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Something is Terribly Wrong With Céline Dion’s “Genderless” Clothing Line

Céline Dion is the face of a new “genderless” fashion brand for babies named CELINUNUNU. Everything about it is wrong and creepy. Here’s a look at the disturbing symbolism surrounding it.



Something is Terribly Wrong With Céline Dion's "Genderless" Clothing Line

I always appreciated the fact that Céline Dion was a somewhat wholesome figure in a music business that is heavily bent on depravity. However, since the death of her husband and manager René Angélil, she’s been involved in increasing weirdness.

Since wrapping up her Las Vegas residency, Céline apparently found a new mission: To “free” newborns from gender binarity. Because that was the main complaint of newborns. To do so, she released CELINUNUNU, a “gender-neutral” clothing line for babies created in conjunction with the global fashion brand NUNUNU.

Some might consider this piece of news to be yawn-worthy as CELINUNUNU is yet another over-priced fashion brand using a celebrity endorsement to generate sales. However, there is more to it. NUNUNU is already a huge brand in Hollywood. Its website contains an extensive picture gallery of celebrities’ children wearing their creations, including Angelina Jolie, Kourtney Kardashian, Hilary Duff and many more.

By their own admission, the brand is about more than fashion. It is a way to “shape children” for the future. First, let’s look at the promo video featuring Céline Dion.

Promo Video

The CELINUNUNU promo features Céline Dion sneaking into a maternity ward and altering the look of other people’s children. While most news sources found the video “hilarious”, many were also disturbed by the video’s strange messages.

Something is Terribly Wrong With Céline Dion's "Genderless" Clothing Line

The video begins with Céline sitting in the back of an SUV. She says: “Our children are not really our children”. Okay, that’s weird. Notice that she’s dressed in a sparkly dress.

Something is Terribly Wrong With Céline Dion's "Genderless" Clothing Line

When Céline gets off the SUV to enter a hospital, her outfit magically changes to black. Something dark is about to go down.

Celine then sneaks inside the hospital’s maternity ward and discovers something unacceptable.

Something is Terribly Wrong With Céline Dion's "Genderless" Clothing Line

The boys are dressed in blue and the girls in pink. The horror. Céline is completely disgusted.

Then, Céline spreads around some black powder and everything changes. For the worst.

Something is Terribly Wrong With Céline Dion's "Genderless" Clothing Line

The “boy” and “girl” figures on the wall are replaced with the brand’s logo. Everything is now black, white and creepy.

Something is Terribly Wrong With Céline Dion's "Genderless" Clothing Line

This baby wears a hat with skulls. Yes, let’s celebrate a new life by making it wear symbols representing death. The shirt says “New Order”… As in “New World Order?”.

Then, security arrests Céline and takes her out of the hospital. Good. Let’s make sure this doesn’t happen again.

To sum up the video, it’s not good. Of course, Céline Dion is merely the face of the brand. The entire line was created by NUNUNU, an Israeli fashion brand for children that is already a global hit.

Something is Wrong With NUNUNU

When I say that something is wrong with NUNUNU, I am not talking about its ridiculous name but rather its entire philosophy and symbolism. The brand’s “About” page says:

led completely by their intuition, co-owners and designers iris adler and tali milchberg created children’s clothing collections that broke stereotypes and dodged accepted norms. their need for a basic dna and a unisex offering in kids fashion, created a global trend that is now an inspiration worldwide. driven by an agenda that defies the traditional dichotomy of boy/girl clothing, iris and tali showed that in the world of real individuals not everything is so black and white.

Yes, to quote their own words, the brand is indeed “driven by an agenda”.

Something is Terribly Wrong With Céline Dion's "Genderless" Clothing Line

This is the picture topping the brand’s About page: A child whose face is held by a skeleton. One of the child’s eye is hidden – a confirmation that this is all about the elite’s agenda.

NUNUNU’s agenda is not only about gender-neutrality. It is about something much darker. A quick trip down the brand’s Instagram Page reveals some disturbing material: The sexualization of children, satanism and Monarch mind control. In short, all of the obsessions of the occult elite.

Something is Terribly Wrong With Céline Dion's "Genderless" Clothing Line

This is part of the brand’s “Holiday” collection. Don’t tell me they don’t know what a “Ho” is. I mean, come on.

Something is Terribly Wrong With Céline Dion's "Genderless" Clothing Line

Are they aware that the song Let’s Get Physical is about sex? Why are there children under that sign?

Something is Terribly Wrong With Céline Dion's "Genderless" Clothing Line

This girl wears an all-seeing eye shirt with an all-seeing eye “tattoo” – the main symbols of the occult elite. On her pants are the numbers 3 and 6 … 666?

Something is Terribly Wrong With Céline Dion's "Genderless" Clothing Line

A girl with antlers. More pseudo-satanic stuff.

Something is Terribly Wrong With Céline Dion's "Genderless" Clothing Line

A baby with a devil-horns hat. So cute.

Something is Terribly Wrong With Céline Dion's "Genderless" Clothing Line

Creepy. Also, Satanists wear animal masks during Black Masses.

Something is Terribly Wrong With Céline Dion's "Genderless" Clothing Line

This looks like some creep put his big dirty hand on that girl’s chest.

Something is Terribly Wrong With Céline Dion's "Genderless" Clothing Line

This kid is hiding one eye while wearing a shirt featuring a skull with one eye hidden. Also, his pants feature all-seeing eyes. How can they make it more obvious to you?

The brand’s IG account also contains various pictures and paintings that are tagged #inspiration. Nearly all of them are creepy, disturbing and full of symbols referring to the darkest practices of the occult elite.

Something is Terribly Wrong With Céline Dion's "Genderless" Clothing Line

This is 100% satanic. Yes, this is on the IG account of a children’s clothing brand that is extremely popular in Hollywood.

Something is Terribly Wrong With Céline Dion's "Genderless" Clothing Line

The caption of this image is “Hidden Desire”. My caption would be “What is wrong with these people?”.

Something is Terribly Wrong With Céline Dion's "Genderless" Clothing Line

This is captioned “Need to clear my head”. Trauma-based mind control is about “clearing the head” of the slaves through abuse.

Something is Terribly Wrong With Céline Dion's "Genderless" Clothing Line

Young boys in towels. Their heads were replaced with eyeballs. As the comment says: “Gross and borderline inappropriate”.

Something is Terribly Wrong With Céline Dion's "Genderless" Clothing Line

An animal skull used to make the one-eye sign: The perfect inspiration for children’s clothing.

Something is Terribly Wrong With Céline Dion's "Genderless" Clothing Line

Everything about this pic screams out “ruined childhood”.

Something is Terribly Wrong With Céline Dion's "Genderless" Clothing Line

This image is pure Monarch Mind Control – an MK slave with several alter personas.

There are many other images, but we’ve seen enough. All of them point in the same direction: Occult elite depravity and the shameless preying on children. All of this crap is “clothed” in the self-righteous vocabulary of gender neutrality and “freeing children”. Who better than Céline Dion (and her wholesome aura) to make this appealing to moms with money to burn?


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Something is Terribly Wrong With Céline Dion's "Genderless" Clothing Line

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More pathetic sickness. Went to the website and saw all the “celebrity” parents with their kids. Oh yeh, that makes me want to go out and get my kids the same creepy clothes that all these inbred pervs get their kids. Who are the retards that actually worship these cretans?




Its cretins, not cretans lol


It’s Christine, not Christinne. Don’t ever use “lol” again, it makes you sound like a Christinne.

peace out

Geezz, seriously, thanks. So “duh.” I’m sick of “get the popcorn ready” too.


Actually lol is a simple easy way to let someone know you are not being 100% serious. If she didnt add the lol, you might’ve felt like she was being rude, which could cause someone to take it the wrong way.

Like adding a smiley 🙂

See, text communication is a little different than talking in person, you may have noticed.

Also, there are no “spelling rules” for names. Christine can be spelled Kristynn. Or Cristeene. Or Christinnnnnnnnnne. Lol.


Almost rhymes with your name… lol


I actually agree with Christinne that spelling is important.


LoL = Lucifer our Lord


El-oh-El. Elohim worship. Hebrew God.


Thank you for pointing that LOL out




I want to know as well what normal person would buy clothes from those evil perverts and beat them up with those sick clothes.


How are people so blind to these things?? It’s horrible.


They’re not blind…
They’re brain washed and stoopid…
They don’t get the Bible that they are only “Fuel for the Fire”~~~ and unfortunately making their children thus also!


This s--t is not even subliminal anymore.


The fear of the Eternal is the beginning of wisdom. These people have no respect for God, therefore He has given them over to the depravity in their hearts…


Thank you for being ‘vigilant’ in bringing these disturbing topics to light.


What is more unnerving is those who deny that this is happening; it is all a “conspiracy theory” and, criticising the obvious would only amount to anti-Semitism in this case due to the fact of the creators are Israeli.


It’s not a conspiracy anymore. People need to be blind and stupid to call this a conspiracy. Something bad is happening in this world. Maybe we don’t know what exactly is going on or what their plan is, but it’s not good from what I see and hear every day.


You mean it’s not a theory. It’s definitely a conspiracy.


It most definitely is not a conspiracy. If governments can convince their populations that a status quo exists that keeps people safe, which essentially equates to remaining unaware and passive, whilst issues such as UFOs, secret societies, 9/11, or the Kennedy assassination are conspiracies because alternate facts are not acknowledged as legitimate and are protected; the symbolism displayed by the celebrities, musicians, and athletes is very clear. It is both blatant (such as the article above) and subdued (hand signals, tattoos) but exactly what “is going on” is becoming clearer every day.

I don’t know if people are generally disinterested to acknowledge the truth, are too comfortable with the reality, or cannot process the inevitable. I would like to know how we can counter this besides making ourselves and others aware.


noun, plural con·spir·a·cies.
the act of conspiring.
an evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons; plot.
a combination of persons for a secret, unlawful, or evil purpose:

Seems to fit.


Yes, I am aware of the definition, thank you. I meant to write theory but I couldn’t edit.

Gail DeLucia

We can pray to Hashem – God, our creator -in the name of Yeshua haMoshiach -Jesus Christ – to intervene and protect us from all evil. Make our souls like dust to everyone but the Almighty. Pray for protection for our children that they too know God and are convicted by the Ruach haKodesh = the Holy Spirit. Come quickly Lord – Maranatha Shalom


It was never a conspiracy or a theory. And yes, there is something happening in the world and it is worse than “bad”. The bible says that in the last days “evil men and seducers will wax WORSE AND WORSE. What many are seeing today and don’t realize is that we are seeing prophecy coming to pass. Biblical, AKJV 1611 PROPHECY. The fact of the matter is that nobody wants God, they want the fleeting pleasures that this world has to offer. They want a world without God and there is no such thing. The psalmist says: Psalm 139:7-8 Whither shall I go from thy spirit? or whither shall I flee from thy presence? 8 If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there: if I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there. Hell is a place where the selfish sinner finally gets what he always wanted. To be left totally and utterly alone by God. That fire is no literal fire that burns tangible things. That fire represents JUDGEMENT. That is what the psalmist means when he says “if I make my bed in hell, behold thou art there.” These celebrities (and a whole lot of folks… Read more »


We just have to stop being intimidated by the ‘anti-semitic’ slur. Let it be seen for what it is: A tool to close down discussion of Jewish behaviour.


This is partly accurate but many elite freaks masquerade as jews when they are not really.


Do you have prejudice against Jews? I hope not but this is called anti semitismus and it is an horrible form of generalized hate


Disgusting! These people are so damn evil.


Yes. Even if they are doing it for attention, they still did THAT and there’s no going back.

Your girl Sammy

People aren’t genderless, it’s a rediculous claim.


Do you read science? Do you know the difference between sex, gender, sexual expression and sexual preference? Are you a doctor?


Shut up troll

Your girl Sammy

I’ve got my opinion just like you have. I think it’s a rediculous claim that people are genderless. And I’m a troll be because you don’t like my opinion? You can kiss my a r s e


Quire the trolls at their own game ,and if necessary, be even more abusive and vitriolic than they are…


Be careful..the act of a r s e kissing is a satanic practice.


Have fun in HELL..sickos


Idiot! Science lies too!


Do you know God? God’s word is FINAL.

D D d

Have you met god? Or did you read books about him, and you were told things about him and this planet by someone else?
Rethorical questions – have no doubt.


If you have the Y chromosome (or multiples of it), you are male, regardless of how you clothe, whether you even have male body parts, what you are attracted to or what you think about yourself. It’s settled, then.

Anne Elizabeth Brown

We should *definitely* always trust human doctors, pharmaceutical manufacturers, garbage food manufacturers (including those servicing our pets) unbiased Federally-funded scientists and activists/influencers who not only know better than anyone else, they only care about our common good.
This has got to be the apex of stupidity.


Exactly! And (Natural Science) shows the difference between that! Not man-made science.


Natural science and Jesus say boys should wear powder blue, and girls should wear pink.
Those who attempt to defy will get their come uppance!

D D d

Shall we try little orange and yellow jumpsuits for 50 years to try out? And:let the babies choose, ofcourse. Or will that exclude us from vaccinations?


I was just youtubing an endocrinologist today about this whole “gender thing.” @Your girl Sammy (and the rest that agree) I agree with the spirit of your comment, but be careful. If you really believe this, don’t get sucked into a word game with this issue. If I am understanding your comment correctly, you are saying that to refute that humans are born either male or female is ridiculous. The problem is that there is, as you already know, a sizeable group that insists that these categories can be switched around at will and without consequences. One of the ways they have convinced themselves that they can alter reality, and have others wholehearted agree is alter the language: GENDER is actually one of THEIR words. According to one of those endocrinologist on that youtube (who worked at Johns Hopkins dealing with folks with “gender issues”) the word “gender” was specifically created to deal with more of the psychological aspects of maleness/femaleness, rather than actual fact of the person’s X and/or Y chromosomes, or their body parts. A few years ago I watched a “discussion” here on VC devolve as proponents of this “new thought” adamantly exclaimed how gender was a… Read more »


In her promo video she also says, “we are all links in a never-ending chain that is life.” What a subtle and clever way of throwing in the the luciferian ideology of living forever. Having a beautiful voice doesn’t necessarily equate with having a beautiful soul.


Shes been brainwashed/MK ULTRA-ed to the point she does stuff like that.


If Celine started acting differently after her husband died; makes one wonder how someone who was protected by her could allow anyone to submit to any brainwashing procedure.


Renee was her handler


So sick… Evil has gotten so strong…. so open, hidden no more. Pray for the destruction of all evil.
Pray for the protection of the children.

Notice also the little boy in glasses covering one eye is standing in a cage. 🙁


Will anyone help if we pray I wonder? How many people from all over the world are suffering and praying at this moment and no one helps them?

Smitty's Inner-city Meats

You’d have to prove that all those people are A. Praying at all B. Praying to the real God and C. Never being answered at all. for this to be a real argument against prayer.


God is God. All the so called good religions of the world have the same purpose. Do good deeds and you’ll go to a good place after you die or do bad deeds and you will suffer and so on. It’s the same thing but people from all over the world changed it to suit their traditions and taste. I bet those people who keep saying that others who suffer aren’t praying right or they aren’t praying to the right God, haven’t seen or experienced true terror like many unfortunate souls are doing right now and nobody listens or helps.


If you could do good enough deeds to gain entrance into heaven, then Jesus Christ did not have to die to pay for your sins. The Bible is clear that salvation is a free gift. You cannot earn it, you can only come to him by faith in the gospel. Jesus Christ is God. Jesus Christ died for our sins. Jesus Christ rose from the grave and now sits on the throne. Jesus Christ offers eternal life for simple faith in who he is and what he did. No amount of works will save anyone.


And that’s the Truth Bibleman.


Alexandra, you speak of that which you know not.
Christianity is different from all other religions because it’s the only religion that promises that good place you are talking about based on the finished work of Jesus Christ dying on Calvary for the sin of all who trust Him alone as their Savior. In fact God says our most righteous deeds are as the filthy rags of a menstruating woman and that they can never save us from hell. Other religions don’t even promise heaven as Jesus did. They may promise enlightenment or nirvana or something else that can’t even be defined with any certainty, but none of them offer a Savior that loves those who repent and trust Him alone for salvation from hell. Only Jesus Christ offers that.


We need to help ourselves (each others), not wait for a savior to do that for us. Keep praying, it is helping.


We are fallen. Sinners. Our suffering is deserved. Should we repent (turn completely away from our sin) and acknowledge Jesus as our savior, we are redeemed by His sacrifice. That does not mean that we will not suffer. The Christians that did not lose their faith during Nero’s reign were killed. Horribly. Jesus tells us that those that follow Him will suffer for His namesake but oh how abundantly are they rewarded. This time on Earth is transient and far from the reward. I have seen prayer change lives. Those people believed in the power of prayer, believed in God. And His time-table. His plan. I have seen my prayers answered when I needed them the most, not when I wanted them. Sometimes years later. So, yes. If you have faith, even the size of a mustard seed, your prayers will be answered.


People aren’t “fallen—they were CREATED to be sinful (Psalm 51:5). God made people from DUST, which represents the flesh. Also, “Lucifer” is Latin, not Hebrew, and is thus an incorrect translation of the Hebrew name “Helal” (Day Star), a reference to the King of Babylon. There is no “fallen angel” who “became” Satan. Genesis tells us that Satan was made by God for his own purposes (Genesis 3:1; Revelation 12:9).


yes, I noticed the cage too; so sad, thinking these same “models” may be kept in those cages….


Yes, America should have been praying decades ago, but it was too busy pushing the equality agenda and liberating women to be bothered with prayer.


I am a woman and I agree. Women are becoming vain and vulgar. I don’t even want to call women women anymore. They have gone bonkers and mad! This world is stupid now.


I heard an 80 year old woman say that about 15 years ago.
And she wasn’t exactly a model of manners herself. There comes a point where it’s undeniable.


Hence common core and the acceptance of all that is seen and so easily accepted today. Began when I was in Jr high. Wish I had understanding then.


Yea, it’s so terrible that women can get their own jobs and credit cards now. Oh, and divorce an abusive husband! What was the movement thinking?

Double D

Feminist’s treat men worse than their perceived treatment from men during the 1950’s and before. If women were all about equality, we should expect to see men absolved from being financially responsible for children they’ve fathered….we can call it male abortion rights. Women don’t want this though, because they want to say “My body!” as they murder the unborn growing in their bodies while telling men they made their decision when they chose to have sex. Yet, anyone who says women made their decisions when they decided to open their legs is a horrible person who isn’t supporting their rights.

End abortion now, except in cases of rape. Incest isn’t rape by the way, only rape is rape. Or stop supporting double standards and support men’s rights to choose.

Tin-hat Lady

Lets us not forget that Celine Dion met Rene Angelil when she was 12 and he was 38 , when he became her manager then. They went public w/ the relationship when she turned 19. music is industry is known for all types of creeps just like the rest of the entertainment biz so there is no telling waht she has been exposed to or numbed by, hmmm?!! So yes.. she has been groomed and MK Ultra’ed to the core.


I thought she also came from poverty, too, which may be considered additional trauma? She also had a cousin that died young from Cystic Fibrosis, IIRC.


Wow, DEEPLY disturbing. How are they even gettin away with this. Little kids with horns and antlers, I mean wtf people? Have we seen the first episode of True Detective..? These photos look like they could be from that set…in short- f----d up abusive s--t


I’ve seen a lot of sick stuff on this site (I mean that in an eye-opening, thankful-to -this-website sort of way), but this one is really the worst for me. Maybe because I am a mother and I can’t believe what I am seeing. How is this real? How do they get away with this? How can evil like this be celebrated? It’s sick and twisted. I worry about those poor children…


That is one of the main reason why I don’t want to bring any children in this horrible world.


I get what you’re saying (I personally don’t want to have kids but for different reasons), but if all the good people stopped reproducing for this reason, we’d end up in a world populated by the people who are into all this crap. Sure, some may break free, but it’s so pervasive, most will be swallowed by the system. If the sickness of this world is the only thing holding you back, then reconsider, for you can have a greater influence on your kids by raising them to question everything.

Karen Taylor

I just recently read that millions of people are unable to have kids these days….some say it was a needle they got for something or other….people don’t get the flu shot or the hpv shot.


True statement Karen.
That’s why the villagers in Africa run the Bill Gates so-called healthcare workers out with machetes. They come in and vaccinate the village and then most of them die or become sterile. It’s the Bill Gates version of Margaret Sangar and planned parenthood’s euthanasia for the black race.


No need for a shot that makes you unable to have kids : we are surrounded by dirty food, dirty medicine, dirty water, dirty pollution of all kinds, etc… A lot of people don’t know how to take care of themselves and buy the propaganda because it involves less efforts for them to make. But they pay it in the end.


If you think that boys and girls are equal then it’s a good thing you didn’t have any kids. The world doesn’t need any more sodomites.


Omg dude, you seem so full of hate and ignorance. What happened to you? Go and pray for forgiveness and intelligence if you have a God that you believe in cause you are going on a road with no return,a road filled with hate, criticism and ignorance. I really hope you are a troll though cause I refuse to believe someone could show so much idiocy with a few sentences.


You’re the hater here. You hate traditional values and the differences God made between men and women because you think you’re equal to men.


I’m equal to men in that we are equally valuable and important…..I bow to no one.


You’ll want to correct that problem of bowing to no one before judgement day.


Prove God exists. You’re worshipping the Babylonian version of Ares, an archetypical myth which characterizes human anger, violence, and martial activity.

Anne Elizabeth Brown

You ignorant a-s. Men and women aren’t equal only in that they have different strengths and weaknesses, and together, create a strong, cohesive whole. Together we represent God’s complete nature “in His image, man and woman created He them”. Women arent meant to genuflect before men, women are told to respect men and men are told to LOVE women as Christ loved the church. Take your evil elsewhere. Your type created feminism as you are every bit as demonically inspired.


Then please adopt. You may save a child from a black mass sacrifice.


I really hope Celine finds this article and removes herself from this brand.
Even better would be if she publicly distanced herself from it and told the public why.
I live in hope that someone is brave enough to publicly make a stand…. One day…. One day….


You naive enough to think that she’s any different from all these people that she swims in the cesspool with? That is her industry. She’s not some maverick goody-goody.

D D d

She got on board of an already sailing ship, thus fully knew who she is dealing with – is what I think. She has been dealing with the industry for decades, so she must be a strong woman. But it seems for other reasons than just being strong. She lives by dealing with these people.
I don’t need to have faith and hope for her. Contracts or not, in the end this is her choice, when one puts it black or white.
Needless to tell you, maybe, that from the first moment I saw her in a songcontest-promo in the 80’s I had the same association as I had later with Bush and Bush-jr, for example. It’s in their eyes.

Simone Cordeiro

if she remove herself from this brand, she’ll end up destroyed like many others that refused their dirty requirements to stay on the top of the world, they end up dead, insane or with many others problems. It seems to be like “join us, lose your soul, mess up with the humans head, and you’ll be wealthy, famous, notorious, powerful, but if you refuse our demands you’ll disappear, hai capito?”. Those famous who are dead, I don’t know why, but it’s better believe that a strong reason happened because they have so many ways to corrupt people, that we can’t even imagine, even the good ones, but we do some idea after this all happening in the world. They’re simply slaves of the evil, that’s all.

Anne Elizabeth Brown

Many of them were stragically sacrificed. Research the commonalities in dates and ages, then which of their formerly closest famous compatriots suddenly took off in fame. Billie Eilish has a video with a person playing the rapper bestie she offed and her video and lyrics all scream it, “Why didnt you run from me?”


Oh dear.. She was probably raised in an MK factory and is completely MK’d and wouldnt know how to even manage on her own. They DESTROY the minds of these poor people!


Wow very creepy. How do you reject binary/duality gender by promoting black and white duality colors? While it’s silly to limit our children to the blue for boys, pink for girls rule, why dress them in depressing black and white? It’s seems to be about taking the color and innocence of a child. They may as well put images of guns and bombs on their clothes.


it’s about taking the love for life and innocence. A baby just brought into thi world, covered in a shield of death.


Yeah, it all looked bad and felt joyless :-(…


Professing to be wise, they became fools.


You will know them by their fruit.


Could it be more evident ❓

Johnny Walker Read

You want to know why America is doomed to fail? Read the above article. I cannot begin to describe the level of debauchery this disciple of Satan has sunk to.

john ker

This is what jews do – they tear down our culture and values all to make a buck. They are in fact attacking Christianity. They do it all the time…look what Goldman Sachs does to Hollywood. All full of jews tearing down Christianity. This company in this article really highlights what I’m talking about.


If you are Christian, how can you hate jews? Wasn’t Jesus (Yeshua) born a jew? The enemy wants to turn the children of God against each other by raising questionable people from all nations. God bless Christians and Jews. God bless Israel.

Think again, Einstein

Lucky y’all weren’t born jewish, huh? And very convenient, lest you would have to spend a lifetime self-loathing.

Honestly, wasn’t n--i germany enough for you? What does it take to make some people think about how effortless and downright lazy it is to generalize about those who are ‘unlucky enough’ not to be exactly like them, and the consequences of such monumental lack of depth.

Do I really need to remind you what Jesus was?


Jesus was the one who said and I quote
“I know your afflictions and your poverty-yet you are rich! I know about the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.”


Do not speak ill of the jewish people. It is not christian to do so.


I believe Jesus himself called them the synagogue of satan, twice.


I’m glad to find out that I should no longer listen to any celine dion music; actually, all of us should boycott hollywood and the music industry altogether; who knows what kinds of hidden messages they are sending to our subconscious thru the movies/music?

Oppression's Enemy

There is nothing good about Music and is one of the biggest tools Satan uses to misguide people. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) warned us about the dangers of Music more than 1400 years ago. I’m glad that people are now finally starting to realize why Music is strictly forbidden in Islam.


And sure of course this pseudo music industry is evil and corrupt, and their music sucks. But this does not meant that beautiful works inspired by God like those of Bach are unholy. That’s simply ignorance.

On the other hand...

Isn’t that the fifty year old man who married a six year old girl? No offence to you, but I always consider the source and the fruits when someone roundly demonizes things. A world without music would be a much poorer place. It is a source of comfort for many when things are tough and a joy when we want to have fun and socialize. It is the wonderful product of human creativity, inspiration and hard work. Just because some corrupt it doesn’t mean it is evil, any more than saying all old men want little girls. I have had about enough of religion dumping on human beings for everthing we do and trying to make us fearful and guilty. Give me a beautiful song over a holy book anytime. One says we’re not alone in our feelings, sadness, fears, hopes and dreams, the other says we’re stained. I do believe in God. Just not one dreamt up by ancient strangers to control us in their pretechnological way. When you think of it, they all target the mind of someone else and try to steer it. Only the form has changed. Our minds do not belong to them. I prefer… Read more »


I don’t understand why religion has to take the fall for this article here we have enough evidence how the music industry is corrupting the minds of the vornerouble masses one way or another, since you basically have no clue what you are talking about when it comes to religion why this comment? The only constant and true thing in this world so far is religion even though our tendency for corruption always produced alternative reality the TRUTH just because there are a multiple sides to the story doesn’t mean the True one doesn’t exist we just have to be a little more Vigilant and find it. I am an Ethiopian Orthodox tewahido Christian and I happen to be exposed to money alternatives through my life thanks to the kind westerners and others who donate money for this purpose but i Know there is none in this world than can explain God the creator of all things more than my church. study all things in a hope of finding the truth because your existence depends on it. I know it’s convinient and Lazy to say I believe in God and that’s it,ofcourse there is the real question is what are… Read more »

E. A.

Islam is the spirit of antichrist.

Anne Elizabeth Brown

Like anything else music was created as a good yet corrupted by those with evil intent. Why are so many amy Muslims in America oversaturated in consumption of alcohol, drugs, sex and music/p---------y/prostitution/pedophilia? Let’s guess.


Clothing like this has got to lead to arrests for promoting pedophilia. Any pedophilia subliminal promotion–this isn’t even subliminal is crossing the line. I don’t think it’s right to make a kid pose with a skeleton like that. Just posing for the picture is truamaizing. To take a pic of a girl in a leotard with a dirty hand on it is enough abuse for the girl in the picture let alone those look at it. These people need to be in jail. You can’t demote a child like this, this is immoral and it’s about time we make it illegal. Who can sue this company for child abuse?


Judges mostly are pedophiles as well.


Another thing is the picture of the boy in the cage. They have the MK kids in cages while their growing up under MK. So that pic could have been taken straight out of the factory.


I was going to say the same thing about the cage. What really gets me are the blind money hungry parents that let their children be the pawns for this crap.

Philomena's Daughter

Did you notice how the girl (unless it’s a mannequin – hard to tell since her head is wrapped up) in the last photo looks seriously malnourished, i.e. starved? If that is a live person, she will die soon if she doesn’t get more food. Her arms look like those of a concentration camp victim.


I know, the picture of the baby boy in a cage made me sick. Poor baby! Who the hell are these people?

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