Robin Thicke’s Video “Get Her Back” or How Pop Culture Keeps Promoting a Culture of Death


Get Her Back appears to be about Robin Thicke trying to win his wife back by being nice and apologetic. However, when one adds the imagery of the video into the mix, it becomes a creepy, disturbing tale of a stalker with violent and suicidal tendencies pathetically harassing an ex-lover … all laced with one-eyed Illuminati symbolism, of course.


Robin Thicke appears to have left the niche market of “blue-eyed soul” to become a mainstream music figure. Of course, that’s because he’s been given a role to play in the entertainment industry Agenda. In my article MTV VMAs 2013: It Was About Miley Cyrus Taking the Fall, I explained how Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines was about “blurring the lines” between consensual and non-consensual relations. In other words, Blurred Lines was a creepy song about abuse and even Kitten programming. In his infamous performance with Miley Cyrus, Thicke played the role of a handler with a dissociated Beta slave.

During the 2013 VMA's, Thicke was wearing a black and white dualistic pattern - used to hypnotize and control MK slaves. The overtly-sexual performance of this 36 year-old man with a 20 year-old girl (dressed to look about 14) was ... uncomfortable. More importantly, it was part of the constant Agenda of debasing young minds.
During the 2013 VMA’s, Thicke was wearing a black-and-white dualistic pattern, which is used to hypnotize and control MK slaves. The overtly-sexual performance featured Thicke, a 36-year-old man with Cyrus, a 20-year-old girl (dressed to look about 14). More importantly, it reflected the constant Agenda of debasing the masses with the promotion of abuse, underage relations, and so forth.

At the time of this VMA performance, Thicke was married. The couple divorced a few months afterward, amid allegations of Thicke’s infidelity. Did the separation had something to do with the fact that Thicke was chosen to become the face of the “abuse and exploitation is cool” Agenda? Perhaps. One thing is for sure: Things have gotten worse since then.

After his separation, Thicke apparently “wrote an entire album” about his ex-wife Paula Patton. While the album (titled “Paula”) probably caused some of his fans to think “Wow, he is so passionate, sensitive and vulnerable”, it only takes a little discernment to realize that this is all strange, inappropriate, and even a form of harassment. … especially considering that it is all a produced, constructed, overtly emotional gimmick.

The video for Get Her Back tells us all we need to know about this particular gimmick: Thicke is simply part of the elite Agenda of promoting a culture of death – associating art, music, love, and relationships with sick, twisted and debased messages and imagery. It is all about self-destruction. Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke are two clear examples.

Get Her Back

The song begins with lyrics that describe a nasty couple fight, which can sometimes happen. The phrasing, however, is slightly disturbing, as they imply a relationship based on control, manipulation and coercion.

I never should have raised my voice or made you feel so small
I never should have asked you to do anything at all
I should have kissed you longer
I should have held you stronger
And I’ll wait for forever for you to love me again

When we add the imagery of the video, things get creepy. Some parts can even be interpreted as death threats.

The concept of the video is simple: It basically juxtaposes various images with what seems to be actual text messages between Thicke and Patton. Is displaying messages sent by his ex-wife on a music video for all to see a breach of privacy and a form of harassment? Yes, it is. But the occult elite does not believe in privacy and wants you to think that all communications are of public domain.

The images behind the text messages tell the true message of the song – and of Thicke’s purpose in the industry.

The video begins with a strange, alien-like silhouette walking towards the camera. A text message from his wife already allude to him being crazy.
The video begins with a strange, alien-like silhouette walking towards the camera.


We then see Thicke naked and bloody. Why is he naked and bloody? Did he get into a violent fight with his wife while naked? Did he do too much drugs and took off his clothes? Nobody really wants to know.
We then see Thicke naked and bloody. Why is he naked and bloody? Did he get into a violent fight with his wife while naked? Did he do too many drugs and take his clothes off? This is probably the kind of thing we don’t even want to know.

The rest of the video is pretty much sweet words juxtaposed with images of horrifying evil and violence. It pretty much sums up what the Illuminati industry is about: Deceit, double-speech, and semi-subliminal messages.

The words "I'm sorry" with a shady figure looking to claw you to death.
The words “I’m sorry” with a shady figure looking to claw you to death.


Here, Thicke points at his head as if saying "If you don't take me back, I'm gonna shoot myself". That's a typical technique used to harass and manipulate.
Here, Thicke points at his head as if saying “If you don’t take me back, I’m gonna shoot myself”. That’s a typical technique used by manipulative minds to harass and coerce.

The video is also laced with flashing images that let you know that this is not about Robin Thicke’s “feelings” – It is about the industry pushing its Agenda.

Woman with a creepy "Eyes Wide Shut"-type mask.
A woman with a creepy “Eyes Wide Shut”-type mask – an allusion to elite secret societies and rituals.


This scary devil face flashes for a spit second. Why is it there? While the conscious mind does not perceive that face, the unconscious mind registers it, causing the viewers to get a growing unconscious unsettling feeling while watching the video.
This scary devil face flashes for a split second. Why is it there? Probably because this entire project is evil-minded. While the conscious mind does not immediately perceive the face, the unconscious mind registers it, causing the viewers to get a growing unconscious, unsettling feeling while watching the video.


A skull head with one eye hidden. A clear way of saying : "This promotion of death culture was brought to you by the Illuminati entertainment business". The words "I miss you" can also mean that the business misses your soul.
A skull head with one eye hidden. A clear way of saying: “This promotion of the death culture was brought to you by the Illuminati entertainment business”. The text message “I miss you” can also mean that “they” want your soul.


Bones equal death.
Bones equal death.


A woman drowning while apparently fighting for her life. Do we need death threats to be entertained?
A woman drowning while apparently fighting for her life.


For a brief moment, the image of a skull is displayed on the face of the drowning woman ... as if saying "I'm gonna kill you".
For a brief moment, the image of a skull is displayed on the face of the drowning woman … as if saying “I’m gonna kill you”.


A creepy face with one eye. Illuminati agenda.
A creepy face with one eye. Another image telling you that this is about the Illuminati Agenda.


A bloody heart. A gory, disturbing way of saying that life will be removed from you. Remember that this song is about "getting her back".
A bloody heart. A gory, disturbing way of portraying life being removed from a person. Remember that this a song is about “getting her back”.

The video ends with the same alien-like silhouette as in the beginning … with a text message that is more of a threat than anything else.

Apparently, all of those horrifying images and messages are "just the beginning" of the harassment.
Apparently, all of those horrifying images and messages are “just the beginning”. Go away, Robin!

In Conclusion

Considering the messages in Blurred Lines and Get Her Back, Robin Thicke appears to have become the archetype of “creepy guy who doesn’t take no for an answer”. Should we be concerned about his mental health? Maybe. But we should be more concerned about the mental health of popular culture as a whole. Robin Thicke is simply another pawn playing a role in the gigantic drama stage that is “entertainment”. There appears to be a sick, disturbing trend of making abuse, death, violence, mind control, and manipulation part of the art we consume. These things are a normal part of the Illuminati entertainment world and “they” are looking to make them a normal part of “our” world. Artists like Robin Thicke, Lady Gaga, and Terry Richardson are used to combine the pleasantness of art with the horrors of rape and murder, making them part of the same “package”, causing our brains to create unnatural associations.

Under the guise of “art”, everything that is pure and simple is being evacuated and replaced with everything that is wrong, debased, unnatural and, simply put, evil. It is not art. It is spiritual propaganda. It is not about Robin Thicke being heart-broken … it is about associating love – the driving force behind life – with death.

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Really not surprised anymore, this will be a generation of morons…All who see this article, please dislike the video on youtube and post acid comments, let us show them that we don't buy this crap at all. Hell, even the uncultured average joe says the video is disturbing, c'mon people..what is this?

"this will be a generation of morons". not morons, more like troubled souls.

Am so sick of this bullshit. Its great that this site highlights a lot of this stuff but I do think there should be something out there to help people to break these associations being made. Because they are subconscious and you don't realize you are taking all these subliminals in then they can also affect you in ways that you aren't even conscious of, we need some kind of deprogramming for people, a mental vaccine/cure if you will. There's no point in just trying not to think of this stuff, for a start you cant do that with things that you are consciously aware of, the more you try not to think about something the more you are already thinking about it. It has to be replaced, new associations formed but the worst thing is I think the fact that very young children have such regular even constant exposure… Read more »

His dad is Alan Thicke. He has always seemed to me to be so egotistical and full of himself. The show he did with Kirk Cameron, Growing pains, who is now a Christian, was telling how he judged Kirk about his religious beliefs. Kirk never wanted to do a reunion show and I don't blame him. Alan, like father, like son. He has raised a demon. Go figure…

That's where I'm at… Yes we know we know we knooooow… Those of is that see understand… What do we do????????????????????????????????????????? Unliking a video isn't going to stop nothing…

Hello, GGG. I was told 29 years ago to take my children "out of society". I was told to move to a remote area and raise my sons as close to nature as possible or else I would lose them. At that time I was not sure that this "message" was valid or true. 29 years later I am experiencing the truth of this message. My second son was killed in Iraq, my first born almost lost to addiction to oxycontin. My two youngest are following the fiat currency.

Get out……as fast as you can. Remove yourself from this putrid "society". Unplug their "value system" from your heart, your mind and your soul. This is the beginning of a new and loving world.

"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." J Krishnamurthi

Thanks Carolyn. Well put.

I think that what's really scary is that this is what is done in public so what's behind closed doors?!?

doing things like that give them energy, which they desperately need. What you don't realize is that while it's great to be aware of these things, you should give your energy to things that oppose this (ex. getting in touch with nature and your natural self, building a strong, self-sustainable community). That way, we are actively fighting while creating a beautiful world devoid of their sickness, not giving them our vitality and attention. Down-votes are just clicks.

Very true

VERY well said.

You have the key to the "gate" many are searching for. With such inner wisdom and outward brilliance I think you must change your forum moniker to something that speaks to this truth. I think I will call you "one who walks in truth". 🙂 You are very astute in your understanding of energy and what it is that they ( the "Illumined Ones" ) understand about directing and manipulating that energy. I do not even watch these videos to see the depth of depravity within them as it would only hasten me into their 'channels' of fluidity. The more people one can direct then the greater the possibility of creating the vision ( perverse or healthy ) and sustaining that vision. It is thoughts such as yours that will cause a massive shift in consciousness thus creating a world of decency, respect and humility. Keep spreading your thoughts and… Read more »

Or how about being really radical and not watching this or any other video at all! 'Not liking' it requires watching it and accomplishes the very thing the want you to do! LOL

I was starting to become disillusioned that people were becoming idiots (political voting choices, overt Illuminati/ Satanic etc symbolism in pop culture, etc) but lately I feel a bit more hopeful.
The abysmal sales for this douchebag show that people literally aren't buying this crap (530 copies of Thicke's album sold in the UK, 54 in Australia). Same with the Occupy movement, protests against the Australian PM, British austerity, Anonymous, etc. People are waking up to this.
Some of us have been awake for a long time, the rest of them are slowly catching on. Let's put positive energy out there and show good really does triumph over evil, we've got the numbers. We have to be strong though because the kids of today/ the next generation are the real worry for this crap, and the real targets. This generation has a chance to set things right.

Sorry but younger women have been dating older men since the beginning of time and continues until this day. And now the women have started to follow right behind the men because society says it's okay now.
Miley Cyrus is not a girl as the article states. She is a grown ass women doing grown ass behavior with
the society giving her the green light. America don't complain about all of this, it's our creation and
it pays well, that's why you will see more and more of this type of behavior on T.V. in our schools and on our streets. You can't have it both ways. Say that it's freedom of speech, a women's right, societies fault, parents fault, teachers fault then validate it buy purchasing, watching, performing and acting the same way. We are
all hypocrites…….and you know it…….

I cannot believe how blatant this is becoming, it's right in our faces and yet some people cannot see this.

The entertainment corporations pay youtube to thumbs up whatever promote whatever they push. Even politicians like Obama does this to give an illusion they are popular to the masses.

TV- meet Dumpster.

Best comment so far….

Right, as some VCers have noted, the double-entendre of "Get Her Back" is really about getting even not about winning her back with romance. Scary stuff.

Oh dear. The screenshots of the mask and the robot face with one eye scared the crap out of me. Gave me the chills! Yuck! Pure evil…..

Holy s**t, I scrolled down a little too fast and the scary devil mask scared the s**t out of me.

Maybe the video is Robin making a message from the elite that he will 'get her back' with him to the 'dark side' of the industry. If it is really true that they separated and not a PR move, then if you look at the video even more, you can see this video is really be a death threat (her drowning) if she doesn't 'return' to the elite, I mean Robin. Also the 'alien' figure is also an example of what VC explains as Robin's new agenda or his new 'self'. He is an 'alien' and that 'alien' is also a symbolization of the darkness in this world, another way of the elite bringing humans to the acquaintance of the fallen aka annunaki aka mythological gods aka the evil of this world. Pop is whats popular in society and with that the masses are the society and the elite controls… Read more »

If you watch this video on 0.5 or 0.25 speed, you can see a lot of the disturbing images and realize how creepy this video really is.

I'll admit I'm a bit afraid to do that. Could you tell us what you saw when you slowed it down?

you will see most of the things mentioned in this article, there were some other creepy images that were flashed for only a frame or two that would be clear in slower speed.
One of the strangest things was that there was a moment where Robin thicke was smiling and grinning, and for some reason I thought that this was the most creepiest moment in the video.

When you watch the video from start to finish in slower speed, you would realize how really creepy this video is, that this is not a normal video to make about "getting your loved one back".

You would wonder "for good reasons" why the makers of this video are flashing this disturbing images that would not be viewed in normal viewing.

Another interesting analysis. It's all pretty irrelevant whether or not this sad individual sorts himself out or not. Right now, he is nothing but an occult tool for mass programming of the most sinister kind which means he sold his soul to ceremonial psychopathy quite some time ago. You have to have the correct psychological profile to buy into this stuff and there is always a surfeit of such individuals who are either sociopathic in the first place or have some kind of Borderline Personality Disorder and not a whole lot of self-awareness leading to the same. The programming can't do much with a strong personality with sufficient quota of will power and intelligence. Which is why knowledge of the existence of occult psychopathy and the idea of mass mind control can protect you. In other words, just having the awareness that elements within the music industry and other sectors… Read more »

Having awareness is huge. Even so, if you are immersing yourself into things like this, you will eventually succumb. So everyone should just stay far away from all Hollywood entertainment like this.

Try telling our neighbours and relatives who do not recognize the tentacles already spread through out global politics , commerce, foodsupply and healthcare

Evil.. Satan's agenda for sure. Introducing it as a "Heartfelt video" to get her back.. (Not) these video's are specifically made to desensitize our brains to what is clearly wicked & wrong & make new associations to accept them as the new norm.. Pure unadulterated EVIL.. Sad but true

This is disgusting. It's plain as day, right in front of your eyes. They are promoting violence and abusive behavior in relationship into our society, like beating your girlfriend or spouse to death is a normal thing.
Open your mind and see what music industry really is. The people behind music industry are truly evil.

It's funny how, in general, people think of rock music and heavy metal as the most satanic music ever. But pop music nowadays is much worse.

Excellent point!

true m8,true

Spot on truth! at last some sensible comments 🙂

The industry uses pop music mainly for the imagery, as it is more mainstream and ofcourse eassier to market to younger generations than metal, though metal, if you have ever listened to the likes of eg. Slayer, or worse seen them live you will come to the realization that metal (whether it is trans, death, alternative or even Christian – yes you read that one right) envokes the stirring of emotion…almost to the extent of being able to say that the way it makes you feel could mirror what it would have felt like if you could have felt your soul move…pop is just a wolf in sheeps clothing whereas metal proudly displays its ties.

"evokes the stirring of emotion…almost to the extent of being able to say that the way it makes you feel could mirror what it would have felt like if you could have felt your soul move.."

Please explain someone. What does this mean?

Metal musicians write their own music and lyrics, usually, so when you listen to them you get the message straight from their thoughts, their beliefs and opinions, their emotions. Their imagery often invokes the morbid, too, but they care more about the music, their creative freedom, and the fans. Some metal artists follow me on Twitter and become my friends on Facebook and you know what they talk about besides their own lives on and off career? Police militarization, animal cruelty, racism, secularism, people using religion as an excuse to gain authority, natural disasters, bullying and misanthropy, etc. and their reaction to it. Plus, I don't think Satan likes black metal anymore because their music, however poetic the lyrics are, are simply dead giveaways and it would cater to less people because many kids are afraid of that kind of culture. Maybe he switched to pop because it's more accessible… Read more »

I always felt like pop was worse. It just is so subtle lyrically most dont catch it

What sick , sick bastards.. We have to make them see that evil as a force, and evil entities possessing people throughout MK Ultra reprogramming of actual physical spiritual entities is definitely real.

VC, please do an analysis for Bastille – Pompeii, its visualisations creeped me out in an uneasy yet predictable way I couldn't even finish watching it 🙁

Robin Thicke is full of it! This isn't a video about reconciling with his wife. This is about some sick, twisted need he has to harass her, shame and humiliate her, and trying to pull the unsuspecting public into whatever sick emotional game this is he's playing. He never said or claimed that the song was written about himself and Paula, but he would like the public to believe that it is. He's using his marital troubles as a way to play on peoples' emotions – so that they will be none the wiser as to whatever agenda he's really pushing. He wants people to believe he's sorry for hurting his wife, but I don't think he is at all. I think he is a psychopath and the video comes from his psychopathic mind. If he was truly sorry about hurting his wife, he would speak to her in private,… Read more »

If you watch the video backwards (I did this in VLC media player), it looks like murder was taken place. Also, among all the other sick imagery shown in the music video, if you pause it at the correct times, the woman drowning in blood-clouded water seems to have a shot wound in her chest.

Not a very "apologetic" video is you ask me.

Wow ironically I just seen this video yesterday, & it defiantly did not sit rite with me.. I see what VC is saying by the images will registers to the uncouncious mind. When I seen the video for the first time yesterday I noticed those creepy images; & asked my myself what does disturbing faves have to do with trying to get your woman back? That devil mask literarily gave me goose bumps; what does that have to do with a song about asking your woman for forgiveness. God help us all this world is sick smh…

Well, if they both worship the devil then it is hardly surprising that he would include that in a plea to win her back. It is the same as a christian drawing power from the New Testament to win back an estranged spouse?

What spirit would lead a young man to make a song or video like this

Very sad considering they have a child together. They don't even really try to hide this stuff anymore. They flaunt it like it is a joke, but I'm sure not laughing.

Nice post VC! I was noticing a trend in music videos as well where someone ended up dead over a relationship. Mario feat Nicki Minaj, J Cole feat Miguel and Jhene Aiko all have music videos glamorizing domestuc homicide. I think this is really sad but definitely a tactic used to control the public. My 18 yr old neice stabbed someone who was supposedly messing around with her girlfriend so these subliminal messages are effective. I also think this issue ties in with your article on the las vegas shooting. Yet another reason to take our guns away as well as other rights to 'protect the people.'

It's kind of ironic that VC's previous article was about Miley "taking the fall," because it's actually Robin who has taken the fall in the most major way. Miley's album went platinum and spawned multiple hits and her tour has sold quite well. Despite all the negative press Miley has ostensibly been rewarded for playing her role. Blurred Lines (the album), on the other hand, didn't make it to platinum and only produced one hit with the title song, and Paula is projected to sell a measly 20k in its first week. I will admit being a fan of Robin's music ever since his first album back in '02 or '03. I listened to Paula and it's quite similar to his previous work (both in terms of quality and in how much of his and Paula's business he puts out there). The difference is that before, Paula seemed supportive, even… Read more »

I really resonate with what you are saying here. It appears to me that Robin is being forced to take a fall, to humiliate himself at gun point so to speak, or literally, who knows. Why would he willingly create a video like this? The fame game is fickle and the behind the scenes is demented. His pain looks tortured and genuine. I feel bad for the guy, despite his poor choices. I feel bad for all the MK victims. I can't even imagine.

Let's not forget, too, that the title can have a double meaning. On the surface, it would seem that "Get Her Back" refers to reconciliation, but given the dark imagery and ambiguous lyrics, it more likely is about revenge, as in "get back at her".

And a possible third meaning: Ina fit of anger, he killed her (his bloodied face, her drowned face), and now regrets his act.

Or given his admission yesterday that he has not seen her in four months, perhaps he is merely making money on the back of it and could not care less about her interaction or approval. He implied as much.

This music video is a program itself, and is absolutely straight up demonic. I lit some sage and burned it in my home after watching that. The video is MEANT to open up a person who is either caught off guard or ignorant to these types of programs. I no longer care about people calling me insane. This video itself, is insane, and it is not healthy or normal in any way, shape or form. Do not watch it repeatedly, if you are not in a good place, and are stressed, dealing with emotional and mental problems, or a physical illness that is weakening you right now. There is another video out there of Beyonce's that flashes a demon in it as well. This is all meant to program the masses.

People are making their own beautiful music on YT and sharing it. Watch those instead 🙂

"Ban bossy you are the boss" is the message conveyed to women by the occult elite interscope gang.
"Be a creepy murderous stalker that doesn't take no for an answer" is the message given to men by this same hush hush circle of owls.

Are they having a laugh?

Love you guy, You're the watchman. Appreciate for the rationality of all this. Anyone reading you should accept it. Hope this puppets would read you to get what ey been told a do.

When I watched this all I could think about was the blood sacrifices and destructionthey do to those who don't comply. Should we be afraid for Paula.

I thought it meant 'get her back' as in get her to fall in love with him again. Wait does it mean that or does it mean 'get her back', as in getting her back for what she's done wrong?

nice article as always. o yeah, could you please analyses "Noah", that movie is a total garbage and a slap in the arse for Abrahamic religions . . . .

There are a number of good analyses circulating online already.

because this sex kitten slaves sold so much more than guys look britney, madonna, miley and beyonce they are all in diferent age stages but all they are mind controlled and they sold billions of dollars and are more esay to control you know the music business doesn't controlled everyone THEY CAN'T MESSED UP WITH EMOTIONAL STRONG PEOPLE THEY ONLY MANIPULATED THE ONES THAT ARE WEAK-!

How would you know whether you are emotionally strong without being subject to their testing? Perhaps it is more about luck than willpower. Fame and wealth are very seductive for those with talent and/or an ordinary lifestyle?

fame is not appealing to everyone. money can be appealing as it takes much of your worries in a way. however, it brings you so many more worries that i'd say is good in moderation. not to have debts and be chased by companies, to have the ability to have a roof over your head. but the happiest people of all are the ones who are happy with the least. if only we could be like them.

Oh yes they can, and they will, i guess.
Remember, the trauma inducing is made personal, and everybody has weak spots. Strong willed people will take more time and effort, but the horrors we all know from stories about (the still running) Quantanamo bay for example are perfected and up to date and very much working for ordinairy humans.
You might rephrase to ''only the exceptionally strong or stupid people can withstand'' maybe.

Paula Abdul popped in my mind, not Robin's girlfriend. Perhaps it's a indirect way warning Paula Abdul of what to come? It's past her time isn't it. Perhaps she'll be ritually killed or something.

Why Paula Abdul? I don't understand

I hear what you are saying dylan but I doubt it. Paula is a judge in Hollywood, (same elite as Simon Cowell mind) plus she is Jewish, Syrian-Jewish to be exact so I doubt they will just get rid of her and also how many celebs have died before her AND younger than her????……..Exactly, there's your answer.

I was beginning to like Robin Thicke last year..his style, his groove…
After the Miley episode…. everything kinda went downhill from there…

Feeling quite disappointed….. Thanks again for the hard work for thia article VC!

Gender roles exist but our culture has blown it out of proportion. Yes, women have bodies to make babies and no, I wouldn't suggest we wear veils to hide this. I have no problem with nature as it truly is and quite content with a natural way of being; however! our society is influenced by the media who works very hard to carry us as far away from the natural as possible and women are treated accordingly. This I am not ok with. I agree with you that the ideal forced on us is fraudulent but I also think that until people start recognizing this; living in a misogynistic society is something we will all suffer. When I talk of gender roles, I am speaking of the abuse women receive when they step out of line with what is considered 'normal'. If you have not experienced this, you are really,… Read more »

Really really alarming and scary. Wouldn't be surprised if something ended up happening to either of them.

I did post a comment on this video on Robin Thickes official Youtube channel. I basically pointed out the revolting symbolism of manipulation, control and threat and the fact that the imagery reminded me more of violent death than of a man begging for forgiveness. I also asked how his fans can look past all of the horrible images and still think it's a good video. My comment was deleted within a day. As an avid reader of VC, I guess my opinion was a little too honest for them 🙂

looks like a murder/suicide by the kind of guy you need a restraining order against.

So creepy! The imagery just flashes so it's not that obvious so it is good to have VC break out some of the individulual shots.

Ick! Scary! I first heard this song when he performed it at the BET Awards and there was something clearly off about him, you could see it in his eyes. He looked mildly psycho and also disingenuous, not sorry or sad. Complete with a phony break in the song to fake-sniffle about the words. Then Vigilant Citizen hits the nail square on the head, as always. This song is not innocent… it's a promise of revenge that at the least, he's never going to leave her alone and that's AWFUL. The masses wore their rose-colored glasses and denied the truth of how nasty 'Blurred Lines' is (until it took he and Miley's uncomfortable (and honest, true revealing of the grossness of the song) display to ruin the fun) so I suppose they won't wake up even now to what a creep he is, but I hope they do and will… Read more »

I wonder if with these thinly veiled threats and the album being called 'Paula', Paula could use it against him in court..?

I had never heard of this douche until he did that disgusting duet with that mindless miley poppet. The most I can stand to listen to these satanists is 2 seconds and then the TV, radio etc.. goes off.

Whoever said Rock n' Roll is the Devil's music, sure wasn't kidding!

Off-topic, but VC, did you see Sia's new video with the little girl dancing in a nude-colored dance costume, dancing sexually in an abandoned house, with quick flashes to missing children on milk cartons? It is a pedo video, sexualizes the child dancing (found on creepy tv show "Dance Moms") and is overall absolutely repulsive.

Yeah, Chandelier by Sia, it features Maddie Ziegler, from the 'dance Moms' tv show.

The video is quite something. In that it is very minimal set, not a lont going on; except Maddie dancing weirdly, talking to herself and entertaining invisible guests, like she's being controlled ; ala puppet. I am certain the three scenes -bedroom,kitchen and living all represent something.
Just weird video.

Funny, how all these singer almost sound alike. I could have sword i thought it was Rihanna singing , until the chorus kicks it.

Living room* , Singers*, Sworn* ,

The creepiest part of that video was her smile at the end. It was so unnatural and scary.

I agree VC…go away Robin, Miley, et al.

Go get some serious help.

The worse part is people are commenting that "his really showing that he wants her back and that he really, really loves her. Just take him back already." I'm sitting here like really that would be a toxic relationship one, and second: No just stop you guys know next to nothing about a relationship and this is not it love. If my husband did this to me, I would be very wary of the context of the lyrics and the video.

The silhouetted figure at the start and end of the video, looks eerily like fabled 'slender man'…

The survival of many are dependent up only a few of us who are currently sounding the alarm. Youtube has proof of this blatant attempt to spread evil ( Pause video at 1 minute 28 seconds) The devil is a lie!!!! Glorify God , Amplify The Church and Horrify the devil.

The devil is a liar. That's probably what you meant. True that, though. Not meaning to be the grammar police. Because the devil IS a liar and that how he tricks people.

if this is what we can see can you imagine what they keep behind closed doors?

Saw another video similar to this by August Alsina promoting death.

Okay, try again. I know that Get Her Back is about the drug GHB and the entities people commonly see when they take it. I am not sure how Paula fits into it (she may just be a front for promotion of the drug among young people – Robin is a very effective agent in this respect).

I would guess that Paula fits into it because GHB is a date r**e drug. So, actually.. it is a song very much about abusing women.

Or promoting widespread use of GHB

Yeah, widespread use of GHB for r**e. Come on.. Thicke naked and bloody saying he's sorry and frames of a woman being victimized? If it was just about the drug, it's likely be a video of Thicke sleeping and drooling from the side of his mouth instead of looking like a creeper.

this write-up goes far above and beyond peeling back subtle psychological and sociological layers that affect us all on hidden AND overt levels. thanks VC, for pointing out the sickness(es) and showing where we've been, where we are, and where we are going…


awful video, stupid song, lousy entertainer.