. Aides Frank Tyson and Vincent Amen, business managers Dieter Wiesner and Ronald Konitzer, and video producer Marc Schaffel are accused of helping Jackson orchestrate the conspiracy, which included plans to ship the family off for safekeeping in Brazil." — his handlers, his enablers

    Though I only got snippets from TV about this trial, thinking it too confusing. But in the end I felt a curious sense of relief that Michael was acquitted. I couldn't figure out why I felt this way considering all the damaging details brought out. But I think it had more to do with the cast of characters surrounding him.

  291. Well, let me redact slightly: I am not sure about the pedophilia label. Reading the opinion of Dr. Stanley Katz, the Los Angeles psychologist who interviewed the singer's teenage accuser and the boy's brother, Dr. Katz said Michael Jackson "doesn't really qualify as a pedophile. He's really just this regressed 10-year-old."

    There is a difference I think between the terms "regression" and "pedophile" –.thought spelling it out I'm not sure how, though I read somewhere that pedophiles are regressed older men. In Michael's case, his was more of a case of arrested development,

  292. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    Paco (#348), please do not be naive. Average people do try to walk away from these Satanic cults. There are many of these cults throughout the world. You can not ever say how a person may handle themselves once they wake up to reality, especially the ones who got away from their upbringings and Christian teachings.There is always away out of anything. Desuree (#352) clearly explained it,"There is nothing too big for Him and if you just repent and turn from evil, He is JUST and FAITHFUL to forgive you."

    I do believe Dr. Brown's account of her life experience with the Satanic Cult. You call it tales just as so many other people call the Bible stories tales. You also stated in written form, "Do not believe in anyone who says they are here to spread the truth yet they only divide the people even more!" The truth does divide. The Bible divides and His word divides. Do an experiment. Go to work (or just around your friends) and talk about Jesus. Observe how people will look at you in odd ways or simply give you an excuse to walk away.

    Paco, we are already divided. This world is in a religion war, and Heaven is in a spiritual war. The world began with the Lord and will end with Him. There are people who do not believe in Him or His word. This is where the division began. Jesus walked this earth and people did not believe Him. What are you saying? The same people who yelled "Hosanna, Hosanna!" were the same people to yell "Crucify Him!"

    Satan is on the same Earth as you and I. He is trying to collect as many souls as he can to take to Haden/Hell with him. Jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness fasting. Satan approached him to offer him the Kingdom. Do you not believe that is what he is doing to us? What ever we are obssessing over, he will come to offer it to you.Just as the Lord has His Angels, Satan has his demons working 24/7. Many of us fall right in the devil's tricky traps. Don’t you be naive.

    Desuree (#352), you stated that you cannot sell what does not belong to you. Not everyone walking this earth believe in Christ Jesus, praise Him, or even speak His name. These people do not claim Him as their Lord and Savior, and therefore, do not belong to Him. He gives us free will to come to Him. Once we make that decision, we become his children- covered and protected by His blood (He was sacrificed on the cross for our sins.) However, we can also do things (sins) that will separate us from Him. For this reason, Christ Jesus gave us a model prayer- The Lord's Prayer. He taught us to pray daily and repent of our sins daily. The Lord turns away from sin. When we sin, He turns away from us and our prayers are hindered until we repent of our sins. When Jesus healed people, he always said, "Go and sin no more." We have to take the Bible as a whole and not live only by parts of it.

    He is not a God who lies. His word is what it is. He said that He is the word and "I am who I am." If we choose not to believe in Him, then we chose not to be apart of His Kingdom to come. If we choose to stray away from Him, then we chose to walk away from His Kingdom to come. With our free-will gift from the Lord, we can choose to worship Satan and be a part of his tormenting kingdom. Once we choose to do so, he will have our souls. The Lord loves us all, but He will judge us to spend eternally in Haden on judgment day, if that is what we chose while living here on Earth. If people give themselves to Satan for things they so desire and live a life of sacrifices to him, they in return give Satan their souls when they die. Satan make sure of this by the life they are confined to live (evil/wicked rituals and close monitoring of their daily activites). Now, whether or not those people fully understand that concept, no one can say. Satan is very tricky, however, greed does get the best of God's people. Yes, people sell (barter/trade) their souls to live extravagant lifestyles while here on earth and give no thought to after life. The chosen lifestyles people sell their soul for does not always have to be for fame and money.

    For the many people who wonder how these people could get caught up in such as detrimental manner, well, I ask you the same…

    How could you chose to have sex with someone you are not married to (fornicate or adultery)?

    How could you leave a lifestyle beyond your financial means?

    How could you use drugs to satisfy your addiction?

    How could you steal?

    How could you kill?

    How could you join a gang?

    I can continue, but my point is this- The same way you are caught up in your life choices is the same way they are caught up in theirs- all in the name of greed.

    Whatever we go through in life and we are blessed to be delivered by the power of the Lord. He wants us to testify to the world that Jesus is Lord and for them to believe through our testimonies. That is what Dr. Rebecca Brown, MD was doing. She is testifying through her books. When Jesus healed, he would tell those who were able to go and tell people to go and tell you have been healed. We are to share His work and power in our lives, whether big or small. This would plant the seed for people to think about coming to Him.

    My relatives witnessed demon-possession in a church. They knew the lady who was possessed. Do you know what the demon said to the preacher during the exorcism, "I will not let her go. I will kill her first." Do you know what that demon meant. It meant that- I will not give her soul back. She will die first, so I can have it eternally." When these people make the choices they make, they do suffer the consequences. However, the Lord is always waiting for us to come to Him.

    Some problems are quick to solve (through prayer) and some requires more to solve (through confessing, praying, repenting and fasting). We must pray for all people and fast and pray for people we know who are in trouble due to their wicked ways. Satan requires human and animal sacrifices. Jesus sacrificed himself for us to come to him directly. He exhorts his people (those who believe in him) to pray for everyone and all things, so he can intervene with the affairs of this world. The Lord tells us in the Bible to seek Him first, and the desires of our hearts will be added.

  293. Vigilant, always skims the surface. they never really go there. They only give you a lil bit, which isn't enough. I'm always disappointed.

  294. I don't doubt for a second that there is a lot of evilness and ridiculousness going on behind the scenes in the music industry. But that happens everywhere… I'm sure you guys even have some kind of drama going on at your own jobs, whatever field you're in. You can't really do what you want all the time, there will always be someone telling you what to do or how to do things… it's nothing personal, just business… it doesn't mean people are satanists.

    What does "selling your soul to the devil" mean exactly? How are these artists selling their souls? I want concrete details, not vague information. Of course people will have a hard time believing any of this stuff if you don't give people real, strong EVIDENCE.

    I am a fan of DMX. He says he hates the industry and that the industry's trying to ruin him, etc. And I don't think he's lying!! But I just wish he'd be more specific. If these artists can't tell everything because they fear for their lives… why even bring up the fact that the industry is evil in the first place? What are people supposed to think, seriously?

    Some of those videos to me shouldn't be there. Like the Britney video. Apparently, you can't be emotional and have breakdowns otherwise it means you've been mind-controlled somehow. Apparently, celebrities can't have any kind of problems on their own. It's the industry's fault, they are responsible. They brainwash all their artists! Poor them! Really? Don't just say things like that without proof. Give proof!

    Give me evidence and then I'll consider these theories… what is mind-control? What REALLY goes on in the entertainment industry that is so EVIL and UNSPEAKABLE. We are all curious, give us details.

  295. Let the Sunshine In on

    Someone, these people are displaying symbols that are of the devil. You cannot take something that meant for Satan and use it for another meaning. The meaning and spirit will always be behind the symbol itself.

    I am just assuming. When these people are introduced to the music industry, they probably are promised that their music or entertaintainment careers will soar, and they will definitely reap the benefits (fame and fortune). I am sure these people become eagered to sign on the dotted line (contract) without considering the number of years, what is being asked from them and any consequences. They are oblivious to what is taking place around them and behind the scene. Please do not say that they should see a lawyer. The entertainment lawyers are probably involved as well. Once they sign the contract, I am sure the Inconspicuous things slowly unravels, such as parties with other celebrities, drus, sex orgies (male to female, female to female, or male to male, etc.), duets with mega artists and etc. Now, when they are loving that lifestyle and living large, they are discreetly introduced to the unwritten rule that is not a part of the contract, but must engage due to a small-print clause. They are being invited to ceremonies by a mega star to make it more interesting and attractive. I am sure at first they are shock and probably said to themselves, "WTF. " Whatever they thought they probably kept it to themselves, because they see so many other music artists and celebrities there along with prominent people and leaders. They are probably approached by some mega stars to be initiated over time. Because of peer pressure, they go along with it for the fame and money. They have a fat bank account, car or cars, the house, jewelries, etc. People are calling their names in the street, girls or boys are idolizing them, other endorsements come along. As you see, these people are in each other videos. As time goes by, they are caught up in the rapture. The people working behind the scene start to incorporate symbols in to their videos and specific words and phrases in their songs. By this time, these people are in too deep. When they are tired and learn that the fame and money is not all worth it and want out, they are forced to stay because of the contract. This is where the concept/theory of "selling my soul to the devil" comes from. They can't leave ot tell anyone about their secret life (the Society). If they attempt to leave or expose the society, embarrassing things about them will be exposed to the mass media, admitted to a mental institution or Betty Ford for drugs/alcohol addiction, and/or they will be killed if they do not comply. No, every singer or star is not in the Society, but most are peer pressured to be in it. I think that is why some singers and movie stars leave the industry after they are approached by these people. I also think thast many of them are warned, but the pressure is too strong for the weak minds. I applaud Lauryn Hill and the others who stepped down. I will support them any day. I give Michael Jackson accolades for telling. I wish he was still among us, so we can make it right for him. We have allowed the tabloids to cause him to suffer as he has. We, his fans, were not there for him. I think that is why Vigilant/Awareness is telling us the story. It is all for Mr. Michael Jackson. His legend lives on.

    Do you think that is why Michael Jackson, Prince and Babyface got their own studio recording session? Where are Prince and Babyface?

  296. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    Someone (#380), you ask for concrete. Someone like you can see the full proof (the rituals and so on) and still require proof. Michael Jackson spoke to his fan in one of the videos and you still want proof. I am amazed.

    Jesus healed people (the blind and crippled) and freed people from demons. These people went out to tell their stories of being healed and freed from demons. The other people still did not believe. They needed more proof. So I believe if the Vigilant provided you with proof, you would need more proof. Vigilant is just telling you what is going on inside the entertainment industry. He is not trying to get you to believe. Believing is left up to you.

  297. Yes, I saw the Micheal video right here and heard him say SONY is EVIL and whatnot. Tommy is bad. Ok.

    But people can say stuff like that about all kinds of things… like… anything, really! Why does it have to me Illuminati-related?

    I'm sorry but there are just some things that are hard for me to believe if they're not supported with real evidence. That's just how it is.

    Yes of course believing is left up to me… and before I believe I will of course ask you questions. You should expect questions… and prepare your answers…

    Maybe Michael, Lauryn and DMX, etc etc simply got tired of the music industry for whatever reason. Some people don't feel comfortable being famous and having all these people after you and having so many responsibilities and whatnot… there could be millions of reasons why someone would accuse their industry of being "evil". This whole mess doesn't necessarily have anything to do with Illuminati and New World Order. Right? No? I mean, I don't know!

    Give me evidence, I'm sorry.

    (Note : Britney CLEARLY says "Strong, Britney!" In that video. Not "strawberry" or whatever other gibberish you heard. She was basically trying to hold her tears and telling herself to stay strong. Brainwashed, you think she was? NOPE. She was simply upset and embarrassed.)

  298. We never would have heard of any of these people if not for the Hollywood manipulation and false God worship machine they have created to serve Lucifer. Perhaps Michael Jackson could have made it as a backup dancer in Vegas for a while and might still be alive but never would have been famous. All of these people you refer to were created, shamelessly promoted and had 10's of millions of dollars thrown their way to get the world intoxicated on what Hollywood wished to poison us with. I would have some respect for any of these people if they said yes I am nothing but a Hollywood creation and I am giving all my money away and will live the life of an ordinary person. However, I doubt any of these people will ever do this because they have indeed sold their souls or perhaps had them taken away but are obviously intoxicated with the the fame and fortune and refuse to walk away.

  299. I was wondering some things lol…

    Like why would the elite want so much power and so money and the drastic reduction of this planet's population? What would be the point of achieving these crazy goals? I mean when I hear stuff like 90% of the people gone after the New World Order… come on!!!

    Let's say the Illuminati succeeds and only a few million people are left on this big planet… and they have complete control over them… then what??? What do you do after that?

    They'll try to achieve immortality through technology or something? What for? Our sun will be dead in about 5 billions years. This planet and the rest of the Solar System will be gone. Where will the elite go? Andromeda? They'll try to go and control some aliens over there, somewhere? LOL?

    Really… WTF would be the point of being so unbelievably evil? Why would the elite be so crazy, murderous and sociopathic? It just doesn't make sense. I refuse to believe that any human being would be insane enough like that… otherwise, I think this world would've been destroyed a loooooooong time ago.

    And another thing… why would the Illuminists allow something like the Internet? Why would they allow any person anywhere to have access to it and all this New World Order agenda information? What is up with that? You have got to be kidding.

    Illuminati fails. Look at Christina Aguilera… her single Not Myself Tonight is not a hit at all. The Illuminati didn't buy enough copies of the single on Itunes. A lot of people are mad at her new video, too. They're not liking this voodoo/satan thing! Ridiculous.

  300. @someone

    You need to look at the big picture. I had the same questions for a long time. If you are a believer in Jesus Christ you will look at this in a different perspective. I advice you to read the AV1611 King James bible and pray to Jesus for opening your eyes. This is not a battle between a bunch of people but a spiritual warfare.

  301. I just want to add in, that Lauren Hill also performed a poem about the industry,

    she and DMX actually were in the same show. I saw all the videos in this article quite some

    time ago, except the anna nicole and britney mind control glitching. And Katy Perry.

    Its sad Katy just says "So…. I sold my soul to the devil" like its no big and how its normal.

    I've noticed all mass media subliminally supports selling your soul.

    I've noticed most recent movies make "going to the dark side" cool. Like in all the

    Twilight series. Bella wants to go to the dark side and the movie makes it seem cool.

    I also noticed in the newer movie "Legion" that the "angels" were portrayed as dark forces capable

    of jealousy and murder. Hell, they even had BLACK wings.

    I'm sorry, but no angel is going to come from heaven and start killing people.

  302. @Benjamin

    I'm a Christian but can we please stop commenting with metaphors and whatnot? "Open my eyes", you say? My eyes are always open, except when I'm sleeping at night. Abstract answers just make me and other people confused.

    Help me understand something… like I explained in my last post, it makes no sense to me how some highly deranged people would somehow remain the elite and how this incredibly insane elite would want almost 100% of all people on the planet dead. WHY?? What would be the point of assassinating all people??? What kind of New World Order is that? It's just insane! A big joke. I don't get it.

  303. OMG I was on youtube looking at culture creation and then I saw 8 videos by Enigma Seven Films

    about hip-hop and tupac. it was crazy. i luv you tube! thanks to who said something about culture creation up top.

  304. someone

    I definitely understand what you are saying, and how that level of depopulation would seem irrational,

    even to the very psychotic and irrational elite ruling class.

    Most of what I've seen that is documented fact, indicates that what they are after is a target population of around 1 billion people, worldwide. They apparently have done studies and determined that this number is manageable (they also use Orwellian terms like "sustainable growth" a lot for this sort of thing), to have an adequate population of worker bees to carry out the tasks they need done to support and sustain their own lives, as the the ruling elite.

    Royalty have always wanted a certain amount of peasants and minions to serve their purposes throughout history, so this is really nothing new at all.

    So, you're right that they're not looking to decimate ALL of the useless eaters (us), they do want and fully intend to keep enough "useful idiots" around to do their chores and whatnot.

  305. FreeYoMind

    Not a problem, good to see you. I hope you enjoy Part 3 as much as the others, my friend. :)

    Please let me know your thoughts…they are valuable to me, and help me to understand what readers think and therefore, how I might improve in future articles. Thanks!

  306. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    Benjamin (#388), Kudos. You are so right.

    Someone (#387), The Illuminati Society was established by Freemasons (group of world leaders). The aim is to bring order to the world under one system (worldwide order) and one worldwide financial network. This network would be overseered by one president or world leader (the Bible speaks of this as the anti-Christ).

    This system goes against people free will and the Lord's plan for His people. The Bible does speak of this to come before the second coming of Jesus Christ.

    Demonic spirits are spirits of delusion that causes false belief, mislead people and deceiving. Satanic cults use chanting and channeling these spirits as strong tools for them. That is why we here talk about witchcraft. Any form of occult is the darkside. Often these people uses witchcraft against people who are not a part of them through chanting and spells. Just as you have people who speak of the Lord, there are also people who speaks of Satan in the same manner. More of these people exist and practice freely under the First Amendment- freedom of religion.

    As scary as the Society sounds, people also believe it is scary to read the Bible and pray. Some of these people dismiss the entire religion theory. People become Satanists, because they like the idea (misconception) of being in power of the whole world and controlling people. This is what Satan promises. The Lord promises eternal life, because the world will perish. The Freemason is using the Society to gain power over the world and finance. We do not know the people in Freemason, but we are learning the ones in Society.

    "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths." Proverbs 3:5-6)

    We are also warned no to trust all people (and spirits that dwells within them).

    "try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false profets are gone out in to the world….

    (II Corinthian 12:7-10) Please read it.

    Satan sets dangerous traps for all of us. Many people are unaware of evil spirits. The Society consist of normal, modern people practicing Satanic rituals. Some are sent to various churches to learn how we dance and pray, so they are able to imitate Christians and other religious people, so they can deceive in order to recruit more people. They believe the bigger the organizaion the greater chance of accomplishing the overall goal.

    The movie- Paronomial Activity was based on a real life event. Other movies based on true stories involving evil are the Entity and The American Hunt; it is never safe to play around in the dark side

    "Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil." (Ephesians 6:11)

    The people you mention that are mad at Christina's new video do not repesent the entire country or world. There are more people than you can even imagine who are in to the voodoo practice and Satanic occult. I used to like Christina as well before her new transfromation. I am not angry with her, because she made that choice (its her free will), but I will pray for her. I am sure she is getting paid very well for her video. The message is in the mass media. The more people watch they will become amused with it. One thing leads to another. Satan uses the Lord's blueprint to recruit people to his kingdom.

    (Was your bottom note to me, because I never quoted Britney as saying strawberry. Apparently, she was not herself. Her video is sad to me.)

  307. LVB – "So, you’re right that they’re not looking to decimate ALL of the useless eaters (us), they do want and fully intend to keep enough “useful idiots” around to do their chores and whatnot."

    But the local population will have a higher standard of living since less population,.

    And Royalty is not what it use to be anyway.

  308. elm

    Thanks for reading and your kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed Part 3.

    I don't know why you think VC would mind, being that he likes my blog and has published my Transhumanism/PsyWar/BEPs article here on his site, with great success for both of us.

    We are brothers in arms, you might say, fighting on the same side in the same battle.

    I'm sure I'll be able to discipline myself and write something shorter that will fit this format better one of these days, and if VC likes it, you'll probably see it here.

    Thanks for writing. :)

  309. At the other end of this spectrum of the supposed "Royalty", one day Mormons came to my door, and I had a hard time saying I was in the middle of something. Just as I was slowly closing the door, a hand holding a pamphlet was thrust into my hand.

    Later, for lack of reading matter, I took a look. It was about their vision of what happens after Jesus' return. They back up that the Kingdom will be here on it. Colorful pictures of a man walking with his daughter down a tree-lined street. Next, neighbors pleasantly chatting with neighbors. Less commotion, a heavenly bliss.

    So how do you think the Mormons can get to this Kingdom of heaven on earth if every square inch of earth is populated? I was wondering about this.

  310. Ooops! So sorry! They were Jehovah Witness. Not Mormons. It's the Jehovah Witness that have the belief that the Kingdom of Heaven will be set up here on earth.

  311. Obey- The Jehova witness beleive the kingdom of heaven will be set up on earth. When you say your prayers don't you say " let thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven". Duh Obey you don't have to be JW to know that. " let thy Kingdom come" "come" do that word ring a bell.

  312. That may be mleah, but my question is how will can a utopian heaven on earth manifest since the JW are against abortion (for one thing), and since populations grow exponentially, will not this utopian heaven on earth be a bit crowded? To spread the worldwide population out we will have to immigrate and thin out the populations of China and India and any other highly populated area. And if this worldwide heaven on earth population still continues to breed — which would be what the JW sees no problem with either — the worldwide populations will grow accordingly exponentially.

    Indeed — Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven" — As Above, so Below. But Omniscent is not limited to institutionalized, man-made ideas of Who this Omniscent Is.

  313. I'm sorry, by ths statement "To spread the worldwide population out we will have to immigrate and thin out the populations of China and India and any other highly populated area." I don't mean via abortion.

    I mean when this alleged heaven on earth manifests, in order to make room for everyone to be happy, we will have immigrate peoples from China and India, etc., — and spread them out. I would not see, even under those circumstances, how clean, pleasant, walking down tree-lined streets etc. can play out. When you bring in more breedng, again I say the populations continue to grow exponentially.

  314. Obey- If God can create the world as we know it in 7 days. I'm pretty sure making room would be far from the hard part. Another important note is that God say only few will enter the kingdom" So enough said. We also confuse the word hell as a fire pit. God said over and over punishment for sin=death. Meaning you will not burn in hell, only simply, will not exsist/ death is punishment, eternal sleep.The JW are the ones who really help me understand the Bible. They are strictly by the book thats why they don't celebrate Birthdays, holidays etc….another good thing about them. You do not learn what they have to say, you learn what God has to say, and all that they beleive and speak on comes straight out the Bible. I was raised in c.o.g.i.c but JW gave me a huge sense of understanding of the Bible. Not telling me but showing me

  315. 2 COMMENT 382-Let the sunshine:

    When reading your comment, all I could think about was Justin bieber. Just the way you described the whole process, was like a perfect description of what seems to be happening to him! :(

    @ Comment 383- Well said! It's like, what more do people want to see????

  316. Indeed mleah –

    13Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: 14Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

    And I happen to be one who enters through the narrow gate. Whether it conforms to your particular set of ideas or not.

    So…back to the topic of the board.

  317. I frequent this site alot ,despite being a skeptic, and although I am a skeptic, I admit that some of the things VC points out make since, but some of them are stretching it, like the Baphomet on the This Is It MJ, its not even the same Baphomet in the Sigil, the size is off, and if you gonna twist it etc, it could fit on anything even the Cross, and there is nothing with the ears go, the stretch out pass MJ

  318. thanks for the infos. you should take a look also at the big brother reality tv show by endemol. it is a worldwide tv show that sort of prepares our minds to accept a kind big brother that we all need in this world to be our guide and provider in society.

  319. Someone 387- Money is the objective. (Satan have to manipulate and distract the elites with money and power)…..True enough you have websites that use their tools against them ( illumanti youtube videos, sites like this one etc….),but do that began to compare with the money the internet generate. Yeah it is rumored that they will live underground, out of space, blahX3 during the 2012 madness. Trust they won't make it, the money & power is the distraction. If you beleive in God, you would know the Bible was wrote for a reason ( Basic, Instructions, Before, Leaving, Earth) God said all this would happened, and it is happening just like he said. You have to " usher in " if you get what I am saying. This is spritual. So what you said make plenty of sense, but when it comes to the true God and the Bible that we the people have taken for granted for so long, as if God will not return….for the signs are there…. God is coming back……. Lets just say the time was now…and we continue not to beleive, or he is not coming back in our generation, like it's some fairy tale. I leave you with -it sound fairy tale, but when you think about what is said to come, not from the elites from God it' is the fairy tale of all fairy tales but guess what it will be a reality. The stage has to be set, the elites don't know/ know they won't make it to those bunkers ( wink, wink)…..thats not the point it's all about satan vs God, and setting the stage for the battle. Satan has to make them think they will survive ( manipulation,distract with riches and gold while collecting souls) The sad part about it he still use the same trick he used on Adam & Eve over and over again. The same trick he use on artist. We fail to see time and time again. God said things will come to the light. If you think back, you always knew the devil was on this earth.The world has been exposed to the point we know exactly how he works, and where he starts.

  320. @Someone.Don't be lazy, if you need more info look it up and research it yourself until you have found whatever it is you are looking for. Don't expect others to do your research for you.

  321. That’s an interesting post, ignition. I hope they show that program in the U.S. I'll watch that.

    The concept is very comparable to something I heard on the radio about some people preparing to spend over a year in an enclosed environment with no outside contact, to bolding go were no man has gone before….nowhere.

    They are preparing for Mars and testing isolation on human behavior. Curious how the two concepts are similar:

    (Reuters) – Six men from Russia, Europe and China are preparing to spend 520 days together in a sealed-off warren to take a simulated trip to Mars to test how long isolation would affect humans.


  322. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    To Someone, I like you. I like reading everyone's responses to you post. May I respond to your comment #390: "It makes no sense to me how some highly deranged people would somehow remain the elite and how this incredibly insane elite would want almost 100% of all people on the planet dead. WHY?? What would be the point of assassinating all people??? What kind of New World Order is that? It’s just insane! A big joke. I don’t get it."

    These people are only going to assassinate the people who are not followers (get on board; do or die) and people (Christians) who continue to confess Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. This reminds me of the Columbine High School incident. One of the gunmen asked a female student does she believe in Jesus, and she said, "yes." Well, the gunman shot her and she died. Her mother wrote a book- I said, "Yes." I think that is the title or close to it. Read Revelation 13:11-18

    About "Thy Kingdom Come": Read Revelation 21

    Upon the second coming, the trumpet shall sound and we shall see Jesus and the dead rise. Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Not everyone will enter the gates of Heaven, because if His word is not in your heart and you have not kept His laws and obeyed Him, you are not fit to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Everyone is given free will to choose Jesus and His ways regardless of race, sex, gender, or origin. His will shall be done on earth as in Heaven. If we choose not be a part of His will, why should we anticipate to enter His Kingdom.

    If you are not a Jew (the chosen people), then you are considered a Gentile. He has given us all the gift to choose Him in order to be a part of his glory. The Lord loves all of his children and He died and gave His life for us. He gives us every opportunity to choose Him in order for our souls to be saved.

    Someone, please read the five chapters of the Gospels to get a full understanding of God's purpose for us: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Acts; when you finish continue to read Romans and James; then read and study the Bible daily (scriptures or chapters daily)

    The Lord loves you so much.

  323. getinthekno on

    Plain and simple. Satan is a CON A LIAR and to give him the very thing that holds the greatest value- your soul. wow. I feel terrible for these people coz they have no idea what theyre messing with. Eternity is an awfully long time to spend in hell. The only thing we can do is pray for them as will I do today. May they find Jesus and be saved before its too late.

  324. I think its very pathetic how some people are try to disclaim the videos and trying to give a reason. C'mon people its quite obvious. Stop trying to give an excuse. Accept Jesus Christ while your at it!

    Much love. Thanks Vigilant citizen for all you do.

  325. I noticed an article by Slate (msn) this week regarding memory repression which is common in mind control subjects. To be specific article http://www.slate.com/id/2251887/ I was shocked at how it is out and in the open for everyone to see and accept this as a"scientific study" thus reinforcing normal individual citizens to dismiss the idea of mind control!!! It is Ridiculous!!! Thank God blogs like Viligant exist to point us to the truth and help us watch for shit like this because its easy to fall for something like this like blind sheep. Viligant if you don't believe in God….God sure believes in you. In His eyes you are a messenger, an angel, keep doing what you are doing and keep your eyes on Jesus. God bless.

  326. Also, I am suspicious Britney's dad is her current handler even though he states he is a Christian.

  327. Good post, Vigilant. Just found your website, great information. I've already spent several hours watching the videos, reading all the comments and making notes. The Britney interview was hard to watch. She's so young and that "glitch" was so bizarre… Sawyer's use of "spasm" and "weird" and her whole manner of speaking gave me the creeps. Bob seems resigned with an underlying anxiousness. Dave is a sharp guy – good for him. The video about the dress made me think about the Harvard Hasty Pudding strangeness. I've always felt that Michael was a good soul. IMO he was set up, robbed and murdered. Some other people talking about mind control and the music industry: John Todd, Noreen Gosch, Fritz Springmeier. Quite disturbing as the truth comes into view….

  328. @ 7 I just watched the Alejandro music video…liked the song and thought it was innocent…but not now. Triangles, stars, and Gaga looking like she is drugged!!!

  329. Vigilant-

    I mean it in deepest sincerity when I say I enjoy your site and it is clear you are disseminating the truth as best you can see it.

    I have only one question. If the information you are disclosing about a secret heirarchy that impants its messages in the work of popular music acts is true, why don't "THEY" just shut you down? Surely someone powerful enough to orient an entire media bureaucracy to push its agenta is powerful enough to marginalize or even "eliminate" a single blogger?

    If you truly believed what your were saying on your website, would you really be brave enough to put it on the internet for everyone including "THEM" to see? This is my main stumbling-block with every internet "journalist" who claims to have discovered a secret conspiracy. If the conspirators were half as powerful as the journalist claimed, the journalist wouldn't be writing the story. They would already be sleeping with the fishes in some body of water somewhere.

    Please do reply. Your credibility depends on it.

  330. Disillusioned on

    My roommate told me about a book called "Black Like Me," where a white journalist took vitiligo drugs to increase his pigment and passed himself off as black for a while so he could write about it. At one point some white thuggish men got hold of him, and were treating him in a very sick, sexualized way, as though he were an inferior object and they had the right to him sexually. My roommate and I are both feminists, and we both instantly reached the same conclusion, "Oh, so they treated him like a woman." I think that that is what the dress thing meant that Chappelle talked about – it's a way that some abusive white men dominate black men, by "feminizing" them. They see women as inferior and abuse us, so making a man wear a dress is to show you respect him as much as a woman, that is to say, not at all. It's like a baboon asserting its dominance over a non-alpha male. Sick, sick, sick. Good for him that he would not wear it. He was right, it wasn't about being funny, it was about putting him in his place.

  331. Disillusioned on

    PS – Off topic to my above post, but does anyone else think that the recession may have been manufactured an a front to redistribute wealth to the "elite?" All this head-shaking and clucking from the President, etc, might be a front to cover the fact that it was done deliberately. Geitner's certainly done all he can to keep funneling as much taxpayer money as humanly possible into the pockets of the superrich without any kind of accounting for it, and Congress hasn't done sh*t to help the jobless. If demoralizing and disempowering the populace is their aim, they're doing it right.

  332. I have read and paid attention to many things that were said on the site, some of them I really agreed with. But as far as this piece goes…honestly, I do not see much. Sure you got a lot of artists who fight back against the corporation or the execs..whoever they may be, that seems nothing to do with the devil. Yes corps are there to make money, so r the execs who fight for their interests…its normal, coz they fight for a paycheck and for profits. Now what Bob Dylan said, was different and interesting, but none of the other videos in this piece, to me communicated that they were referring to the devil or a secret society. No other interest than the one of corporations and their executives who are out there to shape artists to generate the maximum amount of cash. Is it good? NO. Does it kill real art? YES. But does that mean that the devil is involved…I am sorry, I do not see…Nothing more than day to day corporate objectives…I am all for objectivity and I am not blind at all…but on this piece, personally…I did not make the case.

  333. I believe in what you post VC and I am shocked with this one. I almost cried about britney. Britany Murphey Wanted to leave in industry and focus on family, and she turned out dead in her shower. she was just 30 and she was not on drugs or something. Do you see where i'm getting at?

  334. this is the jakson's speech for those who were not able to watch:

    “Hello everybody. Hello to you wonderful people of Exeter. To the great supporters of the Exeter City Football Club. Welcome to all the great fans that have come from here and far. To all you children.

    I’m very happy, very happy to be here with you today. Today, today we come here to support children. We come here to support children with AIDS. To help, to help beyond these of those affected by HIV and AIDS.

    “We more help them to build a good future. All of us working together for them. A future without prejudice. For these children and their families.

    “We are here to support and help the people of Africa to find a solution in the fight against the swear of HIV AIDS … and malaria … through education and awareness, we aim at conviction but we help with cure.

    “We are here to support you, the supporters and players of this great football club.

    “Sadly, sadly, we live in a state of fear. Everyday we hear of war on the news, on the radio and television and the newspapers, always of war. We hear of nations hurting each other, of neighbours hurting each other, of families hurting each other and the children killing each other. We must learn to live and love each other before it’s too late. We have to stop! We have to stop the prejudice, we have to stop the hating, we have to stop living in fear of our own neighbours.

    “I would like all of you now to take the hand of the person to the left and to the right. Go ahead! Right now! I mean it! Don’t be shy! Do it! It starts now! To the person next to you. To the left and the right. I mean it. Right now! Go ahead! Don’t be shy. Do it! Do it! Now, tell the person … tell the person next to you that you care for them. Tell them that you care for them. Tell them that you love them. Tell them that you love them. This is what makes the difference.

    “Together … (Michael laughing) … (audience screaming) … together we can make a change of the world. Together we can help to stop racism. Together we can help to stop prejudice. We can help the world live without fear. It’s our only hope, without hope we are lost.

    (Applause, somebody in the audience screams: Who’s gonna win on Saturday?)

    “England is gonna win? I believe you, I believe you. You know … I know nothing about sports but I believe you. Hmmm, thank you all, thank you Exeter. I’m very proud and happy to be here. Thank you Exeter Football Club. Thanks to all the wonderful fans … (Michael looking into the stadium)… I see Israel, I see Spain, I see countries all over the world. I love you!

    “Thank you to all my team. And a special thanks to David Blaine …the world’s greatest. To Patti Boulaye and to the great Uri Geller and Matt Fides …the man. We thank them and all the other performers. Please join me in giving them a great cheer.

    “And, most importantly … (balloons are let in the air) – That’s beautiful. That’s a sign of hope. That’s for all the children of the world. I love you. And thank you for everything. All my love and God Bless!!”

  335. Katy Perry interview for those who were not able to watch it:

    I started actually singing in church my whole life, from like nine to sixteen. Then ultimately I sold my soul to the devil [laughs]. But, I started in Nashville, Tennessee kind of just doing some demos, and working with a producer. Growing up I wasn't really allowed to listen to a whole lot of what my mom would call, secular music, and so I didn't have a whole lot of references as far as like, when the producer I was doing my demos was with was like, Okay so, who would you want to work with if you could work with anybody? I was like, I really have no idea. So, I went home that night with my mom to the hotel and in the hotel room, I turn on Vh1, and I saw Glen Ballard talking about Alanis Morissette. I thought, you know what, I want to work with him; that's who I'm gonna work with. So the next day I came into the studio, and I said, I want to work with this guy named Glen Ballard. He's like, okay, well I can pull all the strings I have and make that happen. He got me a meeting with Glen in Los Angeles, and I had my Dad drive me up to L.A. I said, Dad, stay in the car. I'm just gonna go in, play a song for this guy and come back out. And I did, and I guess it went well, because I got the call the next day. So, he did develop me for a few years and then through all kinds of events. Making this record has been like a three year process, so I've had the opportunity to be a developed artist, rather than just been like, picked up, thrown with a manager and putting a record out. I'm very happy that that's been the case.

  336. the rest of katy perry:

    The Star Scoop:

    With the length of time it's taken to get your record out, does that mean you've been more involved in making it?


    Oh yeah, I'm like almost over involved. I get that from some people, they're like, you're just too in it. I'm involved in every aspect, most definitely, especially the writing. The writing, I pull a lot of weight on the writing side. If I'm not writing it myself, I'm writing it with people that I respect and respect me. I play guitar so, I'm always starting the songs at home and bringing them to my fellow producers and saying, Hey, look, help me out. I need to go somewhere different musically. So I'm involved in everything.

    The Star Scoop:

    Where does your inspiration come from for your songs?


    Well, lots of different things. Mostly just like moments in my life. For me, it's really easy for me to write about heartache, really easy. I don't know why. I think that's how I get through it is writing about the heartache that I'm having about a relationship, or a boy, or you know, someone I was in love with or hurt by or whatever. It's also easy kind of for me to write from a humorous perspective. My dad's hilarious, and I got a lot of that from him. I guess that's in my bones…that comes out in my songs. I'm a somewhat strong minded female, and so I think that also is a theme in the songs as well.

    The Star Scoop:

    How would you describe your sound?


    Someone kind of penned it for me the other day, and I've been using it ever since. I don't have any problem with saying, Oh I sound like so and so, because I think a lot of artists make the mistake of thinking that's the wrong thing to do, when really people are just trying to figure out what you sound like. I mean, you're not like a household name yet. Someone said I was like a mixture of Lucille Ball and Freddie Mercury, and I have that Lucille Ball thing about me where everything looks really great on the outside, rocking that 1940s look, but on the inside there's just something just kind of wrong about me. The Freddie Mercury, which I pale in comparison to, obviously. He is pretty much my biggest influence/idol. He's very theatrical and boisterous and he always said what he thought and really didn't give a fuck what anybody thought about when he walked on the stage with a crown and looked like a queen.

  337. "Training HumansBetter living through memory modification." LOL I love the title on that article. Thanks for posting it, Marianna. Though I haven't gotten to the end yet, it sounds interesting.

  338. This is one of my fav sites. Some of the articles left me with my jaw on the floor – especially the ones on the European Parliament and the supreme court. I understand that you guys have to eat, so there has to be ads on the site, but this numerology ad just defeats the purpose of the whole site. Your aim is to expose evil. As far as I'm concerned, numerology involves associating partners with God, and that's what 'they' have been trying to do in one way or another.

  339. Kaaren -“Thank you to all my team. And a special thanks to David Blaine …the world’s greatest. To Patti Boulaye and to the great Uri Geller and Matt Fides …the man. We thank them and all the other performers. Please join me in giving them a great cheer."

    Now that's an interesting tidbit I never knew before. I don't know how close David Blaine was to Michael Jackson (haven't found info on that yet), but Uri Geller and Matt Fiddes seemed to have been friends of Jackson, according to an article I am reading. Both tried to keep Jackson away from drugs:

    "And Uri confiscated injection equipment from his room … Uri would scream at Michael, you know, intensely, to stop doing this but we were getting pushed out.

    "The doctor had such an influence over Michael that we felt our efforts were falling on deaf ears.

    "As far as I'm concerned they have Michael's blood on their hands, they know what they've done and there's people out there who could have helped, could have stepped in but didn't for financial reasons.

    "We went to great efforts to keep the doctors away. But as soon as we said anything and it gets back to Michael, Michael would have a screaming fit that we were interfering with his private life, that he knew what he was doing and he was in denial."

    And now I can see the rationale why the doctor was put through the ringer. I wasn't sure about this angle.

    Well, I hope the doc got his just desserts.

  340. Very interesting. Including the comments. It all is transcendental, for our world, for our souls. And the people here knows it.

    I will say briefly.

    I'm Moonwalker.

    I'm Annie

    I'm Dangerous

    I'm Invincible

    Michel says that to me: Remember the Time

    I talk with Michael in, Whatever Happens

    I spoke with Michael on This is it

    I met Michael Jackson in 1980 in London, when he presented, Off the wall

    Michael introduced me to John Branca, John McClane, in June 27, 2008, and This Is It started there, filming. Michael told me this… As also they presented here without warning him (in my city), and Michael told me that his life was in danger, and that if I went to work in his last show all will be well

    I had already been poisoned, and in those days was when I began to leave out from house, and yet I perceiving a bit more than half of what was happening around me, my memory was lost still in this time. I annulled during in months physically and mentally, and it took a year and same months return to my normal.

    Had already been through here before: Jonh Macclane. J. Branca. Dileo and Mottola. (Also I view others professionals working with Michael Jackson, during almost 30 years.) They knew very well who is Moonwalker and meaning … to J. B. and J. M. a lot of money.

    I have regained my memory and all telepathic perceptions are recorded and clear, and I now know the meaning of those their thoughts, and now I remember where it happened, and I realize that I was poisoned.

    But now, Michael is murdered.

    And I’ve been telling it during moths on social networks, forums, several lawyers Spanish, Americans and English, and other many places… and I have not got the copyright of Moonwalker, registered by Michael Jackson in London in 1980 to my name.

    I have written in my blogs about this theme, and two videos till now, … I go on practising English, and I apologize about the linguistics’ errors.

    This is it… …we can say…

    Michael Jackson is a Light for the World, I say him, in tow occasions, once with 23 years old both and other with still 49 years old.

    Whatever happens… now I claim my copyright, I’m Moonwalker

    Michael Jackson:

    Will you be there

    Softly You Say To Me

    I Will Be There (I Will Be There)

    Yes. I Will Be There

    Now… I’m here

    Spread it everywhere, for our life, for our souls, together we can change the world.

    Thanks Vigilant , good way.

    God will not let the truth in the dark

  341. This site has interesting content, however the bad part about it and what really doesn’t make me come here so often is the too many too number religious freaks who come here telling you to repent to an invisible man on the sky and waiting for a man on the clouds to save their sorry asses instead of us actually doing something about it. These people also blame a being with a ‘black wings’ by the name of ‘Devil’ for everything bad that happens to this world.

    I mean, for how long will people let narrow-mindedness, ignorance govern their lives? Isn’t it enough about religion? Religious books must not be either taken serious or especially literally, i.e Bible for example. There is no such thing as angels with wings or a transparent kingdom suspended in the sky. There’s no man on the sky that dictates our lives. That is all fantasy out of a comic book story.

    If people are really interested in the truth then my advice to you is that you look for Websites that explain EZEKIEL verses (as they contain too many references to spacecraft, Astronauts and what not) and before you notice (considering you do not take Bible’s verses literally), you’d realize that there is no such thing as angels with wings, but spacecraft and Astronauts.

    Here’s the best two I can think of right now:

    “Ezekiel 1:10 (NIV)

    Their faces looked like this: Each of the four had the face of a man, and on the right side each had the face of a lion, and on the left the face of an ox; each also had the face of an eagle.

    Blumrich summary:

    The fairing surfaces, which protect the gears and other control devices above the rotors, look to the prophet like faces. The fairings are irregular in shape with some raised and some cut out areas, all of which lends itself to an awe-struck interpretation on the prophet’s part. By way of example, Blumrich shows photos of Gemini and Apollo capsules that at certain angles look like monsters. Because like faces face in like directions, we see that the rotors are synchronized at rest position. ”

    “Ezekiel 1:24-25 (NIV)

    When the creatures moved, I heard the sound of their wings, like the roar of rushing waters, like the voice of the Almighty, like the tumult of an army. When they stood still, they lowered their wings. Then there came a voice from above the expanse over their heads as they stood with lowered wings.

    Blumrich summary:

    Blumrich feels these verses are out of order. They describe operating rotor blade motors and the resultant sound effects.”


    I advice you to read Zechariah Sitchin books as it goes through the ancient Sumerian tablets and ancient Mesopotamia, it provides also explanation regarding many of the Bible verses.

    Another good book is the famous William Bramley – “Gods of Eden”.

  342. Everywhere terrible things are happening. The greedy are destroying the world and they are enslaved us, every day, extend their network. And when they do not need us, kill us. We are cheating thousands of years!

    We have to shout very high, truth and love has to be our flag.

    in the next link you can read more information about Moonwalker, Annie and Invincible; very important for the world, I assure you.


  343. ImNotYourPuppet on

    Great Article VC, Wonderful Article as I’d expect!! Just a few comments regarding your website and any upcoming work. Could you possibly focus on more in depth info regarding all subjects?? I’m in my early 20’s and the Lady Gaga/Beyonce/Rihanna talk is getting repetitive and quite boring. Every other Comment is from a “fan” asking you to disect this and that video! VC can’t possibly honor each and every pop video! You have the proper tools and information while watching these “videos” so take his teachings and apply them to your life as you see fit. I Never Watch Music Videos let alone purchase ANY MUSIC CD’S. I rarely watch TV, EVERYTHING IS GARBAGE! The picture is more than just the music industry etc. Its far more in depth and wilder than you’d ever imagine. Love the site keep up the good work and PLEASE don’t focus sooo much on music videos when the puzzle has many more missing pieces. Xo

  344. SHENK- If you do not beleive in God I can't understand why this topic is important to you. I beleive in God and if I didn't I could care less about an illumanti, julimanti. What would be the purpose of me caring? The things they do tear at the soul. So if I didn't beleive in God why should I give a damn. They are not physicaly hurting me, they are not forcing me to listen to music or watch TV or any thing else. So if the invisible man was a phoney. I am telling you right now if that was the case. I wouldn't give a damn about this illumanti bs. If you don't beleive in God I have to know why should you care?

  345. I can’t see any of the videos. there are no links. It would be great if you downloaded the videos and then uploaded the in a server like http://www.mediafire.com so that everybody can watch the vieos. Because YouTube is filtered in some countries. Thanks.

  346. IT was reported today the cheif executive Tony Howard sold 1.4 million in his share of BP barley a month before the oil spill disaster.

  347. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    @Say What (#411)

    Be nice to Someone, He is probably amazed at your knowledge and wisdom. For the Lord tells us- those who have eyes, let them open their eyes to see and those who have ears, let them hear. Someone is really trying to grasp this illuminati theory. It is a lot to understand. That is why it is important for us to encourage and reach out to one another.

    "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and uobraideth not; and it shall be given him." James 1:5

  348. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    @ Someone

    You stated "it makes no sense to me how some highly deranged people would somehow remain the elite…"

    First of all, keep in mind that these people are no longer themselves. They have been brainwashed and/or transformed to something or someone else. The people who are control handling them and those above the control handers are receiving power to do this from somewhere else; the devils/demons assist these people in their practices of wizardry/sorcery by empowering them to do evil. These artists and entertainers are probably being controlled from curses their control handlers bestowed on them through witchcraft sex and other genres of pagan rituals. The same is done to control handlers (in all possibilities, the recruiters). When people exert their wills on other people it is of darkness. The Lord gives us all free will, but these people go against the nature of free will.

    "He hath blinded their eyes and hardened their heart; that they should not see with their eyes, not understand with their heart, and be converted, and I should heal them." St John 12:40

    As long as they are driven by fear, hate, pride, greed or whatever stronghold they have within, Satan will continue to use them as devil worshippers ("Neither give place to the devil." Ephesians 4:27). Their works are only as successful as long as Satan operates within them. Because they are human beings, we need all church leaders to pray (for intercessory of warfare against witchcraft and the powers of darkness) in order that their right minds are restored

  349. Everyone Will Bow- C on


    "He that committeth sin is of the devil; for the devil sinneth from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil." I John 3:8

    These people (practicing spells/witchcraft or whatever else they do) may have not been truly loved, abused by their parents (other relatives or friends during their childhood), have experienced rejection from churches.

    "Reproach hath broken my heart; and I am full of heaviness: and I looked for some to take pity, but there was none; and for comforters, but I found none." Psalms 69:20

    I think we all can testify to feeling rejected by a church or feeling out of place. However, Satan comes when people are at their weakest/lowest to them with gifts and promises. Satan Church are always welcoming people with open arms. During our time of needs and feeling low, we must strengthen our relationship with the Lord by reading the Bible and praying. We should ask Him before making decisions in our lives. He will provide the answer.

    "In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths." Proverbs 3:6

    These people work their spells against the churches and His children. They need to build their army. I realize there are people who think this is garbage and impossible, but you can be a nonbeliever/atheist, humanist, freethinker or agonistic/unconvinced. I will tell you this.. When I start reading the Bible and praying, my life changed. I became a new improved person. I use to be selfish and arrogant, but now I love people and I reach out to help in need. I could not even talk about Jesus to people, but I do now. Without reservation, in the end the truth will prevail.

    The ultimate goal of the Illuminati Society (and Freemasons) – world conspiracy to institute a new world order (without Christians). The ambition is to weaken the Lord’s church (Christians- those who believe in the Jesus Christ, the Lord) and strengthen Satan’s perishable kingdom.

  350. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    Mya (#442), I am not surprised.

    "IT was reported today the cheif executive Tony Howard sold 1.4 million in his share of BP barley a month before the oil spill disaster."

    Didn't Martha Stewart had to do prison time for making a similar decision? We really should be observant just as the Vigilant. We need the inside people to obtain a soft heart and inform the public in a more discreet manner. However, as ILoveVigilant (#443) written about the crowd with MJ, people do get stressful when trying to get people understand between the lines. People start reading between the lines. Do people read any more or do they just listen to Hip-hop and R&B music and watch surreal shows to make decisions in their lives?

    I do not understand how this world is full of people who are of ignorance (not to ne mean, but the word dues mean not knowing; lack of knowledge). Okay, I will use a softer word- unacquaintedness. Those people on the reality shows are only trying to obtain fame and fortune for themselves. I do not give them the time of day. Why should I support them to lift themselves up and not my own self. I am here to encourage people to reach their maximum potential in life. Fame and money is not what people think it is. If so, these people would not be commiting suicide, using hard core drugs, mixing prescription drugs, drinking until they are no longer associated with reality. Stop watching these reality shows and read more and watch informative shows.

    Do not misunderstand me. I do watch television. I watch some tv series Grey's Anatomy, Army Wives, etc.) and movies, but I do not waste my time to watch reality shows-self-made stars like Kendall, the Kardashian clan and so on. I can use that time to improve myself and uplift myself? What are these simple-minded people encouraging you to do or teaching you? What are people getting out of their shows? They are not encouraging you to be the best you, get your education, go to college, or any other motivational encouragement. I am ignorant on the purpose of reality shows.

  351. Josh june he clearly said he sold his soul to the cheif of commander of as he thinks this world,And a WORLD WE CAN NOT SEE.What is a world we can not yet see?HELL.

  352. Heres a tip to get over the depression of reading about this evil.Google illuminati.Go to youtube and search it. You will find millions of people becoming more and more aware everday.When i seen it …it made me feel better…Gave me hope for mankind.Help spread the know and remember…There is a way out for all of us.Through christ.

  353. Everyone will bow- People are coming around. I can remember being in the same boat as the naysayers. There was a guy on another blog always talking about the elites, jay z , beyonce etc….I was aggravated with him. It was like fool shut up, what fairy tale are you living in. I honestly thought he was crazy, or needed attention. untill one day I accidently watched a utube video that I thought was something else and a light bulb went off. It was like oh this is what he was talking about. Then I started my own research ( which frightened the life out of me, it took me like a week to watch one 10 minute video). I have to say once I realized what was going on, I knew there was only one person who could take the fright away God, so I feared no more. So I think it comes down to people seeing for themselves. Not someone trying to convience you. I noticed the naysayers only say nay for a short period of time before they start connecting dots. Like someone mentioned above if you look on the thead there arent too many naysayers. So don't get frustrated they rolling in one by one.

  354. Thank you, Vardis. Yes, Lord, mercy, mercy me.

    As I light a black candle — let it be black…..

    Beloved Presence of God, Mahatma and the Council of Elohim, Metatron and the twelve Archangels, the Cosmic Council of Twelve and the twenty-four Elders, Melchizedek, Lords of Sirius and Arcturus, Sai Baba and Vywamus, Lord Maitreya and Sanat Kumara, Djwhal Khul and Babaji, El Morya and Kuthumi, Serapis Bey and Paul the Venetian, Hilarion and Sananda, Germain and the Ashtar Command – with all my heart and soul I now call forth from the Throne of God, the Golden Chamber of Melchizedek, and Sanat Kumara.

    I affirm I invoke this now.

    Metatron and Melchizedek, completely anchor and activate this day, and over the next two years until fully complete, the following seventy-six keys as stated in the Keys of Enoch® and in the inner-plane Book of Knowledge.

    Anchor and fully activate the sixty four keys on a solar, galactic, universal, multi-universal and cosmic levels in all five sacred languages.

    So Mote It Be

  355. Abre los ojos on

    I've been reading your articles for a while now and have read all of your posts.. I've studied this illuminati stuff but you have given me so much more new information to think about. Thank you! I also think that we have to search for more proof but on the other hand its all out there and its being more and more obvious.. Weird.

    One has to keep in mind though, that we always see what we want to see.. In good and in bad. Or are we seeing what they want us to see? hmm.

    Anyway, VIGILANT, I'd love to hear what you think about Pharrell Williams's role in the industry? Somehow I think he wants to stay out of this bs and he seems to be smart. Or could he be a "handler"?

    Pharrell comments on Britney :

    Common ft. Pharrell – UMC (universal mind control)
    I think the subject is interesting.. Video has the trendy robots and the lyrics tell about song so good you cant control yourself and you jus want to dance! Title of the song doesn't hide anything..

    Chorus goes:

    "This is that new shit. Keep em' standing in line. That Universal Mind

    Control, now move your behind. You know you like it, it's calling

    your name. Nigga, this is that new shit and it don't feel the same.

    its got that dang digga dang dang dang dang. dang digga dang

    dang dang dang. Bawitdaba da bang a dang digga digga. Bawitdaba

    da bang a dang dang."

    So talking bout the same stuff that you Vigilant: stupid and weird songlyrics like "ella…ella..ellaa…" and "roma-roma-maa"..

    But the thing I wonder the most is.. Are they telling people what's going on cause they want people to wake up or are they just playing with our minds? What do you guys think? I think Common is smart too and hoping he's not a sell out..

    and also VIGILANT… What do you think about Olympics 2012 mascots??Or the speculations about 2012 Olympics in general? I thought the second I saw the mascots that they're CREEPY!!! Here's a bit stuff I found about them: http://www.redicecreations.com/article.php?id=110

    Greeting from Europe!

  356. @Someone

    I really recommend the book 'The Black Awakening' by Russ Dizdar. The book reveals the plot and agenda of satanic ritual abuse and mind control projects. It exposes the plot of a coming planned chaos and massive anarchy and it reveals the 'spirit' behind globalism and the coming new world order. There are over 4 million cases of multiple personality disorder, sleeper shooters and chosen ones inside. They claim they are the troops of anti christ.

    Some readers claim it is one of the most biblically based documented books and it will give you a lot of insight information about what is going on with the world today.

  357. The latin words on our 1 dollar bill "'Annuit Coeptis' ,'Novus Ordo Seclorum means:The birth of new world order.Here are some significant masonic numbers found in the dollar: 13 leaves in the olive branch

    13 bars and stripes in the shield

    13 arrows in the right claw

    13 letters in the "E Pluribus Unum" on the ribbon

    13 stars in the green crest above

    32 long feathers on its right wing representing the 32º in Freemasonry

    13 granite stones in the Pyramid. (The 13 layers represent the 13 Illuminati bloodlines)

    13 letters in Annuit Coeptis in the dollar:

    Note: The eagle has 32 feathers on the right wing,And 33 on the left.

    There are also thirteen pentagrams above the eagles head in a cloud.

    Ain't that some shit?

  358. # mya June 6th, 2010 10:11 am :"IT was reported today the cheif executive Tony Howard sold 1.4 million in his share of BP barley a month before the oil spill disaster."

    They certainly threw Martha Stewart under a bus for less than that. But at least it's noticed about Tony Howard. Perhaps he'll meet with a similar accident?

  359. I actually don't really understand what's going on in the Britney video, how is she switching out of one her alters?

  360. Lanyavedoll on

    i still dont think Katy Perry sold her soul i think in the interview she was just being sarcastic until i start to see it in her music and videos im COOL her music is fun not to much serious

  361. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    @ Obey (#452)

    What is that about lighting a black candle? Is this witchcraft/spell? I am confused. I tried to locate the other comment that you are responding to. Please enlighten all the respondents. I am sure they are curious as well. I do not like reading or scanning through something that appears as a hex. No offense. I am just saying. Please clarify. Thank you

  362. 463 Everyone will bow- If I am not mistaken the other comments are on the previous article, but I don't think it take black candle comments to know all is not well lol

  363. getintheknow on

    @ Everyone Will Bow 463.

    If it doesn't feel right, it's not right. If it comes from evil, it's evil. For only good can produce good. Obey sounds like he's under IT. Better to skim past it and I'd advise others to do so too. Sounds like the devil is on the prowl.


    I'm not offened you call people of faith 'religious freaks' because i'd rather be a religious freak than a faithless freak. My prayers to you.

    btw, thanks to VC for such an awesome site. God bless.

  364. There's so much here to read, I'm overloaded with information right now! I've been coming to this website for a few months now & the information that I've learned makes so much sense to me. As a lover of music,. hiphop & movies, and also being inquisitive in nature, I've always wondered WHY certain things are.. Music videos that have absolutely nothing to do with songs, Songs & lyrics that don't make sense, or aren't what they seem. Ive always always wondered about the meaning behind videos .. They have double meanings. I used to think I was just paranoid, & crazy, but I KNOW NOW that Im not,. && that there are underlying dark sinister meanings behind things. People follow trends, fads, celebrities so faithfully, that even if one of them admitted to something as horrible as murder, rape, etc .. no one would care .. This is setting the stage for the Anti Christ .. People think that it will be a scary thing, but Satan knows what he's doing. He knows our weaknesses & he will lure us in with those same things ..

    As far as mind control goes, I've done some reading on MK-Ultra trauma based programming & learned that it starts off very young. But is that the case for all mind control victims? Does the person have to agree to being programmed? Like I dont understand if he/she knows they are being controlled & that they are a slave.

    Ive always said that all these celebrities seem so sad & depressed. Why do they all get addicted to drugs and alcohol? Why do they pick up these habits? Regular wealthy people rarely have these problems. I thought it was because of the guilt of them selling out & the things they had to do or the sacrifices that had to be made for them to attain their wealth & fame. Ive always said .. Rihanna looks so dark. She looks unhappy and blank .. So does Beyonce.. When they aren't in the spotlight, or performing, they look so unhappy and empty.

  365. getintheknow on

    @ Isis.

    I believe these celebs look empty because they have not soul. They are zombies, walking & breathing & singing/acting zombies. Soul=life. No soul=dead.

    I'm also curious about the MK programming. I've just recently discovered this and would like to know how this affects people of different ages. I grew up listening to Britney and the rest of the mainstream music and am curious, how does this work? Theres so much info on youtube but it's all too overwhelming and don't have the time at the moment.

  366. Great article as always vigilant!

    But there is so much more that i'm finding…SO MUCH MORE. There could be a part two on this one…possibly a part three.

    Here is an awesome video from Professor Griff explaining how the rap industry went wrong. AMAZING STUFF. SERIOUSLY!! He gives a reason for Alliyahs death and Tu pacs death that never occurred to me! I don't know if this is true, but it's a hell of an idea that fits in with what we are hearing here!



    Also vigilant I remember I was bugging you to do an Article on Eminem? Someone else did a few videos about him, including that song he wrote about being molested as a child.


  367. Everyone Will Bow- Christ Jesus June 6th, 2010 3:19 pm :

    @ Obey (#452)

    What is that about lighting a black candle? Is this witchcraft/spell? I am confused. I tried to locate the other comment that you are responding to. Please enlighten all the respondents. I am sure they are curious as well. I do not like reading or scanning through something that appears as a hex.


    There is no hex involved. It is only in your own mind. I could care less whether you like it or not. I must endure your own posts and so must everyone else here. No offence.

  368. ImNotYourPuppet on

    @ SHENK- Totally Agree! I've been coming to this site for 5 months and the level of religious comments is at an all time high. Its too bad I literally have to scroll through hundreds of prayers and bible verses to read actual FACTS! Why must religion ruin EVERYTHING?? Including this site :( I sometimes wonder WHY AND IF there really IS A GOD How could he sit back and watch millions of INNOCENT WOMAN AND CHILDREN SUFFER HERE ON EARTH? What kind of God is that???? And PLEASE don't try to justify the facts. If anyone could stop these evil souless bastards it would be god. But yet he just sits back in his rocking chair drinking coffee??? Please if you're going to believe in anyone believe in YOURSELF! NOT GOD. God will save your dumb@asses from NOTHING. Get off your butts and start making a change. Not to mention most religious people are bigots. Xo

  369. Nova- I am familar with Professor Griff and he wrecks my nerves. He speculate harder than I do. I also notice other petty things like he when he is explaining, he will call a necklace a watch lol. I catch things like that. Due to the subject at hand I think it is important to stick to the facts. Especially when you are trying to inform. I like him and all but you have to watch him he is the speculate King.

  370. #474….ImNotYourPuppet

    Hmm… so the people of faith are ruining this message board for you, interesting that we are the ones to blame, yet I have not read any of the religious people spew such anger towards anyone else for their views.

    Not to worry someday the evil in this world will be dealt with and it will not be pretty, I hope you are ready.

    In case you did not know most organizations/groups throughout the centuries that have worked very hard to clothe and feed the poor were Christians and many are being persecuted around the world and killed at this very moment for trying to bring a message of hope.

    I guess you would agree with that, I suppose you would like to feed the Christians to the lions or stone them.

    So who are the evil people then, did you read what you wrote?

    You are actually more in agreement with the illuminati (if they exist) then perhaps you realize, they hate Christians too, I wonder why…oh I know it because we are bigots, yes the bigots that risked being captured by the SS during WWII for hiding jews, or yes we are the bigots that go into skid row in Vancouver and establish drop in centers for the homeless…..

    You paint with a large stroke!

    Why must our speech be stifled, if you do not agree then just read on…it is that simple, I only wish I had done that with your post, I guess I was caught off guard.

  371. out come the words: "bigots", "haters". Amazing how these christians have such a persecution complex!

    Drink some herbal tea already and chill out.

    • Christians rarely use those terms. 'Bigot' is the new catchphrase that liberals constantly blurt out and label anyone who disagrees with them about anything. It's like oh you disagree with my view on fiscal policy, then you're a racist bigot homophobe *then hisses like a snake*, and scurries off under a rock.

  372. There is nothing secret about how the world of corporate greed works. Any Sociology student would understand this, there is no hidden society, just a class of people who are wealthy and believe that they are better because of this "wealth", and want to keep it that way. Do you really think these people are mind controlled slaves? The truth is we are all slaves, to money and how this world has been built to work since the introduction of trade and wealth. People in their own right minds will chase this "dream" of wealth til they destroy themselves. People who have lived life, who have educated themselves can see the truth behind what is being forced fed by them by everyday media. People like Dave Chappelle started to see right through the bullshit and did not want to partake in what the entertainment industry is about, which is no secret at all, its about the bottom line..making money and keeping brown folks down and dumb. That is nothing new, just good old wealthy rich folks who want to stay on top of the world. Sites like this blur reality, making the ignorant even more ignorant to what the facts of life . Open your eyes people, there is no secret world, its just greed, envy, and good old human nature that keeps our humanity down and from ever realizing a better existence for all. Get out there and work towards a better existence for yourself, fight for rights, fight for equality and better treatment for all.

  373. hello again vc. i want u to pls do an article for Eminem's '' am not afraid'' and Drake's ''over'' .

    somethings telling me that they are realizing the shit they are in and want to quit for good.

    @free''my''mind, love your comments and articles.

    love all those who comments on this thing!

    once again, i love you vc!!!!

    nice article and OMG! how do people comment under 24 hours?! i comment like yesterday n today i can see over 450 articles!!!!!

    what about ke$ha? dont like her music sometimes cuzz its kinda violent(in my opinions).@obey, what is ur point on #452? u sound like an antichrist already(lolz)

    love you guys so much!!! and @commenter# 479. we are not ''these Christians"ok?

    love you all once again for realizing this!!!!


    By the way mj died on my birthday! i miss him!(sob) (sob)!


  374. @commenter #494, ve probably seen the dark side beta than the light. First of all, dont insult God! if u dont belive in Him, stay off. you cant say trash about what u dont believe in cuz u dont know what it is and you dont know the things it can do. Its a warning and this time, its not gonna be funny if u are dealt with.

    God has seen this coming and He knows the outcome of it. You ask wHAY He allows bad things to hapen . this is because He is testing our faith. U cant tell me that afetr all the shit u face in school, all the insults,reading, tests, and craming in school, u gonna go into the next grade without ur finals! that doesnt happen anywhere so apply that same thing to God. He wants to see if you can PERSEVERE and HOLD ON! u cant become a doctor without going to university. u cant have a job without having a high school requirement. nothing is easy and you have to go through some things before u can attain your goal! and if u read ur Bible well( doubt if u r even a Christian), u will see why this things happen. u will know the end of all this and u will know why God doesnt want to stop them now. Those that belong to GOD will never lack and be affected by the ways of the world. only if u hide under His wings will u be protected.

    Once again, ill tell you this: DONT INSULT UR CREATOR-GOD! u cant bite the fingers that fed u and expect to walk freely away from it. A word is enough for the wise. I know u aint wise and to me, u are a baby! Grow up and see the world that u are in. see the light and goodness of this world,dont live in the dark side and judge the whole world from your experience from the evil part! i dont mean partying and clubbing and all other atrocities as light!

    love you!!!!

  375. @ avrewrpmij They will not shut down sites like Viligant because if they would then people will realize more and more that Viligant is speaking the truth. Their tactic is to stay silent then throw in an article or two that states Viligant and people who expose Illuminati are just "crazy". I've seen plenty of those.

  376. ImNotYourPuppet on

    I Have Nothing Against Christians Etc Etc. #1 This Isn't A Christian Website and All I've Been Reading are Countless Paragraphs with Pasted Bible Scriptures. I've seen the Commercial the Nice Christians Roaming from Village to Village donating clothes/food to the poor peasants…BUT what is the real PURPOSE??? To Spread Christianity and Gain More Sheep/Followers by EXPLOITING the POOR. So you mean to tell me if I knocked on a churches door and begged for food/shelter/job/etc. The Church Would Help Me??? Most likely Not. They'll Say A Prayer for Me and Send Me On My Merry Way. Is it your way or the highway??? I tend to believe so. I'm sorry I look at what Religion has done to the WORLD and I choose to not buy into it. Every problem IN THE WORLD is connected to RELIGION. EVIL EVIL EVIL! I once walked into a trendy store bought a couple items and on my way out the cashier asked if he could say a PRAYER with me!! Omg!!! I politely declined, grabbed my bad and left the store. I Live in the USA!! Home of the Free and the Brave….so they say. Xo

  377. ImNotYourPuppet on

    @Joanna- Ever heard of freedom of speech??? I can say whatever the heck I want! Just like you can paste 100x's of scriptures that I'm sure know one with intellect is reading. See what I Mean the mintue you are a religious follower you get bashed :) well guess what I'm one tough cookie and refuse to let MAN tell me how to live/think/fell/love. Xo

  378. Amidst all the evil stuff that is going on in this world…there is still hope for restoration, renovation, new life, new air, new values, new love…because of Jesus. He is Still here for you. He cannot control all the evil that is going on because he is not into MK Ultra therefore He gives you a choice to follow the only ray of light or the darkness. Jesus is The way to Eternal Life. I hope the reader who reads this message will choose The One – Jesus Christ.

  379. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    I"MNOT YOURPUPPET (#474)- "How could he sit back and watch millions of INNOCENT WOMAN AND CHILDREN SUFFER HERE ON EARTH? What kind of God is that???? And PLEASE don’t try to justify the facts. If anyone could stop these evil souless bastards it would be god."

    I am going to repsond. First of all, the language and tone you used in your comment is not pleasant. Are you suppose to be one of the innocent people? If you call for the Lord, He will come to you. As long as you are innocent, please be aware of the manner you respond to people.

    Secondly, when the Lord created Adam and Eve, He gave Adam strict instructions: "You are free to eat from any tree in the garden; but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat of it you will surely die." Well, Eve influenced Adam to eat from the treat after she was tricked in to eating from it by Satan. Because they ate from the tree, they invited evil in to the world. That is why we see both good things and bad things taking place in this world. Satan is the prince of darkness of this world until the second coming of Christ.

    You must respect all people's opinions just as you wish to be respected. Neither nonbelievers nor atheist can keep Christians from spreading the Gospel. Just like you made it known that you do not believe in God, Christians have the same right to make it known that they do.

    Please keep in mind that you are loved. Jesus loves you.

  380. ImNotYourPuppet on

    Anyway, I'm not here to spread hate!! I love this website and the message it spreads! Be kind to others and have compassion for all. I know they're good people in this world I meet them everyday. Little acts of kindness go along way. Its not that hard either you choose to be a good person or you don't. Simple as that.

  381. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    To I"mNotYour Puppet, you can say what you want to say, but why do you spit hatred and shoot venomous words toward a certain group and expect them not to say anything in defense.

    If a person negatively criticizes you or speaks negative of you, are you going to remain quiet to keep from bashing them? You are not making any sense. We are all discussing our views on the topis at hand. Why are you choosing to fight with people on this blog through your words?

    Christians are who they are. They represent the one who can save us all. If you don't like them, that is okay. If you are able to live with your decision not to believe, we all must accept that.

  382. God is love. Please DONT insinuate that believing and following God is evil. You said 'every prob in this world is evil'. BUT JESUS IS PURE LOVE baby!! Look it up. The only evil I see right now is the words you're sayin. You ask why we talk about God? Cuz we're tryin to spread the love. Feel it and don't fight it. If you don't feel it, then that's fine. But why the fighting words? We're dumb*** for believing in love and hope and peace?

    I read your posts above and ignored it, but think you need to hear it. You wanted to come here to talk fact, yet the things you say are all opinions. & based on what looks like hatred toward people of faith. Well. just know even still God loves you. It's the oneofakind and beautiful/special love that brings people 'like me' here to share. So again, if you ain't feelin it, don't. But no need to be all poopooey. Peace and God bless.

  383. Anna

    I appreciate what you're saying, and you're right about almost everything – except for thinking that there are no secret societies or hidden agendas at the highest levels of the power structure in this world.

    You may want to ask yourself what the documented, factual groups like Skull and Bones, Bilderbergers and such whose members comprise the highest levels of business, government and mass media are up to when they meet, and are always highly secretive about what they discuss. Why do you think they require such intensely guarded secrecy, if there is nothing wrong with the picture?

    At the very least, it is an affront to all civilized people and democratic forms of government, and yet they continue to do what they do, in secret, planning the laws and policies we are forced to live by, with complete impunity – never questioned by mass media (which is wholly owned by elite people in such organizations btw, you can easily do your own research to verify that part).

    If Vigilant and I were the makers of policies for your child's school, for example, and made all the rules in secret without telling you or other parents, with no accountability for our actions, I'd suspect there would be a lot of very pissed off people stalking us. Yet, the insanely wealthy (and truly insane) elite families that form this elite oligarchy (I almost typed OIL-igarchy, which is a great pun with much truth to it, actually!) have done exactly what I described in the school example on a global scale for longer than you and I have been alive – and will continue to do so, whether any of us like it or not.

    I'm just sayin…you really owe it to yourself as an obviously intelligent person to do some further research before you reach the conclusions you have about such things not existing, because they clearly do. Exactly what they're up to at any given time is open to debate, of course, but there's plenty of evidence of the behavior patterns exhibited by the ruling elite class throughout recorded human history, and you're certainly correct that they intend to keep things under their own control – financially and otherwise.

    The fact that you (or any of us) are unaware of something, at whatever our current level of knowledge and state of awareness is, most certainly does not mean that it doesn't exist in actual reality.

    Keep an open mind, and above all else, keep questioning and learning from what you see all around you.

    Thanks for writing and take care.

  384. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    @Anna (480) Sociology is based on man's ideology and theories. I do not take textbooks written by man as the primary facts. However, you stated any sociology student would understand that there is not secret society. What are you telling us about these types of students? Their knowledge is very limitied when it comes to understanding the real world.

    The Society we are speaking of is an organization. These particular people have an agenda. This agenda that they are working toward dates back to the Ancient times. May be a history student would understand.

    I read your comment. I do understand the "Haves and Have nots" theory. Believe it or not, wealthy people do go through a lot more life trauma and drama than the average people. Education provides in depth knowledge in various areas and disciplines. However, wisdom provides understanding and insight. Everyone is not granted wisdom. All educated people do not have wisdom or insight to understand all things. I work with educated people and wonder do some of them even have common sense.

    Fact: Educated people can be conned and swindled just like the uneducated. They do and have made poor decisions just like the rest of the people.

  385. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    One more thing… I remember a duet Michael Jackson did with Janet. I believe the title was "Scream" . In this song, he is saying, "stop pressuring me, stop pressuring me, ….. you make me want to scream"

    Could this song be a message for the Illuminati Society? Apparently Janet knows about them as well. Why has no one answered my question? There are some very knowledgeable and well informed people on this blog. Is Janet Jackson in the Illuminati Society? Is this blog limited to exposing only specific artists and actors/actresses?

    Why did Janet end her relationship with shorty? Okay, I will be nice. Why did she end her relationship with Jermaine Dupree? Did Tyler Perry some how come in to the picture? She told interviewers that she wanted to marry and have children by Jermaine. I am just curious as to what happened to cause the break up.

    Seriously, I have always questioned celebrities all of the sudden becoming very big as if they got a big break. I used to wonder how did that happen so fast or why that person is all of the sudden so famous and important. I miss the good celebrities (singers and movie stars) such as Lauryn Hill, Halle Berry, Julia Roberts, Alanis Morisette, Anita Baker, Gwen Stephani, etc.

    Did these people just disappear to stay away from the madness? Is the music just going to be about the darkside? I hope not. I like to laugh and smile and not be angry and aggressive.

  386. @EveryoneWillBow:

    Gwen is Madonna's cousin. Plus she's also involved with the dark stuff, check her videos and music!.

    Just turn your tv off. Read good books. Clear your mind. And pray to the Lord.

    That's as much as we can do!.

    About Lauryn, I don't think she will ever come back!. She got out of the game to save her soul!

  387. john lawrence co on

    To the writer of these articles:

    I would just like to tell you how we can help people suffering from this mind control, especially Britney? I'm really a big fan of hers and I can't take it if she will not be freed to this kind of imprisonment? As a fan, I would like to help her and reach out to her, so that she will not felt alone. Because I really look up to her and she is one of my inspiration of pursuing my dreams. I won't let her to be dump in hell.

    Thank you so much for your kind consideration….

  388. What is this world coming to?

    My dear brothers and sisters the time is near.

    Please respect each other, help your brother when he is in need.


  389. Hey Vigilant, check this out –

    From my Brief History of Stars, Part 3…a new "small detail" about one of my criminals…

    'A considerable amount of credible circumstantial evidence suggests that Theodore Kaczynski, also known as the Unabomber, participated in CIA-sponsored MKULTRA experiments conducted at Harvard University from the fall of 1959 through the spring of 1962.

    During World War II, Henry Murray, the lead researcher in the Harvard experiments, served with the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), which was a forerunner of the CIA. Murray applied for a grant funded by the United States Navy, and his Harvard stress experiments strongly resembled those run by the OSS.

    Beginning at the age of sixteen, Kaczynski participated along with twenty-one other undergraduate students in the Harvard experiments, which have been described as 'disturbing' and 'ethically indefensible'."

    We never heard a peep about any of this in the mass media during the entire time he was arrested, on trial or afterwards, and I recall that Unabomber was the big story for quite a while. I guess this small detail just wasn't "newsworthy" to ABC/CBS/NBC/CNN, huh? And not one word about it in a 7 page Time magazine post-mortem article I just read, which pretty much tells his entire life story. Interesting, huh?? :)

  390. i know this is a bit off topic but just saw the preview of lady gaga alejandro and it looks so fricken dark with the star sign and stuff just wondering if u can publish an article of that

  391. Oh dear, dear, dear, so much arguing! This is a place for discussing what is going on in our society and Hollywood. Aren't we tired of being sidetracked by religious/anti-religious arguments yet? Isn't that one of the tools the elites use to distract us for the truth?

    For the record I am not a Christian, or a religious type at all. BUT i do understand one thing very clear, there is a spirit in everything. Someone can call themselves Christian and be of a positive or a negative spirit, the same goes for any religion.Same goes for the atheist, Agnostics or those of us who just don't care, don't know or don't get it either way. If you don't want to read bible verses just gloss over them, I do. The fact that they are up does not offend me at all. Like wise, attacking the religious ones and calling their words whining is just indicative of someone with a negative spirit. So is a religious person attacking others because they do not believe in their faith.

    It would be so nice if we could refrain from attacking each other. Many of us already get the message about the crap that's going on in the world, we don't need a live demonstration right here in the comments section.

    Love people, how about we try it a little? See where hate has gotten us?

  392. @ nan

    I just wanted to remind you that this is ALL speculation. It's not a fact that Britney spears switched to an alter personality on that video. It is not a fact that Anna Nicole smith was also switching…she could very well be on drugs (Howard K.Stern being an evil douche is a fact in my book though).

    Griff was part of one of the premiere rap groups of the early 90's. He knows the industry more then most of us. Nothing he says is fact, it is all speculation. Though his speculations are naturally going to be more informed than ours.


    Someone mentioned doing articles on the literary worlds as opposed to the music world and I'd like to second that. I like the Harry Potter books, they are well written and fun. However it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that J.K. Rowlings success is a little strange and I don't think any one believes that the books were THAT good. The only success story stranger than J.K Rowlings is that of Stephanie Mayers. Harry Potter is at least a good read, I'll give her that. How a book about a bunch of depressed, sour faced, teenagers managed to get so popular is beyond me. The books were well written…yes….but the story is so lackluster and the movies were unbelievably bad.

    Video games are another subject to explore. Everyday it seems like more and more of these MMORPG's are poping up and most of them are free. There is something strange about these Role Playing games. Real people forfeiting Real lives to live in a virtual world.

  393. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    @ John Lawrence (498)

    You stated, "I would just like to tell you how we can help people suffering from this mind control, especially Britney." You never told us how to help her or were you asking how to help her.

    I think just like the Society is closely watching her, there should be a group (Anti-Society) strongly speaking out for Britney and other people who wants out without making accusations. The people in Society would just deny their existence. People should no longer buy in to any more of the media's claim to her losing her mind or mental illness. She needs a safe haven to run to in order to be protected. Because she is in too deep and has children, she cannot just do what Dave Chapelle did. Besides, they used her children to make her stay. It was so odd how she came back to the industry and her parental rights were restored. It would not stun me if the Society is paying the children's father to partake in their demonic scheme.

    Do you think the organization threatened her parents, because her dad did attempt to help his daughter? May be they were going to expose him as a child molester or expose the family in a embarrassing/harrowing way.

    I think the excessive use of the paparazzi was a strategy to push her over the deep edge and to show Britiney that they are everywhere and she can't run nor hide. Remember when Princess Di complained constantly about the paparrazzi and how aggressive they become at times. It was strange how the paparrazzi cause her death.

    That is why we need to give those people an indirect warning that we are watching them and will expose them if anything happens to her.

  394. Nova- All is not speculation when you have pictures of entertainers rocking the baphomet in their vidoes, or other weird things in video's that I can see with my own eyes. I can listen to lyrics with my ears to " hear" what they are saying. I can research the fact that these buissiness are owned by the same people. So where is the speculation? However if I state Jay-Z sacraficed his cousin, or Damen Dash sacrificed Aaliyah, Bill Cosby sacraficed his son, Jenifer sacraficed her whole family…I think that is what you call pure speculation and it leaves room for doubt. Don't get me wrong I like professor Griff i'm just saying leave the speculation to the side. As far as mind controll if you look up mind controll, mind controll and the CIA which is a hot topic when it comes to the illuminati I think the definition of mind controll proves that Anna Nicole, Britney spears had a malfunction. You know there is a definition to the word MK- mind control. So when you look it up I think it describes what we saw in these videos. Now could you name one person on drugs crack,weed, pills whatever that cause you to act like Britney or Anna Nicole………i'll wait

  395. @ Everyone will bow, you are right, I should be kind to Someone. I actually was being kind in a tough way, because we cannot convince Someone, Someone has to dig for it and find what it is they are looking for. Anyway,

    @ Someone, here is a place to start that explains the agenda of the illuminati. Now, you will see that there is DISINFORMATION abounding that says this is a hoax, but I think that is just to throw people off track. Read through this and see if it doesn't sound like wat has gone on for several centuries now. THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/przion1.htm This is the blueprint that the Rothschilds and their international banking cronies who are the core of the illuminati today are working by. They don't care if it takes eons to achieve their goals. Read about the Rothschilds and those old families, everyything is done through the family, in the family, the bloodlines are kept within the Society, on and on and on. Because their philosophy and religion and life-style are so way different than what you can imagine, that is why they pursue this course of action. Their religion in domination, power through money, sex, and death. Look into it, you will find your answers.

  396. Re: BP executive Tony Howard, he cashed in a fraction ofhis chips and paid of the mortgage on his manison/estate. He must have known some disaster was coming and that he would most likely be canned because of it. Sohe covered his rear… Sounds like the WTC fiasco.

  397. If you want a good explanation of howmind-control is accomplished and used watch The Manchurian Candidate with Denzel Washington. You will have to fill in between the lines, but it gives you a glimpse into that kind of activity. It may say it is fiction, but it has a kernel of truth. That's the way the illuminati disseminate and broadcasts its actions and intents; if you want to understand you have to dig for the kernel of truth.

  398. Also I guess Everyone Will Bow has figured out by now that this is not necessarily a Christian blog. It is just an information sharing blog. I think a few agents provocateurs are in the mix as well. Free will. People will make their choice, and then they will pay the price. Natural consequences. Truth or consequences.

  399. @ nan

    It is ALL speculation. "Just go research it, you'll see all these things about MK programming and mind control are fact".Isn't that interesting though that we are complaining and investigating the allegations that our entire society is a manufactured construct of certain elites…that information has been fed to us that hides the truth of these groups actions and that nothing we hear can be trusted…but you can do an internet search and "Research" all this counter information?

    Wouldn't it be easy for these same elites to plant any kind of information, at any time? Hell we are giving them credit for deceiving America and the entire world. Brainwashing celebrities, creating hypnotic music that controls our mind….but planting info in books and the internet…no, they are not cleaver enough for that?

    It is ALL SPECULATION. Anyone can put false information about anything on the web, or write a book full of lies and put it on the book shelf. The MK ultra program could be a lie, so can any of this. YOU cannot decipher what is true and what is false because you are a "Doll" raised in this society, just like the rest of us. You have no more authority to decipher fact from fiction then anyone else. What you are doing is trying to filter information….I believe THIS so everyone else should believe this as well because I have to be RIGHT… which is exactly the kind of thing I am fighting against.

    I put the information out there, just like Griff did. If you don't want to believe it…alright. If you do believe it (and you have some further evidence or informed theories to back it up) I would hope you'd share. But please don't tell me "Don't believe these speculations from a music industry insider because he calls watches 'chains'. But i should hold everything else I'm reading as gospel because it's coming from an unidentified source on the internet".

    P.S. It really doesn't matter if I research MK ulters and how they act when they mind controled or whatever. All of us are individuals and there is no script for how we act when under the influence of drugs. Anna could have just been on drugs, Britney could have simply been reacting to whatever was going on with her and Justin. There is no script any of us have as humans for reacting to anything.

  400. 511 Nova- Did you read a word I said. I said I see bapohmets (sp whatever) in their videos (check) I will say I saw Jay-Z in an Alister Crowley sweat shirt who is a know satanist ( check) I said I can hear lyrics with the ears I have ( check) so what books are you speaking of? What book did I say I read? What book did I say I beleived? I didn't say I didn't beleive Professor Griff I said I like to stick to the facts. So what exactly are you saying to me? Trust honey I have not picked up one book I don't need to. To scratch the surface is good enough for me.

  401. MTV Movie Awards, audience full of industry indentured servants. Your favs, Tom Cruise, J-Lo, Samuel Jackson, on and on. They all have chains…

  402. I think South Park probably captured it best (incidentally, with their Britney Spears episode): the music industry is not a satanic cult, but it is extremely controlling, because it is profit driven. The big difference is when that show got into a twist that involved a cult, it was used purely for exaggeration and satire, and not meant to be taken seriously. I have a cousin-in-law who works as a TV producer, and she said that in her brief encounter with Britney she seemed, "like a sweet girl…but not that smart." Obviously Spears doesn't have the, er, intellect and/or business sense of someone like Madonna, or if we want to go back a few decades, Lucille Ball. Britney can sing (I use the term lightly haha), she can dance, and she can put on a show, but she isn't smart enough to manage her own career, and needs people to do it for her. And seeing as pop-culture and trends are partially manufactured by corporations (and I think the "mind control" ends right there), obviously they would want her to conform to their demands, especially since she will never be as much of a chart-topper as she used to be thanks to everything involving Federline and beyond. They tried to give Britney new images, and they didn't work, so they tried again. The girl wasn't being turned into a mindless drone, she was already not too bright, and thereby easily manipulated, hence why she was constantly being pushed back into the studio when she should have just been relaxing. There's a similar situation with Aguilera. This site has accused her of joining "the dark side," but she's not exactly doing anything new. She (or her manager/s) are simply trying to go the GaGa route, since it's become cool. We've seen this before. Britney's album "Circus" was no different; it was just using a theme/marketing tool that has been previously successful. Guess who had a circus-themed album (sort of) AND music video? Ms. Aguilera. Are we really dealing with dark forces (because actual "magic" doesn't exist, after all), or just an industry that makes money off of gimmicks and "shock value"? And on a separate note, if these songs are meant to be some form of mind control, explain to me why so many people have always found the likes of Spears or Gaga annoying? As over-exposed as entertainers can become (especially with Britney), there are always people who don't like them, whether out of a desire to simply be contrarian, or because they legitimately don't like their music, and I guarantee you that most of the "haters" of this music aren't readers of this website; it simply isn't their type of music. Even some people who like this so-called "symbolic music" don't hold it up as being the greatest music ever. Plenty of people just enjoy it as silliness, devoid of actual substance. Seems like it would be hard to be controlled if you didn't take a song seriously. The greatest extent of mind control that music has is the earworm, which is nothing more than a song with a steady rhythm or beat that becomes catchy. You can find it in anything from Ke$ha, to Gaga, to Beyonce (most notably in Single Ladies, a song which doesn't exactly promote satanic values, but rather encourages a rather traditionalist view of "you like me? let's get married" rather than "slut it up and be a heathen"). That's what it all comes down to on the artistic scale. The more something leans towards pop-culture, the less substance it has thereby making any symbols you "find" empty and devoid of "power". You don't need to believe in an occult conspiracy to be able to examine symbols. Pop-culture has always catered to the lowest common denominator, and it always has (look at how stupid the lyrics in Ke$ha's songs are), albeit with a few notable exceptions like The Beatles. It's the same reason that, in the movie industry, "Transformers 2," which was critically reviled, was one of the top grossing films, while the critically acclaimed "The Hurt Locker" made only $16 million. The music and film industries are just that: INDUSTRIES. They're trying to make money, and in the case of the two films mentioned, more people are going to shell out money to see giant robots beating each other up than a character study on soldiers involved in a war that is still ongoing; in the end it all comes down to the fact that escapism (whether as romantic, sci-fi, or farce) is more accessible than work with artistic merit because more often than not, the average person goes to the movies simply to be entertained. Though I have no doubt that there are grains of truth on this site (I won't even rule out the possibility that at least one person in "the industry" dabbles in the occult; there are many types of people, and there are billions of us), they have been sensationally distorted.

    PS: I've seen the FB picture of super-skinny 50Cent. I'm sure there's an as yet unwritten post about how this is something to do with the occult under the guise of a movie role, simply to keep 50 as a "slave". If that's the case, does mean that anytime an entertainer undergoes significant weight loss (and what about GAIN, for that matter…no one bats an eyelash when Zellweger gained weight for "Bridget Jones") it's a conspiracy? What about when Mr. Bale lost all of that weight for "The Machinist," an indie feature with little marketing that was never going to be seen by many people anyway?

  403. 515 Hmmm- Stop thinking like we are in the 90's when we use to listen to music but not the words…when Tupac wrote a whole album on the killumanti, spoke about selling his sould but we was too stupid to even hear words to a song. I could go on but..no. As far as Christina and shockvalue, you can go ahead and call her flopvalue, her CD has bomed to the point her tour was cancelled. So what was so shocking and valueable about that. Not to mention she tried the same thing a while back and flopped. So who would return to where a disaster occured with high expectations unless you were forced to.Any way thats what we thought in the 90's that this was all bs, we listen to songs without hearing the words, we watched videos without knowing what they mean so I say again no need to go back to thinking like we are in the 90's once awaken no need to go back to sleep. What do you think?

  404. 515-DMX couldn't have said it better " F a beat listen to the words in the damn song" -" talking to a n**** he can be sitting right here,