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“Torture” : A Creepy Video About the Jacksons Being Subjected to Mind Control



"Torture" : A Creepy Video About the Jacksons Being Subjected to Mind Control

The Jacksons’ 1984 video “Torture” is a nightmarish ordeal laced with a whole lot of Illuminati mind-control symbolism. Does the video symbolically reveal the secret life of the Jacksons, particularly the family’s most famous member, Michael?

The story of the Jacksons reflects everything that is wrong with the music industry: Young talents being groomed in cruel conditions by handlers, then pushed into the spotlight in order to ultimately break down in a spectacular fashion. When Michael Jackson became the biggest star in the world, things got extremely weird, extremely fast. First, Michael’s appearance and skin color changed drastically due to massive bone-chiseling reconstructive surgery and experimental, chemically induced skin bleaching.  Then all kinds of reports of strange behavior- culminating in accusations of child molestation – surfaced in the media, defining the rest of Michael’s career. After spending the last few years of his life speaking out against the evils of the industry, the “King of Pop” died in a what is now ruled as a homicide.

I am convinced that Jackson was subjected to strange experiments throughout his life, the maij one being: Trauma-based mind control. The process most likely began at a very young age, as Jackson was reportedly severely traumatized by the physical and psychological abuse suffered at the hands of his father.

When Jackson moved from the custody of his father to the custody of the music industry, things got worse. And if there’s anything one can learn from the articles on Vigilant Citizen it is that the occult elite enjoys disclosing–in a twisted, symbolic and deceptive matter–their control on artists, the industry … and the world. Hence, Torture.

It’s Torture

The Jackson’s Torture was released two years after Michael Jackson’s monumental album Thriller made him an international superstar. While the rest of the Jacksons looked to cling to Michael’s talent and get some of his fame and fortune, Torture describes the disgusting Illuminati mind-control system that lurks behind the glamour and glitz of the industry.

Watching Torture is torture in itself. Combining crappy visual effects with a bunch of annoying and disturbing images, the video is tedious and difficult to watch. It is as if one can feel the fact that the filming of the video was torture to everyone involved – including director Jeff Stein:

Stein recalls the shoot as “an experience that lived up to the song title”, and that sentiment is shared by others involved in the production. It finished over schedule and over budget. By the end the Jacksons themselves had stopped showing up. Stein says it was so stressful that one of his crew members lost control of her bodily functions. “The crew motto used to be ‘Death or victory’,” he says. “I think that was the only time we ever prayed for death.”
– Craig Marks “I Want My MTV: The Uncensored Story of the Music Video Revolution”

Furthermore, as if they felt that there was something intrinsically wrong with this project, Jermaine Jackson flat out refused to appear in the video and Michael bowed out, citing other engagements. The net result of all of this: A wax dummy of Michael Jackson was used for the video.

"Torture" : A Creepy Video About the Jacksons Being Subjected to Mind Control

They used a dummy to replace Michael Jackson in this shot. YUP. They even put one of its arms up and everything. This has to be in the Top 5 saddest moments in music history.

While the song is said to be about how the feelings of love become “torture” when a break-up is nearing, the video goes in a decidedly MKULTRA direction. The video is all about literal torture and the symbolism associated with those scenes point directly to Monarch mind control (if you don’t know what that is, read this article first).

"Torture" : A Creepy Video About the Jacksons Being Subjected to Mind Control

The video begins with a Jackson standing in front of a line that leads him to a weird place. This is not unlike the Yellow Brick Road in The Wizard of Oz which is said to be the “path to programming” by Monarch handlers.

"Torture" : A Creepy Video About the Jacksons Being Subjected to Mind Control

Behind the shades, his eyes explode, implying the impending blowing of his mind.

The lyrics of the first verse describe the plight of an MK slave.

It was on a street so evil
So bad that even hell disowned it
Every single step was trouble
For the fool who stumbled on it
Eyes within the dark were watchin’
I felt the sudden chill of danger
Something told me keep on walkin’
Told me I should not have gone there

Trapped inside a weird, claustrophobic world–representing the mind of a dissociated MK slave–the brothers are subjected to all kinds of trauma.

"Torture" : A Creepy Video About the Jacksons Being Subjected to Mind Control

What the hell is this thing? This messed-up face is the kind of imagery used to traumatize and confuse MK slaves about their own body.

Much like other MK-inspired movies from the 80s, such as Return to Oz and Labyrinth, the video depicts how a dissociated slave perceives reality while being subjected to trauma.

The beginning of programming is represented by the slave entering into an occult temple.

"Torture" : A Creepy Video About the Jacksons Being Subjected to Mind Control

The slave stands before the entrance of an occult temple, complete with two pillars and an all-seeing eye above.

"Torture" : A Creepy Video About the Jacksons Being Subjected to Mind Control

Initiation into Freemasonry is represented by passing through twin pillars standing under the All-Seeing Eye.

However, the Jacksons are not initiated into a brotherhood. Instead, they are rather forcibly introduced into a world of hurt under the all-seeing eye of a sadistic handler.

Inside the temple, they are lured deeper by a creepy “magician”, representing the handler.

"Torture" : A Creepy Video About the Jacksons Being Subjected to Mind Control

The handler’s face is creepily disfigured, possibly implying that handlers are traumatized slaves themselves.

The slave then falls into a pit and discovers who really rules his world.

"Torture" : A Creepy Video About the Jacksons Being Subjected to Mind Control

Observed by a literal “eye in the sky”, the MK slave is constantly monitored by his handler.

"Torture" : A Creepy Video About the Jacksons Being Subjected to Mind Control

Nothing says Illuminati MK slave like a helpless celebrity stuck on a wall of eyeballs.

"Torture" : A Creepy Video About the Jacksons Being Subjected to Mind Control

Touching an eyeball is apparently contagious as an eye grows right on his hand. Trauma.

"Torture" : A Creepy Video About the Jacksons Being Subjected to Mind Control

Although there are eyes everywhere, the brothers themselves are blind to what is truly happening to them. In this quick, yet highly disturbing scene, the brothers remove their shades to reveal that they literally have no eyes.

Inside this world of all-seeing eyes, the brothers find themselves in all kinds of trauma-inducing situations.

"Torture" : A Creepy Video About the Jacksons Being Subjected to Mind Control

Shocked by an electric wall representing electroshock therapy – a basic trauma-inducing technique of Monarch mind control.

Later, a beautiful woman lures him deeper into the “temple” (programming).

"Torture" : A Creepy Video About the Jacksons Being Subjected to Mind Control

At the top of a curved obelisk is, once again, a big, all-seeing eyeball.

"Torture" : A Creepy Video About the Jacksons Being Subjected to Mind Control

As he attempts to reach the woman, pointy things attempt to stab him. The path to programming is laden with pain and torture.

"Torture" : A Creepy Video About the Jacksons Being Subjected to Mind Control

Right before he reaches the woman, she turns into a masked crazy person laughing evilly.

Michael Jackson’s verse explains how a slave gets lured into a world of hurt.

She was up a stair to nowhere
A room forever I’ll remember
She stared as though I should have known her
Tell me what’s your pain or pleasure
Every little thing you find here
Is simply for the thrill you’re after
Loneliness or hearts on fire
I am here to serve all masters

“I am here to serve all masters” is the kind of thing an MK slave is programmed to think.

The slave ends up on an even deeper level of programming.

"Torture" : A Creepy Video About the Jacksons Being Subjected to Mind Control

He finds himself in a setting that is custom-made to induce trauma, complete with giant spiderwebs and skeletons hanging by the arms.

"Torture" : A Creepy Video About the Jacksons Being Subjected to Mind Control

There, the Jacksons turn into skeletons performing their signature dance moves.

The programming turns the Jacksons into dancing skeletons, animated by the “magic” of the handlers. That’s showbiz for you.

We are then treated to a classic symbol of MK-related narratives: The MK Slaves breaking glass (or a mirror) to represent the fracturing of their personality.

"Torture" : A Creepy Video About the Jacksons Being Subjected to Mind Control

Each brother successively breaks glass – their personas are symbolically shattered after dissociation and intense trauma.

After the torture and programming, the brothers are ready to go back in the “real world” and be industry slaves.

"Torture" : A Creepy Video About the Jacksons Being Subjected to Mind Control

After the programming is complete, a lightning bolt crashes down and reopens the gate to the real world. Never forget that they replaced Michael Jackson with a wax dummy because he did not want to appear in the video. YUP.

Although I am sure the producers wanted the real MJ to appear in the video, him being replaced by a dummy is tragically appropriate as Michael is the one who ended up in the deepest levels of programming.

In Conclusion

Torture was one of those productions that almost seemed to be cursed. The song was shunned by critics and the filming of the video was a difficult, painful ordeal that was boycotted by both Michael and Jermaine Jackson. The video even caused the production company to go bankrupt.

Torture was nevertheless a prototype of the “modern” music videos, laced with MK imagery. It featured artists portrayed as slaves who are lured into a scary world full of trauma and Illuminati symbolism, giving viewers that gut feeling that they are watching something wrong and evil. Torture was the occult elite symbolically “disclosing” what truly happened to the Jacksons behind closed doors … and it was literally torture.

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"Torture" : A Creepy Video About the Jacksons Being Subjected to Mind Control

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J. Anthony

What MJ went through breaks my heart. One of the kindest people this world will ever know, went through so much pain and trauma.

Yassin Philip

Michael was a true angel. Music is the key to the mind, and can be used for both good and evil and everybody knows. We musicians all shiver when we think of what Michael had to endure, what Britney lives, all that loud and colorful nightmare. Check my new song out “No Sister” ( this is us fighting back.

PS – If not for VC, I’dd never even bother cheking my RSS ; Thanks for this tremendous documentation, original analysis and so appropriate witty humor 🙂


No wonder he tried to escape and almost converted into Christianity I heard but they dispatched him which is quite sad and dreadful.



If you haven’t read “Coreyography” by Corey Feldman, please do. It not only opens up how disturbing Hollywood is, and always has been, but his friendship with Michael reveals a lot about the popstar and his mental state in the 80’s and 90’s. The Jackson’s father – he looks like a demon. I mean, I know that’s how God fashioned him, but looking like a pit dweller and acting like one are two different things. When you combine them, you get what happened with ALL of his kids. They’re all screwed up.


Thank you for bringing Corey’s book to my attention! I kept reading he wanted to release something but I had forgotten all about it. I’m definitely gonna get that book.


Me too 🙂


Demons wear human flesh, you know. And so do angels.

The multiple personalities and dissociation of MK programming is demonic possession. The occult elite are into Satanic crap because it’s real. And they are truly serpents in disguise.

The all-seeing eye in LOTR is Sauron. That’s the same “saur” as in dinosaur — “lizard”. The all-seeing eye in Egypt is Horus, son of ISIS and Osiris. Osiris means “throne of the eye”.

In the Book of Enoch this devil is called Sham’hazai. He is imprisoned beneath the earth.

Jesus called the Pharisees children of the devil and a “den of vipers”. They truly were snakes. Saul, later St. Paul, was one of these, and “scales fell from his eyes”. Because he was a serpent in human flesh.

Why do dragons appear in all cultures? They still rule us to this day.


Excellent point. The original serpent in Genesis is often thought to have actually been a dragon. Perhaps David Icke is on to something….

Nickolas Salokcin

In Genesis in hebrew the word Nakhash is being mis-translated to mean serpent when it really is translated to be whisperer. The reason that it has been mis-translated is because on the masonic lodge floor they whisper during rituals, so they changed it so those that are in the lodge wouldn’t put it together that they are the Nakhash or the whisperer.


Truly amazed by the analysis about Paul… Never saw it this way but makes so much sense. We tend to read the Bible as metaphorisms when actually everything is very real. Wow.


When I read your comment I thought of The Rainbow Serpent which Australian Aboriginals, my people, believed in

English Rose

I read the Corey autobiography and it was really shocking. Michael opened his eyes but it was too late…the damage had been done a long time ago….


Hi not sure if you’ll see this comment as yours was a while ago. I just read Corey’s book after seeing this comment. It’s a great in sight however he gives credit to Hugh Hefner and says he’s a great guy, but from what I’ve read (on this website and elsewhere) Hugh Hefner is part of the elite/cult so this confused me, what do you think?

Truth Prevail

Interesting analysis but I have to disagree with the skin bleaching part I believe Michael Jackson had Lupus and vitiligo this was all proven in his autopsy he did have plastic surgery and perhaps did do some type of skin whitening treatment but I do not believe that was because he did not want to be black I believe he used it to make his skin be a equal colour considering this condition developed when he was at his peak if you look at his earlier pictures you can see blotches of discoloration which is common for people who suffer from Vitiligo which he covered with makeup until it spread and he was unable to cover it up with make up.

Corey Feldman talked about Pedophiles in Hollywood he never said MJ was one or if MJ abused him and this is backed up by the fact Feldman was at Jacksons memorial and paid tribute to him at one of his shows I am sure he would not have done that if Jackson had abused him.


I’m so happy SOME of you guys aren’t buying what the media was selling when it comes to Michael Jackson’s skin condition.It’s a shame VC has decided to believe those lies about Michael Jackson.

Ms. Smith

Your right, the autopsy (the real one) proved that he had the condition vitiligo over much of his body. That is why he always wore long sleeves. The few pics of him with short sleeves and you can see the discoloration up and down his arms.

Also Corey Feldman has said over and over that Michael never abused him.


Wher in the article did VC write Michael bleached his skin to be white because he didn’t want to be black? Either several of you misread it, or I did.

Big Al

Please recognise, that the sun in the video is red. And the pupil of the eye in the sky has the same color.
In Alchemy the red sun symbolises the last step (Rubedo) before completing The Great Work (Magnum opus).
Torture marking Jackson’s final ascension to become the “King of Pop”,… the final step of this “Great Work”.


Rest in peace, Michael.


Even tho this was made in the 80’s even by today’s standards its really creepy and weird……


Um…. Why doesn’t VC know that Michael had vitiligo? That was confirmed in the autopsy.


Well they could have lied about him having vitiligo as well. They lie about everything else. I have seen people with this disease, and it covered most of their body and not their whole body.


He had vitiligo, you can see it peaking thru in some of his photos in the late 80s early 90s, his coloration was off and that’s what most people with that disease go thru during the early stages.

D D d

Bad acne treatment and a liver function can do that too. Bleaching of scars might be a clue. I don’t know.


Why is it so hard to believe that he had it? It’s well documented. His medical records were even brought up in court at one point. Just accept that he had it and move on.

Ms. Smith

That’s right and someone else in his family had it too. I don’t remember if it was his grandfather or great grandfather.


What they lied about was him bleaching his skin because he didn’t want to be black, which couldn’t be further from the truth.


You know, his skin condition is such a complicated issue for people to understand, and I think the reason why people have such a hard time understanding it is because it happened so drastically and smoothly. He was very good at covering it up (makeup, lightening creams, long sleeved shirts and pants, etc.). This was personal for him, and I feel like he was forced to shed light on the issue because of what people were saying. That’s why he revealed his condition in the 1993 interview he did with Oprah….and some people still didn’t believe him.


He was also very private about his Lupus, just like Tony Braxton was at first. She hid her illness for about 10 years before she opened up about it in 2010.


The media brainwashing didn’t help either. When you hear a lie often enough, you start to believe it.


@Ebonique.You said, “The media brainwashing didn’t help either. When you hear a lie often enough, you start to believe it.” I agree with you and I’m surprised VC is behaving like the majority of the masses,when it comes to Michael Jackson having the skin condition.Out of all people I would’ve thought VC could see pass the lies the media told about him.Now after realizing he actually bought into some of these lies, I won’t be surprised if VC believes Michael molested kids.


He was infected with vitiligo. “They” purposely infected Michael Jackson with vitiligo…


Yeah I wondered the same thing. But why would he bleach ALL of his skin? Was he losing pigment that rapidly? And to go through all the other body modification as well, at around the same time…..


He bleached all of it to have an even skin tone. At first he tried to darken it by tanning it but it spread all over his body so he knew he was screwed. Some theorists say ‘they’ made sure he caught that disorder, why not.


He had Vitiligo all over his body, the universal type. Why wouldn’t he bleach it out? Who wants to stay looking like a spotted cow?

Arthur Wright did the same exact thing. People should read the story of Arthur Wright.


Very true Chi! This needs to be corrected in the article and I believe in others written about Michael. He did suffer Vitiligo and also Lupus!


I miss Michael.

William L De Sousa

Why don’t you take this opportunity to make a Rockwell’s “Somebody’s Watching Me” analysis… it’s the NSA theme song! LOL


That’s very interesting because Michael Jackson sang the back-up vocals on that song!


Rockwell is Berry Gordy’s son, and was childhood friends with Michael Jackson. And the video for that song has a Baphomet, along with other creepy imagery.


I remember the song very well-weird video is what I thought as a kid & that Rockwell was ‘cute’. I’m gonna Youtube the video now and watch as an adult-wow baphomet & other symbols in the videos all along…


I wonder who it is that writes the script for the videos. Is it the production team? A screen writer? How do they come up with the “vision” for video? I know probably(almost) everyone involved in the entertainment industry is a pawn at some level, but who is the ultimate (human) controller of these things? I know the ultimate controller is the devil himself, so just wondering who is the puppet master (and can lead into another song- Master of Puppets by Metallica).


One thing to consider is the collective unconscious aspect of this. The symbolism is thought to be wired in all of us. Heck, it’s even possible that these things are imagined without the creator being aware of the message being created


Nope, the creators are aware of what they do, only the popstar is blinded (assuming they’re actually programmed, which is the case here). The production team (from stylist to screen writer) is knowledgeable about symbolism & all this illuminati fiasco so they know perfectly how to hide it in plain sight. Now programmed artists (Michael was one of them) can write, draw, sing about their mental state without realising it but when it comes to producers they always do it on purpose.

D D d

The powers of repetition do miracles on the subconcious. You can use it for the good effects as well, but that mostly comes of as escapism?

D D d

Maybe that is why the company went bankrupt. Less paperwork and history to connect the dots. Works in politics too, replace the face.


The label has a team that manages every artist and that team is involved with all the occult knowledge that they need to promote! That team creates the whole idea for the video and they hire a director that agrees with promote with their agenda!
Reaching that rarefied status comes at a cost: One must give up one’s “old-self” to embrace a new persona “tailor-made” by the elite. After the destruction of one’s original self, the only thing that remains is that artificially created, black-dressed persona that is seen around the world, but that is pretty much dead inside.


This video as a kid MESSED ME UP. I was like 4 or 5 & i vividly remember being scared & uncomfortable. Still gives me the shivers

Molly Mahem

Me too, lol!! It left a lasting impression, and I only saw it once…but have thought about it several times…


Michael Jackson being one of my favorite artists ever, I’ve long suspected his MK Ultra experiments. One of my theories is the reason for all the plastic surgeries is he wanted his face to look like his alters that were created through trauma.


Interesting analysis about his plastic surgery..


My theory on his surgery – he simply just didn’t want to be himself.
He hated what they-
industry and people who screamed child abuse –
Hated what he was turned into.



What you say about Michael surgeries, has nothing to do with reality. if you want to understand something of the reality of Michael, you must read the truth. However, Michael has spoken for all of you in his songs already, but it seems that neither the fans want to understand:


The dark side is not interested in the truth.
– Michael’s family does not want the truth. And the more interested, the whole family, to keep hidden the truth is: Jermain.


The scene where the beautiful woman lures him. Looks too much like the stairs with pillar at center in the Israeli supreme court building. Vesica pieces (sp?) with the pillar inside. This picture is made more obscene with the eye at top IMO. TPTSB think they are so funny with hidden references like this to the ‘one eyed willey’. So weary of a world plagued by psychopathic monsters!

Poor Michael Jackson and all their other tortured victims! This needs to STOP!


(I want to add more to the comment I already left below) You know VC, I always enjoy your articles, but with all the research you do, I would’ve thought you knew by now that MJ suffered from Vitiligo. I’m really surprised that someone as well researched as you don’t know this. The reason he even bleached his skin was because of the Vitiligo. He went through depigmentation therapy. It was his way of evening out his skintone to one color, and getting rid of the remaining patches of his original pigment. He did this under a dermatologist’s care. It was even stated in his autopsy report that he had Vitiligo, and many people who knew him spoke of the discoloration they saw. His dermatologist confirmed he had it decades ago (he was diagnosed in the early-mid 80s). His makeup artist, Karen Faye, said he tried to hide his skin condition from her for years. He also suffered from Lupus, something he kept private from the world. Lupus and Vitiligo often go hand in hand; sometimes one autoimmune disease can lead to another. He actually had Lupus first. Jermaine Jackson once told a story of an accident that occurred with… Read more »


Wow, this is so interesting. I guess the older I get the more I realize that the evil in the music industry has always been there. We just didn’t know what we were watching or what it meant. Time to re-watch all my fave 80s and 90s music videos to spot the symbolism

Molly Mahem

Be sure to add the movies too…I have noticed so much…in almost every movie, there is some sign, some symbolism, or act that it is like, whoa. And it goes back much further than the 80’s!


Don’t even remember this being released, and I remember buying the tape Thriller at Mother’s Records. I think “prototyoe” is a well chosen word. It would be a real eye-opener if Jackson left a tell- all diary, and left it in the hands of someone trustworthy and with a conscience that at the right time release it to the public; expose the bastards. Tony Santoyo is a devil, isn’t that what MJ stated openly? I would think MJ would be the kind of person to have penned his life in some hidden way; that would be a spectacular revenge. I doubt however any diary will ever see the light of day.


You mean Tommy MATOLA.

Also, Torture was on The Jackson’s Victory album, not Thriller.


That woman, the Baby Michael, they tried to kill her several times before killing Michael .. But that does not just tried Motolla, with his henchmen … the dark side has many tentacles


Michael left a lot written in his songs, but no more than a woman, his baby, wants, and can clarify all that because Michael wrote his own life as he walked around this woman, from 1980 until his last days.

Ms. Smith

I always knew there was something wrong with that video. I knew about Michael not being in the video, now I know why!


Good article. I have been wondering when more would be revealed about the Illuminati treatment of boy bands. Many members started as vulnerable teens/young adults eager to become famous. I truly understand how they were easy targets for mind control and manipulation by the vultures that surrounded them.

Jesus Save Us

That is very creppy. I confused and scared. This is truly disturbing. And further that the reality surpasses fiction. There are so many hollywood movies that today is happening. And most chilling is thinking about what are the stars through the trauma… 🙁


Quite revealing. Everyone has been obsessed with Michael over the years, but whatever happened to the other 4 guys? Are they as messed up as he was? You never really hear anything about them like they didn’t even exist, even though they did start out as the Jackson “5.”

D D d

The girls seem to have a nice real life documentary carriere in showbizz. Sponsored all the way (for example by make-up-manufactors, fashion and candy.. pictured in the shows as life-healing-products accompanied by shai tee music.) Some of the boys indicate tragedy but have the fear in their eyes that makes an empathatic human being be polite and ask no further? Their show was working for a past audience, not for the modern brainwashed generations. You might come accross them on your way to the mall, casino, or yearly celebration, or, sadly, memorial.
All people, like you and me, mind you, with feelings and emotions.
The press – that’s a different story ofcourse, they are litterally owned by the same corpses as the producers, publishers and distributors.

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