Lady Gaga Channels Alexander McQueen and Mind Control


I’m guessing that most of you have already read on this site the many references of Lady Gaga to Monarch Programming. A picture from the latest issue Haper’s Bazaar Magazine, taken by Terry Richardson, contains yet another reference to it. For a complete description of Monarch programming, please read the article Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control on Vigilant Citizen’s sister site Secret Arcana.


Monarch Programming suit


The “butterfly suit” is by Alexander McQueen, a fashion designer who’ve died tragically (and rather mysteriously) last year. His work could be the subject of an entire article as it was laced with occult and mind control themes. He was described by Pseudo-Occult Media as “the elite’s fashion designer”. Here are some examples of his symbolic works:

Monarch butterflies crowding the head


One-Eye Monarch Butterfly
Occult ritual-themed fashion show
McQueen as the “white rabbit”, an important theme in Monarch mind control referring to Alice in Wonderland.
Mind Control-themed shoot for McQueen by Nick Knight, director of Gaga’s Born This Way (do you see the connections?). One eye missing, blank stare, brain has been meddled with.
Spring 2011 Ad campaign. The Monarch theme continues


About Lady Gaga’s “horns” and McQueen:

“First of all, they’re not prosthetics,” she said. “They’re my bones … They’ve always been inside of me, but I have been waiting for the right time to reveal to the universe who I truly am.” The singer said the ridges rise up when inspiration strikes – and that she’s not alone. “We all have these bones! They’re the light from inside of us.”

Interrogated more firmly, Gaga did admit the facial horns are part of a “performance-art piece”, with “body modification” being “part of the overarching analysis of Born This Way”. But she denied the use of any plastic surgery, and made no mention of subdermal implants. “I am an artist, and I have the ability and the free will to choose the way the world will envision me,” she said.

Gaga also claims that the late fashion designer Alexander McQueen is the composer of her latest single, released on 11 February. “Right after he died, I wrote Born This Way.” She was particularly struck when the release date for the song turned out to be the anniversary of McQueen’s death. “When I heard that, I knew: I didn’t even write the fucking song! He did!”

“I think he planned the whole thing,” she continued. “He’s up in heaven with fashion strings in his hands, marionetting away.”

Interesting choice of words.

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i am 15 years old and the things i have read on this site ( in 3 hours ) have really scared the crap out of me. it is amazing how blind we are. the truth must be told to the world. Creator of this site, publish a book.

The role models that little girls have are w****s, not liberated women. Liberated women can choose their husbands and their jobs. They can choose their contraception and whether they have children. But do liberated women have to spend a quarter of their income on fashion and beauty? Get drunk to have sex? Have abortions? Sleep around and get diseases? Dress in next to nothing to be heard? Boast about their sex lives? Little boys role models aren't much better – they are encouraged to be angry animals who want to be uneducated and blow stuff up and be loners without a family or connections. They would rather you blow yourself up in a war because thats what men do, rather than have true pride in yourself. Children need stronger role models, but they wont find them. As I said, women are encouraged to be w****s and men to be killers.… Read more »

I like the butterfly because metamorphosis is a great analogy for the new life God gives to those who place their trust in His Messiah. I also love this creature because all of the information to create a butterfly (caterpillars do not have compound eyes but butterflies do) is inside the DNA of the caterpillar. Evolutionists have no reasonable explanation for this. God transforms sinners into saints by grace through faith in Yeshua (Jesus) and that's not religion, it is truly good news! Even the faith to believe is a gift of God's grace. This did not originate with man, but with the one true and living God.

I found a site that has some pretty interesting facts on Lady Gags tattoos, Lady Gaga says she only has tattoos on the left side of her body to please her father. In a Google Moderator interview which saw her answer question submitted by fans, she revealed: 'All of my tattoos are on one side, per my father's request. He asked that I remain, on one side, slightly normal, so I only have my tattoos on my left side. 'I think he sees the right as like my Marilyn Monroe side and the left as my Iggy Pop side.' Gaga's tattoos include a Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament symbol on her left wrist (which is an upsidedown peace sign), a *unicorn with the song title 'Born This Way' wrapped around its horn on her thigh*, floral tattoos of roses and daisies on her lower back and shoulder and a quote from… Read more »

They say Alexander Mcqueen had a ritualistic suicide, "the inquest recorded that he had slashed his wrists with a ceremonial dagger and a meat cleaver."

she's so smart and clever, throwing it in our faces with that last sarcastic and ironic comment

Watching the HBO special of her concert. Towards the end she starts off the song Poker Face by saying this was the song that changed her life (when this single was released her stardom shot up and never stopped getting bigger) she performs the song with cuffs with a long chain she uses for most of the sing as a dance tool. At the end of the song she takes them off, stands hands apart and then flashes a 6 over her eye as she screams. Couldn't helped but rewind it to make sure I didn't make it up. The next and last song if her coming out as a gaga/Dorothy type character that faces and then is eaten by the fame monster…. As an encore bad romance… Just couldn't help but think of all of your articles.

She is so clever though, I honestly wish I had her intelligence. She'd make a great con Artist. She obviously knows how to seduce people and make them do anything for her without lifting a finger.

In my opinion, she's way too manipulative and overpowering to be a Puppet.

I agree.

She definitely pulls her own strings.

And of course we can't forget this, to all those that think there's an off chance that she's blissfully unaware that she's a puppet.. .

So this mind control… does it include artists that wear those butterfly like eyelashes. I always felt they were subliminal messages behind the fashion statement.

this may be off topic,but has anyone seen the Brittney spears video till the world ends? Kinda looks like its supposed to be an orgy happening. am I reading to much into it or does someone else agree?

Another good article, i do think important highlighting things in the media, as the media industry encroaching in every aspect of Human life. All the major media companies have cross sectional interest in other arenas of society, most notable advising world governments on social engineering in the guise of social policy. These musical artists and their film counterpart are the modern version of Greek and Roman God's, which the elite of these societies used to control and passive their populations. There was very good documentary on a UK digital channel More 4 called Starsuckers and showed how the global media control our minds especially children for their own ends, the most interesting things was from contributors on the documentary who eluded to the sinister reason of the media giants (but not much). The documentary shows how they used psychology manipulation via the media for their own ends check it out… Read more »
Vig Cit, I feel it entirely necessary to finally comment. You have opened my left eye to so much. This information has reserved front row center seats in my mind. Watching Britney's – Hold it against me gave me shivers and I couldn't wait for your response to see if I was on point with what I was understanding. When Lady Gaga comes out with a new video, I feel 2 clowns short of a circus watching and reciting to my company what's REALLY going on infront of them. Rihanna is just annoying to me now and Kanye, Jay Z and Beyonce seem like the neo Holy Trinity. You removed my side blinders and I can't thank you enough, this information is my new past time and I take your readings very seriously. The symbols of these cult's are EVERYWHERE, I see baphomet at least twice a day in the… Read more »
"Over the last ten years I’ve moved from novice initiate to the Master of the lodge – for which I had to undergo another secret ceremony during which I was imbued with the secrets of the Oriental Chair. Along the way I was appointed to several committees on our Grand Lodge – the governing body at the state level in the US – and was even appointed to a term as a minor Grand Lodge officer. During this time, I made a point to dismiss the twisted ideas of the conspiracists, who we often denigrated as the “Antis.” I’m now embarrassed to admit that I actually taunted them for their beliefs at times. However, I’m also willing to admit that the scales (or should I say, the hoodwink) has fallen from my eyes. In a perverse twist on the state toward which Masons avowedly strive, I can now say that… Read more »
Hi VC, I've been reading your articles for a while since I was 14, I'm 17 now, and it led me to do a lot of research about human trafficking (I know this has no obvious connection with the article) but from what I've read there's heavy suggestions that the illuminati are also promoting this. If anyone has seen a girl called 'Jenna Rose' video on youtube the one named 'O.M.G' (viewers discretion is advised if your going to watch it, I found it genuinely disturbing since she's 12), it seems (to me) to strongly promote child trafficking. Her lyrics are also extremely suggestive: "Just take a picture, baby, Look at what I'm wearing, Just take a picture baby, No need for staring. You know that you want to, you know that you need to, It will last longer for you. Baby say it now'' "Oh, come on by the… Read more »

“Beep Beep

Toot Toot

Beep Beep

Toot Toot

Boom Boom” (Car/prostitution reference?)”

IDK WTH Jenna Rose is, but these originally were lyrics from "Bad Girls" by Donna Summer — a VERY popular 70s disco song that is most definitely about the world's oldest profession. Interesting.

VIGILANTCITIZEN! You seriously need to do an article on HAARP and the disasters it has caused! I fear not enough people know about it. Watch this video:

As you can see this was NEVER shown to us in the media, they didn't show anything! The video shows a Tornado burning fish in a water… In the water!!! Additionally there are other wierd things HAARP has managed to do, they have the ability to control clouds. PEOPLE research this and spread the news!!

I think you must look at the Björk's works.Nick Knight's another video is Pagan Poetry by Björk.Also Björk was working with Alexander McQueen and make a tribute for McQ with Nick Knight.

i still think "capital H.I.M." in that song is referring to G-d and not satan because its like saying, its ok if you still believe in Him, there is time to turn away now… she is that clever

The creepy thing is my modeling school Barbizon, used to make up all dress in butterfly shirts & pants and call us Flutterbys, and we had to "fly away" during photoshoots.

lady gaga and her acting. i wonder who is her handler?

HAH! Weird Al said it better than anyone – she's full of it:

I’ve met her 4 times and have even worked as an assistant editor for the Haus Of Gaga. She’s definetely got mental problems. She has a special “Crazy room” which she locks herself in for hours on end, just writing songs and scribbling on the walls. As surprising as this may sound, she’s a complete perfectionist and before a concert she refuses to come out of her dressing room until she’s finished practicing and has every single note perfect. She’s a good Woman and she loves her fans, but she really needs help.

PS:Oh, and I guess she doesn't make songs or videos trashing Muslim symbols because she knows that Muslim fundamentalists are much more dangerous than a couple of enraged Christians. If she did a video grinding all sexually to Mohamed and said blasphemous things against Allah they'd probably get a way of killing her. Or maybe she could brag about murder attempts against her and beg for her Little Monsters support. She always plays a victim to her Little Monsters, it's ridiculous but marketing wise, incredibly smart.

I don't get why do people think she's warning everybody and putting those symbols on purpose for that. If the elite behind this exists they'd never let her get away with that. However, I think she and her huge team (don't forget she's got lots of creatives working with her) sometimes do it for controversy. So that people can talk about it and make her even more famous. So I think her fans shouldn't be in such a denial and people who believe she's satanic or whatever are also in denial because there are bigger problems than people's religious beliefs. Come on, Madonna did that Like a Prayer video for controversy, so Gaga made Judas to follow her steps. Just because she's being disrespectful towards the Christian religion (why isn't she trashing Muslim symbols or Judaic symbols? It'd be just as bad and disrespectful, would you Christians also raise your… Read more »
I don’t get why do people think she’s warning everybody and putting those symbols on purpose for that. If the elite behind this exists they’d never let her get away with that. However, I think she and her huge team (don’t forget she’s got lots of creatives working with her) sometimes do it for controversy. So that people can talk about it and make her even more famous. So I think her fans shouldn’t be in such a denial and people who believe she’s satanic or whatever are also in denial because there are bigger problems than people’s religious beliefs. Come on, Madonna did that Like a Prayer video for controversy, so Gaga made Judas to follow her steps. Just because she’s being disrespectful towards the Christian religion (why isn’t she trashing Muslim symbols or Judaic symbols? It’d be just as bad and disrespectful, would you Christians also raise your… Read more »

ugh, didn't mean to re-type what you said :S

Alexander McQueen Spring/ Summer 2005 (part 2)

Checkerboard / chess board

robotic god like voice

humans as pawns/ dehumanized/ under control of robot voice

"sacrificial move"

I notice at the end McQueen has baggy pants showing underwear which fall down as he walks off stage. Nothing says 'fashion VICTIM' more to me than this ridiculous falling down pants trend.

Loose slung pants .. ok but falling down so that you can't even walk?!

The fact that this fashion trend has its origins in prisons (where belts are not allowed) and so it is basically imitating prisoner uniforms (yeah, like how cool is that!) makes me think this trend is just another case of society being deliberately subverted.

So why is AMQ following the herd on this one?

Just looks a bit tragic to me, that's all.

Definition of the persona Lady Gaga, and other multi-media stars throughout the entertainment industry: "A Judas goat is a trained goat used at a slaughterhouse and in general animal herding. The Judas goat is trained to associate with sheep or cattle, leading them to a specific destination. In stockyards, a Judas goat will lead sheep to slaughter, while its own life is spared. Judas goats are also used to lead other animals to specific pens and on to trucks.

The phrase has also been used to describe a goat that is used to find feral goats that are targeted for eradication. The Judas goat is outfitted with a transmitter, painted in red and then released. The goat then finds the remaining herds of feral goats, allowing hunters to exterminate them".



What pisses me off isn't religious orientations from artists. Everyone has the right to believe in what they want and I don't care if someone's Christian or Satanic or just making controversy. What I care about is the agenda behind symbols and the effect of some of this stuff in young people's mind because they're still developing their self esteem and I find Gaga degrading as an artist. She sends the message that is ok to do anything for fame and messes people's mind for that sick goal.

You have to read at least some of this for it to start to make any sense:

They are just trying to confuse you. weve all been placed into a big old bird cage all the action is happening outside. And we have no idea.

They want total control over our money, our rights, our mind.

We have TO WAKE UP!

If you guys are really interested in mind control look up Cathy O'Brien.

Survivor of MK-ULTRA mind control, and TOP SECRET program you probably heard of. Her story is very touching she went through hell and back again. We deserve to know whats really going on. One day soon revelations will come out, people will go mad. And maybe after all that we will finally see the light.

Mc Qeen killed himself so he's NOT definitely in Heaven…

Don't be so sure he killed himself. Never know with the government they can be sneaky!

I'm pretty sure she still has a mind of her own. Gaga is very intelligent and I'm actually wondering if her Music and Art is all designed to tell us about the Illuminati and not promote it.

This is what she said about her song Government Hooker:

“The humour is that a machine tells me what to do and I happily do it as long as I get f****d. It relates to how our government f**k us over, and it makes fun of the plastic popstar – ‘I’ll do anything as long as you f**k and pay me’”

Sounds similar to Illuminati programming. And "How our Government f**k us over".

So she's possessed by the ghost of Alexander McQueen? I guess that's an easy way to use his ideas without having to pay him.

ok first of all i dont have a religion but because I'm against the biltherberg/illuminati/freemasons/government and am an anarchist I visit VC more than often. And I need to say this, as a student in fashion major/art , that as artists, we sometimes use anti-christianity as themes for our works and I know that some may use such themes to actually imply the illuminati tendency but others use it purely for artistic reasons. And I think McQueen in this case uses blashpemy as an element in his design. C'mon, butterflies can mean mind-control yes, I know very well how horrific the monarch mind-control is but what if I wanted to use butterflies in my design without meaning to imply the mind-control horror?!?Should I write, 'these butterflies do not have anything to do with the monarch mind control'? And I feel quite offended that you are not taking into account the… Read more »

Listen…I think you may be a little too set with your current belief on her to realize this, but Lady Gaga is simply trying to cause a stir, and like Madonna, she uses religious imagery, visuals, plays on words, etc. to cause controversy so the media comments on her and spreads her Fame around. Don't take her so seriously. They're just outfits. She's not saying or doing anything against the big JC. Relax and go have some ice cream.

Last year at the MBT when I was seeing Gaga jump up during Poker Face, I decided to throw her a handmade bouquet(picked with dandelion seeds from my own garden) and it hit her in the head and threw the dancers off balance 🙁

I was most hurt by the affair, especially when Gaga dropped to the ground on her super-cool heels. Now, THAT'S drunk! She thought like; if I snort some cocaine with the boost and take XTC with it, I might jump super cool on my higher-heels. Maybe there was a penny on the floor and she silently picked it up very fast. Hahahaha!

I'm surprised that this hasn't been mentioned yet. What about TLC and specifially Left Eye? her whole persona was covering her left eye and then she had that mysterious car death. Related I don't think so.

Also the more you know the more you are susceptible and the more you are accountable!

listen to ladygaga new song JUDAS

Being conscious about all this and what led us here is an act of God if you believe it or not. She can explain it better than I can:

hey you guys I have read several reports stating that (lee) alexander mcqueen actually left his suicide note on the back of Charles Darwin book The Descent of Man. Anybody who knows sort of symbolism on Darwin or has any sort of suspicion as to why he would leave his note on this particular book please comment and let us know….

The THEORY of evolution is part of the whole ideology. Over the weekend I looked into the Gresham College in London. Henry Briggs – Galen/Galenos – Vesalius. For over 1000 years humans followed Galeanos' ideas because they thought they were philosophically well founded. He just deducted findings from animals and made conclusions on the human body – which turned out to be mainly wrong. Vesalius was the first to come up with the THEORY that humans descend from apes. When they speak about the earth's supposed millions of years history and how it might perhaps have been, I always say "it is fairy tale time again!". However many people have fully bought into this whole construct. What's interesting however is that as it turns out, for the most part they do not even know and understand what is going on RIGHT NOW. Whenever I had contact with anything medicine I… Read more »

i know this is off topic but is it just me or did anyone see keirsten dunst new blvgaria perfume add (idk if i spelled that right) however it seems like it promotes beastiality and beta sex kitten programming to max power times 10 she gets too "cozy" with a lion and is showin laying on him & caressing his mane in rihannas rude boy i get the same feeling…promote beastiality and beta sex kitten programming especially when she grinds on the lion and the zebra…one word, DISTURBING VC you should post up a video analysis of E.T. its very demonic its like a serenade to baphomet

Well, perhaps this will seem rather weird with the general way people feel about gaga here, but i quite enjoy the music she makes.

About the White Rabbit, its allusion is constant, watch this:

To all those people defending Lady Gag…..WOW what has this woman done for you except repeat "just dance" about a hundred times in a song????? really people?

Lady Gaga has saved my life. You wont understand because I'm sure you're a typical straight man / woman. But as a gay person who was considering killing himself because of my sexuality, I owe everything to her, because her words has turned me from a suicidal teen to a teen that couldn't be more happy to be BORN THIS WAY!

I'm soo pissed at her 4 being blasphemous,how can ppl sit back n watch her career as a singer who sings about religion and brainwash ppl about how grand evil is, n mke it accceptable?? Yes I am Muslim n you will never find a Muslim talk bad about any religion!! We regard Jesus peace be upon him as an high apostle who will kill dajjal n all his followers,guess unladylike gaga will b 1 of the followers…

A lot of people here don't like her and in general do not like her because she's brave enough to speak her mind. A lot of people would probably love her if she went the typical pop female route (slutty with no purpose besides exuding sex, etc.) but instead, she doesn't care about looking hot or gorgeous but rather interesting. People forget her name IS lady GAGA and she of course, is going to be crazy as far as being outspoken, etc. I'm also really disappointed in the Christians who see her as brainwashing this generation. It's one thing for an Artist to love their young fans but this woman actually goes out there and FIGHTS for the teenagers and kids who love her, the ones who are being bullied at school and feel pushed out of everything. What other big name celebrity marches side by side everyday people and… Read more »

"People in the religious community can't handle strong outspoken women"

So true. This is why I'm an Atheist. To me, Religion is a SHEEP-based foundation which controls its followers through fear, submission and oppression.

The reason Christians don't like Lady Gaga is because she encourages people to speak up for themselves and not let others hold them down. She encourages them to be LOUD, which is the exact thing religion opposes. Give it up, Christians. We aren't going to be quiet for you any longer.

"Call me a B***H cause I speak what's on my mind, guess it's easier for you to swallow if I sat and smiled." – Christina Aguilera

the Gaga music is astonishingly well crafted – contrary to the trash britney spears spews forth .

but watch out ! VC is totally right .

And Atheismus is NOT the antipode to Religion .

I d say that Religions are intellectually well crafted to engineer or design society as we find today .

And this is the reason we should watch carefully which symbols we encounter .

Images hitting the public are meticously designed . There ain t no coincidence here .

Religion as SHEEP based….but not like you mean it

Matt 25:32-33

And before him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth [his] sheep from the goats:

And he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left.

baa baa

That's all well and good that she does those things. It would be even better if she weren't so blatantly pompous and pretentious, so contrived. And if she didn't glorify things that are ugly, creepy, and destructive while espousing her so-called "positive" messages of "self-love", blah blah blah. I actually liked her initially and looked forward her new music and videos once upon a time…. But with every passing performance, every ugly gory image, every creepy video, every drop of blood, every charred body, every ridiculously self-important comment, every "Illuminati" reference, every increasingly banal song, she lost me more and more, to the point that I am completely over her. It was over before it even really began. I DO applaud the positive things she says and does, but her other ridiculous antics and actions discredit her a LOT in my eyes. Personally, I'm not a fan of double-speak. I… Read more »

Ugh, give me a break…Lady Gaga is a puppet. Speaks whose mind?

I'm going to defend Terry Richardson here. I know his work more than most and while the DOP or A/D or creative team may brief him on Illuminati settings that he just points and shoots. I don't think him having sex with models is pertinent. I'd have sex with models too and so it's a logical fallacy to make that link when the evidence is everywhere.

Furthermore Terry often takes photos of his mother. They are kind, warm, honest and it seems they all smoke a few joints when he takes those pics so I judge a person on that.

I may of course be wrong but if you wish to investigate Terry chronicles his life in photography and many of his themes are the exact opposite of oppression. His blog is available and if anything Terry works in the open.

we will Vc speak about Jamaican artistes

Add society's no respect or reverence for Religion to the equation with Gaga rockin' the Music biz and you've got yourself some rampage ass Jesus Freaks who can't stop talking about Gaga. Love it.

How come this website NEVER mentions Project Artichoke which is in fact much more relevant than MK Ultra AND Monarch? See Below: Operation Dormouse Contemporary torture’s earliest, deepest and most influential roots are found in the CIA’s Artichoke Project. Indeed, it is Project Artichoke that encapsulates the CIA’s real traveling road show of horrors and atrocities, not MK/ULTRA which, although responsible for its own acts of mindless cruelty, pales in comparison. That MK/ULTRA received, and continues to receive, the lion’s share of the media’s attention and public outrage over CIA mind control programs was a deliberately planned outcome on the part of the Agency. This outcome was the central objective of a never before revealed covert operation launched in 1975 and informally code-named Dormouse. Dormouse, operated out of the CIA’s Security Research branch, had its genesis in the 1975 Rockefeller Commission report and in the subsequent Congressional hearings into CIA… Read more »