“Labyrinth” Starring David Bowie: A Blueprint to Mind Control


The 1986 movie Labyrinth, starring David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly, immerses the viewers into a world of fantasy and wonder. Like many other fantastic tales, the movie conceals within its symbolism an underlying meaning and, in this case, it is rather disturbing. Labyrinth describes the programming of a mind control victim at the hands of a sadistic handler. We will look at the occult meaning of the symbolism found in Labyrinth.

Labyrinth is a quintessential 80s movie that contains everything we love from the 80s: 80s synth music, 80s CGI effects and a 80s David Bowie in the same 80s hairdo that your aunt Susan had in the 80s. What’s not to love? The movie has, in fact, become a “cult classic” and is still a children’s favorite.

But like many of these delightfully twisted fantasy movies, there is more to Labyrinth than meets the eye. By understanding the occult symbolism and references in Labyrinth, the movie becomes a big allegory for mind control, where each scene refers to a particular aspect of the process. What appears to be a young girl’s quest through a Labyrinth to find her baby brother becomes a metaphor for the internal world of a mind control victim that is being programmed by a handler. The obstacles that Sarah, the hero of the story, must go through relate to real life ordeals inflicted to mind control slaves to incite dissociation (if you have no idea what I’m talking about, read the article entitled Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control). Mind games, torture, drugs and sexual abuse are all referred to in veiled symbolism during the movie, giving to “those in the know” an entirely different story than what is shown at face value. Labyrinth is therefore constructed like most esoteric works in History: it uses symbolism to conceal from the masses while revealing to the initiates.

Very little prior knowledge is required to understand the underlying meaning of Labyrinth. however. The movie was, in fact, mentioned by a few authors on mind control who described it as one of the most blatant movies on Monarch programming. Fritz Springmeier even states Labyrinth is used by actual mind control handlers as a programming script to train the slaves. This very plausible as the movie bears many similarities to Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz – two movies that are known to be used in mind control programming. The only difference is that Labyrinth was probably specifically constructed to this purpose while, at the same time, exposing the masses to this kind of symbolism.

Since Labyrinth is a blueprint for mind control, it is only fitting that the star of the show is an artist who has served as a blueprint to modern pop stars: David Bowie. Throughout his long and eclectic career, Bowie has touched on many occult and ritualistic themes that are today rehashed by industry-made pop stars. And, for some reason, many of those who touch upon these occult themes also integrate mind control into their works. Maybe it is due to the fact that mind control heavily relies on black magic rituals and Kabbalistic teachings. So, before we look at the symbolism of the movie, let’s take a brief look at some of the symbolism used by David Bowie.

David Bowie: The One They All Imitated

Many articles on this site mention modern pop stars and the occult symbolism embedded in their works. It was only a matter of time before David Bowie was mentioned as he is apparently a major source of inspiration for many of them. David Bowie is indeed the prototype of the pop-star/occult icon whose works incorporated concepts originating from Secret Societies. From strange alter-egos, to the occult concept of androgyny, and of course including references to Aleister Crowley and his Thelema, Bowie did decades ago what pop stars are doing now.

“Bowie’s alter-ego named Ziggy Stardust was a representation of the “illuminated man” who has reached the highest level of initiation: androgyny. There was also a lot of one-eye things going on.

Drawing the Kabbalistic Tree of Life

Bowie dressed in Egyptian garbs (like Crowley used to do) and displaying the hand sign of “as above so below”

The difference between Bowie and today’s pop stars is that he was rather open regarding the occult influence in his act and music. In a 1995 interview, Bowie stated: “My overriding interest was in cabbala and Crowleyism. That whole dark and rather fearsome never-world of the wrong side of the brain.” In his 1971 song Quicksand, Bowie sang:

“I’m closer to the Golden Dawn
Immersed in Crowley’s uniform of imagery”

(Golden Dawn is the name of a Secret Society that had Crowley as member). These are only some examples of the occult influence on Bowie’s work and an entire book could be written on the subject.

Since the main antagonist of Labyrinth is a sorcerer who also happens to enjoy singing impromptu pop songs, David Bowie was a perfect fit for the role. Did he know that he played the role of a mind control handler?


This poster of the movie Labyrinth is full of MK trigger images.

Released in 1986, Labyrinth was a collaborative effort between George Lucas, Jim Henson (his last movie) and David Bowie. Using state-of-the-art effects, the movie quickly became a classic in what we can call the “twisted fantasy” genre. The plot of the movie is simple: A teenage girl named Sarah goes through a strange, magical Labyrinth to recover her baby brother who was kidnapped by a sorcerer named Jareth and his army of goblins.

Some critics did not appreciate the random nature of the events of the movie. Robert Ebert stated that these kind of movies “aren’t as suspenseful as they should be because they don’t have to follow any logic. Anything can happen, nothing needs to happen, nothing is as it seems and the rules keep changing.” By describing the movie this way, Ebert unknowingly describes the inner-world of a mind control slave, which is exactly what the Labyrinth represents. Through trauma, the psyche of the slave is reprogrammed by the handler resulting in a situation where anything can happen, nothing needs to happen, nothing is as it seems and the rules keep changing.

Sarah’s quest for her baby brother is, in fact, a quest to recover her innocent core persona (her “real” self) that was taken by the handler. The various events that happen to Sarah are distorted reflections of real mind control trauma – hidden behind a veil of fantasy and imagination.


The Premise

The plot of the movie is very reminiscent of the Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland, two stories that are incidentally known to be used in mind control programming. A young girl, bored and distraught with her normal life, finds herself in a fantasy land, where everything can happen. In order to go back home, she embarks on a dangerous quest to reach a great castle (not unlike the Emerald city of the Wizard of Oz). Along the way, the assertive girl uses her wits, courage and strength to go past the obstacles in a world where no rules are established.

Labyrinth is heavily symbolic from beginning to end, starting from the very first scene. Sarah is at a park, dressed as a princess, practising lines to a play under the watchful eye of an owl that is standing on top of an obelisk.

An owl is standing at the top of an obelisk, watching over Sarah.

We quickly learn that the owl is Jareth, the goblin King (played by David Bowie). The fact that Jareth takes the form of an owl in the “real world” and that he sits at the top of an obelisk is very telling about what he actually represents: The occult elite. The owl is known to be the main symbol of the Bavarian Illuminati and is still used by elite groups such as the Bohemian Grove. It represents “those who act under the cloak of darkness”.

Symbol of the Minerval Church of the Bavarian Illuminati featuring a watchful owl.

The owl is at top of an obelisk, a monument that is constantly visible throughout the entire movie. The obelisk has been, for centuries, the ultimate symbol of power of the occult elite. It is found standing at the world’s most powerful places and strange occult powers are attributed to them. These tall monuments originate from the ancient Egypt and are said to represent the lost phallus of Osiris – in other words, male energy. The obelisk is therefore a phallic symbol and the fact that this young girl encounters many of them during her quest might be a reminder of the male handler dominating her mentally and sexually (through abuse).

The owl watches Sarah, who is dressed as a princess and practising a role for a play, illustrating her natural tendency to dissociate from reality and to take on other personalities, a characteristic that MK handlers seek when scouting for potential slaves. Sarah is therefore “marked” by the shady Illuminati Mind Control system.

At Sarah’s house, we find several clues relating to her predisposition to mind control. She is surrounded by toys, books and posters that foretell the dissociative adventure she is about to embark in. Many of Sarah’s toys will be found animated during her adventure, which tells us that everything that will happen will be a result of her own imagination, fuelled by the things that are familiar to her.

Among Sarah’s stuff we find a toy version of the obelisk-studded labyrinth she is about to enter and the books of Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland. Both of these fairy tales are used to encourage victims to dissociate from reality. Labyrinth is no different and is probably used in actual mind control programming.

Right above Sarah’s bed is Escher’s famous drawing named “Relativity”.

Escher’s “Relativity” (the image with the stairs going in all directions) right above Sarah’s bed.

Escher’s mind-boggling images contain confusing features that the mind can never compute. For this reason, they are used in actual mind-control programming. This particular painting will become very important later in the movie.

“If [the child]has artistic brainwaves, then the programmer will use art work in programming. The art work of the european artist M.C. Escher is exceptionally well suited for programming purposes. For instance, in his 1947 drawing “Another World”, the rear plane in the center serves as a wall in relation to the horizon, a floor in connection with the view through the top opening and a ceiling in regards to the view up towards the starry sky. Reversals, mirror images, illusion, and many other qualities appear in Escher’s art work which make all 76 or more of his major works excellent for programming.”
– Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula to Create a Mind Control Slave

So Sarah is angry at her parents, especially her step-mother, because she has to stay at home and babysit her little brother named Toby while they go out. Confronted with the child’s incessant cries, Sarah wishes for the Goblin King to take him away. An owl then enters the room and turns itself into Jareth, the Goblin King.

Jareth offering Sarah “gifts” represented by the crystal ball

Jareth has taken Toby to his world and will turn him into one of his goblins. In mind control terms, baby Toby represents Sarah’s core personality that was taken away by Jareth, her handler. As long as Jareth holds Sarah’s core persona, he will be able to make her go through the Labyrinth – which will represent her programming.

When Sarah asks to Jareth to hand back Toby, the Goblin King uses his skills for manipulation and persuasion. He shows Sarah a crystal ball and tells her that it contains “all of her dreams”. He however warns that is is “not a gift for an for an ordinary girl who takes care of a screaming baby”. In other words, the gift is only for girls who have lost the baby – victims of mind control. Jareth the handler has the power to help Sarah escape the life she loathes but she must allow him to own her core personality – to control her mind. When Sarah refuses Jareth’s offer, which is equivalent to the Faustian theme of selling one’s soul to the Devil, the crystal ball magically turns into a snake and is thrown at her. Jareth then menacingly says: “Don’t defy me”. Seeing that she will not forget about the baby, Jareth tells Sarah that Toby is at his castle and that she has 13 hours to find him. They are both transported into the Labyrinth, which is a big image representing Sarah’s inner-world under the control of a handler.

Inside the Labyrinth

Sarah must traverse a gigantic Labyrinth in order to reach the castle, which represents her walled-off and compartmentalized core persona. The entire labyrinth is Sarah’s inner-world and Jareth is the undisputed master of everything that happens in it. He can also change everything at will. Obelisks are found all across the Labyrinth, a phallic symbol reminding of the sexual control the handlers have over their slaves.

Inside the Labyrinth, Sarah quickly realizes that it does not obey the rules of reality. She finds herself walking never-ending straight paths leading to nowhere.

The Labyrinth appears to be an infinite straight path to nowhere.

Sarah then learns that it is only by mentally picturing an entry towards the castle that one will appear. She must make her own path within her own mind.

Strange plants with eyes on the walls of the Labyrinth reminds us that Sarah is tightly monitored by her handler during the entire process. The symbol of the all-seeing eye is heavily used in actual mind control programming.

While trying to advance through the Labyrinth, Sarah realizes that everything keeps changing around her. She meets strange creatures who say confusing riddles that lead to never-ending loops of circular logic. Her catchphrase appears to be “It’s not fair” as she repeats it numerous time during the movie. This phrase does sum up pretty nicely the life of a MK slave. There are no rules and every kind of unfairness can occur.

Meanwhile, Jareth is in the castle with Toby, monitoring Sarah.

Jareth on his horned throne.

The Ordeals

In her path towards the castle, Sarah goes through all kinds of obstacles, many of which symbolically represent actual traumas lived by mind control victims.

In Sarah’s first ordeal, she falls into a pit filled with “helping hands”.

Sarah is held and grabbed by countless hands around her. This can refer to the victims being manipulated and abused by hidden handlers.

Later, Sarah finds herself in a forest and surrounded by the Fire Gang, who are strange singing creatures that can remove parts of their bodies at will. The concept of dismembered body parts is central to mind control programming.

The Fire Gang’s performance soon turns into a nightmare when they jump on Sarah and try to remove her head.

The Fire Gang trying to remove Sarah’s head from her body, representing the MK slave’s dissociation from reality.

Upon escaping the Fire Gang, Sarah finds herself in an even worst place, the Pool of Eternal Stench.

The Pool of Eternal Stench is basically a big gassy pond full of feces. It keeps emitting flatulence and belches and is therefore very “bodily” place.

Sarah and her friends are forced to go through the nauseating pond in order to continue the quest. This odd scene can refer to the actual mind control technique to induce trauma which consists in immersing the slaves in feces and urine and/or to consume them. Our natural repulsion to excrements and the foul odor we get from them are our body’s way to tell us to stay away from them because they are infested with all kinds of worms and parasites that are toxic to us. Our organisms are so well made that we are instinctively repulsed by the things that are bad for us. The forced consumption of excrements is therefore particularly traumatic as it goes against the human body’s most basic instincts. Sarah’s episode in the Pool of Eternal Stench is a “imaginative” way to describe Sarah’s traumatic experience as a MK slave during programming.

After crossing the pool, Sarah is given a gift – one that is poisoned of course.

Sarah receives a peach that makes her hallucinate – a thinly veiled allusion to the drugs that are given to Monarch slaves during programming.

When Sarah takes a bite from the peach, she feels woozy and starts hallucinating. Monarch slaves are constantly given drugs to amplify the effects of the programming and to incite fear and terror. Laying on the ground, Sarah sees a crystal ball with a symbolic image representing her.

Sarah sees doll in princess clothes surrounded by bars – a classic way to portray dissociative mind control slaves.

Sarah is then shown at a strange ball with guest wearing masks of goats, pigs and birds (commonly called an Illuminati ball) and finds Jareth, her handler, waiting for her.

Jareth waiting for Sarah behind a horned masked at the Illuminati ball.

Jareth and Sarah find each other and begin waltzing together, with Jareth giving suggestive looks … to a 15-year-old girl. The scene symbolically portrays the forced Satanic union between the slave (who is said to be the princess of her world) and her handler. The lyrics of David Bowie’s song playing during the ball can be interpretative as a “love song” from a handler to a mind control slave.

“As the pain sweeps through
Makes no sense for you
Every thrill has gone
Wasn’t too much fun at all
But I’ll be there for you
As the world falls down …

… It’s falling down”

The ball then quickly turns into a nightmare, where all of the masked guests start running after her (is she “bad-tripping”?). Sarah starts running, shatters a mirror and runs through it, another classic symbol of mind control.

To escape the ball, Sarah must shatter a mirror – a symbolic image representing the fracture of her personality.

Confronting Jareth

Despite all of those troubles, Sarah finally reaches the castle and enters it. She finds herself lost in a life-size Escher painting with Toby crawling. Jareth magically appears from everywhere in the scene, the same way handlers appear in the inner-world of Monarch slaves.

Sarah in a life-size Escher image

Then the entire world around Sarah crumbles, leaving only her facing her handler. Sarah asks Jareth to give her back the baby (her innocent core). Jareth gives her a classic double-speak, mind-bending lecture – the kind MK slaves get from their handlers. He says:

“I have reordered time … I have turned the world upside down … I have done it all for you. I am exhausted from living up to your expectations of me. Isn’t that generous?”

He then offers her the crystal ball again.

“Jareth asks Sarah to sell her soul in exchange of her dreams

He says:

“Look what I’m offering you. Your dreams. I ask for so little. Just let me rule you, and you can have everything that you want. Just fear me, love me, do as I say, and I will be your slave”.

This is the classic Faustian “deal with the Devil” proposal, where Jareth says that he “asks for so little” while he is actually asking for Sarah’s everything: Her mind, body and soul.

Sarah then starts reciting the lines she was practising at the beginning of the movie and says “You have no power over me”. Everything crumbles again, Sarah leaves her internal world and finds herself back in the external world, the real world, her house. Toby is back in his crib and everything is apparently back to normal.

In her room, sees some of the creatures she has met in the Labyrinth and is apparently happy to see them. She tells them:

“I don’t know why, but … every now and again in my life, for no reason at all, I need you.”

In other words, Sarah has accepted the internal world that was programmed into her by her handler. It now can be triggered by him at any time during her life.

Sarah and her friends party in her room under the watchful eye of an owl, Jareth, who has never lost control of her. He is actually the winner of the duel with Sarah. Her programming is complete.

The movie closes with David Bowie’s song “Underground”. The song has very church-y feel (with a loud a gospel choir accompanying him) and talks about a place with “no pain”. That place is not heaven, but “Underground”, which can be equated to hell, which, in mind-control terms, is the trauma-filled life of a MK slave.

So, in perfect continuation with the movie, Bowie leaves the viewers with one last inversion of good and evil, heaven and hell and pleasure and pain, with this song:

“No one can blame you
For walking away
Too much rejection (na na)
No love injection
Life can be easy
It’s not always swell
Don’t tell me truth hurts, little girl
‘Cause it hurts like hell
But down in the underground
You’ll find someone true
Down in the underground
A land serene
A crystal moon, ah, ah

It’s only forever
Not long at all
Lost and lonely
That’s underground

Daddy, daddy, get me out of here
Ha ha I’m underground
Heard about a place today
Nothing ever hurts again
Daddy, daddy, get me out of here
Ah ha I’m underground
Sister sister, please take me down
Ah ah I’m underground
Daddy, daddy, get me out of here

While most viewers interpret the story of Labyrinth as a tale about “the importance of imagination” or something of the sorts, the symbolism of the movie gives it a deeper meaning. While the story could be interpreted in numerous ways (another article could be written about Sarah’s quest being a metaphor for esoteric initiation) references to mind control are definitely present. Once the imagery and the triggers relating to mind control are understood, the movie becomes a vivid description of the internal world of a Monarch slave during programming. Totally at the mercy of her handler and the twisted world he created in her mind, the slave attempts to return to reality, where things make sense. The task is difficult as the handler controls time (hence the 13-hour clock that keeps popping up during the movie) and space (secret passages in the Labyrinth). During the quest, the slave meets friends who appear to be helping her, but who are, in actuality, leading her to exactly where her handler wants her to be. In fact, Sarah’s entire “quest for liberation” is actually her being manipulated towards the acceptance of her programming. By going through the Labyrinth, Sarah went through all of the trauma necessary to program her. What appears to be the defeat of Jareth is actually a victory as he successfully programmed Sarah’s internal world. It can be used, in her words “every now and again in her life”.


In Conclusion

Like Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland, Labyrinth is an imaginative fairy tale whose story can be used as a programming script in mind control programming. Unlike the older tales however, Labyrinth might have been specifically constructed for mind control purposes. The story, the symbolism and the music of the movie all form a cohesive sensory-overload, where the viewers are totally immersed in the strange world of mind control. There is however one hitch: like mind-control victims, most viewers are completely duped by the movie and its message. While it appears to be about the triumph of a girl’s mind over evil, its is actually the triumph of evil over a girl’s mind. In the words of Bowie, Don’t tell me truth hurts, little girl, ‘Cause it hurts like hell.




  1. The lyrics of the song playing at the "Illuminati party" faintly remind me of the Rihanna song "Umbrella". It creeped me out. I don't think I want to see this movie.


    • NotOneButTwoEyes on

      I didn't notice that until you said it….I find it so creepy that the Illuminati uses "love songs" to portray the victim/handler relationship. Nice article VC. Any chance you could offer your thoughts on Foster the People's video for "Call It What You Want". It also features a lot of mind control symbolism i.e. one eyes, alter personas, mirrors, checkerboard patterns, sex kittens, references to the devil, and all that wonderful symbolism the elite shoves down our throats.

      • I'm not christian and don't even not know about illuminati. And i see this from other perspective. I grew up in buddist family. Personnally i believed in god. And tell you how this american media affect my life.

        Artists or music industry and movies you called illuminati gives me inspiration, artistry and creativity. I didn't think this control my mind. It helped a lot my life.

        From symbol seeker like you guys i saw only hate, foolish and brainwashing.

    • I see some resemblance to the song but what I found most disturbing of all is how after that "party" she wakes up and says "what was I doing?" and the fact that indeed there's some implied attraction in that scene in the way Bowie is looking at a 15 year old while dancing. – Not saying anything about Bowie in real life, but definitely something about the director of the movie and writer.

      That whole sequence in particular, and how she forgets what her goal was, I don't care how anyone looks at it, you can't deny the message in it is talking about MK or something extremely close to that.

      And then this video was just released

      • Great job VC, knocked it outta the park again, your article fits perfectly with the obvious occult symbolism of the movie, Its crazy how they get the kids early on with the imagery and monarch programming and you really see it all over now. Ty for your time…Peace

    • What a coincidence. I watched this movie as a kid. I hadn't seen it in years. Last week I was flipping channels and came upon this movie. It had just started. So I started to watch it. Watching it as an adult made me think how creepy this movie really is. I wondered why I wasn't frightened by it as a child as much as I am now as an adult. Knowing what I know now, from the first scene I noticed most of the symbolism stated in this article. Then, I knew it had everything to do with mind control. Now, Vigilant came out with this article. It was a bit ironic just because I watched it for the first time in a long time in just the past week. Also, realizing it's deep mind contolled theme. I just found it so ironic! Nice one VC!

      • This is what people need to understand – the entire culture has been programmed. It's everywhere and it's been going on for awhile, since the Fall of Man. This is how the World System operates. It's Satanic, and does not require a special group of supposedly illuminated individuals pulling the strings.

        How is this any different from Twilight, really, with the controlling vampire boyfriend?

  2. This is crazy for me to read as this is still one of my favorite movies. I agree with the symbolism but dont feel like I was mind-controlled by watching this film. I will have to watch it again with this knowledge and see how I feel. I for sure didn't know about Bowie's past back in the 80's when I saw this as a child. Jim Henson was a brilliant mind to me and always will be. Isnt it crazy what we see when our eyes are opened????

    • I don't think the message has ever been that if you watch a movie, video, or other that talks about mind control between the lines, you are automatically mind-controlled.

      From what I get, it has to do with the fact that by watching symbols repeatedly and most importantly UNCONSCIOUS of the meaning and how they resonate with your SUBconscious, you are feeding energy to the groups doing such rituals, by paying attention to it and at times by spending money on it as well – like going to the movies to watch a certain film or paying for a concert – and that down the line you'd be more accepting of such things, like mind control or police state, because you've become desensitized from them or relate them to something else, like war with sex..etc

    • capture my imaginati on

      Katie: "….I agree with the symbolism but dont feel like I was mind-controlled by watching this film…."

      Read VC's words again:

      "Mind games, torture, drugs and sexual abuse are all referred to in veiled symbolism during the movie, giving to “those in the know” an entirely different story than what is shown at face value. Labyrinth is therefore constructed like most esoteric works in History: it uses symbolism to conceal from the masses while revealing to the initiates."

      • That quote concerning how the true meaning of the movie is concealed from the masses via symbolism can be applied to so many movies old and new. One that comes to mind(no pun intended) is Inception. People I've spoken to about it say they need to watch it twice because they aren't even sure what happnened the first time. That movie just screams mind control, as it's main character is clearly a victim of it, and I only saw it once. I'm happy you did an article on "Labyrinth" by the way, it's a classic from my childhood. I often thought about this movie with all I've learned and still am learning about mind control programming.

    • Katie, you ought to reconsider your admiration for Jim Henson. His puppets were a form of mind control, using a veneer of teaching pre-schoolers the alphabet and numbers to indoctrinate them to walk the walk and talk the talk of the 60s drug culture. You're probably way to young to make the connection, yet the speech and expressions of those puppets are so unmistakably those of the 60s drug culture that only the most gullible among us would attribute good intentions to Henson and ignore such blatant mind control.

    • Hi, Katie! I'll have to defense Bowie. I guess he's interest in occultism was merely curiosity and desire for wisdom. When he sings to "Quicksand", he is not telling his own point of view, it's an ironic song. And about Labyrinth, don't worry, I love the movie just like you do, and I think that Jim only wanted to mock everyone putting some nasty jokes in the film, like the "Illuminati ball" (actually these kind of mask dances were created by the rich people in Venice, they were obssessed by class just like Alex from A Clockwork Orange, and they used to make that sexual parties wearing masks to remain anonymous, once that a big orgy would happen at the party's end. Just for chilling down :) Well, in fact, the Rothschilds, an Illuminati family, also had organized parties like these one, but as the Venice elite, they're motherfucking rich), and some other details, like Hoggle killing fairies in a very debauchee way, the pissing fountains in Goblins city, David Bowie's bulge, and lines like these one:
      -Your kindness!! Your kindness… the girl!

      Nothing that an 80's child would get, I hope haha

      OBS: I appologize if my english is not as well. I'm rusted.

  3. Sorry for previous comment, computer froze up!

    Great work again VC!

    The promo poster as featured shows castles with walls like a pryamid leading up to the crystal orb as the all seeing eye.

  4. I used to love this movie as a child, but recently I began thinking about how I'm sure there are loads of underlying messages in this film. It did cross my mind that Jareth was representing a 'handler', especially in the scene where he's dancing with Sarah. When thinking about the film lately, I was imagining Jareth to be representing a sorcerer and all the goblins to be representing Jinns(demons) that carry out all of the the dirty work (black magic) of a sorcerer.

    It's deffinately one of those films that one cannot forget!

    This article has answered many of my questions! Thanks VG, another great and article!

  5. thevoynichmanuscript on

    never liked that movie… hmm you know what it seemed like a bad barbarella (aimed at) kids – which makes me want to revisit barbarella

  6. Yikes. I remember watching this movie several years ago when I was about five or six. Obviously back then I wasn't thinking "Oh, mind control! Mom, get rid of this movie." But I definitely thought it was really strange, and after reading this article it all makes sense.

    • Exactly. Super weird scenarios, songs not making any sense…why did Jareth want Sarah to "love her?" Weird. She's like 15 in the movie. The second line in the lyrics to the song when Sarah is at the creepy ball say, "open your clothes." The movie definitely had so "splainin" to do. This article puts it into perspective; can't argue.

      • i thought parts of this movie were strange, especially at the ball when jareeth gave sarah suggestive looks and the love song was playing -i mean she's a young girl! also, when at the end he asks her to fear him, love him and do as he says. then he says if she does so he will be her slave. isn't that double speak or something because really, sarah is his slave, right?

        i've been an admirer of this site for a while now but this is my first comment. i'm 15 and a girl if that helps. :)

  7. That was so wow! I'm shocked about all these underlying messages. Being 13 and reading all of this just amazes me! I was thing VC maybe you should do a article on a t.v show called Pretty Little Liars and The Lying Game. I love those shows but I'm starting to get a weird feeling about them. But anyways this article was just shocking. I'm starting to now understand more about this occult stuff and seeing it more in the world. Thanks for the article and as always it was GREAT!

  8. I watched this after smoking a bowl back when I was 19 and a girl mentioned they watched it at 5 years and noticed the bulging man parts area. I guess when your crotch is pumped up in that way its not abnormal to notice it but in a kids movie. Really is it necessary to have a bulging groin.

  9. Well I appreciate the thought here Vigilant, but for me this is a very improbable sell, at least in this direction (The conclusion of being an MK narrative seems forced), Which is to say piecing together the mind control programming hypothesis seems to require a considerable amount of picking and choosing things to go a certain direction. I can accept that the story would be used for programming, but it actually seems to be less saturated with those elements, than things like "The Dark Crystal" and other projects Henson worked on.

    The story I see in it (and I do read into things) is that it's a story of a girl who's going from being a child to being an adult, the labyrinth et all is representative of that, whereas Jareth is certainly a satan-like figure who attempts to keep her in the bratty childishness and "on the take" with him as the supplier. Each encounter appears to represent a real life choice, or pitfall, which will determine her course. (Lets take the oubliette for instance, after she makes a possibly poor choice (after thinking she so cleverly outwitted the door guards, and paying the price for her churlishness) this is where she ends up, a dead end, a doldrums where she requires the help of a friend to facilitate her exit, which she does.) Her allies therein being needed from time to time representing that it is good to keep some things from childhood, to keep one's inner child alive. This of course may be the exoteric they wish people to take away from it.

    Now we both know movies are seldom, if ever, made "just for fun" but again this conclusion seems hard pressed, and seems like the wrong one, to my mind. Which is to say there's certainly something there, especially with an occult fanatic like bowie as the lead villain, and other bizarre things but I wonder if it's something deeper than elaborating on an MK programming process. There might be something to the "becoming an adult" thing, as one could wonder if the baby is not meant to be her brother, but her child?There is also the fact that the "play" you reference is actually her reading from the same story and reciting lines from it, the same story she would live through immediately after getting home, which shows that she knew the story before living it. As for the origin of the story, apparently it was largely made up by Henson himself and a fellow named Dennis Lee who was also associated with "Fraggle Rock".

    So, should you feel it merits it (I know you are a very busy fellow Vigilant) Some deeper digging may show something else in this. Especially since Henson does seem to have a history of… peculiar… themes in these latter movies, the implications of "The Dark Crystal" are obvious, for example, so it makes one wonder if "just" being an MK narrative is the esoteric underlying theme of this movie, or if there's something more to be fleshed out.

    As always though, I do appreciate your efforts to make people aware of these themes flowing through society.

    Best Regards

    • capture my imaginati on

      Did you read this bit of VC's article?

      "…While the story could be interpreted in numerous ways (another article could be written about Sarah’s quest being a metaphor for esoteric initiation) references to mind control are definitely present. .."

      • Indeed I did see that part. I can certainly see the "initiation" elements in this… but for whatever reason I cannot fit what I know of the movie to what I know of MK mind control. If this is due to the fact the movie was always a favorite of mine (and the above interpretation was the one I had always taken from it.) or not, I do not know. In any case, it certainly bears looking into.

    • I just wanted to say…

      You are a complete fucking retard.

      VC CLEARLY points out the mind control symbols. Those are the exact same symbols VC points out in other art as well. You are just butthurt cause VC is breaking down your "favourite" childhood movie. The symbols are obvious.

      Its okay if it has mind control symbols. But don't comment making bullshit up trying to excuse them. Its not another "adolescence" story. Its about mind control. Period.

      • Dude, it was just an opinion. I appreciated his view. VC could be wrong in some interpretations. I is a possibility. Isn't this site for opening up your eyes to society and what they're doing? Why can't you know multiple sides and be fully educated to different views?

      • Dear Marie Cuts.

        I just wanted to say.

        Oh dear! Did someone have the temerity to have an opinion at variance with yours? Perhaps you should put in an application to join the thought police if you find it so offensive when someone expresses an opinion of their own, rather than mindlessly accepting what they have been told as fact. You don't have to agree with an alternative interpretation, but if you really find it necessary to attempt to bully others into your way of thinking with insults and offensive remarks then perhaps you should take a more critical look at your own controlling behaviour. If everyone adopted your attitude then we would still be burning people for heresy. Your remark shows clearly that if anyone is a 'fucking retard' its you; and an offensive, bullying, bigoted one at that.

  10. I grew up watching this movie as a child, and just recently watched it again with my 10 year old son. As I have been a fan of yours for the past year I am newly informed, while I was watching the movie I had noticed all of the symbolism and was wondering if you had an article on this movie.

    Great article as always VC :)

  11. Aww i always liked this movie! I knew it was sinister obviously the movie is so dark but i guess i never really actually analysed it before.Very interesting.

  12. I also liked this movie when I was younger, my mum (a christian at the time) didnt let me watch it as a child but it was on tv a lot when I was a teenager and I watched it and liked it, I even brought a two for one Labyrinth and Dark Crystal dvd set a few years back, needless to say they will both be in the trash now! How much of a hold do they have on our minds I wonder? All the war, blood, violence and loveless sex that we see all around us has to be a form of trauma programming right? The more I learn the more I reaalise that every facet of society seems to be trauma based, not just entertainment….

    I dont know, my brain is foggy need a coffee

    Thanks VG for another enlightening post

    • I totally agree!! I cantr believe it either!! It definitely has made me wonder because a lot of the stuff that pops into my head these days all seems to fit in with some of this crap we are being subjected to or rather bombarded with everywhere we look or listen!

      Really glad to have read this article, definitely has made me wonder a lot about certain areas in my own life when I was younger!!

      I always from a very young age had a thing about mirrors and have always been a daydreamer. I have some crazy memories from growing up but then there are times when I seem to be missing a huge chunk of memories when I was really young, under 5 I think but I have memories from younger than that so its not like I was too young to have memories at all. I am in Scotland not the US just wonder if somehow I might have been exposed to something and never realised it. My mother also used to have blackouts as a child and I know that she had some memories of abuse although am not sure exactly what or who tbh.

      Really is a totally messed up world though, things need to change! :(

      • You are never too young to have memories at all. However the younger a child was during an event, the harder it is to remember later on. EVERYONE has "huge chunks missing" under 5. Seriously.

    • actually he is weird and he wants to be weird, i never liked him, and (fortunately) can't understand people which like him…i wish one day all that sick people playing devil and spoiling kids around will be exposed by people and linched without any chance….i wish one day the people following them will open eyes, will get free of veil of devil seduction, false propaganda, will see that all that stuff had nothing to do with arts, music or "nice, great", but is just a mountain of senceless rumor, sexual insane starving and a lot special effects…nothing more….

      it is really ridiculous how the persons may see the sh…t as a chocolate under the dumbing down of evil….these monsters are able to hallucinate the mind maximum and this is their unique and most powerful arm. All the game is based on that.

  13. "down in the underground you'll find someone true"

    oh ok. i thought that sounded about right until someone lied to me

    and tried to take me there. but no, i climbed up and right out, not happening..

    so someone please tell me if i ever bend over a cliff backwards

    or same from this LABYRINTH im in!! :/

  14. Thanks for writing about this movie! Although we have different interpretations of it I am happy you wrote about my favorite movie!! :)

  15. wow seen this movie so many times as a child and I loved it, had no idea at all till I read this article about all the esoteric meaning behind it. Brilliant article!!

    I might actually take a look at it again its been well over 20 years since I last seen it. I even had the album.

    I do wonder how much these kind of things might have affected me subconsciously. I was actually thinking about this earlier tonight before I even seen this article, quite dumbfounded. I have my own dark side as am sure most people do and to be honest I dont know where exactly it comes from but then sitting reading this article does make me wonder!

    • I agree most of us have a dark side and I think when we are around bad people and doing bad things it makes our dark side stronger. Whereas, when we are around good people and staying away from evil, we make it weaker. I wish more people would wake up to the reality of this life!

      • I think you've made your point. It's what we do with what happens that matters most and with who we mix.

  16. Thetruthiscoming on

    I Very briefly dated someone who was into Aleister Crowley, Witchcraft, and the Occult before I found out all about this we agree to meet at my place to watch a movie…he decided to bring a movie….guess what movie he brought???? yes, LABYRINTH! I thought it was weird that he would bring a kids movie seeing as were two grown adults (by the way i had never seen Labyrinth before), then as we chat he started to tell all the stuff he did like rituals with the pentagram and stuff like…I was not scared I could see right through him and saw all the symbolism in the movie right away and acted a fool pretending not to know anything to see how much I could get out of him he told that yes Lady was into the same thing he was into as well as walt Disney as well as that all that stuff being in movies and Television….well needless to say I was thankful the lord gave me knowledge to not fall for stuff like this and didn't see the guy again. he forgot the movie at my place and have not seen it since then, its been sitting in a drawer somewhere. I think i might throw it away LOL

  17. I am fairly convinced this article is mostly accurate. However, I am a bit wary of the reliance on Fritz Springmeier as a source. Not sure about him, my gut tells me he is a disinfo agent, and his prison sentence was a fiction. A lot of what he has written may be true, but there could also be many falsehoods as well. In his recent interview on Alex Jones (I don't trust him either), he seemed to be conditioning people to accept prison life.

      • Oops this was intended to be a reply to anon and godozo’s Jim Henson comments. Though I was going to get to you anyway. I do agree that I do believe VC relies too heavily on Springmeier’s works as a source. Sometimes I feel VC is a little too obsessed with mind control in fact I noticed some earlier commenters here express skepticism. Though to be fair to VC, he never claimed what he posts is the gospel truth. It’s only a true as his sources are. Now I’m not denying that mind control experiments ever happened just that I’m not to sure about Fritz. In fact I once Googled “Fritz SPringmeier fraud” and found a site that details his history of domestic issues, erratic behavior and a good deal of aliases. That section is in a blue table., just scroll down a little.


    • capture my imaginati on

      Fritz suggesting that if people end up in prison they use their time constructively (as he did) is hardly conditioning them to accept prison!

      Unlike, for instance, GaGa's videos showing prison as a cool place to hang out in your underwear, where you can drink beer, sing songs, dance in the corridors, wear what you like and before you get too bored with all that you get set free anyway, given a new outfit before you go complete with a nice big hat and picked up by best friend Beyonce in a cool truck from one of your favourite movies to go off and do more dancing and singing etc.

      The whole world and everyone in it could be disinfo for all we know…… the point is figure out for ourselves what information or advice has merit and what is useless – and know why we think the way we do.

  18. The Bible also specifically say that we HAVE to educate ourselves … reading articles like this will show you what to look out for. It is true that these and similar images are all over the world and we are being bombarded by it. I have done a lot of research myself and by what I have learned I refuse to 'practice' or be a part of any religion since most of them have become completely corrupted in some way. Instead I will stick to the ten commandments and I will pray and continually live the way Jesus did thus ensuring that I will go to heaven.

    About this movie though … I haven't seen it, but will make a point of seeing it. I do believe however that VC has a point, he never misses the point actually. I'd rather know what is going on when I see something than keep myself completely blind to it.

    • Just realize this education is speculation and not fact. Symbols are multi-dimensional, satanic meaning is not behind every occult symbol. Labyrinth may have been made with a hidden dark message, or it may not have been.

      • The word occult has no negative connotations outright. It usually means to be hidden and/or of relation to the supernatural. Many tribal religions engage with what could be called the supernatural, so simply experiencing or participating in mystical things is not satanic, unless one wants to call such religions satanic by definition. With regards to hidden and secret symbols, the Christians have plenty of them, the fish under times of roman persecution for example.

      • “satanic meaning is not behind every occult symbol”

        If it was of God, it wouldn’t be occult in the first place.

  19. He wants the girl. The girl wants a baby.

    He's strong and powerful, she in pure and innocent.

    In the end of the day, all narratives are about Sex and Death.

  20. I loved this movie and hated it at the same time. I realized back then, that the movie had a very dark symbolism and meaning. While I don't necessarily attribute it to mind control, I do see and did back then that there was a satanic message mixed with pedophelia to it.

    Despite the fact that I drooled over David Bowie as a teen, I was disturbed back then by the menacing sexuality of the goblin king.

    The whole part of the girl putting on her red lipstick always symbolized her budding sexuality to me which was noticed by the preying evil king. Throughout the whole movie David Bowie plays this sexually enviting king with a flirty, yet dangerous attitude.

    The fact that there is this dance scene always kind of felt like some form of symbolic sex to me.

    The mindgames and threatening, the baby which to me represented her innocence, the girl wishing her baby brother to dissapear meant to me, that the girl was coming to grips with new sexual feelings and toying around with them, which was noticed by the goblin king who definitey felt like a pedophile to me or the dangerous and enticing male who will take advantage of her.

  21. There always seems to be mirrors, mazes, mental games and masks in these illuminati movies. Classic mind control indeed!!! The illuminati really need to move onto something different. It's amazing that people can't see this BS. I've had to educate my husband with films, music videos and the like to make him aware of what's going on around him. I also agree with Naga re; the sex and death.

  22. VC~Awesome article, really clear, concise and to the point. I appreciate your writing stye and you save me hours of research my friend, thank you.

    Once again we have here just another 'entertainment distraction/illusion/pontification' that is revealed. And let's face it, a majority of the posters here will agree…..it disturbed 'our' peace! Mine included!!!

    For good reason apparently.

    Thank you for continuing to expose the prince of the 'air' that holds his 'gala' of sorts, right in front of our eyes! Cognitive Dissonance is such a bugger sometimes!!!!!

    So artistic expression in entertainment it is!!!!(NOT!!!)

  23. "Sarah and her friends are forced to go through the nauseating pond in order to continue the quest. This odd scene can refer to the actual mind control technique to induce trauma which consists in immersing the slaves in feces and urine and/or to consume them. (…) The forced consumption of excrements is therefore particularly traumatic as it goes against the human body’s most basic instincts."

    I find out now that this is a mind control technique. It has been used as a part of the "re-education" experiment that took place at Pitesti (Romania) between 1945-1950, ordered by Ana Pauker's gov. and conducted by people instructed to inflict all kind of tortures to the prisonners. This particular method was used to mascarade the sacrament of the Holy Communion. The wild beating, the sexual abuses and other tortures were used to take off any idea of God from the heads and souls and to force the prisonners into the acceptance of their "handlers" as God. It was a satanic experiment.

    When the experiment was shut down, some of the survivers commited suicide, others lost their mind and others accepted to become themselves re-educators in other communists prisons. Very few came out of there sain.

    What the communism did behind the "iron curtain" with barbaric methods in order to modify the way of thinking it is done now softly, succesfully, by the entertainement industry.

  24. Funny, this is one of those movies I saw as a kid that always stuck in my head. Watched it a few years ago and I also noticed David Bowie's umm.. rather tight pants and thought "this is a kid's movie?" Thanks VC, this explains A LOT

  25. AlwaysThinking on

    The first time I watched this movie I was creeped out after 30 minutes I stopped paying attention but for some reason my friends that were at my sleepover birthday party were definitely intrigued.

  26. Ash: The 'cheesy' song you mention was sung by choice hypocrite himself, Sir Cliff Richard.

    In relation to Bowie, when I was in the US (as a teenager) I went to one of his concerts and it was the most blatent satanic thing I had ever seen in my entire life. I was terrified through the entire evening, the goat's head and respective sacrifices didn't help. It was something I never forgot!

    • Cliff Richard regained popularity in Europe with a "Christmas" song called Mistletoe and Wine… These articles always reiterate what I lean towards…

      I have always disliked this movie, thought it was too busy when i was younger; now i know why i dont like it.

  27. Great article. It misses out the Maurice Sendak book "Outside Over There" that can be seen on the shelf- the film was actually based on this book.

    According to Wiki the original violent ending is changed for the film….

  28. The labrinth is also the maze of illusion and creating all the artificial desires of materialism and hedonism as the traps of losing what is most important to us. The trap of materialism and hedonism can be seen each time in the maze she forgets what her mission is and desires something else other than the baby she has responsibility for. Ultimately she can have everything she wants if she gives up the baby as a sacrifice- but it is her soul that will be the price.

    Although it is a bit scene, the junkyard scene with all of the possesions she has ever wanted in her bedroom and it is all consuming to collect and protect the stuff. It reminds of the current TV program on TLC "Hoarding: Buried Alive". It's not the physical dangers that pose a problem for the protagonist but the all consuming illusions that displace desiring precious things (the immaterial such as love for the baby and soul) and replacing it with the worldly desires that ultimately destroy the soul and those around us (like the bably).

    She has no problem fighting the monsters she fears, its the desires within or falling for the illusions to desire the things that will seal her doom more than any monster.

  29. Finally you did this movie. I was watching the special features, and they were saying that they had originally picked Michael Jackson to star as Davie Bowies character. No lie, I still like this movie, but I just knew it was chock full of symbolism. This was one of the first movies I saw that put me on to the fact that movies can have a double meaning. After all, its only too obvious, even if you're not aware of what the symbols mean.

  30. it was my favourite movie when i was young, (always stuck in my head!) it still is one of my favourite…'til now…

    i'd always thought the girl had won !!! i'd never realized, when i saw her friends follow her in the "reality", partying together…

    what's worrying me, is that i saw the movie again, one year ago…i was so blind (because i loved the movie!)

    When i read the stories and fairy tales i was reading little girl, and i read them again now, i can see the different meaning…

    But Labyrinth…Labyrinth fooled me ! (how come ? it was so obvious!)

    Thanks VC !

  31. YES! It's articles like this one that I enjoy reading on your site! More please! Would love to see more on old movies, or some of the recent flicks (like Scott pilgrim, weird stuff going on in there)…peace.

  32. "Amadeus" the multiple oscar award winning movie has very obvious non-symbolic examples of Monarch programming and symbolic.

    The movie is worthy of an article given the history of Mozart, References to the French Revolution, the class systems, the elite, the politics and need to control music selection. As well as the story line to the movie and the charachters that are driven to madness in the story line. Amadeus is portayed in the movie as a victim of monarch programming.

  33. There is no true light in this film. The only way out is by following a false light, and a false hope. This is illustrated by the fruit given to Sarah, emblematic of the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. Satan/Lucifer (light bringer) tempted Eve with knowledge and the ability to realize her "wildest dreams"—in the same way Jareth lured Sarah.

    This, of course, is the power to become "like God," knowing good and evil. (Prior to the biblical Fall, only "good" was known.) So, VC is correct in that this tale could easily represent the process of entrapment in one's quest for personal godhood through esoteric rituals, licentiousness (the perversion of "sexual freedom") and drug use. "There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death."

    In this way, "Labyrinth" is indeed an inversion of biblical truth, as illustrated in the classic parable, Pilgrim's Progress. That would be another interesting contrast to make.

  34. My parents, thankfully, were aware enough to not allow this movie into their home. But I did, however, watch it earlier this year with eyes open. I did not make the handler/slave connection, but more the devil trying to win a soul. I'm sure there are many levels of interpretation…as any good esoteric product contains!

    I saw a strong connection between this and Wizard of Oz – since the director made a point of focusing on the books on her desk!!

    It is also interesting to point out that Sarah encounters 3 (or 4, I can't remember) characters/friends that are similar to the Lion/Tinman/Scarecrow. Heart/Brains/Courage.

    As I mentioned before, Jennifer Connelly went on to make uplifting movies like Requiem for a Dream with Jared Leto. That movie is just…gross.

    What was Jim Henson's connection with the occult? What ideals was he trying to sell to the masses?

    And, finally, two words. Jerry Sandusky. Ritual sex abuse?

    Anyway, interesting article, VC.

    • With regards to your question of Henson's connections, I actually don't know of much, though it was obvious ol' Jim did know things. What I do know, however is that he did get into mary baker eddy's cult ("christian science" which contains nothing of either christianity or science.) later in life, and that it was a factor in his death, as part of their doctrine is a notion against taking medicines for sickness, since it's "all in the mind". This is what lead to his perfectly curable condition becoming fatal. As for "christian science" large elements of it were copied from one phineas parkhurst quimby, and quimby was known for filching elements from hinduism and other (likely more esoteric) elements… making the "new thought" cult. It would be interesting to see just how much Henson did know, and whether his "opting for death"/"faith healing" thing was entirely voluntary, or not.

      • I would say it's very likely Henson knew about the masons, he made an episode of "fraggle rock" that, at least outwardly, mocked the hell out of them. Esoterically though it might be taken to convey them as harmless, perhaps. The episode in question is "The secret society of Poobahs" it's the 9th episode of the third season. Usually masons like to brag about "popular" members (Burl Ives, George Washington, Walt Disney (demolay in his case) Etc. etc. ad nauseam) I don't recall ever hearing that Henson was one, but I do not know too terribly much of him (and even less of his son.)

  35. Not only a great article but also lots of related thought provoking comments too!

    This is one of the best articles I have ever read on this site. I think because like so many others it was a favorite film as a child and definitely very intruiging.

    I do remember feeling quite uncomfortable during some of the face to face encounters the main protagonist had with david bowie also one of the other comments here just prompted a flashback as to why, david bowies crotch, wearing those tight pants but not actually showing anything as if non sexual but at the same time so blatantly sexual right in your face. Sort of so ,much in your face that you cant see it!! wow crazy!! Im definitely going to have to watch this again only from a totally different viewpoint this time.

    Is there an article on Eyes Wide Shut here? If not would be really intersted to hear views on that, am off to do a search on it!

    • Yes, PLEASE do Eyes Wide Shut. Although much of the movie is very blatant, there were many unanswered questions and would love to hear VC's point of view.

      • Actually U know what I have been on this site before! It was a few years ago, what was this guys name, did you say that he had died!!

        Am pretty sure he wasnt dead when I last seen this, it was at least 3 maybe even 4 years ago.

        Am def gonna read it again though because it has been a long time ago, would also like to still hear a VC report!!

        Thanks again!! :)

    • Hi Carolyn

      There is alot of interesting material on Kubrick at http://www.jayweidner.com .

      I recall Weidner stating that Eyes Wide Shut was probably edited by the film company before it was released.

      The guy states that there are several "loose ends" in the movie and details them also.

      Open Quote:

      This is all according to the films of Kubrick, not my opinion. These people are into deep and dark sexual practices. . . . The films, especially the films that follow "2001," are a long expose of a dark, sex-magic cult that rules the world . . .

      There are incredible continuity breaks at certain points in "Eyes Wide Shut," which are impossible for a man of Stanley Kubrick's discipline to have allowed. I can't really tell you what happened in between these continuity errors, but there is something cut out. That happens several times in the movie.

      Close Quote

      LoL – A :-)

  36. I’m in my 20's and I have never seen this movie Thank God! So after reading this article I watched the movie trailer on YouTube…. As I was reading the comments of the video I came across a girl who commented this:

    "My sister and I both grew up with this movie. We are going soon to get a tattoo of a barn owl with the words "You have no power over me." &hearts"

    I feel so sad for this girl and her sister. We humans get accustomed to the things we see and hear in this nasty, malicious world not doing the dark and disgusting meaning behind them. I really hope they do not get this tattoo.

  37. ObeythePropaganda on

    "You remind me of a babe.

    What babe?

    The babe with the power?

    What Power?


    Who do?

    Do What?

    Remind me of the Babe."

    AHH I loved this movie. Who doesn't love David Bowie in a codpiece?….jk

    I am going to have to watch this again and keep the symbolism in mind.

  38. The Bog of Eternal Stench is also representative of the threat of blackmail.

    The fire gang are LSD.

    But very thorough and thoughtful examination.

  39. capture my imaginati on

    A few weeks ago Derren Brown used hypnosis to create an 'amnesic assassin' (a guy who is triggered to commit a real assassination and then forget all about having done it). You can watch it on youtube.

    The show was broadcast on national mainstream TV (UK). Derren even spoke about MK ULTRA and suspected MK assassin 'Sirhan Sirhan' at the start of the show.

    The reality of mind control is slowly filtering into the mainstream.

    If Derren Brown can achieve these results using basic hypnosis just imagine what 60+ years of classified government/ military research and experimentation can achieve with its virtually unlimited funding and resources as well as the fact that these programmes can operate outside of the parameters of basic ethics/ the law.

    Of course, you are welcome to keep on denying the existence of mind control (in all its forms) and ridiculing those who have actually researched this subject (it only takes about an hour to get a handle on it). However, now that this subject is even being demonstrated and discussed on mainstream TV you may find your stance of denial and ignorance soon puts you in the minority.


    • I completely agree and was saying the same thing to my daughter, shes 17 so trying to get her to open her eyes a bit as shes at such an impressionable age!!

      The experiments by Derren Brown was excellent! The only one I wasnt that bothered by was the last one about luck although it was very interesting to see how quickly a rumour could get around a small town and for people to then be believing that this so called lucky statue had been a well known thing in their town.

      The gameshow was also excellent, couldnt believe how easily all these people followed the crowd, was so shocked that people could behave like that even if in a crowd, both myself and my daughter were shocked and am 100% sure neither of us would be so easily manipulated or dragged into sucha situation but hey who ever really knwos until we are in that situation.

      Still cant believe just how successful the assasin one was though and the guy after it had no recollection of what he had done which matched what the guy who tried to assasinate kennedy had always and still does not remember anything from that day!!

      So definitely if that can be done in a couple of weeks its scary to think what the US government might have got away with all these years and also the UK too cause I think one of these doctors who performed these kind of experiments in mind control was in the UK doing their experiments. Theres a link somewhere here on VC about it, was posted a couple months ago now I think!

      • The main themes of all these obviously mind control themed movies is always based on an inverted reality. Dorothy, Alice and Sarah are living in a confused reality, or is it a dream? The handlers don't want them to be able to decipher reality from fantasy. When a high level programmed slave, in the real world, has to deliver a message to a political leader, for instance, she is not being transported by military transport, no, she is, in her mind, flying over the rainbow, and arrived at her location magically. The fantasy keeps them from breaking down. As the movie says, the truth hurts, and hurts like hell. The wicked witch, the red queen and jareth all play their part in the girls overcoming obstacles and "finding their true selves" so without their "evil influence" over them, the girls never would have found their own strength. Or so they would have us believe. Dorothy said, at the end, that she would never ever leave home again, Alice wakes up and decides it was all just a dream, Sarah ends up back in her bedroom and says that at times, she will need to come back to her little friends. Another words, none of them grow up. They will remain stunted emotionally at the level of children. The fantasy is the reality and reality isn't really real.

      • Syrus Magistus on

        You mean Sweet Pea, Baby Doll's sole surviving socially acceptable, ostensibly well-adjusted front alter. Since no part of that movie takes place in true reality (by my calculations anyway), it stands to reason that we have no clue who the actual protagonist was. The entire thing from start to finish is a dissociative fantasy, with (in my opinion) no exceptions whatsoever. For all we know, the movie's main character was actually that little boy.

        If you combine the fact that dissociation further sugar-coats reality with the fact that MKULTRA was/is much more insidious than anything even remotely hinted by this movie which is ALL ABOUT dissociation and essentially trauma-based mind control, it stands to reason that it coulda been anybody's nightmare. Boys and girls are treated pretty much the same by handlers. Speaking of…

        Pleasant dreams! :)

  40. Great article. Another "fantasy" movie from the '80's that creeped me out was "The Never Ending Story". You should do an article on that.

  41. Yeah…I'm getting it now..I love the 80's so this is all very hard for me to take but I have watched this movie a million times and Loved Bowie…I recently through away one of his albums…gosh it was hard to do…I know you're right though about all of this crap!

  42. VC, you can make these kind of critical analyses and dissections about virtually any kind of dark fantasy or far fetched fiction. You can read whatever you want into it.

    I can do it with Lord of the Rings just off the top of my head- Sauron's tower in Mordor is referred to as an 'All Seeing Eye'; when Frodo slips on the ring he is transported to another spirit-realm (evidence of mind control); oh, and Gandalf is his Handler. It's all there.

    The reason it is so easy to do is that most conflict in fantasy fiction occurs between a battle between good and evil; the universal motifs of sex and death are there usually; you can read any kind of paranoid conspiracy into it or make it symbolise whatever you want it to. I suppose J.R.R Tolkien and L.Frank Baum (Wizard of Oz) were all in on the global elite and mind control conspiracy too?

    David Bowie was one of a number of figures in the late 1960s who was influenced by Aleister Crowley : he was considered a radical figure of counter-culture at the time. Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin was also influenced by his research into the occult. I read an interview with Mick Jagger where he said he knew many people in artistic and creative circles who were interested in Crowley and his ideas. It's not incredible to see that Bowie was one of them.

    I actually enjoy your imaginative and creative dissections of the symbolism you see in these films, music videos and artists' images VC, but the fact is that occultism carries an aesthetic and subversive value for many artists in our popular culture. The esoteric knowledge is out there- a lot of people tap into it for their creative inspiration. The mistake is in looking for a connective pattern where it fits an organised conspiracy. These people, artists and celebrities, just want to appear attractive and mysterious. They don't want your minds and souls, mostly they just want your money.

    I wouldn't mind what you do VC, except it encourages these loonies who think that 'they' or 'the elite' are out to get them, or Christian Fundamentalist people who think that artistic expression and fiction is all based on some kind of evil Satanic plot, and would probably start advocating censorship if they could. I have to admit that some of the comments I read on the articles scare me more than VC's theories.

    • While I don't appreciate being labeled a "loonie" or a "Christian Fundamentalist" just wishing everything was censored, it is true that there's a lot of the occult in movies we may have enjoyed when we were younger. I still love "Ghostbusters", but can recognize that the story is based upon a system of Sumerian (not Babylonian, LOL) deities.

      And FWIW, I have read that L. Frank Baum was very much into the occult, but I haven't studied him in depth.

    • I'm with you HC, I find religion the scariest form of mind control of all, as evidenced by some of the comments on this page.

  43. I love that when VC goes new a beloved childhood movie and a beloved icon, some people all of a sudden don't want to hear it…VC is suddenly going to far…..funny how that works…

  44. Christian Cello on

    "Mind Control" is really just a consequence of the way our perceptual, recall and recogntion systems work.Messages are left in our memories by experience but we don't even know we have retained the information until tested.

    For example.The visual modality is our most dominant sense and we can process vast amounts of data in seconds.The auditory modality is the secondary channel when viewing film.Research clearly shows that we can recognise picture stills and musical excerpts from movies after great lenghts of time even with only one viewing.But visual recognition is strongest as it receives primary message processing.

    Much of this retention occurs via incidental learning.

    • You need to read the Fritz Springmeier book Vig referenced. The mind control it refers to is not an abstract concept but is allegedly a quite specific system of breaking down a personality through drugs and torture, supposedly carried out on a massive scale in organized programs.

  45. This Is Relevant To on

    Hmmm…Somehow my comment already seems to have been deleted and I'd clicked on "reply" so this would appear right under it…It was the one with the links to the Louboutin shoes with the cowardly lion's digits on the front. This was one of the pictures: http://b1.img.v4.skyrock.net/b17/talonslouboutin/

    It has to be some sort of mind-control trigger, especially with Sarah J. Parker wearing the weird "Little Red Riding Hood" outfit. And isn't this season of TV even more full of fairy-tale themes than ever? I mean, every other TV show is some "twisted fantasy"- type thing, if not another brainless reality TV show…

    P.S. Bowie might be some kind of MK victim himself. He strikes me as having been petite and frail-looking and there's something really strange about his eyes being two different colors. (Yes I read it had something to do with "being in a fight" at school, but is that the real explanation?)

    • I definitely think everythings been turned up a big notch with regards to the use of occult, references to occult, mind control even things like the end of the world and 2012. It may well be that they are just all tatching on to something because it sells and makes more money but I definitely think theres more to it than meets the eye "pardon the pun lol"

      In the last few days theres a new ad for Lynx body spray for men popped up on the television, something like being prepared for the end of the world and its called 2012!!?? I mean come on whats that all about. People are definitely being affected by this stuff am sure on a very subconscious level but at the same time I do think people are waking up to it and understanding it more, not sure if that would negate any effects though? Its all very weird!

      Theres this new Marylin Monroe film coming out now, now thats gonna be interesting to watch and see just how much might be crammed into that fiim given that she seems to be the poster girl for mind control and occultism etc!!

      • you know its spooky that you mention even the commercials are in our face with it. Did you see The new Call of duty commercial shoving their ww111 before switching the first w to m it really freaked me out when I saw that and all I could think is that the get some sorta kick out of all this..

  46. Dear Vigilant,

    Many thanks for that. Now it is clear why the image of Jareth (who, plainly speaking, represents a satanic power) is so convincing in this movie. I always wondered about that. Now, please, write about the recent kid's movie "Coraline", which I believe, was written by Neil Geimann. Would be good to read about it.

  47. wouldn't a good example of mind control be that there are so many comments about Bowie's crotch? there goes to show you how much people tend to look down there even when someone is wearing jeans. I just re-watched the movie. His bulge isn't that BIG to be making it a big deal aside from all the other things going on around it. unless you're looking for it which leads to the fact that we've seen too many movies/videos with half naked people to even see a normal bulge and have a perfectly clear picture of what Bowie's penis would look like.

    • I think the fact that he doesnt have a noticeable bulge really stands out more because of the whole adrogenousness (if thats a word) of the Bowie character in the film, kind of makes it sort of not as obviously sexual and sort of making it more acceptable to younger audiences but again on another level its still very sexual and like a double meaning much like so much else in the film!?

      Just a thought, wondered about that!

    • They do an actual close up shot of his crotch in one scene and he seems to thrust it forward, it really is impossible not to notice, I think even Sarah noticed.

  48. I am glad V did a story on this. I have been dying to see this movie, since I suspected it as much, along with all of the symbolism, and of course david bowie.

  49. Now if someone can look at NEVER ENDING STORY, or the BLACK CRYSTAL, and decipher the imagery behind that. That would be awesome. :)

    • Yeah would be interesting to see a write up on either one of those, Although at least a little bit of "the dark crystal" is obvious, I think… a formerly "perfect" (and possibly androgyne/hermaphroditic) bunch of beings that got "shattered" into the good mystics and evil skeksis, who are later reunited back into the bizarre merged beings (who, despite being a mix of good & evil are… good for some reason? what?). That's got gnostic dualist luciferianism written all over it. Giuseppe's comment is pertinent to this, although in the sense that "they" typically are the ones who apparently believe in a deity that is such. One wonders what ever happened to the puppets for those "final form" beings…I don't recall ever seeing them used again.

  50. Great article VC.

    I remember seeing this movie as a kid in the 80s. Had a big migraine out of it and felt uneasy watching it. Just like that damn movie "Vanilla Sky".

  51. I watched this movie recently and picked out sooo many of the symbols talked about here on vc in other articles. I was also wondering if vc was ever or had ever done a report about this movie. Sad to say I'm not surprised by reading this article. David bowie is into some interesting stuff.

  52. Leona Lewis concert is inspired by this movie… Is she been manipulated too?

    Btw, about the Escher's "Relativity", the image with the stairs going in all directions, right above Sarah's bed… I feel like watch it on the Harry Potter movie… Is Harry Potter have some "mind control thing" too? Cause for me it's more about Jesus who choose the good (Gryfindor) and ressurect from the death (at the Deathly Hallows)..

    • Obviously Simon Cowell is her handler. And Leona said the tour was inspired by Labyrinth, because it has been her favorite film since childhood. Perhaps she has been groomed since youth?

      That being said, "Labyrinth" has been my favorite film since childhood too.

  53. I am from Germany. At first, I apologize for my English.

    I have aksed myself about this: why is the "handler" an androgenic entity? Bowie want to be androgenic. Why? It remindet me of the VC Secret Arcana article "Bahomet". Baphomet is also an androgenic entity. I continued to ask myself: What gender are Angels/Demons? Do God have a gender/sex?

    My conclusion is the following: The God of the Bible is an androgenic entity. Not just male or just female. I think he/she is both, because he have the male energy but he/she can also "breed" another creatures. He/She perfectly combines the symbols of the male and female sex.

    So, whats next?

    In a direct comparison there is a another beeing, created androgenic.

    Interesting is the following description of Satan, the Devil (from the Greek Διάβολος, diabolos, literally, the CONFUSION LAUNCHER 'within the meaning of that trouble', FACT REVERSALS', 'DESTRACTOR' – description fits perfektly the mind of a MC-Handler and fits perfektly this article.

    So, what is this all about?

    This is just my conclusion – corrections are gladly accepted and are desirable –

    I think there is more truth in the Bible as we would belive – the Bible is often erroneously attributed in connection to religion – another fallacy;

    1. God "breed" all creatures

    2. God made the "rules" [laws of nature, laws of morality (what is good or what is evil – in this case the answer comes before the question: Can Good exist without Evil? yes it can 😉 ), just everything] – "His house, his rules, his pleasure" – i think you understand :)

    3. Within his laws, creatures move

    4. God wanted to be worshiped (worshiped with the motivation of love with free will)

    5. All creatures was given free will (creatures with intellect; "I think, therefore I am"

    6. Angels was made androgenic

    7. People were given the gift of giving birth

    8. One creature wanted to be worshipped like God

    9. He rebelled against God + 1/3 of the angels of god

    10. In the days of Noah, they have materialized, and had sexual relationships with women. They breaked HIS rules. At this point it starts to become really interesting. Angel fell in love with women. Why would, or how could, an androgenic creature like an angel fell in love with women? why not with man? that is a topic to discuss

    I think, they are obsessed with SEX. All kinds of perverted SEX. Because they cannot create anymore human bodies, they found out how to make SEX in another way. Through the handler they get what they want – they obsessing the handler- the handler obsesses the slave – and they make dirty kinds of immorality. Why this demonic entities needs slaves? They are doing sexual practices that are against all human instinkts – "The forced consumption of excrements is therefore particularly traumatic as it goes against the human body’s most basic instincts. Sarah’s episode in the Pool of Eternal Stench is a “imaginative” way to describe Sarah’s traumatic experience as a MK slave during programming." there are much more, but abhorent – all about high class blasphemy

    Satan offered man to be like god. If you want to be like God, you have to be androgenic. high class blasphemy

    God gave man free will, Satan make them MC-Slaves, high class blasphemy

    I think all about MC-Ultra is about high class rebellion, high class blasphemy, high class perverted sex – just to hurt God – emotionally! It´s all about INVERTING! Good is Evil and Evil is Good – do anyone like this so he is cursed!

    Peace to you all

    • The human body of the believer is temple of God. I think this is the actual reason for the perverted sex practises. They do everything that God told them not to do. If you read the books of Könige there are numerous books that say "Und sie taten, was Gott misfiel" (and they did what God disliked). I also think that souls are neither male nor female, bodies are, souls not.

    • Strange, I somehow did not see your last two paragraphs before I posted. Anyway, yes. These androgynic types a la Bowie however pretend that there is no bodily difference between men and women but on a spiritual level. The kabbalistic teaching is full of dualism and gender stereotypes. I asked a woman at the London masonic temple last year why men and women are not taught together, if they learn the same things in the Temple, and she looked at me as if I had just said the strangest thing ever.

      The concept of the fallen angels is, as far as I know, taken from the Book of Enoch, which is not part of the Bible as a collection of books that nicely explains a lot altogether.

    • Third addition… you have to be careful when you speak of energy, because this is New Age teaching. They tell you about Jesus Christ, the original one, in a correct way, the next moment they tell you about "Christ energy", which is something different and the third step is that they tell you about a law of attraction that is a totally different teaching altogether without Jesus Christ.

      • @ME

        Hallo ME,

        the fallen angels are mentioned in the Bible, just not in detail as in the book of Enoch. I think the writers of the Bibel did not want to give too much attention to the "fallen angels". I think this is good.

        In your third addition you speak about "energy" relating to my comment. Do you think because I am used the word "entity"? Because my english is not good the word I have sought after is "Wesen". I think the word "entity" is false. Google Übersetzer dont help any time :)


      • Hello Guiseppe,

        I add my reply here because I cannot add one to your last post. A few months ago I read a dissertation on demonic entities and "entities" thus seems to be the right word.

        The reason why I mentioned energy was that you mentioned "male energy".

        It is nice to read your thoughts. Earlier in my life I had relied of what I had been told about what is written in the Bible and only started to read it myself about 1.5 years ago after I had read this website and comments directed me to the Good Fight Ministries website. I also think that it is a good thing that the Bible does not focus on these entities more and focuses on how to get rid of them or even better never encounter them. :) Somebody wrote that the Bible is about the relationship between God and humans. I am still marking the direct quotes of God, Jesus Christ and angels in the Bible version that I have.

        There are so many people who speak about fear of God, which seems strange to me, because his rules are not that difficult to follow if you figure them out and it is nice to have peace of mind and heart. It is thus still difficult for me to understand why others insist on doing things totally differently with all the trouble that it involves. I really would not want to risk having these entities in my life intentionally. I somehow managed to have one in my life once that tried to make me jump off a bridge, which was a bizarre experience that I do not want a repeat of ever again. So many people know exactly what they doing when they attract them by intentionally doing what God does not want them to do. I prefer the company of God and Jesus Christ instead of such entities. :)

  54. Thank you for giving this background information on Bowie.

    I just had a look at Escher's other pictures, some of them I knew already from school or university, and I figured that they are not that difficult to understand. At least the ones that I had a look at just have two or three sides to them.

    If you distinguish thoughts, ideas and interpretations by their origin the world also becomes quite simple and much less of a confusing whole.

  55. Can I just confirm… If this movie is symbolic of MK techniques & its purpose is for initiates to understand, then doors that mean Jim Henson, David Bowie, George Lucas, Terry Jones etc. Are in fact bad people who are in the Illuminati?

    I think Bowie has been controlled from a young age.

  56. Ministry of Truth on

    Hey VC can you tell me where those hands reaching out come from. I always have nightmares with the picture above ^ lots of hands coming at me at the same time. I wonder where the idea comes from. I am sure its everywhere.

  57. Howard Ratcliffe on

    Labyrinth is a single track to a Gate/Portal a opposed to a Maze. When a person enters a Labyrinth it always end at Babylon; Bab=Gate; Ilu=Lord as in Marduk, Molech. In the Wizard of Oz it was Emerald City with Dorothy (Doro=Gate) playing a similar role. Sarah comes from Prince and the Akkadian "Sharratu" for Queen. The original Cretan Labyrinth had only one way out; Ariadne the "Weaving Spider" which pervade most every culture and architect of the Labyrinth in the movie "Inception"; she is a sort of imitation Holy Ghost.

    The movie is being repeated now with Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Herman Cain, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich; all have started down the Labyrinth with no perceived way out. Palin making millions covering for Bristol's 2 out of wedlock pregnancies; Bachmann covering up her Lake Elmo mentoring of Anders Breivik (Norway Shooter); Gingrich covering his $multi-million consulting fees paid by the bankrupt Freddie Mac and membership in Bohemian Grove; Cain covering his $40 million payout of the Franklin Saving's pedophile ring; Romney his cover up of Boston's $15 Billion "Big Dig" and Paul, his long standing Lambda Chi Alpha and Freemasonic affiliation.

    The only way out of the Labyrinth is Jesus Christ; it will likely mean our physical death however because the Minotaur is lying at the end of the journey. http://www.theresnothingnew.org/

    • Interesting you have some knowledge of Arabic. Bab indeed means door in Arabic. In Arabic it's not "Babylon" but "Babel." Hear that: Bab El. As in the door of El. El means deity in Judaism, I believe. Though how it relates to freemasonry I'm sure someone can explain it more clearly.

  58. I've been into these subjects for years now, but the article and the ideas are so well put together, that even though i'm familiar with pretty much all the topics discussed in this site, it's impossible for me not be blown away by this article. Great work.

  59. been waiting and watching a long time for this one from you VC, and it did not disappoint!

    it's funny, but when you are a kid you are trained to tell someone if they touch you in private places, or when your "tummy feels funny," but i remember being exposed to this stuff for years and feeling that same way (violated) without knowing the how and why by the media that surrounded me.

    i feel for the kids who can't ever get away from these influences, and the reconstruction of reality by the media and programming machine. what IS real to them? they have little time or space to find it.

    god bless them all, and us!

  60. Are you kidding me? You're taking this movie seriously?! I don't know when you'll draw the line, but this is getting really ridiculous! Yes I'll get criticism, but sometimes something's there, while other times, like this one, you're only seeing what you want to see.

    • there are strange and dark forces at work in hollywood. the movie 'mullholland drive' gives a surreal glimpse. most of the movies made there are scripted to mess with peoples minds and serve the pervese occultish agenda of the elite. 'holly wood' was traditionally used by witches and satanists for occult purposes.

  61. I haven't seen this movie yet, but I would tend to agree with your analysis. Certainly Luciferian.

    Wasn't Wizard of Oz about the GOLD standard though? At least originally?

  62. Thanks for providing the information about the owl. I've been seeing them everywhere on jewelry and on t-shirts in the clothing stores. I was just wondering the other day what the owl was all about, and now I have my answer.

  63. Vigilant Citizen, as a young teen I made the determination that the Republicans and the Democrats are 2 roads that lead to grandmas house so to speak. One is an expressway, and the other a scenic drive. But they both end up at the same destination. If you apply the elitist globalist concept, and the M.K. Ultra techniques being incorporated into the media, wouldn't it be fair to say that just as in The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, and Labyrinth that we are subtly being controlled into thinking we have a choice that matters? And that one is right, and the other is wrong, but they both in fact deliver us into the hands of the handlers?

  64. Hi Vigilant,

    This is possibly one of the best articles on here that I have read so far.

    I am glad that you are starting to write articles that get into more detail about the older people in the entertainment industry and not just the modern "Pop stars". This is a good way to show people that these symbols have been used in the media much longer than most people think (a lot of people seem to think that this only started within the past couple of years) and that none of this is ever new.

    Keep the the good work.


    • I agree! I have been wanting to see more symbolism in older movies and music to further prove the point that this is not a fad or a way for the media to mock "conspiracy theorists". Old music videos, songs, and movies have all these symbols, but possibly not as abundant and apparant.

  65. I am heartbroken and torn :( I love this film and the soundtrack.. I don't think I will ever be able to watch it again now but I can't bring myself to throw it away…

    • Well bear in mind that what you do with the movie is your choice, and no one else's. The evils may have written in their own script for the movie, but there's also something to be said of the message you take from it. Frankly, I doubt viewing the movie, especially with knowledge of it's content, will result in you being mind controlled (if that's the case, then at the very least, half the commenters here are mind controlled from seeing it, and the handlers using the movie for that purpose wouldn't be able to view it without being programmed by it themselves). But of course, I could be wrong in this notion. One just needs to be careful, nobody is infallible, and temperance is needed when looking at these things. (think everything is out to program you, and you'll make yourself mentally ill, think nothing is out to program you, and you'll make yourself willfully blind.)

  66. Did anyone else note that coincidentally the baby's name is Toby. In Alex Haley's Book "Roots" Toby is the name given to Kunta Kinte by his slave owners/handlers. That's the first thing that popped in my head when I remembered the name of the baby and now realizng it was being used as a metaphore for Monarch Slave Programming, it makes perfect sense. I own this movie, I'm going to have to watch this again and pull bits and pieces out now to share with my family because we are always looking for hidden things.

  67. What about the part where she has to choose between the red or blue door???

    Very similar to Neo choosing the red or blue pill…The red door has a pyramid like shape and the blue has a circular shape…thoughts?

    • In Islam, when the Dajjal (antichrist) is trying to convince the masses of him being "God" he will have two places/choices with him: 1) a heaven that is actually Hell 2) a hell that is actually Heaven.

      People will jump into "heaven" because that is what it looks like and end up in hell. But those with the belief in One God will deliberately enter the fire because they know it is part of the Dajjah/antichrist's trickery and end up in the actual Heaven.

      Red = Hell. Blue = Heaven.

      What does Neo swallow? The red pill, of course. So he has chosen hell and lost his soul. And that is what the movie tries to trick people into choosing.

  68. Hello VC. I completly agree with what you do. You open a lot of peoples eyes. I am a regular visitor but not a regular commentor. I just wanted to point out how similar David Bowie looks in this movie like this Jesus painting by Vicente Juan Masip found on the wikipedia.

    Here is the link to the painting. (I give you my word that its not a shock-inducing image.)

    Please let me know what you think because I am truly and honestly interest in the occult and mind control. It amazes me how blind people are to these symbols, but once you know what the symbols are you can see them EVERYWHERE… and theres no unknowing. I've been trying to show my friends&family the Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control and point out symbols. They don't listen. Now they think I'm just a "crazy conspiracy theorist". They still love me though. :)

    Anyways, tell me what you think please. :)

  69. I've taken a deeper appreciation of this movie myself and seen similar occult symbolism in it. But the conclusion you've reached here I don't feel is correct.

    Buddha fought Mara (Satan) and while confronted with this illusion (labyrinth) he came to the same conclusion as Sarah. "You have no power over me." That's it, that's the whole game. Any magical spell loses all power when you say it does. The news, having to work for a living, everything that is illusion, vanishes when you go back to center. Nothing has any power except what when you say it does. Now, you can cut the news back on whenever you want, you can go out and enjoy the illusion whenever you want. The labyrinth is always there to go back and get lost in. But you will never be lost, when you find your center, and know you are the center of the universe. You have no power over me.

    • Yes, perhaps for Buddha but as VC said this film is all about inversion. So even as Sarah says "You have no power over me", the fact that she brings the Goblin's fantastical creatures with her means that she is under his control, the watchful eye of the owl.

  70. Try not to talk with females about these things, just go on about other stuff with them. I found about all this BS from a male friend too 7 years ago and it took me 5 years to realize the length of insanity.

  71. No, nowhere in As The World Falls Down does it say 'open your clothes.' These are the lyrics-

    There's such a sad love

    Deep in your eyes.

    A kind of pale jewel

    Open and closed

    Within your eyes.

    I'll place the sky

    Within your eyes.

    There's such a fooled heart

    Beatin' so fast

    In search of new dreams.

    A love that will last

    Within your heart.

    I'll place the moon

    Within your heart.

    As the pain sweeps through,

    Makes no sense for you.

    Every thrill is gone.

    Wasn't too much fun at all,

    But I'll be there for you-ou-ou

    As the world falls down.


    Falling down.

    Falling in love.

    I'll paint you mornings of gold.

    I'll spin you Valentine evenings.

    Though we're strangers 'til now,

    We're choosing the path

    Between the stars.

    I'll leave my love

    Between the stars.

    As the pain sweeps through,

    Makes no sense for you.

    Every thrill is gone.

    Wasn't too much fun at all,

    But I'll be there for you-ou-ou

    As the world falls down.

  72. I own this movie and kinda felt that it had some sort of control issue. The owl, the Labyrinth and the whole scheme somehow feels like there is something going on for the control of your mind and soul. And of course knowing that so many other Hollywood movies have this subject made me certain something was going on. And now we we see that the Muppets, and probably Elmo are mind control also is creepy and makes you wonder…what CAN we watch that is good and wholesome..How about Mr Rogers, Gilligan's Island or Ozzie and Harriett? ….nothing is as it seems…..

  73. This movie went completely over my head the one and only time I saw it…I was 16, I believe. Anywho, it was very disturbing. The only reason I even watched it was because it was a childhood favorite of my boyfriend at the time. I didn't like it at all though, if for no reason other than that I just did not understand it…oh and like you said the fact that there was an almost "romantic" scene between them really messed with my mind. Lol

    Needless to say, I completely understand it now…unfortunately

  74. Though I recognize that this film does have a deep, disturbing meaning, I have to admit, I still love watching it. It is one of my favorite films, even if it is simply because of my love of David Bowie and it's a hilarious attempt at a film.

    This isn't the only weakness I have, however. I've always enjoyed David Bowie's music (having grown up with it) and I enjoy many modern pop artists, though I've read the articles and been made aware of their occult messages.

    The question I have is, is it terrible to be aware and yet still enjoy this media? I've read so many of your articles and I've yet to fully understand why I need to stop listening to this music and stop watching these films. I understand that they're trying to control the masses, but to what end? Can someone just explain it to me? Please don't be rude, I'm just really confused. Maybe I'm not quite interpreting what is going on properly.

    • If it's of any use, my guess is that exposure to those elements can (not will, but could.) in the first case, cause a wearing down of personal barriers and mental (or even spiritual) fortitude, which may make one more susceptible to conditioning later (or as VC suggests, be used as a narrative to bypass a person's normal defenses. Something you treasure, enjoy or are familiar with will naturally be more acceptable to you, and if someone can carve a trojan horse out of it, or if it was designed to be a trojan horse in the first place, it can be utilized to get at your more vulnerable stuff, IE your subconscious). It seems that knowing of the stuff may give one a better resistance to this first case. (Knowing someone spiked the punch, vs not knowing it's anything but punch.)

      Secondly it seems that these things (be they occultic or otherwise) may get attention from certain unwanted things (call them spirits, energies, demons etc. whichever.) That is to say, they seem to like the stuff, and could be more inclined to come around if the atmosphere is made pleasant for them, it's not a guarantee they'll show up, it just raises the chances and calls attention (like an "Open" sign in a restaurant). This could cause problems, given the nature of the creatures, and especially if combined with the first case. So avoiding prolonged (or heavily repeated) exposure could better your chances of not getting "sick" so to speak. Also, as in my comment to Naima, just because you enjoy it, doesn't mean you'll automatically be mind controlled by it, especially if you know what's there, and temper your exposure to it. Just my opinion.

  75. Basiclly we've all gathered here discussing the work of satan (occult/illuminati what ever). So this shows that we are right on path of their agenda because we are looking, observing, analizing, discussing and even giving them ideas on improving their work. Lets not fall in to the trap here.

    Ok its a good thing opening our eyes and minds in looking at things in different ways but are we going to do this with only what they give us. Their films/movies, their music, their logos, their etc. This is what they want, us to talk about them, in a good way or a bad way it doesn't matter. We are constantly advertising them without even knowing that we are doing so.

  76. So that is what the owl represents. I have seen Drake the rapper with a tattoo of an owl and also seen it in his music video. In his video he and his crew are wearing sweaters with the owl symbol on it. This makes me think he is also in this mind control saga.

  77. This too was my favorite movie when I was a kid and still is my favorite kid's movie. I honestly still have the whole thing memorized from watching it over and over as a child. When I was about eight I totally noticed David Bowie's package outlined by his tights and distinctly remember being scolded by my mother for referring to it both at all and as a "package."

    I'm kind of sad to see that the movie was so inundated with mind-control symbols. I'm sure that many of my favorite things from childhood were, however. Good article, VC.

  78. I'm 13 and I just watched this with my mom. I didn't even notice all the mind control stuff, does it happen when watching or something else? But I didn't feel anything after watching, I just thought it was kind of strange. The Jareth guy looked like a pervert, who is he is her handler?

  79. I watched this movie not long ago & found it very dark, it made me feel uneasy & if I had children its not something I would be showing them. Also the horned beasts being portrayed as friends… its like priming the subconscious to believe satan is your friend. I totally agree about the bog of stench representing coprophilia, it is very commonly used in ritualistic satanic abuse. Children are smeared with faeces & forced to sacrifice animals & other children.

    The female lead played by Jennifer Connelly, has described herself as a "walking puppet" a very MK Ultra theme. Also check out the other movie's she has starred (been manipulated) in. Some of them are extremely dark, violent, sexually explicit & loaded with symbolism ie Requiem for a dream.

    The knowledge of MK Ultra symbolism & triggers causes one to look very closely at oneself & I find myself wondering why I am attracted to the point of being almost obsessed by certain things… colours, symbolism, rituals. Have I been programmed? Have you? I think we all have to an extent. It does make you wonder what lies beneath your own subconscious.

  80. I want more of the VC that made such articles as the one of BEP's "Meet me Halfway" and "Pinnochio" who recognized that the occult isn't necessarilly evil. I think that of late you're paying too much focus on MK ultra, and brainwashing which for sure is real, but is not the only real thing in your reality.

    As of "Labyrinth" I agree with Buddha. I believe that Labyrinth is the inner journey towards freedom from ilussion. Lets not forget for example that the she entered to the masked ball through the peach she was given by the Goblin King, the masked meant to represent what we can call the "modern banal life of lust, drugs, bisexualism, and such" fortunately she realized she was losing time after seeing the hour had 13 hours instead of the normal 12 ones

    Running out of time to rescue Tobby can practically mean running towards enlightenment. Towards that "innocence" she was rejecting at first. If you think of it, the Catholic symbology for figures such the Divine Infant of Prague and Baby Jesus of Christmas, is practically that one! The inner pure love we have within ourselves that doesnt judges others! This is also the meaning of virginity! In modern lifestyle we see that hollywood and the likes want children to start having a sexual life since they're very young, to remain a kid at that age is looked now as stupid. How is this different from the Goblin King kidnapping the baby and wanting to turn him into a goblin? Goblins are dirty and dumb creatures, pretty much the same as how an irresponsible and promiscuos person looks in the astral sight!

    In the part where she finds those old ladies carrying rubbish, that trash means the attachments we have that do not permit us to break into the next stage. When the old lady enters Sara's room, she started to put child toys in her back, representing that she was attached to things that were obstructing her from going out of the labyrinth.

    Last but not least, the Goblin King said he would be her slave as long as she loves and fears him. He would give her a whole kingdom and everything she wants, he was offering her dreams! She of course, rejected his offer. This is a person rejecting the devil, and yet many people think that the film is evil?

    Please VC, I like your webpage a lot and its a good source of information! However start doing more "Secret Arcana" style articles, instead of paying so much attention to MK Ultra.

    Thanks :)

  81. Amazing article, VC!

    I remember watching this movie one day in kidergarten, and hating it with a passion. And I remember wondering why would a teacher ever allow 4-year-olds to watch it. Seems now I have clue…

  82. I should have know that was coming. (Sniff, sniff)

    I Really Like Labyrinth, all the imagination, thought provoking riddles, and fantasy, but even in the strongest parts of my enthrallment, I always felt there was something not quite right about that film. A little like your favorite sandwich, where dead cockroach pieces are chopped up, and hiding in the guacamole: a nice crunch, but definitely suspicious.

    Some friends and I saw this again a few years ago. One of the friends, being an english major, mentioned how she agreed with the DVD highlights that explain the story as young women's struggle to embrace her budding womanhood (i.e. sexuality), and shed her fear of losing her childhood innocence, and disdain for the adult world (i.e. sensual situations, etc… the i.e's are mine, not the DVD's)

    Hmm…you ever notice that every "coming-of-age" story is usually about something sexual or mildly revolting (think Stand By Me and the hunt for the dead body)? Ever wonder why no human ever seems to come to age by doing something exceedingly noble, unselfish, and virtuous in real life? Hobbits can, and evidently, it's possible in worlds with talking animals and emperor-like lions. But hollywood is never interested in maturing teenagers on real-time planet earth until they drop their pants or involve themselves an human death for some supposedly good reason.

    I think my friends agreement with the DVD featurette is somewhat accurate, (probably even explains Bowie's unnecessarily tightly clad crotch – sorry, but that had too much camera time for folks NOT to notice, even those of us TRYING to ignore it). But like was mentioned before, his little speech at the end with all its double talk was just too weird, like a pedophile berating a child for flirting with him (I'm mentally torturing you for your own sake!). It Does however sound a lot like some of the games Brice Taylor described as played on folks like herself. Or all that silliness in Sucker Punch.

  83. I would be very interested to read an article that speaks about this movie in relation to consensual Master/slave and/or Dominant/submission relationships. I'm an active BDSM player and this has always been one of my favorite movies… I wanted to be Sarah when I was younger. She wants her brother/innocence back– I get that– but as Jareth says, she asked for him/it to be taken and then he works very hard to give her the opportunity to play. She's never really in danger and neither is the child. Speaking solely for myself, that is how I relate to the story.

  84. First rate piece!

    Bowie's overt dedication to Thelema and the evolution of homo sapiens to homo superior are well known, as is his deep interest in pansexual magickal rituals. But few are aware that during his "Ziggy Stardust" manifestation Bowie blatantly referenced the most sacred Illuminati rituals in naming his band the "Spiders from Mars". The "spider" is this context is a graphical representation of the human anus – a central point from which numerous wavy lines protrude in all directions. Mars of course is the Roman god of war, and in this context is used to invoke sex magick rituals involving BDSM (or very rough and aggressive) sodomy. This type of sex is at the very core of both Illuminati ritual and their mind control technology. So once again, Bowie was preparing humanity for "changes" long before Gaga was sent to wrap things up and herald the Illuminati's ultimate goal of achieving Total Perversion Singularity in 2012.

  85. it's surprising to think that the same theme

    and story that was used three decades ago is being

    repeated today and to realize that it still sells!

    and i thought i was watching a new movie when i

    saw sucker punch, but in fact i was only repeating

    alice in wonderland and the wizard of oz.

  86. Great article, I read it last week and then begun to re watch the movie last night watching for the things you point out. My question is who has put all of these elements into place? We have songs composed by Bowie so he has had something to play in that, stage props of obelisks, the maze, the smashed mirror – it seems like the writers had either been influenced which seems unlikely as its not some extra wearing an obelisk t-shirt in the back ground. This would have had to be a fairly complex project which involved the writers which included the Director Jim Henson, set designers, artists – some would have been told just make this. So my point is, how does a complex project like this come about? We can only speculate I guess but I am interested to know theories.

  87. This movie is brilliant and full of deep levels of symbolism, philosophy and psychology representing the true art of Jim Henson and David Bowie.

    It is sad to see it interpreted in this way.

    Everyone is mind controlled – but in almost all cases it is by themselves, their fears. The lower self dominates and attaches to things and fails to accept change, especially loss and so escapes to fantasy. This movie is about that, about personal growth, self-determination, paradox, among other themes.

    To me this movie (and so many others) are the modern equivalent of The Baghavad Gita or the Testaments. Parables to describe our inner lives and experiences and stories to reflect on and to learn from.

    One thing the author of this site is correct about is symbolism, connection, deep meaning and deep messages.

    (I'm closely connected to David Bowie and he is a very good person. He has had many personal struggle in his life, but there is no evil in him, just humanity the same as everyone else).

  88. We were talking about the space between us all

    And the people who hide themselves behind a wall of illusion

    Never glimpse the truth, then it's far too late, when they pass away

    We were talking about the love we all could share

    When we find it, to try our best to hold it there with our love

    With our love, we could save the world, if they only knew

    Try to realise it's all within yourself

    No one else can make you change

    And to see you're really only very small

    And life flows on within you and without you

    We were talking about the love that's gone so cold

    And the people who gain the world and lose their soul

    They don't know, they can't see, are you one of them?

    When you've seen beyond yourself then you may find

    Peace of mind is waiting there

    And the time will come when you see we're all one

    And life flows on within you and without you

    -The Beatles, 1967

  89. What they call "mind control" in a sort of pseudo-scientific way, is really demon possession.

    Here's a testimony of someone who ended up being controlled ( possessed) by the demons she had been using in channelling. It's not scary, and well worth downloading and listening to.

    She explains that when she tried to get free, they took possession of her body during her sleep, causing her to hurt herself and took possession of her mind during wake hours.

    She could not initiate any feelings or thoughts, she could only negate them ( she still kept her distinct identity, though bound) even though she kept on a apparently normal life.

    She decided to kill herself, thinking it would be the only way to get free, but then, when she was making her preparations, the possession was lifted for a few seconds and she heard a voice saying "I exist", which she recognised as from the God she had rejected in her teens. She was finally delivered when she became a Christian and began reading the Bible and praying, which kept her demons at bay, until finally they left. Here's the webpage. CTRL+ F "Testimony on New Age" because there are hundreds of lectures there.

  90. i would suggest that you try studying the irish mythology because a lot of its contents explained the Labyrinth like the peach, the ballroom and jareth overall character. just try. thanks

  91. I see Jareth more as an abuser Alter. I'm not a firm believer in MK ultra brain wash shit, but I do believe in DID. And I do have DID, and it's a shame that it's being used for such fantasy bullshit like this. Yes the symbols do have a strong message in the DID world. But back to Jareth. An abuser alter is a personality that takes form of the abuser and makes sure that the pain is held back and ready for use. But when the person gets old the abuser can bring back pain and inflict it on the body. they are loving and caring, saying they do this for them yet their actions show something much darker.

  92. Did anyone notice the massive bulge?! I'm shocked that it wasn't mentioned in the article…Idk if anyone else has commented about it or what, but yeah…it's always been one of my favorite movies, and I was a bit uncomfortable as a kid watching it and seeing David Bowie's peter bulgin out of his pants……and as an adult, I just don't understand why that was allowed. LoL, damn…


  93. This film always rubbed me up the wrong way as a kid (and also now i'm 35), although it had it's funny moments.

    Off the top of my head i can think of another 80's film i like that has blatant mk 'elements':

    Young Sherlock Holmes (1985)

    AKA: 'Young Sherlock Holmes and the Pyramid of Fear'

    Maybe if you've got time you could analyse this VC.

    Thanks for the interesting and informative site, keep up the good work.

  94. I used to love this movie as a kid…was one of my favorites. Didn't realize the true meaning behind all those crazy scenes…gotta watch it again soon.

    Hey, this isn't related to the movie at all, but i just found this out and thought it was creepy as heck…if you type in the illuminati into the address bar backwards, it takes you to a US government site…crazy!


    see where it take you!!

  95. i don't doubt that mind control is out there.. and that a lot of the world is in a thoughtless, meandering daze; however i think you're missing a big part of the puzzle. Henson damn sure knew his symbolism, and he was a master artist. works of this nature are showing the INNER journey to becoming whole and finding your long lost child — watch his movie dark crystal, it's the same theme in different clothes. there are certain guidestones along the way that we all encounter, why do you think so many mythologies have recurring themes? even mythologies independent of each, that evolved on separate continents have the same themes.

    most genuine art is about getting back to that state of pure love that we had as kids.. even jesus said we must again become like little children. remember when we were young… and we shone like the sun?<–(pink floyd)

    i definitely think it's a good thing to at least somewhat stay up on the happenings of the shadowy elite, but if you spend all your energy thinking of the illuminati, and that everything is mind controlling people; you're still pretty much playing into their trap and filtering out a lot that could help you. only love can conquer hate, and unless you conquer yourself you can conquer nothing else.

    read some joseph campbell, people! he had a fine way of bridging many gaps.

  96. when i was a kid this movie gave me nightmares. and when i grew older i liked it but still found it scary xD but good movie… just creepy.

  97. I loved the movie Labyrinth from the first time I watched it. I still do. David Bowie is a great artist and I still admire the way he wrote his songs well ahead of his time. But VC, I love this article as it has given us so much insight about mind control and MK slaves. I just feel really really sorry for the girls who are controlled and have to watch Labyrinth in order to be programmed. I'd rather the movie just be entertainment for a family just like Bowie's music is enjoyed so much. Once again VC, thankyou for the time and effort you put into this article.

  98. I was just set to write an article about initiaion then you said that at the end.

    It should be remembered that these symbols have been hyjacked by these people and and many are still sacred and valid today.

    The journey into darkness and emerging a new person being a purely spiritual thing. The horned one was the god of many peoples before christianity daemonised it (not saying christianity is bad, just saying) even Jesus (Jeshua) went into the tent and emerged as new.

    The eye of the pyramid being the third eye of enlightenment. I could go on but you get the message.

    It is a sad thing that these people will eventually deprive all of us the knowlege these things could give us. Maybe that is on the agenda.


  99. And all this time I thought it was about a girl coming into puberty and having fantasies about older men. In tights.

    What about the fact that she says he has no power over her? How do you know he still has power over her in the end? He is merely looking at her, like he was at the beginning. No fair saying that her imaginary friends are also him: they could be positive aspects of her own personality, though already shattered, no? I don't think he controls her at the end, though she may be damaged…

  100. I used to watch this movie as a kid not knowing what was all about.

    After I saw the pictures and explanation of it I felt sick to my stomach.

    Good work!

  101. i think the scariest part is putting that real life baby actor in that dark stony room full of all those disgusting looking goblins that sing and dance around him. Thats some crazy shit right there!

  102. BlackVelvetFox on

    Loved this movie (and the Dark Crystal) as a kid. Could totally relate to the dynamic (minus the sexual abuse) between the lead characters. Sadly, I thought she won at the end, too! I put up with the insanity (absurd rules, bizarre accusations, strange and humiliating punishments, etc.) and waited for 13 YEARS to 'make my escape.'

    Although, I have recently come to the conclusion that 'coping with' and 'dealing with' are 2 very different things after a string of abusive relationships (at work, with 'friends', and 'romantic'). I am disheartened by the number of Goblin King types out there. Even more disheartening is the greater number of cowards who assist, even if by doing nothing.

    It is uncanny how the Jareth's seem to sniff out their prey. Like the owl. And in the end, even if you can get away from them, they will get you. Refusing to do what they want you to do will result in some kind of bizarre punishment. Most run of the mill sociopaths will settle for spreading horrible rumours featuring you as the agressor, or bad guy, and them as the victim (despite their contempt for their actual victims) which does two amazing things. 1: it costs you your hard earned reputation, friends, job, home, etc. And 2: it doubles as a fishing expedition for your replacement (anyone capable of empathy and following orders). Having a natural disposition towards empathy, but refusing to 'just follow orders' makes for some rather unpleasant experiences.

    Your take on the ending is so utterly depressing, yet, again, relatable.

  103. "Buddha fought Mara (Satan) and while confronted with this illusion (labyrinth) he came to the same conclusion as Sarah."

    Buddha is also pictured with many serpents in at least one popular image of him. Serpents are not your friend, they are evil spirits, the Bible tells us believers are given power over them, and over ALL power of the enemy. Buddhism never touches this, does it? It doesn't really matter how long Buddha fought so-and-so, there is no ultimate truth in Buddhism, no strength or power to draw from (except your own illusion of power or power through nothingness all illusionary and the first outright Satanic) and what did Buddha say about gods and good/evil spiritual forces? Didn't he say something akin to not worrying about them because they cannot be proven?

    JESUS is the Way, The Truth, The Life.

    The name and reality of Jesus and His Father Yahweh, along with The Holy Spirit are scorned, mocked, and dragged through the mud of Television and movies. Even the powerful word "God" is misused in just about any sitcom and movie available today.

    Why aren't other so-called gods so often mocked?

    Because they have NO power.

    The same with other movers and shakers in the past, including so-called Saints who should not be prayed to. Jesus is the only way to The Father, anyone telling you different is deluded. Have you noticed how Jesus is usually depicted in the RCC? As an infant in Mary's arms, the Child Jesus, in a manger, hanging on the cross when HE IS RISEN (Glory be To God!), or cradled in Mary's arms. Images of Mary are usually powerful and stunning, yet Mary is not to be prayed to, I don't really care how many years of Catholic school you went to, she is not a way to Christ, Christ is the way to The Father. I can't say much of anything pleasant about many of the other denominations, either, as many seem watered down.

    A personal relationship with Jesus is what matters, not what denomination you belong to. Just beware of idolatry in its many forms, including statues (graven images which Catholics will deny as breaking of a commandment pointing to past graven images which God directly commanded, this doesn't give permission for any of us to make graven images and the Bible never condones this except in certain directives from God) and images being kissed or bow/knelt before. Graven images are destroying and diverting our minds AWAY from God.

    And you don't NEED so-called Holy images or statues to direct your mind TO God, he's everywhere and always there for you. The Bible instructs you NOT to bow to images. You can't hide under the term, "Veneration" when images are concerned, worship IS worship, veneration IS worship.

    Consider how free our minds would be without all of the advertising, without all of the crap shoved down our throats from Hollywood and the mass media. It must be wonderful to be Amish and free from all of this crap, not to suggest they are the perfect working model for Christians, but they sure live more closely to The Bible than most Christians can claim.

    Once you experience God's love, you'll never want to be apart, not for ego-worship (anti-Christians and Satanists), not for anything, and you'll bear the torture from the world as they see the light in you of Christ, you'll bear it through the strength of Christ and His Word, for this world is passing, the life to come Eternal.

    So many non-believers, anti-Christians will devote a large portion of their lives bashing Christianity, even going so far as to read the Bible once or more to claim they have more knowledge and more of a rationalist's attitude toward religion and spirituality and therefore are more justified and correct in bashing it. If these people truly didn't believe in a God, they would not be devoting so much of their lives to attacking Him. Deep within them they believe, whether they know it or not, and their attacks are a religion in and of itself, no matter how godless they may describe themselves. And notice how high they climb on their high horse when attacking and mocking our precious savior. May they all find God and the peace he brings.

  104. check out the film the howling ,scene in book store woman opens book to do with demons etc and finds a pic in book exactly the same as them dancing monsters that take off there heads …

  105. u gotta check it out its freaky to say the least..yeah people check howling film to do with werewolfs made in 1981 look forward to sum replys .tell me wot u think.

  106. Im only going to give you a taste of reality,Im an enlightened one and proud to say so.The break down

    of this movie is intellectually good,but wrong.Well actually reversed.What im about to tell you,you wont comprehend,or believe and thats ok,cause if you did be believe the truth I wouldnt actually write this.Jared(David Bowie Is GOD,btw Im a huge Christian who knows my lord and Savior is Jesus Christ!!

    yes theres symbology,crystal balls(crystal Period)mirrors,et cetera.However They are all positive in a sense that chosen ones like myself,have been put here for reasons and no there not evil.we dont speak evil,hear evil or see evil.when people like you (i say that with respect and understand your thought process,its just wrong) see the word evil we dont.We see it revearsed Live.theres a positive to everything which the true descendants or children of GOD see all the time.Cant tell you more,but try watching the movie from a positive outlook,as in she was a negative girl who had a bad attitude and didnt have faith in God,what i would call a lost soulor spirit.and because of her negativity God(cause he's always there for us even when we dont believe in him.Gods just waiting for you to go thru so much negative things that finally surrender your life to him.) puts her through a series of things and eventually she wakes up happy and appreciated in life

  107. Hmm, missed this article since I haven't been here in months and only recently …

    Excellent break down and interpretation of the movie, VC … have been waiting for this in a long while. Thank you.

  108. Harlequin Nameless on

    As Douglas Adams once said, "It's an important and popular fact that things are not always what they seem." This only seems to validate that adage. A friend of mine and I were riffing on the film MST3K style, and then suddenly I noticed that during the magic dance (at the line "What magic spell to use"), Jareth puts a finger on the side of his nose- an ASL gesture for snorting cocaine. Another reference to drugs in mind control?

  109. This was a great interpretation, but I see the movie differently. I feel it's important to let people know whats going on, and the negative influences in control and out there to delude you. I think Jim Henson did the opposite of what you said. I feel like the movie was WARNING kids about mind control and to be wary of it. There are forces out there that are GOOD that are here to help us on our spiritual journey. Bear with me while I break down my interpretation of The Labyrinth:

    First off the movie starts with her playing or pretending she's in the world she fantasizes about. Then it starts raining, kinda like breaking her out of her fantasy. She starts the movie out with this whole "whoa is me" attitude the makes her feel like life isn't fair and nothing goes her way. When she gets home, her parents tell her how she has to grow up and be responsible, and that she's 13 and should start dating etc. Well she obviously is against that because she is still young at heart (hence the fantasy books, dolls, and teddy bears in her room). Her parents leave and she is left to watch her little brother. The baby symbolizes responsibility. She has to watch over her brother, which is an obligation she didn't want. Maturing and growing spiritually can go hand and hand. Then Jared (The Goblin King) comes and tries to rid her of her responsibility/spiritual growth. She of course changes her mind, and admits she was being irrational, so in a way Jared tells her she has to prove her strength by taking on his labyrinth. Now here is where my theory is opposite yours; I think the REALITY was the Labyrinth and the FANTASY was is the real world. What I feel Jim Henson was trying to show children is that negativity is never your REALITY and that no matter how tough life gets, you'll win as long as you stay true to what really a matters ( You'll see what I mean towards the end of my synopsis). So she bravely goes forward despite how rough and scary the journey looks. The minute she get's there, she bumps into someone who can help but wont (Hoggle) because let's face it, he's being controlled too. So what does Sarah do? She continues on This shows kids that even though no one is willing to help you, press on and trust in your instincts. Even when Hoggle was trying to discourage her, she ignored him. Now she goes forward and finds a little worm who opens her eyes to the options she has, and shows her that the walls are illusions. He shows her that what she wants is right in front of her, but yet still wants her to come and have tea with him. She tells him no, but she does take his advice. This shows kids that you must stay focused and not get distracted, because remember she's being timed (which could represent life). The worm showed her the way, but gave her the wrong direction. Notice that originally she was going the right way, but changed her mind when the worm told her it was wrong.. The worm represents authority figures or adults in life that might give you good advice. The worm, who is under control too, still was a big help to her, but ultimately what Jim H is saying is that people can help you, but in the end YOU make the final decisions. So then fast forward, and she meets the Doors. This is Sarah's fork in the road. She has to choose the door she thinks is the right one based on the truth. She picked the door she thought was right, by following the rules given to her, but still ended up walking through the wrong door which lead to "ultimate doom". This part representes the fear of making mistakes. Sarah was sure she knew what she was doing, but was wrong. While she is falling, the hands ask her if she want's to go back up or continue going down. Now notice anyone would have probably said "oh please bring me back up so I can choose the right door", but No. Sarah says, well let me continue going down. This symbolizes her holding fast to her decision to walk through the door. I think Jim H was showing kids that it's o.k to make mistakes, and that although you might mess up, don't regret it and move forward. Mistakes are apart of spiritual growth and advancement, so her continuing to go down represent owning up to the decisions you've made in your life and moving forward. She bumps into Hoggle again, and he is a perfect example of a person in the matrix. Sarah convinces Hoggle to help her by giving him a bracelet, which represents material gain. People in the matrix are control by material things, and fear. So of course when he and Sarah meets Jared in the oubliette and Jared sees that Sarah has help and is doing well, he speeds up her time. Then the movie goes on and she meets more people who she helps set free, and or encourage with positivity. There was one part where she was teasing Hoggle and he says 'oh it's not fair' and she says "no it isn't…but it's o.k". Here Jim H was trying to show kids that all this time Sarah complained about life not being fair because she couldn't have what she wanted, but when the tables where turned she realized that even if certain circumstances are unfair, it's still o.k, because you'll get through it. Lets move on to the ballroom scene with Jared. He creates a reality within a reality where she is the center of attention, and the princess which everyone adores. She was mesmerized but then she saw the time. It's like she remembered her goal, then everything was obvious to her. That situation was an example of things that feed your ego (i.e fame, popularity, etc). What Jim H was showing kids is that, things like that are nothing but time wasters, distracting you from your true goals. So she breaks free of that illusion, and lands in a dump. She then meets this lady with garbage on her back. She brings Sarah back to her room. Now remember, the whole reason why she was fed up in the first place was because her baby brother took her teddy bear ( or the parents took her bear out of her room). Now, the women brings her back to her room with all the things she holds dear. Her dolls, books, jewelry etc. What happens is Sarah starts letting the lady load all her stuff on her back, and soon she starts to look like the lady. Finally Sarah comes to a realization. All the stuff she thought was a big deal didn't really matter, Sarah shouts "This is all JUNK!" then everything starts crashing down, releasing her form that stuff piling up on her back, then her special friends save her. This scene was Jim H telling kids blatantly that material things does not matter in life, that all it does is weigh you down and delay your spiritual growth. So when she's rescued, Hoggle confesses to being a traitor, then Sarah forgives him, and he changes his ways. Right here Jim H is showing kids that Hoggle was under control by material things and fear, but he changed once Sarah forgave him. Jim H shows kids that forgiveness is important in life and can help you become stronger spiritually. They get to the goblin city and they fight obstacles and bad guys together. Finally Sarah gets to the castle and tells her friends that the rest of the way she has to go alone. So now she gets into an even more confusing maze, and Jared starts singing a song that is like he's trying to make her feel guilty for still only focusing on getting her brother back. She ignores him and continues to run around trying to get her brother (or symbolically her life). So lets fast forward and get to the scene where Jared makes his last attempt to "win her over". In the last moment she recites the poem and remembers the most important line that she struggled to remember; "YOU HAVE NO POWER OVER ME!" Then he goes away, the baby is safe and she is back to the real world… her true reality! You see her old reality, was an illusion because it was negative. Jim H shows kids that life was never meant to be a struggle, and with a change of perspective and positive attitude, you'll see that negativity is a mind state not a lifestyle. So Now Sarah's in her new reality because she realizes things that she hadn't before, which made her wiser, stronger, and happier (positive). Then Sarah says this:“I don’t know why, but … every now and again in my life, for no reason at all, I need you.” then her friends appeared, in her new reality, which i think they where always there but she had to experience her ordeal in order to realize it. Note she couldn't see them in the beginning because she was in a state where she thought she was alone. But now she's happy and partying with her pals. But as you said the OWL is still observing then flies away. Now My interpretation of this is that although she succeeded at beating the labyrinth, that doesn't mean he won't try again, but at least next time Sarah will be more prepared. Jim H was showing kids that no matter what, they will find a way to get through their own labyrinth, even if they are challenged over and over again. So that's my opinion. Because sites like yours talks about the obvious dangers in society with mind control etc, which is true, BUT there is little talk about the unseen friends and ones on this plane that are here to help us in our times of need. I feel the movie The Labyrinth shows children that They are in control and that negativity is never your true reality. Jim Henson shows that we are all stronger and braver then we think, and that we are never alone! There are Good Forces Working For Us :)

  110. I discovered this blog back in 2009 when I discovered about Lady Gaga being an "illuminist puppet" my eyes are opened and when she released her latest album, I was completely turned off. Judas song alone made my stomach churn. I am a christian and its quite uneasy for me to be listening to those songs, although I still listen to mainstream pop and I actually saw her on concert before. Even though I still listen to some LG, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Black Eyed Peas and not to mention Lana Del Rey, my faith will not deter me and wont let this "artists" influence me otherwise. Also I dont really look up to hollyweird actors, the only actress I like too much is Meryl Streep. She has worked with some MK'd actresses in her films and some of her films like The Manchurian Candidate, Sophie's Choice and Series of Unfortunate Events have symbolism's so blatant and not to mention her AFI tribute also has actors that are MK'd too and she has been around for so long. Which now leads me to John Cazale, her boyfriend from before which died, and which you all might know from Deer Hunter and The Godfather, makes me think he was a sacrifice for Meryl? I adore her so much, but now all this stuff and revelations makes me side-eye everyone and awards shows now makes me think other than politics, the ones who has ties with the elite will win. I am betting Hugo will win best picture this year, and George Clooney for best actor or Glenn Close or Meryl for best actress because they are MK'd. Help!

  111. This movie sounds frightening. I've never watched it but of course I've heard of it and being born in the 80s, I have many friends who claim this movie as an all-time favorite. But movies of this nature freak me out. I still haven't recovered from Pan's Labyrinth and I only saw it once 5 years ago lol.

  112. WOW.

    I'm a big fan of the movie Labyrinth since I was a little kid. And I have posters in my room and own all kinds of versions of the movie (DVD, blurray, PSP, etc). I own the soundtrack and know all the lyrics by heart. I've been learning about imagery and how the industry works (even though we may never know 100%, it's very handy to know! I love this place especially and have your site bookmarked. I enjoy all your articles so much. I'm rather in shock because I never saw the movie this way! And it makes so much sense after learning and knowing the little bit that I know now. I say the lyrics out loud and they take on a whole new meaning. It makes me sad to know, but it totally makes sense. Thank you for posting this. I enjoyed reading it.

  113. I agree with much of the article but i wouldnt be too pessimistic about the ending of the movie.

    She did triumph because she didnt take the easy way out offered by david bowie's character.

    At least on a conscious level, she is making a decision not to give in to trickeries of the antagonist.

    I know, i know, much is made of the subconscious but there is a reason why its called the subconscious.

    Have you all noticed in any kind of programming being done by the elite, its always the subconscious that they are aiming for?

    However there are individuals who know themselves or are in touch with themselves so much so that they will not be fooled by tricks.

    In the end, its a matter of not giving up your power, your consciousness to any one or anything.

    In my case however i give it up to the Lord Jesus Christ.

    There is a reason why the Word of God wants Christians to be Christ centered and not sin centered.

    Wherever you are centered on, you are giving your most power to.

  114. This is just crazy…Labrynth is my favorite movie of all times , I remember I watched this movie like 30 times , I used to dreamed being in that fantasy world and I wished many times to be Sarah, I'm 28years old and a few years back ive been interested in these kinds of topics, I'm a fan of VC and after seen the movie again ow as a grow up I noticed many things that weren't that beautiful as I saw them as a kid. Thank you VC you opened my eyes…was I being controlledas a kid? I remember I used to wake up at 3am repeating the song of the party. .. Creepy!

  115. I quite like this movie and am going to watch it again tonight – I will definitely look at it differently now that I've read this but I love reading about deeper meanings of things. This might also make me understand it better as I haven't watched it many times and some bits still just seem weird and/or random to me and I can't follow it properly. I can't wait to watch it again now even more than before. I also love reading about songs by people like Paramore, Rihanna and Lady Gaga – interesting to rewatch the videos and listen to the lyrics when you know what they are really going on about for a change.

  116. I happened to just see the movie and remembered on reading the article before so after i saw the movie i read the article again. And to me the most disturbing part of this whole movie to me was that illuminati party because in the movie, Sarah and Jared, are dancing together like a couple and not to mention the fact that the way they were going through the whole crowd looking for each other in a needy way was so DISTURBING!!! like they liked each other in a certain type of way and also at the end also he was like "Just fear me, love me, do as I say, and I will be your slave”. The love me part was like the way of saying telling her have sex with me because he wasnt going to her slave she was going to be his. So when he says love me hes really saying she has to have sex with him…

    my theory.

  117. Today I was listening to Bowie's "1.Outside" album, subtitled "the Ritual Art-Murder of Baby Grace Blue", and it reminded me about this website. Look it up, you may find that interesting. Especially the video for "The Hearts Filthy Lesson" and the liner notes.

    To offer a different prespective, here's what Bowie himself says: "I think people have a real need for some spiritual life and I think there's great spiritual starving going on. There's a hole that's been vacated by an authoritative religious body—the judaeo-Christian ethic doesn't seem to embrace all the things that people actually need to have dealt with in that way—and it's sort of been left to popular culture to soak up the leftover bits like violence and sex." Rings true to me. What do you think?

    • Rashi —

      If you scroll through the images here, it's all very disturbing.

      www. dissemination. dk/research/music/david-bowies-hauntology-1-outside-and-the-murder-of-baby-grace/

      Also, if you do an image search on google, for David Bowie, you'll find an AMAZING amount of images of David and mirrors… I think he is severely fractured himself.

  118. This movie is about growing up, confronting the traumas of adolescence and letting go of childhood and childish behavior. Jareth represents the desire to remain a self absorbed brat that must be overcome in the process of growing up. Toby represents the more mature concern for others and responsibilities. The conclusion of the film shows maturity can be reached while still maintaining a sense of fun, and that our selfish side will always haunt us to some degree (Jareth as owl outside of the window). This makes much more sense than describing the entire movie as a Monarch mind control parable.

  119. Quality review and looking back it makes complete sense. Has anyone ever watched this on LSD? Because i do believe this is one of the few great acid films, it's fucking amazing!

  120. I watched the movie as an adult, before reading this post, and was very disturbed by it. It's amazing to me that people would have let their children watch this and still do. I don't know about this movie being about "mind control" per se, but it definitely focuses on the themes of mental, sexual, and physical abuse. Abuse is and forever will be inseparable from the need of the perpetrator to control the victim.

  121. Where it says the plot of the movie, when they're dancing in the ballroom scene, he's supposed to be seducing her :/. Still love the movie though

  122. "As the pain sweeps through
    makes no sense for you
    every thrill has gone
    wasn't too much fun at all"
    From the first time I heard these lines, to me they meant rape. Like Sarah was at first excited and felt "thrill", but then when the king took her , it was painful and suddenly the whole thing wasn't fun at all. Sounds like the rape of a virgin!

  123. I have to disagree on this.. I mean I agree that its based on mind control but I think the message was "never sell your soul out, keep fighting, don't get manipulated, be strong" The owl and devils were who she was fighting. The director died a few years later I personally think he was killed.

  124. ObligeNobility on

    For me, this is the saddest article, because I personally know someone from a very wealthy, elite family who was programmed using this movie when she was a child. We dated seriously for a couple years in college, during which time the bizarre quirks about this beautiful girl revealed themselves as coming from a sinister source.

    I stumbled upon certain triggers (e.g. the word "Ja-Reth") which could make her disassociate completely for minutes at a time, and not remember what had just happened. There were also other triggers to conjure up alternate personas. I believe there was an entirely mute persona created for dealing with trips to the grocery store, another specifically for singing performances, and another fear response in which she became incapable of moving her arms (like a ragdoll).

    So many other details from her life, like childhood sexual abuse by family friends, make it impossible for me to discredit the general premise of this site – a stealth society of dark ritualists runs things behind the scenes while engaging in all sorts of depravity and sin. Keep up the good work VC! I'll leave you with a thought to ponder: why is it that so many of these wealthy, elite families exhibit inter-generational left-handedness?

    • Are you able to help this woman in any way?

      Is there a way to get her away from those who might still be hurting her and get her to a trustworthy, non-mainstream therapist….someone who doesn't rely on drugs etc.
      Someone that can actually heal her of this trauma?

      Have you heard of the SIDRAN Institute? It's in Brooklandville, MD

      If you go to Sidran . org you will find a huge amount of resources and free information.

      There is also a help-desk to find a therapist.

      Books that may help her:

      _Living With Your Selves: A Survival Manual for People with Multiple
      Personalities_ by Sandra J. Hocking

      _Multiple Personality Disorder From the Inside Out_ published by The Sidran
      Foundation. A collection of first-person essays from the editors of the
      newsletter _Many Voices_.

      _More Than One_ by Terri A. Clark, M.D.

      _Multiple Personality Gift: A Workbook for You and Your Inside Family_ by
      Jacklyn M. Pia

      _The Family Inside: Working with the Multiple_ by Doris Bryant, Judy
      Kessler, and Lynda Shirar

      _United We Stand: A Book for People with Multiple Personalities by Eliana
      Gil. This is most clear and comprehensive book you could get to explain MPD.
      It's short, and small, and inexpensive, and perfect. Great to give to
      friends, partners, family members to introduce MPD.

      _The Silver Boat_ by Ann Adams. A charming fable about how a young girl in
      trouble comes to meet her Others, and then to learn to use all of their
      strengths when she has to be one again.

      I am sending many prayers to your friend.

  125. I love labyrinth, I grew up with that movie, my kids have grown up with it to. The message I take away is that you should never take what you have for granted, and that sometimes, when life gets tough, it's ok to lean on your friends for support. I also can totally see how this movie could be viewed as a vehicle for mind control, there's no denying the symbolism is there. But I don't believe that by watching the movie as a private "un-manipulated" citizen could cause adverse affects for anybody. I think that vc is saying that the movie may be used by mk handlers for mind control coupled with all the other various techniques that they use. Your not gonna pop labyrinth on one afternoon with the fam and suddenly become a mind slave. For now, family movie night is still safe haha!

  126. The11thDoctorsLady on

    One of my favorite visually stimulating movies. I watched it once as a kid and liked it (big Jim Henson fan) and my first boyfriend bought me a copy after he left me (seeing as he's deeper into a darker part of our religion than i will ever be I wonder about that now after reading this). I will keep the movie in my home and the music on my cell, but will watch it with open eyes and more attention to symbolism in this direction now. I always knew there was something more to it, i have found at least 4 other possible tracks of symbolism in it before now. This is my first article by VC, will definitely have to read more.

  127. i was waching the credits recently. and i notices listed as production buyer or somthing like that was a rothchild. anybody know about this?

  128. Funny that Labyrinth & Alice in Wonderland are my two favorite movies….and that Lady Gaga is my favorite singer…wait a second…

  129. There's one more really creepy thing: Jareth's faces appearing throughout the movie in different parts of the labyrinth. The most obvious one is in the scene with Hoggle, where Jareth gives him a peach to feed to Sara. But there are a few more. Here's a video where these things get pointed out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCmdYCrHXoc

  130. what ive learned so far neve make a public conclusion, make decisions inside your head, act like yo dont know it at all, your mind is the safest place.

  131. I watched this movie as a child (5 or 6 years old) during the x'mas season (it was on tv) and I didn't like it one bit. I found it strange and I felt I was watching some sort of terror movie.

  132. Thank you for another great article! Personally, I found there to be some very Satanic themes throughout the film. it has been a little while since I watched the movie, but here are some observations:

    Everything in the labyrinth is backwards. For example, in the pit of “helping hands”, Sarah does the opposite of what she would normally do. So instead of going up and out of the pit, she goes backwards and falls down. Isn’t a large part of Satanism doing things backwards? This is another common thread throughout the movie. She is constantly forced to think the opposite or backwards.

    The Bog of Eternal Stench could also be considered to represent the satanic ritual of consuming feces & urine (thank you ke$ha).

    And finally, at the ball, the guests are wearing masks with horns and goat heads – very reminiscent of Bofameht.

    Just something else to think about!

  133. This has always been my favorite film! To me the movie was always a commentary on illusion, imagination, manipulation and corruption, and the complexities that intertwine them. Life is not black and white and neither is the message of the movie. Jareth is a selfish and wicked character, and his longing to control Sarah and his entire world is perverse, but he does love her.

    The labyrinth always represents the journey and the quest of our lives. The search for our destiny. Sarah represents the innocent and pure spirit with the strength, integrity and imagination of a child. Jareth represents the forces of corruption. Control, power, possession. His love is corrupted by greed and thus his entire world is tainted by wickedness, but not all in Jared's world is wicked. Hoggle is a perfect example of someone who is confused about right and wrong and does bad things even though he ultimately wants to be a good friend.

    In the end, when Sarah tells him "you have no power over me" she does win the battle and regain/retain her life and soul. But as in life the influences of the dark side represented by Jareth and his world will always be a part of things. Evil is never vanquished for good and not all magic is black magic. As long as we live we will never escape the labyrinth.

    While I agree with the author of the article's assessment of the symbolism and the theme of mind control pointed out by the film, I think that reducing it to a tool that was created for mind control is a very reductionary way to look at it, one that misses out on the bigger message and artistry of the film.

  134. [Part 1]
    I just watched this film a couple of days ago because I'd never seen it as a child. It came out the year I was born, so I don't remember it when my parents rented it for my older sibs.
    After watching this film I instantly wished I hadn't! My stomach twisted and turned and I just felt miserable and down. Something kept gnawing at me that this movie was not at all what it presented itself to be. So I went to the interweb looking for answers for this creepy movie.
    Having read this and a couple of other interpretations, I've finally came to my own conclusion of what this movie is about. So here it goes:

    First off, people have pointed out that Sarah's step-mother wants her to date. But Sarah doesn't seem interested (It's later revealed why). Once in her room, we see Sarah is surrounded by nothing but childhood toys and fairy tales. There are NO (I spotted this one out) heartthrobs or boy bands posters in her room. Nothing even signifying she's interested in boys her age. We do see that she has a statue or figurine of the Goblin King on her desk, as if to say that she had already had an encounter with him (I'll explain this later as well).
    Color also plays a key role in this; Sarah's brother is wearing a red and white outfit. Red can symbolize sexuality, while white can represent purity; both of which was taken from Sarah by Jareth.

    After watching the movie, I started questioning where was the Labyrinth taking place: Was it in Sarah's mind? Jareth's? Or just representing the 'Otherworld'? After thinking about the events that took place within the Labyrinth I'd say that it took place all in Sarah's head. I say this because I found it really odd that the ONLY person that Sarah could recognize from the book she was reading was Jareth. Because if this was nothing more than a reenactment of the book, then shouldn't have Sarah recognized everyone else she came across while in the Labyrinth?
    Once in the Labyrinth, I found the scene in which Hoggle is killing fairies to be very odd. There doesn't seem to be a real explanation for this. When Sarah picks one up, it bites her. I thought this was going to play more of a significant role in the movie; perhaps the fairy was going to come back and help her since Sarah tried helping her earlier. Nope. So then why add the fairy? Because a fairy can represent sexuality; a strong reoccurring theme in this movie. It can be interpreted that Sarah's sexuality was "awaken".

    I also think that the Bog of Stench was not used as a torture tactic, but more as a symbolic way of showing that Sarah had been marked by the predator (Jereth). It's often said that when someone is (unfortunately) molested or raped, they've been 'marked' and that other predators can now pick up on that scent. Even my mom (who watched it with me) noticed that when the rocks came from out of the Bog, that it was still covered in the stench, and asked "But won't Sarah get that smell on her if she steps on it?".
    Indeed, Sarah stepped on those rocks meaning: wherever she is to walk, she'd leave that scent behind for other predators to pick up on. And let's not forget that Hoggle made that very clear when stating that even if you put your foot in it, you'd still reek of that smell for the rest of your life. Hm.

    The dance scene was other creepy as all get out scene. I think that scene was the entire story of what happen to Sarah: it was showing that Sarah in her white gown (representing purity and innocence) had grown into a young woman. She started to become sexually curious. We see Sarah, ignoring everyone else around her, looking around the Ballroom for Jareth, as if enticed/curious about him. He does nothing but "flirtatiously" stalk her and sings his creepy pedo song to her (As if calling her to him). This could also represent how she ignored everyone in her real life when she was with the real life Jareth. Perhaps she felt that Jareth was the only one to really understand her.

  135. [Part 2]
    Anyway, they dance. Now a dance, depending on the context it's used in, can imply sex. Seeing how this movie is so far chalk full it, we can assume that Sarah has now just had "sex" with Jareth. However, we see Sarah is starting to get dizzy and starts to realize that this fantasy world isn't quite what she expected. That's when she flees and tries to escape. When she does leave, she FALLS into a place that could be summed up as depression and isolation. We see that she tries to forget what has happen between her and Jareth, how Jareth wants her to forget about getting her innocents back. We see that Sarah now starts collecting and hording her childhood things; things that bring her comfort. Again, her real life room reflects this as we see it cluttered with the same exact stuff in the Labyrinth.

    Also, I noticed that Sarah NEVER, not once, physically touches Toby all while in the Labyrinth! As if to say: She never took back her innocents. Jareth still had it.

    I also noticed that she didn't kill Jareth. I remember thinking "But, all bad guys have to die to the hero! Even in the 80's!!". Nope, instead he turns back into an owl in the real world and watches her as she dances with her new found demons (!)- I mean, her 'friends'.

    I think for Hollywood purposes, they made it like Sarah got back the baby and that Jareth left her alone. But when we look, and even listen closely to this incoherent creepy movie, we start to see that that's not true.
    I think the movie was made to be incoherent on purpose. I think the movie was the telling of what happens when a child is molested by an older person, but instead of it being straight forward in that message, we get distracted by puppets! And Singing! Because really, the movie leaves you with so many questions it doesn't bother to answer:

    -Why was Jareth a human if he was king of the goblins?
    -Who were the fairies and why was Hoggle killing them?
    -Where was that junk yard even located within the Labyrinth?
    -Where was all the locations that she went to even located within the Labyrinth?!

    Why?! Why? Because it doesn't matter. This story, again, was not about a fairy tale. It wasn't about goblins. It wasn't about a great fantastic adventure. It was none of these things. It was a sad story about how a young woman created a Labyrinth to lock away what happen to her.
    But, unfortunately, this isn't a story that sympathizes with the victim of this tragic mess, but for titillation; for young girls to see this movie and want a pedo crushing on her. For older males to watch this and want to engage with a younger female. To carry out exactly the sickness that went on within this movie.

    After watching this movie, I don't think I can look at anything the same ever again. Everything is now going to be questioned 4x over!

  136. Ive only seen this movie once, when i was about five. Ive always been a hypersensitive child. I remember feeling sad watching this. I wanted to know why things were going on. Its probably why i didn't like the movie. At that time i was being sexually abused by my neighbor and physically abused by my psychopath father. I had learned at a young age in public you act a different way than you do with your family. Im never going to watch this movie again.

  137. Someone / Umm on

    Ummm…. In the last scene the girl is confusing reality with fantasy. The fact that her 'friends' visit her in the real world means that she is dissociated and is under control.

  138. This makes so much sense to us that we've borrowed the term "oubliette" for the inside-world places the alters keep getting trapped. (It's a pain in the butt for the non-trapped hosts to retrieve everyone periodically, and these are just the ones we know about so far. How many trapped people have we never met at all?) But even if this movie turned out to be an exquisite map of my possibly-programmed mind, it doesn't answer very many questions. For one thing, what's my "core"? Do I really have an alter down there who is more authentic than the rest of us? Is it important to find them? What would we do about handler introjects? Can we gain control of this mess?

  139. Jareth always reminded us of someone, and we finally discovered there was someone a lot like him on the inside of our system. He was more evil than Freddy Krueger and he could get anywhere in the internal mazes by shapeshifting and melting into goo and all kinds of other tricks, and when any alter got too strong, he would hunt them down and split them in the most brutal ways possible. Just remembering he existed made the fronters shake and hyperventilate. But then they took the memories of the perma-hosting observer alter and plugged them into a structure inside the mind-world where anyone could browse them like a library. He came to check what the fuss was about, and ended up meeting Jesus! He's not evil anymore and we're happy to have a brother like him. He's smart and brave and he does tech support! He probably wasn't the only Jareth-type person we had, but it still means a lot to us to have him on our side. Even though there is still a pretty big amnesia barrier between inside and outside because of the co-conscious observer alter accidentally replacing most of our memories with hers when we host, I am finally confident that we will be able to figure out our confusing system. Someday this non-Euclidian hell will be an orderly paradise that gives no glory to its diabolical origins. :)

  140. everybody enterprets stories and pictures according to his own mentality. If you you live in a paradigm, that somebody wants to use you, you see it everywhere, in every offer, in every movie, in every meeting with people you don´t trus yet… But if you´re a person, who thinks logically and works to get over some challenges, you see a support instead of a threat in such stories. I see this movie as a story of becoming mature, facing danger and becoming smart and brave, the girl decides according to her own will, she doesn´t allow somebody to trap he in a lie and fake values. The girl grows up by realising she must take response, while she had to take care of child and she kind of fell in love with an unfair man, so she learned to think of what makes sence to her, instead of following what whoever in the way tells her. The moral of the story is, that she must rather rely on common sence and accept various beings, who just have the right to exist, than to do just what someone else whant her to do… and on the way she learned, that she can overcome struggles on her own. To me your article just shows your victim mentality and I think you never tried to make a lot of art, to appreciate the logic in a story full of great art. It´s a mirror and you see in it just what you are.

  141. soulinsightawakenings on

    I have to disagree that the handler "won" in this story. In the end, Sarah recognized that his obstacles contained no real danger, and rejected his offers. She knew that there was a way to overcome his influence and she found the teaching that she needed to take control of herself and her destiny.

    If anything, this movie might be a model for how to overcome MK programing.

    The creatures were parts of herself reacting to the programming – one was gentle but powerful (Ludo), one was fearless and aggressive (Didymus), and the other was ambivalent and unsure whose side he was on (that troll guy), but who in the end was forgiven (representing self-forgiveness, self-love). Those weird birds – Sarah chose not to let the dissociative self-protection (losing your head) conquer her either.

    The party scene at the end involved all those parts of herself, and they appeared on her own turf. The goblin king could not come inside, though he presumably wanted to, because he watched forlornly from the window in his benign owl form. Then he left because he was clearly not invited. She vanquished him so he could not enter her space (her mind).

    Perhaps the goblin king represented Sarah's feeling of powerlessness & self-centeredness. She recognized you can't win when you give in to selfish impulses. In the end her true self (brother) was safe and sound. She accepted her parent's presence while also claiming her independence.

    • Estoy de acuerdo. Aquí se ha omitido demasiados partes esenciales de la película.
      Sus amigos son importantes, el perro Merlín también lo es, porque aparece en el inicio de la película.
      El hecho que se hayan quedado con ella, es porque juntos pudieron superar al Rey Globin.
      Los cristales no son más que burbujas, por cierto. Las barreras de la muñeca es porque es un juguete con movimiento. Aquí intentan doblegar el sentido a casi todo. Probablemente haya ciertos factores oscuros, pero definitivamente no creo que esto trate sobre manipulación de mentes. El rey globin no era más que utileria en el cuarto de la chica, al igual que todo. El ave toma su forma como el reto principal hacia ella.
      Sus amigos y perro, que si existe en un mundo, son elementos de su vida y personalidad, que son reales y no la quieren engañar. Por eso la acompañan hasta el final.

  142. I watched this movie when I was 7 I am now 17. I have mentioned it to my siblings every once in a while as I was got older but they couldn't remember it, the disjointed and eerie feeling of this movie made me continuously wonder if it was a dream I had. Anytime I remembered this movie I felt crazy because I would ramble to my siblings about something that seemed so dreamlike and added to the fact that they couldn't remember it. I could never forget it, it was a really disturbing movie especially the masked ball scene, I didn't understand why the man was being suggestive to her but that scene entranced me in a somewhat sexual way at just 7 (I am so happy I discovered it was actually a movie I watched, I once almost searched a bit of the storyline on Google just to see if it was real but my memory was so foggy)

  143. So who are Froud, Hensen, and Bowie that they are placed to make such a film with such an apparent depth of Illuminati teaching.
    Can they have found this by accident – I think not.
    Therefore the film's whole making, must have been a deliberate act.

    So, again, who are Froud, Hensen, and Bowie?

  144. This is a spot-on synopsis of MK.
    I am a bit speechless, now that I think of that fact that this was/is one of my favorite iconic coming-of-age films.
    I've always been a fan of Escher, now I am moreso. The Bowie exhibit at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art was mindblowing. I only wish I had had this info prior.
    Proper fan of this site now, thanks!

  145. ¿Pero qué pasa con este análisis? Perdonen si escribo en español, así me es más fácil expresar mis ideas.
    Supongo que como tu web se trata sobre temas "conspiratorios", y tienes que coger esta bella película para mancharla con eso…
    Tu opinión no es objetiva porque has omitido muchos personajes claves en la historia y hasta forzarla a que iconos muestren un doble sentido. Bien en claro me queda que The labyrinth tiene sus toques sensuales y algo un poco prohibido para un público menor, pero los que hacen las película son los adultos, también la hacemos para nosotros.
    Refuto eso de que Sarah fue una marioneta de Jareth. Jareth no era más que otro elemento en el camino de Sarah por su madurez, si observas al inicio aparecen fotos y recortes de dos actores, uno de esos es Bowie. Al costado hay un muñeco del Rey Globin. Al igual que el mismo laberinto, la muñeca y otros objetos, ellos no fueron más que medios para que la chica alcance su objetivo.
    La lechuza(búho) representa una visión que va más allá de la oscuridad y de todo lo implícito. Ver más allá de nuestros sentidos. Sarah era un niña caprichosa y enajenada. Cuando el ave entró a su ventana, fue un reto para ella desde el inicio, el mismo Jareth era un reto, el más grande, el que tenía que vencer. Por eso vino ese juego incoherente del laberinto y todos los objetos de su habitación. Cuando la lechuza se va, el ave ya había cumplido con su objetivo, demostrarle sabiduría a la niña. Ella se quedó con sus amigos, porque ellos forman parte de ella y su personalidad. Quizás "el niño que todos llevamos dentro".
    Extra: Pueden ver el vídeo oficial de "David Bowie The world falls down", pienso que Sarah es mayor allí y aún se muestra madura, pero no es capaz de recordar ese hecho que marcó su vida, su niñez se ha ido, por eso la cara triste de Jareth y Hoogle, que la esperan, pero ella no viene, porque ya piensa como adulto y ha dejado de lado su niñez (?)

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