Lady Gaga: Another Pop Artist With a Strange Relationship With her Parents

OLD DAYS: The future star at a high-school dance with her father in 2004.

Pop stars that are wholly part of the “entertainment machine” often have family members that act more as handlers. We’ve recently seen in Britney Spears is on Tour and is Still Under Mind Control that her parents have a tight control on her. Amy Winehouse and Michael Jackson are also other interesting cases. Today, a NY Post article on Lady Gaga reveals that she too has a rather strange relationship with her father. He reportedly turned her into a “sexy queen” and she shares 50% of her revenues with him. Although the article paints a heart-warming picture of their relationship, some of the details are rather unsettling and that something more shady going on. Is he her handler? Whatever the case may be, she is another pop star with a bizarre relationship with her parents.

Lady Gaga gives 50 percent of her earnings to her father

How does the biggest pop star on the planet reward herself after she’s spent the past year touring the world, performing for President Bill Clinton, opening her own boutique in Barneys, releasing a high-fashion picture book, and prepping for her appearance on “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve”?

If you’re Lady Gaga, you go home to Mom and Dad’s and curl up in your childhood bedroom on the Upper West Side — which is what she plans to do this holiday weekend as her ABC variety special, “A Very Gaga Thanksgiving,” premieres Thursday night.

“She still doesn’t have her own place in the city,” one longtime friend tells The Post. “She and her family are very tight.”

OLD DAYS: The future star at a high-school dance with her father in 2004.

It’s her great paradox: At 25, Lady Gaga may be the most avant-garde performer of the last decade, a self-anointed Queen of the Freaks who reinvents herself with whipsaw rigor, yet she remains very much a nice Catholic girl who is most comfortable with 19-year-old sister Natali, mom Cynthia and dad Joe — who takes an unprecedented 50 percent of her earnings under their LLCs, Team Love Child and Mermaid Music.

She’s also bought a restaurant, one of her dad’s favorites on the Upper West Side. Formerly known as Vince & Eddie’s, it’s been renamed Joanne after his late sister. Celebrity chef Art Smith, who appears on Gaga’s Thanksgiving special, is at the helm.

But it’s the 50/50 split between Gaga and her father that’s most unusual. There’s only one other of its kind in the history of the music industry — between Elvis and Col. Tom Parker.

“There’s really no justifiable sense to doing a 50/50 deal with anyone in your career, other than someone you’re partners in a band with,” says Josh Grier, an entertainment lawyer who represents Wilco and Elvis Costello, among others. “Certainly no artist entering a management deal does anything close to that — a commission is usually 15 to 20 percent.”

That said, it’s quite possible that Lady Gaga, born Stefani Germanotta, believes her father has earned his share of her fortune, even though her success has allowed him to realize a lifelong dream: He now works in the industry, managing aspiring artists. Yet she likely sees this as further evidence of how similar they are; her adoration is unconditional. In January 2010, she told Elle magazine, “I’m married to my dad,” and that September, she told Vanity Fair, “I’m happier than I’ve ever been. I’ve been in my father’s arms for two weeks, wishing [him] a Happy Father’s Day.”

In the majority of her interviews, her father is — aside from herself — the most dominant character. Though Gaga has given alternate versions of her decision to quit using cocaine in 2007, in the most consistent one is Joe Germanotta coolly assessed his daughter’s downward trajectory with one devastating line: “He looked at me one day and said, ‘You’re f–kin’ up, kid,’ ” she said.

Joe Germanotta grew up in New Jersey, a rock ’n’ roll fanatic who loved Led Zeppelin and Billy Joel and who perhaps overshared with his daughter along the way: “He was having sex with girls under the boardwalk in New Jersey before he went to see Bruce Springsteen,” Gaga said in July. “He saw a lot of himself in me. My first piano teacher was a stripper.”

Though friends describe Gaga as equally close with her outgoing, elegant mom, her primary relationship seems to be with her dad. Joe Germanotta was a frustrated rocker who made his fortune in hotel Wi-Fi, becoming wealthy enough to buy a duplex on the Upper West Side and send his daughters to the Convent of the Sacred Heart (yearly tuition averages $35,000).

FLESH AND BLOOD: Pals say that when Gaga struck it rich, dad Joe was just fine with her outrageous, hyper-sexy style.

Though in many ways a highly traditional Catholic Italian-American, Joe was also a progressive and permissive patriarch. When his daughter announced her career goal — worldwide pop superstardom — he didn’t scoff or even suggest a backup plan. He used his money and connections to hire the best producers, to book studio time for a demo, to get Stefani in the room with record execs.

In 2005, when she decided to drop out of NYU in her freshman year, Joe agreed to bankroll her for 12 months, paying rent on her tiny fifth-floor walk-up on the Lower East Side and hauling her furniture up the stairs.

“He is my hero,” she has said.

It was there, on the Lower East Side, where she met the only other man to compete with her father: Luc Carl, a bartender and failed heavy-metal musician who’s the subject of nearly every song on her multiplatinum debut, “The Fame.”

At the time, the power dynamic was reversed: Stefani was a preppy, sheltered rich girl from the Upper West Side whose teen idol was Britney Spears; Luc was one of the best-looking bartenders on the Lower East Side, dialed in to all the right parties and people, hired to lure the girls into the dive that was St. Jerome’s and keep them coming back.

At the time, Stefani was also performing as a burlesque dancer in downtown nightclubs and working out a more sexually provocative look, often walking down the street in fishnets, spike heels and heavy makeup, mistaken for a hooker or a transsexual, not caring either way. Her father, however, was appalled. Stefani told one friend that her father had reprimanded her for wearing underwear over her tights to a business meeting at Sony: “He said, ‘You look like a f–king slut!’ ”

As she began making progress, Joe was seemingly swayed by his daughter’s assertion that everything was in service of her art. He’s become so inured to his daughter’s outre costuming that he was recently shot at a party with his arm around Gaga, who was braless in a sheer top, nipples covered with black electrical tape. Perhaps his involvement in the industry accounts for the shift in attitude. Since 2008, Joe Germanotta has worked as a music manager, though none of the acts in his stable has yet to break. His daughter remains his most successful investment.

“Their relationship definitely improved as she made money,” says a source. “That helped substantially. I don’t know that it’s healthy. As soon as she started earning money, he said something to her like, ‘What man wouldn’t want you now that you’re becoming so successful?’ ”

Luc Carl both did and didn’t want her; she pursued him, hanging out at St. Jerome’s, the bar where he worked, until she got a date. It was a dubious achievement.

“Luc didn’t like pop music, so Luc basically didn’t respect anything she did,” her friend Brendan Sullivan said in 2010. Her friends were all confused as to why this smart, driven, charismatic girl was chasing a guy who treated her so poorly — cheating on her, mocking her for not being cool enough, deploring her ambition.

They’d break up and make up and break up again, and finally, ingeniously, she decided to use Luc right back, mining their wholly dysfunctional relationship for what would become “The Fame.”

“The concept she came up with,” Sullivan said, “is that she’s working hard on her music to impress this guy, but the harder she works on the music, the more it will take her away from him. So she wins and loses either way.”

Luc Carl and Gaga broke up — again — in May of this year, and though he prides himself on never giving interviews, he’s managed to monetize their relationship. This past Friday, Carl hosted the opening of Ludlow Manor, a Lower East Side bar in which he’s co-owner, and in March 2012, St. Martin’s Press will publish his first book, a motivational memoir called “The Drunk Diet: How I Lost 40 Pounds . . . Wasted.”

Sample nasty passage: “The truth of the matter is that I used to get more women when I was broke, flabby and completely wasted all the time — but those women were sloppy 22-year-olds, the kind of women who messed up my sheets and asked for cab fare in the morning. These women are known as cheeseburgers, by the way, and they’re to be enjoyed only once in a while, just like real cheeseburgers.”

Until their most recent breakup, Gaga would stay at Luc’s modest Brooklyn apartment whenever she was in the city, leaving her limo to idle outside all night, strolling to the corner bodega in full regalia, hailing the homeless man who serenaded her with “Bad Romance.”

This trip home, she’ll be with the other most-important and complicated man in her life — her dad. “As much as I want the world to be happy,” she said in July, “I just want my dad to be proud of me.”

– Source: NY Post

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One must wonder where and why she came upon the MKULTRA symbolism for her pop music. It's not the sort of thing you wake up one morning and decide on, and it certainly doesn't make any sense to be so reticent about the meaning of such lurid themes that composite your whole shtick. Such spectacularly twisted and dysfunctional machinery couldn't have developed overnight.

@Syrus – Very well-stated; good point. This has crossed my mind as well. One could argue that MK imagery has pervaded popular culture for several generations… Still, Gaga has sure made it a point to bring it to the forefront, and one can't help but wonder why. Is she doing it to appease her label by flaunting the "latest craze"? Or is there more to it? There is definitely something strange about her entire rise to fame, and I don't mean her kooky outfits. I mean the fact that once it happened, it was SO fast, SO broad, SO ubiquitous. She has a HUGE marketing machine behind her, and you have to wonder WHY they are pushing her so much. (Ditto for the other heavy hitters of today, while other talented people wallow in obscurity.) If it weren't for all the creepy MK symbolism and all her other odd behaviour,… Read more »

From the lyrics on Diamond Heart from the Joanne album:

Some a*****e broke me in
Wrecked all my innocence

Young, wild, American
Head full of Jameson
Girl’s playin’ bad ’cause it doesn’t pay to be good
A cruel king made me tough
Daddy’s girl’s never good enough

My cousin was molested and raped at a young age (9 or 10) and when she finally filled a report after her 18th b-day, she later dropped it. She is now living with her father again and they admitted to everyone that they are together. He isn't her biological father but he raised her since she was a child. For the people saying that abused children don't scream it out to the world, look at this.

@ Mary

This is indeed a really sad story which makes me feel bad for your cousin, although I don't believe it means anything concerning Gaga. It confirms that it is easy to have your life "controlled" and "destroyed" by the people who are supposed to be the closest to you in such cases. I was once violently mugged when I was younger (not by relatives) but not raped and it is hard to let go even if it is not physical but psychological, so I can imagine how hard it must be. I am so compassionate and hope that she will make it.

on illuminati world, symbol rule the world, an the symbol is money.

Looking at her is like looking at a piece of a mirror into a disorted world and just knowing somewhere it makes perfect sense.

Do you think she was sexually abused? =[

We can only speculate, however let the topic rest.

In my opinion she won't end up like Britney. She's not like Britney. Britney is an actual brainwashed control pop star with little to do with her own "image". Lady Gaga we can say is the new Madonna. I call Madonna the Pop mafia Queen. She's the one who makes or breaks people in pop culture. She's the one who made "new age" a big influence in POP culture. (Kabbalah, witchcraft, "catholicism", etc…) But Madonna does this willingly. She knows who she serves, and she knows that she well be given supernatural abilities to speak, and act a certain way to entice society and bring upon some sort of rebellion that will only dig us further in the whole. Like Madonna, Gaga knows what she is doing and why and what her price is. Fame (influence, and power) for as long as she wants but has to do it a… Read more »
You honestly think Madonna was not a mind controlled slave?! Have a look at her history and her film clips, I mean, just read the lyrics to Like A Prayer: "I close my eyes… oh God I think I'm falling… out of the skies, I close my eyes… heaven help me… it's like a dream… no end and no beginning… he's here with me, it's like a dream… let the choir sing… when he calls my name, it's like a little prayer, i'm down on my knees, I want to take you there, in the midnight hour, I can feel your power, just like a prayer, you know i'll take you there…" — these for example CAN be interpreted as finding god etc, but they can ALSO easily be interpreted in the same manner that MANY of these MK stars (gaga, rihanna, britney etc) have songs that seem to be… Read more »
um yeah either mind controlled to do a specific agenda or writing/practicing/producing on your own will being the key that opens the door to the next degeneration. Madonna was the mother of the 80's-90's and Millenium degeneration through music because she herself possessed the power from her "master" willingly. She won't destroyed by the companies. She is one with the companies. So with that I compared it to Gaga being the new key to the next door of degeneration that we see. People no longer look to Madonna for inspiration. (and i'm only saying in pop culture, because it's the music that influences the masses) It's now Gaga the mother of this degeneration to follow in footsteps. I mean look how pop music has dramatically changed after these women stepped into it. They are the vessels that their master talks through with their music and ideas all willingly by them.… Read more »

Isn't Madonna In The Illuminati? O_o?

The Luc Carl part maybe correct i have to say. She wants him to like her. and maybe she has a bad taste for men because of her father. But i highly doubt her father had any sexual relationship with her. He didn't speak to her for months after seeing her show with lady starlight. Only after his heart surgery they became close again. My opinon is that her family just thought she was crazy and going against her wouldnt make anything better so they support her. After all she is a slave and no one can do anything about that.

Wth. Ikr, how can a dad hold his daughter like that when she's wearing something close to nothing? What the heeeeel. I don't even hug my father, ew! Gross, creppyyyyyyy

Your right. I also think shes closer to madonna than to britney but i think she isnt as strong as madonna. Gaga is already breaking out and feeling regret and its only her fourth year being famous. In her song Queen she says " Tonight I will return the fame and riches earned. with you I'd watch them all be burned." and with that same lyric she has in the end of her booklet with all the thanks mentions and that lyric was for her family-Mom,Dada,Natali. And the only reason i think she lets the illuminati use her this much is for the fame and because she is obviously insecure. In her Marry The Night song she says "I'm a soldier to my own emptiness"

Ed Chiarini says Gaga is none other than…

Read his site.

Much of LG reads straight out of Fritz Springmeier's How to Create a Perfect Mind Controlled Slave book. You should read it for full info on how mind control slaves are fractured and controlled.

Yeah, the creepiest part of this article is the sheer outfit with the electrical tape pasties. That is just super creepy and makes me cringe a little.

All of this is very sad to me i mean come on people look around you. with evolution other than becoming better our society keeps getting worse and we are all dumbed down like sheep or something and we shouldnt let this go on. what the gov is doing is "dividing & conquering". if more people tried to educate themselves they would see what is going on and if young people would take school seriously they wouldnt have to depend on becoming a rap star or whatever to make a living. as for gaga she probably never had her dad's support so she is now living to do everything to please him or make him "proud" but he is definetely her handler, i am very sure of that and both of em are devilish because i dont know what kind of father would do that nor what kind of grown… Read more »

Hell no, I would never hug my father half naked, I wouldnt even dress like that.

That's way too close for me, ugh.

" in my daddy's arms" sheesh but all of these mainstream controlled celebs have to be abused sexually by their family members it's the way they achieve the splitting of the personalities early on

The resemblance between Joe Calderone,Gaga's alter-ego and her father is painfully obvious. For some reason,he gives me the creeps.

Knowing the profile of parents who push their children into the industry it's sorta hard for me to blame Lady Gag for her behavior.

She is a product of her age. Raised and corrupted by those she appears to most worship. She didn't have a chance. Raised by the people who raised and use her.

If you really think about it she is to be most pitied.

Neither me, my husband, or children are fans of lady gaga. I have been a long time reader of vigilant citizen and am a strong believer in the illuminati and other conspiracy theories, but I have to say, this is pushing to far! If you have a close relationship with your parents and love them with all your heart, it is automatically incest? I am Italian and have a very close relationship with my parents. It is our culture to keep our family close and worship your parents. I'll agree that the second photo is a little inappropriate to wear in front of your father, but it also shows that her father supports her, no matter what it is. Something an Italian man should do with all his children. I loved my father, god rest his soul, and always will to death for being the first man in my life… Read more »

In her song "you and i" she says the only men she serves is her "daddy, nebraska (whatever that means) and jesus christ" so for her god or god's son whatever she believes, comes last. That lyric always seemed odd to me because who would say they serve their father?

Just read this today in the local newspaper's section of entertainment. Lady Gaga was talking about having always been different but these particular words of hers caught my attention:

"As an artist, that's something I prayed for. I really want to experience something psychotic and outer-body and magical and inconvenient to help breed my creativity, to push my tortured reality to the place of the double rainbow."

Lady gaga is showing allot of symbolism I would like it if VC checks Justin Bieber's version of "Santa claus is coming to town" I wouldn't usually listen to a jb song but when I saw the video you can clearly see mind-control from the mechanical hand to the wind up doll/dancer and ofcourse shorts of disney's Christmas elf program cartoon/film

This is on point!! So weird cuz all day I was reading her “Born this WaY” album and I came to the very same conclusion.Her songs are ridiculous I never liked her. But now I feel sorry for her she is just another puppet to them used as a distraction for the masses. Kids idolize her and don’t even understan her lyrics for the real meaning without the catchy dance tune. It was outrageous she even got a primetime Thanksging special on hmmmm ABC owned by Disney. These are no coincidences. History doesn’t repeat itself it hs never changed!

It's really sad this girl's life was stolen by the industry.

And even more sad that her family has been in it since the beginning.

Dehumanizing much ? Her talents have been completely soiled.

PS/ For the non-belivers, look at that sick picture what more do you want ?

A sextape ? Come to think of it, it probably already exist somewhere…

We're no better than them if we hail abuse. Try to tone it down please.

you're turning her love for her parents into something terrible. She loves them and teaches us to do the same. You're wrong this time. You just are.

Isaac – are you blind? Or are you just as sick?? NO father should be hugging his NAKED ADULT daughter – it's disgusting and yes she is naked with just a bit of mesh on her.

NO normal daughter jokes that they are 'married to their dad' That comment comes from a very twisted and depraved mind. I already knew she was disgusting but this really makes me want to throw up.

The world would be a much better place without her.

What is with your hatred issue? Admittedly it's unusual to be dressed in such outfit with your father all over you. But since we know nothing about the circumstances, we can't just assume they've formed incestuous relations. Gaga is weird but try to lay off, otherwise you might jinx the poor woman.

i usually like most of your stuff, but this is total trash. She loves her dad, and really who wouldn't support their children after they get famous? I don't find any of that weird, she loves her father. I'd spend that much money and my parents too if i could! The whole "I'm married to my dad thing, sure, is a little weird. But people really say stuff like that all the time. She is not saying she wants to have sex with him or anything like that. You're taking something innocent and turning it terrible, perverse even! She talks about her mom a lot too, and her grandparents. My mom is my hero and I love her like that and I'd support the hell out of her if I made that kind of money. Step down.

she has a love for her father no one as simple minded as the people using this site could understand. you have to view the world in such a beautiful way to truly understand her. have none of you ever wanted so badly for your parents to be proud of you that you'd give just about anything. he father made her feel as though she wasn't good enough and she more than rose to the occasion. do i agree with her father accepting her only after she had fame ? of course not. but knowing what it's like to feel that kind of abandonment mentally and know how awful it is to feel like a constant let down to those around you, i understand why she gives him money and other things. she loved Luc because much like her father, he refused to be impressed. she goes back to Luc… Read more »

Did you notice that on the Thanksgiving special, she said that "You and I" was about her Grandpa? If that song is about her Grandpa, that's also a sick relationship.

She actually said The Edge of Glory is about her grandfather, not You and I. You and I was written about Luc Carl, and she’s spoken of this openly.

What father is OK with his daughter being naked in public AND, while naked, has his arms around her waist.

THAT was one of the strangest and most disturbing pictures I have ever seen.

We see what we want to see. It's no coincidence that Florence + The Machine has the same s**t in their videos. It's no coincidence that these big artists flash their symbols… But what are we trying to focus on? Negativity surely does make the train of thaught be altered. But how crazy do we want it all to get? If you have kids… what do you want to tell them? Do you, from the bottom of your heart, want to show them everything we see here on this website. Teaching them how to tell right from wrong. It's a sick world indeed… but it doesn't start with a symbol. It starts with ourselves. The dualistic nature that we become aware of. We are not fighting for a country, gender or type of sexuality. What we want is to be ourselves. This will not last much longer. Atleast, it won't… Read more »

I think the whole Lina Morgana, Rob Fusari, and Gaga trio is very unsettling…

She probably suffers from borderline personality disorder.

She exhibits too many signs -if not all of them- of it.

She seems more schizotypal to be honest…
''Social isolation, anxiety in social situations'' doesn't fit her, but ''odd behavior and thinking, and often unconventional beliefs'' definitely does.

there is an interview she did with Barbara Walters that seems to suggest for anyone paying real attention to her words that she was made to go into the industry as this version of herself to "save" her dad's life. Whatever that means or whether she was somehow emotionally blackmailed…i don't know. But the interview is odd, leaves you wondering what has happened to this poor girl.

Gaga is in photo with Israeli blue leather jacket with metal studs on back in shape of Zionist Israel Flag.

She is a Kabballah idiot, lost soul. Probably why so many other godless lost souls seem to idolize this lost soul.

She said last year "I still snorts coke from time to time for fun and for artistic reasons and still eat out other women for fun"

some more thoughts: – she has a "Dad" tatoo (a heart with his name on it), another piece of evidence showing us the impact he has on her – her father had heart surgery a while ago (which she paid for naturally) and she almost lost him, making her even more close to him – Gaga has said that her mother helped her get into the Ny club scene: when she was about !5 years old her mother would take her to nightclubs and try to get her a gig. This is not a typicall mother behaviour – It was to my understanding that she still has her own apartment in NY, but very oftenlly goes to her parents. Overall, she definetly does have father issues, this of course does not necissarily meant that their relationship is incestuous. However, for Gaga and her father it could be insetuous, metaphorically, on… Read more »

Speaking about strange things in music business,I would be very happy if you check out the new video of The Weeknd "The Knowing'' and write your thoughts about it!Thank you VC!

that picture with her dad in the second 1 is not right….just sayin!

wat is dat outfit really promotin teachin teenagers how 2 get molested. Gaga u need 2 remember ur biggest fans r teenagers and u wud want 2 teach dem d rite ting

She appeared over here in the UK on X factor a couple of weeks ago and she came out of a Catholic confessional box with a costume which showed her head had been cut off and she was holding her own head if that makes sense.

Anyway if she calls the stuff she does art, then I can now see why Tracey Emin nearly won the Turner prize for her art called "un-made bed"!

BTW ga ga's record company is owned by the same company who built the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan – not a lot know that!

She is another puppet in the industry. Ultimately Satan is at the top and just influences people. John Todd touched on this but a lot of it was discredited after his criminal record was shown, however that record could have been fabricated to carry out their or rather his means. Ultimately to rule this world thus being God himself. Yes followers of this page this is a spiritual battle. Whose side are you on. Everytime you buy and listen to their music you are following into the trap. Many musicians have sold their souls to the Devil and demons actually influence and give them ideas for lyrics. Look it up, this is not a mindless rant. The words music, Muse, museum are all pagan. Muses were said to influence the arts. On ones birthday one was said to have their families present while they wished for a gift from the… Read more »

no one quite does it like our lady of gaga

for all the crap i put my parents through growing up, i would have given my father(breadwinner) 50% of my earnings if i could afford it. btw, i was closer to my father than my mother too.

Really? I was closer to my mum, maybe because she was earning more than my dad and she was more generous. That's kids for you, always their best interests in mind.

This reminds me of Madonna was from Italian-Catholic family too. Wish I would have known what I know now back in the 80's. Anyway..I remember reading an article that Gaga said she channels her dead aunt. That must be her dad's deceased sister that they named that restaurant after, Joanne. It also makes me wonder if one of those ritual "blood sacrifices" had to be done for fame. There's always a cost. I just saw Gaga on an interview on Good Morning America, promoting her Barney's crap. She is controlled very well…I mean she talks very down to earth and is very likable and pleasant in interviews. These "handlers" do a good job at making their puppets front personality undetectable. In fact, so many of these news shows, like GMA are just turning into celebrity worship shows, picking up where Oprah left off. Robin was like "under her spell". Makes… Read more »

This site has a number of articles linking music to mind control, police state, etc.. Have you noticed that there have been a lot of songs lately that contain the words "put your hands up"?

loads of previous evidence that she's a daddy's girl and/or has daddy issues.

if something shady is going on (and of course VC thinks so), not a good way in which to imitate Elvis or MJ

could just be a method for giving daddy money, or something else logical manuever (tax/lawsuit shelter?)

she's loaded anyway.

I honestly feel shamed because me myself became trapped with the music I listened to and even the way I started acting. . . I need to break out of this, when you know the truth you look at the world in a completely different way its scary. I literally left my flat and didn't recognise the dark street.. That picture with gaga and her dad is just WRONG. I wouldn't even fathom my dad seeing me like that let alone his arms wrapped around my naked waist, with a pimps smile on his face. Just ghastly!

Every night, Gaga's dad covers himself in vaseline and pretends he's a slug.

Please VC do an article of the videogame Assassins creed!!! you will not regreat it. practically the videogame tell us our present fully dominated by the Masons!!!! The truth has me a little worried.

incest shouldn't b a surprise too us vc readers and truth seekers, we already know that its an important tool in shattering the Psyche to create a mind control slave ( that might end up going 50/50 with the handler) All this is very interesting but still distracting us from whats really going on. I urge u my fellow knowers, we are in the 11th hr soon it will b the final hr ( just Google y is 2012 the final hr ) they distracting us even us knowers from whats really going down