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The Exploitation of “Drag Kid” Desmond Is Amazing

Desmond is Amazing is an 11-year-old drag performer who became a mainstream media darling. However, after a video of him performing at a gay club for tips surfaced online, a dark side was exposed. Is Desmond being exploited?



The Exploitation of "Drag Kid" Desmond Is Amazing

Desmond Napoles (aka Desmond is Amazing) is an 11-year-old drag performer who rose to fame due to his appearances on national television, fashion magazines and LGBTQ-related events. He became an instant media darling when a video of him dancing at a gay pride parade became viral.

The Exploitation of "Drag Kid" Desmond Is Amazing

Desmond dancing at a gay pride parade at age 8.

According to his official website, Desmond is a “performer, drag kid, awarded LGBTQ advocate, outspoken gay youth, editorial model, public speaker, founder of his own drag house, fashion designer, muse, and icon”.

However, despite these lofty titles, many consider Desmond’s entire act to be little more than child abuse and exploitation by unscrupulous adult handlers. The controversy surrounding Desmond reached another level when a video of him dancing at a gay bar for tips surfaced online, sparking a bitter debate online and in the media.

At the center of it all is an 11-year-old child who has been exposed to the world of drag since he was a toddler.

Napoles identifies as gay and states that he has been out since a very early age. Napoles’s parents stated that at the age of two or three, they understood that he was “likely gay” and they exposed him to a variety of gay culture, including showing him drag performances and taking him to pride parades. Napoles’s parents stated that he was “openly gay” when he entered kindergarten. Napoles’s mother reports that he began gravitating towards drag performances when he was two and watched RuPaul’s Drag Race. According to Napoles’ parents, Napoles is on the autism spectrum and his drag activity helps him relieve symptoms of autism disorder.
– Wikipedia, Desmond Napoles

Is Desmond “expressing himself” or is he being exploited? A look his “career” provides the answers. Here are some examples.

A YouTube Video With a Convicted Murder

On December 25th 2017, Desmond appeared in a YouTube video with Michael Alig – the founder and ringleader of the Club Kids, a group of young New York City clubgoers that became a cultural phenomenon during the late 1980s and early 1990s.

The Exploitation of "Drag Kid" Desmond Is Amazing

A screenshot from the YouTube video featuring Desmond with Michael Calig (left) and Ernie Glam (right). On the painting behind them: A child and the word Rohypnol – the name of a “date rape” drug.

Most people know Michael Alig for a darker reason: The gruesome murder of Angel Melendez in 1996 for which he served 17 years in prison for manslaughter.

On the night of March 17, 1996, Alig and his roommate, Robert D. “Freeze” Riggs, murdered Melendez after an argument in Alig’s apartment over many things, including a long-standing drug debt. Alig has claimed many times that he was so high on drugs that his memory of the events is unclear.

According to Riggs, he hit Melendez a total of three times on the head with the hammer. Then Alig grabbed a pillow and tried to smother him. While Melendez was unconscious, Riggs went to the other room; when he returned, he noticed a broken syringe on the floor. Riggs claimed that Alig was pouring “some cleaner or chemical” into Melendez’ mouth, then duct-taped it with the help of Riggs.

After Melendez’s death, Alig and Riggs did not know what to do with the body. They initially left it in the bathtub, which they filled with ice. After a few days, the body began to decompose and became malodorous. After discussing what to do with Melendez’s body and who should do it, Riggs went to Macy’s to buy knives and a box. In exchange for 10 bags of heroin, Alig agreed to dismember Melendez’s body. He cut the legs off, put them in a garbage bag, cut off the head and put it in another bag, and stuffed the rest into a box. Afterwards, he and Riggs threw the box into the Hudson River.
– Wikipedia, Michael Alig

The Exploitation of "Drag Kid" Desmond Is Amazing

Alig’s story inspired the 2003 movie Party Monster starring Mcauley Caulkin.

Alig was released from jail in 2014. Three years later, he was arrested for trespassing and smoking crystal meth outside the Bronx Supreme Court in February 2017. A few months later, Desmond sits next to him filming this video.

Mainstream Media

2018 was a big year for Desmond as he made several appearances in mainstream media.

The Exploitation of "Drag Kid" Desmond Is Amazing

Desmond was featured on Good Morning America.

The Exploitation of "Drag Kid" Desmond Is Amazing

Desmond on the Today Show.

Desmond was also featured in several fashion magazines. If you’ve read my series of articles Symbolic Pics of the Month, you will instantly recognize some of the symbolism going on there.

The Exploitation of "Drag Kid" Desmond Is Amazing

Desmond does the “one-eye sign” in Volition magazine.

The Exploitation of "Drag Kid" Desmond Is Amazing

Desmond and the one-eye sign in Refinery29.

The Exploitation of "Drag Kid" Desmond Is Amazing

Refinery29 also featured a video of Desmond dancing on a checkerboard pattern floor with red roses. This exact combination of symbols is extremely significant in the dark world of Monarch Mind Control.

The Exploitation of "Drag Kid" Desmond Is Amazing

This is a painting by Kim Noble – a survivor of trauma-based mind control. One series of paintings depict the abuse of an MK slave in a setting that features intense dualistic patterns and a rose.

The Exploitation of "Drag Kid" Desmond Is Amazing

One-eye pose in Blonde Magazine.

The Exploitation of "Drag Kid" Desmond Is Amazing

One eye hidden in Out Magazine. As stated in previous articles, the one-eye sign is used to represent elite control.

The Exploitation of "Drag Kid" Desmond Is Amazing

Desmond was part of an ad campaign for the brand Gypsy Sport. As you can see, he modeled alongside some rather explicit imagery (I even had to censor a pic).

Desmond’s social media accounts are also full of symbolism.

The Exploitation of "Drag Kid" Desmond Is Amazing

“Account owned by mom”. That’s all you need to know.

The Exploitation of "Drag Kid" Desmond Is Amazing

Bleach hair, eyebrows gone, lots of makeup and, of course, one eye hidden.

The Exploitation of "Drag Kid" Desmond Is Amazing

Desmond wears a one-eyed gimp-like mask. These masks are used to “dominate, depersonalize and sexually objectify the wearer”. The account says that the outfit was inspired by drag “icon” Leigh Bowery.

The Exploitation of "Drag Kid" Desmond Is Amazing

Leigh Bowery was renowned for his outlandish, drug-fueled parties until he died from an “AIDS-related illness” in 1994.

The Exploitation of "Drag Kid" Desmond Is Amazing

Desmond on a billboard in Times Squares. There’s a familiar symbol drawn on his face.

Dancing For Tips

As if his schedule wasn’t full enough, Desmond also performs in various venues for money. In last December, a video of Desmond dancing at the gay bar 3 Dollar Bill in Brooklyn surfaced online and caused outrage. Dressed in a crop top and full makeup to look like Gwen Stefani, Desmond danced as adult men threw money on stage … not unlike a stripper.

The Exploitation of "Drag Kid" Desmond Is Amazing

Desmond collecting tips during his performance at a NY gay bar.

The Exploitation of "Drag Kid" Desmond Is Amazing

Performing with money on the floor.

The Exploitation of "Drag Kid" Desmond Is Amazing

The event was heavily promoted by the bar.

The footage caused a great deal of controversy as many believed that no child should be performing at a bar for adults where alcohol flows. Faced with the backlash, Desmond’s mother took to social media to justify the performance.

The Exploitation of "Drag Kid" Desmond Is Amazing

As you can see, the mother states that being concerned for the well-being of an 11-year-old child is “blatant homophobia”. Does that make sense? What if it was a young girl who was dancing in front of straight men? The outrage would probably have been tenfold. In other posts, Desmond’s mother stresses the fact that Desmond is autistic to justify his act.

Haus of Amazing

Desmond also recently made the news for a new, “groundbreaking” project: Haus of Amazing, a social network where drag kids can share and connect. The website says that “because the drag house is restricted to members age 20 and younger, members can communicate freely and candidly with their peers without the often judgmental interference of adults.”

The Exploitation of "Drag Kid" Desmond Is Amazing

An IG post promoting the social network.

Is there a chance that such a site would attract adult pedolphiles? I mean, come on. Because there are others “drag kids” out there and their acts are even more upsetting. Here’s an example.

Queen Lactatia

Queen Lactatia, a 10-year-old Canadian boy named Nemis Quinn Mélançon-Golden, is also being heavily promoted in mainstream media. I won’t describe his entire life. You only need to see a few social media posts to understand that there’s something terribly wrong going on here.

The Exploitation of "Drag Kid" Desmond Is Amazing

How is this not sexualizing a minor?

The Exploitation of "Drag Kid" Desmond Is Amazing

Let’s talk about that shirt.

The Exploitation of "Drag Kid" Desmond Is Amazing

Queen Lactatia posing with the winner of Ru Paul’s Drag Race … who is naked.

In Conclusion

Despite everything mentioned above, the mainstream media coverage of Desmond Is Amazing is overwhelmingly glowing. I did not find one mass media source that even mentioned some of the questionable-for-his-age things associated with his act. Quite to the contrary, all the reports and articles I found celebrate Desmond’s “fierceness” and paint his parents as saints. Why is the coverage surrounding him so Orwellian-ly one-sided?

Desmond is not simply a “boy who likes to dress in drag”. He is being used to push several agendas, including the sexualization of children and the normalization of pedophilia. To do so, he is being pushed into a world that is should be reserved exclusively for consenting adults. Anything else is child abuse.

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The Exploitation of "Drag Kid" Desmond Is Amazing

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So the parents thought he was probably gay at 2, and he came out as gay at 5. How could parents know he was homosexual at such a young age. Did his parents confuse symptoms of autism with what they perceived to be “gay” behavior? And what is gay behavior in a 2-year-old anyway?Children do not generally adopt gendered behavior until school-aged or recognize gender differences until 5 or 6. What if they had a girl and suspected she was heterosexual? Would they introduce her to “heterosexual culture” at a young age? Teach her how to pole dance? Maybe marry her off as a child bride? This is sexual abuse of a child. The parents should have had their parental rights severed a long time ago. If Desmond survives his childhood, he will be in therapy for years.


Two yr. old’s are still in diapers. They wouldn’t even know what gay is. That is how this mother gets away with this, because people are afraid they won’t be woke if they question her idiotic statements.

Meta E.

*olds not old’s

Paul Atriedes

Very good point. I don’t understand all the downvotes. Are people today so ignorant that they can’t understand the proper uses for punctuation? And, so insensitive to Truth that they resort to downvoting you for telling them of their ignorance? “I for one would say thank you I obviously made a mistake”.


Paul Atriedes. Think it’s part of internet culture I’m afraid. People will often try to pick apart an entire argument because a comma was in the wrong place . As sincere as the correction may have been in this case I think people have become sensitive to it in this case.

D D d

What you point out is an official tactic in conferences, negotiacions, handling employees etc..
Distraction. Leading the groupthink away on a sidestream of another level outside of the subject they can not be honest about. Grammar-mistakes are so easy targets for those, that it is a shame the good ones suffer. Get over it, both of you.


I understand your pain. I used to do the same. Going forward, please try to refrain. It’s hard not to go insane.




Missed the point completely


His “mother” obviously brainwashed him … Exactly like mainstream media is doing with all the american youth …


Exactly, at age 2, my son loved to pretend to grab his “purse” and go to work. Why? Because I was the one who drove him to daycare each day and that is what I did. He loved to play with his older sister’s toys, too. I didn’t freak out or try to stop him from doing it, but I didn’t push it, either. I just let him be a kid.

As he got older, he started to develop his own interests. Trains, construction vehicles, fishing, pretty much stereotypical boy stuff. I didn’t push that either. I simply let him be himself.

It is a shame that Desmond’s mother couldn’t do the same for her child. Honestly, this is a form of munchausen by proxy. She is doing things that are harming her kid just so she can get attention. Shame on all those who are enabling the exploitation of this child and other children like him.


Jebus I know more than a few mothers with male kids who at one point wanted to marry their mother ffs did’nt mean they are going to want to do that once they are older.

My daughter is all grown up now and Ive always been pretty open minded, even too much at times but this is a whole other “thing”!


Did you notice his mother said he uses his earnings to buy the trains he wants? There is a little boy in there somewhere trying to escape her clutches.


very good point


He’ll die a suicide before he’s 21….


I said the same thing in my post.


I can’t upvote that statement because it’s too heartbreaking. But I can certainly agree with the statement. I wouldn’t be surprised.


Or else he will kill his parents. So sad.


Good Hope he does!


I’ve always said being gay is about sexual attraction. You don’t experience those feelings until you hit puberty. So how can a prepubescent child be gay?


They can’t and you are exactly right.


I liked other boys in elementary school but I didn’t understand Sex and certainly didn’t think about having sex with them and didn’t understand what gay even was or meant until I was was older than 11, so even though I felt certain ways I had no idea what it was or why and honestly it didn’t matter either I just was


Most people know they are gay well before puberty. It is not just about sex it is a state of being.


Perhaps the parents were paid to groom this boy. It is evident that he has been exposed to gay sex at an early age.


And judging from the symbolism in the photos, we can guess who’s paying them to groom him.


I will not be surprised if Desmond kills his parents when he’s an adult and feels they’ve screwed up his life.


We realized my daugher was straight at about 10 months, when she started sucking her thumb. We’ve been committed to introducing her to heterosexual culture ever since. She could use a stripper pole before she could walk. When my parents saw her first thong bikini for the beach, they said that three years is too young for that, and I couldn’t believe it! My own parents – HETEROPHOBES! But I explained to them that my baby girl is on the spectrum, and me dressing her up like a prostitute is her way of expressing herself! Agh, I just wish everyone could be as progressive as me and as Desmond’s absolute saint of a mother. I mean, if a parent doesn’t take it upon themself to figure out their child’s sexual identity at least a decade before the child even knows what sex is, then they clearly aren’t fit to be parents. My baby’s first strip performance is next week, so wish us luck! Also, I was thinking we could save photographers a lot of time after my girl is famous by just gouging out one of her eyes now. That way she always has that hip look the fashion photographers… Read more »


That tea is good.


Where the f@@k are social services when needed.


They investigated. They cleared the parents of all charges.


I thought the same. Gay at 5 … WTF!? His parents are satanic, evil people that sold him. That poor boy! Another victim of this humilating, inhuman agenda.

Kate S

Right? Two-year-olds are toddlers, barely capable of walking, never mind showing effeminate behavior. Desmond’s dad is a shaky mess, and his mother is almost demonic. In a normal world, this kid would have been rescued ages ago.


Desmond’s dad is a cuck and one day he’s gonna be like hell no b---h. Shame Desmond is gonna be seriously messed up by that point.

Desmond is Gross

The kid was obviously sexually active at this age, with the help of parents and their friends. We see this in hippy communes as well. In this case, ugly gay child is meal ticket for pimp parents… Pimprents?


They knew he was gay at 2??? I’d love to know how they “knew” that.

Willie Jones Jr

Mom told him


Off with her head!!! I could only imagine what this little boy has gone through to get to this point because his mom is a fame wh*re.


Yeah.I am curious about that as well.


He knew and that’s all that matters. Who are you to tell another human being who they really are? Think about it…

Tired of it being pushed on our kids.

My 2yr old daughter thinks she’s a unicorn. Maybe I should parade her around, feed her “magic” hay, so she will poop rainbows….hey I’ll have her poop a rainbow over your head…but whatever right? She knows who she is right? You dumbass!!!


If your kid thinks she’s a unicorn, you are a HETEROPHOBE if you DON’T feed her magic hay. You monster.


I can only imagine the mind control horrors the kid had to go through at such a young age, the earlier they are subjected to Mj ultra the more grip the have on the person. I think they studied identical twins where one is gay to see if it’s biological. I pray that the good lord Allah will forgive him in the afterlife


Its MK not MJ ( Michael Jackson slip?) don’t talk about being concerned about small children..we all know Alah and what he allowed Mohamed to do to a 6 year old girl


She wasn’t six. The US is the home of the dumbest people in the world. Can’t hold an intelligent conversation about anything.


The “good lord allah” was a flaming pedophile.


They smelled money from the hedonistic and impulsive Sodomite community.
That’s how.


These parents are the epitome of low-life scum. They groomed this kid from infancy to make them money. Who knows whether they are satanists and/or part of a pedo ring that have abused this poor child since birth. That there are creeps out there who drool to see a train wreck like this, makes one wonder how long it will be before the end of all.

Luke 17:1-2 Then said he unto the disciples, It is impossible but that offences will come: but woe unto him, through whom they come! 2 It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.


I also believe that because of the parents behavior with this child, that he is very likely possessed of a demon. I cannot imagine a child beginning to act in such a manner at such a young age without being possessed.


There’s no demon bro. It’s just LGBT&co propaganda. Nothing else. There’s a reason gayness was forbidden for thousand of years. Think about it. The “pandora box” is open …

Liam S

Debatable in a metaphysics context. From a spiritual Christian’s perspective, sadly highly likely influenced. People always look to movies for their perspective on demonic influence, when really they are always trying to creep into our behavior and thoughts through every day physical events like conversation or media.

Paul Atriedes

And meditation. “Empty your mind” they exhort repeatedly! Empty your mind. Nature abhors a vacuum so it will be filled and not by. Christ! Reject eastern mysticism pretending to be “healthy exercise”. If u need your mind calmed focus on Christ He will bring you ALL the peace you could ever want! Do NOT believe what the MSM tell you about the God of the Bible Jesus Christ! If you as I did have trouble understanding the Bible the late Pastor Arnold Murray from Shepherds Chapel, probably on youtube can help u in your walk w/Christ!
Remember Jesus Christ God, loves you more than anyone!
Amen and God bless you ALL!

Katy We need to study the Bible for ourselves and not just rely on one person’s interpretation. We should be careful when someone tells us that a verse doesn’t mean what it says, but that the words mean something else. This is how the Catholic hierarchy bamboozle the laity into thinking their cruelty (particularly making little children suffer) is ordained of God. This is how all cult leaders gain control over their followers: The followers stop thinking for themselves and come to rely on every word the leader says. It’s a short drop from that to, say, Waco, Texas, where one deranged false prophet allowed his own children to burn to death because, since he was considered to be Christ, the children were therefore little gods, and therefore could not be permitted to leave the compound. Or Jonestown, Guyana, where nearly a thousand people died because of one power-mad zealot’s paranoia. “Those who have investigated Murray’s method of teaching have learned that he has a technique of going through the Bible verse by verse adding his own interpretations and using the Strong’s Concordance to try to cunningly support his position. Those who do not understand the Word of God and… Read more »


@Paul Atriedes: Jesus Christ is NOT ” the God of the Bible” Jesus words: John 17:3; 3:16; 14:28; 20:30,31; Mark 1:11; Matthew 16:16,17; Revelation 3:13; Exodus 6:3 Psalms 83:18. Read those verses and tell me Jesus is “the God of the Bible’ to perpetuate that 4th century lie is to call Jesus, Peter, John, and the Almighty himself a liar.


I know a couple of sw1ng3rs at my former church with a possessed daughter at age 9. can’t say all their wicked ways didn’t open up a portal for a demon to slip through and jump into liberty (her name). the mom often exploits her on facebook videos where she throws demonic tantrums and her eyes black out


Can you provide a link for that please?

No doubt

“sw1ng3rs at my former church” < Was that the Church of Satan?


It’s called grooming. They taught that child what to do and now he is doing it.


Of course he is!


MK Ultra. It seems like he’s been programmed. Poor little guy. He just wants to play with his trains.


How do we know the mother and/or father (using those terms loosely here) aren’t enamored of drag culture themselves and sneakily forced it onto the child, convincing them (the child) it was their idea all along?


That is exactly what happened. The mother wanted to be a burlesque dancer and failed. then both parents decided they didn’t want to work regular jobs, so they have been training this poor unfortunate angel to be a circus monkey. That is how they make a living. Meanwhile this kid is autistic claims the mother. He may very well have grown up to be a gay drag queen of his own volition, but he was never given a chance to make this decision in a normal progression of time and experience. The father is a real creep. The mother is living vicariously through the poor little boy and exposing him to incredible mental harm. It is the saddest thing.

Liam S

The autism angle actually also takes away from the transgender/gay perspective because kids with autism (I have an autistic daughter), tend to get highly interested in a topic and remain stuck on it for some time. It could even be, this whole thing is what the kid is very interested in, but not in the same way someone who is gay/transgender is. Meaning, it’s not some sexualized thing related to their identity or libido. (Kids shouldn’t have libidos or adult identities at 2 or 5 anyways)


I can see that actually. However using autism to enable this is sketchy. Drag culture has a very sexual undertone to it and an autistic prepubescent child may not understand that he is being groomed. That’s what people are on edge about.

D D d

What we do know, is that at least one parent socializes with a murderer with a consistent drugproblem. People with drugproblems are not always to be trusted, not even by a child.


Of course, they are. You hit the nail on the head with that one.


This is possibly the most accurate analysis of the situation I’ve read here.


Thank you for posting that scripture. That is what I need in my life. More scripture.


I just looked up a video of him on gma and it made my physically ill. The cheers and smiles on the adults faces as he arrogantly sauntered in was shocking to say the least. This is next level stupidity from society, and probably the most shocking thing I’ve seen. How people are unaware that “coming out as gay” is 100% sexual is just absolutely beyond me. That these clearly insane parents are even allowed to keep him while children are being taken away from parents who are trying to keep their kids physically safe in cases of illness shows just how complete the dumbing down of society has become. Terrifying.


I honestly was mesmerized by how surreal that was. The camera pans the crowd of middled aged people gleefully clapping and excited to this. VERY ODD

Paul Atriedes

Disgusting is the word you were searching for.


Revolting is another one.


It just blows my mind that this insanely demonic crap is trumpeted on a ‘mainstream’ TV show…And the comment below yours is spot-on as well…We could have never imagined this on TeeVee as young adults back in 1985….Never. Mind-blowingly disturbing….I am really thinking if migrating to another country these days…This one is Sodom’ed (So-doomed)….

The Bell Soon Tolls


It looks to me like no matter what country you go to you’re still going to find all the same filth. It’s spread EVERYWHERE !!


In a sane society these people would be imprisoned.


Absolutely sickening what is happening to those poor children. If this isn’t straight up sexual abuse, I don’t know what is! It’s also disgusting reading the Instagram comments where people are actually praising the parents. Is this real life, or are we stuck in the twilight zone?? This is some straight up perverted and $atanic stuff. Jesus please have mercy on those children.

Paul Atriedes

Satan has control of the majority of the souls in this country. The real sad part is that most of these people following Satan don’t even realize it! Don’t try to warn them either! They will “bite” your head off. I know, my Mom & sister are two of them who have been brainwashed by the MSM into believing ALL sorts of deviant behavior is normal! They are also Democrats or Socialists/communists really. They both claim to be Christian yet celebrate Christmas Easter Halloween ALL pagan holy days! When you to try educate them as to the real story or the Truth they shut me out. Stranger won’t even listen. Paganism & Wiccanism & outright Satanism are becoming more & more mainstream and accepted, whereas practicing a true Christian Faith is becoming more difficult by the day. Churches today don’t preach from the Bible, they give you “Motivational Speeches” with a smattering of carefully picked bible verses to support their usual blasphemous claims.
I’m just planting seeds. Hopefully one will germinate into a person asking questions where before they just believed what they were told.
Remember smack dab in the middle of beLIEve is a lie!


As Henry Makow says “western society has been inducted into a satanic cult”


Bless Henry Makow and to the females that hate him why don’t you lot mount a telegraph pole he has done more for society then any of you have.


Spot in. The late , great John Lennon once said “Christianity will go, it will vanish”. He knew something that’s why HD was taken out by the elite. He also said ” the world is run by lunatics”


No doubt that kid has done hard drugs and is being sexually abused. Just saw a video of him sitting with a drag when who mentions ketamine and then Desmond pretends to snort something.

Also look at his Dad, VERY creepy looking guy.

How did we get here? Shame on all the adults who applaud and bring their kids to these events.

Liam S

That is the question. How…did…we…get…here? Seems impossibly stupid and evil.

Paul Atriedes

That’s easy! Parents stopped believing in themselves and God. They let the State raise their children. They are too busy! Too lazy!!! Parents should be giving their children good values but I’m afraid because of the destruction of the family unit we have the kids we have. Children need both a sober Father & a sober mother. Take out one and the chances of raising a healthy well adjusted child drop precipitously! And today’s world of no dada creates these poor kids. I know I was one of em. I had only females raising me and it was hell! They don’t understand males and tried to feminize me. I wouldn’t have any of it.
BRING STRONG FATHERS BACK & the problem will go away!
Where have all the MEN gone! They’re the protectors NOT the government!


The Frankfurt School have achieved their goal : “We will make the West so corrupt it stinks !”


Oh, and let’s not forget that drag is the gender equivalent of blackface. It is offensive to pretend to be another race. Or even to wear things that are associated with that race or ethnicity (cultural appropriation). But, if you are pretending to be a woman or dressing up like a caricature of a woman — no big deal. Women don’t matter nearly as much drag queens, I guess.

Liberal women fighting for the rights of drag queens who openly mock us makes zero sense.


That’s a very interesting view Scars and one I never thought of. But it does make sense.


Do not compare drag to “black face” – not even close to being comparable.


Devo. Why not? Explain exactly why it isn’t comparable. Drag queen is essentially a mockery of women that focuses on and emphasises them being treated as only sexual objects. Likewise many female empowerment songs are co-opted.




Liberals are a CANCER. Period


Reps are no better. Both faces of the same coin. When u will realize that, it will be better for u.


I agree. Reps arent better either


This has nothing to do with politics come on you 2 morons.

Thinking that “libarels” only fall for the devil’s tricks….

Paul Atriedes

Now, now Dutch_m what does name calling accomplish?


Your right i take the word moron back


a persons political stance has nothing to do with being a depraved pervert.


My [dear] Jesus Christ, Holy God!!!!

“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20)

Paul Atriedes

Amen Marantha. Amen.


Disgusting. May the abusers rot in hell.


Great article. I assume you (and the rest of us now) need to go get a good eye bleach and take a hot shower.

Is there any group out there actively trying to save this kid? I’ve seen lots of tags to the FBI in twitter posts in relation to Desmond but no formalized group.


I have wondered the same things myself. I have heard that Child Protective Services is often corrupt, so I don’t know that they could be trusted to really help either of these boys. I don’t have IG or Facebook, but if I did, I’d constantly call out these greedy parents…I’d let them know we see them for EXACTLY what they are, and that we will be keeping watch on THEIR actions, that we will NOT accept their rationalization of this as okay.
(Nobody do anything stupid, because they would just use it to cry “homophobic” even louder. Be direct, but civil.)


Interesting article. I think, while there are many points to be made, which you do well, the simple ‘reversal’ observation of club dancing for tips (i.e. what if the club had a young girl and straight men) with the mother’s unbelievably naive (or evil, one or the other) response tells us we’re in for a world of social stupid in the coming years. And kids will be abused in the process.


The first thing one notices about these children is that they are not children anymore. After their innocence has been ripped away from them, something dark, something sinister resides behind those broken blank stares. A demonic alter perhaps?


Ive been a reader of VC for years and I hardly ever comment but I was really hoping you’d do an article on this. When I first saw this I thought it was dispicable. Thank you for staying Vigilant and never letting us down with your insights.


A quick search on Desmond’s mother shows she’s into witchcraft.

Meta E.

I’ve tried searching for Wendy Lou Naples but i can’t find any reference to her and witchcraft. does she have an IG page?

Meta E.



I found it on her facebook a couple weeks ago, but I just went to look and you can find a post she directed to Sharon Needles but you can’t click on her name. I don’t know what she did, but you can no longer view her facebook. When I found it the first time, she had a picture of some witchcraft book and some pictures of her dressed in weird/dark outfits.

Priscilla Michel

Sharon Needles has the very dark video, 666


Great find. It’s sad and disgusting, but it’s important to connect the dots.

Truth & Light

Admit to psych unit asap. Why drag “women” (women who act like hard core men) aren’t being promoted


I noticed that too. It seems like it’s always drag “wo”men. Even when it comes to trans you hardly see female to male being discussed only male to female. Interesting.

Meta E.

’cause them bu11dig@s ugly!


You are the ugliest one of all.

Paul Atriedes

Loveisall have you seen one? They’re ALL freaks even the attractive ones. I would not want to even consider what I would do if I went to a bar and came home with a man pretending to be a woman!


All those same folks who are outraged over child beauty pageants and the grooming of children like JonBenet Ramsey (because that is the conservative flavor of sexualizing children) are completely on board with this because, hey, LGBQT rights and all that. Just imagine if this were a young girl performing for tips in a strip club. What would all those liberals say then? (For the record, I consider myself to be a liberal — so this isn’t a “liberals are cancer” rant). This is blatantly hypocritical. LGBQT are like any other group. Some are totally ordinary folks who just happened to be born with a birth defect that messed up their sexual orientation or their gender identity. I feel compassion for that and see no harm in letting them be because they can’t help it. Some, though, just like straight folks — are PERVERTS and should be called out on it when they do perverted things like this. They don’t get a pass because homophobia exists. It isn’t even homophobia if people are calling you out for doing horrible things. I’d call them out for this if they were straight, too. And what mother wants to have her child subjected… Read more »


“Some are totally ordinary folks who just happened to be born with a birth defect that messed up their sexual orientation” WRONG. No one is born homosexual


Well, maybe not. True, there is no hard scientific proof that someone is born gay. But having known a few gay people in my childhood, I can say that they were what we called “sissy” even as a child. Was it genetics or environment that made them that way? I can’t say for certain — but it wasn’t a conscious choice that they made. And, once someone’s sexuality has become hard-wired, I don’t really think it is that easy to change. Look at pedophiles. They most likely aren’t born that way, but rather have been abused themselves and ended up with an attraction to children. But, there is pretty much a zero percent chance that they can change. They have the highest recidivism rates of ANY sexual offender. But, I can live with gay people in the community. I don’t have to like their sexual orientation, but I don’t see them as a threat (if they aren’t pushing it as an “alternative lifestyle” to kids, that is). Pedophiles should be given the death penalty though.

Paul Atriedes

Sorry but I tend to agree with Scars. Although I don’t condone homosexuality I do realize that some men are born with a highly feminized mind which can cause them to do some odd or off putting things. But I also feel that many many men claiming to be women are really just very confused people who need counseling not encouragement.


Agreed. While I think there is a very small percentage of individuals who may be born with the brain of a woman and the body of a man (and vice versa) — it just isn’t as common as they would have us think. Much of what we are witnessing with the transgender explosion is mental illness/ social engineering.

Camille Paglia has a theory that most of the transgender kids/teens are those who in previous times would likely have identified as emo/goth/etc. Now, the trendy “outsider” label is transgender and kids who feel like they don’t fit in latch on to that. It will be a real tragedy if we allow confused people to have permanent surgical operations based upon this ridiculous notion of allowing people to “self-identify”. That is medical malpractice.

For someone who is genuinely “born that way”, I have compassion and could tolerate it. But, this ridiculous notion of gender being fluid or a trait that you can change at will — that idea is going to cause lasting harm to an entire generation if we foolishly go along with it.

Paul Atriedes

I’m afraid in ten years or so we’ll have a real problem on our hands when the poor children grow up to be adults and ask “Mom wtf did you do to me?” Or they lose their health insurance and can’t get their hormones and begin to revert back to what they really are! What a messed up world we ALL WILL be in in ten years or so! We are all so screwed!


Both parents, not only mom is guilty


Actually science has proven otherwise but you probably don’t believe in science. Do you really think homosexuals want that life? It’s typically torturous. Maybe you should talk to someone who is gay & find out… they’re actually humans!

“Some are totally ordinary folks who just happened to be born with a birth defect that messed up their sexual orientation” WRONG. No one was born gay


The actual facts supporting “born gay” are scientifically sketchy, at best. But regardless, if you do or act on EVERYthing you are “born” to do, you WILL and SHOULD go to prison. Just in case that statement isn’t clear enough, think about how many people could that excuse for breaking into houses, killing people, battering women, child, or anyone else, race/sex/class discrimination stealing stuff, sexual harassment/rape, bullying, cheating, lying, prostitution, drug dealing and taking, not paying your taxes, etc, etc, etc. Not to mention just general viciousness or meanness, which may or may not result in legal action. Tendencies are no excuse to avoid doing good.


Yes, but those actions are bad because they cause others harm. If two consenting adults choose to engage in sexual activity together, I am not convinced that this alone is a great enough danger that it needs to be outlawed. We don’t have to encourage or support it — but I have no desire to have the government police bedrooms.

Any sexual activity that does not involve consenting adults, though, should be treated as a crime and punished accordingly. When it is consenting adults, it is more a matter of morality than legality. I’m actually content with letting God handle the judgement and punishment for homosexuality. I think there are too many other pressing issues where harm is caused to the non-sinner (like this kid being exploited to push drag culture) to worry whether or not 2 gay adults have sex with one another.


LGBTQ (the political elite arm) does not want science to explain this, no matter what they say. If we find it is a birth defect then it is not something to be admired. If it is due to soy and plastics and other hormonal disrupters, then there is a cure. Or at least a prevention for the next generation.

Christianity (the political elite arm) do not want science to explain this, because if we found out this is a birth defect they would have to apologize for government policies that subjugate those who are born sick.


And yet there are so many cases of Christian families wanting to adopt children and being refused because the “progressive” powers that be consider Christian “indoctrination” (Bible teaching and living a Christian lifestyle) will damage the child.

Wake Up

Have you guys also noticed the anagram in this kids name? Easily spells DEMON – without trying. Pretty weird name for this kid anyway “ Desmond “… we need to look further into this. Especially considering Mommy is into witchcraft and Daddy looks like a f*cking psychopath.


Wtf did I just read


The results of “progressivness” aka a preview of a left-wing world.


I do not see any difference between Desmond/Lactatia and The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan. Only pedophiles can enjoy this type of entertainment. Everyone else is disgusted. (I hope)

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